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					Spelling List   accompaniment     across
a lot           accompanist       act
abandon         accompany         acted
abated          accomplice        acting
abdomen         accomplish        action
abilities       accomplishment    actions
ability         accord            activate
ablaze          accordance        activation
able            according         active
ably            accordingly       actively
abnormal        accordion         activities
aboard          account           activity
abode           accountability    actor
abolish         accountable       actresses
about           accountant        actual
above           accounted         actuality
abroad          accounting        actually
abrupt          accounts          ad
abruptly        accuracy          adage
abscence        accurate          adapt
absence         accusation        add
absent          accuse            added
absentee        accustom          addend
absolute        accustomed        addest
absolutely      ace               addicent
absorb          ache              addicted
absorbs         aches             addictive
absorption      achieve           adding
abstain         achievement       addition
abstract        acid              additional
absurd          acknowledge       address
abundant        acknowledged      addressed
abuse           acknowledgement   addressee
abyss           acorn             addresses
accent          acquaint          addressing
accept          acquaintance      adequate
acceptable      acquainted        adequately
acceptance      acquire           adhere
accepted        acquired          adhered
accepting       acquiring         adherent
accessible      acquit            adhesive
accident        acquittal         adible
accidentally    acquitted         adjective
accidents       acre              adjoining
accommodate     acres             adjourn
accommodation   acrobat           adjourned
adjust           advisory         agricultural
adjusted         aerobics         agriculture
adjustment       aeronautics      aground
adly             affair           ahead
administrate     affect           ahoy
administration   affected         aid
administrator    affection        aide
admirable        affectionate     ailing
admiration       affectionately   ailment
admire           affects          aim
admired          affidavit        aimless
admission        affirm           air
admit            affluent         air mail
admittance       afford           airborne
admitted         Afghanistan      aircraft
admitting        afire            airfare
adobe            aflame           airfield
adolescent       afloat           airline
adopt            afraid           airlines'
adopted          Africa           airplane
adoption         African          airport
adorable         aft              airports
adore            after            aisle
adorn            after all        aisles
adpot            afternoon        Alabama
adult            afterward        alarm
adulthood        afterwards       alarm clock
adults           again            alarmed
advance          against          Alaska
advanced         age              Albania
advantage        aged             album
advantageous     agency           alcohol
advantageous     agent            alderman
adventure        agents           ale
adventurous      ages             alert
adverb           aggravate        Algeria
adverstised      aggravation      alibi
advertise        aghast           aliens
advertised       agile            alight
advertisement    ago              alike
advertising      agonize          alive
advice           agony            all
advisable        agree            all ready
advise           agreeable        all right
advised          agreed           allegiance
advises          agreement        alley
alleys       among         announcement
allies       amount        announcer
alligator    amounting     annoy
alligators   amounts       annoyance
allotment    amphibian     annoyed
allotted     ample         annoying
allow        amplifier     annual
allowance    amplifies     annually
allowed      Amsterdam     anoint
allowing     amt.          anointed
ally         amuse         anonymous
almanac      amused        another
almighty     amusement     answer
almond       amusements    answered
almost       amusing       answering
alone        an            answers
along        analogy       ant
aloud        analysis      antagonize
alphabet     analytical    Antarctica
alpine       analyze       antecedent
already      anarchy       antechamber
also         ancestor      antedate
altar        anchor        antelope
alter        anchored      antenna
alternate    ancient       anthropology
alternate    and           antibodies
although     angel         antibody
alto         angelic       anticipate
altogether   angels        anticipation
aluminum     anger         antiperspirant
always       angle         antique
am           angles        antisocial
amass        Angola        antler
amateur      angora        antlers
amaze        angrier       antonym
amazing      angriest      ants
Amazon       angrily       anxiety
ambassador   angry         anxious
ambition     animal        any
ambulance    animals       anybody
ambush       animals'      anyhow
amendment    animation     anymore
America      ankle         anyone
American     anniversary   anything
America's    announce      anyway
amid         announced     anywhere
apart          approximately      arried
apartment      Apr.               arrival
ape            apricot            arrive
apiece         April              arrived
apologetic     April Fool's Day   arrives
apologies      April Fools' Day   arriving
apologize      apron              arrow
apology        apt.               arson
apostle        aquarium           art
apostrophe     arbor              artery
apparent       Arbor Day          artic
apparently     arch               artichoke
appeal         archer             article
appear         archery            articles
appearance     arctic             artificial
appeared       are                artist
appearing      area               artistic
appears        aren't             artithmetic
appendix       Argentina          as
appetite       argue              ascend
applaud        argument           ascent
applause       aria               ascertain
apple          arise              ashamed
apples         aristocracy        ashes
applesauce     arithmetic         ashore
appliance      Arizona            Asia
applicable     Arizona's          Asian
applicant      ark                aside
application    Arkansas           ask
applied        arm                asked
applies        armadillo          asking
apply          armchair           asks
applying       armies             asleep
appoint        armload            asmused
appointment    armor              aspect
appraisal      arms               aspen
appraise       army               aspire
appreciable    aroma              assemble
appreciate     arose              assembly
appreciation   around             assent
apprehensive   arrange            assert
approach       arranged           assessed
appropriate    arrangement        assessor
approval       arrangements       assign
approve        arrest             assigned
approximate    arrested           assignment
assist         attempted          automobile
assistance     attend             automotive
assistant      attendance         autumn
assistants     attendant          avail
assistatnce    attended           availability
associate      attending          available
associated     attention          ave.
association    attentive          avenge
assortment     attest             avenue
assume         attic              average
assumed        attitude           averages
assuming       attorney           aviation
assumption     attract            aviator
assurance      attraction         avoid
assure         attractive         avoidable
assured        auction            avoided
assuring       audacious          avoiding
aster          audible            await
asterisk       audience           awaiting
asteroids      audio              awake
astonish       audition           awaken
astonished     auditor            award
astonishment   auditorium         awarded
astrology      Aug.               aware
astronaut      August             awareness
astronomer     aunt               away
astronomy      aunts              awesome
at             aunt's             awestruck
ate            aunts'             awful
athlete        aurora             awfully
athletes       Australia          awhile
athletic       Austria            awkward
athletically   authentic          awkwardly
athletics      author             awning
Atlantic       authoring          awoke
atlas          authorities        ax
atmosphere     authority          axel
atom           authorization      axes
atomic         authorize          axis
attach         authors            axle
attached       auto               azure
attachment     autobiographical   babies
attack         autobiography      babies'
attain         autograph          baboon
attained       autographs         baby
attempt        automatic          baby sitter
babyhood     balloon      barking
babyish      balloons     barks
babylike     ballot       barn
baby's       balm         barnyard
baby-sit     balmy        barometer
back         baloons      baron
backache     balsam       barracks
backbone     Baltimore    barred
background   bamboo       barrel
backing      ban          barrels
backpack     banana       barren
backs        bananas      barrette
backup       band         barrier
backward     bandage      base
backyard     bandanna     baseball
bacon        bands        based
bacteria     bang         basement
bad          banged       bases
badge        banging      basic
badger       banish       basically
badges       banjo        basin
badly        banjos       basis
baffle       banjos'      basket
bag          bank         basketball
baggage      banker       baskets
bagging      banking      bass
baggy        bankrupt     bat
bagpipe      bankruptcy   batch
bailiff      banner       batches
bait         banquet      bath
bake         bar          bathe
baked        barb         bathhouse
baker        barbecue     bathing
bakeries     barber       bathroom
bakery       bare         bathtub
bakes        bareback     batted
baking       bared        batter
balance      barefoot     batteries
balanced     barely       battery
balances     bareness     battle
bald         barest       battle
baldly       bargain      battlefield
bale         barge        battles
balk         baring       battles
ball         bark         bawl
ballet       barked       bay
be            bees          below
beach         beet          belt
beached       beetle        belted
beaches       before        bench
beacon        beforehand    benches
bead          befriend      bend
beads         befriended    beneath
beagle        beg           benediction
beak          began         benefactor
beam          beggar        beneficial
bean          begged        benefit
beans         begging       benefit
beanstalk     begin         benefited
bear          beginner      benefits
bearable      beginning     benefits
beard         begins        benevolent
bearing       begs          benign
bears         begun         bent
beast         behalf        beret
beat          behave        Berlin
beaten        behaved       Bern
beating       behavior      berries
beautiful     behind        berry
beautifully   behold        berth
beautify      beige         beseech
beauty        being         beside
beaver        Belfast       besides
became        Belgium       best
because       belief        bestow
beckon        beliefs       bet
become        believable    bet
becomes       believe       betray
becoming      believed      betrayal
bed           believes      betrayed
bedding       believing     better
bedlam        bell          between
bedroom       bellboy       beverage
beds          belligerent   bevy
bedspread     bellows       beware
bedtime       bells         beyond
bee           bell-shaped   bib
beef          belong        biblical
beehive       belonged      bibliography
beeline       belonging     biceps
been          belongs       bicycle
beep          Belorussia    bicycles
bicycle's     bitter         bloody
bicycling     biweekly       bloom
bicyclist     bizarre        bloomed
bid           black          bloomers
bidding       blackberries   blooming
bifocals      blackberry     blossom
big           blackbird      blossoming
bigger        blackbirds     blossoms
biggest       blacken        blouse
bike          blackest       blow
biked         blackness      blowing
bikes         blacksmith     blown
bilateral     blacktop       blows
bilingual     blade          blue
bill          blame          blue jay
billed        blameless      bluebell
billfold      bland          blueberry
billing       blank          bluebird
billion       blanket        blue-green
bimonthly     blanks         bluest
bin           blast          bluff
bind          blast          bluish
binders       blasting       blunder
bindery       blaze          blunt
binding       bleed          blur
binoculars    bleeding       blurt
biographies   blend          blurted
biography     blended        blush
biology       bless          Blvd.
biped         blessed        boar
birch         blesses        board
bird          blessing       boarding
birdbath      blew           boards
birdcage      blind          boast
birdhouse     blindfold      boat
birds         blindness      boating
birds'        blink          boats
birth         bliss          bobcat
birthday      blissful       bobolink
birthright    blister        bodies
biscuit       blizzard       body
bisect        block          boes
bishop        block          bog
bit           blocks         boil
bite          blocks         boiled
biting        blood          boiler
boisterous           bosses       braiding
bold                 bost         brain
boldly               both         brains
boldness             bother       brainstorm
Bolivia              bothered     brake
bolt                 bothering    branch
bolt                 bothersome   branches
bolts                bottle       brand
bolts                bottles      brass
bomb                 bottom       brat
bombard              bough        brave
bond                 bought       bravely
bonds                bouillon     braver
bone                 boulder      bravery
bones                bounce       brawl
bonfire              bouncing     Brazil
bonnet               bound        bread
bonus                boundaries   breadfruit
bony                 boundary     breadth
boo                  boundless    breahte
book                 bounds       break
bookcase             bountiful    breakable
bookkeeper           bouquet      breaker
bookkeeping          bow          breakfast
booklet              bowl         breaking
booklets             bowling      breaks
bookmark             bows         breast
books                box          breath
bookshelf            boxer        breathe
bookstore            boxes        breathless
boom                 boxing       breathlessness
boomerang            boy          breed
boor                 boyfriend    breeze
boost                boyhood      breezier
boot                 boyish       brick
booth                boyishness   bricklayer
boots                boys         bridal
border               boy's        bride
bore                 boys'        bridge
bored                bracelet     bridges
born                 braces       bridle
borne                bracket      brief
borrow               brag         briefcase
borrowed             bragging     briefest
Bosnia-Herzegovina   braid        briefly
boss                 braid        bright
brighten         brush        bumpiest
brighter         brush        bumps
brightest        brushes      bumpy
brightly         brushes      bun
brightness       brushing     bunch
brilliance       Brussels     bunches
brilliant        bubble       bundle
brim             buck         bunk
brine            bucket       bunnies
bring            buckle       bunny
bringing         buckle       bunt
brings           buckles      buoy
brisk            buckles      buoyancy
bristle          bud          buoyant
British          buddies      buraeu
brittle          buddy        burden
Brma             budge        burdened
broad            budget       bureau
broadcast        buffalo      bured
broccoli         buffaloes    burglar
broil            buffet       burglary
broiled          bug          burial
broils           buggies      buried
broke            buggy        Burma
broken           bugle        burn
bronchi          bugs         burned
brooch           build        burner
brood            builder      burning
brook            building     burnt
broom            buildings    burrito
broth            built        burro
brother          buise        burrow
brother-in-law   bulb         burst
brothers         Bulgaria     bury
brother's        bulge        burying
brothers'        bull         bus
brought          bulldog      busboy
brow             bulldozer    buses
brown            bulletin     bush
brownest         bullfrog     bushel
brownie          bullion      bushes
brownish         bull's-eye   bushses
browse           bully        busier
bruise           bumblebee    busiest
bruised          bump         business
brunette         bumpier      businesses
businesses'   California     cane
businessman   call           canister
busy          called         canned
busyness      calligraphy    canneries
but           calling        canning
butcher       calm           cannister
butter        calmer         cannon
buttercup     calmest        cannot
butterflies   calming        canoe
butterfly     calmly         canoes
buttermilk    calories       canopy
button        calves         can't
buttonhole    calves'        canvas
buttons       Cambodia       canvass
buy           came           canyon
buyer         camel          cap
buying        camels         capable
buys          cameos         capacity
buzz          camera         cape
buzzard       camp           capital
buzzes        campaign       capitalize
by            camper         capitol
byline        campfire       capitulate
byte          campground     captain
cab           camping        captive
cabbage       campus         capture
cabin         can            captured
cabinet       Canada         car
cable         Canada's       caramel
caboose       Canadian       caravan
cactus        canal          carbon
caddy         canaries       card
cafeteria     canary         cardboard
cage          cancel         cardiac
cages         canceling      Cardiff
cake          cancellation   cardinal
calamity      cancelled      cards
calcium       candelabra     care
calculate     candid         cared
calculator    candidate      career
caldron       candies        carefree
calendar      candle         careful
calendars     candlelight    carefully
calf          candles        careless
calf's        candlestick    carelessly
calico        candy          carelessness
cares          catch         center
caress         catcher       centigrade
cargo          catches       centimeter
caricature     catching      centipede
caring         categories    central
carnival       categorize    cents
carnivore      category      centuries
carols         cater         century
carpenter      caterpillar   cereal
carpet         catfish       ceremony
carpeting      cathedral     certain
carriage       cats          certainly
carried        catsup        certainty
carrier        cattle        certificate
carries        caught        certification
carrot         cause         certified
carrots        caused        certify
carrousel      causes        certifying
carry          caution       Chad
carrying       cautions      chain
cart           cautious      chair
cartilage      cautiously    chairman
carton         cave          chairs
cartoon        caveman       chalk
cartoons       cavern        chalkboard
carts          caverns       challenge
cartwheel      caves         chamber
carve          cavities      champion
cascade        cavity        champion's
case           cease         chance
cases          ceased        chances
cash           cedar         chancy
cashed         ceiling       chandelier
cashier        celebrate     change
casserole      celebrated    changeable
cassette       celebration   changed
cast           celebrity     changeless
castle         celery        changes
castles        celestial     changing
casual         cell          channel
casualty       cellar        chaos
cat            Celsius       chapel
catalog        cement        chapter
catalogs       cemetery      character
catastrophe    census        characteristic
catastrophic   cent          characterization
characters     cheifly            chipmunk
charcoal       chemical           chips
charge         chemist            chirp
chargeable     chemistry          chitchat
charged        cherish            chivalry
charges        cherries           chlorine
charging       cherry             chocolate
charity        chess              choice
charm          chest              choices
charming       chevron            choicest
chart          chew               choir
charter        chewing            choke
chase          chews              choked
chased         chick              chokes
chasing        chickadee          choking
chastise       chicken            choose
chat           chicken pox        choosing
chatter        chickens           chop
chatting       chicks             chop suey
chauffeur      chief              chopped
cheap          chiefly            chopping
cheaper        chiefs             choppy
cheapest       chieftain          chord
cheaply        child              chords
cheat          childhood          chore
check          childish           chores
checkbook      childishly         chorus
checked        childless          chose
checkers       children           chosen
checking       children's         chowder
checkout       child's            Chris's
checks         Chile              Christmas
cheek          chili              chrome
cheep          chill              chronic
cheer          chillier           chronicle
cheerful       chilly             chronological
cheerfulness   chime              chronology
cheerily       chimney            chruches
cheering       chimneys           chubby
cheerleader    chimpanzee         chunk
cheerless      chin               church
cheery         China              churches
cheese         Chinese            churches'
cheeseburger   Chinese New Year   churn
cheetah        chink              cider
chef           chip               cinnamon
circle           classical     closeness
circles          classically   closer
circuit          classified    closest
circular         classify      closet
circulars        classifying   cloth
circulate        classmate     clothe
circulation      classroom     clothes
circumstance     class's       clothing
circumstantial   clatter       cloud
circus           clause        cloudburst
circuses         claw          clouded
cirrus           claws         cloudier
citation         clay          cloudiness
cite             clean         cloudless
cities           cleaned       clouds
citizen          cleaner       cloud's
citizens         cleanest      cloudy
citrus           cleaning      clout
city             cleanliness   clover
citylike         cleanse       clown
civic            clear         clowns
civil            clearance     club
civilian         cleared       club
civilization     clearing      clubs
civilize         clearly       clubs
civilly          cleave        clue
claim            clerk         clues
claimed          clerks        clumsiness
claims           clever        clumsy
clam             click         clutch
clamor           cliff         clutter
clamp            cliffs        cm
clams            climate       coach
clan             climb         coach
clang            climbed       coaches
clanging         climber       coaches
clank            climbing      coach's
clap             cling         coal
clapped          clinic        coarse
clapping         clip          coarsely
clarinet         clipping      coast
clasically       cloak         coastal
clasp            clock         coasting
class            clocks        coat
classes          closed        coats
classes'         closely       coauthors
coax          colonist             commerce
cob           colony               commercial
cobra         color                commet
cockpit       Colorado             commission
cocoa         colored              commissioner
coconut       colorful             commit
cocoon        colorless            commitment
cod           colors               committed
code          colt                 committee
coexist       Columbus Day         commodity
coffee        column               common
coherence     columnist            commonly
coherent      comb                 commonwealth
cohesive      combat               commotion
coil          combination          communicate
coin          combine              communication
coincide      combined             communion
coincidence   combing              communist
coincident    come                 communities
coins         comedy               community
cold          comet                commute
colder        comfort              commuter
coldest       comfortable          compact disc
coldly        comfortably          companies
coldness      comfot               companies'
collaborate   comic                companion
collage       comical              company
collapse      comically            company's
collapsed     comics               comparable
collar        coming               comparatively
collarbone    comletely            compare
collect       comma                compared
collected     command              comparing
collecting    command              comparison
collection    commander            compartment
collections   commander in chief   compass
college       commandment          compassion
colleges      commands             compatibility
collide       commands             compatible
collie        commence             compel
collision     commencement         compelled
cologne       commend              compelling
Colombia      commendation         compensate
colonel       comment              compensation
colonial      commentary           compete
colonies      comments             competence
competent       conceive         confined
competition     concentrate      confinement
competitor      concentrated     confining
competitors     concept          confirm
compile         conception       confirmed
complain        concern          confirming
complained      concerned        conflict
complaining     concert          conflict
complaint       concise          conform
complaints      conclude         conformed
complement      concluded        conforming
complete        conclusion       confrontation
completed       conclusive       confronted
completely      concrete         confuse
completing      concur           confused
completion      concurred        confusing
complex         concurrence      confusion
compliance      concurring       Congo
complicate      concurs          congratulate
compliment      condemn          congratulation
complimentary   condescend       congratulations
comply          condition        congregate
complying       conduct          congregation
component       conduct          congress
compose         conducted        congressman
composed        conduction       conjecture
composer        conductor        connect
composition     cone             connected
compost         cones            Connecticut
composure       confederate      connection
compound        confederation    connections
comprehend      confer           conquer
comprehension   conferee         conqueror
compress        conference       conquest
compressible    conferred        conquests
compression     conferring       conrete
compressor      confess          conscience
compromise      confessing       conscientious
computer        confession       conscious
computerize     confide          consecutive
conceal         confidence       consel
concede         confident        consent
conceded        confidential     consented
concedes        confidentially   consequence
conceit         confidently      consequences
conceivable     confine          consequential
consequently     contains        contruction
conservation     contellation    convenience
conserve         contemplate     convenient
consider         contemporary    convent
considerable     contempt        convention
considerably     contemptible    conversation
considerate      contend         converse
consideration    content         conversed
considered       content         conversion
considering      contented       convert
considers        contention      converted
consign          contentment     converted
consigned        contents        convertible
consignment      contents        convey
consist          conterfeit      convict
consisted        contest         convict
consistency      contestant      conviction
consistent       context         convince
consisting       continent       convinced
consists         continental     convincing
console          continents      cook
consoled         continual       cookbook
conspicuous      continually     cooked
conspire         continue        cookie
constable        continued       cookies
constant         continuous      cooking
constantly       contract        cookout
constellation    contract        cool
consternation    contracted      coolest
Constitution     contraction     coolly
constitution     contractor      coop
constitutional   contracts       cooperate
constrained      contracts       cooperation
constrict        contradict      coordinate
construct        contradiction   cop
construction     contrary        cope
consult          contrast        Copenhagen
consume          contrast        copied
consumer         contribute      copies
consumption      contribution    copilot
contact          control         copper
contacted        controlled      copy
contain          controlling     copying
contained        controversial   copyright
container        controversy     corals
containing       contruct        cord
cordially        councilman    cowboy
core             counsel       cowboys
cork             counselor     cowgirl
corn             count         cowhide
cornbread        countdown     cowl
cornea           counted       coworker
corner           countenance   cows
corners          counter       cowslip
cornerstone      counterfeit   coy
cornet           counters      coyote
corny            counties      cozier
coroner          counting      coziness
corporation      countless     cozy
corps            countries     crab
corpse           country       crack
correct          countryside   crack
corrected        county        cracked
correction       couple        cracker
correctly        couples'      crackers
correspond       coupon        cracking
correspondence   coupons       crackle
correspondent    courage       cracks
corridor         courageous    cracks
corrupt          course        cradle
corruptible      courses       craft
corruption       court         crag
cosmetics        courteous     cranberries
cosmos           courtesy      crank
cost             courthouse    crash
Costa Rica       courtroom     crashes
costly           courts        crask
costs            courtship     crate
costume          cousin        crater
costumes         cousins       crawl
cot              cousin's      crayon
cottage          cousins'      crazier
cotton           covenant      crazy
cottontail       cover         creak
cottonwood       covered       cream
couch            covering      creamy
cougar           covers        crease
cough            covet         creased
could            cow           create
couldn't         coward        created
could've         cowardice     creation
council          cowardly      creative
creativity   croquet      culture
creature     cross        cumulus
credible     crossed      cunning
credit       crosses      cup
credited     crossing     cupboard
crediting    crossroads   cupcake
creditor     crosswalk    cupful
credits      crouch       cups
creek        crow         curable
creep        crowbar      curb
creepy       crowd        cure
crept        crowded      curfew
crest        crown        curio
Crete        crowned      curiosity
crew         crucial      curious
crib         cruel        curiousity
cricket      cruelly      curl
cricle       cruise       curler
cried        crumb        curly
cried        crumble      currant
crier        crumbs       currency
cries        crumple      current
cries        crunch       curry
crime        crunchy      curse
criminal     crush        curtail
cringe       crushes      curtain
crinkled     crust        curtains
cripple      crutches     curve
crises       cry          curved
crisis       crying       cushion
crisp        crystal      custard
critic       cub          custom
critical     Cuba         customary
critically   cube         customer
criticism    cubes        customers
criticize    cubic        cut
critique     cubically    cute
croak        cubs         cuter
Croatia      cucumber     cutest
crochet      cuddle       cuts
crocodile    cuddly       cutting
crocus       cue          cycle
crook        cuff         cyclic
crooked      cuffs        cycling
crop         culprit      cyclist
crops        cultivate    cyclone
cylinder         dashed       deceive
cylindrical      dashes       deceived
cymbal           data         December
cymbals          date         decent
Cyprus           date         decently
Czech Republic   dates        decentralize
dab              dates        deception
dachshund        dating       deceptive
Dad              datum        decide
dad              daughter     decided
daddy            daughter's   decidedly
dads             dawdle       decimal
Dad's            dawn         decision
daffodil         day          decisions
dagger           daydream     decisive
daily            daydream     deck
dainty           daylight     declaration
dairy            days         declarative
daisy            daytime      declare
dally            deacon       declared
dam              deacons      declares
damage           dead         decline
damaged          deadly       decoding
damp             deaf         decomposition
dampen           deafen       decorate
dance            deal         decorated
danced           deal         decorating
dancer           dealer       decoration
dances           dealers      decoy
dancing          dealing      decoys
dandelion        dealing      decrease
dandy            dealings     dedicate
danger           deals        dedication
dangerous        deals        deduce
dangerously      dear         deducing
dangle           dearly       deduct
dank             death        deducted
dare             debase       deductible
dared            debate       deduction
dark             debris       deductive
darken           debt         deed
darker           debtor       deeds
darkest          Dec.         deem
darkness         decade       deep
dart             decay        deeper
dash             deceit       deepest
deer          delight         dependent
deerskin      delighted       depending
deface        delightful      depends
defacing      delightfully    deplorable
defeat        delights        deport
defeated      deliver         deportation
defect        deliverance     depose
defection     delivered       deposit
defective     deliveries      deposited
defector      delivery        depository
defend        delta           deposits
defendant     deluxe          depot
defense       demand          depreciate
defensive     demanded        depress
defer         demands         depressed
defference    democracy       depressing
defiant       democrat        depression
define        democratic      depth
defined       demolish        deputy
defining      demonstrate     derailed
definite      demonstration   descend
definitely    demote          descent
definition    den             describe
deflate       deniable        describing
deform        denial          description
deformed      denied          descriptive
deforming     denies          desert
defrosting    denim           deserve
defuse        Denmark         deserved
degrade       denominator     deserving
degree        dense           design
degrees       density         design
dehydrate     dent            designate
deisgn        dental          designation
deivision     dentist         designer
dejected      deny            designs
Delaware      denying         designs
delay         deodorize       desirability
delayed       depart          desirable
delaying      departed        desire
delays        department      desired
delectable    departmental    desires
delegate      departments     desiring
delegations   departure       desirous
delicate      depend          desk
delicious     dependable      desks
desktop         devotion       dill
desolate        devour         dilute
despair         dew            dim
desperate       dewdrops       dime
despise         diagnose       dimmed
despises        diagonal       dimming
dessert         dial           dimple
destination     dialect        dine
destroy         dialogue       dined
destroyed       diameter       diner
destruction     diamond        dinghy
destructive     diamonds       dining
detail          diaphragm      dinner
detailed        diaries        dinosaur
details         diary          dip
detain          dicision       dipped
detect          dictate        dipper
detected        dictation      direct
detecting       dictator       directed
detection       dictatorship   directing
detective       diction        direction
detention       dictionaries   directly
deter           dictionary     director
detergent       did            directory
deteriorate     didn't         dirt
determination   die            dirtier
determine       died           dirtiest
detest          diesel         dirty
detour          diet           disability
detract         differ         disable
Detroit         differed       disabled
devalue         difference     disagree
devastating     different      disagreeable
develop         differently    disagreement
developed       differing      disappear
development     difficult      disappearance
developmental   difficulties   disappeared
deviate         difficulty     disappoint
deviation       diffuse        disappointed
device          dig            disappointment
devil           digestion      disapprove
devise          digging        disarm
devliered       digit          disarmed
devote          dignify        disaster
devoted         dignity        disastrous
devotee         digs           disbelief
discard          dismay          distraction
discharge        dismayed        distress
discharged       dismiss         distressing
disciple         dismissal       distribute
disciplinary     dismissed       distribution
discipline       dismissing      district
disclose         disobedience    District of Columbia
disclosure       disobey         districts
discolor         disorder        distrust
discolored       disorderly      disturb
disconnect       disorganize     ditch
discontent       dispatch        ditches
discontinue      dispel          dive
discontinued     display         diver
discount         displays        divide
discounts        displease       divided
discourage       displeasing     dividend
discouragement   disposable      divider
discover         disposal        dividing
discovered       dispose         divine
discoveries      disposing       divisible
discovering      disposition     division
discovery        dispute         divisor
discuss          disqualified    dizziness
discussed        disregarded     dizzy
discussion       disrespect      do
disease          disrespectful   docile
diseased         disrupt         dock
disgrace         disrupting      doctor
disgraceful      disruptive      doctors
disguise         dissatisfied    doctor's
disgust          dissatisfy      doctors'
disgusted        dissect         doctrine
dish             dissimilar      document
dishes           dissociate      dodge
dishonest        dissolving      doe
dishwasher       distance        does
disinfect        distant         doesn't
disk             distinct        dog
diskette         distinction     dogcatcher
dislike          distinctive     doggy
disliked         distinctly      doghouse
dislocate        distinguish     dogs
dislodge         distinguished   doing
disloyal         distort         doll
dismal           distract        dollar
dollars         dove          dress
dolphin         doves         dressed
dolphins        down          dresser
dome            downstairs    dresses
domestic        downstream    dressing
domino          downtown      dressy
donate          downward      drew
donation        doz.          dribble
done            doze          dried
donkey          dozen         dries
donkeys         dozens        drift
donnet          Dr.           drifts
donor           draft         drill
don't           drafts        drink
doodle          drag          drinking
door            dragging      drinks
doorbell        dragon        drip
doorknob        dragonflies   dripless
doorknow        drain         dripped
doors           drainage      dripping
doorway         drake         drive
dope            drama         driven
dormant         dramatic      driver
dormitory       drank         driveway
dosage          drape         driving
dose            draperies     drizzle
dot             draw          dromedary
dot             drawbridge    drop
dots            drawer        dropped
dots            drawers       dropper
dotted          drawing       dropping
double          drawings      drought
doubled         drawn         drove
double-header   dread         drown
doubly          dreadful      drowned
doubt           dreadfully    drowsier
doubtful        dream         drowsy
doubtfully      dream         drug
doubting        dreamed       druggist
doubtless       dreamer       drugstore
dough           dreams        drum
doughnut        dreams        drummer
doughnuts       dreamt        drums
dour            dreary        drunk
douse           drench        dry
dove            drenched      drying
dryly         dyed          ebony
dryness       dying         eccentric
Dublin        dynamite      echo
duck          each          echoes
duckling      each other    eclipse
ducklings     eager         ecology
ducks         eagerly       economic
due           eagle         economical
duel          eagles        economics
dues          ealings       economy
duet          ealth         Ecuador
dug           ear           edge
duke          eardrum       edginess
dull          earlier       edging
dult          earliest      edgy
Duluth        early         edible
duly          earn          edict
dumb          earned        Edinburgh
dumbfounded   earnest       editing
dummy         earnestly     edition
dump          earphones     editor
dune          earring       editorial
dungarees     earrings      educate
dungeon       ears          education
duplicate     Earth         educational
duplicate     earth         educator
durability    earthenware   eel
durable       earthquake    effect
duration      earthworm     effection
during        ease          effective
dusk          easel         effects
dust          easier        efficiency
dust          easiest       efficient
dustier       easily        effort
dustiest      east          effortless
dusting       Easter        efforts
dustpan       eastern       eg
dusty         easting       egg
Dutch         easy          eggs
duties        eat           Egypt
duty          eaten         eight
dwarf         eating        eighteen
dwarfs        eats          eighth
dwell         eaves         eighty
dwindle       eavesdrop     either
dye           ebb           eject
El Salvador     embrace         endless
elaborate       embraceable     ends
elaborate       embroider       ends
elapsed         embroidery      endurance
elastic         emerge          endure
elated          emerged         enduring
elbow           emergency       enemies
elderly         emigrate        enemy
elders          eminent         energetic
elect           emotion         energy
elected         emotional       enfold
electing        emotions        enforce
election        emperor         engage
Election Day    empire          engaged
elector         employ          engagement
electric        employed        engaging
electrical      employee        engine
electrician     employees       engineer
electricity     employer        engineer
element         employment      engineering
elementary      emptied         England
elephant        empties         England's
elevate         emptiness       English
elevation       empty           enjoy
elevator        enable          enjoyable
eleven          enables         enjoyed
eleventh        enchant         enjoying
elf             encircle        enjoyment
eligible        enclose         enlarge
eliminate       enclosed        enlighten
elimination     enclosing       enormous
elk             enclosure       enough
elling          encole          enrage
elm             encounter       enrich
eloquent        encourage       enroll
else            encouragement   ens
elude           encouraging     enslave
elves           encyclopedia    enter
embankment      end             entered
embargoes       end             entering
embarrass       endanger        entertain
embarrassed     endangered      entertained
embarrassment   endeavor        entertainer
embassy         ended           entertaining
ember           ending          entertainment
emblem          ending          enthusiasm
enthusiastic    esophagus       evidently
entice          especially      evil
entire          espionage       ewe
entirely        essay           exact
entitle         essays          exactly
entitled        essential       exaggerate
entomology      establish       exaggerated
entrance        established     exalt
entry           establishment   exam
ents            estate          examination
enumerate       esteem          examine
envelope        esteemed        examined
envelopes       estimate        example
envied          estimated       examples
envious         Estonia         exceed
environment     eternal         exceeded
environmental   ethically       exceeding
envy            Ethiopia        exceedingly
episode         ethnic          excel
equal           Europe          excelled
equality        evacuate        excellence
equally         evacuation      excellent
equals          evade           except
equate          evaluate        exception
equation        evaporate       exceptional
equator         eve             exceptionally
equidistant     even            exceptions
equilateral     evening         excess
equinox         evenings        excessive
equip           evenly          excessively
equipment       event           exchange
equipped        eventful        exchangeable
equivalence     events          exchanging
equivalent      eventual        excitable
erase           eventually      excite
erious          ever            excited
erode           evergreen       excitement
erosion         everlasting     exciting
err             every           exclaim
errand          everybody       exclaimed
erratic         everyday        exclaiming
error           everyone        exclamation
erupt           everything      exclude
eruption        everywhere      exclusive
escape          evidence        exclusively
escaped         evident         excusable
excuse         experience       extraordinary
excuse         experienced      extreme
excuses        experiment       extremely
excuses        experimental     eye
execute        expert           eyeing
executed       expire           eyelash
execution      explain          eyelashes
executive      explained        eyelids
exercise       explaining       eyes
exercise       explains         eyesight
exercised      explanation      fable
exercises      explode          fabric
exercises      exploit          fabulous
exercising     exploration      face
exhale         explore          faced
exhaust        explorer         faces
exhausted      explorers        facial
exhaustible    explores         facing
exhaustion     exploring        facsimile
exhaustive     explosion        fact
exhibit        explosive        factions
exhibition     export           factor
exile          exported         factories
exist          exports          factory
existence      expose           facts
existing       exposed          factual
exit           exposure         faculty
exodus         express          fad
exotic         expressed        fade
expand         expression       Fahrenheit
expansion      expressive       fail
expansive      exquisite        failed
expect         extemporaneous   failure
expectation    extend           faint
expectations   extended         fainted
expected       extending        fair
expecting      extension        fairest
expects        extensive        fairground
expedient      extent           fairies
expedite       exterior         fairly
expedition     external         fairness
expel          extinct          fairy
expelled       extra            faith
expense        extract          faithful
expenses       extraction       faithfully
expensive      extraneous       fake
falcon        fascinates    feather
fall          fascinating   feathers
fallen        fashion       feature
falling       fashionable   features
false         fast          featuring
falsehood     fast          Feb.
falsely       fasten        February
falsify       faster        fed
falter        fastest       federal
faltering     fast-moving   fee
fame          fat           feeble
familiar      fatal         feed
familiarity   fatality      feeding
familiarize   fatally       feeds
families      fate          feel
families'     fateful       feel
family        father        feeling
family's      father's      feeling
famine        fathers'      feelings
famous        fatigue       feels
fan           fatter        feels
fancier       fattest       fees
fanciest      fatty         feet
fanciful      faucet        feint
fancy         fault         fell
fang          faultless     fellow
fantasies     faults        fellowship
fantastic     favor         felony
fantasy       favor         felt
far           favorable     felt
faraway       favorably     female
fare          favored       fence
farewell      favorite      fencing
farm          favorites     fern
farm          favors        ferocious
farmer        favors        ferries
farmers       fawn          ferry
farmer's      fear          fertilize
farmers'      fear          fervent
farming       fearful       festival
farmland      fearless      festivities
farms         fears         festivity
farms         fears         fetch
farther       feast         feud
fascinate     feasting      fever
fascinated    feat          feverish
few           filming        firmly
fewer         films          firmness
fewest        films          first
ffectionate   fin            first aid
fib           final          fish
fib           finalist       fish
fiber         finalize       fished
fiction       finally        fisherman
fiddle        finals         fishing
fiddle        finance        fish's
fiddle        financial      fist
field         finch          fit
fierce        find           fitness
fiercely      finding        fitted
fiery         finds          fitting
fife          fine           five
fifteen       fined          fix
fifteenth     finely         fixed
fifth         fineness       fixes
fifties       finer          fixing
fifty         finest         fixture
fig           finger         fixtures
fight         fingernail     fizz
fight         fingerprint    fizzes
fighter       fingerprints   fizzle
fighters      fingers        flag
fighting      finish         Flag Day
figure        finished       flagpole
figure        finishing      flags
figured       finite         flair
figures       Finland        flake
figures       fir            flakes
figuring      fire           flame
filch         firecracker    flamingo
file          firecrackers   flap
file          fired          flapping
filed         firefighter    flare
files         firefly        flash
files         fireman        flashes
filing        fireplace      flashlight
fill          fireplaces     flat
filled        fireproof      flatly
filling       fires          flatness
film          fireside       flatten
film          fireworks      flatter
film          firm           flattest
flavor        flown       football
flavorful     flu         footbridge
flaw          flue        footloose
flawed        fluent      footnore
flawless      fluently    footnote
flea          fluff       footpath
fled          fluffy      footprint
flee          fluid       for
fleece        flung       for example
fleet         fluoride    forbid
flesh         flute       forbidden
flew          fly         force
flexible      fly         force
flick         flyer       forced
flicker       flying      forceful
flier         foal        forcefully
flies         foam        forces
flies         foamy       forces
flight        foe         ford
fling         foeign      forearm
flip          fog         forecast
flipped       foggier     forefathers
flirt         foggiest    forefoot
float         foggy       foreground
floated       foil        forehead
floats        foiled      foreign
flock         fold        foreigner
flood         folder      foreknowledge
flooded       foliage     forenoon
floodlight    folk        foresee
floor         folklore    forest
floorboards   folks       forests
floors        folktale    foretell
flop          follow      forever
flopping      followed    forewarn
floppy        follower    forfeit
Florida       following   forgave
Florida's     follows     forget
florist       fond        forgetful
floss         fondness    forgetfulness
flour         food        forgetting
flourish      fool        forgive
flow          foolish     forgiven
flower        foolishly   forgiveness
flowers       foolproof   forgiving
flowing       foot        forgot
forgotten     fourteenth       friend
fork          fourth           friendless
forlorn       Fourth of July   friendlier
form          fowl             friendliest
formal        fox              friendliness
formality     foxes            friendly
formalize     frackles         friends
formally      fraction         friend's
format        fracture         friendship
formed        fragile          friendships
former        fragment         fries
formerly      fragrant         fright
formless      frail            frighten
forms         frame            frightened
formula       frames           frightening
forsake       France           frightful
forsaken      frankfurter      frigid
fort          frankly          frog
forth         frantic          frogs
forties       fraternity       from
fortieth      fraud            front
fortified     fray             frontier
fortify       freckle          frost
fortress      freckles         frosty
fortunate     free             frown
fortunately   freedom          froze
fortune       freely           frozen
forty         freeze           frugal
forty-eight   freezer          fruit
forty-four    freezing         fruitful
forty-ninth   freight          fruitless
forty-one     freighter        fruits
forty-six     freign           frustrate
forward       French           frustration
forwarded     frequency        fry
fossil        frequent         frying
foster        frequently       ft.
fought        fresh            fudge
foul          freshen          fuel
found         fresher          fugitive
foundation    freshest         fulfilling
founder       freshman         fulfillment
foundry       Fri.             full
fountain      friction         fuller
four          Friday           full-time
fourteen      fried            fully
fumble        galley       generate
fun           gallon       generation
function      gallons      generator
functional    gallop       generosity
fund          gallows      generous
fundamental   galvanise    generously
funds         galvanize    genes
funeral       galvanized   genius
fungus        game         gentle
funnel        games        gentleman
funnier       gang         gentlemen
funniest      gap          gentleness
funny         gape         gentler
fur           garage       gentlest
furious       garbage      gently
furiously     garden       genuine
furnace       gardener     genuinely
furnish       gardening    geographic
furnished     gardens      geography
furnishing    garment      geologist
furniture     gas          geology
furor         gash         geometry
furrow        gasoline     Georgia
furry         gasp         gerbil
furs          gate         germ
further       gates        German
furthermore   gather       Germany
fury          gathered     germs
fusing        gathering    Gerogia
fusion        gauge        gesture
fuss          gaunt        get
futile        gave         gethered
future        gay          gets
fuzz          gaze         getting
fuzzy         gazette      geyser
fye           gear         Ghana
g             gee          ghastly
gab           geese        ghost
gadget        geeze        giant
gag           gelatin      gift
gain          gem          gifts
gained        gemstone     gigantic
gaining       Gen.         giggle
gal.          general      giggles
galaxy        generalize   ginger
gale          generally    gingerbread
giraffe       glories      gorilla
girder        glorify      gorrila
girl          glorious     gospel
girlfriend    gloriously   gossip
girlishness   glory        got
girls         glossary     gotten
girl's        glove        gouge
girls'        gloves       gourmet
give          glow         Gov.
given         glowing      govern
gives         glowworm     governed
giving        glue         government
glacier       glue         government's
glad          glued        governor
gladder       gnarled      gown
gladdest      gnarly       grab
gladly        gnash        grabbed
gladness      gnat         grabbing
glamor        gnaw         grace
glamorize     gnome        graceful
glance        go           gracefully
glance        goal         gracious
glanced       goalie       graciousness
glands        goalpost     grade
glare         goat         gradens
glass         goats        graders
glasses       go-between   grades
glassware     god          gradual
gleam         goddess      gradually
glee          goes         graduate
gleeful       going        graduate
glen          gold         graduated
glide         golden       graduating
glided        goldfish     graduation
glider        golf         grain
glimmer       gone         gram
glimpse       good         grammar
glisten       good night   grand
glitter       goodbye      grandchild
glittered     good-bye     grandchildren
global        goodness     grandest
globally      good-night   grandfather
globe         goodwill     grandfather's
gloom         gooey        grandly
gloomiest     goose        grandma
gloomy        gopher       grandma's
grandmother         greediness      groves
grandmother's       greedy          grow
grandpa             Greek           growing
grandparent         green           growl
grandparents        greener         growled
grandpa's           greenest        grown
granite             greenhouse      grown-up
grant               greenish        grows
granted             greenness       growth
grape               greet           grude
grapefruit          greeting        grudge
grapes              greetings       gruesome
graph               grew            gruff
graphic             greyhound       gruffly
graphically         griddle         grumble
graphics            grief           guarantee
graphite            grieve          guard
grapple             grill           guardian
grasp               grim            guardianship
grass               grimy           guarter
grasshopper         grin            Guatemala
grassland           grind           guess
grate               grindstone      guess
grateful            grinned         guessed
gratefully          grinning        guesses
gratitude           grip            guesses
grave               gripped         guessing
gravitate           gripping        guesswork
gravity             groan           guest
gray                groaned         guests
grayer              grocer          guidance
grayest             groceries       guide
graze               grocery         guide
grease              groom           guided
great               groove          guiding
greater             grosbeak        guilt
greatest            gross           guilty
great-grandchild    grouchy         guinea pig
great-grandmother   ground          guitar
greatly             grounded        gulf
greatness           Groundhog Day   gulfs
great-uncle         grounds         gulp
Greece              group           gum
greed               groups          gumdrop
greediest           group's         gummy
greedily            grove           gun
guppies      handcuffs       hark
guppy        handed          harm
gust         handful         harmful
gut          handicraft      harmless
gutter       handkerchief    harmlessly
guy          handkerchiefs   harmony
guys         handle          harness
gym          handle          harp
gymnasium    handlebars      harsh
gymnastics   handled         harvest
Gypsy        handles         has
habit        handling        hasn't
habits       handmade        haste
habitual     hands           hasten
had          handsome        hastening
hadn't       handspring      hastily
haiku        handwriting     hasty
hail         handy           hat
hailstone    hang            hatch
hair         hangar          hatchery
haircut      hanger          hatches
hairy        hanging         hate
hale         Hanukkah        hate
half         haphazard       hated
half-truth   happen          hateful
halfway      happened        hating
hall         happening       hats
Halloween    happens         hat's
hallway      happier         haul
halo         happiest        haunt
halt         happily         haunted
halve        happiness       have
halves       happy           haven't
ham          harbor          having
hamburger    hard            Hawaii
hammer       hard            hawk
hammer       harden          hay
hammered     hardened        hayloft
hammers      harder          hayride
hammers      harder          haystack
hammock      hardest         hazard
hams         hardest         hazardous
hamster      hardly          hazy
hand         hardship        he
hand         hardware        head
handbook     hare            head
headache       helm           high
headline       helmet         high school
headphones     help           higher
headquarters   helped         highest
heads          helper         highland
heads          helpful        highly
heal           helpfully      highway
health         helping        highways
healthful      helpless       hijacking
healthier      helplessly     hike
healthy        helplessness   hiked
heap           helps          hiker
heaps          Helsinki       hikes
hear           hem            hiking
heard          hemisphere     hilarious
hearing        hen            hill
heart          her            hillside
hearth         herb           him
heartily       herd           himself
heartless      herd's         hind
hearts         here           hinder
hearty         here's         hindrance
heat           heritage       hinge
heathen        hero           hinges
heave          heroes         hining
heaven         heroic         hint
heavenly       heroically     hip
heavier        heros          hipment
heaviest       hers           hippo
heavily        herself        hippopotamus
heavy          he's           hire
hectic         hesitant       hired
he'd           hesitate       his
he'd           hesitated      hiss
hedge          hew            hissing
hedgehog       hey            historian
heel           hi             historic
heels          hibernate      historical
heifer         hickory        historically
height         hid            history
heir           hidden         hit
held           hide           hitch
helicopter     hideout        hitched
hell           hides          hitting
he'll          hiding         hive
hello          hiff           hoard
hoarse        hoof           hostile
hoax          hoofs          hot
hobbies       hook           hot dog
hobby         hooked         hotel
hockey        hooks          hotels
hoe           hoop           hotly
hoed          hoot           hotter
hog           hooves         hottest
hogs          hop            hound
hoist         hope           hour
hold          hoped          hourly
holder        hopeful        hours
holding       hopefully      house
holds         hopeless       household
hole          hopelessly     houses
holes         hopelessness   housework
holiday       hopes          Houston
holidays      hoping         hove
hollow        hopped         hover
holly         hopping        how
holster       hops           how much
holy          hop'top        how'd
home          horde          how'd
home run      horizon        hower
homeless      horizontal     however
homemade      horn           howl
homemaker     horns          howled
homes         horrible       howling
homesick      horribly       how's
homestead     horrified      how's
homework      horrify        hr.
homicide      horror         huddle
homograph     horrow         hue
homonym       horse          hug
homophone     horseback      huge
Honduras      horses         hugged
honest        hose           hugging
honestly      hosiery        hugs
honesty       hospital       hull
honey         hospitality    hum
honeysuckle   hospitalize    human
honk          hospitals      humane
honor         host           humanity
honorable     hostage        humanness
honored       hostess        humble
hood          hostesses'     humbled
humid        hyphen           image
humidity     hyphenated       imaginary
humility     hypocrite        imagination
humming      hysterical       imagine
humor        I                imagined
humorous     ice              imitate
hump         ice cream        imitation
hunch        iceberg          immediate
hundred      Iceland          immediately
hundreds     icicle           immense
hung         icicles          immigrant
Hungary      iciest           immigrate
hunger       icy              immobile
hungrily     I'd              immodest
hungry       Idaho            immortal
hunt         idea             immortality
hunted       ideal            immovable
hunter       ideals           immune
hunting      ideas            immunity
hurdle       identical        impart
hurl         identification   impartial
hurls        identified       impatient
hurricane    identify         impede
hurricanes   identifying      impediment
hurried      idle             imperative
hurries      idol             imperfect
hurry        idolatry         imperfection
hurrying     if               impersonal
hurt         igloo            impersonate
hurting      igloos           impetuous
husband      ignorance        implied
hushed       ignorant         implore
husk         ignore           imply
hustle       ignored          implying
hustled      iguana           impolite
hut          ill              import
hutch        I'll             importance
Hwy.         illegal          important
hy           illegible        imported
hydraulic    Illinois         importing
hydrogen     illness          imports
hydrometer   illogical        imposed
hygiene      illustrate       impossible
hymn         illustrated      impractical
hymnal       illustration     imprerative
hymns        I'm              impress
impressed       increased          infamous
impression      increasing         infancy
improper        increasingly       infant
improperly      incredible         infect
improve         incubator          infection
improved        incur              inference
improvement     incurable          inferior
improvements    indebted           inferred
improving       indebtedness       inferring
impudent        indeed             infield
impulse         indefinite         infinite
impulsive       indefinitely       inflamed
in              indent             inflaming
in conclusion   independence       inflammable
in.             Independence Day   inflate
inability       independent        inflated
inaction        independently      inflation
inactive        indescribable      influence
inappropriate   indestructible     influential
inborn          index              influenza
incandescent    India              inform
inch            Indian             informal
inches          Indiana            informally
incident        indicate           information
incidentally    indicates          informative
incision        indicating         informed
incline         indication         informer
include         indict             informing
included        indictment         infuriate
includes        indifferent        ingrained
including       indirect           ingredient
inclusive       indispensable      inhabit
incoherent      individual         inhabitant
income          indivisible        inherit
incomparable    indolent           inhuman
incompetence    Indonesia          initial
incomplete      indoors            initiate
inconceivable   induce             initiation
inconsiderate   industrial         injected
inconsisten     industries         injection
inconsistent    industrious        injure
inconvenience   industry           injured
incorporated    indy               injuries
incorrect       inevitable         injury
incorruptible   inexact            ink
increase        inexperienced      inland
inn             instructive     interview
innocent        instructor      interviewed
innumerable     instructor's    interviewer
inquire         instrument      intesify
inquired        instrumental    intestine
inquires        insult          intimate
inquiries       insurance       into
inquiring       insure          introduce
inquiry         insured         introduced
insane          intake          introduction
inscribe        intellect       invade
inscription     intellectual    invaluable
insect          intelligence    invasion
insects         intelligent     invent
insecure        intend          invented
inself          intended        invention
inside          intending       inventive
insincere       intense         inventor
insist          intensify       inventory
insisted        intensive       inverse
insistent       intensively     inversion
inspect         intent          invert
inspection      intention       inverted
inspector       intentional     investigate
inspects        intentions      investigation
inspiration     interaction     investment
inspire         intercede       investments
install         intercept       invisible
installation    intercom        invitation
installed       interest        invite
instance        interested      invited
instant         interesting     inviting
instantaneous   interests       invoice
instantly       interfere       invoices
instated        interior        involve
instead         intermission    involved
instects        internal        involvement
instilled       international   iodine
instinct        interpret       Iowa
institute       interpreted     Iran
institution     interrogative   Iraq
instruct        interrupt       irate
instructed      interruption    Ireland
instruction     intersect       iris
instructional   intersection    Irish
instructions    interval        irk
iron           Ivory Coast   job
ironing        jab           jobs
Iroquois       jabber        jockey
irregular      jabbing       jog
irrelevant     jack          jogged
irresistible   jacket        jogger
irreverent     jackknife     joggers
irrigate       jagged        jogging
irrigation     jaguar        join
irritable      jail          joined
irritate       jam           joint
irritation     jammed        jointly
is             Jan.          joke
island         janitor       joked
islander       January       joker
islands        Japan         joking
isle           Japanese      jolly
isn't          Japan's       Jordan
isolated       jar           jostled
isolation      jars          jot
Israel         javelin       journal
issue          jaw           journalism
issue          jawbone       journalist
issued         jay           journey
issues         jazz          journey
issues         jealous       journeys
isthmus        jealousy      journeys
it             jeans         joy
Italian        jeep          joyful
Italy          jell          joyfully
itch           jellies       joyous
itching        jelly         joyously
itchy          jellyfish     joys
it'd           jersey        Jr.
it'd           jest          judge
item           jester        judge
itemized       jet           judges
items          jets          judges
it'll          jetty         judging
it'll          jewel         judgment
its            jewelry       judicial
it's           jewels        judicious
it's           jiggle        jug
itself         jigsaw        juggle
I've           jingle        juice
ivory          jingling      juiciest
juicy           kick                   knave
July            kicked                 knead
jumble          kickstand              knee
jump            kid                    kneel
jumped          kidding                kneeling
jumper          kidnap                 knees
jumping         kidney                 knelt
jumpy           kidneys                knew
June            kill                   knife
Juneau          killed                 knight
jungle          killing                knit
junior          kiln                   knitting
juniper         kilogram               knives
junk            kilometer              knob
Jupiter         kimono                 knock
jury            kin                    knocked
just            kind                   knockout
justice         kind                   knoll
justifiable     kinder                 knot
justification   kindergarten           knothole
justified       kindergarten teacher   knots
justify         kindest                knotted
justly          kindled                knotting
kangaroo        kindly                 knotty
Kansas          kindness               know
Kansas'         kindnesses             know-how
karate          kinds                  knowing
keel            king                   know-it-all
keen            kingdom                knowledge
keep            kings                  knowledgeable
keeper          kink                   known
keeping         kiosk                  knows
keeps           kiss                   knuckle
keg             kiss                   knuckles
kennel          kisses                 koala
Kentucky        kisses                 Kuwait
Kenya           kit                    Kwanzaa
kept            kitchen                l
kernel          kite                   lab
kettle          kites                  label
key             kitten                 label
keyboard        kittens                labeled
keyhole         kitty                  labels
keys            km                     labels
kg              knack                  labor
khaki           knapsack               Labor Day
laboratory    lard        laziest
laborers      large       lazily
laborious     largely     laziness
lace          larger      lazy
lace          largest     lb.
lace          lark        lead
lack          larvae      leader
lacy          larynx      leaders
lad           lasagna     leadership
ladder        laser       leading
ladies        lass        leaf
ladies'       lasso       league
ladle         last        leak
lady          last        leakage
ladybird      lasted      leaking
ladylike      lastly      leam
lady's        latch       lean
ladyship      latches     leaned
lag           late        leap
laid          lately      leapfrog
lair          later       learn
lake          lateral     learned
lakes         latest      learner
lamb          latitude    learning
lame          latter      lease
lamp          Latvia      leash
lamplighter   laugh       least
lamppost      laughable   leather
lamps         laughed     leave
lance         laughing    leavened
lanced        laughter    leaves
land          launch      leaving
landed        launder     Lebanon
landforms     laundry     lecture
landing       lavender    led
landlord      law         ledge
landowner     lawn        ledger
lands         lawns       left
landscape     laws        left-hand
landslide     lawyer      leg
lane          lawyers     legal
language      lax         legality
lantern       lay         legalize
Laos          layer       legend
lap           laying      legends
laps          lazier      legibly
legislation   license       lilies
legislator    lick          lily
legislature   licorice      limb
legs          lid           lime
leisure       lie           limestone
lemon         lie           limit
lemonade      lie           limited
lend          lied          limo
length        lies          limousine
lengthen      lies          limp
lengthening   lieutenant    limped
lengthy       life          Lincoln's Birthday
leniency      lifeboat      line
lenient       lifeguard     lined
lens          lifeless      linen
leopard       lifetime      lines
less          lift          linger
lessen        lifted        lining
lesson        lifts         link
lessons       ligament      link
let           light         lint
lets          light         lion
let's         light bulb    lions
letter        lighted       lip
letter        lighten       lips
letters       lighter       liquefy
letters       lightest      liquid
letting       lighthouse    liquor
lettuce       lighting      Lisbon
level         lightly       list
lever         lightning     list
lexicon       lights        listed
liability     lights        listen
liable        lightweight   listened
liar          light-year    listener
libel         likable       listening
liberal       like          listing
liberation    liked         listing
liberties     likeliest     lists
liberty       likelihood    lists
librarian     likeliness    lit
libraries     likely        liter
library       likeness      literacy
library's     likes         literary
Libya         likewise      literature
lice          liking        Lithuania
litter        locomotive    lots
little        lodge         lottery
Little Rock   lofty         loud
liturgy       log           louder
livable       logic         loudest
live          logical       loudly
live          logically     loudness
lived         logs          loudspeaker
livelihood    loiter        Louisiana
liveliness    London        lovable
lively        lone          love
liver         lonelier      loved
lives         loneliest     loveliest
lives         loneliness    lovely
livestock     lonely        loving
living        lonesome      lovingly
living room   long          low
lizard        longer        lower
llama         longest       lowest
load          longing       loyal
load          longitude     loyally
loaded        look          loyalty
loaded        look          lubricant
loads         looked        lubricate
loads         looked        luck
loaf          looking       luckier
loan          looking       luckiest
loathe        looks         luckily
loaves        looks         lucky
lobby         loom          lug
lobster       loop          luggage
local         loor          lull
locality      loose         lumber
locally       loosely       lumber
locate        loosen        lumbered
located       lopsided      lumbering
locates       lord          lump
locating      Los Angeles   lunar
location      lose          lunch
lock          loser         lunchbox
lock          losing        luncheon
locked        loss          lunches
locker        losses        lunchroom
locket        lost          lunchtime
locks         lot           lung
locks         lotion        lungs
lurch         maidenly       managerial
lure          mail           mane
lurk          mailbox        manhole
luscious      mailboxes      manicure
lute          mailed         manifestation
Luxembourg    mailing        manipulate
luxurious     mailman        manna
luxury        mailrug        manner
lye           main           manners
lying         Maine          manor
lyre          mainly         man's
lyrical       maintain       mansion
lyrics        maintained     mantel
m.            maize          manual
macaroni      majesty        manually
mace          major          manufacture
Macedonia     majority       manufacturer
machine       make           manufacturing
machinery     make-believe   manuscript
machines      maker          manx
machinist     makes          many
machinst      making         map
macro         maladjusted    maple
mad           malady         mapped
Madagascar    Malawi         mar
madam         Malaysia       Mar.
madden        male           marble
madder        malediction    marbles
maddest       malevolent     march
made          malfunction    March
madly         malice         marched
madness       malicious      marches
Madrid        maliciously    mardle
magazine      malignant      mare
magazines     mall           margarine
magic         malnutrition   margin
magically     malt           margins
magician      mama           marigold
magistrate    mammal         mark
magnet        mammoth        marked
magnificent   man            market
magnifies     manage         marketing
magnifying    manageable     marks
magnolia      managed        maroon
maid          management     marred
maiden        manager        marriage
married                  maze          melancholy
marry                    me            mellow
marrying                 meadow        melodies
Mars                     meadows       melody
marsh                    meager        melon
marshmallow              meal          melt
marsupial                meals         melted
Martin Luther King Day   mealtime      member
marvel                   mean          members
marvelous                mean          members'
Maryland                 meaning       membership
mascot                   meaningful    membrane
mash                     meaningless   memo
mashed                   meanness      memorandum
mask                     means         Memorial Day
mass                     means         memories
Massachusetts            meant         memorize
massive                  meantime      memory
mast                     meanwhile     Memphis
master                   measles       men
masterpiece              measurable    menace
masthead                 measure       menace
mastodon                 measurement   mend
mat                      measures      mended
match                    measuring     men's
matches                  meat          mental
matching                 mechanic      mentally
matchless                mechanical    mention
mate                     mechanism     mentioned
material                 medal         menu
materially               meddle        meow
materials                medic         merchandise
math                     medical       merchant
mathematics              medicate      merchants
matter                   medication    mercies
matters                  medicine      merciful
mattress                 mediocre      Mercury
mature                   meditate      mercury
maturity                 medium        mercy
maverick                 meek          mere
maximum                  meet          merely
may                      meeting       merge
May                      meetings      meridians
May Day                  meets         merit
maybe                    megabyte      merit
mayor                    megaphone     merits
mermaid          midyear        misbehave
merriest         might          miscellaneous
merrily          mightn't       mischief
merry            might've       mischievous
merry-go-round   mighty         misconceive
mesa             migrant        misconception
mesmerize        migrate        miscount
mess             migration      miser
message          migratory      miserable
messages         mike           misery
messenger        mild           misfile
messy            mildew         misfortune
met              mile           mishaps
metal            mileage        misinformation
meteor           miles          misinformed
meteors          military       misjudge
meter            milk           misjudged
method           milkman        mislaid
methods          milkshake      mislead
metric           mill           misleading
Mexican          millimeter     misled
Mexico           million        mismanage
Mexico's         millionaire    mismatch
mi.              min.           mismatched
Miami            mind           misplace
mice             mind           misplaced
Michigan         minds          misprint
microphone       minds          misprinted
microscope       mine           mispronounce
microwave        miner          misquote
midafternoon     mineral        misquoted
midair           mingle         misreported
midday           miniature      miss
middle           minimum        Miss
middy            minister       missed
midget           ministry       misshape
midland          Minnesota      misshaped
midnight         minor          misshapen
midst            mint           missile
midstream        minus          missiles
midterm          minute         missing
midtown          minutes        mission
midway           miracle        missionaries
midweek          miraculous     missionary
midwestern       mirror         Mississippi
midwinter        misadventure   Missouri
misspell           moisture      mops
misspelled         molar         mops
misspeller         mold          moral
misspelling        mold          morality
misstep            mold          more
mist               mole          morning
mistake            molecule      morning star
mistaken           mollusk       mornings
mistakes           mollusks      Morocco
mister             mom           morphograph
Mister             moment        morphology
mistletoe          momentous     mortal
mistreat           moments       mortgage
mistrust           mommy         mosque
misunderstand      Mom's         mosquito
misunderstanding   Mon.          moss
misunderstood      monarch       most
misuse             monarchy      mostly
misused            monastery     motel
mitt               Monday        moth
mitten             money         mother
mittens            Mongolia      motherhood
mix                mongoose's    mothering
mixed              monies        mother's
mixes              monitor       moths
mixture            monkey        motion
mix-up             monkeys       motionless
mo.                monotonous    motivate
moaned             monster       motivated
moat               monstrosity   motivation
mob                monstrous     motive
mobile             Montana       motocross
moccasin           month         motor
mock               monthly       motorboat
model              months        motorcade
modem              monument      motorcar
moderate           monumental    motorcycle
moderately         moo           motoring
moderation         mood          motors
modern             moon          motto
modernize          moonbeam      mound
modest             moonlight     mount
modesty            moose         mountain
modify             mop           mountaineer
moist              mop           mountainous
moisten            mopped        mountains
mourn            music          narrow
mournful         musical        nasal
mournfully       musician       nastier
mouse            musket         nastiest
mouth            musketeer      nastily
mouthful         mussel         nation
movable          must           national
move             mustard        nations
moved            mustn't        native
movement         must've        Native American
mover            mutter         natives
movie            muttered       natural
movies           mutual         naturally
moving           my             nature
mow              myself         naughty
mowed            mysteries      nautical
mowing           mysterious     naval
Mozambique       mysteriously   nave
Mr.              mystery        navel
Mrs.             mystical       navigate
Ms.              mystify        navy
much             mystique       near
mud              myth           nearby
muddier          mythical       nearer
muddiest         N.             nearest
muddy            N.W.           nearing
muff             nab            nearly
muffin           nable          neat
mug              nag            neatest
muggy            nail           neatly
mule             nails          neatness
multiple         naive          Nebraska
multiplication   naked          necessary
multiplied       name           necessity
multiply         named          neck
multiplying      nameless       necklace
multitude        namely         necks
mumble           names          neckties
mumbles          Namibia        nectarine
mumps            naming         need
munch            nap            need
murder           nape           needed
murmur           napkin         needle
muscle           napped         needles
muscular         napping        needless
museum           narrate        needlessly
needn't          nick           none
needs            nickel         nonfat
needs            nickels        nonfiction
neglect          nickle         nonliving
neglected        nickname       nonprofit
neighbor         niece          nonsense
neighborhood     nieces         nonsensical
neighboring      Nigeria        nonsmoking
neighbors        night          nonstick
neither          nightfall      nonstop
nephew           nightgown      nonviolent
Neptune          nightime       noodle
nerve            nightly        noon
nerves           nightmare      nor
nervous          nights         normal
nervously        nighttime      normally
nest             nil            north
nests            nimble         North Carolina
net              nine           North Dakota
network          nineteen       North Korea
neutral          nineteenth     North Pole
Nevada           ninetieth      northeast
never            ninety         northern
nevertheless     ninety-five    Northern Ireland
new              ninety-nine    northwest
New Hampshire    ninth          northwestern
New Jersey       nip            Norway
New Mexico       nitrogen       nose
New Year's Day   no             not
New York         no one         notable
New Zealand      no.            notary
newborn          noble          notation
newest           nobleman       notch
Newfoundland     nobody         note
news             nod            notebook
newscast         nodding        notebooks
newspaper        noise          noted
newspapers       noisier        notes
newsroom         noisily        nothing
next             noisiness      notice
nibble           noisy          noticeable
Nicaragua        nomad          noticed
nice             nominate       notices
nicely           nomination     notified
nicer            nonbreakable   notify
nicest           noncommittal   noting
notion       obeyed          October
noun         object          octopus
nourish      objected        oculist
Nov.         objection       odd
novel        objectionable   odor
novelist     objective       odorous
novels       obligation      of
November     oblige          off
novice       obliged         offen
now          oblong          offence
nowhere      observant       offend
nozzle       observation     offense
nuclear      observations    offensive
nucleus      observatory     offer
nudge        observe         offered
nudging      observer        offering
nuisance     observing       offerings
numb         obstinate       offers
number       obstruct        offhanded
numbered     obstruction     office
numbing      obtain          officer
numeral      obtainable      officers
numerator    obtained        offices
numerical    obtaining       official
numerous     obvious         offshore
nun          obviously       often
nurse        occasion        oh
nursed       occasional      Ohio
nut          occasionally    oil
nutrient     occasions       oilcan
nutriment    occupancy       oily
nutrition    occupant        ointment
nutritious   occupation      OK
nuzzle       occupational    okay
nylon        occupied        Oklahoma
oaf          occupy          old
oak          occur           older
oaks         occurred        oldest
oar          occurrence      old-fashioned
oasis        occurring       olive
oat          occurs          olives
oatmeal      ocean           Olympic
oats         oceanography    Olympics
obedience    oceans          Oman
obedient     o'clock         omelet
obey         Oct.            omen
ominous           ordeal           outfitted
omission          order            outing
omit              order            outlaw
omitted           ordered          outline
on                ordering         outlined
on the contrary   orderly          outrageous
once              orders           outside
one               orders           outspoken
one-half          ordinance        outstanding
onion             ordinarily       oval
onions            ordinary         oven
on-line           ore              over
only              Oregon           overalls
Ontario           organ            overboard
onto              organization     overcharge
ooze              organizational   overcoat
open              organize         overcome
opened            organized        overdo
opening           Oriental         overdrawn
openly            origin           overdue
opens             original         overflow
opera             originality      overgrown
operate           originally       overjoyed
operated          originate        overlap
operating         oriole           overlapping
operation         ornament         overload
operations        ornate           overlook
operator          ornithology      overlooked
opinion           orphan           overpaid
opinions          Oslo             overpower
opossum           ostrich          overrated
opponent          oth              overreact
opportune         other            overruled
opportunities     others           overrun
opportunity       otherwise        oversee
oppose            otter            overshadow
opposed           ouch             oversight
opposite          ought            oversleep
opposition        ounce            overthrow
or                our              overweight
oral              ours             overworked
orange            ourselves        owe
oranges           out              owing
orbit             outdoors         owl
orchard           outfield         owls
orchestra         outfit           own
owned         pairs         pardoned
owner         pajamas       pare
ownership     Pakistan      parent
owns          pal           parentheses
ox            palace        parents
oxen          palaces       parents'
oxygen        pale          park
oyster        paleness      park
oz.           palm          parked
P.O.          pamphlet      parking
pace          pamphlets     parks
paces         pamplet       parks
Pacific       pan           parliament
pacifist      Panama        parlor
pacifying     pancake       parrot
pack          pancakes      part
pack          panda         part of speech
package       pane          partaker
packages      panel         parted
packaging     pang          partial
packed        panic         partially
packing       panicking     participant
packs         pansy         particle
pact          pant          particular
pad           pantry        particularly
paddle        pants         parties
paddock       pants         parting
page          papa          partly
pageant       paper         partner
pages         paperback     partridge
paid          papers        parts
pail          parachute     part-time
pain          parade        party
painful       paradise      pass
painfulness   paragraph     passage
painless      Paraguay      passed
pains         parakeet      passenger
paint         parallel      passengers'
paint         parallels     passes
painted       paralysis     passing
painter       paralyze      passion
painting      paramedic     passions
painting      paratroops    passive
paints        parcel        passport
paints        parcel post   passports
pair          pardon        password
past             pea             pennant
paste            peace           pennies
pasteurization   peaceable       penniless
pasteurize       peaceful        Pennsylvania
pasting          peacefully      penny
pastor           peach           pension
pastors          peaches         people
pastry           peacock         people's
pasture          peak            pepper
pat              peanut          peppermint
patch            peanut butter   pepperoni
patched          peanuts         perceive
patches          pear            perceived
patent           pearl           percent
path             pearls          percentage
paths            peas            perception
patience         peasant         perceptive
patient          pebble          perch
patient          pecan           perfect
patiently        peck            perfection
patients         peculiar        perfectly
patio            peculiarity     perform
patios           pedal           performance
patriarch        peddle          performed
patriot          pedestal        performer
patriotic        pedestrian      performing
patrol           pedestrians     perfume
patron           pedicure        perhaps
patronage        peek            peril
patronize        peel            period
patted           peep            periodical
pattern          peer            periodically
patterns         peg             perish
patting          pelican         permanent
pause            pen             permissible
pave             pen pal         permission
pavement         penalties       permit
paw              penalty         permitted
paws             pencil          permitting
pay              pencils         perplexed
payable          pending         persecute
payee            pendulum        persisted
paying           penguin         persistent
payment          penicillin      person
payments         peninsula       personable
pays             penmanship      personal
personality     photographs   pillow
personalize     photography   pilot
personally      photos        pin
personify       phrase        pin
personnel       physical      pinch
persons         physically    pinches
person's        physician     pine
perspire        physicist     pineapple
persuade        physics       pinecone
persuasion      physique      pink
persuasive      pianist       pinnacle
persue          piano         pinned
pertain         pianos        pinning
pertaining      pick          pint
Peru            picked        pioneer
pesky           picket        pious
pest            picking       pipe
pester          pickle        pipes
pet             pickles       pirate
pet             pickpocket    pirates
petal           picnic        pistol
petite          picture       pit
petition        picture       pitch
petition        pictured      pitched
pets            pictured      pitcher
pets            pictures      pitied
petunia         pictures      pitiful
pharmacy        pie           Pittsburgh
phase           piece         pity
pheasant        pieces        pity
Philadelphia    pier          pitying
philosopher     pierce        pixel
philosophical   pierced       pizza
philosophy      piercing      pkg.
phone           pies          Pl.
phoned          pig           place
phonics         pigeon        place
phoning         pigeons       placed
phonograph      pigs          placement
phony           pile          places
photo           piles         places
photocopier     pilgrim       placing
photocopy       Pilgrims      plaid
photograph      pilgrims      plain
photographer    pill          plainly
photographic    pillar        plains
plaintiff     pleaded      poet
plan          pleads       poetic
plan          pleasant     poetry
plane         please       poets'
planet        please       point
planetarium   pleased      point
planets       pleases      pointed
plank         pleasing     pointed
planned       pleasure     pointer
planner       pledge       pointing
planning      plentiful    pointless
plans         plenty       pointlessness
plans         pliable      points
plant         pliers       points
plant         plight       poise
plantation    plop         poison
planted       plot         poison
planter       plotted      poisoned
planting      plough       poisonous
plants        plough       poisons
plants        plow         poke
plaster       plow         Poland
plastic       ploy         polar
plate         pluck        pole
plateau       plug         poles
plateful      plum         police
plates        plumber      policeman
platform      plumbing     policies
platinum      plume        policy
platter       plump        polish
play          plums        polishing
play          plunder      polite
played        plunge       politely
player        plural       political
playful       plurality    politician
playfully     plus         politics
playground    Pluto        poll
playhouse     ply          pollen
playing       pneumonia    pollster
playmate      pocket       pollute
playpen       pocketbook   pollution
plays         pockets      polo
plays         pod          poncho
playwright    poem         pond
plaza         poems        ponder
plead         poem's       ponies
pony          postnasal     preaching
poodle        postpone      precarious
pool          postscript    precaution
poor          postwar       precede
pop           pot           preceded
popcorn       potassium     precedence
poplar        potato        precedent
poppy         potatoes      preceding
popular       potential     precious
popularity    potluck       precipitation
populate      pouch         precise
population    poultry       precisely
porch         pounce        precook
porcupine     pound         predated
pore          pound         predator
pores         pounded       predestination
pork          pounds        predicate
porpoise      pounds        predict
port          pour          predictable
portable      pouring       prediction
porter        pout          preen
portfolio     poverty       prefer
porthole      pow           preferable
portion       powder        preference
portrait      power         preferred
Portugal      power         preferring
position      powerful      prefers
positions     powerless     prefix
positive      powers        preflight
positively    practical     preheat
possess       practically   prehistoric
possession    practice      prejudge
possibility   practiced     prejudice
possible      practicing    prejudicial
possibly      prairie       preliminary
post          praise        prelude
post office   praising      premature
postage       prank         premium
postal        pray          prepaid
postcard      prayed        preparation
postdate      prayer        prepare
posted        prayers       prepared
poster        praying       preparing
posters       preach        prepay
postman       preacher      prepayment
postmaster    preaches      preplanned
prerecord         previewed     proceeded
prerecorded       previewing    proceeding
Pres.             previous      proceedings
preschool         previously    proceeds
prescribe         prewash       proceeds
prescription      prewrap       process
prescriptive      prey          process
presence          preying       procession
present           price         processor
present           priced        proclaim
present           priceless     proclaimed
presentable       prices        proclaiming
presentation      pricing       proclamation
presented         pride         prod
presenting        priest        produce
presently         priestly      produce
presents          prim          produced
presents          primary       producer
preserve          prime         producing
preserved         primrose      product
preserving        prince        production
preshrunk         princess      productive
presidency        principal     products
president         principle     profess
president's       print         profession
Presidents' Day   printed       professional
press             printer       professor
pressed           printing      profile
presses           prints        profit
pressing          prior         profit
pressure          priority      profitable
pressures         prison        profited
pressurized       prisoner      profound
presume           private       profoundly
presumption       privilege     program
pretend           prize         program
pretending        prizes        programmer
pretest           probability   programming
prettier          probable      programs
prettiest         probably      programs
pretty            probing       progress
prevail           problem       progressed
prevent           problems      progression
prevention        procedural    progressive
preview           procedure     progressively
preview           proceed       project
project         prospector    puffed
projecting      prospects     pull
projection      prosperous    pulled
projector       protect       pulley
projects        protected     pulling
projects        protecting    pulls
prolong         protection    pulpit
prolonged       protective    pulsar
prominent       protector     pulsate
promise         protein       pulse
promised        protest       pulse
promises        proud         pump
promote         proudly       pumpkin
promoted        prove         pumpkins
promoter        proved        punch
promotion       proven        punch
prompt          proverb       punches
promptly        provide       punches
promptness      provided      punches
prong           provider      punctuate
pronoun         provides      punctuation
pronounce       providing     puncture
pronunciation   proving       punish
proof           provision     punished
prop            provoke       punishment
propel          prowl         pup
propeller       prowled       pupil
propelling      prowler       pupils
proper          prune         puppeteer
properly        pry           puppies
property        pseudonym     puppy
prophecy        psychology    pups
prophesy        pt.           purchase
prophet         public        purchasing
prophetical     publication   pure
proportion      publicity     purely
proposal        publicize     pureness
propose         publish       purest
proposed        published     purify
proposition     publisher     purity
propped         publishes     purple
proprietor      pudding       purpose
propriety       puddle        purposeful
prosecute       pueblo        purposely
prospect        Puerto Rico   purr
prospective     puff          purred
purse         queenly         raccoon
pursue        quell           race
pursuit       quench          raced
push          quest           races
pushed        question        racetrack
pushes        question        racial
pushing       questionable    racing
pushy         questionnaire   racist
put           questions       rack
putrid        questions       racket
putting       quibble         radar
puzzle        quick           radial
puzzle        quicker         radiance
puzzled       quickest        radiant
puzzles       quickly         radiate
puzzles       quicksand       radiation
pygmy         quiet           radio
pyramid       quieted         radioactive
python        quieter         radiology
Qatar         quietest        radios
qt.           quietly         radish
quack         quietness       radishes
quacks        quill           radius
quail         quilt           raffle
quaint        quilt           raft
quake         quilting        rafter
qualified     quit            rag
qualify       quite           rage
qualifying    quitter         rage
qualities     quitting        raged
quality       quiz            raging
quantities    quiz            raids
quantity      quizzed         raids
quarrel       quizzes         rail
quarrels      quizzes         railroad
quarry        quizzical       railroads
quart         quizzing        railway
quarter       quotable        rain
quarterback   quotation       rain
quarters      quote           rainbow
quartet       quoted          raincoat
quarts        quotient        raindrops
quasar        quoting         rained
quash         rabbit          rainfall
Quebec        rabbits         rainiest
queen         rabies          raining
rains         raven        rebel
rainy         raw          rebel
raise         ray          rebellion
raised        rayon        rebels
raisin        raze         rebels
rake          razor        rebound
rake          Rd.          rebuild
raked         reach        rebuilding
rally         reached      rebuilt
ram           reaches      rebuked
ramble        reaching     recall
ramp          react        recapping
ran           reacting     recede
ranch         reaction     receding
ranches       reactor      receipt
random        read         receipts
rang          read         receivable
range         readable     receive
ranger        reader       received
rank          readers      receiver
rank          readily      receiving
ransack       readiness    recent
rap           reading      recently
rapid         reads        reception
rapidly       ready        receptive
rapids        real         recess
raptor        realistic    recesses
rare          reality      recharge
rarely        realize      recheck
rascal        realized     recieve
rash          realizes     recipe
rashes        really       recital
raspberry     realty       recite
raspy         reap         recited
rat           reaped       reckless
rate          reappear     reckon
rate          reapply      reclaim
rates         rear         recline
rates         reason       recognition
rather        reason       recognizable
rating        reasonable   recognize
rating        reasonably   recoiled
ratio         reasoning    recommend
ration        reasons      recommendation
rattle        reasons      recommended
rattlesnake   reassure     reconsider
reconstruction   referred        regret
recopy           referring       regret
record           refers          regretful
record           refill          regrettable
recorder         refillable      regretted
recount          refine          regretting
recover          refined         regular
recovered        refinement      regularity
recreation       refining        regularly
recreation       reflect         regulate
recruit          reflection      regulation
recruit          reflex          rehearsal
rectangle        reform          rehearse
rectify          reformed        reheat
recur            reformer        rehiring
recurred         refresh         reign
recurrence       refreshed       rein
recurrent        refreshing      reindeer
recurring        refreshment     reinform
recurs           refreshments    reinformed
recycle          refrigerate     reins
recycling        refrigeration   reinstate
red              refrigerator    reiterate
redder           refuel          reject
reddest          refuge          rejected
redeemed         refugee         rejecting
redefine         refund          rejection
rediscovered     refusal         rejoice
redo             refuse          rejoiced
redrawn          refused         rejoicing
reduce           refusing        rejoin
reduced          refute          relate
reducing         regained        related
reduction        regard          relating
redwood          regarded        relation
reed             regarding       relations
reel             regardless      relationship
reelect          regards         relative
reenter          regiment        relatively
reestablish      region          relatives
refer            regions         relax
referee          register        relaxation
reference        registered      relaxed
references       registration    relay
refernce         regress         relayed
referral         regressing      release
released      renaming      reported
relentless    render        reporter
relevance     rendered      reporting
relevant      renew         reports
reliable      renewable     reports
relied        renewal       represent
relief        renewed       representation
relieve       renowned      representative
relieved      rent          represented
religion      rental        representing
religious     rented        represents
relinquish    renter        repression
reload        renting       repressive
relocate      repack        reptetition
rely          repacked      reptetitive
relying       repacking     reptile
remain        repaint       republic
remainder     repainted     republican
remained      repair        Republican
remaining     repaired      repulsive
remains       repairs       reputation
remake        repay         request
remark        repeat        requested
remarkable    repeated      requesting
remarked      repel         requests
remarried     repellent     requests
remedy        repelling     require
remember      repent        required
remembered    repentance    requirement
remembrance   repetition    requirements
remind        repetitive    requires
reminded      rephrased     requisition
reminder      replace       reread
reminds       replaceable   rerun
remit         replaced      rerunning
remittance    replacement   rescue
remitted      replacing     research
remodel       replant       researcher
remote        replay        researching
remotely      replica       resell
remoteness    replied       resemble
removal       replies       resented
remove        reply         resentment
removed       replying      reservation
removing      report        reserve
rename        report        reserved
reserving        restlessly     reverence
reservoir        restlessness   reverent
resettle         restore        reversal
reside           restoring      reverse
residence        restrain       reversible
resident         restrained     reversion
residents        restrict       revert
resign           restricted     review
resignation      restriction    reviewed
resigned         restructured   reviewer
resist           result         revile
resistance       resulting      revise
resisted         results        revised
resistible       resume         revision
resistive        resumed        revival
resolution       resuming       revive
resolve          resupply       revolt
resolved         resurrection   revolution
resort           retail         revolve
resorted         retain         reward
resource         retained       rewind
resourceful      retainer       rewrap
resources        retell         rewrite
respect          retention      rewrote
respectable      rethink        rhetoric
respectful       rethinking     rheumatism
respectfully     retire         rhinestone
respective       retirement     rhinoceros
respectively     retrace        Rhode Island
respects         retract        rhubarb
respiration      retreat        rhyme
respond          retrieve       rhymed
responded        retriever      rhyming
response         return         rhythm
responsibility   returnable     rhythmic
responsible      returned       rhythmical
responsive       returning      rhythmically
rest             returns        rib
restain          reunion        ribbon
restart          reunite        rice
restaurant       reusable       rich
rested           reuse          riches
restful          reveal         rid
restfully        revelation     ridden
resting          revenge        riddle
restless         revenue        ride
rider        roadway         rooms
rides        roam            roost
ridge        roar            rooster
ridicule     roar            root
ridiculed    roared          rooting
ridiculous   roaring         roots
riding       roast           rope
rifle        roasted         ropes
rifle        roaster         rose
rig          roasting        rosebush
right        rob             roses
righteous    robbed          rosy
rightful     robber          rot
rightfully   robberies       rotate
rights       robbery         rotation
rigid        robbing         rote
rigor        robe            rotten
rigorous     robin           rough
rim          robins          rougher
ring         robot           roughest
ring         robust          roughly
ringing      rock            roughness
rings        rocket          round
rings        rocks           roundabout
riot         rocky           rounded
rip          rod             roundly
ripe         rode            rout
ripen        rodent          route
ripened      rodeo           routine
ripeness     rodeos          row
ripening     role            rowboat
riper        roll            rowboats
ripest       rolled          rowdy
ripping      roller skates   rowing
ripple       rolling         royal
rise         rolls           royalty
risen        romance         rub
rising       Romania         rubbed
risk         romantic        rubber
risky        romp            rubbing
ritual       roof            rubble
rival        roofs           rubies
river        rookie          ruby
riverboat    room            rudder
road         roominess       ruddy
roads        roommate        rude
rudely     sacrament      salesmen
rudeness   sacred         salesperson
ruffle     sacrifice      Sally's
rug        sacrificial    salmon
rugs       sacrilege      salsa
ruin       sacrilegious   salt
ruined     sad            salty
rule       sadden         salutation
rule       saddening      salute
ruled      sadder         salvage
ruler      saddest        salvation
ruler      saddle         salve
rules      saddlebags     same
rules      saddles        sample
ruling     sadly          sample
ruling     sadness        sample
rum        safari         samples
rumble     safe           samples
rumbling   safely         sanctuary
rummage    safer          sand
rumor      safest         sandal
run        safety         sandbox
runaway    sag            sanding
rung       sage           sandwich
runner     sagging        sandwiches
running    said           sane
runny      sail           sang
runs       sail           sank
rupture    sailboat       sap
rural      sailboats      sapling
rush       sailed         sarcasm
rushed     sailfish       sarcastic
rushes     sailing        sash
rushing    sailor         sashes
Russia     saint          sat
Russian    saintly        Sat.
rust       saints         satchel
rustle     sake           satellie
rut        salable        satellite
ruthless   salad          satisfaction
rye        salamander     satisfactorily
S.         salary         satisfactory
S.E.       sale           satisfied
sabotage   sales          satisfy
sack       salesclerk     satisfying
sacks      salesman       saturate
Saturday       scatter       scrap
Saturn         scene         scrape
sauce          scenery       scraps
saucepan       scenes        scratch
saucer         scenically    scratched
saucers        scent         scratches
sauces         scents        scratching
Saudi Arabia   scepter       scrawl
sausage        schedule      scrawled
savage         schedule      scrawny
savanna        scheduling    scream
save           scheduling    screamed
saved          schematic     screech
saving         scheme        screeching
savings        scheme        screen
savior         scheming      screw
saw            scholar       screwdriver
sawdust        scholarship   scribble
sawmill        school        scribe
saxophone      schoolhouse   script
say            schooling     scripts
saying         schoolmate    scripture
says           schools       scroll
scab           schoolwork    scrub
scald          science       scrubbed
scale          scientific    scrubbing
scale          scientist     sculptor
scallop        scientists    sculpture
scalp          scissors      scurry
scamper        scold         scurrying
scan           scolded       sea
scanned        scolds        seacoast
scanner        scoop         seal
scar           scooter       seal
scarce         scope         sealing
scarcely       scorch        seals
scare          score         seals
scarecrow      scoreboard    seam
scared         scorecard     search
scarf          scorn         searched
scarier        Scotland      searches
scariest       scoundrel     searching
scarlet        scout         seas
scarves        scowl         seashells
scary          scram         seashore
scat           scramble      season
season        self-control   serene
seasonal      selfish        sergeant
seasons       selfishly      serial
seasons       selfishness    series
seat          sell           serious
seat belt     seller         seriously
seated        selling        sermon
seats         sells          serpent
sec.          selves         servant
second        semester       serve
secondary     semiannual     served
seconded      semicircle     server
secondly      semicolon      service
secret        semifinal      serviceable
secretary     semiformal     services
secretly      semisweet      serving
section       senate         session
sections      senator        set
secure        senator's      setting
secure        send           settle
secured       sending        settled
securing      sends          settlement
security      senior         settler
see           sensation      settlers
seed          sensational    seven
seedling      sense          seventeen
seeds         sensible       seventh
seeing        sensibly       seventy
seek          sensitive      sever
seeking       sent           several
seem          sentence       severe
seemed        sentence       severely
seen          sentenced      severity
sees          sentences      sew
seesaw        sentences      sewed
seismograph   sentiment      sewing
seize         separate       sewn
seizure       separate       sextant
seldom        separated      shabby
select        separated      shack
select        separately     shade
selected      separation     shades
selected      Sept.          shadow
selection     September      shady
selective     sequence       shafts
self          sequoia        shaggy
shake        shelves     shopping
shaken       shelving    shops
shakier      shepherd    shops
shakiest     shepherds   shore
shaking      sherbet     short
shall        sheriff     shortage
shallow      sheriffs    shortest
shame        she's       shortly
shameful     she's       shortness
shamefully   shield      shot
shameless    shift       shotgun
shampoo      shin        should
shape        shine       shoulder
shaped       shined      shoulders
shapes       shinier     shouldn't
shaping      shiniest    should've
share        shining     shout
shared       shiny       shouted
shark        ship        shouting
sharp        ship        shove
sharpen      shipment    shovel
sharper      shipments   show
sharpest     shipped     showed
sharply      shipping    shower
sharpness    ships       shower
shatter      ships       showers
shave        shipwreck   showers
shawl        shipyard    showing
she          shirt       shown
sheaf        shirts      shredded
shear        shiver      shrewd
shed         shivered    shriek
she'd        shock       shrill
she'd        shoe        shrimp
sheds        shoelace    shrink
sheep        shoelaces   shrub
sheepish     shoemaker   shrug
sheer        shoes       shrugged
sheet        shone       shrunk
sheets       shook       shudder
shelf        shoot       shuddered
shell        shooting    shuffled
she'll       shop        shun
shells       shop        shut
shelter      shopped     shutter
sheltered    shopper     shuttle
shy           simply         skate
shyly         simultaneous   skate
shyness       sin            skateboard
Siamese       since          skated
sick          sincere        skater
sickest       sincerely      skates
sickness      sincerity      skates
side          sinful         skating
sidekick      sing           skeleton
sides         singer         sketch
sidewalk      singing        sketch
siege         single         sketch artist
siesta        singular       sketches
sift          sink           sketches
sigh          sinned         sketching
sighed        sinner         ski
sight         sinning        skid
sign          sip            skidded
sign          siphon         skidding
signal        sips           skied
signals       sir            skiers
signature     siren          skies
signatures    sister         skiing
signed        sisters        skill
significant   sister's       skillet
signify       sisters'       skillfully
signpost      sit            skills
signs         site           skim
signs         sits           skimmed
silence       sitting        skin
silent        situated       skin diving
silk          situation      skinned
silkier       sit-up         skinny
silkiest      six            skip
silky         sixteen        skipped
silly         sixth          skipping
silver        sixties        skirt
similar       sixty          skirts
similarity    sizable        skis
simmer        size           skulk
simple        size           skunk
simplest      sized          sky
simplicity    sizes          skyline
simplified    sizes          skyscraper
simplify      sizzle         skyward
simplifying   sizzling       slain
slam            slip        smile
slammed         slipped     smile
slamming        slipper     smiled
slander         slippers    smiles
slant           slippery    smiles
slap            slipping    smiling
slash           slogan      smog
slate           slop        smoke
slavery         slope       smoking
sled            sloppier    smoky
sledding        sloppiest   smolder
sledge          sloppy      smooth
sledgehammer    slot        smoothly
sleds           Slovakia    smoothness
sleep           Slovenia    smother
sleepier        slow        smudge
sleepiest       slowed      smuggle
sleepiness      slower      snack
sleeping        slowest     snag
sleepless       slowing     snail
sleeplessness   slowly      snake
sleeps          slowness    snakes
sleepy          sludge      snap
sleet           slug        snapped
sleeve          slum        snapping
sleeves         slumber     snappy
sleigh          slump       snapshot
sleight         slurp       snare
slender         slush       snarl
slept           sly         snatch
slice           slyly       sneakers
sliced          slyness     sneeze
slicing         smack       sneezed
slick           small       sniff
slid            smaller     snip
slide           smallest    snoozed
slides          smart       snore
sliding         smash       snout
slight          smashed     snow
slightest       smashes     snow
slightly        smear       snowball
slim            smell       snowballs
slimmer         smell       snowdrift
slimmest        smelled     snowdrop
slimy           smelled     snowed
sling           smelling    snowflake
snowing          soldier      sorry
snowman          soldiers     sort
snowmobile       sole         sort
snows            solemn       sorted
snowy            solid        sorts
snug             solitary     sorts
snuggest         solitude     sought
snuggle          solo         soul
snugly           soloist      sound
snugness         solution     sounded
so               solve        sounding
soak             solving      soundless
soap             Somalia      soundly
soar             some         soundness
sob              somebody     sounds
sobbing          someday      sounds
sober            somehow      soup
sobering         someone      soupspoon
soccer           someone's    sour
sociable         someone's    source
social           someplace    sources
social studies   somersault   south
societies        something    South Africa
society          sometime     South Carolina
sociology        sometimes    South Dakota
sock             somewhat     South Korea
socket           somewhere    southern
socks            son          southwest
soda             song         souvenir
sodium           songs        sow
sofa             sonic        sowed
soft             sons         soy
softball         son's        soybean
soften           soon         spa
softening        sooner       space
softer           soot         spacecraft
softly           soothe       spaceport
softness         soprano      spacious
soft-spoken      sore         spade
software         sorely       spaghetti
soggy            soreness     Spain
soil             sorer        span
soiled           sorest       spaniel
solar            sorority     Spanish
solar system     sorrow       spank
sold             sorrowful    spanking
spar            spies         sprains
spare           spies         sprawl
spark           spike         spray
sparkle         spill         sprayed
sparkled        spilled       sprays
sparkling       spin          spread
sparrow         spinach       spring
sparrows        spine         spring
sparse          spinner       sprinkle
speak           spinning      sprocket
speaker         spirit        sprout
speaking        spirits       spruce
speaks          spiritual     sprung
spear           spite         spurt
special         splash        spy
specialist      splashed      spy
specialize      splashing     spying
specialty       splendid      sq.
species         splendor      squad
specific        splint        squalid
specification   splinter      squall
specified       split         square
specify         spoil         squares
speck           spoiled       squash
spectacle       spoke         squaw
spectator       spoken        squawk
speech          sponge        squeak
speeches        sponsor       squeaked
speechless      spontaneous   squeal
speed           spool         squeezable
speediest       spoon         squeeze
speedometer     spoons        squeezing
speedy          sport         squid
spell           sports        squiggle
spellbound      sportsman     squint
spelling        spot          squirm
spend           spot          squirrel
spending        spotless      squirt
spent           spotlight     Sri Lanka
sphere          spotted       St.
spherical       spotted       stability
spice           spotting      stable
spicy           spotty        stack
spider          spout         stacks
spider monkey   sprain        stadium
spied           sprained      staff
stag         starvation    stew
stage        starve        stick
stagger      state         sticker
staging      state         stickiest
stain        stated        sticks
stained      statehood     sticky
stair        stately       stiff
stairs       statement     stiffly
stairway     statements    stigma
stairways    static        still
stake        station       stillness
stakes       stationary    stilts
stale        stationery    sting
stalk        stations      stingy
stall        statistics    stink
stamp        statue        stir
stamp        statues       stirred
stamped      stature       stirring
stamped      stay          stirrup
stampede     stayed        stitch
stamps       staying       stitches
stand        stays         stock
standard     steadfast     Stockholm
standing     steadily      stocking
standpoint   steady        stockings
stands       steak         stole
stanza       steal         stolen
staple       stealth       stomach
star         steam         stomachache
starch       steamer       stomachs
stare        steel         stone
stared       steep         stones
stares       steeple       stony
starfish     steer         stood
starless     stem          stool
starling     step          stoop
starred      stepladder    stop
starring     steppe        stoplight
starry       stepped       stopped
stars        stepping      stopper
start        steps         stopping
started      stereo        stops
starting     stern         storable
startle      sternly       storage
startled     sternness     store
starts       stethoscope   stored
stores         strengthen      student
stories        strengthened    students
storing        strengthening   studied
stork          strengths       studies
storm          stress          studio
stormiest      stressful       studious
storminess     stretch         studiously
storms         stretchable     study
story          stretched       studying
storybook      stretcher       stuff
stout          stretches       stumble
stove          stretching      stump
stow           stricken        stung
stowaway       strict          stunned
straddle       strictly        stunt
straight       stride          stunts
straighten     strike          stupid
straightened   strikes         stupidity
straighter     striking        sturdier
straightest    string          sturdiest
strain         strings         sturdily
strained       strip           sturdiness
strainer       stripe          sturdy
straining      striped         stutter
strait         stripped        style
strange        striving        styled
strangely      stroke          stylish
strangeness    stroked         stylishly
stranger       strokes         subdivide
strangest      stroking        subdue
strap          stroll          subfreezing
strapped       strolling       subject
straps         strong          subject
strategies     stronger        subjection
straw          strongest       subjects
strawberries   strongly        subjects
strawberry     struck          submarine
straws         structural      submerge
stray          structure       submerged
strayed        struggle        submission
streak         strum           submissive
stream         strutting       submit
streamlined    stub            submitted
street         stubble         submitting
streets        stubborn        subpoena
strength       stuck           subscribe
subscription   suggestion      superintendent
subside        suggestions     superior
subsist        suicide         superiority
subsoil        suit            supermarket
substance      suit            supersonic
substandard    suitable        supervise
substantial    suitcase        supervision
substantive    suite           supervisor
substitute     suits           supper
substitution   suits           supplement
subtitle       sulfur          supplement
subtle         sullen          supplied
subtract       sum             supplies
subtracted     summarization   supply
subtraction    summarize       supplying
suburban       summary         support
subversive     summation       supported
subvert        summed          suppose
subverted      summer          supposed
subway         summertime      suppress
subzero        summit          suppression
succeed        summon          supreme
succeeded      sums            supremely
succeeding     sun             sure
success        Sun.            surely
successful     sunbathing      surf
successfully   sunburned       surface
succession     Sunday          surfaced
such           sundown         surge
suck           sunflower       surgeon
Sudan          sunflowers      surgery
sudden         sung            surname
suddenly       sunglasses      surprise
suddenness     sunk            surprised
suffer         sunlight        surprises
suffered       sunlit          surprising
suffering      sunnier         surrender
sufficiency    sunniest        surround
sufficient     sunny           surrounded
sufficiently   sunrise         surrounding
suffix         sunset          surroundings
suffixes       sunshine        survey
sugar          suntan          surveyor
sugary         super           surveys
suggest        superb          survivable
suggested      superfluous     survival
survive       swings           tails
survivor      swings           Taiwan
susceptible   swirl            take
suspect       swish            taken
suspenseful   switch           takeoff
suspension    Switzerland      takes
suspicion     swollen          taking
suspicious    swoosh           tale
sustain       sword            talent
swagger       swords           talented
swallow       swore            talk
swallowed     swung            talked
swallowing    sycamore         talking
swam          syllable         talks
swan          symbol           tall
swapped       symbolic         taller
swarm         sympathy         tallest
sway          symphony         talon
swear         symptom          tambourine
sweat         symptoms         tame
sweater       synagogue        tamper
sweatshirt    synchronize      tan
Sweden        synonym          tangle
sweep         synonymous       tangled
sweeper       Syria            tangy
sweet         syrup            tank
sweeter       system           tanner
sweetest      systematically   tanning
sweetheart    systems          tantrum
sweetly       tab              Tanzania
sweetness     table            tap
sweets        tableau          tape
swell         tablecloth       taper
swept         tables           taping
swerve        tablespoon       tapping
swift         tablet           tar
swiftly       tack             tardiness
swiftness     tackle           tardy
swim          taco             target
swimmer       tacos            tariff
swimming      tactful          tarnish
swims         taffy            task
swine         tag              tasks
swing         tagging          tassel
swing         tail             taste
swinging      tailor           taste
tasted       telethon      terror
tasteful     televise      test
tasteless    television    test tube
tasting      televisions   testament
tasty        tell          tested
taught       telling       tests
taut         temper        Texas
tawdry       temperature   text
tax          tempest       textbook
taxes        temple        textile
taxi         tempo         texture
taxpayer     temporarily   textured
tbsp.        temporary     Thailand
tea          tempt         than
teach        temptation    thank
teachable    tempted       thank you
teacher      ten           thanked
teachers     tenant        thankful
teacher's    tend          thanking
teachers'    tendency      thankless
teaches      tender        thanks
teaching     tendon        Thanksgiving
teal         tenement      that
team         Tennessee     that's
teammate     tennis        thaw
teams        tenor         the
teapot       tense         The Netherlands
tear         tension       The Philippines
tear         tent          theater
tearless     tentacles     theaters
tears        tentative     thee
tears        tenth         theft
tears        tents         their
teaspoon     tenuous       theirs
technical    tepee         them
technique    term          theme
technology   terms         themselves
tee          terrace       then
teen         terrible      theocracy
teenager     terribly      theology
teeth        terrier       theory
telegram     terrific      therapy
telegraph    terrified     there
telephone    terrify       there'd
telephoned   terrifying    therefore
telescope    territory     there'll
there're       thoughtfulness    tickled
there's        thoughtless       tickles
thermometer    thoughtlessly     tide
thesaurus      thoughtlessness   tie
these          thoughts          tied
they           thousand          tiger
they'd         thread            tigers
they'd         threat            tight
they'll        threaten          tighten
they're        threatening       tightening
they've        threatening       tile
thick          three             till
thicken        threw             timber
thicker        thrift            timber
thickness      thrifty           time
thief          thrill            timeless
thieves        thrilled          timely
thigh          thrilling         timer
thimble        thrive            times
thin           throat            timid
thine          throne            timing
thing          through           tin
things         throughout        tiniest
think          throw             tinkle
thinking       throwing          tint
thinks         thrown            tiny
thinner        thrust            tip
thinnest       thumb             tire
third          thumbnail         tire
thirst         thumbs            tired
thirsty        thumbtack         tires
thirteen       thump             tires
thirty         thumping          tiresome
thirty-three   thunder           tiring
this           thundercloud      tissue
thistle        thundering        tithe
thistles       thunderous        title
thorn          thunderstorm      to
thorough       Thur.             toad
thoroughly     Thursday          toast
those          thus              toaster
thou           thyme             tobacco
though         tick              today
thought        ticket            today's
thoughtful     tickets           toe
thoughtfully   tickle            toes
toffee       torrent      traded
together     torrid       trades
toil         tortilla     trading
toiled       torture      tradition
toilet       toss         traditional
token        tossed       traditions
told         tosses       traffic
tolerable    tossing      tragedy
tolerate     total        tragic
toll         totaled      tragically
tomahawk     totally      trail
tomato       touch        trailer
tomatoes     touchdown    trails
tomb         touched      train
tomboy       touches      trained
tomorrow     touching     trainer
ton          tough        training
tone         toughen      trains
tongue       toughest     traitor
tonic        toughness    tramp
tonight      tour         trample
tons         tourist      transact
tonsils      tournament   transaction
too          tow          transcribe
took         toward       transfer
tool         towards      transferred
toolbox      towel        transferring
tools        towels       transform
toot         tower        transformation
tooth        towing       transformed
toothache    town         transfusion
toothbrush   towrope      transgression
toothless    toxic        transgressor
toothpaste   toy          transistor
top          toys         transit
topic        trace        transition
topple       traceable    translate
tops         traced       translated
top-secret   tracer       translation
topsoil      tracing      transmissible
torch        track        transmission
tore         tracks       transmit
torn         tract        transmitter
tornado      traction     transmitting
tornadoes    tractor      transparent
torpedo      trade        transplant
transport        tribes         truck
transportable    tribulation    trucks
transportation   tributary      trudge
transporting     tribute        True
trap             trick          truly
trapeze          tricked        trump
trapped          trickiest      trumpet
trapper          tricky         trunk
trapping         tricolor       trust
traps            tricycle       trusting
trash            tried          trustworthy
travel           tries          truth
travel agent     trifle         truthful
traveled         trifles        truthfully
traveler         trifling       try
traveling        trim           trying
travelogue       trimmed        tryout
tray             trimming       T-shirt
trays            trinket        tsp.
tread            trio           tsunami
treason          trios          tub
treasure         trip           tuba
treasurer        triple         tube
treasury         tripod         tubes
treat            tripped        tubful
treated          trips          tubs
treaties         trisect        Tues.
treatment        triumph        Tuesday
treaty           trivial        tuft
tree             troll          tug
trees            troop          tuition
treetop          troops         tulip
treight          trophies       tumble
trellis          trophy         tummy
tremble          tropics        tuna
trembled         trot           tundra
tremendous       trotting       tune
tremor           trouble        tune
trench           troublemaker   tunes
trend            troubles       tunes
trespass         troublesome    Tunisia
trial            troubling      tunnel
trials           troupe         turbulence
triangle         trousers       turf
tribal           trout          Turkey
tribe            truce          turkey
turkeys        uglier             undercover
turn           ugly               underground
turned         Ukraine            underline
turning        ultimate           underneath
turnpike       umbrella           underrate
turns          umpire             understand
turquoise      umpires'           understanding
turtle         unable             understood
tussle         unaffected         undertake
tutor          unanimous          undertaking
TV             unanswered         underwater
tweed          unappreciative     undeserving
tweet          unapproved         undesirable
twelve         unaware            undiscovered
twenties       unbeaten           undivided
twenty         unbelief           undone
twenty-eight   unbelievable       undoubtedly
twenty-five    unbreakable        undrinkable
twenty-ninth   unbuckle           unearned
twenty-one     unbutton           uneasy
twenty-seven   uncertain          unending
twenty-two     uncertainty        unenlightened
twice          unchanging         unequal
twilight       uncivilly          unequally
twin           unclaimed          uneven
twine          uncle              unexpected
twinkle        unclean            unexplained
twinkling      unclear            unfair
twins          uncles             unfairly
twirl          uncle's            unfairness
twist          uncles'            unfilling
twister        uncommon           unfit
twitch         unconcerned        unfixed
two            unconfirmed        unfold
tycoon         unconscious        unfolding
tying          unconstitutional   unforgettable
type           uncontrollable     unfortunate
type           uncooked           unfortunately
typeface       uncover            unfurnished
typewriter     uncovered          ungrateful
typewriters    undaunted          unhappiness
typical        undeclared         unhappy
typist         undefeated         unhealthy
typo           undefined          unholy
tyrant         undeniable         unhurried
Uganda         under              unhurt
unicorn                unmade           unruly
unicycle               unmask           unsafe
unification            unmistakable     unsatisfactory
unified                unmoved          unsatisfied
uniform                unnatural        unscrew
uniformity             unnecessary      unselfish
unify                  unneeded         unsettle
unimaginable           unnerve          unshaken
unimportant            unnerved         unskilled
uninformed             unnoticed        unsnapped
unintended             unopposed        unsold
uninteresting          unpack           unsound
union                  unpacked         unsoundness
unions                 unpacking        unspoken
unique                 unpaid           unstable
unison                 unpainted        unstoppable
unit                   unpin            unstuck
unite                  unplanned        unsturdy
united                 unpleasant       unsuccessful
United Arab Emirates   unpleasing       unsure
United States          unplug           unsurpassed
United States of       unprecedented    unthinkable
America                unprepared       unthinking
units                  unpreserved      untidy
unity                  unprotected      untie
universal              unproven         until
universe               unquestionable   untimely
university             unquotable       untrue
unjust                 unravel          untrusting
unjustifiable          unreachable      untwist
unkind                 unreadable       untyped
unkindest              unreal           unusable
unkindness             unrecorded       unused
unknown                unrecoverable    unusual
unlawful               unrecovered      unusually
unless                 unrefined        unvaried
unlikable              unreformed       unveil
unlike                 unrefreshing     unwashable
unlikeliness           unrelated        unwilling
unlikely               unreliable       unwise
unlimited              unreported       unworkable
unload                 unreserved       unwrap
unlock                 unresolvable     unzip
unlocking              unresolved       up
unloving               unrevised        uphill
unlucky                unripened        uphold
upon          vacation          vat
upper         vaccination       vault
upright       vacuous           vegetable
uproar        vacuum            vegetables
upset         vague             vehicle
upsetting     vain              veil
upstairs      valentine         vein
up-to-date    Valentine's Day   velocity
uptown        valiant           velvet
upward        valid             Venezuela
Uranus        valley            venom
urban         valleys           vent
urge          valor             ventilation
urgency       valuable          venture
urgent        valuation         ventured
urgently      value             Venus
urn           value             verb
Uruguay       valued            verbal
us            valued            verbally
usable        valueless         verbs
usage         valuing           verdict
use           valuing           verification
use           valve             verified
used          valves            verify
useful        van               Vermont
usefully      vandal            versatile
useless       vane              versatility
uselessly     vanilla           verse
uselessness   vanish            verses
uses          vanity            version
uses          vans              vertical
using         vapor             very
usuable       vaporize          vessel
usual         variable          vet
usually       variance          Veterans Day
Utah          varied            veterinarian
utensil       varies            vetoes
utensils      variety           viaduct
utility       various           vice
utilize       variously         vicinity
utter         varnish           vicious
utterly       vary              viciousness
vacancies     varying           victim
vacancy       vase              victor
vacant        vast              victories
vacate        vastness          victorious
victory      visual       waist
video        vital        wait
video        vitality     waited
videos       vitamin      waiter
videos       vitamins     waiting
videotape    vivacious    waitress
videotape    vivid        wake
videotapes   vocabulary   wakening
videotapes   vocal        Wales
Vietnam      vocalist     walk
view         voice        walked
view         voices       walker
views        void         walking
views        volcanic     wall
vigor        volcano      wallet
vigorous     volcanoes    wallow
village      volleyball   wallpapered
villain      voltage      walls
villainous   volume       walnut
vine         volume       walrus
vines        volumes      waltz
violence     voluntary    waltz
violent      volunteer    waltzes
violently    volunteers   waltzes
violet       vote         wander
violin       voted        wandered
violinist    voter        wandering
Virginia     voting       want
virtual      voucher      wanted
virtue       vow          wanting
virtuous     vowel        wants
virus        voyage       war
vise         voyager      warbler
visibility   vulgar       ware
visible      W.           warehouse
visibly      wade         wares
vision       wafers       warfare
visit        waffle       warm
visitation   wag          warmed
visited      wage         warmer
visiting     wager        warmest
visitor      wages        warmth
visitors     wagged       warned
visits       wagging      warning
visor        wagon        warrant
visors       wail         warrior
warriors                weaken       well-known
was                     weaker       wells
wash                    weakest      went
washable                weakly       were
washed                  weakness     we're
washer                  weaknesses   weren't
washes                  wealth       west
washing                 wealthy      West Virginia
Washington              weapon       western
Washington's Birthday   wear         wet
wasn't                  wearing      wetter
wasp                    wears        wettest
wasps                   weary        we've
waste                   weather      whack
wastebasket             weave        whale
wasteful                weaving      wharf
wasting                 web          wharves
watch                   wed          what
watch                   we'd         whatever
watchdog                we'd         what'll
watched                 Wed.         what's
watches                 wedding      wheat
watches                 wedge        wheel
watches'                Wednesday    wheelchair
watchful                wee          wheels
watching                weed         whelp
watchman                weeds        when
water                   week         whenever
water                   weekend      where
watercolors             weekly       whereabouts
watered                 weeks        whereas
waterfall               weep         where'd
watering                weigh        where'd
watermelon              weighed      where's
waterproof              weight       where's
wave                    weighted     wherever
wave                    weightless   whether
waving                  weird        which
wavy                    weirder      whiff
wax                     weirdest     while
wax                     welcome      whimper
waxes                   welfare      whine
waxes                   well         whip
way                     well         whip
we                      we'll        whiplash
weak                    we'll        whipped
whir           widower       wisely
whirl          width         wiser
whirlpool      wield         wisest
whirring       wife          wish
whisker        wife's        wish
whiskers       wig           wishbone
whisper        wiggle        wished
whisper        wiggly        wishes
whispered      wild          wishes
whispers       wildcat       wishful
whispers       wilderness    wishing
whistle        wildflower    wisp
whistling      wildlife      wistfully
white          will          wit
whiter         willingness   witch
whitest        willow        with
whitewash      willpower     withdraw
whittle        wily          withdrawal
who            win           withdrawn
who'd          wind          withdrew
who'd          wind          wither
whoever        windbreak     within
whole          windier       without
wholehearted   windmill      witness
wholesale      window        witnesses
wholesome      windows       wittier
who'll         winds         wittiest
who'll         winds         witty
wholly         windy         wives
whom           wine          wives'
whomever       wing          wk.
whoop          wings         woke
who's          wink          wolf
who's          winner        wolves
whose          winners       woman
whosoever      winning       woman's
why            winter        women
wick           wipe          women's
wicked         wiped         won
wickedness     wire          wonder
wide           wired         wondered
widely         wires         wonderful
wideness       wiry          wonderfully
wider          Wisconsin     wondering
widest         wisdom        wondrous
widow          wise          won't
wood          wound          yards
woodchuck     wounded        yardstick
wooden        wow            yarn
woodland      wrap           yawn
woodpecker    wrapped        yawned
woods         wrapper        yawns
woodwork      wrapping       yd.
wool          wraps          yea
woolen        wrath          yeah
word          wreath         year
words         wreck          yearbook
wore          wreckage       yearly
work          wrecked        yearn
workable      wrecker        years
workbook      wren           yeast
worked        wrench         yell
worker        wrestle        yelling
working       wrestling      yellow
workman       wretched       Yemen
workmanship   wriggle        yes
works         wring          yesterday
works         wrinkle        yet
world         wrist          yield
worldliness   wristwatch     yip
worldly       wristwatches   yodel
worm          writ           yogurt
worn          write          yoke
worried       writer         yolk
worrier       writers        you
worries       writes         you'd
worries       writing        you'd
worrisome     written        you'll
worry         wrong          you'll
worrying      wrongly        young
worse         wrote          younger
worship       wryly          youngest
worst         wt.            youngster
worth         Wyoming        your
worthiness    xylophone      you're
worthless     yacht          yours
worthwhile    yam            yourself
worthy        yank           yourselves
would         yard           youth
wouldn't      yard           youthful
would've      yardage        youthfulness
wound         yards          you've

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