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									      Introduction to AlcoholEdu
As part of a high risk drinking prevention initiative, new in
Fall 2009, Michigan Tech requires every first-year student
    and transfer student with fewer than 30 credits to
complete AlcoholEdu for College prior to the beginning of
 fall semester. Included with the AlcoholEdu education
               program is SexualAssaultEdu.

  This initiative is partially funded by a Department of
Education grant and is sponsored in partnership between
  Counseling and Wellness Services and the Center for
 Orientation, Mentoring, Parents, and Academic Student
                     Success (COMPASS).
                   Introduction to AlcoholEdu
AlcoholEdu for College is designed to be given to an entire
population of students, such as an entering first-year class. It
is intended to:
•Motivate behavior change
•Reset unrealistic expectations about the effects of alcohol
•Link choices about drinking to academic and personal
•Help students practice safer decision-making
•Engage students to create a healthier campus community

SexualAssaultEdu focuses on educating students about
relationships and decision making.”
August 3, 2009,
           Introduction to AlcoholEdu
The interactive online program includes:
    •Introduction modules                   •Quizzes
    •Information pages                      •Video segments
    •Animation segments                     •A final quiz
    •Interactive areas                      •Goal development
    •Michigan Tech resources

The program can be completed in one sitting or accessed multiple times until
the all modules are completed the final quiz passed.

AlcoholEdu is comprised of two parts:
• Part 1 is completed prior to arrival on campus and a grade of 75% or higher is
required on the final quiz.
• Part 2 is designed to be completed after the student has arrived and been on
campus for a few weeks. A reminder to complete Part 2 is sent to the student 45
days after they complete Part 1. Completion of Part 2 is not required but is
Example Module Introduction
Example Video
Example Information Page
Michigan Tech Resources
         Introduction to AlcoholEdu
• Students can continue to log into the program to review
  information and utilize the interactive tools throughout the year.
• Faculty and staff are asked to be aware of this program and
  encourage students to continue to use it.
• Students log in at If
  they have lost their password they can click on the Other
  Problems Logging In? button on the log in screen.
• Anyone that would like to log in and explore the Michigan Tech
  AlcoholEdu program can access it by going to and logging into the
  demo account with the following log in ID:
              AlcoholEdu Timeline
• July 30, 2009          AlcoholEdu Part 1 Available to first-year students

• August 20              Soft deadline for completion of Part 1

• August 30              Part 1 non-completion report run and outreach begins

• September 30           Hard deadline for completion of Part 1

• November 14            45-day mark from September 30

• November 18            Soft deadline for Part 2 completion, Part 2

                         non-completion report run and outreach begins

• November 27            Hard deadline for completion of part 2

 **In Fall 2009 Michigan Tech had a Part 1 hard deadline completion rate of
    98%; the national average according to Outside The Classroom is 80-90%
        Student Quotes
                                                       “It was helpful! I like the part where it
“I liked the interactive surveys, and the              made me set up my own goals and
informative videos. I also thought the format          plans for limiting drinking and being
was easy to follow, and the content was                safe when I am drinking. The part that
presented in a manageable and easy to                  I felt that helped a lot was the section
understand manner.”                                    where different scenarios were
                                                       presented about helping a friend who
"I was surprised at the amount of                      has had too much to drink, and
information that I did not know                        different situations that went along
about alcohol, such as it's effects on                 with them. That particular section
the body and even what a standard                      gave me new ways to help out my
drink size is. As a 26 year old                        friends, and I plan on using the tips and
individual it really put into                          suggestions that they gave."
perspective the severity of actions
that I can potentially take when
consuming alcohol at a legal age.               "I thought that the information that was provided
Taking this program helped me to                about alcohol and drinking was really
understand better what I am putting             interesting. They gave quite a few statistics and
into my system and the resources                data that I never knew before. The quizzes and the
available to help me to come up with            surveys gave me a different perspective about
a plan to better control that intake."          different aspects of alcohol use and abuse.
       For further information:
• Michelle Bangen, Health and Wellness
• Don Williams, Counseling and Wellness
  Services Director,
• Kathrine Russell, Orientation Coordinator,
• Kerri Sleeman, Director of COMPASS,

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