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               Title                    Author                       Annotation                           Media      Call Number       Subject
High School (Grade 9) Arts        SED                                                               Booklet       SED # 1-2-01     Arts
Assessments - Test Sampler
Draft - April 2001
ImaginACTION: Using Drama                          About active learning, nobody hides in the back Book           371.332 KID      Arts
In The Classroom, No Matter                        row. All students are up and moving (not
What You Teach                                     necessarily all at once!), participation,
                                                   demonstrating, thinking on their feet, using their
                                                   imaginations, working together and toward a
Learning Standards for the Arts                                                                       Book        SED # 1-1-96     Arts

Music as a Way of Knowing         Nick Page        Provides strategies to utilize music as a learning Book        780.7 PAG        Arts
                                                   tool even for teachers who are not musicians

Assessing Student Outcomes:       Marzano,         Performance assessment using the Dimensions Book               371.26 MAR       Assessment
Performance Assessment            Pickering,       of Learning model.
Using the Dimensions of           McTighe
Learning Model

Assessing Student                 Grant Wiggins    New systems of assessment that examine           Book          371.2 WIG        Assessment
Performance: Exploring the                         students' habits of mind and provide more
Purpose and Limits of Testing                      useful and credible feedback.

Authentic Assessment: A    Burke                   Expanding a teacher's repertoire of formative    Book          371.26 BUR (2    Assessment
Collection                                         assessment tools.                                              copies)
Classroom Based Assessment                         Provides rubrics, both primary and intermediate, Book          371.3 HIL        Assessment
                                                   explanations for parents and teachers and a
                                                   wealth of authentic assessment ideas.

Educative Assessment              Wiggins, Grant   A rationale for learning-centered assessment in Book           371.26 WIG       Assessment
Designing Assessments to                           our schools and an overview of the tools,
Inform and Improve Student                         techniques, and issues that educators should
Performance                                        consider as they design and use assessments
                                                   focused on learner needs.

Evaluating Professional           Guskey           Explores more effective methods of evaluating    Book          370.7155 GUS     Assessment
Development                                        professional development to demonstrate
                                                   improved student learning

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            Title                    Author                       Annotation                         Media       Call Number      Subject
First Amendment in Schools,     Haynes,                                                         Book         342.73 FIR        Assessment
The                             Chaltain,Ferguso
                                n, Hudson,
Getting Answers to Your         Brenda LeTendre Provides tools, suggestions for time            Book         371.2 LET         Assessment
Questions: A middle-level       & Lipka          management, and selecting solutions that solve
educator's guide to program                      your problem.
Graduation by Exhibition:       McDonald, Smith Strategies for school reform called ,planning    Book        373.73 McD        Assessment
Assessing Genuine               et al           backwards from exhibitions,.
Heart of the Matter: Using      Falk              Offers strategies for using standards and      Book        379.158 FAL       Assessment
Standards and Assessment to                       assessments to support meaningful learning.
Learn, The
How To Prepare Students for     ASCD              Tips include several steps teachers can take to Video      371.2 ASC         Assessment
Standardized Tests                                help students prepare for these tests
How to Raise Test Scores        Fogarty           Lays out 10 different methods that help students Book      371.3 FOG         Assessment
                                                  improve communication and thinking skills and
                                                  attack questions
Learning-Centered: Curriculum NYSED                                                                Book      SED # 4-3-94 (2   Assessment
and Assessment for New York                                                                                  copies)
Linking Teacher Evaluation and Tucker & Stronge Including measures of student achievement in Book            371.14 TUC        Assessment
Student Learning                                teacher evaluations can help schools focus their
                                                efforts to meet higher standards
Looking Together at Student    Blythe           Strategies and resources for teachers working Book           371.27 BLY        Assessment
Work: A Companion Guide to                      together to examine and discuss student work.
Assessing Student Learning
New York State Standards &                                                                       CD          NYSUT # 26-6-02   Assessment
Assessments - Resource Guide

Performance Assessment                            Excerpts on national educational standards.    Book        371.26 PER        Assessment
Sampler: A Workbook
Portfolios: Process and Product Belanoff, Dickson Introduction to portfolio practice and         Book        371.26 BEL        Assessment
                                                  suggestions for implementing a portfolio

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               Title                 Author                         Annotation                               Media      Call Number        Subject
Postcards from the Cutting                                                                           Book            SED # 4-5-XX       Assessment
Edge: Performance
Assessment in Practice,
Facilitator's Guide
Practical Guide to Alternative   Herman,          Guidance on the creation and use of alternative Book               371.27 HER         Assessment
Assessment, A                    Aschbacher,      measures of student achievement.
Standards and Assessments        NYSUT            NYSUT sponsored staff development support          Video           NYSUT # 23-14-01   Assessment
                                                  and programs. (7 min.)
Testing! Testing! What Every     Popham           Excellent primer for teachers on student           Book            371.260973 POP     Assessment
Parent Should Know About                          assessment.
School Tests
ABC's of Bullying Prevention,    Shore, Kenneth   Through the use of the video and the               Video           371.58 SHO         Behavior
The - Administrator & Pupil                       accompanying manual, teachers learn critical
Service Version                                   information on what he/she can do to
                                                  specifically address, reduce and eliminate
                                                  bullying in the schools.
ABC's of Bullying Prevention,    Shore, Kenneth   Through the use of the video and the               Video           371.58 SHO         Behavior
The - Paraprofessionals                           accompanying manual, teachers learn critical
Version                                           information on what he/she can do to
                                                  specifically address, reduce and eliminate
                                                  bullying in the schools.
ABC's of Bullying Prevention,    Shore, Kenneth   Through the use of the video and the               Video           371.58 SHO         Behavior
The - Parents Version                             accompanying manual, teachers learn critical
                                                  information on what he/she can do to
                                                  specifically address, reduce and eliminate
                                                  bullying in the schools.
ABC's of Bullying Prevention,    Shore, Kenneth   Through the use of the video and the               Video           371.58 SHO         Behavior
The - Teacher Version                             accompanying manual, teachers learn critical
                                                  information on what he/she can do to
                                                  specifically address, reduce and eliminate
                                                  bullying in the schools.
ABC's of Bullying Prevention,    Shore, Kenneth   An innovation plan to address bullying             Book            371.58 SHO (4      Behavior
The: A Comprehensive                              prevention across all constituencies who play a                    copies)
Schoolwide Approach                               role in a school community. Each stakeholer
                                                  group learns critical information on what he/she
                                                  can do to specifically address, reduce &
                                                  eliminate bullying in our schools.

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              Title                   Author                          Annotation                                  Media       Call Number        Subject
Bullies and Victims              Fried & Fried     Concrete advice with interventions to educators        Book            371.58 FRI          Behavior
                                                   and parents to deal with bullying and
Bully Free Classroom, The        Beane, Allan      Communicate a zero-tolerance policy for                Book            371.1024 BEA        Behavior
                                                   bullying, and identify current or potential bullies-
                                                   and turn them around.
Classroom Management &           Wolfe             Classroom Management: a proactive approach             Manual and 4    371.5 WOL VC        Behavior
Catch Them at Being Good                           to creating an effective learning environment.         Videotapes
                                                   Catch Them Being Good: reinforcement in the
Classroom Management For                                                                                  Video           371.102 CAN         Behavior
New Teachers
Classroom Management That        Marzano                                                                  Book            371.102 MAR         Behavior
Works - Research-Based
Strategies for Every Teacher

Classroom Management That        Marzano, Robert Tape 2 explores the teacher-student              Video               371.1024 MAR            Behavior
Works: Developing                J.              relationship, the importance of teachers' mental
Relationships                                    set and maintaining a healthy professional
                                                 perspective, and the value of support from
                                                 school administrators.
Classroom Management That        Marzano, Robert                                                  Facilitator's Guide 371.1024 MAR            Behavior
Works: Facilitator's Guide       J.

Classroom Management That Marzano, Robert Tape 3 describes ways teachers can foster this Video                            371.1024 MAR        Behavior
Works: Fostering Student Self- J.         skill and shows how teachers can help students
Management                                use strategies for self-management and control.

Classroom Management That        Marzano, Robert Tape 1 shows how teachers get off to a good              Video           371.1024 MAR        Behavior
Works: Sharing Rules and         J.              start with a new class by establishing rules and
Procedures                                       procedures involving students in setting these
                                                 expectations for behavior.
Dealing With Discipline          Quality         Shows how basic concepts of reality therapy              Videos (3)      371.5 QEM (Video)   Behavior
Problems: 1. Cutting Class, 2.   Educational     can be applied to solve discipline problems in
Not Working & 3. Cheating        Media           school. Illustrative situations are shown with
                                                 staff and pupils from Los Angeles city schools.

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               Title                    Author                         Annotation                             Media          Call Number       Subject
Discipline Strategies (For the     Carol Fuery      Practical strategies you can use in your          Book               371.5 ROU (2       Behavior
Bored, Belligerent and Ballistic                    classroom now.                                                       copies)
in you Classroom)
Discipline with Dignity            Curwin & Mendler Audiocassette seminar with guidelines and       Audio Cassettes & 649 CUR               Behavior
                                                    model of techniques to effectively enhance your Handbook
                                                    discipline program.
Driven to Distraction:             Hallowell        Resource on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)    Book              616.85 HAL            Behavior
Recognizing and Coping with                         describing education, family perspectives,
Attention Deficit Disorder from                     diagnosis and treatment
Childhood through Adulthood

Effective Classroom                ASCD             Shows an elementary teacher beginning the first   Video              372.068 ASC        Behavior
Management                                          day of school (30 min.)
Esteem Builders                    Michele Borba    Curriculum for improving student achievement,     Book               371.8 BOR (2       Behavior
                                                    behavior and school climate.                                         copies)
Helping Disruptive and             Gossen           Foundations for developing self-control and       2 Videos_          371.9 HEL          Behavior
Unresponsive Students                               helping students solve their problems             Audiotape_ Guide

How to Change a Rotten          Loehrer             How to challenge and then change student          Book               370.114 LOE        Behavior
Attitude: A Manual for Building                     attitudes utilizing Virtue Assessment
Virtue and Character in Middle                      Questionnaire
and High School Students

Lost Boys: Why Our Sons Turn Garbarino              Understanding youth violence and identifying      Book               303.608 GAR        Behavior
Violent and How We Can Save                         children at risk.
Making Your Classroom Work Carol Ross               Practical strategies and handy tips for dealing   Book               372.1102 ROS       Behavior
                                                    with an array of day-to-day classroom
Managing Oppositional Youth        Robin & Weiss    Effective, practical strategies for parents and   Video              649.64 MAN (Video) Behavior
Managing Today's Classroom:        ASCD             How to create environment that fosters respect,   Video & Guide      373.1102 ASC       Behavior
Secondary School                                    self-regulation, and sense of community and
                                                    solve student problems
Motivating Today's Learner                          New Teacher Induction Program. Engage all         Video              372.19 CAN (Video) Behavior
                                                    learners - anticipatory sets.

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              Title                   Author                           Annotation                           Media       Call Number      Subject
Preventing and Solving            Boynton           A wide variety of prevention strategies that any Book           371.102 BOY       Behavior
Discipline Problems: The                            teacher can use, and learn the most appropriate
Educator's Guide                                    reactions to student misbehavior as well as
                                                    specific strategies for handling oppositional
                                                    defiant disorder, and anger management issue
                                                    in students.
Punished by Rewards               Alfie Kohn        The trouble with gold stars, incentive plans, A's, Book         153.8 KOH         Behavior
                                                    praise, and other bribes.
Rules in School: Strategies for   Brady, Forton,    Learn an approach for helping students become Book              371.1024 BRA      Behavior
Teachers Series                   Porter & Wood     invested in creating and living by classroom
                                                    rules. K-8 teachers in a wide range of settings
                                                    have used this approach to establish calm, safe
                                                    learning environments & teach children self-

Student Discipline Strategies:    Moles                                                                Book         371.1024 MOL (2   Behavior
Research and Practice                                                                                               copies)
Students at Risk: Solutions to    Duquette          Discusses observation and creation of unique       Book         371.9046          Behavior
Classroom Challenges                                action plans
Succeeding With Difficult                           New Teacher Induction Program. Establishing        Video        371.1024 CAN      Behavior
Students                                            positive relationships with difficult students.

Tough Kid Book: Practical         Rhode, Jenson & What does a tough kid look like? Unique            Book           371.1024 RHO      Behavior
Classroom Management              Reavis          positive procedures. Practical reductive
Strategies, The                                   techniques for the classroom. Advanced
                                                  systems for tough kids.
Tough Kid Tool Box, The           Jenson, Rhode & Companion to The Tough Kid Book: Provides          Book           371.1024 JEN      Behavior
                                  Reavis          teachers at all grade levels with straightforward,
                                                  classroom tested, ready to use materials for
                                                  managing and motivating tough-to-teach
Violence in the Schools           NSBA            Why school boards are concerned about school Book                 371.58 NAT        Behavior
                                                  violence and what they are doing about it.

What To Do With The Kid         Burke               More than 200 specific teaching strategies to      Book         371.102 BUR       Behavior
Who…Developing Cooperation,                         help students regulate their own behavior,
Self-Discipline, and                                resolve their own conflicts, and celebrate their
Responsibility in the Classroom                     own learning.

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             Title                 Author                            Annotation                         Media       Call Number      Subject
Winning Strategies for          Cummings          Seeking self-discipline, bonding and connecting, Book         371.1024 CUM      Behavior
Classroom Management                              time and space matters. Learning to learn,
                                                  integrating self-management into the
                                                  curriculum, preventing misbehavior.

You Have To Go To School,       Rosenblum-        Insights into developing that all-important         Book/CD   371.102 ROS       Behavior
You're The Teacher! 250         Lowden            rapport with students in managing everyday
Classroom Management                              school problems. With dignity, wit and insight
Strategies to Make Your Job                       born of experience the book offers educators
Easier and More Fun                               common sense tips and innovative,
                                                  unconventional techniques that work.

A Celebration of Neurons: An Sylwester          More than an introduction to the brain. It is an   Book         612.8 SYL         Brains
Educator's Guide to the Human                   urgent call for educators to become actively
Brain                                           involved in discovering useful applications for
                                                brain theory and research in the schools.
Brain Compatible Learning for   Williams & Dunn Practical ideas and strategies for teaching in the Book         371.242 WIL       Brains
the Block                                       block supported by recent brain-compatible
                                                learning research.
Brain Matters: Translating      Wolfe           Implications of brain research on learning with Book            370.1523 WOL      Brains
Research into Classroom                         applications to classroom instruction.
Dominance Factor: How           Hannaford         Identifying a students' learning profile can help   Book      153.1 HAN         Brains
Knowing Your Dominant Eye,                        you determine the learning method that suits a
Ear, Brain, Hand & Foot Can                       student best to perform at one's highest level.
Improve Your Learning, The
Endangered Minds: Why           Healy             Today's children, bombarded by a fast-paced         Book      155.4 HEA         Brains
Children Don't Think and What                     media culture, develop different "habits of
We Can Do About It                                mind". Proving that the basic intelligence of
                                                  children in not at issue, Healy shows how
                                                  parents & teachers can make a critical
                                                  difference by making them good learners.

Learning Gym, The               Erich Ballinger   Brain Gym Learning Styles                           Book      428.42 BAL        Brains
Making Connections: Teaching Caine & Caine        Focuses on information from the                     Book      370.1523 CAI      Brains
and the Human Brain                               neuroscience's.

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             Title                    Author                         Annotation                            Media       Call Number          Subject
Mindmapping - Your Personal      Joyce Wycoff      Techniques for creative problem solving,        Book            153.4 WYC            Brains
Guide to Exploring Creativity                      brainstorming, improving memory and
and Problem-Solving                                concentrating and better organizing.

Shouting Won't Grow Dendrites: Tate                With appropriate planning, a classroom          Book            371.102 TAT          Brains
20 Techniques for Managing a                       manager can reduce learning problems &
Brain-Compatible Classroom                         increase academic achievement. Strategies
                                                   cover the use of lighting, music, humor,
                                                   constructive conversations, movement, etc. to
                                                   actively engage students in a positive way.

Sizzle & Substance: Presenting Jensen              Ways to develop planning tools and success      Book            153.1 JEN            Brains
With the Brain in Mind                             strategies for presentation.

Successful Applications of Brain- Jensen           What we know about the brain and what we can Video              153.153              Brains
Based Learning (2 Video                            implement immediately in the classroom to
Tapes)                                             enhance learning.
Use Both Sides of Your Brain      Tony Buzan       Provides step-by-step exercises for discovering Book            371.30281 BUZ        Brains
                                                   the powers of the right side of the brain and
                                                   using left side more effectively
Advancing Education Through      Archie            How schools across the nation are using the     CD              363.707 ARC          Character
Environmental Literacy                             environment to boost academic performance,                                           Education
                                                   increase student motivation and enhance
                                                   environmental literacy.
Advancing Education Through      Archie                                                            Pamphlet & CD   363.7 ARC            Character
Environmental Literacy                                                                                                                  Education

Eleven Principles of Effective   Lickona & Lewis                                                   Video           370.11 LIC (Video)   Character
Character Education                                                                                                                     Education
Lickona on Character             Lickona           Strategies to utilize curriculum content as a   Video           371.3 LIC (Video #3) Character
Education: Character and                           powerful approach to teaching morals and                                             Education
Curriculum                                         virtues. (30 min.)
Lickona on Character             Lickona           Using rules and consequences like "Time Out" Video              371.3 LIC (Video #2) Character
Education: Character and                           to develop moral reasoning and self-control (30                                      Education
Discipline                                         min.)
Lickona on Character             Lickona           A trusting relationship and encouraging         Video           371.3 LIC (Video #1) Character
Education: Character and                           appropriate behavior through modeling and                                            Education
Relationships                                      mentoring are the key first steps. ( 30 min.)

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             Title                  Author                        Annotation                          Media       Call Number         Subject
Lickona on Character           Lickona          Examines school wide approaches at              Video         371.3 LIC (Video #4) Character
Education: Character and                        elementary, middle and secondary levels to help                                    Education
School wide Strategies                          students extend a caring attitude. (30 min.)

Teaching Character……In The     Broome, Henley   This book offers busy middle-grade teachers     Book          370.11 BRO          Character
Middle Grades                  & Mordaszewski   540 character-based daily lessons that focus on                                   Education
                                                important traits such as honesty, fairness,
                                                kindness and responsibility.

What Do You Stand For? For     Lewis            What's character, and why do people need it? --       Book    170.83 LEW          Character
Kids: A Guide to Building                       Getting to know you -- Caring -- Citizenship --                                   Education
Character                                       Cooperation -- Fairness -- Forgiveness --
                                                Honesty -- Relationships -- Respect --
                                                Responsibility -- Safety
A Multiage Classroom: Choice   Miletta          Multiage classroom: a place where learning is         book    371.2 MIL           Classroom
& Possibility                                   valued, where students can choose what they                                       Strategies
                                                want and need to study.
A Portfolio Primer             Hewitt, Geof     Using portfolio to demonstrate progress and           Book    808.042 HEW         Classroom
                                                accomplishment across the curriculum.                                             Strategies
A Teacher's Guide to Creating Kimeldorf         Guide for a series of exercises that result in a      Book    371.261 KIM         Classroom
Portfolios                                      student finished, focused portfolio                                               Strategies
Activating the DESIRE to Learn Sullo            The research is indisputable: Students are less       Book    370.15 SUL          Classroom
                                                disruptive and do better academically in schools                                  Strategies
                                                that cultivate the internal motivation of students.

Active Learning: 101 Strategies Silberman       Comprehensive collection of active learning           Book    370.1523 SIL        Classroom
to Teach Any Subject                            techniques.                                                                       Strategies

Art and Science of Teaching,   Marzano          For classroom lessons to be truly effective,    Book          371.102 MAR         Classroom
The: A Comprehensive                            educators must examine every component of                                         Strategies
Framework for Effective                         the teaching process w/equal resolve. W/charts,
Instruction                                     rubrics & organizers this methodical, user
                                                friendly guide will help teachers examine &
                                                develop their knowledge & skills.

Art of Classroom Inquiry: A    Hubbard & Power How to carefully and systematically pursue your Book           370.78 HUB          Classroom
Handbook for Teacher-                          wonderings about practice through research                                         Strategies
Researchers, The

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               Title                    Author                        Annotation                          Media       Call Number         Subject
Awakening Your Child's Natural   Armstrong,       Parents' guide to enhancing curiosity, creativity, Book         649.68              Classroom
Genius                           Thomas           and learning ability in their child.                                                Strategies
Big Picture - Education is       Littky                                                              Book         370 LIT             Classroom
Everyone's Business, The                                                                                                              Strategies
Checking for Understanding:      Fisher, Frey     "The authors offer a rich array of pratical &       Book        371.27 FIS          Classroom
Formative Assessment                              proven methods for diagnosing students' prior                                       Strategies
Techniques for Your Classroom                     knowledge & preconceptions before instructino
                                                  comences & for regularlar monitoring their
                                                  learning along the way. A wide variety of
                                                  examples & classroom vignettes

Classroom Instruction That       Marzano,         Statistical "effect sizes" translated into percentile Book      371.102 MAR         Classroom
Works: Research-Based            Pickering &      gains for students. Extended Classroom                                              Strategies
Strategies For Increasing        Pollock          examples of teachers/students in action, Models
Student Achievement                               of successful instruction & many
                                                  "frames"/rubrics/organizers/charts to help
                                                  teachers plan/implement the strategies
Classroom of Choice, The         Erwin            Giving Students What They Need and Getting Book                 371.102 ERW         Classroom
                                                  What You Want                                                                       Strategies
Classroom Spaces That Work: Clayton, Forton       Create a phys environment that is organized,          Book      371.6 CLA           Classroom
Strategies for Teachers Series                    welcoming, & well suited to the needs of                                            Strategies
                                                  students & teachers w/this highly practical
                                                  guidebook for K-6 educators. Help in setting up
                                                  phys spaces that are conducive to learning &
                                                  make your best teaching possible

Classroom Teaching: A Primer     Guillaume        Expert advice on discipline and classroom           Book        371.102 GUI         Classroom
for New Professionals                             management, learning strategies, and dealing                                        Strategies
                                                  with student differences.
Developing More Curious Minds                     Practical strategies to spur students' ability and              371.39 BAR          Classroom
                                                  willingness to pose and answer their own                                            Strategies
                                                  questions. Maintaining journals, critical thinking,
                                                  questioning frames and models, etc.

Educating for Understanding:     Seidel, Steve   One of eight professional development videos         Video       370.15 SEI (Video 8) Classroom
Collaborative Assessment                         with a staff development guide.                                                       Strategies
Educating for Understanding:     Gardner, Howard One of eight professional development videos         Video       370.15 GAR (Video Classroom
Minds and Understanding                          with a staff development guide.                                  3)                   Strategies

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              Title                   Author                            Annotation                            Media       Call Number          Subject
Educating for Understanding:     Ritchart, Ron       One of eight professional development videos     Video           370.15 RIT (Video 6) Classroom
The Mindful Classroom                                with a staff development guide.                                                       Strategies
Educating for Understanding:     Boix-Mansilla,      One of eight professional development videos     Video           370.15 BOI (Video 5) Classroom
Understanding in The             Veronica            with a staff development guide.                                                       Strategies
Educating for Understanding: A   Hetland, Lois       A Guide to the Video Series                      Guide           370.15 HET           Classroom
Guide to the Video Series                                                                                                                  Strategies
Educating for Understanding:     Blythe, Tina        One of eight professional development videos     Video           370.15 BLY (Video 1) Classroom
Experiencing Understanding                           with a staff development guide.                                                       Strategies
Educating for Understanding:     Goodrich            One of eight professional development videos     Video           370.15 GOO (Video Classroom
Rubrics for Thinking and         Andrade, Heidi      with a staff development guide.                                  7)                   Strategies
Educating for Understanding:     Hetland, Lois, et   One of eight professional development videos     Video           370.15 HET (Video   Classroom
The Teaching for                 al                  with a staff development guide.                                  4)                  Strategies
Understanding Framework
Educating for Understanding:     Perkins, David      One of eight professional development videos      Video          370.15 PER (Video   Classroom
Unmasking Understanding                              with a staff development guide.                                  2)                  Strategies
Education on the Edge of         ASCD                Discusses incorporation of traditional and brain- Book           370.973.CAI         Classroom
Possibilities                                        based approaches to instruction                                                      Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                              Suggests the ideal amount and what are the        Videotape      371.1 EXE Vol.5     Classroom
Assigning Effective Homework                         most effective formats.                                                              Strategies

Excellence in Teaching:                              Insights and simple tips for teachers under      Videotape       371.1 EXE Vol. 9    Classroom
Avoiding Burnout                                     pressure.                                                                            Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                              Strategies for turning parents into supporters   Videotape       371.1 EXE Vol.6     Classroom
Constructive Parent                                  rather than adversaries.                                                             Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                              How to use cooperative learning in the          Videotape        371.1 EXE Vol.2     Classroom
Cooperative Learning                                 classroom to empower students.                                                       Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                              Innovative ways to make learning come alive for Videotape        371.1 EXE Vol. 1    Classroom
Creative Teaching Methods                            students and improve retention.                                                      Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                              Ideas for projects that involve computers and   Videotape        371.1 EXE Vol.4     Classroom
Integrating Computers in the                         the internet.                                                                        Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                              Tips for minimizing social talking, keeping       Videotape      371.1 EXE Vol. 7    Classroom
Keeping Control of the Class                         students' attention, and maintaining a productive                                    Strategies

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              Title                 Author                           Annotation                              Media       Call Number         Subject
Excellence in Teaching:                          Strategies for creating perfect plans to facilitate   Videotape     371.1 EXE Vol.3     Classroom
Lesson Planning                                  outcome-based learning and reach teaching                                               Strategies
Excellence in Teaching:                          Positive techniques for helping students resolve      Videotape     371.1 EXE Vol. 8    Classroom
Managing Student Conflict                        interpersonal conflicts without hostility or                                            Strategies
Excellence in Teaching: The                      Highlights all the reasons the field of education     Videotape     371.1 EXE Vol. 10   Classroom
Beauty of Teaching                               is so important and fulfilling.                                                         Strategies
Getting To "Got It!" Helping  Garner             The author focuses on why students struggle &         Book          370.15 GAR          Classroom
Struggling Students Learn How                    what teachers can do to help them become self-                                          Strategies
to Learn                                         directed learners. Difficultly reading,
                                                 remembering, paying attention or following
                                                 directions are not the reasons students fail but
                                                 symptoms of the true problem.

How to Conduct Successful      ASCD           Tool to help teacher lead discussions that help          Video         371.102 ASC         Classroom
Socratic Seminars                             high school students understand readings in                                                Strategies
                                              every subject
How To Grade For Learning     O'Connor, Ken   Eight practical guidelines, for grading practices        Book          371.27 OCO          Classroom
                                              that reflect student achievement and encourage                                             Strategies
                                              academic success.
How To Improve Your           ASCD            Videotape reviews types and techniques of                Video         371.37 ASC          Classroom
Questioning Techniques                        questioning to improve student learning (15                                                Strategies
How to Meet Standards,        Benson, Barbara Teaching how to effectively build a context for          Book          371.102 BEN         Classroom
Motivate Students, and Still  P.              learning and how to provide classroom                                                      Strategies
Enjoy Teaching!                               instruction and assessments that are successful
                                              with virtually all students.
How to Start the School Year  ASCD            Identifies steps to launch new school year               Video         371.1021 ASC        Classroom
Right                                         successfully                                                                               Strategies
How To Teach Study Skills     ASCD            Topics include managing materials and time,              Video         371.3 ASC           Classroom
                                              note taking and preparing for and taking tests.                                            Strategies
                                              (15 min.)
How to Use Graphic Organizers ASCD            Examines different types of graphic organizers           Video         370.15 ASC          Classroom
to Promote Student Thinking                   and how to use them effectively                                                            Strategies

How You Can Be A Super         Won, Harry K. Dr. Discuss all aspects of teaching including             Four Audio    371.02 WON          Classroom
Successful Teacher                               discipline, classroom management and                  Cassettes                         Strategies

                                                                           Page 12
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                Author                            Annotation                       Media       Call Number        Subject
I Choose to Care               Wong              Dr. Wong's presentation emphasizing teachers' Video         370.154 WON        Classroom
                                                 skills and body of knowledge making a                       (Video)            Strategies
                                                 difference in student learning. (60 min.)

Improving Student Learning     Pollock           The author shows how making the right            Book       371.102 POL        Classroom
One Teacher at a Time                            adjustments in four critical area of practice-                                 Strategies
                                                 curriculum, instructional planning & delivery,
                                                 assessment, & record keeping/reporting can
                                                 help any teacher improve student learning
In There with the Kids, 2nd   Kobrin, David      Crafting lessons that connect with students      Book       371.102 KOB        Classroom
Edition                                                                                                                         Strategies
Inspiring Active Learning: A  Harmin             Inspiring active learning: a handbook for        Book       371.02 HAR         Classroom
Handbook for Teachers                            teachers                                                                       Strategies
Just Think: Problem Solving                                                                       Book       SED # 15-1-97 (2   Classroom
Through Inquiry, K-8 (CD-ROM)                                                                                copies))           Strategies

Learn & Live                   The George      Kit contains book & video                          Kit        371.33 LEA (Kit)   Classroom
                               Lucas Education                                                                                  Strategies

Learning Structures: Modules   Payne             Learning structures that work with students of  Book        370.152 PAY (2     Classroom
10-16 Workbook                                   poverty. Companion book: A Framework for                    copies)            Strategies
                                                 Understanding Poverty.
Learning Through Academic       Denton           A powerful tool for increasing students'        Book        370.15 DEN         Classroom
Choice: Strategies for Teachers                  motivation & academic skills & bldg community                                  Strategies
Series                                           in the classroom. When students make choices
                                                 in their learning, they are more likely to work
                                                 independently, w/excitement, curiosity, & to
                                                 share their learning w/others.

Managing DIVERSE               Rothstein-Fisch & Both the research foundation & the practical      Book      371.102 ROT        Classroom
Classrooms: How To Build on    Trumbull          perspectives of seasoned teachers who                                          Strategies
Students' Cultural Strengths                     classroom-tested approaches have produced
                                                 positive results.Readers will have the
                                                 insights/strategies they need to turn educational
                                                 challenges into educational opportunities

                                                                          Page 13
                                                                    Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                    Author                        Annotation                                    Media       Call Number       Subject
Mindful School, The: The          Kay Burke, Robin Explores purposes and types of portfolios as             Book           371.26 BUR        Classroom
Portfolio Connection              Fogarty and      well as how to implement them into the                                                    Strategies
                                  Susan Belgrad    classroom.

Morning Meeting Book, The         Kriete, Roxann        A comprehensive and user-friendly guidebook,        Book           372.19 KRI        Classroom
                                                        shows K-8 educators how they can implement                                           Strategies
                                                        Morning Meeting in their own classrooms.

Multiage Classroom, The: A        Robin Fogarty         A comprehensive look at the issues and              Book           371.2 FOG         Classroom
Collection                                              concerns surrounding multiage classrooms.                                            Strategies
New York State Academy for        Oswego Northern                                                           CD             SED # 12-3-01     Classroom
Teaching and Learning             Catskills BOCES                                                                                            Strategies

Portfolio Approach to             Grady                 Analyzes the shortcomings of standardized           Pamphlet       370.1 GRA (2      Classroom
Assessment                                              testing and an alternative approach.                               copies)           Strategies
Portfolio as a Learning Strategy, Porter, Carol et al   In depth look at the curricular and instructional   Book           371.3 POR         Classroom
The                                                     framework of a student-centered classroom.                                           Strategies

Portfolio Assessment: Getting     DeFina                Understanding the rationale behind portfolio                       371.26 DEF        Classroom
Started                                                 assessment.                                                                          Strategies
Portfolio Assessment: An          Meg Keller-           Portfolio assessment process that can be used       Book           371.26 KEL (2     Classroom
Implementation Guide              Coagn                 in a classroom, school, district                                   copies)           Strategies
Portfolios and Beyond:            Glazer, Brown         A step-by-step guide through alternative            Book           371.27 GLA        Classroom
Collaborative Assessment in                             assessment procedures.                                                               Strategies
Reading and Writing
Portfolios in the Writing         Yancey, Kathleen Portfolios designed locally with periodic review Book                   808.042 YAN       Classroom
Classroom                         Blake            to learn more about students writing and its                                              Strategies
Powerful Lesson Planning          Skowron          Models, planning templates, and sample plans Book                       371.3 SKD         Classroom
Models: The Art of 1000                            are presented in teacher-friendly formats to help                                         Strategies
Decisions                                          your develop planning proficiency.

Promoting Learning Through        Leibowitz             Organizing a study group for turning learning       Kit            370.78 LEI        Classroom
Student Data                                            data into meaningful insight on how to plan                                          Strategies
                                                        better programs and practices
Quality Circles - Discussion      Bellanca              A dynamic 2-hour discussion that will involve       Booklet        371.1 BEL         Classroom
Guide                                                   each participant.                                                                    Strategies

                                                                                  Page 14
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                     Author                          Annotation                        Media               Call Number       Subject
Research-Based Strategies to      Willis            Memory, learning, and test-taking success --     Book                 370.15 WIL        Classroom
Ignite Student Learning                             Strategies to captivate students' attention --                                          Strategies
                                                    How stress and emotion affect learning --
                                                    Assessment that builds dendrites -- Afterward :
                                                    the future is now.
Rethinking Educational Change Hargreaves            Each chapter looks realistically at the          Book                 302.22 HAR        Classroom
with Heart and Mind                                 complexities of change. It confronts some of the                                        Strategies
                                                    most difficult obstacles and offers hope &
                                                    practical guidance for bringing about positive
                                                    educational change that benefits all students.

Student Portfolios: A Collection Robin Fogarty                                                         Book               371.26 FOG        Classroom
of Articles                                                                                                                                 Strategies
Super Teaching: Over 1,000       Jensen             Contains updates in all areas of teaching from Book                   371.3 JEN         Classroom
Practical Teaching Strategies                       discipline to cultural diversity to using music in                                      Strategies
                                                    the classroom, etc.
Taming the Time Stealers:         Gore & Dowd       Hands on guide with practical ideas to organize Book                  371.102 GOR (C.1) Classroom
Tricks of the Trade from                            your time and your memory                                                               Strategies
Organized Teachers
Teaching for Success:             Society for       Support for K-6 educators in creating child-       Book               082.04 SDE        Classroom
Strengthening Child-Centered      Developmental     centered classrooms.                                                                    Strategies
Classrooms                        Education
Teaching in the Creative                            Provides a "virtual visit" to award-winning        Video/Educator's   371.1 RIT         Classroom
Classroom                                           classrooms and the accompanying educator's         Guide                                Strategies
                                                    guide offer tools and guidance to help you apply
                                                    what you see in these classrooms to your own
Terrific Teaching                 100 Great         Strategies that involve inexpensive materials,     Book               371.102 PRA       Classroom
                                  Teachers          social and interpersonal methods and significant                                        Strategies
                                                    hands on experiences.
Using Portfolios in the English   Purves, Jordan,   Developing a portfolio based program in English    Book               808.042 PUR       Classroom
Classroom                         Peltz             that raises standards.                                                                  Strategies
What is it About Me You Can't     Rodriguez         Arms teachers with new knowledge, skills and       Book               370.9173 ROD      Classroom
Teach? An Instructional Guide                       ideas to enhance teaching techniques in spite of                                        Strategies
for the Urban Educator                              intense obstacles
Cooperative Learning &            Andrini           A multi-structural approach to provide a new       Book               510.7 AND         CO- Teaching
Mathematics                                         framework for mathematics instruction.
Cooperative Think Tank II, The    James Bellanca    Twelve graphic organizers with appropriate use     Book               370.15 BEL        CO- Teaching
                                                    to promote thinking and retention.

                                                                             Page 15
                                                                  Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                     Author                            Annotation                          Media       Call Number      Subject
Cooperative Think Tank, The        James Bellanca     Twelve graphic organizers with appropriate use Book            370.15 BEL        CO- Teaching
                                                      to promote thinking and retention.
Power of 2: Making a Difference Friend                In-depth understanding of the potential of co-   Video         371.9046 FRI      CO- Teaching
Through Co-Teaching, The                              teaching as a service delivery system in schools
                                                      with an inclusive school philosophy. Can form a
                                                      solid foundation for development of a new co-
                                                      teaching program or the enhancement of an
                                                      existing one.
Power of Two, The: Making a        Friend, Marilyn    In-depth understanding of the potential of co-   Book          371.9 FRI         CO- Teaching
Difference Through Co-                                teaching as a service delivery system in schools
Teaching (Facilitator's Manual)                       with an inclusive school philosophy

Cooperation in the Classroom.      Johnson,           Set of practical strategies for structuring    Book            371.395 JOH       Cooperative
Revised                            Johnson,           cooperative learning groups.                                                     Learning
Cooperative Learning. 1994         Kagan, Spencer     A more differentiated concept of the structural Book           371.3 KAG (2      Cooperative
Edition                                               approach.                                                      copies)           Learning
Cooperative Learning: Getting      Ellis, Whalen      A basic approach to cooperative learning in the Book           371.395 ELL       Cooperative
Started                                               classroom.                                                                       Learning
First Four Weeks of                Cantlon                                                            Book           371.395 CAN       Cooperative
Cooperative Learning: Activities                                                                                                       Learning
and Materials
Leading the Cooperative            Johnson, David Methods for structuring a faculty into             Book            371.2 JOH         Cooperative
School. Second edition             W. and Johnson, cooperative teams.                                                                  Learning
                                   Roger T.

Students Learning Together         Roy, Patricia A.   Guide to utilizing cooperative learning          Book          371.395 ROY       Cooperative
                                                      emphasizing positive interdependence and                                         Learning
                                                      individual accountability.
Superbook of Cooperative      Sonius, Dennis          Design your lesson using these cooperative       Book          371.395 SON       Cooperative
Learning                                              learning structures and lesson plan models.                                      Learning
Tribes: A New Way of Learning Gibbs                   Blends the fields of group process and           Book          371.3 GIB         Cooperative
and Being Together                                    cooperative learning; prevention and resiliency;                                 Learning
                                                      learning theory and school change.

Developing a Quality Curriculum Glatthorn             Guide to understanding and practicing sound    Book            370.001 GLA       Curriculum
                                                      curriculum development.                                                          Development

                                                                                Page 16
                                                                 Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                       Author                          Annotation                               Media       Call Number      Subject
Evaluating Program to Increase                       Framework for evaluating programs and                Book            370.78 JAS        Curriculum
Student Achievement                                  embedded strategies for leaders to assess                                              Development
                                                     programs and affect change in their schools.
                                                     Novice & seasoned educators.
Getting Results with Curriculum    Jacobs            How to get the most out of the curriculum            Book            375.001 JAC       Curriculum
Mapping                                              mapping process in districts and schools                                               Development
Global Education: From             Tye               The global perspective of schooling and its          book            370.115 TYE       Curriculum
Thought to Action                                    issues of practice.                                                                    Development
How Do We Know What Kids           University of the                                                 video                371.2 HOW         Curriculum
Know?                              State of NY                                                                                              Development
Integrating Academic and           Penn & Williams Discusses the potential barriers to an integrated Book                 373.19 PEN        Curriculum
Vocational Education: A model                        program                                                                                Development
for secondary schools
Learning By Design: the                              How technology education challenges students         Video & guide   375.6 LEA         Curriculum
Technology Connection                                to solve problems related to the real world.                                           Development

Parallel Curriculum: A Design to   Tomlinson,        The parallel curriculum model offers four            Book            371.953 TOM       Curriculum
Develop High Potential and         Kaplan, etc.      parallel approaches to curriculum development                                          Development
Challenge High-Ability Learners,                     to ensure rich curriculum for all learners.
Succeeding with Standards -        Carr & Harris     Describes a comprehensive process by which           Book            379.158 CAR       Curriculum
Linking Curriculum,                                  schools can turn piecemeal initiatives into a                                          Development
Assessment and Action                                coherent plan.
Toward a Coherent Curriculum       Beane             A collection of ideas, perspectives, possibilities   Book            385.058 TOW (2    Curriculum
                                                     and questions to use in moving toward                                copies)           Development
                                                     curricular coherence
Understanding by Design :                            Learn how to expand on design process to save        Video           374.001 MCT       Curriculum
Refining Unit Designs                                time and quickly build your lesson and unit                          (Video)           Development
Understanding by Design            McTighe &         Contains unit planning template, design tools        Book            374.001 MCT       Curriculum
Handbook, The                      Wiggins           and peer review process for learning and                                               Development
                                                     applying six facets of understanding.
Whose school is it?                                  The role of parents in school improvement.           Video & guide   371.103 WHO       Curriculum
Action Research Facilitator's      Caro-Bruce,       Roadmap for action research facilitators to help Handbook            370.7 CAR         Data Analysis
Handbook                           Cathy             groups as they wind their way over easy and
                                                     rough roads

                                                                               Page 17
                                                            Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                 Author                         Annotation                           Media       Call Number        Subject
Collaborative Analysis of       Langer                                                           Book           371.26 LAN          Data Analysis
Student Work - Improving
Teaching and Learning
Data Analysis for               Bernhardt       Targeted at non-statisticians, gives practical   Book           371.200973 BER      Data Analysis
Comprehensive School wide                       tools for better decisions
Guiding School Improvement      ASCD            Practical examples of how school administrators Video           371.207 ASC (Video) Data Analysis
With Action Research                            and teachers have benefited from the Action
                                                Research process. Use with book on same
Guiding School Improvement      Richard Sagor   Seven-step process for improving teaching and Book              371.207 SAG         Data Analysis
with Action Research                            learning in classrooms at all levels.
STC Meets the Standards: An                                                                     Book            NAS # 20-1-98       Data Analysis
Analysis of the Alignment
between the Science &
Technology for Children
Curriculum and the National
Science Education Standards

Using Data/Getting Results: A                   Guidebook that allows a learning community to Book & CD         372.35 LOV          Data Analysis
Practical Guide for School                      investigate their strengths, question their
Improvement in Mathematics                      practices, and improve instruction. The CD-
and Science                                     ROM is loaded with planning and data
                                                templates that guide you through progress
                                                towards standards-based learning.
A Different Kind of Classroom: Marzano          Tools for building a learning-centered approach book            371.102 MAR (5      Differentiated
Teaching with Dimensions of                     to schooling.                                                   copies)             Instruction
A Room with a Different View: Ostrow            First through third graders build community and Book            372.241 OST         Differentiated
First Through Third Graders                     create curriculum through cooperative learning                                      Instruction
Build Community and Create
Anne Beninghof Tapes(Tape 1-                                                                                                        Differentiated
2)                                                                                                                                  Instruction
Anne Beninghof Tapes(Tape 3-                                                                                                        Differentiated
4)                                                                                                                                  Instruction
Anne Beninghof Tapes(Tape 5)                                                                                                        Differentiated

                                                                          Page 18
                                                              Library Catalog by Subject
               Title               Author                             Annotation                         Media        Call Number          Subject
Differentiating Instruction to Chapman            Reviews assessment, adjustable assignments,      Videos (2) &   371.252 CHA          Differentiated
Meet the Needs of All Students                    instructional strategies and curriculum          Workbook                            Instruction
(Secondary Edition)                               approaches for implementation in the secondary
Differentiating Instruction to  Gregory           Reviews assessment, adjustable assignments,      Guide          371.252 GRE          Differentiated
Meet the Needs of All Students:                   instructional strategies and curriculum                                              Instruction
Implementation Guide                              approaches for implementation in the
(Elementary Edition)                              elementary classroom.
Differentiating Instruction:                      Several lessons that show how various            Video          371.252 TOM          Differentiated
Creating Multiple Paths for                       approaches to differentiation can be used.                      (Video 1)            Instruction
Differentiating Instruction:                      Differentiating instruction based on student     Video          371.252 TOM          Differentiated
Instructional and Management                      readiness, interest and learning profile.                       (Video 2)            Instruction
Differentiation in Practice: A  Tomlinson &   This book explores how real teachers                Book            373.19 TOM           Differentiated
Resource Guide for              Eidson        incorporate differentiation principles and                                               Instruction
Differentiating Curriculum                    strategies throughout an entire instructional unit.
                                              The focus is on middle grades, but applicable at
                                              all levels.
Educating Everybody's           ASCD Research Instructional strategies based on basic and         Book            371.3 COL            Differentiated
Children: Diverse Teaching      Panel         applied research that improve instruction and                                            Instruction
Strategies for Diverse Learners               student performance.

Honoring Diverse Teaching        Pajak            Help teachers meet today's performance           Book           371.2 PAJ (3 copies) Differentiated
Styles - A Guide for Supervisors                  standards while also respecting the unique gifts                                     Instruction
                                                  that each teacher brings to the classroom

How to Differentiate Instruction Tomlinson        Provides practical guidance in addressing the    Book           371.2 TOM            Differentiated
in Mixed-Ability Classrooms                       diverse needs of students in mixed-ability                                           Instruction
How to Differentiate Instruction Tomlinson, Carol Developing classrooms where realities of         Book           371.2 TOM (3         Differentiated
in Mixed-Ability Classrooms -    Ann              student variance can be addressed along with                    copies)              Instruction
2nd Edition                                       curricular realities
I am the Child                   Freeman          Using Brain Gym with Children who have           Book           371.9 FRE            Differentiated
                                                  special needs                                                                        Instruction

                                                                           Page 19
                                                            Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                 Author                         Annotation                        Media       Call Number       Subject
Integrating Differentiated       Tomlinson &     Providing readers fresh perspectives on two of Book          371.102 TOM       Differentiated
Instruction and Understanding    McTighe         the greatest contemporary challenges for                                       Instruction
by Design                                        educators: crafting powerful curriculum in a
                                                 standards-dominated era & ensuring academic
                                                 success for the full spectrum of learners. Each
                                                 model strengthens the other.
A Teacher's Guide to          L. Calkins, K.     Guidance in preparing students for standardized Book         372.48 CAL        ELA
Standardized Reading Tests    Montgomery, D. tests so both students and teachers feel less
                              Santman            victimized.
Authentic Reading Assessment: Valencia, Hiebert,                                                 Book         428.4 VAL         ELA
Practices and Possibilities   Afflerbach

Battling Dragons: Issues and     Lehr           A collage of ideas and images about well-written book         809.8 LEH         ELA
Controversy in Children's                       children's books.
BOCES Training: ELA Scoring                                                                        DVD - 2                      ELA
Bridges to Reading: Second       Schwab         Step-by-step strategies to identify, understand Book          371.9 BRI         ELA
Edition                          Foundation     and address reading problems.
Bringing Words To Life: Robust   Beck           Rationale for robust vocabulary instruction --      Book      428.1 BEC         ELA
Vocabulary Instruction                          Choosing words to teach -- Introducing
                                                vocabulary -- Developing vocabulary in the
                                                earliest grades -- Developing vocabulary in the
                                                later grades
Children's Literature in the     Hickman        Children's literature and its role in the classroom Book      372.64 HIC        ELA
Classroom: Weaving of
Charlotte's Web
Classroom Instruction that       Hill, Flynn    Accommodating EL learners is one of the            Book       428.2 HIL         ELA
works with English Language                     greatest challenges educators face today. Just
Learners                                        as different levels of fluency require different
                                                approaches, so too do different backgrounds &
                                                languages. Elementary teachers get the
                                                guidance needed to help ELLS.

Craft Lessons: Teaching          Fletcher &     78 lessons to teach a particular element of        Book       372.63044 FLE     ELA
Writing K-8                      Portalupi      writing craft, e.g. voice, character.

                                                                         Page 20
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                Author                          Annotation                             Media       Call Number       Subject
Differentiated Literacy         Moran            Design & Deliver the most effective, most          Book           371.148 MOR        ELA
Coaching: Scaffolding for                        appropriate support: Collaborative Resource
Student and Teacher Success                      Management, Literacy Content Presentations,
                                                 Focused Classroom Visits, Coplanning, Study
                                                 Groups, Demonstration Lessons, Peer
                                                 Coaching & Coteaching.
Emergent Literacy in            Robinson         Research, activities and strategies for moving     Book           372.4 ROB          ELA
Kindergarten: A Review of the                    from the oral to written registers
Research and Related
Suggested Activities and
Learning Strategies
English Language Arts (CD                                                                           CD ROM         SED # 5-7-99 (CD   ELA
ROM)                                                                                                               ROM)
Essays - Letters - Reports      Panman           Emphasizes the kind of writing required on the     Book           372.6 PAN          ELA
                                                 job, in school, or in personal life. May be used
                                                 outside classroom setting, at high school level.

Even Hockey Players Read:       Booth           Comprehensive overview of the challenging           Book           428.4071 BOO       ELA
Boys, Literacy and Learning                     issues around boys and reading and writing
                                                features thought-provoking questions,
                                                strategies, and practical solutions for helping
                                                boys develop their literacy potential.
Every Child Reading: A         Learning First   Lists necessary teacher knowledge and skills        Booklet        372.4 LEA          ELA
Professional Development       Alliance         with suggest professional development
Guide                                           experiences.
Focus on Phonics: Assessment W. Cheyney &       Balanced, integrated model for teaching phonics     Book           372.465 CHE        ELA
and Instruction                E.J. Cohen       skills directly and systematically.
For the Good of the Earth and Heard             Principles of teaching poetry to students of        Book           372.64 HEA         ELA
Sun: Teaching Poetry                            every age.
From Phonics to Fluency:       Rasinski, Padak Specific teaching strategies are identified &        Book           372.46 RAS         ELA
Effective Teaching of Decoding                  described in detail, helping teachers develop
and Reading Fluency in the                      effective word recognition teaching portfolios.
Elementary School                               Vignettes & scenarios describe how methods
                                                have been implemented in real classrooms
                                                w/real children & teachers.
Good-Bye Round Robin: 25       Opitz & Rasinski Shows where oral reading fits in the reading        Book           372.452 OPI        ELA
Effective Oral Reading                          program with 25 teaching strategies.

                                                                          Page 21
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                             Annotation                             Media           Call Number      Subject
Guided Comprehension In        McLaughlin/Allen                                                       Book               372.47 MCL        ELA
Action: Lessons for Grades 3-8

Guided Comprehension in the McLaughlin                                                                Book               372.47 MCL        ELA
Primary Grades
Guided Comprehension: A       McLaughlin/Allen                                                        Book               372.4 MCL         ELA
Teaching Model for Grades 3-8

Guided Reading: A How-To for     Burns              Strategies for students kindergarten to twelfth   Book               372.4 BUR         ELA
All Grades                                          grade.
Guided Reading: Good First       Fountas/Pinnell                                                      Book               372.4 FOU         ELA
teaching for All Children
Guided Reading: In The                                                                                                   372.47 MCL        ELA
Primary Grades
Guiding Curriculum Decisions     Margaret Ciardi,   Poses critical questions for academic rigor,      Book               428.00712 CIA     ELA
for Middle Grade Language Arts   Kantrov &          equity and developmental appropriateness.
Guiding Readers and Writers      Fountas, Pinnell   Provides a comprehensive framework for           Book                372.6 FOU         ELA
Grades 3-6                                          teaching language and literacy.
Helping Your Struggling        BER                  Effective techniques and methods for helping at- Cassettes &         372.6 MER         ELA
Students Be More Successful                         risk students accelerate their academic          Resource Guide      (Cassettes)
Readers and Writers (Grades 6-                      achievement.
I Read It, But I Don't Get It: Tovani, Cris         Practical, engaging account of how teachers       Book               428.43 TOV        ELA
Comprehension Strategies for                        can help adolescents develop new reading
Adolescent Readers                                  comprehension skills.
Implementing a Reading         ASCD                 Demonstrates how to plan, implement & renew Video & Guide            428.43 ASC        ELA
Program in Secondary Schools                        a school wide reading program in secondary
                                                    schools based on what's worked in successful
In the Company of Children       Hindley, Joanne    Ideas and strategies that teachers - in-service   Book               372.6 HIN         ELA
                                                    and preservice - will draw on and adapt for their
                                                    own classrooms.
Increasing Student Spelling     Rebecca Sitton                                                        (6) Audiotapes &   372.632 SIT       ELA
Achievement (Not Just on Test,                                                                        Handbook
But in Daily Writing Across the

                                                                             Page 22
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                  Author                          Annotation                              Media          Call Number      Subject
Infotext: Reading & Learning    Karen M.         How teachers of content subjects can help            Book              428.43 FEA (2     ELA
                                Feathers         students overcome difficulties in reading                              copies)
                                                 information type texts.
Inside Reading & Writing        Hindley          This is a four-part video series: Reading            Videos (4) & Guide 372.6 HIN        ELA
Workshops                                        Conferences, Writing Conferences, Reading
                                                 Mini-Lessons and Writing Mini-Lessons.
                                                 Included in the kit is also a view guide.
Insights to Literatures: A   Cochran             Individual units containing pre/post reading         Book              372.6 COC         ELA
Complete Reading Program for                     activities/questions linking literature to other
Middle Grades                                    areas.
Is That a Fact? Teaching     Stead               Part one provides a complete overview of             Book              372.62 STE        ELA
Nonfiction Writing K-3                           teaching nonfiction writing in the primary grades.
                                                 Part Two provides five different explorations that
                                                 were implemented in actual K-3 classrooms.
                                                 Each focuses on a specific purpose for writing
Legend of the Midnight Rider,   Revere Copper    The film is about using sound science to             VHS & DVD         001.VHS OR DVD    ELA
The                             Products, Inc.   examine environmental issues rather than
                                                 relying on popular emotional arguments. It is
                                                 about using new technologies to reduce the
                                                 impact of mining on the environment.
Lessons for Little Ones:      Curran             Social skills, management tips, and ready-to-        Book              372.6 CUR         ELA
Language Arts and Cooperative                    use lessons.
Leveled Books for Readers     Pinnell            Helps to select books for guided and                 Book              372.6 PIN         ELA
Grades 3-6: A Companion                          independent reading covering all different
Volume to "Guiding Readers                       genres
and Writers"
Literacy & Learning in the    Kane               Author demonstrates how relevant reading,            Book              372.6 KAN         ELA
Content Areas: Second Edition                    writing, speaking, listening & visual learning
                                                 activities can improve learning in contnet area
                                                 subjects & can help student smeeting national
                                                 content knowledge stds. & benchmarks.

                                                                          Page 23
                                                                 Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                  Author                               Annotation                         Media       Call Number       Subject
Literacy Leadership: Grades 5- Taylor & Collins      How to combine sound leadership processes         Book         428.0071 TAY       ELA
12                                                   with literacy strategies targeted at adolescents.
                                                     Clear steps & practical guidelines, you'll find
                                                     examples, resources & useful templates to help
                                                     you analyze your school's current literacy
Literacy Work Stations: Making Diller                Practical suggestions for over a dozen literacy Book           372.6 DIL          ELA
Centers Work                                         work stations that link to instruction and make
                                                     preparation and management easy for teachers.
                                                     Learn how to set up work stations, manage
                                                     them, and to keep them going throughout the
Literature Circles - Voice and  Daniels                                                                Book         371.39 DAN         ELA
Choice in Book Clubs &
Reading Groups
Literature Circles and Response Hill/Johnson/Schli                                                      Book        372.4162 HIL       ELA
                                ck Noe
Literature Circles: Voice and   Daniels            Forming, managing and assessing peer-led             Book        371.395 DAN        ELA
Choice in Book Clubs &                             book discussion groups
Reading Groups
Looking into Literature Circles Daniels            Provides a window into book clubs conveying          Video       371.395 DAN (Video) ELA
                                                   the feel, climate and energy of literature circles
                                                   at work. (15 min.)
Looking Into Literature Circles Daniels                                                                 Video       372.4 DAN          ELA
Making Big Words: Multilevel, Cunningham, Hall Fast-paced, hands on lessons that explore                Book        421.521 CUN        ELA
Hands-On Spelling and Phonics                  words, letter-sound relationships and letter
Activities Gr. 3-6                             patterns.

Making Sense of Phonics: The     Beck          This concise volume provides a wealth of            Book             372.465 BEC        ELA
How's and Whys                                 practical ideas for bldg children's decoding skills
                                               by teaching letter-sound relationships, blending,
                                               word bldg, & multisyllable words.
Matching Books to Readers -   Irene C. Fountas Comprehensive leveled reading list for book K-3 Book                 372.4 FOU          ELA
Using Leveled Books in Guided & Gay Su Pinnell
Reading, K-3
Mosaic of Thought: Teaching   Keene &          Focuses on a new instructional paradigm             Book             372.47 KEE         ELA
Comprehension in a Reader's Zimmermann         emphasizing in-depth instruction in the
Workshop                                       strategies used by proficient readers.
Nonfiction Matters            Harvey           Reading, writing and research in Grades 3-8         Book             372.64 HAR         ELA
                                                                              Page 24
                                                              Library Catalog by Subject
           Title                       Author                       Annotation                          Media      Call Number      Subject
NYS Reading Symposium            NYS                                                              Videotape     SED # 5-12-98    ELA
On Solid Ground: Strategies for Taberski           Organizing the classroom around a series of      Book        372.416 TAB      ELA
teaching Reading K-3                               interconnected interactions based on
                                                   assessment, demonstration, practice and
Parents Who Love Reading,        Leonhardt         The author shows how to awaken, or reawaken Book             372.41 LEO       ELA
Kids Who Don't: How it                             your child to the joy of reading. She identified
Happens and What You Can                           the seven stages that children go through as
Do About It                                        they develop their reading skills and outlines
                                                   what parents can do to help them along.

Partners in Learning: Teachers   Lyons             Compares Reading Recovery to three other       Book          372.43 LYO       ELA
and Children in Reading                            types of interventions
Phonemic Awareness in Young      Adams,           Educators will welcome this playful curricular    Book        372.465 ADA      ELA
Children: A Classroom            Foorman,         supplement as an effective way to improve
Curriculum                       Lundberg, Beeler listening skills and foster essential preliteracy
Phonemic Awareness: The          Scott, Victoria  Filmed in actual classroom settings (both large Video         372.4 SCO        ELA
Sounds of Reading                Groves.          and small group), Dr. Scott demonstrates the
                                                  principal components of Phonemic Awareness:
                                                  identification, comparison, segmentation,
                                                  blending and rhyming.

Phonics Phacts: A Common-        Goodman           The role of phonics in reading, in learning to   Book        372.4145 GOO     ELA
sense look at the most                             read, and in reading instruction is probably the
controversial issue affecting                      most widely misunderstood and misrepresented
today's classrooms!                                aspect of language education today.

Phonics They Use: Words for      Cunningham        Building the foundation for phonics they can use Book        372.46 CUN       ELA
Reading and Writing                                -- Fluency -- Using phonics and spelling patterns
                                                   -- Big words -- Coaching, assessment,
                                                   research, and jargon.
Phonological Awareness           Lane, Pullen      Tools to assess phonological awareness at the Book           372.46 LAN       ELA
Assessment and Instruction: A                      word, syllable, onsetrime & phoneme levels.
Sound Beginning                                    Corresponding activities are designed to
                                                   enhance the development of awareness at each
                                                   of these levels.

                                                                           Page 25
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                Author                             Annotation                                Media       Call Number      Subject
Portable Mentor, The: A       Lindley            A guide that serves both first-year principals and    Book             371.2012 LIN      ELA
Resource Guide for Entry-Year                    their mentors by providing a practical resource
Principals and Mentors                           written in an easy-to-use and easy-to-
                                                 understand conversational style. This reference
                                                 can also be used in place of a mentor when
                                                 none is available.
Portfolio Assessment in the     Tierney, Carter, Ideas on how to implement portfolios in the           Book             371.3 TIE         ELA
Reading-Writing Classroom       Desai            classroom.
Practice With Purpose: Literacy Diller           What is a literacy work station? -- Management        Book             372.6044 DIL      ELA
Work Stations for Grades 3-6                     of independent work -- Independent reading and
                                                 the classroom library -- Response writing and
                                                 the writing work station -- Easy-to-set-up work
Preventing Reading Difficulties National         How to prevent reading difficulties in the context    Book             372.4 SNO         ELA
in Young Children               Research Council of social, historical, cultural, and biological
Read, Write and Talk            Harvey &                                                               DVD & Study                        ELA
                                Goudvis                                                                Guide
Reading and Writing Across      Sejnost          Content-area strategies that foster the reading       Book             372.6 SEJ         ELA
Content Areas                                    and writing connection, utilize technology, and
                                                 are based on multiple intelligences.

Reading Recovery: A             Clay               Reading companion to "An Observation             Book                372.43 CLA        ELA
Guidebook for Teachers in                          Survey". This volume is a guidebook for training
Training                                           teachers to deliver such a supplementary
                                                   program. It addresses the hope and scope of an
                                                   early intervention program.

Reimagining Reading: A                                                                                                  428.4 ALL (CDS)   ELA
Literacy Institute With Janet
Reluctant Readers               Jobe & Dayton-     Connecting students and books for successful Book                    372.4 JOB         ELA
                                Sakari             reading experiences .Has annotated lists of
Rhymes & Reasons: Literature    Opitz              Developing phonological awareness through             Book           372.46 OPI        ELA
and Language Play for                              language-exploration activities utilizing literature.
Phonological Awareness

                                                                             Page 26
                                                              Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                   Author                            Annotation                             Media           Call Number      Subject
Road To The Code: A             Blachman, Ball,   For helping K & 1st graders who are having             Book             372.465 BLA       ELA
Phonological Awareness          Black, Tangel     difficulty w/their early literacy skills. This book is
Program for Young Children                        a successful, 11 week program for teaching
                                                  phonemic awareness & letter sound
Running Records - A self-       Johnston                                                                 Book/Audiotape   428.42 JOH        ELA
Tutoring Guide
Schools That Work: Where All    Allington &       How elementary schools need to be reorganized Book                      371.2 ALL         ELA
Children Read and Write         Cunningham        to foster the kinds of classrooms where all
                                                  children become readers and writers. Details
                                                  school organization plans that can support or
                                                  impede teacher development of more effective
                                                  educational settings.

Short Stories: Reading -        Panman            Goals include to understand the basic structure Book                    808.3 PAN         ELA
Thinking - Writing                                and elements of the short story, sharpen
                                                  reading comprehension skills through critical
                                                  reading, and give opportunities to use elements
                                                  of literacy style in writing.

Small-Group Reading             Tyner                                                                 Book                372.41 TYN        ELA
Instruction: A Differentiated
Teaching Model for Beginning
and Struggling Readers

Small-Group Reading             Tyner & Green     Use the step by step model as a systematic         Book                 372.41 TYN        ELA
Instruction: A Differentiated                     guide toward implementing differ inst in your
Teaching Model for                                classroom. It will provide you w/strategies &
Intermediate Readers, Grades                      materials needed to support students as they
3-8                                               make the critical transition from learning to read
                                                  to reading to learn.
Standards for Learning          Graham Foster     In plain language helps teachers understand        Book                 407 FOS           ELA
                                                  issues with standards and suggests novel ways
                                                  to meet ,real, needs of students

Stories in the Classroom        Barton & Booth    Shows teachers how to find, choose, and use         Book                372.642 Bar       ELA
                                                  specific stories.

                                                                            Page 27
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                         Annotation                              Media       Call Number        Subject
Strategies That Work: Teaching Harvey, Goudvis This book focuses on instruction that is            Book           372.47 HAR          ELA
Comprehension to Enhance                       responsive to kids' interests and learning needs.
Understanding                                  When readers use these strategies, they enjoy
                                               a more complete, thoughtful reading
                                               experience. Engagement is the goal. Full of
                                               practical suggestions.
Struggling Readers Day 1:      The Wright      Developmental phases of phonological                Book           372.41 WRI          ELA
Closing the Decoding Crack     Group           awareness and word recognition and how to
Grades 3-8                                     apply them systematically.
Struggling Readers Day 2:      The Wright      Research-based instructional strategies for         Book           372.42 WRI          ELA
Mastering the Meaning Grades Group             motivating and engaging reluctant or under-
3-8                                            performing readers.
Sunrises and Songs             McClure         How to introduce poetry to children, and ways to    Book           372.64 McC          ELA
                                               encourage them to write and refine their poems.

Supporting Struggling Readers   Barbara J.       Instructional strategies and assessment           Book           372.43 WAL          ELA
                                Walker           techniques that support children's reading
                                                 development during each stage of literacy
Supporting Struggling Readers   Strickland       Best research-based practice on the literacy      Book           372.6044 STR        ELA
and Writers: Strategies for                      learning and teaching of low-achieving
Classroom Intervention 3-6                       intermediate students

Systems for Change in Literacy Lyons, Pinnell    Offers specific suggestions for planning and      Book           372.6 LYO           ELA
Education: A Guide to                            implementing a literacy professional
Professional Development                         development and coaching course.
Teach Them All to Read:        McEwan            Offers teachers at all levels the understanding & Book           371.96 MCE          ELA
Catching the Kids Who Fall                       motivation they need to teach children to read,
Through The Cracks                               especially those students who need help the
                                                 most. Invaluable data on creating a reading
                                                 culture that leads to marked improvements in
                                                 achievement scores.

Teaching Beginning Reading                       Based on the belief that we can teach children                   372.6 CAL (2 copies) ELA
and Writing with The Picture                     to be more observant and conscious of the
Word Inductive Model                             patterns at work as people communicate.

                                                                         Page 28
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
            Title                Author                             Annotation                     Media                   Call Number      Subject
Teaching Comprehension: The Block                Packed w/innovative lessons/approaches based Book                     372.47 BLO        ELA
Comprehension Process                            on the latest developments in research-based
Approach                                         practices.Designed to suit one's needs, ea
                                                 chapter ends w/a comp lesson plan that can be
                                                 implemented in classrooms w/a wide range of
                                                 student reading ability levels.

Teaching Reading in Middle     Robb              Provides an instructional model that is sensible, Book                428.407 ROB       ELA
School: A Strategic Approach                     workable and research-based. The author
To Teaching Reading That                         shows you how to teach comprehension
Improves Comprehension and                       strategies, provide guided practice and still
Thinking                                         include time for students to savor literature.

Teaching Reading in Science                      Discussed is strategic processing as used by                          507               ELA
                                                 effective readers of science and strategic
                                                 teaching incorporating a five-phase instructional
                                                 model (engage, explore, explain, elaborate,
Teaching Reading in the                          40 strategies that help students in every grade                       372.4 BIL         ELA
Content Areas                                    level develop their vocabularies, comprehend
                                                 indormation and narrative texts and engage in
                                                 meaningful discussions on what they read.

Teaching Students to Read      Carbo/Dunn/Dun                                                         Book             372.4147 CAR      ELA
Through Their Individual       n
Learning Styles
Teaching Them All to Read, K-3 NYS                                                                    Videotape        SED # 5-8-98      ELA

Teaching Writing ( Grades 3-   Fulmer                                                                 Book                               ELA
Thoughtful Reading             Tovani                                                                 Video/Pamphlet   428.43 TOV        ELA
Towards A Reading-Writing      Andrea Butler &   Reminds teachers of the need to effectively          Book             372.6 BUT         ELA
Classroom                      Jan Turbill       integrate writing with reading
Using Guided Reading to Help   Haack             Effective strategies and activities essential to a   Cassettes (6)    372.4 HAA         ELA
Your Students Become Better                      successful guided reading program.
Readers (Grades 3-6)

                                                                           Page 29
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                     Author                       Annotation                          Media           Call Number      Subject
Using Guided Reading to          BER               Guided reading format that addresses             Videos &          372.4 NOS         ELA
Strengthen Students' Reading                       developing level instructional strategies to     Workbook
Skills at the Developing Level                     increase capability and capacity for reading
Grades 1-3                                         independence.

Using Guided Reading to          BER               Practical, classroom-tested suggestions for      Videos &          372.4 PAU         ELA
Strengthen Students' Reading                       implementing successful guided reading           Workbook
Skills at the Emergent Level -                     lessons with emergent-level readers and
Grades K-3                                         writers.
Using Literacy Centers to        Holliman          A wealth of practical suggestions for            Videos & Guide    372.62 HOL        ELA
Strengthen Your Reading and                        establishing and maintaining literacy centers
Writing Program, Gr. K-3                           that directly support curricular skills and
Using Word Walls to             Wagstaff           How to build and use three different types of    Videos & Guide    372.41 WAG        ELA
Strengthen Students' Reading                       word walls
and Writing at the Early/Fluent
Using Word Walls to             Wagstaff           Building word walls with young children and       Videos & Guide   372.42 WAG        ELA
Strengthen Students' Reading                       actively practicing and using them in instruction
and Writing at the Emergent
Vocabulary Plus K-8: A Source- Nilsen              Vocabulary Plus is interesting, engaging and a   Book              372.44 NIL        ELA
Based Approach                                     logical way in which to teach vocabulary.

Voices on Word Matters -         Irene C. Fountas Information on implementing an effective          Book              372.465 FOU       ELA
Learning About Phonics and       & Gay Su Pinnell phonics and spelling program through a variety
Spelling in the Literacy                          of reading, writing and language contexts.
What Really Matters for          Allington         Three important principles for teaching          Book              372.43 ALL        ELA
Struggling Readers: Designing                      struggling readers and best practices.
Research-Based Programs

Word Matters                     Pinnell, Gay Su   Word learning and decoding in the reading        Book              327.465 PIN       ELA
                                                   /writing classroom.
Words, Words, Words:             Allen             Practical, research-based solutions to help      Book              428.107 ALL       ELA
Teaching Vocabulary in Gr. 4-                      students learn new words and use them.

                                                                            Page 30
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                       Author                       Annotation                       Media                Call Number       Subject
Yellow Brick Roads: Shared        Allen             Detailed strategies to answer reading dilemmas Book                  428.4 ALL          ELA
and Guided Paths to                                 faced by teachers everyday
Independent Reading 4-12
Zoo-Phonics: Signal Practice      Zoo-phonics      A kinesthetic method for teaching phonics,         Video              372.1 ZOO          ELA
Video                                              reading and spelling using literature.
Classrooms That Work: They        Cunningham &     How to organize and instruct for learning          Book               372-6044 CUN (2    ELA/Classroom
Can ALL Read and Write            Allington        success in the classroom.                                             copies)            Strategies
Designing Successful Grant        Donald C. Orlich Proven guidelines for compiling successful grant Book                 379.12 ORL         Grant Writing
Proposals                                          proposals by a seasoned grants writer
Getting the Grant: How            Gajda and        What every grant writer needs to know to           Book               379.13 GAJ         Grant Writing
Educators Can Write Winning       Tulikangas       successfully secure funding. A clear blueprint
Proposals and Manage                               for success as a grant writer and project
Successful Projects                                manager.
Grantwriter's Start-up Kit, The   Successful       Key elements of writing a winning grant            Video & Workbook   379.1 SUC (Video & Grant Writing
                                  Images           proposal. Handbook to reinforce video with start-                     Handbook)
                                                   up exercises and resources.
Teacher's Guide to Winning        David G. Bauer   Step-by-step primer for writing grants enabling Book                  379.13 BAU         Grant Writing
Grants, The                                        teachers to secure funds.
Organizing Thinking Book I        Parks & Black    Designed to integrate higher order thinking skills Book               370.152 PAR        Graphic
                                                   across the curriculum.                                                                   Organizers
Organizing Thinking Book I        Parks & Black    Companion software of Blackline graphic            Software           370.152 PAR SW     Graphic
Software                                           organizer masters to Organizing Thinking Book                                            Organizers
                                                   1: Graphic Organizers
Visual Tools for constructing     Hyerle           Explains three types of visual tools that can help Book               370.152 HYE (2     Graphic
knowledge                                          students and teachers construct knowledge                             copies)            Organizers

Democratic Schools                Apple & Beane    How democracy in a school setting prepares      Book (2 copies)       370.115 APP        Law
                                                   students for active citizenship.
School Law Handbook, The:         Bosher, Kaminski Topics: School Safety; Commercialism in         Book                  344.73 BOS         Law
What Every Leader Needs to        & Vacca          schools; school facilities; religion in public
Know                                               schools; free speech & expression; internet use
                                                   & student organizations/clubs admission;
                                                   student records; personnel evaluation; student
                                                   medicine; governmental immunity.

100 Ways To Build Teams           Scearce, Carol    Techniques to build trust, establish mission,    Book                658.4 SCE          Leadership
                                                    select a leader, celebrate success and deal with

                                                                            Page 31
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                 Author                            Annotation                              Media       Call Number      Subject
Accountability For Learning -   Reeves                                                                 Book           379.1 REE         Leadership
How Teachers and School
Leaders Can Take charge
Call to Teacher Leadership, The Zepeda, Sally       Examines the work of teacher leaders across K- Book               371.1 ZEP         Leadership
                                                    12 schools and includes an examination of
                                                    formal roles such as the lead teacher, grade-
                                                    level coordinator, and department chair

Creating and Motivating A       Nat'l Inst. Of Bus. Clear and concise guide to leadership,             Book           371.201 NIB       Leadership
Superior, Loyal Staff           Man.                management and supervision
Dealing With Difficult Teachers                     Provides school leaders with non-                  Book           371.144 WHI       Leadership
                                                    confrontational and guilt-free strategies for
                                                    handling teacher who: gossip, consistently say "
                                                    it won't work", send an excessive number of
                                                    students to your office, undermine your efforts
                                                    or negatively influence other staff
Designing Surveys That Work! Thomas                 How to design surveys to collect specific school   Book           001.433 THO       Leadership
A Step-by-Step Guide                                based information
Finding Your Leadership Style                       Questionnaires and focus questions to help you     Book           371.2 GLA         Leadership
                                                    analyze leadership potential in yourself and in
                                                    colleagues. The author also shows you how to
                                                    match leadership qualities with specific jobs in
                                                    the educational system.
From First Year to First Rate - Barbara L. Brock Rationale and practical steps to implement a          Book           371.201 BRO       Leadership
Principals Guiding Beginning    & Marilyn L.        year long induction program for new teachers
Teachers                        Grady
From Standards To Success: A O'Shea, Mark R. A visit to a standards-based school -- An                 Book           379.158 OSH       Leadership
Guide For School Leaders                            overview of curriculum management for
                                                    standards achievement
How to Get the Most Out of      ASCD                Discover the difference between content issues     Book           370.72 MOR        Leadership
Meetings                                            and process activities and find out how to make
                                                    each meeting successful
How to Thrive as a Teacher      Gabriel, John G. Insight on how to be an effective teacher leader      Book           371.1 GAB         Leadership
If You Don't Feed The                               Focus on teaching people how to "build their       Book           371.2/00973       Leadership
Teachers, They'll Eat The                           own bridge for a successful life". Real-world
Students!                                           experience in the classroom and beyond
                                                    addresses both the hunger of teachers and the
                                                    ability of administrators to feed them.

                                                                             Page 32
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                Author                            Annotation                           Media       Call Number      Subject
K-12 Principals Guide to No    ERS, NAESP,       Organized around key provision of the NCLB          Book         379.158 ERS       Leadership
Child Left Behind              NASSP             law, accountability, sanctions & rewards, staff
                                                 quality, & curriculum & instruction, and is written
                                                 from the principals perspective. 2 key questions
                                                 are addressed: What does this mean & what
                                                 can principals do?

Leadership Capacity for Lasting Lambert                                                             Book          371.2 LAM         Leadership
School Improvement
Learning Leader, The: How To Reeves              From conducting strategic planning to              Book          371.200 REE (2    Leadership
Focus School Improvement for                     evaluating projects to organizing leadership                     copies)
Better Results                                   teams, this book will help reconceptualize their
                                                 leadership role and motivate their colleagues.
                                                 Become better educators for your students.

Mentoring Across Boundaries:   Boreen            Issues explored: age, genders & culture in the     Book          370.715 BOR       Leadership
Helping Beginning Teachers                       mentoring relationship; new teachers in
Succeed in Challenging                           urban/rural schools; mentoring "burned out"
Situations                                       teachers; working w/struggling teachers,
                                                 mentoring thru technology, teachers working
                                                 w/at-risk students; etc.
Middle Grades Reform: A        Nikola Filby, Lee Leading a middle school into and through the       Book          371.2 FIL         Leadership
Casebook for School Leaders    & Lambert         change process

New Principal's Fieldbook:     Robbins & Alvy    Prepares new & aspiring principals for the        Book           371.2012 ROB      Leadership
Strategies for Success, The                      unexpected twists & turns of school leadership.
                                                 Capitalizing on their experience, it offers
                                                 practical information, research-based strategies,
                                                 & provocative stories to help principals develop
                                                 into visionary leader

School Leadership that Works: Marzano, Waters, Authors developed a list of 21 leadership          Book            371.2 MAR         Leadership
From Research to Results      McNulty          responsibilities that have a significant effect on
                                               student achievement.
Taking Note: Improving Your   Power            How to dig through your mountain of paperwork Book                 371.27 POW        Leadership
Observational Notetaking                       and begin to keep thoughtful records of student

                                                                          Page 33
                                                              Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                   Author                          Annotation                            Media       Call Number        Subject
Teacher Leadership That         Danielson         A resource not only for prospective teacher       Book           371.1 DAN           Leadership
Strengthens Professional                          leaders but also for administrators who want to
Practice                                          better support the development of outstanding
                                                  teacher leaders.
Teachers Wanted - Attracting    Heller                                                              Book           371.1 HEL           Leadership
and Retaining Good Teachers

The Art of School Leadership    Thomas R. Hoerr                                                                    371.2 HOE           Leadership

Algebra-Level One               Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book           510.7 MER Level     Math
                                Ros Leather                                                                        One

Algebra-Level Two               Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book           510.7 MER Level     Math
                                Ros Leather                                                                        Two

Choosing a Standards Based      Lynn Goldsmith, Step by step guide from curriculum selection        Book           510.71 GOL          Math
Mathematics Curriculum          June Mark, Ilene process through implementation
Cooperative Learning in         Davidson, editor Original essays describing practical strategies    Book           510.71 DAV          Math
Mathematics: A Handbook for                      for small group cooperative learning with all
Teachers                                         levels of mathematical instruction.

Early Numeracy - Assessment     Robert Wright,    Comprehensive approach to assessment and          Book           372.72 WRI          Math
for Teaching and Intervention   Jim Martland,     teaching children who underachieve in early
                                Ann Stafford      numeracy; basis on Math Recovery program.

Elementary and Middle School    Van de Walle     Excellent resource for those who are             Book             510.71 VAN          Math
Mathematics: Teaching                            investigating the teaching of math at the elem
Developmentally                                  and middle school levels. This book is unique in
                                                 that it challenges assumptions and traditional
Family Math                     Stenmark,        Hints to parents on setting up a ,family math,   Book             510.7 STE (2 copies) Math
                                Thompson,        class, helping children at home and becoming
                                Cossey           more involved.
Handling Data-Level One         Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                               Book             510.7 MER Level     Math
                                Ros Leather                                                                        One

                                                                           Page 34
                                                            Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                     Annotation                                 Media        Call Number      Subject
Handling Data-Level Two       Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         Two

Learning Mathematics          McKeown, Ross    Describes program based on active learning         Book            372.7 MCK         Math
                                               approach using concrete materials.
Mathematics in Process        Baker, Ann       Help children communicate their finds in math      Book            372.7044 BAK      Math
                                               and reflect on what they have learned.
Measuring-Level One           Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         One

Measuring-Level Two           Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         Two

Number-Level One              Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         One

Number-Level Two              Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         Two

Shape-Level One               Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         One

Shape-Level Two               Ruth Mertten and IMPACT Family Math                                 Book            510.7 MER Level   Math
                              Ros Leather                                                                         Two

Sticky Problem of Parallelogram Ruopp,          Are you looking for a fun way to engage        Activity Book/CD   327.7 RUO         Math
Pancakes: The MATH with a       Poundstone      students in improving & retaining their
LAUGH Series (Gr. 4-5)                          mathematical skills? Whether your students
                                                need a curricular supplement, a summer review
                                                pkg, or an opportunity to do math at home with
                                                parents, humor them with this book.

Teaching Math Effectively     ASCD              Set of key instructional behaviors for teaching   Guide & Video   510.7 ASCD VC M/S Math
Teaching Reading in                             Strategic processing as effective readers of                      372.7 BAR         Math
Mathematics - 2nd Edition                       mathematics use it and discuss strategic
                                                teaching in mathematics that incorporates
                                                reading to learn mathematics.

                                                                         Page 35
                                                            Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                 Author                          Annotation                         Media           Call Number      Subject
Venn Can We Be Friends? Gr.     Ruopp,           Are you looking for a fun way to engage        Activity Book/CD   510.71 RUO        Math
6-7: The MATH with a LAUGH      Poundstone       students in improving & retaining their
Series (Gr. 6-7)                                 mathematical skills? Whether your students
                                                 need a curricular supplement, a summer review
                                                 pkg, or an opportunity to do math at home with
                                                 parents, humor them with this book.

You Can't Keep Slope Down:      Ruopp,           Are you looking for a fun way to engage        Activity Book      510.71 RUO        Math
The MATH with a LAUGH           Poundstone       students in improving & retaining their
Series (Gr. 8-9)                                 mathematical skills? Whether your students
                                                 need a curricular supplement, a summer review
                                                 pkg, or an opportunity to do math at home with
                                                 parents, humor them with this book.

Leading the Teacher Induction   Sweeny           Helps teachers and administrators develop        Book             371.1 SWE         Mentoring
and Mentoring Program                            programs that have positive long-term effects

Mentoring Beginning Teachers: Boreen et al.      Strategies for K-12 teachers who work as        Book              370.715 BOR C.1 & Mentoring
Guiding, Reflecting, Coaching                    mentors with beginning teachers in their school                   C2
Mentoring Guide: A Resource & Regional           A guidebook to assist with school improvement Book (3-ring        370.77 MEN        Mentoring
Training Guide for Educators  Laboratory                                                         binder)

Mentoring Guidebook (Level 1) Burke              Mentor's role is defined and tools for building Book              371.1 BUR         Mentoring
Starting the Journey                             trust and effective communications are provided

Mentoring Guidebook (Level 2) Burke              Explores each key skill further and importance   Book             371.11 BUR        Mentoring
Exploring Teaching Strategies                    of establishing a learning community

Mentoring New Teachers          Hal Portner      Provides guidelines and serves to facilitate Book                 370.715 POR       Mentoring
                                                 individual's transition to a mentor
Mentoring: Guiding, Coaching,   Niday & Boreen   Why do I want to be part of a mentoring      Videos & Guide       370.715 NID       Mentoring
and Sustaining Beginning                         experience? Why do we need mentors? How do
Teachers                                         I prepare to be a mentoring guide/coach? How
                                                 do I help with classroom management
                                                 challenges, or encourage reflection and
                                                 professional development. What if questions.

                                                                         Page 36
                                                              Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                Author                          Annotation                             Media            Call Number        Subject
Peering in on Peers: Elem.      Cummings          4 videotapes and manual; coaching teachers        Manual & 4 Video   371.1 CUM Pt. IV    Mentoring
(compound words),                                 based on Madeline Hunter Model.                   tapes              (Video)
reinforcement & coaching
Peering in on Peers: Elem.      Cummings          4 videotapes and manual; coaching teachers        Manual & 4 Video   371.1 CUM Pt. III   Mentoring
Music, growth conference                          based on Madeline Hunter Model.                   tapes              (Video)
Peering in on Peers: High       Cummings          4 videotapes and manual; coaching teachers        Manual & 4 Video   371.1 CUM Pt. I     Mentoring
School English, growth                            based on Madeline Hunter Model.                   tapes              (Video)
Peering in on Peers: Jr. High   Cummings          4 videotapes and manual; coaching teachers        Manual & 4 Video   371.1 CUM Pt. II    Mentoring
Science, reinforcement                            based on Madeline Hunter Model.                   tapes              (Video)
Teacher to Teacher: A           Jane Fraser       Growth and change that can be achieved by         Book               371.102 FRA         Mentoring
Guidebook for Effective                           both beginning and experience teachers
Mentoring                                         working with a mentor.
7 Kinds of Smart                Armstrong,        Tools to identify unique capabilities and         Book               153.9 ARM           Multiple
                                Thomas            applications for the classroom.                                                          Intelligence
Active Learning Handbook for    Bellanca          Helping students develop multiple intelligences   Book               371.25 BEL          Multiple
the Multiple Intelligences                        and achieve content mastery requires teachers                                            Intelligence
Classroom                                         to design meaningful active learning
Celebrating Multiple            Faculty of the    A guide created by the faculty of the New City    Book               370.15 NEW          Multiple
Intelligences: Teaching for     New City School   School, St. Louis, Mo.                                                                   Intelligence
If The Shoe Fits...             Carolyn           How to Develop Multiple Intelligences in the      Book               370.15 CHA          Multiple
                                Chapman           Classroom                                                                                Intelligence
Integrating Curricula with      Robin Fogarty     Teams, Themes, and Threads                        Book               371.3 FOG           Multiple
Multiple Intelligences          and Judy Stoehr                                                                                            Intelligence
Multiple Assessments for        Bellanca,         Methods for devising specific performance         Book               371.26 BEL          Multiple
Multiple Intelligences          Chapman, Swartz   standards for each of the seven intelligences.                                           Intelligence

Multiple Intelligences          David Lazear      Solving the Assessment Conundrum                  Book               153.9 LAZ           Multiple
Approaches to Assessment                                                                                                                   Intelligence
Multiple Intelligences          Bruce Campbell    Lesson Plans and more...                          Book               370.15 CAM          Multiple
Handbook, The                                                                                                                              Intelligence
Multiple Intelligences in the   Armstrong         Describes how educators can bring Gardner's       Book               370.15 ARM (2       Multiple
Classroom                                         theory into the classroom                                            copies)             Intelligence

                                                                           Page 37
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
                Title                 Author                           Annotation                             Media       Call Number       Subject
Multiple Intelligences in the     Hope Martin       Aligned with NCTM Standards. Incorporates          Book           510.71 MAR        Multiple
Mathematics Classroom                               real-world situations and integrates                                                Intelligence
                                                    mathematics into other curriculum areas.
Multiple Intelligences of         Armstrong                                                            Book           372.6 ARM (2      Multiple
Reading and Writing - Making                                                                                          copies)           Intelligence
the Words Come Alive, The

Multiple Intelligences Road to A Sally Berman       Translates William Glasser's quality school        Book           370.15 BER        Multiple
Quality Classroom                                   ideas and Howard Gardner's theory of multiple                                       Intelligence
                                                    intelligences into simple language and practical
Multiple Intelligences: A         Robin Fogarty     Introduces and examines the personage of           Book           370.15 FOG        Multiple
Collection                        and James         Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple                                           Intelligence
                                  Bellanca          intelligences.
Multiple Intelligences: The       Gardner           A coherent picture about the educational           Book           370.15 GAR        Multiple
Theory in Practice                                  applications of MI theory.                                                          Intelligence
Multiple Intelligences: The   Kagan & Kagan         Comprehensive resource guide to implementing       Book           370.15 KAG        Multiple
Complete MI Book                                    MI in the classroom.                                                                Intelligence
Seven Pathways of Learning:   David Lazear          Focuses on reinventing the learning process        Book           370.15 LAZ        Multiple
Teaching Students and Parents                       from a multiple intelligence perspective.                                           Intelligence
about Multiple Intelligences

Seven Ways of Knowing:            Lazear            Surveys research on the theory of multiple         Book           370.15 LAZ        Multiple
Teaching for Multiple                               intelligences.                                                                      Intelligence
Intelligences. Second edition
Seven Ways of Teaching: The       Lazear            Explores hundreds of new ways for teachers to      Book           370.15 LAZ        Multiple
Artistry of Teaching With                           present, and students to process, information.                                      Intelligence
Multiple Intelligences
Seven Windows to A Child's    Anna T.               100 Ideas for the Multiple Intelligences           Book           370.15 OCO        Multiple
World                         O'Connor and          Classroom                                                                           Intelligence
                              Sheila Callahan-
Teaching and Learning Through Linda Campbell        Valuable classroom exercises, resources,           Book           370.15 CAM        Multiple
Multiple Intelligences                              assessments and ideas for interdisciplinary                                         Intelligence
Dealing With Difficult Parents:   Whitaker, Fiore   Written for teachers, principals and other         Book           371.19 WHI        New Teacher
And With Parents in Difficult                       educators, this book will help you work with the
Situations                                          most challenging parents in the most
                                                    challenging situations.

                                                                             Page 38
                                                            Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                 Author                            Annotation                          Media       Call Number        Subject
First Days of School, The        Wong            Hints to help all teachers ,jump start, and begin Book           371.102 WON         New Teacher
                                                 school successfully.
First Six Weeks of School:      Denton, Kreite   Entire yr is established during early weeks of      Book         372.1102 DEN        New Teacher
Strategies for Teachers Series,                  school. Tchrs who take their time during this
The                                              critically important period, who move slowly &
                                                 thoughtfully to build a solid foundation, find that
                                                 it pays off all year long w/increase student
                                                 investment, etc.
First Year Teacher's Survival    Thompson        Ready-to-use strategies, tools and activities for Book           371.1 THO           New Teacher
Kit: Ready-to-use Strategies,                    meeting the challenges of each school day.
Tools & Activities for Meeting
the Challenges of Each School
First-Class Teacher: Success     Canter &        Quick tips and references to help you stay        Book           371.102 CAN (2      New Teacher
Strategies for New Teachers      Associates      focused on your teaching goals.                                  copies)

How To Get Parents On Your                       New Teacher Induction Program. How to             Video          371.5 CAN (Video_   New Teacher
Side                                             conduct a regularly scheduled conference.
Secrets for Secondary School     Kottler         Learn tangible ways to supercharge your           Book           373.11 KOT          New Teacher
Teachers: How to Succeed in                      teaching skills, while avoiding the pitfalls
Your First Year                                  common to beginning teachers. Offering a
                                                 unique blend of perspectives and "inside"
                                                 insights into secondary education.
Ten Things New Teacher Need Robin Fogarty        A handy guide for novice teachers full of         Book           371.102 FOG         New Teacher
to Succeed                                       practical strategies.
The Effective Teacher       Wong                 Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and   Video 1        371.1 WON           New Teacher
                                                 videos for studying the effective teacher.

The Effective Teacher            Wong            Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 5          371.1 WON           New Teacher
(Cooperative Learning and                        videos for studying the effective teacher.
The Effective Teacher            Wong            Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 3          371.1 WON           New Teacher
(Discipline and Procedures)                      videos for studying the effective teacher.

The Effective Teacher (Lesson Wong               Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 6          371.1 WON           New Teacher
Mastery)                                         videos for studying the effective teacher.

                                                                         Page 39
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                Author                             Annotation                        Media          Call Number       Subject
The Effective Teacher (Positive Wong              Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 8          371.1 WON          New Teacher
Expectations)                                     videos for studying the effective teacher.

The Effective Teacher            Wong             Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 4          371.1 WON          New Teacher
(Procedures and Routines)                         videos for studying the effective teacher.

The Effective Teacher (The       Wong             Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 2          371.1 WON          New Teacher
First Days of School)                             videos for studying the effective teacher.

The Effective Teacher (The       Wong             Kit is a series of workshops, resource book and Video 7          371.1 WON          New Teacher
Professional Educator)                            videos for studying the effective teacher.

Winning Year One: A Survival     Carol Fuery      A positive approach to classroom management Book                 371.102 FUE        New Teacher
Guide for First Year Teachers

A New Vision for Staff            Sparks          New staff development driven by results,         Book            370.711 SPA        Professional
Development                                       systems thinking and constructivism.                                                Development
A Practical Toolkit for Designing                                                                  CD              NCREL # 23-12-01   Professional
& Facilitating Professional                                                                                                           Development
Big Book of IceBreakers, The      West, Edie      Quick, fun activities for energizing meetings and Book           658.4 WES          Professional
                                                  workshops.                                                                          Development
Big Book of Meeting Games,       Caroselli,       75 Quick, Fun Activities for Leading Creative,    Book           658.456 CAR        Professional
The                              Marlene          Energetic, Productive Meetings                                                      Development
Big Book of Team Building        Newstrom, John   Quick games and fun activities for building       Book           658.4 NEW          Professional
Games, The - Trust-Building                       morale, communication, and team spirit in your                                      Development
Activities, Team Spirit                           department of work group.
Exercises, and Other Fun
Things To Do
Boards That Make a Difference:   Carver           Effective board design updates and resources     Book - Second   658.422 CAR        Professional
A new design for leadership in                    on strong, strategic governance for non-profit   Edition                            Development
nonprofit and public                              organizations
Creative Training Techniques     Pike             Techniques and strategies to become a better     Book            658.3124 PIK       Professional
Handbook (2nd Edition)                            presenter.                                                                          Development

Dealing With Difficult           Pike, Bob        127 Practical Strategies for Minimizing          Book            658.3124 PIK       Professional
Participants                                      Resistance and Maximizing Results in Your                                           Development

                                                                          Page 40
                                                              Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                 Author                        Annotation                              Media       Call Number        Subject
Designing Professional           James Bellanca    A Systemic Approach                              Book           371.146 BEL        Professional
Development for Change                                                                                                                Development
Designing Professional           Burke            Discusses 2 types of portfolios-professional      Book           371.1 BUR          Professional
Portfolios for Change                             growth and performance.                                                             Development
Designing Successful             Mundry, Britton, Step-by-step guide with concrete strategies, tips Book           370.68 MUN         Professional
Professional Meetings &          Raizen & Horsley and suggestions for creating dynamic events.                                        Development
Conference in Education
Icebreakers: A sourcebook of     Jones, Ken                                                         Book           371.397 JON        Professional
games, exercises and                                                                                                                  Development
Presenter's Fieldbook, The: A    Robert Garmston Designing and delivering effective                 Book           808.51 GAR         Professional
Practical Guide                                    presentations.                                                                     Development
Staff Development Manager,       Bradley, Kallick, Steps in establishing and managing a staff       Book           371.146 BRA        Professional
The                              Regan             development program.                                                               Development
Teacher as Researcher,           Newkirk           Explores issue of teacher research focusing on   Book           372.6 WOR          Professional
Workshop 4, The                                    how students learn language arts                                                   Development
Teacher's Portfolio: Fostering   Glatthorn         Professional development for teachers through    Book           370.7 GLA          Professional
and Documenting Professional                       portfolio development                                                              Development
Development, The

Why Can't We Get It Right: M. Speck & C.           New practices in staff development to raise      Book           370.7155 SPE       Professional
Prof. Development in our   Knipe                   student achievement.                                                               Development
Beyond Behavior Management                                                                                                            Rotating Book
Hanbook on Differentiated                                                                                                             Rotating Book
Instructions For Middle and                                                                                                           Talks
High Schools ( 5 copies)
Living the Questions: A Guide Hubbard & Power Definitive resource for teacher inquiry in the        Book (10)      371.10207 HUB (9   Rotating Book
for Teacher-Researchers                       classroom                                                            copies)            Talks
Power Struggles:Successful                                                                                                            Rotating Book
Techniques for Educator                                                                                                               Talks
Teaching Children who struggle                                                                                                        Rotating Book
With Mathematics: A                                                                                                                   Talks
Systematic Approach To
Anyalysis And Correction ( 5

                                                                           Page 41
                                                      Library Catalog by Subject
              Title              Author                     Annotation                             Media         Call Number       Subject
The Teacher's Guide to                                                                                                         Rotating Book
success ( Book with DVD- 5                                                                                                     Talks
Writing In The Content Areas (5                                                                                                Rotating Book
copies)                                                                                                                        Talks
Best Schools, The: How Human Armstrong    This book will help educators reflect on how to Book                370.15 ARM       School
Development Research Should               enable each student to reach his/her true                                            Inprovment
Inform Educational Practice               potential, how to inspire each child and
                                          adolescent to discover an inner passion to learn
                                          & how to honor the unique journey of each
                                          individual through life.
By Different Paths to Common   Clay       Marie Clay concentrates on literacy awareness, Book                 302.2244 CLA     School
Outcomes                                  the power of writing and adapting to diversity in                                    Inprovment
                                          the classroom.
Changing School Culture       Joyce       Contains research, shareholders' roles and        Book              371.1461 JOY     School
Through Staff Development                 district initiatives.                                                                Inprovment
Enhancing Student             Danielson                                                     Book              371.2 DAN (2     School
Achievement - A Framework for                                                                                 Copies)          Inprovment
School Improvement
How To Use Action Research in Calhoun     Looks at action research from a school wide      Book               370.78 CAL (2    School
the Self-Renewing School                  perspective via a simple step-by-step.                              copies)          Inprovment

New American Family And The Johnston      Discusses the new American family and ways to Booklet               370.19341 JOH    School
School, The                               involve it in education.                                                             Inprovment
On the Road to Reform: School                                                           Video                 SED # 4-2-95     School
Change That Works                                                                                             (Video)          Inprovment
Policy Perspectives              Kirst    Accountability and its implications for state/local book/pamphlet   370.193 KIR      School
Accountability: Implications for          policymakers.                                                                        Inprovment
State & Local Policymakers

Results: The Key to Continuous Schmoker   Meaningful teamwork, when combined with          Book               371.200973 SCH   School
School Improvement                        goals and data analysis are foundation for                                           Inprovment
School To Work: Getting Down                                                               Video              SED # 11-2-95    School
to Business                                                                                                   (Video)          Inprovment
Shared Decision Making                                                                     Book               SED # 4-1-97     School
Resource Packet                                                                                                                Inprovment

                                                                   Page 42
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                              Annotation                        Media            Call Number       Subject
Sustaining Change in Schools - Johnson, Daniel      Understanding the quality profile -- Asking     Book              371.2 JOH         School
How to Overcome Differences P.                      quality questions -- Making quality a habit --                                      Inprovment
and Focus on Quality                                Focusing on success -- Managing tasks and
                                                    leading people -- Nurturing balanced leadership

Tapping Potential: Practicing                                                                      Video              SED # 12-2-95     School
Equity in the Classroom                                                                                               (Video)           Inprovment
Transforming Schools -           Zmuda,Kuklis,Kli                                                  Book               370.71 ZMU        School
Creating a Culture of            ne                                                                                                     Inprovment
Continuous Improvement
What Matters Most: Teaching      National         Summary Report                                   Pamphlet           370.711 TEA       School
for America's Future             commission on                                                                                          Inprovment
                                 Teaching &
                                 America's Future

Whole Faculty Study Groups     Carlene U.           Practical guidance for starting, leading and   Book               370.07155 MUR     School
                               Murphy & Dale        maintaining faculty study groups                                                    Inprovment
                               W. Lick
Classroom 2061: Activity-Based Elizabeth            New visions for science, mathematics, and      Book               590 HAM           Science
Assessments in Science         Hammerman and        language arts.
Integrated with Mathematics    Diann Musial
and Language Arts

Developing and Supporting      Susan Loucks-        Placing teacher development at the center of   Book               590 LOU           Science
Teachers for Science Education Horsley, et al       improving science instruction.
in the Middle Years

Fusing Science with Literature   King & Sudol       Incorporating literature into the science program Book              372.35044 KIN   Science
                                                    with trade book recommendations.
Increasing Your Students'        Hassard            Using the Internet, active learning, project-     Audio Cassettes & 590 HAS         Science
Science Achievement: Using                          based and performance assessment strategies Handbook
the INTERNET, Active                                to increase achievement and motivation.
Learning, Project-Based and
Performance Assessment
Strategies (Grades 6-12)
Science and Technology           Rodger Bybee, et Concrete policy recommendations for science      Book               590 BYB           Science
Education for the Middle Years   al               curriculum and instruction.

                                                                             Page 43
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                   Author                             Annotation                                 Media        Call Number       Subject
Science Experiences:             Hassard           Core subject activities, interdisciplinary activities   Book             507 HAS           Science
Cooperative Learning and the                       and projects for teaching science using
Teaching of Science.                               cooperative learning.
Zoo-opolis                                         Live Animals. Glimpse into the animal world             Video            590.744 PAV       Science
                                                   within the zoo environment.
7 Effective Strategies for       Dieker            A comprehensive & valuable resource for                 DVD              371.9 DIE         Secondary
Secondary Inclusion                                teachers, administrators, & staff developers
                                                   interested in turning their secondary schools into
                                                   a successful learning environment.
Block Scheduling: A Catalyst for Canady & Rettig   Descriptions of types of block scheduling and           Book             371.2 CAN         Secondary
Change in H S                                      their effects.
Block Scheduling: A Collection Robin Fogarty       Guidelines and implications of encouraging              Book             371.2421 FOG (2   Secondary
of Articles                                        more involved, more active and more student-                             copies)
                                                   initiated learning through block scheduling.

Closing the Gap-Teacher to     The University of                                                           Book             SED#5-9-00        Secondary
Teacher: Installment 1         the State of New
Closing the Gap-Teacher to     The University of                                                           Book             SED#5-10-00       Secondary
Teacher: Installment 2         the State of New
Closing the Gap-Teacher to     The University of                                                           Book             SED#5-11-00       Secondary
Teacher: Installment 3         the State of New
Instructional Strategies that  Mangione          Innovative instructional strategies that keep             Videos & Guide   371.2 MAN (2      Secondary
Enhance Student Learning in                      students engaged and productive throughout                                 copies)
Block Schedules Gr. 6-12                         the extended time periods
Integrating Literature in the  Kane              This practical, accessible resource will help you         Book             428.4071 KAN      Secondary
Content Areas: Enhancing                         integrate children's & young adult literature into
Adolescent Learning & Literacy                   your middle school or high school classroom,
                                                 while addressing content area standards and
                                                 improving the literacy skills of students.

                                                                              Page 44
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                Author                             Annotation                         Media       Call Number      Subject
Managing Your Classroom with Ridnouer              Drawing on her own experience as a high         Book         371.102 RID       Secondary
Heart: A Guide for Nurturing                       school teacher, the author shares an approach
Adolescent Learners                                to classroom management that will help you
                                                   spend less time" dealking with" your adolescent
                                                   learners & more time inspiring them to be their
                                                   best selves in school & beyond

Meet Me in the Middle:           Rick Wormeli      Both a "how-to" book and a thoughtful narrative Book         373.1102 WOR      Secondary
Becoming an Accomplished                           on key teaching challenges.
Middle-Level Teacher
Teaching in the Block:           Canady & Rettig   Methods on how to involve students actively in   Book        371.2 CAN         Secondary
Strategies for Engaging Active                     the learning process.
Teaching Middle School           Judith M. Zorfass Practical information about inquiry-based,       Book        373.1102 ZOR (2   Secondary
Students to be Active                              interdisciplinary learning.                                  copies)
Think About...Block Scheduling   Robin Fogarty     Authentic, multi-dimensional instructional       Book        371.242 FOG       Secondary
                                                   strategies for orchestrating your teaching in
                                                   these new time allotments.
Turning Points 2000 Educating Jackson / Davis      Emphasis on curriculum, student assessment,      Book        373.18 JAC        Secondary
Adolescents in the 21st Century                    and instruction.

What Every Middle School         Trudy Knowles & Helps understanding of adolescents and how         Book        373.236 KNO       Secondary
Teacher Should Know              Dave Brown      they think and learn.
Are You Still Teaching           Carol Fuery     Filled with humor, inspiration and motivation,     Book        371.102 FUE       Self
                                                 this book is the tonic veterans need to renew                                    Improvement
                                                 their love and p passion for the profession.
Ed Speak: A Glossary of          Ravitch         A valuable resource both for veteran educators     Book        370.3 RAV         Self
Education Terms, Phrases,                        who needs to stay abreast of newly emerging                                      Improvement
Buzzwords, and Jargon                            terminolgy & for newcomers to the profession-
                                                 be they teachers, admin, parents, students or
                                                 just citizens who care about what happens in
                                                 the classroom.
Fish! A Remarkable Way to        Lundin          A powerful parable that will help you love the     Book        658.3 LUN         Self
Boost Morale and Improve                         work you do - even if you can't always do work                                   Improvement
Results                                          that you love.

                                                                            Page 45
                                                            Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                Author                           Annotation                      Media              Call Number        Subject
Lighter Side of Teaching       Bacall           Whether used as overheads for staff            Book                741.5 BAC         Self
                                                development meetings or as an individual break                                       Improvement
                                                in a busy day, this collection of whimsical
                                                glimpses at teaching will provide a moment to
                                                laugh and add a little levity and poignancy to
                                                your workday.
Motivating Students and        Sagor                                                           Book                370.154 SAG (2    Self
Teachers in an Era of                                                                                              copies)           Improvement
National Board Certification   Barone           Answers questions and guides teachers through Book                 371.12 BAR        Self
Handbook, The                                   every aspect of preparation for national                                             Improvement
Parents & Teachers Working     Davis and Yang   Build strong relationships w/your students'       Book             373.119 DAV       Self
Together: Strategies for                        spotlights of a dozen other teachers at work in a                                    Improvement
Teachers Series                                 variety of classrooms, this book gives
                                                elementary teachers practical ideas for
                                                collaborating w/parents all year long.
Personal Planner & Training     Dover, Wendy    Understanding Inclusion and Special Services Book                  371.9 DOV         Self
Guide for the ParaEducator,                                                                                                          Improvement
The (Second Edition)
Radical Reflections: Passionate Fox             Essays dedicated to making children care about Book                372.60973 FOX     Self
Opinions on Teaching, Learning                  reading and writing                                                                  Improvement
and Living

Stirring The Waters : The      Gaffney & Askew Essays that explore the depth and breadth of       Book             372.6 GAF         Self
Influence of Marie Clay                        Clay's contributions to education.                                                    Improvement
SubInstructor: Individual      Utah State                                                         CD - Version 1   370.114 IND       Self
Substitute Teacher Training    University                                                                                            Improvement
Substitute Teacher Handbook    Utah State                                                         Book             371.14 UTA        Self
(Elementary K-8)               University                                                                                            Improvement
Substitute Teacher Handbook    Utah State                                                         Book             371.14 SUB        Self
(Secondary 9-12)               University                                                                                            Improvement
Tape 1: Where Do I Start?      Dover, Wendy    Para instruction on what to do, what to ask, and   Video            371.14124 DOV     Self
                                               how to conduct themselves in: The Main Office,                                        Improvement
                                               The Teachers' Lounge, The Lunchroom and
                                               Regular Classroom/Special Classroom

                                                                        Page 46
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
              Title               Author                              Annotation                            Media            Call Number          Subject
Tape 2: Working With Students Dover, Wendy         Insight and specific suggestions for paras         Video              371.14124 DOV       Self
In The Inclusive Classroom                         responsible for monitoring student progress and                                           Improvement
                                                   providing optimal, appropriate support
Teaching Old Logs New Tricks: Giangreco            Collection of cartoons that see humor in real-life Book               370.222 GIA         Self
More Absurdities and Realities                     educational situations.                                                                   Improvement
of Education
Who Moved My Cheese            Spencer Johnson                                                         Book              155.24 JOH (2       Self
                                                                                                                         copies)             Improvement
A Child's View of Grief and        Wolfelt         Pamphlets and videos dealing with grief and         pamphlet & (2)    371.4 WOL           Social Issues
Other Resources                                    dying for students and adults                       videos
Alternative Strategies to Social   Glasser         (38 min)                                            Video             371.3 GLA (Video)   Social Issues
Beyond Tokenism                  Cairney & Munsie The building of partnerships between parents         book              370.2 CAI           Social Issues
                                                  and schools.
Crossing the Tracks: How         Oakes            One of the hottest controversies in educational      Book              371.2 WHE           Social Issues
"Untracking" Can Save                             circles today concerns the practice of "tracking,"
America's Schools                                 or grouping students by ability, beginning in the
                                                  early grades.
Emotional Literacy in the Middle Maurer, Marvin   This program breaks away from existing               Book              370.153 MAU         Social Issues
School                                            social/emotional programs in that it "speaks"
                                                  directly to the teacher with a clear approach in
                                                  how to maximize all avenues of cognition with
                                                  lessons that are directly integrated into
                                                  language arts classes.
Recognizing Child Abuse          Besharov         Understanding the legal obligations and              Book              362.768 BES         Social Issues
Reducing School Violence Hot Kadel, Follman       Practical options for dealing with violent           Book              371.58 KAD          Social Issues
Topics: Usable Research                           situations in school and preventing further
A Framework for Understanding Payne               Specific strategies for dealing with the obstacles   Book (2 copies)   362.5 PAY (2 copies) Social
Poverty                                           poverty can create in all types of interaction                                              Issues/Classroo
                                                                                                                                              m Strategies

Beyond the Textbook: Teaching David Kobrin         Classroom lessons which illustrate what student Book                  901.1173 KOB        Social Studies
History Using Documents &                          historian theory looks like in action.
Primary Sources

Holocaust Chronicle, The           Publications    A history in words and pictures of Holocaust.       Book              940.53 WEB (3       Social Studies
                                   International                                                                         copies)

                                                                            Page 47
                                                                 Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                               Annotation                        Media       Call Number        Subject
Renewing the Social Studies    Parker                Suggestions of the 5 most essential topics in a book         300.7173 PAK        Social Studies
Curriculum                                           social studies curriculum.
Seeking History: Teaching with Monica Edinger        Lots of primary resource ideas and resources    Book & CD    372.89044 EDG (CD- Social Studies
Primary Sources in Grades 4-6                        including a CD-ROM which the teacher can use                 ROM)
Ways That Work: Putting Social Tarry Lindquist       Models several different ways content can be    Book         300.71 LIN          Social Studies
Studies Stds. into Practice                          organized, taught and assessed.

Asperger Syndrome and             Myles, Cook,       Provides realistic strategies and truly             Book     616.89 MYL          Special
Sensory Issues: Practical         Miller, Rinner &   consolidates the variety of complex issued                                       Education
Solutions for Making Sense of     Robbins            faced by parents. Spec Ed teachers,
the World                                            pediatricians & family physicians will gain insight
                                                     into the issued faced by patients, their families &
Beyond F.A.T. City: A Look        Lavoie             A conversation abaout special education: Offers DVD          371.9 LAV           Special
Back, A Look Ahead                                   practical strategies as well as inspirational                                    Education
                                                     messages for those who teach children
                                                     w/learning disabilities who constantly struggle
                                                     w/frustration, anxiety & tension (F.A.T.).

Brain-Friendly Strategies for the Willis             Neurologist/classroom teacher J. Willis explains Book        370.15 WIL          Special
Inclusion Classroom                                  that we can best help students by putting in                                     Education
                                                     place strategies/accomm/interventions that
                                                     provide developmentally & academically
                                                     appropriate challenges to suit the needs, gifts, &
                                                     goals of ea student.

Creating A Unified System:       Sailor, Wayne     This video illustrates how White Church          Video         371.9046 SAI        Special
Integrating General and Special                    Elementary School in Kansas City, Kansas                                           Education
Education for the Benefit of All                   created a unified system to support the learning
Students                                           needs of all students regardless of label or
                                                   severity of need.
Creating an Inclusive School      Villa & Thousand A comprehensive resource on inclusive            Book          371.9046 VIL        Special
                                                   schooling including children and youth with                                        Education
                                                   disabilities in general education classrooms.
                                                   The foundation of inclusion and promising
                                                   practices in K-12 schools is discussed.

                                                                              Page 48
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                Author                           Annotation                      Media             Call Number      Subject
Dictionary of Developmental     Accardo &        Portable and convenient, this dictionary is an Book               618.92 ACC        Special
Disabilities Terminology        Whitman          invaluable tool for anyone who cares for or                                         Education
                                                 works with individuals who have developmental
Helping Children with Autism    Siegel           The author has made a thoughtful and learned Book                 371.94 SIE        Special
Learn: Treatment Approaches                      analysis of the unique & perplexing learning                                        Education
for Parents and Professionals                    strengths & weaknesses exemplified by the
                                                 autism spectrum. Her book makes a valuable
                                                 contribution to parents & professionals
                                                 searching for clarification.

How Difficult Can This Be?    Lavoie             Series of exercises that cause frustration,     Video             371.9 LAV         Special
Understand Learning                              anxiety and tension. Participants discuss                                           Education
Disabilities- The F.A.T. City                    strategies for working more effectively with
Workshop                                         learning disabled children.
Improving Test Performance of Elliott, Judy      Emphasizing practical application, the authors Book               371.9043 ELL      Special
Students With Disabilities                       move step-by-step through different approaches                                      Education
                                                 to improving the performance of students with
Inclusion: A Service, Not a     Alan Gartner &   Topics covered include: the IEP, collaboration, Book              371.9046 GAR      Special
Place                           Dorothy Lipsky   supplementary services, positive behavior                                           Education
                                                 supports and assistive technology.

Kids Behind the Label, The: An Knowles           In this book students with ADHD tell you what Book                371.94 KNO        Special
Inside Look at ADHD for                          they experience coming to class each day.                                           Education
Classroom Teachers                               Trudy interviewed 14 ADHD students from elem
                                                 to college, asking them to reflect on their
                                                 clasroom experiences. Their descriptions will
                                                 forever change your approach.

Making Inclusion More          BER               Specific strategies that reduce time off task and Video & Guide   371.9046 BER      Special
Successful: Practical Behavior                   deal with misbehaviors.                                                             Education
Management Strategies for the
Classroom Grades K-6

Making Inclusion More         BER                Learning strategies based on learning styles of   Video & Guide   371.9046 BER      Special
Successful: Practical                            students                                                                            Education
Classroom Learning Strategies
Grades K-6

                                                                          Page 49
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                         Annotation                                   Media       Call Number         Subject
Reaching the Hard to Teach      Wood           Practical products which meet the identified           Book             371.8 WOO            Special
                                               educational needs.                                                                           Education
Standards & Inclusion: Can We Lipsky & Gartner (40 min.) Video Addresses many of the critical         Video            371.9 LIP (2 copies) Special
Have Both?                                     issues facing educators who are supporting                                                   Education
                                               students with disabilities in inclusive settings. A
                                               must for pre-service and in-service training.

Successful Inclusion Strategies Gore                Specific research targeting students            Book               371.952 GOR         Special
for Secondary and Middle                            w/disabilities in middle/secondary classrooms.                                         Education
School Teachers: Keys to Help                       Field tested & teacher-friendly approaches to
Struggling Learners Access the                      understanding the levels and stages of learning
Curriculum                                          in students w/disabilities. Examines the locks
                                                    that bar access to learning.

Teaching Teens with ADD and Zeigler Dendy           Offers practical strategies, interventions, and   Book             371.9263 ZEI        Special
ADHD: A Quick Reference                             tips as well as review of basics of ADD/ADHD.                                          Education
Guide for Teachers and Parents

Teaching the Tiger: A           Dornbush            Practical and pragmatic techniques for use in     Book             371.94 DOR          Special
Handbook for Individuals                            the classroom                                                                          Education
Involved in the Education of
Students with Attention Deficit
Disorders, Tourette Syndrome
or Obsessive-Compulsive
You're Going to Love This Kid: Kluth                This book brings to life a learner-centered, multi- Book           371.94 KLU          Special
Teaching Students with Autism                       dimension, out of the box perspective fore                                             Education
in the Inclusive Classroom                          effectively educating kids with autism, their
                                                    peers and their teams. A meaningful and
                                                    dynamic must read for anyone blessed to know
                                                    a learner with autism!
Action Research: A Guide for    Geoffrey E. Mills   Step-by-step action research process detailing Book                370.7 MIL           Student
the Teacher Researcher                              resources and methods                                                                  Achievement
Action Research: An Education   Jeffrey Glanz       Utilizing qualitative and quantitative data to      Book           370.72 GLA          Student
Leader's Guide to School                            make sound teaching/learning decisions.                                                Achievement
Action Research: Practitioner   Robin Marion &      Lists research networks, online sites, funding    Book             370.7 MAR           Student
Resource Guide                  Ken Zeichner        sources, books, articles, and other resources.                                         Achievement

                                                                             Page 50
                                                             Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                  Author                      Annotation                                  Media       Call Number      Subject
Building Background             Marzano          Research on What Works in Schools                  Book            371.2 MAR         Student
Knowledge for Academic                                                                                                                Achievement
How to Conduct Collaborative    Richard Sagor    Five steps of collaborative action research to     Book            370.78073 SAG     Student
Action Research                                  improve teaching/learning process.                                                   Achievement

Practical Action Research for   Richard A.       Step by step guide to both proactive and            Book           370.72 SCH        Student
Change                          Schmuck          responsive types of action research.                                                 Achievement
Research You Can Use to         Cotton           Comprehensive guide to highest quality and          Book           370.78 COT        Student
Improve Results                                  most useful studies on effective schooling                                           Achievement
Results NOW: How We Can         Schmoker         Chapters: The Brutal Facts About Instruction        Book           371.2 SCH         Student
Achieve Unprecedented                            and Its Supervision, Reality and Illusion in Public                                  Achievement
Improvements in Teaching &                       Schools, Literacy Education: The Greatest
Learning                                         Opportunity of All, Learning and Leading in the
                                                 Professional Learning Community

What Works in Schools -       Marzano                                                               Book            371.2 MAR (2      Student
Translating Research Into                                                                                           copies)           Achievement
Complete Computer Trainer,    Clothier           Computer - Study and Teaching                      Book            004.071 CLO       Technology
Connecting Student Learning & Adams & Burns      Using computers and their attachments to           Book            370.15 ADA        Technology
Technology                                       complement classroom instruction and support
Empowering Students With        November         This book helps teachers understand how to         Book            371.334 NOV       Technology
Technology                                       use computers, fax machines, digital cameras
                                                 and other technology resources as productive
                                                 and innovation learning tools.
Failure To Connect              Healy, Jane M.   Book to link children's technology use to          Book            371.334 HEA       Technology
                                PH.D.            important new findings about stages of child
                                                 development and brain maturation.
Increasing Student Learning     Simkins          Managing project-based learning that addresses     Book            371.33 SIM (2     Technology
through Multimedia Projects                      curriculum standards                                               copies)
Information Transformation:     Armstrong        How to take students from initial selection of a   Book            025.5 ARM         Technology
Teaching strategies for                          topic through stages of research to a final
authentic research, projects,                    presentation.
and activities

                                                                          Page 51
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                    Author                        Annotation                            Media         Call Number        Subject
Picture This: Digital and Instant Entz & Galarza   How to easily put children at the enter of the   Book             371.3352 ENT        Technology
Photography Activities for Early                   learning process with a camera and simple
Childhood Learning                                 computer equipment
Technology Fix - The Promise Pflaum                                                                 Book             371.33 PFL          Technology
and Reality of Computers in Our
Schools, The

Using the Internet to Enhance    BER               Two videos and resource guide for training in      Video & Resource 001.64 BER (2     Technology
Student Learning Grades 2-6                        Internet use in the classroom                      Guide            Videos/Resource
World Wide Web for Teachers      Bard Williams     The possibilities and educational uses of World Book                001.64 WIL        Technology
                                                   Wide Web in the classroom
Active Reader and Writers, The Panman              A collection of readings that illustrate effective Book             808.0427 PAN      Writing
                                                   writing. Model paragraphs and essays present
                                                   excellent examples of the type of writing
                                                   students will learn to master. The test has
                                                   many interested readings that will provoke much
                                                   though & discussion.
Essential Ingredients: Recipes   Worsham           Suggestions for writing that are appropriate       Book             808.042 WOR       Writing
for Teaching Writing                               across the curriculum and for students in grades
                                                   K-12. Feast of ideas from experienced and new
                                                   teachers for enlivening students' writing
                                                   experiences, including an innovative use of the
                                                   helping circle.

Inside Notebooks: Bringing Out Buckner             This book allows students of all ages to            DVD & guide   372.6 BUC           Writing
Writers, Grades 3-6                                brainstorm ideas, test strategies for crafting
                                                   writing & develop tools for drafting & revision. In
                                                   this 2 pt series, the author takes viewers into
                                                   her classroom as students use their W.N.
                                                   across the curriculum.
Interactive Writing: How         McCarrier         Essential elements of the interactive writing       Book          372.623 MCC (2      Writing
Language & Literacy Come                           process                                                           copies)
Together, K-2
Proposal Power: The              Martin, Landrum   Steps on becoming a successful proposal          Book             379.12 MAR Co. 1    Writing
Educator's Proposal Writing                        writer.

                                                                             Page 52
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
                Title                  Author                            Annotation                         Media       Call Number       Subject
Put It In Writing: Learn How To                     Teaches individuals how to communicate            Book          808.0665          Writing
Write Clearly, Quickly &                            directly and powerfully through the written word.
Persuasively                                        Good writing means clear, effective
                                                    communication in letters, reports and public
                                                    speech. Good writing means making the
                                                    contact, the point and getting results.
Spelling Inquiry: How one         Chandler et al.   K-5 perspective on spelling development and       Book          372.632 CHA       Writing
Elementary school Caught the                        how teacher-researchers changed teaching
Mnemonic Plague                                     practice
When Students Write               Fletcher          See effective teachers: (Tape 1) Building a       Videos (4)    372.63044 FLE     Writing
                                                    Writing Community; (Tape 2) Teaching writing                    (Video set)
                                                    skills in context; (Tape 3) Using Literature that
                                                    Supports Writing; and (Tape 4) Craft lessons to
                                                    stretch young writers.
Writing Basics: Sentence to       Panman                                                              Book          808.066 PAN       Writing
Paragraph to Essay
1986-87 Spanish I Slide           Tesoriero         The Spanish I presentation on Mexico, NY.        Audio Tape &   460 Tes Kit
Presentation                                                                                         Slides
A Collection of Alternative  Douglas                                                                 Book           SED#20-10-96
Assessment Tasks for Grade 4 Reynolds,
Science                      Rodney Doran,
                             Robert Allers &
                             Susan Agruso
A Collection of Alternative  Douglas                                                                 Book           SED#20-11-96
Assessment Tasks for Grade 8 Reynolds,
Science                      Rodney Doran,
                             Robert Allers &
                             Susan Agruso
A New Vision for Staff       NYS Staff                                                               Videotape      SED#23-6-00
Development in NYS           Development
A Visit to a Differentiated  ASCD                   Visit an elementary classroom where a flexible   Video          371.252 ASC
Classroom                                           approach to teaching and learning is
                                                    demonstrated (60 min.)
ABC's of Discipline in the     Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet       521B
Academic Intervention Services                                                                       Videotape      SED#26-2-99

                                                                            Page 53
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                Author                               Annotation                          Media       Call Number   Subject
Active Learning Handbook for Bellanca               Each of 200 activities is categorized by the     Book            370.152 BEL
the Multiple Intelligences                          intelligence it targets with blackline masters
Alerting A New Audience About NYSED                 Compilation of New York State programs that      Book            371.1 NYSED
Teaching As A Career                                encourage teaching as a career.
Anchor                        Platts                Handbook of activities for teaching vocabulary   Book            372.61 PLA
Assessing Student                                                                                    Videotape       SED#23-9-XX
Performance Video 3
At Work in the Differentiated   ASCD              Reviews curriculum approaches and                  Video           371.252 ASC
Classroom: Planning                               instructional strategies for classroom
Curriculum and Instruction                        implementation
Better Learning                 Young & Savage How to help students overcome learning                Book            371.92 YOU
                                                  problems and disabilities.
Beyond Tokenism: Parents as     Cairney & Munsie A book about parents, children, schools and         book            370.1 CAI
Partners in Literacy                              literacy.
Brain Gym (Teacher's Edition    Paul E. Dennison Brain Gym Learning Styles                           Book            616.85 DEN
Revised)                        & Gail E.
Bringing Lessons to Life        Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

Build Respect for Rules,        Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet
Authority & Other People
Building Reading Skills: A      Parent Institute    Reading Skills                                   Pamphlet
Blueprint for Parents
Children and Their World:       Welton & Mallan     Basic text on teaching Social Studies.           Book            372.83 WEL
Teaching Elementary Social
Cognitive Coaching Foundation   Costa &                                                              Book            370.152 COS
Seminar: Learning Guide         Garmston

Cognitive Coaching: A           Costa &                                                              Book            370.152 COS
Foundation For Renaissance      Garmston
Schools 2nd Edition
Consider the Source: Historical                                                                      Book            SED#22-3-95 (4
Records in the Classroom                                                                                             copies)

Context of Performance                                                                               Videotape       SED#23-10-00
Assessment, The: Video 4,

                                                                              Page 54
                                                                 Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                   Author                             Annotation                           Media           Call Number     Subject
Cooperative Learning and        Stone               100's of activities concerning integrated        Book                372.6 STO
Language Arts                                       listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Cooperative Learning            Slavin, Kagan &     Collection of research articles contributed by   Book                370.11 SLA
Workshop                        Sharan              each author.
Coping with Class Size          Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

Core Curriculum Companion    NYS                                                                     Book                SED#15-5-00 (3
For The NYS Mathematics                                                                                                  copies)
Resource Guide, The
Co-Teaching Lesson Plan Book Dieker                Designed to support the evolution of change in Book                   371.3028 DIE
                                                   the field of special education. Co-teaching is an
                                                   increasingly common and effective instructional
                                                   strategy, for enhancing the success of students
                                                   with disabilities in general education
Creating an Inclusive School    Villa, Richard and IDEA law provides the foundation for inclusive Book                   371.9 VIL
2nd edition                     Thousand,          schooling, requiring that every child with a
                                Jacqueline         disability receive a free and appropriate public
                                                   education and learn in the least restrictive
Day of the African Child                                                                             Video               SED#22-1-XX
Dealing with Apathetic Students Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

Differentiating Instruction to Gregory              Reviews assessment, adjustable assignments, Videos (2), CD (1)       371.252 GRE
Meet the Needs of All Students                      instructional strategies and curriculum                              (Video/CD)
(Elementary Edition)                                approaches for implementation in the
                                                    elementary classroom.
Differentiating Instruction:                        Facilitator's guide for studying instruction based Notebook & Book   371.252 TOM
Facilitator's Guide                                 on student needs. Two videos also available.                         (Notebook & book)

Early Literacy Guidance                             Initiatives related to early literacy            Book                SED # 5-14-02
Prekindergarten - Grade 3
Energy and Communications:                                                                           Book                SED # 20-5-93
How Can We Send and
Receive Information?
Energy: How Does It Impact                                                                           Book                SED # 20-8-94
Our Lives?

                                                                                Page 55
                                                                  Library Catalog by Subject
                Title                  Author                           Annotation                                Media        Call Number   Subject
Epidemics: Can We Escape                                                                                  Book              SED # 20-4-93
Them? Problem Solving
Activities for Middle-Level
Essential Elements of              The University of                                                      Pamphlet          SED # 16-1-00
Standards-Focused Middle-          the State of New
Level Schools and Programs         York
Evaluating Acquired Skills in      Riley             A five-level informal communication skills           Test              371.271 RIL
Communication                                        inventory for the preschool.
Fish! Facilitator's Guide, The     Lundin, Stephen; Techniques to create a more interesting, playful,     Book & 2 Videos   153.8 LUN
                                   Parke, Katie      profitable and energetic workplace. The kind of
                                                     place where you feel positive and fulfilled by the
                                                     way you do your work.
Fish! Sticks facilitator's guide & Parke-Reimer,     A story of hope for all of us who struggle to keep   Book & Video      153.8 PAR
video                              Katie; Lundin,    a vision alive
Fish! Sticks work play book,       Lundin, Stephen Making a vision stick                                  Book              153.8 LUN
Gee Wiz!: How to Mix Art and Allison & Katz          Projects to perform using materials found            Book              507 ALL M/S
Science or Art of Thinking                           around the house.
Getting Help When You Need It Teacher Institute                                                           pamphlet

Goals 2000: Parent Training                          25 minutes                                           video
(from SAANYS)
Grade 8 Intermediate Social    SED                                                                        Booklet           SED #22-8-00
Studies Test - Test Sampler
Guidelines for Teaching Middle Judith A. Langer      Details the (6) features of effective instruction    Book              808.042 LAN
& High School Students to
Read and Write Well

Help Student with Reading      Parent Institute                                                           pamphlet          315A
(What Parents Can Do at
Help Students Learn to Resolve Teacher Institute                                                          pamphlet
Helping Children as Risk       Teacher Institute                                                          pamphlet

                                                                               Page 56
                                                                    Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                         Author                         Annotation                              Media      Call Number   Subject
Human Body: How Can I                                                                                      Book           SED#20-9-95
Maintain and Care for Myself?,
I Hate Mathematics Book, The        Burns               Events, gags, magic tricks and experiments to      Book           510 BUR M/S
                                                        improve mathematic skills.
Images of Assessment                                                                                       Videotape      SED#23-7-XX
Improving Reading in Science        Thelen              Integrating skills necessary for reading science. Book            507.1 THE M/S

Instill The Desire for Success in   Teacher Institute                                                      pamphlet
your Students
Intermediate-Level Science          SED                                                                    Booklet        SED # 20-12-00
Examination - Test Sampler
Keep It Simple Bulletin Board       Volz                Bulletin board ideas for grades 7-12.              Book           373.13 VOL MC
Ideas For Grades 7-12
Leading the Cooperative School      Johnson &           Creating and leading cooperative schools.          Book           370.11a JOH
Learning Experience Outlines        MidSouth                                                               CD             STTC #23-13-00
                                    Regional Peer
Learning Standards for                                                                                     Book           SED # 15-7-96
Mathematics, Science and
Learning Standards for Social                                                                              Book           SED # 22-4-96
Lesson Plans on Aging Issues:                           The lesson plans integrate issues of aging into    CD, VHS &      300.71 ICG
Creative Ways to Meet Social                            the social studies curriculum for grades 7-12.     Guide/Lesson
Studies Standards Kit                                   All lessons in this kit have been teacher tested   Books
                                                        & revised to ensure easy implementation. 22
                                                        teachers field-tested the lessons over a 2 yr.
Loving and Beyond: Science       Abruscato &            Methods for humanism in science teaching and       Book           507 Abr M/S
Teaching for the Humanistic      Hassard                activities.
Making Connections Project:                                                                                Book           SED#23-5-97
Effective Collaborations Written
by Teachers for Teachers in 15
NYS School Districts, The

                                                                                 Page 57
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
              Title                Author                          Annotation                                Media       Call Number     Subject
Making More Big Words:         Cunningham, Hall Hands-on exploration of words, letter-sound          Book            421.52 CUN
Multilevel, Hands-on Phonics                    relationships and letter patterns
and Spelling Activities
Managing Your Classroom        Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet

Mathematical Experience, The   Davis & Hersh       Philosophy of mathematics and its meaning and Book                510 DAV M/S
Mathematics, Science &                                                                           CD ROM              SED # 15-9-98 (CD
Technology (CD ROM)                                                                                                  ROM)
Meeting Teacher Where They     Souther Tier        Staff Development for a new century; Action       Booklet         STTCN # 23-16-02
Work: Models of Job-           Teacher Center      Research; Collaborative Groups, Leadership &
Embedded Staff Development                         the teaching professional; the 7-share project.

Meeting the Standards          Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet
Mindful School, The: How to    Kay Burke           Resource for helping educators understand,        Book            371.2 BUR (2
Assess Authentic Learning                          redefine, and reshape assessment practices.                       copies)

Motivating Students            Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet

Motivating Students to Get     Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet
Organized & Use Time Wisely

Motivating Students to Read    Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet

New York Agriculture in the    Cornell                                                               Catalog         COR # 25-1-00
Classroom                      Educational
NY Science, Technology &                                                                             Book            SED # 20-2-96
Society Education Project:
Teacher Guide
NYS Program Evaluation Test    SED                                                                   Booklet         SED # 20-13-00
in Science K-4
NYS Teacher Resource &                                                                               Video           SED # 23-3-XX
computer Training Centers                                                                                            (Video)
NYS Testing Program for                                                                              Book            SED # 4-1-97
Elementary and Intermediate
Grades, Information Brochure

                                                                            Page 58
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                   Author                            Annotation                          Media          Call Number    Subject
Organizing Thinking Book II     Parks & Black                                                        Software         371.3 PAR SW
Organizing Thinking, Book II    Parks, Sandra       Integrate the teaching of thinking skills into   Book             371.3 PAR
                                                    elementary school instruction
Oswego County Local History                                                                          Book             OCTC # 22-5-92
Our Lake Ontario sand Dunes:                                                                         Book             NYS # 6-2-93
A Resource Notebook

Participation in Government -   SED                                                                  Booklet          SED # 22-7-01
Peer Review                                                                                          Video            SED # 23-1-99
Performing Assessment for                                                                            Videotape        SED # 23-8-XX
Active Learning: Video 2
Please Understand Me:           Keirsey & Bates                                                      Book             155.26 KEI
Character & Temperament
Possibilities Catalog                                                                                Book             SED # 26-1-92
Power On! New Tools for         Congress of the     The state of the art of technology in our nation's Book & Video   371.39445 POR VC
Teaching and Learning           United States       classrooms.
                                Office of
Put Reading First: The          CIERA & NIFL        How to successfully teach children to read:      Book             CIERA # 06-XX-03
Research Building Block for                         Analysis & discussion in five areas of reading                    (C1 & C2)
Teaching Children to Read                           instruction: phonemic; awareness, phonics,
                                                    fluency, vocabulary & text comprehension.

Putting Technology to Work in Teacher Institute                                                      pamphlet
Your Classroom
Reading & Writing in the Middle David Booth       Details latest and most successful approaches      Book             372.412 BOO
Years                                             to teaching and strategies students need to
Reading for Meaning             Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

Recharging Your Batteries       Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

                                                                              Page 59
                                                                  Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                                Annotation                        Media           Call Number     Subject
Reciprocal Teaching Strategies Oczkus                 Improve students' reading comp by               DVD (40 min)     372.47 OCZ
at Work: Improving Reading                            implementing reciprocal teaching in your
Comprehension, Grades 2-6                             classroom, school, or district. Plenty of new
                                                      sample lesson, in-class observational footage &
                                                      testimonials from teachers who have
                                                      successfully implemented reciprocal teaching

Recycling: A Sign of the Times                                                                           Book          BOC # 6-1-94

Regents Examination in United SED                                                                        Booklet       SED # 22-9-00
States History and Government -
Test Sampler DRAFT

Running Records: Cassette &       Johnston            Self-tutoring guide for recording and analyzing a Book & Audiotape 428.42 JOH
Self-Tutoring Guide                                   running record
School Accountability and         SED                                                                   Videotape        SED # 26-5-01
School Report Cards - Feb. 16,
School To Work The Bridge To      UFT/NYCTCC                                                             Videotape     UFT # 11-7-97
The Next Century
Science Projects for the          Schneider           A variety of experiments and projects in all the   Book          507.8 SCH M/S
Intermediate Grades                                   sciences.
Sections 100.1-100.9 of the       NYSED                                                                  Book          SED # 26-3-00
Regulations of the
commissioner of Education
relating to General Education &
Diploma Requirements July
Self-Esteem: Parents &            Teacher Institute                                                      pamphlet
Children Working Together
Setting High Expectations         Teacher Institute                                                      pamphlet

Sharing Success                   New York State                                                         CD            SED # 26-3-00
Social Studies (CD ROM)                                                                                  CD ROM        SED # 22-6-99 (CD

                                                                               Page 60
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
                Title               Author                      Annotation                            Media          Call Number    Subject
Solid Waste: Is There A                                                                        Book               SED # 20-3-92
Solution: Problem Solving
Activities for Middle-Level
Space Learning Experience For Packard &         Hands-on teaching of solar system, moon        Book               523 Sta M/S
Children                      Stafford          rocks, NASA rockets and space creatures.
Statewide Peer Review         The University of                                                Book               SED # 23-1-99
                              The State of NY

Statewide Profile of the                                                                       Book               SED # 26-04-98A
Education System
Statewide Profile of the                                                                       Book               SED # 26-04-00A
Educational System
Statewide Profile of the                                                                       Book               SED # 26-04-99A
Educational System
Statistical Profiles of Public                                                                 Book               SED # 26-04-00B
School Districts
Statistical Profiles of Public                                                                 Book               SED # 26-04-98B
School Districts
Statistical Profiles of Public                                                                 Book               SED # 26-04-99B
School Districts
Strategies for Dealing with    Teacher Institute                                               pamphlet           519B
Tough Discipline Problems
Student Assessment Evaluation Farquharson et. Evaluation of research and study skills.         Book               371.3 FAR
of Research and Study Skills   al.

Tackling Large Assignments     Teacher Institute                                               pamphlet

Teacher's Guide: Mathematics Oswego County         Fractions and probability and statistics.   Book               372.70 BOC M/S
Objectives and Model Activities BOCES

Teaching About Aging in the    Ithaca College    Creative Ways to Meet Social Studies          Video, CD, Book,   ICGI # 6-XX-03
School                         Gerontology       Standards: Lesson Plans on Aging Issues       Guide
Teaching Every Student         Teacher Institute                                               pamphlet

Teaching Ideas for 7-12 English Gantt and Meeks                                                Book               428.007 GAN
Language Arts: What Really

                                                                             Page 61
                                                                Library Catalog by Subject
             Title                 Author                             Annotation                          Media      Call Number    Subject
Teaching in a Changing Society Teacher Institute                                                     pamphlet

Teaching Math Throughout the Teacher Institute                                                       pamphlet
Teaching Reading Throughout Teacher Institute                                                        pamphlet
the Curriculum
Teaching Responsibility      Teacher Institute                                                       pamphlet

Teaching Science in a Climate   Price               A guide for accurate science teaching.           Book         507.712 PRI M/S
of Controversy
Teaching Students               Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet     517B
Responsibility for Their
Learning & Behavior
Teaching Students Self-         Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet     510B
Teaching Students with ADD &    Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet     515B
Teaching Them All to Read, K-                                                                        Video        SED # 5-6-98
3; NYSED Teleconference                                                                                           (Video)
Teaching Thinking Skills        Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

Teaching Writing Throughout     Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet
the Curriculum
The ABC's of Discipline at      Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet     335A
Time Management for             Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet
Tools for Schools Data Analysis                                                                      Videotape    SED #23-15-01
Top Ideas from Classrooms       Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet
Like Yours
Uses of Enchantment: The        Bettelheim          How fairy tales educate, support, and liberate   Book         398.45 BET
Meaning and Importance of                           the emotions of children.
Fairy Tales, The
Using Natural and Logical       Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet     522B
Consequences in the

                                                                             Page 62
                                                               Library Catalog by Subject
               Title                 Author                           Annotation                          Media            Call Number   Subject
Using the Internet As An        The University of                                                    Book 3 ring binder SED#24-1-XX
Instructional Tool              the State of New
Using the Internet, Pt. 1 and                                                                        Videotape        SED#24-2-XX
Using the Internet, Pt. 2
Ventures In Good Practice       National         New trails in schools for professional collegiality Booklet          371.106 NAT
                                Education Assoc. and student growth.

Very Practical Guide to         Mitchell            Tested methods of understanding and              Book             649.64 MIT
Discipline With Young Children,                     influencing children ages 2-8.                                    (MISSING)
Water: Can We Keep it Fit for                                                                        Book             SED#20-7-94
What Educators Should Know Helm                     Basics of copyright laws and potential dangers   Pamphlet         346.73 HEL
About Copyright                                     of noncompliance.
When Home Support is Missing Teacher Institute                                                       pamphlet         527B - 2 copies

Whole Cosmos Catalog of         Abruscato &       Activities for life, earth, physical and aerospace Book             507 ABR M/S
Science Activities, The         Hassard           sciences.
Whole Language: Theory in       Newman            Answers ,How do you...,s. in whole language        Book             372.6 NEW
Use                                               theory and curriculum.
Why Didn't I Learn This in      Rutherford, Paula How to Set Up Classroom Conditions Where           Book             371.1 RUT
College?                                          High Level Engagement and Learning Can
Wildlife and Humanity: Can We                                                                        Book             SED#20-6-93
Share the Earth?
Wildlife in Today's Landscapes:                   Contents: Teacher's Guide, 12 Activity Records,                     639.9
A 4-H Resource                                    Project Record, Wildlife Guide Activity Cards,
                                                  List of Endangered and Threatened Species of
                                                  special concern for NYS & tables of trees and
                                                  shrubs and the wildlife they attract.

Working with Parents            Teacher Institute                                                    pamphlet

Writing Guides                  Panman            Designed primarily for 7th & 8th grades; may    Book                808 PAN
                                                  also be used with remedial high school students
                                                  and adults.
You Are the Teacher and You     Teacher Institute                                                 pamphlet            524B
Are In Charge

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