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Loss Assessors- who is a loss assessor


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									                           Loss Assessors- Who is a Loss Assessor?
A loss assessor is an insurance claims adjuster. He is also known as a public adjuster. Basically we can say
that he is an advocate for the policyholder in evaluating, resolving, and negotiating an insurance claim. A
loss assessor will offer the most benefit when it is clear that the insurer is going to pay the claim, where
the only matter of concern is proper identification and estimation of the loss.

When disaster strikes, then without any hesitation you should consult a professional. That professional
is none other than loss assessor. They will guide and assist you with the preparation and presentation of
your insurance claim. Just like you, your insurance company will also hire a professional to their side. He
is called loss adjuster. His role is to negotiate the settlement with the insured at an amount as low as
possible. Loss assessors will be there with you all through your fight to ensure that you receive
everything that you are entitled to as per your insurance policy.

Basically, a policyholder hires a loss assessor to document and accelerate their claims, so that they can
obtain a satisfactory claim more quickly and can restore their home or business, and free themselves
from all the stress and anxiety, or in other words can bring their lives back to normality. Most loss
assessors are paid on the basis of percentage of the total settlement.

Insurance claims are tricky. Insurance company knows all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations.
Policyholders are not able to successfully conflict with their insurance company because they are not
experts in this field and have very little or nil knowledge in this regard. Loss assessor knows and
understands the method of making a claim. This means he is able to formulate a successful claim,
making you get the best possible settlement.

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