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									STATUS    ID      Found In         P    S       Synopsis                        SWNOTE                                                                 Fixed In
ALREADY   26152   Application      P1           Installing MSI channel that     This message might be thrown because there were 2 different version of 4.7
DONE              Packager 4.7                  was packaged in 4.6.1.x         mrbncp.dll between App. Packager 4.0.x and 4.6.x. Steps to reproduce: (verifying)
                                                version on top of a tuner       1. Install any channel that was packaged with Application Packager
                                                that has a channel that was     4.0.x 2. Install a MSI channel that was packaged with Application
                                                packaged with 4.0 version       Packager 4.6.x. 3. During the installation of the channel, there's a
                                                will throw a message to         message pop up: "The Application Packager Installer has been updated.
                                                restart the tuner.              Please restart the tuner and relaunch this channel to install".

ALREADY   27282   Application      P3   S2 -   Want Environment Variable   Currently, an environment variable (like PATH) set via the App Packager          4.7
DONE              Packager 4.7          Severe (especially PATH) to be     will be correctly applied (as tested in DOS command) only after the              (verifying)
                                               picked up without having to machine has been rebooted. Customer is setting the PATH via a
                                               reboot.                     shrinkwrap channel and doesn't want to have to reboot every time it has
                                                                           to take effect.
ALREADY   40276   Application      P1   S2 -     Need to have Windows      We need to have a separate Windows 2003 segment. There have been                 4.7
DONE              Packager              Severe 2003 segment support        many requests from Customer for the need to deploy channel only on               (verifying)
                                                         Windows 2003 systems. The current workaround is to have a collection
                                                                           to pick up Windows 2003 clients and have a separate URL for this
                                                                           target. But, this is hard to manage since it will double the number of
                                                                           channels in the Tx to do this for every channels that involve Windows
                                                                           2003 client.
ALREADY   44099   Deployment       P2   S3 -     Remote System Command Currently, RSC only allows you to run single line of command. To                     6.0.3
DONE              Manager               Signific should be able to execute execute a series of commands, you need to create a script, distribute the        (verifying)
                       ant      multiple commands         script and use RSC to launch the script.

ALREADY   50899   Infrastructure - P1   S2      Tuner Admin should use the Tuner Admin should use the credential (keychain)saved in the endpoint            6.0.3
DONE              Tuner Admin                   credential (keychain)saved tuner, for example while using the Infrastrucure Tuner admin to Update           (verifying)
                  603sdrop3                     in the endpoint tuner      policy on the endpoints where the policy contains packages with
                                                                           subscribe credentials which is already stored in the endpoint(keychain
                                                                           for the Transmitter :5282 from where the package is subscribed), the
                                                                           Tuner admin should be able to use the credentials in the endpoint to
                                                                           authenticate and subscribe the package.

ALREADY   44622   Inventory             S2 -   Need a way to disable         Would like a tuner property or two, settable in a profile, that would allow    6.0.3
DONE              Plugin        Severe some plugins on repeaters     customers to disable the InventoryService plugin and/or the                    (verifying)
                                                                             SubscriptionService plugin on a repeater. These plugins would need to
                                                                             forward any client connections up to their master.
ALREADY   33712   Inventory             S1 -    To be able to vary the start Currently we can vary the update schedule for Inventory Service , but          6.0.3
DONE              Service               Catastr schedule for Inventory       not the start schedule .Therefore if IS is set to update @ 10 AM every         (verifying)
                                        ophic Service.                       day all the endpoints will update at 10 AM .CUSTOMER has close to
                                                                             25K users updating IS at this time which is causing lots of concerns .

ALREADY   39548   Inventory        P3   S3 -     Ability to define            Inventory and software usage capture a lot of applications that do not        6.0.3
DONE              Service 6.0           Signific applications that you do not require a separate license (for instance pinball, IE, windows login, etc).    (verifying)
                                        ant      want to track in the          It would be nice to be able to set a xml file that listed the applications
                                                 database                     and data that you don't care about and do not want included in the
ALREADY   42457   Inventory        P2   S2 -   Scanner Service should be Under certain circumstances scanner service can fail to retreive certain           6.0.3
DONE              Service 6.0.2         Severe able to handle a situation     minor information from the machine such as processor speed or                 (verifying)
                                               where it fails to retreive the processor architechture. Since these are non-nullable fields the scans
                                               information for a non-         fail to be inserted by the plugin which means that all the other
                                               nullable field (processor      information is lost due to a minor information being missed. The scanner
                                               architechture) causing the should have a better way of handling such a situation causing the report
                                               plugin to fail inserting the   to get inserted even though minor information is missing.
ALREADY   39429   Patch                 S3     To have a usabilty to                                                                              
DONE              Manager                      publish multiple patch                                                                                       (verifying)
ALREADY   45154   Patch                S2 -     Need Audits in Patch                                                                                   
DONE              Manager              Severe Manager to keep track of                                                                                           (verifying)
                               the changes.
ALREADY   45447   Patch Mgmt -    P2   S1 -     In Patch Manager Page,          In Patch Manager Page, multiple enrties are displayed for one patch.   
DONE              Manager              Catastr multiple enrties are             Need more deatils ot set display filters in the patch page to distinguish        (verifying)
                      ophic displayed for one patch.           the deatils.
                                                Need more deatils in the
                                                patch page to distinguish
                                                the deatils
ALREADY   39672   Patch Mgmt - P3      S3 -     End-of-life mechanism to        We should create a utility that deletes patch channels from the Master 
DONE              Repository 2.0       Signific remove patches from the         Transmitter according to various criteria, for instance, if the patch            (verifying)
                                       ant      Master Transmitter.             service has not installed a particular patch on any machines in a
                                                                                specified period of time.
ALREADY   45236   Patch Mgmt -    P2   S1 -       Configurable reboot           Configurable reboot countdown: it needs to be more than one hour,      
DONE              Service              Catastr    countdown: it needs to be which seems to be the maximum time allowed for the countdown. There                  (verifying)
                      ophic      more than one hour            is a requirement internally to allow for 90 minutes, say if the person is at
                                                                                lunch, you cannot reboot if the person is not there to accept or deny the
                                                                                dialogue box.
ALREADY   45760   Subscription    P2   S2 -       Policy Manager to do look CUSTOMER would like ability to have Policy Manager be directed to a                  6.0.3
DONE                                   Severe     up for Subscription Policies specific DC or Set of DCs to do Policy look ups. Would like to be able            (verifying)
                                                  to go to specific set of DCs. to configure look up to have Round Robin, Find Local DC, Put in List of
                                                                                DCs to check etc.
ALREADY   44273   Subscription    P1   S2 -       Need ability to configure     CUSTOMER is planning to use ssl while retrieving policy information              6.0.3
DONE              Manager              Severe      the policy retrieval from    from the directory service. But since the configuration page in the Policy       (verifying)
                                 ADAM to be SSL enabled. Manager does not have an SSL check box (like the directory service
                                                                                settings page in data source). Therefore, there is no way to indicate that
                                                                                LDAPS should be used when retrieving policy information from the
                                                                                ADAM instance.
ALREADY   45800   Subscription    P3   S3 -       Need an option to be able We need to able to configure the Policy Manager such that it will NOT                6.0.3
DONE              Manager              Signific   to view just the directly     display all of the All Endpoints assignments when viewing groups other           (verifying)
                      ant        assigned policies for a       than All Endpoints.
ALREADY   41523   Subscription    P2   S2 -       Our LDAP integration          Support for LDAP referrals allows directories to be distributed across           6.0.3
DONE              Manager              Severe     should provide support for multiple LDAP servers where a single server may contain only a subset               (verifying)
                  future                          Referrals (an LDAP V3.0       of the whole directory data. If the server does not contain the base
                                                  feature) as defined RFC       object, it will return a referral to a server that does, if possible. Once the
                                                  2251 (LDAP v3 RFC's           base object is found single Level and whole Subtree searches may
                                                  2251-2254)                    encounter other referrals. These referrals are returned in the search
                                                                                result along with other matching entries.
ALREADY   50672   Subscription    P3   S3 -       Subscription Service should From bug 23747: "Not a defect by simon 02/09/2001 10:36 This is not a              6.0.3
DONE              Service 6.0.3        Signific   get the policy on its very    defect. The Subscription service sends the machine name as part of the           (verifying)
                                       ant        first run                     backchannel/profile. The Subscription service itself actually writes this
                                                                                profile information. As a result the first time Subscription Service runs
                                                                                there is no machine name written, therefore no Subscription plan.
                                                                                Nornally the Subscription service runs twice when it is first installed."
                                                                                Customer would like SS to send the machine/user info the first time it
                                                                                runs (as the machine is registered in LDAP prior to SS run), so it can
                                                                                pull down the polciy. Typically, SS schedule is set to run once a day and
                                                                                they'd have to wait one more day before the machine will get the
                                                                                channels. Or customer has to use a script to run SS right after the first
                                                                                time. Customer would like the behavior built into the product.

ALREADY   40900   Tuner 6.0.2     P4   S3 -       Tuner should be able to self- There should be a concept that allows a tuner to heal itself or reinstall if     6.0.3
DONE                                   Signific   heal it's own binaries        it is removed becomes corrupt.                                                   (verifying)
ALREADY   43991   Tuner           P3   S3 -       Ability to view schedule on   User should be able to see the schedule for a given channel from the             6.0.3
DONE              Administrator        Signific   channel properties tab.       Tuner Admin pages.                                                               (verifying)
DEFECT   39016   Deployment      P3    S4 -    Need a way to stop a script 1. Run a Remote System Command (RSC) that runs a script. Set Wait
                 Manager               Minor   from running when the RSC for Exit=true. 2. Stop the job while the script is running on the endpoint 3.
                 minor                         job is stopped              Notice that the job status is stopped, but the script executes to
                                                                           completion. Customer wants a way in which the script will be stopped as
                                                                           well when the job stops. Actually, this is happening on Windows. On
                                                                           Unix, the script is supposed to be killed when the job is stopped.
                                                                           Customer is on Unix and finds that the script is stopped sometimes, and
                                                                           is not stopped other times. It is not consistent.

DEFECT   44546   Infrastructure - P2   S1 -    The M6 tuner installer          Creating a M6 tuner installer for AIX using setup and deployment and
                 Installer             Catastr binary file does not include    adding pre install scripts in the installer.The bin file is created in the
                 Manager               ophic the pre/post install scripts      Infrastrucutre admin channel directory. While Installing the bin file on a
                              created using the Installer     AIX box, the scrips dose not execute as they are not part of the binary.
DEFECT   47373   Infrastructure - P2   S1 -    Native Package installer        The below rc.d scripts gets created on the AIX endpoint only when
                 Installer             Catastr should create rc.d scripts in   binary installer (.bin) is used to install the Tuner. etc/Marimba
                 Manager               ophic order to start Tuner              etc/rc.d/rc2.d/K99marimba etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S99Marimba Note : You need
                 Future                        automatically after machine     to select “start up the tuner when machine starts” option in Infrastructure
                                               reboot.                         Install Manager. But these rc.d files don’t get created when you install
                                                                               the Tuner using Native package. So the Tuner installed through Native
                                                                               installer doesn’t have the option to start automatically after the machine
                                                                               restarts. The expected behavior is to have Native Package of Tuner
                                                                               installer to create those rc.d scripts. Tuner 6021 AIX

DEFECT   45407   Inventory       P3    S2 -   Column size of                   Column size of MachineNetwork.Address field should be more than 32.
                 Database              Severe MachineNetwork.Address           If an endpoint machine has multiple ipaddress for a single NIC Card the
                             field should be more than        ipaddress gets truncated in DB. MachineNetwork.Address field should
                                              32.                              extend its size automatically depending on the size for the address value
                                                                               from inventory scan. Inventory 6021. Oracle DB.
DEFECT   44119   Patch         S2 -   Patch Service create the
                                       Severe Patch channel in Channel
                                              Manager before
                                              downloading/updating the
                                              patch channel which
                                              sometimes leaves the
                                              channel in unsubscribed
                                              state if the channel is not
                                              there on Tx
DEFECT   50116   Patch Mgmt -    P2    S2 -   Need ability to                  Ie) if Admin A is modifying Oct 2005 patch group, & Admin B clicks on
                 Manager               Severe accommodate for multiple         patch group they can not see it. Would like to some type of notification
                             admins viewing same patch        or check out capability to be able to at least see the patches in read only
                                              group.                           mode, know when someone has the group checked out and see audit
                                                                               trail for modifications.
DEFECT   50764   Proxy 6.0.3   P2   S2      Proxy should hold the        Steps to reproduce:
                                            connection with the end     configured a proxy and a couple of endpoints to use this proxy. I made
                                            point and should not time   the proxy to use the default settings. Then I subscribed a big channel
                                            out when there is a slow    from two endpoints. It came down without any errors.
                                            connection between the
                                            proxy and the Master.       Now I decreased the bandwidth (customer's requirement) used by proxy
                                                                        to communicate to Master Transmitter. Then I subscribed a big channel
                                                                        from one endpoint. Since this channel was not in the cache the proxy
                                                                        started downloading this channel from Master. While this is in progress,
                                                                        I subscribed a small channel from another endpoint. After a few minutes
                                                                        the Proxy generated the IO Exception for the second channel. After
                                                                        some time I tried to subscribe another channel from the first endpoint.
                                                                        Again for this request Proxy generated an error.

                                                                        Below is the error message being thrown in Proxy access log.
                                                               - [29/Nov/2005:15:49:45 -0600] 4154 IOException while
                                                                        processing request.
                                                               - [29/Nov/2005:15:49:46 -0600] 4154 IOException while
                                                                        processing request.
                                                               - [29/Nov/2005:15:49:46 -0600] 4154 IOException while
                                                                        processing request.

                                                                        Proxy SP1

DEFECT   38342   Report Center P3   S3 -     Machine details page is    When the machine doesn't have a Transmitter channel, the Machine
                 6.0                Signific showing "Administer        Detail page should not show the "administer Transmitter" option
                                    ant      Transmitter" even when a
                                             machine doesn't have
                                             Transmitter channel
DEFECT   50946   Report Center P3   S3      Value has leading blanks in When we browse the Marimba Oracle DB (with Oracle Client Unix or
                 6.0.3                      database - HP               Windows), we see a problem with the "manufacturer" for applications on

                                                                          inv_application.mname =               "Hewlett-Packard Company"

                                                                          The Manufacturer table has two entries for HP:



                                                                              "Hewlett-Packard Company"

                                                                          The ARSystem Server reads the Marimba views and stores the data
                                                                          with the blanks in the CMDB tables. And in the CMDB we can see those

                                                                          After a couple of tests we found out that:

                                                                          - We find the problem only in the HPUX machines. Solaris and Linux are
                                                                          - All the information are displayed on the Report Center without
                                                                          - All the hardware information are fine. Just the software fields have that
                                                                          - In the invtree we can find that leading blanks ( 18 to more specific )
                                                                          and if we run the "swlist" command on the HPUX we can find out the
                                                                          exactly same information that we have in the invtree and database (
                                                                          Description" and "manufacturer" field with the leading spaces ).

DEFECT   44724   Schema        P2   S2 -   Not able to save over an       We can not save over an existing Query. Save attempts after making a
                 Manager 6.0.2      Severe existing query                 change to a query were ineffective. Save As attempts to the existing
                                                                          query name were equally ineffectual.
DEFECT   43087   Schema        P2   S2 -     Delete_duplicate_notlatest The current deleteduplicatenotlatest.sql groups the duplicate machines
                 Manager 6.0.3      Severe script should delete the       to be deleted based on the "id" column in the mac_id table. This creates
                                             duplicate machines based a problem in customer environments where ghosting is used. The
                                             on scantime instead of       scenario is as follows : -> Lets say the machine "ARLITCA01MEC249"
                                             identity colum "id".         has run inventory and inserted a record in the database. This records
                                                                          gets associated with a particular "id" say "9" and a machine ID of
                                                                          "win32:1234" -> This machine gets re-ghosted with a new image and
                                                                          assuming that the image does not have registry entry for the machine ID,
                                                                          everything should be fine. When Inventory runs, it will create a new
                                                                          machine ID and this ID should be associated with the latest "id" number. -
                                                                          > But if for some reason, the image has a registry entry for the machine
                                                                          ID say win32:1111( which was not removed while taking the image) and
                                                                          this machine ID had been sent up to the database earlier by the machine
                                                                          on which the ghost was taken, the database will have this machine ID in
                                                                          the database which will be associated with a particular "id" which can be
                                                                          like "3". -> So, if the machine "ARLITCA01MEC249" is ghosted with a
                                                                          image that has the machine ID win32:1111 which is already in the
DEFECT   43089   Schema        P1   S3 -     delete_machine script        When a machine is deleted from the database using the delete_machine
                 Manager 6.0.3      Signific should delete the details of script, the details of the record are deleted from the machine, checksum
                                    ant      the machine record from      and tuner tables but the mac_id is not deleted from the mac_id table.
                                             the mac_id table.            This can create problem mentioned in
DEFECT    50990   Tuner 6.0.3    P3   S3         Tuner should upgrade to Current upgrade process requires a baseline tuner of with JRE
                                               latest version regardless of 1.3.1. This is difficult for some customers to achieve, particullary when
                                               existing tuner version.      the tuner has been embedded in many Ghost images which are owned
                                                                            by other IT organizations. Even if images could be recreated, keeping
                                                                            people from using old images is impossible.

                                                                              Once M6 is rolled out, customers expect to be able to subscribe the
                                                                              Infrastucture Service channel to all endpoints and thereby have any new
                                                                              machine automatically upgrade to the latest version. Unfortunately, this
                                                                              is not the case unless the new machine is at or above the \

DEFECT    42537   Tuner future   P3   S4 -    Start the primary channel       Currently, you need to launch the tuner.exe twice to launch the primary
                                      Minor   by launching tuner.exe or       channel. Customer would like a way to run the Primary Channel
                                              right-click 'Open" on the       (Channel Manager in this case) by just launching tuner.exe once.
                                              tuner icon when tuner is in
                                              the minimal mode
FEATURE   43271   Application    P3   S1 -    Need a Tuner property in        Need a Tuner property in order to supress reboot of ncp channels. Since
                  Packager            Catastr order to supress reboot of      we don't have an option at Tuner level to suppress all reboots via
                  4.7.3               ophic ncp channels.                     Marimba. Tuner 6.0.2
FEATURE   45759   Application    P2   S2 -    Ability to edit MSI             Ability to open MSI Package created by Marimba and edit MSTs - MSI
                  Packager            Severe Packages from Application        packager more edit friendly. Easier to update components inside MSI
                  4.7.3                       Pacakger (File Packager)        package but not becoming an editor itself. - Want tool to enable opening
                                                                              MSI packages and adding/removing files/scripts without having to
                                                                              repackage. - Want tool to augment existing tools (InstallShield/Wise) o
                                                                              Heavy lifting – external editor. - Give capability to open up files

FEATURE   25703   Application    P2            Introduce different install    Introduce the ability to have differnt display options for a channel
                  Packager                     modes for a channel            installtion depending on how the channel was selected to be installed. If
                  Triad (4.7)                  installtion.                   the channel is being installed via the subscription service, then have no
                                                                              progress bars, no gui, no interruption to end user. If the channel is
                                                                              actively selected by a user through a command line, channel manager
                                                                              broser or something else, then have the option to show progress bars,
                                                                              messages, interactive dialogue boxes and the like.

FEATURE   39045   Application    P2   S3 -     Provide capability in AP for Customer would like to have a view of ini files in the manner a registry
                  Packager            Signific managing .ini files more     view is provided today. They would like the capability to set
                  Triad (4.7)         ant      effectively                  install/update/repair policies for individual values in the INI file, not just
                                                                            the entire file. Often the customer has to treat INI files as text files (or
                                                                            just not install them at all in the package) and use a post install script
                                                                            created using something like WISE to handle the INI files.

FEATURE   47078   CMS            P1   S2 -   Option to brand the              Infrastructure Administration includes Proxy Administrator, Tuner Admin,
                                      Severe Infrastructure Adminstrator      TX admin and setup and deployment. There should be property or some
                                             to remove the setup and          option to remove for example the setup and deployment from the list of
                                             deployment                       options in CMS.
FEATURE   45065   CMS 6.0.2a     P1   S2 -   Need ability to enable           Currently, the "Administrator" role provides this functionality, but in turn it
                                      Severe "Operators" access to            grants rights to setup policy assignments in Policy Manager which might
                                             Proxy Administrator via the      be desirable in certain environmetns as they can have many groups who
                                             Console.                         need to use the Proxy administrator without having the ability to set up
                                                                              policies through Subscription Manager.
FEATURE   44095   Deployment          S3       Need to have a Blackout
                  Manager                      feature in DM as we have in
FEATURE   44095   Deployment    P1      S2 -   Need to have a Blackout     Need to have a Blackout feature in DM as we have in SPM. This would
                  Manager 6.0.2         Severe feature in DM as we have in help if we are running a Job through DM like installation of Patches
                                               SPM                         through Patch Service through DM, then during this blackout window DM
                                                                           shouldn't try to execute the job (install patches). If the job had already
                                                                           started before the blackout period and if the job falls into the Blackout
                                                                           window it should stop. Also it shouldn't try to reboot the machine
                                                                           because of the job which was running during the blackout period. DM
                                                                           602 User Scenario - Admin has 2 hour window to complete patch install
                                                                           for 300 machines in a given time zone/region. He sets up job in normal
                                                                           office hours to run from 11PM to 2AM with checks at 2:30 for reporting
                                                                           compliance, etc. The Patch XYZ job delivers and successfully installs
                                                                           200 out of 300 machines during open window. At end of window there
                                                                           are still 100 machines left to deploy. Admin needs to temporarily HALT
                                                                           job retries until next open window. Upon 2AM window again - Admin
                                                                           needs DM to automatically retry deployment and complete task
                                                                           reporting back on success when finalized.

FEATURE   24844   Deployment      P2    S3 -     Require a monitoring tool   Timbale should have a way to determine the status of endpoints, much
                  Manager               Signific for Tuner health in Timbale the same way the tx guardian can determine the status of transmitters.
                  future                ant                                   This is needed so deployments can be structured around machines that
                                                                             have problems, rather than having the deployment fail on those
                                                                             machines. Current workarounds include monitoring timeouts and using
                                                                             available 3rd party tools to monitor server health, however, we should
                                                                             provide a small tool more in-line with our own software.

FEATURE   39050   Deployment      P3    S3 -     Provide for DM restart       Customer would consider it beneficial/advantageous to have particular
                  Manager               Signific options which would          options for restarting the DM. These options could support debugging or
                  major                 ant      facilitate debugging or      maintenance activities. Examples: Start/Restart Options a)Quiesce
                                                 maintenance activities.      Mode: the ability to restart the DM and not have it run any deployments
                                                                              b)automated recovery on + quiesce = get status of running jobs but do
                                                                              not start new ones c)automated recovery off + quiesce = do not get
                                                                              status of running jobs and do not start new ones Similarly, Shutdown
                                                                              options: Quiesce Mode: the abilty to shut the DM down in an orderly
                                                                              way. The schedule is suspended and existing deployments will complete
                                                                              running, then the DM will shut down. Shutdown Mode: shut down the
                                                                              DM: Suspend the schedule and terminate the DM letting jobs run
                                                                              asynchronously to completion on the endpoints. Force Mode: Force
                                                                              down the DM: Suspend the schedule, terminate the running jobs on the
                                                                              endpoints and then shutdown the DM

FEATURE   43609   Infrastructure - P1   S2 -   Need UI to set channel        Currently can set different profiles for Proxy,TX. Theoretically channel
                  Profile               Severe properties when you Create    level capability for rollout is available but not exposed in 6.0.2 UI. Need
                  Manager 6.0.2                Profiles from Profile         some type of exposure mechanisms that can provide the following:
                                               Manager.                      Delegated roles (ACLs) Ability to rollout upgrades or kick off channel of
                                                                             specific marimba component to a specified number of users in a group
                                                                             or collection.
FEATURE   40550   Infrastructure - P4   S4 -    Provide access to            Provide access to transmitter and plug-in logs from Transmitter
                  Transmitter           Minor   transmitter and plug-in logs Administrator UI. This will allow for easier, faster, and more thorough
                  Admin 6.0                     from Transmitter             troubleshooting, especially as corporate security restrictions increasingly
                                                Administrator.               prevent widespread access to the file system.

FEATURE   44299   Infrastructure - P3   S3 -     Tuner administrator should When a second user logs into the cms, he is able to view the list of
                  Tuner Admin           Signific not display the list of tuners tuners used by the first user. This might not be desirable in certain
                       ant      used by another user.          customer environments where the Tuner administrator can be used by
                                                                                different groups where some of the machines that they are connecting to
                                                                                should not be seen by the other groups.
FEATURE   46877   Infrastructure - P2     S2 -   Need more granular control           CUSTOMER requirement is that the user who has Administrator role
                  Tuner Admin             Severe on the roles for                     should retain all the permission what he has in SPM but should not have
                                Administrator and Operator           access to Tuner Administration. It would be great if we leave the roles
                                                 Group.                               configuration to customer. So that they choose whets roles an
                                                                                      Administrator Group should have. Else they are looking for more number
                                                                                      of Groups in User Roles page, like Primary Administrator Group,
                                                                                      Administrator Group with no access on some features in Infra
                                                                                      Administrator, Administrator Group with access on some features in
                                                                                      Infra Administrator, Operator Group with access on some features in
                                                                                      Infra Administrator, Operator group with out access on some features in
                                                                                      Infra Administrator.
FEATURE   42104   Infrastructure -        S3 -     Option for granular                Request for an option to set granular permissions for individual users
                  Tuner Admin             Signific permission controls for the        instead at group level. Currently, we can limit permissions at group
                  future                  ant      Tuner and Transmitter              level (Primary Administrator and Operators).
                                                   Administrator             (Page 99).
                                                                                      How Roles Are Used to Limit Access to Tuner Administrator Features
                                                                                      Part of the initial installation and configuration is to specify which users
                                                                                      are primary administrators, which users are standard administrators, and
                                                                                      which users are operators: Primary administrators and standard
                                                                                      administrators have access to all the features in Tuner Administrator.
                                                                                       Operators can perform a limited set of actions only using Tuner
                                                                                      Administrator. They can perform operations for a single tuner, such as
                                                                                      restarting a tuner, scanning a machine, and updating a policy. Operators
                                                                                      can also manage packages for a single tuner, but they are prevented
                                                                                      from managing Marimba channels (Marimba products). They are also
                                                                                      prevented from editing configuration settings for tuners, as well as from
                                                                                      connecting to and performing actions for multiple tuners.

FEATURE   27248   Inventory               S2 -       Option to keep historical
                                          Severe     Inventory Information
FEATURE   47293   Inventory          P2   S3 -       Scanner Service should           The Scanner Service is not picking up a large collection of applications if
                  Service 6.0.2           Signific   also pick up the application     it's not in Add/Remove section. There are several application such as
                                          ant        if it's not in Add/Remove        Oracle 9i,Microsoft Exchange not listed in Add/Remove section so
                                                     Section along with the           Scanner Service doen't pick up these applications. Currently the
                                                     application that are listed in   Scanner Service scans for applications that are in the
                                                     AppPath registry Key.            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVers
                                                                                      ion\AppPath s registry entry for Windows.

FEATURE   40725   Marimba            P2   S3 -     Request for a tool to        CUSTOMER is requesting for a tool similar to the transmitter guardian
                  Resource Kit            Signific monitor proxies.             which can monitor proxies and be able to send notification if the proxy is
                  6.0                     ant                                   down or unresponsive. They have about 500 proxies set up in their
                                                                                environment and need an effective means of monitoring the proxies for
                                                                                ease of maintainence.
FEATURE   33075   Marimba            P2   S3 -     Request for the Replication Request for the Replication Monitor to incorporate similar functionality
                  Resource Kit            Signific Monitor to incorporate       as the Repeater Checker Channel or have a Repeater Checker Channel
                  6.0                     ant      similar functionality as the for 4.7.x version of the Transmitter.
                                                   Repeater Checker Channel

FEATURE   40885   Marimba                 S3 -     Need Replication Monitor to In using the Replication Monitor tool we can tell which repeaters are in
                  Resource Kit            Signific report % of replicated      sync and what channels they are missing, but we also need to know
                  603sdrop2               ant      channel                     what % of the missing channels have been replicated. This would help in
                                                                               an environment where the channels are getting replicated slowly.
FEATURE   39209   Marimba         P2   S2 -   An automated way of                  Tx Verify needs to be enhanced so that it can proactively check the
                  Resource Kit         Severe confirming the integrity of          storage of the various transmitters' in an enterprise. Perhaps tx verify
                  Bach (4.7.1)                the transmitter storage.             should work in a similar manner like RepMon where it is provided with
                                                                                   an XML file which indicates the various servers and the
                                                                                   schedule/frequency/timing according to which the storage should be
                                                                                   verified. It should probably email/page the administrator on detecting a
                                                                                   storage corruption.
FEATURE   42518   Patch Mgmt -         S1 -    Feature to notify the end           Feature to notify the user prior to the patch installation letting them know
                  Manager 2.0.1        Catastr user prior to the patch             what is about to be installed and in some cases giving them the
                                       ophic installation and allow user           opportunity to postpone the installation. User should not be allowed to
                                               to decide Installtion.              post pone beyond a “drop dead” date . Same feature for reboot also.

FEATURE   44707   Patch Mgmt -         S2 -   Need an option in Patch              Sometimes if email notification was not send due to some problem (with
                  Manager              Severe Manager to trigger e-mail            mail server or in Marimba) or if we want to resend an email for a
                             notification at will.                Dynamic Patch group with its Patch list there should be an option either
                                                                                   in Patch Manager GUI or CLI to trigger it at will. Patch Manager 2012

FEATURE   45122   Patch Mgmt -    P2   S2 -    Need Email notification in          Need Email notification in Patch Manager to be sent for Admin groups
                  Manager              Severe Patch Manager for Admin              for following events. 1) Patch Group fails to publish. 2) Patch Repository
                              group to notified about the         fails to rebuild. 3) Any error in Patch Manager which Admin group needs
                                               problem.                            to be aware of.
FEATURE   47817   Patch Mgmt -    P2   S2 -    Need a hook in the patch            For laptops in secure environments, there is often a BIOS or security
                  Service              Severe service reboot handling to           password in use (such as with SafeGuard). When patch service installs
                              allow external actions to be        new patches and these require a reboot, it should be possible to
                                               called.\r\nSee also RFE             temporarily disable this password for the duration of the reboot. It is
                                               #47816 for this functionality       relatively easy using other methods (the run registry key for example to
                                               in Policy                           turn the password back on. The easiest as most flexible way to do this is
                                               Service\r\n\r\nReally policy        to provide a channel property that defines an executable to call prior to
                                               service and patch service           the reboot.
                                               should use the same reboot
FEATURE   47627   Patch Mgmt      P1   S1 -    HPUX Platform Support for           Customer requires HPUX Platform support in Patch Mgmt Product for
                  7.0                  Catastr Patch Mgmt                          Audit compliance. Requesting full capabilities to automate download,
                                       ophic                                       packaging, deployment and compliance reporting of HPUX Patches

FEATURE   45929   Proxy future    P1   S3 -       There should exist the           There should be a function like the subnet repeater policy but with
                                       Signific   ability to make a subnet         proxies so tbat mobile users will go to through the nearest proxy instead
                                       ant        proxy policy.                    of a default, static list.
FEATURE   33711   Report Center        S3         To be able to store the filter   Currently you can modify the display preferences for a query .It will be
                                                  and display preferences for      very helpful if we can store this for a particular user.
                                                  a particular user

FEATURE   44521   Report Center P1     S3 -       Provide ACL to support           Enhance the ACL support proposed for version 6.5 to include Folders so
                  6.5                  Signific   control and management of        that organizatios have an effecitive way to manage queries in their
                                       ant         Folders                         environment.
FEATURE   50828   Report Center P1     S1         Enhance Report Center to         Customers want to know the status of critical distributions in real-time.
                  future                          meet distribution monitorig      They need to know the # of targets, # actively installing, # offline, #
                                                  need...                          successful, # failed (with breakdown of cause). Information may need to
                                                                                   be carved up geographically for local consumption and remediation.
FEATURE   43243   Subnet          P3   S2 -   SBRP Wait feature -             Customer is currently reworking repeater architecture/locations. Would
                  Repeater             Severe feature in SBRP that            like the ability to detect load on a given repeater (number of endpoints
                  Policy Future               indicates number of             connecting/frequency/avg download) for architecture and redistribution
                                              endpoints within a given        purposes. Requesting a feature added to SBRP to tell exactly HOW
                                              subnet that are assigned to     many endpoints are assigned to a specific repeater and a way to
                                              a repeater.                     redirect endpoint traffic based on load to other repeaters within SBRP.
                                                                               Tool would assist in detecting load and rearchitecting when required
                                                                              based on additional traffic/endpoints. See CUSTOMER Support case
                                                                              number 59072 for more details.
FEATURE   40552   Subscription    P4   S3 -     When creating a policy, it    When creating a policy, it would be good to have a "Start-Once" state as
                  Manager 6.0          Signific would be good to have a       an option. Function: Subscribes the channel and starts it, but does not
                                       ant      "Start-Once" state as an      start it every time the SubscriptionService runs. If the channel has
                                                option                        already been subscribed, but never started, it is started. If it has been
                                                                              subscribed and previously started, no action is taken.

FEATURE   40553   Subscription    P4   S3 -     When creating a policy, it    When creating a policy, it would be good to have a "Re-install" state as
                  Manager 6.0          Signific would be good to have a       an option. Function: If a channel is subscribed, it is uninstalled and re-
                                       ant      "Re-install" state as an      installed. If it is not yet subscribed, it is just installed. Any necessary
                                                option                        reboots would need to be properly managed.
FEATURE   33624   Subscription         S3       To be able to trigger a
                  Service 6                     script or start a channel
                                                 after Subscripton Service
FEATURE   36892   Transmitter 6        S3       Need a new tool to monitor
                                                the number of users
                                                subscribing/publishing to a

FEATURE   42206   Transmitter     P2   S2 -   Transmitter should use the      When a channel has been set a subscribe Channel permission to
                  6.0.2                Severe endpoint logged in user         user/group of users belonging to a AD Domain. Then from the endpoint
                                              credentials for Channel         machine (which is logged onto Domain) tried to subcribes the channel
                                              Permission.                     then the Transmitter should use the logged in user credentials for the
                                                                              Subcsribe channel permisison. But now it pops up a window to get
FEATURE   35330   Tuner 6.0            S3      Be able to Manage the          So if Patch Manager allows an option to publish Patch Groups/Patches
                                               bandwidth based on a           to any Transmitter during publish time. They can publish the
                                               schedule .                     Patches/Patch Groups onto Production Tx once it's been verified by QA

FEATURE   40704   Tuner 6.0.2     P1   S2 -   Provide enhancements for        Some of the details are: Power management awareness so that the
                                       Severe bandwidth management            tuner bandwidth can be set when coming out of suspension or
                                              similar to what Profs has       hibernation modes (end user may reconnect over a differnt network
                                              created for this customer       connection) Provide capability to set various bandwidth settings based
                                                                              on time of day and type of connection. Provide real time test of network
                                                                              quality to determine available bandwidth and base network settings
                                                                              according to the existing bandwidth. Provide the capability to change
                                                                              bandwidth based on mandatory vs optional deployments. Provide for a
                                                                              user 'usage policy' that enables a user to define update behavior for
                                                                              optional components.C Capabilty to not start the tuner unless a tx is
                                                                              available. Network should not be considered avialable unless a TX is
                                                                              available (use tuners repeater list to check). Provide a bandwidth control
                                                                              in the system tray which allows users to manually throttle bandwidth, or
                                                                              set control back to defaults (like an accelleration pedal or brake in the
                                                                              case the user wants to throttle down or speed up based on a business
FEATURE   50831   Tuner 6.0.3     P1   S3      Provide for Real-time          The customer has an operations team responsible for deployment and
                                               deployment monitoring for      monitoring. For normal application deployments, they have a custom
                                               Marimba i...                   logging channel that writes to log tables in a post-install step to the
                                                                              deployment. They provide operations with a query, which based on their
                                                                              target deployment, will allow them to monitor and act on the success of
                                                                              the deployment in real time.

                                                                              Since infrastructure upgrades depend on Inventory to report success,
                                                                              and inventory is run after the operational maintenance window, they
                                                                              currently have no way for their operational team to monitor the
                                                                              deployment success of subscription or inventory or infrastructure in real

                                                                              They would like the capability to run a post install script after a Marimba
                                                                              infrastructure upgrade to trigger their custom code to report on success,
                                                                              or for Marimba to provide a lightweight mechanism to report on real-time
                                                                              success of the upgrade.

                                                                           The customer has over 140K active Tuners and has a percentage of the
                                                                           population that runs releases that are lower than the latest upgrade.
                                                                           There is no way for the customer to manage this except after the
FEATURE   41840   Tuner                S2 -   Need an option in the 6.X    Currenly if we are not able to make a connection to tuner, we will not be
                  Administrator        Severe Tuner Administrator to ping able to determine exactly whether the tuner is down or the machine is
                  6.0                         a list of machines and       down. An option in the 6.X Tuner Administrator to ping a lists of
                                              report the status.           machines and report the status would help determine if the tuner is
                                                                           down, but the client is up.
FEATURE   50763   Tuner future    P2   S2     Need a Health monitor/fix
                                              tool for end client Tuners.,
FEATURE   50832   Tuner future    P1   S1     productize Heath Utility to BMC Support developed a "diagnostic flowchact" of common issues to
                                              provide native / automated check for and fix when a tuner is not functioning properly (i.e. does not
                                              se...                        report inventory, does not accept subscription updates). This flowchart
                                                                           should become the basis for developing a agent that monitors and
                                                                           repairs itself, aka "self healing."
FEATURE   40677   Verizon         P2   S1       Self Verifying Transmitter The Transmitter can identify corruption of certain DB files, TxVerifier can
                                                                           repair these files. Customer would like to merge these capabilities into
                                                                           the transmitter.
                                                                           TxVerifier needs to go thru the entire workspace to repair itself, which is
                                                                           incredibly time consuming, bringing the Tx down for that specified
                                                                           amount of time represents a serious outage for us. Leveraging the
                                                                           Identification with the Repairing save us a huge amount of time.

FEATURE   44777   Verizon         P2   S3        Email notification feature   Report Center currently does not provide email notification feature for
                                               for Collection runs.           Collections. There should be an ability to email administrators in the
                                                                              event that a scheduled collection run results in failure.
                                                                              We do have email notification feature for queries. This should be
                                                                              available for Collections as well. In fact Collection is more business
                                                                              critical than other queries.
IN PLAN   32578   Application   P1   S1 -    MSI Per User Installations   We would like the ability to perform a per-user installation for a general
BOLERO            Packager           Catastr without Elevated Privilege   Domain User via the Marimba Windows Installer Packager without
                    ophic GPO enabled.                   setting the global GPO to always elevate privileges for all installations. If
                                                                          we enable the global GPO it would always elevate MSI installations
                                                                          allowing any user to install any MSI on their desktop without a control
                                                                          mechanism in place. Because of this, we do not and will not ever enable
                                                                          the Machine GPO to elevate installer privileges. We however, would like
                                                                          to have the functionality of installing Per-User MSI installations via
                                                                          Marimba. As the product works today, this can not be accomplished
                                                                          unless we enable the Machine GPO to always elevate privileges. An
                                                                          alternative is available and is documented in the Microsoft MSI SDK. It
                                                                          specially talks about a method that can be performed to install a Per-
                                                                          User installation without requiring the Machine GPO elevated privileges
                                                                          feature. Since the tuner is running as a service in the local system
                                                                          context, this option is possible if we are using MSI 2.0 or higher. We
                                                                          would like to have this feature added to the Marimba
                                                                          Packager/Deployment product. Documentation from the MSI SDK
IN PLAN   45608   Deployment    P1   S2 -   Failover support              True high availability--support tuners simultaneously running on both
BOLERO            Manager            Severe                               active and passive machines.
IN PLAN   45162   Deployment    P1   S2 -   SDM should have option to When a job fails we need to scroll to each and every job in Control
BOLERO            Manager            Severe export failed Servers to a    Monitoring Page to know the reason why it fails. But SDM should have
                           list and also show the        the below features. 1) Ability to export the list of failed Servers so that
                                            reason of job failure in      these Servers could be imported into Tuner Admin for necessary action.
                                            Control Monitoring page.      2) Aggregate report of number of servers which were failed, grouped
                                                                          under category of 'Reason for Failure' Total Servers -> 1000 100 failed -
                                                                          > Couldn't connect to host 150 failed -> Critical loop error in Patch
                                                                          Service. So that they need to work on those 150 machines which went
                                                                          into Critical loop. 3) Control Monitoring page should also have column
                                                                          'Reason for failure' next to the 'status' column. 4) Should also have an
                                                                          option to sort based on column 'status' and 'Reason for failure' SDM
IN PLAN   44951   Deployment    P2   S2 -   Aggregated report on Patch Customer would like aggregated report of failures in Deployment
BOLERO            Manager            Severe Failures in Deployment        Manager. ie) patch deployment fails on 150 out of 700 servers. In
                           Manager                       order to determine root cause for each deployment today - admin has to
                                                                          drill down to each log for a given failed deployment. Would like to see
                                                                          an aggregated list of X servers failed for critical loop, y failed because
                                                                          patch service not on machine, etc.
IN PLAN   46537   Deployment    P2   S2 -   Need documentation on         Need documentation on thresholds to monitor from hardware/software
BOLERO            Manager            Severe thresholds and scalability of view and some ideas around scalability of SDM. Would be great if we
                           SDM.                          have below information 1) How many Admin user can do SDM
                                                                          deployment at a given point of time. 2) How many jobs could be run in
                                                                          SDM at a given point of time. 3) Count of number of users logged into
                                                                          SDM. 4) Count of number of jobs which are currently running so that
                                                                          Admins can delay running any new Jobs. SDM 6021

IN PLAN   45604   Inventory          S2 -   Need Sizing
BOLERO              Severe information/parameter from
                                            Marimba for parameters of
                                            rollback log to set
                                            appropriate rollback log
                                            settings in database during
IN PLAN   45111   Patch              S2 -   Need canned queries for
BOLERO            Manager            Severe Patch Groups channels in
                           Report Center.
IN PLAN   45109   Patch Mgmt -   P2   S2 -   Need an option in Patch          Need an option in Patch Service on endpoints to know what patches
BOLERO            Service             Severe Service on endpoints to          relate to which Patch Groups. Also need an option to know if the
                            know what patches relate to      Patches belonging to the Patch Group are installed/missing. Patch
                                             which Patch Groups and if        Service 2012. Like an XML file <Patch Group A> <Patch 1 installed />
                                             they are installed or              <Patch 2 missing /> </Patch Group A> <Patch Group B> <Patch 3
                                             missing.                         installed /> <Patch 4 missing /> </Patch Group B>
IN PLAN   51168   Patch Mgmt     P1   S1       need ability to specify        Customer is requesting the ability to set/modify the path where
BOLERO                      alternate directory location     PatchService downloads the patch binaries. CUSTOMER has a very
                  platforms                  to download patches for          custom Solaris build which is the case with AIX as well. Standard install
                                             Solaris                          paths are either removed or have very little space. The current
                                                                              download path for the Solaris PatchModule is / “root”. Most of our
                                                                              systems do not have enough space to handle the full semiannual patch
IN PLAN   47629   Patch Mgmt     P1   S1 -    Requesting AIX Platform         Customer requires AIX Platform support in Patch Mgmt Product for Audit
BOLERO            7.0                 Catastr support for Patch Mgmt          compliance. Requesting full capabilities to automate download,
                                      ophic                                   packaging, deployment and compliance reporting of HPUX Patches

IN PLAN   49251   Subscription   P3   S3 -     Need a ordering                As of now , the updatefrom changes to URLs cannot be ordered. The
BOLERO            Manager             Signific mechanism for the              change priority cannot be give. Need a way similar to installation order
                     ant      updatefrom changes to          for the change URL feature also.
                                               URLs similar to channel
IN PLAN   50884   Subscription   P2   S2         Need Revert Priority          1. Login to SPM
BOLERO            Manager 7.0                  functionlity in Subscription   2. assign a policy to a target, let say the policy contains packages A, B
                                               Policy Manager.                and C with install priorities 1, 2 and 3 respectively
                                                                              3. Enter install priorities as follows
                                                                                A - 2, B - 3 and C - 1
                                                                              click on "update priority" button
                                                                              4. Now the order will be C, A and B
                                                                              5. In this case needs a way to revert back the priorities to previous state
                                                                              i.e., A, B and C
IN PLAN   35674   Subscription   P1   S3 -     Provide for 'blocked' state    If a channel fails (eg, fails a channel condition) its state becomes failed
BOLERO            Manager             Signific in subscription                and subscription service retries this channel repeatedly (3 or 5 times is
                  future              ant                                     the default). We would like a state that doesn't result in repeated retries.
                                                                              The channel is only restarted at the next run of subscription service. We
                                                                              called this state blocked. Generally this would set by a script passing
                                                                              back a return code other than the currently supported ones (ie, 0-no
                                                                              error and 1-fail). So, for example, return code of 2 means blocked.

IN PLAN   50957   Subscription   P3   S3     Request for a
BOLERO            Manager                    documentation for M5 to M6
                  future                     AD upgrade
IN PLAN   42324   Transmitter    P2   S2 -   Need support for           Currently the supported workspace for the transmitter is 200 GB. For
BOLERO            6.0.2               Severe transmitter workspace      customers who exceed this workspace there is no alternative means to
                                             which exeeds 200 GB        host the channels apart from deleting channels which is not practical.
IN PLAN   30341   Tuner future    P3             Need to be able to use           1. Install and run a tuner (as Service) on a WTS machine. 2. From a
BOLERO                                           runchannel to                    WTS Client machine, a) connect to the WTS machine b) runchannel -
                                                 start/subscribe to a channel     subscribe <anychannelURL> 3. Notice the message 'runchannel listener
                                                 that is on the tuner in a        timed out after 60sec' Reason: ------- Each WTS instance is a unique
                                                 WTS machine from the             windows instance, essentially, a unique virtual machine. The tuner is
                                                 WTS Client machine.              currently designed such that the runchannel will work only for the tuner
                                                                                  which has been started at its own Windows instance, which means that
                                                                                  the tuner should have been started by the individual WTS client within
                                                                                  the context of that window from where runchannel command is issued.
                                                                                  Workaround: ----------- 1. Either start the tuner from the context of the
                                                                                  WTS client window (not very useful since each client has to start its own
                                                                                  tuner) OR 2. Start a tuner on the WTS client and tuner admin from this
                                                                                  tuner to the service tuner on the WTS machine (more useful than #1).

NEED      45612   Infrastructure - P2   S2 -   Better backup configuration. Better configuration of backup facilities--i.e. restore an installation.
MORE INFO         Installer             Severe
SBI       34363   Application           S2 -     There needs to be a test
                  Packager              Severe case which includes the
                                                 total number of files and
                                                 registry keys that can be
                                                 loaded by the packager
SBI       35025   Application           S2 -     If all contents of package
                  Packager              Severe editor are not present on
                                                 the screen, scrollbar/down-
                                                 arrow should be present on
                                                 the screen.
SBI       47806   Application     P2    S3 -     Archived NCP channels            Currently, when we have a NCP channel archived with the tuner installer
                  Packager              Signific that are in the install          as a car file, it is placed in the install-pending state after the tuner
                                        ant      pending state when the           installation. When we have a post-install script using runchanne
                                                 tuner is installed, should not   <Channel URL> -install to install the channel, it goes in for an update
                                                 go in for an update when         first to the transmitter before installing the channel. This is not desirable
                                                 installed using a runchannel     in CUSTOMER's environment where the clients may not be able to
                                                 <url> -install command.          connect to the upstream transmitters.

SBI       35146   Application                    Channel Dependency to            Provide a means to indicate that a channel dependency should be
                  Packager                       install After a channel          installed AFTER the channel being packaged.
SBI       35147   Application                    Channel Dependency               Provide a way to indicate that if a channel is on the machine, remove it
                  Packager                       Removal                          before installing the current channel.
SBI       35149   Application                    Title Updates for Available      Available channels should be able to receive title updates.
                  Packager                       Channels
SBI       35151   Application                    Add (Import) Shortcuts into Be able to add a shortcut to a package after it has been created just like
                  Packager                       a package                   you add a file - point to it and have its properties added to the package.
SBI       35152   Application                    Edit ini and text files inside Edit ini and text files inside of package editor
                  Packager                       of package editor
SBI   34605   Application   P1   S2 -   Add a new update policy               Currently, you can't easily keep the file being removed from the system
              Packager           Severe (for regular files and INI            when the user decides not to manage the file as part of a package in the
              4.7.2                     files) that can keep the file         newer version of the channel. Scenario: Admin publish ChannelA with
                                        in the system even if the file        "FileA" in it by mistake. Then Admin decides to not manage "FileA". But,
                                        is removed from the                   "FileA" can't be deleted from the endpoints. You can do this by doing 2
                                        package (no longer                    stage deployment: 1. Set the update policy of a "FileA" to "Never Update
                                        managed)                              sections and values" (for INI file) or "Don't Update file" (for regular file) 2.
                                                                              Then, after the end-client tuner updates to the channel #1 you can take
                                                                              "FileA" out of the package so that updating to this channel won't delete
                                                                              "FileA" from the system Note that you have to deploy 2 (two) channel
                                                                              update to achieve this. In addition, if a user gets the version #2 directly
                                                                              without going to version #1, "FileA" will be deleted from the file system

SBI   39919   Application   P2   S3 -     Texmodifier configuration           Currently, the text modifiers are not saved when re-packaging is done.
              Packager           Signific should be preserved when            We have to configure the text modifiers again. This is quite a problem
               ant      a package is re-packaged.           when the package consists of a large number of text modifiers.

SBI   35404   Application   P2   S1 -       There is no auto-rollback onCreate a java packaged application. go to edit menu and try to set the
              Packager           Catastr    failed installs feature in  auto roll back feature like the one in file package or custom package, we
                ophic      Java packager.              don't have one.
SBI   35710   Application   P2   S3 -                                   Except for the java package all other packaging methodology can
                                            pre/post installation script in
              Packager           Signific   java packager.              include a pre or post install scipt. Implementing the same feature in the
                ant                                    java packager will help the customer to run any post and preinstall script
                                                                        with an java application.
SBI   35744   Application   P2   S3 -     Java Packager doesn't         Create a java packager and try to edit it, we don't get an option to add
              Packager           Signific support dependencies.         the dependencies to the channel, but we do have for file package,
                ant                                    custom and shrinkwrap package.
SBI   35794   Application   P3   S3 -     Need the functionality to do Currently the Application Packager allows a Full GUI install and fully
              Packager           Signific a full GUI install and semi- silent update but there should be a way to do the Full GUI install and a
                ant      silent update.                semi-silent update.
SBI   41969   Application   P1   S2 -     Need the ability to install a In a unix server envrironment it is often necessary to install a application
              Packager           Severe channel multiple times on a multiple times on the same machine for different users and groups and
                         single tuner with different   use macros to customize the install for these users and groups.
                                          macro definitions.            Currently we are unable to do so and the error message indicates that "it
                                                                        is not a valid action state for package" when we try installing the channel
                                                                        a second time by using runchannel and setmacro parameters.

SBI   42838   Application   P2   S3 -     Need to be able to capture          We capture the return code of the pre/post scripts to determine the
              Packager           Signific the return code of the              channel's install state. We should do this as well with the Startup apps.
                ant      Startup to determine the
                                          channel's state
SBI   35492   Application   P3   S3 -     Install retry when no user is       When a channel failed to install because no user is logged on and
              Packager           Signific logged on to the system             userobjs=true, adapter will retry installing the channel every 3 mins. This
                ant      should be configurable              can clutter the log. In addition, customers using Logging Service will
                                                                              have a problem filtering the event id since this log is also followed by log
                                                                              id 9001 - operation failed. There's no way to tell if channel failed to
                                                                              install because of a failure or because of userobjs.

SBI   35559   Application   P2   S3 -     Need a way to toggle the            Currently, the current order of channel checks for pre-requisites
              Packager           Signific order between channel               (dependency) before a pre-install script can be run. Sometimes,
                ant      dependency and pre-install          customer may want to run pre-install script to prepare the environment
                                          script                              before installing channels (including dependency). We need a property
                                                                              to toggle the order between dependency and pre-install script.
SBI   22087   Application     P2   S3 -     Ability to specify starting     Right now we have to do this through pre and post scripts. This
              Packager             Signific and stoping NT services in      becomes very error prone and doesn't demo very well in pre-sales
              4.7.3                ant      the App Pkgr. Very useful       situations. A number of customers have request this as a major ease of
                                            for Updates. Especially anti-   use feature. Being able to specify exactly what services to "stop" and/or
                                            virus software.                 "start" in "all" phases of installtion/updating/verification/uninstall in the
                                                                            App pkgr configuration screens would be very very cool.

SBI   44144   Application     P3   S3 -       Seperate logging option for   Request for a seperate logging option in for other packages created by
              Packager             Signific   Application Packager          the Application Packager. Similar to the Logging tab in the Windows
              4.7.3                ant        packages                      Installer.
SBI   46618   Application     P2   S3 -       Scripting enhancements for    We are looking for enhancements to automated 'common actions', like,
              Packager             Signific   Application Packager          start/stop a service/process, copy/move/delete directory(s)/file(s),
              4.7.3                ant                                      greater usability of system variables and Tuner variables, etc. AND the
                                                                            ability to specify optional return codes, without wrapping the
                                                                            executable/binary with another scripting language

SBI   30575   Application     P2   S3 -     Verify and Repair should        Create a directory that has a couple of files in it. Set user permissions
              Packager             Signific verify the security settings.   on the files. Create a file package and capture NT permissions on the
              Medusa               ant                                      above directory. Subscribe to the package. From the security settings on
              (4.7.1)                                                       the file, remove a user. Do a verify. It will not fail. Do a repair. It will not
                                                                            restore the user. We should verify and repair user permissions. Using
                                                                            medusa tp2 build.
SBI   31689   Application     P2   S2 -   The deployment service            During the creation of a MSI channel the Application Packager allows
              Packager             Severe channel should be able to         you to specify a local text file that will contain logging output from the
              Medusa                      return logging information        installation of the MSI database. This information should be presented
              (4.7.1)                     from packaged channels            to the deployment service so we can provide users of our server
                                          and msi channels                  management a more centralized way of accessing MSI logs.

SBI   32443   Application     P2   S2 -   There needs to be a way to Currently we have the ability to edit file attributes but no way to edit
              Packager             Severe directly edit windows      security permissions through the package editor....
              Medusa                      security permissions
              (4.7.1)                     through the package editor

SBI   33905   Application     P2   S2 -   The application packager          When customers channel copy the application packager from products
              Packager             Severe should allow users to add a       they may want to add a custom, default, XML template. Although you
              Medusa                      custom XML default                cand do this once you subscribe to the packager it forces the customer
              (4.7.1)                     template during channel           to make the default template available to all packagers on all machines.
                                          copy operations.                   Instead, we should have a method of swapping the XML template
                                                                            during the channel copy operation. This way whenever a packaging
                                                                            engineer downloads the Application Packager the custom template is
                                                                            already implemented.
SBI   43910   Application     P3   S3 -     Windows 2000 segment            Request for a Windows 2000 segment only in Application Packager.
              Packager             Signific only                            Currenlty we have a Windows2000/XP segment, since XP is a
              Medusa               ant                                      sCUSTOMERet of 2000, but also require a Windows 2000 segment
              (4.7.1)                                                       only.
SBI   35329   Application     P2   S3 -     Unix package needs to           Customers have been occasionally using AIX extended attributes (a type
              Packager             Signific support ACL (extended           of ACL) on files and directories to solve some access problems that
              Medusa               ant      attributes on files and         standard UNIX modes and ownerships could not handle. The AIX
              (4.7.1)                       directories)                    documentation states that if a file or directory has its mode changed
                                                                            numerically (as opposed to symbolically) then any extended attribute
                                                                            info is lost. App. Packager should preserve extended attributes on AIX?
                                                                            There may be similar concerns on Solaris.

SBI   24440   Application     P3              Import a list of registry     The customer need a feature that allows them to import a list of registry
              Packager                        entries into a package.       entries into a package. For example, a standard text file that has a
              Sebring (4.6)                                                 different registry entry on each line could be imported so that each one
                                                                            does not have to be manually entered.
SBI   30184   Application   P2   S2 -   Need a way to suppress the        Currently, when we launch a Java app that is created using Java
              Packager           Severe DOS console window                Packager with JRE 131.x,we will see the dos console window
              Triad (4.7)               completely whenever               momentarily flash for couple of seconds. This is due to Sun's bugparade
                                        launching the Java shortcut       as follow
                                                                          on Java 2 version. We need to re-investigate our code to prevent the
                                                                          dos console window to show up, even if it is shown for a few second.

SBI   30185   Application   P2   S3 -     Need an option to include a Currently, we only have an option to package and include a certain JRE
              Packager           Signific native dll file as part of the version inside the Java Packager. It would be really good if we can also
              Triad (4.7)        ant      Java package.                  have an option to package a native dll file that is used by the Java class
                                                                         in the same package rather than deploying the dll file as a separate
SBI   30272   Application   P2            Need more flexible options Currently, we have a limitation on the Java Packager as follow: • The
              Packager                    to package a JVM with the JVM you specify must be supported by Java Packager. The list of
              Triad (4.7)                 Java Packager                  currently supported JVMs appear in the drop-down list on Java
                                                                         Packager’s External JVM Selection page. • The JVM must already be
                                                                         installed on the endpoint. This tool does not install alternate JVMs. It
                                                                         would be really good for the customer if we have a flexible option to
                                                                         browse/select the ref location of the JVM or select the JVM that is
                                                                         already bundled as a channel in the Transmitter. By doing this, the java
                                                                         packager will bundle the location of the JVM such that it will look at this
                                                                         particular location on the end-points.
SBI   32162   Application   P2   S2 -     Wildcard for dependent         There is should be option to specify the dependency on registry key and
              Packager           Severe registry key VALUES's            the STRING name alone, but leave the VALUE as blank or use some
              Triad (4.7)                 value is required.             wildcard to indicate that the VALUE doesn't matter as long as the NAME
                                                                         of the key matches. Also, a greater than, equal to, or between option
                                                                         for searches. For example: Dependency could be set for the registry key
                                                                         of \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Vipin with a name of
                                                                         MyString. Where MyString could have any value .

SBI   32460   Application   P1   S2 -     Need an option for setting      When adding dependencies to a channel it would preferred to indicate
              Packager           Severe channel dependency by             that a certain file VERSION exist or not exist.Using the version as a
              Triad (4.7)                 specifying the existance of     reference point is more desirable and if fails then the date of the file can
                                          version of a file.              be desired.
SBI   35694   Application   P2   S3 -     Uninstall all objects           User A installs an application, the icon is put into their profiles Start
              Packager           Signific installed in the USER           Menu. User B logs on to the same PC runs a repair on the same
              Triad (4.7)        ant      profile during channel repair   application so now they can now see the see the icon it their profile start
                                                                          menu. While no one is logged onto the PC. An IT administrator
                                                                          connects to the PC and uninstalls the application. When User A logs
                                                                          back on to the same PC, the application and Icon have disappeared
                                                                          (Great), however when User B logs onto the PC the icon has not been
                                                                          deleted. As well as remembering which user initially installed the app,
                                                                          can the channel remember users who have also repaired the
                                                                          application, this way providing a clean uninstall for all users.

SBI   35741   Application   P1   S1 -    Customer wants to be able Customer wants Marimba support for the unsupported vm.where=install
              Packager           Catastr to package any JRE with   prperty. This will allow them to use JRE's that their application
              Triad (4.7)        ophic their stand-alone Java      developers find necessary to support their business apps. Customer
                                         applications.             needs to run certain java apps detached from the Tuner for reasons of
                                                                   reliability, performance availability.
SBI   35743   Application   P2   S2 -   Allow option for Java      Customer wants to be able to package and launch stand alone
              Packager           Severe application channel to     applications from the Tuner, but have them run detached as completely
              Triad (4.7)               completely detach from the separate processes without any Tuner dependencies. The application
                                        Tuner after launch         would run outside the context of the Tuner. Channel State status would
                                                                   not be maintained by the tuner after launch.
SBI   36799   Application   P3   S3 -     Option in the application    Some vendors (MS) have started using non-zero return code that do not
              Packager           Signific packager to Define action    necessarily signal an error . For example from the following return coded
              Triad (4.7)        ant      based on specified return     3010 and maybe 1641 are false negatives. ERROR_SUCCESS
                                          codes from pre/post install            0 Action completed successfully.
                                          script.                      ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_ INITIATED                           1641 The
                                                                       installer has started a reboot.                       This error code not
                                                                       available                       on Windows Installer version 1.0.
                                                                       ERROR_PATCH_TARGET_ NOT_FOUND                             1642 The installer
                                                                       cannot install the                      upgrade patch because the
                                                                       program                        being upgraded may be missing, or the
                                                                                             upgrade patch updates a different
                                                                                             version of the program. Verify that
                                                                                             the program to be upgraded exists on
                                                                                             your computer and that you have the
                                                                                             correct upgrade patch.                          This
                                                                       error code is not available on                        Windows Installer
                                                                       version 1.0. ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_ REQUIRED                               3010
SBI   39046   Application   P1   S2 -   Enhance AP to provide          Script for Ability to set/modify the security attributes of the file. This
              Packager           Severe capability to set the security should be able to be set manually or dynamically via a template
              Triad (4.7)               attributes for a file

SBI   39047   Application   P2   S3 -     Enhance AP so that it will    Customer sometimes has to write scripts to perform tasks on other
              Packager           Signific allow direct operation on a   channels. They would like to be able to choose Marimba URL as an
              Triad (4.7)        ant      channel for pre or post       option, the same way that they have the option to choose exe,bat or java
                                          processing operations         today. They would like to be able to specify a channel URL and the
                                                                        command to pass to it (e.g. -install, -remove).
SBI   39048   Application   P2   S3 -     Enable AP to run a script     Customer would like to be able to specify that a script be run onfailure,
              Packager           Signific when triggered via a          ie. in the event the channel install fails. Ideally they would like the
              Triad (4.7)        ant      (failure) event.              channel status(e.g. (Aborted(pre-install))and error code to be passed to
                                                                        the script.
SBI   40521   Application        S3 -     Need more granular            Currently, the channel segments have a combination of segments.
              Packager           Signific channel segments              Customer would like to have separate segment for each of the OS
              Triad (4.7)        ant                                    segment to facilitate packaging and targeting the channel appropriately.

SBI   40706   Application   P1   S3 -     Provide support for JNLP     Customer requests that we extent application packager support support
              Packager           Signific protocol (Sun Web Start)     for the JNLP protocol (Sun Web Start)? This will provide added flexibility
              Triad (4.7)        ant                                   for our developers allowing them to distribute their applications via
                                                                       Castanet to other endpoints.
SBI   46102   Application   P1   S1 -    While publishing a new        While publishing a new channel without settign any update schedule, the
              Packager           Catastr channel without settign any channel gets a udate schedule of update every sunday 4.00 AM. Which
              Triad (4.7)        ophic update schedule, the            is not desired. The default should be never
                                         channel gets a udate
                                         schedule of update every
                                         sunday 4.00 AM. Which is
                                         not desired. The default
                                         should be never
SBI   48432   Application   P2   S1 -    The DM UI should filter out From the DM the option to select Jobs to run if the Current Job is faling
              Packager           Catastr the current job when          or succeeding, the list of Jobs shown should not allow the current job to
              Triad (4.7)        ophic selected the "Job to run if     be selected. If this is allowed the Job goes in a loop and errors out the
                                         this job succeeds" as well "Job is already running" Folders > Edit Deployment '/<JobName' > Job
                                         as "Job to run if this job    to run if this job succeeds select - Job to run if this job fails select
SBI   31469   Application   P2   S2 -    MSI Channel should have Cigna used to deliver NAV update using cmd line: "msiexec /i navce.msi
              Packager           Severe an option to                   /qb REINSTALL=ALL With Application Packager, this is not possible
              Triad (4.7)                update/override the           without uninstalling and reinstalling the MSI Application.
                                         application without
                                         uninstalling and reinstalling
                                         the application
SBI   45588   Channel       P2    S2 -   Request for AIX, HP-UX             As of now we have Thread Dumper channel for Solaris and Windows.
              Manager 6.0         Severe and Linux flavor of Thread         Customer wants for AIX, HP-UX and Linux Operating Systems.
                                         Dumper channel
SBI   45589   Channel       P2    S2 -   Request for AIX, HP-UX             As of now we have Configuration Collector channel for Solaris and
              Manager 6.0         Severe and Linux flavors of               Windows. Customer wants for AIX, HP-UX and Linux Operating
                                         Configuration Collector            Systems.
SBI   43916   Channel       P2    S2 -   Staged Channels should       Staged Channels should show up in Channel Manager under hidden
              Manager 6.0         Severe show up in Channel           Category. Tried changing the channel property 'category' to value hidden
                                         Manager under hidden         for the Patches on the Tx thru channel copier. It does works when
                                         Category.                    channel Manager is not running during the Patch installation. Else it puts
                                                                      under 'My Channels' Category.
SBI   41201   Channel       P2    S3 -     Allow Channel Manager      Currently, we only have options to start a channel from the Channel
              Manager 6.0.1       Signific branding to update a       Manager Branding -> Buttons -> Channel URL. Even if we specify
                                  ant      channel                    ChannelURL?update, we ignore the ?update argument.
SBI   42129   CMS 6.0.2           S2 -     Need to use Named          With Microsoft SQL Server 2000, you have the option of installing
                                  Severe Instance of database with    multiple copies, or instances of SQL Server on one computer. Currently
                                           CMS and Report Center      CMS does not support Named Instance of database. Since customers
                                                                      would be preferig to use a Named Instance we need to conect to a
                                                                      named instance of database.
SBI   43152   CMS 6.0.2     P2    S2 -     Provide more precise error Customer tried to connect to LDAP in W2003 and was recieving a
                                  Severe messageing in SPM            message that the host cannot be contacted. After extensive testing and
                                           configuration for LDAP.    investigation it was determined that the account was initially created with
                                                                      a blank password, and W2003 automatically disabled the account

SBI   46138   CMS 6.0.2     P3    S2 -   Need logging for User              Need logging for User Based Authentication with its User Role
                                  Severe Based Authentication with          information. Whenever a user fails to login to CMS we just mentions the
                                         its User Role information.         username failed to login but won't mention the user role for this user.
                                                                            The expected behavior is also mention the user role like Primary
                                                                            Administrator <username> failed to login. CMS 602
SBI   43196   CMS 6.0.2     P2    S1 -    Ability to acknowledge            Current if one goes to System Settings-> Restart the Console link, it will
                                  Catastr active user session before        restart the CMS for certain period of time. If multiple active users log in
                                  ophic restarting the console              to the CMS from different remote system are still using the console
                                          server                            server, they will not be able to continue their task and will lost their
                                                                            unsaved works due to CMS unavailable after restart. CMS (Console
                                                                            Server) should be able to acknowledge all of the active users in that
                                                                            current state, before restarting itself. Or it should be able to pending its
                                                                            restart task and wait until all active user sessions are log out before
                                                                            doing so.
SBI   45144   CMS 6.0.3     P2    S2 -   Need to be able to                 Currently, the directory service authentication configuration appears to
                                  Severe authenticate by means of           support only user objects. We can, however, get userproxy objects to
                                         both user and userProxy            work for authentication. Here are the steps: 1) go to the directory service
                                         objects.                           configuration page, 2) choose advanced setting, 3)type in userproxy for
                                                                            the object class. However, since CMS only accepts one object class, we
                                                                            can't support both user and userproxy objects at the same time.

SBI   37956   CMS Future    P2    S3 -     A feature to configure which     Currently, many customers are not using Proxy Administrator. It would
                                  Signific components of                    be nice if we have a feature to disable the Proxy Administrator interface
                                  ant      Infrastructure                   from the CMS Web Apps.
                                           Administration should be
                                           exposed in the CMS web
SBI   45610   Content       P1    S1 -     Ability to skip a file when in   Replicator is trying to access the data at the same time data is being
              Replicator          Catastr use; flag to PUBLISH              updated.
                                  ophic content LATER.
SBI   46731   Content        P3   S4 -     Need -rate option for Rep        Currently bandwidth throttling via Content Rep is available for install
              Replicator 6.0      Minor publish                             option only. Customer would like this option for the Rep publish as well.
SBI   50189   Content      P2    S1 -     For Publish Deployments         Ignore File Errors, Requirement is to have this capability on the 'publish'
              Replicator         Catastr need a feature to ignore file    task.. similar to what we have on the target 'install' deployments with the
               ophic erros similar to what we           flag: '-ignoreFileErrors'.
                                          have on the target 'install'
                                          deployments with the flag:-
SBI   44214   Content      P3    S3 -     Allow for intelligent copy of   Customer would appreciate if the Rep channel copy operation of Tx
              Replicator         Signific Rep channels/ability to         Administrator would provide automatic version management on the
              minor              ant      promote rep channels into       target. If they copy a source channel to a target transmitter, they would
                                          production                      like the version to be automatically incremented to be one more than the
                                                                          lastest existing on the target. They would like the copy utility to check
                                                                          the last version on the target and verify that it is different from the source
                                                                          target they are looking to promote. Josh suggests: a Rep interface like "-
                                                                          promote", which takes two URLs, src and dest, and has an optional
                                                                          switch to increase the version number in the process (providing the
                                                                          source and target are not identical). Messages accordingly

SBI   33786   Content      P2    S2 -     The replicator should not       The content replicator currently allows you to publish content to the
              Replicator         Severe allow you to publish content      transmitter without specifying a channel name.
              minor                       to the transmitter without a
                                          channel name.
SBI   50702   Content      P2    S3 -     The content replicator          The content replicator should be able to compare the contents of the
              Replicator         Signific should be able to compare       source directories versus the content of a rep data channel, given a
              Swordfish          ant      the contents of the source      URL. Instead of just using the changes on the source directories to
                                          directories versus the          decide whether or not to publish, the current state of any given data
                                          content of a rep data           channel should also be considered. The content rep would calculate the
                                          channel, given a URL.           diffs accordingly and publish any changes if necessary. This would allow
                                                                          the publish process to publish to multiple URLs without having to force a
                                                                          publish that would effect all data channels. It would allow a new rep data
                                                                          channel to be created at a given URL even if the source files had not
                                                                          changed since a previous publish.

SBI   31913   Deployment         S3     Allow Selection of Multiple       We should have check boxes that allow an admin to select multiple
              Manager                   SGs for deleting or adding        server groups at one time. Going back and forth between two pages for
                                        to a deployment                   each server group gets tedious.
SBI   45362   Deployment         S2 -   SDM should show the                SDM shows only the User Id for the user account pulled from LDAP
              Manager            Severe Description for the user          which is very generic.
                                        accounts pulled from LDAP.
                                                                           Need an option to show descripton of the user account as well from
SBI   42322   Deployment    P3   S3 -       Need to be able to specify Currently we can specify the server name and the task for the server
              Manager 6.0.2      Signific   muliple jobs for server view view file page. It would be helpful to enhance this feature to be able to
                                 ant        file in the control and        view mulitple deployments for a particular server group.
                                            monitoring page
SBI   44454   Deployment    P3   S3 -       Need an option in              Need an option in Deployment Manager to stop a job running on a
              Manager 6.0.2      Signific   Deployment Manager to          Target Server Currently once a job has been started and if it has 5
                                 ant        stop a job running on a        Target Servers we need to wait until it succeeds or fails, but we should
                                            Target Server                  have an option in Control Monitoring page to stop a job on single Target
                                                                           server. SDM 6.0.2
SBI   51171   Deployment    P1   S3 -       Provide the ability to shutoff The customer would like to test new releases with their production DM,
              Manager 6.0.2      Signific   the DM scheduler               however since they cannot shut off the scheduler, they are unable to
                                 ant                                       utilize it for testing as the dm would be kicking off jobs and impacting
SBI   51172   Deployment    P1   S3 -       Provide capability for DM to This capabilility would allow time parameters to be specified for each
              Manager 6.0.2      Signific   have an explicit job timeout job, preferably via a policy or applicable default policy. For example job
                                 ant        limit                          can run for 'n' number of hours, or between 10pm and 6am, or must
                                                                           complete by 5am etc.
SBI   43351   Deployment    P2   S2 -   In the control and            Currently in the control and monitoring page you can't see which server
              Manager 6.0.2      Severe monitoring page you should    groups and servers will be affected by running a given job. Its only after
                                        be able to see which server   you start the job or view job history that you can see which systems
                                        groups and servers will be    were affected by running the job. When you click the arrow next to the
                                        affected by a given job       job it should open up and show the server groups and servers that will
                                                                      be affected. Similar to the look once you actually run the job but without
                                                                      the logging information.
SBI   43352   Deployment    P2   S2 -   Ability to select a subset of CUSTOMER has requested the ability to select a subset of the servers
              Manager 6.0.2      Severe servers to run a job on at    and server groups to run a deployment job on at runtime.
                                        the time you start a job in
                                        deployment manager
SBI   47897   Deployment   P2    S2 -   Deployment Manager            When creating a Server Group from a Report Center Query in DM
              Manager            Severe message "Currently, there, once the name of the Query is specified, the servers are
                       are no servers associated previewed, and OK is selected, the verbiage that appears is, "Currently,
                                        with this server group."      there are no servers associated with this server group." This should be
                                        even though we have           changed to say something about the Server Group referencing the
                                        associated a server group Report Center Query. As it is currently, it leads to believe there are no
                                        needs to be changed           servers in the Server Group
SBI   45283   Deployment   P2    S2 -   Need an option to display     Need an option to display the create and modify time for Task, Server
              Manager            Severe the create and modify time Group, Deployment. Also it would be better to know what new changes
                       for Task, Server Group,       has been made. SDM 6021
                                        Deployment. It would be
                                        better to also know what
                                        has been modified.

SBI   48948   Deployment   P2    S1 -    Need a way in                   In Deployement Manager(SDM)way to configure e mail notifications
              Manager            Catastr Deployement                     from the endpoint level when there are delpyments failure at the
                ophic Manager(SDM) to configure         endpoints. Currently we can get notification for deployment level, and it
                                         e mail notifications from the   sends out a URL to an Admin to login to DM and discover the problem.
                                         endpoint level when there       Need this to be able to do this at the endpoint level, and have the
                                         are delpyments failure at       notification include which endpoint was affected AND that the failure
                                         the endpoints. Currently we     occurred.
                                         can get notification for
                                         deployment level.

SBI   46545   Deployment    P2   S3 -     Remote System Command Currently, when we specify Run As User on Unix from Remote System
              Manager 6.0.3      Signific doesn't have the option to Command, we only use basic 'su' command: String suCmd = new
                                 ant      load user profile when     String(); suCmd = "su " + user + " -c " + "\"" + escape(s) + "\"";
                                          using "Run As User"                      if (DEBUG) {
                                                                     : CMD = " + suCmd);
                                                                     : s = " + s);             } Notice that we use: 'su <username> -c
                                                                     <command>' We need to have an option to load the user profile using:
                                                                     'su - <username> -c <command>' Refer to the su manual below on
                                                                     exxample# 2: Example 1: Becoming User bin While Retaining Your
                                                                     Previously Exported Environment To become user bin while
                                                                     retaining your previously exported environment, execute:
                                                                        example% su bin Example 2: Becoming User bin and Changing to
                                                                      bin's Login Environment To become user bin but change the
                                                                     environment to what would be expected if bin had originally logged
                                                                     in, execute: example% su - bin
SBI   47813   Deployment    P2      S3 -     Need a DM Global macro      Customer has a password requirement that will change every 1-2
              Manager 6.0.3         Signific                             months and the pwd is stored in the UNC path. - Currently, they retrieve
                                    ant                                  the pwd and set it as macro in each task group before launching a job. -
                                                                         Ideally, they want to be able to run a job that will reset DM Global
                                                                         macros (e.g.: DM.customPwd1=...) This way, they don't need to reset
                                                                         the pwd for every tasks/jobs that they launch. It doesn't look like we
                                                                         expose DM Global macro?
SBI   48431   Deployment    P2      S1 -     The DM UI should filter out From the DM the option to select Jobs to run if the Current Job is faling
              Manager 6.0.3         Catastr the current job when         or succeeding, the list of Jobs shown should not allow the current job to
                                    ophic selected the "Job to run if    be selected. If this is allowed the Job goes in a loop and errors out the
                                             this job succeeds" as well "Job is already running" Folders > Edit Deployment '/<JobName' > Job
                                             as "Job to run if this job  to run if this job succeeds select - Job to run if this job fails select
SBI   49234   Deployment    P2      S3 -     Ability to customize the e- Ability to cutomize the e-mail that is sent from Deployment Manager
              Manager 6.0.3         Signific mail that is sent from      when a job is running, succeeds fails, etc... Additionally the ability to set
                                    ant      Deployment Manager          macros within the e-mail. Example mail that is sent currently: Subject:
                                                                         DM Notification:
                                                                         '/CUSTOMER/CUSTOMERDeployment2.CUSTOMERTask2' status:
                                                                         'succeeded' Job name:
                                                                         /CUSTOMER/CUSTOMERDeployment2.CUSTOMERTask2 Job status:
                                                                         succeeded Started on: Friday, September 23, 2005 12:50:53 PM PDT
                                                                         Completed on: Friday, September 23, 2005 12:51:23 PM PDT

SBI   49761   Deployment    P2      S1 -     SNMP Traps for                 Need an option in the Deployment that should be able to set SNMP
              Manager 6.0.3         Catastr Deployment status when          Traps for Deployment status when shown as "Corrupted" and
                                    ophic shown as "Corrupted" and          "succeeded with errors"
                                             "succeeded with errors"
SBI   42757   Deployment      P2    S2 -     Need ability to specify the    Currently we are able to specify a remote system command to be run as
              Service 6.0.2         Severe "user to run command as"         a specific user for unix platforms only. We should be able to use this
                                             for windows platforms          feature for windows as well.
SBI   50945   Documentatio P1       S3 -     The release notes for a new    Currently the release notes only list information regarding exposed
              n 6.0.3               Signific product release should         defects or RFEs. Some channels, like the Transmitter, are
                                    ant      include information            not mentioned in the release notes. There should be information present
                                             regarding the latest version   regarding such channels to at least make the customer aware that a new
                                             of all the channels.           version has come out. A table structure showing the current version of
                                                                            each of the channels would be sufficient.
SBI   50958   Documentatio P1       S2       Customers want step by         Current documentation contains many circular references forcing the
              n 6.0.3                        step install instructions that reader to jump from document to document. Customer has found errors
                                             ens...                         and omissions causing previous upgrade to fail. With the nearing
                                                                            termination of M5 support, M5 migration steps should also be removed
                                                                            or separated.
SBI   36337   Documentatio P3       S3 -     Need a doc that would          We should document all the steps and the properties that need to be
              n future              Signific explain all the properties     changed when the IP address of the master/mirrors are
                                    ant      that would need to be          changed.Specially on a Unix box where the tuner is installed as a
                                             changed when the IP            package and it has multiple TX's installed on one tuner.
                                             address of the
                                             Master/Mirrors are
SBI   29882   Infrastructure - P2   S4 -     Need the ability to specify In tuner packager, under Installation->Workspace, we can either select a
              Installer             Minor tuner installation &              directory or Autoselect. Customer would like to be able to create macros
              Manager 6.0                    workspace location using       and use them for workspace dir (like in App Packager).
SBI   31886   Infrastructure - P3   S4 -     Provide warning dialog in      A customized MIME type doesn't work with MSI install of the tuner, it
              Installer             Minor    Tuner Packager if invalid      works only with Installshield package. The Tuner packager->
              Manager 6.0                    MIME type is entered           Configuration-> MIME Type has online help: customized MIME type not
                                                                            supported for MSI packages--only for Installshield packages, however
                                                                            the customer requests that we develop a warning dialog as this behavior
                                                                            is inconsistent and subtle. Customer Feedback: 1. It doesn't make a lot
                                                                            of sense that the type of package (MSI vs. InstallShield) I'm creating
                                                                            drives whether I can leave these values blank. 2. Could they put
                                                                            something into the TunerPackager that indicates this? A warning dialog
                                                                            box requiring acknowledgment might be a good idea, just like the ones
                                                                            in 'Channel for Tuner Updates' or 'Primary channel' -- "Warning: The
                                                                            Tuner you are packaging does not have MIME types specified. You
                                                                            must have MIME types specified if you are packaging this tuner as an
                                                                            MSI" or something like that. > will it work..

SBI   46530   Infrastructure - P3   S2 -   Need an option in M6 Tuner       Need an option in M6 Tuner installer to specify the TMPDIR where
              Installer             Severe installer to specify the         Tuner unpacks itself. Why we need this feature ? Most of the time the
              Manager                      TMPDIR where Tuner               default tmp folder will be full, so the Tuner installation fails. Also it
                          unpacks itself.                  requires to modify TMPDIR environment variable on the endpoint to
                                                                            point it to a different directory which has enough space to workaround
                                                                            the problem. If there is an option to specify the TMPDIR while creating
                                                                            the Tuner installer then we could point to a directory which of sure has
                                                                            enough space. Infra Admin 6021
SBI   51110   Infrastructure - P2   S3       Need tuner version to be at 1. Create a windows tuner installer using 603sp2 Infra Admin.\r\n2.
              Installer                      same level as the version      Install the tuner on windows.\r\n3. Note that the
              Manager                        from which the installer was marimba.tuner.release.version=\r\n4. Run Infrastr Service on the
              603sdrop2                      created                        tuner that was created.\r\n5. Note the
                                                                            marimba.tuner.release.version=\r\n\r\nNeed a way to have the
                                                                            tuner release version at the hotfix level sp2 without having to run Infra
                                                                            Service for two reasons:\r\n\r\na) We don\'t provide installer for hotfixes
                                                                            (like sp1, sp2, etc.)\r\nb) Some customers don\'t want to run Infra
                                                                            Service as it will restart tuner which could be disruptive to their
SBI   42524   Infrastructure - P2   S3 -     Profiles – should have         When applying license to profile - Administrator has to select 1 by 1.
              Profile               Signific ability to select all licenses Would like the option to do a multi-select for 1 to many as well as a
              Manager               ant      instead of one by one.         select all.
SBI   49633   Infrastructure - P2   S2 -   Ability to create more than      Customers who support multiple external clients create multiple profiles
              Profile               Severe 48 profiles.                     per client; each profile representing different OS environments, etc.
SBI   50824   Infrastructure - P1   S1       Extend Remote Deployed         * Needs to support multiple login ids/passwords to accommodate highly
              Remote                         to meet the needs of large,    segmented, multi-domain environment.\r\n* Needs to run from
              Deployer                       distributed, enterprise        Transmitter, Repeater, or other local device supporting the subnet
              Future                         customers.                     containing the target.\r\nShould identify devices not currently running the
                                                                            tuner and target them. If a device has a tuner, but it is not running, it
                                                                            should start it. If a device has a tuner but it can not be started, it should
                                                                            be re-installed (preserving the workspace if possible). Any devices that
                                                                            still fail to receive a tuner should be reported centrally.\r\n* Must get
                                                                            around common access issues, including XP firewalls and antivirus that
                                                                            may prevent an external process from running.

SBI   43354   Infrastructure -      S2 -   Need the ability to copy         M6 Infrastructure Administration (Tx admin) allows only adding a
              Transmitter           Severe from .car file or a dir to the   channel from a URL. Unlike the old M5 Channel Copier, there is no
              Admin 6.0.2                  Transmitter                      feature to add a .car file or a file from a dir.
SBI   46518   Infrastructure - P4   S2 -     Need 'One to Many' action     The current options in M6 Transmitter Administration console are Start
              Transmitter           Severe in M6 Transmitter               replication, Start Transmitter, Stop Transmitter. Start Replication
              Admin                  Administration console to     actually forces the replication. But there should be a 'One to Many'
                                             turn ON and OFF the           action in M6 Transmitter Administration console to turn ON and OFF the
                                             replication of the            replication of the Transmitter. CM 6021 Infra Admin 6021 Tx 6021
SBI   33051   Infrastructure - P3   S3 -     Tuner Admin should have a   Connecting to a remote tuner via tuner admin via a (slow) network may
              Tuner Admin           Signific parameter that can specify  take 3-4 retry before you're able to connect to the remote tuner,
              6.0                   ant      the timeout value           especially when the remote tuner is in the minimal mode. Tuner Admin
                                                                         should have a parameter that can specify the timeout value so that it can
                                                                         wait till it's connected to the remote tuner.
SBI   44676   Infrastructure - P4   S3 -     Get rid of the 'update'     Infrastructure / Tuner Admin: Get rid of the 'update' dropdown option on
              Tuner Admin           Signific option on the TX channel if the TX channel if it is running. Did this, knew we shouldn't, but update
                   ant      it is running.              didn't occur until the channel was started and stopped.
SBI   44677   Infrastructure - P3   S3 -     Preview button should only Infrastructure / Tuner / Transmitter admin: Preview button should only
              Tuner Admin           Signific appear when there has       appear when there has been a change made. When you're looking at the
                   ant      been a change made          properties of the transmitter or the tuner in their respective
                                                                         administrators, then the 'preview' button should only appear if there has
                                                                         been a change made to any of the properties. As it is not, it is confusing
                                                                         when it is there and you have not made any changes.

SBI   43331   Infrastructure - P3   S2 -   Update schedule in              If you are Tuner Admining an endpoint A in CST from a machine in PST
              Tuner Admin           Severe Channel Properties should       time zone. If the Inventory Service is scheduled to run at 5:00 PM CST
              future                       display timezone with all       on the endpoint A, then the next update schedule in channel properties
                                           times.                          would be shown as 3:00PM via Tuner Admin from a machine (in PST
                                                                           time zone). So we should have an option to display update schedule in
                                                                           Channel Properties to show timezone with all times. Tuner 602

SBI   48577   Infrastructure - P2   S2 -   Log roll policy for             Currenlty, there are no properties or options in the Infrastructure
              Tuner Config          Severe Infrastructure Service          Administrator GUI to set the log roll policy for the Infrastructure Service
              Service 6.0.3                Plugin logs                     plugin logs. The default is: Version: 0 Roll: never;unlimited
SBI   48578   Infrastructure - P3   S2 -   Infrasture Service plugin log   Infrasture Service plugin log should contain verbose information. For
              Tuner Config          Severe should contain verbose          example, the Ip address of the client that is making the request, etc.
              Service 6.0.3                information                     Below is a sample of the information outputted in the Infrastructure
                                                                           Service plugin log: Host: taranjit1 Created: 1123634076748; Tue Aug 09
                                                                           17:34:36 PDT 2005 Version: 0 Roll: never;unlimited Source:
                                                                           http://taranjit1:5282/M6Channels/InfrastructureService Channel Version:
                                                                  [09/Aug/2005:17:34:36 -0700] - warning - 32668 Requested
                                                                           profile has not been published: .profile_PluginTesttest
                                                                           [09/Aug/2005:17:52:08 -0700] - warning - 32668 Requested profile has
                                                                           not been published: .profile_PluginTesttest [09/Aug/2005:17:52:30 -
                                                                           0700] - warning - 32668 Requested profile has not been published:

SBI   41861   Infrastructure - P2   S3 -     Need to have a feature to     Back in Tuner 4.6.x, when installing the tuner we will have the log will
              Tuner Installer       Signific get the exit code of the      have this entry: audit Installer completed normally If you were to create a
              6.0.2                 ant      tuner install for both stub   script to monitor the installation and check the status of the install, you
                                             and full installer            can wait until the exe is finished and check the log for the string above.
                                                                           With M6: 1. the installTuner.log doesn't contain similar string. 2. If you
                                                                           use stub installer, the execution will return to the context before the
                                                                           installation has finished. We have to check every min or so to see if the
                                                                           install has finished. We need to have a feature to get the exit code of the
                                                                           tuner install for both stub and full installer.

SBI   43357   Infrastructure - P3   S3 -     The complete path from        Create an installer, and add some channles from .car files. when you go
              Tuner Installer       Signific which a car file has been     back to the page from which you can add car files, you'll see that the
              6.0.2                 ant      uploaded should be listed     '' is listed instead of "C:\folder1\carfile1.
                                             when archiving car files.
SBI   44093   Infrastructure - P2    S3 -     Need to be able to create a    When using the create native package option, the native installer is
              Tuner Installer        Signific native package on HPUX         created with a 'MRBA' prefixed to the profile name and is also limited to
                    ant      without the prefix of 'MRBA'   8 characters. This can create a problem in customer environments
                                              attached to the name of the    where they have to be able to specify the depot's name and version
                                              installer.                     explicitly.
SBI   44094   Infrastructure - P2    S3 -     Need to be able to specify     Currently, while creating a native package on unix, we can specify
              Tuner Installer        Signific pre-remove,post-remove         arbitrary pre-install and post-install scripts, but it does not allow us to
                    ant      and other control scripts      specify any other control scripts. For CUSTOMER to use the depot in
                                              while creating a native        production, they would at least need to be able to specify a pre-remove
                                              package on HPUX.               script. Ideally, they would like to be able to specify all of the control
                                                                             scripts available to Software Distributor: checkinstall, checkremove,
                                                                             configure, fix, postinstall, postremove, preinstall, preremove, request,
                                                                             unconfigure, unpostinstall, unpreinstall, verify (these are fully described
SBI   44097   Infrastructure - P3    S3 -     Need the native package        When the depot installs without errors, it generates the following entries
              Tuner Installer        Signific installation on HPUX to        in the swagent.log file: HP-UX detected... channel already exists:
                    ant      follow the standard for ctureService
                                              messages that are printed      channel already exists:
                                              to the swagent.log file. er Setup
                                                                             complete. The Marimba Tuner installed at /opt/hpservices/mirror1 is
                                                                             curren tly running Messages placed in the swagent.log file must adhere
                                                                             to the very specific format described here:
                                                                             90740/ch11s07.html. Automated tools check for software problems by
                                                                             scanning the swagent.log file, so messages that do not adhere to this
                                                                             format cause many problems. Products that generate poorly-formatted
                                                                             messages will not be deployed on HP media.

SBI   50825   Installation      P1   S1      productize phased upgrade
              future                         validated for CUSTOMER Service Channels: Endpoint services (Inventory, SCUSTOMERcription,
                                             in March ...              Patch) should have a way to migrate from old version to new version,
                                                                       other than through having all endpoint update the channel during the
                                                                       next scheduled update (allow for pilot / phased rollout). Perhaps use
                                                                       SCUSTOMERcription or Profiles to assign new \

                                                                             CUSTOMER management will not allow an upgrade approach that
                                                                             affects all endpoints at once. A previous SCUSTOMERcription upgrade
                                                                             caused the largest revenue outage in the company\'s history. They now
                                                                             require the ability to provide controlled rollouts of all software updates
                                                                             from all vendors in order to due continued business with CUSTOMER.
                                                                             Marimba facilitiates these controlled rollouts for all managed software
                                                                             except the core Marimba services.

SBI   45399   Inventory              S2 -   Tuner Kernel Details should      About Marimba Tuner -> Details -> Tuner Kernel Details should show all
                                     Severe show all the ip address          the ip address of the machine which it's bind to.
                                            which it's bind to.
SBI   48463   Inventory         P1   S2 -   Hotfix not being picked up       When Patch Management is running, it overwrites the data that WMI
                                     Severe by Inventory                     used to pick up to accurately report on private patches. In order to be
                                                                             able to scan for these private patches, CUSTOMER needs to have the
                                                                             capability to specify file size and file date, in addition to file name, in the
                                                                             Application Dictionary.
SBI   35394   Inventory 6.0.2        S2 -   IS does not pick up               Currently there is no way of knowing which network card is bound to
                                     Severe information that would tell      what IP address.
                                            us what IP Address is
                                            bound to which
SBI   44410   Inventory            S1 -    Database schema upgrade       Although the documentation mentions that the version paramater needs
                  Catastr script should check if the    to be at 8.1..6 or higher, the actual upgrade should check for this
                                   ophic requirement of the version      requirement to be met before proceeding with the upgrade. This will
                                           parameter is correct on DB    prevent the need for restoring the database to the earlier version before
                                           prior to script running.      running the script again. This problem was faced during the CHW
                                                                         upgrade where the change to the parameter did not take effect for some
                                                                         reason and they were forced to restore the database before running the
                                                                         script again.
SBI   45121   Inventory            S3 -       The results per page in    The change in 6.0.x Report Center to allow only results per page to
                  Signific   Report Center can display display only upto 3 digits makes it difficult to view more results per page.
                                   ant        upto only three digits     We could view up to 5-6 digits in pre-M6 versions.
SBI   35673   Inventory       P2   S3 -       Allow Inventory to support Customer would like to be able to store data into custom tables within
              Database 6.0         Signific   customer written stored    the inventory database. This would faciliate the customers ability to
                                   ant        procedures for custom data develop extensions to our base inventory, providing a comprehensive
                                              manipulation               inventory solution which meets their needs. The stored procedure
                                                                         provides the flexibility for the customer to develop logic to support their
                                                                         inventory capture and reporting needs.
SBI   42240   Inventory            S3 -       "Location" filed in the    The machien table has a "Location" filed which is remaining unused.
              Database             Signific   machine table is showing   Need the Inventory scanner to populate the field so that a machines'
                  ant        "NULL" , need to capture   location in a network can be captured.
                                              the deatils.
SBI   46852   Inventory       P3   S2 -       Need a mechanism in        Customers when they upgrades their Database from previous version to
              Database             Severe     Schema Manager to          latest version (5.0 -> 6.0.2 -> There is no way to ensure that the
                             validate the schema        upgrade path would be the same as the fresh installation of invdb. We
                                              installed in DB.           need to assume it's the same. The reason why CUSTOMER is asking
                                                                         for this feature is because the script which they ran in order to upgrade
                                                                         from 50 to 602 had the problem with constraint
                                                                         c_rep_channel_id(upgrade_inventory_50_60.sql). alter table
                                                                         machinerep_channel add constraint c_rep_channel_id FOREIGN KEY
                                                                         (channel_id) REFERENCES channel (id); which should have been alter
                                                                         table machinerep_channel add constraint c_rep_channel_id FOREIGN
                                                                         KEY (channel_id) REFERENCES rep_channel (id); There is defect in
                                                                         the upgrade path but not in fresh invdb installation. So it would be great
                                                                         if we have a mechanism to compare the installed invdb in DB against an
                                                                         arbitrary set of SQL create statements. Inventory Schema 6021

SBI   37316   Inventory       P2   S3 -       Provide Serial Number of     Customer is currently using third party shareware to get this information.
              Service 6.0          Signific   Hard Drive in Inventory       They provided the link for the shareware code they use:
SBI   41537   Inventory       P2   S2 -       Software Usage should be     A Customer is trying to move from their first version of app-dictionary
              Service 6.0          Severe     able to scan app (exe)       custom scanner (profs solution) to us. Their configuration file (INI)
                                              withouth defining the full   contains only the filename so that the custom scanner can search the file
                                              path of the exe              regardless of where the file path is. The current XML file for configuring
                                                                           app-dictionary is to specify the file name and the path. Seems like it
                                                                           would not be possible to move their custom scanner to app. dictionary in
SBI   42228   Inventory       P2   S3 -     Unix : Need inventory          Currently inventory scan picks up the jobs specific to the user under
              Service 6.0.2        Signific service to be able to pick     whose context the tuner is running. So if the tuner is running as root, it
                                   ant      up all cron jobs on a          will only pick up the jobs scheduled by root. It will be useful if the scan
                                            machine along with the         can pick up all the cron jobs scheduled on the machine if the tuner is
                                            owners of the processes.       running as root as this is a important requirement in server customer
SBI   42230   Inventory       P3   S3 -     Solaris: Inventory Scan        Currently we do not pick up the kernel buiold information from Unix
              Service 6.0.2        Signific should be able to pick up      machines. It would be useful to have that picked up.
                                   ant      the kernel build.
SBI   42398   Inventory       P1   S2 -   More granular ability to          In certain situations it has beem noticed that scanning a NFS volume
              Service 6.0.2        Severe include or exclude items to       that is not mounted can cause the Inventory Service to hang. We should
                                          scan such as scanning the         be able to specify the scan to ignore such an event and continue with the
                                          NFS volumes and tape              scan of the rest of the components. Similarly, it has been noticed that
                                          scans.                            scanning tape devices on Solaris causes the tape to eject.

SBI   46294   Inventory       P1   S3 -     Provide for the capture of  customer wants to be able to track production deployments through
              Service 6.0.2        Signific Content Replicator          inventory/report center. The customer requires channel and version
                                   ant      Deployment information      information. They would like to be able to query Report Center for
                                            into the inventory database current Rep channels installed on a server, and export the result set to a
                                            for reporting and tracking  file. They would build a deployment from this file that would allow them
                                            via Report Center           to populate a new endpoint with content.
SBI   44449   Inventory       P2   S2 -     Marimba's Solaris Inventory Currently we collect a set of data from the Solaris package management
              Service              Severe Scanner should collect        subsystem. This does not include the short package name which
                           Solaris Package Short       CUSTOMER and other customers use more often than the long
                                            Names                       descriptive names we currently collect. The short names are usually in
                                                                        the form SUNWxxx.
SBI   45768   Inventory       P2   S2 -     If a single Network Card    If a single Network Card has multiple ipaddress the MachineNetwork
              Service              Severe has multiple ipaddress the table shows multiple ipaddress in a single row. The expected behavior is
                           MachineNetwork table        to have one ipaddress in one row and we should have an column which
                                            shows multiple ipaddress in should identify the network card as well. Inventory Service 6021
                                            a single row.
SBI   50814   Inventory       P3   S4       Need an option to suppress Following is the customer's mail.
              Service 6.0.3                 the inventory service
                                            progress bar on a few end I am aware that this can be changed on a global level setting but we
                                            points while leaving it ON  have some locations that would like to enable the progress bar and
                                            for the remaining endpoints some that would like to suppress it. Can we open a RFE for an
                                                                        option/property setting? I would like to disable the progress bar by
                                                                        default but allow locations with the ability to enable this feature if they
                                                                        would like to do so by adding a property through policy or some other
                                                                        means. .
SBI   49984   Inventory       P2   S3 -     Should be able to list the  The information collected by Scanner Service: AdapterType,
              Service              Signific Physical Network Adapters Description, DeviceID, MACAddress, Manufacturer, MaxSpeed, Name,
                  ant      installed on an endpoint.   ProductName, ServiceName, Status Scanner Service collects the
                                                                        information for all the networks adapters installed in the system,
                                                                        including the virtual network adapters. The information collected is not
                                                                        adequate to filter the list of installed physical network adapters. The
                                                                        property: PNPDeviceID could help to an extent, but we are not collecting
                                                                        it. Need a way to list the installed physical network adapters alone.

SBI   47306   Logging Plugin P2    S1 -    Need an option to collect all Objective is to have Logging Service by default collect and send all
              6.0                  Catastr Logs and exclude certain      Logs. But exclude the Log ID's mentioned in a given list on Plugin. So
                                   ophic Log ID's.                       when new Log ID is added in the product, it of sure that Logging Service
                                                                         will report it. And Administrator can take necessary action whether to
                                                                         have it or exclude it from Logging Service report. Currently there is an
                                                                         option in Logging Service to send all Logs by setting
                                                                         marimba.tuner.logs.applyFilters=false. But there is no way to specify the
                                                                         list of Log ID which should be excluded. Logging Service 6.0

SBI   24452   Marimba         P2           Workspace Explorer shoud         Currently, the documentation states that this is possible, but we (Johan
              Resource Kit                 have the ability to browse       Eriksson and I when we were onsite) discovered that it is not the case.
              603sdrop2                    remotely a file system with      CUSTOMER has made a request that the documentation be changed to
                                           the same level of file           reflect what is currently possible with the product.
                                           access as the system
                                           account that it is running in.
SBI   24453   Marimba         P1              Configuration Collector:       Include in the Config Collector the ability to capture or copy a workspace
              Resource Kit                    Add ability to capture a       for delivery to Marimba HQ.
              603sdrop2                       workspace.
SBI   24454   Marimba         P2              Workspace Explorer: Add a      A good feature of the Worksapce Explorer would be the ability to check
              Resource Kit                    Channel Version Check.         and verify that the workspace contains the most recent versions of
              603sdrop2                                                      channels that are on the Tx, both the Master and it's repeaters.

SBI   42277   Marimba         P3   S3 -     Option for Configuration        Configuration Collector ----------------------- Configuration Collector
              Resource Kit         Signific Collector to capture            should have the option to import a file, with a list of file names to capture
              603sdrop2            ant      additional file information     the data from. For example, SCUSTOMERcription Service Config.xml,
                                                                            invtree, invtree.diff, etc...
SBI   35352   Marimba         P4   S4 -       Have an new option for the When customers install multiple TX's on a solaris machines (pkg add),
              Resource Kit         Minor      TX Verifier to run against a on the same tuner, they normally install all these TX's from one URL
              Bach (4.7.1)                    TX where the workspace dir which is mostly their staging server. Therefore the only unique way of
                                              is specified.                 identifying these TX's is by their WS dir.
SBI   32396   Marimba         P1   S3 -       Need an option in TxVerify Need an option in TxVerify whereby user can specify which channels
              Resource Kit         Signific   whereby user can specify      need to be verified or verify from a lower level dir rather than at the root
              Bach (4.7.1)         ant        which channels need to be dir.
SBI   42080   Other NA        P3   S3 -       Utility to capture/copy files Utility to capture/copy files locally from a remote location. For example,
                                   Signific   locally from a remote         to copy the log files from a remote machine locally to your machine.
                                   ant        location
SBI   43913   Patch        S2 -       Need an option to publish
                                   Severe     Patch Groups/Patches onto
                                              different Transmitter during
                                              publish time.
SBI   43915   Patch        S2 -       Need email Notification for Need email Notification for any errors in Patch Manager.
                                   Severe     any errors in Patch
SBI   44048   Patch        S2 -       Patch Service should          Need email Notification for any errors in Patch Manager.
                                   Severe     handle Patches which
                                              shows up 'Digital Signature
                                              Not Found' popup silently

SBI   50118   Patch           P2   S2 -   Needs a way to see for all         High level pick list, machines affected and drill down to investigate either
              Management           Severe patches that are missing –         via Tuner Admin etc. Similar to package view for compliance. Want to
                                          what they are for a given          know ones that received it as well.
                                          group of machines and/or
SBI   42807   Patch                       Need an option to create a          Need an option to create a folder in Patch Manager to segregate the
              Manager                     folder in Patch Manager to         created Patch Groups.
                         segregate PatchGroups
                                                                             Right now all the Patch Groups are shown in a single list. Having a
                                                                             folder would be usefull to segregate Patch Groups across different
                                                                             platforms rather with just Patch Group name.
SBI   45203   Patch               S1 -    Need API to call Patch      What's the purpose ?
              Manager             Catastr Manager to expose patches Customer has their own self developed tool which they would like to
                 ophic on different TX - Escalated. embed our API call for Patch in order to publish Patch group and Patch
                                                                     channels onto different Tx.

                                                                         Why not Patch Manager ?
                                                                         In Customer environment Patch Manager has been shared by two
                                                                         different Teams QA and Production. The current design of Patch
                                                                         Manager would publish the Patch Group and Patch channels onto the
                                                                         Transmitter which is configured in PatchManager -> Repository ->
                                                                         Master Transmitter. Which is the Production Tx . They don't want QA
                                                                         team to publish patches onto Production Tx.

                                                                         If QA Team wants to use a different Tx they need to change the Patch
                                                                         Manager configuration to Point to QA Tx, then when Prod Team wants to
                                                                         publish they need to revert back the setting. Which creates a lot of

                                                                         What is expected ?
                                                                         Customer would like to select which Tx they need to publish during
                                                                         publishing of Patch Group. Since this feature is not available currently
                                                                         they are looking for the respective API calls to be exposed to them so
                                                                         that they could embed them in their Tool to publish Patch group and
                                                                         Patches onto their desired Tx.

SBI   43912   Patch Mgmt -   P2   S2 -   Need versioning for Patch       Need versioning for Patch Group channels. Patch Manager 2011 Tuner
              Manager             Severe Group channels.                 602
SBI   43913   Patch Mgmt -   P2   S2 -    Need an option to publish      Need an option to publish Patch Groups/Patches onto different
              Manager             Severe Patch Groups/Patches onto       Transmitter during publish time. Patch Manager 2011
                         different Transmitter during
                                          publish time.
SBI   44240   Patch Mgmt -   P2   S1 -    Patch Service update           Once the Patch Service update schedule is set through Subscription,
              Manager             Catastr schedule should be             Currenlty there is no way to make changes to the schedule through
                 ophic reconfigurable from Patch        Patch Manager GUI.
                                          Manager GUI.
SBI   50119   Patch Mgmt -   P3   S2 -    Would like additional          RFE would like to see the following:\r\n\r\n1) My severity (not
              Manager             Severe information displayed in        microsofts)\r\n2) Number of missing patches –next to patch in list.
                         primary patch page.
SBI   46106   Patch Mgmt -   P2   S2 -    Ability for the user with      The users who are defined as Operators under the user roles need to
              Manager             Severe "operator" role to have read    have read access to the Patch Manager.currently the only roles defined
                         access to PatchManager.        for patch Manager is PrimaryAdministrators and Standard
SBI   48298   Patch Mgmt -   P2   S3 -     Need a way to put in the      Need to be able to enter the file version, date, size info in the 'Affected
              Manager             Signific version and date for          System Files' section of the custom patch. Once saved, it should show
                 ant      Custom Patch                  the version, and date of the patch, which should be editable. This way,
                                                                         Patch Service would run the Channel in the “Patch Location“ section if
                                                                         the file version or date were older than the ones in the Affected system
                                                                         files section and update will happen.

SBI   50037   Patch Mgmt -   P3   S1 -    Patch Service should have The "Verify whether channels are trusted or signed" checkbox in Patch
              Service             Catastr the ability to set the "Verify Service should be applied to individual platforms and not globally.
                 ophic whether channels are
                                          trusted or signed" for each
                                          individual platform.
SBI   45363   Policy             S2 -    Need an option in GUI to       We need an option to change the log roll policy *only* for specific
              Manager            Severe publish ldap mapping ( -        channels like Patch Service which prints a lot of debug logs for its
                                         ldapservers command )          update action.
                                         from SPM
SBI   31770   Report Center      S1 -    Need an option for creating    From Report Center, there is a Collection folder. Highlight the
                                 Catastr folders under the              "Collection" folder, the right portion of the screen lists all the collections
                                 ophic Collections folder in Report     with the Run Now, Run on a Schedule...
                                         Center, for grouping
                                         collections                     If you create a new Folder within the Collections folder it will put it at an
                                                                        equal level as the Collections folder, thus we do not have the option to
                                                                        group collections.

                                                                        Request to divide collections into folders so you can group them.
                                                                        This option would let customers organize collections into groups and
                                                                        then run collections for sepearate groups. Right now you can pick and
                                                                        choose which collections you want to run,but we don'thave the option to
                                                                        group the collections.
SBI   34718   Report Center      S2 -   For Narrow downing the          When we Narrow down a query, its always an AND statement. We need
                                 Severe Query OR option is              an OR statement to also be included in the Query Builder.
SBI   39607   Report Center P4   S4 -   Ability to email link of report Large customers will generate reports with a large amount of data, thus
              6.0                Minor instead of actual report         create a large file. It would be nice to be able to email a link where the
                                                                        report can then be viewed with out having to send the actual file.

SBI   39908   Report Center      S3       Allow Marimba Unix            Currently there is no way to know how many users are
              6.0                         Inventory Scan to use         sCUSTOMERcribing/publishing information to/from the TX.
                                          SUDO or run as non-root
SBI   39909   Report Center      S3       Allow an operator to setup    An operator in Report Center does not have access to modify reports or
              6.0                         an e-mail schedule for a      setup e-mail schedules. CUSTOMER wants to allow an operator to
                                          Report Center report          setup an e-mail schedule do deliver the reports to themselves on a
SBI   51173   Report Center P3   S2       Need a way of saving the      1. Write a query using the Query Builder in Report Center.
              6.0                         entire set of Machine         2. This would display some machines in the Query output.
                                          Details information in one    3. Click on any one of the machine being displayed in the output.
                                          file.                         4. This would display the Machine details interface in a new window.
                                                                        5. In this interface, we have an option in the File->Download Selected
                                                                        Topic Results to save the result being displayed in the right pane in the
                                                                        Excel format with an extension for the file as .tab.
                                                                        6. There should be some other option to save the entire information all
                                                                        at once in a single way rather than selecting each link and displaying the
                                                                        information and then saving it a different file.

SBI   41996   Report Center P2   S3 -     Need First and Last buttons Currently, there is only previous and next buttons in RC GUI...If the # of
              6.0.2              Signific in RC to navigate to the    records is more than 50000, with the max display being 999 in RC 602a
                                 ant      result set                  and the max drop down entries being 50, the navigation to certain set of
                                                                      records involves going to the last or first drop-down entries. It would be
                                                                      a lot easier to have a First or Last Button in addition to Previous and
                                                                      Next that are available.
SBI   43934   Report Center P3   S3 -     Need to create duplicate    If you want to use a query in one folder (e.g., for access by
                Signific queries in RC               management) and use the same query as a collection, the only way to
                                 ant                                  do it is to cut/paste. This is prone to error and you have to remember to
                                                                      make the change in two places.
SBI   45966   Report Center P3   S3 -     Ability to use wildcards in while creating the Application Dictionary , in the Application Dictionary
                Signific the path for Application    .xml file , the path for the application should be able to take wildcards
                                 ant      Dictionary.                 and search for that particular application.
SBI   46189   Report Center P3       S3 -                               When performing queries in Report Center, it is often valuable to
                                              Request for a built in query
                    Signific which can report the scan produce reports based on the endpoint's insert time. In its current
                                     ant      statistics based on numberformat, when narrowing the query using this value, the operands =, <, >,
                                              of days.                  etc… are available, and must be used with the MM:DD:YYYY
                                                                        HH:MM:SS AM/PM format. It would be useful to allow for the creation of
                                                                        queries which polled for endpoints that had been inserted (or any other
                                                                        time based value) within the last 'X' days. In this way, we would be able
                                                                        to create more static queries, rather than having to update queries with a
                                                                        date/time each time we wanted to see such a report. As an example, the
                                                                        word description of such a query would be: "Show me all endpoints
                                                                        which have version 1.01 of channel 'Y' and were inserted in the last 14
SBI   50943   Report Center P3       S2 -   The columns displayed in    Currently the "Count Details" window is initially composed of the "Name"
              603sdrop2              Severe the "Count Details" window and "Mac" columns. The remaining columns are determined by the
                                            should be customizable and columns chosen to be displayed in the "Format Results" page. The
                                            separate from the columns columns displayed in the "Count Details" window should be configurable
                                            in the Query Builder result and managed separately from the "Format Results" columns. Since all
                                            page.                       the machines in the count result have the same information for the
                                                                        columns displayed in the "Format Results", there is no reason for these
                                                                        columns to be redisplayed automatically in the "Count Details" window.

SBI   51072   Report Center P2       S2         a cancel button on the       A cancel button is needed to stop long running transactions. This button
              603sdrop3                         report center screen         should be available for any screen that enters a processing state and
                                                                             must wait to return control.
SBI   43247   Schema            P2   S2 -       Dynamic detection of         Customer would like Schema Manager to dynamically detect and
              Manager                Severe     database location/directory confirm directory path of Marimba database. OR at least prompt
                                                            Administrator for location of custom directory path versus manual
                                                                             process for configuring custom table locations.
SBI   43249   Schema            P3   S2 -       SCUSTOMERcription:           Customer would like Schema Manager to dynamically detect directory
              Manager                Severe     Dynamic detection of         location of sCUSTOMERcription configuration object prior to attempting
                               location of                  to create LDIF scripts or any update.
                                                sCUSTOMERcription config
SBI   43250   Schema            P2   S2 -       SCUSTOMERcription:           Customer would like schema manager to be able to: 1. Detect if AD is
              Manager                Severe     Detection and support for    used in single for multi-domain environment 2. IF multi-domain
                               multi-domain forests         allow/enable users to select domain(s) that can be leveraged for
                                                                             Marimba implementation.
SBI   34868   SCUSTOMER P2           S3 -       When publishing the          When publishing the SCUSTOMERcription configuration it should check
              cription               Signific   SCUSTOMERcription            for the version of the SCUSTOMERcription manager and prompt the
              Manager                ant        configuration it should      user if he is publishing with a lower version of SCUSTOMERcription
              future                            check for the version of the manager than the one that was used to published on the Transmitter
                                                SCUSTOMERcription            before this. For Eg... If the configurator was 5.1 and you are publishing
                                                manager and prompt the       with a 5.0 sCUSTOMERcription policy manager the user should be
                                                user                         prompted.
SBI   46306   SCUSTOMER              S2 -       Need Load Balancing of        CUSTOMER uses LDAP mapping file for their repeaters to specify
              cription Policy        Severe     LDAP Servers for Repeater which LDAP Servers it should contact to.
              Manager                           Tx while using LDAP
                                                mapping.                     Currently we have a fail over mechanism where in if first LDAP Server is
                                                                             down we fail over to second one. But the requested feature is to use all
                                                                             the LDAP Servers for a given Repeater in order to distribute the
                                                                             SCUSTOMERcrption Plugin load.

                                                                             SS 6021
SBI   46307   SCUSTOMER              S2 -   Need to have an option in    Need to have an option in SCUSTOMERcription Plug-in to configure the
              cription Policy        Severe SCUSTOMERcription Plug- timeout value.
              Manager                       in to configure the timeout
                                            value                       timeout -> The amount of time SCUSTOMERcription Plug-in takes to
                                                                        retrieve the results (list of groups) for an LDAP Query.

                                                                            This would help when SCUSTOMERcription plug-in query takes a long
                                                                            time during Peak time or when endpoints belong to many groups.

                                                                            SS 6021

SBI   33710   SCUSTOMER              S3      If a user belongs to a group   When the plug-ing tries to get a plan for a user who is in a group from
              cription                       from other domain we           another domain (one that sCUSTOMERcription service is not configured
              Service 6                      shouldn't fail, but get        for )it fails .
                                             whatever we can (or at
                                             least give them an option).    CUSTOMER is currently on 4708 of SS .

                                                                         Having a user that belongs to groups from other domain is quite
                                                                         common. We shouldn't fail, but get whatever we can (or at least give
                                                                         them an option).
SBI   50826   SCUSTOMER P1           S1      Need a supported method Some channels require being started in order to apply an update,
              cription                       to perform a phased rollout meaning either a start schedule or a install+start must be in place.
              Service future                                             Neither are desirable from the customer perspective. Many customers
                                                                         have requested some way to define a policy in which a channel can be
                                                                         made to start just once during the intended update period.

                                                                            Setting schedules is not desirable as it does not allow for easy
                                                                            administration to multiple target groups during different time periods in a
                                                                            controlled rollout. Install+start causes the channel to start every time
                                                                            SCUSTOMERcription does, thus adding overhead and the potential for
                                                                            undesired updates.

SBI   40551   Subscription      P4   S3 -     Better multi-domain and    Better multi-domain and multi-forest support, specifically support for
              Manager 6.0            Signific multi-forest support       domains outside the forest. Using
                                     ant                                 "marimba.subscriptionplugin.overrideclientdn=true" is not a reasonable
SBI   41856   Subscription  P2       S2 -     Need to be able to set     Currently, tuner/package proeprties can't be set in multiple mode.
              Manager 6.0.2          Severe tuner/package properties in Customer has to use multiple mode in order to assign multiple channels
                                              multiple mode              to many targets. It is inconvenient to have to use single mode and set
                                                                         the tuner/package properties for each target.
SBI   42805   Subscription  P2       S3 -     Need a feature to append a For example:,host2,host3
              Manager 6.0.2          Signific property instead of        Customers may want to add host4 into the list without knowing what
                                     ant      overriding it              other hosts have been added to the list.

SBI   42902   Subscription  P1       S3 -     Subcription Policy Manager Have a package going to 4 groups. Want to delete one from one group
              Manager 6.0.2          Signific - Ability to               version but not other three. In target group have to hunt and peck to find
                                     ant      add/modify/delete policies all targets with given package.
                                              from Package view.
SBI   44006   Subscription  P3    S2 -   Subscription log shouldn't          Subscription log shouldn't log 'cannot verify because channel does not
              Manager 6.0.2       Severe log 'cannot verify because          have a verify schedule' if Verify Schedule is not controlled through
                                         channel does not have a             Subscription. The log messages should be concise and these extra log
                                         verify schedule'.                   entries might roll more log files and losing historical data faster than
                                                                             desired. [22/Dec/2004:10:19:20 -0800] - audit rshanmugam 8615 cannot
                                                                             update because channel does not have an update schedule:
                                                                             http://slashuser:5282/test/schedule [22/Dec/2004:10:19:20 -0800] - audit
                                                                             rshanmugam 8618 cannot verify because channel does not have a verify
                                                                             schedule: http://slashuser:5282/test/schedule Customer has 1400
                                                                             channels the SS log becomes lengthy. Also they don't want to control
                                                                             update/verify schedule through Subscription. Subscription should log
                                                                             update/verify schedule only if set through SPM else shouldn't log any
                                                                             messages. SPM 602

SBI   45446   Subscription   P2   S1 -    Sequence of immediate              When you do an immediate policy update, you cannot do another one
              Manager             Catastr policy updates                     until the previous one finishes. Need a feature to be able to kick off one
                 ophic                                      policy update, then kickoff another even if the first one is still running.
                                                                              So that the next one would just start when the first one is finished.

SBI   45343   Subscription   P2   S1 -      Policy Manager's blackout        In the Blackout option, we are only given times. It would be nice if we
              Manager             Catastr   feature should have more         had the ability to choose dates (specific) and certain days/weeks/months
              future              ophic     options than just time.          like the scheduling option in Outlook.
SBI   49028   Subscription   P2   S2 -      Need the functionality           1) Need an interface that provides creation of a subscription object that
              Manager             Severe    to:\r\n1) define subscription    is not necessarily linked to an OU, and can facilitate support for multiple
              future                        once, then apply multiple        targets for this subscription object. These targets would be stored in the
                                            times to different locations     marimbaCom1996-Castanet-SubscriptionTargtDN2 attribute for the
                                            (OUs)\r\n2) Apply multiple       subscription--or better still: this attribute would store the GUID of the
                                            subscriptions to the same        target, so that the target becomes rename-safe.\r\n\r\n2) The targets
                                            target in a prioritized order.   need to support multiple subscription objects with a way to control the
                                                                             order these subscription objects are processed.
SBI   30783   Subscription   S3      Provide group precedence       Currently, we have have package state precedence which will resolve
              Policy                 for when the same package      conflicts according to what state was chosen for a package. However,
              Manager                resolves from two different    this is not always the best situation. Additionally, there are other ways
                                     groups. (Help resolve          that packages can conflict that are not handled by state precedence
                                     update, properties conflict,
                                     install priority)              **Install Priority**
                                                                    Target endpoint machine1 is part of group A and group B.
                                                                    Suppose group A has package priorities assigned 1 2 3.
                                                                    Suppose group B has package priorities assigned 1 2 3.
                                                                    The order will be random. And unfortunately, package dependencies
                                                                    are not a sufficient work around

                                                                    It would be better to give more "weight" to one of the groups.

                                                                    Channel Schedules (update):
                                                                    machine1 is a member of group A and All endpoints (by default).
                                                                    Suppose that All endpoints has a package http://staging/Winzip
                                                                    state=stage secState=install update=every Monday at 6
                                                                    group B has package definition state=stage, secState=install,
                                                                    update=every 90 minutes.

                                                                    It will be random who is chosen. This is bad because suppose the
                                                                    administrator wants members of group B to have more frequent updates
                                                                    than the all endpoints. This is a scenario that was requested by Bear
                                                                    (via Joe White)

                                                                    Properties: There has always been ambiguity on which properties will be
SBI   41874   Subscription   S2 -   41874Ability to exclude a       Introduce the ability to exclude a specific Domain Controller from being
              Policy         Severe specific DC from policy         utilized for policy lookups from the Subscription Management plugin.
              Manager               lookups
                                                                    In some instances there is a Domain Controller that has too much of a
                                                                    load put on it for various reasons outside of the Desktop Management
                                                                    functions, and the customer would like to be able to exclude that DC
                                                                    from lookups from Subscription Management while having it serve its
                                                                    other purposes.

SBI   47034   Subscription   S3      Set subscription via           Many times, when we are creating a policy for a package that has
              Policy                 Package View                   another policy set, we need to mimic the settings that are already there.
              Manager                                               With the current version, you need to bounce back between target view
                                                                    and package view to setup the new policy. This makes it very time
                                                                    consuming to setup a policy on a particular package. This feature was
                                                                    also in 5.x.
SBI   47035   Subscription        S2 -   Subscription Policy           The first; Policy Manager jumps from DC to DC while in the same
              Policy              Severe Manager Persist Policy        session, which makes it difficult to view a policy if it hasn’t been fully
              Manager                    Lookup to same DC within      replicated. For example. I’m setting a policy in PM, and during this
                                         a given Admin Session         portion the current DC is DC1, after I save the policy, it’s as if it
                                                                       refreshes the DC’s it needs to go to, and then for some reason, it goes
                                                                       to DC2, and in that short amount of time, the policy hasn’t replicated
                                                                       around and therefore looks like the policy was never set, at least
                                                                       according to the GUI. This is not a replication issue, in this case
                                                                       because there was no reason for PM/CMS to change DC’s in that short
                                                                       amount of time. Microsoft recommends no less the 5 minutes of
                                                                       replication time in an environment of our size (from a DC standpoint).
                                                                       Therefore, we have to essentially wait 5 minutes when we publish to see
                                                                       if the policy is set correctly. Now, this doesn’t happen every time,
                                                                       probably 1 in 3, but the moral of the story is that if nothing has changed
                                                                       during my session, it should not switch to another DC; if I log out and
                                                                       back in that’s a different story. Also, this one seems to be a bug to me;
                                                                       when we had 5.x installed, we were able to point to specific DC’s, which
SBI   49100   Subscription   P2   S3 -     The repair set by policy    1) Set a repair schedule for a channel thru policy manager. 2) Update
              Service             Signific does not run as soon as the the policy service on the endpoint. 3) The repair is not kicked off
                 ant      policy is updated on the    immediately. 4) It will wait for the repair schedule's interval and then
                                           endpoint.                   does the repair. 5)Need to do the repair immediately .

SBI   51171   Timbale       P1    S3       Provide the ability to shutoff The customer would like to test new releases with their production DM,
              Deployment                   the DM scheduler               however since they cannot shut off the scheduler, they are unable to
              Manager 6.0.3                                               utilize it for testing as the dm would be kicking off jobs and impacting
                                                                          The ability to test with a prodcution DM is of great value as the number
                                                                          of objects and configuration is better suited for performance and
                                                                          scalability testing. There is no way to adequately test on a scaled down
                                                                          test DM server
SBI   51172   Timbale       P1    S2       Provide capability for DM to This capabilility would allow time parameters to be specified for each
              Deployment                   have an explicit job           job, preferably via a policy or applicable default policy. For example job
              Manager 6.0.3                timeout...                     can run for 'n' number of hours, or between 10pm and 6am, or must
                                                                          complete by 5am etc.
                                                                          Customer says that this capability is provided by SMS and Altiris, and
                                                                          reduces administrative and operational support as they can ensure
                                                                          maintenance activities cease before prodcution windows open. In other
                                                                          words, it helps support automatic management of the maintenance
SBI   51178   Timbale        P4   S4       Customer would like logs        Customer has a lot of scripts that they run through DM that configure
              Deployment                   from scripts run during a      servers.
              Manager                      deploy...                      These scripts all report error messages/success messages etc.
                                                                         The customer would like these messages returned to the console so that
                                                                         they can be seen after the deployment

SBI   34321   Transmitter    P3   S2 -   Better visibility into          o Problem: Level of log detail is appropriate in 75% of the cases, the
              6.0                 Severe mirroring process               rest of the time they need more detail to either troubleshoot a problem or
                                                                         provide meaningful status to their Users. o Impact: Critical for
                                                                         operations support. o Description: Would like detail on mirroring sub-
                                                                         operations. (Just like rep, every 5 minutes it should status, x% complete
                                                                         of y bytes for channel z.) Logs should show what is going to mirror
                                                                         before it starts, and then status and stats for each channel replicated. §
                                                                         Need end to end throughput picture for level 2 support
SBI   34322   Transmitter     P2   S3 -     Need event-driven mirroring o Problem: They publish every hour and spread the content changes
              6.0                  Signific                             over the hour. o Impact: Undue delay and latency is incurred wait (for
                                   ant                                  e.g. 50 minutes) for an update to begin replicating around the network. o
                                                                        Description: Would like mirroring to be kicked off based on an event on
                                                                        the parent. When a channel is updated on Master, it should be mirrored
                                                                        automatically. § Automated mirroring would increase the frequency of
                                                                        network traffic, but spread the volume of traffic out thereby reducing
                                                                        spiky traffic. o A nifty way to architect this would be for the master to add
                                                                        items to a queue on the mirror. When the master adds an item, it
                                                                        instructs the mirror to start mirroring. When a queued item is complete,
                                                                        the mirror would check the queue and, if nothing is found, go to sleep
                                                                        until activated by the master again.

SBI   34323   Transmitter     P3   S2 -   -check should get latest        o Desciption: On a loaded endpoint (50 gig) with high publish frequency
              6.0                  Severe version of channel from         on master (every hour), by the time the index finishes generating and the
                                          master after building index     install job is ready to download content, the channel is no longer present
                                          if running a –clean or          on the master Tx , resulting in failure.
SBI   47269   Transmitter     P2   S2 -   tx stats-module should         The customer has been experiencing problems with endpoints not
              6.0.3                Severe query the plugins for their    receiving policies because of SCUSTOMERcription Service plug-in
                                          status                         problems on several transmitters. In one circumstance, the plug-in did
                                                                         not initialize due to a DNS server being down, and in others there were
                                                                         LDAP issues. I'm sure similar issues can be encountered with any of the
                                                                         plug-ins. Is there anything in the transmitter health monitoring / stats
                                                                         module that you are working on that will simplify detecting such
SBI   48592   Transmitter     P2   S3 -     Need a security mechanism The stats of the transmitter can be obtained by the use of ?status by any
              6.0.3                Signific in place for using the stats user that can access the transmitter. This is a cause for concern in
                                   ant      module so that users need CUSTOMER's environment as this will expose the operating statistics to
                                            to be authenticated to use the public (which is contrary to CUSTOMER policy) since the mirrors are
                                            the feature.                 in the public DMZ.

SBI   43155   Transmitter     P1   S3 -       SBRP should open TX          When you look at a policy and expand the list of repeaters, and then
              Administrator        Signific   ADMIN in a separate          click on a machine to Tx Admin it, it would be nice if it opened Tx Admin
                                   ant        Window                       in a different window.
SBI   44098   Transmitter     P3   S2 -       Clearing index and file      The Marimba Reference documentation (4.x and M6) does not detail a
              Administrator        Severe     cache from command line      command line mechanism to instruct a transmitter to clear its index
              future                                                       cache and file cache. This capability is present from the Tuner
                                                                           Administrator 4.7.1 GUI interface ("Performance" screen, "Disk
                                                                           Resources" tab). CUSTOMER would like access to the functionality
                                                                           from the command line (i.e., runchannel).
SBI   35685   Transmitter     P2   S3 -     Allow the TX to run with       CUSTOMER is planning to replace their solaris transmitters with IBM
              future               Signific workspace on NAS               Linux Blade servers. The servers only have a 2gig disk which is
                                   ant                                     inadequate for a workspace. They would like for us to support our tuner
                                                                           workspace on NAS. They discovered that the TX will hang when NFS
                                                                           exceptions occur (Nfs workspace full, unmount/remount command).
                                                                             They would like us to handle these exceptions and write errors to the
SBI   50391   Transmitter     P3   S3 -     Need the ability to prioritize There should be some option to give the priority to the channels while
              future               Signific replication on repeaters.      they are replicating from master/mirrors to the repeaters.
SBI   45361   Tuner                S2 -     Need an option in Tuner to Tuner property marimba.logs.roll.policy specifies the policy for rolling
                                   Severe change the channel log roll the log files for *all* the channels in the Tuner.
                                            policy only for a specific
SBI   50761   Tuner           P3   S3 -     Ability to dynamically         A tuner daemon that can dynamically throttle tuner's bandwidth settings
                                   Signific throttle tuner's bandwidth     depending upon the tuner's network connection type.
                                   ant      settings.
SBI   39547   Tuner 6.0       P4   S4 -   Track date and time tuner          Today you have no idea when the tuner was installed on the endpoint.
                                   Minor  was installed on an                 Thus when you are looking at software usage data you can not
                                          endpoint. Track when               determine how long you have been collecting data for.
                                          software usage was
                                          enabled on an endpoint.
SBI   43986   Tuner 6.0.2     P1   S2 -   The scheduler should follow        Currently, there's no order between 'update.schedule' and
                                   Severe a specific order in which to       'start.schedule' (repair schedule is basically start.schedule with -reair
                                          launch the schedules which         arg) when the tuner comes back online after it misses the original
                                          were missed due to the             schedules. The results will be totally random. This behavior can cause
                                          tuner being offline.               problems in customer environments where they have specific schedules
                                                                             to follow each other. For example, a channel can be expected to work in
                                                                             such a way that the update schedule is launched prior to a repair
                                                                             schedule for normal functioning. But due to the above behavior, the
                                                                             scheduler can launch the repair schedule first when the tuner comes
                                                                             back up which can lead to problems. To avoid such situations, it will be
                                                                             ideal if the tuner follows a chronology of launching the schedules based
                                                                             on the time that they were missed.

SBI   43994   Tuner 6.0.2     P2   S3 -       Need a record at the top of    There is no indication in channel log files as to which channel they
                                   Signific   channel log files indicating   belong to. Recommend a line or 2 at the top of each log to indicate the
                                   ant        channel.                       channel (perhaps with the URL?)
SBI   45681   Tuner   P2   S3 -       Register all default ports     Register all default ports used by Marimba with ICANN, currently only
                                   Signific   used by Marimba with           port 5282 is registered. 7717 8888 transmit-port 5282/tcp Marimba
                                   ant        ICANN                          Transmitter Port transmit-port 5282/udp Marimba Transmitter Port #
                                                                                             Johan Eriksson <> April 2002

SBI   46136   Tuner   P2   S1 -    Endpoints reaching           Endpoints reaching Transmittrs behind the load Balancer have the
                                   Catastr Transmittrs behind the load IPhost as the Load Blanacer\'s IP and it becomes difficult to troubleshoot
                                   ophic Balancer have the IPhost       from where the endpoint got the files from.
                                           as the Load Blanacer\'s IP
                                           and it becomes difficult to
                                           troubleshoot from where the
                                           endpoint got the files from.

SBI   47810   Tuner   P4   S4 -       Need a way to repair a         Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 4:57 AM To: [omitted]: RE: Channel
                                   Minor      channel using wildcards or     repair Hello David, It can be useful if we can perform a command line
                                              expressions with a             repair using wildcard expressions like the example below : C:\Program
                                              command line option.           Files\Marimba\IS Tuner\Tuner.exe -start http://marimbalb.CUSTOMER
                                                                             .com:5282/ACI/Profiles/ProfileImageVersion-Check-* -repair This will
                                                                             facilitate running repair on multiple channels with a similar URL without
                                                                             needing to specify the command each time.

SBI   47091   Tuner 6.0.3     P2   S2 -   Single launch parameter for There should be a single launch parameter for tuner launch arguments.
                                   Severe tuner launch arguments      For application tuner the launch argument are specified using
                                                                      "marimba.launch.args" property and for service tuner the property is
SBI   50891   Tuner 6.0.3     P2   S1     Microsoft AntiSpyware        Customer reports that AS is detecting tuner.exe as spyware, it prevents
                                          deletes tuner.exe           the execution and deletes the executable.
                                                                      BMC should work with Microsoft to ensure the GA product does not
                                                                      delete the tuner by default.
SBI   50996   Tuner 6.0.3     P2   S2       Provide an automated way    Binary and workspace locations differ from endpoint to endpoint due to
                                            to migrate clients to a     multiple configurations that exist from previous verisons, M6 issues, and
                                            standard...                 mergers. The customer would like an automated process to make the
                                                                        binaries and workspace paths the same on all endpoints.\r\n\r\n[Current
                                                                        work a round]\r\nOur only solution is to uninstall / re-install the tuner and
                                                                        workspace. There is no easy way to automate this and it could have a
                                                                        huge network impact as all channels would need to be reinstalled.
                                                                        Being able to have a standard configuration helps both the customer
                                                                        lower the cost of operation and for BMC Support to gain a better
                                                                        understanding of customers configuration.

SBI   46518   Tuner Admin          S1 -    Need 'One to Many' action     The current options in M6 Transmitter Administration console are Start
                                   Catastr in M6 Transmitter            replication, Start Transmitter, Stop Transmitter.
                                   ophic Administration console to
                                           turn ON and OFF the          Start Replication actually forces the replication.
                                           replication of the
                                           Transmitter.                 But there should be a 'One to Many' action in M6 Transmitter
                                                                        Administration console to turn ON and OFF the replication of the

                                                                        CM 6021
                                                                        Infra Admin 6021
                                                                        Tx 6021
SBI   43331   Tuner Admin 6        S2 -   Update schedule in            If you are Tuner Admining an endpoint A in CST from a machine in PST
                                   Severe Channel Properties should     time zone. If the Inventory Service is scheduled to run at 5:00 PM CST
                                          display timezone with all     on the endpoint A, then the next update schedule in channel properties
                                          times.                        would be shown as 3:00PM via Tuner Admin from a machine (in PST
                                                                        time zone).

                                                                        So we should have an option to display update schedule in Channel
                                                                        Properties to show timezone with all times.

                                                                        Tuner 602
SBI   31459   Tuner future    P2   S2 -   Popup windows and             When a tuner launches a window, popup, or progress bar that window
                                   Severe progress bars generated by    immediatley takes the focus of the desktop. We should have a method,
                                          the tuner should not take     if possible, to alter this behavior so the user can choose whether to give
                                          the focus of the desktop      the window the desktop focus or not.

SBI   36338   Tuner future    P3   S3 -     A new property to tell us   The customer is requesting that we have a property in the channels
                                   Signific how the channel got         directory which tells us how the channel got installed , via
                                   ant      installed.                  sCUSTOMERcription or manually or via tuner admin.
SBI   46543   Tuner future   P3   S2 -   If the channel missing it's    If the channel misses it's update schedule (update schedule set between
                                  Severe schedule it should *not*       6:00pm to 6:00am) the channel would update itself when the Tuner
                                         update if Tuner starts next    starts the next time. So if the machine is turned off the whole night and if
                                         time, instead it should wait   the machine is turned on at 9:00am in the morning the channel will go for
                                         for it's next schedule.        an update approximately at 9:02 am. Even though it's update schedule is
                                                                        set between 6:00pm and 6:00am. The only way to prevent this channel
                                                                        update is to restrict the schedule at Tuner level. But it would affect all
                                                                        other channels like Subscription Service, Inventory Service not to update
                                                                        during the day. Expected Behavior ? The expected behavior is to have
                                                                        an option in Tuner to restrict the channel update only during the night
                                                                        (6:00pm to 6:00am). If the channel missing it's schedule it should *not*
                                                                        update if Tuner starts during the day, instead it should wait until the
                                                                        6.00pm and go for it's channel update. Business problem ? This is
                                                                        important because there are requirements to have the channel update
                                                                        only at night with no chance of an update running anytime during the
                                                                        day. Even if a machine is off for days at night and suddenly is on during
                                                                        the day, they’d rather not update than take a risk of updating during the
SBI   50833   Tuner future   P1   S1      Add native VPN support to     Professional Services created MSM (Mobile System Manger) to get
                                          the product                   around short coming in the product for devices conning through VPN.
                                                                        These devices are generally connected to a home network and use VPN
                                                                        to access the customer environment. Therfore, even though a network
                                                                        is available and the IP address of the master Tx may be pingable (due to
                                                                        Internet connectivity), the Marimba infrastructure may not be available.
                                                                        Current network detection policies can not accomodate for this. And
                                                                        MSM may not scale for large environments due to the burden it could
                                                                        place on Transmitters or routers.

                                                                        Each customer that has begrudgingly purchased MSM has demanded
                                                                        this functionality be added to the product and natively supported. VPN
                                                                        connected users are business critical to all customers.

SBI   32267   Verizon        P2   S2      Report center does not         1. Set up some collections
                                          allow setting up of           2. Set schedule for the collections. You can do it at the global level only.
                                          schedules for individual      Its not possible to set schedule for individual collections
                                          collections                   Not all collections can be of the same significance. One may want to run
                                                                        a specific collection at a more aggressive schedule than others.
                                                                        Also what if there are bunch of collections which may be retrieving
                                                                        thousands and thousands of machines from the database. If all of them
                                                                        run at the same time then this will cause lot of load on the database.

SBI   40588   Verizon        P2   S2        There should be an option   In a 3 tier architecture there should be an option in the 3rd tier repeaters
                                          to replicate only if newer    to replicate from the 2nd tier mirrors, only if the changes are new, based
                                          version or newer timestamp    either on version or publish dates.
                                          is available on the master.   CUSTOMER ran into an issue where one of their 8 second tier mirrors
                                                                        was out of sync because of load issues and the repeaters coming for
                                                                        subsequent updates from this mirror got downgraded after an upgrade
                                                                        from the other mirrors. This caused the endpoints to get downgraded
                                                                        too. So if there is an option such that the repeaters do not repeat old
                                                                        data if they already have newer data this could have been prevented.
SBI   51072   Verizon   P2   S2     a cancel button on the   A cancel button is needed to stop long running transactions. This button
                                  report center screen       should be available for any screen that enters a processing state and
                                                             must wait to return control. Restarting the browser or worse, having to
                                                             restart report center is not productive.
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