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									                                           The Darrell Gwynn Foundation
                                              Dedidcated to Paralysis Prevention, Education, Assistance and
Darrell Gwynn—President
Dr. Lisa Gwynn—VP &
                                                                       Ultimately Finding a Cure
                              V O L U M E      1 ,   I S S U E   1 I                                    S P R I N G   2 0 0 7
Todd Payne—Secretary
Sasha K. Moon—Assoc.
Executive Director                           Hot Rods & Reels™ Charity Fishing Tournaments
                                  Homestead-Miami Speedway And Daytona International Speedway
Joe Gibbs
                              The Darrell Gwynn Foun-         nity to draw for the Micco-     had at Rods and Reels™ at
Jeff Gordon
                          dation held two landmark            sukee Million, but unfortu-     Homestead-Miami Speedway,
Tony Stewart
                          events over the course of           nately didn’t draw the win-     we were very excited to ex-
James Jannard
                          three months—its record-            ning envelope.                  pand this unique event to the
Hank Steinbrenner
                          breaking Hot Rods & Reels™              On an unusually cold Feb-   world’s most famous race,”
                          Charity Fishing Tournament          ruary morning at Daytona        said event founder Darrell
BOARD OF                  at Homestead-Miami Speed-           International Speedway, many    Gwynn. “Both events and
DIRECTORS                 way on November 18th, 2006          of the same NASCAR celeb-       locations have surpassed our
Jerry Gwynn—Chairman      and its inaugural Hot Rods &        rities came out again for the   expectations. Through these
Robert Abdellah           Reels™ Charity Fishing Tour-        chance to fish on the Speed-    two tournaments, we hope
Charles Blossom           nament at Daytona Interna-                                          to continue raising more
James Finch               tional Speedway on February                                         funds and awareness for
Dr. Barth Green           16th, 2007. The two events                                          DGF’s mission. And it is in
Darrell Gwynn             combined to raise more than                                         large part due to our to our
Reg Kenney                an astonishing $200,000 for                                         sponsors,
Todd Payne, Esq.          DGF and the Betty Jane                                              Miccosukee Resort &
Richard Paysor            France pediatric unit, Speedi-                                      Gaming, Bass Pro Shops,
Cliff Pennell             atrics, at both Homestead                                           Sprint, and Sport Tailor, who
Bud Wynne                 and Halifax Hospitals.                                              help us make it possible to do
                              Both tournaments fea-                                           these two tournaments as
                          tured high-profile NASCAR           (Clockwise from bottom) Darrell
                                                                                              bookends to the NASCAR
                          celebrities including Tony                                          racing season.”
   INSIDE                                                     Gwynn, Katie Gwynn, Ricky
                          Stewart, Kyle Petty, Ryan                                               Highlighting both fishing
   THIS ISSUE:                                                Doctor, Bill Elliot, Mark
                          Newman, Carl Edwards and                                            tournaments were the dona-
   Letter from     2      Bobby Labonte, just to name         Shepard and Bill Grasshopper    tions of new power wheel-
   Darrell                a few. As always, two partici-                                      chairs to children in need,
                          pants per boat were paired          way’s Lake Lloyd, which has     done in conjunction with Sun-
   Foundation      2      up with a NASCAR driver                                             rise Medical. Eight-year old
                                                              not hosted a fishing tourna-
   News                   and a professional fishing          ment in over 20 years. This     Damian Martinez, who suffers
   FSCIAW          3      guide, and they spent an hour       first annual event was won by from Cerebral Palsy, received
                          and a half fishing on the infield   former Daytona 500 winner       a new, customized Quickie-
                          lakes of these two great            and current FOX broadcaster power wheelchair at the
   Barrett-        4                                                                          Homestead-Miami event
                          speedways.                          Darrell Waltrip and his boat-
   Jackson                    At the Homestead-Miami          mates Dean Kessel, James        while14-year-old Brian Sundin,
   Wheelchair             Speedway event, first-time          Hall and guide Barry Mac-       a gifted student born with
                          participant Bill Elliot won the     chione. Waltrip reeled in an    arthrogryposis, received his
                          event alongside his boatmates       HR&R record-breaking bass,      new Quickie power chair dur-
   Craig Hospi- 5
                          George Grasshopper, Ricky           weighing in at 8.33 lbs, but he ing the Daytona tournament.
   tal Donation
                          Doctor and guide Mark               too failed to win the Micco-    With their new wheelchairs,
                          Shepard. Grasshopper was            sukee Million.                  both boys will now enjoy a
   Peer            5
                          also the winner of the biggest          "After the incredible       freedom and mobility unlike
                          catch, so he had the opportu-       growth and success we’ve        they have ever experienced
               PAGE           2

   Our Mission
                                  A Message From Darrell
   The Darrell Gwynn
   Foundation exists to
                                         It has been a non-stop,        wonderful friends to the        spread the
   prevent, provide for
   and ultimately cure               action packed past few             Foundation, and many of         word about
   spinal cord injuries              months at the Darrell              the programs that DGF is        injury pre-
   and other debilitating            Gwynn Foundation! We               instituting is due to their     vention.
   disease. To expedite              are so excited with all the        support. We are delighted           Finally, two-time NAS-
   specific cures, the               new developments and               to be a part of their two       CAR champion Tony Stew-
   Foundation assists in             relationships that seem to         highly successful events in     art has always been a friend
   the funding of targeted           occur almost every day. I          Scottsdale and Palm Beach.      to the Foundation, partici-
                                     am pleased to announce                  Another relationship we    pating in every Hot Rods &
   The Foundation is also            many of our new and ex-            have cultivated is with the     Reels Fishing Tournament.
   dedicated to injury               panding relationships that         Florida Department of           However we have now
   prevention, with a                are helping the Darrell            Health. Through our initial     made his friendship an offi-
   special emphasis on               Gwynn Foundation (DGF)             partnership with them, we       cial partnership as he has
   programs targeting                gain momentum in its quest         were able to air a public       become an honorary DGF
   children.                         to help those suffering from       service announcement fea-       board member. He contin-
                                     paralysis and spinal cord          turing myself and NASCAR        ues to find new ways to
   The Foundation helps
                                     injuries, prevent them, and        champion Tony Stewart           support DGF, whether
   improve the quality of
   life for those already
                                     ultimately find a cure.            providing auto safety tips to   through appearing on col-
   afflicted with injury or              First, we’d like to thank      prevent spinal cord injuries.   lateral material, filming
   illness by providing              Barrett-Jackson, the world’s       Our relationship with them      PSAs or monetarily.
   necessary equipment               largest high-end car auc-          continues to progress and           To all of our partners
   or special services.              tion, for their continued          we look forward to work-        and supporters, I thank
                                     dedication to our cause and        ing with them again on pub-     you.
                                     organization. Executives           lic service announcements
   Our Partners                      Craig Jackson, Gary Ben-           and other avenues to
   Daytona International
                                     nett and Steve Davis are                                           Darrell Gwynn

                                        Foundation News
   Sunrise Medical
   The Miami Project to
      Cure Paralysis
                                     Todd Payne named                   Florida law firm, Zebersky          Kenney is Sr. Vice-
                                     DGF Board                          and Payne, LLC. Says DGF        President of Sales & Mar-
                                     Secretary                          Foundation President Dar-       keting for DHL North
                                     Board of Director Todd             rell Gwynn, “Todd is a valu-    America and has been asso-
                                     Payne, who has served              able asset to DGF and we        ciated with DGF for the
                                     since the Darrell Gwynn            are happy to have him take      past six months. Finch is
                                     Foundation’s inception in          on this new role and re-        the President of Phoenix
                                     2002, has been named Sec-          sponsibility for our            Racing, which runs the
                                     retary for the Board.              organization.”                  NASCAR Miccosukee
         Todd Payne                      Todd has proved to be          DGF Names Two New               Tribe team, and is a long-
                                     a valuable board member            Board Members                   time acquaintance of the
                                     for DGF, not only offering             DGF is proud to an-         Gwynn family.
                                     his charitable knowledge           nounce the appointments             Welcome aboard, Reg
                                     but also lending his legal         of Reg Kenney and James         and James, and thank you
                                     expertise. Todd is a               Finch to its Board of Direc-    for your valuable input.
                                     partner at the Hollywood,          tors.

T H E   D A R R E L L    G W Y N N    F O U N D A T I O N            W W W . D A R R E L L G W Y N N F O U N D A T I O N . O R G
  VOLUME        1,   ISSUE      1I                                                                                     PAGE    3

 1st Annual Florida Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week A Success
                                                              one of them.          wheelchairs to serve as honorary
                                             Steve Lowen, DGF created and           team captains. As a portion of the
                                                              distributed spinal    proceeds were to benefit DGF, the
                                             Alan Brown       cord injury preven-   NASCAR Foundation wanted to help
                                             and Aric         tion tip sheets       increase awareness for the campaign
                                             Hoyos at the aimed specifically at     and spinal cord injury prevention.
                                                              high school age                 “No other state in the coun-
                                                              children. Tips fo-    try has anything like Florida Spinal
                                             Foundation       cused on drinking     Cord Injury Awareness Week,” said
                                             Walk             and driving, sports   Darrell Gwynn. “I am very proud of
                                                              and recreation and    our organization for spearheading this
                                           firearm safety. In addition, DGF also    effort and for all we accomplished. I
           The first ever Florida Spinal   created general spinal cord injury       hope we made a difference in the
 Cord Injury Awareness Week                prevention tip sheets for the masses,    lives of some Florida residents and
 (FSCIAW), November 13-19, 2006,           which were distributed at retail loca-   made them think before they get in a
 was well-received by residents of all     tions, sporting events and rehab hos-
 ages throughout the state. The Dar-       pitals.
 rell Gwynn Foundation spent the                     DGF also teamed up with
 week in Florida classrooms, on the        NASCAR champion Tony Stewart,
 airwaves, and at events across the        the Florida Department of Health and
 state educating the public on prevent-    Homestead-Miami Speedway to film
 ing spinal cord injuries. FSCIAW was      and air public service announcements.
 made possible by Florida state Sena-      The commercials featured Gwynn
 tor Nan Rich (D) and State Rep.           and Stewart offering automobile
 Rene Garcia (R). They developed           safety tips and were aired on major
 and helped pass a Resolution in the       broadcast and cable networks
 Florida Legislature to declare the        throughout the week.
 Week.                                                                               Alan Brown presents at Taravella
                                                     MAC Tools generously part-      High School
           Consistent communication is     nered with the DGF to help raise
 the key to prevention and to this end,    funds throughout the campaign. Flor-
 Darrell Gwynn and other disabled          ida MAC Tool distributors were           car or dive into their pool.”
 individuals visited select Florida high   armed with tip sheets and donation                  The campaign was gener-
 schools in Broward, Miami-Dade,           bottles, and they made collections at    ously supported by the Florida De-
 Orange and Hillsborough counties to       their customer routes while handing      partment of Heath, DHL, The Florida
 talk to students about what it’s like     out the information. Moroso Mo-          Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center,
 to be paralyzed and ways – some           torsports Park also held a fundraiser    Homestead-Miami Speedway, Micco-
 very simple – to prevent spinal cord      for DGF during the Week, with a          sukee Resort & Gaming, MAC Tools,
 injuries. Students walked away with a     casino night that partially benefited    and The Miami Project.
 new knowledge about paralysis and         the Foundation.                                     This year’s campaign will run
 how easily it could happen to anyone                To cap off the campaign,       from November 12-18, 2007. If you
                                           DGF held its annual Hot Rods &           are interested in being a part of
                                           Reels Charity Fishing Tournament         FSCIAW please contact Sasha Moon
                                           and, together with its partner Sunrise   at 954-792-7223 ext. 105 or email
                                           Medical, gave away a wheelchair to a
                                           young boy suffering from Cerebral                   Notes Gwynn, “Florida Spi-
                                           Palsy. The wheelchair was presented      nal Cord Injury Awareness Week is a
                                           at the fishing tournament so the         terrific way of giving the public essen-
                                           NASCAR drivers were able to see          tial information toward reducing crip-
                                           how their support brings DGF’s mis-      pling injuries. We are doing our best
                                           sion to fruition. The same day, the      to make this week interesting and fun,
                                           NASCAR Foundation held a walk            but most importantly to make an im-
                                           around the Homestead-Miami Speed-        pact – on the statistics and on peo-
Darrell Gwynn and students at              way track and utilized individuals in    ple’s lives.”
Western High School
              PAGE       4

                              Barrett-Jackson Raises Over $200K for DGF
                                          The Darrell Gwynn             compassionate unselfish-       additional $40,000 raised
                                      Foundation (DGF) an-             ness of the guests and bid-     for DGF.
                                      nounced another successful       ders at the auction.”               However, the spirit of
                                      session at the Barrett-              The DGF auction began       generosity did not end with
                                      Jackson Collector Auto           with the auctioning of a        the bidding as the celebri-
                                      Auction in Scottsdale, Ari-      1990 Chevy 454 – SS pick        ties and other audience
                                      zona, where more than            up truck. After lively bid-     members themselves con-
                                      $200,000 was raised for the      ding, the truck sold for        tributed various amounts.
                                      organization. The auction,       $57,000 to Craig Simon.         That, in connection with
                                      televised live on the SPEED      NASCAR champion and             the money donated from
                                      network, attracted a variety     DGF board member Tony           passing the hat earned DGF
  Tony Stewart and                    of celebrities in the sports     Stewart threw in an extra       just over $200,000.
  Darrell Gwynn                       and entertainment arenas         $10,000 for the foundation      “The Barrett Jackson Col-
                                      who helped make this             in the winning bidder’s         lector Auto Auction is truly
                                      event a record-breaking          name. In addition, a one-       unique,” added Gwynn.
                                      one for the organization.        of-a-kind Barrett-Jackson       “The company never fails
                                      The Foundation is an official    poster donated by Glenn         to help us in unexpected
                                      charity of Barrett-Jackson.      Annarumma and signed by         and extraordinary ways.”
                                          “As in years past, we        all of the celebrities in at-       DGF will be a part of
                                      deeply appreciate the sup-       tendance, including             the excitement again at the
                                      port from Barrett-Jackson        Gwynn, Alice Cooper,            Barrett-Jackson event in
                                      and their assistance in rais-    Tony Stewart, Goldberg,         Palm Beach, Florida at the
                                      ing funds to continue our        Bret Michaels, Chuck Zito,      end of March. Look for the
                                      mission,” said DGF presi-        Linda Vaughn, Tim Allen         auction of Sir Paul
                                      dent Darrell Gwynn. “We          and Sir George Martin, was      McCartney’s custom-made
                                      are grateful for Barrett-        also put on the auction         Cadillac to benefit the foun-
  Darrell Gwynn and                   Jackson’s efforts on our         block. The bidding for the      dation and a wheelchair
  Barrett Jackson President           behalf, and for the              poster culminated in an         donation.
  Steve Davis

                                      Wheelchair Donation Program Grows
                                         As the Darrell Gwynn          ment, Daytona Interna-          ment, Homestead-Miami
                                      Foundation continues to          tional Speedway                 Speedway, FL
                                      grow, so does it Wheel-              *Barrett-Jackson Auto           In addition, potential
                                      chair Donation Program.          Auction, Palm Beach, FL         recipients can download
                                      We have more planned                 *NHRA Gatornationals,       and fill out the application
                                      presentations at events in       Gainesville Raceway, FL         on DGF’s website at
                                      2007 than ever before, and           *NASCAR Pepsi 400,          www.darrellgwynnfoundati
                                      are accepting applications       Daytona International  and click on the
                                      for non-event related dona-      Speedway, FL                    “Wheelchair Donation”
                                      tions as well.                       *Craig Hospital Mo-         link. If you have a new or
                                         To date, DGF has wheel-       torsports Day, Denver, CO       gently used wheelchair you
   Past recipient Damian              chair donations planned at           *Hooters Pro Series         are interested in donating
   Martinez                           the following events in          Race/Lakeland, USA Inter-       to the Foundation for this
                                      2007:                            national Speedway, FL           program, please call Sasha
                                          *Hot Rods & Reels                *Hot Rods & Reels           Moon at 954-792-7223 ext.
                                      Charity Fishing Tourna-          Charity Fishing Tourna-         105.

T H E   D A R R E L L   G W Y N N   F O U N D A T I O N         W W W . D A R R E L L G W Y N N F O U N D A T I O N . O R G
  VOLUME          1,   ISSUE     1I                                                                                       PAGE       5

    DGF Supports Craig Hospital Rehab Center
                                         The Darrell Gwynn Foundation (DGF), in conjunction with Chevy Racing, has donated
                                       $15,000 to Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado to fund the purchase of a new driving
                                       simulator. The simulator is an integral component for patient rehabilitation that allows
                                       staff to diagnose a person’s readiness to drive after recovering from injury. Craig Hospi-
                                       tal cares exclusively for patients with spinal cord and brain injuries.
                                            “It is a pleasure and a privilege to help Craig Hospital in ways that make a real im-
                                       pact,” said Darrell Gwynn, president the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. DGF has part-
                                       nered with Craig Hospital for the past six years, providing wheelchairs for patients and
                                       supporting the hospital’s annual Motor Sports Day. Motor Sports Day provides current
                                       and former Craig patients with an opportunity to view world-class automobiles, vehicles
                                       modified for drivers with disabilities and to meet celebrity guests.
                                            “We are grateful for the generosity of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation and the funds
                                       to purchase a new driving simulator,” said Jane Marsh of the Craig Hospital Foundation.
                                       “Patients recovering from spinal cord injuries have so much to deal with, and the possi-
                                       bility that they can be trained and capable of driving a car is a major step toward their
                                       recovery and feeling of independence.”
                                            Darrell Gwynn, one of the greatest drag racers of all time and an inductee in the In-
                                       ternational Drag Racing Hall of Fame, was paralyzed in a crash in 1990. “It is so fitting
                                       that DGF should start the new year by purchasing a driving simulator,” added Gwynn.
                                       “These are the kinds of strides this foundation makes in our quality of life initiative. We
  look forward to many, many more.”
     Craig Hospital in Denver is world-renowned for the treatment and research for persons with spinal cord injury and trau-
  matic brain injury. US News and World Report has ranked Craig in the Top Ten Rehabilitation Hospitals for conseconsecutive
  years. Visit for more information

Peer Mentoring
Courtesy of DGF Partner, The Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center
By Justin Stark
    Most of you with a spinal cord injury have all had a similar experience. You wake up in I.C.U. in a drug induced haze. In and out
of consciousness, family members and doctors try to delicately explain your condition to you. Once you stabilize, you’re moved
into the acute wing of the hospital where you begin to understand the gravity of your condition. Next comes the waves of emo-
tions; anger, frustration, denial, and depression. As you begin to enter rehab, there is a multitude of able-bodied people telling you
how you should feel and that everything will be alright. This leads to further frustration and eventually you begin to tune everyone
out. The bottom line is that those people trying to comfort and help you likely have never been paralyzed and have no idea what
you’re going through.
    It is at this point in the recovery process that the Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center (FSCIRC) believes every newly
injured person would benefit from talking with someone that has suffered the same fate and overcome their own disability to re-
gain a normal life. To address this need, FSCIRC has a peer mentor program which matches newly injured individuals with peer
mentors that have a similar level of function. These peer mentors have all been trained and have a wealth of knowledge about spi-
nal cord injuries because they all live life with a sci themselves. These mentors provide assistance in numerous ways. First and fore-
most they provide education on the essential medical aspects that a newly injured person should know about; bowel, bladder, skin
care, and autonomic dysreflexia. Secondly, the mentor can inform the client about the resources and activities available in the com-
munity. And lastly, the mentor provides the much needed emotional support that only someone with a spinal cord injury can pro-
vide. Physical and occupational therapy are the building blocks to regaining one’s independence, but the knowledge gained from
someone that has been through it can bridge that gap from therapy to becoming reintegrated into the community. If your inter-
ested in becoming a peer mentor or are newly injured and feel you would benefit from mentoring, contact the Resource Center at or toll-free at 1-800-995-8544.
    Hot Rods & Reels™ Homestead

T H E   D A R R E L L   G W Y N N   F O U N D A T I O N   W W W . D A R R E L L G W Y N N F O U N D A T I O N . O R G
Hot Rods & Reels™ Daytona
Supporter Spotlight
The Darrell Gwynn Foundation would like to acknowledge its generous supporters. Your contributions help us
continue our mission of preventing spinal cord injuries, providing a better quality of life for those currently in
need and ultimately finding a cure.
    Corporate Sponsors                         Gold Sponsors                              Bronze Sponsors
    Miccosukee Resort & Gaming                 $2,500—$4,999                              Up to $500
    Barrett Jackson                            Mr. Eugene Reidy                           Mr. & Mrs. Bob Frey
    Bass Pro Shops                             Mr. William Wishnick                       Mr. Coy Gibbs
    Coulter Motorsports                                                                   Mr. Hugh Anderson (in honor of
    DHL                                        Silver Sponsors                               Kenneth Anderson)
    FAAST                                      $500—$2,499                                Mr. Mike Break
    Florida Department of Health               Mr. & Mrs. Guy Brickman                    Mr. Greg Tait
    Florida Spinal Cord Injury                 Mr. Darrell Waltrip                        Mr. Jay Cooke
       Resource Center                         Mr. Kenneth Koretsky                       Mr. & Mrs. John Andretti
    Sunoco                                     Mr. Bobby Allison                          Mr. & Mrs. Ken Veney
    Sprint                                     Brace Engineering & Investment             Ms. Lynn Covet (in memory of
                                                  Corp.                                      David Gilbert
    Platinum Sponsors                          Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Blossom                   McArthur High School
    $5,000—$10,000                             Colorado Auto Parts                        Sen. Mike Haridopolous
    Accurate Septic Services                   Mr. Mike Helton                            Murray’s Auto Supply
    Mr. Joseph Coulter, III                    Uncommon USA                               Mr. Robert Gallo
    Palm Truck Centers                         USA Tournament Golf                        Mr. Robert Richards
    Mr. Tony Stewart                           West-Lind Construction                     Mr. Scott Morrell
    Mr. Roger Stull                               Management                              Mr. Terry Routley
                                               Mr. & Mrs. William Prizer                  The Heat Guy
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Mark Martin                     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Weaver
                                                                                          Mr. Keith Taylor
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Desire & Phyllis
                                                                                          Mr. Joe Lewis

                                                                                                       NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                      SOUTH FLORIDA, FL
                                                                                                       PERMIT NO. 1030

    The Darrell Gwynn Foundation
    4850 SW 52nd St.
    Davie, FL 33314
    Phone: 954-792-7223 ext. 105
    Fax: 954-581-7223

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