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									     Ministry of Commerce-Government of India and DFID Project

“Strategies and Preparedness for Trade and Globalization in India”

                                   Tier I Partner

                          Centre for International Trade in
                         Agriculture & Agro-based Industries

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The Project “Strategies and Preparedness for Trade and Globalization in India" is
implemented by UNCTAD India, funded by the United Kingdom's Department for
International Development (DFID) and supported by the Ministry of Commerce, Government
of India to assess the impact and opportunities for India in the era of free trade and

UNCTAD, India and the United Kingdom has launched this project in 2003 with two main
objectives. First to assist Indian trade negotiators, policy makers and other stakeholders in
understanding the development dimension of key trade issues, particularly as they related to
the current WTO agenda. Secondly to strengthen the country’s human and institutional
capacities for analysis of globalization–related issues and facilitate a policy environment that
will support and sustain a more equitable process of globalization. In the process, the project
should help India derive the greatest possible benefits from the multilateral trading system
and influence international trade rule making. The project design allows partnership with
private sector and civil society. It focuses on institutions and sectors with the greatest
potential to affect the poor in their roles as producers, workers, consumers and citizens.

The main issues for the project are:

          Agriculture and food security
          Non-agriculture market access, including textiles
          The TRIPS Agreement
          The impact of WTO agreements on small scale industries
          Services
          Environment
          Trade facilitation
          Dispute settlement
          Regional trade agreements
          Investments
          Competition

Component I of the project focuses on 'upstream' activities (assisting trade negotiators and
policy makers). Being implemented since March 2003, it is already assisting in enhancing
understanding of the development and pro-poor dimension of key trade issues relating to the
Doha work programme.

Component II engages in 'downstream' actions, to build stakeholder capacities for
understanding and managing the impact of globalization on their respective constituencies.
The activities under both these components are interlinked.

A sound macro economic environment and effective trade policies are essential but not
sufficient conditions for integrating developing countries in the multilateral trading system.
There is also a need to enhance national and subnational capacity to formulate export
strategies at selected product/sector level, grounded on realistic assessments of supply
capacities and international demand and an understanding of international commercial
practices and standards.
To facilitate and support this capacity building, Component II of the Programme supports
activities that enable capacity building of stakeholders that would support:
      better understanding and analysis of trade issues, for developing medium term sector
      build institutional and human capacities to deal with existing and emerging trade
      disseminate knowledge acquired in the programme widely and deeply in easily
       digestible language for stakeholders and policy-makers, especially at sub-national
      provide feedback/inputs to the government to enact sectoral policies and schemes
       focused on meeting the opportunities and challenges of world trade.
Programme interventions under Component II are expected to lead to the following
a. To build stakeholders’ institutional and human resource capacities to gain from
globalisation; mitigate its negative effects and also influence the planning and policy-making
processes. They become outward looking in their orientation. Government agencies have
improved understanding of trade issues and this influences required actions from them

b. To build national and sub-national core expertise to address the economic implications of
the evolving Multilateral Trading System (MTS)-related and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)-
related regulatory/policy framework and formulate negotiating positions on the basis of a
good understanding of product and market reality and potential.
c. To enhance national and sub-national capacity to formulate export strategies at selected
product/sector level, grounded on realistic assessments of supply capacities and international
demand and an understanding of international commercial practices and standards.
d. To improve trade performance and facilitate export diversifications in select key product
and service sectors. To facilitate international competitiveness at sector level through
improved performance at all levels of trade development process by using tools, manuals,
guides and opportunities for practical experiences. To strengthen the capacities of trade
support institutions to provide effective services to the business community.
e. To assist in addressing the challenges of increases in imports and the impact it would have
on the less competitive domestic firms.
f. To facilitate engagements among stakeholders to take up policy measures to minimize trade
related adjustment costs and to mitigate the short run costs of adjustment, in cases where
employment and earnings of the poor have clearly reduced due to increased competition from
g. Centres of Excellence to analyze effects and opportunities in relation
to the selected sectors and selected State
h. Research gets disseminated and help those making decisions relating to the sector:
politicians, government officials, industry associations, farmer groups, academia, trade
unions, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs), media

Implementation of Component II -
CITA, as a Tier 1 partner for Agriculture Sector, formulates and implement TRCB activities
in consultation with UNCTAD. CITA coordinates with Tier 2 institutions to take up specific
activities of research, dissemination and capacity building that are agreed by the stakeholders
in the sector inception workshop and stock taking workshops. The Tier 2 partners include all
such institutions, associations that have links with trade issues in agriculture sector and have
the potential to represent the interests of the poor.

                            List of Component-II Partners of UNCTAD

                                                 Agriculture Sector
 Agricultural & Processed Food Export Development
 Centre for International Trade in Agriculture and Agro              www.citaworld.org
 Based Industries (CITA)
                                              Marine Products Sector
 Marine Products Exports Development Authority
 (MPEDA)                                                             http://www.fishglobal.org
 Seafood Exporters Association of India (SEAI)
                                               Textiles and Clothing
 TEXTILES Committee (TC)                                             http://www.tcunctad.org/
 Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC)                                      http://www.unctadimcnet.org/home.asp
                                                    SME Sector
 Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and
 Industry (FICCI)
 Federation Of Indian Micro And Small And Medium

                                          Tier II Partners of CITA
Indian Chamber of Commerce, Calcutta                      Society for Health Education & Development (SHED)
       ICC Tower, Indian Exchange,                             17-7-38, Mission House, Karunapuram Street,
4, Indian Exchange Place, Calcutta – 700001                     Hindupur, Dist – Anantapur – 515201 (AP)
  Tel - 912230 32424344, Fax - 33803377                                 eMail : shed_hup@yahoo.co.in
    e-Mail : info@indianchamber.org ,
      URL : www.indianchamber.org
         Rishi Herbals, Chennai                            Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)
     F-4/213, Sidco Nagar Main Road,                      Survey No – 342, ALEAP Industrial Estate, Near Pragathi
      Villivakkam, Chennai – 600049                                     Nagar, Opp JNTU, Kukatpally,
  Tel – 91 44 26171665, Fax - 52325427                                    Hyderabad – 500072 A.P.
      e-Mail : rishiherbal@gmail.com                                 Tel – 91 40 23151344, Fax –23892304
        URL : www.rishiherbala.in                                      e-Mail : ced12@rediffmail.com,
                                                                            URL : www.aleap.org
   iKisan Limited (Nagarjuna Group)                                     Treezone Consulting Pvt. Ltd

              No. 1, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta,                 2nd Floor, Builtech Arcade, South Fort Road, Palakkad, Kerala
                     Hyderabad - 500082                                                     – 678001
            Tel – 91 40 23350671, Fax – 23350232                           Tel – 91 491 2515764, Cell - 09847512394
                 e-Mail : admin@ikisan.com                                       e-Mail : kkpgr@rediffmail.com
                  URL : www. ikisan.com                                          URL : treezoneconsulting.com
          Thimma Performance Consultants Group                                   Datamation Research Analyst
                         Bangaluru                                            Plot No. 3, Hassan Pur, I.P Extension,
 202, Srirenga Apts, 110 East Park Road, Malleswaram 8                                New Delhi – 110092
                  Cross, Bangaluru 560003                               Tel – 91 11 22240085/22240086, Fax - 22169139
                    Tel - 91 80 23445359                                      e-Mail : csharma@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
                     Cell – 09448455359                                         URL : www.datamationindia.com
              e-Mail : thimmagroup@yahoo.com
  Aunwesha Knowledge Technologies Private Limited,                Anusham Farm Machinery & Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
                           Kolkata                                              East House, Kallipatti, Erode (Dt)
3 Floor, Webel Bhavan, Block EP &GP, Kolkata - 700 091                                Tamilnadu – 638505
            Tel – 91 33 23577183, Fax – 23571739                               Tel – 91 4285 263993, Fax - 263996
e-Mail : sourav@aunwesha.com, URL : www.aunwesha.com                      e-Mail : esh@eth.net, jas.anusham@gmail.com
         Subarnrekha Marketing Pvt. Ltd., Jaleswar                     The Satara Dist. Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.,
            Block Bazar, Jaleswar – 756 032 Orissa                     ‘Kisan Bhavan’, Plot No – 5&6, Opp Zilla Parishad,
          Tel – 91 6781 222431/222134, Fax - 222470                                 Sadarbazar Camp, Satara.
              e-Mail : subarnerkha1@yahoo.co.in                           Tel – 91 2162 227631/32/33/34, Fax - 227645
                                                                                e-Mail : sdccbank@sancharnet.in
                     Phoenix Federation                                 Fellowship for Agri Resource Management and
                  HB 1, Maraimalai Nagar,                                  Entrepreneurship Research (FARMER)
             Nagapattinam (Po) & (Dt) – 611001                      House No.- 19, Behind JR Medicos, Rajgarh Flyover Link,
                         Tamilnadu.                                                Guwahati – 781003, Assam
          Tel – 91 4365 248732, Cell - 09842657963                                    Tel – 91 361 2461593
            e-Mail : phoenixfederation@gmail.com                              e-Mail : farmer@vethelplineindia.com
             Sewa Gram Mahila Haat (SEWA)                          Network of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
      8, Navrang Colony, Besides Kashmira Chambers, Nr.                                     (NEED)
 Navrangpura Railwat Crossing, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad                     39 – Neel Vihar,Near 14 Sector Power House,
          Tel - 91 79 26589729/26574880/26574678                             Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016 (U.P)
                e-Mail : sgmh1@sancharnet.in                              Tel – 91 522 2712671/2712671, Fax - 2712671
                                                                                  e-mail – info@indianeed.org
                                                                                   URL : www.indianeed.org
                                      United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
                   The Ambassador Hotel, Room No. 421/419/417, Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi - 110 003, India
                                        Tel: 91 11 24635036, 24635054–55, Fax - 24635000
                                e-Mail: unctad@unctadindia.org, URL : http://www.unctadindia.org


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