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        Parijat Consulting
Parijat Consulting India is Seeking
    American Healthcare Organizations
      looking for an India footprint

                To establish
      India’s first specialized hybrid

Hospital Management & Investment Services

                                   Parijat Consulting
We, at Parijat, believe there has perhaps
never been a better time to unfold this

                               Parijat Consulting
Our Commercial Purpose

To Target potential Indian Hospitals and
          Health Care Entities

     with an appetite for expansion
           and requiring both

         Healthcare Expertise

                                      Parijat Consulting
Harnessing the Opportunity
  We wish to leverage our existing strength
             as India specialists
                 in the area
      of Financial Consulting and FDI


           The ability to also offer
              domain expertise
          from American Hospitals
             & Healthcare Sector

                                       Parijat Consulting
              An Overview-India
              Opportunity - India
 Population   of 1 Billion, growing at 2% every year

 Fourth   largest economy in the world.

 Amongst the fastest growing global economies of
 the world, growth exceeding 7% PA

 300   million + Indian middle class

 Insurance   Penetration 5%
                                           Parijat Consulting
               Opportunity - India
   Liberalized foreign investment climate.

   Market cap - $500 billion one of the highest in Asia
    Vibrant equity culture – Over 5000 listed companies

   Indian market has a competitive edge,
    Cost advantage
    Large talent pool across sectors

   Well developed banking system and vibrant capital
    market with depth

   Private Equity investors have returned significant returns
    over recent years
                                                 Parijat Consulting
    Overview – Indian Healthcare Sector
   Indian Healthcare Industry is undergoing exponential
   Largest service sector industry with revenue of $ 30
    billion(FY-2005) constituting 6% of the GDP.
   Poised to reach $ 1 billion business by 2012
   Enormous growth in Infrastructure
   Growth of over 12% PA in the past four years
   75-80 % healthcare services and investment in private
   The dollar 17 billion Indian Healthcare Industry
    comprising hospital services, healthcare equipment,
    managed care & pharmaceuticals poised to grow 13 %
    annually for next 6 years.
                                               Parijat Consulting
    Indian Healthcare Sector Constitutes
   Hospitals, Physicians, Specialist Clinics, Nursing

   Diagnostics Centers and Pathology Laboratories,
    Pharmacies (Retailing)

   Medical Equipment manufacturers

   Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s),
    Pharmaceutical Companies

   Teaching Institutes (Medical/Nursing)
                                            Parijat Consulting
  Highlights of Healthcare Infrastructure

    117 Tertiary care Medical Colleges and Hospitals
    1200 ESI and PSU Hospitals
    4400 District level Hospitals
    2400 Community Health Centres
    23,000 Primary Health Centres and 137,000 Sub-
    1500 Urban Health Posts
    503,900 Doctors (Currently we only have 43
     Doctors for 10,000 People)
    737,000 Nurses

Source-CII & McKinsey                      Parijat Consulting
2012 – Demand Opportunity Overview

Demand                           Opportunity

Addition of 750,000 extra beds   Tertiary Healthcare
500,000 more Doctors &          Medical Education &
1 million more qualified Nurses Nursing Schools
Infrastructure                   Additional investment of $
                                 25 – 30 billion required
Government & International       Balance investment to
Agencies only geared for up to   come from private sector
US $ 7 billion

                                               Parijat Consulting
    Opportunity Medical Tourism
   Currently estimated at US $ 330 million
   India’s offer of high quality and low cost services is
    attracting a booming stream of international patients.
   Advanced surgeries in India cost 1/5th of UK & 1/10th
    of US, making it lower than anywhere else in the
   Last year, a few major specialty hospitals attracted an
    estimated 1,50,000 foreign patients.
   CII –McKinsey study estimates growth to US$ 22.2
    million by 2012

                                              Parijat Consulting
         Other Opportunities in
           Healthcare Sector
 India has one of the largest pharmaceutical
  industries in the world.
 Healthcare spending will increase from US$
  18.70 billion in 2001 to US$ 43.48 billion in 2012
 The growth is driven by the rise in lifestyle
  diseases like cardiovascular and cancer.
 By 2012 Healthcare sector would contribute 8%
  of the GDP.
 Budgetary outlay on Healthcare has been
  increased by 16%.

                                         Parijat Consulting
Sectoral Opportunities for Healthcare Sector
   Medical Tourism             Research / Clinical Trials
   Health Insurance               Medical Colleges
   Medical Education
                                   Nursing Colleges
   Telemedicine
   Healthcare BPO
   Ayurvedic Healthcare                Holistic Medicine
   Growth in Vaccine Market
   Growth in Pharmaceutical Market            Retailing

   Growing patient consciousness for quality care
   Indian hospitals 80-90% occupied             In Metro Cities
   Middle class people spending more on Healthcare
   Home Health
   Day Care Surgery Centers
   Ambulatory Care Centers                         Parijat Consulting
           Recent Developments

   Reduction of customs tariffs on life saving
    medical equipment and critical drugs.

   Depreciation rates for medical equipment under
    the Income tax law have been increased.

   Lowest interest on lending for private sector

   Health insurance schemes for the poor.

                                         Parijat Consulting
      Health Expenditure Comparison

                        Source-CII & McKinsey

Source-CII & McKinsey                           Parijat Consulting
        Exploiting the Opportunity
   Parijat Consulting is an India centric Financial
    Consulting entity.
   We specialize in syndicating foreign equity and debt
    participation transactions for domestic corporates.
   We see a host of deal flows in the field of Hospital
    management for:
   Hospitals
   Nursing Homes
   Diagnostic Centres
   Pathology Laboratories
   Medical Education
   Pharmacy Retailing
   Day Care Centers

                                              Parijat Consulting

Parijat Consulting Pvt Ltd
M-77, Greater Kailash-II,
Main Market, New Delhi-110048.
Tel : 91-11-41638091-95
Fax : 91-11-41638097/98
Website :
E-mail :

                             Parijat Consulting
Parijat Consulting
    Principal Partners

    Sharat Anand
    Vikram Anand

“Healthcare Specialist”

                         Parijat Consulting
                              VIKRAM ANAND
                            SUMMARY WRITE-UP

   Mr. Vikram Anand (42), has been a successful entrepreneur as a
    promoter of the Parijat Group for over 20 years and with extensive
    interests overseas and in India. The Group has a turnover of US$ 20
   He has exhaustive experience of setting up an agrochemical entric
    business group with a presence in both manufacturing and trading. The
    flag ship an ISO 9001:2000 company exports agrochemicals to over 50
    countries worldwide. The company has a high credit rating of 2A2 from
    Dun & Bradstreet.
   Parijat has over 70 international product registrations in countries of Asia,
    Europe & Africa for various technical & formulations. It is incorporated in
    India with the head office in Delhi and the manufacturing unit based in
   Parijat have been recipients of the countries highest awards for exports by
    CHEMEXCIL (Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export
    Promotion Council).
    as well as FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organization).

                                                              Parijat Consulting
                             VIKRAM ANAND
                           SUMMARY WRITE-UP

   The Parijat Group also has interests in Financial consulting, environment
    advisory and corporate restructuring. The consulting practice are advisers
    to UNDP and OECD.
   Vikram is also the Managing Trustee of the Anand Foundation a not for
    profit trust established by members of the Anand Family. The Anand
    Foundation was established as an organization with the avowed
    objective of appreciation of diversity in young minds through
    culture. The Foundation is focused to accomplish the work through the
    medium of performing and fine arts..The Anand Foundation is also a
    partner of UNESCO’s Global Alliance for cultural diversity.

    Vikram has an active interest in reading and collecting folk music from the
    world over.

Academic Qualifications
 Graduation from Delhi University
 Schooling from St.Columbas and Mount St.Mary’s Delhi

    Vikram is married and has two children a son and daughter, his wife is a
                                                             Parijat Consulting
                          SHARAT ANAND
                        SUMMARY WRITEUP

   Mr. Sharat Anand (45), has been an International banker for over 20
    years with extensive assignments overseas and in India.
   He has exhaustive experience in Capital market activities including
    Funds management, debt origination, syndication and trading, Forex
    markets and Enterprise Risk management across diverse Global
    markets and products.
   The Indian Financial markets are specifically his forte owing to his years
    of close interaction and association with its diverse stakeholders and
    having participated in its emergence over the past decade.
   Sharat has spent 7 years as the Deputy CEO and Country Treasurer of
    Standard Chartered Bank in India [1993-2000] managing a balance
    sheet of over $2 billion with an investment portfolio of over $500
   He has also held senior management positions at ABN AMRO as Country
    Treasurer [1990-1993], and at Hong Kong Bank in India.
   Prior    to    setting     up   PARIJAT      CONSULTING          in   2002
    ( he has worked with Ernst &Young as
    Advisor to Chairman advising them on their Growth and acquisition
    Strategy for India.
                                                             Parijat Consulting
                        SHARAT ANAND
                      SUMMARY WRITEUP
   Parijat Consulting is a niche Financial and Wealth Advisory Entity.
    Specifically focused on Indian Institutional and ultra HNWI Customers.
    Mandates undertaken include Asset allocation strategies,       Cross Border
    Loan Syndication and Debt Structuring..
   It works extensively with various Multilateral and Aid Institutions involved
    in the Development and Environment sector in India assisting them in
    the financial aspects of their EE and Renewable energy initiatives.
   Sharat is a Co-Founder and on the Board of Governor’s of the
    Infinity Business School, New Delhi ( co-
    sponsored by Citicorp.
   Over the years Sharat has represented the Indian Banking/Financial
    Sector on various Central Bank/ Industry and Regulatory forums.

Academic Qualifications
 London Business School, UK
 Masters in Business Administration, Delhi University
 Economics Honours, Delhi University

Sharat is married and has two young Sons.                     Parijat Consulting
        Healthcare Domain Expertise
Professionals with over 30 years of work experience, both in the country
and overseas, in the fields of healthcare and consumer marketing.

Domain knowledge includes corporate development activities, healthcare
marketing (national & international), identifying new markets and new
ventures in India and overseas. Hands on knowledge and work experience
in new International markets like Lahore, Kabul, Bahrain, Muscat, Yemen,
Africa and UK.

Professionals have very strong marketing skills, both in domestic
and international trade, with excellent track record of
achievements, extensive first hand knowledge and contact base in
all major markets and distribution channels in the country with
significant international exposure. Some other areas of expertise
and achievements include setting up greenfield ventures in
Healthcare in India and overseas, especially in South Asia, Middle
East, Africa and UK.
                                                          Parijat Consulting
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Parijat Consulting India is Seeking           2
We at Parijat Believe                         3
Our Commercial Purpose                        4
Harnessing the Opportunity                    5
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Opportunity India                             7
Opportunity India                             8
Overview Healthcare Sector                    9
Indian Healthcare Sector Constitutes          10
Highlights of Healthcare Infrastructure       11
2012 – Demand Opportunity Overview            12
Opportunity Medical Tourism                   13
Other Opportunities in Healthcare Sector      14
Sectoral Opportunities in Healthcare Sector   15
Recent Developments                           16
Health Expenditure Comparison                 17
Exploiting the Opportunity                    18
Contact                                       19
Thank You                                     20
Principal Partners                            21
Summary Write-Up – Vikram Anand               22-23
Summary Write-Up – Sharat Anand               24-25
Healthcare Domain Expertise                   26
Index of Slides                               27
                                                      Parijat Consulting

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