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									Everyday Living Catalogue 2011/12

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Games and leisure
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All prices in this catalogue include VAT at 20 per cent. Some products have two prices.
For a full explanation of our pricing structure please read our buying guide at the end
of the catalogue.
How to order and keeping up to date
Payment is required at the time of confirming your order.
Helpline: 0303 123 9999 (or 01733 37 53 50)
Textphone: 0845 758 5691
Fax: 01733 37 50 01
Email: shop@rnib.org.uk Post:
RNIB, PO Box 173, Peterborough, PE2 6WS
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International customers Please call our Key Account Team on +44 (0) 1733 37 54 00
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You can pay by: Cheque and postal order: made payable to RNIB.
Direct Debit bank payment: The simplest and easiest way to pay. When you purchase
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Credit/Debit card: Visa, Master Card, Visa Debit and Solo.
Hours of opening: Monday to Friday: 8.45am to 5.30pm.
Outside these times, leave a message and we‟ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ordering catalogues
As a charity we are keen for you to have access to information that supports your
independent living. That is why our catalogues are free. However, it costs us around
£1.00 to produce each catalogue, so rather than disposing of it, why not pass it on to
someone else, who might benefit. You can also add a donation when buying online or
when you order by phone.

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Clocks and watches
We offer a huge range of talking, easy-to-see and tactile clocks and watches. Our
radio controlled models automatically set and update themselves which is great when
the clocks change. We have the simplest one button watches that just tell the time,
through to styles with multiple alarms and stopwatches. All with a selection of strap
styles and watch faces. RNIB does not guarantee batteries or watchstraps.

Watch face diameters for the majority of watches are: Large 4cm, Small 3.5cm. Where
they differ, the diameter is listed against the product. With the exception of our one
button watches that just tell the time, all our talking watches feature alarms.

Battery information
All battery powered items are supplied with the appropriate batteries, and
replacements are available to purchase from us. Some products are mains powered
and this is indicated where applicable.

The battery life for talking watches is often less than in easy-to-see and tactile
watches. If your watch stops working within the guarantee period we recommend you
first try changing the battery through an independent watch retailer or, for a small
charge, through RNIB.

Watch straps
If your bracelet strap needs adjusting, we recommend you visit a jeweller who can
accurately measure your wrist.

Radio controlled clocks and watches
Don‟t want to worry about setting your timepiece when you first receive it or when the
clocks change twice a year? Radio signals from the transmitter in Cumbria ensure
you‟ll always have the most accurate time. Simply place it on a windowsill and it will
automatically set itself, usually within the hour. All models can be set manually, for use
outside the UK. The radio control feature works on the watches in Germany, USA and
Japan (60kHZonly).

Communiclock talking calendar clock
Simplicity itself, press the large black contrasting button on top to hear the time, or
press and hold to hear the day, date, month and year as well. Announcements are in a
clear, natural male English voice. With a rotary control on the front to change the
volume easily and menu buttons for alarm and settings underneath, you can‟t
accidently change anything.
Battery operated but can also be powered by the mains using an AC adaptor (available
separately CC53AC, priced £8.50). CC53 £26.99 £32.39

Radio controlled talking calendar clock
Silver-coloured talking alarm clock with large digital display and optional snooze
function. The time is displayed 2.5cm high, and the date and alarm 1cm high.
Announcements are in a female English voice. CC44 £42.95
Radio controlled alarm clock with remote temperature sensor
Brushed gold-coloured talking clock with brown wood effect finish and large digital
display showing the time with digits measuring 4cm high. Announces the time, date
and indoor and outside temperature in a female English voice. CC58 £56.99

Talking atomic watch with alarm
Announcements made in a natural male English voice with an alarm and optional
hourly announcement. Available in large analogue face size only with a silver case,
choose from two options:
White watch face, black leather strap, black hands and numbers CW135 £39.95
Black watch face, metallic silver bracelet strap, silver hands and white numbers
CW135BR £44.95 £53.94

Radio controlled talking alarm watch
Announces the time and date in a synthetic female American voice. Watch face is
white with bold black numbers and hands. Fitted with a blue moulded rubber strap with
contrasting silver buttons and features optional hourly announcement. CW157 £28.95

Radio controlled easy-to-see wall clock
Wall clocks with black rim, numbers and hands, which contrast with the white face and
red second hand. Numbers are 4cm high on large clock and 2.5cm high on small
Large (diameter 41.2cm) CC34 £34.99 Small (diameter 25cm) CC35 £24.99

Radio controlled easy-to-see digital wall clock new
Chrome-coloured round clock with a large digital display, showing the time in digits
5cm high. Can be wall mounted or use the built-in stand on a flat surface. Also shows
the date and temperature with digits 2.5cm high. Diameter: 24cm CC66 £19.95

Date for your diary clocks change times:
Sunday 30 October 2011 – go back an hour
Sunday 25 March 2012 – go forward an hour

Talking clocks
All our talking clocks feature an optional alarm, with sounds that can be changed.
Additional features may include optional announcements on the hour, snooze alarms,
displays and countdown timers. To hear the voice before you buy, all audio sound clips
are available on our online shop.

Talking cube clock
Easy-to-use talking alarm clock with natural male English voice and simple one button
operation. Full audible cues for setting and adjusting the clock. Features an optional
hourly announcement in 12 hour mode (am/pm) and has adjustable volume control.
Available in two colours, both priced £19.99 £23.99
Grey with yellow button CC36
Black with silver button CC42
Talking MedCenter clock new
Manage multiple daily medications by setting up to four alarms, as a gentle reminder
throughout the day. Large backlit display, time and date are displayed – date digits
3.5cm high.
     full audible setting, spoken in a female American voice, with two volume settings
     choose between audible beeps or pre-set voice alarm reminders
     alarm reminder button to let you know when next alarm is due
     can also be purchased as part of the MedCenter pill organising system
      (DH290). CC65 £25.99 £31.19

Portable talking alarm clock
Compact black clock with large green button that once pressed announces in a
synthetic female voice. It also has a digital display with hour and minute numbers
displayed 1.2cm high. Features alarm, optional hourly time announcements and two
volume settings. CC39 £8.99

Talking clock with vibrating alarm pad
Rectangular-shaped, silver-coloured clock with large display showing time digits 3.7cm
high. Announces the time, date and temperature in a synthetic female American voice
and has two volume settings. CC61 £24.95

Talking apple clock
Green apple-shaped alarm clock with small display, blue LED backlight and synthetic
female American voice announcements.
    numbers are displayed 1.2cm high
    optional announcements on the hour from 7am to 8pm. CC62 £9.99

Portable talking vibrating alarm clock
Pocket-sized clock with very loud synthetic male American voice announcements,
ideal if you have difficulty hearing standard talking clocks. Features a small LCD
display, calendar and countdown timer, in a blue and grey finish.
    choose from audible or vibrating alarm
    time characters displayed 1.2cm high and date 0.6cm high. CC55 £17.99
Talking calendar alarm clock
Small, black clock that announces the time and date in a synthetic male American
voice. Optional hourly announcement, countdown timer and 12/24 hour timer and two
column settings. CC22 £15.99 £19.19

Keyring talking alarm clock
Small rectangular, silver-coloured, talking alarm clock announces the time in a
synthetic female voice with optional alarm and hourly time announcements. Small
digital display with numbers 0.8cm high. CC41 £6.95

Talking watches
One button talking watch with chrome case and black leather strap
Announces time only in a synthetic female American voice. The face and talking
module need to be set independently. Available in two sizes and two colour face
options, both priced £26.95 £32.34
White watch face with black hands and numbers Large CW131 Small CW132
Blue watch face with white hands and numbers Large CW156 Small CW155

Small sports one button talking watch new
Blue and black self-grip strap for comfortable easy adjusting to fit small wrists and
particularly suitable for children. Time is announced by the touch of one button in a
synthetic female American voice. White analogue face is complemented by bold black
hands and numbers, red second hand and a chrome case. CW168 £34.95 £41.94

Talking watch with male or female voice option
Announces time and date in synthetic American voice, choose between female or
male. Hands automatically update on watch face when talking time is set. Available in
two sizes, both with white face, black hands and numbers and silver-colour expanding
strap. Both priced £36.95 £44.34 Large CW164 Small CW163

Ladies dress style talking watch
Gold coloured watch which announces both the time and date in either a synthetic
female or male American voice. Fitted with a gold, pearl and black coloured beaded
strap – suitable for those with small wrists. Hands automatically update on watch face
when talking time is set. CW167 £39.95 £47.94

Talking watches with alarms
Digital/analogue talking watch
Displays the time in both digital and analogue formats, and is fitted with a black rubber
silicone strap.
      time announced in a synthetic female voice
      two alarms (one throughout 24 hours and the other between 7am-9pm)
      12/24 hour time format and optional hourly announcement. CW165 £14.95

XXL Talking and easy-to-see calendar watch
Extra large talking watches announce both the time and date in a synthetic female
American voice. Choose announcements in 12 or 24 hour mode. Features alarm and
optional hourly announcement. Watch face has thick hands and numbers on a
contrasting face. Diameter: 4.3cm.
Choice of two styles, both priced £34.95 £41.94
White face, black numbers and hands, chrome expanding strap CW140
Black face, white numbers and hands, black leather strap CW141

Talking calendar watch with auto-synchronised hands
The hands automatically set to the right time when the talking time is manually set.
Announces the time and date in a natural male English voice and features an alarm.
Available in silver-coloured or gold-coloured finish, two sizes and two watch strap
options. All priced at £36.95 £44.34
Bracelet strap, silver-coloured watch case Large CW153 Small CW154
Black leather strap, silver-coloured watch case Large CW148 Small CW149
Black leather strap, gold-coloured watch case Large CW162 Small CW161

Digital talking calendar watch with black leather strap
Large face watch with announcements made in synthetic male American voice. The
date is announced as day, month, date and year.
      time characters displayed 0.8cm high and features a countdown timer. CW158
       £14.50 £17.40

Black talking watch with alarm
Large black plastic talking watch that announces the time in a synthetic female voice
and alarm “crows”. Small display with numbers 0.6cm high. CW23 £5.95 £7.14

Large talking watch with chrome bezel-style face
Talking watch with white analogue face, black hands and numbers, and brown leather
strap. Announces the time in a synthetic female American voice.
     the chrome bezel does not move and has ten minute intervals marked
     alarm and optional hourly announcement. CW133 £21.95 £26.34

Talking watch with four alarms
Four separate alarms, ideal for setting reminders to take regular medication. Time and
date announced in a synthetic female voice.
    large display shows time, day, date and year in numbers
    time characters are 1cm high
    features a stopwatch and optional hourly time announcements.
Black and silver large CW92 £6.95 £8.34
Black and silver small CW90 £6.95 £8.34
Chrome bracelet strap CW93 £12.50 £15.00
Chrome expanding strap CW93EXP £14.50 £17.40
Please note; it is not easy to replace the batteries in CW90 and CW92 low cost
watches and a replacement battery can be nearly the same price as a new watch.

Easy-to-see clocks and watches
Easy-to-see wall clock
These wall clocks have a black rim, numbers and hands, which contrast with the white
face and red second hand. Numbers are 3.5cm high on large clock and 2.5cm high on
small clock.
Large (diameter 40.3cm) CC23 £16.99 Small (diameter 29.8cm) CC33 £11.99

Easy-to-see Glo unisex watch
White watch face with bold black numbers and hands, gold-coloured case and black
leather strap. This splash proof watch has a blue backlighting that illuminates the
watch face, making it easier to see in the dark.
Diameter: 4.5cm CW152 £25.95 £31.14

Water resistant easy-to-see watch
Gold-coloured case with white face and black numbers and hands and brown synthetic
leather strap. Suitable for use while swimming (not diving) or wearing in the bath or
shower. Available in two sizes, both priced £17.99 £21.59 Large (diameter 3.7cm)
CW150 Small (diameter 3cm) CW151

Easy-to-see watches
Clear white watch face with black bold numbers and hands, red second hand in
chrome or black case finish.
    easy-grip winder for adjusting the time
       choice of three sizes and two black watch straps: easy-fasten self-grip or
     Diameter: Jumbo 4cm, Large 3.5cm, Small 2.7cm
All priced £14.99 £17.99
Jumbo – chrome finish with leather strap CW68
Jumbo – black metal with leather strap CW69
Jumbo – black metal with self-grip strap CW70
Jumbo – chrome with self-grip strap CW71
Large – chrome with self-grip strap CW72
Large – chrome with leather strap CW73
Small – chrome with self-grip strap CW76

Tactile clocks and watches
Tell the time by touch. All our tactile clocks and watches have raised hands and tactile
dots to indicate the hour marks: three dots or single bar at 12 o‟clock, two dots at 3, 6
and 9 o‟clock and one dot denotes the hours in between. The watch face cover opens
at the 6 o‟clock position to reveal tactile face (unless otherwise stated).

Mechanical tactile alarm clock
No batteries required – simply wind up once a day. Chrome-coloured clock case with
white analogue face, black numbers and hands.CC56 £39.99 £47.99

Easy-to-see tactile alarm clock
Black clock case with white analogue face, black numbers and hands.
Protective case for travelling and when opened it turns into a stand. CC45 £22.95

Gold coloured tactile quartz alarm clock
Gold-coloured case with a black face and white hands and numbers. Removable clear
plastic case protects the face. Easy set snooze alarm and small light illuminates face
at night. CC48 £22.95 £27.54

RNIB tactile watch
High quality, low cost, tactile watch exclusively designed for RNIB. Choice of two
watch straps with different coloured faces, both are available in large and small sizes. l
silver-coloured watch face, black numbers and chrome-coloured bracelet strap or l
charcoal-coloured watch face with white numbers and black, crocodile-effect, leather
strap. Available in two sizes, both priced £19.99 £23.99
Bracelet strap Large CW142 Small CW143
Leather strap Large CW144 Small CW145

Hi-touch tactile watch
Large round-faced tactile watch with a unique 4 o‟clock position opening. Brushed
stainless steel case with a charcoal coloured easy-to-clean grey rubber silicone strap.
Diameter: 4.1cm CW127 £59.99 £71.99

Chrome finish tactile watch
Tactile watch with black leather strap and chrome finish case with patterned lid. Silver-
coloured face and hands, with black even numbers. Available in two sizes, both priced
£44.99 £53.99
Large (diameter 3.3cm) CW80
Small (diameter 2.4cm) CW81

Gold plated dress-style tactile watch
Swiss tactile watch with a white face studded with imitation “diamonds” used as tactile
markers and gold-coloured hands. Fitted with shiny black crocodile-skin effect leather
strap. Available in two sizes, both priced £69.99 £83.99
Large (diameter 3.2cm) CW31
Small (diameter 2.3cm) CW32

Unisex gold and chrome-coloured tactile watch
Rectangular-shaped tactile watch with black leather strap, gold-coloured case and
hands and chrome-coloured watch face. CW28 £58.99 £70.79

Gold plated tactile watch
Elegant gold-plated tactile watch with large round black face with gold hands and
markings. Co-ordinating black shark-skin effect strap. Diameter: 3.6cm CW78 £58.99

Vibrating alarm clocks
Choose from tactile or easy-to-see clock with audible and vibrating alarms – suitable
for people with a hearing impairment.

Tactile clock with vibrating alarm pad
Independently set the quartz clock and alarm, then place the vibrating pad under a
pillow or on a bedside table. Gold-coloured clock with black face, white hands and
numbers. CC60 £45.99 £55.19

Easy-to-see LED clock with vibrating pad
This large mains powered, rectangular clock shows the time with easy-to-see jumbo
red digits measuring 1.8 inches high, which contrast well against the black clock face.
CC64 £24.95
To keep you thriving in the kitchen developing your culinary skills, we have a wealth of
information, products and helpful hints and tips:
     When you are out shopping, label your food at the same time using RNIB
      PenFriend and low cost labels which will even work on frozen food.
     Our chopping boards offer excellent colour contrast against worktops as well as
      being hygienic.
     You can use bumpons and tacti-mark to highlight buttons and controls on your
      existing appliances.
     Use effective lighting like rechargeable portable lights so you don‟t have trailing
      wires in your way, or a LED booklight to get in to the dark corners of cupboards.
     Measure the ingredients for all those delicious recipes with our talking kitchen
     To try some new recipes, we have cookbooks from all the top chefs as well as
      one written by a partially sighted cook “Cooking for VIP‟s”.
     When cooking vegetables, place a water boil alert in the bottom of the pan to
      help detect when the water is bubbling.
     Arrange your kitchen so that everything is easily to hand, cupboards organised
      and items labelled.
     All of our talking and electrical kitchen utensils are supplied with the appropriate
      battery. Please note, due to hygiene reasons you can‟t return cooking utensils
      unless faulty.

Labelling food
RNIB PenFriend
Our popular voice recording labeller is the perfect solution for shopping and labelling
food as you put it in your basket. Labels can be used in the freezer, in conjunction with
our metallic sheets (DL63), they provide an even more cost effective way of relabelling
your regular shopping items.

But it‟s not just food you can label, you can use the PenFriend to label CDs, diaries,
bills – whatever you need a label for. 70 hours of recording and 127 labels included in
the pack. Additional packs of labels are also available (priced £10.99 £13.19 each).
Important note: only use one pack A, B, C, D etc with each PenFriend.
DL76 £59.99 £71.99

Talking tins
Know your soup from your baked beans with these magnetic, reusable voice
recorders. Choose from yellow “Talking Tins” for 10 seconds recording time or the red
version for 40 seconds. Also ideal for use as an educational resource – suitable for all
abilities. Available in single units or packs of three and supplied with self adhesive
metal disc and Velcro strap to use on non metal containers and packets.
10 seconds – pack of three DK90 £11.95 £14.34
10 seconds – single unit DK91 £4.00 £4.80
40 seconds – pack of three DK90RED £15.95 £19.14
40 seconds – single unit DK91RED £5.50 £6.60
Measuring liquid and food
Our Liquid Level Indicators help to avoid overfilling cups when you make a drink,
especially helpful when it‟s a hot drink.

Audible and vibratory Liquid Level Indicator (Yellow)
Place the device on the side of a cup and a series of beeps and vibrations indicates
cup is nearly full; a continuous beep and vibration indicates it is full. Lightweight, so
suitable for use on all cups and fitted with two small magnets for easy storage on the
microwave or fridge. The easy-open battery drawer makes changing batteries simple
and a beep confirms they are fitted correctly. Audible and vibratory DK127 £5.99 £7.19

A red version is also available, with just vibratory output, suitable for someone with
hearing loss. DK98V £4.95 £5.94

RNIB Vocal talking kitchen scale
Developed by RNIB and Terraillion, this slimline kitchen scale has a large transparent
bowl with pouring spout. Weight is announced in a clear male English voice in either
grams or ounces and also displayed in numbers 1.4cm high.
    useful “add and weigh” facility enables you to weigh one ingredient and then
      another, without having to empty the bowl
    weighs up to 3kg and announces in graduations of 1g (metric), up to 6.6lb in
      graduations of 1/8oz (imperial)
    includes batteries and adjustable volume control. DK131 £29.95 £35.94

Talking kitchen scale
Mains and battery-operated kitchen scale, with large white plastic bowl. Announces the
weight in a clear male English voice with adjustable volume. Weighs up to 5kg in 5g
steps (metric) and up to 11lb in half ounce steps (imperial). DK96 £41.95 £50.34

Easy-to-see kitchen scale
White kitchen scale with large display showing numbers 2.4cm high.
   can be used with any standard kitchen mixing/measuring bowl (not included)
   “add and weigh” facility – no need to empty bowl in-between weighing
   weighs up to 3.25kg (metric) or 7.2lb (imperial). DK123 £21.95

Talking measuring jug
Announces measurements in a clear English male voice at the press of a button. Jug
sits sturdily in base which has a handle. Measures up to two litres of liquid, in imperial
(pints and fluid ounces), metric (litres and millilitres) or US (pints and fluid ounces) and
can convert readings between any of these. “Add and weigh” facility. DK89 £42.95

Black measuring spoons
Four plastic measuring spoons, each colour coded to denote different measures. DK94
Can and jar openers
One Touch automatic openers
Ideal for people with limited hand dexterity these One Touch openers are battery
operated and simple to use. Securely place on top of the jar or can, press the blue
button on the top and leave it to automatically open or release. Both priced £19.99
Can opener DK134
Jar opener DK124

Culinare Magican can opener
White plastic can opener with easy turn handle. Open the handle to release the lid.
DK45 £7.95

Culinare MagiPull ring pull
Open ring-pull tins and cans easily with this durable, plastic utensil. Place notch end of
opener under ring pull and gently lever up. DK108 £3.95

Cutting, slicing and grating
Safely prepare food with our range of utensils suitable for left or right-handed use.

Bread cutter board
Cut unsliced bread safely with this white plastic guide and board. The adjustable bar
enables you to change the thickness of each slice as your knife blade is guided
through the bread. DK119 £24.95 £29.94

Good Grips straight vegetable peeler
Traditional vegetable peeler with comfortable, wide black plastic handle and easy grip
sides. DK52 £5.95

Safety peeler
Vegetable peeler with ergonomic handle to ensure comfort and ease of use. The
stainless steel blade runs across the top of the peeler and also includes de-eyeing
tools for potatoes. DK102 £3.95

Good Grips box grater
Catch food in the small plastic container using this traditional four-sided stainless steel
grater with an extra large soft grip handle. Four grating surfaces: large, fine, super-fine
and a slicing surface. DK135 £13.45

Cooking Multi-grater
Box grater that catches food in the clear plastic compartment underneath the grater
and includes three interchangeable stainless steel blades: coarse, fine and super-fine.
DK122 £10.50

Good Grips apple corer/slicer
Simply place this stainless steel slicer on top of the fruit and press down on the black
easy-grip handles with both hands to slice and core an apple. DK68 £5.25
Good Grips potato masher
This white plastic masher has a wide, black, good grip, horizontal handle to improve
leverage, whilst cushioning the hand. DK137 £13.45

Chopping boards
Different colours available offering contrast against work surfaces. Made from strong
durable plastic these boards will not blunt knives or retain odours. Dishwasher safe.

Rectangular chopping board
Available in a choice of three colours with a large built-in handle. Use in conjunction
with Dycem non-slip mat for increased stability. Length 34.5cm, Width 24.5cm. All
priced £4.75 Black DK70A Green DK71G Red DK71R

Dycem mats, reels and openers
Highly effective non-slip material that grips dry slippery surfaces such as worktops,
trays, doors as well as jars and door handles. Not only are they non-slip, the bright
colours offer excellent contrast against kitchen surfaces. Dycem mats are ideal to
position under items such as mixing bowls, chopping boards, crockery, or any item that
would benefit from having extra stability. All Dycem products are latex free, non sticky,
odour less and are easily washed with warm soapy water. Dycem is not dishwasher
Dycem jar opener Diameter 11.3cm, both priced £3.95
Bright blue DK76U Bright yellow DK76Y
Dycem bottle opener Diameter 6cm, both priced £3.25
Metallic blue DK77U Bright yellow DK77Y
Dycem moulded cup holder Fits snugly onto the bottom of a standard sized mug or
tumbler. Diameter 8.8cm. Blue DK32U Yellow DK32Y £4.50
Dycem reel Can be cut to a shape and size required – three colours available, all
priced £11.45 Length 100cm, Width: 20cm. Blue DK86U Yellow DK86Y Red DK86R
Oblong Dycem mats Three sizes and four colours available. Length 35.6cm, Width
25.5cm Red DK81 £12.25.
Length 30cm, Width 20cm Blue DK35 £3.95
Length 25.5cm, Width 18.5cm Green DK63G £8.95
Length 25.5cm, Width 18.5cm Yellow DK63Y £8.95
Round Dycem mats 19cm diameter. Two colours available. Blue DK33U Yellow
DK33Y £7.20

Large easy-to-see tactile mechanical timer
Clear, mechanical timer with raised jumbo numbers and markers as well as a loud ring.
Can be wall mounted or stood on flat surface. Available in black or white. Use for a
maximum of 59 minutes. Diameter 22.5cm, both priced £13.50 £16.20 Black on white
DK22 White on black DK23

Small easy-to-see tactile mechanical timer
Mechanical timer with raised tactile dots, clear black numbers on a white dial and a
loud ring. Use for a maximum of 55 minutes. Tactile dots for each minute, two dots for
every five minutes. DK78 £12.35 £14.82
Talking kitchen timer and clock
Announcements are in a female synthetic American voice.
    counts down from 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, and announces the
      time remaining before sounding alarm at zero
    digital display shows hour and minute numbers 1cm high, second numbers
      0.7cm high. DK86 £9.95

Talking timer and clock with alarm
Announces time in synthetic female voice with six alarms and hourly announcements.
Has a small built-in stand/clip. Clear display with bold numbers 1.1cm high l timer
counts down and up to a maximum of 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. DK85

Other useful kitchen items
Non slip colourful mixing bowls – set of three
Brightly coloured, set of three plastic mixing bowls which nest together for easy
storage. They are stain and bacteria resistant and have a non-slip base. Warm autumn
colours golden yellow to deep red. DK138 £19.99

Stainless steel water boil alert
Never let vegetables and pasta boil over again. Place in the bottom of a pan and it will
rattle when the water starts to boil. Not suitable for use with milk. DK28 £2.50

White plastic food plate surround
Keep food in place by attaching this white plastic plate-surround to a circular plate.
DK66 £4.50

Cooking for VIPs – a cookery book for visually impaired chefs Recipes that are simple
to prepare with inexpensive ingredients readily available from supermarkets or
vegetable stalls in local markets. Includes several recipes that can be cooked or
prepared a day or two in advance and recipes are graded in level of difficulty based on
the authors experience.
Making the best use of lighting in your home is important yet is often overlooked. By
making simple lighting changes you can be safer in the home and avoid trips and falls.
To find out more about lighting visit rnib.org.uk/lighting or order our free guide “Making
the most of lighting in your home”.

Please note: As a guide new measurements are 11 watt equivalent to old style 60 watt
and 18 watt equivalent to 100 watts. Watts do not define how bright the light is but how
much power the light bulb is using. Lumens are a measurement of how bright a bulb is
– the higher the lumens the brighter the light output. We do not guarantee bulbs.

Desk lights
Lightweight table light with flexi-arm
Black lamp with tilting shade which means you can direct the light easily to different
    on/off switch is located on the base
    supplied with energy efficient 13 watt light tube lasting up to 10,000 hours
       (replacement DH227 £6.60). Height 37cm, Weight 1.34kg. DH244 £31.99

Desk light with flexible arm
Metallic-coloured light with flexible arm and oval base with contrasting black on/off
switch. Supplied with 11 watt fluorescent tube (replacement DH225 £6.60). Height
36cm, Weight 1.4kg. DH205 £26.95

Daylight table light
Multi-angle head and adjustable arm for positioning light exactly where you need it
    supplied with a base and a clamp to position on a table surface or fix to the
       edge of a table
    supplied with 11 watt Daylight energy saving tube for low heat output
       (replacement DH174 £6.60). Height 55cm, Weight 5.9kg. Available in two
       colours, both priced £43.50 Black DH156BLACK White DH156WHITE

White Daylight flexible light
With an “Easy-Twist” movement this light head can be effortlessly twisted to direct the
     includes a removable magnification arm with 1.75x magnifier
     supplied with 18 watt Daylight energy saving tube (replacement DH173 £8.00).
       Height 44cm, Weight 3.2kg. DH159 £62.50

Clip-on flexilight
With a spring clamp base that attaches easily onto a desk, this light is then securely
placed to enable light to be angled.
    supplied with a soft 11 watt Daylight energy saving bulb (60 watt equivalent).
       Height 62cm, Weight 0.67kg. DH294 £38.50
Illuminated Magnifier on adjustable arm
This light with low magnification (1.75x) is ideal for fine detail tasks and hobbies. It has
a slim head, clear viewing area and is fitted with a 22 watt full spectrum Natural light
tube (replacement tube MAG58R £10.00). Weight 2.60kg. MAG58 £46.94

Double ended clamp
The flexible chrome arm is 46cm in length and can be manoeuvred into position to
securely hold magnifiers, light reading material or instructions. DH213 £9.95

Floor-standing lights
Floor-standing lights are useful to position next to you when sitting on a chair. Always
have the light in front of you below your eye level and shine it directly on to the task to
avoid casting shadows.

Flexi-vision floor light
Designed by RNIB and Daylight Company, this brushed silver-coloured, adjustable
height light is ideal for reading while sitting on the sofa, at a table or use as an
     supplied with a low heat shade and 20 watt Daylight bulb (replacement DH241
     11 watt bulb is also available (DH242, priced £6.60). Height 140cm, Weight
       5.9kg. DH238 £59.95 £71.94

White floor-standing light
With an “Easy-Twist” movement, this light head can be effortlessly twisted to direct the
     includes a removable arm with 1.75x magnifier and strong base with six wheels
     supplied with 18 watt Daylight energy saving tube (replacement DH173 £8.00).
       Height 127cm, Weight 6.6kg. DH161 £72.95

Portable lights
These lights fold up when not in use and have a built-in handle for easier carrying. A
protective carry case is also available (DH211, priced £7.15).

OTTLite LED portable light
Slim design, battery-operated or mains, with a silver frame which also acts as a handle
when carrying. Automatic on/off operation. Can also be mains powered (adapter
DH296 £8.50). Fitted with 30 individual “Super Bright” OTTLite LEDs that never need
replacing. Height 26cm, Weight 0.3kg DH293 £29.95

Daylight Folding Twist portable light
Available in two colours and mains operated, the head has an “Easy-Twist” movement
to direct light and an automatic on/off operation. Replacement 13 watt Daylight tube
(DH245R £6.60). Height 30cm, Weight 1.07kg, both priced £31.50
White with grey base DH277
Silver with black base DH277SILVER
OTTLite portable folding task light
Modern design, mains-operated light that is lightweight and offers a bright light to help
improve contrast. Automatic on/off operation. Slim lightweight design, battery-operated
or mains powered. Replacement 13 watt tube (DH227 £6.60). Height 29cm, Weight
1.3kg. DH312 £31.50

Portable rechargeable lights
Can be mains operated or use the built-in rechargeable battery for up to 3.5 hours from
just one charge. Supplied with an energy efficient 13-watt tube – rated to last up to
10,000 hours and plug in mains charger and rechargeable batteries.

OTTLite® rechargeable light
New and improved adjustable height feature and automatic on/off operation. Height
33cm, Weight 1.5kg. DH313 £50.99 (replacement bulb DH243R £6.60)

Daylight rechargeable light
Silver-coloured satin finish with automatic on/off operation. Height 30cm, Weight 1.6kg.
DH245 £50.99 (replacement bulb DH245R £6.60)

Portable booklights and accessories
These compact battery-operated LED lights are ideal for spot reading but also to light
up small dark cupboards or menus in dark restaurants. Even better, LED bulbs never
need replacing and each light is supplied with the appropriate batteries.

OTTLite LED portable booklight - Folding cover has been designed to clip onto a
book, your belt or carry in your pocket. It comes fitted with 12 “Super Bright” OTTLite
LEDs. DH292 £12.95

Tiny Bright LED booklight - Blue rubber coated, ultra slim-line booklight folds
compact. DH300 £5.95

Flexible LED booklight - Black flexible wrap-around light with bright LED bulb and clip
to attach to a book. DH273 £10.99

Triple LED telescopic booklight - Black and silver light with three LED bulbs. Base
with built in clip also acts as a stand and arm is extendable to 18cm. DH229 £14.95

LED cupboard lights - Pack of two, battery-operated LED cupboard lights, simply
press anywhere on the surface to turn off and on. Colours may vary. DH271 £6.95

Glowmat - Coaster size mat that uses daylight to recharge itself and then glows in the
dark. Place items on top so that you can locate them in the dark. DH99 £4.50

Super bright LED keyring light - Handy thumb-sized keyring with a highly efficient
„Super bright‟ light beam. DH231 £5.25

Tiny Bright LED keyring - This pebble-shaped keyring is fitted with a single „Super
bright‟ LED. DH299 £5.95
Light detector - Small black plastic fob on a keychain that detects light. It emits a high
pitch tone when in full light and a deep low pitch when in darkness. Can be used to tell
if an electric light is on, or to check the status of indicator lights on equipment. DH248
£10.95 £13.14

Light bulbs
20 watt energy saving Daylight bulbs
These bulbs develop into full brightness quicker and give out a brighter light. Available
in „bayonet‟ or „screw‟ fittings they are ideal for general use around the home, halls,
stairs and landings. 1,200 lumens, 20 watt equivalent to 100 watt tungsten and have
energy rating „A‟ providing a life expectancy of 10,000 hours.
Bayonet fitting DH284BC £5.95
Screw fitting DH284ES £5.95

RNIB sells a wide range of magnifiers up to a maximum magnification of 6x (times).
Order our “Choosing your magnifier” guide now to find out about assessments, eye
health checks and the complete range of magnifiers available. The following is a
sample from our range.

Hands free magnifier (2x magnification)
Large plastic magnifier with a wide field of view and fitted with an adjustable cord to
hang around your neck. Ideal for food preparation, hobbies, sewing and personal care.
Two year guarantee. MAG42 £15.75 £18.90

Scribolux 2.8x illuminated stand magnifier
A perfect solution for doing puzzles or filling out forms as the design provides space for
writing below the lens. The bright, clear LED bulbs produce a clearer image and large
field of view. MAG55 £64.95 £77.94

ERGO-pocket magnifier
Lightweight, pocket size magnifier in 4x or 5x magnification and two colours. The
coloured protective case turns into a useful handle for spot reading when you are out
and about.
4x magnification MAG49BLUE/MAG49RED £15.47 £18.56
5x magnification MAG50BLUE/MAG50RED £15.86 £19.03
Video magnifiers

A video magnifier has a screen and a video camera, so that an image can be
increased in size. There are three broad categories of video magnifier: portable, TV-
based and desktop models.

Features to consider when buying a video magnifier:
    all portable models have an image capture which freezes an image like a
    depending on the magnifier you choose, the viewable screen size ranges from 3
      inches (7.5cm) up to widescreen TV
    high contrast display modes can remove shading so text is shown as a pure
      colour on a pure background and makes the letters stand out more
    all portable video magnifiers have a two year warranty unless otherwise stated
    built-in rechargeable batteries are included unless otherwise stated.
    Usage times on fully charged batteries are stated on each product.
    Models with AA or AAA rechargeable batteries can be replaced with standard
      batteries if you need extra power whilst out and about.

Portable video magnifiers
We sell video magnifiers from across a range of manufacturers. Listed is just a
selection of our most popular models.

Optelec Compact Mini
3.5 inch TFT-LCD screen ranging from 2x to 11x magnification.
    colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue
    up to 3.5 hours.
1.7cm by 9cm by 7cm, Weight 130g. HC57 £295.00 £354.00

Maggie Pro and Maggie MD
Our smallest and lowest cost video magnifier.
    offers four levels of magnification from 4x to 11x.
    3 inch full colour LCD screen option
    up to 3 hours use and supplied with acrylic stand.
    Maggie Pro (HC60) has colour and monochrome
Maggie MD (HC61) adds white text on black background as third colour option
1.4cm by 8.8cm by 5.6cm, Weight 70g.
Maggie Pro HC60 £114.95 £137.94
Maggie MD HC61 £129.95 £155.94

3.5 inch TFT-LCD screen ranging from 2x to 32x magnification and an integral stand.
    variable levels of brightness and contrast with colour, black on white, white on
    up to 3 hours use.
1.2cm by 11cm by 7.5cm, Weight 108g. HC63 £175.00 £210.00
2.8 inch TFT-LCD screen ranging from 3x to 7x magnification.
    colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue - up to 3
       hours use
    one year warranty.
3cm by 9cm (by 11.5cm when open) by 6cm, Weight 142g. HC64 £295.00 £354.00

Pebble 3.5 and 4.3
Available in two screen sizes offering different magnification options on LCD screen
and features a fold out handle which doubles as a stand.
Pebble 3.5 – three levels from 4.7x to 9.3x
Pebble 4.3 – four levels from 3.9x to 10x
    colour, black on white, white on black, plus set two out of 28 colour
    two rechargeable AA batteries, up to two hours use and power save mode, after
       three minutes non use.
Pebble 3.5 – 3.8cm by 7.9cm by 11cm, Weight 213g, 3.5 inch screen HC50 £369.00
Pebble 4.3 – 3.8cm by 7.9cm by 14cm, Weight 255g, 4.3 inch screen HC59 £395.00

SenseView Light
3.4 inch AMOLED widescreen ranging from 3.5x to 10.5x magnification. AMOLED can
provide better clarity in bright light conditions.
    colour, high contrast black on white and white on black
    up to 3.5 hours use.
1.8cm by 11.5cm by 6.7cm, Weight 151g. HC52 £385.00 £474.00

SenseView P430
4.3 inch LCD widescreen ranging from 4x to 28x magnification.
    colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue, blue on
    up to 4 hours use.
2.2cm by 14.6cm by 7.8cm, Weight 220g. HC22X £395.00 £474.00

Optelec Compact+
4.3 inch LCD widescreen ranging from 5x to 10x magnification and fold out handle.
    colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue
    two rechargeable AA batteries, up to 2.5 hours use.
3cm by 13.5cm by 7.6cm, Weight 300g. HC25 £395.00 £464.13

3.4 inch AMOLED screen ranging from 3x to 6x magnification
    accurate true colour, black on white, white on black, selectable semi-colour
       (default yellow on black)
    up to 4 hours use.
2.8cm by 19cm by 6.4cm, Weight 162g. HC62 £399.99 £479.99

4.3 inch LCD ranging from 5x to 10x magnification
    colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue
    four rechargeable AAA batteries, up to two hours use
    fold out handle also doubles as a stand.
3.5cm by 2.5cm by 7.5cm, Weight 226g. HC55 £399.00 £478.80

A cross between a portable and a desktop video magnifier, the Amigo and Sapphire
have larger screens and run from the mains or batteries.

7 inch TFT widescreen ranging from 3.4x to 16x magnification
     colour, white on black, yellow on blue and 23 high contrast combinations
     built-in reading stand for writing and additional LED lighting
     up to 4 hours use.
4.6cm by 20.3cm by 13.7cm, Weight 0.88kg. HC56 £795.00 £954.00

6.5 inch screen ranging from 3.5x to 14x magnification
    colour, black on white, white on black, yellow on black, yellow on blue - the
       screen can be tilted by up to 90 degrees from the base
    up to 2 hours use.
4.3cm by 16.3cm by 9.6cm, Weight 0.57kg. HC51 £795.00 £954.00

Easy Pay Find out how you can spread the cost of buying a product priced over
£150.00 – call our Helpline today on 0303 123 9999.

TV based video magnifiers
Max Colour and Max Black and white video magnifiers
Similar in size and shape to a computer mouse these plug directly into your existing
TV. Simply place the magnifier on a page and the magnified text will appear on screen.
A large dial on the top controls the level of magnification. The precise level will depend
on your TV screen size but on a 20 inch TV offers from 15 up to 28 times
magnification. Two high contrast modes and two models available: black and white
and full colour.
Max Black and white video magnifier HC30 £89.00 £106.80
Max Colour video magnifier HC31 £129.00 £154.80

Monomouse and ColourMouse video magnifiers
Again, similar to a computer mouse, these magnifiers will automatically switch your TV
to the correct channel when you turn it on. However, there are a number of different
models to choose from with three basic choices: camera (black and white or colour),
magnification (high or low) and whether you want to use your TV or computer (USB)
connection. MonoMouse models have black and white cameras and the ColourMouse
have full colour cameras. The precise level of magnification will depend on your screen
size, however on a 20 inch TV the low magnification model increases by 13 times and
the high magnification models by 24 times. The MonoMouse RM has two high contrast
MonoMouse low magnification HC03 £89.00 £106.80
MonoMouse high magnification HC04 £89.00 £106.80
MonoMouse RM high magnification HC26 £99.00 £118.80
MonoMouse USB high magnification HC13 £275.00 £330.00
ColourMouse high magnification HC12 £129.00 £154.80
ColourMouse USB high magnification HC14 £369.00 £442.80

Desktop video magnifier
SmartView Synergy
A dedicated, stand alone desktop video magnifier developed by Humanware and
RNIB. The camera is in a fixed position above the desktop and printed material is
placed on an easy-glide reading table, which can be moved left to right as well as
backwards and forwards.
High quality image with large magnification range from 2.6x to 57x and auto or manual
    can display in full colour, enhanced black text on white background or white text
       on black background as well as 16 false colour options
    fully adjustable screen position with tilt, twist and height adjustment
    tactile controls that move with the screen
    supplied with a 19 or 22 inch widescreen monitor (or available with a monitor for
       use with a computer)
    we have volunteer support available for familiarisation of use
    advanced models have additional features, including guiding lines and blinds,
       and locator lamp which helps you track and locate your position on the
Video magnifier with 19 inch monitor HC43 £1,195.00 £1,434.00
Advanced video magnifier with 19 inch monitor HC44 £1,295.00 £1,554.00
Video magnifier with 22 inch monitor HC45 £1,495.00 £1,794.00
Advanced video magnifier with 22 inch monitor HC46 £1,595.00 £1,914.00
Video magnifier with no monitor HC41 £995.00 £1,194.00
Advanced video magnifier with no monitor HC42 £1,095.00 £1,314.00

RNIB also sell the full range of Optelec Clearview Plus desktop video magnifiers.
Reading and writing

For people with low vision, lighting and magnification are two things that can really help
with reading, so why not order our separate guides “Making the most of lighting” and
“Choosing your magnifier” to find out more?

We offer a wealth of reading material in a range of formats.

      Big Print newspaper, TV & Radio Guide – the only large print national weekly
       newspaper with accompanying large print TV and radio guide. You can keep
       up-to-date with the latest news, have fun doing the two-page leisure spread,
       including crossword, recipe and horoscope and make sure you don‟t miss out
       on your favourite TV and radio programmes. Available on subscription for £1.25
       a week and posted directly through your door.

      Through our partnership with National Talking Newspapers and Magazines
       (NTNM) you can have access to over 200 best selling high street titles, either on
       audio CD or download to read on your computer or even mobile phone. Call the
       NTNM Customer Service team on 01435 86 61 02, email info@tnauk.org.uk or
       visit our website at tnauk.org.uk

      RNIB‟s leisure and vocational magazines cover topics including; music, current
       affairs, relationships, personal finance, books, puzzles, computing, consumer
       issues and much more. We also provide a choice of weekly TV and radio
       guides, Christmas „specials‟, and annual football and cricket fixtures. All our
       magazines are available in a range of formats. Order our latest Magazines
       factsheet or visit rnib.org.uk/magazines for full details.

      DAISY audio – There‟s something to appeal to all ages and tastes in our DAISY
       book collection from individual classic titles through to popular box sets. Usually
       at the same price as the print book, you can buy and keep a collection of your
       favourite fiction and non-fiction. Subscribe free to “New Books” to find out about
       all the new releases. If you‟re already a member of RNIB‟s Talking Book Service
       then you will have a DAISY player on hand to listen to your next read.

       A DAISY audio book is a high sound quality talking book that allows you to
       move through the title in much the same way as someone would with a print
       book. For example, you can skip to a new chapter or section, or insert
       bookmarks at a favourite passage or recipe. You‟ll need a DAISY player or
       DAISY software that can run on a computer or laptop. We have a range of
       DAISY players and software available, some listed in this catalogue. Visit our
       online shop at rnib.org.uk/shop for the complete range.

      BookStream book club – web based, easy-to-use option for reading DAISY
       audio books. It allows you to select and read up to five DAISY books at any one
       time with no limit on how many you read in a year all for just an annual
       subscription of £50. This gives you two choices of reading DAISY books: either
       through your internet connection on your computer using the streaming facility
       or by ordering them in CD format, which you can play through either a DAISY
       player or your computer. Please note, this is real-time streaming with no
       download option and is only available to blind and partially sighted people living
       in the UK.

      RNIB National Library Service – Discover a world of reading and information.
       RNIB National Library Service is the largest specialist library in the UK for
       readers with sight loss. We provide books in DAISY audio, braille and giant
       print. It‟s easy to join. You‟ll receive New Books, a regular update of new titles
       added to the Library, and Read On, a magazine about books and reading.

Reading stands and guides
Reading stands encourage good posture by raising the level of a book closer to your
eyes whilst keeping your back straight. Use on their own or in conjunction with a good
task light and magnifier. They also fold flat for easy storage when not in use.

Bookstand with LED light
This adjustable bookstand is made from durable plastic and has 20 built-in LED bulbs
providing additional lighting on to your reading material. Available in two colours, both
priced £29.95
White DH295WHITE
Black DH295BLACK

Wooden Reading Stand
Wooden slatted, adjustable reading stand made from Canadian Alder. Two wooden
stays at the front and three adjustable reading positions. DH298 £19.99

Bookchair reading stand
Hand-finished quality wood product from sustainable sources with three adjustable
positions and two wooden stays at the front to keep the page open. Available in two
Standard length 32cm, Width 24.5cm DH232 £16.95
Large length 41cm, Width 33cm DH233 £24.95

We also have a Type and write stand suitable for use with a laptop (DH234).

Reading guides (typoscopes)
These guides are made from durable black plastic and have a cut-out section which
reduces glare and increases focus on a line of text. Can be particularly helpful when
used with a magnifier. Mixed pack of four different guides for a variety of reading
material: large print books, magazines, newspapers and smaller books. DW48 £3.25

Signature guides
All major banks make cheque book signature guides available to customers, so ask at
your local branch. Write your signature within the rectangular cut-out window. DW42
£0.45 £0.54
Envelope guide
Place on the front of an envelope and use the guide lines to write each address line.
DW44 £0.80 £0.96

‘Articles for the Blind’ labels
Peel-off labels used by blind and partially sighted people to send certain items by
freepost within regulations set by the Post Office. - „Articles for the Blind‟ is printed at
the top of each label in bold green print
     pack of 200 labels on serrated backing paper
     space for recipient‟s address as well as your own return address. Length
       10.7cm, Width 16.3cm. DP11 £5.99 £7.19

Writing frame (plastic)
Black frame with taut lines of elastic which allow movement to form upward and
downward strokes. Available in two sizes (A5 and A4) and supplied with a black Berol
washable handwriting pen.
A5 – 15 lines DW20 £8.75 £10.50
A4 – 22 lines DW21 £9.75 £11.70

Card writing frames
These strong blue cardboard writing frames have fixed plastic lines to guide your
handwriting. Available in two sizes (A5 and A4).
A5 – 12 lines DW13 £2.95 £3.54
A4 – 16 lines DW14 £3.65 £4.38

PVC clipboard
Blue clipboard with large white clip to secure paper in place. Length 36cm, Width
24cm. DW38 £3.35

Writing pads
Writing pads have bold black lines help guide writing. Available in three paper sizes
A6, A5 and A4. The A5 and A4 writing pads have different line spacing and there is a
choice between white or yellow paper on the A6 and A4 pads, again to support your
A5 50 sheets white paper – 1.3cm line spacing DW49 £2.95 £3.54
A5 50 sheets white paper – 1.7cm line spacing DW50 £2.95 £3.54
A4 100 sheets white paper – 1.3cm line spacing DW16 £3.75 £4.50
A4 100 sheets white paper – 1.7cm line spacing DW17 £3.75 £4.50
A4 100 sheets yellow paper – 1.3cm line spacing DW36 £4.25 £5.10
A4 100 sheets yellow paper – 1.7cm line spacing DW37 £4.25 £5.10
A6 spiral bound notepad 50 sheets yellow paper DW51 £2.95 £3.54
A6 spiral bound notepad 50 sheets white paper DW52 £2.95 £3.54

Recordable greeting cards
Send a personalised recorded message up to 10 seconds long. Three designs: “Just to
say” with three bright balloons DC08
“Congratulations” illustrated with a champagne bottle, glasses and streamers DC12
Blank with a clear sleeve cover for a personalised photo or drawing to be inserted
All priced £4.95
Black writing pens
These pens are suitable for writing in our Big Print diaries and calendars.

Berol colourbroad thick hardwearing round-tip pens
Pack of three DW28 £1.65
Pack of 12 DW29 £4.99

Permanent felt-tip marker
Use this fast drying pen on plastic, glass and metal as well as paper. Pen marks will
wash out with white spirit. Pack of three DW34 £3.25

Berol colourfine long lasting medium felt-tip pen
Pack of three DW26 £1.65 Pack of 12 DW27 £4.99

Pilot V signpen – thick long-lasting tip pen. Pen marks do not wash out. Pack of three
DW31 £5.95 Pack of 12 DW32 £24.99

Berol washable thin lined felt-tip pens Pack of three DW23 £1.65

Big Print stationery
The 2010 range features big, bold print, high quality paper for good contrast and to
prevent ink bleeding through. All our 2012 stationery has bold purple covers (unless
otherwise stated). All our diaries have week to view, and generous spacing for notes
and our pocket and desk diaries list Bank Holidays at the front as well as listed
alongside the relevant date.

Big Print pocket diary
Lightweight and handy A6 size diary which is great to carry round with you. Also
includes a handy plastic sleeve at the back for keeping receipts. Length 14.8cm, Width
10.5cm. DS04 £4.50 £5.40

Big Print desk diary
Ideal for home or work, with an additional month-to-view calendar on every double
page spread. Includes important telephone numbers, forward planning sections and
space for personal contacts. Length 22cm, Width 19cm. DS02 £6.50 £7.80

Big Print A4 diary
Contains just the key dates you really need to know, spiral bound on the left and blank
on the reverse of each page for your own notes. Length 29.7cm, Width 22cm. DS07
£5.50 £6.60

Big Print year-on-year diary
Navy blue ring binder to keep and add to each year; with loose-leaf diary pages for
2012. Includes tab dividers for to do, cash journal, birthdays and notes pages, four
blank tab dividers, lined, plain and grid paper. Length 23cm, Width 23cm. DS06 £9.99
If you already have the diary binders buy the 2012 diary pages (DS06RH £5.99 £7.19).
Various refill packs are also available to purchase.

Big Print wall calendar
The months are presented in two columns (A3 size). Spiral bound with hanging hook.
Length 44.5cm, Width 33cm. DS03 £3.75 £4.50

Big Print foldaway calendar
The months are presented in grid format – either keep near you on a desk or hang on
a wall with the reinforced eyelet. Length 51cm when open, 25.5cm when closed, Width
34cm. DS05 £3.75 £4.50

Big Print address book
With dark navy blue cover this address book features tabbed A-Z dividers on heavier
textured paper, so it‟s easy to distinguish between pages. Space for important
numbers in the front and opens flat to make writing easier. Length 22cm, Width 19cm.
DS01 £7.50 £9.00

We have lots of products to help with learning and education for children and adults.
For more information visit Education Resources on our Onlineshop.

Talking calculator with earphones
Black desktop calculator with eight character display, characters 1.3cm high.
Announces key presses and results in a synthetic female American voice. Adjustable
volume and supplied with earphones and batteries. DH83 £20.10

Talking calculator with alarm clock
Battery-powered with high contrast soft touch keys, large print display with maximum
of 10 characters, 1.5cm high. Announcements in a synthetic female American voice.
Please note you cannot use earphones with this calculator. LC191 £9.99 £11.99

Big number calculator
Solar and battery powered with large clear keys and display. The display shows a
maximum of eight characters, which are 1.7cm high. LC173 £8.50 £10.20

RNIB PenFriend audio labeller
This simple and easy-to-use labelling pen enables you to record your own self
adhesive voice label on a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and
work. Use to label: food items, even freezer food and include “use by dates” and
cooking instructions; as you go round the shop, label items as they are placed in your
basket; add labels to your film and music collections; place notes on medicine
packaging and organise your paperwork.

Only use one of each pack of labels (A, B, C, D, etc) with your PenFriend.
70 hours of recording and 127 mixed shape and size labels included in the pack l no
limit to the length of recording on each label
     built-in speaker, two AAA batteries, USB cable and lanyard
     a short demonstration video to watch on YouTube and our Online shop features
        a hints and tips guide for money saving ideas on labelling (the video can be
        found at youtube.com/user/rnibprods).
DL76 £59.99 £71.99

Label measurements: small circle diameter 1.3cm, big circle diameter 3.2cm, big
3.2cm square.
All priced £10.99 and £13.19. Packs A (DL77) and B (DL78) have 381 labels each
(273 small circles, 54 big circles, 54 big squares)
Packs C to H have 418 labels each (364 small circles and 54 big squares): Pack C
(DL79); D (DL80); E (DL81); F (DL82); G (DL88); and Pack H (DL89)

Find One Find All electronic locators - new
Electronic locators can be used to help find items such as keys, sunglasses, remote
controls and stowed luggage easily and quickly. The three Find One Find All models
can be used with each other (minimum of two fobs are required). The Key and Wallet
finders are each supplied with a keyring, plastic lanyard and double-sided sticky pads
for attaching the fobs to items. The Glasses finder has a cord, which can then be
attached to the arms of your glasses.
Key finder – two fobs DL84 £23.48
Wallet finder – one fob DL85 £15.31
Glasses finder – one fob DL86 £15.31
Keyfinder and wallet combination pack DL94 £25.00

Loc8tor Lite
Black credit card sized electronic locator can find up to four items such as your keys,
purse, mobile phone, remote controls or anything else you are prone to misplacing.
Audio beeps and a visual display guide you to the location of the tag and associated
item. Each homing tag has a different alarm tone for easy identification and has a
range of up to 122 metres. Supplied with two homing tags and batteries.
Loc8tor Lite DL92 £44.99 Additional pack two tags DL93 £25.00

Our free “Labelling around the home and garden” factsheet contains excellent
suggestions and ideas on labelling. Available online at rnib.org.uk/labelling or in a
range of formats. Call us to order a copy.
Colour detectors

Talking colour detector
Detects 12 basic colours (red, green and blue,etc), but not variations, such as light or
dark, or colour combinations. Three volume levels.
DH289 £49.95 £59.94

Colorino talking colour detector
Compact design to fit easily in to the palm of your hand. These battery-operated
detectors can be used to check the colour of clothes, vegetables or fruit. Simply hold
the detector against a surface and the colour is announced in a clear natural male
English voice. Can be used on a variety of surfaces: paper, clothes, wood, plastic, etc.
detects up to 150 colours, including shade variations
    three volume levels and earphone socket.
DH288 £130.00 £156.00

Colour indicator buttons
With a wide variety of shapes and colours these buttons can help you identify different
coloured items of clothing. Simply sew onto your clothes. Available as individual packs
priced £2.10 £2.25 for ten buttons, or mixed packs in primary colour or fashion range
packs priced £2.95 £3.54 for 32 buttons.

Never lose a sock in the wash again. Push each pair into the slot of one of these
handy plastic sock holders before washing.
Pack of 15 contains five of each colour – red, yellow and blue. DK92 £3.95

Bumpons are a simple, low cost and effective way to mark everyday items around the
house. The self-adhesive, raised bumps are available in a range of sizes, shapes and
colours to mark the on/off position on a washing machine or temperature intervals on a

Mixed colour bumpons pack Contains 33 bumpons. Seven yellow, orange and blue
round flat head and six pink and black square flat head. DL41 £3.18

Mixed shapes bumpons pack Contains 26 bumpons. Seven yellow round flat head and
large round clear dome head and six black square flat head and small round clear
dome head. DL42 £2.70

Supplied in sheets of 56
Large round clear dome head, Diameter 11mm, Height 5mm DL14 £4.26
Round flat head, available in three colours, Diameter 8mm, Height 3mm.
Orange DL15 Black DL18 Yellow DL35 each priced £4.26

Supplied in sheets of 72
Small round clear dome head, Diameter 8mm, Height 2mm DL24 £4.26

Supplied in sheets of 88
Round blue flat head, Diameter 10mm, Height 4mm
DL91 £5.34

Supplied in sheets of 108
Square black flat head, Width 10mm, Height 2mm DL17 £5.34

Supplied in sheets of 110
Square pink flat head, Width 10mm, Height 2.5mm DL87 £5.46

Loc dots for computer keyboards
Pack of six plastic self-adhesive raised dots, used to mark keys on a computer
keyboard, central heating or stereo controls. Available in two colours. Diameter 9mm,
Height 1mm. Both priced £1.44 Clear DL16 Orange DL90

Available in three colours, Tacti-Mark is a liquid plastic that sets hard within hours of
application. Useful for marking kitchen equipment and appliances and suitable for use
on clothing, paper, metals and hard plastics. Please note, Tacti-Mark cannot be
removed. All priced £3.45 £4.14 Orange DL40 Black DL40A White DL40W

Day-Glo orange tape
Brightly coloured orange tape made from strong, self-adhesive fabric for marking
edges in the home or office. DL83 £10.74

Other useful items to use around the home for labelling include Talking tins, magnetic
label sheets and tie on labels.
Phones and mobiles

Landline telephones
Features for all our phones include large buttons, bold easy-to-see numbers and
uncluttered key pads with additional big memory buttons for speed dialling. Hearing aid
compatibility is also listed. New models are introduced throughout the year so visit our
rnib.org.uk/shop or subscribe to our free “New Product Guide“ to keep up to date.

RNIB Big button talking telephone
The only fully talking big button and large screen telephone that announces every
button press and menu selection in a clear female voice.
    self-recordable talking phone book with option of storing up to 50 contacts
    screen choice between light characters on a dark background or dark
       characters on a light background
    hearing aid compatible with internal built-in loop and extra boost button
    headset is also available to purchase separately (DH275HS £19.36). DH275
       £83.32 £99.98

Doro PhoneEasy big button telephone 311c
Simple to use telephone with bold white numbers measuring 1.2cm high on black
buttons. Three oval shaped one-touch memory buttons and an additional 10 two-touch
memory buttons using the keypad. Adjustable volume for the earpiece and receiver.
Hearing aid compatible, suitable for users with mild to moderate hearing loss. DH203

Geemarc Dallas 10 big button telephone
Offering value for money this telephone has bold white numbers measuring 1.2cm high
on well spaced black buttons.
    flashing call indicator light for incoming calls
    hearing aid compatible (mild hearing loss). DH214 £16.99

Doro PhotoEasy telephone 331ph
Easy-to-see phone with large oval dialling buttons on a clear and spacious keypad.
Bold white numbers measure 1.2cm high on black buttons.
    three extra large memory buttons for photographs or labels
    redial memory and handset volume setting
    hearing aid compatible (mild to moderate hearing loss). DH268 £20.00

Doro Memory photo dial pad 309dp
Connect this dial pad to your existing phone for one-touch dialling of up to six of your
most important numbers.
   memory buttons have a transparent cover for a label or photograph
   runs from the phone socket so does not require a separate source of power
   hidden keypad underneath to store and change numbers
   built-in battery will retain stored numbers, even if disconnected from the socket.
      DH258 £20.00

BT Big Button hands-free telephone
The original big button telephone with bold white numbers measuring 2cm high on
black buttons.
    hands-free speakerphone
    three one-touch memory buttons and a dedicated 1571 button dials your
       network answering service
    store an additional 10 two-touch memory numbers using the keypad
    three ring volume settings, as well as speech amplification for your voice and
       that of your caller
    hearing aid compatible. DH216 £29.99

Geemarc Photophone 100
Amplified telephone with large buttons and eight dedicated memory buttons for labels
or photographs. White numbers on black buttons measuring 1.7cm high.
     extra loud speakerphone, secrecy button and speech amplification
     hearing aid compatible. DH307 £29.99

Doro MemoryPlus amplified telephone 319i ph
Ideal choice for people with reduced dexterity or memory loss, with four extra large
memory buttons for photographs or labels. Black buttons with white bold numbers
measuring 1cm high.
    optional cover (included) fits over the keypad just leaving the memory buttons
    comfortable handset design and built-in hearing loop for hearing aid
    amplified earpiece for increased listening volume (moderate to severe hearing
       loss). DH255N £40.00

CareSecure Plus easy-to-see telephone
Extra peace of mind with a special alert function that dials up to four pre-programmed
numbers of a relative or emergency contact. The phone will then play a pre-recorded
message once the number dialled has been answered.
    easy-to-see black buttons and large white numbers measuring 1cm high
    four large quick dial memory buttons for labels or photographs
    speaker phone for hands-free talking
    supplied with neck pendant and waterproof wrist alert
    hearing aid compatible (moderate hearing loss). DH256 £130.00
Cordless telephones
The following three phones all have DECT technology which provides a clearer digital
sound than equivalent analogue units. Each phone sits in the base unit for easy
storage and recharging.

Doro HearPlus 318w
This white digital, big button phone has a backlit LCD display with large print white
numbers on black buttons.
    loud ringer and handset volume and a choice of visual and vibrating ringer
    store up to 100 numbers with three one-touch memory buttons
    hearing aid compatible (moderate to severe hearing loss). DH259 £87.98

Geemarc MyDECT100+ new
Large buttons and clear backlit display with numbers 1cm high.
    choose a unique ringer tone for important callers
    option to link up to four handsets with base unit
    50 entry phonebook
    “auto-answer” connection to your call by simply picking up the handset from the
      base without pressing any buttons. DH306 £39.98

Doro PhoneEasy 110 – available December 2011
Soft-finish white cordless phone with large white digits on well spaced black buttons,
that can also announce numbers as you dial. The two-line white backlit display shows
high contrast, large black numbers. Hearing aid compatible.
Mobile phones
Our selection of phones changes all the time as new models are introduced to the
market. For an up-to-date list and detailed specifications, order our free mobile phone
factsheet or visit rnib.org.uk/mobilephones. We also sell a Nokia C5 phone with pre-
installed Talks software (HM35) which makes the phone fully speech accessible.

Common mobile phone features and notes.
   All our phones are „unlocked‟ so you can use any SIM card from any network,
    except „3‟ which will only work in the Doro PhoneEasy 615.
   Where Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) is stated the rating scales are split into
    „M‟ rating (microphone) and „T‟ rating (Telecoil) and range from one (poor) to
    four (excellent).
   Dual band phones are suitable for use in most European countries, tri-band
    phones are also suitable for use in North America and quad-band works all
    around the world.
   Emergency call button (SOS button) – where the phone will automatically
    contact a personalised, pre-programmed list of numbers in an emergency.
    Press and hold the emergency button and the phone will automatically send a
    text message to each of the numbers, then begin dialling each one in turn until
    the call is answered.
   We supply spare batteries and chargers for our mobiles. Contact us for details.

Burnside Desktop mobile phone
This looks and feels like a corded phone, yet is a mobile that can be a cost effective
alternative to installing a fixed line. Stronger signal strength as aerial is attached to
base unit. Send and receive text messages. Hands-free speaker phone and can be
programmed to automatically answer calls from numbers stored. Five dedicated
speed dial buttons, store up to 250 contacts. Specifications: dual band, talk time 180
minutes, standby 120 hours. HM22 £177.34

Doro HandlePlus 334
A basic mobile phone that can call up to four pre-programmed numbers. It can receive
incoming calls from any phone. Two extra large buttons to answer and end calls and
the screen displays white numbers on a black background. If requested, we can
programme your four numbers when you order. Supplied with desk stand for easy
charging. Leather case available (HM23 £18.00). Dedicated keypad lock button and
SOS button. HM19 £95.83 £115.00

Doro HandlePlus 326i
One of our simplest and most popular phones with no complicated menus. Perfect for
someone who just wants to make and receive calls. It has four speed dial buttons,
black keypad with white numbers and the screen displays white numbers on a black
background. Leather case available (HM12E £18.00). HM12X £83.33 £100.00

Doro PhoneEasy 338
Simple, well designed phone with three speed dial buttons. As well as calls, it can also
receive, but not send SMS text messages, useful for receiving numbers from directory
enquiries, although this feature can be turned off. Screen displays white numbers on a
black background. Supplied with desk stand for easy charging and leather case
available (HM23 £18.00). SOS button. HM17 £83.33 £100.00

Doro PhoneEasy 332
Three speed dial buttons and bevelled edges on the keys. Can send and receive text
messages in a choice of two sizes up to 0.5cm high. Choice of three display modes:
black text on a white background, white on black or yellow on black.
    dedicated SMS text message button and SOS button
    calendar and LED torch
    includes desk stand for easy charging
    our smallest and lightest mobile currently available.
Available in two colours both priced £75.00 £90.00 Black HM33K White HM33W

Doro PhoneEasy 341
The lowest priced handset in our range, it offers black text on a white screen and a
simple icon based menu. Can send and receive text messages. Number keys can also
be a speed dial giving one-touch calling of up to nine numbers.
    alarm clock, calculator and SOS button
    eather case available (HM23 £18.00).
HM31 £58.33 £70.00

Doro PhoneEasy 345
Full colour screen, text messaging, radio, torch, games and SOS button. Built-in
Bluetooth provides hands-free calling with compatible headsets. Leather case
available (HM23 £18.00). Available in two colours both priced £83.33 £100.00 Black
HM18K White HM18W

Doro PhoneEasy 409
Smart clamshell casing, making it compact and secure when not in use. Full colour
screen, text messaging, alarm clock, calculator, calendar and SOS button. Leather
case available (HM21E £18.00). HM30 £75.00 £90.00

Doro PhoneEasy 410
Clamshell design with additional features over the 409 including radio and Bluetooth
which provides hands-free calling with compatible headsets.
receive MMS photo messages in addition to standard SMS texts
    SOS button
    leather case available (HM21E £18.00).
Available in three colours all priced £95.83 £115.00
Rubberised black HM21K, Pearlescent white HM21W, Metallic red HM21R

Doro PhoneEasy 610 new
Clamshell design with colour screen having the features of the 410 with improved
display options. Enlarge font size up to 0.5cm for text messages and phonebook
entries. Dedicated SMS button. Three one-touch memory buttons and choice of four
display modes: black text on white background, white on black, yellow on black and
yellow on blue.
     ICE memo option to store details at “In Case of Emergency” supplied with desk
       stand for easy charging. HM37 Black £108.33 £130.00
Doro PhoneEasy 615 new
Clamshell design with features and display combinations of 610 model, plus enlarged
menu icons and entries on a larger screen. Dedicated SMS button and three one-touch
memory buttons. Plus the addition of 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and full multi-
media messaging (MMS). When the phone is closed, a second screen on the cover
displays phonebook name and number of incoming calls. Includes desk stand for easy
charging. HM38 £141.67 £170.00

Emporia Life Plus
Brushed silver, metal cased phone with a sliding mechanism to hide and protect the
large number keypad. It has a large orange backlit display and has the largest text
message font size of any of our phones at 20 point (0.5cm). Includes an LED torch.
Emporia Life Plus mobile phone HM11 £144.67 £173.60
Black purse style leather case HM07ELK £20.41
Red purse style leather case HM07ELR £20.41

Beafon S50
A sleek phone with full colour screen, curved edges and a sliding mechanism which
protects the large print number keypad from accidental use. Includes an LED torch,
alarm clock, calculator and SOS button. HM32 £116.66 £139.99
Sound and vision

Digital TV
Digital television offers access to audio description (AD), a free service that can
transform TV viewing for people who have difficulty seeing what‟s happening on the
screen. Like a narrator telling a story, an additional commentary describes body
language, expressions and movements, making the story clear through sound. For
more information about digital TV, the switchover to digital TV or audio description on
TV contact RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or visit rnib.org.uk/adontv

Smart Talk® Freeview digital box from Goodmans
Listen to all Freeview TV and radio programme information, functions and access
audio description with this Which? Award-winning fully talking set top box. „Where am
I?‟ button gives details of current menu or channel. The talking features are
complemented with customisable, high contrast menus and programme guide.
     find out what‟s on with seven-day talking electronic programme guide (EPG)
     set reminders for favourite programmes and be notified when they start
     remote control has large, well spaced buttons which are raised from the case for
        improved navigation, including „shut up‟ button to stop it reading out
     access audio description with dedicated button
     connects to your existing TV using the SCART socket (recommended) or RF
        aerial connector
     can also connect directly to an audio amplifier where no TV is in use. TV04
        £85.10 £102.12

Big Print TV & Radio Guide
Big Print is the only large print national weekly newspaper with accompanying TV and
Radio guide in large print. Available on subscription for only £1.25 each week and
posted directly through your door.

Our weekly TV and radio guides will help you plan your viewing and listening time so
you don‟t miss out on your favourite programmes and the latest series. For DAISY
readers we have TV Listings which cover the main terrestrial as well as popular
satellite and Freeview channels, and Radio Listings which cover nationally available

DAISY TV Listings
Includes programme information for the main terrestrial channels as well as 20 popular
Freeview and satellite channels. Priced £1.04 weekly.

DAISY Radio Listings
Covers nationally available radio channels including Radios 1 to 5 Live, BBC Radio 4
Extra, BBC World Service, Classic FM, BBC Asian Network and 6 Music. Priced £0.93
Remote controls
Easy-to-see universal remote control
Universal remote that works on most major brands of TV, DVD, stereo and digital set
top boxes. Easy to set up as it copies settings from your existing remote control for the
relevant piece of equipment. Seven easy-to-use dark grey large buttons contrast with
the white remote casing. DR03 £19.99

Sony universal TV remote control
Silver-finished compact remote with contrasting function buttons.
     large blue volume, channel up and down buttons with white „plus‟ and „minus‟
        symbols on them
     number buttons are white with black text
     digital button operates Sony Freeview enabled televisions only. DR01 £17.99
DAISY audio players
DAISY is a digital reading format that can combine audio, text and graphical
information in one production, for people who can‟t access print materials. DAISY
audio books and information can be played on a standalone DAISY player, or by using
software on a computer. A DAISY book is a high-quality audio book that allows you to
move around the book – in much the same way as someone would do with a print
book. For example, you can skip to a new chapter or section, or insert bookmarks at a
favourite passage or recipe. There is a wide range of DAISY players available and
some have additional accessories, such as leather carry case, replacement batteries,
mains chargers and SD memory cards. For further information call our Technology
Team on 0845 900 0015 or email ict@rnib.org.uk
     All our desktop DAISY players have a CD player built-in and enable you to listen
       to Talking Books, DAISY magazines, music and MP3 files on CDs
     portable players use SD memory cards which will require a computer to be able
       to copy information on to the card
     set your listening preferences with adjustable reading speed and pitch
     text-to-speech (TTS) will read out text files created on a computer without the
       need to convert into an audio format first.
     USB on the go – simply plug a USB memory stick or externally powered hard
       drive into the player and listen to DAISY, MP3 or text material stored on that
       device. This provides both extra storage options and enables you to listen to
       information provided on USB memory sticks, for example, Talking newspapers
     all of our DAISY players play the following file formats. DAISY, WAV, MP3, TXT.
       Additions to these are listed against each player
     one year warranty, unless otherwise stated.

Milestone DAISY and MP3 players
The smallest player available that will even fit in a shirt pocket. It has just six tactile
buttons, five of which are arranged in a cross shape to make navigation easy. Voice
recordings are made in MP3 format. There are three versions of the player and
optional extras for additional functionality. Compatible with formats including Windows
Media Audio (WMA), AA/AAX and AAC as well as files from audible.co.uk. Other
formats will be updated during 2011/2012 as an upgrade. 1.5cm by 5.5cm by 8.5cm,
Weight 50g.

Milestone 212
Ideal for making voice recording notes, listening to music and books. - built-in speaker
and microphone
    TTS with pre-installed Acapela voice which will read HTML files
    supplied with 2GB SD card, case, mains charger, USB cable and lanyard. DD55
       £220.00 £264.00

Milestone 312
With voice recordings, music and books as well as a built-in FM radio.
    1GB internal memory provides storage for around 250 music tracks or two
      DAISY books
    TTS with four pre-installed Acapela voices
      supplied with earphones, 2GB SD card, case, mains charger, USB cable and
      built-in battery provides up to 12 hours continuous use. DD49 £273.00 £327.60

Milestone 312 Pro
All the Milestone 312 features, with the addition of the Speakout RFID reader – a
simple way to label items. Record your voice onto a reusable RFID tag by speaking
into your Milestone, then listen to the message being played back. A sample set of
tags is included and six different shapes and sizes are available separately (DL69 to
DL74, all priced £13.85 £16.62). DD44 £319.00 £382.80

Milestone 312 Upgrade
If you already have the Milestone 312, then there is an upgrade option to „Pro‟
delivered on SD card, which is then yours to re-use. DD50 £55.00 £66.00

Milestone 312 Agenda software
Organise and maintain key events, birthdays, appointments and your calendar with
your Milestone 312 by installing this optional extra. With Milestone Agenda you can
also set audible alerts including voice memos as reminders. You can even use it to
record a radio programme at a preset time. DD53 £24.99 £29.99

Fame Colour Detector new
Compatible with the Milestone 212, 312 and 312 Pro, the Fame colour detector plug-in
hardware will distinguish between 400 different colours and patterns, compare colours
and provide audible light detection. DD54 £168.51 £202.21

Plextalk Pocket
Similar in size to a mobile phone, the Pocket player is also a DAISY recorder, allowing
you to create structure within a recording to split a meeting, lecture or seminar
recording into different sections for easier playback. Includes wireless internet
connectivity for easy file transfer and access to internet radio stations.
    internal memory for voice notes and reminders, up to 200 of one minute length
    TTS with a choice of male and female voices – compatible with Microsoft Word,
       text and HTML files
    compatible with formats including PCM, AMR-WB+ and audible.co.uk files
    supplied with earphones, 2GB SD card, USB cable and mains charger
    battery provides up to 10 hours continuous use. 1.6cm by 5.5cm by 11.2cm,
       Weight 110g. Available in two colours, both priced £250.00 £300.00
    Black with white keys DD41K, White with black keys DD41W

BookSense T50 and T50XT
Multi-function DAISY and MP3 player and audio recorder in a choice of two
specifications. Both the T50 and T50XT models have:
    TTS with a choice of male and female voices, compatible with Microsoft Word,
       HTML, BRL, BRF, XML and SML files
    will play all popular digital audio formats including all MP4, WMA, WMV, OGG,
       ASF, FLAC, 3GP and audible.co.uk files (AA and AAX)
    supplied with earphones, 2GB SD card, USB cable, mains charger, carry bag,
       lanyard and a USB dongle to use with USB memory sticks
      battery provides up to 12 hours continuous use (replacement available)
      two year warranty. 1.8cm by 4.8cm by 10.8cm, Weight 115g.
      Red BookSense T50 DD51 £250.00 £300.00
      T50XT model has additional features including 4GB internal memory, FM radio,
       Bluetooth and supplied with 8GB SD card. White BookSense T50XT DD52
       £315.00 £378.00

BookSense DS
BookSense DS has a high quality OLED screen which displays high contrast white text
on a black background. Like the BookSense T50XT it has a built-in radio, 4GB internal
memory and is compatible with the full range of audio formats.
    high quality microphone with recordings made in either MP3 or WAV format
    TTS is compatible with TXT, RTF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, XML, SML, BRL and
       BRF files
    built-in battery provides up to 12 hours continuous use
    supplied with 8GB SD card, USB cable, mains charger, carry bag and lanyard
       and a USB dongle to use with USB memory sticks
    two year warranty. 1.6cm by 4.5 by 9.7cm, Weight 65g.
DD58 £315.00 £378.00

Easy Pay Find out how you can spread the cost of buying a product priced over
£150.00 – call our Helpline today on 0303 123 9999.

Victor Reader Stream
The Stream has large, well-spaced buttons and advanced navigational controls making
reading complex books and reference manuals quick and easy.
    male TTS voice, compatible with HTML, XML and BRF files
    compatible with WMA, OGG, FLAC, 3GP audio formats and files from
    supplied with earphones, USB cable, carry bag, mains charger and
       rechargeable battery
    battery provides up to 14 hours continuous use
    you will need an SD card to use this player (available separately). 2.2cm by
       6.6cm by 11.7cm, Weight 180g. DD28 £235.00 £282.00

Desktop DAISY players
Plextalk PTX1
Easy to use desktop player with large contrasting raised buttons with play, eject and
volume coloured dark purple. To help get started, there is an audible button describer
    built-in memory
    TTS with a choice of male and female voices and also reads HTML files
    supplied with a mains charger and built-in rechargeable battery which provides
      up to five hours DAISY playback.
    Specification: built-in speaker, CD slot, USB port, SD card slot 5.6cm by 22cm
      by 17.2cm, Weight 1.1kg.
DD45 £250.00 £300.00
Victor Reader Stratus4
Easy-to-use and ideal for leisure reading with large, tactile , high contrast keys and self
voicing controls.
    plays multi media books and music on CD
    player incorporates an integral carrying handle and is supplied with a removable
       cover to simplify the number of buttons on display, mains charger and built-in
       rechargeable battery (up to 10 hours playback). .
    Further Stratus models with additional features will be added throughout the
       year. Call us for details.
       Specification: built-in speaker and CD slot. 4.8cm by 22cm by 22cm, Weight
       0.95kg. DD59 £215.00 £258.00
CD and MP3 players
We offer a wide range of audio books, talking newspapers and magazines as well as
full text versions which can be read using the Text to Speech function in our players.
Receive CDs in the post or download content as you want it. Contact us for more

Sapphire 3 MP3 player
Listen to your music, audio books or local talking newspapers anywhere with this
lightweight and compact portable MP3 player in a wood effect finish. With built-in
speakers, it will play MP3 files directly from a USB stick or SD memory card.
     five simple tactile controls and a remote control
     use built-in rechargeable battery or mains operated.
9cm by 18cm by 9cm, Weight 565g. DH309 £24.99 £29.99

Boombox MP3 player
Lightweight, portable speaker with simple controls for listening to content direct from a
USB stick, such as a local Talking newspaper. Plug in a USB stick and the first track
will begin playing automatically in date created order.
     mains or battery powered (supplied)
     stereo speakers and headphone socket. 10.5cm by 17.3cm by 7.4cm, Weight
       234g. DD43 £28.80

Sony CD/MP3 Player
Portable player with tactile buttons that will play CD-R/RW and MP3 formats as well as
standard audio CDs. Also has built-in FM tuner. Supplied with headphones and two AA
batteries. DH304 £49.98
Voice recorders
Our low cost portable recording devices are ideal for recording shopping lists,
telephone messages or reminders when you are out and about.

Voice recognition 12-minute memo book
Small, round keyring recorder which records up to 12 minutes across four folders.
Retrieve the messages using voice prompts. DH302 £19.95

90-second digital recorder
Slimline keyring recording memo will record multiple messages up to a maximum of 90
seconds in total. DH285 £11.95

12-minute digital recorder
Slimline digital voice recorder will record either individual or multiple messages for up
to 12 minutes. Built-in clip, volume control and can be used with earphones (not
supplied). DH286 £19.95

20-second voice recording memo
Record two separate messages in two folders, each up to 10 seconds long. DH261

10-second voice recording keyring
Small and compact can be attached to your keys for easy access whilst out and about.
DH260 £2.50

The following recorders offer high quality playback and facilitate long recordings, which
would be suitable for use in meetings, conferences and for educational studies.
Recording time and battery usage dependent on recording and playback quality
selected. New Olympus recorders are added to the range throughout the year.
Subscribe to New Product Guide to keep up-to-date.

Olympus DP20 Notecorder
Compact, low cost and easy to use digital voice recorder with a simple button layout
and easy-to-see display. Built-in 1GB memory and recording time ranges from 72 to
145 hours.
    batteries can last up to 65 hours
    creates and plays back files in WMA
    rotary volume control, adjustable speed and handy calendar search feature
    supplied with two AAA batteries. VR10 £39.99

Olympus DM5
The DM5 has DAISY capabilities and 2.2 inch full colour LCD screen.
    8GB built-in memory and MicroSD slot. Supports over 2,000 hours of recording
     and allows plenty of music storage (compatible with iTunes)
    record in high quality MP3, PCM and WMA formats
    voice guidance system for seamless, user-friendly operation of all menu
    upload files to a PC or Mac and manage with Sonority software
      black leather case with belt clip, to protect your player (VR11 £17.99). VR09
       £208.33 £249.99

Cassettes and recorders
RadioShack voice activated cassette recorder CTR-122
Versatile tape recorder with adjustable playback speed, tone indexing and voice
     insert tone indexing to find sections of a recording quickly
     three playback speeds: fast, normal and slow
     built-in speaker with jacks for earphone and external microphone – earpiece
        available separately (DH202 priced £3.49 £4.19)
     use with TDK blank audio cassettes. DH199 £40.84

TDK blank audio cassettes
C60 – 30 minutes each side DH251 £3.06
C90 – 45 minutes each side DH252 £3.62

Cassette postal wallets
Plastic wallet with Velcro fastening for sending cassettes through the post. Small
(12.3cm by 17.9cm) DP06 £2.50 £3.00 Large (21.2cm by 28cm) DP07 £3.45 £4.14

Music and Radio

Talking radio
Portable FM/LW/MW/SW talking radio with analogue clock, designed specifically for
ease of use. All functions are spoken and, if you wish, you can record station names in
your own voice. This enables you to tune into your 30 saved stations by listening to
their names. The government plan to phase radio stations to digital broadcasting by
the end of 2015.
    stores up to 80 stations in total, 20 per wavelength
    30 second memo recorder
    supplied with a protective cover to avoid accidentally changing settings. HD08
       £74.95 £89.94

Pure Move portable digital radio
Compact digital DAB radio with a brushed chrome face and black rubberised shell.
    small bright orange screen with black lettering.
    radio station name in 3mm high lettering
    high capacity built-in rechargeable battery
    up to 20 preset radio stations
    FM tuner, you can use the radio speakers to listen to your iPod, CD and
      minidisk content. HD06 £79.99
Whether you need to write letters, read printed documents, access the internet or just
keep in touch with family by email, we can create tailored packages that meet your
needs. Contact our Technology Team on 0845 900 0015 or email ict@rnib.org.uk

Dolphin Guide software
A simple way to access the world of computers and the opportunities they offer. All on
screen information is read aloud with a choice from three naturally sounding synthetic
voices, or change the text, background colours and magnification level to suit your
needs. Included in the software are specially designed programmes including email,
word processing, internet, document scanner, multimedia player, finances and Skype
internet phone service, all easy to use and without needing to learn about the Windows
operating system.

If you already have a computer, you can easily add the software, so why not try our
free 30 day demonstration disk? HT258 £495.00 £594.00

We also sell “Guide packaged with a laptop or desktop computer”. Prices start at
£879.56 exc VAT (a reduced level of VAT applies to software and computer

Please note: software and computer packages cannot be returned unless they are

Azabat talking computer games
Accessible computer games and typing tutors, suitable for beginners through to
experts. No installation is required, simply put the CD into your computer and it will
start automatically – all with built in speech software. Order a free demonstration disk
now. Prices start from £30.00 £36.00 88

Windows 7 and Vista Explained – a guide for blind and partially sighted users
Suitable for people who are new to Windows or upgrading, IT trainers and teachers. A
step-by-step guide to help build computer skills and knowledge from the basics
through to file management, trouble shooting and using the internet. Available in a
variety of formats and includes full descriptions of images. Large print or braille tactile
image books are also available. Book £29.99 and Supporting image books £17.99

How RNIB’s computer volunteers can help?
We have a national network of computer volunteers who can assist blind and partially
sighted people with Home Technology, including personal computers (IT Support), in
their own home for free. Volunteers can assist with setting up new products, reading
instructions, install and troubleshoot broadband and wireless internet connections,
install and set up computers including hardware and software and even re-package
equipment where necessary. Contact us on 0303 123 9999 or email
Keyboard stickers
Adapt your existing computer keyboard with a set of low cost, high visibility large print
stickers in a choice of three colours. Each pack contains a vinyl sticker for all keys
including upper and lower case letters, function keys, numbers, number pad, cursor
keys and symbols.
     36 point font (9mm)
     compatible with Windows and Apple
     extra number pad stickers for a telephone or other number pad.
Three colours to choose from £6.99 £8.39
Black on white HK52
White on black HK53
Black on yellow HK51

Replace your existing standard keyboard with a large print version to make typing

Large print Cherry XXL keyboard
Standard size keyboard with large white, font size 40 point text laser etched onto black
keys. USB connection HK36 £25.99 £31.19

Pelham large print keyboard
Standard size keyboard with 32 point font print. The two models with yellow text (HK35
and HK41) have the Enter, Tab and Space Bar keys highlighted with black text on
white keys. USB or PS2 (using adaptor provided). Each priced £23.99 £28.79
White upper case text on black keys HK42
Yellow lower case text on black keys HK41
Yellow upper case text on a black keys (silver keyboard casing) HK35

Keys U See large print keyboard
Standard size keyboard with large print text in 36 point (9mm). Along the top keyboard
edge are a row of buttons for „quick start‟ of favourite functions including internet,
email, volume and multimedia. USB connection only. Available in two colours £39.00
Black text on yellow keys HK49
White text on black keys HK50

Startaboard high contrast keyboard
Different groups of keys are different colours and almost twice as large as a standard
     consonant keys are green, vowels are purple, number keys are red, symbols
       are orange. Remaining function keys and space bar are blue
     69 multi-coloured keys contrast against a white casing
     white lettering on coloured keys
     connects to your computer via PS2 or USB. HK40 £33.59

Monster Keys large print keyboard
With oversized keys and large text, this keyboard offers an ideal solution for those who
find using a standard keyboard difficult.
      text in 48 point font
      number keys 1 – 0 are the top row of keys (no separate keypad)
      two accessory USB ports and USB connection only. Available in two colours
       £69.99 £83.99
Black text on white keys HK38
Black text on yellow keys HK39

We also sell a large print Apple M89 keyboard with skin (HK45), separate skins for
Apple M89 keyboards (HK46, HK47), as well as laser-etched large print keys with a
durable, non-fading finish (HK43/HK44).
Games and leisure

Cards and games
Easi-grip playing card holder
This card holder is ideal for keeping playing cards together, especially if you have poor
grip as it holds the cards in one place, making it easier to play. Can be used with
playing cards (Jumbo cards GC08 and Large print GC10R/GC10U). Braille embossed
cards may deteriorate after continued use. GC03 £3.25

Braille and easy-to-see Uno card game
Each card is embossed in braille, with the symbols and denomination at the top left
and bottom right-hand corners. Print characters are approximately 3cm high. GC04
£6.99 £8.39

Happy families braille playing cards
Each card is embossed in braille, with the families‟ names at both the top and bottom
of the cards. GC05 £4.95 £5.94 92

Giant sized playing cards
Larger than average pack of playing cards with easy-to-see letters and numbers
measuring 2.5cm high. GC09 £3.50

Jumbo print playing cards
Standard sized playing cards with suits and characters in jumbo print measuring 4cm
high. GC08 £3.50

Large print playing cards
Easy-to-see playing cards with characters measuring 1.5cm high. Two pack colours,
both priced £3.95 Red back GC10R Blue back GC10U

Playing cards with braille markings
Available in large print with characters measure 1.5cm high and standard print.
Denominations and suit embossed in braille at the top left and bottom right-hand
corners. Packs available in two colours, all priced £6.05 £7.26
Large print red back GC11R Blue back GC11U
Standard print red back GC07R Blue back GC07U

Easy-to-see dominoes with indented black dots
Set of 28 easy-to-see dominoes with large indented black dots on a white background.
The middle of the domino is separated by a black line and tactile gold marker. GB87

Easy-to-see dominoes with raised dots
Available as double six (28 piece) or double nine (55 piece) set, supplied in black
plastic case. The black dots are all raised and a tactile ridge divides the two halves of
each domino. Double six 28 piece set GB85 £7.25 £8.70 Double nine 55 piece set
GB86 £8.10 £9.72
Easy-to-see tactile dice
Set of two easy-to-see and tactile dice with raised black dots on a white background.
GB91 £1.95 £2.34

Nine Men’s Morris Wooden board games with tactile design.
Playing pieces are wooden with a tactile element. GB78 £11.95 £14.34

Large print Scrabble – available October 2011 new and improved
Large print version of Mattel‟s best selling word game for two to four players. The
board has a tile lock system incorporating raised pegs on each square to keep the tiles
more secure while playing. The board is easier to see with bold black and white letters
contrasting with the background. l font size on the board is 16 point l white plastic tiles
with bold black letters (60 point) and numbers (20 point). GB92 £29.16 £34.99
Handicraft and DIY
Automatic needle threader
Handy gadget that enables you to thread large or small needles easily and simply.
Colours may vary. DH63 £1.75

Needle threader multipack
Simple aid made of light metal to help thread needles more easily. Pack of ten. DH14

Tactile tape measures
These tactile tape measures are made of plastic coated fabric and have tactile markers
at key points. Both priced £3.25 £3.90
Metric tape measure (150cm long) DH19
Imperial tape measure (60 inches long) DH20

Talking tape measure – five metre Metal tape measure announces readings in a clear
male English voice in: feet, inches, metres, centimetres or millimetres – converted at
the touch of a button. DY07 £43.95 £52.74

Audible spirit level
Can be used as a conventional level using the coloured lamps or listen to audible
tones. Includes ruler and a „V‟ shaped channel on the bottom to locate it on curved
edges and supplied with a protective pouch. DY08 £24.95 £29.94

Magnifying mirrors
Our mirrors range in magnification strengths from 3 times (x) to 15 times (x) with styles
including compact, double-sided on rotating stands and portable models. Where only
one magnification strength is stated on two-sided mirrors, then one side has no
magnification. These mirrors are great for use around the home and are best
positioned on a flat surface such as a dressing table. This is just a small selection of
what we have available, call us for more. Diameters are stated within product code.

Double-sided mirrors on rotating stand (unless otherwise stated)
Chrome-coloured square mirror 3x DM24 (20cm) £39.95
Chrome-coloured small mirror 10x DM25 (15cm) £24.95
Black-coloured large mirror 10x DM26 (20cm) £29.95
Chrome-coloured mirror with LED lights 5x
LED lights illuminate the perimeter of the mirror. DM27 (15cm) £24.95 96
Smoke-coloured Perspex with two small round mirrors 5x/12x DM21 (25.5cm) £13.95
Smoke-coloured oval Perspex mirror 7x DM22 (13cm) £11.95
Chrome-coloured large mirror with stand 3x DM23 (24cm) £44.95
Blue compact with silver trim 10x DM05 (10.2cm) £10.95
Black compact with Swarovski crystals 5x DM07 (7.7cm) £14.95
Black foldaway mirror 5x DM15 (16cm) £9.95
Clear Perspex foldaway mirror 10x DM19 (8.5cm) £11.95
Travel set mirror with tweezers 15x and suction cups DM08 (9cm) £10.95
Please note that unless stipulated the following products are non-returnable unless

Meters and monitors
CLEVER CHEK, talking blood glucose meter
Talks you through each process of the test in a natural female English voice, until it is
    announces blood glucose reading in seven seconds
    supplied with 25 test strips and lancets, lancing pen, control test solution, carry
       case and plastic adaptor for alternative site testing (AST)
    the CLEVER CHEK (DH274)¸ is available at no charge to blind and partially
       sighted diabetics and is restricted to one meter per person
    check with your doctor or nurse on the availability of test strips on repeat
50 Replacement test strips DH274S £17.95 £21.54
Control solution DH274CS £9.95 £11.94

Bath temperature and level alert
This bath temperature and level alert can assist in running a bath safely – providing
audible beeps for the water level and an alarm for the temperature.
    attach to side of bath using suction cup and put probe into water
    set the temperature range between -10ºC to 70ºC (14ºF to 158ºF)
      sighted assistance may be required when initially setting the bath alert and it is
       recommended that you test both functions before using it in the bath for the first
       time. DH305 £14.95

Blood pressure monitors
Both blood pressure monitors are validated to the British Hypertension Society highest
grade A/A.

Talking blood pressure monitor
Simple, one button use and result announced in a female English voice or four other
languages. Display also shows systolic, diastolic and pulse readings on a clear digital
display. Monitor stores up to 90 readings and works out an average reading from
memory. Error indicators inform if test not performed correctly. Choose from five
languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese (Mandarin). DH320 £69.99

Easy-to-see blood pressure monitor
Easy single button use with blue backlight around button and large display. Systolic,
diastolic and pulse results are shown in seconds. DH291 £45.99

Talking body thermometer
Blue, slimline thermometer that announces readings in a synthetic female American
voice within 60 seconds in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Take readings orally, rectally or
under arm. DH276 £12.99

Talking ear and forehead thermometer
Take readings from either the ear or forehead – for use with adults and children and
stores 20 readings in memory. Announcements in synthetic female voice within two
seconds in Celsius or Fahrenheit, also shown on small display. Also features
washable sensor tip and built-in LED torch. DH239 £19.95

RNIB Lovely Vocal talking bathroom scale
Developed by RNIB and Terraillion, this battery-operated talking bathroom scale
announces weight in either metric or imperial, in a natural female English voice and
displays digits 3.5cm high. Switch easily from English to French, German or Spanish
Adjustable volume. Maximum weight is 24 stones, 330 pounds, 150 kilograms. DH287
£24.96 £29.95

Shaping Up magazine – subscribe today
Whether you‟re fighting fit or want to improve your health, Shaping Up is packed with
the latest health news, fitness features, advice and answers to commonly asked
medical questions. Available monthly for £0.54 in braille and email.

Talking bathroom scale with four memories
Scale with a memory function to track up to four different weights. Announcements in a
synthetic female voice in English, French or German. DH224 £32.95

Talking pedometers
Both our pedometers announce the distance travelled and steps taken in a female
synthetic voice.
DH279 includes FM radio, earphones and also announces calories burnt £14.95
DH262 features talking clock and alarm £8.99

Nail clippers with magnifier and light
Blue plastic clippers with 2.5x magnifier attached on arm, which can slide along for
best position. Small LED light adds extra illumination. DH310 £7.99

Tweezers with magnifier and light
Black compact and foldaway tweezer with 6x magnifier. Small LED light adds extra
illumination. DH311 £5.99

Eye drop and pill dispensers
Opticare eye drop dispenser
Ideal for people who have arthritic hands or anyone who finds it difficult to dispense
eye drops as it requires minimum pressure. You may be able to get this eye drop
dispenser on prescription from your health service. DH112 £7.99

AutoDrop eye drop dispenser
This dispenser clips on to most eye drop bottles and holds it at the correct angle. Small
„lip‟ holds lower eyelid open to prevent blinking. DH75 £5.99

Talking MedCenter pill organising system
Organise a month‟s worth of medication with 31 pill organisers and up to four daily
alarms using the talking calendar clock which has a synthetic female American voice.
Clock has loud and extra loud volume levels. Choose alarm from audible beeps or a
pre-recorded message. Each individual organiser has four compartments, ideal for
taking out for the day. DH290 £42.99 £51.59

Super 8 pill organiser
Compact, pocket-sized product with eight compartments for storing pills and up to
eight daily alarms for taking regular medication. Time and alarm times displayed in
digits 2cm high. Alarm stops only when you open the organiser to retrieve a pill. Set
specific alarm times using the countdown timer. DH308 £14.95

Pill Poppit
Simply and easily extract pills from blister packaging and safely hold until you‟re ready
to take them. Not suitable for pills larger than 2cm by 1.5cm. DH265 £6.50

When pushed through the foil pack by hand the enclosed „well‟ captures the pill.
DH206 £1.99

Pillmate pill cutter
Pillmate cuts tablets if they are too large, or are just too difficult to swallow whole.
Simply place the pill in the groove, gently lower the arm and press down to cut the pill
in two. DH191 £3.50

Jumbo portable pill box
Large blue and white plastic pill dispenser to organise four doses of medication for
each day of the week. Each compartment can be removed for a day out. Morn, Noon,
Eve and Bed are printed in large raised text on the compartments and also labelled in
braille as 1, 2, 3 and 4. DH177 £7.99

Dosett pill organiser
Red pill organiser with four-dose compartments for each day of the week. Helps you
keep track of taking the correct dose at the right time. Compartment is opened by
sliding back the transparent ruler-style lid. DH60 £10.95

Seven day pill organiser
Plastic pill organiser with one compartment for each day of the week. Each hinged lid
has the initial letter of the day in braille and raised large print. DH58 £2.95

Talking label voice recorder
Attach to medicine packets using the metal clip on the back. Up to 20 seconds
recording time can include description, dosage and important warnings. DH210 £5.99

Pill box with Swarovski crystal
This pill box has three compartments ideal for tablets when travelling. DH303 £8.29
UV shields act to reduce the amount of ultra violet light that enters the eyes. They are
also designed to improve visual comfort by reducing glare and increasing contrast
while maximising protection and remaining vision. Eyeshields are suitable for everyone
who requires light protection from bright light, not just people with sight problems.

Non-returnable unless faulty due to hygiene reasons.

Frame sizes
The width of the frame is measured from arm to arm, across the front of the eyeshield.
The lens frame height is measured from the top to the bottom of the lens area.

RNIB HiView eyeshields
For advice regarding RNIB HiView filters or if requiring prescription glasses made with
these filters, contact MediView by telephone on 020 8933 7914 and quote RNIB.
Each set of eyeshields is supplied with a black micro-fibre glass protection pouch and
priced £29.99 £35.99

Audrey ladies Black frame with a fashionable large lens area and splash of diamante
on the arms. Frame width 18cm, lens height 5.6cm.
Lite (yellow) EH44
Midi (orange) EH45
Extra (amber) EH46
Plus (green) EH47
Neutral (medium grey) EH48

Bridget ladies Brown tortoiseshell frame. Frame width 17.3cm, lens height 5cm.
Lite (yellow) EH49
Midi (orange) EH50
Extra (amber) EH51
Plus (green) EH52
Neutral (medium grey) EH53

Olivia ladies Transparent brown frame with a fashionable large lens area which
offers additional side protection due to fitting close to the face. Frame width 18cm, lens
height 5.3cm.
Lite (yellow) EH29
Midi (orange) EH30
Extra (amber) EH31
Plus (green) EH32
Neutral (medium grey) EH41

Horizon men’s Solid matt black frame with large lens area and smooth rubber feel.
Frame width 17cm, lens height 4.6cm.
Lite (yellow) EH54
Midi (orange) EH55
Extra (amber) EH56
Plus (green) EH57
Neutral (medium grey) EH58
Saturn unisex Brown wrap-around style frame. Frame width 17.5cm, lens height
Lite (yellow) EH37
Midi (orange) EH38
Extra (amber) EH39
Plus (green) EH40
Neutral (medium grey) EH43

Orion OverView unisex eyeshields Protective unisex fit-over eyeshield frame,
designed to be worn over prescription glasses or on their own. The frame is
transparent brown and offers additional protection across and above the eye as well as
down the side of the face. The widest section of the arm incorporates a filter. Available
in two sizes: medium and large. Priced £19.99 £23.99 Medium – frame width 15cm,
lens height 4.6cm.
Lite (yellow) EH59
Midi (orange) EH60
Extra (amber) EH61
Plus (green) EH62
Neutral (medium grey) EH63
Large – frame width 15cm, lens height 5.3cm.
Lite (yellow) EH64
Midi (orange) EH65
Extra (amber) EH66
Plus (green) EH67
Neutral (medium grey) EH68

Noir eyeshield frame options
If you are uncertain which Noir filter to choose, please contact your eye specialist.
Each set of eyeshields is supplied with a blue vinyl protection pouch. Details of our fit-
over eyeshields are listed, however, to find out more about our range of Noir
Wraparounds and Noir Clip-on flip-up eyeshields call us today.

Noir fit-over unisex eyeshields
The fit-over design is a protective unisex eyeshield that is fully tinted and offers filter
protection across and above the eye area as well as down the side of the face.
Designed to be worn over your own prescription glasses or on their own.
Available in three sizes: small, medium and large.
Small – frame width 16cm, lens height 5cm.
Medium grey EH05 £5.95 £7.14
Dark grey EH06 £5.95 £7.14
Orange EH07 £16.95 £20.34
Amber EH08 £5.95 £7.14

Medium – frame width 18.5cm, lens height 5.3cm.
Medium grey EH09 £5.95 £7.14
Dark grey EH10 £5.95 £7.14
Orange EH11 £16.95 £20.34
Amber EH12 £5.95 £7.14
Large – frame 19cm, lens height 5.3cm.
Medium grey EH13 £5.95 £7.14
Dark grey EH14 £5.95 £7.14
Orange EH15 £16.95 £20.34
Amber EH16 £5.95 £7.14
Handling Money
There is a host of information and products available to help you manage and handle
your money. Our Money Matters magazine is packed with information on financial
matters relating to everyday life. Practical products help identify the value of your
money when shopping and out and about.

Note detectors
Help identify the banknotes in your wallet. Press the single button and the vibrations
give the value of the note. Two versions available: Sterling; and Euro for when you are
on holiday. Both priced £19.95 £23.94
Sterling DO62
Euro DO63

One Pound/Euro coin holder
Ideal coin holder to manage your change, at home or on holiday in Europe. Exclusively
designed and developed by RNIB.
- holds up to five £1.00 or one Euro coins
DO64 £1.15 £1.38

Coin holder pack
Buy the pack and save £1.00. Includes the following coin holders: £2.00 (DO58) £1.00
(DO08) 50p (DO56) 20p (DO09) 10p (DO16). DO59 £5.95
Alternatively you can purchase them separately – all priced £1.30 each.
Keyring holds two £2.00 coins DO58
Keyring holds two £1.00 coins DO10
holds up to five £1.00 coins D008
holds up to eight 50 pence coins DO56
holds up to six 20 pence coins and credit card DO09
holds up to five 10 pence coins DO16

Wallet with signature guide and note check
Simple solution to find out the value of your notes! Handy plastic wallet containing a
signature guide and note check to identify the denomination of bank notes. Simply line
up your note in the guide and the difference in height will tell if it‟s a £5, £10, £20 or
£50 note. DW47 £1.25 £1.50

Money Matters – subscribe now
Make the most of your money by keeping up-to-date with all aspects of personal
finance, including insurance, investments, pensions, mortgages, budget information
and more, published every two months and available in braille, DAISY CD and email.

Our Mobility product catalogue lists a comprehensive range of mobility products. Order
a copy today. Listed is a small selection of what is available.

New ultrasonic detection device to be used in conjunction with a mobility cane or guide
dog. Worn like a normal pair of spectacles they provide vibration feedback when you
near an obstacle at head and chest height such as over grown branches or hanging
    black frames and arms with brown tinted or clear lenses
    detect obstacles up to 3 metres (10 feet) away
    supplied with compact AC charger with USB option, and a soft protective pouch
    developed by RNIB and AmbuTech.
Both priced at £79.99 £95.99
Clear lens ME14
Brown tint ME14TINT

For more information visit our dedicated YouTube channel where the iGlasses are
demonstrated by one of our presenters. Visit youtube.com/user/rnibprods

GPS wayfinders
Kapten Plus voice activated GPS
Turn-by-turn navigation for pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists with navigation
dependent on mode of transport. Built-in speech recognition to enter addresses,
change modes, listen to music and control all functions. - includes UK maps, voice
recorder, MP3 player and FM radio
- supplied with protective silicon case.
HT257 £216.66 £259.99

Trekker Breeze
Get out and about with confidence by recording routes to your favourite places and
then simply choose from your list on your next visit. You can then explore your local
area and listen to street names and points of interest as you pass nearby, and at the
touch of a button you can navigate back to where you started. You can also navigate
to an address virtually to check the distance and estimate travel time before setting off.
- includes UK maps (other countries can be purchased separately)
- supplied with leather case and lapel speaker.
HT261 £550.00 £660.00

Easy Pay
Find out how you can spread the cost of buying a product priced over £150.00 – call
our Helpline today on 0303 123 9999.
Walking sticks
We supply a range of walking sticks with different handles and replacement ferrules
from stock. Different lengths of AmbuTech walking sticks can be supplied to order –
delivery time four to six weeks.

Please remember that walking sticks are intended as a means of support for people
with sight loss and not as an aid to mobility. Please seek assistance from an
occupational therapist or physiotherapist to ensure the stick is the correct length for
you and can give the support reqired.

Coopers white adjustable aluminium walking stick
Walking stick with grey flat handle that can be adjusted in length from 71cm to 96cm
(28 to 38 inches). Fitted with black ferrule. Maximum user weight 127kg (20st).
MW13 £6.99 £8.39

Coopers adjustable white folding walking stick
Lightweight folding adjustable aluminium walking stick. Available with two different
handles and fitted with a black ferrule. Both priced £9.99 £11.99
Maximum user weight 100kg (16st).
Standard T-handle walking stick adjustable from 84cm to 94cm (33 to 37 inches)
Right-handed ergonomic Fischer handle walking stick adjustable from 79cm to 89cm
(31 to 35 inches) MW43

Adjustable escort handle walking stick
The black plastic escort handle is designed to fit comfortably into either hand.
68cm to 94cm (27 to 37 inches)
maximum user weight 100kg (16st).
MW30 £9.99 £11.99

Symbol canes
Symbol canes are intended to be used only to indicate a degree of sight loss. For this
reason they are not designed with the strength and length required to be used as a
mobility aid and certainly not for supporting someone‟s body weight.
For our full range of mobility products, order our Mobility Product catalogue.

AmbuTech symbol cane
Reflective, folding, three or four-section, lightweight aluminium cane.
All priced £8.99 £10.79
Three-section 70cm (28 inches) MS20
Four-section available in three lengths:
85cm (34 inches) MS22
100cm (40 inches) MS23
105cm (42 inches) MS25
Buying from RNIB
Your order to us is an offer to purchase our products and when we receive the
payment for the product we accept your offer. For a copy of our terms and conditions
please call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or visit our online shop at rnib.org.uk/shop

Prices and charges
We usually despatch orders via freepost under the „Articles for the Blind‟ scheme,
however, this does not guarantee delivery or provide insurance cover. High value
items will need to be sent by special delivery and we confirm any additional costs with
you before the order is processed. Products and prices may be subject to change and
are correct at time of publishing (August 2011). For all the latest information visit our

Online Shop.
We reserve the right to amend prices.

Where two prices are displayed in this catalogue blind and partially sighted people, or
friends, family members and charities buying on behalf of, will pay the lower price. The
lower price excludes VAT, as the product has been specially designed for disabled
people. The VAT rate is 20 per cent at time of publishing. When we receive your order
we will let you know if there are any changes in the price, at which point you have the
right to cancel.

All orders are subject to availability. A „despatch note‟ is included in the parcel. Please
advise us of any issues within 7 working days.

Right to cancel
We comply with trading legislation and Distance Selling Regulations. You have the
right to cancel your order before you receive the goods and some orders after receipt
up to 7 days. There are some exceptions which are listed within the product

Contact us to return goods if:
1 – not suitable: within 30 days
2 – faulty or damaged on delivery: within 7 days
3 – faulty within guarantee period: contact us within the stated guarantee period.

To ensure your return is processed efficiently, contact us on 0303 123 9999 and we
will advise you what to do next. You may be responsible for the cost of returning the
product to us. You should take reasonable care of the product whilst it is in your
possession. If you have bought our products from one of our shops or partners, you
must contact them in the first instance.

Product descriptions and usage
The products are suitable for use as described in the written product instructions,
within the catalogue and on our Online shop.

Data protection
As a responsible organisation, we comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 („Act‟). We
are registered under the Act with registration number Z7071210.

Contact RNIB For further information or clarification please contact RNIB on 0303 123
9999 or email shop@rnib.org.uk
RNIB Helpline Telephone 0303 123 9999
Website rnib.org.uk

RNIB Membership Telephone 0303 1234 555
Email membership@rnib.org.uk
Website rnib.org.uk/membership

RNIB‟s Insight Radio Tune in online at insightradio.co.uk, on Sky Channel 0188, on
Freesat Channel 777 and on 101FM in the Glasgow area.

Action on Hearing Loss actiononhearingloss.org.uk
Telephone 01733 36 11 99
Textphone 01733 23 80 20
Email solutions@hearingloss.org.uk

Carers UK Telephone 020 7378 4999
Website carersuk.org

Dyslexia Action Telephone 01784 22 23 00
Website dyslexiaaction.org.uk

Infosound Online free, relevant and impartial news and information Telephone 084 55
55 55 28 Email audio@infosound.org.uk, infosound.org.uk

International Glaucoma Association Sightline 01233 64 81 70 Website glaucoma-

Macular Disease Society Helpline 0845 241 2041
Website maculardisease.org

National talking newspapers and magazines (NTNM)
Telephone 01435 866 102 Email info@tnauk.org.uk
Website tnauk.org.uk

TAPESENSE – The Persula Foundation Subsidised branded audio products
Telephone 020 7357 9298 Email info@persula.org

The British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society Helpline 0845 123 2354 Website brps.org.uk
Call today 0303 123 9999

Eye conditions
We‟ve added three new titles to our easy-to-read Understanding series of leaflets on
common eye conditions:
Understanding Charles Bonnet syndrome
Understanding dry eye
Understanding posterior vitreous detachment.
This is in addition to our existing guides on glaucoma, age-related macular
degeneration, cataracts and many more. The guides cover causes, symptoms,
treatments and coping mechanisms for each eye condition. Individual copies are
available free of charge in print, audio and braille formats and are downloadable from
our website. Contact our Helpline on 0303 123 9999, email helpline@rnib.org.uk or
visit rnib.org.uk/shop for more information.
“This leaflet has helped me very much in understanding my present circumstances and
future prospects.” RNIB Member

Also available:
Mobility product catalogue with a dedicated listing of mobility products – canes and
walking sticks, tips and ferrules, GPS devices and accessories.
Braille product catalogue - Products and publications supporting people who read and
write in braille: frames, paper, stationery, computing, embossers, learning and reading
Mobile phone factsheet - Magazines factsheet
Labelling around the home and garden
Improve the lighting in your home
Choosing your magnifier
To order your copy, call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or visit our online shop at
For technology and computer advice call our Technology team on 0845 900 0015 or
020 7391 2280.
RNIB/Action shops and resource centres
There are shops and resource centres located around the country including those
listed below. Before visiting please phone to check opening times and to obtain the full

RNIB Belfast: 02890329373
RNIB Cardiff: 02920485414
RNIB Coleraine: 02871366060
RNIB Derry/L‟Derry: 02871320167
RNIB Edinburgh: 01316523140
RNIB Falkirk: 01324590888
RNIB Isle of Man: 01624677626
RNIB Omagh: 02882250220
Action Bristol: 01179537750
Action Liverpool: 01512983220
Action London: 02073912356
Action Stafford: 01785254572
Action Stoke-on-Trent: 01782215755
Action West Midlands: 01217046989

To find out more about services and the opportunity to view RNIB products in your
local area, contact:
Visionary – Linking Local Sight Loss Charities.
Telephone: 01777705299
Website: visionary.org.uk
RNIB September 2011
Registered charity number 226227
Publication Number IP413P

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