Anniversary by stariya


									                          Texarkana Gazette
DEADLINE: 5 p.m. Monday
Please type or print. Illegible information cannot appear in the paper. Anniversary
announcements without a photo may be printed in honor of the 25th year of marriage
and every fifth anniversary afterward. Photographs my be used with the 50th, 55th and
60th anniversary announcements and for each year after the 60th.
Information may be e-mailed to

_______________________________ of _________________________________
           Name of couple                    Address if local

_____________________________________________________, ____________,
                            city                            state

will celebrate [ ] or celebrated [ ] (check one) their ____________________________

wedding anniversary with a reception from ________________________________
                                                   time and date

at ________________________________________________________________.

They were married ____________________________, ________________, in
                             date                     year

______________________________________________, ________________.
                      city                             state

Daytime phone number: ___________________

Evening phone number: ___________________

Tell the Gazette how you and your spouse met
If you have an interesting story about how you and your spouse met, we’d like to know about it. Send us a
brief account, 100 words or less, and we will consider it for future publication. If your story is chosen for
publication, a reporter will contact you to conduct an interview with you and your spouse. Contact us at
howtheymet@texarkanagazette or Kristi Jordan, c/o Texarkana Gazette, 315 Pine St., Texarkana, Texas,

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