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50 Years Is Enough Network                IMF: Shrink It or Sink It Campaign. An Introduction.
                                       Presentation of the South-South Cooperation (Africa-Brazil) - UNDP
Ação Comunitária do Brasil do Rio de Janeiro
ActionAid International                   UN Peacekeeping: Force of Farce?
ActionAid International                   RECLAIMING OUR SOURCE OF LIVELIHOOD
ActionAid International                   A Safer World is Possible: Disaster reduction in school
ActionAid International                   Panel Discussion on Access to HIV and AIDS Treatment
ActionAid International                   Building Solidarity for Pan-African Fight Against HIV and AIDS
ActionAid International                   Women in Global Supply Chain
ActionAid International                   Right to work in South Africa as a constitutional Right
AFESIP Espana<br /><ul></ul>              trata y explotación sexual de mujeres, niñas y niños
                                       Impact of the EPAs on Western Africa
Africa Europe Faith and Justice Network<br /><ul></ul>
                            DEBT AND DEVELOPMENT<br /><ul></ul>
AFRICAN FORUM AND NETWORK ONThe Illegitimate Debt Dialogue
                                      African Social Obsevartory
African Labour Research Network<br /><ul></ul>
                                      CIVIL SOCIETY STRATEGY
African Network for Environment and Economic Justice<br /><ul></ul>SESSION ON THE EXTRACTIVE SECTOR
                                      Oil Producing Communities and
African Network for Environment and Economic Justice<br /><ul></ul> revenue transparency/Goverance in Africa: Case Stud
                                      Introductory Conference on the
Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development<br /><ul></ul> Threats to Food Sovereignty & EPAs in Africa
Alianza Social Continental                The role of Europe in the militarisation and neoliberal globalisation
Alliance2015                              Alliance 2015 - Act Now or Pay Later: halting the spread of HIV & AIDS among the you
Alliance2015                              Alliance2015 - The right to be different: sexual diversity and human rights
Alliance2015                              Alliance 2015 - Stop Child Labour - School is the best place to work
Alliance2015                              Alliance2015: Partner and Speaker reception
                                       "La société civile africaine face aux défis de l'intégration continentale et régionale : act
Alternatives Espaces Citoyens<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Chômage, sous-emploi et immigration des jeunes en Afrique de l'Ouest : défis et enjeu
Alternatives Espaces Citoyens<br /><ul></ul>
Alternatives Espaces Citoyens<br /><ul></ul> Radiophonique des alternatives
AlterUQAM<br /><ul></ul>                  Scholars-Activists and the World Social Forum Process
Anjuman Asiaye Awam<br /><ul></ul> Nuclear Free South Asia
Arab NGO Network for Development <brPractitioners and Experts roundtable on issues of peace, human security, and democr
                                      Humane Habitat Development
Architecture & Développement<br /><ul></ul>
                                     Comunicado Brasil Africa
Articulacion de ONGs de Mujeres Negras<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Strengthening Civil
Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education<br /><ul></ul>Society Capacity to Engage Governments on Education Policy
                                   Women in Black workshop
Asian Women's Human Rights Council<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Child and Juvenile Justice in a network perspective
Associação Brasileira de Magistrados e Promotores da Infância e da Juventude<br /><ul></ul>
Associação Eremim<br /><ul></ul>          Experiências de Educadores Populares da Associação Eremim
Associação Eremim<br /><ul></ul>          Movimento HIP HOP em parceria com ONGs
Associação Eremim<br /><ul></ul>          ONGs: Formação de |Militantes Sociais
Associação Eremim<br /><ul></ul>          Software Livre: mecanismo de partilha de poder
Associação Eremim<br /><ul></ul>          Qualificação, desemprego e ideologia
                                    The Brasil<br young scientists in the thecnological and scientific development
Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduandos do role of the/><ul></ul>
                                       Where is the money for
Association for Women's Rights in Development<br /><ul></ul> women's rights? A strategy sesion
                                       Resisting and Challenging Fundamentalisms
Association for Women's Rights in Development<br /><ul></ul>
                             Socialism of XXI Century
                             socialism of the XXI century:strategies and challenges of the world movement
                                         Local communities and migration: an alliance between places of origin and destination
Associazione Ricreativa Culturale Italiana<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Seminar Peace No. 2-Séminaire Paix No. 2
Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Seminar Peace/Séminaire Paix
Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement<br /><ul></ul>
ATTAC Norway<br /><ul></ul>               Workshop
Attac-Germany<br /><ul></ul>              Does the South need 'financing for development' from the North?
Attac-Germany<br /><ul></ul>              Impact of EPA's (Economic Partnership Agreements) - analysis from the South and th
                                      APE et mobilisation sociale
AYACAH -African Youth Coalition Against Hunger<br /><ul></ul>
Bank Information Center<br /><ul></ul> The World Bank in Africa: What is it up to, why should you care, and what can you do
                                           Dialogue on Right to Water
Bridge Initiative International<br /><ul></ul>
BRIDGE<br /><ul></ul>                     Gender and Sexuality Workshop
                                          Le tourisme
Caisse centrale d'activités sociales<br /><ul></ul> solidaire : promouvoir un outil de développement
                                       Corporate Social Responsibility - does it work?
Campaign for the Welfare State<br /><ul></ul>
Caritas AACC Ecumenical Platform<br /><ul></ul>
Caritas AACC Ecumenical Platform<br /><ul></ul>
Caritas AACC Ecumenical Platform<br /><ul></ul> Violence, Peace Building and Reconciliation
                                     Poverty Rural and Urban Livelihood.
Caritas AACC Ecumenical Platform<br /><ul></ul>
CARITAS EUROPA                            Reducing vulnerability, promoting opportunities:
caritas uganda<br /><ul></ul>             Seminar highlighting the psychological,social and economic impact of civil war
                                   Palestinian Prisoners
CCIPPP and ECCP<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/european-coordination-of-committees-and-as
                                        Water Privatization
Center for International Environmental Law<br /><ul></ul> & International Investment Disputes: The Case of Biwater v. Tanz
Centre for Civil Society<br /><ul></ul>   Non-governmental public action: opportunities and challenges
                                    Moving from Food Security to Food Sovereignty
Centre for Community Economics & Development Consultant Society & Food,Trade and Nutrtion Coalition-Asia,<br /><ul></ul>
                                         A Green
Centre for Development Initiatives <br /><ul></ul>Revolution in Africa? A Warning from India - with Dr. Vandana Shiva
                                         L‟insertion des organisations africaines
Chaire de responsabilité sociale et de développement durable <br /><ul></ul> dans le réseau équitable : quels avantages et
                             ANIMATING DEMOCRACY AT LOCAL LEVEL
                               Seminar on " Alternate
CHURCH'S AUXILIARY FOR SOCIAL ACTION<br /><ul></ul> Development Paradigm- A Search"
Citizens' Global Platform<br /><ul></ul> Climate Change - A Global Challenge
Citizens' Global Platform<br /><ul></ul> Decent work - strategies from civil society
Citizens' Global Platform<br /><ul></ul> Participation of marginalised voices
                              Civil Society for Poverty
                                        A global
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation Charter on Civil Society Rights-Is it possible
                                       Civil Society and Accountable Global Governance
Civil Society and Global Democracy Project, Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Values and principles of a World Parliament and of Global democracy
Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy<br /><ul></ul>
                              COALITION MALIENNE POUR LA PROTECTION
Cobas Scuola<br /><ul></ul>              Neoliberalism and social exclusion in education.Minorities, people with special needs,m
Coletivo de Educadores Democráticos / Collective of Democratic Educators<br /><ul></ul>
                                        Tratos a Mujeres-<br /><ul></ul>
Comisión para la investigación de Malos PROSTITUCION, TRATA Y GENERO
                                     Otra educación es
Comité de Solidaridad y Derechos Humanos<br /><ul></ul>posible
                                       Atelier France - Afrique: du néocolonialisme au partenariat
Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement<br /><ul></ul>
                                         New context : transfer of the
Comité pour l'Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde<br /><ul></ul> external debt to internal debt; advance repayment.
                                         Audit of Southern debt ( public launch of manual on audit ) and lawsuit against the WB
Comité pour l'Annulation de la Dette du Tiers Monde<br /><ul></ul>
Community Pope John XXIII<br /><ul></ul>
                                      Protection des
Confédération des Syndicats Chrétiens<br /><ul></ul> représentants syndicaux
                                       Coopération scientifique internationale
Confédération générale du Travail<br /><ul></ul>
                             Um Mundo sem
CONSELHO FEDERAL DE PSICOLOGIA<br /><ul></ul>Manicômios é Possível.
                                      TÍTULO – SUBJETIVIDADE E RACISMO
Conselho Regional de Psicologia - SP<br /><ul></ul>
                                    Povos /><ul></ul>
Coordenação Nacional de Entidades Negras<brafrodescendente: Lutas e alternativas contra o racismo
Dag Hammarskjold Foundation<br /><ul></ul> Next: New Global Challenges, Trendlines and Alternatives
                                    Combating Health-
Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center<br /><ul></ul>& Gender- Based Stigma at the Community Level
                                       Decent Work and Millenium Development Goals
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       Decent Work for a Decent Life - CAMPAIGN LAUNCH
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       Social Protection for workers in the informal economy
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       International trade unionism for decent work in Africa and all around the world part 1
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       Decent Work and Farm Workers
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       Alternative to neo-liberalism
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       Launch of Decent Work, Decent Life Campaign
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       Child labour
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
                                       International trade unionism for decent work in Africa and all around the world part 2
Decent Work for a Decent Life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/labour-research-service">Labour R
Democracy International<br /><ul></ul> Democracy andeconomic development (Panel)
DIASPORA AFRIQUE<br /><ul></ul>          African Diaspora and the Construction of a Multipolar World
Eastern Africa Farmers Federation        African Regional Farmers networks workshops on EPAs
                                       African Regional networks workshop on EPAs
Eastern African Farmers Federation<br /><ul></ul>
Econews Africa<br /><ul></ul>            Seminar: EPAs and Investiment
                                     /><ul><a Justice for Swaziland Conference
Economic Justice Network Swaziland<brEconomic href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/coordinating-assembly-of-n
Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance<br /><ul></ul> away through injustice: the Right to Food, trade and churches' campaigning
Education International<br /><ul></ul>   Time for Action on Girl's Education: Empowering to reduce vulnarabilities to HIV
El Taller International<br /><ul></ul>   Asking, we walk
                            "YOUTH AS ACTORS OF CHANGE"
                            La Responsabilité
ENVIRONMENT DEVELOPMENT ACTION<br /><ul></ul> Individuelle et Collective, condition d‟une bonne gouvernance locale
                                       European People<br /><ul></ul>
European Solidarity Towards Equal Participation of aid to the Mediterranean, Southern Caucasus and Eastern Europe: Imposed
                                       European People<br /><ul></ul>
European Solidarity Towards Equal Participation of aid to African, the Caribbean and Pacific countries: Imposed development a
                                       European People<br /><ul></ul>
European Solidarity Towards Equal Participation of aid to Asia and Latin America: Imposed development and governance mode
Fahamu<br /><ul></ul>                    Introduction to Film-making
Färnebo FHS                              Workshops: Färnebo FHS and Ilula FDC in cooperation
                                       Conférence sur les Etats-Unis d'Afrique
Fédération des Organisations de la Société Civile Camerounaise<br /><ul></ul>
                                      Atelier: la souveraineté et la souveraineté alimentaire
Fédération Internationale des Mouvements d'Adultes Ruraux Catholiques<br /><ul></ul>
                                        Télécommunications Nord/Sud : /><ul></ul>
Fédération syndicale des Activités Postales et de Télécommunications<brprivatisations et libéralisations
                                      Women's Oral History and Indigenous
First Woman: East and Southern AfricanEco-Feminism and Earth Democracy Knowledge Network<br /><ul></ul>
                                     Food For Thought
Food For Thought School Links Programme<br /><ul></ul> - teaching organic food growing skills to primary pupils in rural Ugan
FoodFirst Information and Action Network International<br /><ul></ul>
                                    Say no to Genetically Modified e o Desenvolvimento
Fórum Brasileiro de ONGs e Movimentos Sociais para o Meio AmbienteOrganisms and Crops <br /><ul></ul>
                               MIGRATION AFRICAINE ET VIOLENCE
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung                 Gender, food, agriculture and trade: towards an alternative development agenda (1)
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung                 Gender, food, agriculture and trade:towards an alternative development agenda (2)
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung                 A common position of Trade Unions on the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreemen
                                          Workshop and skillshare on european investment bank(EIB)in africa
Friends of the earth international<br /><ul></ul>
                                          'If this is
Friends of the earth international<br /><ul></ul> development you can keep it'' cartoon-book launching
                                         LABOUR IN MOVEMENT - FACING THE CHALLENGE OF GLOBALISATION
                                         DEBT ROUNDTABLE
Global Call to Action against Poverty<br /><ul></ul>
                                         GCAP WORKSHOP
Global Call to Action against Poverty<br /><ul></ul>
Global Campaign for Agrarian Reform<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/foodfirst-information-and-a
Global Campaign for Education<br /><ul></ul>UP! Education Rights Now!
Global Exchange<br /><ul></ul>           Global Exchange/Freedom Archive presents: "Salud" a video on Cuba's Health System
Global Exchange<br /><ul></ul>           Global Exchange/Freedom Archive presents: "The Legacy of Torture: The War Agains
Global Exchange<br /><ul></ul>           Space Weapons Disarmament
Global Exchange<br /><ul></ul>           Compassionate Listening
Global Forest Coalition<br /><ul></ul>   Environmental Justice or Environmental Markets 2: Biofuels, a disaster in the making
Global Forest Coalition<br /><ul></ul>   Environmental Justice or Environmental Markets 1: Selling Our Genes and Knowledge
Grassroots Global Justice<br /><ul></ul> Electoral Grassroots Organizing and Building towards Global Justice: Perspectives
                               WOMEN BUILDING ANOTHER WORLD
GREEN BELT MOVEMENT<br /><ul></ul>
groundWork<br /><ul></ul>                Oil and Energy in Africa - Africa‟s energy for African people!
                                      COLLAGE D‟ORAL
Groupe Français d'Education Nouvelle<br /><ul></ul>
                                      Séminaire sur
Groupe Français d'Education Nouvelle<br /><ul></ul> « Education et citoyenneté »
                                         Land Rights Network <br effects on housing and land rights
Habitat International Coalition-Housing &Confronting privatization‟s /><ul></ul>
HAKIJAMII TRUST                          Human rights of the urban poor:Fighting evictions & rights to adequate housing
Health Action International Africa<br /><ul></ul> to essential medicines
                                        The role of Europe in the militarisation and neoliberal globalisation
Hemispheric Social Alliance - Alianza Social Continental
Hemispheric Social Alliance<br /><ul></ul> Europe has been hijacked by the corporate agenda? What social movements can
Hemispheric Social Alliance<br /><ul></ul> role of the EU in global trade and development policies. Impact on Africa.
Hemispheric Social Alliance<br /><ul></ul> role of Europe in the militarisation and neoliberal globalisation.
Hemispheric Social Alliance<br /><ul></ul> the Footprints of European TNCs in Latin America and the Carribbean-It's time fo
Hipatia<br /><ul></ul>                   Poder tecnologia y sociedad
                                   Big Box Retailers/Wal-mart and working conditions in the supply chain
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Women Imagining the City: Rights and Wrongs
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Confronting Harmful Customary Practices: Female Genital Mutilation
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Building a network on initatives working on the right to food in Africa
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Documentaire href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a sur la CPI
                                   Refusal of Reproductive Rights of Women is a form of Genocide. Towards a global ac
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Human dignity href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a and human rights: Measures of a just world
                                   Human Rights href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a and conflict, militarisation and impunity
                                   Human Rights, Faith and Cultural Diversity
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Sponsorship, Scholarship and Women‟s Human Rights Activism: Building Bridges and
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   What do the Poorest (P8) expect from G8?
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   What do women peacebuilders want from the WSF? : Another World is Possible if the
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Swept away through injustice: the Right to Food, trade and churches' campaigning
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Human rights, href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a global mobility and citizenship challenges
                                   National and Regional Experiences of the Fight against Impunity
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Progress and obstacles in the struggle for the exigibility and justiciability of Economic,
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   : Egyptian farmers‟ eviction from lands allocated to them through land reform and relig
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   The International Convention against Apartheid – a tool for Palestine?
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Women Speak Out: Peace in 2007
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Human rights in social and economic justice struggles
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   La ciudadanía href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a en la globalización: ¿marco de derechos o de exclusión?
                                   Children Victims of violence in Somalia
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                   Gender justice and women‟s rights-survivors' histories
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
                                      Global Struggle Session
Human Rights in Habitat, Environment and Land Struggles<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/habita
Huruma Social Forum                      Akiba Mashinani
                                Paz PELA PAZ COM JUSTIÇA SOCIAL<br /><ul></ul>
IBASE<br /><ul></ul>                     Ser esquerda hoje: Diálogo entre militantes!
IG Metall<br /><ul></ul>                 Trade Union responsibility in transnational companies (Corporate identity)
                              Arts Education Program
IN MOVEMENT:ARTS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE<br /><ul></ul> with Disadventage Communities in Uganda
Initiatives pour un Autre Monde<br /><ul></ul> central; pouvoir local, mouvements sociaux et citoyens: quelle articulation pou
                                      Food Security
Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya<br /><ul></ul> As a Human Right
                                         2. Coopérer pour le développement des médias africains contribuant à l‟émergence d‟
Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest<br /><ul></ul>
                                         "L‟information, bien commun de l‟humanité ou marchandise ?" Les médias africains fa
Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest<br /><ul></ul>
Instituto Valores<br /><ul></ul>         Children human rights violation in Brazil and around the world
                                        Building National
International Council on Social Welfare<br /><ul></ul> Councils
                                           Right to Housing and Zero Evictions
International Alliance of Inhabitants<br /><ul></ul>
                                         Is Literacy work
International Council for Adult Education<br /><ul></ul> relevant to the social movements?
                                         Gender, Poverty
International Council for Adult Education<br /><ul></ul> and Education: an intersectionality perspective
                                     How to use Digital
International Development Research Centre<br /><ul></ul> Video for Share Ideas and Change Minds
                                       Child Trafficking in
International Federation Terre des Hommes<br /><ul></ul> Africa - a global challenge
                                         The /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/engender">Engender<
International Feminists for a Gift Economy<brGift Paradigm - an old/new way to a peaceful society
                                      "Embracing the excluded of today" - our sister and brothers with AIDS in Africa
International Franciscan WSF-Delegation<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/franciscan-center-for-m
                                       Strategy Meeting on Exploitative Migration including Human Trafficking
International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism<br /><ul></ul>
                                       "Africa for
International South Group Network<br /><ul></ul> Africans"
IROHIN<br /><ul></ul>                    Workshop
Jubilee South <br /><ul></ul>            Seminar on Illegtimacy of Debt
Jubilee South <br /><ul></ul>            Debt and Africa
Jubilee South <br /><ul></ul>            Responsible/Alternative Financing (as the reverse of Illegitimate Debt)
Jubileo Sur/Américas<br /><ul></ul>      Debt swaps for education: ¿good news or bad?
Jubileo Sur/Américas<br /><ul></ul>      Haiti: Why no HIPC, PRSP, or UN Military Missions
                                        /><ul><a Debt
Kendren & Catholic Economic Justice<brIllegitimatehref="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/catholic-economic-justice">
                                      Seminar: Cut funding to the World Bank-How to bring about radical reforms
Kenya Debt Relief Network<br /><ul></ul>
                             GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAME<br /><ul></ul>
Koinonia Community - Kenya               Participatory Theatre and Child Participation. An Interactive Forum for the World Socia
Koinonia Community - Kenya               Alternative information made in Nairobi
Legambiente onlus<br /><ul></ul>         Different Models of Development: Alternative-Agriculture, Alternative-Market, Alternativ
                                     (II)PANEL: Plurality in the Diversities proposal
LGBT South-South Dialogue<br /><ul></ul>
LGBT South-South Dialogue<br /><ul></ul>Social Forum for Sexual Diversity
                                    Black Power: Land and Liberation
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement<br /><ul></ul>
                                      A panel on human rights abuses after Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. --The lingering effe
Mississippi Workers' Center for Human Rights <br /><ul></ul>
                                     Promotion de la solidarité dans tous les secteurs de l'informel (part 1,2,3)
Mouvement Mondial des Travailleurs Chrétiens<br /><ul></ul>
MS Uganda                                Workshop on democracy as a way of life
MS Uganda                                Workshop on democracy as a way of life
Network on Land Rights<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/actionaid-international-kenya">ActionAid
Networkers South-North<br /><ul></ul> Africa by Africans
                                        Third Party Nonviolent Intervention
Nonviolent Action and Strategies for Social Change<br /><ul></ul>
                                   INVESTIGATION OF
Núcleo de Estudos em Promoção da Saúde <br /><ul></ul> PEDIATRIC PATIENT WITH CONDYLOMATA ACCUMINATUM
Núcleo de Estudos em Promoção da Saúde <br /><ul></ul>
                                       Free Trade Agreements Revisited – US and EU strategies to enhance their corporate
Our World Is Not For Sale<br /><ul></ul>
Oxfam International<br /><ul></ul>        Rights in Crisis
Oxfam International<br /><ul></ul>        Towards a People Driven Regional Intergration: Opportunities and Challenges for the
Paulo Freire Institute<br /><ul></ul>     Paulo Freire methodology applied on Paulo Freire Institute Projects
Peace for Life<br /><ul></ul>             "Different Faiths, Common Struggles: Solidarity in the Face of Empire and Injustice
Peace Tree Network<br /><ul></ul>         Identity Crisis within Democratic Formation
PeaceWomen Across the Globe<br /><ul></ul>do women peacebuilders want from the WSF? - another world is possible if the
                                    Re-evaluation Counseling United To End
People Orgzaning to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights<br /><ul></ul> Racism: peer based counseling skils for hea
                                       Asserting People‟s Food Sovereignty
People‟s Coalition on Food Sovereignty<br /><ul></ul>
                                        Mujeres por Industria del Sexo en paises de /><ul></ul>
Plataforma Estatal de Organizaciones deImpacto de lala Abolicion de la Prostitucion<brorigen y destino
                                         Migration in the Health Care Sector
Public Services International<br /><ul></ul>
                                        « de l'Économie and practices »: co-production of
Réseau Intercontinental pour la Promotion ESS: ConceptsSociale et Solidaire<br /><ul></ul>public policies for which type of gov
Revolutionary Proletariat<br /><ul></ul> International solidarity and unity is urgent and obligatory
Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung<br /><ul></ul>Global Capitalism and Africa
Rural Women's Movement                    Women's Human Rights
Rural Women's Movement                    Part of a big network of organizations working on women's human rights
                                       Stuggles for land,secure tenure and finance post evictions.
SCC VI Agroforestry Regional Office Eastern Africa<br /><ul></ul>
                                      Modelo Sea
Sistema Economico Alicuoto<br /><ul></ul>
Skeiv solidaritet / Queer solidarity<br /><ul></ul> and social justice
Social Watch <br /><ul></ul>              Workshop ¨The use of Indicators in assessing social development: the Social Watch e
                                         struggles for grassroots democracy
South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication<br /><ul></ul>
                                        Bridging the great divide on toxic dumping - people to people experiences
South Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance<br /><ul></ul>
St Johns Community Center                 Is this the life we want?Voices from the slum Part I
SUPRO<br /><ul></ul>                      Foreign Direct Investment and profit Remitence
Tafungua E.V.<br /><ul></ul>              Millenium Development Goals, Nice stamente or real will?
Tanzania Social Forum-<br /><ul></ul> Best Practices and Challenges on Guaranteeing Democracy and Good Governance
Tavola della Pace<br /><ul></ul>          Let's give voice to Africa: Africa and world media
Tavola della Pace<br /><ul></ul>          From Nairobi to Assisi to promote "all human rights for all"
Tax Justice Network<br /><ul></ul>        Seminar:New perception on Corruption:The subversive role of global financial services
The Foundry Theatre<br /><ul></ul>        Another Contemporary Imagination: All Artists Welcome
                                         The Right Reforms? The Right to Health
The Initiative for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Health Sector Reforms<br /><ul></ul>
The Palestine Freedom Project<br /><ul></ul>Research on Palestine Activism
                                       A new International Institutions System to fullfil the African Development Goals
Ubuntu - World Forum of Civil Society Networks<br /><ul></ul>
                                       Building an Alliance of
Ubuntu - World Forum of Civil Society Networks<br /><ul></ul> Civilisations
Ville de Montreuil<br /><ul></ul>         Le PADDY : un projet de coopération pour construire de nouvelles relations internatio
                                        les femmes
Voisins Mondiaux Afrique de l'Ouest<br /><ul></ul> victimes de maladies silencieuses face au silence social: que faire?
                                     Palestine and the call for sanctions on Israel
War on Want + ECCP: Palestine<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/war-on-want">War on Want</a>
                                         Networking Against War Profiteers
War Resisters' International<br /><ul></ul>
                                         African Perspectives on Nonviolence
War Resisters' International<br /><ul></ul>
                                         Globalising Nonviolence
War Resisters' International<br /><ul></ul>
WikiLeaks.Org<br /><ul></ul>              WikiLeaks.Org -- open government through mass document leaking
                                      Refusal of Reproductive
Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights<br /><ul></ul> Rights of Women is a form of Genocide. Towards a global ac
                                      Partnering for Change: Movement Building
Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development and Peace<br /><ul></ul> in the 21st Century
                                      Partnering for Change: Movement Building
Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development and Peace<br /><ul></ul> in the 21st Century
                                     Seminar on Human Rights Standards at the global and local levels
World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters<br /><ul></ul>
                                     Seminar on the /><ul></ul>
World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters<brImpact Evaluation of Community Radio
                                      Wealth, Poverty, Ecology and their links
World Council of Churches<br /><ul></ul>
                                      World Parliamentary Forum (Inauguration session)
World Parliamentary Forum<br /><ul></ul>
                                       World Public Finances Seminar
World Public Finances<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/network-institute-for-global-democratisatio
                                      Caravan as Process of Social Mobilization
Zambia Council for Social Development<br /><ul></ul>
                                      Espacio del Foro
Consejo Hemisférico Foro Social Américas<br /><ul></ul>Social Américas
                                     Campaign for Boycott, Initiative<br /><ul></ul>
OPGAI-Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights AdvocacyDivestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel
                                    Ecumenical Reflections
African Women's Economic Policy Network (AWEPON)<br /><ul></ul>
                                        FEMINIST TENT FOR YOUTH
Coordinating Group for the Feminist Dialogues<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/african-women-s-d
Horwick Hilton Rotary Club                Quilting program
                                        Fair Trade Exhibition
Fair Trade Exhibition<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/kenya-federation-for-alternative-trade-kefat"

registered_by                             title

                                        Youth in decision making
Somaliland national youth organization<br /><ul></ul>
YOUNG PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE                 North South Youth Strategies Building Workshop for Fair Economic Partnership Agree
                                  Facing patterns: approach strategies between African women and the African Diaspor
Young Women Leadership and Knowledge Institute
                                   Youth Tribunal
Youth Empowerment and Transformation Programme
                                          good education for global democracy
youth network for a better world. youth organizations from Italy
                                          Open University
Open University, the trees of life<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/el-taller-international">El Taller In
                                       “Misiones Sociales Bolivarianas en Venezuela, al servicio de los
Jovenes Venezolanos contra el imperialismo y en defensa de la Revolución Venezolana<br /><ul></ul> más necesitados”
                                       Leadership Inter-generational Dialogue
African Women of Distinction<br /><ul></ul>
Sahiba Sisters Foundation                 Mapping the Youth Movement
Sahiba Sisters Foundation                 African Women and Youth Claiming Culture
Sahiba Sisters Foundation                 Shaming Gender Based Violence
Gussi Youth Initiative                    Youth for enterpreneurship

registered_by                             title
                                      Yamuna Gently Weeps
Human Rights in Habitat, Environment and Land Struggles<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/habita
                                   Film /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<brshowing: Human Trafficking
                                   Film /><ul><a
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<brBamako href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
GCAP<br /><ul></ul>                     Docs against Poverty
                                       El /><ul></ul>
Asociación Civil Producciones Urgentes<br muro invisible
Bangalore Film Society<br /><ul></ul>   Cinema of Resistance
Hot Sun Films/ Sinema Jua Kali<br /><ul></ul> that Travel Far: Filmmaking in marginalized communities

registered_by                           title

                                        UPHOLDING HUMAN DIGNITY IN A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT
Association of sisterhoods of kenya(Catholic Sisters)<br /><ul></ul>
Comité régional de Solidarité des Femmes pour la Paix en Casamance<br /><ul></ul>
                                     In the
Art In Defence Of Humanism<br /><ul></ul> Name of God
                                     Forum Theatre
Art In Defence Of Humanism<br /><ul></ul>

registered_by                           title

                                   Women in Black workshop
Asian Women's Human Rights Council<br /><ul></ul>

registered_by                           title

                                          Street Children Festival - my rights, my future
Street life working group (catholic coordination)<br /><ul><a href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/boma-rescue-cen
                                   Human Rights href="http://blixa:8088/wsfprocess/organisations/gender-equity-coalition
Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus<br /><ul><a Caravan
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the Community: Street Children Festival, St. John, Korogocho
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the Community: HIV/AIDS DAY, Holy Cross, Dandora
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the community: Youth Festival Kangemi
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the community: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Adams Arcade
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the community: Youth and Justice, Holy Trinity, Kariobangi
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the community: Sacred Heart, Baba Ndogo
Kutoka Network                          Meeting the community: presentation of the activities to the visitors, Christ the King, Ki
Koinonia Community - Kenya               Street Children for Peace
Koinonia Community - Kenya              Ndugu Mdogo: A new home for Kibera street children
Koinonia Community - Kenya              Shalom House Tournament

registered_by                           title
ActionAid International               Cultural Events/ Activism
ActionAid International               Pan African Youth Activities
XminusY Solidarity Fund<br /><ul></ul> African Wars Tribunal
This is an introductory workshop to the       Date        Terrain              room size
                                                                     need_interpretation       Fee Euros

A Presentation on the It Campaign". the
"IMF: Shrink It or Sink significance of The          21             2 True               200         170
PANEL economy for southern countries                 21             8 False              200         170
a Self-organized activity                            21             5 True               200         170
- expect 50- 75 participants                         21             6 True                50          85
Workshop                                             21             6 True               300         350
Expected number of people:150-200
PLENARY                                              21             5 True               200         170
workshop/ exhibition                                 21             6 True               200         170
- expect 50 - 75 participants                        21             9 True                50          85
                                                    21            3 True                 100         treatment. More specifically
HIV/AIDS activists from Africa, Asia and Latin America will dialogue on issues relating to access to130
                                                   21           advocacy issues in Africa will hold panel discussions aimed at
HIV/AIDS activists who are well versed with HIV/AIDS policy and 3 True
Workshop/ exhibition                                                                 100          130
- expect 100 -150 participants
WORKSHOP                                           21           6 True               200          170
workshop/ exhibition                                 21             9 True               200         170
- expect 150 - 200 participants
WORKSHOP                                             21             6 True               200         170
EXPECTED NO OF PEOPLE: 150-200                       21             5 True               200         170
                                                    21            5 False                200        170
seminario sobre la dimensión de la trata a nivel mundial, su relación directa con el crecimiento de la prostitución internacionalm
INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION WORKSHOP                      21             7 False
                                                   21           8 True              200         170
A presentation of the possible consequences of the free trade agreements (APEs) on the small farmers life and economy.
Southern campaigners have for a long
time argued that the debt, or at least a           21           8 True              200         170
                                                     21          2 True                 200         170
Reports of the research carried out on certain Multinational cooperations operating in the Retail, Mining and Hospitality industrie
The exploitation of natural resources and
the lingering environmental impacts of               21          7 False                 50           85
                                                 21          9 False             200
a roundtable on Oil Producing Communities and revenue transparency/Goverance in Africa
With the collaboration of several resource                                                           170
partners such as ENDA and Econews,               21          6 False     400+                        500

Towards virus-free of Europe by 2015.               21             2 True                100         130
workshopaon the role generation in the South in terms of militarization and trade, and the links between both fields
Alliance2015 is a network of 6 NGOs                 21             4 False               200         170
Alliance2015 is a Place to of 6 like-minded European NGOs. Hivos, a member of the Alliance will host this dicussion on LGBT.
'School, the Best network Work' is a               21         5 True               200          170
campaign that seeks to eliminate all child         21         7 False              200          170
                                                     21             the Alliance2015 activity programme. Hosted by the presiden
A informal reception for all partners, speakers and participants of4 False               200         170
                                                    21            7 True                300         désirent discuter sur la prob
L'activité proposée par Alternative Espaces Citoyens est un atelier autogéré ouvert à tous ceux qui350
                                                       thème de l'emploi et de l'immigration des jeunes en Afrique de l'Ouest.
L'activité proposée est un atelier autogéré axé sur le21           6 True                300         350

The conference and the des alternatives est une série de tables 4 False organisées par 50 radio Alternative FM dans son stand
Le Forum radiophoniquedebate shall                21            rondes                 la          85
address the following issues: What are the        21            4 False              300          350
 Nuclear free South practitioners and                  poor and marginalized classes 200
Bringing civil societyAsia is the dream of south asian21         1 True                              170

The aim of the workshop is to regions
experts from various Southernraise the                21         7 True
main issues regarding habitat                        21             6 False               50          85
Experiencia de Jornais alternativas                  21             5 False              100         130
ASPBAE the color we wear, with other interested organisations and individuals strategies for strengthening civil society capa
"Black is would like to discuss                 21           6 True
 Black is our color of protest" .               21           5 True                 200         170
- presentation of action possibilities
- discussion of action planning                        21           9 False                  50          85
                                               21          6 False              50         85
Testemunho sobre a experiência dos educadores populares na Associação Eremim, debate sobre educação popular e sua im
                                               HOP      6 como              50         85
Discussão sobre a aproximação do movimento HIP 21 e a ONG,False podem ser parceiros. Com uma apresentação de Gr
                                                21           True                 da        85
O Papel das ONGs no formação de militantes. Apresentação de6políticas pedagógicas 50 formação de agentes comunitários
                                                    21         6 False               50          85
mesa de diálogo sobre software livre e as possibilidades da mudança de relação de mídias e informações no mundo.
                                              21         6 True                 50         85
Exposição e debate sobre desmprego e emprego num mundo globalizado, o uso de ideologias nesta lógica capitalista.
                                                     21            how the              50          85
The activity aims to join students and young scientists to discuss 7 False young generation wich is contributing to develop the s

In a world by AWID and the and religio-         21         5 this session will be a 50
Organizedwhere essentialist African Women's Development Fund, False                           85
                                                                                    hands-on strategy development space
political forces are undoubtedly threatening    21         5 False                100        130
Workshop                                               21           7 False
Conference                                             21           9 False
Fight against the impunity and "duty of                21           5 True                 200          170
memory" to solve the conflicts and enable              21           1 True                 100          130
                                                    21           1 True                 100         / Lutte
Fight against the impunity and "duty of memory" to solve the conflicts and enable the reconcilation 130 contre l'impunité et de
                                                      21          petroleum resources 100
Global justice and ecological sustainability in the management of 3 False                               130
                                                     21             2 True                100        130
There is a lot of talk about "financing for development" and it gives the impression that there were in fact a net flow of financial
                                                 21            False              200         possible activities which the
Joint assessment of the EPA's negotiations between the EU and1ACP countries and discussion of170
Workshop                                               21           2 False
                                                      at           Bank                 50         85
This workshop and skill-share will take a closer look 21 the World2 True(WB) and the African Development Bank (AfDB), and th
                                                       21           3 True                 50           panel of actors from NGOs
Bridge initiative would like to organize a table of controversy and dialogue on water issues inviting a 85
                                                21            5 False                300        350
Sexuality and gender can combine to make a huge difference in people's lives - between well-being and ill-being, and sometim
                                                      21             True                 50          le
Il s'agit d'un séminaire d'information réunissant des organisations8du sud et du nord intéressées par85 tourisme solidaire en tan
                                                      21         9 False             100         130
The UN, the International Financial Institutions, the OECD, governments, employers' associations and a number of trade union

Democracy of Good Governance:                        implementing care programmes that support People Living with HIV/AIDS
Experiencesanddifferent faith-based organizations in21          5 True       400+              500
On the role of the Church in democratic             21          1 True       400+              500
Conflict transformation and Peace building in Africa. 21            1 True         400+                 500
Basic rights of the poor in the slums.                 21           3 True         400+                 500
A workshop                                             21                                  200
none                                                   21           9 False
                                                    21           1 True                 200          170
This seminar has for purpose to aware on the situation of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and to campaign to free Pa
Ponencia sobre elCenter for International        su                              100
Organized by the procero social en Mexico:APPO y21 repercussion en la diminca politica y social
Environmental Law (CIEL) and the                21         3 False                 50           85
                                                     21            9 False                50           85
This panel will explore the politics of non-governmental public action. It maps out the opportunities and challenges for non-gove
                                                      21            7 False                  define their85
Food sovereignty is defined as the right of all people, their nations or unions of States to 50           agricultural and food polici
                                                   - with Dr. Vandana Shiva'
A Green Revolution in Africa? A Warning from India 21           6 True                     200          170
Cet atelier vise à cerner la réalité deswith
CLP endeavours to work in solidarity organisations africaines qu‟elles soient déjà insérées dans le commerce équitable ou qu‟
                                                   21           8 False                  50         85
communities, to support them in                    21           1 False                  50         85
                                                    21         8 True                300         350
Its a Seminar to review the current model of development adapted by India and other so called developing countries, which is fo
Open debates and discussion on various issues          21           9 True                 100          130
                                                    change issues and promote climate change to 85 actors. A special emph
The event seeks to bridge actors working on climate21          8 False              50          new
                                                   21          6 False                 50          Helsinki Process on Global
The event seeks to continue the multi-stakeholder dialogue process started in the framework of the 85
                                                    groups and values in intergorvenmental processes and civil society - gover
The event seeks to discuss the role of marginalised 21          6 False               50         85
ADVOCACY FOR PRO-POOR DEVELOPMENT                     21           9 False
Workshop discussion                                   21                                   50
A workshop toorganized by the Coalition experiences and future 9 False
A conference assess, in the light of past        21                                  50         global governance bodies p
                                                               prospects, how citizens can make 85
for a World Parliament and World                 21            9 False

Cobas scuola ( pays africains par les               21         7 True
L'agression desItaly, trade union) is multinationales des semences des pays riches : état des lieux, stratégies et résistances
organizing this seminar together with
The Optical Box: a democratic experience            21         6 True                200         170
in teaching and learning.                             21           6 False                 50          85
                                                    21           5 True                 practico los85
Taller de tres horas de duracion en el que se pretende analizar desde un punto de vista 50           flujos migratorios de las m
                                                  21          6 False                100        130
Se presentará un Power Point en el que se explicará en qué consiste el Comité de Solidaridad y Derechos Humanos y se expo
                                                      21           7 False              100           130
Cet atelier vise à discuter, amender et finaliser un appel des organisations des sociétés civiles africaines à l'attention des cand
Nouveau contexte : transfert de la dette
externe vers la detteSud (présentation du
Audit de la dette du interne ; les                    21           2 True               200           170
manuel de l‟audit) et procès contre la BM :           21           9 True                 200         170
                                                       21          1 False              100         130
The objective of this activity is to promote concrete nonviolent experiences in war zones, and to show how this kind of intervent
The activity has the aim of presenting the experiences of the Community Pope John XXIII in Africa, and to share with the partic
                                                    21          6 False            100           130
                                                                 6 sur les
Nous constatons qu‟il y a de plus en plus de contrôle, de pressions False délégués syndicaux ou représentants. En Europe :
                                                     21          4 True                  200         170
Le processus de mondialisation capitaliste, les plans d'ajustement structurel et la multiplication des situations de conflit armé, p
                                               experiência 5 True de superação dos manicômios e cuidado da loucura
Um Mundo sem Manicômios é Possível. 20 anos da21           brasileira       200       170
                                                 21           5 False
A exposição se propõe a apresentar a construção da identidade e posição social branca nos estudos acadêmicos. Assim com
Mesa thought-provoking future representantes de organizações latimoamericanas e africanas de carater antiracista
Bold, de debate com diversos scenarios            21          5 False             200        170
by some of the most visionary and forward-        21          6 True      400+               500
                                                  21           5 community attitudes and of innovative ways of changing suc
Sharing experiences of oppression as experienced through routine False             100         130
                                                21          6 True
The seminar on Decent Work and MDG's will be organised by Solidar.                        200         170
The launch of the Decentwill organizeDecent Life campaign
Social Alert International Work for a an           21              6 True                 300         350
         on social trade union the informal
activity Defendingprotection in rights
-                                                  21              6 False                200         170
                                                      21           6 True
                                                  21            6 False               200          170
This seminar, organised by the Swiss Labour Assistance, will consist of a panel discussing topics ranging from the changes in
                                                  21           6 True             200          170
Under the Decent Work for Decent life umbrella, the African Labour Research Network will organise a seminar discussing alte
                                                   21           6 True              400       450
The session will feature a launch of the Decent Work, Decent Life Campaign by the Decent Work alliance and a discussion am

 Fighting for on child labour global                   Global Progressive Youth Forum and the International Falken Movement.
This seminar a fair system of will be organised by the21          6 True              200         170
governance                                            21          6 True              300         350
                                                21            9 False                 200         170
Does democracy foster economic groth? Does civiparticipation create a more just distribution of land, income, education, health
To be completed later                                 21           7 True                 300         350
                                                  21                                100
Followed by presentations and discussions on how international trade agreements affect farmers and what they farmers netwo
                                                   21           6 False               100          130
African Farmers present the model of agriculture which they are defending & the kind of agricultural policies that are necessary
                                                  area doctrine within the Economic200
The Investiment Framework based on the free trade21
Swaziland is the last remaining absolute                      8 False                         170
                                                                                    Partnership Agreements (EPAs) poses
monarch found in Southern Africa. The            21           9 False              200        170
          "The field of the poor may yield much food,
          but it is swept away through injustice"              21           6 False                200         170
                                                                 21          6 False                200       170
          If getting more girls into school is one of the best ways we can protect children frim HIV-AIDS and care for children whose lives
                                                              a            2 alternatives to the dominant paradigms from different prolific
          A roundtable discussion and a book launch outlining21 critique and True
          For Nairobi                                                                             200       170
          So for the social forum event we need to           21            8 True                 200       170
          Les activités envisagées                             21           8 True                 200         170
                                                              21          6 False             and       130
          Can the European Union still push for the establishment of unsustainable development100 governance models in its neighbou
                                                              21          6 False             and       130
          Can the European Union still push for the establishment of unsustainable development100 governance models in developing c
                                                              21          6 False             and       130
          Can the European Union still push for the establishment of unsustainable development100 governance models in Asia and La
                                                              21           4 False                 50         85
          Using participatory techniques, Fahamu will introduce participants to making short films in the community. The participatory nat

          Présentation courses de constitution des        21           5 False                 50        85
          Two Swedishdu Projet from Färnebo Folk High School in cooperation with students of the Tanzanian Folk Development College
          Etats-Unis d'AFrique.                           21           1 True        400+               500
                                                             21          7 False                 300      350
          Atelier en collaboration avec d'autres mouvements internationaux de solidarité et de développement sur la question de la souve
                                                          21         2 des privatisations des opérateurs en Europe et en Afrique.
          Les télécommunications comme biens publics. Les conséquences False
                                                          21         6 False
          This panel explores Vandana Shiva's "Earth Democracy" movement from the perspective of eco-feminism.
                                                           21         6 False                50        85
          Workshop to describe and discuss the model used by Food For Thought in Uganda to teach organic food growing skills to prim
          Food Sovereignty and Land Struggle in Africa
          Debate on the negative impacts of GMO                21           7 False                300         350

          Témoignage ecosystem and public health
          crops, on the des retournés de Ceuta et              21           3 True                  50          85
          According to the FAO, over 853 million               21           2 False
          people - 13% of the world population - do            21           6 True                  50          85
          This Economic Partnershipthe activity "Gender, food, agriculture and trade:towards an alternative development agenda (1)". He
          The is the continuation of Agreement               21            6 True                 50          85
          (EPA) between the African, Caribbean and           21            6 True                 50          85
                                                              21          7 False
          A half day workshop to discuss and share the skill and experience about the role of the EIB in africa.
                                                             have taken over the paradigm of deveolpment
          cartoon launch to show how the IFIs and corporates 21         5 False
EMENT - FACING THE CHALLENGE OF GLOBALISATION                  21           6
                                                             21          5 False      400+
          We want to create a safe space for LGBTI activists and people who support our causes.                500
          Roundtable                                           21           8 False
          Workshopobjectives of the conference are:
          The main                                             21           6 False
          Discuss and analyse the state of land                21           7 True                 200         170
                                                           21          for 2007,           50         85
          Launch of the Global Campaign for Education's campaign theme6 False centring on Global Action Week 23-29th April.
          Video presentation and discussion                    21           6 False                100         130
          Video Presentations with discussions                 21           6 False                100         130

          Presented on activism leading to Training      21            9 False              50          85
          Workshop by Carol Hwoschinsky,comprehensive international test and weapons ban treaties covering the new generation of hig
          Director for The Compassionate Listening       21            1 False              50          85
                                                             21           3 False                    and     85
          A workshop to raise awareness of the potential impacts of international trade in biofuels,50 to develop strategies to address t
                                                               21           3 of genetic resources50 traditional knowledge through so-
          A participatory strategy meeting on the potential impacts of the saleFalse               and      85
          Grassroots Global Justice is an alliance of US based grassroots organizations working for global justice. This workshop will inc
                                                             21           9 False                50           85
                                                                21          7
          The nobel womens initiative will highlighr their mission statement. False
          Lack of access to energy, is one of the main development challenges within Africa. While Africa has various countries that are
                                                             21          7 False              200          170
          Atelier de création orale : les participants (de 20 à 50) sont invités à se saisir de la littérature comme d‟un matériau dynamique
                                                                 21            9 True                     50       85
Faire découvrir nos pratiques basées sur
les principes du « tous capables » et de              21           9 False                200         170
                                                  21          6 True                 300          350
Workshop considering challenges and strategies from diverse regions in confronting the privatization of public goods and servic
Conference                                            21                         400+
seminar / presentations / panel discussion / question and answer6 False                   300         350
                                                   21                                    links
Workshop on the role of Europe in the South in terms of militarization and trade and the 50 between both fields
                                                   21            2 and corporate agenda and experiences of resistance.
Workshop on the role of Europe in the South in terms of free trade False
                                                   21            2 and corporate agenda.
Workshop on the role of Europe in the South in terms of free trade False
                                                   21            2 False
Workshop on the role of Europe in the South in terms of militarization and trade, and the links between both fields.
                                                       21        2 False
Seminar on re-inventing bi-regional solidarity resisting EU-FTAs and TNCs
                                                      21           4 False
Reflexiones sobre la tecnologia (software libre, entre otras) y su relacion en el espacio politico social.
Organized by: Kenya Human Rights
Commission and ILRF.                                  21           6 True                 200         170
                                                 21           6 True                200         170
Organized by : JAGORY. The growth of cities presents opportunities and challenges for planners and citizens especially to add
                                             (SWAN). This False
Organized by: Samburu Women Advocacy Network 21                               50          for
                                                       6 workshop will explore strategies 85 successfully confronting
                                                 21              True              200         The
Organised by: Bread for the World, Germany, FIAN-International,6IPC human right working group. 170 event shall bring togethe
Organized by: FIDH
Organised by: WGNRR.                                  21           6 False
Panel presentation of testimonies ofthe
The opening session will elaborate                    21           6 False                 50          85
role of human rights and Entishar Charity
Organized by: FIDH in everyday struggles              21           6 True        400+                 500
Society. by: HDHRC and Ecumenical
Organised                                             21           6 False       400+                 500
Platform by: Global Feminisms
Organised                                             21           6 True        400+                 500
Collaboration. EED, Misereor, Brot für die
Organized by:                                         21           6 True                 100         130
Welt, Welthungerhilfe.TheAcross the will
Organizer: PeaceWomen conference                      21           6 True                 200         170
Globe/COPA. Ecumenical Advocacy
Organized by:                                         21           6 True                 200         170
Alliance. Exploring churches' campaigning
Organized by: Mazinguira Institute and                21           6 False                200         170
LWF.                                                  21           6 True        400+                 500
Organised by: International Federation for
Organisé par: FIDH.                                   21           6 True                 100         130

Organized by: (FIDH), Research and
Human Rights Sons land association for                21           6 True                 100         130
human rights(slahr).
Organized by: Occupied Palestine and                  21           6 True                  50          85
Syrian Golan Heights Advoacy Initiative in            21           6 False                 50          85
                                                  21          6 False
Collaborative conference to plan for empowered and more effective peacebuilding in 2007. All women peacebuilders are invited
                                                  21         6 True       400+              500
Organized by: Dignity International, Kenyan Human Rights Commission, Equalinrights and BEACON.
Organizada por: Asociación Pro Derechos
Humanos de Andalucía (APDHA).                     21         6 True                 50       85
                                               21          6 True              100         130
Organized by: Peace and Human Rights Network, Somalia ; Banadir Peace Forum; Peaceline, ISHA Human rights.
Organised by:Soroti Basic Education
Organised by African Woman and Child Feature Service. “Survivor‟s stories” will link the media with survivors of gender justice
                                               21            6 True                     50         85
Support Program and EACOR.                     21            6 False                   100       130
Celebration of the struggles of urban, rural and indigenous movements to claim and realize their rights to housing, land and live
                                                      21        6 True        400+                 500
Encouraging society to start grassroot savingssothat21 can live their own social good lives
O tema geral da oficinade Paz só Com Justiça Social e o sub tema True Colonialismo Brasil África. Na oficina será feita uma a
Seminário em formato é diálogo.                   21           6 , Pós             100          130
Envolverá aproximadamente 10                      21           9 True              200          170
                                                  21              False                100          130
Common discussions about the necessity of joint actions of trade2unions in different units of transnational companies
                                               21           5 False             100        130
Performance by Orphan Children from Kampala, Exploring the Theme of Sexual Abuse, Followed by a Workshop/Discussion
                                                   sur        6 True                  200       170
Séminaire de réflexion et d'échanges d'expériences 21 les espaces et les formes d'alliance possibles entre les acteurs des po
To talk about food security as a human right.         21            6 False                100         130
                                                 pluralisme de l'information dans les espaces régionaux (cas du MAEP de
Comment promouvoir les normes internationales du21           9 True                 300        350
                                                    21            9 True              300         pour
Quelle place pour les médias africains face à la concentration et à la convergence ? Quels enjeux 350 un service public d'infor

Civil society inform and focused                 21            6 True
coference tomust have aget support on importance of protecting children                    100         130
approach to government if the members
Presentation of the international campaign       21            9 True                       50          85
for „zero evictions‟.                                 21            6 True                 200         170
                                                      21            6 True             200        170
This round table will present the importance of literacy in social movement, experiences of examples of how literacy is empowe
This workshop is about “Recover multiple
identities, condemns multiplethat will allow
A one day training workshop                           21            5 False              50        85
participants to share their perspective via           21            4 True                  50          85
                                                   organise a workshop on the issue200
The International Federation Terre des Hommes will21          5 False                        170
                                                                                   of CHILD TRAFFICKING IN AFRICA - A
                                                    21         1 and                   100        130
We will present different points of view on an economy with womenTrue gift giving at the center. Women from South and North
"Embracing the excluded of today" - our
sister and brothers with AIDS in Cabinda;           21         6 True                  200        170
TBA                                                   21            5 True                  50          85
                                                          21           9 False               200         170
This activity will look at Africa in the global context highlighting current challenges and struggles - issues of Debt and Developm
workshop                                              21            1 False
                                                    21          2 True               200        170
Overview of positions and proposals, case studies from 3 regions, sharing of campaigning experiences and strategies - South &
workshop/seminar on Debt and Africa                   21            2 True                 100         130
                                                     Illegitimate Debt)
Responsible/Alternative Financing (as the reverse of21            2 True                   100         130
                                                  swaps for education, nature, health 50 other common goods and rights, f
workshop to analyze and develop strategies on debt21         6 True                   and       85

The concept Haiti, from its anti-slave                 21           the struggle against economic and military occupation. Specia
Workshop onof illegitimate debt will be revolt to current times and 7 True                100       130
explained.                                             21           2 True        400+              500
                                                    21         2 True              200            funding to this institution as
The seminar will focus on the campaign and call to government fundind the World bank to cut their170
                                                 21               True                  50          85
The dialogue will be open to all GCAP MDG National coalitions in2africa.The aim of the dialogue is to compare their experience

Amani Peoples Theatre (APT) GCA MDG                 coalitions across the world.The aim of the dialogue is to compare their exp
This dialogue will be open to all proposes National 21           2 False               100         130
to use participatory theatre techniques to          21           6 False               200         170

The workshop Kenya Magazine. Journalists from the Nation media, reporters from News from Africa and Radio Waumini will
The Big Issue proposed by Legambiente           21          6 False              200         170
will be an opportunity to present, discuss
Aims:                                           21          3 True                50          85
·Visualise the broad political, theoretical,          21            5 True                 100         130
This Dialogue based onis supportedis the
“Revolution is initiative land. Land by REMTE, World March of Women, ALAI and FEDAEPS. It is a permanent process that,
                                                 21           5 False           100        130
basis of all independence. Land is the           21           7 False           200        170
                                                  21            6 --The              200         170
A panel on human rights abuses after Hurricane Katrina in the U.S.True lingering effects of extreme poverty and racism in the
                                                                    6 des
Ces ateliers donneront l'opportunité aux travailleuses et travailleursTrue différents secteurs de l‟informel (artisanat, petits métie
                                                     21                                   300          350
                                                      21                                   50
The presentation will include 2 kinds of interactive activities: 2 workshops and 2 forum theatre performances.
                                                   21          4 False
exhibition of the MS Uganda Projects material and how it was developed                      50          85
presentations on land struggles by been           21           7 True                200         170
Africa's own ideas and history has affected communities and peoples networks: highlighting historical injustices, corporate inva
edited and suppressed throughout the              21           9 True      400+                  500
                                               21          1 False                 trained and organised international civil
Workshop on the programme and work of the Nonviolent Peaceforce in sending skilled200        170
                                                     21          4 True
            The CONDYLOMATA ACCUMINATUM CA) it is caused by the papiloma human virus (PVH). There are evidences of increase
                                                                with       4 True                50          85
            Evaluation of the answer seroconversion of patients 21 HIV / AIDS vaccinated against the Yellow fever. Analyze of the best va
                                                                               8 in particular of the US and the 170will be exposed and disc
            In this panel, the new strategies in relation to trade and investment,True
                                                                    21                                200        EU
                                                                    civilians in conflict?
            Rights in Crisis? Whose responsibility is it to protect 21            7 False            200         170
                                                                21            9 , public            and    450
            The African Union's vision of 2001 states its commitment to justice False participation400 human rights. It has emerged as a
                                                               21           6 True                 300
            to discuss about the Paulo Freire methodology and the projetcs of Paulo Freire Institute             350
                                                                21           1 table               300        350
            A public forum with panel speakers giving presentations in a round False discussion format. The audience/participants will be en
                                                                 21            9 False                 50         85
            Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation in relation to Identity Crisis within Democratic formation in Africa
                                                             21          1 True               200         170
            Seminar and facilitated discussion about why women peacebuilders remain marginalised even at the WSF and in social movem
            This People's Coalitionan introduction to re-evaluation counseling 5 False peer based counseling which anyone can learn and e
            The workshop will be on Food                          21           skills, a            50         85
            Sovereignty or PCFS is a growing network              21           7 True              200        170
                                                                 21           5 de la                100        en
            El Seminario presentara un analisis de la significacion y el impacto True industria del sexo basada130 la adquisicion, venta y co
            PSI recognizes the rights of individuals to
            migrate (temporarily or economy? What
            What is solidary social permanently),                21           5 False                200       170
            does that mean? who is part of it?What                  21           8 True              200         170
                                                                  21          labourers           50          85
            A seminar about international solitarit; The working class and the9 False of every country should of course be settled with the
            Africa plays a rising role in the new age of
            global capitalism. The main contradictions            21          2 False            100         130
            RWM will be working on issuesd around women's human rights
rk of organizations working on women's human rights                 21
                                                             21         6 the clean up operation.
            A VCD presentation based on case experiences in Zimbabwe after False
            Durante el starting out with short en Nairobi,los participantes podrán instituir en la realidad,el Sistema Económico Alicuoto,o Mo
            Workshop taller que se realizara                       21          8 True
            introduction on questions like: and what
            Social indicators: What are they                       21          5 False                  300         350
            are they for? Technical criteria for                    21           5 False              50          85
                                                                21             False
            a regional seminar on the experiences of struggles for grassroots9democracy, with the launch of the SAAPE Poverty Report '06
                                                              21           9 False                50           the
            Dialogue and sharing of information and experiences about environmental justice issues, especially 85 dumping of toxins in low
ant?Voices from the slum Part I                                     21                                50
                                                                 21          2 False
            To share the impact of FDI in respect of plundering resources of poor countries and the people struggle to protect the public an
                                                            21         9 False              50
            Tafungua, a German/Kenyan NGO invites you to discuss the MDG's and to demand them correctly.85
                                                               21           on Guaranteeing Good Governance and Democracy from Ta
            The Session will be on sharing of testimonies and Best Practices9 False            100      130
            Let's give voice to Africa: Africa and world media      21           4 True
            From Nairobi to Assisi to promote "all human rights for all"         6 True
                                                              21            2 True                role        350
            This Seminar aims to reshape the discussion on corruption by turning the focus on the 300 of international finance institution, O
            Artists regularly inhabit a space of
            imagining what isn't there until it is.           21            9 True                 50          85
            Seminar                                                 21           6 False
                                                                  21            4 False
            This activity will begin with presentations by representatives of the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, BADI
                                                              21         1 True               300      350
            The world and Africa needs a new view to achieve the Development Goals. Some well-known speakers will debate about the m
                                                                   21          1 True              300          world
            The Alliance of Civilisations is a proposal against the lack of communication among cultures in the 350 and to build a shared
             Atelier destiné à présenter le
            cette activité consiste en une programme de d‟appui au développement durable de Yélimané (PADDY)
                                                              21          6 True              200       170
            communication sur les maladies de                 21          5 True                50       85
                                                                 21          7 False               300         350
            A seminar on Palestine dealing with the injustices faced by the Palestinian people because of the Israeli occupation. A call for s
A workshop for people who are in Africa.           21          2 True                 profiteers. The aim of the workshop is
Nonviolence has a long history campaigning (or interested in campaigning) against war 50          85
In view of the present image of Africa as          21          1 False              200          170
                                                 21           1 False
A workshop aimed at networking among anti-globalisation and peace activists                50          85
                                                 21              designed          300      350
WikiLeaks.Org is an uncensorable version of WikiPedia explicitly4 False for safe mass document leaking and distribution. W
                                                21            sterilisation.
Panel presentation of women's who have been sumited to forced5 False
Participate in this interactive panel and                                                 100         130

Participate in women‟s rights activists
dialogue with this interactive panel and        21           5 False                      200         170
dialogue with women‟s rights activists                21             5 False              200         170
                                                      21            4 True                 50         by
This seminar will highlight experiences in the local use of global or regional human rights standards 85 community radio and civ
                                                   results of the AMARC global evaluation process on the social impact of co
This seminar, organized by AMARC, will present the21            4 True
To analyse poverty and wealth                         21             8 False
                                                    21            7 True
Inauguration of Parliamentarians working for alternatives to neoliberal globalization     200         170
                                                     21           NGOs                   200          the
In this seminar social movements, civil society organisations and 2 True are invited to contribute to170 shared concept of World
                                                    21            3 False                 100
Aim to Highlight how the Caravan can play a significant role in the mobilization of the grassroots. 130
                                                 21          7 False                200         170
Estará abiero durante dos dias, como espacio permente para hacer visible el proceso continental y tener un punto de referenci
Thean open event whereserve as central meeting space for information and coordination50 advocacy and campaigning for Pale
It‟s 'Palestine Tent' will all participants      21           7 False                 of       85
are welcome. Each day will have a theme          21           5 False                50        85
                                                21         9 True      400+                 will
A Tent set up in the WSF Youth Camp that can accommodate between 50-100 participants, which500 serve as an open, safe s
Exhibition of products                                21
Exhibition in partnership with COFTA and KEFAT        21             8 False               50          85

description                                  Date          Terrain              room size
                                                                      need_interpretation       Fee Euros

none                                                  21             3 False
North South the experience of Building Workshop for21 Economic Partnership Agreements
To socialize Youth Strategies the                   Fair    8 False              50                    85
constitution of a net of African women and         21       6 False
                                                       21           6 False
This is a mock court/trial in which youth will be giving personal testimonies relating to challenges affecting them. For the tribuna
good education for global democracy for
The Open University will offer a space                21             4 False
youth to engage on a critique to the
Misiones:                                             21             9 True               200         170

The Inter-generational Nacional
-Misión Robinson: PlanDialogue identifies,            21             6 True               100         130
trains and supports young women                       21             6 False
                                                  the         9 False              100        130
Engaging African youth present at Forum to assess 21 satus of youth movements in the continent.
                                                     21         4 False
The sessions will explore the different ways African women and youth have claimed and used culture as a form of political and
African Women mobilizing against VAW                  21             5 False
Round table discusdsion on highlighting Income generating Activities                       50

description                                  Date          Terrain              room size
                                                                      need_interpretation       Fee Euros
                                               21           6 False               300       350
The Yamuna Pushta slum in Delhi was home to nearly 40,000 families. Between late Febraury and early May 2004 over 40,00
Organized by: Human Rights Nights in
cooperation with the Gender Equity             21           6 False      400+               500
Organized by FIDH.                                    21             6 False              200        170
                                                  21            8 Millennium Development Goals. These documentaries offer
Screening of 8 documentaries that are exemplary for each of the 6 False             200       170
                                                  21          6 False
Proyección y discusión de película documental sobre el fenómeno de la migración           300        350
Screening of acclaimed features filmed in         that       1 False                300         350
Film showing of The Kibera Kid, and documentaries21 reflect and call for a total change of the current global economic parad
Kibera informal settlement in Kenya with         21          3 False                 50          85

description                                  Date          Terrain              room size
                                                                      need_interpretation       Fee Euros

                                                  21           5 to re-inforce them
Combination of interraction seminars with dramas,skits,song danceFalse
                                                  21          1 de conflit armé à travers des pagnes
Exposition de photos, de paroles de femmes vivant dans une zone False       400+               500
                                                     teen-ager - a1sculptural outcry about the right to contraception an sober se
Setting up a scupture depicting a crucified pregnant 21             False       400+                  500
                                                     21         4 we will           200        170
By means of forum theatre - which is a interactive theatre-method -False create discussion and dialogue about the conseque

description                                  Date          Terrain              room size
                                                                      need_interpretation       Fee Euros
"Black is the color we wear,
 Black is our color of protest" .                     21             5 True      open space

description                                  Date          Terrain              room size
                                                                      need_interpretation       Fee Euros
This activity will take place outside the
main vanue (Moi Sports Center Kasarani).
Organized by: Kenya Human Rights                      21             3 False
The Kutoka Network wants to offer the                 21             6 True      400+                500

On the to meet Kutoka Network wants
chance 21st, theits communities in the to             21             6 False

On the 21st, the to meet its communities
offer the chance Kutoka Network wants to              21             6 False
offer the chance Kutoka Network wants to
On the 21st, the to meet its communities              21             6 False
offer the chance to meet its communities              21             6 False
                                                    21         6 its communities in the slums. The WSF delegates are invite
On the 21st, the Kutoka Network wants to offer the chance to meetFalse
                                                    21         6 its communities in the slums. The WSF delegates are invite
On the 21st, the Kutoka Network wants to offer the chance to meetFalse
                                                               6 its communities in the slums. The WSF delegates are invite
On the 21st, the Kutoka Network wants to offer the chance to meetFalse
                                                     21         1 False
It will take place outside the main vanue: behind Shalom House, Dagoreti Area. The street children from the different projects o
                                                   21              False
A new home for Kibera street children has just opened in Nairobi.6Participants are asked to visit it, listen to the children and sha
                                                    21           1 and
The football tournament will be held during the World Social ForumFalsethe idea is to bring the youth together to share ideas an

description                                  Date          Terrain              room size
                                                                      need_interpretation       Fee Euros
A CO-ORGANISED EVENT that includes
several public performances including
A CO-ORGANISED EVENT                                21           2 False               400         450
- intergenerational dialogue, short films,          21           6 True                400         450
                                                  21           7 True
The Nairobi WSF is proposed to be the launching occasion for the African Wars Tribunal, a Tribunal initiated jointly with the Fo
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                                 2006/12/04 2006/12/08 <p>On augustGMT+1
                                                       21:01:52.177 7th                  ('4', Youth Culture
ACT17CC6F6Fresentation-of-the-south-south-cooperation-africa-brazil-undp 2006, the Ministry of'18', '23', '26') and Sports o
          p          en                     16:37:53.507 GMT+1 Global
          hiv-aids-and-its-intersection-with-vaw-women-from-asia-latin-america-and-africa ('1', '31', '62', '71', '74')
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          women-s-access-to-and-control-over-land-and-other-natural-resources      ('1', '27', '40', '31', '74')
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                                2006/12/11 2006/12/11 16:41:26.710 GMT+1                          ('3',)
          building-solidarity-for-pan-african-fight-against-hiv-and-aids GMT+1 HIV/AIDS activists who are well versed with
ACT21DFD1363          en                        17:24:25.010 GMT+1 Regional
                                   2006/12/11 2006/12/11 18:07:34.165                    ('3',)
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                                 2006/11/27 2006/11/27 16:02:11.133 GMT+1                         ('62', '39', '27', '74', '71')
           culture-and-biodiversity2006/12/23 2006/12/23 11:34:53.115 GMT+1
ACT107012020          en                      11:32:01.357 GMT+1 Global                           ('1',)
          action-des-paysans-de-l-afrique-de-l-ouest-par-rapport-aux-ape by Maurice Oudet, '2', '23', '67', '69')
ACT16D6C2AD2         en                     16:25:42.021 GMT+1 Regional
                                                        13:44:35.384 GMT+1
                               2006/11/19 2006/11/29 <p>Seminary given                ('1', who has been working with
          t            en          2006/10/25 2006/10/25 20:01:44.155 GMT+3
ACTFEA19751he-illegitimate-debt-dialogue      19:44:51.853 GMT+3 Global                           ('33', '46')
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                                                       08:58:18.345 GMT+1                ('46', '47', '56', '60', '67', '68', Hea
                                 2006/11/24 2006/11/24 <p>The research reports contain findings pertaining to Labour, '74'
          c            en          2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>A fifteen member delegation will be attending this strategy sess
                                              15:58:08.050 GMT+1 Global
                                                          16:56:53.596 GMT+1 A one day civil society strategy session duri
ACT4C0A61D8ivil-society-strategy-session-on-the-extractive-sector                        ('1', '14', '38', '60')
          oil-producing-communities-and-revenue-transparency-goverance-in-africa-case-studiesexperience by other of'16',
ACT5D2DD128           en                   14:56:02.767 GMT+1 Global
                                                      15:15:28.507 GMT+1 Case studies and
                                                                                        ('1', co-organised '14', '15', sim
                               2006/12/01 2006/12/01 <p>a side event for a roundtable to be '2', '4', '6', '11',sharing partic
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          act-now-or-pay-later-halting-the-spread-of-hiv-aids-among-the-youth TBA
ACT1010E072          en                      15:27:08.570 GMT+1 G GMT+1
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>TBA</p> lobal                           ('3',)
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                                                          17:21:32.536 GMT+1              ('1', '30', '38', '49', '61')
                                  2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>The purpose of the Alliance is to fight poverty more effectively b
          s           en         2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>'School,Global Place to Work' is a'38', '47') that seeks to el
                                             16:37:40.458 GMT+1 the Best
                                                         17:10:34.925 GMT+1
ACT3F110CF4top-child-labour-school-is-the-best-place-to-work                         ('24', campaign
                     en         2006/12/14 2006/12/14 GMT+1 Regional
ACT60DCE4 alliance2015-partner-and-speaker-reception 17:00:54.918 GMT+1                           ('1', '9', '18')
ACT193642A24           fr                       17:09:55.177 GMT+1 Continental
                                                            23:05:32.452 GMT+1                  ('16',)
                                    2006/12/07 2006/12/07 <p>A travers cette activité, Alternative se propose d'aborder la pro
ACT6C728655        fr                     18:32:43.059 GMT+1 Global
                              2006/12/07 2006/12/07 18:39:21.052 GMT+1                 ('42', '51', '47')
ACT413E872E          fr                     19:25:44.626 GMT+1 Global
                                                       19:48:35.163 radiophoniques seront organisées dans le '52', '20',
                               2006/12/11 2006/12/11 <p>Les tablesGMT+1
                                                      <p>                             ('2', '16', '19', '10', '42', stand de
                      en           2006/11/23 2006/11/23 22:57:21.010 GMT+1
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ACT2605615 scholars-activists-and-the-world-social-forum-process                                  ('53', '24', '66', '4', '60')
                      en                    21:31:22.817 GMT+1 Regional South Asian
                                                       21:56:58.169 GMT+1                ('20', '21', to create
ACTB27A96Dnuclear-free-south-asia2006/12/09 2006/12/09 <p>To activate the people of the South Asia '53', '55') an environm
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                                             13:57:36.544 GMT+1 Regional                ()
ACT1C358CC57       fr                     10:41:21.220 GMT+1 aim of
                                                     10:50:36.938 GMT+1              ('67', '63', '37')
                               2006/12/01 2006/12/01 <p>Its is anGlobal A&amp;D to share the contentents of this works
ACT163125D3F       en                       11:07:06.702 GMT+1 Continental
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 11:16:17.011 GMT+1                         ()
          strengthening-civil-society-capacity-to-engage-governments-on-education-policy ('1', '24', '31',above is listed as 'n
ACTDD07A4C1          en                       07:43:20.588 GMT+1 National
                                  2006/11/17 2006/11/17 08:21:10.300 GMT+1 While the activity range '38', '55')
          w          en        2006/12/15 2006/12/15 15:23:44.809 GMT+1
ACT2F19B0E6 omen-in-black-workshop        15:21:31.888 GMT+1 Global                               ('1', '4', '27', '71', '72', '74')
ACT23386BA7A          en           2006/11/25 2006/11/26 contextual National Brazilian Association of '14', '15', '24', '27', '3
                                              21:52:45.279 GMT+1
                                                         00:48:42.942 GMT+1
          child-and-juvenile-justice-in-a-network-perspective                            ('1', '4', '10', Child and Juvenile J
ACT10ADC3D58         es                   14:06:39.803 GMT+1 National
                               2006/12/11 2006/12/11 14:10:49.465 GMT+1                          ('10', '24', '11')
          movimento-hip-hop-em-parceria-com-ongs 14:03:22.530 GMT+1
ACT1328FB2D        es                     13:52:30.733
                              2006/12/11 2006/12/11 GMT+1 Local                                  ('19', '24', '35', '11')
ACT9B19B390         es                     13:38:10.563 GMT+1 Local
                                2006/12/11 2006/12/11 13:42:56.945 GMT+1                         ('24', '64', '11')
          s           es        2006/12/11 2006/12/11 14:36:40.182 GMT+1
ACTA82A1D3Boftware-livre-mecanismo-de-partilha-de-poder GMT+1 National                           ('13', '20', '24')
ACTE6A0699D           es                   14:18:27.795 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/11 2006/12/11 14:25:53.684 GMT+1                          ('23', '64', '75', '47')
          the-role-of-the-young-scientists-in-the-thecnological-and-scientific-development ('24', '66')
ACT16C158DB8           en                      23:11:46.335 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 23:23:35.544 GMT+1
          where-is-the-money-for-women-s-rights-a-strategy-sesionGlobal with Both Associates'16', '39', '31', '74')action-res
ACT11D9D29B6         en                   00:15:29.110 GMT+1
                                                      01:08:04.814 GMT+1 Just global ('4', regionally specific informati
                               2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <p>In 2005 AWID                    and embarked on an
          resisting-and-challenging-fundamentalisms 16:07:51.286 GMT+1
ACT1FFA4905A          en                    15:05:14.616
                                 2006/12/13 2006/12/13 GMT+1 Global                              ('1', '38', '52', '58', '74')
          s          en          2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:07:55.641 GMT+1
ACT3D585C53ocialism-of-xxi-century          10:05:42.622 GMT+1 Global                            ('19',)
          s          en          2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:12:36.294 GMT+1
                                              10:10:02.100 GMT+1 Global
ACTAA49E573ocialism-of-the-xxi-century-strategies-and-challenges-of-the-world-movement ('1', '19')
ACT13B0D3A12        en                     15:46:29.069 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/11/29 2006/11/29 15:50:38.875 GMT+1                 ('42', '51')
ACT12C773582        en                    15:32:41.886 style="text-align: Organizations from different countries: Chad
                                                     15:49:54.354 GMT+1 Exchange ('55',)
                               2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p GMT+1 Global justify;"><i>Impunity </i>is the fact of not punis
                    en                              10:41:30.585 GMT+1 between ('55',)
                                         10:15:28.804 style="text-align: 1.
                              2006/11/27 2006/11/27 <p GMT+1 Global justify;">Reintroducing peace doesn't mean on
          workshop en                                       14:27:10.582 GMT+1 Exchange ('6', '20', '33', '46', '67')
                                                 13:37:19.260 GMT+1 Global
                                      2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p> Multinational energy corporations and oil-exporting countries h
                                                            <p>In the
ACT1FC7A5AB3         en         2006/11/30 2006/12/06 official
                                            15:15:41.288 GMT+1 Global
                                                       18:55:11.180 GMT+1 World Economy, '23', '41', '33', '67')
          does-the-south-need-financing-for-development-from-the-north              ('16', resource flows, economic
                               2006/11/23 2006/11/24 <p>In orderGlobal
                                           18:08:10.365 GMT+1 toGMT+1for the termination of '23', '69') and Pacific
                                                      10:10:57.744 press Europe and('2', '20', Caribbean
          impact-of-epa-s-economic-partnership-agreements-analysis-frm-the-south-an-the-north the EPA negotiations be
ACTE07DC3F2          en                                                                African,
          a          en           2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:42:00.422 GMT+1
ACT37A8BE99 pe-et-mobilisation-sociale       10:40:35.489 GMT+1 Continental                      ('2',)
                                 2006/12/08 2006/12/08 <p>As the largest public development institution in the world, '65')
          the-world-bank-in-africa-what-is-it-up-to-why-should-you-care-and-what-can-you-do-about-it '25', '41', '43', the W
ACT331DB0CA          en                                  22:15:15.961 GMT+1
                                              22:10:07.771 GMT+1 Continental             ('1', '14', '22',
ACT7A013504          en                     16:46:33.294 GMT+1 Global
                                                       17:17:06.881 GMT+1 The water issue '73')
                                                                                             actors whose complex
                                 2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>Bridge initiative brings together('12', is a commun good political
          gender-and-sexuality-workshop 2006/11/30 <p>Sexuality and gender can combine '31', '49', '52', '74')
ACT168448CD0        en                                15:53:18.556 GMT+1
                                2006/11/30 15:06:27.890 GMT+1 Global              ('3', to make a huge difference i
          le-tourisme-solidaire-promouvoir-un-outil-de-developpementGMT+1une proposition de la CCAS, Caisse centrale
ACT7A5613FF          fr                      11:59:45.747 GMT+1 Global
                                  2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>Ce séminaire est           ('67',)
ACT13B5BBD5          en                      15:56:53.201 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/06 2006/12/06 16:18:05.054 GMT+1                         ('4', '6', '11', '33', '47')
ACT28CC7F99iv-aids        en                     18:01:57.495 GMT+1 Global
                                                            18:25:18.790 GMT+1 A booth will be set up with posters, fliers, e
                                      2006/11/20 2006/12/13 <p>Self Organized Activity.</p><p>January 21 2007, 3:00 PM-4:00
          colloquium en
ACTC1BC54DB                                      16:06:45.078 GMT+1 Continental
                                                            11:53:22.591 GMT+1               ('20',)
                                      2006/11/20 2006/12/12 <p></p><p>Self Organized Activity.</p><p>Proposed Date: Sunda
          overcoming-violence-peace-building-and-reconciliation Global Januaryinquiry 8:00AM-11:00AM</p>
ACTE550627F         en                     18:17:19.690 GMT+1
                                                      18:24:20.188 GMT+1 An 2007, into the nature of conflicts and str
                               2006/11/20 2006/11/20 <p>Tuesday 23rd                   ('1', '11', '15')
          p          en         2006/11/20 17:30:54.292 GMT+1 21, 2007 11:00AM-1:00PM:</p><p> the slums
                                                        12:12:36.149 GMT+1                of
ACTECF90258overty-rural-and-urban-livelihood 2006/12/12 <p>JanuaryContinentalBasic rights() the poor in (Ecumenical Pavi

          seminar-highlighting-the-psychological-social-and-economic-impact-of-civil-war ('11', '20')
ACTC67BED3E          en                     11:11:54.525 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 11:14:13.360 GMT+1
                       en                   17:26:40.068 GMT+1 Global
ACT8726205 palestinian-prisoners 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 17:33:53.359 GMT+1                        ('15', '38', '46')

          water-privatization-international-investment-disputes-the-case-of-biwater-v-tanzania civil society organizations an
ACTDF01D3B4           en                       09:57:44.579 GMT+1 Global provide a forum ('1', '12', '14', '38', '57', '67', '69')
                                                          23:52:13.506 will
                                  2002/01/20 2006/12/13 <p>This eventGMT+1                 for
ACT334C981C         en                     14:56:55.717 GMT+1 Global
                              2006/11/25 2006/11/25 15:05:50.456 GMT+1                           ('20', '38', '52', '57', '60')
          moving-from-food-security-to-food-sovereignty07:24:17.268 GMT+1
ACT3B84F419         en                      07:08:52.196 GMT+1 </h5><p><i><strong>Morning: Speak '69') on Food So
                               2006/12/20 2006/12/20 <h5>Day 1 Continental        ('1', '2', '4', '48', Out
ACT1C2CFD83D         en                      19:52:07.701 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/15 2006/12/15 20:03:18.071 GMT+1                        ('1', '2', '29')
                                2006/11/16 2006/11/29 <p GMT+1 Global justify;">D‟un point'2', '4', '14', '16',
                                            22:33:43.179 style="text-align:              ('1', de vue strictement '23', '46
ACT137A4D484          fr                                17:41:08.228 GMT+1
          animating-democracy-at-local-level09:40:53.458 GMT+1 committed to walking with communities towards the rea
ACT1A65E4537         en                                10:14:01.471 GMT+1
                              2006/12/12 2006/12/12 <p>CLP is National               ('1', '38', '48', '64', '65')
                                2006/12/12 2006/12/12 <p><strong>Alternative Development Paradigm – '67')
                                                                                     ('1', '2', '4', '14', A focusing the c
          seminar-on-alternate-development-paradigm-a-search Regional This seminar will be primarily Search</stron
ACT18D52B305        en                                06:34:54.450 GMT+1
                                           05:57:17.293 GMT+1
ACTBC829C2citizens-assembly                      12:43:26.760 GMT+1 Regional
                                                            12:46:07.702 GMT+1             ('1', '14', '21', '38', '48')
                                      2006/12/02 2006/12/02 <p>Open debates and discussion on various issues</p>
          climate-change-a-global-challenge2006/12/14 16:58:31.759 GMT+1
ACT1594F5A10         en        2006/12/14 16:53:31.457 GMT+1 Global                             ()
ACT18AE5C188        en                       22:56:59.155 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/13 2006/12/13 23:18:48.472 GMT+1                        ()
ACT21370612C           en                     21:55:11.267 GMT+1 Global
                                                         22:04:17.442 continues     ('20',)
                                  2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>The event GMT+1 the work of CGP to promote a plural dialo
          civil-society-for-poverty-reduction 2006/12/24 07:43:43.946 GMT+1
ACT4CFC0BF0            en          2006/12/24 07:41:14.056 GMT+1 Global                         ()

                                2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p>This workshop                ('20', society to what extent eng
         civil-society-and-accountable-global-governance GMT+1 Global will assess in what ways and and publicly accou
ACTDBACFC20           en                               16:13:41.763 GMT+1 Questions of civil'33')
ACTD2D81CDB          en                      16:11:24.931 GMT+1
                                                        16:24:08.045 GMT+1
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>L'agre Global                         ('16', '20', '27', '33', '64')
ACT4BB19761          fr         2006/12/29 2006/12/29 ssion
                                              01:34:56.248 GMT+1
                                                         01:38:04.759 GMT+1
          coalition-malienne-pour-la-protection-du-genie-genetique National                     ('2', '69')
          n           en        2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>For the Global free public education'24', everyone.Education an
                                            20:34:17.142 GMT+1 right to
                                                        20:44:50.119 GMT+1                ('10', for '47',
ACT3C6158ABeoliberalism-and-social-exclusion-in-education-minorities-people-with-special-needs-migrants '52', '57')
ACT241FD48F          en                   15:53:35.349 GMT+1 Global
                                                     18:08:22.582 GMT+1 Teachers researchers, students social KNO
                                                                                     ('4', '13', '18', '24', '60', THE
                              2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p></p><p><strong>THE MAGIC BOX - AUTONOMY IN'66') work
ACT16286705F           en                     10:42:33.877 GMT+1 Global
                                   2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:44:28.513 GMT+1                     ()
ACT1777E3E85         es                    19:29:25.731 GMT+2 Regional              ('24',)
                                2006/10/30 2006/10/30 19:33:46.803 GMT+2 Acciones planificadas por los distitntos com
          atelier-france-afrique-du-neocolonialisme-au-partenariatles semainesAtelier focalisé atelier, plusieurs entre la Fra
ACT1D7108533           fr                    16:46:40.918 GMT+1
                                                        17:12:43.601 GMT+1 précédant cet sur les relations organisation
                                  2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p>Dans Global                    ('16', '20')
          new-context-transfert-from-external-debt-towards-internal-debt-anticipated-reimbursement a '46') situation in ma
ACT13E1405A0        en                      23:07:53.630 GMT+1 Global
                                                       11:17:19.997 GMT+1                 witnessing
                                 2006/11/27 2006/12/12 <p>For some years we have been ('1', '16', '41', new
          s          en          2006/11/27 2006/12/20 <p>DR-CongoGMT+1
                                              22:28:20.389 GMT+1 Global
                                                         18:17:57.434 is characterized by ('4', '16', '20', misappropriation of
                                                        <p>The                            odious debt, '23', '41', '33', '46')
ACT23F0C922F         en         2006/12/13 2006/12/15 objective
                                            16:22:14.83110:58:07.583 GMT+1
          active-nonviolence-experiences-in-conflict-areas GMT+1 Global                         ('15', '53', '55')
ACTCE2ECF7F           en                      16:45:54.078 GMT+1 Continental
                                  2006/12/13 2006/12/13 17:46:57.153 GMT+1                      ('10',)
ACT1300F1DC5          fr                    09:28:04.696 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/04 2006/12/04 09:29:52.383 GMT+1                        ()
ACT12EDA1DB1         fr                       11:48:28.680 GMT+1 Global
                                                         11:57:45.072 GMT+1              ('16', '67', communauté
                                 2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>Dans ce contexte, il est important que la '24', '45', '60') scientifiq
          u        es       2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>Nos últimos 20 anos, o movimento social participação de entida
                                       20:17:05.063 GMT+1 Global
ACT506D96AEm-mundo-sem-manicomios-e-possivel                                      receber a da '27', '65')
                                                  20:31:17.451 GMT+1 Desejamos ('52', '64', '38', luta antimanicomi
                                  2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <p>Profª Drª Damiana
          titulo-2013-subjetividade-e-racismo00:50:02.124 GMT+1 National Miranda</p><p><i>Formada em Medicina p
ACT2002B0A9           en                                01:06:19.464 GMT+1         ('1', '27', '38', '51')
ACTFD454450          es                    01:57:28.407 GMT+1 Global
                              2006/12/14 2006/12/14 02:06:54.492 GMT+1                          ('17', '20', '52', '42', '19', '64', '38'
          what-next en
ACT24CFCF9D2                                    22:15:27.796 GMT+1 Global
                                                           01:48:39.493 GMT+1
                                     2006/11/29 2006/12/24 <p>                                  ('4', '6', '12', '14', '17', '20', '22', '2
ACTF41DD0BF         en                     23:31:32.810 GMT+1 Regional
                               2006/12/11 2006/12/11 23:42:23.260 GMT+1                         ('3', '4', '74')
          decent-work-and-millenium-development-goals GMT+1 Global be organised ('16', '46', '47', '65', speakers incl
ACT102DAE510        en                     16:36:04.962
                                                      16:47:59.784 GMT+1
                                2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>The seminar will       by Solidar and the '67', '75')
ACT126D1142E        en                     15:54:53.248 GMT+1 Global
                                                      16:14:45.690 GMT+1              Life '46', '47', will '67', '75')
                                2006/11/29 2006/12/15 <p>The Decent Work for a Decent('16', campaign'65', be organised
          social-protection-for-workers-in-the-informal-economy Alert International will be hosting a seminar with a panel
ACT16C104F24          en                      16:42:18.700 GMT+1
                                                         17:29:49.979 GMT+1
                                  2006/11/15 2006/11/17 <p>Social Global                  ('44', '64', '65', '75')
ACT1DEAAF786          en                     21:04:14.922 GMT+1 Global bring
                                                        21:13:58.022 will                  ('1', unionsist and all those inter
                                  2006/12/04 2006/12/04 <p>The forumGMT+1 together trade '11', '14', '16', '20', '23', '27',
ACT20ADB86F2        en                    12:33:29.373 GMT+1 National
                                                     14:19:21.719 GMT+1               ('16', '29', Southern African
                               2006/12/05 2006/12/05 <p>The speakers for this seminar will be the'47', '64', '67', '75')Reg
          a            en         2006/11/30 2006/11/30 15:27:49.837 GMT+1
ACT5384C3EBlternative-to-neo-liberalism      14:14:28.536 GMT+1 Global                          ('16', '46', '47', '65', '67', '75')
                     en         2006/11/29 2006/11/29 21:44:29.666 GMT+1 The campaign is global '16', '23', butspeake
                                            21:28:03.249 GMT+1 Global                ('1', '4', '11', in scope of '33', h
ACT88A5E2 launch-of-decent-work-decent-life-campaign <p>The launch of the campaign will feature and number'27',relies '4
ACT9253A7D9 hild-labouren                       16:04:31.474 GMT+1 Global
                                                           09:52:06.513 GMT+1                 by the Global '47', '65', '67', '75'
                                     2006/11/29 2006/12/07 <p>This seminar will be organised ('10', '16', '46', Progressive Youth
          international-trade-unionism-for-decent-work-in-africa-and-all-around-the-world-part-2 '6', '11', '14', '16', '20', '23
ACTC9896413           en                     21:18:59.060 GMT+1 Global
                                  2006/12/04 2006/12/04 21:23:22.942 GMT+1                 ('1', '4',
          democracy-andeconomic-development-panel 16:02:25.455 GMT+1
ACT1733A048A        en                  15:55:46.199
                             2006/12/13 2006/12/13 GMT+1 Global                                 ('20', '23')
          african-diaspora-and-the-construction-of-a-multipolar-world GMT+1 To Be Completed '16', '18', '19', '1', '21', '7
ACT20D3EB93F          en                     09:54:50.508 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/07 2006/12/07 <p>To be completed</p>        ('53', '2',

          african-regional-networks-workshop-on-epas 07:12:01.159 GMT+1
ACT1A5A503FD          en                    07:07:56.882
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 GMT+1 Continental                        ()
ACT24503E6CC        en                    10:11:24.029 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/09 2006/12/09 10:36:11.139 GMT+1                         ('1', '6', '67', '69')
          economic-justice-for-swaziland-conference <p GMT+1 Global justify;">Theisattendance of '46')coverage as po
ACT5A5F827C         en                      11:04:30.515 style="text-align:         to have '23', WSF
                                2006/11/29 2006/11/29 14:11:39.228 GMT+1 The idea ('1', '20', a wide a 2007 by the
ACTD41152C0            en         2006/11/29 2006/12/12 e field of Global
                                             12:38:24.877 GMT+1
                                                        17:15:06.555 GMT+1
          the-right-to-food-taking-a-community-level-approach-to-human-rights-and-trade ('2', '29', '38', '58', '69')
                       fr           2006/12/12 2006/12/12 <p>Organisers: Education International, with UNESCO, Action Aid
                                               16:08:32.747 GMT+1 Continental
                                                          16:22:26.044 GMT+1
ACT13532273time-for-action-on-girl-s-education-empowering-to-reduce-vulnarabilities-to-hiv ('24', '34', '3')
          a         en
ACTA318B2DAsking-we-walk                        08:13:23.128 GMT+1 Global
                                     2006/12/15 2006/12/15 08:20:52.096 GMT+1                   ('1', '4', '17', '20', '43')
ACT5A86A557           en                    18:22:39.425 GMT+1 Global
                                                       20:27:48.853 GMT+1                ('19', '10', '67',
                                 2006/12/08 2006/12/13 <p></p><ul><li><p align="justify"></p></li></ul> '23', '14', '56')
ACT5B42D667          fr                         19:24:15.535 style="text-align:
                                   2006/12/11 2006/12/11 <p GMT+1 Global justify;">A Nairobi et à l‟occasion du Forum So
                                                           19:37:09.674 GMT+1            ('67',)
ACT12265DBB4        en                     18:40:35.631 GMT+1 Global
                                                      18:48:13.482 GMT+1
                               2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>                            ('1', '16', '27', '31')
ACT1B39520F2        en                      18:18:16.143 GMT+1 Global
                                                       18:23:29.324 GMT+1
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>                             ('1', '2', '16', '27', '31')
          european-aid-to-asia-and-latin-america-imposed-development-and-governance-models '4', '16', '27')
ACT2165E48A6        en                      18:26:58.152 GMT+1 Global
                                                       18:33:55.078 GMT+1
                                2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>                           ('1', '2',
ACT20C8C7DCD          en         2006/11/23 2006/11/23 </p><p>< Global
          introduction-to-film-making                  17:39:48.672 GMT+1
                                            17:31:45.167 GMT+1
                                                       More                                     ('14', '27', '39', '31', '50', '74')
ACT10CA42AB2        en         2006/11/06 2006/11/28 details
                                            10:04:55.318 GMT+2 Global
                                                       23:03:45.674 GMT+1
          workshops-farnebo-fhs-and-ilula-fdc-in-cooperation                                    ('3', '16', '24', '39', '46')
ACT22E716166        fr                       09:33:15.422 GMT+1 se tient en l'organisat () OSC africaines doivent saisir c
                                                        09:50:22.948 GMT+1 Afrique. de
                                2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>Le FSMContinentalLe projet LesConstitution de l'Afrique-Unie e
ACTE718898B            fr         2006/10/27 2006/10/27 <p>Accès à laGMT+3 eur de
                                              12:28:48.664 GMT+3 Global
                                                         12:35:47.917 souveraineté alimentaire du '38', '44', vue des jeunes
          atelier-la-souverainete-et-la-souverainete-alimentaire                        ('2', '23', point de '48')
ACT20F356E3A       fr                      09:19:43.033 GMT+1 Global               ('23', '57', '46', '47')
                               2006/12/12 2006/12/12 09:29:50.570 GMT+1 Associer les syndicats et associations europ
ACT127E2D2D5         en                   15:47:43.163 GMT+1 Global
                                                     15:56:59.211 GMT+1 Multi-media('2', by activists and scholars inv
                                                                                         presentations are
                               2002/01/20 2002/01/20 <p>This activity involves presentations'40', '46', '55') made by activ
          food-for-thought-teaching-organic-food-growing-skills-to-primary-pupils-in-rural-uganda model used by Food Fo
ACT17C3FFDE8          en                     23:45:12.692 GMT+1 Regional
                                                        23:59:29.714 to describe and discuss '22', '24', '29', '67')
                                                                                            ('2', the
                                 2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p>WorkshopGMT+1 Workshop to describe and discuss the mod
ACT94CD6359eminar        en                     13:45:57.259 GMT+1 Global
                                     2006/11/30 2006/12/04 13:52:38.973 GMT+1                   ('1', '2', '38', '48')
          n           en          2006/11/30 2006/12/08 <p>Témoi Global
                                              14:26:28.733 GMT+1
                                                         20:14:36.324 GMT+1
ACT3EEF428F o-against-genetically-modified-organisms-and-crops                                  ('2', '22', '32', '34', '67')
          m           fr           2006/12/29 2006/12/29 gnage
ACT1C745B53 igration-africaine-et-violence               01:22:42.685 GMT+1
                                              01:18:22.300 GMT+1 National                       ('53', '42', '1')
          gender-food-agriculture-and-trade 2006/11/30 09:46:34.743 GMT+1
ACT11D8628C8        en           2006/11/20 15:24:37.617 GMT+1 Global                           ('2', '31', '69')
ACT1C102766F        en                      16:04:07.759 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/11/20 2006/11/20 16:08:38.077 GMT+1             ('2', '31', '69')
          a         en          2006/11/24 2006/11/29 14:15:32.421 GMT+1 The increasing establishment of free trade a
                                            18:01:35.657 GMT+1 Global                 ('16', '23', '47', '65', '69')
ACT82D125A6 -common-position-of-trade-unions-on-the-eu-acp-economic-partnership-agreement-a-panel-discussion-with-trad
ACT218CDF5C0        en                     09:08:49.178 GMT+1 Continental
                                2006/12/24 2006/12/24 09:13:37.628 GMT+1                        ('15', '23')
ACT56902A87            en                    09:00:10.232 GMT+1 Continental
                                  2006/12/24 2006/12/24 09:04:48.210 GMT+1                      ('14', '33')

ACT35E19775              en                     11:35:23.821 GMT+1 Global include <br /></p><p>art'31', '38', '49', '52', '61')
                                                           11:43:45.614 will
                                     2006/11/24 2006/11/24 <p>The spaceGMT+1              ('1', '30', exhibtions, <br /></p><
ACT523145A1          en                         07:25:40.012 GMT+1 Global
                                     2006/12/24 2006/12/24 07:26:52.808 GMT+1                   ()
          g         en
ACT6D2F0C09cap-workshop                         07:36:19.490 GMT+1 Global
                                     2006/12/24 2006/12/24 07:37:44.081 GMT+1                   ()
ACT1213F790conference en                        01:50:28.020 GMT+1 Global
                                     2006/12/05 2006/12/05 01:53:28.337 GMT+1                   ('1', '38')
ACT153835B7          en                     10:46:39.632 GMT+1 Global
                                                       11:18:47.240 GMT+1                 ('1', basis for the
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>This session will explore the rights '20', '24', '57')Education For
          global-exchange-freedom-archive-presents-salud-a-video-on-cuba-s-health-system '38', '46')
ACT2276CA013         en                   00:42:34.869 GMT+1 Global
                                                     00:48:24.124 &quot;Salud&quot; presents the background to the C
                               2006/12/01 2006/12/01 <p>The video GMT+1 Video presentation/discussion/questions an
          g           en        2006/11/30 2006/12/01 00:41:40.865 GMT+1 Video presentation/discussion/questions an
                                           19:40:04.536 GMT+1 Global                     ('38', '46')
ACT27C039A6 lobal-exchange-freedom-archive-presents-the-legacy-of-torture-the-war-against-the-black-liberation-movement-
          s        en         2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p>Overview and update of the electromagnetic space weapons d
ACT86F0FD1Cpace-weapons-disarmament                 20:53:06.330 GMT+1 Overview and current status '55')
                                         20:46:05.455 GMT+1 Global                  ('6', '7', '21', '25', of progress tow
          c        en           2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p>The Compassionate Listening ('4', '13', '27', '33', '55')organizati
ACTF2A4C09Eompassionate-listening                     20:35:28.717 GMT+1 Compassionate Listening skills can be appl
                                           20:15:12.400 GMT+1 Global                 Project is a non-profit
          environmental-justice-or-environmental-markets-2-biofuels-a-disaster-in-the-making '2', '22', '25', '43',of social mo
ACT16A2B91D4        en                      21:27:09.491 GMT+1 Global workshop is to raise the awareness '48', '74')
                                                       21:39:07.429 the
                                 2006/11/24 2006/11/24 <p>The aim ofGMT+1                ('1',
          environmental-justice-or-environmental-markets-1-selling-our-genes-and-knowledge '2', '22', strategy meeting tha
ACT2307DAB3D        en                      20:49:57.315 GMT+1 Global
                                                       21:10:14.886 GMT+1                ('1',
                                 2006/11/24 2006/11/24 <p>The proposal is to organize a participatory '29', '43', '45')
ACTF704CED5           en                     20:15:20.101 GMT+1 National
                                 2006/12/13 2006/12/13 20:33:45.341 GMT+1                  ('14', '20')
ACT148ECCECB        en                    09:29:25.274 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/24 2006/12/24 09:32:10.202 GMT+1                         ('1', '20')
          o          en                      08:54:51.426 GMT+1 problem</b></p><p>While Africa is'25', '38')role playe
                                  2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <p><b>TheContinental
                                                         09:08:19.667 GMT+1       ('6', '22', '23', a major
ACT356279BA          fr                                    23:38:34.195 GMT+1 Le Groupe Français (extraits de Nouvelle
                                     2006/12/11 2006/12/11 <p>Entre les faits, les réalités, l‟information d'Education presse) etfa
                                                22:58:06.640 GMT+1 Global                         ('18', '20', '24', '27', '55')
          seminaire-sur-ab-education-et-citoyennete-bb 20:10:40.753 GMT+1 L'éducation('19', '20', '24', '27', '55') le lieu ,
ACT12CEFFAD          fr                     19:47:09.989
                               2006/12/13 2006/12/13 GMT+1 Global                     pour tous, quel que soit
ACT1C5C3EE1C           en                    15:48:04.961 GMT+1 Global
                                                        15:55:07.996 GMT+1             ('6', and strategies from diverse
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p> Workshop considering challenges '11', '12', '14', '16', '28', '41',

ACT1A3B8B26C         en                    13:03:08.939 GMT+1 Regional
                                                      13:09:42.728 GMT+1                  discussion / question and answ
                                2006/12/07 2006/12/07 <p>seminar / presentations / panel('1', '34', '38', '45')

ACT13A1A009F        en                    10:45:11.585 GMT+1 Regional
                              2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:47:51.030 GMT+1             ()
ACT19DD36A66           en                     10:41:10.496 GMT+1 Regional
                                  2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:43:35.828 GMT+1                      ()
ACT1DC83D93E          en                       10:49:42.819 GMT+1 Regional
                                  2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:51:50.146 GMT+1                      ()
ACT202BF646C          en                      10:54:52.377 GMT+1 Regional
                                   2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:58:44.462 GMT+1                 ()
ACT1B4A2B1A4         es                    20:37:41.142 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/13 2006/12/13 20:46:06.748 GMT+1                        ('4', '6', '13', '16', '18', '20', '24', '4
ACT12C2568AA          en                    17:01:25.123 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/08 2006/12/08 17:07:12.679 GMT+1                       ('6', '38', '65', '75')
          women-imagining-the-city-rights-and-wrongs 15:41:14.903 GMT+1
ACT147D77741       en                       15:38:06.396
                              2006/12/08 2006/12/08 GMT+1 Global                                ('39', '38', '74')
ACT152EC5EF2         en                    12:29:03.484 GMT+1 Continental
                                2006/12/13 2006/12/13 21:39:35.009 GMT+1                        ('38', '71')
ACT1612EB293          en                     20:49:23.326 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/04 2006/12/04 20:53:16.222 GMT+1                       ('2', '38', '65')
ACT182EC21A2        en                     17:10:05.266 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/09 2006/12/09 17:14:43.705 GMT+1                        ('38',)
ACT1BAA08151          en                      18:16:13.515 GMT+1 Continental
                                 2006/12/05 2006/12/05 18:17:47.349 GMT+1                ('38', '65', '71', '74')
          human-dignity-and-human-rights-caucus-opening-sessionGlobal the result of a participatory process by all the me
ACT2465CC0F2        en                    17:35:38.880 GMT+1
                                                     17:28:15.725 GMT+1
                               2006/11/20 2006/11/24 <p>This activity is               ('53', '29', '2', '6', '12', '18', '19', '1
ACT3476F06E         en                        22:10:23.297 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/11/29 2006/11/29 22:13:09.205 GMT+1                         ('53', '38', '55', '15')
          h         en           2006/11/28 2006/12/11 17:57:32.822 GMT+1
                                             19:03:23.733 GMT+1 Continental
ACT6626DC05uman-rights-religion-and-cultural-diversity                                          ('19', '38', '61', '54', '58', '59')
ACT8A98CD4D         en                     17:25:37.101 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/05 2006/12/05 17:27:34.525 GMT+1             ('39', '31', '74')
          w          en         2006/12/12 2002/01/20 GMT+1 Global
ACTC93E7F0Chat-do-the-poorest-p8-expect-from-g8-200e 16:57:19.184 GMT+1                         ('38', '65', '69')
          w          en       2006/12/08 2006/12/08 14:17:18.347 GMT+1
                                         14:05:40.965 GMT+1 Global                      ('74', '55')
ACTDA108B79 hat-do-women-peacebuilders-want-from-the-wsf-another-world-is-possible-if-there-is-peace
ACT13B1F38C3         en                     17:49:30.324 GMT+1 Global
                                 2002/01/20 2002/01/20 19:58:03.209 GMT+1                       ('2', '38', '65')
          human-rights-global-mobility-and-citizenship-challenges Global
ACT15420BD9D        en                      17:51:53.975 GMT+1
                               2006/12/09 2006/12/09 18:05:43.931 GMT+1                         ('38',)
ACT160F83CE4         en                     21:45:09.130 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/04 2006/12/04 21:46:29.066 GMT+1                       ('38',)
ACT16372DEFA         en                      21:42:52.891 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/11/29 2006/12/15 16:50:27.227 GMT+1                        ('38', '65')
ACT1805F6F05         en                     22:31:39.210 GMT+1 National
                               2006/11/29 2006/11/29 22:41:12.842 GMT+1                 ('38', '37', '77')
ACT181FCA26           en                     19:32:27.625 GMT+1 National
                                 2002/01/20 2002/01/20 19:37:35.248 GMT+1                       ('38', '15')
          women-speak-out-peace-in-2007 2006/12/13 23:30:40.363 GMT+1
ACT1D87D76E1       en        2006/12/13 22:37:35.972 GMT+1 Global                               ('15', '27', '33', '55', '74')
          human-rights-in-social-and-economic-justice-struggles Global
ACT205DEDFE5        en                      19:51:56.141 GMT+1
                                 2006/12/10 2006/12/10 19:54:36.185 GMT+1                       ('38', '65', '69', '47')
ACT216FE4558         es                      17:58:09.939 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/04 2006/12/04 18:02:13.486 GMT+1                       ('20', '38', '42', '65')
ACT21768B6FD          en                     10:40:54.831 GMT+1 National
                                  2006/12/13 2006/12/15 15:15:04.996 GMT+1                      ('38', '55', '65')
          gender-justice-and-women2019s-rights-survivors-histories GMT+1
ACT24619C208         en                   17:03:39.078 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/01 2006/12/01 <p>                                        ('31', '38')
ACT250E0D15C           en          2006/11/20 2006/11/20 </p><p
                                               13:00:47.206 GMT+1 Continental
                                                          13:07:37.641 GMT+1
          violation-of-the-right-to-education-during-armed-conflict-the-case-of-uganda          ('24', '38', '55', '15')
          global-struggle-session2006/11/29 2006/11/29 16:45:51.592 GMT+1 See above ('2', '4', '6', '11', '14', '16', '22', '29
ACT15940AAE9          en                    16:34:46.716 GMT+1 Global

ACT3B645E20         es                     23:24:23.891 GMT+1 Global                 é aberta participação
                                2006/11/29 2006/11/29 23:53:49.942 GMT+1 A atividade ('64', '27',a'55', '46', '75') de qualq
          ser-esquerda-hoje-dialogo-entre-militantes <p>Este seminário se insere no projeto Diálogo '50', '65')de seminá
ACTF3E5062B          en                    18:28:52.139 GMT+1 Global                  ('4', '19', '20', sobre os
                                2006/12/08 2006/12/08 19:00:17.431 GMT+1 Os participantes, nesta dînâmica Desafios
ACT128A5A78F         en                       09:17:34.459 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 09:25:48.713 GMT+1                       ('11', '16', '20', '33', '75')
          a          en         2006/12/23 2006/12/23 17:22:45.489 GMT+1
                                           17:20:36.689 GMT+1 Continental
ACTAB9343D3rts-education-program-with-disadventage-communities-in-uganda                           ()
ACTB986E37F          fr                     12:22:09.043 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/11/30 2006/11/30 12:28:31.324 GMT+1                 ('20', '64', '14', '17', '57', '77')
ACT18E1950CC         es                    18:55:01.690 GMT+1 Global
                                                      18:59:34.017 GMT+1                ('64', '38', '65')
                                2006/11/28 2006/11/28 <p>To talk from diferent perspectives about food security as a Hum
                                 2006/11/28 2006/12/21 <p GMT+1 Continental
                                             20:06:06.149 style="text-align: justify;">
          pluralisme-de-l-information-dans-les-espaces-regionaux-et-normes-internationalesAu cours des 15 dernières ann
ACT24349A34F         fr                                 13:51:03.964 GMT+1              ('16', '20', '50')
ACT690A133A           fr                   20:17:36.192 class="MsoBodyText">Un principe admis à Tunis en 2005, lors
                                2006/11/28 2006/12/21 <p GMT+1 Local
          l-information-bien-commun-de-l-humanite     16:53:49.877 GMT+1            ('6', '12', '50')
ACT16BDBCFE4         en                      09:28:01.955 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/24 2006/12/24 09:30:28.450 GMT+1                           ('1', '10', '38')
ACT164198CC8          en         2006/11/21 2006/11/21 <p></p><p>Civil society must have a focused approach to governm
          building-national-councils                   13:04:52.256 GMT+1
                                            12:09:52.747 GMT+1 Global                  ('1', '16', '33', '60', '67')
          right-to-housing-and-zero-evictions2006/11/30 <p> </p><h3 align="center" class="western"><b>International sem
ACTF6C7B1FC           en                                18:36:08.770 GMT+1
                                 2006/11/30 18:09:20.907 GMT+1 Global                    ('37', '46', '48', '63', '65')
ACT11659585E            en                     20:11:52.896 GMT+1 Global
                                   2006/11/29 2006/11/29 20:30:36.565 GMT+1                        ('1', '24', '31', '64', '65')
ACT14485E783        en                     21:54:19.660 GMT+1 live multiple, layered identities derived from social relati
                                                      18:56:51.459 GMT+1
                               2006/11/29 2006/11/30 <p>People Global                  ('24', '31', '64')
ACT11851F3ED        en           2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <p><b>MORNING</b><br /><br /><b>1. Camera Training</b><br
                                              00:52:43.494 GMT+1 Global
                                                         01:06:29.927               ('1', ideas applies to all
          how-to-use-digital-video-for-share-ideas-and-change-minds GMT+1 Communicating'18', '45', '50', '53') activities
           child-trafficking-in-africa-a-global-challenge <p>Child trafficking representsthedeep violation of children's rights.
ACT242271F93            en                       19:21:42.558 GMT+1 Global                   ('10', '70')
                                     2006/11/24 2006/11/24 19:46:21.377 GMT+1 During a WSF 2006, Terre des Hommes
                                                                                  We will
ACT154F5D087          en                               14:12:42.728 GMT+1 present
                                 2006/11/29 2006/12/12 <p>We will present
                                            10:25:44.094 GMT+1                           of '23', '39', '40', '53')
          the-gift-paradigm-an-old-new-way-to-a-peaceful-society Global different points('4',view on an economy with wo
ACT1E22A9D8B        en                                                                ('3', '31', our sister
                               2006/11/21 2006/11/30 <p><b>"Embracing the excluded of today" -'63', '64') and brothers
                                           11:58:39.485 GMT+1 Continental
                                                       09:02:06.781 GMT+1
ACTAC4BAA5A          en                     08:21:42.271 GMT+1 G GMT+1 TBA
                                2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>TBA</p> lobal                             ('1', '17', '46', '51', '70')
ACT24B4ECD16           en                         07:31:48.349 GMT+1 Global
                                       2006/12/17 2006/12/17 08:10:03.580 GMT+1                    ('1', '20', '38', '64', '67')
ACT2B1EB623 orkshop en                            10:02:55.470 GMT+1 Continental
                                       2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:04:49.229 GMT+1                    ('1',)
ACT144BBA8FE        en                     09:50:32.685 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/11/29 2006/11/29 09:54:15.328 GMT+1                           ('23',)
ACT24A52C14E         en                           10:42:15.758 GMT+1 Global
                                       2006/11/29 2006/11/29 10:43:24.848 GMT+1                    ()
ACT6F6B2FD9          en                      10:55:20.223 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/11/30 2006/11/30 10:58:02.845 GMT+1                          ()
          debt-swaps-for-education-bfgood-news-or-bad04:35:27.424 GMT+1
ACT17F782C8D        en                     04:29:45.295
                                2006/12/14 2006/12/14 GMT+1 Global                                 ('67', '24', '64', '41', '65', '69')
          haiti-why-no-hipc-prsp-or-un-military-missions <p>WorkshopGMT+1 from its anti-slave '16', '64', current times an
ACT51F5D22C           en                      04:16:40.050 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/14 2006/12/14 04:25:42.019 on Haiti,        ('2', '6', revolt to '33', '41', '46')
ACT1CF5E0E5F           en                         05:34:16.359 GMT+1 Global
                                       2006/11/28 2006/11/28 05:38:39.838 GMT+1                    ('1', '23', '41', '33', '64')
ACT211B418C9        en                      13:22:42.032 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/12 2006/12/12 13:31:24.306 GMT+1                           ('1', '23', '41', '33')
ACT1ACDEADEB         en                     11:35:49.351 GMT+1 Continental
                                 2006/12/23 2006/12/23 11:48:34.835 GMT+1                          ('1',)
ACT1C8902448          en                    13:07:12.243 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/23 2006/12/23 17:43:05.653 GMT+1                          ()
                                  2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>Amani Peoples Theatre (APT) ('1', '13', '15', use '24', '55', '65')
                                                                                              proposes to '19',
          participatory-theatre-and-child-participation-an-interactive-forum-for-the-world-social-forum-2007 participatory th
ACT88C63217           en                                  17:17:03.599 GMT+1
                                               17:07:18.760 GMT+1 Global
ACTBD3A1006           en                    12:20:06.724 GMT+1 Global
                                                       20:41:18.729 GMT+1           ('1', '36', '37', '44', organization
                                 2006/11/30 2006/12/13 <p>THE BIG ISSUE KENYA is a socially responsible'50', '63', '64',
ACT1FCC7554F         en                     17:21:55.333 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 17:54:53.795 GMT+1                  ('2', '4', '12', '14', '16', '22', '25', '2
ACT12AC50D52           en                        17:04:09.389 GMT+1 Global
                                    2006/12/13 2006/12/13 17:07:29.544 GMT+1                       ()
                                                                                         ('16', '27', is '61')
          iv-social-forum-for-sexual-diversity2006/12/13 <p>The IV Social Forum for Sexual Diversity'4', proposed for two d
ACT1AF4E2F63           en                                16:37:00.294 GMT+1 Diverse initiatives
                                 2006/12/13 16:06:04.675 GMT+1 Global
                                                                                       issue of land as the basis for ind
ACTE0021C8black-power-land-and-liberation 2006/12/17 <p>This workshop will explore the ('48', '77')
                    en                                17:01:17.532 GMT+1
                                2006/12/17 16:47:18.892 GMT+1 Continental
ACT113CA25A0         en                   09:58:29.474 GMT+1 Regional
                                                      10:17:31.409 GMT+1                  ('27', '37', '38', world as
                               2002/01/20 2002/01/20 <p>To heighten awareness among citizens of the'64', '75') to the b
ACT17A3BEB3E         fr                                                               le situés '67', quatre continents
                                             12:08:14.732 style="text-align: Nos membrescontexte actuel, '23', '24', est
                                 2006/11/20 2006/12/05 <p GMT+1 Global justify;">Dans ('29', '42', dans'22', la priorité '27'
                                                        13:51:29.422 GMT+1

ACT23A8993E2        en                  12:48:02.464 GMT+1 Local
                             2006/12/23 2006/12/23 12:51:19.387 GMT+1                              ('1', '2', '13')
          conference en
ACT2130B54EA                                      20:19:04.066 GMT+1 Regional Key-note ('1', '6', '14', '36', affected comm
                                                             20:31:03.994 GMT+1
                                       2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>Conference of about 200 participants where the'37', '38', '43', '4
                      en               2006/12/13 2006/12/13 21:49:09.951 GMT+1 speech
                                                  21:25:58.890 GMT+1 Continental                   ('6', '17', '20', '41')
          third-party-nonviolent-intervention 2006/12/13 <p>The workshop will describe the('15',Peaceforce is a global orga
ACT16BC0ACA3          en                                 21:48:01.319 GMT+1 The Nonviolent '38', '53', Nonviolent Peace
                                  2006/12/13 21:19:29.557 GMT+1 Global                     nature of the '72')
ACT2513A9AAF          en                       18:14:15.612 style="text-align:
                                                          18:37:38.063 GMT+1               ('10', - The CONDYLOMATA AC
                                  2006/12/03 2006/12/03 <p GMT+1 Regionaljustify;">Vindicative '34', '62', '61')
ACTDD02DEB2         en                     22:16:04.706 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/03 2006/12/03 22:24:02.299 GMT+1                  ('3',)
ACT24C35DEB5          en                               16:33:57.446 is one
                                            16:21:54.352 GMT+1 Global key arena for ('4', '6', '23', '41',and other indus
                                2006/12/12 2006/12/12 <p>The WTO GMT+1                   the US, the EU '69')
ACT15E68F6EF           en                        17:09:35.193 GMT+1 Global
                                      2006/12/11 2006/12/11 17:15:55.685 GMT+1                   ('1', '16', '33', '38', '72')
ACT23999C6D4         en                     08:47:17.346 GMT+1 Regional
                                2006/12/14 2006/12/14 09:19:54.612 GMT+1                   ('1', '20', '27', '38', '65')
          paulo-freire-methods-applied-on-pfis-projects 17:37:52.824 GMT+1
ACT172A8037D          en                    19:45:45.181
                                2006/12/11 2006/12/14 GMT+1 National                             ('24',)
          different-faiths-common-struggles-solidarity-in-the-face-of-empire-and-injustice ('46', '55', '58', '59', '72')
ACT13C751D10           en                   11:32:35.281 GMT+1
                                                          11:39:08.005 GMT+1
                                2006/11/21 2006/11/21 <p>Peace Regional
ACTEBE6164E            en          2006/11/15 2006/11/15 building
                                               11:09:20.878 GMT+1 Regional Panel
          identity-crisis-within-democratic-formation     11:12:21.417 GMT+1           ('1', '55')
ACT10FDC5080           en          2006/11/20 2006/11/20 00:59:44.844 GMT+1 speakers ('39', '53', '55',
                                               00:22:45.768 GMT+1 Global
          what-do-women-peacebuilders-want-from-the-wsf-another-world-is-possible-if-there-is-peace '72', '74')
ACTBAB8B19E           en                     10:36:27.806 GMT+1 Local                    ('11', '14', '15', '24', '31', '74')
                                 2006/12/14 2006/12/14 11:43:42.408 GMT+1 Re-evaluation counseling is a global networ
ACT11EBC4639         en                   12:36:32.937 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/06 2006/12/07 03:50:27.582 GMT+1                          ('2', '6', '22', '32', '48')
ACT1470A8E7F        en                      10:39:41.791 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:50:56.035 GMT+1                        ()
          migration-in-the-health-care-sector2006/10/30 <p>Public Services International seeks'16', '20', '27', '31', sector uni
ACT1EF7DF550          en                                16:21:57.483 GMT+2
                                 2006/10/30 16:12:17.343 GMT+2 Global                     ('1', to engage public '33', '34',
          ab-ess-concepts-and-practices-bb-co-production-of-public-policies-for-which-type-of-governance '33')
ACT820B3057         en                     21:25:13.657 GMT+1 Global
                                                      21:29:51.390 GMT+1
                               2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>To come</p>                      ('12', '17', '20', '23',
          international-solidarity-and-unity-is-urgent-and-obligatory Global
ACT21E4043A6          en                        15:38:18.006 GMT+1
                                                           15:45:39.080 GMT+1 On the contrary, the '24', '46',class'75') the o
                                   2006/11/20 2006/11/20 <p>                             ('4', '11', working '72', and
          g           en         2006/12/13 2006/12/13 15:15:44.261 GMT+1
ACT7BB15FADlobal-capitalism-and-africa      14:59:57.131 GMT+1 Global                            ('6', '11', '16', '20', '23')

          stuggles-for-land-secure-tenure-and-finance-post-evictions GMT+1
ACT13B056AEF          en                    08:14:28.486 GMT+1 Continental
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 08:20:24.589                              ('2',)
ACT109E7068F                                     12:48:49.325 GMT+2 Global
                                      2006/11/12 2006/12/23 15:50:26.107 GMT+1                   ('1', '2', '13', '14', '16', '17', '18', '2
ACT22BF1DCD3          en                     11:07:11.643 GMT+1 Global
                                  2006/11/24 2006/11/24 11:14:04.103 GMT+1                       ('11', '39', '30', '31', '38', '46')
          workshop-the-use-of-indicators-in-assessing-social-development-the-social-watch-experience '60', '65')
ACT1C9D36B1A        en                      14:33:02.760 GMT+1 Regional
                                2006/11/22 2006/11/22 14:37:39.014 GMT+1                ('64', '38', '27',
          s           en         2006/12/11 06:39:13.772 GMT+1 Regional
ACT952E9D0Ftruggle-for-grassroots-democracy2006/12/11 09:09:23.067 GMT+1                         ('20',)
ACT2393740DF           en                      22:53:07.336 GMT+1 Local environmental issuesshare experiences of strugg
                                                          23:37:57.784 on                will faced by SJEJA
                                   2006/11/18 2006/11/18 <p>A dialogueGMT+1 Participants('2', '14', '22', '38', '46')members

          foreign-direct-investment-and-profit-remitence 07:10:41.246 GMT+1
ACT1B1C010F6          en                     06:56:42.965
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 GMT+1 Global                              ()
          millenium-development-goals-nice-stamente-or-real-will Global
ACT1A650B2ED         en                    18:41:17.148 GMT+1
                              2006/12/23 2006/12/23 18:59:52.959 GMT+1                           ()
ACT18D979E1D          en                    18:06:22.935 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/23 2006/12/23 18:08:04.392 GMT+1            ()
                      en           2006/11/27 2006/11/29 19:14:29.148 GMT+1
ACTBDA854Flet-s-give-voice-to-africa-africa-and-world-media GMT+1 Global                         ('13', '50')
          from-nairobi-to-assisi-to-promote-all-human-rights-for-all Global
ACTEE4F24C7          en                      12:58:43.772 GMT+1
                                                         13:02:04.061 GMT+1
                                  2006/11/27 2006/11/27 The                                      ('38', '55')
ACT143699E52        en         2006/10/27 2006/12/09 corruption Global
                                          15:51:07.333 GMT+3
                                                      11:42:01.818 GMT+1                  ('1', '6', '23', '41',
          seminar-new-perception-on-corruption-the-subversive-role-of-global-financial-services-industry '60')
          a         en        2002/01/20 2006/12/14 <p>An information sharing symposium outlining challenges to cont
                                          11:23:34.516 GMT+1 Global
                                                      19:41:53.770 GMT+1
ACT767D1C98-symposium-on-art-making-the-politics-and-problematics-of-creating       ('19', '18', '20', '24', '26', '50', '65'
ACT431F892D            en                      09:12:27.209 GMT+1 Global
                                  2006/12/24 2006/12/24 09:13:47.290 GMT+1                       ()
          n          en         2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>This activity will
                                                        18:47:28.604 GMT+1           ('1', '16', '38', '46', '60')
ACT8C725E37 go-research-on-palestine-activism17:39:45.982 GMT+1 Global begin with presentations by representatives of
ACT24A407748         en                    12:52:50.214 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/11/29 2006/12/12 17:29:40.378 GMT+1                 ('20', '33')
          building-an-alliance-of-civilisations 2006/12/18 10:22:26.184 GMT+1
ACT116CC7567          en          2006/12/18 10:17:58.783 GMT+1 Global                           ('15', '17', '55')
                                 2006/11/29 2006/11/29 <p>Le PADDY est un programme ('2', '16', '67', '14', '46') solidarité
                                                       14:50:19.324 GMT+1 Le projet PADDY est un le cadre
          le-paddy-un-projet-de-cooperation-pour-construire-de-nouvelles-relations-internationales dansprojet de de la coop
ACTD2CB2F46          fr                     11:39:40.542 GMT+1 Global
          les-femmes-victimes-de-maladies-silencieuses-face-au-silence-social-que-faire ('74', '31', '60', '34', réaliséecertai
ACT761CABEC         fr                    11:59:09.477 GMT+1 sur une
                                                     12:26:19.906 GMT+1 c'est un problème mondial qui '65')
                               2006/11/17 2006/11/17 <p>exposé Global étude communautaire et clinique touche en m
          palestine-and-the-call-for-sanctions-on-israel <p>This activity will include a discussion'46', Corporations profiting
ACT781B4912          en                       14:11:18.556 GMT+1 Global
                                  2006/11/24 2006/12/01 17:03:17.513 GMT+1                    ('38', on '55', '64', '77')
          networking-against-war-profiteers 2006/11/28 15:54:43.847 GMT+1
ACT12E6589A0         en        2006/11/28 15:52:26.547 GMT+1 Global                           ('6', '53', '72')
ACT178067B05          en                    14:23:33.708 GMT+1 Continental
                                                       14:06:24.415 GMT+1
                                 2006/11/15 2006/11/28 <h1><a                                 ('53', '55')
          globalising-nonviolence2006/11/28 2006/11/28 name="se Global
ACT9410C84A           en                               16:12:40.853 GMT+1
                                            16:10:18.420 GMT+1                                ('4', '6', '53', '55', '72')
          wikileaks-org-open-government-through-mass-document-leaking is an uncensorable '4', '11', '18', '20', '41',drop po
ACT14315CDDF          en                   11:01:46.298 GMT+1 Global
                                                      11:29:46.344 GMT+1 Everyone can be involved. WikiPedia explici
                                2006/12/09 2006/12/09 <p>WikiLeaks.Org              ('1', version of We have '33', '4
ACT7FCDC628           en                      11:00:14.314 GMT+1 Regional                ('31', '34', '38', '71', '74')
                                 2006/11/30 2006/11/30 11:10:31.272 GMT+1 The panel presentation will be focus on
                                2006/12/12 2006/12/28 <p>ParticipateGMT+1
                                                       16:47:07.980 in                    ('1', and '27', '39', '74')
          partnering-for-change-movement-building-in-the-21st-century-1 this interactive panel '17', dialogue with women‟s
ACT1B025BD81          en                   11:08:48.388 GMT+1 Global
ACT208C5922E          en                   10:41:26.002 GMT+1 Global
                                                       16:39:22.756 GMT+1
                                2006/12/12 2006/12/28 <p>                                     ('17', '27', '39', '31', '74')
ACT1923A9111        en                    00:02:38.776 GMT+1 Global
                                                      00:04:27.499 GMT+1
                               2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>                                      ('13', '38', '50', '65')
ACT1C0A14DF8        en                     23:58:45.226 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/11/29 2006/11/30 00:00:51.202 GMT+1                       ('13', '50')
ACTF9E545F9         en                       15:28:35.588 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/11/29 2006/11/30 08:59:31.554 GMT+1                      ()
           world-parliamentary-forum-inauguration-session GMT+1 Global
ACT195161534           en                    10:23:09.140
                                  2006/12/05 2006/12/05 10:24:22.402 GMT+1                    ()
          world-public-finances-seminar-1 2006/12/11 <p>World Public Finances (WPF) has '6', '23', '41', '33') NIGD and
ACT60715D0E           en                               19:47:36.164 GMT+1 This activity('4', been on all economic relatio
                                 2006/12/11 19:30:55.916 GMT+1 Global                   touches launched by
ACT38F48F58         en                     07:56:18.026 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/24 2006/12/24 07:58:39.948 GMT+1                      ()
          espacio-del-foro-social-americas 2006/12/13 23:47:59.463 GMT+1
ACT6D71495B          es          2006/12/13 23:42:12.746 GMT+1 Continental                    ('33',)
          campaign-for-boycott-divestment-and-sanctions-bds-against-israel Networkingas central meeting'72') Campa
ACT1A346F0ED        en                     12:10:39.360 GMT+1 Global
                                                      12:25:20.205 GMT+1                  for '14', '20', '38', space
                                2006/11/16 2006/11/16 <p>The 'Palestine Tent' will serve ('1', the promotion of the for info
          e          en                      12:35:14.226 GMT+1 Regional This activity('1', prayer and reflection '27', '4
                                                        13:25:04.800 GMT+1                  every '14', '17', '20', '24', mome
ACTB25425DF cumenical-reflections 2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>The reflection will be organized is a'3', morning from 8:30-9:15a
          f           en                     15:05:35.590 GMT+1 Global
                                                        15:17:42.116 GMT+1 This round table dialogue will at the WSF Yo
                                                                                             ('1', '26', '27', '39', enable a
ACT673CE552eminist-tent-for-youth 2006/11/27 2006/11/28 <p>This day long activity will be strategically located '38', '74') free

ACT1CD6A0168          en                        10:58:32.548 GMT+1 Regional
                                                           11:02:59.637 GMT+1
                                     2006/12/01 2006/12/01 <p>Exhibition</p>                  ('69',)

Payment code                                modification_date
                         language creation_date                  range
                                                       act_information                      activity_theme

          y          en         2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:45:49.246 GMT+1
ACT985B16C2outh-in-decision-making         10:44:14.165 GMT+1 National                        ('1',)
ACTB58C12DD          en                       10:03:44.692 GMT+1 Global
                                 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 10:10:23.918 GMT+1                ('1',)
          facing-patterns-approach-strategies-between-african-women-and-the-african-diaspora '33', '34', '51') style="tex
ACT13088CA7B          en                    00:25:23.294 style="text-align:
                                                       00:54:09.606 GMT+1              ('3', '31',
                                2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <p GMT+1 Global justify;">General objectives: </p><p
ACT84BC5EA6           en                        09:12:19.286 GMT+1 Continental
                                     2006/12/24 2006/12/24 09:16:41.875 GMT+1                 ()
ACT17F74DAE3        en                     22:20:49.454 GMT+1 Global
                                2006/12/13 2006/12/13 22:24:21.801 GMT+1                      ('16', '20', '24', '66')
          o         en
ACT3E2EC93Cpen-university                       15:44:33.533 GMT+1 Global
                                                           17:04:57.155 GMT+1               ('1', '4', through '65')
                                     2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <i><p align="justify">The Open University '20', '24',the metaphor of
          201cmisiones-sociales-bolivarianas-en-venezuela-al-servicio-de-los-mas-necesitados201d '14', '34', '57')
ACT1B1458239        es                     04:21:06.561 style="text-align:
                                                      04:30:59.577 GMT+3               ('1', '24', '4',
                               2006/10/27 2006/10/27 <p GMT+3 Global justify;"> </p><p style="text-align: justify;">1.
ACT21DD3F59B          en                                 01:07:47.298 Women
                                 2006/12/14 2006/12/14 <p>An AfricanGMT+1 of Distinction (AWOD) Inter-generational D
                                              01:00:17.968 GMT+1 Continental
          leadership-inter-generational-dialogue                                      ()
ACT11BD05CD7        en                   06:50:05.967 GMT+1 Regional
                              2006/12/24 2006/12/24 06:53:22.095 GMT+1                        ()
ACT1D1F7F376         en                   06:59:00.691 GMT+1 Regional
                              2006/12/24 2006/12/24 07:02:09.287 GMT+1                        ()
           shaming-gender-based-violence 2006/12/24 07:06:50.972 GMT+1
ACT2212517B4         en        2006/12/24 07:05:22.024 GMT+1 Continental                      ()

Payment code                                modification_date
                         language creation_date                  range
                                                       act_information                      activity_theme
          habitat-films-yamuna-gently-weeps12:16:05.744 GMT+1 Regional
ACT130AC7B1C          en                              12:55:59.662 GMT+1                 ('36', films on '65')
                                2006/11/30 2006/11/30 <p>This film will be shown in a series of'37', '63', human rights.</p>
ACT1B411B7AA         en                   16:43:14.870 GMT+1 Global
                               2006/12/09 2006/12/09 16:44:59.227 GMT+1                           ('38', '65', '70', '74')
ACT1C8B5C9C6        en                          17:03:04.727 GMT+1 National
                                     2006/12/09 2006/12/09 17:05:43.461 GMT+1                     ('38', '65')
          docs-against-poverty 2006/12/24 2006/12/24 07:22:16.099 GMT+1
ACT676C9000         en                    07:19:00.988 GMT+1 Global                               ()
ACT1DF56FA94         es                         12:47:28.878 GMT+1 Global
                                                           12:53:03.947 GMT+1 Proyección ('6', '28', '42', '64', '65')
                                                                                              discusión de película
                                     2006/12/07 2006/12/07 <p>Presentación y discusión de "elymuro invisible". Es un documen
          c           en                    12:28:46.892 GMT+1 Global
                                                       12:40:47.342 GMT+1 Global:       and features</p><p>2) '17', '19
ACT2862FEA1 inema-of-resistance-12006/11/22 2006/11/22 <p>1) Screening of documentaries('2', '4', '6', '11', '13', '15', Organiz
          s           en                                  19:12:09.610 GMT+1 we want
                                    2006/11/24 2006/11/24 showing Global
                                               18:52:41.461 GMT+1
ACTA0942D0Ctories-that-travel-far-filmmaking-in-marginalized-communities                          ('18', '26', '50', '60', '63')

Payment code                                modification_date
                         language creation_date                  range
                                                       act_information                        activity_theme

ACT1CA587483         en                     07:44:17.783 GMT+1 National
                               2006/12/24 2006/12/24 07:47:56.332 GMT+1                           ('58', '71', '74')
          exposition fr
ACT201771BF8                                    11:20:58.703 GMT+1 Regional les photos ('19', '74', '55', de femmes monté
                                                           11:38:12.717 GMT+1               et des photos '15')
                                     2006/11/15 2006/11/15 <p><strong>12 canaris,des nattessont montées sur rafiade 1,5m/1
ACT1D5E4C83D         en                                                                  ('3', '10', set '38', victims of fun
                                                           12:24:19.740 GMT+1 The sculpture memory up in Africa, Europ
                                     2006/10/31 2006/11/22 <h1>In the Name of God</h1><h2>Inwill be'18',of the'59')
                                                17:52:57.633 GMT+2 Global      The
                     en                                    17:14:26.446 GMT+1 performan forum theatre '74')
                                                17:02:25.448 GMT+1 Local
                                     2006/11/26 2006/11/26 <p>Once every day there will be a ('20', '24', '31', play illustrating/ d

Payment code                                modification_date
                         language creation_date                  range
                                                       act_information                        activity_theme

          w          en        2006/12/15 2006/12/15 15:23:44.809 GMT+1
ACT2F19B0E6 omen-in-black-workshop        15:21:31.888 GMT+1 Global                               ('1', '4', '27', '71', '72', '74')

Payment code                                modification_date
                         language creation_date                  range
                                                       act_information                        activity_theme

          s            en          2006/11/29 2006/11/30 06:41:17.280 GMT+1
                                              10:37:59.590 GMT+1 National
ACTBFB08F11treet-children-festival-my-rights-my-future                                            ('10', '18', '26', '36', '63')
          h          en                    15:48:26.709 GMT+1 Local
ACTF871B8A9 uman-rights-caravan 2006/12/08 2006/12/08 15:58:28.102 GMT+1                          ('1', '13', '38', '65')
          m           en       2006/11/29 2006/11/29 05:53:54.617 GMT+1
                                             05:51:02.516 GMT+1 Local
ACT122BED7C eeting-the-community-street-children-festival-st-john-korogocho                       ('10', '63', '64')
          meeting-the-community-hiv-aids-day-holy-cross-dandora Local
ACT1AA959636         en                    05:59:15.610 GMT+1
                              2006/11/29 2006/11/29 06:37:23.271 GMT+1                            ('3', '34', '63', '64')
          meeting-the-community-youth-festival-kangemi GMT+1 Local
ACT1CDA54DF0         en                    06:31:37.775
                              2006/11/29 2006/11/29 06:33:44.426 GMT+1                            ('18', '63', '64')
ACT1E23E73CD         en                    06:22:25.978 GMT+1 Local
                              2006/11/29 2006/11/29 06:46:07.636 GMT+1                            ('18', '63', '64')
          m           en       2006/11/29 2006/11/29 06:39:00.272 GMT+1
                                           06:05:32.881 GMT+1 Local
ACT30DEE859 eeting-the-community-youth-and-justice-holy-trinity-kariobangi                        ('18', '63', '64')
ACT45374E25          en                  06:18:43.805 GMT+1 Local
                              2006/11/29 2006/11/29 06:43:15.293 GMT+1                            ('63', '64')
          m           en       2006/11/29 2006/11/29 06:40:31.409 GMT+1
                                           06:15:21.656 GMT+1 Local                           ('18', '63',
ACTA96A84BA eeting-the-community-presentation-of-the-activities-to-the-visitors-christ-the-king-kibera '64')
          koinonia-street-children-festival 2006/12/11 16:28:02.536 GMT+1
ACT16E8F4D0E          en          2006/11/30 13:07:38.941 GMT+1 National                          ('11', '20', '27', '37', '55', '64')
                             2006/12/12 2006/12/12 <p>Thirty Local                    ('10', '24', Slums have found a n
          ndugu-mdogo-a-new-home-for-kibera-street-children former street children from Kibera '37', '63', '64')
ACT187D8E331       en                               10:11:59.563 GMT+1
                                        10:04:07.676 GMT+1
ACT245B4DA8F        en                   17:40:47.251 GMT+1 Global
                                                    18:23:16.514 GMT+1                 held during the
                              2006/12/13 2006/12/13 <p>The football tournament will be('26', '53', '55') World Social Fo

Payment code                                modification_date
                         language creation_date                  range
                                                       act_information                        activity_theme
ACT1E5F12700          en                     14:46:52.383 GMT+1 Global
                                  2006/12/12 2006/12/12 14:51:40.202 GMT+1                         ('1', '4', '13', '18', '24', '26', '50')
ACT23AFECBA          en                     14:31:19.573 GMT+1 Continental
                                                       14:42:20.049 GMT+1               ('1', '2', '3', '4', '6', '10', '12', '14', '
                                 2006/12/12 2006/12/12 <p>Pan African Youth Activities are numerous. There will dialogue
ACT15FB49510         en                          14:49:36.805 GMT+2 Global
                                                            15:16:35.072 GMT+2 The launching session of'72') been or are
                                                                                            ('1', '55', '71', have
                                      2006/11/01 2006/11/01 <p>Although the causes of the mutliple wars thatthe African Wars T
               <p>                   activity_partners
                          activity_expected_outcomes      activity_future_partnerstitle
                                     Christian activity_add_partnersactivity_process         description
                                                                                             This is an creation_date
                                     Special    True      We would like to invite IMF: ShrinkintroductoallCampaign. 22:23:04.377 endorsed
                                                          •NGOs                               It or Sink organizations Introduction.
                                                                     Lecturers: representatives from It2006/11/29 An who have GMT+1
               <ul type="disc"><li>Spread for of False       •Other
                                       Unit idea creative economy for development</li><li>Stress the need for greater South-SouthGMT+1
                                                                                    Presentation of the South-South Cooperation (Africa-Braz
                                                                                                A presentation on the significance of Coopera
                                                                                                             economic paradigm.</li><li>Netwo
                           <ul type="disc"><li>Further cooperation with southern countries within a creative 2006/12/06 13:26:32.948 the creati
('1', '31', '62', '71', '74')                     False                                        DISCUSSI 2006/12/11 17:45:39.629 GMT+1
                                                                                     HIV/AIDS AND ITS INTERSECTION WITH VAW-WOME
                                                                                               a Self-
               <p>to show the role of the UN in conflict management</p>
                                                 True                                         organized 2006/12/12 12:14:47.945 GMT+1
                                                                                     UN Peacekeeping: Force of Farce?
('1', '23', '27', '38', '65')                     False                        SION
                                                                               Workshop 2006/12/12 09:02:08.224
                                                                       RECLAIMING OUR SOURCE OF LIVELIHOOD GMT+1
('1', '15', '27', '71', '74')         WOMEN'S False
                                      KENYA                                     to
                                                                                POUR LA POST CONFLICT DROITS DE LA
                                                                       WOMEN'S RIGHTS IN2006/12/11 16:56:07.597 GMT+1
                         <p style="text-align: justify;"><b></b></p><p style="text-align: justify;">Ø
                                                                                     WOMEN'S workshop/TO AND profile/visibility to issue of
                                                                                                        style="text-align: justify;"></p><p style=
               <p><strong> </strong></p><p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Goals</strong></p><pIncrease theCONTROL OVERGMT+1A
                                     LAND         False                                            to
                                                                                                   ACCESS 2006/12/12 08:04:28.013 LAND
                                   None         True                                          exhibition 2006/12/12 reduction in
                                                                                 A Safer World is Possible: Disaster11:42:54.976 GMT+1
               <p>to show how people's participation in disaster management can breed effective and sustainable development</p>school
                         <p>The audience Access better and AIDS Treatment will aim at creating is platform topicsutilize experiences andad
               <p>The discussion pannel on will gain to HIV understanding oforganizations Discussion on self organized 16:42:42.603 GMT+1be
                                    African      True                                Panel of people a various HIV/AIDS panel experienceactiv
                                                                                                  This living with to HIVactivity. HIV/AIDSto wa
                                                                                                               2006/12/11 and dedicating
                                                                         Selection (prioritization) of the a issuesfor sharing the discussionssha
                                                             Individuals and HIV/AIDS treatment related Accessand forand AIDS Treatment
                         <p>Participants will develop a common voice for effectiveBuilding Solidarity for Pan-African 18:09:01.685 GMT+1 A
               <p>To share experiences and best practices regionally towards developing a common voice2006/12/11Fight Against HIV andH
                                                           Individuals and organizations of people done by consultation with toHIV/AIDS Afric
                                                                       Selecting of policy development towards addressing HIV/AIDSHIV/AID
                                                                                    the theme This is a self-organized activity.development.<
                                                                                               Workshop with and dedicated various in activ
                                                                                               was living for effective policy addressing
               <p>The activity aims toWomen on False of globalisation on the livelihood of rural/women</p> Chain
                                      show the impact Project                                   WORKSH 2006/12/11 14:49:31.134 GMT+1
                                                                                    Women in Global Supply
('1', '20', '23', '64', '74')         FORD FOUNDATION
                                              False                                  SOCIETAL OP
                                                                                              ACCOUNTABILITY AND METHODOLOGIES
                                                                                              workshop/ 2006/12/12 07:39:06.844 GMT+1
                                               False                               Right       exhibition
                                   Alternative Information offer alternatives for (AIDC) to work Constitutional as a constitutional Right
                                                                                              WORKSH 2006/12/11 16:06:52.201 GMT+1
               <p>To address Youth and unemployment and Development Centre youth based on in South Africa Law </p>
('1', '39', '62', '71', '74')         FORD FOUNDATION
                                      AFESIP    False                                   OP         2006/12/11 18:30:50.922 GMT+1
                                                                            DIALOGUES ABOUT WOMEN'S RIGHTS, JUSTICE AND
('62', '39', '27', '74', '71')        Plataform False                       trata y explotación sexual prostitución niñas y niños a
                                                                                        abolición sobre mujeres, a de la trata
                                                                                                   2006/11/27 16:02:48.209 GMT+1
                                                      organizaciones que promuevan la seminariode la dela dimensiónnivel mundial nive
                                                  False                                      INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION WORKSHOP
                                                                                     CULTURE AND BIODIVERSITY 11:35:36.722 GMT+1
('1', '2', '23', '67', '69')                      True                                 Impact of the presentation of the possible consequences
                                                                                                   A EPAs on 2006/12/19 07:21:49.080 GMT+1
                                                                                                   Southern Western change
                                                              All those interested to take part in the actions towards aAfrica of the EPAs. o
                                                     False        aim to of WCC                     campaign Relief
                                        NCA, KENDREN, AACC, Caritas,Sweden, Diakonia, Lutheran Debt Dialogue
                                                                                       The Illegitimate World 2006/10/25 20:02:01.164 GMT+3
               <p style="text-align: justify;">this workshop willChurch identify <b>particular governments that can be targeted</b>. This include
                         <p>Build international soilidarity within the labour movement when Reports with multinational corporations certain
                                     SASK, raise solidarity within
                                                  False                           African Social Obsevartoryto fight global capital</p> their
                                                                                             dealing them 2006/11/24 carried out on in
               <p>The aim of the activity is toCLC, FOS, Solidar the labour movement which will enableof the research08:59:35.817 GMT+1
                                                False                               Industries exploitatio 2006/12/13
                                     CSOs, approach to dealing regional and international extractive sector</p> voice.</p>
                         <p>To develop alternative strategyLocal,with issues problems the adopt Evaluation (PM&E)
                                                            to addressParticipatory Monitoring and common CSO 17:02:39.025 EXTRAC
                                                                         Extractive CIVIL SOCIETY
               <p>To revew existing strategicCBOs, Government, Media,theseconcerningand CSOs aSTRATEGY SESSION ON THEGMT+1
                          <p>Peace in Africa theTrue of better management in revenue, areas and activities,accruing to oilthat another wo
                                      Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBF) communal my focus a result therevenue and revenue transparency/Go
               <p>To find a lasting solution to as alingering problem of that shareofclashes astansparency andon Oil governance.</p> GMT+1 <
                                                                Partners and NCA                  a Communities who believe communities
                                                                                                  With of    2006/12/01 15:17:16.504
                                                                                       Oil Producingroundtable good Producing Communities an
                                                  False                                          collaborati 2006/11/15 10:54:54.611 GMT+1
                                                                                     Introductory Conference on the Threats to Food Sovereign
                        <p>Reinforce about the role of Europe in the South</p> The role and corporate globalization</p> neoliberal glob
                                   Transnational networks
                                                True                                            Towards 2006/12/14 Europe
                                                                                                workshop on militarisation and in the South
               <p>Exchange informationthe existing Institute working on trade, militarizationof Europe in thethe role of16:01:35.785 GMT+1in
               <p>To promote disucssionbe updated. spread of HIV &amp; AIDS Act Nowthea virus- developing and developed world. </p
                                   To on halting the                                  Pay toof 2006/11/29 15:31:35.896 GMT+1
                                                                            amongt or How Later: halting the spread of HIV & AIDS am
('1', '30', '38', '49', '61')                     False                                      forge and 2006/11/29 13:21:00.041 GMT+1
                                                                                  Alliance2015 - The right to be different: sexual diversity an
               <p>To highliight the work of the Stop the Stop To be Labour programme. </p>
                         <p>Raised To be confirmedof Child    Child confirmed                the Best 2006/11/29 School is the the plac
                                                                                  Alliance2015 - Stop Child Labour - 16:53:05.460 GMT+1
                                      awareness False Labour Campaign run by Alliance2015 which started in 2003.</p><p>Overbestpast
('1', '9', '18')                      Hivos, Ibis, False Concern
                                      Alternative DWHH,        OXFAM-                                          2006/12/14 reception
                                                                                                  A Partner reception for all partners, GMT+1
                                                                                      Alliance2015: informal and Speaker17:01:04.343speakers
               <p>Le but de cette activité est de susciter un large débat sur les processus d'intégration en Afrique, par Alternativeles GMT+1c
                                      -            True        NOVIB                              civile participants aux d'amener Espaces Ci
                                                                                                               2006/12/07 défis de l'intégration
                                                               -CAD-Mali L'atelier est"La société L'activité proposéeau FSM. La parole acteurs d
                                                                                       ouvert à tous les africaine face afin 17:41:21.049 sera don
('42', '51', '47')                     Alternative True
                                       -Radio                  -                                                 et immigration des jeunes en axé
                                                                                                   L'activité proposée est 18:40:09.918 GMT+1
                                                                                      Chômage, sous-emploi2006/12/07 un atelier autogéré Afriq

                                                                           Until the Forum Radiophonique 2006/12/11 etdes alternativesenjeu
                                                                                                   Le Forum radiophonique ailleurs sur les est
               <p>Le but de l'activité est de contribuer à une meilleure information et sensibilisation du public au Niger 19:49:09.863 GMT+1 u
                          <p>In the Kayira
                                       INoSA       True                                            The          des alternatives
                         context and the debate shall                WSF,
               <p>The conferenceof (Internatio True address the following issues: What are conferenc and the roleSocial Forumin GMT+1
                                                                     Expecting Scholars-Activists and the World for organizations, WSF
                                                                                           the place 2006/11/23 22:46:39.537 the and
                                                        Research centers, students organizations, popular educationscholars Process
('20', '21', '53', '55')                         True                  around
                                                            All peace Activist of theNuclear Free )South Asia Partnership Pakistan,(SAP-PK
                                                                                      region    Bringing free
                                                                                                Nuclear 2006/12/09 21:57:52.838 of south
                                      Pakistan Peace Coalition,(PPC) Pakistan social forum,(PSFSouth Asia South Asia is the dreamGMT+1
                                                  False   Centre                                 civil aim 2006/11/25 14:01:28.015 GMT+1
                                                                                     Practitioners and Experts roundtable on issues of peace, h
('67', '63', '37')                               True     for
                                      A&D India, A&D France                                      of the    2006/12/01 10:52:17.463 GMT+1
                                                                                     Humane Habitat Development
                                                  False                                       Experiencia2006/12/24 alternativas
                                                                                     Comunicado Brasil Africa Jornais 11:19:31.367 GMT+1
('1', '24', '31', '38', '55')         Women       True                                          "Black Society like to 07:48:03.048 GMT+1
                                                                                                ASPBAE 2006/11/17discuss with Governme
                                                                                     Strengthening Civilis would Capacity to Engageother intere
('1', '4', '27', '71', '72', '74')    in Black    False                                         the color 2006/12/15 15:28:29.039 GMT+1
                                                                                     Women in Black workshop
               <p>-       <p>-                                  - Federal -                     -
               presentati expanding                  False                                      presentati 2006/11/26 00:49:06.797 GMT+1
                                                                and Local discussion Child and Juvenile Justice in a network perspective
('10', '24', '11')                                   False                  Mario de Sousa Costa,Testemunho sobre Adriano da Associação Er
                                                                                      Experiências de educação popular.
                                                                                                 Luciano Carvalho, a experiência dosGMT+1
                                                                                                           2006/12/11 14:13:12.088 educado
                                          Gilmar Del Barco Junior (Dingos), Testemunho e debate sobreEducadores PopularesEvangelista, Alexa
('19', '24', '35', '11')                             False                  Mario   Sousa e apresentaçãoCarvalho, aproximação do GMT+1
                                                                                      Movimento HIP HOP em parceria 14:03:36.186
                                                                                                 Luciano sobre a Adriano Evangelista, Alexa
                                          Gilmar Del Barco Junior (Dingos), mesa de debate Costa,Discussãode Graffit. com ONGs moviment
('24', '64', '11')                                   False                           ONGs: Formação de Militantes dálogos com os presentes
                                                                                                  breve exposição e Sociais
                                                                                                           2006/12/11 13:43:45.907 GMT+1
                                                                           Mesa de controvérsias,O Papel das ONGs no formação de militantes
('13', '20', '24')                                   False
                                          Gilmar Del Barco Junior (Dingos), mesa de diálogo, com exposiçãoBrasil. de Adriano de poder GMT+1
                                                                Possível parceria com o ITI Costa,mesa de Carvalho, partilha Evangelista, Alexa
                                                                            Mario     Software Livre: casa diálogo
                                                                                                  Luciano e2006/12/11 software livre
                                                                                    Sousa Brasil, e a mecanismo sobre 14:36:53.507 e as pos
('23', '64', '75', '47')                             False                  Mario de Sousa Costa,Exposição e emprego e14:28:31.345 GMT+1
                                                                                       QualificaçãoLuciano Carvalho, sobre desemprego Alexa
                                                                                                     Profissional, desemprego Evangelista,
                                                                                                               2006/12/11 desemprego
                                          Gilmar Del Barco Junior (Dingos), debate e exposição sobre trabalho, debateAdriano e ideologia e emp
                                          OCLAE      False                                         The activity2006/11/29the technological and sc
                                                                                                               aims to in students and young
                                                                                       The role of the young scientists join23:25:14.298 GMT+1sc
                         <p>- information on have key information to inform their advocacy actions with by presentation of main results of a
                                     African Women's Development Fund (AWDF)Where howOrganized 2006/12/14 sectors by women's gro
               <p>To share keyParticipants will funding trends for women's rights part of theis the moneybekey fundingrights?African Women's
                                                                       The first work and sessionworldfora are experiencedA(such GMT+1
                                                                                                  In a will
                                                                                                   those trends AWID and the
                                                                                                               women's 01:08:49.288 as sesion
                                                                                                                                strategy bilater
('1', '38', '52', '58', '74')                        False                                        where      2006/12/13 16:14:17.127 GMT+1
                                                                                       Resisting and Challenging Fundamentalisms
                                                     False                                        Workshop 2006/12/24 10:08:12.459 GMT+1
                                                                                       Socialism of XXI Century
                                                     False                                          the XXI century:strategies and challenges of
                                                                                       socialism ofConference2006/12/24 10:12:50.188 GMT+1 t

                                        CRID        False                                         Seminar       migration: 15:50:58.752 between
                                                                                       Local communities and2006/11/29 for an alliance GMT+1
               <p style="text-align: justify;">The aim of this seminar is to Exchange/Debatefighting topublic.against impunity and up keep the me
                           <p style="text-align: justify;">Exchange of experiences on Seminar Peace No. 2-Séminaire Paix No. 2 in post confli
                                        CRID        False                              other with against
                                                                                                  Fightfight 2006/11/28 15:50:11.444 GMT+1
                                                                             exchange on the means means against impunity set to
                                        (Centre     False                                          against
                           <p>To find other means against seminar and People memoryfighting between the publicPaix the up in post confli
                                                                              keep the on the of Peace No.1-against impunity set speakers.
                                                                              exchange Seminar the society Séminaire 10:42:30.009 a conflic
                                                                                                               a real reconciliation
               <p style="text-align: justify;">The aim of this impunity is to Exchange of experiences meansfor2006/11/27and No.1 after GMT+1

                         <p>Depen ATTAC Norway True                   who want of global Global justice />2. management of GMT+1
                         <p>Create an international network state of managementWorkshopoil sustainabilityand ecological sustainability in th
                                                                                                         2006/11/30 14:27:30.961 petroleum
               <p>1. Accumulate knowledge about the current - for global justice and ecological resources.<brin theFormulate alternative poli
               <p>The                                                 The
                                                          Groups thatEvent
               aim is<br ding from Solidarity Africa Network
                                               True                                Does the South concerns or that explicitly reject the conce
                                                                                              Does the 'financing for 18:38:35.279 GMT+1
                                                                                                         2006/11/30 development'?
                                                                       are sharing the mentioned needtalk on "financing for development" d
('2', '20', '23', '69')                              False                                        Joint assessment of the EPA's negotiations be
                                                                                                             2006/11/23 18:24:26.418 GMT+1
                                                                                       Impact of EPA's (Economic Partnership Agreements) - an

                                    All          False                                            Workshop 2006/12/24 10:42:18.260 GMT+1
                                                                                    APE et mobilisation sociale
                         <p>In addition to raising awareness of IFI activitiesevent will particularly ofworkshop What elsewherewhy should pro
                                                                        The in civil society groups fromlesser-known 22:16:29.171 GMT+1
                                                                                    The World Bank in Africa: and skill-share the takeoperatio
                                                                                                  This the Africa ample AfDB, of thefor discu
               <p>The session aims to increase awareness among activists andAfrica, be fully participatory, with and is ittimeto,will eventawillyou
                         <p><br />- activists    True                                                        2006/12/08 up planned           close
                         To                     False                             Dialogue on Right to Water would 17:18:07.656 a table
                                                                                             Bridge initiative
               -To renew with the democratic debate and engage actors in a positive and constructive dialogue.<br /> like to organizeGMT+1 o
                         <p>Greater awareness poverty, and can exacerbate gender inequalities. Yet iscan gender, and of the many initiativ
                                                 among              Group discussion. andsexuality can also misery through sexual viole
                                                                                Gender      Sexuality Workshop 15:54:04.426 GMT+1
               <p>Sexuality can bring misery andFalse the audience of the linkages between Sexuality and bring bring joy, affirmation, intima
                                    CCAS         True                            Le tourismeIlsolidaire : promouvoir d'information réunissan
                                                                                                des d'un2006/11/29 un outil
                                                                                                           séminaire 12:08:48.346 GMT+1
               <p>Rencontrer des acteurs qui s'intéressent au même sujet, découvrir et partager s'agitexpériences, rencontrer de futurs parten
                         <p>The development ofCorporate Social Responsibility movements and NGO withInternationalin CorporateGMT+1R
                                                 joint     Trade unions, CSR Corporate alternatives 2006/12/06 16:18:35.105democrati
                                                                                    discuss Social Responsibility does it work? Social
                                                                                                The UN, the an interest corporations.</p>
                                                                                                           maltinational Financial
               <p>To assess the experience with True strategies regardingsocial and to llimit the power of regarding- regulation andInstitutions
               <p>Prevention and Care Giving .</p>
                                                False    which     Testimonies and living 21,2007 healing and by HIV/AIDS GMT+1
                                                                              HIV/AIDS To be of 2006/11/20 18:14:05.166
                         <p>Provide a safe environment inWCC- healing and dignified sharing by persons affected restoration. takes place
                                                           World        churches Democracyheld Good 2006/11/20
               <p>To Engage on the civic and social responsibilitychurch.</p> and Presentations. from Governance16:28:24.424 GMT+1
                                   Caritas Africa and AACC.
                                               True                                          and
                        <p>Advocacy and Public witness of the of thePlenary in Democratic transitions.</p>
                                                                                            To be
                                               False                                          held
                                                                        Presentations and Plennary on
                         <p>Pedagogies of Peace And Conflict Resolution.</p>                             2006/11/20 18:24:32.802 GMT+1
               <p>To harness available resources for Peace building initiatives.</p>Overcoming Violence, Peace Building and Reconciliation
                                                                                              To be
                                               False                                      held
                                                                      Sessional Poverty Rural on
                         <p>New of the plight the poor face poverty.</p>                         2006/11/20 17:55:58.624 GMT+1
               <p>Bring awarenessways and methods to curb in the slums.</p> and Plennary and Urban Livelihood.

                                                     False                                        none        2006/12/24 11:15:04.447 econom
                                                                                       Seminar highlighting the psychological,social andGMT+1
('15', '38', '46')                                   False                                         Prisoners 2006/11/29 17:40:27.640 GMT+1
                                                                                       Palestinian This seminar has for purpose to aware on the

                                                                          Key Tanzanian government Lawyers' Environmental Action GMT+1 T
               <p>See activity description descriptionInternational Environmental Law (CIEL) and theofficials, and Tanzanian and international
                         <p>See activity above</p> above</p>
                                      The Center False
                                                  for                                          workshop 2002/01/20 10:03:38.149 Team (L
                                                                                    Water Privatization & International Investment Disputes:
                         <p>Reflective the politicsof be current politics of non-governmental publicof brief presentations politics distribution o
                                      The partners of non-governmental public action, referring to public action by opportunitiesof non-gove
                                                 False                   The panel will take the This panel will exploreaction disadvantaged pe
                                                                                       ESRC non-governmental public the programme panell
                                                                                                 form action; summary brief for and
                                                                                                            2006/11/25 15:06:47.798 GMT+1
               <p>This panel will explorediscussionwill the made up of participants inNon-governmental publicaaction:and forfrom severalchallen
                          <p class="MsoBodyText3">CECOEDECON hopes to create spaces Food sovereigntyPCFS,07:26:26.530 GMT+1
                                     Food TradeFalseNutrition Coalition-Asia, Gene Campaign, PANAP, APRN especially asto that are direc
               <p class="MsoBodyText3">The planned activity will endeavour that this opportunityFood Security tois definedthosedemonstratep
                                     Africa     and                                           for communities Food Sovereignty
                                                                                                        us global platform and
                                                                                  Moving from with its partner communities the organisatio
                                                                       CECOEDECON together provides 2006/12/20 KENDRENright of all
('1', '2', '29')                          Biodiversit about     Iniciativas Contactez A Green Revolution in Africa? must learnfrom its lessons
                                                                African Biodiversity Network       The activity2006/12/15 20:07:28.853the
                                                                                                               will give Warning from GMT+1
                                <p>Share experiences False the impact of the Green Revolution in India and how AfricaAexperiences onIndiaGreen
                           <p style="text-align: Initiative Montrer comment le commerce équitable organisationsprofiter22:41:25.400 GMT+1
                                        Bridges justify;">•
               <p style="text-align: justify;">Nous True International
                                        David         essayons plus spécifiquement de répondre aux questions2006/11/16:</p><p style="text-align
                                                                de           Ana                                suivantes la réalité le réseau éq
                                                                                                  Cet atelier peut africaines différentes pratiqu
                                                                                      L‟insertion des africainvise à cerner desdans des organisa
                         <p>The activitiy is - False use of methods supporting people's mobiliation. CLP will AT LOCALneglect of land righ
                                      Ntseng will make
               <p>CLP's practice at local leelintended to:</p><p>* support poor communities in endeavour 2006/12/12 10:14:27.246 GMT+1
                                                                                               responding to the abuse its own skills in using
                                                                        There will ANIMATING DEMOCRACY developor LEVEL
               <p>        <p>        •	
                                      Civil    True                    be 3-5                 " a mentioned issues models of related of
                                                                                                         alternative and other model conc
                                     CASA and its Partners All those organisations of FormsworkingSeminar of their respective countries.</li>
                          <ul><li>To encourage people to deep thinking and analysis on the above on theDevelopment Paradigm- GMT+1de
               <p class="MsoBodyTextIndent">To initiate areview the current(Creative development paradigmto review 06:51:00.625 A Search
                                                                                   who are of Cooperation)
                                                           under the CFC mode Seminar onItsAlternate 2006/12/12 the currentdevelopmen
                                     society   True                                          Open debates and
                                                                                                        2006/12/02 12:46:17.374 GMT+1
                                                                                   CITIZENS ASSEMBLY-day 1 discussion on various issue
                                                      False                                              The - A Global Challenge
                                                                                                                    2006/12/14 16:58:54.319 GMT+1
                                                                                               Climate Changeevent seeks to bridge actors working on c
                                                      False                                              The event seeks to continue the
                                                                                                                      2006/12/14 17:04:15.976 GMT+1
                                                                                               Decent work - strategies from civil society multi-stakeho
                                                  False                              Participation of marginalised to discuss the role of proces
                                                                                                  The event seeks voices
                                                                                                               2006/12/14 17:02:42.084 GMT+1
                             <p>A continued process of further dialogue about the terms of civil society participation in intergovernmentalmargina
                                                      False                                                ADVOCACY FOR PRO-POOR DEVELOPMEN
                                                                                               Civil Society for Poverty Reduction 07:48:36.445 GMT+1

                        <p>Outcomes will share increased information on insight forSociety workshop2006/11/28 inof participants with th
                                                False                 Group discussion participants onto assess, 16:14:30.638 past expe
                                                                                  Civil the A
                                                                                            participants; (b) to Global the light of GMT+1
                                                                                                          the subject Governance
               <p>The workshop aims: (a) tobe: (a) views and experiencesand the topic among Aand Accountable acquaintcivil society and ac
('16', '20', '27', '33', '64')
               <p>L'agre                              False                                    Values and discussionof a World Parliament and GMT+1
                                                                                                          principles 2006/11/29 16:49:42.683 of Globa
               ssion                        OLME (    False                                                            des pays africains par les multinat
                                                                                                           L'agression2006/12/29 PROTECTION DU GE
                                                                                               COALITION MALIENNE POUR LA01:38:20.251 GMT+1
('10', '24', '47', '52', '57')              Greece,   False                                                scuola social exclusion 20:45:39.824 GMT+1
                                                                                               Neoliberalism and (
                                                                                                           The        2006/12/13 in education.Minorities
                                       Maíra Ramos, participants for learning.</p><p>- well asOptical - AUTONOMY 20:27:44.266 GMT+1
                         <p>- Create create on the Guilherme Mohallem e Moira ToledoMAGICa develop a sense of IN sufficiency.</p><p>- C
                                                  False                              THE          BOX        didactic self THE self sufficiency,
               <p>This activity aims to on the participants hungerhunger for learning, asDevelop to sense of2006/12/13didacticKNOWLEDGE E
                                                      False                                            Taller TRATA Y GENERO
                                                                                                                  2006/12/24 10:44:39.660 que se
                                                                                               PROSTITUCION,de tres horas de duracion en elGMT+1 p
                                      CRID        False     Publiez                           Se presentará2006/11/27 22:13:18.093 GMT+1
                                                                                 Otra educación es posible un Power Point en el que se ex
               <p>La version finale de cet appel sera renduece que en février 2007 à l'occasion - atelier visede discuter, amenderchefs d'Eta
                                                  True                           Atelier France du sommet à faire converger au et finaliser
                                                                                              Nouveau 2006/11/28 17:40:37.049 GMT+1d
                                                                                              de Afrique: du néocolonialisme l'ensemble
                                                             publique Précissement l'objectif Cetl'atelier est France-Afrique des partenaria
('1', '16', '41', '46')                     Jubilee South
                                            Jubilee    True                                              contexte : 2006/11/27 23:09:24.881 GMT+1
                                                                                               New context : transfer of the external debt to internal debt
                                                                                                         Audit de
('4', '16', '20', '23', '41', '33', '46')   South      True                                               la dette    ( public launch of manual on audit
                                                                                               Audit of Southern debt 2006/11/27 22:32:43.597 GMT+1
('15', '53', '55')                                    True                                                 The Experiences of Nonviolent promote conc
                                                                                                                      2006/12/13 18:38:36.251 GMT+1
                                                                                               Active Firsthandobjective of this activity is toApproaches in
                                                      False                                            The activity2006/12/13 17:49:52.075 GMT+1
                                                                                                                   has the aim of presenting the expe
                                                                                               THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN: GUIDELINES AND EXPER
                                                      False                                                          2006/12/04 a de
                                                                                                           Nous constatons syndicaux plus en GMT+1
                                                                                               Protection des représentants qu‟il y 09:30:13.793 plus de co
                          un bilan des situation. Favoriser organisations l'information et dessur les questions de coopération scientifique.<b
                                    Associations de chercheurs, organisations syndicales françaises, européennes et africaines GMT+1
                                                True                               et du Sud connaissances scientifiques.<br capitaliste, les
                                                                                               Le processus de mondialisation /></p>
                                                                                                          2006/11/30 12:06:50.978
               <p>Dresser<p>Créerde la convergences entre la diffusion de du Nord Coopération scientifique internationale - International scie
('52', '64', '38', '27', '65')                        False                                 Um Mundo de Mundo 2006/12/13 20:34:53.808 GMT+1
                                                                                                       sem Manicômios é Possível.
                                                                                                                  sem Manicômios
                                                                                  Apresentação seguida Umparticipação do público é Possível. 20 an
('1', '27', '38', '51')                               False                                    TÍTULO – SUBJETIVIDADE E RACISMO
                                                                                                                   2006/12/14 a apresentar GMT+1
                                                                                                         A exposição se propõe 03:12:51.067 a constru
                               '64', '38', Gilberto Nunes Leal, '71')
                                                       False                    dialogo Filho, Walkiria Mesa de Silva
                                                                                            Povos afrodescendentes: Lutas alternativas frente o rac
                                                                                                        Souza tema 2006/12/14 02:08:12.458 GMT+1
('17', '20', '52', '42', '19',<p>Broad '27', '11', '51', '65', '46',Oswaldo rafael Pinto e deliberação sobre o dadebate comediversos representantes
                                   group of False
               <p>To alerter alarm the participants of future global challenges and new Next: Bold, Global Challenges,future in timeGMT+1
               <p>         and
                          <p>                               Yiaku                 What problems (that may be much22:47:00.969and Altern
                                                                                                New thought-provoking closer scenarios by so
                                                                                                          2006/11/29 Trendlines than we

                                   SEWA        False                                           Health- experiences of 23:42:38.121the by tee
                                                                                   be a facilitated discussion with short Stigma atas experie
                                                            Peoples Session willCombating Sharing & Gender- Based presentations Comm
                                                                                                          2006/12/11 oppression GMT+1
('16', '46', '47', '65', '67', '75')        GCAP
                                            ITUC      False                                                         2006/11/29 Work Goals
                                                                                                        The seminar on Developmentand MDG's will
                                                                                               Decent Work and Millenium Decent16:50:29.648 GMT+1 b
('16', '46', '47', '65', '67', '75')        ETUC
                                            Social    False                                                         of Life - Campaign for a GMT+1
                                                                                                        The launch 2006/11/29 16:01:03.524 Decent L
                                                                                               Decent Work for a Decentthe Decent Work launch
('44', '64', '65', '75')                Alert
                                        Internation False                                         Alert
                                                                                       Social Protection for workers in the18:18:13.604 GMT+1
                                                                                                              2006/11/15 informal social protect
                             <p>Social Alert International aims to have a discussion on how community-based initiatives regarding economy
                                     al Trade False                                             Defending 2006/12/04 21:15:11.885 GMT+1
                         <p>Ideas for the to bring together trade unionosist forum is aimed at stimulating to discuss encouragingInternation
                                                                        The and other interested activists solidaritydecent work in Africa and
                                                                                    International trade unionism for amongst new all those in
               <p>The aim of teh activity is development of ITUC policy</p><p>Stranghtened international debate andhow the workers from No
('16', '29', '47', '64', '67', '75')                  False                                             This seminar, organised by the Swiss Labour
                                                                                               Decent Work and Farm Workers 14:35:26.384 GMT+1 A
('16', '46', '47', '65', '67', '75')Solidar     False                                                      2006/11/30 for Decent GMT+1
                                                                                               Under the Decent
                                                                                   Alternative to neo-liberalism Work15:48:10.712life umbre
                         <p>1. Proposals for campaign activities To inform all those interested in the promotion of decent work of the campa
                                                False                              of Decent Worksession Decent Life Campaign
                                                                                               The for a Decent Life.</p><p>2. Subjects for
                                                                                                           2006/11/29 a launch
               <p>The aims of the session are:</p><p></p><p>1. under the banner Launch of Decent Work,will feature21:44:53.514 GMT+1   Decen
('10', '16', '46', '47', '65', '67', '75') ITUC              False                                                    This seminar on child labour will be organised
                                                                                                          Child labour Fighting 2006/11/29 16:19:16.647 GMT+1
                                               ETUC          False                                        '75')       for a fair 2006/12/04 21:23:32.815 GMT+1
('1', '4', '6', '11', '14', '16', '20', '23', '27', '41', '33', '38', '44', '46', '47', '56', '69', '68', International trade unionism for decent work in Africa and
                                                      False                                             and democracy foster 16:21:26.005
                                                                                                                 2006/12/13 economic groth? Does
                                                                                               DemocracyDoeseconomic development (Panel) GMT+1
                                               '27', completed
                                                           True           To be completedTo        African  To be completed later 10:02:09.271 GMT+1
('53', '2', '16', '18', '19', '1', '21', '73',To be'33', '51', '4', '14', '65', '46', '77') be completed Diaspora and the Construction of a Multipolar Wor

                                                      False                                               African Farmers present on EPAs
                                                                                                                     2006/12/24 07:12:20.434 agricultu
                                                                                               African Regional networks workshopthe model ofGMT+1
('1', '6', '67', '69')                        False                               Seminar: EPAs and Investiment 10:27:59.278 GMT+1
                                                                                              The Investiment
                                   ATN, SEATINI-Kenya, Christain Aid, RODI, BEACON, CITIL, Tradecraft Framework based on the free
                                   Society    True                                            Swaziland 2006/11/29 of the Regional view
                                                                       also assistEconomic Justice for Swazilandphilosophy. It is GMT+1 th
                                                                                   the at the core of the CANGO Conference
               <p>The "Economic Justice for Swaziland Conference" willGender parity is Swaziland teambuilding ahaed14:16:06.268our Social
                                    Brot fuer                                                "The field
                                    die Welt                                                 of the
               <p>To share experiences understanding of opportunities andtakingto increase participationon to campaigning on Food, GMT+1 o
                         <p>Increased betweenTrue
                                                churches and Christian organisations in campaigning onof trade and groups into food</p><p>
                                                          Organisations challenges onaway through injustice: the Right toto campaigning
                                                                      Seeking a Swept campaigning trade and the right trade. trade and
                                                                                   human rights approach2006/11/29the right food</p><p>I
                                                                                                            Christian 17:09:43.876 Christian
('24', '34', '3')                    Forum for False                                            If getting more girls into17:20:50.157 to reduc
                                                                                                             2006/12/14 Empowering of the be
                                                                                     Time for Action on Girl's Education: school is oneGMT+1
                                     Alternative False
                        <p>A sustained documentation the global south.</p>           communities, writers, academia and scholars from the glo
                                                                                                walk         2006/12/15 08:22:46.870 GMT+1
               <p>To make visible alternative visions fromof alternative visions fromAsking, we A roundtable discussion and a book launch ou
                                      TOUTES LES ENTITES D'ENDA -OPENED TOeffortsNGO
                                                  True         yes                                 The
                                                                             Netherland"A ALL of global is possible"
                                                                                          better Ethopia civil 2006/12/08 18:33:14.548 GMT+1
               <p>The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the advocacybasedINTERESTED society movements for socio-econo
               <p>              <p>   ONU –Habitat- Secrétariat du FSA
                                               True                                   La Responsabilité Individuelle et Collective, condition d‟un
                                                                                               activités 2006/12/11 19:38:36.762 GMT+1

               <p>              <p>                True                                                     2006/11/29 18:52:49.285 the esta
                                                                                                 Can activity will be produced jointly by Civil
                                                                          The content feeding into to the Mediterranean, still push forGMT+1 a
                                      Still being discussed. Still being discussed. European aidthisthe European UnionSouthern CaucasusS

               <p>              <p>                True                                                       2006/11/29 still jointly the esta
                                                                                                 Can activity Caribbean18:24:41.050by African
                                                                          The content to feed into this African, will be producedpush forGMT+1
                                      Still being discussed. Still being discussed. European aid to the European Unionand Pacific countries:
                                                True                   The content feeding into to the European Union still Imposedthe esta
                                                                                               Can activity Latin produced jointly bydevelop
                                                                                                            2006/11/29 18:34:18.469 Asian,
               <p>Althou <p>In the Still being discussed. Still being discussed. European aidthisAsia andwill be America: push forGMT+1
               gh        first part             False                              IntroductionUsing participatory make the technology and s
                                                                                                 of the training for women
                                                                                                            2006/11/23 17:40:05.292 GMT+1
                                                                       The participatory nature to Film-makingwill techniques, Fahamu will in
('3', '16', '24', '39', '46')          Färnebo FHS and Ilula FDC
                                       Organisati False                            Workshops: Färnebo FHS and Ilula FDC in cooperation
                                                                                                Présentati 2006/11/06 10:17:50.740 GMT+2
                                                                                                Two Swedish courses from Färnebo attending
                                                                        We will work with participatory methods to involve everyone Folk High
                          <p>partici ons            de       de média consultant Conférenceon du voulont sontd'Afrique
                          <p>Au moins d'obtenirTrue OUI pour le ProjetsontConstitution.</p><p>Les convaincre les Chefs d'Etat leGMT+1d
               <p>Le but de l'activité est1.000.0001.000.000 Les"OUI" pour ledes partenaies que suretafricains fortement associés et Gouverne
                                       MIJARC                APNFS      Intervenan de constitution les Etats-Unis sensibilisés sur Projet
                                                                         de projet               nous      2006/11/30 09:51:34.512
                          réseaux la JOCI large possible des organisations qui travaillent les questions de 2006/10/27 12:36:11.644 GMT+3
               <p>Mise enpation      plus       True        CCFD       ts des                   Atelier en collaboration avec d'autres mouvem
                                                                                                             et la souveraineté alimentaire
                                                                                   Atelier: la souveraineté souveraineté alimentaire</p>
('23', '57', '46', '47')                         False       Syndicats africains (Mali, Sénégal...) et européens avecprivatisations et GMT+1
                                                                                    Télécommunications Nord/Sud : les syndicats etlibéralisa
                                                                                                  PTT; CSDPTT)
                                                                                                            2006/12/12 11:30:52.607 publics
                                      Associer les syndicats et associations européennes (SUDLes télécommunications comme biensassocia
                         <p>Expected outcomes include creative eco-feminist editorial group,scale aimedexplores Vandana more concrete D
                                      Food to foreground planned actions on an international and and Earth Democracy continental GMT+1 p
                                      Capitalism False                  Together, presenters Toronto Women for aand and Healthy Planet
                                                                                   to solidarityThis panel 2002/01/20one or Shiva's boundari
                                                                                                both across national Just
                                                                                                           to address discuss and "Earth
               <p>The aim of this activity is For Nature Socialism new approaches Eco-Feminism participants analyse,15:57:22.498 plan actio
                                      Thought False
                         activity: </p><p>1. To share this workshop participants, with plansThoughtfollwoed in his bookfood End of modelto
                                                                     Short presentations bytoJeffrey Sachs byorganicsituations.</p><p>2. u
                                                                                  with For pupilsthis to describe and discuss the skills
                                                                                               use - teaching other and discussion.
                                                                                                        2006/11/28 23:59:56.481 GMT+1
               <p>Aims of<p>1. Enthusiastic response fromhighly successful model Foodothers.Workshopmodel inquestion'Thegrowing Poverty
('1', '2', '38', '48')                             False                            Seminar- "Food Sovereignty and Land Struggle In Africa"
                                                                                                Through the Network, ActionAid
                                                                                                           2006/11/30 14:22:45.651 GMT+1
                                       FIAN International, La Via Campesina, The Land and Action ResearchGlobal Campaign for Agrarian Re
                                       CUT                                                      Debate
                                       Brazil -    True                              and public on the workers and the environment</p><p>S
                                                              Partners from other countries and continents 2006/11/30 against GMOs
                                                                                                Témoigna Modified Organisms and GMT+1
('2', '22', '32', '34', '67') <p>Awareness raising on the negative impaccts of GMOsNo against Geneticallythat struggle 14:32:40.092 Crops
               gnage                               False                                        ge des
                                                                                                According 2006/12/29 01:22:54.731 GMT+1
                                                                                     MIGRATION AFRICAINE ET VIOLENCE
('2', '31', '69')                     This activityFalse                              and IATP. to the       2006/11/20 15:28:24.242 GMT+1
                                                    is jointly organised by FES, IGTN Gender, food, agriculture and trade: towards an alternative
('2', '31', '69')                                 False                                Gender, food, agriculture and
                                                                                                   The the continuation 16:08:52.397 GMT+1
                                                                                                   IGTN        2006/11/20 of the activity "Gender
                                                              This event is jointly organised with This isand IATP. trade:towards an alternative
                                                   False                            A common currentlyof 2006/11/24 19:12:27.568 GMT+1
                          1) The chances and threats unions on the ACP Economic Partnership Agreement 2) Trade unionists a trade union
                                                                                               position  been Unions on the from different
               1) Presentation of the positions of trade of an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) haveTrade identified from EU-ACP Econ
                                                  False                                        A half day workshop to 09:14:22.698 GMT+1
                                                                                                           2006/12/24 discuss and share the
                                                                                      Workshop and skillshare on european investment bank(E
                                                  False                                             cartoon launch to show 09:05:24.973 GMT+1
                                                                                                               2006/12/24 it'' cartoon-book launc
                                                                                      'If this is development you can keephow the IFIs and corpo

                                                False                               Q-SPOT
               <p>To bring together LGBTI activists and advocate for our rights<br /></p>                    create a safe space for LGBTI act
                                                                                                  We want to 2006/11/24 11:43:59.959 GMT+1
                                                  False                                       Roundtable2006/12/24 07:30:01.658 GMT+1
                                                                                      DEBT ROUNDTABLE
                                                  False                                      Workshop
                                                                                      GCAP WORKSHOP 2006/12/24 07:38:38.486 GMT+1
                                                                                             The main
                                    ActionAid False
                                    Global                                                  objectives 2006/12/05 and Land in Africa 2
                                                                                 The Struggle for Food Sovereignty 01:54:56.632 GMT+1
                                    Campaign True
                         <p>Participants to understand Education Rights be decided
                                                                     to Now!'</p><p>To foster new of the Global synergiesbe support of e
                                                                                  Education For All</p><p>Participants will for Education'
                                                                                            Launch alliances and 11:19:35.146 GMT+1
               <p>To launch GCE's campaign 'Join UP - the link between rights andJOIN UP! Education Rights Now!Campaign in able to ident
               <p>Informational</p> Exchange True        Organizations working solidarity and information exchange.</p>
                                                                    increased of issues ofVideoby discussion andsolidarity with Cubaa vid
                         <p>Net-working among participants regardingVideo presentationExchange/Freedom rights,contemporary issues reg
                                    Global                          Video                   torture, human Archive discussion"Salud"
                                                                               Global followed presentation of 00:48:33.921 GMT+1
                                                                                                        2006/12/01 presents:
                         <p>Net-working among participants regardingpresentati solidarity andtorture, human Archive19:51:11.015 GMT+1 s
               <p>Informational</p> Exchange True                   increased Global Exchange/Freedom rights and net-working and
                                                                                            Video presentation with presents: "The Legacy
                                                         Organizations working on issues of information exchange discussion
               <p>Coalition-building for global space-weapons disarmament.</p> globalby questions andon activism leading to comprehensi
                                                   levels             Lecture followed Weapons for space weapons interactive-group dis
                                                                                           Presented answers,
                                                                                           Workshop 2006/11/28 20:53:59.589 GMT+1
               <p>Partici <p>Raised educationalTrue of attendees regarding the Spacemovement Disarmament thendisarmament. Coaliti
                          <p>1. A                                     Listening
               pants in   general     Indigenou False                 and                   by Carol 2006/11/28 20:38:29.321 GMT+1
                                                                                  Compassionate Listening
                         <p>Increased awareness of the potential risksThe planning this event, but we are on raise awarenessstrategiespartn
                                     Indigenou True
               <p>The aims of the activity are:</p><p>- to alert socialstartedthe international tradeworkshop2006/11/24 21:39:22.652 GMT+1ad
                                                             We just movements and Indigenous in biofuels;</p><p>IdeasofMarkets 2: Biofue
                                                                           of workshop will include Peoplesor ofthe impacts for forthe potentia
                                                                                       Environmental a numberparticularly looking of more to
                                                                                                   A Justice toEnvironmental presentations exp
                                                                                                                 introductory large-scale, follo
                         <p>The meeting are:</p><p>- exchange justimproved understanding adifferentnumber of 21:10:35.169 GMT+1 o
                                                outcome to have an started and views onA participatory workshop processes that Selling
                                                                   The workshop will this andJusticerespect for the on theand positions
                                                                               Environmental we areornegotiation rights potentialare ta
                                                                                           the and still looking for additional by differe
                                                                                                         Environmental Markets 1: impa
               <p>The aims of the main expectedTrue to isWereach information planning include oflimited2006/11/24 presentations partners,
                                                                          and discussion on what the outcomes ofJustice is electionstowards
                                                                                   US strategies around US electoral 20:34:03.895 GMT+1
                                                                                              Grassroots 2006/12/13 2008 – alliance of mea
                                                                                                          Global the work Building will US
               <p>This workshop will include analysis of recent electionsOpenupcoming Electoral Grassroots Organizing and anthe limitations,

                                      Oilwatch False                      1. The                                2006/12/24 09:33:04.607 GMT+1
                                                                                                   The nobel womens initiative will
                                                                                        WOMEN BUILDING ANOTHER WORLD highlight their
                         <p>The further strengthen and develop an of workshop Oil resistingLackoilAfrica Africa,challengetogether GMT+1d
                                                              Organisations working on and Energy inofindustrywillenergy,ecological industry
                                                                           civil society actors, especially from - to to come one of damage
               <p>This event will be an opportunity for a diverse arrayAfrican (and global) wide movement thatAfrica‟s energythe oil the main an
                                      Africa     True                                               the      access and their is for Africandiscus
                                                                                                                2006/12/14 09:09:29.995 to peopl
                                                               créateurs » et la littérature pour penser etde création et faireles participants (de
                                                                                        COLLAGE D‟ORAL Fanon et
                                                                                                    Atelier     2006/12/11 : Marx.
                          <p>Production individuelle et tous Partenariat demandé avec l'espace Frantzagir.</p> orale23:09:16.580 GMT+1 2
                                                  et le
               <p>Faire vivre le « tous capable » True « collective de textes à lire et/ou afficher pour faire partagerl'Espaceavancer ses valeurs
                                     Le spécificités de                              Séminaire découvrir 2006/12/13 22:59:44.742 GMT+1
                          <p>Elargir notre réseaucatholique ? CRID ? recherche et de formation « Education et citoyenneté »
                                                  international; le LIEN; Ligue Internationale ?sur en éducation et élargir
               <p>Faire comprendre nosSecoursFalse mouvement deFSU ? Bernard Doray d'Education Nouvelle.</p> notre réseau interna
                                    London strategic cooperation                ConfrontingWorkshop considering challenges and land ow
                                                                                             to preserve the people‟s control and strateg
               <p>Creating an opportunity for Tenants Federation among the world‟s struggles privatization‟s effects on housingover their righ
                                                 True                                                    2006/11/29 15:55:29.361 GMT+1

                          <p>- increased of patents about the as barriers to access</p><p>- essential / presentations13:10:19.269 GMT+1
                                                True       we are already consulting with to build Action Aid,campaign/ for affordability of on
                                                                                  access Oxfam, advocacy MSF,
                                                                                              access</p><p>- regionalpanel discussion qu
               <p>- increased awareness awarenessand prices effects of patents and prices on seminar medicines EPNcampaign begun/me

                                                            False                                         Workshop hijacked by the corporate GMT+1
                                                                                                                     2006/12/24 10:48:22.002 agenda?
                                                                                                 How Europe has been on the role of Europe in the South in
                                                            False                                            Workshop on the role and development policie
                                                                                                                         2006/12/24 10:43:48.796 GMT+1
                                                                                                 The role of the EU in global trade of Europe in the South in
                                                            False                                            Workshop on the role of Europe in the South in
                                                                                                                        2006/12/24 10:52:30.942 GMT+1
                                                                                                 The role of Europe in the militarisation and neoliberal glob
                                                            False                                            Seminar on2006/12/24 10:59:28.605 GMT+1 r
                                                                                                                          re-inventing bi-regional solidarity
                                                                                                 After the Footprints of European TNCs in Latin America a
('4', '6', '13', '16', '18', '20', '24', '43', '46', '50', '65', '67')                                     Reflexiones2006/12/13 20:47:40.150 GMT+1
                                                                                                           Organized sobre
                                                                                                 Poder tecnologia y sociedad la tecnologia (software libre
('6', '38', '65', '75')                                False                                    by:        2006/12/08 17:12:40.823 GMT+1
                                              Kenya Human Rights Commission and ILRF Big Box Retailers/Wal-mart and working conditions in the
('39', '38', '74')                           JAGORY False                                                Organized 2006/12/08 and Wrongs
                                                                                                         Organized City: Rights 15:43:24.546 of cities
                                                                                                 Women Imagining the by : JAGORY. The growth GMT+1
                                             Samburu Women Advocacy Network (SWAN)Confronting by:
                                                      False                                            2006/12/13 21:00:06.201 GMT+1
                                                                                              Harmful Customary Practices: Female Genita
('2', '38', '65')                                        False                           Building network on initatives working on the Germany,
                                                                                                     Organised by: Bread for the
                                                                                                                2006/12/04 20:59:14.348 GMT+1
                                             Bread for the World, Germany, FIAN-International, IPCahuman right working group. World, right to foo
                                             FIDH           False                                           Organised 2006/12/09 17:15:29.203 GMT+1
                                                                                                            Organized by:
                                                                                                 Documentaire sur la CPI FIDH
('38', '65', '71', '74')                     WGNRR          False                                            by:       2006/12/05 18:21:42.324 GMT+1
                                                                                                 Refusal of Reproductive Rights of Women is a form of Ge
                                                             False                                                      opening
                                                                                                         Human dignity '33', '72', '63', '38', Measures of '51', '4', '1
                                                                                                                        Organized 2006/12/01 15:19:55.404 just world
('53', '29', '2', '6', '12', '18', '19', '10', '30', '42', '52', '20', '21', '67', '73', '27', '64', '62', '74', '32', '31', and human rights: '43', '41', '49',a GMT+1
('53', '38', '55', '15')                     FIDH and Entishar Charity Society
                                             Human     False                                               by: FIDH
                                                                                                          Organised 2006/11/29 22:13:25.137 GMT+1
                                                                                                 Human Rights and conflict, militarisation and impunity
('19', '38', '61', '54', '58', '59')         Dignity   False                                               by:
                                                                                                          Organised 2006/11/28 19:05:39.800
                                                                                                 Human Rights, Religion and Cultural Diversity GMT+1
('39', '31', '74')                                     False
                                             Global Feminisms Collaboration                                           2006/12/05 17:30:59.191 Rights Ac
                                                                                                 Sponsorship, Scholarship and Women‟s Human GMT+1
('38', '65', '69')                                     False                              What      Organizer: 2002/01/20 16:49:24.884 GMT+1
                                                                                                    Organized by: expect from G8?
                                             EED, Misereor, Brot für die Welt, Welthungerhilfe do the Poorest (P8) EED, Misereor, Brot für die Wel
                                             PeaceWomen Across the Globe/COPA                              Organized 2006/12/08 14:30:10.923 GMT+1
                                                                                                 What do women peacebuilders want from the WSF? : Ano
('2', '38', '65')                            EcumenicalFalse
                                                        Advocacy Alliance                        Swept awayby:
                                                                                                           through injustice: the 19:05:04.897 trade and
                                                                                                          Organized 2002/01/20Right to Food, GMT+1
                                             Mazinguira False and LWF.
                                                        Institute                                           by:        2006/12/09 18:09:36.735 GMT+1
                                                                                                 Human rights, global mobility and citizenship challenges
                                             FIDH           False                                           Organisé 2006/12/04
                                                                                                            Organised Experiences of the Fight GMT+1
                                                                                                 National and Regional by: FIDH. 21:47:03.535against Im
                                                         False                                      par:
                                                                                          Progress and obstacles Information Centerthe exigibility an
                                                                                                    Organized in the struggle for for Developme
                                             International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and Research and2006/11/29 21:53:58.884 GMT+1
('38', '37', '77')                                          False                                Egyptian farmers‟ eviction from lands allocated to them th
                                                                                                             by: Sons
                                                                                                            Organized 2006/11/29 22:41:29.021 GMT+1
                                                                                         Advoacy Initiative in the context of 19:40:51.846–GMT+1
                                                                                                                                            a tool fo
                                             Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights The International Convention against ApartheidDignity and
                                                       False                                         by:         2002/01/20 the Human
                         <p>Collaborative plans at of
               <p>To bring together aThird WorldFalse diverse women peacebuilders from across partnersin 2007.</p> uponplan preceding WS
                                     large number global and regional levels to stregthen peacebuilding in andCoalition toinform, prepare and
                                                 MovementWorld MarchExploitation of Women (TW-MAE-W), indraw 16:41:27.666empowere
                                                            Against the of Women
                                                                       Using the networks of all the globe, the activity to the for in Africa (
                                                                                             Collaborative conference
                                                                                   Women Speak Out: Peace 2007 for Peace GMT+1
('38', '65', '69', '47')                                 False                           Human rights in social and economic justice struggles Hu
                                                                                                   Organizad 2006/12/10 19:54:45.791 GMT+1
                                                                                                    Equalinrights Dignity International, Kenyan
                                             Dignity International, Kenyan Human Rights Commission,Organized by: and BEACON.
('20', '38', '42', '65')                     Asociación False                                   a por:
                                                                                      La ciudadanía         2006/12/04 18:03:21.643 GMT+1
                                                        Pro Derechos Humanos de Andalucía (APDHA). en la globalización: ¿marco de derechos o
('38', '55', '65')                                     False                           Banadir Victims of violence in Somalia Human rights.
                                                                                                  Organized 2006/12/13 ISHA
                                                                                                              Peaceline, 11:53:36.949 GMT+1
                                             Peace and Human Rights Network, Somalia ; Children Peace Forum;by: Peace and Human Rights Netw

               <p>                           African Woman and Child Feature Service.
                                                       False                                                Organised by: African Woman and Child Featu
                                                                                                 Gender justice and women‟s rights-survivors' histories
                                                                                                            Organised 2006/12/01 17:14:33.051 GMT+1
               </p><p>                Housing False        Foro                    VIOLATIONby Soroti RIGHT TO EDUCATION DURING A
                                                                                               OF THE 2006/11/20 13:07:53.768 GMT+1
                                                            the respective values and objectives of the rural,and communities, in order comm
                                                                       General debate to follow cultural introduction and statementsrural and
                                                                                   Global occupied peoples urban, indigenous and by to ac
                                                                                              Celebration2006/11/29 16:58:45.863 occupie
               <p>Foster strategic dialogue among the world‟s urban, rural, indigenous andStruggle Session the struggles of urban,GMT+1
                                      and Land True
                         <p>Better mutual understanding ofUrbano

                                             IAPAZ-                                A oficina
('64', '27', '55', '46', '75')               Instituto      True                   constará               Seminário 2006/11/30 é Paz só Com Justiça
                                                                                                          O tema geral da
                                                                                                 Paz Só Com Justiça Social oficina19:23:05.562 GMT+1
                                                 FUNDAÇÃO ROSA osA e SOCIAIS ACTIONem abertocivil, entre 19:02:00.946 e intelect
                         <p><strong>Aprofundar a articulação entre LUXEMBURGO, é ORGANIZAÇÕES2006/12/08 em torno das questões
                                      o contexto True
               <p><strong>Identificar EURALAT, de transformação políticaparticipação Eesquerda hoje: IBASE debatemilitantes!COM O TEMA
                                                          MOVIMENTOS socialmembrosvivemos, E partir de movimentos sociais GMT+1e
                                                                       diferente em que da sociedade ao um clareamento conceitual
                                                                                  Ser livre sendo a Diálogo TRABALHEM
                                                                                              AID        QUE
                                               False </b></p> unions
               <p>Solidarity between employees<b>        trade                                             Common discussions about the necessity (Co
                                                                                                                      2006/11/29 09:26:10.022 GMT+1
                                                                                                 Trade Union responsibility in transnational companies of jo
                                                      False                                         Performance by Orphan Children from Kampa
                                                                                                              2006/12/23 17:36:29.769 GMT+1
                                                                                         Arts Education Program with Disadventage Communities
                                     Conseil général de locales engagées
                                                False                               promotion des droits</p><p>Réfléchir aux alliances et cito
                                                                                               Séminaire de réflexion et d'échangesGMT+1
                                                                                                           2006/11/30 12:29:00.968 d'expérie
               <p>Consolider les réseaux de collectivités Seine Saint Denis dans la Pouvoir central; pouvoir local, mouvements sociaux entre
('64', '38', '65')                                   False
                              <p>To share different experiences.</p>                               Food a Human a Human Right.
                                                                                         Food Security As security asRight 18:59:51.614 GMT+1
                           <p style="text-align: justify;">       Quel justify;"> les organisations internationales citoyenneté et démocratie :
                                                                                                     Comment promouvoir Engagés dansGMT+1
                                                                                                                   2006/11/28 développementces proc
                                                                                                                               20:13:09.240 de méd
               <p style="text-align: justify;"></p><p style="text-align: rôle pour </p><p style="text-align: justify;">dans leles normes internationau
                                                    False                                Développement des médias,
                           <p class="MsoBodyText2">Quelle place pour les médias africains face à la place pour lesetprécédentes ont face à l
                                                                                       L'information, bien à vingt annéesmédias africains apporté
                                                                                                                           à la convergence ?</p>
               <p style="text-align: justify;">Les évolutions technologiques caractéristiques des quinze concentrationl'humanité ou marchandise
                                                    False                                                       2006/11/28 20:20:22.922 GMT+1
                                                                                                   Quelle commun de
('1', '10', '38')                    ICSW     False                                            Conference2006/12/24 09:30:49.311 GMT+1
                                                                                   Children/Human Rights Violations in Brazil
                                     members True
               <p>To create awareness on how to build effective National Councils<b> need societyorganized and effective national council
                                                           All groups that for an effective National Councils
                                                                       A workshopBuilding National
                                                                                    session enhancing individual participation. Flip charts, Po
                                                                                               Presentati 2006/11/21 13:05:44.607 GMT+1
                                                                                                for an
                         <ul><li><strong>Awareness creation on the need recognize the </b></p> Council</strong><strong> </strong></li><
                          align="justify">Presenting an exchange of good practice experienceson of the against evictions
                                                                                  Right to Housing and by various inhabitant associations in
                                                                                              achieved 2006/11/30 18:40:03.124 GMT+1
               <p> </p><p<p> </p><p align="justify"><strong>Launching an international warning system Zero Evictions </strong></p><p a
                         <p>Raised NOVIB, Actionparticipants </p>
                                     awareness False UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, relevant
                                               of on                              Is Literacy work round table will present the importance of
                                                                                               This </b></p>
                                                                                                         2006/11/29 21:05:02.923 GMT+1
               <p>To sensitize the social movementsAid, the challenges for addressing literacy<b>ASPBAE to the social movements?
('24', '31', '64')                                  False                          Force     workshop 2006/11/30 intersectionality persp
                                           GEO - ICAE / REPEM / GCAP-Feminist Task Gender, Poverty and Education: an18:57:26.474 GMT+1
                                                                                             A one
                         speaking, this training True                              are to for day
                                    Terre des module is directed towards a wide audience. Developmentaccess to Ideas and Changethe
                                    International Development Research Centre, Institute to centre ofwithto for Share 01:10:30.335 camera
                                                           WOUGNET Digital Video, and useAnyoneVideo St
                                                                                              Digital all planning aspects, and decide Min
                                                                                                             realize it's digital video to do!</p
               <p>Broadly<p>1. To get people used to the idea of usingParticipantsHow at theallow people 2006/12/14 a not that hardGMT+1 a
                                     hommes True                                    Child Trafficking in Africa - a Federation Terre des Homm
                                                                                                 future challenges that citizens in Africa, civil
                                                                                                             2006/11/24 challenge
               <p>The aim of the activity is to raise awareness and mobilise on the current and The International global19:46:38.179 GMT+1so
                         <p>Strengthening of network, world view which can create aGift Paradigm - an2006/11/29 10:40:18.750 GMT+1
                                                                      Panellists a Gift societythe(IFGE), old/new way to a peaceful society
                                                                                  The Economy will present consolidating allianceson Cap
                                                                                               "Embracin and alternative gift economy an
                                                                                                 of paradigm of a feminist to of view across
               <p><strong>To present a radicallyFalse International Feminists forwill introduceWe peace as andifferent pointsPatriarchalfrome
                                   Engender different
('3', '31', '63', '64')                               False                              "Embracingg the      2006/11/21 - our sister and brother
                                                                                                    the excluded of today" 12:01:34.953 GMT+1
                        <        T
               <p>TBA</p>p>TBA</p> BC
                                 1.                   False                                                    2006/11/30 08:31:47.363 GMT+1
                                                                                                   A 2 part Strategy meeting Combat against Exp
                                                                                         Strategy Meeting--Mainstreaming the for NGOs/Activists t
                                         Networker False                   Plenary Address with DR Kenneth 2006/12/17 the Key Notesuch as D
                                                                                        mobilise Africans"
                                                                                                   This activityKaunda as Africa in the Speaker.
                                                                                                                will look at 07:55:34.255 GMT+1
('1', '20', '38', '64', '67') <ul><li>To raise contemporary issues on Africa</li><li>To"Africa forsocial movements around key issues global con
                                                      False                              Workshop workshop 2006/12/24 10:07:14.570 GMT+1
                                                      False                                        Illegtimacy of Debt and proposals, case stu
                                                                                         Seminar onOverview of2006/11/29 09:54:41.822 GMT+1

                                           Jubilee    False                                        workshop/seminar on Debt and Africa
                                                                                         Debt and Africa     2006/11/29 10:59:28.936 GMT+1
                                           Debt       True                                         Responsible/Alternative10:58:14.189 GMT+1
                                                                                                               2006/11/30 Financing (as of reve
                                                                                         Responsible/Alternative Financing (as the reverse theIllegi
('67', '24', '64', '41', '65', '69')                  True       PAPDA                                         2006/12/14 04:35:35.763
                                                                                                    for education: ¿good news or bad? GMT+1
                                                                                         Debt swapsworkshop to analyze and develop strategies on
('2', '6', '16', '64', '33', '41', '46')              True       Hemisphe                           Workshop on Haiti, from its anti-slaveGMT+1to
                                                                                                              2006/12/14 04:25:50.894 revolt
                                                                                         Haiti: Why no HIPC, PRSP, or UN Military Missions
                                                  True                               Illegitimate concept illegitimate from each others.</li><li>C
                                     Kendren & CEJ together with to It will people who have already worked on toCafod
               <p> </p><ol start="1"><li>think together on strategiesandrecognizegiven spacedebt.</li><li>Learning debt.</li><li>building a glob
                                                              organizations or be on how Caritas Italiana, Diakonia, contribute to the willing
                                                                         strategies AACC, to toDebtall the    2006/11/28 05:39:12.116 GMT+1
                         <ol type="1" start="1"><li>share the tools Afrodad, NCA,illegitimate recognizeparticipantsillegitimate debt and discuss
('1', '23', '41', '33')                              True
                                           Jubilee South, SEATINI,Christian Aid,                   The seminar will focus Bank-How to bring abo
                                                                                                               2006/12/12 13:34:31.354 GMT+1
                                                                                         Seminar: Cut funding to the World on the campaign and c
                                                      False                                       The dialogue MILLENNIUM all GCAP MDG N
                                                                                                             2006/12/23 11:49:13.719 GMT+1
                                                                                         AFRICA DIALOGUE ON will be open to DEVELOPMENT
                                                      False                                      This dialogue MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                                            2006/12/23 13:23:32.670 MDG Na
                                                                                         GLOBAL DIALOGUE ON will be open to all GCA GMT+1
               <p>The aim will be to portray in anTrue be the success of the activity</p>need to Peoples and Child Participation. Anthose eng
                         <p>People participationentertaining yet creative manner, the            keep alive 2006/12/13 17:22:29.651 Interactiv
                                                                                     Participatory Theatre the hopes and dreams of GMT+1
                        <p>The Magazine willTrue
               <p>THE BIG ISSUEBigInternationalbe manyat Media organisations, social homelessness beISSUE KENYAagencies, governmen
                                   Issue KenyaNetworkthings to many presentation of reader, it organisations, in Nairobi a socially.</p>
                                                hopes of Street Papers in reducing advocacy will and2006/11/30to be a refreshing read w
                                                         initiating action (INSP),AlternativeCommunity considered the magazine GMT+1
                                                                      A people. ToKoinonia Big Issue kenya, sale of 13:12:27.747 responsi
                                                                                    the the information made donoremployment
                                                                                              THE BIG creation of is
                                  FAIR (Italy), Associazione ONG such the network, Promotion of Development: food on a first session,
                                                           Grassroots The workshop will beModels of (Italy), Contratto mondiale per andexpe
                                                                                                              the following way: Energy l‟Energi
               <p>Aims: <p>Dissemination of best best practices of Italiane (Italy), Tavola della Pace theenergy, agriculture (presentingrenew
                                                                       and local organizationsworkshopin Global contract sovereignty, Clim
               <p>The workshop aims at highlightingpractices, strengthen of alternative models of market,in2006/11/29Alternative-Agriculture,w
                                               True                                 Different conducted the field of 17:56:15.881 GMT+1
               <br                             False                                           ·Visualise 2006/12/13 17:08:46.742
                                                                                    (II)PANEL: Plurality in the Diversities proposal GMT+1
                         <p>Sexual World March of Women, the the createNetworks“other for This forDiversityDiversity supported by REMTE
                                    Andile is directly related to groups
               <p>The purpose of thediversityon Sexual Diversity isLatin he /IVaSocial Forum ofForum Dialogue initiative is Economy (REMTE),
                                                True                             space Social Women Transforming the
                                                                                                 Sexual possible”, proposed urgent social an
                                                            LGBT to building of that for debate and proposals to enforce theby two Worldthe
                                                                         American Network world that isSexual is proposed for the days; So
                                                                                     IV         “Revolutio 2006/12/13 16:39:38.470 GMT+1
                                    Mngxitam False            movements or self-determinationn is
                         <p>Build solidarity among peoples'organizations and land of oppressed on land rights and self-determination of their
                                                                                     Black Power: people rights the world. <br /></p>
                                                                                                  Land and2006/12/17 national boundaries an
               <p>To share experiences of struggle for self-determination for individuals workingand land aroundacross 17:02:29.273 GMT+1
                                      Workers False
                        <p>To network awareness among citizens people from countries on human developed successful prototype for add
                                                                                     to the who have rights abuses after Hurricane Katrinato
                                                                                               A panel on human rights abuses after Hurrican
                                                                                                            2002/01/20 the US government
               <p>The goal is to heighten and develop strategies withof the world asA panelblatant failure on the part of 10:17:52.306 GMT+1 in
               <p>·                       Toutes au organisations nationales. travailleurs au sein de la trois ateliers donneront secteursGMT+1 t
                              <ul><li>Regrouper nosmoins 100 de ces travailleuses et travailleurs, à tous et autresdans tous les l'opportunité l'infor
                              Analyser l'impact de laTrue
                                                     précarité travailleuses et                     Ces les niveaux.</p><p>·
                                                                                                                 2006/11/23 11:57:38.456 de aux
                                                                                       Promotion de chacun de mouvements socio Proposer de
                                                                Toutes les organisations internationalessolidaritéces trois ateliers</li></ul><p></p

('1', '2', '13')                                      False                                       exhibition of the a way 12:52:41.798 material
                                                                                                              2006/12/23 of life
                                                                                         Workshop on democracy asMS Uganda ProjectsGMT+1
                         <p>Voice toon land struggles</p><p>National, regional and global case studiesSourceland strugglesandaffected Liv
                                    Internation False
                                     the oppressed and marginalised</p><p>dialogue and discourse on land struggles</p><p>International
                                                                                 "Reclaiming People's 2006/11/30 20:31:41.296 GMT+1o
                                                                                            presentations on of Livelihood byoutcomes
                                                                                                        Rights Forum, Coast Decent co
               <p>Share experiences ActionAid International Kenya, Kenya Land Alliance, MUHURI, Coaston alternatives and theLand Rights
('6', '17', '20', '41')                    al South   True                                           own
                                                                                         Africa by Africans      2006/12/13 23:33:59.299 GMT+1
                        <p>Increased interest ofya Ukweli,We are looking to workThird peaceWorkshopglobal and debate onathe value, the
                                   Chemchemi organisations and individuals in the Nonviolent Peaceforce</p><p>Building movementsof
               <p>To make the work of the Nonviolent Peaceforce better known</p><p>To stimulate Peaceforcemember-organisation typerele
                                                          Member organisation of the Peaceforce discussion in Kenya and larger constit
                                                                     The Nonvuiolent Party Nonviolent on organisations and work of fr
                                                                                 with Nonviolent anti-war the programme
                                                                                           and is a Intervention 21:50:37.211 GMT+1
('10', '34', '62', '61')                               False                                              The CONDYLOMATA PATIENT WITH CA) it
                                                                                                                   2006/12/03 18:38:49.504 GMT+1
                                                                                                 INVESTIGATION OF PEDIATRIC ACCUMINATUM COND
                                           Dannilo G. Fernandes,Dr Pedro Luiz Tauil                      Evaluation of the answer seroconversion of pa
                                                                                                                    2006/12/03 22:24:40.552 GMT+1
                                                                                                 EVALUATION OF SEROCONVERSION PROTECTING F
                         <p>Discuss ways to develop NGOs and civil society inbe messagestrade materials.some a more inputsinfront in touch
                                                            groups and This will a Free Tradeon this we present uinitial unifiedEU strategies
                                                                         networks involved indiscussion with the newissues and who GMT+1 tc
                                                                                    an open In andglobalization strategies from in curre
                                                                                                Agreements Identify ways and relation to
               <p>To bring together social movements, joint strategies, campaigns, discussion andhowpanel, Revisited – USfor staying a few pr
                                               True                                                        2006/12/12 16:52:36.311 are our
               <p>To discuss the roleTo be
                                     and responsibility of states and the partners</p>
                                                False                               Rights in Crisis
                                                                                                Rights in Crisis? Whose in conflict situation.</p
                                                                                                            2006/12/11 responsibility is it to
                         <p>Identify key issues</p><p>Identify potential international community in protecting civilians17:16:29.544 GMT+1p
                          <p>Participants areUnionhave identifiedopportunities of engaging the People Driven Regional09:22:43.389 Opportun
                                     African will Monitor, the campaigning and Towards a African andUnion's vision of 2001 states its co
                                                  False                              International African2006/12/14opportunities for obsta
                                                                                                The        identified Intergration: GMT+1
               <p>By the end of the activity weinformed of onFAHAMU, World Visionadvocacy lessons ,Union and the skills requiredand effecti
                                                      False                            Paulo Freire methodology applied 19:53:07.110 GMT+1
                                                                                                   the application of Paulo Freire methodology in
                                                                                                               Affairs of Finland
                                           Petrobras, Federação Única dos Petroleiros and Ministry for Foreign 2006/12/11 on Paulo Freire Institute
('46', '55', '58', '59', '72')
               <p>           <p>                       False                                                             2006/11/29 11:11:40.290 GMT+1
                                                                                                             A public forum Struggles: Solidarity in the Fac
                                                                                                 "Different Faiths, Commonwith panel speakers giving pres
                                                              Networks & (CPIA) Identity Crisis of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, ad
                         <p>Concr Centre for Peace Initiatives in Africa Organisation in the fieldwithin Democratic Formation
                                                  False                                                    2006/11/15 11:12:57.907 GMT+1
                                                                                               Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation in rel
                         ete ideas UNIFEM, WILPF, how women peacebuilders"What do speakers, and floorwar andopened for questions
                                                  False                Following three shape Seminar the facilitated 01:13:31.236 GMT+1 w
                                                                                   can         the discourse on will be from theabout why
                                                                                                           2006/11/20 discussion WSF? - an
               <p>To stimulate reflection and actions forPeaceWomen Across the Globepanelwomen peacebuilders want peace within social m
                         <p>The expected outcome of this Re-evaluation Counsleing will be organized basic theory of11:48:57.539 GMT+1to
                                      Pesticide False
               <p>The aim of this activity is to give workshopwork is for participants Re-evaluation of workshop Unitedskills that they can re-eva
                                      United to End Racism, participants an workshoplearn re-evaluationso2006/12/14 re-evaluationto some
                                                                           The introduction to some Counseling will be To introduction counsel
                                                                                       to         This the counseling an End Racism: peer ba
                                                                                                              that participants will receive use
('2', '6', '22', '32', '48')               Action      True                                      Asserting People‟s Food Sovereignty
                                                                                                            plans to   2006/12/06 12:39:14.215 GMT+1
                                                       False                                                Migration 2006/12/24 10:51:08.557de la y de
                                                                                                            la Industria del Sexo en un analisis GMT+1
                                                                                                 Impacto de El Seminario presentara paises de origen signi
('1', '16', '20', '27', '31', '33', '34', '38', '42', '46', '47', '51', '56', '57', '65', '71', '74', '75')
                                                            False                                                   has both Health Workers
                                                                                                         Migration and Women 2006/10/30 16:22:10.925 GMT+2
                                                                                                                    What is
               <p>-            Explaining and defining the concept of SSE</p><p>-
                                <p>To come</p>         True                                     « ESS: thesolidaryand 2006/12/13 21:30:22.190 of public
                                                                                                           actors     main forms of SSE</p><p>-
                                                                                                DefiningConcepts and practices »: co-production GMT+1 U
('4', '11', '24', '46', '72', '75')                    False                                                 A seminar and unity is urgent and obligatory
                                                                                                                           2006/11/20 15:46:16.440 GMT+1
                                                                                                 International solidarity about international solidarit; The wo
               <p>Political<p>Globalization of alternative thinking<br /></p>
                            education<br /></p> True                                                         plays
                                                                                                 Global Capitalismaand Africa
                                                                                                                           2006/12/13 15:22:51.873 GMT+1

                                                       False                                                A VCD presentation based on case experience
                                                                                                                        2006/12/24 08:20:52.203 evictions
                                                                                                 Stuggles for land,secure tenure and finance postGMT+1
                                                             False                         Conforme aModelo Sea Durante'57', '64', que se realizara en Nairobi,lo
                                                                                                            '46', '47', '48', '50', publicará en'67', '69', '73', GMT+2
                                                                                                                         Workshop taller '65', 13:23:31.509
('1', '2', '13', '14', '16', '17', '18', '20', '22', '23', '24', '25', '27', '29', '41', '33', '34', '37', la Normativa que seel 2006/11/12 su momento '74', '75')
('11', '39', '30', '31', '38', '46')                   False                                             starting
                                                                                             Sexuality and social justice
                                                                                                                     2006/11/24 11:14:33.956 GMT+1
                                                                     Feminist, antiracist, LGBTI, anticapitalist organizations
('64', '38', '27', '60', '65')                        False                              Workshop indicators: Indicators in assessing social deve
                                           Social Watch International Secretariat - Research Team ¨The use of 2006/11/23 16:30:12.272 GMT+1
                                                       False                                                 a regional seminar on the
                                                                                                                         2006/12/11 06:47:10.088 GMT+1
                                                                                                 struggles for grassroots democracy experiences of strug
                         <p>To establish and continue method oflook for community based organizations on toxic dumpinginvolve of to peo
                                    None network, and
               <p>To share experiences, to at this time ato share information on environmentaland the of concernissues of dumping GMT+1
                                                            We will communications and information-sharing on activity will - people enviro
                                                                        The workshop session Dialogue and interested23:38:19.206and in env
                                                                                   Bridging the great divide sharing of and/or involved exper
                                                                                                issues continuing to communities affected by
                                                                                                           2006/11/18 information dialogue

                                                       False                                                To Investment and profit Remitence of plund
                                                                                                                        2006/12/24 07:12:52.025
                                                                                                 Foreign Direct share the impact of FDI in respectGMT+1
                                                       False                                                Tafungua, a German/Kenyan NGO inviteswill?
                                                                                                                       2006/12/23 19:01:09.269 real you
                                                                                                 Millenium Development Goals, Nice stamente or GMT+1
                                                       False                                                The Session will be
                                                                                                                      2006/12/23 sharing of testimonies
                                                                                                                                  18:08:25.572 Democra
                                                                                                 Best Practices and Challenges on Guaranteeing GMT+1 a
                                                       True                                Let's give voice Rights2006/11/27 12:13:09.863world med
                                                                                                       Let's give voice to Africa: Africa and
                                           Italian Coordination of Local Authorities for Peace and Humanto Africa: Africa and world media GMT+1

               The                                     True    Economic                                       2006/11/27 13:03:02.260 human
                                                                                                   From Nairobi promote to promote "allGMT+1 r
                                                                                      From Nairobi to Assisi to to Assisi "all human rights for all"
               corruption                  Tax JusticeTrue     Justice                Seminar:New perception aims to reshape the discussion o
                                                                                                   This Pradis2006/11/02 Judiciaires(France), ro
                                                                                                               Fiscaux et 13:17:40.770 GMT+2
                                                      Network(Global) Christian Aid(Kenya), Plateforme Seminar on Corruption:The subversive Ke
('19', '18', '20', '24', '26', '50', '65') The Foundry Theatre                                             Artists regularly inhabit 12:07:59.503 GMT+1
                                                                                                                        Imagination: space of Welcome
                                                                                                 Another Contemporary2002/01/20 a All Artists imagining w
                                                       False                                                Seminar 2006/12/24 09:17:41.784 GMT+1
                                                                                                 The Right Reforms? The Right to Health
                        <p>Participants will educate participants on global trendsNGO Research on of Palestine solidarity activism be usefu
                                                    True                   Presentationwithin the practice gain will consistinsight that willGMT+1
                                                                                        format. This activity2006/11/30 17:52:45.381 and rep
                                                                                                                important of
               <p>The goal of this activity is tolearn about trends from the researchers themselves and Palestine Activism presentations by pre
                                                       False                                                The world needs changes to face global troubl
                                                                                                                        2006/11/29 13:45:57.024 GMT+1
                                                                                                 A new International Institutions System to fullfil the African
('15', '17', '55')                                     False                                                 Alliance of Civilisations 10:22:54.984 GMT+1
                                                                                                 Building an The Alliance of Civilisations is a proposal again
                                       Association pour programme d'appui au développementorateurs destinécoopérationavant d'échanger avn
                                                              chercheur Atelier réunissant 4-5 cette France actions Yélimanéprogramme réali
                                                                                                Atelier qui de à de de développement des d
                                                                                                : sud du 2006/11/29 11:49:25.738 ses de
                                                                                                            interviendront le construire de
               <p><strong> L'atelier vise à présenter participants à la coopération NordYélimané un projet cercle présenterpour(Mali),GMT+1 m
                                                 False                               Le Sud, sud en
                         <p><b>Sensibilisation des le le développement du cercle de PADDYdurableet aux(ADCYF), Agence pour le dévelop
('74', '31', '60', '34', '65')           Fondation Newfield
                                         ECCP       True        s                       les femmesactivité
                                                                                                      question de discussion sur la problématique,
                                                                                                                2006/11/17 12:26:58.139 GMT+1
                                                                            après un mieux sensibilisés sur de maladies silencieuses des au sile
                             <p>à la fin de la communication, les participants seront exposé, il seravictimes les maladies silencieuses face femme
('38', '46', '55', '64', '77')                         True          Stop the                               A the call on Palestine dealing with GMT+1
                                                                                                                        2006/11/24 on Israel
                                                                                                 Palestine andseminar for sanctions14:32:34.119the injusti
('6', '53', '72')                                False                                         Nonviolen for people 15:55:34.550 GMT+1
                                                                                               Against War Profiteers
                                                                                    Networking A workshop2006/11/28 who are campaigning (
                                                 False                                         ce has a 2006/11/15 14:24:47.304 GMT+1
                                                                                    African Perspectives on Nonviolence
('4', '6', '53', '55', '72')                     False                                          Nonviolenceaimed at networking among anti-g
                                                                                    Globalising A workshop2006/11/28 16:14:02.374 GMT+1
                          why the ability of how to use the system</p>partners. After-- historians, an uncensorable version of h
               <p>Explain <p>Knowledgeto leak is the real strength behind open government and media. Explainlanguage groups,use the Wik
                                                             open governance, media, technologists, open 2006/12/09 peopleattendence willar
                                                                         Depends on           WikiLeaks.Org is how 11:30:10.300 GMT+1
                                                                                                            government through mass docume
                                                                                   WikiLeaks.Org backgrounding, those in can activists, W
                          <p class="MsoPlainText">Proposed Outcomes: global class="MsoPlainText">1) <b>Awareness:</b> a form is a ne
                                                         Cordaid Netherlands “Refusal ofpresentati 2006/11/30 Women: There of Ge
                                                                                             Reproductive Rights vulnerable communitie
               <p class="MsoPlainText">Proposed Objective: To draw the </p><pattention to protect the motherhood of11:10:42.683 GMT+1
                                              True                                          At this
('1', '17', '27', '39', '74')                    False                                          interactive 2006/12/12 Building in theGMT+1
                                                                                                At Change: Movement 11:31:42.649 21st Cen
                                                                                    Partnering for this
('17', '27', '39', '31', '74')                   False                                          interactive Movement 16:39:33.824 21st Cen
                                                                                    Partnering for Change: 2006/12/28 Building in theGMT+1
('13', '38', '50', '65')                         False                                         Human Rights Standards at the global and loc
                                                                                                        2006/11/30 00:04:43.727 GMT+1
                                                                                    Seminar onThis seminar will highlight experiences in the lo
                                                 False                                         the seminar, organized CommunityGMT+1
                                                                                                          Evaluation 00:01:08.793 Radio
                                                                                    Seminar onThis Impact 2006/11/30 ofby AMARC, will prese
                                                 False                                        To enable participants 11:35:28.847 links betw
                                                                                                          2006/11/30 links
                                                                                    Wealth, Poverty, Ecology and theirto analyse the GMT+1
                                                 False                                         Inauguration meeting of12:16:27.005 GMT+1
                                                                                                          2006/12/14 Parliamentarians
                                                                                    World Parliamentary Forum (Inauguration session) work
                         <p>1) Creation of a "founding can prevent Finland, TJN of responsibilitiesworkof initiatives and contributions society
                                     NIGD, Liberdade text"All the concentration World Public to and power, WPF 19:55:52.611 GMT+1 e
                                                True          Attac platform</p><p>2) Widened scope on international finance issues and c
                                                                        This process builds up In this seminar social movements, different gro
                                                                                               on the round table seminar where civil to the
               <p>Although existing as a network, whatBrasil,forgroups and campaigns who wish Finances 2006/12/11 should cultivate the me
                                                 False                                        Process of 2006/12/24 07:59:17.164 GMT+1
                                                                                                          Social Mobilization
                                                                                    Caravan asAim to Highlight how the Caravan can play a s

                          <p>-        Acting    False                                                   2006/12/14
                                                                                             Foro abiero durante 01:16:03.211 espacio
                                                                                 Espacio delEstaráSocial Américasdos dias, comoGMT+1
                          increased Steering True                                Campaign for Boycott, 2006/11/16 12:25:44.035 GMT+1 a
                                                                                            It‟s 'Palestine Tent' willand Sanctions (BDS)
                                                                                            Thean       Divestment serve as central meeti
               <p>an effective global Campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel</p>
                          <ol start="1"><li>Recommitment from and of keyis to tackle povertyfromdevelopment partners, CSOs, youth, andsele
                                      aimed at stimulating analysis churcheconomic issues in open ethical and theological viewpoint AWEPO
               <p>The reflections are Faith basedFalse                                            an
                                                                                    Ecumenicala broad manner</li><li>Strengthening to enc
                                                                       It ecumenical bodies,Reflections     2006/11/30 13:32:04.863 GMT+1
                                                  organizations the groups, open for all regardless of the religious. Participants will bewomen
                          space that These video sessions will lead free flowfundamentalisms,A Tent that 2006/11/28 three resourceGMT+1
                                     will have videos on issues of feminism, of round table dialogue set will include 16:38:44.476 day foll
                                                 False                               FEMINIST TENTmilitarism running throughout Youth Cam
                                                                                                and young in the WSF Youth Camp that ca
               <p>A Video<p>This round table dialogue will enable a into a larger discussions amongstFORup women attending the thepeople (

                         <p>Regional Producers Fair TradeEFTA and AFTF
                                  IFAT/COFTA/KEFAT make newTeh
                                              True                    contacts with will involve active processes like withThis is expected t
                                                                                 Fair Trade Exhibition and Consumers. COFTA GMT+1
                                                                                              Exhibition 2006/12/01 11:03:35.072 and and
               <p>To promote and market African aer abel to Products</p> exhibition global Fair Tradersin partnership carving, finishing,KEF

               activity_aim                     activity_add_partnersactivity_process
                                     activity_partners                          title
                                                           activity_future_partners                       creation_date

                                                 False                                         none       2006/12/24 10:46:14.756 GMT+1
                                                                                    Youth in decision making

                                      AWOMI – True                                             North South Youth Strategies Building for Fair
                                                                                                          2006/12/24 10:11:08.283 Worksh
                                                                                    North South Youth Strategies Building WorkshopGMT+1
('3', '31', '33', '34', '51')         African False                                            On the basis of to socialize the experience of t
                                                                                                          2006/12/14 00:54:52.586 GMT+1
                                                                                    Facing patterns: approach strategies between African wom
                                                 False                                         This      2006/12/24 09:17:50.283 GMT+1
                                                                                    Youth Tribunal is a mock court/trial in which youth will be
('16', '20', '24', '66')             El Taller False                                            good education for global
                                                                                                            2006/12/13 22:29:10.378
                                                                                     good education for global democracy democracy GMT+1
                                     Internation of the                                         Open
                          <ul><li>Participants sensitized on the of the current notion of democracy;</li><li>Make visibleof appreciation of gove
                                                                         of democracy;</li><li>Auniversity is composedFuturesnotions of the
                                                                                      of the open clear understanding and a cadre of artists,
                                                                                                Misiones: 2006/12/14 other
               <ul><li>Deepen the understandingTrue violenceviolenceThe FacultyOpen University, Democracy and it17:07:31.296 GMT+1 p
('1', '24', '4', '14', '34', '57')               False                   Libre                 The Inter- 2006/10/27 Venezuela, al servicio
                                                                                    “Misiones Sociales Bolivarianas en04:31:31.080 GMT+3
                                                 True                               Leadership generation 2006/12/14 01:08:24.441 GMT+1
                                                                                               Inter-generational Dialogue
                                                 False                                        Engaging African youth 06:53:37.529 GMT+1
                                                                                                        2006/12/24 present at Forum to as
                                                                                    Mapping the Youth Movement
                                                 False                                        The and Youth Claiming the different ways Af
                                                                                                        2006/12/24 07:02:57.161 GMT+1
                                                                                    African Women sessions will exploreCulture
                                                 False                                       African Women mobilizing against VAW
                                                                                    Shaming Gender Based Violence 07:07:40.444 GMT+1

               activity_aim                     activity_add_partnersactivity_process
                                     activity_partners                          title
                                                           activity_future_partners                       creation_date
('36', '37', '63', '65')                       False
                                      Human Dignity and Human Rights Caucus                  The Weeps2006/11/30 13:01:58.008 GMT+1
                                                                                    Yamuna Gently Yamuna Pushta slum in Delhi was home t
('38', '65', '70', '74')                       False                                         by:
                                                                                  Film showing: Human Trafficking 16:49:52.894 GMT+1
                                      Human Rights Nights in cooperation with the Gender Equity Coalition.
                                      FIDH       False                                        Organized by FIDH.
                                                                                    Film Bamako         2006/12/09 17:10:28.859 GMT+1
                                                 True                                         Screening 2006/12/24 07:22:31.913 GMT+1
                                                                                    Docs against Poverty of 8 documentaries that are exempl
                                                  False                             al fenomeno de
                                                                                              Proyección 2006/12/07 12:53:40.720 GMT+1
                                                                                                           y discusión de película documenta
               <p>El objetivo de la actividad es evidenciar las causas que subyacenEl muro invisible la migración.</p><p></p>
                          <p>Creation of on various solidarities and exchanges international solidarities to acclaimed12:42:58.824 GMT+1
                                     Vimochana, Bangalore,</p><p>2) To create and networked struggles2006/11/22an equitable world order
               <p>1) To inform and reflectInternationalissues Institute of Black Research, SouthResistance ofHuman Right's Council, India, El t
                                                              Independe People Bangalore, Asian Women's of the marginals</p> and documen
                                                               CIEDS collective,                Africa
                                                                                     Cinema of Screening
                                                                                                Film          bringout features
                                                          nt         from
               <p>Aim: share experiences and ideas aboutpower of video/film in theand otherof showing 2006/11/24frommarginalized comm
                                               True                                process media based on stories spirit and culture throu
                                                                                              Travel Far: Filmmaking in informal GMT+1
                         <p>Increased awareness of the storytelling through film Stories that decolonisation of mind, 19:12:22.249settlemen

               activity_aim                     activity_add_partnersactivity_process
                                     activity_partners                          title
                                                           activity_future_partners                       creation_date

('58', '71', '74')                  New Field False                                          Combination of interraction seminars ENVIRO
                                                                                                       DIGNITY IN A HEALTHY with dram
                                                                                 UPHOLDING HUMAN 2006/12/24 07:48:20.574 GMT+1
               <p>Créer une synergieFondationfemmes, les organisationsyesquisseExposition Exposition de photos, élaborée</p> femmesàv
                                     entre les True       les autres organisationsde à travers oupagne pour l'émergence d'unde ou des
                                                                      Il aura des questions réponse et 2006/11/15 deparoles puissant rés
                                                                                   de femmes le des femmes est de qui s'intéressent
                                                                                                       l'exposition 11:39:06.414
                         <p>descontacts fermes sont établis</p><p>une des femmes plan d'actions communes d'afriquesimilitudes GMT+1 d
                         <p>To fan adisastrous True
                                       debate  consequences contraception and sober sexual of God a andabout depicting a distribution o
                                                             to for millions of individualsName to co-operate of thethe the consequencies o
                                                                         Finding convenientready for exhibitions highlight world wide propagat
                                                                                    In the Christian fundamentalists' 18:40:36.168 GMT+2
                                                                                               Setting up scupture crusade crucified preg
               <p>To highlight the theDacapo about the rightOrganisations andpeople of thesiteseducation,2006/10/31sculpture,against health
                          <p>We would like to influence people to demand to have theatre to proper acontraception.</p><p>In information.Th
                                                                         The forum Forum in itself means of forum theatre - which end interac
                                                                                     acces Theatreis interactive proces that we make we wo
               <p>To raise a discussion about “the right to know”. The right proper information aboutinformation instead of missthe is GMT+1pe
                                     Theatre     False                                          By         2006/11/26 17:23:51.658 a with

               activity_aim                     activity_add_partnersactivity_process
                                     activity_partners                          title
                                                           activity_future_partners                       creation_date
                                      Women                                                  "Black is
('1', '4', '27', '71', '72', '74')    in Black   False                                       the color 2006/12/15 15:28:29.039 GMT+1
                                                                                    Women in Black workshop

               activity_aim                     activity_add_partnersactivity_process
                                     activity_partners                          title
                                                           activity_future_partners                       creation_date
               <p>- to  <p>- to       Boma                                                        This
               aknowled have          Rescue     True                                             activity
                                                                        We have formed a individuals dedicated rights,11:12:52.438 hope, jus
                                                                                      Street Children network my to enhance and institutions
                                                                                                  Organized 2006/11/29 my future
                                                             Organizations, institutions and nationalFestival -of organizations dignity, GMT+1 w
('1', '13', '38', '65')               Kenya Human Rights Commission.
                                               False                                          by:
                                                                                    Human Rights Caravan
                                                                                             The        2006/12/08 16:11:23.941 GMT+1
('10', '63', '64')                               False                              Meeting theKutoka   2006/11/29 05:54:10.382 GMT+1
                                                                                                Community: Street Children Festival, St. John
('3', '34', '63', '64')                          False                                          Community: HIV/AIDS activities on Cross, Dan
                                                                                                          followed by DAY, Holy HIV/AIDS
                                                                                    Meeting theMass at 11 2006/11/29 06:02:51.715 GMT+1
                                                                                               On the
('18', '63', '64')                               False                              Meeting the21st, the 2006/11/29 06:34:15.512 GMT+1
                                                                                                community: Youth Festival Kangemi
                                                                                               They will
('18', '63', '64')                               False                              Meeting thehave      2006/11/29 06:25:07.665 Adams
                                                                                                community: Our Lady of Guadalupe,GMT+1 A
('18', '63', '64')                               False                                          community: Youth and06:13:21.285 GMT+1K
                                                                                                         2006/11/29 Justice, Holy Trinity,
                                                                                    Meeting theThe Mass will be followed by activities organis
                                                 False                                          community: Sacred Heart, Baba open
                                                                                                          2006/11/29 06:20:13.369 GMT+1
                                                                                    Meeting theAfter the mass the community willNdogoto the
('18', '63', '64')                               False                              Meeting theAfter the Mass, the community will have sever
                                                                                                          2006/11/29 06:17:03.522 GMT+1
                                                                                                community: presentation of the activities to th
                          - to have promoted the human Koinonia Community and children centers />-peaceawareness the children rights spe
                                       expose centers
                                                  un-recognized talents of street street children<brforcreate festival We are equality amid th
                                                                                     Street children in Dagoreti Area. 13:58:27.419 GMT+1
                                                                                                 It will to place outside on main vanue: behin
               <p>- to aknowledge anDifferentthe True of vallue and the dignity of children</p><p>- to take have build unity and working togethe
                         <p>Increase awareness of to relate with former street ideas andhear A newnew a homely,Kiberachildren rehabilitatio
                                     Kiononia Community, children problems Big eventually create problem, and tostreet street childrengrass
               <p>Give the opportunity to participants street Kivuli Centre, The and Issue, Amani, Nairobiin homeKibera 10:12:23.106adults just
                                                               Yes, grassroot associations/groups/NGO'sstrenghten anrelaxed atmosphere. who
                                                                           Sharing children, Mdogo: Aorhome for for share with the GMT+1
                                                                                       Ndugu experiences working
                                                                                                 their     Recyclers African children has
                                                                                                              2006/12/12 street Network of
               <p>The aim of the activity is to bring the youthTeams newtournamethe world that The Tournament from participants. </p>
                                     Koinonia Community together to share ideas and learn new football2006/12/13 17:49:54.896during the
                                                    True                  all over Shalom House experience
                                                                                               would wish to participatewill the held GMT+1<
                                                                                                           tournament in be tournament
                         <p>Forming of friendship bonds, learning fromexperiences, exchange of ideas among the different backgrounds.are

               activity_aim                     activity_add_partnersactivity_process
                                     activity_partners                          title
                                                           activity_future_partners                       creation_date
                                                                                                A CO-
('1', '4', '13', '18', '24', '26', '50')     WSF Cultural Commission, PYF, OSISA/ OSIWA/ OSEA ORGANIS 2006/12/12 14:52:10.773 GMT+1
                                                       True                          Cultural Events/ Activism
                                                                                                A CO-
                                               El Taller True                                              Pan AfricanORGANIS 2006/12/12 14:43:08.128 GMT+1
                                                                                                                           Youth Activities
('1', '2', '3', '4', '6', '10', '12', '14', '15', '28', '17', '19', '18', '20', '23', '24', '26', '27', '29', '41', '31', '33', '35', '37', '38', '43', '44', '45', '46', '47', '52',
                          <p>Greater(Tunesia) True the and are integrate thelooking for Wars analysis 2006/11/01 15:16:46.653 GMT+2
                                      awareness about       we consequenceswill African wars<br for participants to highlight globalisation pro
                                                                       There       be amplepartnersNairobi-WSF documentation and occasio
                                                                                    African and Tribunal
                                                                                               The interested in will be and personal exper
               <p>Public opinion building about the causes need to in particularofdiscussion space /></p> of African warsthe launchingadjudica
           activity_type the financial
modification_date     type_explanation
                      After                                                            other_audience_languages
                                                  speakers spoken_languages audience_languages
2006/11/29 workshop debacles in East Asia
           22:31:02.282 GMT+1                     ()          ('en', 'fr')    ()             ('en',)        ('Portuguese', 'Spanish', 'French
2006/12/28 conference GMT+1                                  ('en',)     ()           ('en', Reis', 'Viviane Martins', 'Tiago Santan
                                                  ('Mar\xc3\xadlia Pastuk', 'Carlos Alberto'pt') ('Spanish',)
           18:07:23.531 GMT+1
2006/12/11 workshop                               ()                          ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'es')                             ()
                                                                                             ('en', 'fr', 'es')
           12:17:48.910 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                               ()          ('en', 'fr')    ()             ('en',)        ()
           09:06:46.289 GMT+1
2006/12/12 other                                  ()                          ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'sw')                             ()
                                                                                             ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
           08:53:55.892 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop The session will consist ()               ('en', 'fr')    ()             ('en', 'fr')   ()
2006/12/12 workshop of the following:
           09:23:40.372 GMT+1                     ()                           ()              ('en',        ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'hi', 'pt', 'es', 'sw') 'fr', 'hi', 'pt', 'es', 'sw')
           11:51:23.314 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                               ()                                  - local     ()
                                                              ('en', 'sw') ('Chichewa ('en',) language of Malawi',)
           18:46:29.343 GMT+1                ('Names to ('en',)
                                                        be confirmed later.',) Portuguese, ('None',)
                                                                      ('French, table while the audience of about
2006/12/11 workshop A group of about twenty HIV/AIDS activists will sit at a round ('en', 'sw') Spanish and Hindi',) 80 audien
           18:43:26.986 GMT+1                    round tablebe identified later.',) ('en', 'sw') ('None',)
                                                             while      ('French',)
2006/12/11 workshop Twenty panelists will sit at('Names to ('en',) an audience of 80 people will sit in the plenary to participate
           15:18:41.650 GMT+1                   ()         ('en', 'pt', 'es') the presentations ()'es', to address the impact of g
2006/12/11 workshop It is a worshop that will require powerpoint facility()and                        hope 'zz')
                                                                                     ('en', 'fr', 'pt',
           07:44:27.956 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                               ()                           ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es')                        ()
                                                                                             ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es', 'sw')
           16:15:25.419 GMT+1
2006/12/11 workshop                               ()                           ()                             ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es', 'zz') ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es', 'sw', 'zz')
           18:36:17.905 GMT+1
2006/12/11 workshop                               ()                          ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'es')                             ()
                                                                                             ('en', 'fr', 'es')
2006/11/27 round_table GMT+1                      ()                         ()
                                                              ('es', 'en', 'pt')             ()             ()
           11:37:59.235 GMT+1
2006/12/23 workshop                               ()          ()              ()             ()             ()
           07:26:42.476 GMT+1
2006/12/19 workshop                                          ('fr',)    ()         ('en',
                                                  ('Maurice Oudet, from Burkina Faso',) 'fr')               ()
2006/10/25 conference GMT+3                       ()          ('en', 'fr')    ()             ('en', 'fr')   ()
           09:09:41.449 GMT+1                ('Dr. Anthony Baah', 'Thulani Guliwe', 'Prosper()
                                                          ('en',)    ()          ('en',)     Chitambara', 'Austin Muneku')
2006/11/24 workshop Presentations will be made by the different speakers with interventions allowed from the audience.
            18:06:21.419 GMT+1                 ('1.Dr. Axel between 25-30 participants.Keynote message will beAbiama,Exec
                                                            Harnet-Sievers, HBF,Nairobi,Kenya.', '2.Mr. Gordon delivered by
2006/12/13 round_tableThe Roundtable will be organised for('en',)     ()          ('en',)   ()
            15:26:51.578 GMT+1focus at on ('Rev. issues of conflicts
                                                          ('en',)                 ('en',)   ()
2006/12/01 round_tableExperience sharingthe resolving David Ugolor',) () arround revenue from oil and Gas
2006/11/15 conference 2007 WSF will be on
           11:09:59.961 GMT+1                     ()          ('en',)                    ('en',)
                                                                              ('French, Portuguese',) ('French, Portuguese',)
           16:06:00.606 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop Towards a virus-free                        ('en',)       speakers from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia')
                                                  ('not yet', 'we will invite ('Spanish',) ('en',) ('Spanish',)
2006/11/29 conference generation by
                      A GMT+1
           15:34:25.443workshop hosted                       ('en',)      total.',)
                                                  ('To be confirmed. 6 in ()                 ('en',)        ()
2006/12/14 workshop Alliance2015, with
           15:58:29.432 GMT+1 Best Place
                     'School, the                            ('en', 'fr') ()       ('en', 'fr') ()
                                                  ('Ian Schwartz - The Rainbow Project', 'Keith Godard - Galz', 'Wendy Landau -
2006/12/14 conference to Work' is a campaign
           15:54:52.525 GMT+1                                 ('en',)   ()          ('en',)  ()
                                                  ('1. Teyo van der Schoot - Programme Mgr, Human Rights, Hivos', '2. Jetteke
           17:04:30.413general overview of the ('Vagn Berthelsen, Presidnet A2015', 'Paddy Maguinness, Deputy chief execu
2006/12/14 party     A GMT+1                               ('en',)
                                               work of Alliance2015 ()          ('en',)     ()
           16:44:38.509 GMT+1
2006/12/15 workshop                                           ('en', Alhamdou, Enseignant-chercheur, Pr\xc3\xa9sident Alternati
                                                  ('-Dr. Souley Adji'fr', 'ha', 'sw')                 ()
                                                                                      ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
           17:03:21.225 GMT+1
2006/12/15 workshop                                         ('bm', Directeur       ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
                                                  ('-Oumar Mariko, 'fr') () du r\xc3\xa9seau des radios Kayira (Mali)', "-Solan
2006/12/11 round_table GMT+1                                 ('fr', 'ha') ()        ()            '-Souley Sami Maikolanga, Jour
                                                  ('-Hassan Boukar, directeur radio Alternative', ()
           22:51:41.625 GMT+1                 ('To be collective from ()
                                                          ('en', 'fr')
2006/11/23 conference AlterUQAM is a scholars-activistsconfirmed',)              ('en',)      ()
                                                                       Montreal. We try to problematize a new model of resea
           22:05:44.258 GMT+1                  ('Expecting ('en', 'hi') ('Urdu',) activist of the region
                                                           around 200 peace ('en', 'hi') ('Urdu',)
2006/12/09 conference conference which will be adressed by the leadingparticipants from the region, speakers will be as follow
2006/11/25 round_table GMT+1                      ()          ()              ()             ()             ()
           10:56:10.219 GMT+1
2006/12/01 workshop                               ()          ('en',)                     ('en',)    ()
                                                                              ('Fran\xc3\xa7ais, Portuguese',)
           11:25:27.170 GMT+1
2006/12/24 colloquium                             ()          ()              ()             ()             ()
           07:51:27.208 GMT+1
2006/11/17 workshop                               ()          ('en',)         ()             ('en',)        ()
           15:53:07.914 GMT+1
2006/12/15 workshop                                          ('en', India; ()
                                                                            Corinne Kumar, 'fr', 'sw')
                                                  ('Celine Suguna, 'fr', 'sw')                      Vanessa Ludwig, South Africa; G
                                                                                      ('en', India; ()
           06:17:37.585 GMT+1
2006/11/26 colloquium                                        ('en', 'fr') ('portuguese, spanish, italian, german',)
                                                                                     ('en', 'fr') ('spanish, portuguese',)
                                                  ('Eduardo Rezende Melo - Judge, Association\xc2\xb4s vice-president. Maste
            14:15:29.987 GMT+1
2006/12/11 testimony                                            Barco    ('espanhol',) Mario
                                                                                     (            ('espanhol',)
                                                  ('Gilmar Del('pt',) Junior (Dingos), 'pt',) de Sousa Costa, Luciano Carvalho,
           14:39:53.269 GMT+1
2006/12/16 other                            ('Gilmar cultural)
                                                            Barco    ('Espanhol',) Mario
                                                                                 (            ('Espanhol',)
                     Debate e apresentação de graffit (Del('pt',) Junior (Dingos), 'pt',) de Sousa Costa, Luciano Carvalho,
2006/12/16 round_table GMT+1                                  ('pt',)   ('Espanhol',) Barco
                                                                                    (         ('Espanhol',)
                                                  ('Mario de Sousa Costa, Gilmar Del'pt',) Junior (Dingos), Luciano Carvalho,
2006/12/11 round_table GMT+1                                    Barco    ('Espanhol',) Mario
                                                                                     (            ('Espanhol',)
                                                  ('Gilmar Del('pt',) Junior (Dingos), 'pt',) de Sousa Costa, Luciano Carvalho,
            14:35:07.962 GMT+1                ('Mario de Sousa Costa, tem provocado Junior (Dingos), Luciano Carvalho,
                                                          ('pt',)    ('espanhol',) Barco
                                                                                 (          ('espanhol',)
2006/12/16 round_tableO processo de globalização sob a lógica neoliberalGilmar Del'pt',) mudanças profundas no mundo do t
           02:16:35.903 GMT+1
2006/11/30 workshop                                           ('en', 'pt', 'president of ('en', 'pt', 'es')
                                                  ('president of ANPG','es') ()                         ()
                                                                                         OCLAE', 'president of FMJD')
           01:11:35.980 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop                                           ('en',)    African Women's          ()
                                                  ("Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, ('Spanish',) ('en',) Development Fund (AWDF)", "Lydia
           17:29:38.075 GMT+1
2006/12/13 workshop                               ()          ('en',)          ()         ('en', 'es') ()
           10:09:37.111 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ('it',)          ()         ('it',)          ()
2006/12/24 conference GMT+1                       ()          ('it',)          ()         ('it',)          ()
           17:23:46.907 GMT+1
2006/11/29 conference -Analyse                    ()                             'es')
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'it',()                           'es')
                                                                                          ('en', 'fr', 'it',()
2006/11/28 conference -Testimonies
           16:13:28.913 GMT+1
                      -Analyse                                               ()
                                                             ('en', 'es', 'fr')                      ()
                                                                                     ('en', 'es', 'fr', Lakes, Peru, Colombia, Serb
                                                  ('Speakers from different countries: Chad, Great'sw')
2006/11/28 conference -Testimonies
           16:09:28.730 GMT+1                                ('en', 'es', 'fr')
                                                                             ()      ('en', 'es', 'fr', Lakes, Peru, Colombia, Serb
                                                  ('Speakers from different countries: Chad, Great'sw')
           14:33:27.202 GMT+1                ('Einar Braathen,
                                                         ('en',)  ()          ATTAC     ()
2006/11/30 workshop Exchange of information and view points 1.vice-president, ('en',) Norway and development research
                     Short Presentation
2006/12/29 round_table(Philipp Hersel, Attac-
            11:25:12.413 GMT+1                                ('en',)     ()        ('fr',)    ()
                                                  ('Philipp Hersel, Attac-Germany/BLUE 21', 'Charles Abugre, Christian Aid', 'NN
           18:29:00.456 GMT+1
2006/11/23 workshop                               ()          ('en',)                     ('en',)
                                                                               ('German, French',)         ()
           10:44:41.420 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ('en', 'fr')     ()         ('en', 'fr')     ()
           22:18:43.504 GMT+1
2006/12/08 workshop                               ()          ('en', 'fr')     ()         ('en', 'fr')     ()
            17:25:09.621 GMT+1                    ('Patrice barrat - Bridge()
                                                              ('en', 'fr')  Initiative mediate between actors with under construc
                                                                                       ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
2006/11/30 round_tableBridge Initiative is a french NGO lies in an ongoing effort toas a moderator', 'The panel is conflicting view
           16:34:30.890 GMT+1
2006/11/30 workshop                                           ('en',)    ()           ('en',)   ()
                                                  ('Sylvia Tamale, feminist activist and academician based in Kampala, Uganda
           12:21:10.967 CCAS                ('CCAS, Ms('fr',)
                                                        Evelyne Valentin, CEO', d'aides au développement et noue and o
                                                                   ('Swahili, French, are waiting
                                                                                ()        ()
2006/11/29 workshop La GMT+1est un comité d'entreprise qui développe des actions 'WeEnglish',) for others speakers des p
           16:20:27.510 GMT+1
2006/12/06 workshop                                           ('en',)    Campaign for the Welfare State, Norway',)
                                                  ('Asbj\xc3\xb8rn Wahl, ()       ('en',)     ()
            18:36:38.679 GMT+1                  ('A booth organizations
                                                           ('en', 'fr', 'sw') posters, fliers, entertainment and a video',) Peopl
                                                                           with     ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
2006/12/13 testimony Experiences of different faith-basedwill be set up ()in implementing care ()   programmes that support
           12:37:27.636 the role            in democratic transitions in Africa with experiences from South Africa, Sierra L
2006/12/12 colloquium OnGMT+1 of the Church ('Moderated by Rev. Dr. Nyansako-Ni-Nku, President of AACC and Archbisho
                                                       ('en', 'sw') ()          ('en', 'sw') ()
           12:52:31.709 GMT+1                 ('To be organizedin 'sw')
                                                         ('en', through ()         ('en', Caritas
2006/12/12 workshop Conflict transformation and Peace building 'fr',Africa. EED, CIDSE,'fr', 'sw') Italiana and Caritas Internatio
           12:46:40.063 GMT+1              ()         ('en', 'sw') and    ('sw',)    ()
2006/12/12 workshop Pastoral Engagement on the dilemma of poverty () phenomenon of slums in most urban centres.

2006/12/24 conference GMT+1                       ()          ()               ()         ()               ()
           17:49:11.844 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                               ()                          ()
                                                              ('ar', 'en', 'fr')          ('en',)          ()

                     Organized by the
2006/12/13 workshop Center for International
           23:01:17.072 GMT+1                               ('en',)    ()          ('en',)    ()
                                                  ("Key Tanzanian government officials and Tanzanian and international NGOs
            15:13:22.930 GMT+1                          ('en',)     ()         ('en',)    ('French, German, Hindi, Spanis
2006/11/25 round_tableProgramme of Activities ('Jude Howell, London School of Economics', 'Jeremy Lind, London School of
           07:05:55.166 GMT+1
2006/12/28 workshop                                            ('en', 'hi') ()       ('en', Shirish
                                                  ('Surjit Singh, P M Paul, Krishna Kumar,'hi') () Kulkarni, P L Mimroth, Ajay J
           20:19:42.165 GMT+1
2006/12/15 workshop D‟un point de vue                        ('en',)
                                                  ('Dr. Vandana Shiva',) ()                               ()
                                                                                          ('en', 'fr', 'es', 'sw')
2006/11/29 workshop strictement
           17:44:01.878 GMT+1                                 ('en',)    ()         ('en',)      ()
                                                  ('Pierre Johnson \xe2\x80\x93 Bridge Initiatives', 'Moctar Fall \xe2\x80\x93 Inte
           11:54:44.025 GMT+1
2006/12/14 other                             facilitators ('en',)
                                                          and participants. Not a ('af', by facilitators and no discussion by par
                     Open discussion between('David Ntseng',)         ('isiZulu',) talk 'en') ('French, isiZulu',)
2006/12/12 conference GMT+1                                  ('en', 'hi') Director, CASA', 'Mr. Jayant Kumar, Head of Programm
                                                  ('Dr. Sushant Agrawal, ()          ()          ()
2006/12/02 conference GMT+1                       ()          ('en',)          ()         ('en',)          ()
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
           07:49:38.496 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()            ()               ()           ()               ()

           16:21:09.157 GMT+1                   to feed into a global action-oriented research ()
                                                            ('en', 'fr') ('Dutch',) ('en',)
2006/11/28 workshop A discussion with activists('Jan Aart Scholte, project coordinator',)      project funded by the Centre for
2006/11/29 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ('en', 'fr')     ('Dutch',)   ('en',)          ()
            01:40:31.562 GMT+1                  ()           multinationales des semences des pays riches : état des lieux, str
2006/12/29 round_tableL'agression des pays africains par les('fr',)     ()         ('fr',)  ()
           20:56:09.188 GMT+1 BOX -                education for everybody.Education'GEW')
                                                              ('en', 'it', 'es')
                                                                              ('greek german',)
                                                                                          and    ()
2006/12/13 conference For the right to free public('COBAS', 'ARCI', 'OLME', 'STES', ('en',) migrants, education for migrants. Peo
                      THE MAGIC
2006/12/13 workshop AUTONOMY IN THE
           23:59:18.175 GMT+1                                ('en', 'pt') Guilherme Mohallem and   ('Italian and French',)
                                                  ('Ma\xc3\xadra Ramos,('English',) ('en', 'pt', 'es') Moira Toledo',)
           10:46:30.234 GMT+1
2006/12/24 colloquium                             ()            ('es',)          ()           ('en',)          ()
2006/11/27 22:13:18.182 GMT+1                     ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
           17:45:41.372 GMT+1                 ('Delphine Djiraibe-CADH Tchad', 'Aminata ()
                                                           ('fr',)    ()          ('fr',)
2006/11/28 workshop Débat contradictoire visant à identifier des revendications communes.Barry Toure-CAD Mali', 'Gus Mass
           11:33:41.550 GMT+1              ()         ('en', 'fr') ()         ('fr',)   ()
2006/12/12 workshop For some years we have been witnessing a new situation in many countries, in which the external debt t
           10:21:17.422 GMT+1                 ()          debt,      ()           of money and goods, massive projects tha
2006/12/12 conference DR-Congo is characterized by odious('fr',) misappropriation('fr',)
                      The objective of this                                                 ()
2006/12/13 workshop activity is to promote
           23:30:12.883 GMT+1                     ()            ('en',)          ()           ('en',)          ()
                                                             the 'sw') ()            Community
2006/12/13 testimony The activity has the aim of()presenting('en',experiences of the('en', 'sw') ()Pope John XXIII in Africa, and
            18:18:25.389 GMT+1
2006/12/04 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
           20:45:21.519 GMT+1                  ()          ('en', 'fr') adjustment ('en', 'fr') the proliferation of armed conflict
2006/12/15 workshop The process of capitalist globalisation, structural ()         plans and ()
           13:45:53.649 GMT+1de classe profissional. Zanerato Rosa, Luis Fernando Farah de Tofoli, Mirian Abou-yd',)
2006/12/27 other     Conselho                ('Elisa     ('pt',)    ()         ('pt',)   ()
           03:14:52.310 GMT+1
2006/12/14 colloquium                             ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
2006/12/14 conference GMT+1                       ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
           01:53:52.955 GMT+1
2006/12/24 other                             ('Walden Bello, Praful Bidwai, Larry Lohmann,() Mooney, Vandana Shiva',)
                     Presentations and discussions     ('en',)      ()          ('en',)    Pat
                                                ('Members of Daughters of Mumbi Global Resource Center member in “altern
                                                                        presentations by          who have
2006/12/11 workshop Session will be a facilitated discussion with short ('Gikuyu',) ('en',) teens('Swahili',) participated groups',)
           23:45:21.390 GMT+1                              ('sw',)
2006/11/29 conference GMT+1                       ()            ('en', 'fr')     ()           ('en',)          ()
           16:16:01.958 GMT+1
2006/12/15 conference Social Alert                ()            ('en', 'fr', 'it')()          ('en', 'fr', 'it')()
2006/12/07 workshop International will
           16:18:24.934 GMT+1                                 ('en',)      ()           ()            ()
                                                  ('Social Alert International', 'World Solidarity', 'International Young Christian W
2006/12/04 conference GMT+1                                 ('en', 'fr', 'es')
                                                                            ()    ('en', 'fr', 'es')
                                                  ('Guy Ryder, ITUC General Secretary', 'Andrew Kalembo, AFRO Secretary Ge
           14:48:07.292 GMT+1
2006/12/05 workshop                               ()            ('en',)          ()           ('en',)          ()
           14:48:30.917 GMT+1
2006/12/07 workshop                               ()            ('en',)          ()           ('en',)          ()
           21:52:59.762 GMT+1                  Life Ryder, ITUC be launched with speakers()Reuter, the main obstacles to
                                                        ('en', 'fr', 'es', 'sw')
                                                                        ()       ('en', 'fr', 'es')
2006/11/29 conference The Decent Work, Decent('Guycampaing will General Secretary', 'Connie outliningSolidar General Secre
           16:34:50.080 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                               ('ISCOS',) ('en', 'fr', 'it')()             ('en',)          ()
2006/12/04 conference GMT+1                       ()                            ()
                                                                ('en', 'fr', 'es')                            ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'es')
2006/12/13 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ('en',)          ()           ()               ()
           10:09:15.193 GMT+1
2006/12/07 colloquium                             ()                             (
                                                                ('es', 'fr', 'pt'))                           ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'es', 'fr')

2006/12/24 round_table GMT+1                      ()            ()               ()           ()               ()
           10:31:53.390 GMT+1                ()        ('en', 'fr') ()         ()           ()
2006/12/09 colloquium The Investiment Framework based on the free trade area doctrine within the Economic Partnership Agre
           14:32:11.151 GMT+1                 ('Mr Thembinkosi delivery 'Mr Dumezweni speakers from civil society on 'Mr
                                                           ('en',)    ('Siswati',) ('en',)     ()
2006/11/29 conference The Conference of one day will involved the Dlamini', of papers by fourDlamini', 'Ms Dumsile Mavuso', the
           17:32:44.997 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                                         ('en',)
                                                 ('None as yet',)           ()           ('fr', 'es')   ()
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                                 International', 'UNESCO')
                                                 ('Education ()         ()         ()                   ()
2006/12/15 round_table GMT+1                                ('ar', 'en', 'fr')
                                                                            ()  ('en', 'fr', Senegal; Corinne Kumar, India/Tu
                                                 ('Mounir Fasheh, Jordan; Demba Dembele,'sw') ()
           18:40:25.459 sent later
2006/12/11 workshop willGMT+1                               ('en',)                   ('en',)
                                                 ('not completed yet',) ('swahili, french',)            ('french-swahili',)
                                               invitées des Maires africains, des('fr',) '\xe2\x80\xa2\tUne contribution du B
2006/12/11 round_tableA Cet événement, seront ('\xe2\x80\xa2\tUne Contribution dureprésentants des organisations de la socié
            19:44:35.475 GMT+1                            ('fr',)     ('ENGLISH',) Mali',     ('ENGLISH',)
           18:54:30.452 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                              ()          ('ar',)                                     ('Russian',)
                                                                            ('Russian',) ('ar', 'en', 'fr')
           18:26:34.269 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                              ()                          ()
                                                             ('en', 'fr', 'es')          ('en', 'fr')   ()
           18:40:09.144 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                              ()          ('en', 'es') ()             ('en',)        ()
           17:56:48.412 GMT+1                women only ('en',)
2006/11/23 workshop Film-making workshop for('Heidi Bachram',)              ()           ('en',)        ()
           11:33:25.796 GMT+1
2006/11/23 workshop                              ()          ('en', 'sw') ('Swedish',)('en',)           ()
           10:05:05.065 contexte            ("Prof. impose TADADJEU, D\xc3\xa9l\xc3\xa9gu\xc3\xa9 National de la pou
                                                        ('en', 'fr') ()       ('en', 'fr') ()
2006/11/30 conference Le GMT+1 de la mondialisation Mauriceune stratégie de convergence et de regroupement politiqueFOC
           14:34:54.853 GMT+1             ('Not yet ('English - ('fr',) L'atelier est the Spanish',) les orga
                                                      ('fr',)      least some rural.
                                                                                representants of proposé à toutes
2006/12/07 workshop Fédération de mouvements et organisations issus du milieuSpanish',) ('English -international movemen
           11:33:34.304 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                                         SUD         ()
                                                 ('CDSPTT ;('fr',) PTT...',)             ()             ()
           16:05:52.331 GMT+1
2002/01/20 workshop                                         ('en', Ana Isla,
                                                                           ()         ('en',)     ()
                                                 ('Leigh Brownhill,'es', 'sw') Terisa Turner, Ariel Salleh, Angela Miles, Wahu Ka
           00:03:58.784 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                                          ('en',)      ('Ugandan in Uganda',)
                                                 ('Pupils from participating schools languages',)()
           14:54:40.055 GMT+1
2006/11/30 workshop                              ()          ()             ('Spanish',) ('en',)        ()
            14:35:26.791 GMT+1
2006/11/30 round_tableTémoignage des             ()          ('pt',)                      be       ()
                                                                            ('English (to() confirmed)',)
2006/12/29 round_tableretournés de Ceuta et
            01:25:48.800 GMT+1                           ('fr',)   ()
                                                 ('DAGNOKO DIADIE YACOUBA',)('en', 'fr')                ()
           09:47:26.782 GMT+1
2006/11/30 workshop                                         ('en',)    ()          IATP', 'Graciela()
                                                 ('Anne Laure Constantin (France), ('en', 'fr', 'sw') Susana Rodriguez (Brazil),
           16:10:26.812 GMT+1
2006/11/20 workshop Panel discussion             ()          ('en',)        ()                           ()
                                                                                         ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
2006/12/11 workshop between trade experts
           18:55:49.065 GMT+1                               ('en', 'fr') ('German',) ('en', 'fr') ()
                                                 ('Sim\xc3\xa9on Dossou, ROSYB B\xc3\xa9nin',)
           09:16:04.206 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                              ()          ()             ()           ()             ()
           09:06:08.244 GMT+1
2006/12/24 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()             ()           ()             ()

           11:49:43.529 GMT+1
2006/11/24 other                             ()        ()          ()           over the world. GALCK (Gay and Lesbian C
                     The Q-SPOT will be created by LGBTI organizations from all()         ()
2006/12/24 round_table GMT+1                     ()          ()             ()           ()             ()
           07:39:16.378 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                              ()          ()             ()           ()             ()
2006/12/11 conference GMT+1                      ()          ()                         ('en',)    ()
                                                                            ('English, Spanish, Portuguese',)
           11:33:14.629 GMT+1                ('Kailash Satyarthi, Global March on Child Labour', 'Elie Jouen, Education Inte
                                                         ('en', Education For ('en',)
                                                                         (                       ()
2006/11/29 workshop Workshop exploring the rights basis for the'fr', 'hi')'Bangla',)All agenda and highlighting GCE's exciting ca
           00:49:17.981 GMT+1
2006/12/01 workshop                              ()          ()             ()           ('en',)        ()
           00:36:50.054 GMT+1
2006/12/01 workshop                                         ('en',)
                                                 ('Walter Turner',)         ()           ('en',)        ()
           21:03:28.690 GMT+1
2006/11/28 workshop                                         ('en',)
                                                 ('Lynn Surgalla',)         ()           ('en',)        ()
           20:45:14.967 GMT+1
2006/11/28 workshop The aim of the                          ('en',)
                                                 ('Carol Hwoschinsky',) ()               ('en',)        ()
2006/11/24 workshop workshop is to raise the ('To be confirmed',)
           21:42:48.526 GMT+1                                                    ('en', 'es') ()
                                                        ('en', 'es') ('Swahili, Maori, Kuna, possibly Guarani, but we can tak
           21:20:08.820 GMT+1                 ("Lucy Mulenkei, 'es') ('Swahili, Guarani, on the various negotiation processe
                                                          ('en', chairperson, and views Women's Maori, potentially, to we
                                                                                 ()          ('We network on Biodiversity an
2006/11/24 workshop A participatory strategy meeting to exchange informationIndigenous Kuna andexpect participants butunde
           20:39:10.701 GMT+1
2006/12/13 workshop                              ()          ('en',)        ()           ('en',)        ()
2006/12/24 round_table GMT+1                     ()          ()             ()           ()             ()
           09:16:51.723 GMT+1
                     Entre les faits, will   ('Nnimmo of people and participate in developing 'Siziwe Khanyile (groundWo
                                                        ('en',)   ()          ('en',)     ()
2006/12/14 workshop Workshop that les hear testimonies Bassey (Environmental Rights Action)', strategies around resisting t
2006/12/11 workshop réalités, l‟information
           23:16:41.486 GMT+1                    ()          ('fr',)                    ('fr',)
                                                                            ('Fran\xc3\xa7ais',)        ()
           23:09:37.374 GMT+1                   ('Marie-H\xc3\xa9l\xc3\xa8ne MILLET, Joelle ()
                                                            les partenaires, l'objectif est de pouvoir partager nos pratiques à tr
                                                                                    ()           portugais',)
2006/12/13 colloquium Séminaire - A construire encore avec('en', 'fr') ('Un peu russe, un peuCORDESSE, Jacqueline VAHE-
           15:59:40.726 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                                            ('en',)    ('Spanish',) ('ar', 'en', 'Angie 'sw')
                                                    ('Richard Lee (London Tenants Federation)','fr', 'es', Balata (HIC-HLRN)', 'Boliv
2006/12/07 conference GMT+1                         ()           ('en',)       ()             ('en',)   ()

           10:48:58.559 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                                 ()           ()            ()             ()        ()
           10:44:18.185 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                                 ()           ()            ()             ()        ()
           10:53:12.238 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                                 ()           ()            ()             ()        ()
           11:00:02.480 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                                 ()           ()            ()             ()        ()
2006/12/13 round_table GMT+1                        ()                              'pt',
                                                                 ('en', 'fr', 'it',() 'es')   ()        ()
           17:15:09.228 GMT+1
2006/12/08 other                            ('Trina Tocco the stae and the non-state actors are held accountable. Transna
                                                        ('en',)      ('Swahili',) ('en',)  ('Swahili',)
                     KHRC is committed to ensure that both (ILRF)', 'Esther (Clean Clothes Campaign)')
           15:45:55.272 GMT+1
2006/12/08 workshop                                 ()           ()            ()             ()        ()
           21:06:20.492 GMT+1
2006/12/13 workshop                                            ('en',)  ()         ('en',)    ()
                                                    ('Grace Seneiya, SWAN Secretary', 'Rosemary Benzina, SWAN treasurer')
           21:03:34.375 GMT+1
2006/12/04 workshop                                            ('en',)   ('French',) ('en',)   ('French',)
                                                    ('Huegette Akplodon-Dossa, Benin, Social Watch, FIAN-International,', 'FIAN-G
           17:19:50.238 GMT+1
2006/12/09 cultural_or_artistic_activity            ()           ('en',)       ('French',) ('en',)      ('French',)
            18:23:12.547 GMT+1
2006/12/05 testimony                                ()           ('en',)       ()             ('en',)   ()
           15:24:38.944 GMT+1
2006/12/01 other                                               ('en',)      ('Spanish,',)('en',)   ()
                                                    ('Mary Robinson', 'Shirin Ebadi (to be confirmed)', 'Nora de Corti\xc3\xb1as', 'E
2006/12/15 conference GMT+1                                   ('en',)    ('Spanish',) ('en',)     ()
                                                    ('Dr Emad Abdeen / Entishar', 'Ghadidja Vallie', 'Cynthia Gabriel, Suara Rakya
           19:06:38.081 GMT+1
2006/11/28 other                                                B. de         Fortman', 'Nicholas Otieno')
                                                    ('Professor ('en',) Gaay ()          ('en',)    ()
                                                 scholars, women‟s human University)', 'Marina Karides (Florida Atlantic think
2006/12/05 round_tableThis panel brings together('Brooke Ackerly (Vanderbiltrights activists and donors to generate critical Univ
            17:32:47.025 GMT+1                              ('en',)   ()           ()           ()
2002/01/20 conference GMT+1                                     ('en',)   ()         ('en',)      ()
                                                    ("Dr. Claudia Warning (chairperson of the \xe2\x80\x8eassociation of German
2006/12/08 conference GMT+1                                   ('en',)     ()         ('en',)     Kaara')
                                                    ('Kamla Bhasin', 'Dekha Ibrahim Abdi', 'Wahu ()
           10:20:51.160 GMT+1
2006/12/13 workshop                                            ('en',)    ()         ('en',)
                                                    ('Speakers from the EAA network',)                  ('French, Spanish',)
           18:17:53.433 GMT+1
2006/12/09 other                                    ()           ('en',)       ()             ('en',)   ()
           21:48:45.855 GMT+1
2006/12/04 workshop                                            ('en',)    ('French, DRC', 'Arnold Tsunga,Spanish',) Zimbabwe'
                                                    ('Dismas Kitenge, Groupe Lotus,Spanish',)   ('French, Zimrights,
           16:51:56.833 GMT+1
2006/12/15 other                                               ('en',)     ('French, violations ('French, Spanish',)
                                                    ('-A. Tsunga, Zimrights, resistingSpanish',) of fundamental rights \xe2\x80\x93
            15:48:41.191 GMT+1
2006/12/01 testimony                                             association('Arabic',) ('en',) (SLAHR)',)
                                                    ('Sons land ('en',)      for human rights       ('Arabic',)
           19:46:00.757 GMT+1
2002/01/20 workshop                                              of OPGAI, Palestine.',)('en',)
                                                    ('Delegates ('en',)    ('Arabic',)                  ()
           16:46:46.038 GMT+1
2006/12/15 other                                    ()           ()            ()             ()        ()
           19:55:30.068 GMT+1
2006/12/10 other                                    ()           ('en',)       ()             ('en',)   ()
2006/12/04 round_table GMT+1                                    ('es',)
                                                    ('Rafael Lara',)           ()             ('es',)   ()
           16:39:55.070 GMT+1
2006/12/16 workshop                                             ('en',)  ('Somali',) ('en',) ()
                                                    ('Abdinasir Ahmed Osman', 'Abdulahi Mohamed Shirwa')
2006/12/01 round_table GMT+1                                     ('en',)
                                                    ('to be confirmed',)       ()             ('en',)   ('Swahili',)
           13:10:51.622 GMT+1
2006/11/20 other                                               ('ar',)    ()           ('en',)     ()
                                                    ('Dr Mugisha Frederick', 'Ms Shella', 'Fr Okurut Charles', 'Ms Jacqueline A Mu
                                                ('Indra Nubis (Viaand indigenous movements to 'es', 'sw') realize their rightsCo
                                                              rural Campesina)', 'Enrique Ort\xc3\xadz and
                                                                            ('Bahasa',) ('ar', 'en', 'fr', claim (Habitat International to
2006/11/29 colloquium Celebration of the struggles of urban, ('ar', 'en', 'es')
           17:57:20.794 GMT+1                                                                           ('Kimasai',)

           20:26:12.464 GMT+1                 ('Prof. Doctor Carlos Geraldo Espinheira, Doctors degree in Sociology for S\x
2006/11/30 workshop This workshop will count on two speaches about ()           ('pt', 'es')
                                                                     social, economical and()political situation of Brazil and A
           21:23:43.347 GMT+1               ('C\xc3\xa3ndido 'it', 'pt', busca de alternativas ()'es')
                                                       ('en', Grzybowski
                                                                       ()         ('en', 'it', 'pt',ao fazer política hoje, destacan
2006/12/13 workshop Atividade de Seminário em forma de diálogo para 'es') - Ibase, Francisco Oliveira - USP/Brasil, Hilary W
           09:32:35.722 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                                             ('en', 'fr')
                                                    ('Klaus Priegnitz',)       ('German',) ('en',)      ('German',)
           17:38:00.244 GMT+1
2006/12/23 workshop                                 ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
           10:43:09.315 GMT+1
2006/12/08 workshop                                 ()           ('en', 'fr')    ()           ()              ()
           19:04:24.177 GMT+1
2006/11/28 colloquium                               ()           ('es', 'en') ()                              ()
                                                                                              ('es', 'fr', 'en')
           12:27:22.405 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                                 ()           ('fr',)         ()                          ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'es', 'pt')
           13:16:32.582 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                                 ()           ('fr',)         ()                          ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'es', 'pt')
2006/12/24 conference GMT+1                         ()           ('pt',)         ()           ('pt', 'es')    ()
           08:08:13.451 GMT+1
2006/12/21 workshop                                             ('en',)
                                                    ('Gerry Fox',)               ()                            ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es', 'zz')
2006/12/22 conference GMT+1                         ()           ()                           ()          ('French', 'English', 'Spanish', 'S
                                                                                 ('French', 'English', 'Spanish', 'Swahili')
            21:13:04.118 GMT+1
2006/11/29 round_tablePeople live multiple,         ()           ('en', 'fr')    ()           ('es',)         ()
2006/11/30 workshop layered identities
           19:02:15.788 GMT+1                       ()           ('en',)         ()           ('en',)         ()
           01:14:33.082 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop Training                        ('One',)     ('en',)         ('French',) ('fr', 'en')     ('Bengali',)
           20:00:53.067 GMT+1
                     We International Federation          ()        is       family      ('French',)
2006/11/24 workshop The will present different () Terre des Hommes () an NGO ('en',) network composed of 11 national org
2006/11/29 round_tablepoints of view on an
            12:44:52.435 GMT+1                                 ('af', 'en', 'fr', 'it', 'es') ()
                                                                               ()                Muthien (South Africa),
                                                    ('Genevieve Vaughan (Italy/USA), Bernedette ('German, Togalog',) Myrla Ba
           12:04:09.606 GMT+1
2006/11/21 workshop ●Objectives:                    ()                            (
                                                                 ('en', 'fr', 'pt'))                         ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'pt', 'es')
2006/12/22 round_tableThe proposed strategy
            12:09:09.770 GMT+1                                 ('en', 'fr') ()     ('en',)      ()
                                                    ('Ms. Nimalka Fernando(IMADR, Sri Lanka)', 'Ms. Burnad Fatima Nateson(IMA
           08:03:16.711 GMT+1                     ('Dr Kenneth Kaunda',) ()
                                                             ('en',)              ('en',)      a
2006/12/17 conference The activity will include Plenary Address with Dr Kenneth Kaunda giving () keynote address followed by a
           10:07:51.344 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                                 ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
           18:50:12.145 GMT+1
2002/01/20 other     Seminar                        ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
           18:52:58.892 GMT+1
2002/01/20 workshop                                 ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
           18:59:32.306 GMT+1
2002/01/20 workshop Seminar/Workshop                ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
           04:37:09.489 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop                                 ()                           ()
                                                                 ('es', 'fr', 'en')           ('fr', 'en')    ()
           04:27:56.353 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop                                            ('cpp', 'fr', 'en')
                                                                               ()    ('fr', 'en') ()
                                                    ('Camille Chalmers, PAPDA', 'Carole Pierre Paul Jacobs, SOFA', 'Beverly Kee
           05:42:05.989 GMT+1
2006/11/28 workshop                                              ('en',
                                                    ('to be defined',) 'fr')     ()                           ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
           16:19:34.901 GMT+1                    the     ('en', 'fr') to       ('en', 'fr') the
2006/12/15 colloquium The seminar will focus on () campaign and call () government fundind () World bank to cut their fund
2006/12/23 round_table GMT+1                        ()           ('en',)         ()                           ()
                                                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
            17:45:03.794 GMT+1
2006/12/23 round_tableIMAGE THEATRE                 ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
                       This technique
2006/12/13 cultural_or_artistic_activity involves
           17:34:47.113 GMT+1                                  ('en',)      ()
                                                    ('people and APT facilitators',)          ('en',)         ()
2006/12/13 conference GMT+1                                    ('en',)     ('Kiswahili',)('en',) ()
                                                    ('Clement Njoroge', 'Cosmas Nduva', 'Patrick Maina')
           18:00:45.434 GMT+1
2006/12/13 workshop                                             FERRANTE              ('en', Italy) Maurizio GUBBIOTTI (Legambie
                                                    ('Francesco('en', 'it') () (Legambiente, 'it', 'es')
2006/12/13 conference GMT+1                         ()           ()                        ()        ()
                                                                                 ('ENGLISH', 'SPANISH')
           16:58:45.719 GMT+1
2006/12/13 colloquium                               ()           ()                        ('en',)   ()
                                                                                 ('SPANISH', 'ENGLISH', 'SWAHILI', 'FRENCH')
           04:36:43.989 GMT+1
2006/12/22 colloquium                                          ('en', 'xh', 'zu')
                                                                              ()     ('en',)      ()
                                                    ('Andile Mngxitama - Land Rights activist - Azania (South Africa)', 'Tameika M
2002/01/20 round_table GMT+1                                    ('en',)
                                                    ('Attorney Jaribu Hill',) ()              ('en',)         ()
           14:02:40.862 MMTC               ('Nos Internationale Catholique des personnesdont les membresavec engagé
                                                                               type social, qualifi\xc3\xa9es sont
2006/12/05 workshop Le GMT+1 est une Organisation conf\xc3\xa9renciers sont de('en', 'fr') ('Kirundi, Kiyarwanda',) qui nou
                                                        ('en', 'fr') ()

           15:22:58.932 GMT+1
2006/12/23 workshop Conference will attract         ()           ()              ()           ()              ()
2006/11/30 conference over about 200 people
           20:53:00.630 GMT+1                       ()                           ()
                                                                 ('en', 'fr', 'sw')           ('en', 'sw') ()
           23:41:25.578 GMT+1
2006/12/13 conference Panel of speakers             ()                           ()
                                                                 ('en', 'fr', 'sw')           ()              ()
           22:04:26.174 GMT+1                ('John Stewart, Executive some audiovisual materials, with opportunities and N
                                                         ('en', 'fr', 'sw')
                                                                         ()    Nonviolent ()  Peaceforce (NP), and Director
2006/12/13 workshop Participatory workshop with short presentations and member('en', 'fr', 'sw')
           18:42:40.709 GMT+1
2006/12/03 other                                  ()          ('pt',)         ()          ('en',)         ()
           22:26:35.974 GMT+1
2006/12/03 other                                  ()          ('pt',)         ()          ('pt',)         ()
           17:02:19.117 GMT+1
2006/12/12 workshop                               ()                           ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es')                     ()
                                                                                          ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es')
2006/12/11 round_table GMT+1                                 ('en',)
                                                  ('To be confirmed',)        ()          ('en',)         ()
           09:32:19.267 GMT+1                 ()            ('en',)    ()           ('en',)      participation on decisions and c
2006/12/14 workshop Building real democratic political structures and institutions with people's()
2006/12/14 conference GMT+1                                  ('pt',)      ()        ('en',)    ('Spanish',)
                                                  ('Moacir Gadotti, \xc3\x82ngela Antunes e Paulo Roberto Padilha. Coordinatio
                                                 ('Dr. Kathryn Poethig', hours long and will to take on a format 'Rev. Eunice Sa
                                                               (4) 'en', 'es')
2006/12/07 round_tableThe entire activity is meant to be four ('af',five (5) 'Dr. Namsoon Kang', 'Dr. Farid Esack', that that combin
            07:48:04.332 GMT+1                                                ('Korean',) ('en',)  ()
2006/11/15 conference GMT+1                       ()          ('en', 'fr')    ()          ('en', 'fr')    ()
2006/11/20 conference GMT+1                                 ('en',)    ()            Ibrahim Abdi   ()
                                                  ('Kamla Bhasin - Speaker', 'Dekha ('ar', 'fr', 'sw') - Chair and Facilitator')
           11:55:58.163 GMT+1                 ()          to re-evaluation counseling theory () practice. It will be an interac
2006/12/14 workshop This workshop will be an introduction ('en',)    ()         ()           and
           07:22:45.422 GMT+1                     days, and will include a mix Tujan', 'Kiama Kaara')
                                                             ('en',)     ('Kiswahili',)('en',) ()
2006/12/28 workshop The activities will run for 2('Sarojeni Rengam', 'Antonio of workshops, public forum and seminars.
           10:52:13.766 GMT+1
2006/12/24 colloquium                             ()          ('es',)         ()          ('en',)         ()
           14:24:50.784 GMT+1
2006/12/18 workshop                                          ('en', 'es') ()       ('en',)       ()
                                                  ('Ms. Mary Robinson, Ethical Globalization Initiative (tbc)', 'Genevieve Gencian
            21:41:12.863 come
2006/12/13 round_tableToGMT+1                                 ('en', 'fr', 'MONITOR: Mr. Fall', 'PROPOSED PANELISTS:', '-\tAfric
                                                  ('Not confirmed yet:','es', 'wo')                   ()
                                                                                     ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es')
           16:22:58.823seminar about international solidarity
2006/11/20 other     A GMT+1                   ()          ('en',)                        ('zz',)
                                                                              ('Turkish and English',)()
2006/12/13 conference GMT+1                                  ('en',)   ('German',) ('en',)  ()
                                                  ('Arndt Hopfmann (Germany), Peter Wahl (Germany), Heike H\xc3\xa4nsel (M

           08:22:09.604 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ()              ()          ()              ()
           15:59:33.203 GMT+2
2006/11/12 workshop                                           ('es',)    ()         ('en',)
                                                  ('Nicol\xc3\xa1s de Lastres Albend\xc3\xadn',)('frances,aleman,chino',)
           15:00:51.327 GMT+1
2006/11/29 workshop                               ()          ('en',)         ()          ()              ()
           16:32:57.100 GMT+1
2006/11/23 workshop                               ()          ('es', 'en') ()             ('es', 'en') ()
2006/12/11 conference GMT+1                       ()          ('en',)         ()          ()              ()
           23:43:57.996 GMT+1                 ('R. Mangaliso Davis, Eleanor Vine, Nelson Carrasquillo, Olga Pomar',)
                                                           ('en',)     ()         community ()
2006/11/18 colloquium Members of organization will share their experiences from a ('en',)   perspective regarding building c
2006/12/24 conference GMT+1                       ()          ()              ()          ()              ()
2006/12/23 round_table GMT+1                      ()          ()              ()          ()              ()
            18:09:25.838 GMT+1
2006/12/23 testimony                              ()          ()              ()          ()              ()
2006/12/29 conference GMT+1                       ()          ('en', 'it')    ()                         ()
                                                                                          ('aa', 'es', 'sw')
           04:14:05.301 GMT+1
2006/12/29 workshop                               ()          ('en', 'it')    ()          ('es', 'sw') ()
2006/11/02 conference GMT+2                       ()          ('en', 'fr')    ()                           ()
                                                                                          ('en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es')
           19:34:58.963 GMT+1
2006/12/14 other                              ('Bantu Mwaura, 'sw') ('Will depend on who attends',)
                                                        ('en', Melanie Joseph, and all who attend.',)
                                                                                ('en',)     art making in our respective co
                     An information sharing symposium outlining challenges to contemporary('Will depend on who attends',)
           09:18:41.427 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ()              ()          ()              ()
           17:55:07.117 GMT+1
2006/11/30 workshop                                          ('ar', 'en') ()         ('en',)    ()
                                                  ('Representatives of the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
            17:46:18.427 GMT+1                 ('Mr. Society Mayor', 'Ms. Fatma ('fr', 'en') a Aminata Traor\xc3\xa9', 'Ms. Sa
                                                            ('es', 'fr', 'en')
                                                                            ()     to build    ()
2006/12/12 round_tableUbuntu is a world forum of CivilFederico Networks that worksAlloo', 'Ms.common voice against world prob
            10:31:19.134 ville de
2006/12/18 round_tableLa GMT+1 Montreuil                      ('en', 'fr', 'es')
                                                                              ()     ('en', 'fr', 'es')
                                                  ('Mr. Federico Mayor', 'Others to be confirmed')   ()
2006/11/29 workshop (département de la
           14:45:56.816 GMT+1                                ('bm', 'fr', 'pt', 'nk')
                                                                            ()        ('fr',)   ville de Montreuil), un repr\xc3\x
                                                  ("M. Jean-Jacques Joucla (maire-adjoint de la()
           12:35:31.145 GMT+1                  faite par une équipe ('anglais', 'francais', 'bambara', 'mor\xc3\xa9') Organ
                                                           Lydia, Sociolgue, coodonnatrice du programme recherche
                                                                                  ('en', 'fr') ('francais', 'anglais')
2006/11/17 conference cette communication sera('TAPSOBA('en', 'fr') de voisins Mondiaux Afrique del'ouest qui est une Action
2006/11/24 conference GMT+1                       ()          ('en',)         ()          ()              ()
           15:57:41.416 GMT+1
2006/11/28 workshop                               ()          ('en', 'es') ('German',) ('en', 'es') ()
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                                 ('en',)     ()          ('en',)     ()
                                                  ('Ela Ghandi (South Africa)', 'Dennis Brutus (South Africa)', 'N.N. (Eritrea)', 'N.N
           12:59:19.848 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop                                            ('en',)
                                                  ('Stellan Vinthagen',)      ()           ('en',)        ()
           05:38:24.420 GMT+1                 ("Julien l'Assange", 'H. ()
                                                           ('en',)     Lim')     already ()
2006/12/14 colloquium WikiLeaks.Org is an uncensorable version of WikiPedia with('en',) over 1 million leaked documents fr
            15:20:36.501 GMT+1                ()           trend on ()               ('en', 'fr') ('Spanish',)
2006/12/06 testimony The panel presentation will focus the ('en', 'fr') Reproductive Rights of Women in General and stories/tes
           16:35:32.173 GMT+1 format and Video showing('ar',(Jordan), Coordinator, Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan', 'S
2006/12/28 other     Talk Show              ('Asma Khader 'en') ()            ('en',)     ()
           16:45:06.897 GMT+1 format and Video showing('ar',(Jordan), Coordinator, Sisterhood Is Global Institute/Jordan', 'S
2006/12/28 other     Talk Show              ('Asma Khader 'en') ()            ('en',)     ()
           00:05:17.620 GMT+1
2006/11/30 workshop                               ()                          ()
                                                              ('en', 'es', 'fr')           ('en',)        ()
           22:19:06.744 GMT+1
2006/12/15 workshop                               ()                          ()
                                                              ('en', 'fr', 'es')           ('en',)        ()
           15:00:45.843 GMT+1                   ('Hon. Marjorie Ngaunje- Minister ofthan
                                                           ('en',)      ()           Health- Malawi who no one is really pove
2006/12/04 colloquium We are living in a world where the per capita income is more('en',) $5000, meaningwill speak about supp
            16:00:06.660 GMT+1                 ('Hon. Mwandawiro, Hon Boubacar Tour\xc3\xa9, Vittorio Agnoletto, Harlem D
                                                           cooperation('French, Spanish, English',)
2006/12/14 round_tableSession aimed to better organize the ('en',)               ('en',)    ('French, Spanish, English',)
                                                                        between parliamentarians and social movements durin
           17:02:30.720 GMT+1                    ('Antonio Martins'fr') ('Portuguese, platform and it's issues,Spanish, participa
                                                            ('en', (Liberdade Brasil), Spanish, ('Portuguese, and the Swahili (
                                                                                    ('en', 'fr') Swahili (ad hoc translation Chr
2006/12/13 conference This activity is a conference where speakers will introduce the Hanna Kuusela (Attac Finland), Johnavail
           08:00:09.870 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
           01:21:09.092 GMT+1
2006/12/14 other                                  ()          ('en',)                    ()          ()
                                                                              ('Espa\xc3\xb1ol, franc\xc3\xa9s',)
           12:34:20.736 GMT+1
2006/11/16 other                                ('Adnan Ateyah, or similar
                                                             tent YMCA-Palestine', ('en',) the ('Arabic',) Resource Center')
                                                                                   'Nihad      WSF as
                     The 'Palestine Tent' will be a physical('ar', 'en') () space set up atBoqai, BADILcentral meeting space
           13:41:34.377 GMT+1 is a daily event to begin the day with. ('French and Kiswahili',)
2006/11/30 other     The activity                        ('en',)
                                             ('To be confirmed',)                ('en',)
                                                                       From 8.30-9:15am       ('French and Kiswahili',)
2006/11/28 round_table GMT+1                      ()          ('en',)                 ('en',)  ('PORTUGUESE, SPANISH,
                                                                              ('PORTUGUESE, SPANISH, FRENCH, ARABIC',) FR

           11:07:28.254 GMT+1 Products Exhibitionfair Trade members from Kenya and Rest('Kiswahili',)
                       Fair Trade
2006/12/01 cultural_or_artistic_activity    ('30         ('en', 'fr') ('Kiswahili',)('en', 'fr') of Africa.',)

modification_date     type_explanation                              other_spoken_languages
                                                  speakers spoken_languages audience_languages

2006/12/24 conference GMT+1                       ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
           10:12:51.858 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
           03:08:51.614 GMT+1
2006/12/14 workshop                               ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
            09:19:08.730 GMT+1
2006/12/24 testimony                              ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
           22:34:38.296 GMT+1
2006/12/13 workshop                               ()          ('en', 'it')    ()           ('en',)        ()
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                      ()                          ()
                                                              ('ar', 'en', 'fr', 'yo')                     ()
                                                                                           ('ar', 'en', 'fr', 'sw')
2006/10/27 conference GMT+3                       ()          ('es',)         ('English',) ('es',)        ('English',)
2006/12/14 round_table GMT+1                      ()          ('en',)         ()           ('en',)        ()
           06:56:12.286 GMT+1
2006/12/24 workshop                               ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
           07:04:07.577 GMT+1
2006/12/24 cultural_or_artistic_activity          ()          ()              ()           ()             ()
           07:11:25.600 GMT+1
2006/12/24 cultural_or_artistic_activity          ()          ()              ()           ()             ()

modification_date     type_explanation                              other_spoken_languages
                                                  speakers spoken_languages audience_languages
           13:17:52.094 GMT+1
2006/11/30 other     Film                        ()          ('en',)     ()            ('en',)    ()
           16:51:26.685 GMT+1
2006/12/09 cultural_or_artistic_activity                      Grassilli, Artistic Director of Human Rights Nights or (if possible) th
                                                 ('Ms. Giulia ('en',)     ('Italian',) ('en',)    ()
           17:13:39.314 GMT+1
2006/12/09 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ('fr',)     ('English',) ('fr',)     ('English',)
           07:26:35.037 GMT+1
2006/12/24 other                             ()
                     Documentary film programme              ()          ()            ()         ()
           13:00:13.889 GMT+1
2006/12/07 other                            ('Carlos Feo', 'Cecilia Zamudio') ('es',)
                                                       ('es', de video()                   ()
                     Producciones Urgentes es una productora 'fr', 'en') que realiza documentales sobre temas considerado
           12:45:28.724 GMT+1
2006/11/22 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ('en',)     ()            ('en',)    ()
           19:17:54.460 GMT+1 Travel Far will('Nathan at least one film Hot Sun Films/Sinema Jua but will be participatory wi
                       Stories that
2006/11/24 cultural_or_artistic_activity                  ('en', 'es', 'sw')
                                                                         ()     ('sw',)    ()
                                              include Collett, founder showing of The Kibera Kid Kali', 'Leslie Khadondi, co

modification_date     type_explanation                             other_spoken_languages
                                                 speakers spoken_languages audience_languages

           07:49:06.172 GMT+1
2006/12/24 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           11:50:31.248 GMT+1 une exposition qi sera visitéeCiss\xc3\xa9', 'Maram personnes et nous espérons interagir
2006/11/15 other     Nous faisons                     Male        ()         ('fr',)   ('Anglais',)
                                          ('Seynabou ('fr',) par des centaines de Sambou')
            16:07:12.324 GMT+1 of forum           'In Jens Galschiot, sculptor', 'Mr Niller near to and his documentary activitie
                                                            ('en',)     ('Danish',) ('en',)       ('Danish',)
2006/11/20 round_tableExhibition of the sculpture('Mrthe Name of God' on a poignant siteMadsen the venue of the main film crew
                      By means
                       theatre - which
2006/11/26 cultural_or_artistic_activity is a
           17:31:45.742 GMT+1                              ('en',)  ('Luganda', ('en',)
                                                                                'Danish', Bj\xc3\xb8rn Dacapo Theatre De
                                                 ('IATM Core-Team Kampala Uganda', 'Lena'German')

modification_date     type_explanation                             other_spoken_languages
                                                 speakers spoken_languages audience_languages

           15:53:07.914 GMT+1
2006/12/15 workshop                                         ('en', India; ()
                                                                           Corinne Kumar, 'fr', 'sw')
                                                 ('Celine Suguna, 'fr', 'sw')                      Vanessa Ludwig, South Africa; G
                                                                                     ('en', India; ()

modification_date     type_explanation                             other_spoken_languages
                                                 speakers spoken_languages audience_languages

           06:23:24.091 GMT+1
2006/12/01 cultural_or_artistic_activity                     ('en',)    ('Kiswahili',)('en',) ('Kiswahili',)
                                                 ('Children, Social Workers and Community leaders',)
           16:14:43.866 GMT+1 Rights Caravan will bewe shall mobilize people to participate at the openingrights actvistsUh
                       The Human
2006/12/08 cultural_or_artistic_activity              ('en',)     animators, performing ('Swahili',)
                                          ('Abroad used to have ('Swahili',) ('en',)      groups, human ceremony in am
           05:58:09.024 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           06:04:47.663 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           06:35:44.995 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           06:26:24.793 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           06:30:18.056 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           06:21:45.068 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           06:18:04.431 GMT+1
2006/11/29 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()
           16:06:59.230 GMT+1
2006/12/11 cultural_or_artistic_activity         ()          ('en',)     ('Kiswahili',)('en',)    ('Kiswahili',)
           15:45:03.489is the openingceremony() the new ('en',) center Ndugu ('en',)
2002/01/20 other     It GMT+1                 of        children ()          Mdogo.               ()
           19:20:12.722 GMT+1
2006/12/13 other     football tournament         ()          ()          ()            ()         ()

modification_date     type_explanation                             other_spoken_languages
                                                 speakers spoken_languages audience_languages
           14:53:57.436 GMT+1
2006/12/12 cultural_or_artistic_activity       ()         ('en',)        ()             ('en',)        ()
           14:45:54.832 GMT+1
2006/12/12 cultural_or_artistic_activity       ()                        ()              ('am', 'en', ()
                                                          ('am', 'en', 'fr', 'pt', 'es', 'sw', 'zz') 'fr', 'pt', 'es', 'sw', 'zz')
           15:26:49.320 GMT+2 Tribunal, statements of adherence will('Not yet known',) Moussa war will give witness accounts
2006/11/01 other     During the                         ('en',)       be presented, victims () Dembele', 'Peter Custers', 'F
                                             ('Samir Amin', 'Corinne Kumar', 'Demba         of
               fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts
('Portuguese', 'Spanish', 'French')                          ['']
                        nolaptops                            expect to have further meetings
               Ação Comunitária do Brasil do Rio de Janerio [''] with NGOs involved in the same field of work.
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          will                              discussions will hold a planning meeting aimed at developing alternatives in the P
               People whoyes have participated in the panel ['']
                         yes                                ['']
               Stakeholders 51-100 will meet to develop alternatives in the Pan African fight against HIV and AIDS.
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                         to          <p>translation to English</p>
               We belong nodifferent networks on Trade issues in Africa and in Europe. We have already met before to prepare the plan of ac
                          yes                                ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
                          nolaptops                          ['']
('French, Portuguese',)yes                                   ['']
('Spanish',)              yes                              ['']
                                      <p>If the WSF cannot provide interpreters, we can try to bring some volunteer interpreters, but we would
                          yes                                ['']
                                      <p>Prefer that this sessio is held before or after lunch.</p>
                           into      <p>To be advised.</p>['']
               Translation yes Frrench.
                          yes                              ['']
                                      <p>Session to be repeated on 22nd January (afternoon)</p>
                          yes                                ['']
                          yes                                ['']
                          yes                                ['']
                          yes                                ['']
                          no                                 ['']
                                      <p>Multimedia for video documentries</p>
                          yes                                ['']
                          no                                 ['']
                          yes                                ['']
('spanish, portuguese',)yes        <p>- data show</p>     ['']
('espanhol',)          no                                 ['']
('Espanhol',)          no                                 ['']
('Espanhol',)          no                                 ['']
('Espanhol',)          no                                 ['']
('espanhol',)          no                                 ['']
                       yes                                ['']
                       no                               ['']
                                   <p>Power Point Projector if possible and sound equipment</p>
                       yes                                ['']
                       yes         <p>The                 ['']
                       no          seminar
                                   <p>The                 undefined ['']
                       no          seminar                undefined ['']
                       yes                                ['']
                       yes                              ['']
                                   <p>We are in discussions with the Kenyan Organising committee to have that event as part of a specific
                       yes         <p>video camera</p> ['']
                       no                                 ['']
                       yes                                 ['']
                                   <p>Interpretation in regional langages</p>
                       no                                 ['']
                       yes                                ['']
                       yes                                ['']
                       yes                                ['']
                       yes                                ['']


                       no                                ['']
                                   <p>We would like to request an event in the afternoon of January 21. Thank you.</p>
                     no                                ['']
('French, German, Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Kiswahili',)
                         like                          ['']
            join various no minded groups as an expression of solidarity. This could include marches, rallies,etc.
                       nolaptops                          ['']
                       no                                 ['']
('French, isiZulu',)   yes                                ['']
                       yes        <p>A on Sustainable ['']
                                                        show powerpoint presentations.</p>
            CASA will have a conferenceLCD Projector toLivelihood issues and after the conference is over, all the participants will start a p
            yes.                                         same venue (room) for all days
                                   <p>we need to use the[''] of the WSF, including the 4th day.</p>

                       no                                ['']
                       nolaptops                         ['']

           We                                            ['']
           propose                                       ['']
('Italian and French',) yes                                ['']
                                   <p>Video projector, if possible.</p>
                       no                               ['']
                                   <p>English speaking people are welcome too.</p>
                       no                                ['']
                       no                                ['']
                       nolaptops                         ['']
                       nolaptops                         ['']
                       no                                ['']
                       nolaptops                         ['']
                       yes                              ['']
                                   <p>We would like a venue which can take up to 1000 people, but not one of the largest venues (stadium
                       yes                               ['']
                       yes                               ['']
                       yes                               ['']
                       no                                ['']
                       nolaptops                         ['']
                       nolaptops                         ['']
                       no                                ['']
                       yes                               ['']
                       no                                ['']
                                   <p>Should be held in the same room as the activity Part 1.</p>
                       nolaptops                         ['']
                       yes                               ['']

                       no                                ['']
                       yes                               ['']
                         yes                                ['']
                         yes                                ['']
                         no                                 ['']
('french-swahili',)      yes                              ['']
                                     <p>We request this activity to be held on the 21st in the afternoon, and wish to have interpretation servic
('ENGLISH',)             yes                          ['']
                                     <p>PLEASE BOOK THIS ACTIVITY IN THE AFTERNOON OF THE 21ST</p>
('Russian',)             yes                               ['']
                                     <p>power point projector</p>
                         yes                              ['']
                                     <p>Powerpoint projector would be useful.</p>
                         yes         <p>Electri             ['']
                         yes         city                   ['']
                         yes                                ['']
               YES       yes         <p>CHASUBLES.</p> ['']
('English - Spanish',)   no                                 ['']
                         yes                                ['']
                         nolaptops                          ['']
                         no                                 ['']
                         no                                 ['', '', '', 'Thomas.Ma
                         no                                 ['', '', '', 'Thomas.Ma
                         no                                 ['', '', '', 'Thomas.Ma

                                     <p>We want the Q-SPOT to be available on all the days of the WSF - we have not specified one date, b
                         yes                              ['']
                                  <p>If there is an LDC projector available it would be great. We can organize English-Spanish interpretat
                       yes        projector               ['']
('We expect participants to understand either English or Spanish.',)
                         no                                 ['']
                         yes                                ['']
                         no                                 ['']
              Le jour n'est pas précisé                    ['']
                        yes        <p>LCD projector</p> ['']
              With thematic Rapporteur preparing agenda and facilitating three-part discussion

                         no                                ['']

                         yes                               ['']
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                     <p>LCD Projector and ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         no                                ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
('French, Spanish',)     yes                               ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         yes                               ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
('French, Spanish',)                                       ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
('French, Spanish',)                 <p>Power              ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                     point                 ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                            ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                         nolaptops <p>Logistic facilities and space for our activities</p>
                         nolaptops                         ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                        yes        <p>LCD projector</p> ['']
              With thematic Rapporteur preparing agenda and facilitating three-part discussion

                                                           during the event.</p>
                         nolaptops <p>A volunteer to help ['']
                         nolaptops <p>TRADUÇÃO SIMULTÂNEA, DATASHOW</p>
('German',)              no                                ['']
                         no                               ['']
                         no                               ['']
                         no                               ['']
('French', 'English', 'Spanish', 'Swahili')               ['']
                         yes          <p>LCD projector</p> ['']
                         yes                              ['']
('German, Togalog',)                                    ['', '']
                         nolaptops <p>We will need a sound or PA system to ensure everyone can be heard.</p>
                         nolaptops                        ['']
                         nolaptops                        ['']
                         yes                              ['']
                         no                               ['']
                         no                               ['']
                         no                               ['']
                         yes                              ['']
                         yes                              ['']
                                                            the morning</p>
                         nolaptops <p>Possibly the 21th in['']
                         no                               ['']
                         nolaptops                        ['']
                         yes                              ['']
                         nolaptops                        ['']
                         yes          <p>SOUND</p>        ['']
                      yes       <p>Sound</p>     ['']
                         yes          <p>Un               ['']
('Kirundi, Kiyarwanda',)yes           Rétroproje          ['']

                       yes                                 expected outcomes of this conference
            concrete collective actions and campaigns are['']
                        yes                               ['']
            We will participate with peace and anti-war groups to prepare the sessions for the Fourth day
                           no                                  ['']
                           no                                  ['']
                           no                                  ['']
                           yes         <p>None</p>             ['']
                           yes                                 ['']
('Spanish',)               yes                                 ['']
                           yes                              ['']
                                       <p>Tape recorder, microphones, digital projector (optional)</p>
                           yes                                 ['']
                           nolaptops <p>Pleas                  ['']
                           yes       e note                    ['']
                                       Power point facility.   ['']
                           yes                               ['']
                                       <p>We definitly need English-French-Spanish translation</p>
                           yes                                 ['']
               network building activities                     ['']

                            yes                               ['']
               En el taller y con la Normativa que regula al Modelo Económico Alicuoto,los participantes se organizarán conforme a la Mecán
                           yes                                 ['']
                           no                                  ['']
                           no                                  ['']

                           use                              ['']
               We want to yes this day for discussions and exchange with interested organisation on future areas of collaboration.
('Will depend on who attends',)                                  ['']
                                       <p>This activity is still being developed - we will have more information regarding translation needs etc..
                           no        <p>IN                  ['']
                          yes        ORDER                  ['']
               We will work with many organisations to explain on the 4th day how to build a big network to ask for a Indepth Reform of the Int
                           yes         SE NOTE                 ['']
                           nolaptops                           ['']
('francais', 'anglais')    nolaptops                           ['']
                          no                                 ['', '', '', 'stellan
                          no                                 ['', '', '', 'stellan
                          no                                 ['', '', '', 'stellan
                                                          over head projector</p>
                          nolaptops <p>power point &amp; ['']
('Spanish',)              no                                 ['']
                          yes                              ['']
                                      <p>DVD Player, Multi-Media projector, Speakers, and Screen for the Video Show</p>
                          yes                              ['']
                                      <p>DVD Player, Multi-Media projector, Speakers, and Screen for the Video Show</p>
                          yes                                ['']
                          yes                                ['']
                            yes                               ['']
               It is expected to hold a workshop with those interested in working out ways of collaboration and sharing studies and actions on
                        yes                                 ['']
               We have another session for the self organization of the parliamentarians, the whole day of the 24th of January
                       Swahili (ad hoc translation available)',)
('Portuguese, Spanish, yes                                ['']
               El espacio estara abierto durante toda la jornada de los dias 21 y 22
                                                             a tent that will remain open throughout the WSF-Nairobi, or if possible be provid
               [still to be determined] <p>We need space for['']
('French and Kiswahili',) es                                  ['']
                                      <p>Identifying key religious leaders involved in economic justice work</p>
('PORTUGUESE, SPANISH, FRENCH, ARABIC',)                     ['']

('Kiswahili',)            yes                              ['']
                                      <p>5 booths of 3X3</p>

               fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts

                          yes                                ['']
                          yes                              ['', '', 'julymar_moli
                                      <p>Sistema de audio con cornetas y microfono.</p>
                          yes                                ['']

               fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                                                           ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                        nolaptops <p>Dado que es una proyección de película necesitaríamos un proyector de video dvd.</p>
                        no          <p>Equip               ['']
                                    ment to                ['']

             fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts

             Je pense que les organisations qui travaillent sur les femmes dans la construction de la paix devraient pouvoir se rencontrer
                        no                                ['']
                                    <p>To achieve the biggest possible impact it is of paramount importance that the sculpture be exhibited
                        yes                               ['']
                                    <p>A stage for the theater performance and a big space with chairs for the audience</p>

             fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts

                        yes                                ['']

             fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts

('Kiswahili',)                                            ['']
                        nolaptops <p>It will take place outside Kasarani which is the main venue. It will be in Korogocho, St. John's Cathol
                                  activity is             ['', '', 'pim.verhallen@
                        no                                  ['']
                                    <p>The activity will take place in St. John Catholic Church, Korogocho.</p>
                                    <p>The activity will take place at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Dandora</p>
                                    <p>This activity will take place in St. Joseph the worker Catholic Church, Kangemi</p>
                                    <p>the activity will be held inside the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Adams Arcade</p>
                                    <p>The activity will take place in Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Kariobangi.</p>
                                    <p>The activity will take place in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Baba Ndogo</p>
                                    <p>The activity will take place in Christ the King, Kibera</p>
('Kiswahili',)          no                                 ['']
                                    <p>It is organized outside Kasarani, so we don't need a tent.</p>
                        no          activity
                                    <p>The                 ['']
                        no          tourname               ['']

             fourth_dayaudio_recording               contacts
nolaptops   ['']
nolaptops   ['']
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