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           The value of IP Telephony
           and Unified Communications
           Businesses are realizing they can increase efficiency and lower costs
                             When considering a voice              For phone conversations, an
                             over IP (VoIP) solution, Bell    employee can configure single-number                                Through the latest features of IP
                             Business Markets custom-         reach and plug into a PC in any loca-                               technology, Bell provides a solution
                             ers are asking: What are         tion in order to make and receive calls.                            that can help increase connectivity
                             the benefits that make this      “You can have your office line over any                             and employee productivity using the
                             technology more power-           computer, as long as you have a good                                following tools:
                             ful than a traditional tele-     Internet connection,” says Wubs. “And
                             phony system? And is there       if you’re not at a computer, that same                              Simultaneous Ring: Provide a
                             something more compel-           number can reach you on your mobile                                 single number for clients to reach
 Stéphane Boisvert,          ling today than in years         phone.” As a result, the potential exists                           you; calls up to 10 numbers simul-
Bell Business Markets
                             past, that will make this        to save on long-distance charges and                                taneously when a caller dials your
                             investment worthwhile?           real-estate costs, while improving work-                            desk phone
                  “The answer,” says Stéphane Boisvert,       life balance.
              President, Bell Business, “is yes.”                  In order to respond to the needs                               Voicemail to E-mail: Check voice-
                  Over the past four years, he explains,      of its business clients, Bell is evolving                           mail from your e-mail inbox and for-
              the elements and capabilities which are         telephony-based solutions into a more                               ward messages to co-workers or
              part of IP telephony have evolved to cre-       broadly defined unified communica-                                  archive as required
              ate a broader technology service which          tions suite of applications, incorporat-
              is about unified communications and             ing such features as single number                                  Mobile Integration: Click to switch
              collaboration. In addition, more employ-        reach, voice mail to e-mail, click to call,                         between your mobile device and
              ees are working away from their desk            IM and presence, voice, and Web and                                 desk phone during a live call with-
              on a regular basis and need to collabo-         video conferencing.                                                 out interrupting the connection
              rate from any location. Today, when                  Bell offers a hosted IP telephony
                                                                                                                                  Soft-Phone: Improve productiv-
              people communicate with colleagues              environment available to customers on
                                                                                                                                  ity of telecommuters and reduce
              and customers they need to have more            a pay-per-user basis. Because many cus-
                                                                                                                                  mobile device expenses by making
              options than just a desk phone to make          tomers sacrifice functionality as a result
                                                                                                                                  and receiving calls over the Internet
              or receive a call. Tools such as instant        of the upfront equipment costs and lack
                                                                                                                                  using a PC
              messaging (IM), e-mail and Web confer-          of IT staff to maintain these complex
              encing that can work from any one of a          systems, Bell provides the functionality                            Click to Call: Click on any number
              number of fixed or mobile devices are           of a high-end PBX or Key system without                             within Outlook contacts, address
              becoming increasingly valuable.                 the need to purchase, install or main-                              book, Web pages or e-mail text to
                  “What businesses should be asking           tain equipment, Boisvert explains. Part                             make a call without dialing
              themselves is: How do I enable groups and       of this service package includes 24/7
              end-users to leverage these communica-          remote monitoring and support.                                      Integrated Desktop Toolbar:
              tions tools in a more seamless and effec-            Businesses with extensive mobile                               Manage and configure desk phone
              tive way?” adds Jeremy Wubs, Director of        workforces are benefitting from IP tele-                            features and settings from your PC
              Product Management for voice, data and          phony features, says Boisvert. Also,
              managed services at Bell.                       large enterprises, such as financial
                  The improvement and proliferation           institutions, are making investments
              of high-speed wireless networks and             in upgrades and moving toward an                                a range of capabilities and enable their
              DSL, coupled with the lower cost of lap-        IP-PBX environment in order to access                           workforce to be more productive and
              tops, means that many businesses can                                                                            flexible. “Many of our customers are
              take advantage of a more flexible style of                                                                      moving in stages toward a unified com-
              work. Now, the added value of replacing                                                                         munications integration strategy, realiz-
              a traditional desk phone with an IP tele-                                                                       ing significant benefits and value along
              phony system can be easily realized.                                                                            the way,” says Boisvert.

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