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									                           Company Background is a division of Acecom, Inc. and is one of the largest independent
online, retail, and commercial supplier of laser toner and ink printer cartridges.
The fact that printer manufacturers are making their profits from the sell of their
printer consumables is what led to the creation of The company was
first an e-commerce store that provided customers with an affordable alternative
for their printing supply needs.

The success of the e-commerce venture compelled the company to branch out and
open their first brick and mortar store in 2004. The first store was opened based
on the response of local customers wanting to purchase their printing supplies
from an organization that offers face-to-face support. The success of the first store
went beyond the company’s expectations and prompted it to open an additional 18
retail stores in Texas. currently offers customers an extensive line of products including
cartridges and refill kits for ink printers, toner for laser printers, fax machines, and
photo copiers as well as fax ribbons and specialty media products like photo and
glossy inkjet photo paper. The company is currently working to become the
customer’s one-stop-shop for their office needs. They have added to their product
line to include printers, fax and copier services, batteries, shipping supplies and
recordable DVD and CD-R media. Most of the San Antonio and Houston stores
are now FedEx authorized ShipCenters.

With it being so easy and common to print digital photos, maps, receipts, and
airline e-tickets and so on, today’s demand for ink is high. will
continue to strive to be the customer’s solution to their printing supply needs. guarantees savings, great customer service, and top quality products.
Woo Hyeon (Brian) Cheong
President & CEO, Acecom, Inc.-San Antonio

As President & CEO, Brian oversees the strategic direction of the company and the
business development of

Prior to his current position, Brian founded ResellerBid, Inc., a business to business
solution company for the IT industry where he became President and CEO. Previously
employed, as a director of communications, by Acecom, Inc., a company that held
nationwide distribution for Samsung and Hyudai, Brian helped set up two branch offices
in Texas. As the general Manager of the two Texas offices, he was responsible for
directing the business development and strategies.

Through his business experience at Acecom, Brian has gained strong managerial
capacities and working knowledge of the IT industry. With drive to offer consumers an
affordable alternative to high priced printer consumables, Brian has accomplished rapid
growth of online and retail sales, making a leader in the cartridge
aftermarket industry.

Brian received his B.A. and M.A in Communications at Seoul National University. He
conducted various economic and political researches on Internet and telecommunications
business during his Ph. D. program in Telecommunications Policy at the University of
Texas at Austin.

Myung Ho (Max) Yoon
Vice President
Max Yoon is responsible for the strategic corporate communications and directs the
general operations of the business. He previously held executive positions, as vice
president at ResellerBid, Inc. and as operations manager for Mini Micro Supply, one of
the leading IT product distributors in the U.S.

Prior to assuming his current position, Max worked for Acecom, Inc., Austin and
Acecom, Inc.-San Antonio as an operations manager. As the operations manager he was
responsible for developing corporate communications strategies and corporate relations
with IT industry vendors and customers. Max also supervised product management and
account management.

Max has brought to Acecom his detail oriented operation tactics and his far-sighted
strategy for communication that has contributed to the success and growth of

Max received his B.A. in Communications from Seoul National University and his M.A.
in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.
Francis Holguin
Vice President of Sales
Francis Holguin, Vice President of Sales is responsible for the all sales divisions of
Acecom, Inc. Prior to joining Acecom, Francis played an active role in the site selection
of new retail stores for

Starting his career with United Parcel Service, Francis held various progressing roles
with the company. As a director for ICG Communications, he was involved with the
development and implementation of a sales program.

Francis brings a wide diversity of experience and knowledge to Acecom by having
owned and operated a communication company specializing in retail management of
wireless stores. Along with running his own successful communications company,
Francis has been involved with several major corporations in a Sales and Sales
Management Program development roles.

Francis graduated with honors from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Political
Science with a minor in Business Management.

Daniel H. Lopez
Vice President of Business Development
In his current position, Daniel is responsible for the strategic development, execution and
launch of the Business-to-Business Distributor Sales Channel for

Prior to joining Acecom, Inc., Daniel served in executive positions in
Telecommunications Sales, Marketing and Strategic Business Planning where he was
responsible for business case development, tactical planning, sales, marketing, public
relations, and executive management.

Previously employed by MCI Telecom, LCI International, the Telecommunications
Planning Division at the University of California, Los Angeles, ATT Wireless
Communications, United Communications Group, ICG Communications and Inter-Tel
Technologies, Daniel developed complex telecommunications products, resulting in
innovative services delivered to the commercial, consumer, retail, and governmental

Daniel brings to Acecom, Inc. over 25 years experience in the field of
telecommunications developing and executing corporate level business, marketing and
sales plans. He has been active in advocacy groups and is an industry spokesperson
supporting diversity and competition in Telecommunications and Distributor Channel
Sales and Marketing.
                    Frequently Asked Questions About

Q: Who is
A: offers a low-cost alternative to high priced laser printer toners and inkjet

Q: When was the company founded?
A: The company started in San Antonio in 2001 as an online retailer. Brick and mortar
started in 2004.

Q: How was the company founded and why ink?
A: We recognized a need for low-cost and high-quality printer ink products, and realized
that no one was actively filling that need.

Q: What is’s mission?
A:’s mission is simple, to offer affordable supplies for computer printers, fax
machines, and photocopiers. We promise you superior quality and service at unbeatable
prices, and in return, we hope to create a loyal customer base.

Q: How did you go from online to brick and mortar?
A: We started out online in 2001 as a convenient way to reach a large audience. The
venture proved successful. We tested a retail store in 2004, customers flocked to the
store. Our initial brick and mortar success convinced us to open additional stores.

Q: How many retail stores? Where are they?
A: In total we have 19 retail stores. Twelve are located in San Antonio, four in Houston,
and three in Austin. For more details and maps, please visit our “Locations” page at

Q: What are’s key markets?
A: We cannot be all things to all people so we identify segments of the market that will
benefit from us, especially those with heavy usage such as: medical and insurance
offices, digital photograph printers, schools and teachers, and financial institutions.

Q: Whom do you sell to?
A: Everyone! The private consumer can come to us for all of their printing needs.
Additionally, we have a Corporate Sales Department which handles sales to business.
(Many competitors get their products from us!)

Q: What brands does carry?
A: carries the world's larges selection of genuine, compatible, and
remanufactured cartridges for name brand printers: HP, Lexmark, Epson, Canon, Brother,
Apple, etc.
Q: What other products does offer?
A: We offer different product lines:

Genuine Cartridges - Name brand cartridges
Compatible Cartridges - Cartridges that are factory made and sealed, similar to generic
Remanufactured Cartridges -Cartridges that have been used before, cleaned and refilled
Refill Kits - Do-it-yourself kit. Includes enough ink to refill a cartridge several times.
Refilling Service - We will refill your cartridge at any of our retail stores.
Swap Cartridges - Cartridges that have been pre-filled and packaged to be resold.
Specialty Media - We offer high resolution inkjet and photo paper.
Storage Media - We offer recordable DVD and CD-R disks.
Copy & Fax Service
FedEx Shipping

Q: Why should I have my cartridge refilled?
A: Refilling allows you to save almost half the regular costs, and it's simple. When you
run out of ink, take it to any store and we exchange it for one of our pre-
filled cartridges. If we do not have your cartridge in stock we can refill it for you. There
is generally a 2 day turn around time to ensure quality refilling.

Q: What is the step by step process of refilling?
A: We house an on-site laboratory with personnel specifically trained to operate the
refilling machinery necessary to ensure proper refilling of cartridges.

Q: Are your products as good as the name brand?
A: Absolutely. All of our products are put through rigorous testing, and must meet the
same standards required for the name brand companies.

Q: Industry growth figures?
A: In 2004, the ink industry boasted $35 billion in revenue. By 2009, the ink industry is
projected to reach almost $40 billion in revenue.

Q: What are the ink industry challenges?
A: Our larger competitors continue to try to prohibit companies like from
providing customers with affordable alternatives with continuing litigation and by
making new types of cartridges that are difficult to refill and/or recreate.
                                     Fact Sheet Established in 1998, is owned and operated by Acecom,
             Inc. - San Antonio with their corporate office and warehouse located at
             14833 Bulverde Road, San Antonio, Texas 78247.

     stocks a complete line of products for computer printers,
              copiers, and fax machines, with a focus on quality and affordability.
              Many of's products offer savings of 50 to 70 % off the
              original manufacturer's products.

   •   Employees: 100
   •   Key Employees: Brain Cheong, President & CEO; Max Yoon, Vice President;
       Francis Holguin, Vice President of Sales; Daniel H. Lopez, Vice President of
       Business Development
   •   Wholesale and retail sales via online and traditional retail channels
   •   Corporate and school accounts available
   •   Member of the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, BBB Online, the Greater
       San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the North Chamber of Commerce, the
       Seguin Chamber of Commerce, the Leander Chamber of Commerce, the Round
       Rock Chamber of Commerce, and the San Antonio Manufacturers Association

Awards & Recognition

   •   Biz Rate Circle of Excellence Winner for Outstanding Customer Service in E-
       Commerce, three years in a row
   •   E-Commerce site is a 5 Star Top Service Yahoo Store


   •   Authorized reseller for HP, Lexmark, and Xerox products
   •   National distributor of InkTec inkjet products since 2000
   •   Over 80,000 unique items in stock including inkjet cartridges, laser toners, solid
       inks, copier and fax supplies, and specialty papers
   •   Genuine brands, compatible brands, remanufactured cartridges, inkjet refill kits,
       and solid inks
   •   Refill service available at all retail stores
   •   Offer a 30-day money back guarantee with a one year replacement of products
   •   Authorized FedEx ShipCenter

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