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                                Please provide your feedback on GDM Version 2.7 (or a pr

                                                Rose highlights indicate comments that are stil
Please   provide   comments   here!

  19     Wiser       Jeff

  18     Wiser       Jeff

  17     Wiser       Jeff

  16     Wiser       Jeff
15   Wiser      Jeff

14   Wiser      Jeff

13   Wiser      Jeff

12   Wiser      Jeff

11   Miller   Keith W.   kwmiller@mitre.org

10   Ader       Bob
9   Lee   Michael   ee@dhs.g
8   Haithcoat   Tim   @missouri 327

7   Haithcoat   Tim   @missouri 325
6   Rundle   John           e.ucdavis.

5   Grise    Steve   ESRI                337

4   Grise    Steve   ESRI                388
3   Phillips   Robert   DHS CG hillips@us

                        DHS /
                        FEMA jo.jordon@
2   Jordon       Jo                         14
                        Region dhs.gov
                    ffice of
                    Engine donald.ca
1   Cambell   Don    ering mpbell@fc
                      and c.gov
                       Comments                            Resolution

de your feedback on GDM Version 2.7 (or a previous version) in the spreadsheet below.

se highlights indicate comments that are still open from Version 1.1 and 1.2.

         Add Pumping Station consolidated pump       Defer for GDM V3
         station attributes

         Add consolidated Water Service Line         Defer for GDM V3
         attributes - Flow (gpm)
         Head (ft)
         pressure (psi)
         Located in flood zone
         backup power available (y/n)
         monitored for operation by security (y/n)
         Type: Raw, Treated, Wastewater

         Add consolidated Treated Water              Defer for GDM V3
         Distribution Systems attributes - Flow
         Head (ft)
         pressure (psi)
         Located in flood zone
         backup power available (y/n)
         monitored for operation by security (y/n)
         Type: Raw, Treated, Wastewater

         Add consolidated pumping station            Defer for GDM V3
         attributes - Flow (gpm)
         Head (ft)
         pressure (psi)
         Located in flood zone
         backup power available (y/n)
         monitored for operation by security (y/n)
         Type: Raw, Treated, Wastewater
Add groundwell length (mi)                    Defer for GDM V3

Add groundwell width (ft)                     Defer for GDM V3

Add groundwell CWS                            Defer for GDM V3

Add groundwell - check PSDB attributes        Defer for GDM V3

Suggest adding a stub for the major area      Requires an SME forum
of Biologic (thinking NBIS and the array of   after version 2.0 of GDM.
environmental, argricultural, and cultural
data related to that area)?
PLSS Township: The steward indicates          Further discussion with
the agency or organization that is            FGDC Cadastral
responsible for the official source for the   Subcommittee for V3
PLSS Township data. It may be helpful if
this implementation is tracking
maintenance and updates to include the
source of the Township information. The
source may also be tracked at the smaller
                                     add HotelMotel to other
It seems that most of the items in this list
                                     feature subtypes for IP
(a list provided to Paul Daisey containing
multiple Lessons Learned ER Features)CommercialFacility
represent a secondary use of existingAdd
infrastructure or resources for emergency
response (ER) purposes. As such, theye as subtype of EM
                                     Resource; add
could be represented by existing feature
types, and grouped into the categories in
this document using the              CodeList with housing,
FeatureTaxonomy, FeatureTaxon, and   morgue, ... as entries; add
FeatureClassification data types in  TemporaryInfrastructureUs
GDM.Foundation.Feature. Alternatively,
they could be represented for ER     TemporaryusePurpose
purposes as                          attribute; allows temporary
                                     reuse of infrastructure for
GDM.MissionDomains.EmergencyManag EM operations See item
ement.Operations.Resource.EMResource 33
                                     add featureImage BLOB to
                                     Feature to support LIDAR
                                     image representation
                                     add Dormatory with
                                     numberOfRooms and
                                     numberOfBeds attributes
                                     as subtype of IP
I would at least add terrestrial and aquatic   SME participation in model
modifiers to the SpeciesTypeDomain to          requirements and model
have four classes. I would also eliminate      vetting is needed for
the vegetationDomain as it is really not       resolution.
useful - there are comprehensive
vegetation classifications that are in use
that could easily replace this codelist. I
would suggest the addition of a attribute
set for HazardRiskHistory to include
AreaAffected; Frequency; Magnitude, etc.
Finally, there are a mixture of land cover
classes and land use classes in the same
code set (CoverTypeDomain) this should
be avoided with use codes being
additional descriptors for a land cover

Height above ground? Alignment with            Revisit, linked to
FGDC geodetic control point attribution        comments: 116, 115, 114
                                               and 97. Need to determine
                                               if moving toward NGA
                                               convention of including this
                                               type of information in
From what I can tell, this GDM appears to         Thank you for the
involve the kind of data that you’d need for      comment. These types of
terrorism or war. It seems to leave out           recommendations should
important components that would be of             be considered, at earliest,
great interest to California hazards, for         in a v1.3 of the GDM . We
example, economic information, biological         may need to more closely
(flora and fauna) information, geological         coordinate with you (CA
information (faults, landslide areas,             Hazards Institute?) to
erosion data, shorelines), and social             further define the
information. A specific example includes          appropriate level of detail
the fact that there is very little if the model   for a common operating
structure relating to environmental data          picture, vice a transfer
under consideration in project bluebook,          mechanism that supports
the only part that exists (evidently) is on       spatial analysis. Please
pages 327 to 330. The current document            note, that if appropriate, the
covers only physical infrastructure and           object oriented approach
geographic information. Such a data               used by this model will
model inevitably brings up the issue of           allow local users to extend
other current ontologies under                    it.
development, such as SWEET (
http://sweet.jpl.nasa.gov/ontology/) which
refers to databases such as GEON
(geological data) and others. A logical
data model must be instantiated by, and
interact with, current information
technology, which, as noted, is changing
rapidly. However, this information
technology will inevitably impact on the
design of the model, since model
pathways are influenced heavily by
I noticed while analyzing some post-              Pilot implementation was
Katrina Baton Rouge JFO maps that the             delayed by lack of budget.
Foundation Census data model will not             Deferred for resolution in
work for information about ethnicity,             the next version of the
languages, and other classifications the          model.
way the JFO's do their maps.
Per comments from Ron Langhelm need               Needs clarification and
to add Addressable Light Meters to model.         discussion; deferred for
                                                  resolution in the next
                                                  version of the model.
Model should adhere to the ISO 11179          ISO 19115 Metadata is
standard for data description and             included in the NIEM
metadata.                                     Geospatial components.
                                              The FGDC CSDGM
                                              metadata profile of 19115
                                              will not be published in time
                                              for inclusion in version 1.2
                                              of the GDM. Additional data
                                              description, metadata, and
                                              creation of feature
                                              taxonomies may be
                                              developed and
                                              implemented for
                                              subsequent GDM versions.

Future Upgrade: Temporal Values.              All expiration dates in
Noted and congratulated: Considerable         model will be made the
preparatory work has already been             DateWithQualification data
conducted in this area.                       type from NIEM in version
The inclusion of data aspects that refer to   2 of the GDM
time are becoming increasingly, urgently,     Note: timeout expiration
required. Of the nine core types of           periods for WFS and other
geospatial elements, field temporal           web services are
information is experiencing greatest          expressed as seconds, not
demand in the categories of:                  as dates.
Observation; Mobile Object; Route and
Alert (See page 14, DHS GDM v1.1).
   i.   While GML has not yet
implemented temporal data (See DHS
GEM page 107, #131 DomainSet),
continued preparation is necessary.

Date and time fields may need to be
separated (e.g.: repetitive daily Open and
Closed access times for a restricted site).
Items with “Effective Dates” frequently
also need “Ending Dates”.
“ExpiryDate” has two incompatible
definitions in this document.
A quick review of the document indicates      Don, the Sub-Group would
that an import data element,                  like to know if the FCC has
telecommunications, is missing from the       an existing data model that
data model. At the Federal                    could provide specific
Communications Commissions (FCC)              additional content for the
<www.fcc.gov> telecommunication               model? Mike Lee to work
services are divided into four areas of       with Don Campbell on how
licensing: International Bureau (IB), Media   to use interactive html tool
Bureau (MB), Wireless                         for v1.2.
Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), and
Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB). The
International Bureau handles satellite
communications (earth and space
stations), the Media Bureau handles AM,
FM, TV and cable television services; the
Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
handles private, common carrier and non-
federal government services and the
Wireline Competition Bureau handles wire
switched communications systems.

I should note that the FCC authority to
govern telecommunications systems is
limited to non-Federal Government
facilities. Federal Government facilities
are administered by National
Telecommunications and Information
Administration’s Interdepartmental Radio
Advisory Committee (IRAC) <
www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/irac.html>, a
component of the U. S. Department of
                             DHS Modeling Team Comments

ous version) in the spreadsheet below.

pen from Version 1.1 and 1.2.

         Also see item 212
Is this defferent than depth?

Is this different than diameter?



How would DHS use this information?
TBDiscussed for V3
Also See issue 120

TB Discussed: is the original source useful information for DHS?
Desired ER Features from Multiple Lessons Learned Documents are listed in
numbered items below. They could be represented by existing feature types listed in
unnumbered lines below, and grouped into the categories in this document using the
FeatureTaxonomy, FeatureTaxon, and FeatureClassification data types in

Supporting Documentation:
Mapped feature locations, attributes and contact information (where appropriate) of
the following: (imagery specifications not included below)

1. Street Centerlines (addresses and street names) for base map [Hurricane
Andrew, MN, MISC]


2. Shelters, Care Centers, Stadiums, Schools [WH, Hurricane Andrew, MN, NYS,

Medical care centers could be represented by all of the feature types in

GDM MissionDomains.InfrastructureProtection.PublicHealthAndHealthCare

All of these could be represented for ER purposed as

with a NIMSResourceCategory of “massCare”.

But there are no shelters or “care centers” per se.

TBD: How detailed does GDM need to be in using standard classifications such as
International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) publishes
International Botanical Congress (IBC) publishes International Code of Botanical
Nomenclature (ICBN),
latest is St Louis Code (2000), to be replaced by Vienna Code (2006)


2007-09-11 EnvironmentalMonitoringArea feature with these domains was removed
as detailed type from v1.2 model,
listed in feature subtype note in Environmental package enumerations were
removed; there are parallel feature types in Framework Air Transportation;
see Air Trans EnvironmentalFeatures diagram; enumerations are in documentation,
but not in model.

2007-12-04 Note: Added SpeciesInfo data type from NatureServe
http://www.natureserve.org with speciesId, common and scientific names in
response to EPA comments on HSIP v2

Also See issue 177

2007-09-11 Can't find height above ground on p 324-6; what is comment about?

2007-12-06: emailed and asked for clarification
2007-09-10 TB Discussed: do we engage John Rundle Ph.D., University of
California at Los Angeles (1976) Interdisciplinary Professor of Physics, Civil
Engineering and Geology ?

For version 3.0, USGS disciplines will review model for hazard

Resolution was "Suggest to review and refine this portion of the model in conjunction
with Project Homeland pilot in Texas/Mississippi."

2007-09-10 TB Discussed Has there been any PHL progress to review?

For version 3.0, review new Census Ethnicity classification publication
TBD 2007-09-10 TB Discussed; are there any descriptions or specifications for
Previous Resolution was "Under negotiation with the DHS Enterprise Data
Management Office"

2007-09-10 Request GMO guidance on whether 11179 DMO project active, if in
scope for GDM

There is no DHS-wide Metadata registry project underway at present. NIEM plays
that role to some extent. So for EA practice, there is no catalog or metadata registry.
GDM Data model is "11170-aware" already. Revisit issue for V3.0 to see if DHS
Metadata Registry has been implemented.

Open. The modeling team will incorporate these temporal metadata features for the
appropriate geospatial features. Modeling team will bring a first draft to the Content
Sub-Group for review. NIEM data definitions will be leveraged as appropriate. Look
to Total Asset Visibility work done by FEMA for guidance.

2007-09-10 email request for TAV technical docs;
 TAV is 25k+ Simplex boxes from Orbit 1 with GPS; wake up every 17 min, send
here I am position string, timestamp, ID; GeoDecisions IRRIS.com satellite
reception; information matched with logistics; Army Surface Deploy Trans
Command; do we want this in GDM, perhaps as TAVMessage data type associated
with EM Resource? TB Discussed for version 3

GPS Signal specs deal with correlating UTC time with GPS time; GPS time is out of
scope for GDM.
Could not find two expiryDates in v1.2 model;
 OpsAlertArea.expiryDate : Date
 WFS GetCapabilities, GetFeature, GetFeatureWithLock,
GetGMLObject.traverseXlinkExpiry : PositiveInteger (seconds)
GetFeatureWithLock.expiry : PositiveInteger (seconds) LockFeature.expiry :
PositiveInteger (seconds)
 There is no apparent conflict between use of expiry periods in seconds specified by
and OpsAlertArea.expiryDate specified as a Date.

2007-10-02 Identifier.expirationDate DateWithQualification
EMSSupplies.expirationDate Date
PipelineInterconnection.expiration String

Second expiryDate was Identifier.expiryDate : DateWithQualification "A date an
identifier is no longer valid." sorry I missed it before
OpsAlertArea.expiryDate : changed to DateWithQualification "Expiry time of the
information of the alert message"
2007-09-10 Model additions have been repeatedly solicited from Mr. Campbell.
TODO: Seek DHS guidance on whether DHS wants to review referenced
documentation for development of GDM additions.
2007-10-09 Asked Mr. Campbell to review new HSIP v2 telecommunications
features derived from FCC sources and provide corrections or additions ... no reply
to date
So the HSIP additions are enough for now.
For next version of GDM, need data models from DHS NCS.

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