IP Telephony (VoIP) Presentation by ps94506


									IP Telephony (VoIP) Presentation

                    VoIP/IP Telephony

• What is Voice over IP (VoIP) ?

   – A technology that uses a traditional IP network to transport voice

   – It is the new platform used by Broward County to replace the existing
     antiquated phone systems

   – Unlike the older Nortel phone systems still deployed throughout
     many areas of the County, this system utilizes the existing data
     infrastructure (circuits and equipment) to communicate

                        VoIP/IP Telephony

• Why is it more efficient?

   – Removes the need for two separate and distinct networks (one for voice and one for
     data) eliminating duplication of environments, thereby reducing costs

   – Does not require expensive outside lines to make calls within Broward County
     Government (assuming both sides of the call have IPT)

   – Broward County data networking staff can support both systems (voice and data)
     eliminating the need for 3rd party support

   – Has built in failover redundancy providing high availability voice service

   – Has hundreds of potential applications that integrate with phone system (paging,
     alerts, reporting, time accounting, unified communication)

   – Fewer components requiring less space and power consumption

IP Telephony phone system that supports Broward County agencies

Current Courthouse Phone System

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephony Projects

 IP Telephony currently installed at 25 County sites with close to
  3,000 phone sets.

 Two main projects in the upcoming years:
   – Government Center East
   – County Court House


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