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									1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by Emory University

1. Born in 1776, this German author's Maerchen style represents a new departure in romantic writing, for he weaves the fantastic world
close to the real world. For 10 points identify this author of Fantasy-pieces and Night-pieces whose "Tales" formed the basis for a
musical work by Jacques Offenbach.
          Answer: E.T.A. Hoffman

2. The son of Drusus, he married four times, once to Messalina, whom he had put to death on account of her lust and debauchery. His
last wife, Agrippina, had him poisoned by mushrooms and for good measure by his physician. For 10 points, identify this successor of
Caligula as Roman emperor.
          Answer: Claudius

3. Ground, diving, carrion, click, stag, whirligig, and tiger. FTP, these are all what kind of insects of the order Coleoptera?
        Answer: Beetles (accept Coleoptera on an early buzz)

4. A British agnostic, he adhered to many systems of philosophy before becoming the chief expounder of scientism, the view that all
knowledge is solely attainable by the scientific method. In 1927, he and his wife founded the highly experimental Beacon Hill School.
FTP, identify this philosopher, author of Principles of Mathematics and co-author of Principia Mathematica.
         Answer: Bertrand Russell

5. Hitler and his Nazis joined with General Erich Ludendorff and his conservative nationalists in an attempt to seize power in Munich.
Hitler planned to use the Bavarian capital as a base against the republican government in Berlin; however, their support failed to
materialize. FTP, name this action in which the Nazis first won national attention and for which Hitler was sentenced to five years in
          Answer: Beer Hall Putsch

6. In its recent sojourn below the sun's south pole, this spacecraft revealed an interesting phenomenon. Contrary to expectations, it saw
no signs of a magnetic south pole. Instead, it found that the magnetic field high above the solar surface has about the same intensity at
the poles of the equator. FTP, identify this probe, named after the Latin version of the much-travelled king of Ithaca.
           Answer: Ulysses (Do not accept Odysseus)

7. It was founded in 1808 by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte as the Great Royal Museum. The present building, designed by P.J.H.
Guypers, was opened in 1885 to house its fast-growing collection which now includes works by Ruisdael, Frans Hals, Vermeer, and
Rembrandt. FTP, identify this Dutch national museum in Amsterdam.
          Answer: Rijksmuseum or Rijks or Ryks Museum

8. Known primarily for his work on comparative psychology, he developed the Army Alpha intelligence test that during World War I
was given to over 1 million recruits. Today he is better know for founding of the Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology. For 10 points,
identify this man after whom those laboratories were renamed that are now housed at Emory University.
          Answer: Robert Mearns Yerkes

9. Trained as a physician, this man turned to writing after contracting tuberculosis. Some of his novels concern Southern Christian
gentlemen feeling the impact of changing times. FTP, identify this author of Lancelot, The Last Gentleman, and The Movie-Goer.
         Answer: Walker Percy

10. In the 1600's, this American Indian tribe inhabited what is now Quebec and were essentially small bands of foragers that spoke a
similiar language. These bands were later to ally themselves with the French in an effort to block the Five Iroquois Nations' attempts to
dominate the fur trade. FTP, identify this Indian tribe.
          Answer: Algonquin

11. It emphasizes beautiful tone, a legato line, good phrasing, and clean articulation of words. Its primary exponents were Bellini,
Donizetti, and Rossini. FTP, identify this style of singing which is Italian for "beautiful singing."
         Answer: bel canto

12. The prankster Tony Lumpkin directs Marlow and his friend Hastings to what they think is an inn but is really the house of
Marlow's fiancee. Marlow treats his fiancee's father as a landlord and treats his fiancee, Kate Hardcastle, as a maid. Kate takes
advantage of the misunderstanding to break down Marlow's reserve. FTP, this happens in what 1773 comedy by Oliver Goldsmith?
         Answer: She Stoops to Conquer

13. These mathematical devices can be added, subtracted, multiplied by a constant, dot multiplied with one another for a scalar result,
or cross multiplied with one another yielding yet a third. FTP, identify these quantities with both magnitude and direction.
         Answer: vectors

14. It begins with The Testimony of Three Witnesses and is signed by Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris. It is
followed by The Testimony of Eight Witnesses and the testimony of the Prophet translator of the book. FTP, name this work written
upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi by Joseph Smith.
          Answer: The Book of Mormon

15. Bordered to the North by the South China Sea and to the South by the Sarawak province of Malaysia, this country is divided into
two enclaves by the disputed Limbang River watershed. FTP, identify this nation with its capital at Babdar Seri Begawan.
        Answer: Brunei

16. An early regional writer, his first published works were Legends of New England and Moll Pitcher. Later he served in the
Massachusetts legislature where he supported the Abolitionist cause. FTP, identify this Quaker author of Songs of Labor,
"Marguerite," and "Barbara Frietchie."
        Answer: John Greenleaf Whittier

17. Like Robert E. Lee, this man was strongly opposed to secession, but felt obliged to conform to the action of his state. Starting as a
colonel in the Civil War, he was eventually responsible for all Confederate forces in the important Shenandoah Valley. FTP, identify
this cavalry general that led 8,000 troops to within sight of Washington, D.C. in 1864.
         Answer: Jubal Early

18. It begins with the formation of acetyl co-A and intermediates along the route include alpha ketoglutarate, isocitrate, NAD+ and
NADH. For 10 points, what is this biological cycle also known as the tri-carboxylic acid cycle?
          Answer: Krebs cycle or citric acid cycle (accept tri-carboxylic acid cycle on early buzz)

19. This musician is taking a sabbatical from his usual gig in order to tour and spend more time with his family. He does plan to return
even though his role has been reduced to witless chatter with the host and background music for commercial fadeouts. For 10 points,
identify this musician whose albums include Crazy People Music, The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born, and Buckshot LeFonque, the
musical director of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
          Answer: Branford Marsalis

20. Probably the first French ruler since the 13th-century Louis IX to actually care about the French people, he and his great minister
Maximilian de Bethune, duke of Sully, laid the foundations of later French absolutism. FTP, name this ingenious politique who
converted from Calvinism to Catholicism with the statement, "Paris is well worth a mass," and in 1598 ended the French religious wars
with the Edict of Nantes.
         Answer: Henry IV or Henry of Navarre

21. He perfected the "weight-shifting" technique in his sculptures. Some of his sculptures are St. Mark, St. George, St. Theodore, and
the equestrian statue, Gattamelata. FTP, name this renaissance artist better known for his bronze casting of David.
         Answer: Donatello

22. This method of mathematical proof proves a proposition for a succession of cases by showing (a) that it is true for the first case,
and (b) that if true for any case, it must be true for the next case. FTP, give this term that also describes the re
asoning in logic that reasons from the particular to the general.
         Answer: Induction

23. The son of Frederick the Winter King and the grandson of James I of England, he served the Dutch in the Thirty Years War and
was an outstanding royalist general during the English Civil War. After the English Restoration, he was a privy councillor to Charles
II. FTP, identify this count Palatine of the Rhine, one of the founders of the Hudson's Bay Company and its first governor.
          Answer: Prince Rupert

24. Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII and Peter III of Aragon were involved in the plot. It resulted in a 20-year war between Aragon
and Naples. This 1282 rebellion against Charles I of Naples broke out at the start of evening prayers on Easter Monday. FTP, identify
this historical incident which is the subject of an opera.
          Answer: the Sicilian Vespers
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by Emory University

1. Answer the following questions about Midas for the stated number of points.
1. For 10 points, of what land was Midas king?
         Answer: Phrygia
2. You are probably familiar with Midas's foolish wish that everything he touched would turn into gold. For 10 points, what god
granted him this wish?
         Answer: Bacchus or Dionysus
3. Midas served as umpire in a musical contest between Apollo and this deity and was given Ass's ears by Apollo when he judged
against him. For 10 points, identify Apollo's opponent.
         Answer: Pan

2. For 10 points each, identify these Chinese dynasties from clues.
A. Lasting from 1122 BC to 249 BC, this dynasty produced such philosophers as Confucius and Lao-tse.
          Answer: Chou or Zhou
B. In this dynasty, lasting from 206 BC to 220 AD, paper and porcelain were invented and Confucianism became the basis of the
Chinese State.
          Answer: Han
C. During this dynasty, lasting from 618 to 907, China was not only the largest and most powerful state in the world but the most
civilized. Women were allowed to compete in the civil service examination.
          Answer: Tang

3. For 10 points each, given a definition, identify the geological term.
A. Sands and gravel carried by rivers and deposited along the course of the river.
         Answer: Alluvium or alluvial deposits
B. Deposits of wind-blown fine particles.
         Answer: Loess
C. An evaporite calcium sulphate mineral found in clays and limestone.
         Answer: Gypsum

4. Identify the author from works, 30-20-10
1. People of the Abyss and Tales of the Fish Patrolz
2. The Iron Heel, Son of the Wolf
3. White Fang
          Answer: Jack London

5. For 10 points each, identify the following figures from sociology or anthropology.
1. This German-born American is generally considered the Father of Anthropology in the United States.
         Answer: Franz Boaz
2. This Austrian-born American sociologist criticized compulsory education in his book, Deschooling Society, and the established
system of health care in Medical Nemesis.
         Answer: Ivan Illich
3. Eugene Dubois, a Dutch anatomist and geologist discovered this example of homo erectus in the early 1890s.
         Answer: Java Man

6. The reclining female nude is a recurrent figure throughout Western art. For 10 points, identify the artists who painted the following
such nudes.
1. Sleeping Venus or the Dresden Venus                                  Answer: Giorgione
2. The Nude Maja                                                        Answer: Francisco de Goya
3. Olympia, 1863                                                        Answer: Edouard Manet

7. For 10 points each, identify the following terms from physics past and present.
1. Before later discoveries proved this theory wrong, heat was thought of as a fluid present in all bodies. What was the name of this
          Answer: Caloric
2. In Newton's day, it was believed that gravity could not act through a complete vacuum, and must be carried by a natural and
scientific agent. What was this agent called?
          Answer: The Ether
3. Bohr's theory concerning the idea of atomic orbitals and their emissions of electromagnetic spectrum unfortunately applies to only
one element. Which one?
         Answer: Hydrogen

8. For 10 points each, identify the opera given characters.
1. Sarastro, Pamina, Monostatos                        Answer: The Magic Flute or Die Zauberflote
2. Violetta Valery, Alfredo Germont                    Answer: La Traviata
3. The Marschallin, Count Octavian, Baron Ochs         Answer: Der Rosenkavalier, The Knight of the Rose, or Cavalier of the Rose

9. For 10 points each, give the only winner of the Nobel Prize in literature from the following countries.
1. Iceland                  Answer: Haldor Laxness
2. Guatemala                Answer: Miguel Asturias
3. India                    Answer: Rabinidranath Tagore

10. Identify the English kings for 10 points each.
1. Though married to Isabella of France, this king had a controversial relationship with Piers Gaveston.
          Answer: Edward II
2. He challenged the power of Louis VII of France and, when he became King of England in 1154, was the feudal master of a greater
part of the territory in France.
          Answer: Henry II
3. The son of the Black Prince and the Fair Maid of Kent, this king successfully put down the Peasants' Revolt of 1381.
          Answer: Richard II

11. For 10 points each, identify the U.S. Civil War generals.
A. This infamous graduate of West Point manage to burn his way to the sea.
         Answer: William T. Sherman
B. A graduate of West Point, this Union general led the Army of the Potomac to defeat at Fredericksburg.
         Answer: Ambrose Burnside
3. A former artillery officer in the army, this general led the Western Confederate army, but was never able to lead his army to victory.
His most famous action was at Chickamauga.
         Answer: Braxton Bragg

12. For 10 points each, given a description of a Canterbury tale, identify it.
A. Pertelote, Chauntecleer's favorite wife, ridicules his dreams of impending danger from a fox.
         Answer: the Nun's Priest's Tale
B. To get rid of her lover Aurelius, Dorigen promises to be his only if he will remove all the rocks from the coast of Brittany.
         Answer: the Franklin's Tale
C. Three rioters want to kill Death, but because of their greed, all three die in the end.
         Answer: the Pardoner's Tale

13. For 10 points each, identify these upcoming 1995 film releases.
A. Martin Scorsese directs Sharon Stone, Robert DeNiro, and Joe Pesci in this saga of Vegas hoods.
         Answer: Casino
B. Phil Joanou directs Alec Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, and Teri Hatcher in the film adaptation of crime novelist James Lee Burke s second
book featuring sleuth Dave Robicheaux.
         Answer: Heaven's Prisoners
C. Original director John McTiernan returns to direct Bruce Willis in this the third Die Hard installment, co-starring Samuel L.
Jackson, and set in New York City.
         Answer: Die Hard With a Vengeance (Not Die Hard 3)

14. Answer the following questions about the Geography of Zimbabwe for 10 points each.
1. What river separates Zimbabwe from Zambia?
                  Answer: Zambezi
2. What river flows along the border of Zimbabwe with South Africa?
                  Answer: Limpopo
3. What nation borders Zimbabwe to the west, nestled between South Africa and Namibia?
                  Answer: Botswana

15. Identify the important Enlightenment figures for 10 points each.
A. Unlike Montesquieu, he pessimistically concluded that the best one could hope for in the way of government was a good monarch
since human beings are rarely worthy to govern themselves.
         Answer: Voltaire or Francois Marie Arouet
B. He insisted that all ideas are derived from experience; that the human mind is a blank tablet (tabula rasa) on which environment
writes individual s beliefs and morals.
          Answer: John Locke
C. In his System of Nature this wealthy German-born but French-educated thinker argued that humans were machines completely
determined by outside forces.
          Answer: Baron Paul d'Holbach

16. Identify this element 30-20-10
1. Two of its most important uses are mixed in gasoline in an ethylene form, and in photography while bonded to silver.
2. It is a dark-red dense liquid at room temperature.
3. It is the Halogen in the fourth row of the periodic table of elements with atomic number 35.
           Answer: Bromine

17. Identify these periods of the Thirty Years War for 10 points each each.
A. This period began when King Christian IV of Denmark intervened to support the Protestants against Holy Roman Emperor
Ferdinand II.
         Answer: Danish Period
B. The first period of the war began with a Calvinist revolt and the incident known as The Defenestration of Prague.
         Answer: Bohemian Period
C. The deaths of Gustavus Aldophus and Albrecht von Wallenstein, together with the exhaustion of the Holy Roman Emperor and the
German Protestant princes, brought this period of the war to an end.
         Answer: Swedish Period

18. For 10 points each, give the American authors of the following works.
1. The People, Yes                 Answer: Carl Sandburg
2. The Last Puritan                Answer: George Santayana
3. Butterfield 8                   Answer: John O'Hara

19. Answer the following questions about the phases of mitosis for a total of thirty points.
1. For 5 points each, identify in correct order from first to last the four active phases involved in mitosis. You will have 15 seconds.
         Answer: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase
2. Growth and DNA replication occur during a phase that is not one of the four active phases. For 5 points each, identify the phase and
the specific part of that phase in which growth and DNA replication occur.
         Answer: interphase; S

20. Given a definition of a term from art, identify the term for 10 points each.
A. The technique used to represent three dimensional spatial relationship on a two dimensional surface.
         Answer: Perspective
B. This word means anything that is defined only by its outline.
         Answer: Silhouette
C. From the Italian word meaning "clear and obscure," this term refers to the technique of painting three-dimensional figure and space
through the distribution of light and shadows.
         Answer: Chiaroscuro

21. Tennessee is surrounded by eight states. Can you, for five points, give me another state bordered by eight states.
         Answer: Missouri
For five points each, name five out of eight states that surround Missouri.
         Answer: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois

22. The field of anthropology is divided into three divisions. FTP each, identify them from brief descriptions.
1. This field deals with the changing body structure and biological adaptations of early men.
          Answer: Physical Anthropology
2. This specific field of anthropology is concerned with man's developing technology and his first step toward civilization.
          Answer: Prehistoric Archaeology
3. This field studies the habitual behavior patterns of people before the impact of modern western civilization.
          Answer: Cultural Anthropology
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by Cornell University

1. This Spaniard was the first European to describe the Gulf Stream. He traveled to the New World with Columbus in 1493, and
returned nine years later as deputy to the governor of Hispaniola. and later explored Puerto Rico and founded its oldest settlement,
Caparra. For 10 points, identify this Spanish explorer, perhaps best remembered for his pursuit of the Fountain of Youth.
         Answer: Juan Ponce de Leon

2. Wordsworth called him "the marvellous Boy, The Sleepless Soul that perished in his pride", and Keats described him as "the purest
writer in the English language" and of his works only "Elinoure and Juga" was published in his lifetime. He committed suicide in late
1770, and a famous painting by Henry Wallis depicts his death. For 10 points, identify this English author of the Rowley poems, to
whom Keats dedicated "Endymion".
          Answer: Thomas Chatterton

3. He made what has been called one of the most arrogant speeches ever given. At the 1900 International Mathematical Congress, this
man gave an address in which he listed 23 problems he considered important for 20th century mathematicians to solve -- several of
which remain unsolved. For 10 points, name this German mathematician best known for his attempt to formalize mathematical logic
and for his work in infinite dimensional vector spaces, which bear his name.
         Answer: David Hilbert

4. An experience can be divided into two parts, objects of consciousness and acts of consciousness, and only those possess true reality.
Such are the basic tenets of this method, successfully applied to many of the social sciences. For 10 points, identify this philosophical
method, extended by Merleau-Panty and Heidegger, first developed by Edmund Husserl.
          Answer: Phenomenology or Phenomenological method

5. It was hypothesised to have a 65 year cycle for eruptions, but since the last eruption occured in 1921, the latest eruption is long
overdue. For 10 points, identify this peak located at the southern end of the Cascades, the last before Mount St. Helens to erupt in the
contiguous United States.
          Answer: Lassen Peak

6. It attacked the 1643 order that no book should be printed unless approved and licensed by the authorities, by arguing that licensing
had previously been practiced by the Papacy and Inquisition, that reading and diversity of opinion were necessary for the growth and
virtue of knowledge, and that it is ineffective at keeping out wrong doctrines. For 10 points, identify this pamphlet, named after Athen's
Mars Hill, written by John Milton.
           Answer: Areopagatica

7. Most of the significant members of this art movement studied under Gustave Moreau a the Ecole des Beaux arts including Raoul
Dufy, Andre Derain, and Maurice de Vlaminck. For 10 points, identify this school whose works were characteized by brilliant color,
expressive brushwork, and flat composition as exemplified in the works of Henry Matisse.
         Answer: Les Fauves or Fauvism or the Fauves

8. An eyewitness account of his conquest of Valencia by an Arab historian is among the few reliable documents concerning this man.
He was commmander of the royal troops of Sancho I by age 22, but upon his exile in 1081 by Alfonso VI, he offered his services to
the Muslims. For 10 points, identify this legendary Castilian, born Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar.
         Answer: El Cid

9. A professor of chemistry at the Univeristy of Copenhagen, his chief field was thermodynamics, but he is best remembered for hs
work in electrolyte solutions. For 10 points, identify this physical chemist, best known for his classification of acids and bases as
proton donors and acceptors, a theory introduced simultaneously with the English chemist Thomas Lowry.
         Answer: Johannes Bronsted

10. One of his most enduring laws states that satisfying or unsatisfying tend, repesctively, to increase or decrease the chance of
repeated response and learning. His research with Woodworth in transfer of learning revealed that learning one task does not notably
help the learning of other, similar tasks, and he used this to advocate school curricula focusing on practical subjects. For 10 points,
name this American psychologist, best remembered by school children for his series of school dictionaries.
          Answer: Edward Thorndike

11. His Congress Party was defeated in December assembly elections in Karnataka and Andhra Pradish, but he is still confident that his
centrist economic liberalization will continue and possibly accelerate. For 10 points, identify this prime minister of India.
          Answer: Narasimha Rao
12. The Ranevskys are about to lose their estate due to poor management and neglect, but the suggestion of Lopakhin that they clear it
and build houses is repulsed. In the end, though, the land is forcibly sold, and Lopakhin purchases it. As the Ranevskys depart, the
sound of an axe chopping down a tree is heard offstage. This, for 10 points, is a thumbnail sketch of the plot of what Chekov play?
         Answer: The Cherry Orchard

13. It was used by the British government as an excuse for transferring control ofthe government of India from the East India Company
to the crown. It was caused by the greased cartridges supplied for the new Enfield rifles -- the manufacturer had unwisely supplied a
grease combining beef and pork tallow, making them unsuitable for use by the local troops of the Bengal Army, devout Hindus and
Muslims. For 10 points, what was this May 10th, 1857 rebellion in British india.
          Answer: Sepoy Rebellion or mutiny

14. A cannonball, fired due north from the equator, lands slightly east of its intended target. This occurrs because the cannon shooter
did not account for the rotation of the Earth, which is following an elliptical path. For 10 points, name this effect, observed in any
rotating object in a rotating frame, named for the French mathematician who discovered it in 1835.
          Answer: Coriolis effect

15. For the most part, she had little contact with mankind, but occasionally entertained visitors, such as Jason and Odysseus. The
former she purified, along with Medea for the murder of Abysutus; the latter she bedded after she
discovered her magic had no effect on him. FTP, who was this witch of Greek mythology whose spells at transforming men into
animals were nullified by the herb moly?
         Answer: Circe

16. Her life is the basis of the only surviving play based on a saint from late medieval Enlglish drama, a play covering both her life
before the Resurrection and her subsequent legendary residence in Provence, as according to French tradition. Medieval legend says
she was John's wife, and Eastern legend holds she accompanied him to Ephesus and died there. For 10 points, identify this saint, the
first person to see Christ after His resurrection.
          Answer: Mary Magdalene or Mary of Magdala

17. Mathematically, it can be stated as "p squared plus two p q plus q squared equals one", and it fundamentally states that once two
gene pools are mixed, they cannot be separated into their original components -- furthermore, the proportion of dominant to recessive
genes should remain constant unless acted on by outside forces. For 10 points, name this law, discovered independently by a British
mathematician and a German physician.
        Answer: Hardy-Weinberg law

18. Originally a tenor saxophonist, he was one of the first jazz artists to be influenced by the music of Africa and India. That influence
in part led him to the soprano saxophone, which he was repsonsible for popularizing among jazz musicians, For 10 points, identify this
musician and composwer who achieved popular succes with the song "My Favorite Things" whose other works include "Giant Steps",
"Impressions", and "Equinox"
          Answer: John Coltrane

19. His 1959 book "The Years With Ross", was a memoir of Harold Ross, editor of the New Yorker for nearly 25 years, and his last
book of essays, "Lanterns and Lances", was published in 1961. For 10 points, identify this American humorist and author of The 13
Clocks, Fables for Our Time, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
         Answer: James Thurber

20. He was nominated for the vice presidency in 1824, but withdrew from the ticket, fearing his birth in Geneva would weaken it, and
thereafter served as minister to Great Britain before leaving politics. For 10 points, identify this negotiator at Gehent, minister to
France and Secretary of the Treasury from 1801 to 1814.
         Answer: Albert Gallatin

21. He was the first major Russian writer to find success in Western Europe, partially due to living most of his life abroad, and
partially due to being closer in literary style to his Western counterparts. He introduced a term referring originally to a Russian
movement repudiating social institutions, and gave the movement it's first literary hero, Bazarov. For 10 points, identify this author of
"A Month in the Country", "Torrents of Spring", "A Hunter's Notes", and "Fathers and Sons".
          Answer: Ivan Turgenev

22. He received a degree in medicine from Uppsala, and in 1741 became chair of medicine there. He wrote a treatise on the diseases
known in his day, and also devised a system for mineral classification. In 1743, he exchanged his chair in medicine for one in his true
calling, botany. For 10 points, identify this Swede, best known for establishing the principles for classification of plants and animals.
          Answer: Carolus Linnaeus
23. Approximately 750 miles long and averaging 95 miles wide, it is divided into two sections separated by a narrowing near the
islands of Tiburon and Angel de la Guarda. The Fuerte, Mayo, Sinalea, Sonora, and Yaqui flow into it from the East, while the
Colorado flows in through a northern delta. For 10 points, identify this body of water, located between mainland Mexico and the Baja
         Answer: Gulf of California

24. Name's the same: The Sentimental Traveler of Sterne's "A Sentimental Journey", the eccentric clergyman, an innocent of the world,
found in Sterne's "Tristam Shandy", and the Shakesperian character of whom the clergyman claims to be a descendant. For 10 points,
identify this name, a Shakesperian character with no lines, usually played by a prop, whom Hamlet knew well.
          Answer: Yorick

25. He was the first Democrat since Franklin Pierce to enter the White House after wining a majority of the popular vote, and while
President, he encouraged the formation in New York City of the American Labor Party, ulitimately responsible for destroying the
Tammany machine which fought his nomination. For 10 points, identify this President, who unsuccessfully ran for the Vice-Presidency
in 1920.
         Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

26. The music for this dance is in 3 : 4 time, with an accent on the second beat, and over fifty different steps for it exist. Originating in
the 16th century, it spread to Russian and German ballrooms and by the 1830's had reached England and France. For 10 points,
identify this dance, for which Chopin prolifically composed piano music, originally a folk dance of central Poland.
          Answer: Mazurka

27. It's a technique for studying evolutionary relationships by annealing DNA segments from different organisms to test for
complementarity. It's also a theory in chemistry in which chemical bonds between atoms of certain molecules are thought of as having
mixed atomic orbitals from one of he bonded atoms. In genetics, it refers to creating offspring by crossbreeding. For 10 points, what's
the common term?
           Answer: Hybridization

28. It was the only New Testament church to be the addressee of both a Pauline epistle and the book of Revelation. The main theme of
the book is the subject of Christian unity, exemplified by its claim that "there is one body and one Spirit... one Lord, one faith, one
baptism." For 10 points, identify this Biblical book, in which Paul outlines the components of the "full armor of God."
         Answer: Ephesians or Ephesus

29. On August 6, 1904, Japanese troops began their siege of this Russian-occupied town, first seized by the Russians in 1897 from the
Chinese. The war between the two sides was started in the city's harbor. In December, the Russians surprisingly surrendered the city, in
spite of an abundance of supplies. For 10 points, name this city on the Liaotung Peninsula, whose siege was one of the key battles of
the Russo-Japanese War.
          Answer: Port Arthur

30. Its terms ignored the issues of the Belgian provinces, Switzerland, Savoy, and trade between Britain and the continent. Britain
received Trinidad and Ceylon, but was forced to restore Egypt to the Ottoman Empire and Malta to the Knights of St. John, while
France recognized the republic of the Seven Ionian Islands and evacuated Naples and the Papal States. For 10 points, identify this
1802 treaty which provided 14 months of peace during the Napoleonic Wars.
          Answer: Treaty of Amiens

31. He discovered the silver nitrate method for staining nerve tissue, and with it demonstrated the existence of a type of nerve cell
possessing many dendrites connecting several other nerve cells. He also discovered the point at which nerve fibers end in branchings
inside a tendon, and the presence in nerve cells of an irregular network of fibrils, vesicles, and granules. All three structures now bear
his name. For 10 points, identify this Italian physician and 1906 Nobel laureate.
          Answer: Camillo Golgi

32. He originally studied to become an agronomist and draftsman, but abandoned both after losing a hand in 1900 to pursue art full
time. The reaction to his first series of watercolors, "House of Tears", forced him to leave the country for several years, but upon his
return in 1920 he became a leader in the muralist movement with works such as "The Trench" and "Cortes and Malinche". He left
again in 1927, painting a series of frescoes at Dartmouth College and travelling to Europe before his return. For 10 points, identify this
Mexican artist, whose later works include "Catharsis", "Man of Fire", and "National Allegory".
          Answer: Jose Clemente Orozco
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by Cornell University

1. Senator Robert Wagner was one of the most prolific sponsors of New Deal legislation. Answer the following questions about
Wagner for 15 points each.
1. From what state did he serve?
         Answer: New York
2. What is the actual name of the 1935 Act most commonly referred to as the Wagner Act or Wagner-Connery Act.
         Answer: National Labor Relations Act

2. For 10 points each, given a letter or symbol signifying a physical quantity, identify its usual meaning in physics.
1. capital H               Answer: enthalpy
2. small e                 Answer: charge of the electron
3. capital Z               Answer: impedence

3. 30-20-10 Identify this author.
1. He invented a method he called "illuminated printing", in which each page of a book was printed from an engraved plate containing
both text and illustration, then colored by hand.
2. The first books in which he used this method were the tracts "There Is No Natural Religion" and "All Religions Are One". Other
works include "Visions of the Daughters of Albion", "Milton", "Jerusalem", and "The Book Unizon".
3. He is best known for "Songs of Innocence" and "Song of Experience"
          Answer: William Blake

4. Identify these Biblical prophets for 10 points each. Hint: Naming books of the Bible will get you zero points on this bonus.
1. He defeated the prophets of Baal at Carmel, prophesied the death of Azariah, and went to heaven in a whirlwind.
          Answer: Elijah
2. In Deuteronomy 34, the Bible says that "there arose not a prophet in Israel like unto" this prophet, "whom the Lord knew face to
          Answer: Moses
3. One of the chroniclers of Israel's history, he received the revelation of and announced God's covenant with David, and confronted
David after his adultery with Bathsheba.
          Answer: Nathan

5. The Sun is the brightest star seen from the Earth, followed by Sirius. For 5 points each, name the 6 stars with the next five lowest
apparent magnitudes (brightest), with a five point bonus for all correct.
         Answer: Canopus, Rigil Kentaurus, Arcturus, Vega, Capella, Rigel

6. Identify these works of American literature from characters found in them on a 15-10-5 basis.
1. 15 pts: Muff Potter      10 pts: Becky Thatcher    5 pts: Injun Joe
          Answer: Tom Sawyer
1. 15 pts: Pip              10 pts: Starbuck 5 pts: Queequeg
          Answer: Moby Dick

7. For 10 points each, give the Italian composers of the following works.
1. La Sonnambula                             Answer: Bellini
2. Tosca                                     Answer: Puccini
3. La Cerenterola                            Answer: Rossini

8. It's the tale of a new lawyer in an establishment law firm who volunteers to take on representation of the most notorious killer on
death row, who faces execution in a few weeks. Actually, that's the plot of *two* books, one fiction, one non-fiction, and the author of
the second is suing the author of the first for copyright infringement.
First, FFP each, identify the author and title of the fictional work, the latest from the author of "The Firm".
           Answer: John Grisham, The Chamber
Now, FTP each, identify the author and the title of the nonfiction work, written by the lawyer who represented Ted Bundy.
           Answer: Polly Nelson, Defending the Devil: My Story As Ted Bundy's Last Lawyer

9. For five points each, given a signer of the Declaration of Independence, name his state -- five point bonus for all correct.
1. George Walton                               Answer: Georgia
2. Roger Sherman                               Answer: Connecticut
3. Caesar Rodney                               Answer: Delaware
10. The tropic of Capricorn cuts across five African nations -- for five points each, and a five point bonus for putting them in order
from west to east, name them.
         Answer: Namibia, Botswana, South AFrica, Mozambique, Madagascar

11. FTP each, identify these art movements from a brief description.
1. Originated by Kazimir Malovich, it was characterized by flat geometric shapes on pure canvases that emphasized the spiritual value
of pure form.
          Answer: Suprematism
2. The first important school of American painting to develop independently of European styles, it focused on surface qualities and the
act of painting itself.
          Answer: abstract expressionism
3. A decorative movement characterized by dense ornamentation in sinuous forms, it was often symbolic and of an erotic nature.
          Answer: art nouveau

12. Give the decade in which the following events occurred, 10 points each.
1. Crimean War                              Answer: 1850s
2. Diaz rounds Cape of Good Hope            Answer: 1480s
3. Battle of White Mountain                 Answer: 1630s

13. One of the key characters of Cervantes' Don Quixote is the peasant girl he selects as the lady in whose honor he fights.
For 10 points, identify the name given the peasant girl by Don Quixote.
         Answer: Dulcinea del Toboso
For an additional 20 points, what is Dulcinea's real name.
         Answer: Alonza Lorenzo

14. While you know all the films that swept best actor, actress, director, and picture at the Oscars, how well do you know near misses?
FTP each, I'll name a film that won three of the four categories -- identify the winner of the category it lost.
1. Rain Man                                            Answer: Jody Foster
2. Annie Hall                                          Answer: Richard Dreyfus
3. Terms of Endearment                                 Answer: Robert Duvall

15. For 10 points each, identify the following Egyptian deities from a brief description.
2. The moon god and scribe of the gods                           Answer: Thoth
4. Goddess of music and dance                                    Answer: Bast or Bastet
5. The god of the earth who physically supports the world        Answer: Geb

16. You're most familiar with the Triple Alliance Pact between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy -- but other Eurpoean pacts have
used that same name. Given a year, identify the three countries entering a Triple Alliance Pact that year --five points for each correct
1. 1668:          Answer: England or Great Britain, Holland, Sweden
2. 1788:          Answer: England or Great Britain, Prussia, Holland

17. FTP each, given an animal, identify the mammalian order of which it is a member.
1. Manatee                                   Answer: sirenia
2. Pika                                      Answer: lagomporpha
3. Walrus                                    Answer: pinnipedia or pinnipeds

18. FTP each, given a Pulitzer prize winner for non-fiction, identify the author.
1. The Guns of August                        Answer: Barbara Tuchman
2. The Dragons of Eden                       Answer: Carl Sagan
3. Gandhi's Truth                            Answer: Eric Eriskon

19. For five points each, given a country, identify its unit of currency.
1. Portugal                          Answer: Escudo
2. Iran                              Answer: Rial
3. Ecuador                           Answer: Sucre

20. The European Community was founded in 1957 with six original members -- for five points each, name them.
        Answer: France, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

21. T.S. Eliot's poem "The Wasteland" is composed of five sections, each individually named -- for five points each, and a five point
bonus in proper order, name them.
         Answer: The Burial of the Dead, A Game of Chess, The Fire Sermon, Death by Water, What the Thunder Said

22. For five points each, name the first six epochs of the Cenozoic Era.
         Answer: Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocence, Pleistocene

23. For five points each, plus five for all correct, identify the muses of:
1. Comedy                             Answer: Thalia
2. Dance                                        Answer: Terpsichore
3. Lyric Poetry                       Answer: Euterpe
4. Sacred Poetry                      Answer: Polyhymnia
5. Astronomy                          Answer: Urania
6. History                                      Answer: Clio

24. For five points each, identify the authors of these "native" works -- five point bonus for all correct.
1. Notes of a Native Son                       Answer: James Baldwin
2. Native Son                                  Answer: Richard Wright
3. The Return of the Native                    Answer: Thomas Hardy

25. This architectural term refers to a set of horizontal moldings and bands located imeediately above and supported by the columns of
Classical buildings. First, For 10 points, what's this one word term?
         Answer: entablature
The entablature is composed of three main sections. For ten points each, name any two of them.
         Answer: architrave, frieze, cornice
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by N.C. State University

1. Both a townsman and court painter, he was occasionally sent on diplomatic errands by Duke Phillip the Good of Burgundy. Born
about 1390, he worked in Holland and in Lille, France during the 1420's. For 10 points, identify this man widely credited with
inventing oil painting whose most famous work is Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride.
         Answer: Jan Van Eyck

2. First formulated in 1652, whenever you squeeze a bottle of toothpaste or perform the Heimlich maneuver, you see it in action. For
10 points, identify this principle which states that a change in the pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted undiminished to
every portion of the fluid as well as to the walls of the containing vessel.
          Answer: Pascal's Principle

3. Born a preacher's son in 1829, he grew up in both Vermont and New York and became an ardent abolitionist, like his father. A true
machine politician, he went from being leader of the New York Republicans to an advocate for national civil service reform which is
understandable since a disgruntled office seeker shot his predecessor. For 10 points, name this man who was made 21st president by
Charles Guiteau.
         Answer: Chester Arthur

4. Strangely enough, this experimental novelist was a near exact contemporary to James Joyce. The novels Night and Day, The Years,
The Voyage Out and Between the acts exhibit many of the same stream-of-consciousness techniques employed by Joyce. For 10
points, identify this Bloomsbury Group author of such works as The Waves, Jacob's Room, Orlando, and Mrs. Dalloway.
          Answer: Virginia Woolf

5. This insurrectionary party did not achieve its aim of curbing royal power and taxes and was named by the aristocrats who likened
them to boys throwing stones in the streets and then scampering away at the approach of authority. For 10 points, identify this
short-lived 1648 insurrection and party, led by Conde, whose name comes from the French word for slingshot, rather than from the
leaves of a fern plant.
          Answer: Fronde

6. First published in 1850, it is a series of biographical sketches. Modeled on Thomas Carlyle's On Heroes, Hero Worship and The
Heroic in History, the volume reflects its author's democratic leanings and discusses such figures as Shakespeare, PIato Goethe,
Napoleon, Swedenborg and Montaigne as ideals of their age and professions. For 10 points, identify this work which argues that great
figures are shaped and determined by their time, written by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
          Answer: Representative Men

7. Since the second Vatican council the traditional form of this type of mass has been modified: black vestments are no longer required
and the famous 'Day of Wrath" sequence describing the judgement and asking Jesus for mercy is now optional. For 10 points, identify
this proper mass performed on All Saints' Day and at funerals in honor of the dead.
          Answer: requiem

8. His name has been modified into an adjective describing any method which relentlessly tries to shape a person, argument or idea
without regard to the damage it may do. In Greek mythology he was a giant, also known as Damastes, who terrorized Attica as a robber
and thief until he was killed by Theseus. For 10 points, identify this giant known to capture travelers and tie them to an iron bed only to
hack off their limbs or stretch them until they fit.
         Answer: Procrustes (accept Procrustean)

9. With his son, he formulated the first hypothesis that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid some 65 million years ago. For 10
points, identify this inventor of the Lineac and winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize winner in Physics for his discovery of a large number of
resonance states.
          Answer: Luis Walter Alvarez

10. Throughout this superstar's life he has battled the naysayers. Born in 1965 with severely splayed feet, doctors told his parents that
he would never be able to walk unassisted. He astonished everyone, however, when he went on to win three John Wooden awards and
finish third on UCLA's all time scoring list. For 10 points, identify this dream teamer and brother to current Southern Cal women's
coach and probable best women's player of all time, Cheryl Miller.
          Answer: Reggie Miller

11. Persia changes its name to Iran; radar equipment is first built by Robert Watt; the ClO is founded by John L Lewis; the Saarland is
incorporated into Germany, while the Nuremburg laws are first enacted against the Jews; Laval is elected French premier; Italy invades
Abyssinia; Huey Long is assassinated and President Roosevelt signs the Social Security Act. For 10 points, what is the common year?
         Answer: 1935

12. Born in 1893 with the name Makonen, his imperial name literally meant "Might of the Trinity". He ascended the throne of his
country in 1930, dropping his princely title only to be faced by nearly a half century of domestic strife and external invasions. For 10
points, identify this Abyssinian ruler, reputed to have stigmata who claimed to be the 225th ruler in a line stretching back to Menelik,
the reputed son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
          Answer: Haile Selassie

13. This nation in the Windward Islands consists not only of the main island but also includes the nearby smaller islands of Carriacou,
Petit Martinique and several islets. For 10 points, identify this island nation with its capital at St. George's that in 1983 was invaded by
the United States.
         Answer: Grenada

14. Probably modeled on the satires of Lucian, it is a bawdy picaresque romance of eleven volumes and is the only Latin novel that
survives in its entirety. It is the story of the young licentious aristocrat Lucius's wanderings around the Greek countryside in the form of
a donkey. For 10 points, name this work also known as The Metamorphoses, written by Lucius Apulieus in the second century.
         Answer: The Golden Ass (accept METAMORPHOSES early)

15. He was Phi Beta Kappa and valedictorian of the 1919 class of Rutgers University and went on to earn a law degree and learn to
speak 15 languages. His 1958 autobiography Here I Stand recounts many of his years as an internationally-acclaimed orator, baritone
and actor. For 10 points, name this outspoken proponent of racial equality, the son of a runaway slave, who is particularly noted for his
role as Othello.
         Answer: Paul Robeson

16. The action of these organs is partly controlled by the hormones vasopressin and aldosterone as well as hormones concerned with
red blood cell formation. For 10 points, what are these organs whose basic functional unit is the nephron.
         Answer: kidney

17. A leader of Tammany Hall, he served in the New York legislature from 1903 to 1915 and compiled an impressive record of liberal
legislation during his four terms as governor in the 1920s. For 10 points, identify this Democrat who lost the 1928 presidential race to
Herbert Hoover.
          Answer: Alfred E. Smith

18. Rigorously ascetic, this philosophical school's most influential thinker was reported to have live in a tub as part of his policy of
denying himself all comforts. Their name many have come from their practice of wandering around as itinerant preachers barking at
society contemptuously for its materialism, hypocrisy and pretense. For 10 points, identify this school, whose name in modern times
has come to denote any pessimistic person who doubts the good intentions and honesty of others.
         Answer: the Cynics (accept Cynical or cynicism)

19. In the Shakespearean play Richard Ill is Duke of this area before he goes on his killing spree aimed at attaining the throne. In "King
Lear", the earl of this area shelters Lear from the storm but ends up suffering the same fate as Lear in that he is fooled by his bastard
son Edgar into thinking that his true son, Edmund is plotting to kill him. For 10 points, give the common title and name.
          Answer: Gloucester

20. Born in Bergamo, he studied there and in Venice and his first opera, Enrico di Borgogna, was produced in Venice in 1818 to great
success. The work which carried his fame beyond Italy however was his Anna Bolena, produced at Milan in 1830 and followed by his
Elixir of Love and Lucretia Borgia. For 10 points, identify this composer of such other works as Don Pasquale, The Daughter of the
Regiment, and Lucia di Lammermoor.
          Answer: Gaetano Donizetti

21. He was the son of Apollo and Coronis, whom Apollo killed for infidelity, leaving the unborn child into the care of the centaur
Chiron. When he once brought the dead Hippolytus back to life using the arts he had learned and perfected, Zeus struck him down with
a thunderbolt for meddling too much in matters reserved for the Olympian gods. For 10 points, name this mythological god of healing.
         Answer: Asclepias

22. Born the son of a Lutheran pastor, he had, by the age of 16, became an assistant for an international firm of art dealers with shops
in the Hague, London and Paris. An unrequited love affair with an English schoolmistress probably accentuated his inferiority complex
and later religious zeal, his tortured emotions showings in his paintings Ravine, The Bridge and The Chair and the Pipe. For 10 points,
identify this painter who fatally shot himself at the scene of his last painting, Cornfields with Flights of Birds.
          Answer: Vincent Van Gogh
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by N.C. State University

1. Greek Mythology is famous for its lovers. For 5 pts each give the famous
partner of the following.
1. Orpheus                Answer: Eurydice
2. Baucis                 Answer: Philemon
3. Pygmalion              Answer: Galatea

2. Identify these Middle Eastear waterways.10 pts each.
1. A tidal river formed by the confluence of the Tigris and the Euphrates, the
control of its navigation rights was the cause the Iran-Iraqi war.
           Answer: Shatt al-Arab
2. Control of this 30 to 50 mile wide waterway is equivalent to the control of
the entire oil rich Persian Gulf, since it is the gulfs only exit to the Gulf of
           Answer: Strait of Hormuz
3. It is the Red Sea's equivalent to the strait of Hormuz. Control of this waterway separating Yemen and Djibouti equals control of the
Suez Canal.
           Answer: Bab el Mandab

3. Identify this Poet and dramatist by works. 30-20-10.
1. The poem "Lapis Lazuli" as well as the verse collections The Tower and The Winding Stair
2. The poems "A prayer for my Daughter", "The Long-Legged Fly," and "Easter, 1916".
3. The play, The Countless Catheleen, as well as the poems "Leda and the Swan" and The Lake of Innisfree".
          Answer: W.B. Yeats

4. Identify these NBA teams on a 10-5 basis.
10: Their all time leader in points and assists for a season is Nate Archibald, while their all time leader in career points and assists is
Oscar Robertson.
5: Some current stars are former all- Americans, Walt Williams and Bobby Hurley, as well as 5 feet seven inch Spud Webb.
          Answer: Sacramento or Kings
10: Their all time leader for points in a season, game and career is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, marks he set in only 5 full seasons there.
5: Their current rosters include 1995 All-Star Vin Baker and last years consensus college player of the year, Glenn Robinson.
          Answer: Milwaukee or Bucks
10: Their all time leader in points for a season, game, and career is Wilt Chamberlain and their leader for career rebounds is Nate
5: Their current rosters include disgruntled All Star Latrell Sprewell, as well as recent trade acquisition Tom Gugliotta.
          Answer: Golden State or Warriors

5. Name the scientific term 10 pts each.
1. The volume of a fixed mass of gas varies inversely with the Pressure.
         Answer: Boyle's Law
2. Product of the force and time over which it reacts.
         Answer: impulse
3. Product of force and distance
         Answer: work

6. Identify the cabinet posts or former cabinet posts held by the following men, given one man for 10 pts, given a second for 5 points.
1. 10 pts: Christian Herter          5 pts: Dean Rusk
                   Answer: Secretary of State
2. 10 pts: Gideon Welles             5 pts: George Bancroft
                   Answer: Secretary of the Navy
3. 10 pts: Thomas Ewing              5 pts: Albert Fall
                   Answer: Secretary of the Interior

7. Given the Mannerist painting, answer the painter. 10 pts. each.
1. Agony in the Garden              Answer: El Greco
2. Madonna with the Long Neck Answer: Parmigianino or Parmigiano
3. The Last Supper (1592)           Answer: Tintoretto
8. Identify the following Popes named Leo for 10 points each.
1. This Pope Leo crowned Charlemagne                                        Answer: Leo III
2. Name any one of the three Leos who were canonized                        Answer: I, III or IX
3. What Leo was born Giovanni di Medici and succeeded Julius II?            Answer: Leo X

9. Identify the Shakespearean servants: 10 pts each
a. In Hamlet, he is the affected courtier who mediates the fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes.
          Answer: Osric
b. In King Lear, he is Goneril's servant who is killed by the loyal Kent because of his insolence and disrespect of the deposed King
          Answer: Oswald
c. In Hamlet, he was the jester to old king Hamlet into whose skull Hamlet peers during his famous scene with the gravediggers.
          Answer: Yorick

10. Identify the following Plant parts for 10 points each.
1. This plant part consists of style, ovary, and stigma.
           Answer: pistil
2. It is the part of the stamen of a flower that bears pollen.
           Answer: anther
3. It is an embryonic leaf in the seed of a plant; and the first leaf or one of the first pair of leaves growing from a seed.
           Answer: cotyledon

11. Given the Musical piece, reply with the composer.
1. Mephisto Waltz                            Answer: Franz Liszt
2. Military Polonaise                        Answer: Frederic Chopin
3. The Bartered Bride                        Answer: Bedrich Smetana

12. Identify these figures from Hindu Theology.
5pts: This diety is frequently depicted as black or dark blue and playing on a divine flute. He is alleged to be the eighth avatar of
         Answer: Krishna
10pt: This diety is the God of Wisdom or prudence. The son of Shiva and Parvati, he is usually represented with an elephants head.
         Answer: Ganesh (accept Ganesha etc.)
15pt: This diety is a consort of Shiva represented as the feminine strength or creative force. Worshipped widely in Bengal, this diety is
usually depicted as the great warrior invoked by Rama.
         Answer: Durga

13. If you know your Literature then you will know your letters or DO YOU? This bonus will test your knowledge of letters used in
Literature. 10 pts each.
1. Tennyson's "In Memorium" is dedicated to AHH, who is AHH?
          Answer: Arthur Henry Hallam
2. For what two names (5 pts each) do the initials G.K. in G.K. Chesterton's name stand?
          Answer: Gilbert Keith
3. (5 pts each) The two E's in the name of the poet e.e. cummings stand for:
          Answer: Edward Estlin

14. Identify the following Civil War battles Ten pts each.
1. fought from Feb. 13-16, it was arguably the first important victory for the North. In the battle Grant's 2,800 losses paled in
comparison to the near 16,00 casualties of Buchner, bringing early success to Grant's western campaign.
         Answer: Fort Donelson
2. This Dec. 13 defeat left the Union severely discouraged. Most of the Unions nearly 13,000 casualties can be ascribed to General
Burnsides tactics, which many afterwards likened to a slaughtering pen.
         Answer: Fredericksburg
3. The confederate defeat after this September battle, known as Sharpsburg in the South, gave Lincoln the reprieve he needed to issue a
preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.
         Answer: Antietam

15. Given that the atomic weight of chlorine is 35, oxygen is 16, sulfur is 32, and hydrogen is 1. For 15 points each.
1. What is the molality of 72 grams of hydrogen chloride dissolved in 500 milliliters of water?
         Answer: 4 molar
2. What is the normality of 98 grams of sulfuric acid dissolved in 1 liter of water?
         Answer: 2 normal

16. This bonus will test your knowledge of Alexander the Great.
1. For 10 pts name the Scythian princess who became Alexander's first wife
          Answer: Roxanne
2. For 5 points, name the famous high spirited warhorse that before Alexander no one was able to Mount.
          Answer: Bucephalus
3. Alexander was succeeded by a host of generals whose factional infighting led to the relatively quick dissolution of his empire. For
10 pts name the general whose dynasty eventually won control of Palestine and Syria.
          Answer: Seleucus
4. For a final 5 points, name the general who eventually came to power in Egypt, where his dynasty ruled even into the reign of
          Answer: Ptolemy

17. Given the short list of films, give the director for 10 points each.
1. La Dolce Vita; Giullette of the Spirits                Answer: Federico Fellini
2. Ivan the Terrible; The Boyars' plot.                   Answer: Sergei Eisenstein
3. Viva Zapata, Gentleman's Agreement                     Answer: Elia Kazan

18. This bonus will test your knowledge of Islamic Theology: 10-5 basis
1. 10 pts: Orthodox Islam does not believe that this May whom they revere as a prophet fathered Amon and Moab by his daughters as
is told in the Old Testament.
5 pts: The Quran records that he was the son of Haran, the brother of Abraham.
          Answer: Lot
2. 10 pts: Orthodox Islam states that this prophet will return before the Judgment Day.
5 pts: The Quran states that he was born of a Virgin to illustrate the power of God.
          Answer: Jesus
3. 10 pts: The Quran states that he was the original builder of the shrine located at the Kaaba
5pts: The Quran also states that Satan was cast out for refusing -to worship him.
          Answer: Adam

19. 30-20-10-5. Identify the dramatist by works.
1. The Silver Tassie
2. The Plough and the Stars
3. Juno and the Paycock
                  Answer: Sean O'Casey

20. Given the list of Philosophical works, name the author 5pts each
1. The City of God
                   Answer: St. Augustine
2. Summa Theologica, Summa Contra Gentiles
        Answer: St. Thomas Aquinas
3. Why I am Not a Christian, The Analysis of Mind
        Answer: Bertrand Russell

21. 30-20-10-5: give the year:
30 pt: Olivier's Hamlet wins an Academy Award; Alan Paton publishes Cry,the Beloved Country; Orville Wright dies.
20 pt: Prince Charles is born; Babe Ruth dies; T.S. Eliot wins the Nobel prize for Literature
1O pt: USSR blockades Berlin; Gandhi is Assassinated
5 pts: The Marshall plan is passed; Harry Truman is elected president of the US
          Answer: 1948

22. Identify the following countries by the nations it borders, 15 pts each, if you need the capital you get 5 pts.
15: China, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.
5: Kabul
                   Answer: Afghanistan
15: Uzbekistan, Kirghiz, China, Mongolia, Russia
5: Alma Ata
                   Answer: Kazakhstan
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by the University of Illinois

1. On the night of a premier, this composer had not yet finished writing the opening overture. He was locked in a room backstage,
frantically began scribbling down notes that were passed to copyists and then on to the orchestra that was performing his "The
Thieving Magpie". For 10 points, identify this 19th century Italian composer better known for such works as The Italian in Algiers,
Tancred, and William Tell.
          Answer: Gioacchino Rossini

2. The order was closed down in 394 A.D. by the Christians after having faithfully served for many years. The members were chosen at
the age of about eight and then received ten years of training, performed the rituals for the next ten and finally became teachers for a
final ten years and then they were free to do as they choose. For 10 points, name these women who took an oath of celibacy to serve
the Roman goddess protector of the state, the home and the family?
          Answer: Vestal Virgins

3. Old members include certain members of European royal families, the Queen Mum, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and Prince
Charles. Some new members are Princess Anne, Robin Leigh-Pemberton, Ninian Stephen and Lord Ashburton. Created in 1348 by
Edward III, it is confined to royalty and twenty-four members chosen by the mon arch. For 10 points, name this most esteemed order
of chivalry in Great Britain?
         Answer: Order of the Garter

4. She was caricatured by James Lowell in A Fable for Critics and is said to be the model for Zenobia in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The
Blithedale Romance. From 1840 to 1842, she edited the Transcendentalist journal The Dial from and was the first female journalist to
work for the New York Tribune. For 10 points, name this woman, the author of the feminist work Woman in the Nineteenth Century.
         Answer: Margaret Fuller

5. This man was a musician by profession and an astronomer by hobby. When he went to buy a telescope he found he could not afford
a very good one and after deciding to build his own, ended up with one of the best in the world. For 10 points, identify this man who
while using his new telescope in 1781 came across an unknown object he initially believed to be a comet but instead turned out to be
the planet Uranus.
         Answer: William Herschel

6. In Greek mythology, these creatures were the offspring of Ixion, and lived in the mountains of Thessaly and Arcadia.
Their most famous exploit was their attempt to carry off Hippodamia, the bride of Pirithous, king of the Lapiths. For 10 points, identify
this semi-equine race whose members were in general wild and lawless with the exception of the wise Chiron.
         Answer: Centaurs

7. They are found only in the Americas, but there are 319 species of them, mostly in tropical South America where the largest variety is
found in the Andes. Of the many species, only the ruby-throated variety breeds in the eastern US. For 10 points, name this large family
of small birds, ranging in weight from one-fourteenth to three-quarters of an ounce.
         Answer: Hummingbirds

8. D.H. Lawrence spoke of him as 'sitting in a corner, sucking his pacifier long after his age' and Virginia Woolf described him as 'limp
and damp and milder than the breath of a cow'. For 10 points, name this British author who collaborated with Benjamin Britten on the
opera Billy Budd and wrote the novels The Longest Journey, Maurice and Where Angels Fear to Tread?
         Answer: Edward Morgan Forster

9. A graduate of the University of Illinois he was the first House Republican to call for the resignation of Richard Nixon. In 1983 he
formed the National Unity Party but was unable to get himself on the ballot for the 1984 presidential election. For 10 points, name this
moderate Republican who criticized Reagan and Bush for not being 'too terribly engaged about the affairs of the American people' and
is most well know for running with Patrick Lucey and gathering seven percent of the vote in the 1980 presidential election?
         Answer: John Anderson

10. After receiving his doctorate from the University of Illinois and teaching there for several years, he moved on to Harvard for two
years and then went on to DuPont to head up their organic chemistry division. During his ten years there he became world-famous and
was the first industrial chemist elected to the National Academy of Sciences. For 10 points, name this chemist who was principally
responsible for the development of nylon and neoprene?
         Answer: Wallace Carothers

11. When this clergyman was appointed to a post in rural Devonshire he regarded it as torture because he was a lover of London
societal life. But it was this country setting that helped him write some of his best poetry which appeared in his quickly forgotten
volume, Hesperides. For 10 points, identify this 17th century British poet who wrote Delight in Disorder, Corinnas Gone a-Maying,
and To the Virgins to Make Much of Time.
         Answer: Robert Herrick

12. One of Germany's leading expressionist painters, this man found his direction in his early twenties, during a visit to Paris, where he
saw paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and the Fauves. After the founding of Der Blaue Reiter in 1911, he began to depict
his subjects-- horses, deer, and tigers, in a more intellectualized geometric manner. For 10 points, identify this artist killed at Verdun in
1916 who is best known as a co-founder with Wassily Kandinsky of Der Blaue Reiter.
         Answer: Franz Marc

13. When he was eighteen years old he left his family's Illinois farm and wandered westward where in a shoot-out with the McCanles
gang, three of them were killed. For 10 points, identify this man who served as a federal scout during the Civil War, toured with
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, and who was shot from behind while playing poker in a saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory.
         Answer: James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok

14. On this holiday Romans were allowed to gamble in the street, slaves were given the privileges of freedom, friends exchanged
candles and the city of Rome closed down. For 10 points, name this festival, the precursor of Christmas, which on December 17
honored the Roman counterpart to Cronus who was supposed to bring back the golden age.
         Answer: Saturnalia

15. Kyriacou Nicolaou and his colleagues recently announced the total synthesis of this compound. Previously it had been obtained
from the bark of the Pacific yew tree which was in danger of extinction because of the large demand for this drug. For ten points name
this drug, an antitumor agent for ovarian, lung, breast, and skin cancers and a promising basis for future anticancer drugs.
         Answer: Taxol

16. He wrote, "I am a mariner of Odysseus with heart of fire but with mind ruthless and clear," in his novel Toda Raba. He studied
under Henri Bergson and wrote a modern version of the story of his hero, Odysseus. For 10 points, identify this author best known for
The Greek Passion and The Last Temptation of Christ.
        Answer: Nikos Kazantzakis

17. In 1745, E. Georg von Kleist first described this device and when Peiter van Musschenbroek independently used the device at his
Dutch university, it came to be known by the name of the school. By 1748, it had achieved its final form, the glass jar being lined
inside and out with foil and the liquid discarded. For 10 points, name this earliest form of capacitor.
          Answer: Leyden Jar

18. He began his directing career in the silent era in 1927 but was established in the 1930s with such works as The Lady Vanishes, The
Thirty-Nine Steps, and The Man Who Knew Too Much. For 10 points, identify this British film director of the noted thrillers The
Birds and Psycho.
        Answer: Alfred Hitchcock

19. Separated from Japan by the La Perouse Strait and from Russia by the Tatar Strait, it is located just north of the Sea of Japan. It
was colonized by the Japanese in the 18th century, and ceded to Russia in 1875 in exchange for the Kuril islands, but Japan regained
control of the southern half after defeating Russia in 1905. For 10 points, name this island the Japanese call Karafuto?
         Answer: Sakhalin

20. A wealthy literary critic named Humphrey Van Weyden is shipwrecked while crossing San Francisco Bay. He is rescued, forced to
work as a cabin boy, and later meets Maude Brewster with whom he escapes to an island following a shipwreck. For 10 points, identify
the Jack London novel in which this occurs on board the ship Ghost commanded by Wolf Larsen.
         Answer: The Sea Wolf

21. He said Fine art is that in which the hand,the head, and the heart of man go together. He also wrote The Two Paths, The Stones of
Venice, Modern Painters, and The Seven Lamps of Architecture. For 10 points, who is this prominent 19th century British art critic?
         Answer: John Ruskin

22. After two years of rule, he named General Maximian, Augustus, a sort of co-emperor. Seven years later they adopted Gaius
Galerius and Flavius Constantius as Caesars, or junior assistants and heirs to Augustus position. This system lasted until his retirement
when it was replaced by civil war. For 10 points, identify this Roman emperor from 284 to 305 AD who devised the "Tetrarchy"
scheme of government.
         Answer: Diolcetian
23. While studying at the Paris Conservatory he met Tchaikovsky's patron, Nadejda von Meck, who began subsidizing his work.
Several years after their meeting he wrote The Prodigal Son which earned him the coveted Prix de Rome and he was forced to end his
relationship with her because the Prize required him to live in Rome. For 10 points, name this composer of Images and the opera
Pelleas et Melisande, and the ballet, Afternoon of a Faun.
         Answer: Achille-Claude Debussy

24. This perennial of the mint family is native to Asia and Europe, though widely naturalized in America. It is a branching herb
growing to three feet, with downy leaves and pale purple flowers. For 10 points, name this herb that when any part of this plant is
crushed releases an aromatic aroma that is particularly alluring to felines.
         Answer: Catnip

25. In 1545, Henry VIII of England launched the newest flagship of the British fleet. This behemouth ship had a 400 man crew, but a
wind gust tipped the boat and shifted the weight of the cannon, causing the ship to sink in about a minute. For 10 points, name this
unlucky ship.
         Answer: Mary Rose
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by the University of Illinois

1. 30-20-10 Name the American artist from works.
1. Prisoners from the Front
2. Crack the Whip
3. The Gulf Stream                                                          Answer: Winslow Homer

2. Ten points each, 30 total: Identify the following leaders involved with the change of power in China.
1. Known as the Red Emperor, this patriarchs failing health is raising questions about who will succeed him and what will happen to
his economic reforms toward capitalism?
         Answer: Deng Xiaoping
2. Name two of the three people Deng Xiaoping has chosen to succeed him who are currently the President, the Premier and the
economic czar of China?
         Answer: President Jiang Zemin, Premier Li Peng and czar Zhu Rongji

3. For 15 points each, answer the following astrophysics questions.
1. These objects which are about fifty to a hundred times the mass of Jupiter, are to small to initiate fusion in themselves and become a
star, but they are still warm and radiate some light in the infrared, name these failed stars?
           Answer: Brown dwarfs
2. The mass-luminosity law states that, states that the more massive a star, the more luminous it will be, because of the increased
energies need to fight the increased gravitational forces inside the star. For 15 points, identify the British physicist and astronomer who
stated this law in 1924.
           Answer: Stanley Arthur Eddington

4. Given the name of a river, identify the capital city located on that river. 10 pts each.
1. Paraguay                                    Answer: Ascuncion
2. Confluence of the Blue and White Niles Answer: Khartoum
3. Betsiboka                                   Answer: Antananarivo

5. Given a character name the work in which they appear. 5 points each.
1. Meyer Wolfsheim                          Answer: The Great Gatsby
2. Dr.Primrose                              Answer: The Vicar of Wakefield
3. Bathsheba Everdene                       Answer: Far From the Madding Crowd

6. Answer the following questions about the Battle of Cannae for the stated number of points.
1. For 5 points, in what war was it fought?                                                                    Answer: 2nd Punic War
2. For 5 points, what Carthaginian won the battle?                                                             Answer: Hannibal
3. For 10 points, in what year was the battle fought?                                                          Answer: 216 BC
4. For 10 points, name either of the two Roman consuls defeated by Hannibal at Cannae in 216 BC.               Answer: Varro or Paulus

7. Identify these scientist for the stated number of points.
1. 10 pts: This winner of the 1918 Nobel Chemistry prize developed the mass production method of fixing nitrogen.
          Answer: Fritz Haber
2. 20 pts: This winner of the 1909 Chemistry prize invented the process by which nitric acid is produced from the oxidation of
          Answer: Wilhelm Ostwald

8. King Henry II of England had seven children, four boys who spent their lives fighting each other for the succession to the throne and
three girls who were married off to King Alfonso VIII of Castile, William II of Sicily and Henry the Lion of Bavaria for the purpose of
an alliance against France.         For 30 points, name six of the seven children given to him by Eleanor of Aquitane?
          Answer: Henry, Richard I the Lion-Hearted, Geoffrey, John I Lackland, Eleanor, Matilda, and Joan

9. 10 points each: Identify the authors of the following books, all of which have the same title, given where the author was from.
1. Medea, from Greece?                                  Answer: Euripedes
2. Medea, from the Roman Empire?                        Answer: Ovid or Seneca
3. Medea, from the United States?                       Answer: Robinson Jeffers

10. 30 total: Given a pair of operas, name the author of the works on which they are based.
1. 5 pts: Falstaff, Beatrice and Benedict              Answer: William Shakespeare
2. 10 pts: Eugene Onegin, Boris Gudonov                Answer: Alexander Pushkin
3. 15 pts: Love for Three Oranges, Turandot            Answer: Count Carol Gozzi

11. You will be given a description of a figure from Egyptian mythology and for five points each name that figure. 10 pts each.
1. Guide of souls to Amenti                           Answer: Anubis
2. Goddess of motherhood and fertility                Answer: Isis.
3. God of the underworld and the dead                 Answer: Osiris

12. 30-20-10 Name the king.
1. Crowned by Pope John XII, his power later frightened John, who joined his enemies.
2. After invading Italy in 951, he married Adelaide and took her husband's title King of the Lombards.
3. He routed the Magyars at Lechfeld in 955 and seven years later became Holy Roman Emperor.
          Answer: Otto I

13. Given the following members of the human family tree put them in correct order from oldest to most recent. 5 points each and 5
points for all correct. The list is: Homo sapiens, Ramapithecus, Homo Erectus, Australopithicus robustus, Homo habilis.
         Answer: Ramapithecus, Australopithecus robustus, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens

14. Identify the following Shakespearean characters for 10 points each.
1. In Measure for Measure, he was the kindly, philosophical Duke of Vienna.                                   Answer: Vincentio
2. Vincentios Lord Deputy and foil in that play.                                                              Answer: Angelo
3. In Twelfth Night, he is the sentimental Duke of Illyria.                                                   Answer: Orsino

15. Many times during the 19th century, the United States gained territory through purchases or having other nations cede land to us.
For 10 points each, give the years in which the following were added to the United States.
1. Louisiana Purchase                                  Answer: 1803
2. Oregon Territory                                    Answer: 1846
3. Alaska Purchase                                     Answer: 1867

16. Identify the following psychological defense mechanisms for ten points each.
1. Convincing yourself that the exact opposite of something unacceptable is true, and then repeating your version endlessly.
         Answer: Reaction Formation
2. Chaneling traumatic emotion into a useful endeavor.
         Answer: Sublimation
3. Reverting to an earlier, less threatening stage of psychosexual development.
         Answer: Regression

17. I'll give you the dates of a war in colonial North America, and for 10 points a piece you name the war.
1. 1689-1697                           Answer: King William's War
2. 1744- 1748                          Answer: King George's War
3. 1702- 1713                          Answer: Queen Anne's War

18. For 5 points each, name the authors of the following.
1. Death in Venice                           Answer: Thomas Mann
2. The Tin Drum                              Answer: Gunter Grass
3. Parliment of Whores                       Answer: P.J. O'Roarke
4. Anne of Green Gables                      Answer: LM Montgomery
5. Kristin Lavransdatter                     Answer: Sigrid Undset
6. The Madonna of the Future                 Answer: Henry James

19. Identify the following men who work in the field of particle physics from a description.
1. For 10 points, name the two men that shared the 1957 Nobel Prize for their investigations of the laws of parity.
         Answer: Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang
2. For 10 points identify the 1949 winner of the Nobel Prize who theorized the existence of mesons.
         Answer: Heideki Yukawa
4. For 10 points, name the two men who shared the 1959 Nobel Prize for their discovery of the anti-proton.
         Answer: Owen Chamberlain and Emilio Segre

20. For 10 points, a piece name the composers of each of the following geographic musical pieces.
1. Hebrides Overture                        Answer: Felix Mendelsohn
2. Antarctica Suite                         Answer: Ralph Vaughn Williams
3. Karelia Suite                            Answer: Jean Sibelius
21. For 5 points each tell what each of the following computer acronyms stand for.
1. DOS                      Answer: Disk Operating System
2. RAM                      Answer: Random Access Memory
3. BIOS                     Answer: Basic Input-Output System
4. ANSI                     Answer: American National Standards Institute
5. WORM                     Answer: Write Once, Read Many
6. TCP/IP                   Answer: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

22. Given a painting name the artist. 10 pts each.
1. Toledo in a Storm                          Answer: El Greco
2. Blue Nude                                  Answer: Matisse
3. Kronus Devouring his Children              Answer: Goya

23. 30-20-10 Name the musical instrument.
1. Its popularity revived after about 1860 in orchestral circles,in part because of its increased use by composers such as Wagner. Its
popularity increased again in the twentieth century with the increase in the popularity of Jazz.
2. Originally called the Sackbut, this brass instrument was well known in Europe by the beginning of the fourteenth century, and by the
end of the sixteenth century Gabrielli was using it extensively in his ecclesiastical compositions.
3. It is distinguished from other brass instruments by its lack of valves, which are replaced by a moveable slide.
           Answer: Trombone

24. You all are probably familiar with Greek heroes like Theseus and Hercules, but for 10 points a piece let's see how much you know
about heroes from other mythologies.
1. This hero from Babylonian mythology killed the monster Humbaba.                                 Answer: Gilgamesh
2. This hero from Chinese mythology shot down the nine suns.                                       Answer: Yi
3. This hero from Celtic mythology killed the hound of Culain.                                     Answer: Cuchulain

25. 30-20-10 Name the animal.
30 pt. Demand from the worldwide pet trade for this animal is huge. Shipments of thousands go from Madagascar to Europe with a
huge percentage of them dying in transit.
20 pt. They have nothing to fear from the locals of Madagascar as superstitions prevent people from killing, eating, or even touching
these animals.
10 pt. Equipped with pigment bearing skin cells called chromatophores, they can change colors for various tactical reasons: to
camouflage themselves, to intimidate the competition or look submissive, or to initiate sex.
         Answer: chameleons

26. Give the authors of the following works. 5 points each.
1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull                         Answer: Richard Bach)
2. Glengarry Glen Ross                                 Answer: David Mamet
3. The Castle of Otranto                               Answer: Horace Walpole
4. The Caretaker                                       Answer: Harold Pinter
5. The Phoenician Women                                Answer: Euripides
6. The Wild Honeysuckle                                Answer: Philip Freneau

27. Given the name of a star name the constellation in which appears. 5 points each and 5 extra for all correct.
1. Procyon                                             Answer: Canis Major
2. Regulus                                             Answer: Leo
3. Bellatrix                                           Answer: Orion
4. Antares                                             Answer: Scorpio
5. Spica                                               Answer: Virgo

28. Identify the following Greek city-states from the following clues. 10 points each.
1. Athens assistance to her rebellious colonies was a major cause of the Pelopponesian War, but this city later switched sides and
fought with Athens from 395 to 387 BC.
         Answer: Corinth
2. The Kings Peace of 387 BC gave Greek leadership to this city.
         Answer: Sparta
3. Destroyed by Alexander in 336 BC, it was rebuilt by Cassander in 315 BC, but never regained the greatness it held after its victory
over Sparta at Leuctra in 371 BC.
         Answer: Thebes
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by Maryland I

1. It had been begun in 1793 during a walking tour of southern England with the author's friend William Calvert; but it was not
completed until June 1798 during a four-day ramble to the Wye River Valley. According to most accounts, the site to which the title
refers was a ruin and would have been inhabited with unseemly beggars and hobos rather than "the outward forms of beauty." FTP
name the final poem in the collection Lyrical Ballads, which contains the name of a site visited twice by William Wordsworth.
          Answer: Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey

2. Born in Baden, Germany in 1803, he emigrated to the United States 1834 to avoid being jailed for debt. Settling in California in
1839, he became a Mexican citizen and was granted a 50,000 acre tract in the Sacramento Valley. With Indian labor, he built a
fortified town to protect his vast holdings, and it was there that James W. Miller made a history-making discovery in January of 1848.
FTP, name this man whose fort was soon overrun by squatters seeking
          Answer: John Augustus Sutter

3. Though Kurt Vonnegut theorized a ninth form, only eight crystal structures of this solid are known to exist. Most of them can only
be found under conditions of extreme pressure. Interestingly, the density of the compound is greatest in its liquid state. Chemically
viewed as a covalent hydride, it is a good, though labile, ligand. FTP name this amphoteric polar molecule with an atomic mass of 18.
        Answer: water or H2O or ice

4. This narrative begins with the town of Bethulia besieged by the Assyrian army of King Nebuchadnezzar. With the town about to
surrender, the title heroine upbraids them for their lack of faith in God and sneaks into the Assyrian camp. Taken to the tent of the
general Holofernes (hollow-fair-naze) because of her beauty, she beheads him while he sleeps, and the townspeople rout the leaderless
Assyrians. FTP I have just described the plot of what book of the Apocrypha?
         Answer: Judith

5. Appointed junior emperor in 355, he was put in charge of Britain and Gaul. His troops rebelled against Constantius II in 360 and
proclaimed him emperor. His official policy was of toleration of all religious beliefs, but his anti-Christian bent was obvious. FTP
name this Roman emperor who tried to reinstate the worship of the pagan gods.
        Answer: Julian the Apostate or Julian II

6. It was uninhabited when the first settlers arrived in 874, but within 60 years, the country had become fully settled. Strangely enough,
it adopted Christianity as the state religion in 1000 by vote. Taken over by King Haakon IV of Norway in 1264, it suffered centuries of
neglect at the hands of the Norwegiens and Danes. For 10 points, what is this north-Atlantic island nation whose parliament is the
          Answer: Iceland

7. Paul Berg of Stanford University was the first to make it. The key to genetic engineering, it is created by splicing a gene from one
type of cell into the genetic material of a cell of another organism. FQTP what name is given to the hybrid molecule formed by this
         Answer: Recombinant DNA

8. A child of theatrical parents, he was orphaned early and lived with his godfather until, in 1836, he married his thirteen year old
cousin Virginia Clemm. He won a story contest with "MS Found in a Bottle" and began to write the poetic drama "Politian". FTP
name this American writer who introduced the word "tintinnabulation" to the English language and also wrote "Murders in the Rue
         Answer: Edgar Allan Poe

9. He worked as a designer of sets and costumes for court masques written by Ben Jonson, Thomas Heywood, and Sir William
Davenant. But he is better known for his austere and elegant architectural work, notably the Banqueting House of Whitehall Palace in
London and the Queen's House at Greenwich. FTP who is this "English Palladio," whose work stood as a beacon of the classicist
orthodoxy in England for 200 years.
        Answer: Inigo Jones

10. Originating in northwest Mexico, possibly near Zacatecas or Jalisco, they invaded central Mexico, sacked and burned the great city
of Teotihuacan (tay oh-tee-wha-khan) in 900 AD, established themselves as the dominant power in the region. For 10 points, identify
this first truly great militaristic civilization of Meso-America whose capital at Tula was destroyed be invading Aztecs in the mid-12th
           Answer: Toltec(s)
11. A woman by this name has been the object of poetic admiration by Robert Tofte, Lord Byron, and Friedrich von Schiller, although
none of these celebrations are as well-known as the original. The original poet says that he first saw her on April 6, 1327 and fell in
love, and that her death, 21 years later, resulted in profound spiritual crisis for him. FTP name this women, the subject of the collection
Canzoniere by Petrarch.
         Answer: Laura

12. This American diplomat was a private secretary to Andrew Jackson and married the granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson. He is
most famous for refusing President Polk's recall in November, 1847, and continuing his negotiations according to his original
instructions. FTP name this American diplomat who disobeyed orders to negotiate the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
          Answer: Nicholas Trist

13. This man is a character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Chaucer's "The Knight's Tale," and Boccaccio's Il Teseida,
as well as two novels by Mary Renault, The King Must Die and The Bull from the Sea. Though this mythological figure had lesser
roles in the expedition of the Argonauts and the hunt of the Calydonian Boar, he is probably better known as the slayer of Sinis, Sciron,
and Procrustes. FTP name this legendary ruler of Athens and son of Aegeus who, with the aid of Ariadne, slew the Minotaur.
          Answer: Theseus

14. Approximately 700 of them may be found in our galaxy; Polaris is one. Henrietta Leavitt discovered that their luminosity varies
periodically. This period-luminosity relation provides astronomers a standard candle to measure extragalactic distances. FTP name this
class of variable stars whose moniker comes from the first observed object of this type.
          Answer: delta Cepheid or cepheid variables

15. The author of this work died before he could finish the third section, but his follower Reginald of Piperno completed it later
according to his design. It applies the methodology of Aristotelian logic to problems of Christian doctrine, systematizing and quoting
from the works of both classical and early Christian thinkers. FTP name this philosophical treatise composed between 1265 and 1274
by St. Thomas Aquinas.
         Answer: Summa Theologica

16. Its plot is a revamping of the 1936 film Dracula's Daughter and it is narrated with great cynicism by a dead man, Joe Gillis, who
was once a struggling Hollywood
writer. Actors in the film include Cecil B. DeMille, who plays himself, and Erich von Stroheim, who plays Max, the butler of the
retired silent movie actress Norma Desmond. FTP name this classic Billy Wilder film, famous for
its final shot of as Gloria Swanson descending a staircase towards the newsreel cameras.
           Answer: Sunset Boulevard

17. A former member of the Hitler Youth, he became the head of a major city's Gestapo Department in 1942. Personally responsible
for the death of 4,000 persons and the deportation of 7,500 others, he was nonetheless recruited after the war by the U.S. for
counterintelligence work and was eventually spirited out of Germany to Bolivia. Tracked down, he was extradited to France in 1983
and sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity. FTP name this Nazi leader, known as the Butcher of Lyon.
          Answer: Klaus Barbi

18. The state of quantum mechanics in the mid-1920's was summarized in a poem by Walter Huckel as "Erwin with his psi can do /
Calculations quite a few. / But one thing has not been seen / Just what does psi really mean?" Schroedinger interpreted it as a particle
density function, but this man disagreed interpreting psi as the amplitude of a wave function whose square determines the wave
intensity. FTP name the Gottingen professor whose statistical interpretation of the probability density earned him the 1954 Nobel Prize
in Physics.
          Answer: Max Born

19. The interlude is a sermon to an invisible congregation. Much of the imagery is based on Frazer's The Golden Bough. The villians
are four tempters in Part One and four knights in Part Two. FTP identify the play by T.S. Eliot that deals with the assassination of the
Archbishop of Canterbury
Thomas a Becket.
          Answer: Murder in the Cathedral

20. In spite of intrigues and attempts by the librettist's rival Giovanni Battista Casti to sabotage the dress rehearsal, opening night on
the first of May 1786 was an unqualified success. Michael Kelly played the roles of both tenors Don Curzio and Don Basilio while
Francesco Bussani also played two roles: the gardener Antonio and Dr. Bartolo. FTP identify the Mozart opera that begins with the
title character measuring the size of his bedroom in anticipation of his wedding night.
           Answer: The Marriage of Figaro or Le Nozze di Figaro
21. Their code of behavior, the Ordnung, requires kneeling for prayer in worship, the use of a German dialect, and marriage within the
church. It forbids wall-to-wall carpeting, air transportation, and filing a law suit, and entering the military. FTP name this religious sect
whose members are often seen wearing driving horse-drawn buggies.
         Answer: The Amish

22. This phenomenon is only exhibited by dielectrics lacking a center of symmetry. If pressure is applied on such a crystal, a potential
difference arises across it. Conversely, if a voltage is applied to the crystal, it deforms. When placed in alternating current, it will
expand and contract. FTP identify this phenomenon first observed in 1880.
         Answer: Piezoelectricity

23. This Union general was once quoted as saying "The only good Indian is a dead Indian," but he is much better known for his Civil
War experiences. In 1864, he was appointed the commander of cavalry of the Army of Potomac, and he later commanded the Union
Army in the Shenandoah Valley. FTP name this Union general, who astride his horse Rienzi, defeated Jubal Early at the battle of
Cedar Creek on October 19, 1864.
         Answer: Philip Sheridan

24. He is a kind of detective of conscience that is closely related to the oblique narrators of Henry James. He describes and analyzes
the various sources from which he has collected his information and comments, often sardonically, on the significance of the events he
narrates. FTP identify this man who tells Chance, Youth, Heart of Darkness, and Lord Jim.
          Answer: Marlow

25. In his forties, he was strongly attracted to the works of Giorgio de Chirico. His paintings are characterized by bizarre juxtapositions
of objects, painted in a restrained, realistic style. The contrast of this style with his fantastic subjects contributes to the disconcerting
quality of such works as The Human Condition (1934). FTP identify this Belgian surrealist.
          Answer: Rene Magritte
1995 ACF Regionals
Questions by Maryland I

1. Given the mathematical relation for pi, name the discoverer for 15 points each.
1. In 1736 he discovered that the sum from one to infinity of one over n squared equals pi squared over 6. He went blind 30 years later.
         Answer: Leonhard Euler
2. He discovered that pi over 4 is one minus one-third plus one-fifth minus one-seventh, etc. He introduced flexible and suggestive
notations like dy/dx to the jargon of mathematics.
         Answer: Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

2. Well, I guess it wouldn't be a true Maryland packet without a Geography from Hell question, so here we go. For 10 points each,
name these geographic features that are obvious on a map, but whose names are not very familiar.
1. Name this lake, bordered by Burundi, Zaire, Zambia and Tanzania, is the Africa's second largest and the world's second deepest.
          Answer: Lake Tanganyika
2. This body of water is completely surrounded by Turkey, and connects the Bosporus and Dardanelles.
          Answer: Sea Of Marmara
3. This strait separating Denmark and Norway connects the North
Sea and the Baltic Sea.
          Answer: Skagerrak

3. Identify these battles captured in Western art for 10 points each.
1. A late canvas by Jacques-Louis David shows Leonidas slumped over his spear. FTP what 480 BC battle is the subject, in which a
small force of Spartans made a heroic but unsuccessful stand against the vastly superior Persian army.
                   Answer: Battle of Thermopylae
2. Alexander's victory over Darius is the subject of what 1529 painting by Albrecht Altdorfer?
          Answer: Battle of Issus
3. In 1503, the city of Florence commissioned Leonardo to do a mural for the Palazzo Vecchio. Though never completed, what battle
did he choose as his subject, in which the Florentine forces defeated the Milanese army?
          Answer: Battle of Anghiari

4. Now comes a few questions about those "Fabulous Fifties" - the 1850's.
Answer the following questions for the stated number of points. 5: The name of the fanatical abolitionist who migrated to Kansas in
1855 and massacred 5 pro-slavery settlers at Pottawatomie, Kansas.
                 Answer: John Brown
10: Term applied to the guns covertly shipped to anti-slavery forces during the conflict in the Kansas territory.
        Answer: Beecher's Bibles
15: Name of the South Carolina Representative who beat Senator Charles Sumner senseless with a walking cane in 1856.
        Answer: Preston Brooks

5. Name these 18th century British actors for 15 points each.
1. After failing in the wine business with his brother, he turned to acting, and his quick success enabled him to buy part of the patent
for Drury Lane theater. Name this man who did much to revive Shakespeare's popularity and also wrote such farces as The Clandestine
                    Answer: David GARRICK
b. This Irish actress was the best of the early 18th century, starring opposite David Garrick on occasion. She is the title character in a
novel by Charles Reade.
          Answer: Margaret (Peg) WOFFINGTON

6. Identify these episodes of Star Trek on a 10-5 basis.
1. 10: The only episode penned by science fiction legend Harlan Ellison.
5: Kirk and Spock chase McCoy back through time to make sure the Nazis lose World War II.
          Answer: The City On The Edge Of Forever
2. 10: The only Next Generation episode to win the prestigious Hugo award.
5: Picard lives an alternate life in the span of minutes where he witnesses the dying gasp of an alien civilization.
          Answer: The Inner Light
3. 10: The original series episode that spawned Deep Space 9's "Crossover".
5: The episode featured Kirk convincing an alternate Spock that logic dictates peace.
          Answer: Mirror, Mirror

7. Identify the following creators of the Don Juan legend for 10 points each.
1. Name the 17th century French wit who created the character of Don Juan's wife Donna Elvira in his play Dom Juan ou Le Festin de
        Answer: Moliere or Jean Baptiste Poquelin
2. Now, name the librettist of the 1787 opera Don Giovanni, Mozart's contribution to the legend.
        Answer: Lorenzo Da Ponte
3. What German wrote the 1888 tone poem Don Juan?
        Answer: Richard Strauss

8. Give the name of these diseases on a 15-10-5 basis.
15: It is caused by the spirochete Treponerna pallidum.
10: The secondary form starts weeks or months after infection and involves fever, malaise, and a characteristic rash. The tertiary form
is largely a disease of the circulatory and nervous systems.
5: The primary form is a painless genital ulcer or a highly infective genital lesion.
           Answer: Syphilis
15: In rare cases it can be caused by amebiasis and certain drugs. Two forms of the disease have vaccines. In recent years, a third form
has been detected.
10: The infectious form is epidemic and is transmitted by feces. The serum form is transmitted by blood.
5: It is an inflammation of the liver caused by viral infection.
           Answer: Hepatitis

9. Identify the following films of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa FTP each.
1. Kurosawa's first international success, this film tells the story of three strangers who take refuge from a rainstorm and attempt to
recount irreconcilable versions of the murder of a samurai lord, shown in flashbacks. It has become a generic term for inherent
subjectivity in point of view.
          Answer: Roshomon
2. In this adaptation of Macbeth, the warrior Taketoke Washizu murders his warlord, at the behest of his wife and a mysterious hag.
          Answer: Throne Of Blood
3. In 1985, Kurosawa made his 27th film, which, at a cost of $11 million, was the most expensive Japanese film ever made. Name this
tale of family conflict in 16th century feudal Japan, an adaptation of King Lear.
          Answer: Ran

10. Identify the spouses of these historical or literary figures FTP each. If you need additional clues, you will receive 5 points.
1. 10: The husband is Russian poet Sergei Yesenin
5: She was known for her Greek tunic, long scarves, and bare feet, symbolizing revolt against traditional "school" steps in ballet, but
she may be better known for her death by strangulation, when her scarf caught in the wheel of her automobile.
         Answer: Isadora Duncan
2. 10: The husband is American author Erskine Caldwell
5: As staff photographer for Fortune, Time, and Life, she covered WW II and the Korean War, and is also known for photographic
studies of industry and social conditions during the Great Depression.
         Answer: Margaret Bourke-White
10: The wife is English writer Mary Wollstonecraft
5: This political theorist detailed his belief in the perfectibility of man in his Enquiry Concerning Political Justice and a novel, Caleb
Williams. He is the father of author Mary Shelley.
         Answer: William Godwin

11. Since we just had a bonus on famous heterosexual relationships, how about a bonus on famous homosexual relationships. I'll give
you one partner, and you name the more famous half of the relationship FTP each.
1. Arthur Rimbaud
         Answer: Paul Verlaine
2. Lord Alfred Douglas
         Answer: Oscar Wilde
3. Alice B.Toklas, in an admittedly ambiguous relationship
         Answer: Gertrude Stein

12. It's time for another game of tangled titles. Put these clues together FTP each.
a. An opera by Bela Bartok and a gothic novel by Horace Walpole.
           Answer: Duke Blubeard's Castle Of Otranto
b. An Aaron Copland work that sounds like the Deep Space 9 theme and a play by George Bernard Shaw about the Don Juan legend.
           Answer: Fanfare For The Common Man And Superman
c. The Czech national musical epic by Bedrich Smetana and a novel by Evelyn Waugh.
           Answer: The Bartered Brideshead Revisited
13. Give a translation of the following Latin phrases which appear in Western history FTP each. [Moderator: be lenient in accepting
a. "Veni, vidi, vici"--spoken by Julius Caesar as he announced his overthrow of Pharnaces, king of Pontus
          Answer: I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
b. "In hoc signo vinces"--words appearing on a cross to Constantine at the battle of Milvian Bridge
          Answer: By This Sign You Will Conquer
c. "Dulce et decorum est"--an ironic phrase ascribed to Horace, later used in a poem by Wilfred Owen to describe World War I
          Answer: It Is Sweet And Becoming to die for one's country

14. Name the physics thing FTP each.
a. The radiation emitted by the motion of particles travelling faster than the speed of light in that medium.
         Answer: Cherenkov Radiation
b. Charged particles travelling along a strip of metal perpendicular to a magnetic field are deflected in a direction mutually
perpendicular to both the current and the applied field.
         Answer: Hall Effect
c. The wavelength of X-rays change after they are scattered from electrons.
         Answer: Compton Effect

15. Sometimes authors become so attached to characters, they repeatedly use them in other novels. Identify these recurring chacters in
American literature.
a. The son of Oliver and Eliza, he is the central character in Thomas Wolfe's autobiographical novels Look Homeward, Angel and Of
Time and the River.
          Answer: Eugene Gant
b. He is the leading character in William Faulkner's The Unvanquished, as well as other novels and stories. Another aptly titled novel
published in 1929 tells of his descendents.
          Answer: Colonel John Sartoris
c. Said to be a representation of the author Kurt Vonnegut himself, this hack writer appears notably in Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast
of Champions, Slapstick, and God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater.
          Answer: Kilgore Trout

16. What's the deal with Italian opera and gangster movies? Identify these Italian operas from their movie-related clue for fifteen
points. If you need their composers, you will receive five.
15: This opera's most famous aria "Vesti la giubba" can be heard in The Untouchables.
5: Ruggiero Leoncavallo
          Answer: Pagliacci or I Pagliacci
15: Sometimes performed with Pagliacci, the lilting strains of this opera's "Intermezzo" can be heard in Raging Bull, while a
performance of the opera takes place in The Godfather, Part III.
5: Pietro Mascagni
          Answer: Cavalleria Rusticana

17. Answer the following questions about World's Fairs and other international expositions, FTP each.
a. This fair, held in Buffalo, NY, in 1901 is unfortunately most famous as the site of President McKinley's assassination by Leon
          Answer: Pan-American Exposition
b. This fair, held in Chicago in 1893, was one of the country's most successful. It featured George Ferris's first wheel, Buffalo Bill's
Wilde West Show, and the exotic dancer Little Egypt. It commemorated an important 400th anniversary.
          Answer: World's Columbian Exposition
c. For a final 10 points, what Spanish city hosted the 1992 World's Fair, a celebration of the 500th anniversary of Columbus's
"discovery" of the Americas.
          Answer: Seville

18. How well do you know books from their characters. FTP I'll give you some minor characters and you give me the work. FFP I'll
give you the major characters.
10: Lucy Westenra, Quincey Morris, Dr. John Seward
5: Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker, Dr, Van Helsing
          Answer: Dracula
10: Pablo, Agustin, Rafael, El Sordo
5: Robert Jordan, Maria, Pilar
          Answer: For Whom The Bell Tolls
10: Mr. Jaggers, Mr. Wemmick, Herbert Pocket
5: Estella, Magwitch, Pip
         Answer: Great Expectations

19. Identify these mythological figures associated with the myth of Bellerophon FTP each and a five point bonus for all correct.
1. To what king of Lycia did Proteus send Bellerophon, carrying the message "Pray remove the bearer from this world"?

        Answer: Iobates
2. What creature did Iobates order Bellerophon to slay?
        Answer: Chimaera
3. Who was the father of the Chimaera?
        Answer: Typhon

20. Given a chemical formula, name the compound FTP each.
a. C8H10N4O2, an alkaloid
        Answer: Caffeine
b. CHCl3, an early anesthetic
        Answer: Chloroform
C. C27H46O, a precursor of bile salts and adrenal/sex hormones
        Answer: Cholesterol

21. Name the people involved in chaos science for the stated number of points.
5: He popularized the field of chaos science with his book Chaos. He also wrote a biography about Richard Feynman.
        Answer: James Gleick
10: Based on the similar Julia Set, a set that bears his name is basis of fractal geometry.
        Answer: Benoit Mandelbrot
15: He coined the word "chaos" to describe the nascent field and introduced the pioneer research of Lorentz and Poincare to his
mathematical colleagues.
        Answer: James Yorke

21. 30-20-10 Name the year from events.
30: Knute Rockne becomes head football coach at Notre Dame; Willa Cather publishes My Antonia
20: the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats & Slovenes is proclaimed; Eugene V. Debs is sentenced to 10 years in jail for violating the
Espionage and Sedition law
10: Czar Nicholas II of Russia executed; Allies and Germany sign an armistice on November 11
         Answer: 1918

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