commands - Excel by I91J4s


									                                        Bridge Commands


[M]                Intraday market Snapshot
/MO                Market Overview Menu
sym/MT             Stock Specific Trader's Menu
sym/MA             Stock Specific Analyst's Menu
sym/H              Bridge Help Menu
[ECON]             Economic Menu
[BRNA]             Bridge Fundamental Research Menu
[TRNA]             Bridge Technical Research Menu
[MENU]             Main Menu
[RF]               Bridge Rank and Filter Menu
[RANK]             Menu of Bridge Rank and Filter Canned Conmands


[CX]               US Indices-Today's Changes (add /PR and /EU for Pacific Rim & Europe)
[WX]               World Indices-Today's Changes (add /PC/YTD for year-to-date percent change)
[SPX]              S&P 500 Intraday - Ranked by dollar change (add /DJI, /XMI, /OEX, /ST
                       /DAX, /EOE, /HS, /MID) Note: Add /RO for reverse order
[SPXP]RCP          S&P 500 Intraday- Ranked by Percentage Change
[SPX]RCI           S&P 500 Intraday- Ranked by Impact
[NDX]              NASDAQ 100 Ranked by Dollar Change
[MS]               Market Summary
[MR]               Market Ranking (add /AD for advances and declines)
[XR]               Foreign Exchange Cross Rates Table
[BG]               S&P 500 Group Bar Graph - Intraday Rankings
[SP]               S&P 500 Futures Spread over Cash
[AP]sym            Analytical Profile of Selected Security
[FP]sym            Fundamental Profile of Selected Security
[CF]sym            Corporate Fundamentals of Selected Security
[CP]sym            Corporate Profile of Selected Security
[CMDINF]           Commodities Contracts Information for all traded commodities
[IPOC]             Portfolio of IPO's
[IPC               In Depth Portfolio Information
[ADR]              Portfolio of ADR's
[LEAP]             List of LEAPS
[OPRA]sym          Option Codes for NASDAQ stocks
[BCC]              Bridge Capital Actions news headlines (U.S)
[ACC]              Bridge Capital Actions news headlines (Canada and Lation America)
[EP;cc]            European Portfolios - Insert country code (cc)
[PP;cc]            Pacific Rim Portfolios - Insert country code (cc)
[MSCI]             Morgan Stanley Capital International
[BEMI]             Baring Securities Emerging Market Indices
[DRAG]             James Capel Dragon Indices
[FTWI]             FT Actuaries World Indices
[EAFE]             Indexed Price Performance of MSCI Regional Indices
[DYR]sym:sym:sym   Return to Japanese Investor (profit or loss) [dpr] pounds; [dgr] marks
[BRPR]             Pacific Rim Fundamental Menu
/Mcc               Market Summary Display for countries: GB (England), DE (Germany), SG (Singapore)
                     NL (Holland), FR (France), JP (Japan) Ex: /MSG for Singapore
[611cc;xx]sym      US Dollar Conversion - Enter country code for xx example: [611cc;DE]de;dax


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                                          Bridge Commands

[AD]                Ratio of Advancing stocks as a % of Advancing and Declining stocks
                    (listed stocks with Dow Jones Overlay)
[4607QAD]           Ratio of Advancing stocks Nasdaq NMS stocks
[PCR]               Bridge Put-Call Ratio of all Equity Puts and Calls
[MF]                Intraday Money Flow (weighted) - S&P 500
[YCP]               Yield Curve Profile
[QMA]               Moving Average Ratio- % of stocks above their 6 month Moving Average
[TRIN]              Trader's Index Momentum (DJI)
[QND]               Normalized Distance from Moving Average of all listed stocks - DJI overlay
[3366ACD]           Stocks under Accumulation as a % of all stocks under Accumulation & Distribution
[3972MIP]           Morgan Stanley CYC and CMR Index Performance
[3972SPD]           Intermediate Level Yield Spread Analysis
[1479PCR2]          10 & 30 period Moving Average of Put-Call Ratio with S&P 500 overlay
[891DVSU]           Chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average overlaid with the Dow Jones Utilities Average
[770ADS]            Advance/Decline Ratio with S&P overlaid (Parameters: 1.25 and .75 Institutional only)
[3606AD]            Advance/Decline Indicator for the S&P (Parameters: above 140 and below 70)
[793ADV]            Market Indicator of Advances/Declines
[3606ADDE]          6 Month chart of cumulative advance/decline by exchange
[1928HL]            Display of new highs minus new lows
[3972BDT]           Block Trend Discount
[3733BTMS]          Bridge Timing Model- smoothed
[102SPD]            Intraday S&P Cash-to-Futures spread with Institutional buy and sell indications
[1928MKT]           Proprietary market timing tool
[4606NHL]           NYSE 52 Week Hi - Lo with 10 day Moving Average
[4606QHL]           NASDAQ 52 Week Hi - Lo with 10 Day Moving Average
sym[3972BSR]        Buy and Sell Retracements with Last Sale and Price range
sym[A2WL]           Buy and Sell Moving Average Differences


[ECON]              Bridge Economics Menu
[GEN]               General Economics Commands
[EQ]                Economic Indicators
[ES]                Economic Symbols
[BONDS]             Bonds
[NEWS]              News Display Documentation
[RSRCH]             Research Contributors and Documentation


[MSB]               M2 Target Growth Banks and Current M2 Growth
[HS]                Housing Starts
[CAPEX]             12 Month Change in Corporate Cash Flow, Capital Expenditures and New Orders
[EMP]               12 Month Change in Government Employment, non-agricultural employment, durable
                      manufacturing employment and non-durable manufacturing employment
[CRED]              Consumer Installment Debt as a percentage of wages and salaries with the 12 month
                      percentage in wages and salaries
[GNPT]              12 month percentage change in Nominal GNP and Real GNP with an overlay of the T-Bill
[CPR]               Inflation-12 month change in the CPI with the 1-month change annualized within a 1 standard
                      deviation band
[PPI]               12 month change in the PPI for finished consumer goods, intermediate materials
[DSR]               Comparison of the Discount, Fed Funds, 3-month T-Bill and 7-year Gov't Note Rates
[TDL]               12 month difference in the T-Bill with and S&P 500 Price Overlay
[YCL]               Ratio of the 3 month T-Bill to the 7-year Gov't note with an overlay of S&P 500
[WI]                World Inflation Rates
[652CM]             Call Money Rates

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                                              Bridge Commands
[GYC]                  Global Yield Curves
[3878MI]               Merchandise Imports
[652LLC]               Economic Indicators - Leading, Lagging, Coincident
[3878CD]               Consumer Installment Credit
[3878HS]               House Starts VS. Mortgage Rates
[3878CAP]              CPI vs. Capital utilization Rate
[MB]                   Money Base
[MSB]                  Money Supply Growth
[3258M2W]              M2 Money Supply Growth with Annualized Return Bands
[3258GNP]              Gross National product plotted with Annualized Return Bands
[3258INFM]             Inflation rate plotted with Annualized return Bands
[611INT                Interest Rate Comparisons - world market


[BRNA]                 Bridge Fundamental Research Rankings Menu
sym[F]                 5 year History of EPS, REV and DIV
sym[QF]                2 line summary of last sale, trailing 12 months earnings, PE ratio, estimated annual
                        earnings price to earnings eatimate, dividend, rank and yield
sym[DATA]              Monthly tabular data of sales, dividends and earnings
[FP]sym                Fundamental Profile
[CP]sym                Corporate Profile
[AP]sym                Analytical Profile
[CF]sym                Corporate Fundamentals
SR403[PERF]            Consumer Cyclicals Sector performance of Individual Stocks
[FP]FUNCMP             Stocks ranked that look theoretically cheap according to EPS, DIV, REV
[FP].RR                Revenue Rankings - Stocks that look cheap according to their revenue ranking
[FP].SPUP              S&P Stock Rankings - Increase in Ranks
[FP].SPDN              S&P Stock Ranking Changes
[FP]DJCOMP             Dow 30 Stocks Showing Trends
[520SECP]              Comparison of Sector Performance 6 months
[50BSECP]              Comparison of Bridge Sector Performance 6 months
[MFRS]                 Comparison of 301A (earnings) vs. C301B (dividends)
[RID]c301A:c301B:spx   Comparison of S&P 500 to C301A and C301B (Multi Factor Earnings & Dividends)
[FP].FMGS              High Growth Names for Sectors
[FP].FMGG              Forecast EPS for Groups
[FP].QTRIS             Sectors Ranked by increase in current estimated changes


sym[SAL]               Trailing 12 Months Earnings
sym[RG]                12 Month Revenue Growth (5 years)
sym[RSG]sym            12 Month Relative Sales Growth to Second Vehicles (5 years)
sym[SG]                Sales Growth (can be used with an index)
[1591SG2]sym:sym       Sales Growth of companies
[1591SALES]sym:sym     Raw Sales of 2 companies
sym[464SE]             Sales and Earnings sym[464SEP] for Sales, Earnings and Price
sym[1584REV]           Trailing 12 months Revenue graphed over the last 5 years


[REP]                  Earnings estimates and actual earnings for S&P Groups and individual stocks
[RPTPD]                Previous Day's S&P Earnings Reports
[FP]M3                 Menu of the Various Forcasted Growth Reports
[FP].EA                Expected earnings for the S&P 500 by dates
sym[1584EPS]           Trailing 12 months EPS plotted over the last five years
sym[EG]                Earnings Growth (does not accept negative earnings)

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                                               Bridge Commands
sym[EG1]             Earnings Growth Growth (accepts negative earnings)
sym[RE]              Retained Earnings (5 years)
sym[RPE]sym          Relative price earnings to second vehicle (does not accept negative earnings)
sym[891QE]           Quarterly Earnings Graphically
sym[1095LLRO;104;ERN;2:wk] regression analysis of earnings (no negative earnings, substitute DIV for dividends)
sym[REG]sym          Price Chart with Relative Earnings Growth for 5yrs
sym[REG1]sym         Price Chart with Relative Earnings Growth (accept negative earnings)
[BEA]                Bridge Earnings Announcements and Changes in Analyst Estimates
[FP].FMGS            High Growth Names for Sectors
[FP].FMGG            Forecast EPS for Groups
[FP}.QTRIS           Sectors Ranked by Increase in Current Estimated Changes


[MPE]sym:sym:sym        Multiple PE's
QSXC[MRPE]sym:sym       Multiple PE's relative to the S&P 500
sym[1584PE]             Trailing 12 months Price Earnings ratio chart over the last 10 years
sym[EMR]                PE bands of 18 and 12 (adjusted)
sym[RPE]sym             Relative PE to second symbol
sym[AT]                 Price Chart with after-tax margin
sym[PE]                 PE Chart for 5 years


sym[DY]                 Dividend Yield Chart
sym[RDY]sym             Relative Yield Analysis
sym[DG]                 Year to Year Dividend Growth
sym[1584DIV]            Trailing 12 months Dividends plotted over last 5 years
sym[1584YLD]            Trailing 12 months Dividends Yield Chart over the last 5 years


[FX]                    Foreign Exchange Spots and Forwards
[XR]                    Foreign Exchange Cross Reference Table
[DTOY]                  Dollar:Yen - Yen/US Dollar; DJI
[DTOP]                  Dollar:Pound - Pound/US Dollar; DJI
[DTOD]                  Dollar to D-mark: D-marks per US Dollar; DJI
[JYEN]                  US-Japanese 3 mos. Euro Deposit Rate in Yen/$$ USD
[EDY]                   Shows lead month SIMEX Euroyen-Eurodollar spread with yen per dollar overlay
[MARK]                  US-German 3 mos. Euro Deposit Rate in mark/$$ USD
[POUND]                 US-UK 3 mos. Euro Deposit Rate in pounds/$$ USD
[FRANC]                 US-French 3 mos. Euro Deposit Rate in francs/$$ USD
[CARS                   Stock Returns to US Investors (Daily Data)
[DSR]                   Comparison of the Discount Rate


sym[CCI]                Commodity Channel Index over 20 Periods
sym[4218CCI]            72 Period Commodity ChanneI with 5 Period Smoothing. - Price chart (2 charts)
sym[4320SPIKE]          Blended 9 & 14 day Stochastic with 2 standard Deviation bands
sym[4320TSL]            True Strength Index
sym[4327MCCP]           Arithmetic weighted cross over
[FCH                    General Futures Charts
[FCP                    Futures Comparison Charts
[FRA                    Futures Regression Analysis

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                                            Bridge Commands
[POI]              Pounds Sterling mean price with 12 month moving average


[BONDS]            Bonds Menu
[GOV]              US Treasury Market Summary
/GPX               Fixed Income Market Summary provided by GovPx
[3098TYM]          TYW, TYD - Gives the relative yields of maturities of Treasury Instruments
[230IY]            International Intermediate Term Bond Yields
[CARB]             Currency adjusted intermediate Bond Total Return
[770GOVY]          Yield Comparisons
[MB]               6 mos. % change in monetary base over the last 10 years
[MSB]              M2 Money Supply Chart
[MSB3]             M3 Money Supply Chart
[1870LB]           Long Bond Future Contract
[1870BY]           Bond Yield pf 30-yr Treasury (over the last 10 years)
[691YCS]           30 year - 3 months maturity spread (DJ overlay)
[691YCS2]          30 year - 3 months maturity spread ( Yield overlays)


sym/CIT            Combined Indications and Trades
sym/CIT/TT         Combined Indications and Trades with all trades shown chronologically
sym[OI]            Order Indications - lists all indications to buy or sell a security, ranked by best price and size
sym[OT]            Order Trades- summary of the advertised trades of a security
sym/OT/TT          Tabular Orde Trades - Chronological listing of every trade and broker/dealer
[OT]/LST           Advertised Trades for all Listed Stocks
[OT]/OTC           Advertised Trades for OTC Stocks
[OT]/VO>n          Trades by Volume > or < a certain size (ex: VO>50 for trades larger than 5000 shares)


[PR]/UX            Penetration Recap - Third Market
[MR]/UX            Market Ranking - Third Market
sym[TQ]            Dealer Quote
sym[DQ]mm          Dealer symbol - market Maker Quotes (mm= Market maker code - Ex: GSCO)
sym[MDQ]mm         Dealer symbol - matched quotes with Market Maker Quotes
sym[OTQ]           Bid / Ask with size indicated
sym/Q              Consolidated Quotes from exchange or market makers
sym[DU]            Range of Last Sale with 50 MA and volume at a price
sym[102BOX]        Short Term Last Sale Chart


sym[AV]            Available vehicles
sym[OS]            Option Summary Display - Calls
sym[OS]/PU         Option Summary Dispaly - Puts
sym[OCP]           Option Summary Display -Calls and Puts
sym[891OC]         Option Class Display
sym[T]             Technical Display
sym[TV]            Theoretical Value
sym[CA]            The strike, option, and theoretical prices (delta, gamma, theta, vega, and Implied volatility
sym/QP/ALL         Quick Portflio - All Vehicles
sym/FCV            Forward Conversion on a single option stock
sym/RCV            Reverse Concersion on a single option stock

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                                         Bridge Commands
sym[102PCS]sym    Unusual options activity for a single stock
[OPRA]sym         Reference to look up option code or underlying ticker symbol
/TDR              Theoretical Difference Ranking
/CVR              Forward Conversions on all options stocks
/CVR/RV           Reverse Conversions on all options stocks
/PPD              Percent Premium per day ranking
[S1]              Theoretical Value of Near S&P Future
[SM]              Near S&P Future Intraday MACD
sym/OST/BCC       Buy Covered Call Put(/BCP)
sym/OST/SCC       Sell Covered Call Put(/SCP)
sym/OST/BUC       Buy Uncovered Call Put(/BUP)
sym/OST/SUC       Sell Uncovered Call Put(/SUP)


sym[1170TRDR]     Shows Total Return and # of Stocks bought with dividend
sym[4327RTN]      Quarterly % Total Return with dividends reinvested (tabular)
sym[RIT]          Indexed return of stock verses T-Bill for 5 years (no dividends included)
sym[TRT]          Indexed return of stock verses T-Bill for 5 years (dividends reinvested)
sym[181ROR]       Rate of Return (no dividends)
sym[3098IRD]      Indexed Return Daily, weekly, or monthly (substitue W or M for D)
sym[3098ITRD]     Indexed Total Return Daily, weekly, or monthly (substitute W or M for D)
sym[1584ATM]      Trailing 12 months after-tax Margins plotted over the last 5 years
[RTM]sym:sym      Indexed Total Return with Dividends Reinvested (up to eight symbols)


sym[T]            Technical summary
sym[TT]           Tabular Trades - All exchanges (add /TTQ to include Bid / Ask)
sym[TSM]          Trade Spread Matrix
sym[MQ]           Trades with matched Quotes
sym/Q             Quotes, including NASDAQ level 2
sym[QL]           Quote line with best bid / ask plus additional technical and fundamental data
sym[OI]           Order Indications
sym[OT]           Advertised Trades
sym/CIT           Combination of order indications and order trades (adds /TT to see advertised trades tabularly)
sym/INX           Index Membership Display
sym[ID]           Intraday Chart in Three Minute Intervals
sym[ID2]          Intraday Chart for today and yesterday in Five Minute Intervals
sym[I5]           Five Day Chart in Thirty Minute Intervals
sym[1131ID]       21 Day Intraday chart (2 hr. intervals)
sym[2869MOVA]     21 Day Intraday chart with 10 and 30 day Moving Averages


sym[HF]           Historic Factor: Last Sale
sym[HFW]          Historic Factor: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[HF136]        Historic Factor: 10,30,60
sym[RHF]          Diff (WTD10 - WTD30): Last Sale


sym[BP]           Relative Block Tick Volume Chart
sym[BTV]          Block Tick Volume: Last Sale (daily)
sym[NP]           Relative Non-Block Tick Volume
sym[NPW]          Pct of Non-Block Tick Volume: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[NTV]          Non-Block Tick Volume (daily)

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                                          Bridge Commands
sym[NTVW]           Non-Block Tick Volume (weekly)



sym[IRS]            Price Range: Stock to S&P 500
sym[IRSW]           Price Range: Stock to S&P 500 (weekly)
sym[IRSM]           Price Range: Stock to S&P 500 (monthly)
sym[REL]            Relative Price Performance: to FTSE
sym[RIT]            Return: T-Bill
sym[TRT]            Total Return: T-Bill


sym[RID]sym:sym     Price Return (daily)
sym[RIW]sym:sym     Price Return (weekly)
sym[RIM]sym:sym     Price Return (monthly)
sym[RTM]sym:sym     Total Return + Dividend (monthly)


[MF]                Intraday Money Flow Chart for Market
sym[MFB]            Block Money Flow: Last Sale
sym[MFBW]           Block Money Flow: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[MFN]            Non-Block Money Flow: Last Sale
sym[MFNW]           Non-Block Money Flow: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[3875MF1]        Block and Non-Block Money Flow
sym[3733BMF]        Basic Money Flow
[3930SI]sym         Short Interest using Rank and Filter

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                                            Bridge Commands



sym[LT]             Last Sale: SPX (monthly)
sym/CH              Price Volume
sym[ID]             Price Volume (intraday)
sym[D]              Price Volume (daily)
sym[DL]             Price Volume: Last Sale
sym[W]              Price Volume (weekly)
sym[MO]             Price Volume (monthly)
sym[DU]             Price Range: UWT50 Last Sale: Vol-at-Price
sym[WU]             Price Range: UWT50 Last Sale: Vol-at-Price (weekly)
sym[MU]             Price Range: UWT26 Last Sale: Vol-at-Price (monthly)
sym[ID2]            Intraday (2 days, 5 minute intervals)
sym[I5]             Last Sale (5 days, 30 minute intervals)
sym[969D]           Daily Chart: 50 and 200 Day moving average: Rel Strength vs S&P 500
sym[969WK]          Weekly Chart: 50 and 200 Day moving average: Rel Strength vs S&P 500
sym[969MO]          Monthly Chart: 50 and 200 Day moving average: Rel Strength vs S&P 500
sym[2485ACDI;300]   On Balance Accumulation/Distribution
sym[2449D;250]      Daily Chart with 250 Day Hi Lo Bands
sym[4320XRID]sym    200 Day Indexed Price chart
sym[2486ATR;14]     14 Period Average True Range


sym[CMP]sym         Last Sale (daily)
sym[CMPW]sym        Last Sale (weekly)


sym[IDO]sym         Last Sale (intraday)
sym[OL]sym          Last Sale (daily)
sym[OLW]sym         Last Sale (weekly)


sym[MO6]            6 Month Change: Last Sale (monthly)
sym[PRG]            Historic: Last Sale
sym[RDF]            Relative to S&P 500 (daily)
sym[RDFW]           Relative to S&P 500 (weekly)


sym[489DO]          Daily Oscillator, 20 day average line with 3-5 day oscillator
sym[1490COPC]       Coppack Curve Technical Indicator
sym[793JK]          MACD, 3-12 Day Oscillator and WTD6 Smoothing line
sym[CNDL]           Daily Candlestick chart
sym[4606CNDL]       Candlestick in color
sym[2130CANDLE      Candlestick in coloacd
sym[4327CNDRSI]     Candlestick with overlay of RSI
sym[4320VROC        Volume Rate of change oscillator with Volume at a Price
sym[4320PROC]       Price Rate of change oscillator with Volume at a Price
sym[RSII]           Intraday Relative Strength

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                                             Bridge Commands
sym[RSI]               Daily Relative Strength
sym[RSIW]              Weekly Relative Strength
sym[RSISPD]sym         Relative Strength Spread
sym[RSIRTO]sym         Relative Strength Ratio
sym[4327RS3]           20 Period Relative Strength to S&P 500
sym[NDM]               Normalized Distance
[PCH]sym:sym           Percentage Change
sym[STO]               Stochastic Calculation
sym[3875STRS]          Daily: Stochastic and Relative Strength
sym[1098STO]           Intraday Stochastic
sym[4327SS]            12 Day Stochastic
sym[4327VALSTO]        Price and 14 Day Stochastic (2 charts)
sym[3918DSTO           Slow Stochastic 5:3:3 two charts
sym[3918DRSI           Relative strength two charts
sym[3918SPIKE          Blended 9 & 14 period Stochastic with 2 standard deviation bands
sym[2449STMD]          Stochastic and Moving Average chart
sym[1131DG]            O'Neil chart
sym[SDH]               150 Day mean price with 2 standard deviations away from the mean
[2130SDH2;sym          Daily Price Chart with
sym[866FB              Fibonacci Bands


sym[QA]           10 Day Relative Strength (red) 20 Day Moving Average (white)
sym[DU]           Daily Bar Chart with Day Moving Average and Volume at price
sym[DFM]          Distance from Moving Average
sym[DFMW]         Distance: 26 Week Difference
sym[DM1]          Daily: Last Sale (WTD2 and WTD10)
sym[MAC]          Difference: WTD3-WTD9
sym[MAM]          Difference: Monthly
sym[MA1]          Difference: WTD2-WTD10
sym[MA]           Difference: UWT10-UWT30
sym[MVA]          10 Day & 30 Day Moving Average (MVW) for 10 & 30 week MA's
sym[MACD]         Convergence-Divergence
sym[MACP]         Convergence-Divergence (percentage)
sym[MACW]         Difference: WTD3-WTD9 (weekly)
sym[MAW]          Difference: UWT10-UWT30: Last Sale
sym[MCDW]         Convergence-Divergence (weekly)
sym[407MACD]      Convergence-Divergence with 4 and 8 day MA
sym[3891MACD]     Convergence-Divergence Analysis
[1169CIRS;sym]    50 Day Moving Average and Relative vs Local Index (daily)
[1169CIRSW;sym]   50 Day Moving Average and Relative vs Local Index (weekly)
sym[W21030]       2, 10 and 30 period Weighted Moving Averages
sym[1131DG1]      6 mos. price chart with last sale bar, 50 day moving average in blue
sym[1131WG1]      Weekly look at the above with a 50 and 200 day moving average
sym[3733CP]       4.9.18 Day Moving Average (Replaceable)
sym[891MOM]       10 Day moving average of the product of daily change and daily volume
sym[891JSA]       JSA is a moving average that is more sensitive to quick and sharp changes in a data
                    series than other moving averages
sym[1095MACPX]    Convergence / Divergence according to the Gerald Appell creator of the study
                    MACPX = red and green is the crossover of the .22 and the .11 averages
sym[498VMACP]     MACP with Volume and Volume at a price
sym[1095MACPW]    Convergence / Divergence using 4 day, 8 day and 3 day weighted moving averages
sym[1095MACPWX]MD Convergence / Divergence with Momentum
sym[833FAST]      4 Month MACP Analysis
sym[1868MACNW]    Short Term MAC (3;9)
sym[2449MAX;4;8]  Moving Average Crossover

                                                      Page 9
                                          Bridge Commands
sym[2865MACDT]     MACD (top chart)
sym[2865MACDB]     MACD (bottom chart)


sym[TEN]           Trading Envelope - 2X Volatility
sym[TEV;20;2]      Trading Envelope
sym[TVB;20;2]      Trader's Volatility Bar Chart
sym[793TE]         30 Day Trading Envelope
sym[113TEV3]       Trading Envelope calculated with 2 standard deviations over 150 days
sym[BOLL]          Bollinger Bands (green line = last sale; red = 20 day moving average)
sym[438BB]         Same as [BOLL] but with high, low and last sale


sym[RS]            20-Day Relative Strength to S&P 500: Last Sale
sym[RSW]           10-Day Relative Strength to S&P 500: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[RS2W]sym       10-Day Relative Strength to Another Security: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[RS2]sym        20-Period Relative Strength
sym[IRS]           Indexed Relative Strength (Price Range: Stock to S&P 500)
sym[IRSW]          Indexed Relative Strength (Price Range: Stock to S&P 500) (weekly)
sym[IRSM]          Indexed Relative Strength (Price Range: Stock to S&P 500) (monthly)
sym[MCPR]          Moving Average Convergence Divergence
sym[MIRS]sym:sym   Multiple Indexed Relative Strength
sym[1131DG1]       Daily Chart: 50 Day mov Avg, O'Neil-like Relative Strength to S&P 500
sym[1131WG1]       Weekly Chart: 50 Week Mov Avg, O'Neil-like Relative Strength to S&P 500
sym[611MFI]        Volume-Weighted Relative Strength
sym[4327VAL]       Price and 9 Day RSI (2 charts)
[2633CONS          Indexed Relative Strength to TOPIX 1st Stock Price Index


sym[793QA;10;20]   Bar Chart with Relative Strength (red) and Price (white)
sym[3733IRAD]      Indexed Comparison of a stoc to the S&P 500
sym[3098RCMP]      Total annualized return for the last 10 years
sym[MIRS]sym:sym   Multiple Indexed Relative Strength
sym[891ORS]        2 year comparison to S&P 500 with 10 & 40 period moving averages
[XRID]sym:sym      Return Relative to Others
[RTW]sym:sym       Relative Total Weekly Return with Dividends reinvested


sym[SC]            Percentage Change to S&P 500
sym[SCW]           Percentage Change to S&P 500 (weekly)
sym[BETA]          Percentage Change to S&P 500 (weekly)
sym[611SCX]sym     Percentage Change to Another Stock

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                                          Bridge Commands

sym[CMP]sym        Last Sale Comparison (daily)
sym[DIF]sym        Last Sale Difference (daily)
sym[TSPD]sym       Last Sale Difference (intraday)
sym[SPD]sym        Last Sale histogram (weekly)
sym[OL]sym         Last Sale Overlay (daily)
sym[611RATIO]sym   Ratio Between Two Stocks


sym[RPB]           Trading Envelope of Relative Strength (UK)
sym[TC]            Last Sale with 10-day Moving Average + 3% (daily)
sym[TEV]           Last Sale with 10-day Moving Average + 2X Volatility (daily)
sym[TEVW]          Last Sale with 10-day Moving Average + 2X Volatility (weekly)
sym[TVB]           Price Range with 10-day Moving Average + 2X Volatility (daily)
sym[TVBW]          Price Range with 10-day Moving Average + 2X Volatility (weekly)
sym[TEN]           Price Range with 20-day Moving Average + 2X Volatility (daily)
sym[SDH]           150-Period Regression with Two Standard Deviation Bands
sym[BOLL]          20-Day Moving Average and Bollinger Bands with two std deviations
sym[969TE]         Daily Chart: Trading Envelope over 20 Periods
[2130SDH2;sym]     Daily Chart: One Year Regression with 1 and 2 std deviation Bands


sym[3733TSI]       True Strength Index - Doubled or smoothed for truer signal
sym[3733TS]        Short Term of the True Strength Index
sym[3733TSL]       Longer double smoothed moving averages
sym[3733TSV]       True Strength Index with Volume Analysis


sym[DA200]         Moving Average: 50 and 200 Day
sym[DS]            Daily Smoothing: WTD5
sym[MARS]          Moving Average-Relative Strength vs S&P 500
sym[MA3]           Moving Average
sym[MVA]           UWT10: UWT30: Last Sale (daily)
sym{MVW]           UWT10: UWT30: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[MVM]           UWT10: UWT30: Last Sale (monthly)
sym[MA3U]          UWT5: UWT15: UWT45: Last Sale: Volume at Price
sym[PAR]           UWT20: Relative Strength to S&P 500: Last Sale
sym[QA]            UWT20: Relative Strength to S&P 500: Last Sale: Volume at Price

sym[MA]            UWT10-UWT30: Last Sale
sym[MAW}           UWT10-UWT30: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[MAM]           UWT10-UWT30: Last Sale (monthly)


sym[DFM]           26 Day Differences: Last Sale
sym[DFMW]          27 Day Differences: last Sale (weekly)

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sym[ND]               26 Day Normalized Distance: Last Sale
sym[NDW]              27 Day Normalized Distance: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[NDM]              28 Day Normalized Distance: Last Sale (monthly)


sym[VLTD]             Volatility over 40 Days
sym[VLTW]             Volatility over 26 Weeks
sym[VL]               Volatility with Smoothing Factor of 20 (daily)
sym[IVTY]             Implied Volatility: UWT10: UWT30
sym[4327VLTDMA]       40 Day Volatility with a 10 Day Moving Average
[4320VLTY]sym         Indexed Volatility Comparison chart
sym[3733VL3]          Direction of Volatility with weighted 10, 30, 50 day Moving Averages
sym[102VTY]           Volatility Analysis
sym[2468VLT]          Historic 40 Day Volatility
sym[958VLTD;13]       Technical Analysis on Volatility (add /OL to overlay last sale of the stock)



sym[VOL]              UWT5: Last Sale
sym[VOLW]             UWT5: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[AVO]              Percentage of 5 Day Volume: Last Sale
sym[AVOW]             Percentage of 5 Day Volume: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[1169AVOL]         Avg Volume: 10-Day, 30-Day, 60-Day Tabular
sym[969VO]            Daily Chart: Volume in color to indicate Price Change
sym[4327VOYTD;96]     Year to Date Monthly Tabular Volume
sym[4327DVOL]         90 Day Average Volume (tabular)
sym[489VOL3]          UWT 3 Day Moving Average of Volume
sym[2468UDV]          Up Down Volume Analysis
sym[2468OBV]          On Balance Volume
sym[3733BMF]          Basic Money Flow
sym[891UDV]           Ratio of the 50 day up volume to the 50 day down volume with a 10 day MA overlay
sym[3733CP]           4, 9, 18 Day Volume Analysis (replaceable)


sym[RNT]              Relative Volume: Last Sale
sym[RNTW]             Relative Volume: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[RNV]              Percentage of Average Volume: Last Sale
sym[RNVW]             Percentage of Average Volume: Last Sale (weekly)

sym[RBV]              Relative Volume: Last Sale
sym[RBVW]             Relative Volume: Last Sale (weekly)

sym[NTV]           Non-block Tick Volume: Last Sale
sym[NTVW]          Non-block Tick Volume: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[NP]            Percentage of Non-block Tick Volume: Last Sale
sym[NPW]           Percentage of Non-block Tick Volume: Last Sale (weekly)


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sym[BTV]            Block Tick Volume: Last Sale
sym[BTVW]           Block Tick Volume: Last Sale (weekly)
sym[BP]             Percentage of Block Tick Volume: Last Sale
sym[BPW]            Percentage of Block Tick Volume: Last Sale (weekly)


sym[SL]             Share Liquidity
sym[VP]             Volume at a Price
sym[VPW]            Volume at a Price (weekly)


sym[DMI]            ADX-DMI Trend Analysis
sym[1170DMI;14;1]   Directional Movement Index
sym[1170ADX;14]     Average Directional Index (ADX)
sym[1170MIB;14;1]   DMI with +DI, -DI


[BG]                S&P Groups Ranked Top 10 and Bottom 10 Intraday (add /MTD /QTD or /YTD)
[AG]                All 97 S&P Groups Intraday shown with % change
[FP]BRIDX           Fundamental look at Bridge index
[520SECP]           Sector performance - short term- last 30 days
[770RRI]            Russell Index performance intraday
[770RI]             Russell Index performance last 7 months
[FP].FMGG           High Growth Sectors
[FP].QTRIS          S&P Sector Quarterly % Increase
xxx[ECOR]           Earnings Correlation to S&P (xxx =enter sector or group number)
xxx[DCOR]           Dividend Correlation to S&P (xxx =enter sector or group number)
xxx[SCOR]           Sales Correlation to S&P (xxx =enter sector or group number)


[EVX]               Environmental Issues
[CEX]               Chemical Issues
[ETX]               Entertainment Issues
[HCX]               Health Care Issues
[IUX]               Insurance Issues
[RLX]               Retail Issues
[BIX]               Banking Issues
[DJT]               Dow Jones Transports

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News Sources

[N                     News Headlines (all sources)
[HN                    Hot News (all sources)
[BW                    Business Wire
[CN                    Comtex
[DN                    Dow Jones News Service
[GLO                   O Globo (MECA) Brazilian New
[PIR                   Dow Jones Professional Investor Report
[PRN                   PR Newswire
[RN                    Reuters
WSJ                    Wall Street Journal
[BAR                   Barron's
[FIN                   El Financiero Satellite News


[EPS                   Dow Jones Earnings Announcements
[MAR                   Dow Jones Market Headlines
[BON                   Dow Jones Bond Market News
[TNM                   Dow Jones Takeovers and Mergers
[CAN                   Dow Jones Canadian News
[ECO                   Dow Jones Economic Headlines
[CAL                   Dow Jones Calendar of Events
[CMD                   Dow Jones Commodities Headlines
[MEX                   Dow Jones Headlines for Mexican News
[CTRL                  Comtex headlines for Section 13D and 13E Reports
[INTR                  Comtex headlines for Section Form 4S Insider Trades
[REGF                  Comtex headlines for Section Form 144s and Schedule 3s registration of securities
[FED                   Dow Jones Federal Reserve headlines


News Sources

[AFX                   AFX News Limited
[DJC                   European Corporate Report from AP-Dow Jones News Services
[DJF                   Dow Jones Finwire-World Equities Report
[DJW                   Dow Jones World Equities Report
[EXT                   Extel Financial Limited
[IFA                   Financial Times International Finance Alert
[VWD                   VWD-Vereinigte Wirtschagtsdienste GmbH Commodities News

[INTE                  UK Interim Earnings from Extel
[FINE                  UK Final Earnings from Extel
[EXSE                  London Stock Exchange Regulatory Reports
[EXLM                  London Market Reports from Extel
[EXDV                  London Dividends Due and Paid Reports from Extel
[EUN                   Dow Jones Headlines for European News


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News Sources

[AAP               Australian Associated Press
[AFR               Australian Financial Review
[KYO               Kyodo News International Inc
[DJW               Dow Jones World Equities Report
[NEN               Nikkei News
[SPH               Singapore Press Holdings
[BNA               Bernama News


[JN                Dow Jones Headlines for Japanese News


[FDF               Federal Filings
[IBE               I/B/E/S
sym[IBES           Lastest I/B/E/S reports for symbol
sym[Z              Lastest Zacks report for symbol
[SN                Sellside Notes
[SPMP]n            S&P Marketscope Page
[SPMH]n            S&P Marketscope Headlines
[WAS               Washington Service Daily Report
[LST               Extel Last Story
[FC                First Call North America
[FCI               First Call International
[ZA                Zacks Investment

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