Volume 29 Number 10                             October 2010

                          Box 604 Newcastle NSW. 2300
President‘s Report                 5                        CLUB OBJECTIVES
Secretary‘s Report                6-7    1. To promote and foster the Jaguar/Daimler Marque and
Happy Birthday                     7       the sport of automobilism generally in all its branches.
Welcome New Members                7     2. To encourage restoration, preservation and use of all
Social Secretary‘s Report          8       Jaguar motor vehicles and those Daimler vehicles built
                                           by Jaguar Cars during and after 1960.
Harvey Birtwistle‘s X300          10
                                         3. To promote friendship between members of the club
GRILLED                          11-14     socially, in competition and on the road.
The Sex Machine                   15     4. To promote and engender social activities, exhibitions
E Type 50th Anniversary          16-17
September Mid-Week Run           18-21                          DISCLAIMER
Invitation—2011 National Rally    22      In regard to products, services and/or procedures which
                                          are either advertised, mentioned in the editorial content
Broke Village Fair               24-25
                                          of this magazine, members should determine for them-
Club Calendar                    26-27    selves the reliability and/or suitability for their own par-
Gresford Show ‗n‘ Shine          28-32    ticular requirements. Advertisers must ensure at all
Run to the Gardiners‘ Garden      33      times that the products and/or services represented are
Wheels & Wings Tour 2011         34-35    suitable for the intended use and for the nominated vehi-
October MWR                       36      cles. Their representatives, outlets or agents must be
October Meeting in Singleton      37      similarly directed to sell, fit or offer products or services
New Members‘ Breakfast            38      that are suited to the intended use.
2010 Presentation Dinner          39      The Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter Region Inc. cannot
                                          accept responsibility for any product of service state-
2010 Xmas Picnic by the Lake      40
                                          ments made herein, and the opinions or comments from
2011 Mid-west to Sea Circuit     41-42    any contributor are not necessarily those of the Club, its
ACJC Report                      43-44    Committee, its Members or its Editor.
JAGWORD # 12                      45
Solution to JAGWORD # 11          46                **CONCESSIONAL REGISTRATION**
Let‘s Have a Laugh                47      At all times when driven on the road, the member must
Classified Cats                  48-49    carry a financial JDCHR Club membership card (or the
Regalia                          50-51    vehicle is unregistered) and the current magazine show-
ADVERTISERS                               ing the event to which the vehicle is being driven.
English Auto Parts                 4      The Club‘s by-laws also require that a member must at-
Better Spares                      9      tend at least three Club events in a Club-registered vehi-
Jag Independent Services          23      cle per financial year, to maintain his entitlement to club
Triggs Motors                     46      plated registration.
Thomas Jaguar                     52
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2                                      The Hub October 2010
                                                  4959 1382
President              Ian Hissey J.P.            
                                               0425 248 275

Vice President         Allan Starret J.P         4957 6006

Secretary              Robynne Lilly             4966 5909

Treasurer              Alan Calcutt              4997 9726

Events Coordinator Don Anderson                  6573 2084

                                                  6573 3278
Social Secretary       Mary Cox                   
                                               0408 688 605

Elected Member         Steve Bloomfield          4954 6408

Points Secretary       Graeme Gardiner           4988 6650

Plates Registrar       Peter Dwyer               4958 4596

Regalia                Pauline Hopkin            4959 4600

Library                John McAlpine              49489284
                                                  4961 2032
Editor                 Phil McLeod                
                                               0405 339 376
                                                  4959 1382
ACJC Delegate          Ian Hissey                 
                                               0425 248 275

Webmaster              Andrew Haigh              4959 8840

CMC Delegate           Andrew Pointing           9399 5533

                   The Clubs‘ first meeting was held on the 31st of May 1983
                                  MONTHLY CLUB MEETINGS
             Last Tuesday of each month - 7:30pm (no meeting in December),
                Except two Upper Hunter meetings - 7:30pm SINGLETON,
                on the last Friday in March and the last Friday in October
            NEXT MEETING : Friday 29th October 2010 at 7.30pm Singleton

                                         The Hub October 2010                                 3
4   The Hub October 2010
                          FROM THE PRESIDENT
                 It is an elite few car makers that have
                 invoked the passion or following for
                 their marque like Jaguar has. This
                 year we are celebrating the 75th anni-
versary of Jaguar, and the tremendous legacy left by
Sir William Lyons — Grace Space Pace.
There have been some wonderful celebrations
around the world; the 75th drive in England, the
magic of 12 XKSS‘s and all the other Jaguars at
Pebble Beach and our own National Rally in Queen-
sland to name but a few.
Jaguar has always generated a culture of excitement; development of the XK engine, a power-
plant that was advanced for its day — an alloy cylinder head with twin overhead camshafts, twin
carburettors producing 160BHP showcasing the new engine at the launch of the fastest produc-
tion sports car in the world — XK120 at the 1948 British Motor Show. The engine went on to
power the C Type and D Types to famous wins at Le Mans.
                                                Then of course the E Type launch in New York, just
                                                brilliant. Who can forget the motoring press praising
                                                the XJ6 on its release — setting new benchmarks
                                                for all cars. This is but a few of the highlights, there
                                                are so many, and the culture of excitement contin-
                                                ues today with the new XJ‘s and the just shown
                                                CX75 at the Paris Motor Show, all as inspiring as
                                                those Jaguars of earlier years.
Next year the Jaguar National Rally is being held in Canberra, with the theme Celebrating 50
Years of the E Type. We are again looking at a tour down to the Rally for those who would like to
make a trip of it. As usual, when I looked at the map, the road to Canberra goes very crooked in-
deed –to Dubbo then all the way out to West Wyalong before turning back towards Canberra.
And of course, the road out of Canberra for some reason only goes south! So we would go down
thru Cooma to Cann River in Vic, then back up the NSW coast. The draft itinerary in the HUB is
put up for discussion and contribution of where you would like to go and see.
At the moment it is for 12 days from Sunday to Friday, this is to allow for expansion out to say 14
days (or more!) to accommodate the additions of attractions you want to see, or rest days explor-
ing particular area. Please let me know if you are interested in the trip so we can start to book ac-
commodation to get the best deals before it is all booked up.
Another great roll up for our mid week run to the Macadamia farm, thank you everyone for coming,
we only lost Alistair on the way, but maybe he only wanted to come for the scrumptious morning
tea! This month we are off to Brooklyn for fish & chips overlooking the tranquil waterway.
We look forward to seeing everyone at future Club outings, and our Club meeting this
month on Friday night 29th in Singleton, safe and enjoyable driving
                                       The Hub October 2010                                           5
Meeting Opened: 7:35pm
Ian welcomed everyone to tonight‘s meeting especially potential members Dennis
and Pat Lindsay who own a 76 XJ and new members Peter and Lorna Martin who own a XJ8 Sport and
Apologies: Kelly McInnes
Minutes of Previous Meeting: Robynne moved that the minutes be accepted as published Seconded
Paul Barnett
Business Arising: Nil
Correspondence In:
TCIS Motoring Clubs Insurance Renewal
Enquiry from Anthony Knight OAM searching for 1948/9 black Jaguar saloon once owned by Jack Mor-
ton Tallis or Sir George Tallis
Invitation to Jaguar National Rally Canberra Easter 2011
Cams Enthusiasts Car Insurance information
Lumley Specialists Insurance information
Advertising Oasis Shade and Shelters
Advertising Shannon‘s re Le Mans French Connection
New Member application Peter and Lorna Martin Kilaben Bay – 1989 XJS and 2000 4l XJ8 Sport
Fair Trading invitation to attend an Incorporated Association Reform Seminar Maitland
Advertising subscription from Trigg‘s Motors Toronto
Invitation to 2010 Sydney Gold Cup – Concours d Elegance
Membership renewals
Correspondence Out:
Email Welcome to New Members Peter and Lorna Martin
Robynne moved that her Correspondence be accepted Seconded Bob McAlpine
Treasurer: Alan presented and explained the month‘s report to members. Alan moved the adoptions of
his report Seconded Steve Lilly
Social Secretary: Mary reported on the outing to Broke village, which was very successful with about
12 club cars attending. Mary needed numbers of those who will be attending Graeme and Victoria Gar-
deners home on 9th October. Mary explained the weekend trip to Wollongong and Ian has made some
maps and plans of where we will be travelling and the stopovers. Informed members of the calendar
events for the next few months. Mary showed members of the suggested plan for the 2011 National
Rally at Canberra. This is a starting guide and an email will be sent to members so they can add their
suggestions. Mary moved that her Social Secretary report is accepted Seconded Andrew Haigh.
Point Score Secretary: Graeme asked if any had kept attendance numbers while he was away. Mary
has those and will email them to Graeme.
Elected Member: Steve Bloomfield introduced himself to members and explained his position so if any
members need any representation to committee he would be the conduit between members and com-
Librarian: John has bought a box of books into the meeting for members who could be tempted in
6                                         The Hub October 2010
Editor: Phil McLeod explained to members the increase of costs on printing the Hub and how it has
increased from 40 to up to 52 pages plus the increase of membership numbers. Committee has dis-
cussed the options and decided to have the Hub front and rear inside and out cover printed in colour
and plan to adjust the advertising costs which will go towards recouping the increase costs of printing.
General Business: We are getting a new advertiser for the Hub in Cat House Spares. Happy Birthday
to Eddie Wright, whose birthday is tonight. Youth Driving Training next event is in November. The next
monthly meeting will be Friday 29th October at Singleton Heights RSL.
Problem Corner: Bill Whitby has had a problem with his radiator hose leaking on his S Type (modern)
and has ordered a new one from Barrett‘s in England. Nick Coulton‘s Series II roof lining is beginning to
fall down, a few members suggested that he contact Cardiff Motor Trimming. He also has a small crack
on the top of his dashboard and he was advised that he could send it to Dash Restorers at St Peters.
Steve Lilly has a problem with the Daimler 250 V8 head lining backing board which appears to be glued
to the roof but it is coming away in a couple of places and wondered if this board was originally glued in
place or was simply held in on the edges. He wants to make it right for Robynne (this is on record).
Don Anderson asked Andrew if he had a Mark lX diff housing, Andrew has, but wants to keep it for
himself. He also needing a 420 brake master cylinder and wondered if Steve could help, but he also
wanted to keep it as a spare for the V12 E Type. Paul says he has one all in pieces in a box if that
could help.
The Raffle prize of wine donated by Nick Coulton was won by Ailsa Wright.
The meeting closed at 8:36pm
                                                                             Robynne Lilly

The Club Committee, on behalf of all members, would like to extend a warm welcome to
                           the following new members:
                   Dennis and Pat Lindsay, who own a 76 XJ and
            Peter and Lorna Martin, who own an XJ8 Sport and an XJS.
 We hope you enjoy your participation in the Club and we look forward to your company.

                       Members and Family with birthdays in October are :
                 Tony Rudder (1st), Julie Horne (5th), Peter Dwyer (6th)
               Pauline Wilson (7th), Steve Lilly and Harvey Birtwistle (17th)
                        Geoff Lowe (20th) and Ruth Calcutt (31st)
          May your birthdays be filled with good health, laughter and safe driving.
                                        The Hub October 2010                                             7
On Sunday 12th September was the Broke Fair. We arrived about 7.45am to save
the usual spot, then Eddie and Ailsa arrived followed by Robin and Sandra Wolf-
gang. It got to around 9.30am when the other members from Newcastle and Tea Gardens started
to arrive, so we had a great display of about 12 to 14 cars. The weather was great and the park
was full.

The run on Sunday 19th September was to Gresford for a Show ‗n‘ Shine with markets. We met at
Bolwarra Lookout and then the convoy of about 9 cars drove off on a great day to the Old Hospital
Grounds, where we met the other car clubs and parked in the paddock. After lunch some of us
drove into the Gresford Pub to finish off the afternoon.

On Saturday 9th October we will take a drive into the country and visit the home of Graeme and
Victoria Gardiner at Brandy Hill, to see their beautiful garden. We will meet at the Shell Service
Station Heatherbrae at 9.30am, for departure at 9.45am and drive to the picnic area along the
river at Raymond Terrace, for morning tea. When we leave we will go back onto the Highway and
down Italia Road to Seaham. Bring a BBQ or picnic lunch and enjoy the gardens. Please advise
Mary if you are attending, if you didn‘t do so at the September Meeting. See Page 33.

On the weekend of the 23/24th October, I have booked 12 rooms at Figtree, for a weekend to visit
the Motor Museum and the Aircraft Museum. If you are interested, please advise ASAP as rooms
are filling fast. See the advertisement in this issue of Hub. Meet at Caltex on the Freeway at
7.00am, for 7.30am departure. See Pages 34-35.

Saturday 13th November will be the Breakfast Run to Hunter Valley Gardens at Pokolbin. Names
are required for catering at the October Meeting please. See advertisement on Page 38.

Saturday 27th November is our Annual Dinner and Presentation at Club Macquarie. Names are
required by 13th November for catering purposes please. See advertisement on Page 39.

On Sunday 5th December we are visiting the Lake Macquarie Light Rail at Toronto. Entry Fee is
$5.00pp. Bring a picnic lunch. We will meet at Club Macquarie at 9.00am for a 9.30am departure.
Names are needed by the November meeting. Details later in the HUB.

On Saturday 11th December we will have our annual Xmas Picnic. This year it is by the Lake, on
the waterfront at Carey Bay. Bring gifts to value of $10 each, for man and woman. See advertise-
ment on Page 40.

If you have a UHF Receiver, please bring it along to our outings as it can inform where you
are if you get held up at lights or need to pull over. Thanks.

Happy Motoring,                                                                Mary Cox
                                                                              Social Secretary
8                                     The Hub October 2010
The Hub October 2010   9
                                          Observant readers of last Month‘s HUB will have noticed
                                          that the Editor had to use a ―ring– in‖ photo of Harvey
                                          Birtwistle‘s Jaguar X300 that won a Gold Award in the
                                          Concours d‘Elegance, and Best-in-Class, at the recent
                                          All British Day at Kings School Parramatta. That‘s be-
                                          cause, until the completion of judging, the Concours
                                          entries are roped off and quarantined from mere mortals
                                          and their grubby fingers (and cameras).

                                            Harvey‘s immaculate and genuinely original X300 has
                                            quite a history of similar accomplishments. Harvey
bought the car in August 2006 from Classic Autos Australia in Brisbane. It is a 1996 X300 XJ6
Sport with 4.0 litre 6 cylinder engine (the AJ16). Its colour is stunningly perfect Carnival Red, with
Oatmeal interior.

This Jaguar has a fine pedigree of Con-
cours success, before this win in August. In
both NSW and Queensland, under the
previous owner and then Harvey, it has:

 won the NSW Concours d'Elegance
  (2001) and a Gold Award (2010).
 in the Australian National Concours a
  second in d'Etat (2000) and a first in
  d'Elegance (2003).
 in the Qld Concours it has had two wins
  in d'Elegance (2002 & 2003) and two
  seconds in d'Elegance (2004 & 2009) as well as a Gold Award in d'Etat (2008).
 The Noosa Classic it has been a Runner Up (2007) and Winner in the Best British Saloon
  Class (2009).

                                                                 We are indeed lucky that Harvey
                                                                 has moved south, and allowed us
                                                                 in the Jaguar Drivers‘ Club Hunter
                                                                 Region, to have such a vehicle in
                                                                 our midst.

                                                                 Congratulations Harvey!

                                                                                         The Editor

10                                     The Hub October 2010
                                                  - a segment featuring Club
                                                   members and their cars

This month‘s member(s):
         Garry (frog) Morris (and Rhonda)

What Jaguar(s) do you currently own?
         A jet black on magnolia trim 1989 XJS
        drophead coupe. Its Jaguar Heritage
        Certificate shows vehicle built April
        1989 exported to Hong Kong that year,
        brought to Australia by Jagdaim of
        Melbourne in 2003 with 47000km on
        the speedo after the original V12 en-
        gine suffered damage from a fire. It
        was then fitted with an AJ6 4 litre engine and four speed ZF transmission with the
        diff re-ratioed to suit. The conversion although apparently complex to carry out,
        has worked beautifully, returning fuel figures the same as an XJ40 and satisfying
        performance as well.

What was your first jaguar?
        A Mark 10 which I was required to buy in conjunction with a Daimler DS420 limo I
        wanted to buy.

When did you get your first Jaguar? 1995

                                                What is your daily drive?
                                                Currently a Nissan Pathfinder 2006 2.5
                                                litre diesel 4x4 or the wife‘s Honda Jazz
                                                when she pinches the Nissan for duties
                                                with the animal welfare league.

                                                How did you first get interested in Jaguars?
                                                Actually it was during my apprenticeship
                                                as a mechanic at ―Tomwal Motor Repairs‖
                                                in Darlinghurst Sydney, a private and
                                                small outfit with a very loyal following of
                                                                .... continued on Page 12
                                   The Hub October 2010                                  11
             GRILLED—GARRY MORRIS (cont‘d)
     My employer Tom Burton was a Jaguar lover and had his own Jaguars and custom-
     ers‘, as well as being recommended by Bryson Industries when they needed sup-
     port for their customers, including several ―E‖ Types.

     Tom was regarded as an expert with SU carburettors and Jaguar tuning. As an ap-
     prentice I wasn‘t allowed to perform many repairs to Jaguars - only the most simple
     servicing. Holdens, Fords and lesser European breeds were my main domain. If I
     had worked particularly hard during the week and an E Type was in the shop, Tom
     would say ―get your overalls off – we‘re going for a run. That meant a very quick
     trip to Sydney‘s Centennial Park, where Tom would show how to get an E Type flat
     out through the corners leading on to straight in front of the Sydney Cricket
     Ground, and up to 100mph, yes 100mph down the straight, and still have room for
     braking at the end of the straight.

                                                                Some years later, we
                                                                moved to Thornton
                                                                and while driving
                                                                trucks for a living, I
                                                                was lucky enough to
                                                                buy a Daimler SP250
                                                                from my employer Joe
                                                                Sepos, whom some
                                                                club members would
                                                                know. That led to the
                                                                opportunity to buy a
                                                                Series 2 E Type from a
                                                                car yard in Islington,
                                                                but the insurance cost
       was more than twice the amount to change over from the SP250, so that didn‘t
       happen. Again several years later, I purchased the Daimler DS420 and Mark 10
       and registered ―Camelot Limousines‖ as wedding car operators. We only ran
       Jaguars and eventually had the Daimler, a Mark 5, Mark 9 Mark 10, a Series 2 XJ6
       and a Series 3 XJ6.

       When I eventually sold the wedding cars after 13 years operating, I was really sad
       to see the Mark 10 go, as it had been used as a family car as well and was always
       my favourite. The 3.8 engine was faultless during the entire time we owned it. I
       upgraded the old Dunlop brakes to Series 2 XJ brakes with the more modern
       booster - not as easy as it sounds, along with 15 inch Series 2 wheels. The Mark
       10 was the only Jaguar model to be originally factory fitted with 14 inch wheels,
       which were changed to 15 inch for the 420G. The brake upgrade cured the lack of
       stopping quickly. Have you ever noticed that bonnets for this model are as rare
       as hen‘s teeth? That‘s due to the Dunlop brakes.
12                              The Hub October 2010
I basically couldn‘t find a buyer
for the Series 2 XJ6 so it moved
to Narooma with us and was
the first Jaguar to join the
―Southern Chapter‖ of the
J.D.C.H.R. I was looking on the
internet and for some reason
went to the ―Jagdaim‖ site, and
―bless their cotton sox‖ they
had a black XJS drophead for
sale. After negotiating in se-
cret, i.e. without the bride being
aware, via e-mail, we struck a
deal which included trading in
the Series 2, which I believe is now an XJ sprinter.

The bride and I travelled to Melbourne to pick up ―Tina‖ as she is now known, and started
for home. At least one of ―me‖ was happy, but the other 50% of us, was not overly im-
pressed spending money on Jaguars again. No problem, when I insisted Rhonda take the
wheel for the mountains and curves part of the trip home, she wasn‘t much interested. But
she agreed, if only to get some peace, and after about 250km guess who fell in love with
Tina as well?

 To date we‘ve done over 20,000km of touring with Tina and all is wonderful. I always had a
soft spot for the XJS model in general. Rhonda always said that the soft spot was between
my ears, now she has a different opinion about the XJS.

                                    Did I mention that during my ―formative‖ years of ap-
                                    prenticeship, a Jaguar was the last car I would have
                                    bought, just looking under the bonnet of a Mark 2 could
                                    discourage any mechanic. Oh, how things change!
                                    Take for example the acquisition of Jaguar by Tata Mo-
                                    tors. I was at first really concerned about the history
                                    and the products of Jaguar. My son Scott said, ―Dad,
                                    they have billions of dollars to throw at Jag and Land
                                    Rover, so things will only get better‖. He was right, we
                                    now have the best Jaguars ever built and sales are
                                                                  ....continued on Page 14

                                    The Hub October 2010                                 13
                 GRILLED—GARRY MORRIS (cont‘d)
Any unfulfilled jaguar wishes?
          I would really love to get the Mark 10 back or perhaps a really nice XJ40.
What kind of driving do you do in your Jaguar(s)?
          Weekends and tours with the J.D.C.H.R. when possible, as well as trips to Mait-
         land and Sydney to visit the kids. I‘ve heard it said that even if you only get to
         drop the roof once a year, it is still worth having a convertible. We have it down a
         lot and it is astonishing how good you feel, just watching the peasants drooling
         as you pass them. We took Tina to Tasmania and Queensland with the club and
         enjoyed it immensely and are now looking forward to Canberra next year and then
         on to the west.
How much of the work on your jaguar(s) do you do yourself as opposed to outsourcing?
       All mechanical work that doesn‘t require electronic diagnostic equipment, but I
       believe panel work and paint is best left to specialists.
What cars or interests appeal to you, other than Jaguars?
         We have had sports Nissans, Land Rovers, Holdens, and various Fords; my son
         has a Volkswagen R32 which I have driven, now that is a really interesting road
         going rocket. I really like that. As well as some American muscle cars, they don‘t
         have the finesse of Jaguars, but they are far more simple. As the for other inter-
         ests, living next to the beach, I enjoy ―bird watching‖ in summer - you know, Aus-
         tralia‘s best ―fauna‖ …. the red bottom beach runner, the big breasted teet wob-
         blers etc.
          And, from a subsequent email from Garry, the son‘s VW R32 has given way to another
          exotic that Garry would love to try out:
          He picks up his new..."read 4 month old" Audi TTRS on Friday this
          week - 2.5 litre, five cylinder turbo charged petrol, 250 kilowatts,
          450 newton meters of torque from 1700rpm and weighs 1450kg, He
          probably won't let an old fart like me drive it but it is food for
          thought. “Me, I still love my Jags”.
          What happened to the days when an XJ6 SERIES 3 or an XJS V12
          was considered an extremely powerful car?
Best driving experience?
           XJS, Tina. She is soooo comfortable on long trips, has long legs, great fuel econ-
           omy and looks great when driven by ‗frogs‖
Worst driving experience?
          Holden Commodore SS VT 2. The suspension was rock hard; they still don‘t un-
          derstand progressive rate springs; the steering was so so, the traction control
          was pathetic, and believe me they have no strength in the roof.

Our thanks to Garry for this fascinating story about his passion
                                                                   - Editor

14                                    The Hub October 2010
            THE SEX MACHINE.....
                           ...... Ian Hissey on ABC Newcastle radio
                           Thursday 23rd September was a special day for Jaguar devotees all
                           over the world. - the 75th Anniversary of Jaguar. On that day Newcas-
                           tle‘s ABC radio station 2NC (1233AM) did a piece on this historic event,
                           and when they sought out a local expert, who better than our President,
                           Ian Hissey?
                           Obviously their presenter Paul Bevan is a man of taste, as he intro-
                           duced the item by referring to Jaguars as having a special mystique,
                           and being regarded by men and women, but particularly men, as ―the
                           sex machine‖. Naturally Ian agreed.
                            Paul took Ian back to the earliest Jaguar SS 2.5litre, and gave Ian an
                            opportunity to talk about the heritage and development of Jaguars over
the years, founded on the ―Grace Space Pace‖ ideology of Sir William Lyons. There was also a
great opportunity for Ian to give our Club a big plug. He referred to the diverse range of people
who make up the Club and promoted it as happy, forward-looking and successful.
Well done Ian.
From Jaguar‘s 75th Anniversary press Release:
   “This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Jaguar name, and 75 years of looking forward,
   designing and building cars that represent the very best of technical innovation, design leader-
   ship and sporting success.

   Mike O'Driscoll, Managing Director of Jaguar Cars, said: "In 2010 we celebrate our past, and
   75 years of designing and building cars that celebrate the art of automobile making. We're also
   celebrating the promise of the future, and the introduction of the all-new XJ. In just three years
   we've completely revitalized the Jaguar line-up with the launch of three beautiful fast cars".

   Just a few years ago Jaguar set out to re-make the brand and to revitalize the model range. It
   started in 2008 with the introduction of the all-new award-winning XF. This four door, five seat
   car has the looks of a coupe and the heart of a sports car. In 2009 Jaguar re-engineered the
   XK coupe and convertible, and in the process created one of the world's great grand tourers.
   And, 2010 sees the beginning of sales of the ground-breaking XJ, which incorporates all of the
   virtues that make a Jaguar.
   The 'Jaguar' name was an ideal choice - it repre-
   sented the feline grace and elegance, power and
   agility that set his cars apart. Sir William once
   said that a car "was the closest thing we can
   create to something that is alive", a sentiment
   that has stood the test of time. The new brand
   name captured the essence of all of the cars
   created from that point forward.”

                                      The Hub October 2010                                         15
        - An article from Ian Hissey
How will you be celebrating the Jaguar E-Type‘s 50th Anniversary?
In 2011 the iconic Jaguar E-Type celebrates its 50th anniversary and to celebrate Jaguar Heritage
has announced a series of races with FIA specification E-Types to run during that year.
The races will be run with the Historic Sports
Car Club and are planned to be held at pres-
tigious race meetings around the UK
(Silverstone, Oulton Park and Brands Hatch
are already confirmed) and also one in
(See JDHT press release for more details)
And just to get us all in the mood, in 2010 the
Jaguar Enthusiast‘s Club and Aston Martin
Owners Club have pencilled in an FIA E-Type
versus Aston Martin DB4 race at Oulton Park

                                                     Jaguar E Types Racing Oulton Park 1961

                                                  on September 18th. This will be a 20-minute prac-
                                                  tice and 30-minute race.
                                                   50 years of the glorious E-Type .. is it your ulti-
                                                   mate historic sports car? It‘s definitely near the
                                                   top of our list!

        E Type racer Le Mans 1963

We are so excited about these events; we
                                                           Le Mans 1962 - E Type FHC
can‘t wait to join in the celebrations and
                                                                   private entry of
hope to ensure as many people as possible
                                                        John Coundley & Maurice Charles
get to take part!
If you are looking to take part in any of these events you still have time to have the ultimate ma-
chine built, or have your own thoroughbred prepared.
16                                     The Hub October 2010
JDHT press release:

In 1961, Jaguar created what would
become one of the most famous
marques in the world, the iconic E-
Type Jaguar. To mark the milestone
of reaching 50 years, Jaguar Heri-
tage is delighted to announce a se-
ries of races with FIA specification E
-Types which will take place in 2011.
In conjunction with the Historic
Sports Car Club, three to four races
are planned at prestigious race
meetings around the UK, already
confirmed are races at Silverstone,
Oulton Park and Brands Hatch with
another venue to follow and also one
in Europe. The event format will consist of a practice session for qualifying and a minimum of a 30
minute race.
Peter Mitchell of the Jaguar Heritage Trust is fully supportive of the celebrations saying: "The 50th
anniversary of the famous Jaguar E-Type is a milestone well worth celebrating and in what better
way than announcing a race series featuring the cars themselves.
We are confident that these races will be extremely popular and that they will attract owners and
drivers alike."
Despite this new race series being over a year
away, planning is underway and excitement is
gearing up. These special races are expected
to be heavily subscribed so entrants are en-
couraged to apply as soon as possible.
Jaguar Heritage is currently looking for suit-
able cars and drivers to enter the races.

                                                            1963 RAC Tourist Trophy -
                                                             Roy Salvadori in the #9
                                                          Jaguar E-type Roadster of C.T.
                                         The Hub October 2010                                     17
                           SEPTEMBER MID-WEEK RUN
      Macadamia Farm, Medowie —Thursday 16th September, 2010
After gathering at Club Macquarie, members proceeded in convoy to Bar Beach carpark to appre-
ciate the idyllic location over a cup of morning tea. And idyllic it was – nature had turned on a
perfect Spring day. The group at this stage included Ian and Byron Hissey, Alistair McIlroy, Phil
McLeod, John & Jill Heagney, Bill Whitby. On arrival at Bar Beach, the group was joined by John
Moremon and Harvey Birtwistle.

      From right: Series 1 (Byron Hissey), Series 2 (Phil McLeod) and Series 3
      (Alistair McIlroy) lined up ready to leave from Club Macquarie
After enjoying the short beachside break, the assembled Jaguars set out on a picturesque drive
around the Newcastle foreshore, over the new Tourle St bridge, across Kooragang Island to
Stockton bridge and Fern Bay where we had agreed to reassemble.

Lucky we‘ve got the
day off! From left, Jill
and John Heagney,
Alistair McIlroy, Har-
vey Birtwistle, John
Moremon, Byron and
Ian Hissey and Bill
Whitby, with one of
NSW‘s best stretches
of beach as a morn-
ing tea backdrop

The drive up through Williamtown to Medowie was uneventful except that Alistair peeled off (or
was he lost?) to go elsewhere. The remainder arrived at the Macadamia Farm to be directed to a
grassed parking area outside the property alongside the road. Somewhere in the meantime we
had been joined by Steve and Robynne Lilly, Peter Gaunt with Margaret, and Paul Barnett.
Lunch was of course dominated by macadamia nuts, including delicious pumpkin/macadamia
soup, macadamia ice-cream and other edible goodies.
18                                   The Hub October 2010
Above and below: The lineup at Bar Beach for morning tea - Harvey Birtwistle
XJ6 300, John Moremon XJ8, John & Jill Heagney XJS, Phil McLeod XJ6 S2,
Ian & Byron Hissey XJ6 S1, Alistair McIlroy XJ6 S3 Sovereign

                 John Moremon‘s aluminium bodied 2003 XJ8

                             The Hub October 2010                              19
                      MACADAMIA FARM (cont‘d)

                                                                       Obviously the
                                                                       cars were more
                                                                       attractive than
                                                                       the coffee, for

Below: Enjoying lunch at the Macadamia farm—from left: Bill Whitby, Harvey
Birtwistle, Peter Gaunt & Margaret, John Moremon, Byron Hissey, Paul Bar-
nett (wanting to leave the room!),John Heagney, Steve and Robynne Lilly

20                               The Hub October 2010
Right:    Harvey
Birwistle shield-
ing his eyes from
the glare reflect-
ing off Peter
Gaunt‘s beautiful
and very shiny

Below: ready for
a Le Mans start to
go home after a
pleasant day at
the Macadamia
Farm, Medowie

About Macadamia Nuts.....
Macadamias are highly nutritious nuts. They have the highest amount of beneficial monounsatu-
rated fats of any known nut. They also contain 9% protein, 9% carbohydrate, 2% dietary fibre, as
well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, selenium, iron, thiamine,riboflavin and niacin.
Macadamia oil is prized for containing approximately 22% of the omega-7 palmitoleic acid, which
makes it a botanical alternative to mink oil, which contains approximately 17%. This relatively high
content of "cushiony" palmitoleic acid plus macadamia's high oxidative stability make it a desirable
ingredient in cosmetics, especially skincare.—from

                                      The Hub October 2010                                       21
IN Canberra 2011
All Jaguar car enthusiasts,

Autumn is a special time of the year in Canberra with its changing colours of nature and this
makes a great setting for the 42 nd National Jaguar Rally in 2011. The Jaguar Drivers‘ Club of
Canberra is hosting this event and has planned a full and varied program of activities that should
cater to all interests.

The theme of our Rally will be the 50 th anniversary of the release of the E Type Jaguar. There
will be special displays of this model at a couple of the planned events and we are encouraging
all owners of E Type Jaguars to join in the Rally celebrations in Canberra at Easter 2011. Of
course, the nature of a National Rally is that all Jaguar owners are encouraged to attend and the
greater the variety of different Jaguar models, the better the Rally.

Many enthusiasts use the National Rally as the means of maintaining contact with distant friends
made over the years and this helps contribute to the spirit of the event. The Rally is also an
opportunity to make new friends. We hope the plans we have for the Rally will help bring these
opportunities together.

Our Rally headquarters will be a recently refurbished hotel near the city that has secure parking.
There will be a number of accommodation options including apartments with undercover parking.
As the Canberra Rally usually attracts a large number of Jaguar enthusiasts from around Austra-
lia, I would encourage anyone contemplating attendance to lodge their applications early to en-
sure their accommodation preferences are met. In particular, I would urge those intending to
participate in the concours events to register early to ensure the option of covered secure park-
ing for their vehicles.

We will also have a rare print for auction at the formal dinner that portrays events at Le Mans in
the 1950‘s and also has the signatures of a number of the notable Jaguar players of that era.
This is an opportunity to secure a piece of Jaguar history that is not likely to be repeated easily.
The print (and authentication documents) will be on display at the Welcome Reception to whet
your appetite.

So put Easter 2011 in your calendar for the National Jaguar Rally in Canberra. Details of the
Rally program and the registration documents are on our website at

We look forward to seeing you here.

Larry Roux, Rally Director, JDCC

22                                    The Hub October 2010

Our Spare Parts Department supplies parts
           for all model Jaguars
With years of experience in supplying Jaguar spare
parts, Bob Wiseman will be able to find the precious
part you need.
  A new service department and mechanical re-
        pairs workshop is now available

Ph: 02 9898 1700                  Fax: 02 9898 1711
Please note our new address:

           37 Antoine St Rydalmere 2116

Or see us on the web at:


                           The Hub October 2010        23
                              BROKE VILLAGE FAIR
On Sunday 12th September, Club members rendezvoused bright and early (7.15am!) to drive via
Seahampton and Kurri Kurri, Cessnock and Pokolbin, to the village of Broke, for the 27th annual
Broke Village Fair. This enjoyable day was made moreso by a fine collection of 13 Jaguars on
display. Here are some photos supplied by Mary Cox.

                                                           Left: Chatting on arrival are
                                                           Ailsa Wright, Harvey Birtwistle,
                                                           Margaret and Roger Holt, Alis-
                                                           tair McIlroy and Eddie Wright

                                                           Below: Graeme Cox‘s Series 3,
                                                           Davis Merryweather‘s Mark 2,
                                                           and Barry Price‘s XJ40

Right:    Eddie
&Ailsa Wright‘s
Series 2 keeps
company with
the XJS‘s of
Robin & Sandra
Wolfgang and
Peter Gaunt

24                                  The Hub October 2010
Right: Having amusing conver-
sation, from left, Andrew Haigh,
Robynne Lilly, Grahame Horne,
Ailsa and Eddie Wright

Below: Roger and Margaret
Holt‘s XF, flanked by Andrew
Haigh‘s Mark 2 and Alistair
McIlroy‘s S3 Sovereign

                                              The complete list of club members who at-
                                              tended this run was:
                                              Graeme and Mary Cox Series III XJ
                                              Eddie and Ailsa Wright Series II XJ
                                              Robin and Sandra Wolfgang XJS V12
                                              David Merryweather             MK II
                                              Reg and Helen King             XJ40
                                              Roger and Margaret Holt        XF
                                              Andrew and Nicole Haigh        MKII
                                              Nick Coulton                   XJ8
                                              Barry Price                    XJ40
                                              Grahame Horne                  XJ40
                                              Paul Barnett                  Series III E Type
John Sullivan               ----             Peter Gaunt and Margaret       XJ Series III V12
Don Anderson                --—

                                                          Left: Alistair McIlroy
                                                          and Graeme Cox

                                   The Hub October 2010                                   25
                     OFFICIAL CLUB CALENDAR 2010
  Sat    09/10/10   *    Visit to Graeme and Victoria Gardiner‘s garden at Brandy Hill (page 33)
  Thu    14/10/10   *    October Mid-Week Run (page 36)
Sat-Sun 23-24/10/10 *    Wollongong Wheels and Wings Tour (page 34-35)
  Fri    29/10/10   *    Monthly Meeting, Singleton, 7.30pm (page 37)

  Sat     13/11/10    * New Members‘ Breakfast Hunter Valley Gardens (page 38)
  Sat     27/11/10    * Presentation Dinner Club Macquarie (see page 39)
  Tue     30/11/10    * Monthly meeting, Club Macquarie, 7.30pm

  Sun     05/12/10    * Visit to Lake Macquarie Light Rail, Toronto (details later)
  Sat     11/12/10    * Christmas Picnic by the Lake (page 40)

                     *       Denotes Point Score Event
                     **      Denotes Club Championship Event
        NOTE: Events subject to change – check Club website

26                                The Hub October 2010
   Sun       10/10/10 Concours d‘Elegance, Manly
  Sat-Sun   16-17/10/10 Hillclimb King Edward Park, Newcastle
  Sat-Sun   23-24/10/10 NSW Motor Racing Championship, Eastern Creek

    Sat      06/11/10     Young Driver Training Ringwood Circuit
   Sun       14/11/10     2010 Global Village Motofest & Fair Muswellbrook Showground
   Sun       21/11/10     8 Hour Production Car race Eastern Creek
  Fri-Sun   26-28/11/10   Tasman Revival Historic Racing, Eastern Creek



  Fri-Sun   04-06/02/11 Armorall 12 Hour Bathurst

                <>    Club Plate Vehicles are eligible to attend these events
                <>    These events do not attract Club Points
               NOTE: Events subject to change – check Club websites

                                The Hub October 2010                                    27
                        GRESFORD SHOW ‗N‘ SHINE

                                                          The JDCHR lines up in the paddock

Gresford is one of those rural villages, of which we have a number in the Hunter Valley, that are
always good for a visit. They‘re so close, it‘s such a nice country drive, and you always feel that
you‘ve left the city stress behind. So everyone looked forward to the Club‘s run to the Gresford
Show ‗n‘ Shine, which was held in conjunction with the Gresford Community Markets, in the
grounds of Clevedon Homestead, just south of the town.
A visit by daughter and son-in-law with toddler grandson prevented the Editor from attending in the
proper style with the Jaguar, but we eventually made it in time by Subaru, for the last of the sau-
sages, scones with jam and cream, and for me, a look at most of the cars on display.
Six car clubs had been invited to the event, and
there was a diverse range of vehicles on display.
Many Holdens were encountered heading back
towards Newcastle as we went north to Gresford,
so they were thin on the ground at the site. But a
lovely EH from 1963-64 stayed behind, and won
the prize for best original car (right).
Other prizewinning cars included a gorgeous
1939 Buick 2 door Coupe, which was voted
―Peoples‘ Choice‖ (below).

                                                       The organisers Maitland Classic Motoring
                                                       Association, publically thanked the Clubs
                                                       in attendance, saying that visitor numbers
                                                       at these markets had never been this
                                                       large—so much so that they ran out of
                                                       sausages and the toilets overflowed! Such
                                                       is success.
                                                       The market stalls seemed to be well pa-
                                                       tronised and appeared to be more attrac-
                                                       tive to some people than the cars—I‘ll
                                                       never understand that!

28                                    The Hub October 2010
Clevedon is a gracious and impressive building on land originally belonging to the pioneering
Townshend family. Built in 1900 it is a late Victorian family home with original oak ceilings, veran-
dah posts and cedar joinery. It lends itself to
this type of event, and there was plenty of
room (and plenty of grass) on the adjoining
paddock for lots of cars.

                               Mary     Cox
                               and      her
                               friends from
                               the markets

                     Right: Eddie &
                     Ailsa Wright‘s XJ6
                     next to Paul Bar-
                     nett‘s E Type

                                                                         Left: Harvey Birt-
                                                                         wistle‘s X300 with
                                                                         Ian & Byron His-
                                                                         sey‘s Series 1 and

   Right: Congenial lunch
   with Brian and Sue
   Dixon (closest ), Eddie &
   Ailsa Wright, and Mary
   Cox with her sister Pat
   and niece Donna

                                      The Hub October 2010                                        29
           GRESFORD SHOW ‗N‘ SHINE (cont‘d)
                          Left: Harvey Birt-
                          w i st l e, p lu s
                          friends     from
                          Queensland, with
                          Kelly McInnes
                          and Bill Whitby

                          Right:    Lyn
                          McSweeney and
                          John Moremon

                                        Left: This red early Porsche 356
                                        Speedster was an item of in-
                                        tense interest amongst Jaguar

Right: Ian Hissey,
Jan Hissey, Paul
Barnett and Byron

30                   The Hub October 2010
                                                                Left: A coalition of
                                                                the willing, car
                                                                American        and

Above: Lyn McSweeney windowless shopping                Above: Paul Barnett and an admirer—
                                                        or was it the E Type?
The full list of Club attendees was:

Mary Cox                                XJ12 Barry and Therese Price               XJ40
Graeme Cox                              XJ4.2 Jan and Pam Grabowski                XJS Series
Ian and Jan Hissey                      V12 Sue and Brian Dixon                    MKII
Byron Hissey                            4.2    John Moremon and Lyn                XJ8
Eddie and Ailsa Wright                  XJ6 Paul Barnett                           E Type
Bill Whitby & Kelly McInnes             S Type
Harvey Birtwhistle                      XJ Sport
Phil Smith and Margaret                 —-     Phil & Julianne McLeod              ——

                                                          Below: The Holden Club before
                                                          their departure

                                       The Hub October 2010                                 31
             GRESFORD SHOW ‗N‘ SHINE (cont‘d)
                                                  Left: An XJ6 Series 1 with V8 engine
                                                  from the Newcastle Restored Vehicle

                                                  Below: More good Aussie nostalgia—
                                                  Holden HK Monaro GTS

Below: Now that‘s more like it! Paul
Barnett‘s E Type and Graeme and
Mary Cox‘s XJ12

                                                   Below: Social secretary Mary Cox
                                                   provides a briefing for those intending
                                                   to go on our October weekend away
                                                   in Wollongong—see          Wheels and
                                                   Wings, Page 34-35

                                       - Pictures by Mary Cox, Ian Hissey and Phil McLeod
32                                The Hub October 2010
The Hub October 2010   33
34   The Hub October 2010
The Hub October 2010   35
36   The Hub October 2010

                   Drive to Singleton
                   Drive New England Highway thru Singleton
                   Across Hunter River
                   Turn 1st Right at Bridgeman RD (lights)
 RSL               Turn 1st Left into Blaxland Ave
                   Turn 3rd Left into Dorsman Drive
                   Turn Right into RSL

            The Hub October 2010                         37
Date:   Saturday 13th of November
                                                         Come along and meet
Start: Rendezvous Point Club Macquarie
                                                         our new members and
Time: 07:30 for a 07:45 start                            catch up with current
07:45 Argenton to Seahampton               08 klms
                                                         members over Club-
08:00 Seahampton to Kurri Kurri            17 klms
08:15 Kurri Kurri to Cessnock              15 klms
                                                         provided hot sausage,
08:30 Cessnock to Broke Rd Pokolbin        09 klms       bacon & eggs and bread
Total distance                             49 klms

                                                     For catering please RSVP by 29th October
                                                     Please call: Mary Cox 6573 3278

     Come along from Club Macquarie or join us on the way
38                                  The Hub October 2010
The Hub October 2010   39
40   The Hub October 2010
2011 Jaguar National Rally

    The Hub October 2010     41
                           DRAFT ITINERARY
Day      Date       Activity
 01     Mon 18      Newcastle to Denman to Dubbo (overnight)
 02      Tue 19     Dubbo to Condobalin to West Wyalong (overnight)

 03     Wed 20      West Wyalong to Griffith (overnight)

 04      Thu 21     Griffith to Cootamundra to Canberra (4 nights)

 05      Fri 22     Canberra — Sightseeing, National Rally Registration
 06      Sat 23     Canberra — National Rally Display Day

 07      Sun 24     Canberra — National Rally Tour
 08     Mon 25      Canberra to Cooma (overnight)
 09      Tue 26     Cooma to Cann River (overnight)
 10     Wed 27      Cann River to Narooma (overnight)
 11      Thu 28     Narooma to Batemans Bay (overnight)
 12      Fri 29     Batemans Bay to Kiama (overnight)
 13      Sat 30     Kiama to Newcastle

The above Draft Itinerary, and the map on the previous page, have been put together by Presi-
dent Ian Hissey, who has a great record of dreaming up wonderful trips away, especially those
associated with the Annual Jaguar Rally.

The Committee decided to make it available in the
HUB so that members could provide feedback, and
contribute any ideas they might have to add to the

Please let Ian know, or contact the member repre-
sentative Steve Bloomfield—contract details are on
Page 3.

42                                  The Hub October 2010
                        ACJC MEETING – AUGUST, 2010
The latest meeting of the delegates to the ACJC took place on
Sunday, 15th August, 2010 and here are some key points from that meeting.
Jaguar Australia
Kevin Goult is the newly appointed General Manager of Jaguar Australia. Born 3
kms from Browns Lane Kevin joined Rover/Land Rover at the age of 16. After com-
pleting his apprenticeship he spent 10 years in engineering being one of the design-
ers of the X350. Transferring to sales with Land Rover, Kevin returned to Jaguar after
moving to Australia 5 years ago.
Kevin reported on the recent successful Australian launch of the XJ in Queensland. Five
vehicles were flown in for journos to test with part of the time being spent on a 300km
Nurburgring-type course with hills, curves and the like. Phil King in a recent piece rated
the XJ very highly whilst the story is told of a customer who had always wanted a Jaguar
and traded in his Toyota Corolla for a $240k XJ.
Major points noted by Kevin included:
 Mike O‘Driscoll, the new Managing Director at Jaguar, plans to come to the Sydney
   Motor Show this year. Jaguar will display 3 XF‘s (in which people can sit) plus a lim-
   ited edition white XKR and an XJ Super Sport 375Kw
 Call for the diesel variant of the XF is very high now fuel at the pump is better. In the
  UK 50% of sales are for the diesel and journos have praised it highly.
 Jaguar is basking in the success of the XJ with 1,000 sold in the UK and 500-600
  in the USA since launch. In China in their first month 104 were sold. Manufactur-
  ing will happen in China in order to avoid the prohibitive taxes on imported cars.
 25,000 XF‘s have been sold in the UK whilst in Australia 72 were sold in July,
  The XF entry level price of $99,990 including metallic paint is a winner. To
  achieve this slight variations have been made such as a 10-way seat in lieu of a
  14-way one. The 17‖ inch wheels have been well accepted along with the
  slightly reduced leather specification.
 JA has been accommodating the idea of supplying custom-designed vehicles for
  customers now rather than in many months. This can be done since, with lower
  sales volume, JA is more nimble. They will airfreight cars out if appropriate
  thereby saving 6 weeks in the process. Only two other suppliers will do this, Fer-
  rari and Maserati.
 Jaguar Financial Services, underwritten by Capital Finance, has been estab-
 There is uncertainty as to how the Jaguar/Volvo mix currently operating in

                                           The Hub October 2010                               43
                 ACJC Report (cont‘d):
    some dealerships will go following the sale of Volvo to China. Increased co-operation in order to
     strengthen the group will take place between the 19 Jaguar and 34 Land Rover dealerships. There
     is likely to be two to three new service centres and the Newcastle dealership is about to open.
National Concours Trophies.
Following the decision of the ACJC delegates last year to award six extra trophies to encourage in-
creased participation in the National Concours, and to address the imbalance previously existing in fa-
vour of older cars, a submission was received suggesting that the Chassis-based category should be
split into three viz.
(1)       SS, Mark IV, Mark V
(2)       (2) Mark VII, Mark VIII, Mark IX
(3)       (3) XK120, XK140, XK150, C-Type, D-Type
Whilst fully aware that the C and D do not have a chassis, it was decided to maintain them in the group
which shares the XK prefix. The Council agreed to expand the ―Chassis‖ category hoping this will be an
incentive to owners of cars in those three groupings to enter the various Concours in larger numbers than
has been the case of recent years.
A submission received proposed more recognition be given to entrants in the d‘Etat category. The Council
believes that d‘Etat is but a stepping-stone to entry within the d‘Elegance category but agreed to the sugges-
tion that two trophies be awarded in addition to the overall winner‘s trophy. One will be for the best car built
during the life of Sir William Lyons whilst the other will be for the post-Lyons era.
It was suggested to the Council that the word ―Concours‖ be dropped from the name ―Concours d‘Etat‖ to
mitigate against the misuse of the word by some people when selling their vehicle. The Council decided
that it was the responsibility of buyers to ascertain the worth of any claim to be a Concours-winner and
hence affirmed maintaining the title ―Concours d‘Etat‖
2011 Rally
The Rally, celebrating 50 years of the E-Type, will be held from 22nd April to 25th April with the Post
Rally Tour concluding in Cootamundra the following Saturday. NR Headquarters at the newly refurbished
―Pavilion‖ on Northbourne Avenue provides secure parking behind locked gates operated by a swipe
card. The Display Day and Concours will be on the Patrick White lawns located between the National
Library and the southern shores of Lake Burley Griffin.
Full details are on the website and registrations are now open.
2012 Rally
The Council approved a request the Rally in 2012 be held away from the traditional Easter period, com-
mencing on Friday 27th April. The Rally theme will be ―The Future‖ with headquarters in Como. Planning
is underway for pre-weekend activities involving local and interstate members. The Concours will be in
the Supreme Court Gardens on the Swan River, close to the city.
ACJC Financials
The Council operated with a slight surplus of $1,341 related to the 2009-2010. This result is less than the
previous year following higher expenditure related to Trophy maintenance. Continued containment of
travel and meeting expenses, together with higher interest income due to tight management of reserves,
had contributed to this satisfactory situation.
44                                         The Hub October 2010
                                                             Solution will
                                                             appear in the
                                                              2010 HUB

                                                             Solution to
                                                           JAGWORD #11 is
                                                             on Page 46

ACROSS                                 DOWN
3.  Temporary shops selling stuff     1. Magazine that comes at the end of
    at markets (6)                        the axle (3)
4. Regalia wet weather item (8)       2. Winter jackets are made from this
7. These bars protect the body            material (6)
    from parking damage (6)           3. These fravourite eats ran out of
9. Location of 2011 National Jag-         supply at Gresford Show 'n' Shine
    uar rally                             (8)
11. Newcastle soccer team used in     5. September mid-week run drove us
    carburettors (4)                      to these nuts (9)
13. So good it excites the senses     6. Name of Gresford homestead
    (11)                                  where Show 'n' Shine was held
14. Location of Club's next week-         (8)
    end away (10)                     7. Surname of JDCHR member repre-
                                          sentative (10)
                                      8. These go around the pistons (5)
                                      10. Californian beach where world
                                          famous annual Concours is held

                           The Hub October 2010                              45
                SOLUTION TO JAGWORD #11

             88 EXCELSIOR PARADE TORONTO 2283

    Classic car repairs and servicing
    Special Rates for Club members
    All general automotive repairs and
    Land Rover and Range Rover repairs a speciality
    Talk to Dennis Trigg - he can look after your pride and joy

            Phone: B/H (02) 4959 2122
                Fax: (02) 4959 5061 A/H: (02) 4959 2034
 APPROVED              Email:

46                        The Hub October 2010
1) You believe in Santa Claus.
2) You don't believe in Santa Claus.
3) You are Santa Claus..
4) You look like Santa Claus.

                                                              A 97 year old man goes into his
                                                              doctor's office.
                                                              "Doc, I want my sex drive lowered."
                                                              "Sir", replied the doctor, "You're 97.
                                                              Don't you think you're 'sex drive' is
                                                              all in your head?"
                                                              "You're damned right it is!" replied
                                                              the old man. "That's why I want it

                                                              According to hospital regulations,
                                                              patients are required to be escorted
                                                              out in a wheelchair when being dis-
                                                              charged. A student nurse was hav-
                                                              ing some trouble with an elderly
                                                              gentleman who insisted that he did
                                                              not need a wheelchair. After some
                                                              discussion about rules being rules,
                                                              he reluctantly agreed. As she was
                                                              wheeling him out, the student nurse
                                                              asked the man if his wife was going
                                                              to pick him up.
                                                              "I don't know," he replied. "She's still
                                                              upstairs in the bathroom changing
                                                              out of her hospital gown."

A man was sitting reading his papers when his wife hit him on the head with a frying pan. ―What
was that for?‖ the man asked. The wife replied ―That was for the piece of paper with the name
Jenny on it that I found in your pants pocket‖.
The man said ―Don‘t be so suspicious. When I was at the races last week, Jenny was the name
of the horse I bet on‖. The wife apologised and went on with the housework.
Three days later the man was watching TV when his wife bashed him on the head with an even
bigger frying pan, knocking him unconscious. Upon re-gaining consciousness the man asked why
she had hit him again.
Wife replied, ―Your horse phoned‖.

                                       The Hub October 2010                                         47
                                                                                          FOR SALE:

 1966 S Type 3.8 litre man. w/- overdrive,
  power steering, Old English White, chrome
  wire wheels, new upholstery including car-
  pets, hood lining and seats (red leather),
  timber work fully restored, no rust, in excel-
  lent mechanical condition, club rego. to
  2010. Reluctant seller. $30,000.
  Phone Phil 0411 446 440.

                                                    Complete interior from 1992 XJS, light blue,
                                                     piped edges, excellent condition to update
                                                     your early model XJS $1,500
                                                     Contact Andre 0405 201 641 or

 V12 HE main bearings, +0.010‖ oversize
  $200. Ian Hissey 04 2524 8275

                                  Tremec 5 speed gearbox mated to V12 bell housing ,$1,500
                                 Contact Andre 04 0520 1641 or

 CAR BRA to suit XJ40 Sovereign. 12 months old. New price $470 will sell for $250. Also passen-
ger side front door rubber to suit XJ40 $50. Phone Graeme on 04 0725 1735 or 6573 3278.

                                           Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign Series III Sedan
                                           Australian Compliance 1985. Ready to Concour or use as
                                           a daily driver / club car. All Sovereign luxury features -
                                           trip computer, sunroof, pepperpot mag wheels, etc. Eye-
                                           catching metallic Cranberry red paint with doeskin leather
                                           trim. Registered till June 2011. Low 205k on clock. Log
                                           books, tool kit, jack - all as new. Reluctant sale $11,700
                                           ono. Registration GJ-362 (n/t.). Phone 0406 348 348 or

 Front brake cylinders from S Type, 240 or Daimler 250 - Don Anderson ph 04 1912 3895

48                                     The Hub October 2010
                                                                AND OTHER STUFF:

Daimler Double Six Series II . 1977. White with green ve-
lour. Two owners since new, road registered, always garaged
and driven only on weekends. This is a somewhat unusual
and reliable vehicle with all original trim, carpets etc, recently
rebuilt 5.3 l engine and matching five speed gearbox, Haltec
engine management system, all new hoses, lines etc and roll
cage. She retired as reigning CSCA equal Overall Supersprint
Champion in 2009. Always driven to and from super sprint
meetings and is suitable for daily use or winning races.
$12,500 o.n.o. Hugh Hodgkinson 9498 2877
 XJS 3-piece wood for dash - excellent condition $290
 XJS centre console ski slope. Good condition $280
 XJS Convertible chrome D/Side kick plate (new and rare) $200
 Series II XJ header tank $80         * Series II XJ shocks $80 pair
 Series II XJ Grille $ 350            * Series II XJ Lower grille $120
 Series II XJ Tail light lens (new) $150 pair
 Series II XJ switch panel + switches $80
 Series II XJ steering wheel horn base ( new) $80
 Series I XJ rims and tyres (rare) $ 200
 Series III XJ maroon carpet overlays (fluffy material) $150
 Series II lights switch surround (new) $50
Phone Greg on 0406 348 348 or Email:

WANTED: XJ Series 3 wheel nuts similar to those pictured. Enough for 4 wheels good, but even a
few helpful, needed to mount S3 "euro" trim covers to S1 wheels—see above. Nuts for mounting
most alloy wheels suitable. Contact Tony Gulliver
awg1962@bigpond,com or Ph 02 4944 7994
 1950 Mk V Jaguar 3.5 litre, 1968 Daimler DS420 Limousine. These cars are in excellent condition, both
                                            mechanically and body, with regular maintenance. Cars are
                                            hired for Weddings, School Formals, Birthdays, in fact any
                                            special occasion. Business comes with forward bookings,
                                            quoted enquiries, web site, business name, stationery
                                            (letter heads envelopes, cards, brochures etc). Present
                                            owners available to aid transition and assist in setting it up.
                                            For further details, please contact Andrew Irving JCCT
                                            Ph: 0488 363 863

                                         Private Advertising
   Private ads are run for a nominal period of two months, after which they will be discontinued
      unless the advertiser contacts the Editor and requests the advertisement be continued.

                                         The Hub October 2010                                            49
                            JDCHR—CLUB REGALIA

                                                                            Cap $15

               Club Polo Shirt $35 - with pocket $45

                 Fleece Vest $35
                                                           Long Sleeved Fleece $45
       or with large Leaper on back $50
                                                       or with large Leaper on back $60

                                          Rear of Jacket
                                                                        Club Scarf $15
Jacket with Screen printed logo $75
                  All shown items are generally held in stock.
50                                The Hub October 2010
      JDCHR—CLUB REGALIA (cont‘d)

                 Windscreen Sash $35                   Windscreen Sticker $2

                              Umbrella $25
                                                          Metal Badge $25
Hand Towel $12

Spoon $7
                            Cloth Badge

                                                          Club Key Ring $6

                               Coffee Mug $12
                                                     Small cloth leaper $2
   Stubbie Holders $7

                              The Hub October 2010                             51
52   The Hub October 2010

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