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									                                       The PTA FLASH
                                FORESTVILLE ELEMENTARY
                                           1085 UTTERBACK STORE RD
                                             GREAT FALLS, VA 22066
                                            OFFICE PHONE: 703 404 6000
                                            HEALTH ROOM: 703 404 6010
                                          ATTENDANCE LINE: 703 404 6098
                                 WEBSITE: HTTP:/WWW.FCPS.EDU/FORESTVILLE/ES                    MARCH 23, 2010

                                                                     Wow - we had such a busy week this week and
NOW thru April 30               Collecting toiletry            there are so many “thank you’s” to send out. I just hope
                                   items for Hutchison         I don’t overlook anyone!
                                   in lobby                          The 4th graders enjoyed the most beautiful Colonial
March 22-26                     Spring Student Raffle          Day EVER this past week. What a great experience for
                                   tickets sold                our students. And even with the firing of the cannon –
March 24, 2pm                   6 grade planning               we didn’t cause undue panic in the surrounding
                                   committee meeting           neighborhoods! Phew! Everyone looked awesome in
March 24, 5-8pm                 Forestville Nite at            their colonial attire – thanks to all the parents who
                                   Chic-Fil-A for              attended to make this run so smoothly.
                                   Smartboards                       I do believe our Sock Hop was a (W)HOPPING
March 25, 9:30am                PTA meeting                    success. Heartfelt thanks to Erin Hawley and Malia
                                                               Kishore who stepped up rather quickly to make this such
March 29-April 2                SPRING BREAK
                                                               a tremendous event. And to all the chaperones who
                                   NO SCHOOL                   braved the scurrying activity of busy 4th, 5th and 6th
            CAFETERIA VOLUNTEERS                               graders as they hopped, bopped and sang their way
    Mrs. Langford: March 23, 24, 25                            through the evening’s festivities.
    Ms. Paul: April 13, 14, 15                                       A special thanks to Kathy Cooker who was our
    Mrs. Sanborn April 20, 21, 22                              chairman for the Adult Social this past Saturday
                                                               evening. Spring was definitely in the air as our
           NOW AVAILABLE ON LINE…                              Forestville parents did their own hopping and bopping at
     PTA General Membership Meeting Minutes are                the Shamrock Soiree. Yummy food, great tunes,
now available on the Forestville Website under the PTA         charming venue – just a super night to spend with
tab. Check it out if you were unable to attend a meeting!      Forestville parents outside the school walls. I do swear
                                                               – it was sorta kinda a Longwood/Great Falls Glen
                                                               neighborhood block party! Thanks to all who came out
                                                               and shimmied their shamrocks!
                                                                     There is a PTA meeting this Thursday, March 25 at
     The next planning meeting for the 6th grade end of
                                                               9:30am in the cafeteria. Hope you can join us and get a
year party will be at 2 pm (Teacher's Lounge) on
                                                               glimpse of our online student directory that will go live
Wednesday, March 24th. Hope to see you there.
                                                               next Fall. Thanks to Kari Lervick for her tireless efforts
                                                               to bring this to our school. Catch up on all the exciting
                SISTER SCHOOL NEWS
                                                               upcoming PTA activities as well.
      This week we will begin collecting full-sized
                                                                     On Wednesday – DON’T COOK – go to Chick-fil-
toiletry items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes,
                                                               A and earn $ for Forestville! Between 5pm-8pm all dine
shampoo & deodorant) to be used in
                                                               in or carry out orders will give a percentage back to
hygiene/health kits that we will be donating to
                                                               Forestville – directly towards our Smartboards!
our sister school, Hutchison Elementary.
                                                                     And please don’t forget to purchase your tickets for
These kits will be distributed to 4th, 5th, and 6th grade
                                                               the Spring Raffle that is being held this week. This is
students as an accompaniment to their health education
                                                               such a popular event with the students because our
                                                               teachers are the “hosts” for so many exciting outings.
      A collection box will be in the lobby beginning this
                                                               Personally, I’m rather disappointed that the Principal for
week, and we will be collecting through April 30th. All
                                                               a Day is not open to parents. Wouldn’t THAT be a
items must be individually wrapped for sanitary
                                                               riot!? Hmmmm maybe it’s not too late to institute PTA
reasons. We have been asked to provide 150 kits for
                                                               Presidential Executive Privilege. Let me check the
this very worthy cause, and appreciate your generous
                                                               bylaws! (wink)
support during these difficult times. If you have
                                                                     Next week is Spring Break. Enjoy your time with
questions regarding this activity or would like to know
                                                               your families. When we get back – we are nearing the
more about Sister School volunteer opportunities, please
                                                               final stretch of our academic year. Oh dear!
contact either Shelley Gordon at or
                                                               See ya in the hallways,
Lynn Toloczko at
                                                               There is a PTA meeting Thursday 3/25 in the
                                                               cafeteria at 9:30am. Catch up on all the upcoming
                                                               PTA activities and see a demo of next year’s online
                                                               student directory.

NEXT FLASH: April 6, 2010                    Editor: Michele Kozich 703 421 5614
      SPRING STUDENT RAFFLE IS HERE!!!                                          SAVE THE DATE
     The Forestville PTA is offering the Spring Student            Friday, April 16 is our second Forestville “Under
Raffle: "Special Outings".                                    the Stars” evening at Observatory Park. We had such a
     Students will have the opportunity to purchase           successful event in the Fall, that we are offering this
tickets daily in the lobby during lunch time from March       unique experience once again to our Forestville families.
22-26 for the chance to win various prizes/outings with       Save that date and watch for flyers and registration
Forestville teachers and staff.                               opportunities very soon!
       Your child should have brought home their raffle
ticket information in their Tuesday folders. If you did                       FYI ON BINGO NIGHT
not receive one, there are extras in the office.                   Family Fun Night /Bingo Ice Cream Social has
     For more information, please contact Jo Oo -             been rescheduled to April 23rd. We will be sending info                                                out right after spring break. Keep an eye out for
                                                              updates/volunteer opportunities in the FLASH!
                   TALENT SHOW 2010
     The 2010 Forestville Talent Show will be held              SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER AT THE APRIL
Friday, April 30th at 6:00p.m. in the Forestville                             29TH PTA MEETING
Cafeteria Theater. Applications for performers will be             Local Author – and Forestville Mom – Sujatha
available the week of April 5th. We                           Hampton will be our very special guest speaker at our
welcome all types of come join                   April (29th) PTA meeting. Flyers were distributed last
the fun. Sing a song, play an instrument,                     week promoting this unique event and also offering our
show us your martial arts skills, recite a poem you           Forestville families the opportunity to purchase her
wrote...just to give you a few ideas.                         novel “As It Was Written” with proceeds going to
     Parents interested in helping or co-chairing this        Forestville. Don’t delay – buy her acclaimed book now,
great event can contact Carol Wolf at                         read it during Spring Break and join us for thoughtful                                          discussion on April 29th. Questions? Contact Shaun
                                                              Simonides at or Lynn
                GRACE ART MEETING                             Conforti at Please note that this is
      April 8th (THURSDAY) at 9:30am is                       not suitable reading for children. It is a fictional adult
the next GRACE Art meeting featuring the                      novel.
artists Hockney and Mondrian.
                                                                                TEAM FORESTVILLE
          FAMILIES AFFECTED BY CANCER                                              RACE FOR HOPE
          POTLUCK DINNER RESCHEDULED                                Hi Everyone! The Forestville teampage is set up
      The American Cancer Society estimates that about        for this year's Race for Hope on May 2nd, Sunday, in
1.5 million new cases of cancer will have been                DC.
diagnosed in 2009. Presently, the risk of an American               As you know, we have families affected by brain
man developing cancer over his lifetime is one in two.        tumor at Forestville. We would like to encourage
Approximately one in three women in the United States         EVRYONE to walk and fundraise in honor of everyone
will develop cancer over her lifetime. Leukemia is the        who is affected by it. There are many ways you can be
most common cancer among children ages 0-14 years             involved:
and cancer of the brain/other nervous system is the                 1. register to run/walk
second most common incident cancer in both boys and                 2. register to be a virtual runner/walker - I'm a
girls.                                                              virtual runner this year because I will be running
      Forestville would like to organize a potluck dinner           the Frederick Marathon on the same day!
for our families who are affected by cancer. If you are a           3. sponsor/support a Team Forestville member by
family with a parent, child, or sibling who either has              donating $$
cancer or has had cancer, please join us for a lovely               Our goal is to raise $2010 for 2010~
evening of dinner and games. This event has been              Click here to view the team page for Team Forestville:
rescheduled for April 9th, 6:00-8:00 pm. The purpose
of the event is to celebrate, find mutual support, and        FH-
strengthen our Forestville kids and families.                 DC?team_id=34330&pg=team&fr_id=1490&et=radGXl
      If you are interested in joining us, please contact     c9s3KNBVCDLxQKtQ..&s_tafId=38260
Sarah Stark.                                                        Make sure to register under TEAM
                                                              FORESTVILLE!!! The last day to register online is
      A NIGHT OF InterNATIONAL TREASURE                       Tuesday, April 27th at noon.
                     Calling all students in grades 3 –             Race for Hope - DC Presented by Cassidy Turley
                6. Become an International Treasure           Freedom Plaza - May 2, 2010
                hunter, Wednesday, April 14, 6:30-8:30 to Benefit National Brain
at Forestville Elementary. Travel though time as you          Tumor Society & Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure
imitate Indiana Jones solving puzzles of Ancient Greece
and Egypt, re-enact a Revolutionary War battle scene,         Susan S. Kim
race against the clock to locate states and capitals,         School Counselor
challenge your friends and family to find out “Are you
Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”, experience the process of                          DOING GREAT!!!
how a bill becomes a law and much, much more. All of               Just an update…..Forestville made over $120 on
those who find the treasure will be given a Free              last month’s Dining For SmartBoards event!! Thank
Homework Pass! VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!                         you to EVERYONE that participated!! Who knew that
     Please contact Lisa Omsberg or          an excuse for not cooking dinner could be for a good
Tara Ruszkowski if you can             cause?!!
lend a hand. Hope to see you there!

NEXT FLASH: April 6, 2010                   Editor: Michele Kozich 703 421 5614
     SIGN UP NOW FOR BROGUE CHARITIES                         The bird is looking for a tree to build its nest this
     GOLF TOURNAMENT MONDAY, JUNE 7                           spring. Draw the path starting at 1 and counting by
     On the website below, you can register for the           1s up to 100.
tournament and check out the many levels of
sponsorship opportunities. Early registrants may even                87   88     89   92   93   98   99
win a prize!
                                                                     86   85     90   91   94   97   100
     If you know of a business that is interested in
being a sponsor for the Great Falls Charitable                       83   84     79   78   95   96
Foundation’s annual Golf Tournament (June 7)
                                                                     82   81     80   77   76   75   74    73   70   69
benefitting Forestville, please contact Lynn Conforti
at Forestville has a tremendous                    55   56     57   60   61   62   63    72   71   68
opportunity to earn money directly towards the
purchase of SmartBoards.                                             54   53     58   59   42   41   64    65   66   67
     Please let us know if we can count on you for                   51   52     45   44   43   40   39    36   35   34
this very important fundraising effort. Sponsors and
players can register online at:                                      50   47     46   9    10   11   38    37   32   33                             49   48          8    13   12   17    18   31   30

                                                                                      7    14   15   16    19   28   29

                                                                                      6    5    4    21    20   27   26

                                                                                      1    2    3    22    23   24   25

                  LOST AND FOUND
     The Lost and Found area in the cafeteria is              JOKES
overflowing again now that the weather has turned
warmer and kids are shedding their coats at recess.
     Please have your child look for missing items in the
                                                              What flowers grow on faces?
next week or so. All items not labeled will be donated        Tulips (Two-lips)!
AFTER Spring Break.
Please contact Michele Kozich at if        What do you call a flower loving country run by
you have any questions.                                       automobiles?
                                                              Car nation.

                                                              FLOWERS JUMBLE






              Remember every time you see a cardinal
              next to an article, it means that all
              committees and activities are benefiting
from funds raised through PTA’s Cardinal Club.

NEXT FLASH: April 6, 2010                   Editor: Michele Kozich    703 421 5614

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