Head of Dietetics and Health Promotion by mrmradona


									Gayle Taylor – Head of Dietetics and Health
         Promotion Departments

Tania O’Loughlan – Health Promotion Officer
Swan Hill District Hospital

   Services a catchment area of approximately 30 000 people

   Approximately 350 staff are employed

   Comprises of 59 acute beds and 82 aged residential care beds.
                                                  SWAN HILL DISTRICT HOSPITAL
                                              ORGANISATION CHART
                                                                          BOARD OF

                                                                     CHIEF EXECUTIVE

   EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                  EXECUTIVE OFFICER            CLINICAL              CONSULTANT          EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Corporate        Business         Wards &           Pharmacy      Hospital        District      Hospital      Conselling     Health      Allied           Dental    Community
 Services         Units         Departments                       Medical        Nursing       Aboriginal      Services    Promotion     Health                    Rehab Centre/
                                                                  Officers       Services       Liaison                                                              Adult Day
                                                                                                Officer                                                              Services

  Engineering       Pathology         Acute                                                                                                 Dietetics

 Environmental      Radiology          Care                                                                                               Occupational
                                   Co-ordination                                                                                            Therapy

    Finance                         Emergency                                                                                               Podiatry

      Food                          Extended                                                                                              Physiotherapy
                                    Care Unit

    Human                           Jacaranda                                                                                               Speech
   Resource                           Lodge                                                                                                Pathology

   Information                      Midwifery

    Medical                         Operating
    Records                        Theatre/Day
                                  Procedure Unit

  Occupational                       Palliative
   Health &                            Care

     Payroll                      Renal Dialysis/

Health Promotion Department
   Staff – 2 EFT Health Promotion Officers
          - 1 EFT Community Health Nurse
          - 0.7 EFT Head of Department

 The Health Promotion Department will provide a co-ordinated approach
  to the provision and delivery of a range of services and programs that
  addresses the health needs of the Swan Hill community. The programs
  and services will reflect National and State initiatives and address local
    Health Promotion Business
   Originally developed to outline Health Promotion Department

   Developed hospital wide Health Promotion Plan 2001 to include all
    activities of Primary Care Division

   Expanded 2002 plan to include Health Promotion Activities provided by
    Clinical Departments

   Used to formulate the DHS-Community Health requirement for Planned
    Health Promotion Activities

   FUTURE- Integrated Health Promotion Activities to be part of Business
    & Service Plan of each Department
     Swan Hill District Hospital
    A Health Promoting Hospital
 To incorporate health promotion concepts, standards and values
  into the organisational structure and culture of the Swan Hill
  District Hospital to improve the health and wellbeing of patients,
  staff and the broader community.

   Operates under the Occupational Health & Safety Committee.

   Three specific target groups – patients, staff and the community.

   Primarily this year the focus has been on staff.
            Staff Health Promotion
 To provide a range of holistic health services for staff at Swan Hill
   District Hospital to improve or maintain positive health and wellbeing.

   Linked to Workplace Health Promotion

   Holistic approach – acknowledge that there are a broad range of factors
    including social, economic, cultural, environmental and organisation
    factors which significantly affect an individuals health status.

   Utilise the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) and its five key
    action areas – Formulating Healthy Public Policy
           - Creating Supportive Environments
           - Strengthen Community Action
           - Develop Personal Skills
           - Reorient Health Services
    Staff health and wellbeing
             initiatives at SHDH
Formulating Healthy Public Policy
   SunSmart policy
   Alcohol policy
   Smoke Free policy
   Occupational Health & Safety policy’s
   Immunisation policy and register
   Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

Creating Supportive Environments
   Nicotine patches for staff at cost price
   Implementation of Occupational Health & Safety initiatives
   Free Allied Health and Community Health services for staff
   Free flu immunisations
   Corporate memberships to Swan Hill Leisure Centre
   Staff sporting teams
   Staff social functions
   Employee Assistance Program
   Healthy staff cafeteria options
      Staff health and wellbeing
      initiatives at SHDH (cont.)
Strengthen Community Action
   Staff health and wellbeing survey
   Occupational Health & Safety Committee
   Staff employee perspective survey

Develop Personal Skills
   Quit information sessions for staff
   Backcare information sessions for staff
   Health information in ‘Hosp Goss’ newsletter
   Defensive driving courses

Reorient Health Services
   Health Promoting Emergency Departments
   Incorporating all Divisions of the hospital in Health Promotion Planning
   My Hospital concept
   Inclusion of Health Promotion concepts in hospital vision and mission
       Patient Health Promotion
Health Promoting Emergency Department

   Increased range of referral options

   More risk screening

   Increased services provided from Emergency Department
    - Allied Health appointments
    - Taxi card
    - Disability stickers

   Increased follow up with outpatients

   Information packs for patients
 Patient Health Promotion (cont.)
Acute and Midwifery Services
   Child health record books
   Patient immunisation
   Referral and screening
    - Dietetics
    - Women’s health
    - Weight control
    - Asthma
    - Pain management
   Falls prevention
   Counselling services (or referral to)
   Accessing community services for inpatients
 Community Health Promotion
Workplace    health promotion packages (All Allied Health and Community Health)
Mallee   Men’s Health – CVD prevention program (D, CHN, C, P, GP’s)
Rural   Same Sex Attracted Young People
Support    Groups – Stroke, Heart Health, Polio, Carers, Italian Women
Asthma     Education
SunSmart    in schools and workplaces
Sexual   Health in Schools
Active   Recreation targeting youth
School   based health programs (HP, CHN, P, D, Pod)
Cultural   Diversity (Hospital wide)
Child   nutrition (D)
Diabetes   Clinic (D, CHN, Pod, GP’s)
Men’s    exercise group (P)
Healthy    Beginnings Program
   Misinterpretation of what Health Promotion and the
    Health Promotion Department are about.

   Emphasis is often placed on the needs of Acute

   Clinical Services being understaffed.
         My Hospital campaign
 ‘My Hospital’ is about individuals in Swan
Hill and surrounding community taking a
personal interest in and "ownership" of
the Swan Hill District Hospital.

Communication Strategy
Radio & Press
Health Plan integration
Educational Material
            Where to from here?
   Implement recommendations from Staff Health and Wellbeing Survey

   Inclusion of Health Promotion plan in all Division’s Business Plans.

   Increased collaboration with Clinical Services to implement more
    initiatives for patients, family and friends.

   Reorient our health service and change the official name of the

   Change the image of the Hospital from an organisation that is seen to
    only care for the sick, to one that utilises a preventative and health
    promoting approach.

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