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        Spiritual ‘Endurance Race’ Brings Us Closer to God
      Seeing the race of faith as athletic endeavor fuels momentum
LONGWOOD, FL—In a world where sports reign supreme, a new spirituality book reminds us
about the most important competition history has ever seen, the Christian Olympics, otherwise
known as the “Christian race” that the Apostle Paul wrote about nearly 2,000 years ago. In The
Christian Olympics: Going for the Gold Crowns (paperback, $13.99,1-5978-1530-6; hardcover,
$21.99,1-5978-1531-4) author S.E. Gregg unveils the Bible’s comparison of the Christian race to
the Olympic Games.
 Paul wrote to a Hellenistic culture—one steeped in Greek philosophy, culture, and
athletics—and so for the Christians of his day, marathon foot races run by Greek Olympians
provided the perfect metaphor for the endurance, longevity, and persistence needed to finish the
race of faith. A new understanding and exhilaration for the Christian life, pursued with the vigor of
a spiritual athlete, will help readers to endure their problems and suffering. As a result, Gregg
hopes to stoke the fires of passionate living for God and encourage readers to look forward to
what is ahead. Weaving in applications for individuals and families, Gregg develops biblical
strategies to help us run our races well, just as athletes develop a game plan to help them win
their competitions.
 Gregg examines the rich metaphors Paul gave us in the Epistles: 1) the lighting of the Olympic
flame is reminiscent of the fire of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the “divine” Opening Ceremony; 2)
when the book of Hebrews says to “run the race with patience,” it refers to actual marathon foot
races popular in the Greco-Roman culture; and 3) just as successful ancient Olympiads received
crowns made of laurel leaves, believers who run the race of faith to the finish line will receive
crowns of gold. A Bible school graduate, gifted Bible teacher, and Bible curriculum writer, S.E.
Gregg is the author of the best-selling book Evangelism Counseling and the salvation tract “God
Became a Man.” The Christian Olympics sprang from a newspaper article Gregg wrote titled “The
Christian Olympics are still going on!” Gregg lives in the Philadelphia area. Retailers may order
The Christian Olympics through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Distributors.

                               AUTHOR’S BIOGRAPHY
 S. E. Gregg, a marathon runner in the Christian Olympics for several decades, is an
award- winning, best- selling author and founder of Sound Doctrine Christian Ministries.
Gregg began writing when she entered the “National United Church Ushers Association
of America, Inc., 1974 Essay Contest”. Having recently received Christ, she felt
compelled to share with the world “What Jesus Means To Me” the required topic of the
  During her freshman year in college, she was given an assignment from an English
professor, at the Pennsylvania State University, to keep a journal about personal thoughts.
She wrote about her new relationship with Jesus Christ. Even though this was a secular
university, the speeches that she wrote and delivered for her speech classes were from a
Biblical viewpoint.
 Before graduating from the Bethlehem School Of The Bible And Missionary Training
Institute, she wrote an essay from the topic “The Greatest Act” ”that He gave” (St. John
3:16), to address the Conference of Christian Education during their general sessions.
 To coincide with the Olympic Games of the Millennium, Gregg wrote the article; “The
Christian Olympics are still going on!”. Her challenge was to get the article published in
a secular newspaper. With persistence and perseverance, the goal was finally
accomplished; in 2002 it was published in The Philadelphia Sunday Sun.
 That persistence (achieved from being a spiritual athlete) was developed when Gregg
self published her best selling book: Evangelism Counseling–How to Counsel People
About Salvation, with a study guide/workbook and the salvation tracts “God Became A
Man“, in 1998. Which are sold in Christian and secular bookstores, on the Internet, at
conferences and conventions.
 Upon entering the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference 2003 writing
contest (exercising her faith) she had never written a poem before, but won the “First
Place Award” in its category from the topic: Fixing My Eyes On Jesus-Until I See His
Face. This poem will be included in a book of poetry, with a select group of contestants,
in a future publication by the contest sponsors.
   Gregg’s interview on the radio talk show, “Let’s Talk About It”, WNAP–1110 AM,
has become a favorable rebroadcast and invitations were extended to her to return to the
program as a guest.
 As a gifted writer and teacher, she is also a Bible curriculum writer for publications such
as the Precepts For Living® Commentary.
  “The Christian Olympics-Going for the Gold Crowns” a spin-off from Gregg’s
newspaper article, was released in January 2006, just in time for the 2006 Turin Winter
Olympic Games.Which led to a live radio interview on Philadelphia’s 1480 WDAS -AM
with the “Literary Review”. Recently, S .E. Gregg was featured in the Philadelphia Daily

                                    Chapter Summaries

Chapter One: The Opening Ceremony

   Just as the flames were lit during the Opening Ceremony in the Modern Olympic
Games, the “divine” Opening Ceremony in the Christian Olympics also began with the
lighting of flames of fire, which symbolized the Holy Spirit. Chapter One reveals where,
when, and how the Christian Olympics began, tracing its origins around the time of the
Ancient Games in Greece, that began about a thousand years after the inception of the
Ancient Games.

Chapter Two: The Players In The Competition

  In the spiritual athletic game or the competition, the participants are called players. The
players are the spectacles, competitors, and spectators. Spectacles are those that play in
the game, competitors are those that play against the spectacles, and spectators are those
that watch them play. Each of them are found in the scriptures and are described in detail
in Chapter Two. The readers are introduced to who their competitors are and how they
compete with them in the competition.

Chapter Three: The Training and Discipline

  All athletes have to train and practice discipline even spiritual athletes. Chapter Three
outlines spiritual exercises for the spiritual athletes, it gives them step by step instructions
on how to develop a regular regime of spiritual exercises that leads to the more strenuous
ones. To paint a picture of this to the readers, examples are given of Biblical characters
doing their own spiritual exercises.
 What is training without spiritual discipline. Next the readers are encouraged to practice
disciplining their bodies, like athletes, and laying down weights and sins in order to win
the prize.
Chapter Four: Planning Strategies

 After training and developing discipline for the competitions the next goal is developing
a game plan to win the competitions. Chapter Four outlines a game plan from the Bible,
which is loaded with principles to use to develop strategies to win the competitions.
Strategies to avoid sexual immorality are explored to help readers and their families to
win the wrestling and boxing matches in this area.

Chapter Five: The Competitions

Part One: Getting Equipped

 What to wear? Before any competition athletes have to be equipped with the appropriate
attire. It could not be something heavy to weigh them down and it had to be attire
according to the particular sport that they were playing. Since the Christian Olympics
consist of spiritual competitions, spiritual attire is required. Chapter Four begins by
revealing what the spiritual attire is, how to use it, and explains the purpose for it.
 The next part of the chapter informs the readers about supernatural abilities that God has
given to them to equip them for the competitions. Biblical characters are used to
demonstrate how to use these abilities.

Part Two: Let the Games Begin

 Get Ready, Get Set, Go! The initial training and discipline has been completed,
strategies have been developed and the spiritual athletes are equipped for the contest in
the marathon foot race.
In the last part of the chapter readers are stimulated by seeing what spiritual athletics do
in the competitions.

Chapter Six: The Suffering

Part One: Good or Bad

 All athletes suffer even spiritual athletes, whether it is physical, emotional, and/or
psychological, it is all a part of being in the contest. Because training, discipline, and
competing leads to suffering. The first part of this chapter elaborates on suffering for
something bad that was done or good, through Bible illustrations.
Part Two: The Workout

 Suffering for righteousness–good suffering–includes trials, persecution, banishment, and
being reproached for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. Athletes
workout to build muscles and strength in order to become strong. Part Two concludes
with showing the readers that good suffering is their spiritual workout.

Chapter 7: The Closing and Rewards Ceremonies

 It is Finished! The Christian Olympics will end one day–no one knows
when–suddenly–without warning–all spectacles (believers) will be caught-up to meet
Jesus in the sky. The chapter explains how the Christian Olympics will close, what the
rewards will be, and what qualifications the Judge will be looking for in order to win the


“The Competition that Made the Judge Stand Up”

  There was a particular competition that was recorded in the Bible, about a spectacle
that had a spiritual fight with wild beast. He was so magnificent in his competition that
one of the Judges that were watching had to get out of His seat and stand up. This short
story encourages spectacles to run their race so well, so that the Judge has to get out of
His seat for them.

                                BOOK REVIEWS

Enthusiastically recommended as inspirational reading for all practicing Christians,
December 9, 2006 .Reviewer: Midwest Book Review(Oregon, WI USA)
S. E. Gregg has been a marathon runner in the Christian Olympics for several decades
and is the founder of Sound Doctrine Christian Ministries. Gregg draws upon this body of
experience and expertise in "The Christian Olympics: Going For The Gold Crowns" to
examine many of the Apostle Paul's metaphors in the New Testament to illustrate the
concept of Christians as athletes who pursue the Christian life, a pursuit (like Olympic
training and performances) requires endurance, longevity and persistence to finish the
race and win the prize - which are five Gold Crowns. "The Christian Olympics" is laid
out into seven distinctive chapters: The Opening Ceremony; The Players in the
Competition; The Training and Discipline; Planning Strategies; The Competitions; The
Suffering; The Workout; The Closing and Rewards Ceremonies. Gregg then concludes
with `The Competition that Made the Judge Stand Up'. As imaginative and engaging as it
is thoughtful and thought-provoking, "The Christian Olympics" is enthusiastically
recommended as inspirational reading for all practicing Christians regardless of their
denominational affiliation."The concept of The Christian Olympics is awesome and
inspiring.” April 26,2007- This is a book every person, every where must read to be
inspired and equipped to run this race and not get weary! --Marina Woods, Founder, | The #1 Destination for Today's Aspiring Woman.

   April 1, 2008- Reviewed by Richard R. Blake , Christian Education Consultant, Book
Store OwnerGo For the Gold CrownsGregg’s writing is well organized, Biblically sound,
   inspirational, and challenging. Let the Games Began!From the first trumpet call of the
 extravaganza to the Opening Ceremony, S. E. Gregg captures the contagious excitement
  and the competitive spirit of the Olympic games in the book “The Christian Olympics:
Going for the Gold Crowns.” The reader experiences vicariously the thrill of participation
in the competition and training, and more importantly learns spiritual lessons for athletes
 in the Christian race.There are parallels in the Christian life with those competing in the
 Olympics. Training and discipline are as important to the life of the Christian as they are
 to the Olympic competitor. The Christian trains with spiritual lessons learning exercises
  for walking by faith, stretching by faith, and practicing the discipline of obeying God’s
    will.Gregg includes planning strategies for running well with specific instructions all
stages of life. Using the scriptures as her source the authors gives instructions on getting
     equipped for the competition beginning with the attire, or what to wear. She then
 describes the whole armor of God, prayer as our breathing exercise, and being equipped
 with spiritual gifts.Facing workouts, suffering, trials, tests, and reproach are all a part of
      the preparation for the necessary endurance to finish the race well. At the rewards
ceremony of the Olympics trophies are presented made of bronze, silver, and gold. These
 are temporal. In the Christian Olympics the awards include: The Incorruptible Crown,
     The Crown of Rejoicing, The Crown of Righteousness, The Crown of Life, and the
 Crown of Glory. These Crowns are eternal.Gregg’s writing is well organized, Biblically
                 sound, inspirational, and challenging. Let the Games Began!
                       LIST OF SUGGESTED QUESTIONS

1. What is “The Christian Olympics” about?
2. When did it begin? When was the Opening Ceremony?
3. Does the Bible compare the Christian race or life to the Olympic Games?
4. Who are the players in this competition?
5. Who are Christians in competition with? Are Christians competing against each other?
6. Do spiritual athletes have to train and discipline like athletes? Why? How do they
train? How does it benefit the spiritual athlete?
7. Does spiritual athletes have to have a game plan to win the competitions like athletes?
8. Does the spiritual athlete have to be equipped with special gear and attire like athletes?
9. What do spiritual athletes do in the competitions? What are the competitions in? Just
what do Christians do in the contest?
10. Is there suffering involved for the spiritual athletes in the Christian Olympics like the
athletes in the Olympic Games? What is God’s purpose for their suffering?
11. Do Christians go through a workout in the Christian Olympics? How do they benefit
from them?
12. Do the Christian Olympics have a Closing and Reward Ceremony?
13. What has to be done to win the Christian Olympics?
14. What are the rewards for winning the Christian Olympics?
15. How many crowns can be won? Can we know now whether or not we have won a
16. Can we lose a crown?
17. Can we get out of the race? Can we get back in?
18. Is it spiritual to strive for a crown?
19. Why do Christians give up on living the Christian life?
20. Is it easy or hard to live the Christian life?
21. What makes your book different from other books on Christian living?
22 How would Christians benefit from reading your book?
23. How long did it take you to write this book?

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