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					         All Sports Market Postal File
 Sports Enthusiasts and Gamblers Playing an Online Sports Stock Market

            15,872                 Buyers                            $95/M                                Source            Internet

                                                                                                          Avg. Unit of Sale $1,250
The All Sports Market Postal File targets a unique audience of
sports enthusiasts and gamblers who are spending money on their                                           Mostly Men
credit card to participate in an online stock market simulation based
on sports related activities.                                                                             Selections

                                                                                                          State/SCF         $7/M
All Sports Market (www.allsportsmarket.com) is an online game                                             Keycode           $5/M
crafted after the same professional trading platform used by the gurus
                                                                                                          Email             $65 Flat
of Wall Street. Members buy and sell issues in All Sports Market                                          Fulfillment
sports teams, players, and events with real money. Just like the real
markets, the members are competing against other players for real                                         Re-uses must be cleared by the List
                                                                                                          Owner prior to mailing.
cash. Members earn money from the rise and fall of prices along with
dividend payouts.                                                                                         All rentals are for a one-time usage
                                                                                                          only. Cancellations after processing will
                                                                                                          incur a $50/F fee, $10/M running
These individuals have made deposits into their online account via a                                      charges and applicable shipping costs.
major credit card, allowing them to perform online ‘buy’ and ‘sell’
decisions to earn profits. Members deposit an average of $1,250                                           Order Minimum     5,000
yearly into their account, which they hope to parlay into big bucks.
                                                                                                          Rev: 06.17.08
                                                                                                          Names through March 2008
Buyers include sports fans, sports enthusiasts, online gamblers, and
fantasy sports players. They enjoy competing for real money while
being immersed in a trading system centric to sports. In addition, it
provides the thrill of day trading in a sports-oriented environment,

The All Sports Market Postal File targets individuals with a passion
for sports and making money. They are receptive to a wide variety of
sports, gambling, and opportunity-seeking type offers.


All Sports Related Offers, Gambling Offers, Opportunity/Money
Making Offers, Men’s Offers, Leisure/Entertainment Offers,
Magazine Offers, Consumer Catalogs, Audio/Video Offers,
Consumer Electronics, Music/Video Club Offers, Leisure Travel, PC
Software, and more!

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