The Benefits of Volunteer Work

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					The Benefits of Volunteer Work

Many people may think that they are busy enough as it is without the added responsibility
of participating in volunteer work. With a full-time job, family commitments and
allowing time for a social life making time for volunteering can seem like an unnecessary

However, there are multiple benefits to be gained from helping others in your spare time.
Here are some reasons why you might want to consider volunteer work:

Help To Improve Your Community

Taking part in a volunteer project in your local area can help you to connect with your
local community. Taking part in, or organising a clean-up operation or renovation project
in your community is a great way to give something back to the area you live in and will
also make your town or city a nicer place to live.

Develop New Skills

Volunteering can open doors to exciting opportunities that can allow you develop and
learn new skills. Many local groups and associations have facilities that can allow you to
learn something new if you commit to helping their organisation. Have you ever fancied
becoming a radio DJ? Why not see if you can volunteer at the local hospital or
community radio station; as well as providing a service for your local community you
will be able to learn how to conduct live broadcasts and operate a radio studio.

Meet New People

You needn't choose between a social life and volunteering. If you pick an area that you
are interested in the chances are you will be mixing with like minded people and the
shared experiences can create a great basis for friendship. Helping others can also
broaden your horizons and allow you to meet people from outside of your usual social

Improve Your CV

With the competition for job opportunities as fierce as ever displaying that you have
completed volunteer work may give you the edge on a rival. Companies are looking for
rounded individuals and completing volunteering can display dedication, communication
and organisational skills. Volunteering in certain industries can even help you to gain a
job in that profession.

Sense of Purpose and achievement
Ultimately volunteering work is about helping people. Completing a community project
or providing a useful service can provide a great sense of satisfaction. Helping others can
provide your life with a sense of purpose and can really make you feel good about
yourself. Research has shown that people who take part in volunteer projects experience
receive a boost to their self-esteem, confidence and self worth.

Volunteering has also been found to provide health benefits for those who take part.
Volunteers noticed an improvement in mental health with particular benefits received by
older volunteers. So it really is a win-win situation.

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