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					                             HLLCREST HIGH SCHOOL
                             3665 South Industrial Drive
                          Simpsonville, South Carolina 29681
                   Website Address: www.greenville.k12.sc.us/hillcrh
                         (864) 967-1811        Fax (864) 967-1890

Superintendent of Schools                    Dr. Phinnize Fisher                  241-3100
        --                                   Mr. Leroy Hamilton                   241-3165
Principal                                            Mr. Stephen Chamness                 967-1811
Assistant Principal                          Mrs. Kathy Creswell                  967-1811 ext. 210
Assistant Principal                          Dr. Sonia Cunningham                 967-1811 ext. 256
Assistant Principal                          Mr. James Graves                             967-1811 ext. 257
Assistant Principal                          Ms. Cassina Hartry                   967-1811 ext. 249
Assistant Principal                          Mr. Lance Radford                    967-1811 ext. 254
Administrative Assistant                     Mr. David Fuller                     967-1811 ext. 161
Administrative Assistant                     Ms. Kendra Holiday                   967-1811 ext. 247
Guidance Department:
Guidance Clerk                               Mrs. Jayne Thompson                  967-1863
Director                                     Ms. Linwood Floyd                    967-1863 ext. 259
Counselor                                    Ms. Judy Beck                        967-1863 ext. 349
Counselor                                    Mrs. Alice Coleman                   967-1863 ext. 273
Counselor                                    Mr. Brian Goodwin                    967-1863 ext. 260
Counselor                                    Mrs. Tammy Rivera                    967-1863 ext. 261
School Secretary                             Mrs. Janet Utsey                     967-1811 ext. 253
School Clerk                                 Mrs. Cindy Clemmer                   967-1811 ext. 251
School Clerk                                 Mrs. Linda Marshall                  967-1811 ext. 251
School Nurse                                 Mrs. Janet Carino                    967-1811 ext. 269
School Nurse                                 Mrs. Linda Finley                            967-1811 ext. 269
School Bookkeeper                            Mrs. Laura Martin                    967-1811 ext. 272
Athletic Director                            Mr. Dwayne Garrick                   967-1811 ext. 266
Attendance Clerk                             Mrs. Maria Chandler                  967-1811 ext. 280
Band Director                                Mr. Tom Freeland                     967-3756
Bus Transportation                           Mrs. June Knight                             967-1892
Cafeteria Manager                            Mrs. Debbie Houchins                 967-3610
Media Center                                 Mrs. Jean Hamilton                   967-1845
Media Center                                 Mrs. Joy Danigel                     967-1845
Plant Engineer                               Mr. Martinez Durant                  967-1811 ext. 122
Technology Specialist                        Mrs. Debbie Webster                  967-1811
Yearbook                                     Mrs. Tirrell Barnett                 967-1811

Neither this handbook nor any part of it should be construed as a contract itself. This handbook is not intended to be
comprehensive. It is to serve as a guide for the students, parents, and faculty of Hillcrest High School. The school
reserves the right to make changes or exception to statements in this handbook. Final interpretation of all school
rules and regulations is left to the principal of the school.
                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

Address / Phone change            p.8               Locker Locations                   p.30
Alma mater                        p. 31             Loss of Driving Privileges         p.15
Athletic insurance                           p.26   Lost Badges, Books, Locks                  p.9
Athletics, Clubs, Organizations   p.26              Lost & found                       p.9
Attendance                        pp.6-7            Media Center                       p.10
Bell schedule                     p.5               Metal detection policy             p.27
Bus riders                        p.14              Mission Statement / Vision                 p.4
Cafeteria                                    p.10   Objectives / Goals                 p.4
Car pool / Student pick up        p. 8              Off limits areas                   p.8
Class dues                        p.8               Office telephones                  p.10
Class rank                        p.23              OSS (Out of school suspension)     p.15
Closed campus                     p.8               Pay Phones                         p.10
College visits                    p. 25             Physical Search                    p.8
College admission requirements    p. 23             Principal’s Message                p.3
Computer use by students          p.11              Progress reports / Report cards    p.23
Confidentiality of records        p.28              Renaissance                        p.11
Constitution                      p.28              Scholarship Information            p.24
Deliveries                        p.8               School Website Address             p.10
Detention                         p.14              Senior privileges                  p.26
Directory                         p. 1              Sex Education                      p.20
Discipline code                   pp.15-18          Sex and Handicap Discrimination    p.27
Diploma/Graduation requirements   p.20              Student Body President’s Message   p. 3
Distribution of literature        p.8               Table of Contents                  p.2
District drug detection dog       p.27              Test information                   pp.24
Dress and grooming                pp.12-13          Visitors                           p.10
Driving and parking               pp.13-14          Withdrawals / Transfers            p.25
Dropping/Changing courses         p.25              Yearbook                           p.28
Dues                              p.9
Early dismissals                  p.6
Electronic Devices                p.9, 19
Eligibility                       p.25
Emergency Drills/Evacuation       p.26
End-of-Course Testing             p.24
Exam policy                       p.23
Exit Exam                         p.19
Extracurricular Activities        p.26
Fees                              p.9
Field trips                       p.9
Food and drink                    p.9
Fund raising                      p.26
Grade classification              p.19
Grades and Grade Point Ratios     p.20
Grade Point Conversion Table      pp.21-22
Grading Scale                     p.21
Grading System                    p.23
Graduation certificates           p.20
Graduation requirements           pp.19
Guidance                          p.25
Health Room                       p.10
Homework                          p.20
Honor graduates                   p.23
HSAP                              p.24
ID Badges                         p.11
Insurance                         p.9
ISS (In School Suspension)                   p.15
Lockers                           pp.9
Principal’s Message
We, the administration, faculty, and staff of Hillcrest High School, are looking forward to a very productive
and exciting school year. As principal, I want to welcome all new and returning students to Hillcrest High
School for an academically challenging school year.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our student/parent handbook. The purpose of the
handbook is to make students and parents aware of expectations, define procedures and identify personnel who
can address concerns and needs. As we all know, the most successful students are motivated and well-
informed. This handbook contains information that will help inform and assist students and parents
throughout this school year. I encourage each student and parent to read this handbook and openly discuss its

Because of the helpful information with which our handbook is equipped, it is our belief that students will have
a solid foundation for making informed decisions that impact their educational process. On behalf of the entire
faculty and staff of Hillcrest High School, I hope this school year is your most successful thus far. We look
forward to working with students and parents to meet the academic goals of all students.

Stephen Chamness
Student Body President’s Message
As your student body president, and as a senior, I’m thrilled to finally get this year rolling! I admit, I’m so
excited to represent Hillcrest and I thank you all for the opportunity. I promise not to let you down! Football
season, homecoming, pageants, and so on, are just around the corner, so we already have so much to look
forward to. With Freshman Academy, extended early dismissals to juniors, another wonderful spirit week,
and the fact that we are used to seven classes, I guarantee this year will be a success. The possibilities are
endless; all we have to do is try.

A little encouragement to all underclassmen: during the next few years, you will discover more about
who you are and what you truly believe in. This school gives you so many opportunities; I encourage all
of you to get involved and tak advantage of every little detail that comes your way. Everything you do and
say shapes who you are; never forget that. Don’t be afraid to mingle! We may be four different classes, but we
are only one student body. To my seniors: We finally made it! We now own the front rows of football and
basketball games, we get to take that one and only senior picture, and best of all, we finally get that senior page.
 We get to dig through years of memories to pick out the best pictures we can find. We only get one senior
year, so let’s make the absolute best out of it. I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope you all enjoy your
time here as much as I have. I speak on behalf of Student Council when I say, this year is going to be one to

Lizzie Wilson

“According to aerodynamic laws, the bumblebee cannot fly. It’s body weight is not the right proportion to
it’s wingspan. Ignoring these laws, the bee flies anyway.”
                                                                -M. Sainte-Lague

                                        MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of Hillcrest High School is to educate all students to become positive, productive citizens equipped to
meet the challenges of today’s global society.

        Promote partnerships and community involvement within our school.
        Decide collectively concerning school processes based upon information and analysis of relevant data.
        Involve students in curriculum and extra curricular activities that enhance social, physical, emotional and
         intellectual well-being.
        Provide a wide variety of academically challenging experiences for all students.
        Cultivate values of hard work, ethics of honesty, pride and achievement, the importance of family, and the
         significance of community service.

                                            GOALS FOR 2004-2005
         Goal I. Raise the academic challenge and performance of each student.
            Objective 1 Decrease the retention rate of Ninth grade students.
                  Strategy 1 Implement a Ninth Grade Academy.
                  Strategy 2 Vary assessments to address all learning styles.
             Objective 2 Increase the reading scores on SAT, Exit Exam and all standardized
                Strategy 1 Expand the current Sustained Silent Reading Program
                Strategy 2 Provide SAT practice on a daily basis.

         Goal II. Improve the school environment for students, teachers and visitors.
              Objective 1 Lower the number of disciplinary referrals.
                  Strategy 1 Participate in the Region’s Bank Character Education Program.
                   Strategy 2 Provide materials for teachers to engage students in character
                                education lessons.
              Objective 2 Increase the number of parents and community organizations involved
                           in the school.
                   Strategy 1 Increase parents and community involvement in the school, PTSA
                                 And increase the PTSA membership.
                   Strategy 2 Increase the club activities that involve the outside community.

         Goal III. Increase all students’ interaction with technology.
               Objective 1 Utilize technology across the curriculum.
                   Strategy 1 Provide faculty and staff with in-service on the use of technology in
                               the classroom.
                     Strategy 2 Every department develop one lesson for the semester that
                              integrates the use of technology.

7:30             Students may enter building reporting to Commons/Cafeteria or Media Center
7:30-8:15        Breakfast served
8:20             Students dismissed to First Period
8:30-9:25        First Period
9:20-9:25        Announcements
9:25-9:30        Change to Second Period
9:30-10:20       Second Period
10:20-10:25      Change to Third Period
10:25-11:15      Third Period
11:15-11:20      Change to Fourth Period
11:20-12:10      Fourth Period
12:10-12:15      Change to Fifth Period

Lunch Shifts-Fifth Period
       Group A
       12:15-12:43       Lunch
       12:43-12:48       Change to Fifth Period
       12:48-1:40        Fifth Period

        Group B
        12:15-12:43       Fifth Period (First Half)
        12:43-1:12        Lunch
        1:12-1:17         Change to Fifth Period
        1:17-1:40         Fifth Period (Second Half)

        Group C
        12:15-1:12        Fifth Period
        1:12-1:17         Change to Lunch
        1:17-1:40         Lunch

1:40-1:45                 Change to Sixth Period
1:45-2:35                 Sixth Period
2:35-2:40                 Change to Seventh Period
2:40-3:30                 Seventh Period
3:30             Students dismissed
3:40             All students remaining on campus must be in a teacher-supervised activity
4:00             Early dismissal students may return for supervised after-school activities

                                       ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES
In order to be counted as present, a student must be in class for at least 30 minutes.
Early dismissals during the last period will result in an absence.

Students will be allowed three (3) tardies to class. On the fourth, fifth, and sixth instances, students will be assigned
detention by the teacher. An administrator will assign detention on the sixth instance. Tardies beyond the sixth will
result in suspension from school. Only a doctor’s note or an administrator can excuse any tardies after the third.

In order for a student to be dismissed from school early, parent/guardian and student must follow the following
1.       Parents must send in a written request (NO PHONE CALLS OR FAXES) stating the time of dismissal, the
         reason for the dismissal, whether or not the student will return to school that day and a phone number where
         they can be reached to verify the request.
2.       Students should drop off the written request in the Attendance Office before 8:30 AM and in enough time to
         get to class on time. Students are required to drop by the Attendance Office during class change to pick up
         early dismissal slip. It should be noted that if a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the early dismissal
         request will not be honored.
3.       Before returning to class, students must have the early dismissal slip/card
       coded by the Attendance Clerk.
4.       There will be no early dismissals during emergency evacuations.

         Greenville County Schools has adopted uniform rules to assure that students attend school regularly. Each
day that students are not in school, they miss hours of valuable instruction and opportunities for learning that they
may not have again.
         All children are required to attend a public or private school or kindergarten beginning at age five and
continuing until their seventeenth birthday.
         Students are counted as present only when they are actually in school, on homebound instruction, or are
present at an activity authorized by the school principal.
         I.        The school year consists of 180 days. To receive credit, students must attend at least 85 days of
                   each 90-day semester course and 170 days of each year-long course, as well as, meet all minimum
                   requirements for each course. Accrued student absences, either lawful, unlawful or a combination
                   thereof, may not exceed the specified number stated above. Any absence in excess of the above
                   requirements may cause the student to lose credit for the course.
                   A.       LAWFUL ABSENCES
                            1.        Personal illness of a child shall be verified by a statement from a physician
                                      within two (2) days of the student's return to school. No faxed doctor notes
                                      will be accepted. Absences for chronic or extended illness will be approved
                                      only when verified by a physician's statement.
                            2.       Absences for religious holidays shall be requested in advance. Such requests
                                     must be made to the principal in writing.
                            3.       Absences for extreme hardships may be approved by the principal. Such
                                     approval should be prearranged when possible.
                   B.       UNEXCUSED ABSENCES
                            Any student absence with or without the knowledge of the parent, which does not meet
                            the conditions for a lawful absence shall be counted as unlawful.
                   C.       PROCEDURE FOR MAKEUP WORK
                            1.       Provision for makeup of school work missed shall be worked out with the
                                     teacher(s) concerned at the earliest time possible, but the time should not exceed
                                     five days after the student returns to school. It is the student's responsibility to
                                     approach the teacher involved to arrange a makeup time. Assignments made

                                    during the absence must be made up within a time set by the teacher and not to
                                    exceed five days unless compelling evidence warrants an extension. Assignments
                                    made prior to the absence are due upon students’ return to school.

According to school district guidelines, a student must present a note within two school days of any absence in
order to excuse the absence.

Students must secure admission slips from the attendance office prior to first block upon returning to school from an
absence. The attendance office opens at 7:30 AM. Tardies to class due to receiving an admission slip will be
coded unexcused. Once a student secures an admission slip from the attendance office, the slip should be signed by
each teacher during the school day. Teachers have been asked not to admit those students to class who do not have
an admission slip. Students should leave the admission slip with the last period teacher. All admission slips will
code the corresponding absence into one of the following categories:

         1.       LD/LM (MED)-"lawful doctor note"- No faxed doctor note will be accepted.
         2.       LA-"lawful administrative note” - Only administrators will issue.
         3.       LP-"lawful parent note"
         4.       U-"unexcused" - A suspension day is an unexcused absence.
         5.       FT-"field trip"- These are not coded as absences. Students on approved field trips are marked
                  present in all classes. (Hillcrest High does not support non-educational trips for students. This
                  includes senior class trips.)
         6.       O - Out-of-School Suspension
         7.       I – In-School Suspension
         8.       B – Bereavement - Please provide documentation (i.e. Order of Service)

*Forgery of notes (Doctor/Physician, Parent) and/or signatures of any kind will result in disciplinary action.

         An atmosphere of mutual respect between students and teachers is most conducive to good discipline. The
general responsibility of discipline rests with the faculty, and each teacher has the authority to exercise appropriate
         Students of Hillcrest High School are expected to cooperate with all faculty members and staff. Students
are expected to do their homework, to study and to pay attention in class. Moreover, students are expected to behave
as good citizens in and outside of school.

As provided by state law, anyone (student, parent, staff member, or visitor) who comes onto the Hillcrest High
campus is deemed to have consented to a search of his/her property. This includes any vehicle brought onto campus.
 Hillcrest High's property is under the jurisdiction of the Simpsonville Police Department.

Students are responsible for all items found in automobiles that they drive onto school district property.
Confiscation of illegal drugs, unauthorized medications, alcohol, and weapons (including but not limited to
knives and guns), whether in plain sight or discovered as the result of a search by school or law enforcement
officials, will result in a recommendation for expulsion of the student.

School doors will open at 7:30 AM; students will report to designated areas (Cafeteria, Commons Area,
Media Center).
          1.        Faculty lounges, restrooms and workrooms are off-limits.
          2.        The area behind the counter in the main office and the staff offices are off-limits.
          3.        Buses parked at school.
          4.        Areas other than the Cafeteria, Picnic, and the Commons Area during lunch.
          5.        Parking lots during the school day. Permission must be obtained from an administrator to enter a
                    parking area.
After school all students must leave campus by 3:40 pm unless they are involved in a supervised activity. Athletes
are to report to the designated area in the gymnasium. Other students must report to the supervising teacher of their
At no time should students loiter in the main entrance of the school (front door red mat area).

Any student who has an address change during the school year should report the new address and/or phone number
to the Guidance Clerk.

Student drop off in front of the school and through Gate 2 is only permitted in the mornings. After school, students
must be picked up at the rear of the building through the use of Gate 4. Student pickup in other areas poses safety
issues and will not be permitted. Varsity Drive (the street between Hillcrest High School and Bryson Middle
School) is a one-way street from Southeast Main to Industrial Drive. The teacher parking lot is not a pickup nor
drop-off area.

Hillcrest High School, as all Greenville County Schools, operates under a closed campus policy. No student may
leave campus without written authorization from an administrator or through the early dismissal procedure. No
students may leave campus for lunch.

Hillcrest High cannot accept deliveries for students.

No pamphlets, posters, or literature of any kind may be distributed on school grounds without the written approval of
the principal.

Hillcrest High School will accept personal checks for dues through May 6, 2005. After this date only cash and
money orders will be accepted for the payment of any dues. Junior dues are $10.00. Senior class dues are collected
to cover the costs of graduation and other senior activities. Senior dues are $25.00 through March 31 and $30.00
beginning April 1. Dues are collected the third week of every month.

Mobile Telephones - Middle and High School Students are permitted to possess mobile telephones on school
property, school buses, and while attending school-sponsored and school-related activities. The use of mobile
telephones is restricted to before and after school hours. Mobile telephones brought onto school property must be
turned off and kept out of sight during the school day. Exceptions to this code must have prior approval by the
principal. If a student uses a mobile telephone in violation of this code, the principal or his designee may confiscate
the student’s mobile telephone and discipline the student in accordance with the “Offenses and Consequences”
section of the Code of Conduct (See Discipline Section below).

To help offset the cost of educational materials and supplies, the Greenville County School Board has authorized the
collection of fees. Class fees will vary based on need. Personal checks will be accepted through May 7; however,
cash and money orders will only be accepted after this date. Please check with a course’s teacher to determine if a
class fee is required.

Any teacher or administrator may deny a student permission to miss class for a field trip for sound, educational or
safety reasons. This would include, but is not limited to, low or failing grades, excessive absences, and other such
defendable reasons related to academics or discipline. Refunds will not be given for field trips after a date specified
by the teacher. Field trips should not be scheduled during standardized testing. (See page 31 for guidelines
concerning College Visits).

Opened food and drink items should be confined to the dining hall and picnic areas. Items found outside of these
areas will be confiscated. Disregard for these rules will be treated as Insubordination . Students should not visit the
vending machines during or between classes.

All students are urged to consider the school accident insurance protection plan offered at the first of the school year.
 A student who suffers ANY accident or injury during the school day or during any school-related event should
report the incident as soon as possible.

(The school district will assume no responsibility for valuables left in lockers).
Lockers will be assigned to students by mentoring or fourth period teachers (see Table of Locker Locations).
Students may not trade lockers once lockers are assigned and the combination known by the student. A locker is
only as safe as it is kept, so keep combinations should be kept discreet. Lockers should be locked securely at all
times. Money or valuables should not be left in lockers. Only school locks may be used on lockers. The
administration reserves the right to search a student’s locker when they deem it necessary. The cost of a lost lock is

Once badges, books and locks have been issued, it becomes the responsibility of each student to protect and maintain
them. If damage or loss occurs, the student is expected to pay for the damage or loss and for replacement. The
student will be expected to pay full contract price for the damaged book since it cannot be re-issued regardless of the
age of the book. Any student who damages an ID badge should be referred to their grade level administrator.

Lost articles should be turned in to the Main Office. Lost items can be reclaimed in the Main Office upon proper
identification. Items will be donated to charity after the last day of school.

The telephones in the Main Office are for school personnel and school related business only. Students who need to
use the phone in emergency situations must do so through her/his grade level administrator. Students need to bring
change or have a phone card for personal calls.

Telephones are located for student use in the Commons Area. Students are not allowed to leave class to use the
phone. Hillcrest High does not provide change for telephone use. Parents and students are encouraged to use phone
cards. Students are not allowed to use classroom or office phones. (See section on Electronic Devices for the Cell
Phone Policy.)

The Hillcrest High School Website Address is www.greenville.k12.sc.us/hillcrh. Please visit the website for current
school information. Teachers have web pages located on the website with pertinent course information.

Parents are always welcome to visit HHS. In order to ensure student safety, all visitors must report to the Main
Office for approval to visit the campus and to wear a visitor’s pass. Students are not allowed to invite or bring guests
to visit classes.

                                               STUDENT SERVICES
Please be reminded that student ID badges will also serve as lunch tickets. Therefore, it is very important that
students have their ID badges at all times.
         Breakfast- Breakfast will be served from 7:30 am to 8:10 am. The cost is $.75 (seventy five cents).
Reduced is $.30 (thirty cents). Extra milk is $.40 (forty cents).
         Lunch- The cost of lunch is $1.50, reduced lunch is $.40 (forty cents). Extra milk is $.40
         (forty cents). Our cafeteria program has three lunch shifts. A regular menu, a salad bar, and various a la
         carte selections are available. Prices for a la carte items will be posted.
         Food and Nutrition Services expects payment either in advance or at the point of service. Students and
         adults are not allowed to charge meals. If parents or guardians find it impossible to pay for student
         meals, please apply for free and reduced meals by completing an application available from the
         Cafeteria Manager.
Students are expected to keep the cafeteria area and picnic areas clean by disposing of their trash appropriately;
otherwise, measures will be taken to address this issue. The use of good table and eating manners is expected.
Breaking in line is discourteous and will be handled with appropriate disciplinary action. Students are not to have
book bags in the cafeteria serving lines.
             Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch nor have food delivered to campus.

Hillcrest provides a health room for students who are injured or who become ill during the school day. Students may
go to the health room only with an admission slip from a teacher or administrator. Health Room hours are 7:30 a.m.
- 4:00 p.m.
The nurse will administer whatever care is necessary and send the student back to class or home. All absences from
class because of health room visits are coded as LP. Students who take medication during the day must check the
medicine into the health room. No medication should be kept by students. Students should bring notes from parents
if they have chronic or peculiar physical problems. The note will be on file in the health room.
          Students may not possess any medication, prescription or non-prescription, at any time on school
          grounds. Students found in possession of any medication on school grounds will be in violation of the
          School District’s drug policy and will recommended for expulsion.

The purpose of the Hillcrest High School Media Center is to support all students in completing curriculum-based
assignments, and to support teachers with additional materials that enrich their classroom instruction. The media
center is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Passes are required between 8:30 and 3:30. Circulation is automated and
students will use their ID badges each time they check materials from the media center. The media center maintains
a fee schedule for delinquent and lost materials.
    Internet is available to all students who have a signed permission form on file. Internet usage is confined to
assignment-based queries. Those students violating this policy will be denied use of the Internet. Personal e-mail
and chat rooms are not for students. Students are encouraged to follow these guidelines. Every effort is made to
maintain a quiet, studious environment in the media center.
    Students may not use Internet until acceptable use policy letter has been signed and is on file in their student
     record. An authorization label will be affixed to the back of their student ID badge to indicate Internet
 Students without an acceptable use policy letter on file are not authorized to work with or monitor other students
     working on the Internet.
 Students may not have access to any lab without supervision.
 Student activity will be monitored at all times by the teacher.
 Students are not authorized to reboot any workstations.
 Students will not perform any maintenance or repairs on computers or peripheral equipment. This includes but
     is not limited to swapping keyboards, mice, printers.
 Students will not use CD-ROM drive unless directed by a teacher.
 In addition to network restrictions, workstations will utilize restricting software to control access to local and
     networked drives.
 Students will not knowingly attempt to bypass (hack around) any network or workstation restrictions.
 Students will be responsible for any damages to equipment.
Any violation to these instructions will be reported to the appropriate administrator for disciplinary action as set
forth in Greenville County School’s and Hillcrest High School’ s acceptable use policies.

Josten’s Renaissance helps schools begin their journey of teaching and learning excellence. It is a journey and not a
       Our Renaissance Goal for Hillcrest High School: Excellence
       Our Josten’s Renaissance Motto: "What you respect, recognize, reward, and reinforce is what gets done."
       Our Renaissance Mission: Hillcrest High School will encourage a school culture that promotes a spirit of
           excellence by building respect for achievement through a program of rewards, recognition, and incentives
           for the students, faculty, and staff.
Criteria for Renaissance Cards ("Membership has its privileges"):
1.        Platinum Level - Cumulative grade point average of 4.0 and higher
2.        Gold Level - Cumulative grade point average of 3.0-3.99
3.        Red Level - Perfect Attendance
Qualification for all Renaissance Card Levels includes:
Renaissance participants must be enrolled at Hillcrest High School for a full semester to be eligible. Renaissance
participants must be clear of all debts owed to Hillcrest High School.
There will be immediate disqualification for any Renaissance participant who receives Out of School Suspension.
The Renaissance Card must be surrendered for the remainder of the school year.

                                           STUDENT EXPECTATIONS

                                                    ID BADGES
For safety and identification, all faculty, staff and students must wear picture ID badges when on school
A.      Each student will be issued an ID badge and a breakaway lanyard at the beginning of the 2004-05 school
        year. These badges are loaned to the students.
B.      Students must display his/her Hillcrest High ID badges at all times while on campus (unless involved in an
         extracurricular activity that requires particular dress). ID badges must be clearly visible and worn on
         the lanyard issued by Hillcrest High this 2004-2005 school year. Old ID Badges from previous years
         will not be acceptable. Temporary badges are to be worn between the right shoulder and the heart.
C.       In order to attend, class students must wear an ID badge. Those students who arrive at school without an ID
         badge will report to the Gym where they will be issued a temporary badge and permitted to go to class.
         Students are to secure temporary badges during class changes. A tardy will be issued to students who are
         late due to obtaining a temporary ID Badge. Starting with the fourth temporary badge issued, the penalties
         are as follows:
                   4th/ 5th / 6th violation       - Detention, parent contacted
                   7th violation                  - Student will not be allowed to return to school until
                                 attaining a new ID badge
D.       Any student who defaces or alters the ID badge will face disciplinary action and be required to purchase
         another badge at his/her own expense. Any student who uses another student's ID will be suspended.
E.       Students must pay $7.00 to replace lost or defaced/damaged ID badges. Replacement ID badges, can be
         purchased before 8:30 a.m. each morning in the gymnasium. An additional ID may be purchased to serve
         as a “back-up” in case the student forgets or misplaces his/her ID.
F.       All ID badges and lanyards must be returned to Hillcrest High School upon a student’s withdrawal from
         school or at the end of the school year. If the ID badge is not returned, the student will be indebted to
         Hillcrest High School for $7.00.

                                                DRESS AND GROOMING
          Student dress and appearance must be appropriate for all instructional situations, must not present a health
or safety hazard, and must not be a disturbing influence to students and teachers. Please refer to Greenville County
School’s Code of Conduct for the District Dress Code:
          The primary objective of Greenville County Schools (GCS) is to provide a World-Class instructional
program and learning opportunity for every student. The personal appearance of every student is an important
component of establishing a safe environment for optimal learning and respect for one another. Students are
expected to dress in an appropriate manner while on school district property or representing the school. Personal
appearance shall be such that it does not disrupt student work or school order, become distractive to other students,
or violate health and safety guidelines. The following minimum standards apply throughout GCS and will be
vigorously enforced. Principals may make additions to these standards.
               1) Student dress and grooming will be neat and clean.
               2) Middle and High Schools – Shirts/Blouses should be tucked in unless designed to be worn outside
                    the pants/skirt. At no time should the student’s midriff be visible while standing, sitting, or
                    participating in normal school activities, e. i., raising hand.
               3) Clothing that inappropriately exposes body parts is not permitted, including: low-cut shirts, tank
                    tops, spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, and vests or see-through or mesh garments worn without
                    shirts. Shoulder straps have to be a minimum of 3 inches wide. Bra straps and bra sides must not
                    be visible.
               4) Trousers/slacks/shorts must be worn at waist level. Because of safety reasons, excessively baggy
                    trousers and clothing are not permitted. No bare midriff shirt or blouses will be permitted.
               5) No tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, halter-tops, or vests without shirts will be permitted. Clothing
                    may not drag on the floor.
               6) Skirts should fit and be in good taste and not be shorter than the knee.
               7) Shorts may be worn; however, they must be properly fitted and in good taste and may not be
                    shorter than the knee. Biker shorts or athletic shorts of any kind are not permitted.
               8) Hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, or do-rags may not be worn.
               9) Shoes or sandals will be worn. Flip-flops (shower-type shoes) and thong-type shoes are not
               10) Clothing or jewelry is not permitted that displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco,
                    drug advertisements or other inappropriate phrases or symbols.
               11) Hair of a non-human color is not permitted.
               12) Extraneous articles hanging from clothing, such as chains, are not be permitted.
               13) Facial jewelry is only permitted to be worn on the ears.
           In addition to the Dress Code in the Code of Conduct, Hillcrest High School will enforce the following:

         Beachwear, bareback items, spandex, and cut-offs (manufactured or self-cut) are not allowed.
         Garments with slits (skirts, dresses) must be appropriate.
         Pants with holes above the knees are not allowed.
         Studded bracelets, belts, handcuffs, knuckle rings, chains, chokers or any such items which can we
         considered weapons are not allowed.
         The administration reserves the right to appropriately address clothing which by design, color, or nature
         causes an uneasiness among Hillcrest High’s students, staff or the school community.
         The overall appearance of all students at Hillcrest should create a favorable impression of our school
community. Each student is expected to exercise wise judgment and forethought concerning dress. The
administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of dress.
***Students who are not in compliance with the dress code will not be allowed to go to class. Inappropriate
items may be confiscated. Students who continually violate the dress code will be suspended.

                           DRIVING AND PARKING POLICY
PRIVILEGE AND NOT A RIGHT. The administration reserves the right to exclude persons who do not follow
the rules or who endanger the safety and property of others. The driving rules are designed to protect everyone who
drives or rides in a car on our campus. The student disciplinary regulations apply to persons in the parking lot as
they would anywhere else on campus. The driving and parking rules apply anytime that a student is operating a
vehicle on campus before, during, or after school hours.

Students who violate the Student Discipline Code of Hillcrest High School may have their driving privileges
suspended or lose these privileges permanently.

          There is limited student parking at Hillcrest. Any car parked on campus must have proper authorization and
a “clearly displayed” valid parking permit. Seniors will have the first opportunity to buy parking permits followed
by Juniors and then Sophomores. Students who do not obtain a parking permit during the initial sale can have their
name placed on a waiting list. Students must submit a letter to the administrator in charge of parking stating the
reason why they would like to have a parking permit. Should permits become available they would be sold to
students on the waiting list in the order in which they were received.

 Students must park in the student parking lot areas: the student lot or bus lot. Students are also allowed to park in
the Visitor Lot but only in those spaces designated by a NUMBER. Visitor’s spaces are marked by the word
VISITOR. Students who park in spaces marked VISITOR will be penalized. The faculty lot is off limits to all
students (and student drivers) except for the Top 25 academically ranked seniors. Students who park in the
faculty lot will have their driving privileges revoked on the first violation.
A.       Any student driving a car to be parked at Hillcrest High during the 2004-2005 school year must purchase an
         official parking permit and have that permit hanging from his/her rearview mirror at all times while on
         school grounds.
B.       The cost of a parking permit is $30.00. If a parking permit is lost, the student must purchase another at a
         cost of $15.00. Should the student find the lost permit at a later date, he/she will not be reimbursed. Permits
         sold after the initial sale date will NOT be prorated.
C.       Students should park their cars in a valid student space upon entering the student parking area. Only the
         student who purchased the parking permit can operate a vehicle using that permit. Should a student
         purchase a permit and trade vehicles during the year, he/she must notify the administrator in charge of
         parking and complete a new parking form.
D.       Students are not allowed to sit in their vehicles upon arrival, but must go immediately into a supervised area
         within the school building. Furthermore, in no case should a student be in the parking lot during the school
         day without written permission from an administrator. Students are encouraged to lock their vehicles. The
         school is not responsible for any theft or vandalism to student cars and property.
E.       To obtain a parking permit, a student must have a valid driver’s license, an insured vehicle, a valid
         registration and a completed and signed HHS student parking permit application.
F.       Students can not loan or transfer their parking permit to other students. Periodic checks will be made to
         match the parking permit to the vehicle registered on campus.
G.       Temporary Parking Permits will NOT be issued.

A.    The speed limit on campus is (10) ten miles per hour. The principal or his designee will have the right to
      determine who is speeding or operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner by observation. No other proof
      besides her/his professional judgment is needed. Strict enforcement of the speed limit will be necessary for
      everyone’s protection and safety.
B.    Fast or dangerous driving, excessive noise, reckless driving, careening, spinning of tires will result in an
      instant revocation of driving privileges.
C.    Weapons and alcoholic beverages are illegal on campus and not permitted in vehicles.
D.    Smoking is prohibited in cars (and everywhere) on campus.
E.    When a vehicle is in operation on campus, passengers must be inside the vehicle and seated. Under no
      circumstances are vehicles to be operated with persons riding on the outside of the vehicle (riding on hoods
      or tops of cars as well as the sides of truck beds).
                                Students are encouraged to always wear their seatbelts.

Driving and parking violations will result in disciplinary action. Violations could result in:
         Detention                                               Temporary Loss of Driving Privileges
         Suspension                                              Permanent Loss of Driving Privileges
         Towing of Vehicle at Owner’s Expense

The Greenville County Schools provide bus transportation between the regular high school campus and the area
career center campus. Students are allowed to drive themselves to the career centers but must follow the guidelines
listed below.
1.        An application must be filled out and given to the appropriate administrator for approval. No student will
          be authorized to drive an automobile to a career center unless he/she has written permission from their
          parent/guardian, the high school principal (or assistant principal), and the career director.
2.        Students will be allowed to ride with other students only after filling out the necessary application.
3.        Stops are not allowed while traveling between the two locations. Students must report back to school by
          coming directly from the career center (stopping for lunch or going home is not allowed).
4.        Students who arrive on campus before the bell rings for 3 rd block must report to the Commons Area.
5.        Students who drive to the Career Center in the morning should report directly to the Career Center and not
          arrive at Hillcrest without prior permission. Students driving in the afternoon to the Career Center should
          not return to Hillcrest at the end of the day without prior permission.
6.        Students and parent\ guardian understand that the School District of Greenville County will not be
          responsible for any accident, vandalism, or stolen property that may occur in the operation of an automobile
          by a student.
7.        Violations of the above regulations will result in the revocation of driving privileges.

                                 REGULATIONS FOR SCHOOL BUS RIDERS

Please refer to Greenville County School’s Code of Conduct for district-wide regulations.
     Buses unload at the rear of the school in the morning. Buses load in the front of the school after school.
         Bus holding is held in the auditorium or (weather permitting) in front of the school.
     Students who arrive on late buses should secure a late bus pass immediately upon arrival to school (i.e.
         before going to the attendance office). Students should then report directly to class.
     Students attending Career Centers whose buses arrive early must report to the Commons Area. Students
         who miss the bus going to the Career Center must report to an administrator.

                                         STUDENT DISCIPLINE CODE

After School Detention will be held each week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:40-4:45. Students who
arrive late will not be admitted. Students who leave before being dismissed will not get credit for serving the
detention. Students should bring work with them to detention to make their time productive. Students who fail to
report to detention will be referred to their administrator. Teachers and administrators should give students a 48-
hour-notice before requiring them to report to detention.

Students will be assigned ISS by administrators. See the Disciplinary Table for Infractions leading to ISS.

Students who violate the Student Discipline Code of Hillcrest High School may have their driving privileges
suspended or lose these privileges permanently.

When an administrator assigns a student to OSS, the student will be denied the privilege of attending school for the
number of days of her/his punishment. This will apply to any students attending any school sponsored activities
whether during school or after hours. District policy dictates that a parent-student-administrator conference is held
before the student is allowed to return to school. Suspension days are counted as absences.

Notice: Hillcrest High School is under the jurisdiction of the Simpsonville Police Department. As provided
for by state law, anyone (student, parent, staff member, or visitor) who comes onto Hillcrest High School’s
campus is deemed to have consented to a search of his/her person and property. This includes any vehicle
brought onto campus.
BEHAVIOR                      DEFINITION                      RANGE       CONSEQUENCE

ABUSE OF STAFF                Verbal or physical              Min.        Suspension
                              disrespect or injury to staff
                              members acting in their
                              capacity as district            Max.        Expulsion

ALCOHOL, DRUGS                Use, possession, or being                   Recommendation for expulsion
                              under the influence of
                              alcohol or non-prescribed
                              drugs on school property
                              or at school events. Sales
                              or distribution of alcohol
                              or non-prescribed drugs on
                              school property or at
                              school events.
                              Physical attack upon
ASSAULT                                                       Min.        Suspension
                              another person who does
                              not indicate willingness to
                                                              Max.        Expulsion
                              participate. Sexual contact
                              with any non-consenting                     (Police will be notified)

BUS VIOLATIONS                Failure to comply with          Min.        Warning
                              rules established for the
                              use of school                   Max.        Loss of Bus Privileges

CARD PLAYING           In possession of or using      Min.   Confiscation / Detention
                       playing cards
                                                      Max.   Suspension

CHEATING\PLAGARISM     Acting dishonestly in          Min.   0 on assignment / phone conference
\TESTING RULE          performing academic                   OSS
VIOLATION              tasks. Being deceitful or      Max.
                       using trickery.
CLASS CUTTING          Being present in school        Min.   ISS
                       but not reporting to class.
                       Being absent from class
                       without having written         Max.   OSS
                       permission and following
                       attendance guidelines.
DEFACING ID BADGE      Altering or damaging the       Min.   Pay for replacement and
                       ID badge. This includes               Detention
                       placing stickers on the ID     Max.   OSS

DESTRUCTION OF         Defacing or damaging           Min.   Pay for damages
PROPERTY               school property or the
                       property of others.            Max.   Expulsion

DISRUPTIVE             Behavior disruptive to         Min.   Detention
CONDUCT                school climate or the
                       educational process.           Max.   Expulsion
DISTRIBUTION OF        Possession of or               Min.   Confiscation
LITERATURE             distribution of or posting
                       of literature without the      Max.   OSS
                       approval of the
DRESS CODE             Noncompliance with the         Min.   Warning with compliance
VIOLATION              school dress code.             Max.   OSS
ELECTRONIC DEVICES     Possession of or use of        Min.   Conference /
                       electronic devices likely to          Confiscation
                       disrupt the school
                       environment or
                       educational process. This
                       includes but is not limited    Max.   Suspension
                       to all radios, tape players,
                       CD players, pagers, and
                       cellular phones.

FAILURE TO DISPLAY     Not wearing badge in a         Min.   Detention
ID BADGE               clearly visible manner or
                       on a Hillcrest issued          Max.   OSS
FAILURE TO REPORT      Non-compliance with a                 Suspension until compliance with
TO OFFICE, DETENTION   request to report to office           request.
                       or detention. Refusal or
                       failure to report to ISS.

FALSE ALARM          Setting off the alarm          Min.   Suspension
                                                    Max.   Expulsion

FOOD IN OFF-LIMIT    Opened food items or           Min.   Work detail
AREAS                drinks outside of the
                     cafeteria or picnic area       Max.   Suspension

FORGERY              The act or legal offense of    Min.   Detention/Phone conference
                     imitating or counterfeiting    Max.   Suspension
                     documents or signatures.

GANG ASSOCIATION,    Gang-related behavior,         Min.   Parent Involvement /
SYMBOLS              association, apparel,                 Confiscation
                     symbols, paraphernalia,        Max.   Expulsion
                     and or activities.

                     Statements or actions which
HARASSMENT, VERBAL   intimidate or demean others.   Min.   Warning
                     This especially includes any   Max.   Recommend for alternative
                     form of sexual harassment.            assignment or expulsion.
(INAPPROPRIATE)      Public display of affection    Min.   Warning
DISPLAY OF           that exceeds hand holding
AFFECTION                                           Max.   OSS
INCITING A FIGHT     Participating in the           Min.   Detention
                     agitation of a                 Max.   Recommend for alternative
                     disagreement.                         assignment.
INSUBORDINATION      Failure/refusal to comply      Min.   Detention
                     with the reasonable rules
                     or requests of school          Max.   OSS
LITTERING            To improperly dispose of       Min.   Work detail
                     trash. To make school          Max.   Detention
                     untidy by scattering trash.

INTIMIDATION,        To subdue or influence by      Min.   Detention
THREAT               frightening with threats of
                     force.                         Max.   Expulsion
LYING                Being untruthful or            Min.   Detention
                     deceitful with
                     administration, faculty or     Max.   OSS
                     staff personnel.
OFF LIMITS AREA      Presence in an area that is    Min.   Detention
                     off limits or being in an
                     area at a time when it is      Max.   OSS
                     not permissible.
REASONABLE           Other behaviors that a         Min.   Warning /
STANDARD OF          reasonable person would               Conference
“RIGHT/WRONG”        consider to be wrong.          Max.   Expulsion
                                                           *Skateboards are not allowed on
                                                           campus and will be confiscated

TARDINESS            Arriving unexcused to          Min.   Detention
(TO SCHOOL/CLASS)    school or class after the
                     designated starting time.      Max.   OSS

THEFT                Stealing or concealing         Min.   Suspension
                     school property or the
                     property of others or          Max.   Expulsion
                     participating as an
                     Use, possession, or
TOBACCO & TOBACCO                                   Min.   Suspension
                     distribution of tobacco
PARAPHERNALIA                                       Max.   Recommendation for expulsion
                     products or paraphernalia.
                                                           *Tobacco paraphernalia will be

                     Unauthorized presence on
TRESPASSING                                         Min.   OSS
                     district\school property
                     and/or refusal to leave
                                                    Max.   Suspension
                     district\school property
                     upon request of school

                     Absence from one or more
TRUANCY                                             Min.   Detention
                     classes which has not been
                     approved by
                     parent\guardian and
CLASS OR SCHOOL                                     Max.   OSS
                     confirmed by school
                     personnel in accordance
                     with guidelines. All
                     students under the age of
                     17 must abide by district
                     truancy ordinances.
VEHICULAR            Unsafe/inappropriate
                                                    Min.   Warning
VIOLATION            operation or use of
                     vehicle; transfer of vehicle
                     to unauthorized persons;              Permanent loss of driving privileges.
                     parking violation. This        Max.
                     includes failure to properly
                     display authorized parking
UNAUTHORIZED CLASS   Leaving a classroom            Min.   Detention
EXIT                 without written permission
                     from the teacher.              Max.   OSS
UNAUTHORIZED         Leaving campus without         Min.   Detention/ Conference/ Probation
CAMPUS EXIT          following the early
                     dismissal protocol.                   Recommendation for alternative
                     (Including not reporting       Max.   assignment.
                     directly to HHS from a
                     career center.
                     Vulgar, profane, obscene,
VULGARITY,                                          Min.   Detention
                     or disrespectful behavior
                     or language; possession or
OBSCENITY                                           Max.   Suspension
                     display of vulgar, profane
                     or obscene material.

                              Possession or use of any
WEAPONS,                                                                 Recommendation for expulsion
                              instruments of offensive or
                              defensive combat, or any
                              instrument used or
                              construed as a weapon;
                              possession or use of
                              fireworks, combustible
                              substances, or explosives.

A paging device or mobile telephone possessed or used in violation of the “Student Rights” section of the Code of
Conduct may be confiscated and the student using or possessing such paging device or mobile telephone in violation
of the applicable section of the code may be disciplined as provided below.
First offense – confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal
guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned to the adult. Second offense – confiscation of the
paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal guardian, the paging device or mobile
telephone will be returned to the adult 30 days after the confiscation.
Third offense - confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference with the parent/legal
guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned to the adult 60 days after the confiscation and the
student may be subject to additional disciplinary consequences including: detention (during or after school), in-
school suspension, out of school suspension, and work detail assignment.
Fourth and subsequent offenses – confiscation of the paging device or mobile telephone and after a conference
with the parent/legal guardian, the paging device or mobile telephone will be returned at the end of the school year
and the student may be subject to additional disciplinary consequences including: detention (during or after school),
in-school suspension, out of school suspension, and work detail assignment.

This applies to all students who entered the 9th grade during or after the 1997-1998 school year.
        Sophomore           Five units-must include English I and one unit of math.
        Junior              Eleven units-must include English I and II and two units of math and
        one unit of science.
       Senior      Seventeen units - must include English I, II and III and three units
                            of math and two units of science.

The School District of Greenville County awards units in grades 9 – 12. Students may earn credit, if they
have school approval, for graduation in the following ways:
        1. Regular classes.
        2. Accredited summer school classes.
        3. Approved correspondence courses.

Students are required to pass the Exit Exam (see HSAP) in order to be eligible for the high school diploma. The Exit
Exam will be administered in 10th grade. Students who fail one or more sections will be given an opportunity as
eleventh graders to re-take the sections that they failed. Twelfth graders will have two opportunities during their
senior year to pass section(s) previously failed. Students not passing all sections of the Exit Exam by the end of
twelfth grade may:
         1.        Accept a state certificate provided that 24 units have been earned.
         2.        Continue active enrollment in school until the Exit Exam is passed or until the age of 21.
         3.        Enroll in an adult education program to gain additional opportunities to pass the Exit Exam.

This applies to all students who entered the 9th grade on or after the 1997-98 school year.
In accordance with state law, all South Carolina public high school students must pass all sections of the Exit Exam
in addition to the requirements follow.

                                DIPLOMA/GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS
                  For students who entered the 9th grade on or after the school year 1997-1998

  English                                                       4
  Math                                                          4
  Science                                                       3
  Social Studies                                                --
       U.S. History                                             1
       U.S. Government                                        1/2
       Economics                                              1/2
  Other Social Studies                                          1
  Physical Education                                            1
  Occupational Specialty or Foreign Language 1
  Computer Science                                               1
  Electives                                                      7
  TOTAL CARNEGIE UNITS                         24

A.       State certificate
Students who are unable to pass the BSAP will be awarded a state certificate. The certificate will indicate the
number of credits earned and grades completed.
B.       Greenville County Special Education Certificate
Students identified as handicapped and enrolled in a functional special education program in accordance with state
and federal guidelines is eligible for a state certificate.

Hillcrest High School considers homework as an integral part of the curriculum and instructional program. Teachers
assign homework according to the objectives of the course, and they expect students to do homework in order to
keep abreast of the subject. Homework counts toward the grade, so the importance cannot be minimized. Teachers
will inform students at the very beginning of the year concerning their individual policies on homework. If you have
a question about homework, do not hesitate to ask your teacher.
Beginning with the graduating class of 1991, all students must take a state authorized course in health education,
which includes a sex education component.

 The School District of Greenville County is changing its course grading scale effective
2000-01 to comply with new statewide requirements. The new grading scale will provide
consistency across South Carolina. This is especially important for determining high school
students' eligibility (GPR) for college and for scholarships, including a state LIFE scholarship.

 High school students will receive a numeric grade for each subject based on the new grading scale. The numeric grade
 and category of the course will determine the quality points earned for each
subject. College Prep and Tech Prep courses earn the base weight. Honors, dual credit, pre-IB,
advanced placement, and IB courses have higher values. A grade of 62 or below for any high school

   course will result in earning zero quality points.

   Students and parents need to choose courses carefully. Students who withdraw from a course after
   five days in a 90-day course or 10 days in a 180-day course will receive a grade of 62 and zero
    quality points. The F with its accompanying zero quality points will be included in the student's grade point ratio (GPR).

   Also, there are new rules regarding the retaking of courses. If a student earns a D or F in a course, the course may be
   retaken no later than the next academic year. Both grades will be calculated into the student's GPR.

   A student’s GPR for grades earned through 1999-2000 will be based on the old GPR calculation. Grades earned 2000-
   2001 and after will be calculated on the statewide grading scale. The new grade point conversion table is on the next two
   pages. Students with a GPR between 2.8 and 3.0 who are concerned about scholarship eligibility can request hand
   calculations from the school counselor.

   Grading Scale
            State 2000-01                                 District OLD
       A    93-100                                        94-100
       B    85-92                                         87-93
       C    77-84                                         77-86
       D    70-76                                         70-76
       F     63-69                                        69 or Below (No Credit)
            (Partial GPR Point Credit)
       F     62 or Below
            (No GPR Point Credit)

The Grade Point conversion table assigns "quality points" to each numerical grade depending on the
grade earned and the category of weight assigned to the course taken. College Prep and Tech Prep
courses earn the base weight. Honors, dual credit, and pre-IB (International Baccalaureate) courses
earn a one-half quality point more, and Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses
earn a full quality point more than the base weight. (For example, a student who earns a 1 00 in a
Tech Prep/College Prep course receives 4.87 quality points whereas a student with a 1 00 in an
Honors course receives 5.37 quality points and a student who receives a 100 in an Advanced
Placement/International Baccalaureate course receives 5.87 quality points.)
                                    GRADE POINT CONVERSION TABLE

  Average          Grade             College Prep/          Honors/              Advanced Placement V/
                                      Tech Prep/             Pre-IB/                  International
                                       Advanced             Dual Credit              Baccalaureate
      100            A                    4.87               5.37                     5.87

       99            A                     4.75              5.25                      5.75

       98            A                     4.62              5.12                      5.62

       97            A                     4.50              5.00                      5.50

       96            A                     4.37              4.87                      5.37

       95            A                     4.25              4.75                      5.25

       94            A                     4.12              4.62                      5.12

       93            A                     4.00              4.50                      5.00

92   B   3.87    4.37      4.87

91   B   3.75    4.25      4.75

90   B   3.62    4.12      4.62

89   B   3.50    4.00      4.50

88   B   3.37    3.87      4.37

87   B   3.25    3.75      4.25

86   B   3.12    3.62      4.12

85   B   3.00    3.50      4.00

84   C   2.87    3.37      3.87

83   C   2.75    3.25      3.75

82   C   2.62    3.12      3.62

81   C   2.50    3.00      3.50

80   C   2.37    2.87      3.37

79   C   2.25    2.75      3.25

78   C   2.12    2.62      3.12

77   C   2.00    2.50      3.00

76   D   1.86    2.36      2.86

75   D   1.72    2.22      2.72

74   D   1.57    2.07      2.57

73   D   1.43    1.93      2.43

72   D   1.29    1.79      2.29

71   D   1.14    1.64      2.14

70   D   1.00    1.50      2.00

69   F    .87    1.37      1.87

68   F    .75    1.25      1.75

67   F     .62     1.12     1.62

66   F     .50    1.00     1.50

65   F     .37    0.87     1.37

64   F     .25    0.750    1.25

63   F     .12      0.62   1.12

 0-62            F                      0.00                  0.00                   0.00

The formula for figuring Grade Point Ratios (GPR) is:
GPR = Sum (quality points x Camellia units earned)
Sum of Carnegie units attempted
(A Carnegie unit is a course that counts toward high school graduation requirements.)

Computations of senior students’ grades to determine class rank will be done at the end of first semester. All final
grades of all completed courses for seven semesters of work will be used in the computation.

HONOR GRADUATES                                       RECOGNITIONS
Exemplary Honor GPA 4.0+                              Honor Roll - 3.25 + GPR
Distinguished Honor       GPA 3.5-3.99                         Principal’s List – 4.0
Honor                     GPA 3.2-3.49
Note: The grade each quarter is used to determine the Principal’s List and Honor Roll (the semester grade is not

Students will receive four report cards during the year, one for each nine-week grading period.
All parents will receive progress reports on their child’s grades at the middle of each quarter.
Progress Reports                                                 Report Cards
SEPTEMBER 23, 2004                                               NOVEMBER 4, 2004
DECEMBER 2, 2004                                                 JANUARY 20, 2005
FEBRUARY 16, 2005                                                APRIL 5, 2005
APRIL 28, 2005                                                   JUNE 7, 2005

Computation for a unit course is based on:
       First Semester                          Second Semester                     Final Avg.
       First quarter 40%                       Third quarter    40%                First Sem. 50%
       Second quarter 40%                      Fourth quarter 40%                  Second Sem. 50%
       Exam               20%                  Exam 20%

Computation for classes with End-of-Course
       First Semester                      Second Semester                         Final Avg.
       First quarter       40%             Third quarter 50%                       First semester        40%
       Second quarter 40%                  Fourth quarter 50%                      Second semester 40%
       Exam               20%                                                      End of Course Exam 20%

*The Summer Reading Requirements will count 5% of the first nine-week English grading period.

Examinations are considered an important part of the instructional program and if used and approached properly, can
provide a valuable learning process. Exams will be controlled by a formal exam schedule. All teachers will give
final exams. No exams will be given early without the principal’s approval. It is not the policy of the school to
excuse students for reasons other than medical emergencies.

Usually college admissions requirements are far beyond the minimum requirements for high school graduation. Students
who plan to attend college should consult catalogs of colleges to assure that they are choosing the right courses.
Typically, colleges expect students to take as many academic courses in English, social studies, math and science as
possible. Colleges also look at GPA and class rank as well as College Entrance Exam scores such as the SAT for

                                      COLLEGE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
                                FOR ENTERING COLLEGE FRESHMEN 2001-2002
Four Units of English: At least two units must have strong grammar and composition components, at least one must be
in English literature, and at least one must be in American literature. Completion of College Preparatory English 1, 11,
III and IV will meet this criterion.

Three Units of Mathematics: These include algebra I (for which applied mathematics I and II may count together as a
substitute if a student successfully completes algebra II); algebra II, and geometry. A fourth higher-level mathematics
course is strongly recommended. The fourth course should be selected from among pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, or
discrete mathematics.

Three Units Laboratory Science: Two units must be taken in two different fields and selected from among biology,
chemistry, or physics. The third unit may be from the same field as one of the two units (biology, chemistry, or physics)
or from advanced environmental science with laboratory or marine biology with laboratory for which biology and/or
chemistry is a prerequisite. Courses in earth science, general physical science, or introductory or general environmental
science for which biology and/or chemistry is not a prerequisite will not meet this requirement.

Two Units of the Same Foreign Language

Three Units of Social Science: One unit of U.S. history is required; a half unit of
economics and a half unit in government is strongly recommended.

Four Units of Electives: Four college preparatory units must be taken from three different field selected from among
computer science, English, fine arts, foreign languages, humanities, laboratory science (excluding earth science, general
physical science, general environmental science or other introductory science courses for which biology and/or chemistry
is not a prerequisite), mathematics above the level of algebra 11, and social sciences. It is suggested that one unit be in
computer science which includes programming (i.e., not just keyboarding) and one unit in fine arts (appreciation of,
history, or performance).

One Unit of Physical Education or ROTC

Note: Each institution may make exceptions in admitting 1) Students who do not meet all of the prerequisites, limited
to those individual cases in which the failure to meet one or more prerequisites is due to circumstances beyond reasonable
control of the student or 2) students who have taken the Tech Prep (Applied Academics) courses rather than the required
college preparatory curriculum described above and who meet all other institutional admissions criteria. Institutions may
add additional requirements. Clemson University requires 3 units of the same foreign language.

Visit our website for college and scholarship information at www.greenville.k12.sc.us/hillcrh.

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) National Qualifying Test will be administered during the month of
October. This test is designed for juniors who plan to continue their education beyond high school, and to serve those
students who wish to be considered for scholarships administered by the National Merit Scholarship Program and the
National Achievement Program for Outstanding Black Students.

College Entrance Examinations (SAT and ACT) will be administered several times during the year in some high
school in Greenville County on each certified testing date for College Board. Students interested in taking this test
should contact their counselors early in the school year. Students who plan to continue their education after high school
should take this test in the spring of their junior year and again in the fall of their senior year.

End of Course Examination Program – The Education Accountability Act of 1998 requires the development of
end-of-course examinations in gateway or benchmark courses for grades nine through twelve. The examinations,

which will count 20% of the students’ final grades in the gateway or benchmark course, will include Algebra I/Math
for the Technologies II, English I, Physical Science, Biology I/Applied Biology II, and U. S. History and

The Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is available for interested students. The purpose of
this test is to help students to make career choices, in military life or in civilian life.

HSAP – High School Assessment Program - All students in South Carolina must pass a minimum competency test in
order to receive a state high school diploma. This test meets the requirement of the South Carolina Education
Accountability Act (EAA of 1998). Students take this test in the spring semester of the tenth grade. Students who do not
meet the standard on this test will have other opportunities to pass it in the eleventh and twelfth grades.

Four guidance counselors will be directly responsible to students and teachers according to an alphabetic division.
One counselor will be directly responsible to seniors. This division does not preclude a student seeing either
counselor he / she wishes for a personal conference, but the assigned counselor will be responsible for his / her
schedule and records.

*** All students and visitors must sign in and sign out when entering and leaving the guidance area. This
requirement is deemed necessary to insure school safety.

Any student who is transferring to another school must have a parent/guardian notify a Guidance Counselor in
person. Students will be required to complete a withdrawal form that must be completed in its entirety. Students
also must turn in all books and materials, and pay all school obligations. Permanent record information will not be
sent to any school or agency until all matters are cleared.

The selection of courses is an important matter. Much thought and consideration must precede any selection of
courses. Students should plan well in advance, as they work with parents, teachers and guidance personnel. If careful
consideration is given to course selection, requests for changes will be necessary only in extreme situations.
         The assignment of teachers as well as the placement of student is based on a careful analysis of student
needs. Because of the complications involved, students and parents are asked not to request specific teachers. If a
student drops a course after the daily penalty, after the 5th day of instruction for semester courses or after the
10th for year-long courses, a W/F (withdraw failing) or a W/P (withdraw passing) will be recorded on his
permanent record (both W/F and W/P are counted as courses attempted with zero (0) quality points earned for
determining GPA).

Absences approved for college visitation will be coded as parent notes. No college visits will be endorsed after
       April 1.

Students must be classified as seniors to receive senior privileges.
         1. Seniors are given priority in all scheduling.
         2. Seniors are given first opportunity to buy parking permits.
         3. Seniors are given their yearbooks before underclassmen.
         4. Seniors are allowed to leave three minutes early for lunch.
         5. Seniors are allowed to leave three minutes early for school dismissal.

         Students are not eligible to participate in any extracurricular events unless they are present at least ½ of the
school day. This includes athletic events, band performances, choral performances, and any type of club activity.
Suspended students are ineligible for participation completely.

According to the regulations of the Education Improvement Act, a student must meet certain standards in order to
participate in any competition outside the school as an individual or a member of a team. This includes such
extracurricular events as sports, debate teams, cheerleading, art and or poster contests, band, choral or music
competition, science fairs, club activities and any other activity which involves competition, in any way, with any
other school.

         All participants of high school athletic programs are required to purchase athletic insurance through the
school. Students will not be allowed to either practice or become a member of the team without this coverage.
Because this policy is mandatory it covers only injuries received during practice for participating in a high school
         This required policy should not be confused with the school time/24 hour plan, which is optional and covers
all school time injuries including all athletic injuries except football. Again, the athletic insurance is mandatory
while the school time/ 24 hour plan is optional.

Any fund raising by a school organization must have the written approval of the principal and the club sponsor.
There is to be no fund raising during or between classes.

Athletics                            Interact                    Speech
Baseball                             Rho Alpha Mu                Forensics
Basketball                           SADD
Cheerleading                         Secret Angels               Music Related
Cross Country                        Solid Rock                  Chorus
Football                                                         Concert Band
Golf                                 Governance                  Gospel Choir
Lacrosse                             Youth Court                 Jazz Band
Soccer                               Youth in Government         Marching Band
Softball                             Student Council             Strings
Swimming                                                         Symphonic Band
Tennis                               Academic Honor
Track and Field                      Beta Club                   Special Events
Volleyball                           National Honor Society      Prom Committee
Wrestling                            Yearbook / Rampage
                                                                 Scholastic Contest
Clubs                                Program                     Academic Team
FAC                                  Rams Enrichment
FFA                                  Renaissance

An Emergency Evacuation planned program for the evacuation of all personnel and students exists in our Emergency
Preparedness Program. A chart showing the evacuation plan will be posted in each area of the school building. In
addition, the procedures to be followed are listed in each teacher's handbook and it is the teacher's responsibility to
inform each student. Students should be aware of this procedure and know how to evacuate the building in case of an
Emergency drills at Hillcrest are a serious matter. Make sure that you are familiar with the fire drill instructions posted
near the door in each of your rooms. When the signal for an emergency drill is given, rise quickly and go quietly and
orderly in single file to the location for that emergency. Complete silence is necessary in the event vocal instructions are
necessary. There will be no early dismissals during drills.

Hillcrest High School will follow all district guidelines and regulation with respect to the use of metal detectors. The
underlying philosophy is based on the responsibility of the school to provide a safe and secure environment in which
learning can take place.
Metal detectors will be used in both random searches and if the administration has reason to believe that some dangerous
or illegal items are on the campus. The rights of the individual and the need for a safe school will be safeguarded.

                                     DRUG DETECTION DOG PROGRAM
The purpose of the Drug Detection Dog Program is to discourage students from bringing drugs on school campuses.
 Drug possession cases in District Schools have decreased in recent years, and it is important that efforts continue to
ensure drugs on school campuses are minimized.
 Program is coordinated by the School District with assistance from the Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement
 Every middle and high school will participate in the program.
 School visits are scheduled by the principal and are under his/her authority.
 No notice will be given to students or personnel prior to visit.
 All building areas and grounds are subject to checks. A school administrator
   will accompany the officer and dog at all times.
 Only dogs that are properly trained to detect drugs will be used.
 Normal procedures will follow if an illegal substance is found.

Note: Hillcrest High School may initiate a random drug-testing program for the 2002-2003

school year. More information will follow.

Greenville County School District policy is in compliance with State and Federal Law
concerning Discrimination and Student Records.

          Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination against any student or employee on the
basis of sex. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 forbids discrimination against any student or employee on the
basis of handicap. The School District of Greenville County does not discriminate in admission or access to, or
treatment and employment in, any of its programs or activities on the basis of sex, handicap, or any other unlawful
criteria such as age, race, religion or national origin.
          Complaints about discrimination on the basis of sex, handicap or other unlawful criteria should be taken to the
local building principal or immediate supervisor with the objective of resolving the matter informally. If a complaint
cannot be resolved in this manner, established grievance procedures should be used. Student grievance procedures are
set forth in District Rule JCE, and employee grievance procedures are contained in District Rule GAE. Both of these
procedures are available in any principal's office. Further information about laws and regulations concerning sex,
handicap and other discrimination or about District grievance procedures may be obtained from our District Office by
calling 241-3100.

In most cases, access to a student's records is restricted to the student's parents or legal guardian (regardless of
custodial rights), appropriate school district and educational agency officials, transferee schools, and persons
obtaining access by valid subpoena or court order Most other persons may obtain access to students records only
with the written consent of the parent or guardian. Unless parents or guardians direct otherwise, however, the
district will release directory information consisting only of a student's name, school, grade, dates of attendance,
degree and awards received, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, and weight and height of
members of athletic teams without prior written consent. Questions about additional confidentiality rights for both
handicapped and non-handicapped students may be obtained through the principal’s office.

Yearbook Sales
    Sales will be handled by mail through the Jostens Complete Company again this year. Parents may return the bill
to Jostens Complete with a payment of $60.00 plus tax or with an indication that no book will be purchased this year.
When the bill is received at home, parents are under no obligation to purchase the yearbook if they do not wish to do
so. This is the students’ one-time opportunity to indicate the desire to purchase a yearbook. Students should not
count on purchasing a yearbook in the spring. Books will be sold for one week during second semester for $65.00.
After yearbooks are delivered, any extra books will be sold for $70.00.

                              CONSTITUTION FOR HILLCREST HIGH SCHOOL
We, the Students of Hillcrest High School, in order to provide for student participation in government of the school,
to maintain a cooperative spirit among students, to promote the development of leadership and responsibility, and to
uphold a high standard of character and achievement, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Student Body
of Hillcrest High School.
                                                       Article I
The name of this organization shall be the Student Body of Hillcrest High School.
                                                      Article 11
                                              Membership and Purpose
Sec. 1 Every regularly enrolled student of Hillcrest High School shall be a member of this organization.
Sec. 2 It is the purpose of the organization to carry out, in a cooperative manner, activities directed toward a fuller
         democratic life for its members.
                                                      Article III
                                    Officers and Student Body Council Members
Sec. 1 The Officers of the Student Body shall be a President, a Vice President, and a Secretary.
Sec. 2 Officers and Student Council Members shall be chosen from students who have met EIA standards.
Sec. 3 The President shall come from the rising senior class, the Vice President from the rising junior class, and
         the secretary from the rising sophomore class.
Sec. 4 The administration may remove from office any student whose actions prove him/her
        unworthy of his/her place of honor and responsibility as a student leader.
Sec. 5 Duties of Student Body Officers:

President                 1.        To preside over the meetings of the Student Body
                           2.       To represent the Student Body at all times
                           3.       To exercise all other power and authority pertaining to this office.
                           4.       To plan regular meetings with the assistance of the advisor.

Vice President             1. To preside in the absence of the President at meetings of the Student Body         and/or
                           Student Council.
                            2. To share the duties of the President and assist him or her as the need arises.

Secretary              1.             To check attendance at all Student Council meetings.
                            2.        To take minutes of all meetings.
                            3.        To handle all correspondence.

Sec. 6   Vacancies in Office: If for any reason, the Office of President of the Student Body becomes vacated, the Office
         shall be filled by the Vice President of the Student Body; likewise, the vacancy of any Class President shall be
         filled by the Class Vice President. Other vacated offices will be filled by special elections.
                                                        Article IV
                                                  Election Regulations
Sec. 1   All students enrolled at Hillcrest High School are considered registered to vote for candidates on their grade
         level and for candidates for Student Body Officers. Procedures for a fair and orderly election will be the
         responsibility of the Election Committee under the sponsor's supervision.
Sec. 2   Elections for Student Body Officers, Class Officers, and Student Council Representatives will be held during
         the month of April; this election will include rising Sophomore-Junior-Senior Classes. The election of
         Freshman Grade Officers and Representatives will be held during the month of September.
See. 3   Voting will be done by secret ballot at a time / place designated by the Election Committee.
Sec. 4   At a date set by the advisor , a candidate must file with the faculty sponsor a petition bearing the names of 25 of
         his/her grade level peers endorsing the candidacy.
Sec. 5   Speeches: Candidates for Student Body Offices and Class Offices will make a campaign speech before his/her
         class or the Student Body. All speeches must be approved in advance by the student government advisor and
         the principal of the school. The candidate's campaign speech will not exceed three minutes in length.
Sec. 6   A candidate must receive a majority of the votes to be elected.
                                                         Article V
                                                     Student Council
Sec. 1   The membership of the Student Council shall be as follows:
         1. The President of the Student Body.
         2. The Vice President of the Student Body.
         3. The Secretary of the Student Body.
         4. Ten Representatives from the ninth grade.
         5. Ten Representatives from the tenth grade.
         6. Ten Representatives from the eleventh grade.
         7. Ten Representatives from the twelfth grade.
         8. President, Vice President and Secretary from each class.
Sec. 2   Members who have more than three unexcused absences from Student Council meetings in a
         Semester will be removed from office and will be ineligible to run for office again.
Sec. 3   The Student Council shall meet once a month. Special meetings of the Council or committees may be called by
         the faculty advisor. No meetings of the council or a committee shall be held unless the faculty advisor is
Sec. 4   All actions taken by the Council shall be submitted to the principal for his approval, and no action taken by the
         Council shall be given publicity until it has been approved and authorized by the principal.

                                                   Article VI
To amend this Constitution a proposed amendment must pass by a two-thirds vote in the Student Council and be
approved by the administration. A simple majority vote by the Student Body would then make the amendment a part
of the Constitution.

(The school district will assume no responsibility for valuables left in lockers).
Lockers will be assigned to students by mentoring or fourth period teachers (see Table of Locker Locations).
Students may not trade lockers once lockers are assigned and the combination known by the student. Your locker is
only as safe as you keep it, so keep your combination to yourself. Keep your locker locked at all times. Do not
leave money or valuables in your locker. Only school locks may be used on lockers. The administration reserves the
right to search a student’s locker when they deem it necessary. The cost of a lost lock is $5.00.

                                        LOCKER LOCATIONS

 Locker Numbers                    Floor          Hallway                      Classrooms

            1-76                          1           front                        101-106
          77-360                          1           end                       107-108, 112
          361-434                         1           back                         114-117
          435-510                         2           front                      206-211
          511-834                         2           end                        212-218
          835-908                         2           back                         220-224
          909-934                         2           front                      stairwell 5
          935-958                         2           front                        201-204
          959-984                         2           back                       stairwell 6
         985-1008                         2           back                         226-229
         1009-1042                        3           front                        305-309
         1043-1082                        3           front                        333-33
         1085-1404                        3          end                           312-318
         1405-1478                        3          back                          319-323
         1479-1506                        3          front                       stairwell 5
         1507-1530                        3          front                         301-304
         1531-1746                        3          middle                        334-335
         1747-1770                        3          back                          328-332
         1771-1798                        3          back                          stairwell 6

The School District of Greenville County does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, color, handicap,
religion or national origin in its dealing with employees, students, the general public, applications for employment,
educational programs, activities or access to its facilities

            Alma Mater
       There’s a spot in Carolina
         Where the foothills lie …

     There our noble Alma Mater
         Stands against the sky

      Alma Mater, thou will ever
            Live in memory.

   Here’s to thee! O halls of Hillcrest
             Hail, O hail to thee.

 Through the years we’ll always try to
        Hold thy laurels high …

Thoughts of thee will grow more tender
            As time passes by.

 Dear old Hillcrest, may our hearts be
            Filled with loyalty,

Here’s to thee, O Hillcrest High School
           We’ll be true to thee.


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