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									How to access the internet with Huawei E587?
Tags: Huawei E587 Mobile Hotspot        3g router

At the beginning of this year, Huawei displayed two new pockets Wi-Fi:
Huawei E586 and Huawei E587. Huawei E587 Mobile Hotspot is the
successor to the earlier launch of the Huawei E585 models, which changed the
way access the internet.
With the Huawei E587, you can access to the internet any time and can
perfectly solve the problem of poor indoor signals. The DCHSPA rate could be
up to 43.2Mbps and the signal can cover the distance of 100 meters, so it can
not only use for the family but also in office buildings. Besides, the wireless
router supports different operating systems for the first time for different
terminal devices; it will be safer for you to access the internet. For people who
love fashion, Huawei E587 provides more choice of stylish looks.

It’s easier than ever to set up a wireless network, especially now that Internet
access and routers have become widely available. When you get a Huawei
E587, do you know how to access the internet with it? Here give three steps to
set up your wireless network.

Step 1: power on the wireless router
Insert the SIM card into Huawei E587, power on the wireless router, press
and hold the button of power until the screen lights up.

Step2: establish a Wi-Fi connection

You should make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled and have a wireless network
adapter installed, and then click the “view available wireless networks” on
your computer or ipad to display a list of wireless networks available, select a
network that has the same SSID as that of the Mobile WiFi, wait until the
wireless connection icon is displayed in the status area.

Step3: access the internet

After you have established a Wi-Fi connection successfully, you can access the
internet. Launch the web management page to select the mode for accessing
the internet.


Please select a proper internet connection mode based on you service expense.
For example, if you are subscribed to the time-based network service, you are
recommended to select Manual mode. Before you begin setting up your
wireless network, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the copy of the
setup instructions provided by the router manufacturer or your ISP. If you do
not have a copy, visit the website of modem3g to get instructions on how to set
up your router. All routers vary, and you may need to consult the instructions
to set up your wireless network using your specific 3G Router.

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