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					                                   The Case Middle School
    Volume 7                                                                                           November
     Issue 1                                                                                             2010
   Produced by the Students of Punahou School, 1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Remembering                                    By Eyrica Sumida                         took care of her family and friends.
                                                                                           Becky’s favorite memory of
Aunty Hattie                                    T    his summer, our beloved Hat-
                                                     tie Louise Leilehua Eldredge
                                               Phillips, “Aunty Hattie” as she was
                                                                                        Aunty Hattie was during May Day
                                                                                        practice. They were just sitting
                                                                                        together along with the other court
                                               affectionately called, passed away       princesses talking about every-
                                               on June 27, 2010. She was an             thing and anything. “We were hav-
                                               amazing teacher and friend to all        ing a plain, old fashion good time,”
                                               who met her.                             said Becky.
                                                  Aunty Hattie was the K–12                Uncle Pal Eldredge said that
                                               Director of Hawaiian Resources           Aunty Hattie was a dedicated
                                               and she worked out of Kuaihelani         mother, wife and sister. “I couldn’t
                                               Learning Center. Aunty Hattie also       have asked for a better sister.”
                                               directed the Academy May Day                Uncle Pal and Aunty Hattie were
                                               program called the Holoku Pag-           very close. They taught each
                                               eant, and the Junior School May          other music, songs and dances.
                                               Day programs.                               Uncle Pal also thought that
                                                  Aunty Hattie first arrived at         Aunty Hattie was very sensitive
                                               Punahou when she was in the fifth        and careful about the feelings of
Aunty Hattie at last year’s May Day            grade. She felt that the school          others. “She always accepted me,
program.                                       was a very important part of her         no matter what I did.”
                  Photo courtesy of Sterling   family and that it was all a dream          Mrs. Ane from the third grade
                                               come true.                               remembers Aunty Hattie during
                                                  Then, after graduating from the       their karaoke parties. She says
                                               University of the Pacific in Califor-    that Aunty Hattie always enjoyed
                                               nia, she decided that she wanted         herself and brought a great energy
                                               to teach at Punahou. Fortunately         to others.
                                               for us, she was hired first as a first      She sang and danced and they
                                               grade teacher then as she said           got a lot of exercise . They had a
                                               “Everything just followed from           “good time too” Mrs. Ane said.
                                               there.”                                     Mrs. Ane misses the feelings
    She made me                                     Aunty Hattie was a very
                                               religious person. She worked
                                                                                        that Aunty Hattie used to bring
                                                                                        her. “She made me feel that I was
    feel that I was                            on fundraisers for her Mormon
                                               church. Aunty Hattie was also the
                                                                                        important in her day, and she was
                                                                                        really interested in what was going
                                               choir director at her church as well     on in my life.”
    important in her                           as the director of the alumni Glee          She also remembers Aunty
                                               Club.                                    Hattie’s talents, “She was a great
    day and she was                               But most of all, she was dedi-
                                               cated to hula. It was her passion
                                                                                        skit writer...we always did skits for
                                                                                        parties, and she was always the
    really interested                          and she was a beautiful dancer.
                                               Hula was a part of her life since
                                                                                        one to write them, complete with
                                                                                        songs, and dances!”
                                               she was a little girl. She partici-         Aunty Hattie was a hard worker
    in what was going                          pated in shows like the May Day
                                               program since she could walk.
                                                                                        and helped to make a lot of the
                                                                                        aspects of life at Punahou special.
    in in my life.                                “Aunty Hattie was a great
                                               person; she had a way of making
                                                                                           She organized many of the day
                                                                                        camps for the 7th graders. She
                                               people feel happy and light. Her         also organized the 3rd grade luau.
        —Mrs. Ane, Grade 3                     spirit was always very joyous and           One of her greatest contribu-
                                               excited; she loved and cared about       tions to the school was the organi-
                                               everything that she did, ” said          zation and celebration of May Day.
                                               Uncle Pal                                   She was the captain of the
                                                  People have said that she had         Holoku Pageant since 1996 when
                                               a beautiful singing voice and was        she took over for her older brother
                                               amazing at playing the ukulele. “It      Dave Eldredge. She led the Junior
                                               was gorgeous,” says Kaela Akina-         School program for over 20 years.
                                               Magnussen ‘15.                              Lauli’a Ah Wong and Leilehua
                                                  Kaela like many others feel           Utu, Aunty Hattie’s daughters are
                                               that Aunty Hattie made them feel         going to co-direct the May Day
                                               special in the way that she smiled       program.
                                               at everyone.                                Aunty Hattie was an amazing,
                                                  Sophie Cheng ‘15 also remem-          loving, wonderful teacher, advisor,
                                               bers Aunty Hattie as a smiling,          hula dancer, sister and friend. “You
                                               happy person who loved life.             just wanted to run up and hug
                                               Whenever Sophie thinks of her,           her,” remarked James Scott.
                                               she thinks of Aunty Hattie’s face           Punahou School has experi-
                                               glowing with light.                      enced a great loss. We all miss
                                                   Becky Yim ‘15 loved the way          Aunty Hattie and we all cherish the
                                               that Aunty Hattie hugged her. She        wonderful memories we have of
                                               always felt safe and warm in her         her.
                                               arms. “Auntie Hattie made me feel
                                               like I was always wanted,” she
                                                  Becky remembers Aunty Hattie
                                               as a loving and selfless person who
  November 2010                         The CMS Courier                                                          Page 2

K-1 Omidyar; A New                            By Candace Chung & Kylie Tokujo          electricity we use from the sun. So
                                                                                       we won’t have to buy, we’ll get it
Home for Students                              T    he CMS Courier sat down
                                                    with Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Kes-
                                                                                       from the panels.
                                                                                          We also collect rainwater when it
and Teachers                                  ler, two kindergarten teachers at
                                              the new K-1 Omidyar Neighborhood
                                                                                       comes down off the roof and drips
                                                                                       into barrels. Then we can use it for
                                              to find out what they thought about      watering our gardens. We won’t
                                              the new K-1 Omidyar complex.             have to use city water.
                                                  The Courier: How do you like            The whole place is landscaped so
                                              the new building?
                                                  Mrs.Hayes: I love it.
                                              It is absolutely amazing.
                                                  Mrs. Kesler: I love it.
                                                  The Courier: What is
                                              your favorite part about
                                              the building?
                                                  Mrs. Hayes: My fa-
                                              vorite part is the wind-
                                              mill and the bio-swale.

                                                 The Courier: Can
                                              you tell us about the
                                              new eco-friendly fea-
                                              tures of the building?
                                                 Mrs. Hayes: The bio
                                              swale is for drainage
K-1 Omidyar Neighborhood bridge.              for heavy rains. There are               that when it rains the rainwater will
           Photos by C. Chung and K. Tokujo   solar panels, which are interesting      go into the bio-swale and will soak
                                              for the kids because they can learn      back into the soil rather than going
                                                                                         in the storm drain, and into the
                                                                                            The third thing we have is the
                                                                                         windmill, which is really the dem-
                                                                                         onstration to capture wind power
                                                                                         to get water to pump.
                                                                                            We also have skylights in the
                                                                                         buildings so that we have natural
                                                                                         lights, rather than using electrical
                                                                                            We are also collecting our
                                                                                         waste from snacks and lunch to
                                                                                         compost right now. Our waste
                                                                                         is going to Ka Papa Mala O

                                                                                              The Courier: How do you
                                                                                          think the kindergarteners and
                                                                                          first graders feel in this building?
                                                                                              Mrs. Hayes: I can tell already
                                                                                          they feel at home. If you watch
                                                                                          them, you can tell they notice it
                                                                                          was designed for them.
                                                                                              Mrs. Kesler: They love it. They
                                                                                          really like sharing space with the
                                              about them.                                 first graders and they like the
                                                  We don’t need lights in the after-   little windows next to their “cozy
                                              noon because it’s very bright in our     corners” and they also like the
                                              classroom, from the sun.                 creative learning center and they
                                                  Nature is all around us. The kids    love playing on the rocks and the
                                              can learn about it and nature is         bio swale, so I think they’re very
                                              beautiful. The kids love to play in      happy.
                                              it too.
                                                  Mrs. Kesler: We have photovol-          The Courier: Was moving here
                                              taic (solar) panels that capture the     hard? If so, why?
                                              sunlight and convert it into electric-      Mrs. Hayes: It was hard work
                                              ity.                                     in the sense there were hundreds
                                                  The head of physical plant thinks    of boxes to move. But it wasn’t
                                              we will be able to generate 60% of       exactly hard.
                                                                                          Mrs. Kesler: Yes. It takes a long
                                                                                       time to think about where you
                                                                                       want the science center, the blocks,
                                                                                       library, where they’ll hang their
                                                                                       bags, musical instruments, where
                                                                                       meetings will be held, but we got a
                                                                                       lot of help.
                                                                                          Summer school helped move the
                                                                                       boxes, and the families came to
                                                                                       help. It was fun because we got to
                                                                                       see each other all the time and it
                                                                                       was hard.
                                                                                          Along with swinging and sliding
                                                                                       on the playground, having fun with
                                                                                       their class pets and naptime, the
                                                                                       students look excited to be in such
                                                                                       a beautiful building.
  November 2010                           The CMS Courier                                                          Page 3

Pops Assembly                                    By Makana Elaban & Krissty Sumida          Summer Derickson sang “Fell in
                                                                                         Love With a Boy” as recorded by

                                                  T   he Pops Assembly is some-
                                                      what like a talent show, in-
                                                 corporating music and dance. The
                                                                                         Joss Stone, was very soulful. She
                                                                                         made the audience engaged.
                                                                                            Tamlyn Tamura played her
                                                          masters of ceremonies,         ukulele to “Orange World” by
                                                          or Kelia Brooks, Meredith      Jake Shimabukuro. She played
                                                          Collat, Lucas Cusick,          magnificently as she incorporated
                                                          Missy Hamblet, David           fast paced strumming and picking
                                                          Kop, Lizzy Levine, Logan       skills. She blew the crowd away
                                                          Moss and Max Senesom-          and had a thunderous applause.
                                                          bath were hilarious and           Isabella Klein sang “The Only
                                                          welcoming as they kicked       Exception” as recorded by Para-
                                                          off the show with a bang.      more. She displayed great vocals.
                                                              Becky Yim and August          Marissa Kamisugi & Cristyn
                                                          Wunderlich performed           Dang danced a contemporary jazz
                                                          “Sunday Morning” by            mix to a mix of up to date pop mu-
                                                          Maroon 5. Their sound          sic. This duo was incredibly amaz-
                                                          meshed well together.          ing. The performance was opened
                                                              Kaela Akina-Magnussen      by Marissa’s graceful jazz and bal-
                                                          & Malia Bell sang “Any-        let dancing. She incorporated her
                                                          thing You Can Do” from         great gymnastics skills doing an
                                                          Annie Get Your Gun. This       aerial and a jump into the splits.
                                                          duet was comedic and           Cristyn also showed just how
                                                          entertaining. They con-        talented she is, with her elegant
Marissa Kamisugi and Cristyn Dang                         nected with the audience       ballet and jazz skills.
dance contemporary jazz.                         well.                                      Lael Sommer & Hunter Uechi
        Photo courtesy of Communications Dept.      Monica Mendoza danced Hip-           sang “Part of your World” from The
                                                 Hop and was very theatrical as she      Little Mermaid accompanied by
                                                 grooved to the beat. You could tell     Joanne Watanabe. The duet closed
                                                 the audience could feel her energy.     the show marvelously as they sang
                                                    David Jurbala sang “Home” by         together brilliantly in sync.
                                                 Chris Daughtry. He presented his           Overall the show was a success
                                                 talented guitar skills as well as his   with great singer and dancers. It
                                                 singing skills. He was very in tune     was a treat for all to watch. We
                                                 and “in the moment”.                    look forward to next Pops.

Hot Stuff:                                       By Nicole Harrison & Carli Ing              Courier: What is your favorite
                                                                                         part of Flaming P?
The Story behind                                  S    eptember 24th was especially
                                                       thrilling. It was the homecom-
                                                                                             Uncle Pal: I like the entire
                                                                                         thing because it showcases and
Flaming P                                        ing football game. Punahou played
                                                 rival school, Iolani. The crowd
                                                                                         involves the entire Punahou com-
                                                                                         munity. As a former Punahou ath-
                                                 cheered along with the enthusi-         lete and coach, I especially enjoy
                                                 astic cheerleaders. Punahou won         singing the “Sons of O‘ahu.”
                                                 41-13.                                      Courier: Do you know who
                                                    Everyone made their way down         came up with the idea of having a
                                                 to the roaring pep-rally after a        chili-rice dinner?
                                                 scrumptious chili and rice dinner.          Uncle Pal: I think either the
                                                    After the dance team, cheer-         Alumni Relations people or the
                                                 leaders, and various                                  PFA.
                                                 sports teams finished                                     Courier: Do you
                                                 there performances,                                   know when the first
                                                 everyone ran down to                                  Flaming P was?
                                                 the P chanting, “Light                                    Uncle Pal: Novem-
                                                 the P!” The Flaming                                   ber 1967
                                                 P was a warming fire                                      Courier: Do you
                                                 blazing in the cool                                   think that we should
                                                 night.                                                have Flaming P’s for
                                                    We interviewed                                     other sports?
                                                 Uncle Pal ‘64 before                                      Uncle Pal: Actually,
                                                 Flaming P. He is a                                    it started for just foot-
                                                 former athlete and                                    ball because our team
The P burned bright in the late                  coach.                                                was having a bad year,
tropical night.                                     Courier: What was                                  but it has changed to
                  Photos by Hannah Matsunaga     your first year ever                                  include all sports. Yes,
                                                 attending a Flaming P?                  it’s after a football game, but any
                                                    Uncle Pal: Probably around           teams that want to be introduced
                                                 1969 or 1970. Can’t be certain.         are given the opportunity to do
                                                    Courier: What was the first          so, as well as do a cheer, if they
                                                 year that you helped organize the       choose to.
                                                 Flaming P?                                  Courier: Has the Flaming P
                                                    Uncle Pal: This year is the first    ever fallen over?
                                                 I’ve helped organize the pep rally          Uncle Pal: Not that I recall.
                                                 portion of the event. Usually, I just       Courier: What is the P made
                                                 show up and emcee the rally.            of?
                                                    Courier: What is your job at             Uncle Pal: Steel, burlap, and
                                                 this year’s Flaming P?                  chicken wire.
                                                    Uncle Pal: I was the program             The Flaming P was a huge suc-
                                                 coordinator, arranging the agenda       cess. It was a fun filled evening-
                                                 for the gym portion of the event,       with games, entertainment and
                                                 then I was the emcee.                   food.
     November 2010                         The CMS Courier                                                   Page 4

  8th Grade Election                           By Meghan Lai                          of interest to me since 7th grade.
                                                                                      I felt like running this year be-

                                                O     n September 24, 2010, the
                                                      candidates running for office
                                               presented their speech to their fel-
                                                                                      cause you get to work with all the
                                                                                      committees, such as the 8th grade
                                                                                      dance. All of it sounded really in-
                                               low classmates in Twigg-Smith.         teresting and fun.
                                                   There were six candidates for         EJ Kim, who ran for Secretary/
                                               President- Cristyn Dang, Bella         Treasurer shared her story on why
                                               Klein, Nick Abcede, Dominique          she wanted to run.
                                                             Hicks, Olivia Orme          Courier: Why did you decide to
                                                             and Janie Schaefer;      run for office?
                                                             Seven candidates for        EJ: At first, I just went with
                                                             Vice President- Taylor   my friend because she wanted
                                                             Hayashi, Kelli San-      to run and didn’t want to walk
                                                             tos, Rosalie Chang,      into the room by herself. Then, I
                                                             Brandon Takao, Grant     just decided to run for it because
                                                             Sugimura, Ale Hedlund    I wanted to try to change some
                                                             and Rachel Justice;      things with our grade.
                                                             Two candidates run-         Courier: Why run for Secre-
                                                             ning for Secretary/      tary/Treasurer? Why not some-
                                                             Treasurer- EJ Kim and    thing else?
                                                             Richard Sayama.             EJ: I ran for Secretary/Trea-
                                                                They all presented    surer because I’m good at math
                                                             engaging speeches, to    (more than other subjects) and I
                                                             share their objectives   felt that President was too much
                                                             with the students.       stress, and I’m not much for public
                                                                Dominique Hicks,      speaking. So I decided that Secre-
Candidates for President and Sec-              who ran for President, told us why     tary/Treasurer was more fitted for
retary/Treasurer                               she felt like running.                 my personality.
                    Photo by Doc Mitsuda           Courier: Why did you want to          Mrs. Tyau, the class of 2015’s
                                               run?                                   supervisor, talked about require-
                                                   Dominique: I did student coun-     ments for being a candidate.
                                               cil at my old school, and I wanted        Mrs. Tyau: They had to have
                                               to do it here at Punahou too.          a clean citizenship record, which
                                                   Courier: Why President?            means that they can’t have any
                                                   Dominique: I like being in         significant discipline incidents,
                                               control, and I’m not the best group    and they need a good academic
                                               worker. I always end up trying to      standing. They have to get a peti-
                                               lead.                                  tion signed by at least 35 of their
                                                   Kelli Santos, who ran for Vice     classmates, and have to present a
                                               President, had something to share      speech in front of the whole grade.
                                               with us in this interview.                The winners of the election were
                                                   Courier: What made you want        Nick Abcede for President, Kelli
                                               to run?                                Santos for Vice President and EJ
                                                   Kelli: The student council was     Kim for Secretary/Treasurer.

  Who Will Be Hawaii’s                         By Anli Valdez                         primary election and will be going
                                                                                      against Duke Aiona in the general
  Next Governor?                                T   hroughout the state of Hawaii,
                                                    many American citizens are
                                               voting for a trustworthy governor.
                                                                                         The second candidate, James
                                                                                      Duke Aiona is a republican and is
                                                  The governor is the person who      interested in becoming our new
                                               manages and enforces the state’s       governor. Duke Aiona was our
                                               laws. Right now, there are two         former lieutenant governor.
                                               candidates for governor:                                 James Duke Aiona
                                               Neil Abercrombie and                                 is focusing on fight-
                                               James “Duke” Aiona.                                  ing crime and drugs.
                                               The earlier election, also                           He also wants to take
                                               known as the primary                                 care of local families
                                               election took place on                               and businesses.
                                               September 18, 2010.                                      James Duke Aiona
                                                  The final election called                         has a vision to lower
                                               the general election will                            our electricity and
                                               be on November 2, 2010.                              gas prices by using
                                                  The first candidate,                              clean energy. He has
                                               Neil Abercrombie, is a                                been working with
                                               democrat. Before run-        Neil Abercrombie.        Hawaiian Electric
                                               ning for governor, he was                             Company to find
                                               a member of the United States          new ways to reduce costs.
                                               House of Representatives.                 Mr. Aiona got a total of 40,351
                                                  Neil Abercrombie is planning to     republican votes.
                                               make Hawaii more self-sufficient.         Sit down with your family and
  Republican candidate Duke Aiona              Instead of buying food and energy      watch the upcoming debates to
                        Photos from Internet   from other countries, he said we       see who will be Hawaii’s next gov-
                                               could all provide it ourselves by      ernor.
                                               using our resources.                      After the debate, you might get
                                                  He proposes that this will help     a better idea who will be the right
                                               the economy and will create more       person to lead our state.
                                               jobs.                                     Who will be Hawaii’s next gov-
                                                  Mr. Abercrombie got 134,955         ernor?
                                               democratic votes. He won the
  November 2010                       The CMS Courier                                                        Page 5

Running for Top Spot                         By Chase Kaminaka                        took first place for Mid Pac ILH

                                              B   ang! The gun fires as a great,
                                                  blob-like mass takes off,
                                                                                         Cross-country is scored by tak-
                                                                                      ing a school’s top 5 runners’ places
                                                                                      and adding them together to get
                                                                     pulsing          the school’s overall score. The
                                                                     through each     team with the lowest score win-
                                                                     person’s         ning.
                                                                     body. Hun-          In the last two meets, Punahou
                                                                     dreds racing     has come out on top by over ten
                                                                     up and down      points both times. The girls also
                                                                     hills, weav-     have taken their 2nd place finishes
                                                                     ing in and       by a good margin.
                                                                     out of trees        This is an accomplishment be-
                                                                     in hot pursuit   cause Punahou is the only school
                                                                     of a top spot    that does not run any 9th graders
                                                                     and a medal.     on their intermediate team.
                                                                         What I’m        Mr. Earle, one of the coaches of
                                                                     describing is    had this to say about the team:
                                                                     intermediate     “The coaches are very pleased
                                                                     cross-coun-      with the progress of both the girls’
                                                                     try, a 2-mile    and boys’ teams. We have won
                                                                     race of noth-    trophies at the last two meets, and
                                                                     ing but pain.    people are steadily improving their
                                                                         On Sep-      personal best times.”
                                                                     tember 25           Even after all of this, Punahou’s
                                                                     and October      not done yet. There are two more
Chase Kaminaka ‘15 cross-country             2, two Invitational races that in-       meets include ones at Kapiolani
team runner.                                 cluded over 200 kids from over 20        Park as well as the biggest meet of
                  Photo by Justin Kunimune
                                             schools took place.                      the year, the ILH championships at
                                                Out of all of these schools,          C.O.R.P.
                                             for the first time in many years,           These meets are taking place on
                                             Punahou came out on top as the           the next three Saturdays.
                                             #1 overall boys intermediate                This team has a lot of potential
                                             school for both meets, earning 6         but will they win the upcoming
                                             medals and two trophies in the           meets?
                                             process.                                    Truth is, who knows? If you
                                                The girls have also won two           want to find out, go out and sup-
                                             trophies for two 2nd place finishes      port Punahou at one of the upcom-
                                             and a third place finish. They also      ing meets and see.

The Comeback Kid                             By Grant Sugimura                        depend on.
                                                                                         After that loss the Vikings

                                              A     nyone who follows football
                                                    knows of Brett Favre’s infa-
                                             mous retirements.
                                                                                      drafted Heisman candidate Toby
                                                                                      Gerhart. The rookie Gerhart has
                                                                                      been off and on in his performance,
                                                  This year is no different. Favre    much different from the ever-de-
                                             debated whether or not to come           pendable Taylor.
                                             back for his 20th season.                   Even the Vikings defense is hurt-
                                                 As most predicted, Favre came        ing. One of their great cornerbacks,
                                             for another shot. In preseason           Cedric Griffin, is out for now. But
                                             games, Favre looked old and out of       that only leaves Minnesota with
                                             shape. Well, you can’t blame the         three cornerbacks.
                                             40-year-old Farve of being a little         But there was a bright spot
                                             out of shape. But once the season        in the lineup. The New England
                                             got kicked off Farve still looked a      Patroits have recently traded star
                                             little winded. It showed.                wideout Randy Moss to the Vikings.
                                                 After a magical season last year     Moss started his career out as a
                                             in which he only had seven inter-        Viking and brought the organization
                                             ceptions, Farve already has six for      back from losing seasons. Vikings
                                             the year. Six interceptions in three     fans hope he will do the same
                                             games.                                   again.
                                                 It’s not all Favre’s fault for the      But for Favre that moment of
                                             Vikings early season troubles.           hope turned bad.The NFL has been
                                                 Favre’s main target last year        investigating allegations of his in-
40-Year Old Brett Favre.                     was breakout wide receiver Syd-          appropriate behavior.
                Photo Courtesy of Internet   ney Rice. But as luck would have            Favre has appologized for the
                                             it, Rice is out for half the season      distraction he may have caused to
                                             because of hip surgery.                  himself and the Vikings organiza-
                                                 Another one of Favre’s targets is    tion.
                                             the always-dangerous Percy Har-             For Vikings fans, the season
                                             vin. Well, not always. Harvin suffers    doesn’t seem to have a bright
                                             from debilitating migraines and          outlook.
                                             sometimes can’t practice or play.           However, it seems that all good
                                                 Even though Adrian Peterson          teams pull it out in the end.
                                             had a terrific game against the
                                             Detroit Lions the Vikings still hurt
                                             from the off-season loss of veteran
                                             back Chester Taylor.
                                                 Taylor was the Vikings third
                                             down back and someone they could
  November 2010                          The CMS Courier                                                         Page 6

A Rough Swim                                    By Yeseul Do                            you had swam this?
                                                                                           Steven: Yes, but I did the Rag-

                                                 he Waikiki Rough water Swim
                                                 was an important event held
                                               on Labor Day. The Roughtwater
                                                                                        ing Isle Sprint which is one mile.
                                                                                           Courier: What was the most
                                                                                        difficult part of this swim?
                                               swim was founded in 1969, and               Steven: The end, because the
                                               this year was their 41st anni-           current was pushing me out to the
                                               versary.                                 ocean.
                                                  It was held at Waikiki Beach,
                                               and it consists of a                                              Another class-
                                               2.384-mile swim in                                             mate who swam
                                               the ocean. Now                                                 was Noah Sox-
                                                  this length might                                           pollard, also the
                                               not seem like a lot,                                           class of 2015.
                                               but when you have                                                 Courier:How
                                               waves churning you                                             was this experi-
                                               around, it becomes                                             ence for you?
                                               quite a challenge.                                                Noah: It was
                                                  Steven Takeshita                                            a great swim and
                                               ‘15 and Noah Sox-                                              I’m glad I did it,
                                               pollard ‘15 swam                                               but as a racer it
Swimmers getting ready to swim                 the event.                                                     was very hard
at Waikiki Beach..                            The Courier inter-        Noah Soxpollard ‘15                   and painful.
                   Photo from the Internet viewed Steven Takeshi-             Photo courtesy of N. Soxpallard    Courier:What
                                           ta, class of 2015 about                                            was your favorite
                                           participating in this                                              part of this swim?
                                                         year’s Swim.                     Noah: My favorite part of the
                                                            Courier:How was           swim was at the coming into the
                                                         this experience for          shore and being able to have the
                                                         you?                         waves push you in faster.
                                                            Steven: It was not            Courier: Was this the first time
                                                         a fun experience or          you had swam this?
                                                         an exciting one either.          Noah: Yes this is the first time
                                                         Although I had a feel-       I’ve done the Rough Water, but I
                                                         ing of accomplishment        did do the North Shore Challenge
                                                         at the end of the race,      and this was much harder then
                                                         I did not like going out     any of those races.
                                                         1 mile and swimming              Courier: What was the most
                                                         in 50 feet of water.         difficult part of this swim?
                Steven Takeshita ‘15          Courier: What was your favor-               Noah: The most difficult part
                                           ite part of this swim?                     was in the middle, not knowing
                                              Steven: Finishing because I             how far you needed to go swim-
                                           knew I was done and I could go             ming between buoys that look like
                                           home and watch TV.                         they were put out there by mon-
                                              Courier: Was this the first time        keys. They were hard to see.

Disney Aulani Resort                            By Kiana LeClaire                       Hawaiian designs, and lava rock
                                                                                        incorporated into the hotel. The
Comes to Hawaii                                  A    fter surveying their vacation
                                                      club family members, Disney
                                                decided to create a new hotel in
                                                                                        waterslides will be coming out of a
                                                                                        fake volcano.
                                                                                            There will be 359 hotel rooms
                                                Hawaii. They named it “Aulani, a        for hotel guests, and 460 vacation
                                                Disney Resort and Spa, Ko’olina         villas for timeshare guests. Room
                                                Hawaii”. Aulani means: “the one         rates start at $399 per night.
                                                who delivers a message from a               Disney has planned for their
                                                higher authority”.                      hotel to be family oriented. In the
                                                   Unfortunately, this hotel will       kid’s club, also know as “Aunty’s
                                                not contain any major rides like        Beach House”, there will be arts
                                                Disney Land. However, it will have      and crafts, Hawaiian games, and
                                                four spas, pools with water slides,     Disney movies. For the adults,
                                                four restaurants, story telling fire    there will be spas, and a serene,
                                                pit, and Disney characters walking      relaxation pool.
                                                around the hotel.                           The first phase of the Disney
                                                     There will also be a kid’s club,   hotel is coming to join Ko’olina
                                                fitness center, conference center,      August 29, 2011.
                                                and many places to shop. One
                                                of the stores is
                                                Kalepa’s grocery
                                                store, where cus-
                                                tomers can buy
                                                basic grocery
Aulani under contruction in                         The hotel is
Ko’olina.                                       being modeled
                      Photo by Kiana LeClaire   to fit in to the
                                                Hawaiian culture.
                                                For example,
                                                the roofs will be
                                                designed to look
                                                like grass. There
                                                will be a lot of
  November 2010                         The CMS Courier                                                        Page 7

New Face                                       By Aly Sumida & Meghan Murakami         Journalism/ Broadcast 6-8 Broad-
                                                                                       cast Journalism to Punahou.
at Case                                         A    s some of you may know, Mr.
                                                     Wagenseller has gone on a
                                               sabbatical this year. Mrs. Vanessa
                                                                                           Q: How has Punahou been so

                                                                                           A: Everybody’s been welcoming
                                               Mazzullo was hired to fill his shoes.   and really helpful, students are re-
                                                  The Courier went to find out         ally receptive. I am really enjoying
                                               more about her:                         it. I love coming to work everyday
                                                  Q: What is your background?          and leave with a smile on my face.
                                                  A: I was born in the Phillipines,        Q: What is the hardest thing
                                               and moved to New York at the            about your job?
                                               age of twelve because my mom                A: I have to tap into different
                                               worked in the United Nations.           skill sets. For example, one is
                                                  I lived in Medellin, Colombia        creative, and the other is techno-
                                               for a couple of years, moved to         logical.
                                               Hawaii, then to Genoa, Italy and            Q: How did you find out about
                                               moved back to Hawaii after being        the job?
                                               gone for two years.                         A: I heard about the job from
                                                  Q: Why did you decide to come        another colleague. Mr Wagenseller
                                               and work here?                          was planning on his sabbatical so I
                                                  A: Punahou is a fine institution,    interviewed for his unique position.
                                               and it is my dream school because       I interviewed with Mr Walker, Mrs.
                                               of the caliber of students, faculty,    Tyau and Mr. Koshiba.
                                               and facilities.                             We found out that Mrs. Mazzullo
                                                  Q:Why did you choose to teach        has other interests.
                                               News Journalism?                            Besides being a teacher, she has
                                                  A: It was a perfect marriage of      also has been in shows in Hawaii
Mrs. Mazzullo at the CMS Headline
                                               what was available and what I was       and NY, She sings, acts, and plays
News Studio in Kelley Lab.
                      Photo by Courier Staff
                                               passionate about. It was fate that      piano.
                                               this class would open up in some-           Mrs. Mazzullo loves to travel.
                                               thing that I love to do and teach.      She has lived on three different
                                                  Q: Do you teach any other            continents. She also loves to cook
                                               classes?                                and feed people.
                                                  A: I also teach Improv for 7th           Mrs. Mazzullo is enjoying all her
                                               grade, Drama for 8th grade, News        classes.

Mr. Molinare-                                  By Tia Lovell, Reed Morgan
                                                & Connor Walsh
                                                                                          Q: What do you think of the
                                                                                       math program at Punahou?
Math Extraordinaire                                                                       A: I think it’s excellent. I saw
                                                                                       the number of people taking Alge-

                                                I   t’s a new school year- a new
                                                    start, new students, and new
                                               teachers. 7th grade math teacher
                                                                                       bra 2 and I thought, wow this is
                                                                                          Q: Could you tell us about your
                                               in Team 7Z, Mr. Molinare, is one of     hand puppet PET?
                                               them.                                      A: PET, my personal extra
                                                   Q: Why do you like teaching?        terrestrial, is the teacher’s pet I
                                                   A: I like teaching because it’s     always wished I had. He is not
Mr. Molinare and PET                           exciting watching students learn        afraid to ask questions, admit he
              Photo courtesy of Mr. Molinare
                                               and grow. It’s a nice career. You       doesn’t understand, and he is able
                                               have independence, freedom              to listen.
                                               to use your own creativity, and            I first met PET in a souk, or
                                               you always have                                                open market,
                                               something to think                                             in Morocco.
                                               about. It’s very                                               There have
                                               challenging.                                                   been rumors
                                                   Q: What is your                                            that PET is
                                               greatest fear about                                            at the Ocular
                                               your new job?                                                  Rehabilitation
                                                   A: At first I was                                          Base (ORB),
                                               scared of meeting                                              and may or
                                               all the new people,                                            may not re-
                                               but after the first                                            turn with his
                                               day it was all over.                                           vision.
                                               Now I am afraid of                                                Q: Why do
                                               the schedule. One                                              you bike to
                                               time, I dismissed                                              school?
                                               a class 15 minutes                                                A: It is
                                               early, but we didn’t                                           sustain-
                                               leave, instead we                                              able; there
                                               just worked on homework. That’s         is the carbon footprint issue and I
                                               an adjustment that I need to            definitely feel guilty about all the
                                               make.                                   carbon I’ve contributed to the at-
                                                   Q: What do you think of             mosphere, but honestly, its some-
                                               Punahou so far?                         thing that I look forward to. I’ve
                                                   A: So far, I think it’s a wonder-   always liked bikes; I even used to
                                               ful place. I’m having a good time,      race BMX when I was a kid.
                                               and I know the main reason is              The Courier learned that Mr.
                                               the people. The students here are       Molinare is sustainable, funny, and
                                               very well behaved. The teachers         experienced. He is an expert in
                                               are dedicated. It’s an honor to be      algebra. He is a wonderful addition
                                               teaching this level.                    to Punahou School.
  November 2010                          The CMS Courier                                                        Page 8

Silly Bandz,                                   By Theo Huo                             time cute little idea. They never saw
                                                                                       the huge potential.
Serious Business                                I  t was such a simple idea. About
                                                   a year ago, if you had read that
                                               a bunch of wrinkly flimsy rub-
                                                                                           Make them bigger and stronger.
                                                                                       Make them more colorful and bright.
                                                                                       Add more variety and you have the
                                               ber bands would have hypnotized         biggest kiddy fad yet. That’s exactly
                                               every chubby little 5 year old (and     what BCP did.
                                               older) in the country, you would            Like all things that are to be
                                               have said “That’s just silly!” And      collected and traded, Silly Bandz is
                                               that’s exactly what it is.                             shrewd marketing.
                                                  From children’s bou-                                   It costs about a
                                               tiques to grocery stores                               nickel to manufacture
                                               to shave ice places to                                 a pack of 24 in China,
                                               Nordstrom and Macy’s,                                  and, even with shipping
                                               everyone wants to sell                                 and packaging, every
                                               this amazing product.                                  purchase is a 70% profit
                                                  That’s no surprise,                                 to the manufacture!
                                               seeing as to the fact                                     Look around you.
                                               that in some areas,                                    Aren’t your friends
                                               thousands of packs are sold daily!      wearing bandz? How about your
                                               Shapes include puppies, princesses,     siblings?
Silly Bandz come in different                  and dinosaurs. There are even cov-          It’s completely silly, how such
varieties.                                     eted tie-die ones, glow in the darks,   simple, low-tech bracelets made of
                         Photos by Theo Huo    and UV activated ones.                  silicon (hence the name Silly Bandz)
                                                  When BCP CEO Robert Croak,           has become such a raging must-
                                               famed distributor of the Livestrong     have. And that’s not all.
                                               band, went to a business conference         Silly bandz are releasing Silly
                                               in China, he had the biggest light      Necklaces! Each pack contains a
                                               bulb moment in his life.                fluorescent, phiten-like necklace
                                                  Some Japanese designers had          and six mini bandz to wear on the
                                               come up with these environmental        necklace.
                                               rubber bands made of silicon rubber         Would you go for it, or is it just
                                               that could pop back into an animal      too much? How about Silly Ringz?
                                               shape.                                  Silly Bandz is taking over, folks. Will
                                                  In their eyes, it was just a small   you buy a pack?

                                               By Amber Chong                          the violating outfit to their teacher
Dress to Impress                                                                       to hold on to until they wash what

                                                T    his fall, a new dress code
                                                     for students in Case Middle
                                               School came into effect. In short,
                                                                                       is given to them.
                                                                                           Second violation: Same as the
                                                                                       first, but in addition, students are
                                               this new policy requires collared       sent to their Supervisor, and par-
                                               or crewneck shirts, knee length         ents are notified.
                                               shorts or skirts, and footwear at           Third violation: Same as the
                                               all times.                              first two, but detention and/or
                                                  The Courier interviewed sixth        suspension may be given to the
                                               grade supervisor Dr. Chow-Hoy to        students.
                                               get an inside look at the new dress          Courier: Last year, when you
                                               code and the story behind his ties.     came to each of our classes to
                                                  Courier: When did the supervi-       talk about sixth grade, everyone
                                               sors decide to apply the new dress      was talking about your awesome
                                               code?                                   neckties. Where do you get all of
                                                  Doc: This is the first year that     them?
                                               the new dress code is in effect, but        Doc: While a number were
                                               revisions began during the second       gifts from former students, there
                                               semester of last school year.           was a time when the Disney Store
                                                   Courier: What inspired the          sold ties, which is when I bought
                                               new dress code for grades six to        a bunch of my Pooh and Tig-
                                               eight?                                  ger ones. Now, you can only get
                                                  Doc: The Middle School Super-        Disney ties at the theme parks.
                                               visors were “inspired” to re-visit      But, if you keep your eyes open,
                                               our dress code at the same time         there are a lot of places you can
                                               the Academy was updating theirs.        find cool ties.
Dr. Chow-Hoy dressed to impress                    Courier: How did you decide               CMS: When you were in mid-
in his aloha shirt.                            that all shirts must be either col-     dle school, did you enjoy getting
              Photo courtesy of Dr. Chow-Hoy   lared or crew neck, all shorts must     dressed up, or did you just dress
                                               be at least knee length? Were the       like everyone else?
                                               students going out of control in            Doc: I would say that I dressed
                                               the way they dressed last year?         like everyone else because at
                                                  Doc: While students were not         `Iolani, the dress I remember
                                               out of control with regard to the       wearing a lot of polo shirts, col-
                                               way they dressed, the rules were        lared Quiksilver shirts with short
                                               being broken way too often. The-        sleeves that we rolled up (it was
                                               new dress code was put in place-        the style back then), or our class
                                               because it was simpler and more         shirt (which was often an aloha or
                                               appropriate.                            Jams World shirt).
                                                   Courier: What are the conse-            So whether you’re a fan of the
                                               quences for breaking the dress          dress code, you don’t care, you
                                               code?                                   miss your denim shorts and V-
                                                   Doc: First violation: Students      necks, it looks like the new dress
                                               will be given an appropriate shirt      code is here to stay.
                                               or shorts to change into, giving
  November 2010                        The CMS Courier                                                       Page 9

Hot Winter                                    By Justin Kunimune                     water shortages in some places
                                                                                     and increased typhoons and hur-

                                               I  f you’re preparing for a wet
                                                  winter, you might want to
                                              think again as signs of a possible
                                                                                     ricanes in other places.
                                                                                        It has also been confirmed that
                                                                                     CO2 levels have not been this
                                              drought are sweeping the na-           high in the atmosphere for at least
                                              tion. Many states have reported        3,000,000 years. Many authori-
                                              a heavy drought ruining their          ties agree that we must change
                                              farming, accompanied by huge           our life style if we are to fix this.
                                              increases in temperature.                 Across America, it’s not just the
                                                 Coincidence? You decide.            days that are getting hotter, but
                                                 Meteorologists even suggest         the nights are too.
                                              that the Colorado River could             In fact, a lot of states have had
                                              be reduced in this nation-wide         record high nighttime tempera-
                                              drought.                               tures this summer. Thirty-eight
                                                 Meanwhile, in New Jersey,           states have recorded the highest
                                              Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma,        temperature ever recorded.
                                              and Kentucky, effects of a drought        The temperature increase
                                              are obvious. Farmers are getting       seems to be centered around ar-
                                              no rain. A heat wave is com-           eas with a high population densi-
                                              ing down hard. Water levels are        ty. It seems likely that we will be
                                              going down. People are being           making new records next year.
                                              advised to conserve their water as        So how does this all affect us?
                                              much as possible.                         Well, in Hawaii, there has been
                                                 Some scientists are ready to        a severe drought for about two
                                              blame it on global warming.            years, which has fueled many wild
Hawaii shows signs of dry winter.                What is global warming? Some        fires and destroyed many crops.
                 Photo courtesy of Internet   people think it is part of a natural      Officials do not expect this dry
                                              cycle on earth, while some believe     spell to let up anytime soon.
                                              nothing is happening at all.              If climate change really is in-
                                                 According to most scientists,       volved, a rise in sea levels would
                                              though, something is definitely        also affect us greatly since we are
                                              happening to the climate. For one      an island state.
                                              thing, water levels have risen at         It is clearly obvious that tem-
                                              least two centimeters in the past      peratures won’t be going down
                                              year.                                  soon, though no one knows for
                                                 There is a definite shrinking       sure.
                                              in the polar ice caps. Most im-           Be prepared for unexpect-
                                              portantly, weather patterns have       edly hot weather, and don’t be
                                              been changing.                         surprised if you don’t get a lot of
                                                 Scientists say this is because      rain.
                                              global warming has been accel-
                                              erating the natural water cycle of
                                              evaporation, condensation, and
                                              precipitation. This will result in

                                              By Kara Dung                           cans was in poverty in 2009,
Poverty Across                                                                       and the median family income in

the Nation                                     P   overty has become a huge in
                                                   problem all over the nation.
                                              Americans are struggling because
                                                                                     2009 was five percent lower than
                                                                                     it was in 1999.
                                                                                        That means that the average
                                              of the large population in poverty.    family was making more money
                                                  Due to the economic crisis,        in 1999 than in 2009, even
                                              there are now 4 million Americans      though the inflation rate keeps
                                              living in poverty.                     going up.
                                                  This poor economy leaves              According to the New York
                                                                                                         Times, poverty
                                                                                                         rose from 11.7
Two Homeless people sleeping on                                                                          percent to
the sidewalk.                                                                                            12.9 percent,
                   Photo from the Internet                                                               for the work-
                                                                                                         ing age popu-
                                                                                                         lation (18 to
                                                                                                         64 years old)
                                                                                                         in the nation.
                                                                                                            This is the
                                                                                                         highest it has
                                                                                                         been since the
                                                                                                            The poverty
                                                                                                         number for
                                                                                                         children rose
                                                                                                         from 19 per-
                                                                                                         cent to 20.7
                                                                                                            The Star
                                              more than 156,000 people home-                            states that the
                                              less and 6.4 % of the working          poverty levels in Hawaii have in-
                                              population unemployed in Hawaii.       creased from 9.9 percent in 2008
                                                 According to the New Census         and 12.5 percent in 2009.
                                              Bureau data, one in seven Ameri-
  November 2010                        The CMS Courier                                                       Page 10

Summer Concert                                By Libby Hoffenberg                      who spend money and buy their
                                                                                       tickets early lose out.
Sales Down                                     T    he summer music concert and
                                                    festival season is probably the
                                              biggest of the year, but this sum-
                                                                                          While acts like Christina Agu-
                                                                                       ilera and Limp Bizkit have been
                                                                                       suffering, some groups are still
                                              mer, the business struggled.             doing fine.
                                                 According to Rolling Stone               Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, who
                                              Magazine, ticket sales were down         is playing The Wall for the first
                                              12 percent and                                              time in decades,
                                              revenue was                                                 has been selling
                                              down 17 percent.                                            so well that Live
                                                 Performers                                               Nation, the con-
                                              from The Eagles                                             cert promoter, de-
                                              to The Jonas                                                cided to add more
                                              Brothers to U2                                              concert dates.
                                              have postponed                                                 Paul McCartney
                                              or canceled many                                            has also been
                                              of their stadium                                            selling out world-
                                              and amphitheater                                            wide. Carole King
                                              shows due to a                                              and James Taylor,
                                              substantial drop                                            touring together
                                              in ticket sales and                                         for the first time
                                              lack of demand.        Jonas Brothers concert poster       since the ‘70s,
                                                 Ever since the beginning of           have been creating demand too.
                                              summer, concert promoters have              Despite the economy, bands like
                                              had to offer last minute two-for-        Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,
                                              one ticket sales and special deals       The Black Keys, and Kings of Leon
                                              because in this economy, people          are still going strong.
                                              aren’t willing to spend as much             Some performers also choose
                                              money to go to a concert.                to keep ticket prices down from
                                                 Ticket prices have been increas-      the beginning, and that has turned
                                              ing steadily for years, but fans are     out to be very profitable. The Dave
                                              now rebelling by staying home.           Matthews Band and Jack Johnson
                                                 Concert promoters are reduc-          both use this strategy.
                                              ing the price of tickets at the last        Now as most summer tours are
                                              minute, and that’s when people           winding down, representatives are
                                              buy them. A lot of companies have        saying that this summer has been
                                              been using this tactic recently,         the worst for concert sales in more
                                              especially this summer.                  than a decade.
                                                 The problem with this strategy           A Warped Tour promoter said,
                                              is that it rewards the people who        “my heart’s broken for my busi-
                                              hold out for a deal, but the people      ness.”

                                              By Johnny Richardson                    there are a lot of bed bugs in one
Sleep Tight Don’t Let                          & Kyler Matsuura                       bed. They reproduce very quickly
the Bed Bugs Bite
                                               S    leep tight, don’t let the bed
                                                    bugs bite, might become an
                                              issue here in Hawaii Bed bugs
                                                                                          Bed bugs can lay 1-5 eggs a
                                                                                      day. So in a week they could lay
                                                                                      up to 35 eggs. Imagine 35 bed
                                              have already been seen all over         bugs sucking your blood.
                                              Hawaii.                                     The only poison that kills bed
                                                 There have been a lot of differ-     bugs also harms us humans. The
                                              ent cities where people have seen       poison has been banned, but there
                                              the bedbugs. The most infested          are other ways to kill the bugs.
                                              bed bug places in the US are New            The Courier called Terminix,
                                              York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles      one of leading pest control compa-
                                                 Bedbugs can be seen from             nies on Oahu. According to Termi-
                                              houses, apartments and hotels.          nix, if you had a bed bug problem,
                                              Hawaii is lucky right now that the      a technician would look at your
                                              bed bug infestation is not as much      house and check around the bed.
                                              of a probem here than on the            Then they would be able to give
                                              mainland.                               you an estimate of how much it
                                                 But if the bed bugs that are         may cost to get rid of the bugs.
                                              here reproduce and if more come             If bed bugs are confirmed in
                                              from the mainland, Hawaii will be       your house they will usually fumi-
                                              in trouble.                             gate your house and either heat
                                                 Especially, since we live on an      your house up to 160F so the bed
                                              Island, it would be hard to get rid     bugs die from the heat. They can
                                              of them.                                also freeze the bed bugs cells at a
                                                 Bed bugs are very easily             low temperature which would also
Bed Bug feeding on human blood.               spread. They are on furniture           kill the eggs.
                Photo courtesy of Internet.
                                              then, they catch on people’s                The good news is, Terminix told
                                              clothes. Once that happens they         The Courier, that although they
                                              spread from place to place. Then-       get at least one call a day com-
                                              they are pretty much everywhere.        plaining about bed-bugs, it usually
                                                 Bed bugs might not seem harm-        turns out to be something else.
                                              ful, but they are. While you sleep
                                              you might not feel it, but these
                                              are parasites and they suck your
                                                 The other reason why there are
                                              so bad for you is because normally
  November 2010                         The CMS Courier                                                      Page 11

A Whole New Apple?                             By Tiffany Agustin                      two channels at once when your
                                                                                       listening is limited to one ear.

                                                T   he iPod has a whole new look.
                                                    A new iPod touch is out that is
                                                    similar to the iPhone 4.
                                                                                            The nano has Genius, like the
                                                                                       iPod touch and the iPhone.
                                                                                           If you’re listening to a song that
                                                        It has 2 cameras: one on       you like, Genius will find other
                                                    the front and one in the back.     songs and make an awesome play-
                                                    It’s basically an iPhone 4 in      list for you.
                                                    iPod form. The 8G is $229,             It has the shake feature, where
                                                    32G is $299, and the 64G is        you shake it for a different, ran-
                                                    $399.                              dom song.
                                                        The iPhone 4 16G sells for         It has a battery life that lasts a
                                                    $199 32G for $299.                 full 24 hours if you want unlimited
                                                        Then there’s the new iPod      music.
                                                    nano. It can fit in the palm of        The 8G is $149 and the 16G is
                                                    your hand.                         $179.
                                                        This new nano has a touch          The iPhone 4G, the iPod touch
                                                    screen. It has FM/AM radio.        and Nano are currently available at
                                                    You can view it vertically or      Apple Stores near you.
iPod Touch iOS4                                     horizontally by turning it side-
                     Photos from     ways.
                                                  It has photos, a clock, and a
                                               preloaded fitness app.
                                                  It also doubles into a pedometer
                                               to keep track of your steps to meet
                                               your fitness goals.
                                                  You can customize your screen
                                               and it has a clip in the back for
                                                  It also includes a VoiceOver fea-
                                               ture that tells you the name of the
                                               song and the artist you’re listening
                                                  The nano speaks 29 different
                                               languages.                              iPod Nano
                                                                                                            Photos from
                                                  Mono Audio lets you listen to

XBox 360 Kinect                                By Luke Withy-Berry                     Wii, with its “casual” games that
                                                                                       are preferred by the Wii’s audi-

                                                X    box 360 Kinect: The Future of
                                                     Gaming? On November 4th,
                                               game stores everywhere
                                                                                       ence. Others are hoping for First-
                                                                                       Person-Shooters, like Halo and Call

                                               will be opening their doors
                                               to find people of all ages
                                               wanting to get their hands
                                               on Kinect.
                                                   Kinect is a “controller-
                                               free gaming and enter-
                                               tainment experience,”-ac-
                                               cording to
                                                   Like a webcam, Kinect
                                               watches your movements,
                                               and makes your character
                                               do them on the screen.
                                                   This makes your body
                                               the controller. Kinect
                                               also has a voice recogni-
                                               tion system that lets you
                                               speak commands to it.
                                                   The games that have                 of Duty.
                                               been announced so far are: Kinect          Some people don’t feel comfort-
                                               Adventures, EA Sports 2, Sonic          able with nothing in their hands,
                                               Free Riders, Child of Eden, Zumba       so maybe Kinect will introduce
Kinect is due in stores this                   Fitness, Star Wars Kinect, The          a mock controller. A lightweight
November.                                      Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout,        object shaped a wheel, gun, stick,
                    Photos from the internet   Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Deca        etc. to give people a better feel for
                                               Sports Freedom, Kinect Joy Ride,        the game.
                                               Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Ki-          Microsoft has also released a
                                               nectanimals and UFC Trainer.            newer version of the Xbox 360,
                                                   This may give Xbox a lead in the    called the Xbox 360 Slim. It has
                                               financial “war” against the Wii and     the adapter built in so you can
                                               the Playstation 3.                      plug Kinect straight in, and comes
                                                   Although, Sony is countering        with a 250 GB Hard Drive.
                                               this with the Sony Wand, similar to        Although it has not come out
                                               Nintendo Wii Remote mixed with          yet, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect is
                                               Kinect. Some people believe Kinect      expected to do well in the gaming
                                               is just an imitation of the Nintendo    market.
  November 2010                    The CMS Courier                                                       Page 12

The Other Guys                            By Charles Benck & Christian Tjioe       it had us laughing the whole time.
                                                                                   If you like comedy movies, we
Movie Review                               T   he Other Guys, Motion Pic-
                                               ture Rating (MPAA)
                                             Rated PG-13 for action, violence
                                                                                   highly suggest seeing this movie.
                                                                                       This is like any of Will Ferrell’s
                                                                                   other movies. So, if you like Will
                                          and subject matter. Appropriate for      Ferrell, you should see this.
                                          teens.                                       There are unexpected laughs
                                             Genres: Action, Comedy, and           and scenes that will make you
                                          Crime                                    laugh so hard, that other people
                                             Director: Adam McKay                  will make you hush.
                                             Writers: Adam McKay, Chris                The soundtrack was good, but
                                          Henchy                                   lacking. We didn’t hear enough
                                             Top Billed Cast:                      music throughout the movie.
                                             •Will Ferrell as “Allen Gamble”           The acting was good, but pre-
                                             •Mark Wahlberg as “Terry Hoitz”       dictable. Mark Wahlberg overacted
                                             •Derek Jeter as Himself               in a few of his scenes. However,
                                             •Samuel L. Jackson as “P.K.           his character was easily amusing.
                                          Highsmith”                                   The storyline was great because
                                             Storyline:                            it was easy to follow.
                                             Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg)               Overall, The Other Guys was a
                                          and Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell)          fun and enjoyable experience.
                                          are two losers in the line of law            The Other Guys is a slapstick
                                          enforcement.                             comedy that is in our opinion fam-
                                             Terry’s past mistakes as a police     ily friendly for ages 12 and above.
                                          officer and Allen’s reluctance to             Mark Wahlberg supports the
                                          take risks have landed them a spot       cast very well. He was surprising
                                          as “the other guys.”                     as a comedic actor.
                                             These disgraced New York City             The cast and plot were very
                                          police detectives are the mere           good which was a surprise.Com-
                                          slaves of hero cops P.K. Highsmith       edies as laugh out loud as this one
                                          (Samuel Jackson) and Christopher         tend tend to have stupid or con-
The Other Guys Movie Poster               Danson (Dwayne “The Rock” John-          fusing plots.
                    Photo from Internet
                                          son), doing their paperwork and              We would give it a B+ for the
                                          office work, but when a big suspi-       plot, acting, and comedy.
                                          cious case comes up, it’s their call         Our combined rating of “The
                                          of duty to redeem themselves.            Other Guys” is a B+ for it’s com-
                                             Opinion:                              edy, acting, and expression, but it
                                             The CMS Courier reviewed the          could have been a bit better if it
                                          movie.                                   hadn’t been as long.
                                             This was a hilarious movie and

Breaking Dawn,                            By Kristen Takebayashi, Sasha
                                          Himeno-Pirice, & Kiersten Chong
                                                                                      Overall, The Courier review-
                                                                                   ers think that Breaking Dawn is a
Breaking Hearts?                                                                   good book.

                                           B    reaking Dawn is the ending
                                                of the thrilling Twilight Saga.
                                             It is 768 pages. Many book
                                                                                      We interviewed Tiffany Agustin
                                                                                   class of 2016:

                                          reviewers said that they loved              Q: Did you like the book
                                          the book, but at the same time           Breaking Dawn?
                                          were disappointed by the ending.            A: I think there are graphic
                                                       Readers either loved it     scenes, but I think that Break-
                                                       or hated it.                ing Dawn was one of the better
                                                           The Courier re-         books in the book series.
                                                       viewers think that the         Q: What was your favorite part
                                                       “page turning” series       of the book?
                                                       has been a big hit for         A: The ending is my favorite
                                                       teens and adults alike.     part, but I can’t give it away.
                                                           The characters are         Q: What was your least favor-
                                                       great, but The Cou-         ite part of the book?
                                                       rier reviewers want            A: I don’t really have a least
                                                       to know what readers        favorite part. All of it was just
                                                       see in the plot because     average and some parts were
                                                       there’s a girl who likes    better.
                                                       two guys and she has           Q: Did you like that you had
                                                       to choose between           the chance to read part of the
                                                       them. Either choice         book from Jacob’s perspective?
                                                       will change her life           A: Yes!
                                                       and possibly kill her.         Q: Who’s your favorite charac-
                                                           It’s a good plot, but   ter?
                                                       it’s the most used plot        A: They bring in a lot of char-
                                                       in all books; it’s not      acters because there are different
Breaking Dawn                                          like there’s anything       vampire clans, but my favorites
                    Photo from Internet   new.                                     are Zafrina, Benjamin, and Re-
                                             The book is divided into three        nesme.
                                          parts, Bella before, Jacob, and             Q: Would you recommend the
                                          then Bella after.                        book to other people?
                                             The reviewers like that Jacob            A: I would recommend it to
                                          takes over the story for the mid-        people who like vampire and all
                                          dle part because Meyer has told          that fantasy stuff and romances.
                                          Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse
                                          all in Bella’s perspective.

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