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					Aleutians East Borough
Coastal Management Plan
Final Draft Plan Amendment

Appendix I: Agencies, Organizations and Individuals
Contacted During the Plan Revision Process

I.1 Distribution List

The public notice for the Public Review Draft was distributed to a wide variety of state and
federal agencies, tribes and Native corporations listed below.

The following list of state and federal agency personnel received a copy of the public notice and
cover page for the plan. They were given a webpage address where they could view the plan.

 Wayne Dolezal           ADF&G
 Robin Willis            ADF&G
 Christy Miller          DCCED
 Sally Cox               DCCED
 Peter McKay             DCCED
 Fran Roche              DEC  
 Gary Mendevil           DEC  
 Stefani Ludwig          DNR  
 Janet Burleson Baxter   DNR  
 Rod Combellick          DNR/DGGS
 Patty Burns             DNR/DGGS
 Roselynn Ressa Smith    DNR/DMLW
 Rick Jandreau           DNR/Forestry
 Pat Glavin              DNR/O&G
 Kerry Howard            DNR/OHMP
 Al Ott                  DNR/OHMP
 Gina Shirey-Potts       DNR/OPMP
 Jackie Brock            DNR/OPMP
 Kim Kruse               DNR/OPMP
 Randy Bates             DNR/OPMP
 Dave Easter             DNR/OPMP
 Bruce Anders            DOL  
 Bill Ballard            DOT  

 Stewart Seaberg         DNR/OPMP
Aleutians East Borough Coastal Management Plan                                              2
Appendix M: Contacts

 All Districts
 Larry Standley       BLM 
 Kenton Taylor        BLM 
 John Klutz           COE 
 Larry Bartlett       COE 
 Greg Kellogg         EPA 
 Burney Hill          EPA 
 John Gabrielson      EPA 
 John Louie           FAA 
 David Turner         FERC
 Mike Henry           FERC
 Randy Coleman        FS  
 Mary Lynn Nation     FWS 
 Bill Hanson          FWS 
 Leonard Corin        FWS 
 David Johnston       MMS 
 Jon Kurland          NOAA
 Jeanne Hanson        Fisheries
 Katharine Miller     Fisheries
 Joan Darnell         NPS 
 Heather Rice         NPS 
 Mike Dombkowski      USCG
 Cecil McNutt         USGC
 Frances Mann         FWS 
 Medrick Northrop     COE 

In addition, copies of the public notice were sent to the AEB communities (Cold Bay, Akutan,
False Pass, Nelson Lagoon, and King Cove) Native corporations and tribal organizations (Aleut
Corporation, Native Village of Nelson Lagoon, False Pass Tribal Council, Agdaagux Tribe of
King Cove, and the Qagun Tayagungin Tribe of Sand Point. A cover letter was included with the
public notice that requested consultation on the subsistence use designations.

I.2 Comments Received

Written comments were received from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Office of Project Management and Permitting, Alaska Department of Environmental
Conservation, Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development (DCCED)
Office of Community Advocacy, and the Office of Habitat Management and Permitting.
Comments were received from the DNR Division of Oil and Gas after the comment period had
Aleutians East Borough Coastal Management Plan                                        3
Appendix M: Contacts

I.3 Consultation
  Name              Agency            Date                   Subject

                                                 DNR Area Plans -if plan adopted
                                                 into state regulation, it has the
                                                 force of law and cannot be
                                                 duplicated. A Special Land Use
                                                 designation is used for
                                                 adjudication, not for
Roslyn                                           administration of uses on the
Resa-                                            land. Dalton Highway an
Smith        DNR                    10/15/2004   example.
Jesse        DFG, Div of                         Subsistence survey of large
Dizard       Subsistence             11/9/2004   mammal harvests.

                                                 Discussed info available on
                                                 Community Profile Database.
                                                 Harvest surveys are conducted
                                                 in 2-3 villages at a time.
                                                 Fisheries management
                                                 boundaries different from GMUs,
             DFG, Div of Wildlife                annual survey of fish harvest
Jim Dau      Conservation           11/24/2004   done in most communities.

             DFG, Div of Wildlife                Explanation of Tier I, II game
Kim Titus    Conservation           11/29/2004   management program.
Jennifer                                         Traditional ecological knowledge
Sepez        NOAA                   11/30/2004   research and database
                                                 ADF&G Habitat Div. Habitat
                                                 Management Guide Atlases,
Janet Hall                                       collection of habitat info for the
Schempf      DFG                     12/2/2004   atlases
                                                 Hydropower resources in Alaska,
Keven                                            potential future development
Kleweno      RCA                    12/27/2004   sites

                                                 Erosion control, DEC authority
                                                 over: "Erosion control for the
                                                 purpose of preventing soil loss,
                                                 protecting structures or other
                                                 land management reasons is_
                                                 not_ within the authority of the
Fran                                             Department of Environmental
Roche        DEC                      1/7/2005   Conservation."
                                                 No DNR plans that are currently
                                                 under revision are scheduled to
                                                 be adopted into regulation. The
Roslyn                                           plans, or a portion of any one
Resa-                                            might be at a later date, but
Smith        DNR                      2/2/2005   there are no plans to do so.
Aleutians East Borough Coastal Management Plan                                        4
Appendix M: Contacts

                                                 Jim Seeb, husband, is actually
                                                 the geneticist, works in same
                                                 area, but out of town (and I was
                                                 never able to reach him by
                                                 phone). Lisa believes that for
                                                 fisheries enhancement projects,
                                                 stocks from within Alaska must
                                                 be used, but they do not have to
Lisa Seeb   DFG Genetics Lab          2/7/2005   be local

            DCCEED, AIDEA
Peter       Wind Resource                        Wind generation potential
Crimp       Assessment Program       2/14/2005   development in areas of Alaska.

                                                 Mapping of subsistence uses.
                                                 Discussed KIB, AEB, BBCRSA.
                                                 Fall said that in previous coastal
                                                 planning, uses were important
                                                 everywhere and the idea of
                                                 designating areas for
                                                 subsistence is a big change.
James       DFG, Div of                          From the DFG perspective, if a
Fall        Subsistence              9/23/2005   resource is important in
Marianne                                         Discussed subsistence
See         ADFG Subsistence         9/25/2005   designations.
Marianne                                         Discussed subsistence
See         ADFG Subsistence         9/25/2005   designations.
                                                 Discussed subsistence
Jim Fall    ADFG Subsistence         9/26/2005   designations.
                                                 Discussed subsistence
Jim Fall    ADFG Subsistence         9/26/2005   designations.
                                                 Campbell works in subsistence
                                                 fisheries. Suggested that the
                                                 USGS might have maps showing
                                                 subsistence fisheries areas.
                                                 Office of Subsistence
                                                 administers fisheries as closely
                                                 as possible to the state
                                                 program.The Fisheries
Rod                                              Management Areas are a little
Campbell    Office of Subsistence    9/27/2005   differ

Robert      Federal Subsistence                  Subsistence research, ADF&G
Schroeder   Board                    9/27/2005   Technical Paper 150.
Kirk                                             Discussed ACMP and MMS
Sherwood    MMS                      10/4/2005   authorities.
K. Sowl     FWS                      10/4/2005   Discussed FWS laws.
Aleutians East Borough Coastal Management Plan                                          5
Appendix M: Contacts

                                                 Consultation with USF&WS on
                                                 Bald & Golden Eagle Act,
                                                 MMPA. All recommendations,
                                                 including distance of
                                                 development from an eagle tree,
Richard                                          are just recommendations, not
Enriquez    USF&WS                   10/7/2005   requirements.
                                                 Weight of Essential Fish Habitat
                                                 (EFH) recommendations.
                                                 Federal agencies are required to
Susan                                            consider them, but can reject
Walker      NMFS                    10/10/2005   them.

Becky       DFG, Div of Wildlife
Strauch     Conservation            10/14/2005   Game Management Unit maps
                                                 Discussed EPA and ACMP
EPA         EPA                     10/20/2005   requirements.
Patty                                            Discussed permafrost and other
Burns       DNR, DGGS                11/7/2005   hazards.
                                                 Material sales, reclamation
Ted Deats   DNR, DMLW                12/2/2005   statutes and regulations
                                                 Identifying the high water mark
                                                 of record, establishing standards
                                                 for flood control, coastal districts
                                                 need to have policies related to
Christy     DCCEED, Flood                        floods in order to qualify for flood
Miller      Control                   1/5/2006   insurance.

            DOTPF, Statewide                     DOTPF defers to local expertise
            Design & Engineering                 and standards regarding natural
            Services, Design &                   hazards. Does not have regs
Gary        Construction                         governing construction in natural
Eddy        Standards                1/11/2006   hazard zones.
                                                 Discussed comments submitted
                                                 on plans and that DMLW had
Roselyn                                          commented on all the plans they
Smith       DNR, DMLW                8/25/2006   were able to get to.
                                                 Discussed comments submitted
                                                 on plans and that DMLW had
Roselyn                                          commented on all the plans they
Smith       DNR, DMLW                8/25/2006   were able to get to.
                                                 Fisheries enhancement projects
                                                 must use eggs from Alaska, but
            DFG, Div of                          there are no requirements that
Jim         Commercial Fisheries,                the eggs come from an area
Menard      Nome area office                     stream or river.

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