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									                         PTC BASKET RAFFLE 2010
                 Held in conjunction with the PTC FUN FAIR, January 29th

December, 2009

Dear Parents,

The PTC Basket Raffle will be held in conjunction with the annual Fun Fair on January 29th. The
raffle is a hugely popular fundraiser for the PTC, and we need your help to make the event a

How YOU can help:
           Each class will contribute towards a theme basket.

               Collections boxes will be placed in each class. The collection period is
                          December 1st until January 15th

               The amount of items in each basket will depend on the number of donations we

               Students are asked to donate at least ONE item. There is no set dollar amount
                for items donated.

Do not solicit business for donations to the baskets. We cannot accept any alcoholic beverages.
If you are donating copyrighted material such as DVD’s or CD’s, we request that you respect
the law and donated authentic copies only. ALL ITEM MUST BE STORE BOUGHT, NO USED

If you have any questions, or if you would like to help assemble baskets please contact a
member of the PTC. Thank you in advance for your help in making the Basket Raffle a success!

Lynette Reid, President 923-3927
Joy Kent, Basket Raffle Chairperson 614-7975
To streamline the preparation, themes have been assigned as follows:
        CLASS                          THEME                                SUGGESTED ITEMS
      KELLEY (K)         Car Care                            Any items for the car: car wash, car detailing
                                                             things, etc.
      JORDEN (K)         Gourmet                             Any coffee or tea items: individual packets,
                                                             coffee mugs, tea pot, snacks for tea, etc.
    BRECLAW (1 ) ST
                         Sports of All Sorts                 Any sports balls, badminton set, sports water
                                                             bottles, team hats, Gift Card to sporting store,
                                                             sports posters, etc.
      GETTY (1ST)        Animal Adventure                    Any animal stuff: stuffed animals, animal theme
                                                             puzzles, games, t-shirts, animal movies, etc.
       NERI (1ST)        Christmas                           any Christmas items: decorations, candles,
                                                             potholders, books about Christmas, etc.
    CONLON (2ND)         Reading is Fun!                     Any books for K-6 grades
    HUDSON (2 ) ND
                         Planes, Trains and Automobiles      Matchbox cars, toy planes and trains, puzzles or
                                                             books about planes, trains or cars, etc.
    MELTON (2 ) ND
                         Outdoor Fun                         Chalk, hula-hoops, jump rope, water toys, sand
                                                             box toys, etc.
   GADBERRY (3RD)        Baby Me, Baby!                      Spa items such as lotions, soaps, candles,
                                                             mani/pedi items, facial masks, shower gels, bath
                                                             oils, etc.
                         You Gotta Have Art!                 Any arts and craft items: paints, brushes, paper,
                                                             easel, craft kits, glue Gift Card to art/hobby
                                                             store, etc.
      MCKAY (3RD)        Night on the Town                   Gift cards to restaurants, book of poetry, box of
                                                             chocolates, limo gift card, disposable camera,
                                                             movie tickets, etc. Be creative.
   MOSCHOS (4 )   TH
                         Ice Cream Sundae                    Ice cream dishes, ice cream topping, ice cream
                                                             scoops, books on making homemade ice cream, a
                                                             box of cones, chocolate syrup or other toppings,
                                                             chopped nuts, sprinkles, a jar of Maraschino
                                                             cherries, shortbread or other cookies, etc.
    MCGUIRE (4TH)        Chocolate Lovers                    Anything chocolate: candy, hot chocolate, etc.
      CABLE (5 )         Baking, Baking, Baking              Any baking items such as cake mixes, baking
                                                             utensils, baking pans, etc.
     DENNIS (5TH)        Italian Cooking                     Can include: pastas, sauces, Italian cook book,
                                                             cooking utensils, etc.
    DELANEY (5TH)        Go Cubs Go!                         Any Chicago Cubs items, baseball items, etc.
    DEYOUNG (6 ) TH
                         Scrapbooking Fun!                   Any items for scrapbooking: glue, decorative
                                                             scissors, Gift Card to craft store, scrapbooking
                                                             paper, stickers, die-cuts, stencils, etc.
    SHIPEREK (6TH)       Pet Basket                          Any pet toys, dog leash, food/water bowls, dry
                                                             food, pet shampoo, books about pets, pet treats,

Please send in items as soon as possible. We ask that each
    student donate one item towards their class basket.

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