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					                                                                     June–July ’06


                                                                     SAN FRANCISCO
                                                                  B I CYC L E C OA L I T I O N

  P R O M O T I N G T H E B I C Y C L E F O R E V E R Y D AY T R A N S P O R TAT I O N                                                        i                           FREE

                                              Biking with Kids
                                              in    San Franisco
                                              Local families tell us
                                              how it’s done

                                                   s driving becomes an ever-
Mayor Denies                                       increasing hassle, gas prices

                                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY CHRIS GRAMLY
Healthy Saturdays                                  begin to reflect their true cost,
                                              and SFBC members continue their
Veto of Family-Friendly                       work improving the biking experi-
Park Use                                      ence in San Francisco, more people
    Any one who has spent a day               are turning to biking as a means of
in Golden Gate Park on a Sunday               daily transportation.
—the scene of countless kids play-
                                                   And it’s not just twenty-some-
ing, dogs running, families laugh-
ing, skaters and bicyclists doing
                                              things in spandex: biking is the
their thing…and cars beautifully              transportation of choice for a grow-        SFBC board member Jean Fraser rides with her daughter Anne, age 9, on Upper Market.
absent — will understand why we               ing number of urban families who’d
are sorely disappointed to                    rather spend time with their kids         riding, is quality time. Lynda, who                        “Our current car culture is one of
announce that Mayor Newsom                    than their car.                           lives in the Marina and is the moth-                   aggressive and dangerous driving,”
vetoed legislation to expand this                  But once you have kids you have
treasured program.
                                                                                        er of Eric, 13, explains, “It’s a way                  says Peter. “That’s not a reason not
    Healthy Saturdays—a 6-month
                                              to have a car, right? And what about      to spend time with my son. We have                     to ride, that’s a reason to advocate
trial of closing to cars a 1.5-mile           all the stuff? Isn’t it just too much     something we can do together, but                      for slower streets. But every family
stretch of JFK Dr. in the Park, just          trouble?                                  still be independent.”                                 has to decide what works for them.
like on Sundays—was passed by                      James and Ann, parents of Josie,                                                                            It’s different for
the Board of Supervisors and had              age five, disagree with conventional  Resisting Main-                                                            everyone.”
strong community support. Unfor-              wisdom: “It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s con-                                                                               Ironically, we’re
                                                                                    stream Myths One
tunately, it seems the Mayor re-
                                              venient, it’s environmentally-friend- of the biggest hurdles                                                     all more likely to
sponded instead to a handful of
wealthy patrons and NIMBY (Not
                                              ly, and most weekends, we don’t       facing families on their                                                   be hurt in an auto-
In My Back Yard) interests by veto-           need a car!”                          daily rides is public                                                      mobile than on a
ing the family-friendly legislation.               James, Ann, and Josie also find  perception. “A lot of                                                      bike. Automobile
It was a clear vote for free parking          it easy to enjoy recreational rides   people ask me if I’m                                                        accidents are the
over the Park.                                every weekend. “When Josie was        sure it’s safe. I get a lot                                                 leading cause of
                                                                                                                   PHOTO BY ADAM AUFDENKAMP

    It’s not over. We’re working with         small, we would just throw the dia-   of judgmental looks,”                                                       unintentional
allies and local leaders who sup-
                                              per bag in the trailer and we were    explains Katy. Katy, her                                                    injury-related death
port more safe, open space for the
sake of our public health, environ-
                                              off,” says Ann. They’ve biked to                  husband                                                         for children under
                                              many of San Fran-                                                                                                 the age of 15. Add
ment, and a more livable city
                                              cisco’s natural attrac-
                                                                         “It’s fun, it’s Peter, and
where the bicyclists of tomorrow                                                                their two                                                        to that the real
have safe space. Get involved—                tions, including          easy, and most children,                                                                 health concerns
check out—for                  across the Golden         weekends, we William, four-                                                              facing children
updates and next steps.                       Gate Bridge. One of          don’t need           and-a-half                                                       who don’t get
                                              their favorites is bik-        a car!”            years old, and Jessica,                                          enough physical
                                              ing to Giants games:                              four months, are a car-                        activity, and biking provides too
                                              “We love the valet bike parking!”     free family that live in the Duboce                        many benefits to be dismissed on
                                                  The greatest benefit in family    Triangle. They travel everywhere by                        safety concerns alone.
                                              biking, whether commuting or rec      bike, except in inclement weather.                                       CONTINUED ON PAGE 4
                                                                           FAMILY               BICYCLING                                     ISSUE
Summer Is for Families                                           From the SFBC Board of Directors
                                                                                                                                                         TUBE TIMES
     or the SFBC, spring was busy. Thanks to the work of         communities. The two are inextricably linked: if we grow

F    staff and members, we’re celebrating new bike lanes
     on Market Street and elsewhere in the city.
    For me, spring was contemplative. Thanks to the syn-
                                                                 in the way Jacobs suggested, with compact neighbor-
                                                                 hoods that are a mix of homes, shops, and jobs, we can
                                                                 make our cities better places to live and protect the Bay
                                                                                                                                               Michelle Thatcher E D I TO R
                                                                                                                                             Matthew Hoover P R O D U C T I O N
                                                                                                                                             Brandon Fine D I ST R I B U T I O N

chronicity of three events–noting my 36th birthday, mourn-       Area’s spectacular landscapes.                                  Published six times a year by the
ing the death of Jane Jacobs, and riding the 470-mile Go              Bikes, of course, fit perfectly into these compact         SAN FRANCISCO BICYCLE COALITION
                                                                                                                                 995 Market St., Suite 1550
Greenbelt!–I contemplate how we can make neighbor-               neighborhoods. Unlike sprawling suburban areas that are         San Francisco, CA 94103
hoods better places to live, especially for families.            built with only the car in mind, well-planned cities can        phone: (415) 431-BIKE
    First, noting. Yes, I say “noting,” rather than “celebrat-   offer lots of options for getting around. That’s especially     fax: (415) 431-2468
ing,” my birthday this year. I am older, less likely to speed                                                                    email:
                                                                 good for people who can’t drive, like one of my fellow rid-                               
down hills, and more likely to feel the impacts of hard rid-     ers, 14-year-old San Franciscan, Alex da Silva. Know what
ing the next morning. I am also at that age where my                                                                                 The SFBC is a 5,300-member advocacy organization
                                                                 Alex likes most about living in San Francisco? “That I can           working to transform San Francisco’s streets and
friends are starting families and moving out of San              do so much by myself–biking, walking, or taking Muni.”               neighborhoods into more livable and safe places
Francisco.                                                       But many families don’t have those transportation options,         by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.
    Next, mourning. A week after my birthday, Jane               so parents are stuck behind the wheel for hours every
Jacobs, activist and author of The Death and Life of Great       day, shuttling their kids around by car.
American Cities, died. Jacobs challenged the direction of             Parents are understandably concerned about their                                    SFBC STAFF
urban planning and the American attach-                                                                                          Chris Hayashida Knight           O P E R AT I O N S D I R E C TO R
                                                                           children’s safety, which is partly why so few kids                   x 3 0 4 , ch r i s @ s f b i k e . o r g
ment to the automobile. She promoted                                       walk or bike to school these days (less than 1% of       Rachel Kraai      M E M B E R S H I P & VO L U NT E E R
integrated, manageable communities, with                                   children ages 7-15 now ride bicycles to school).            O R G A N I Z E R x 3 0 2 , r a ch e l @ s f b i k e . o r g
a diversity of people, transportation, archi-                              But cars don’t necessarily make kids safer.                  Jodie Medeiros D E V E LO P M E NT &
                                                                                                                                     MEMBERSHIP, x305,
tecture, and commerce.                                                     According to the National Highway Traffic Safety
                                                                                                                                        Leah Shahum         E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R
    I learned of Jacobs’ death while I was                                 Administration:                                                      x306,
cycling through the sprawl development                                          • 73% of children between 5 and 9 years old             Andy Thornley         P R O G R A M D I R E C TO R
around Livermore, Brentwood, and                                           killed in accidents were riding in cars.                             x 3 0 7, a n d y @ s f b i k e . o r g
Fairfield. Jacobs challenged the kind of                                        • 50% of children who are hit by cars near                      B OA R D O F D I R E C TO R S
assumptions that have fueled growth in                                     schools are hit by cars driven by parents of other                 David Baker • John Calaway
these areas: that houses, stores, and                                      students.                                                     Chris Fenster • Lisa Foster • Jenn Fox
offices should be isolated from each other;                                  We’ve created our neighborhoods around cars              Jean Fraser • Deb Janes • Amandeep Jawa
that an empty street is safer than a crowded one; that the       for too long. We need to start making neighborhoods bet-               Brooke Kuhn • Ann Lyons (Secretary)
car represents progress over the pedestrian.                                                                                            Renée Rivera (President) • Eric Sloan
                                                                 ter for people, especially kids—whether they’re in cars,              Justin Smith (Treasurer) • David Soward
    I mourn for friends who have moved to these areas,           on bikes, or on foot. With Bike Ed classes and advocacy
seeking affordable housing and open space. But in Contra         for new bike lanes, the SFBC is working on safety and liv-
Costa County, they find chronic traffic congestion (since        ability in San Francisco.
1996, freeway congestion has increased by 50%), declin-               Here in San Francisco, we have a head start on creat-
ing housing affordability, disappearing agricultural lands       ing livable neighborhoods, and Jane Jacobs would
and open space (23% of open space is at risk of develop-         approve of the way much of our city is laid out. There’s
ment), and increased segregation along race and class            still a lot of work to do to make it a better place for fami-
lines. Are suburban neighborhoods really a better place to       lies and a better place to bike—and as you’ll see from the
raise a family?                                                  rest of this issue, there are a lot of people working to
    Now, riding. I was riding through Contra Costa County        make that happen. Join us as we work with the many
because my 36th birthday present was a week off to ride          organizations around the Bay Area that share our goal of
Go Greenbelt!, the 470-mile Bay Area bike tour. The week-        better cities for everyone.
long ride raised money to support Greenbelt Alliance’s                                                           BY JENN FOX
efforts to protect local open space and promote livable                                         SFBC BOARD OF DIRECTORS

LETTER TO THE EDITOR                          I’m well aware of the many short-          make the interface between cycling
                                              comings of our present transit sys-        and transit riding more seamless by
Transit is vital                              tem. However, I and my new CEO,            adding bike racks to our buses.
                                              Nat Ford, have committed to                We’re now working on implement-
The Golden Wheel Award ceremony               improving transportation in the city
in April demonstrated how far our                                                        ing a pilot project to allow them on
                                              for both transit riders and bicyclists.
two organizations have come in                                                           light rail vehicles, as well. In the
                                              This will be a long-term endeavor
terms of cooperation and mutual                                                          end, we need each other very much,
                                              that will require all of us connected
respect. With a new management                                                           as the constant onslaught of adver-
                                              with transportation to support. The
team at MTA, I expect that our rela-          problems shouldn’t be swept under          tising and popular culture continues
tionship will only improve.                   the rug, but I think that there are        to glamorize automobiles over alter-
Unfortunately, the article “Why Bike          better ways of dealing with them           native forms of transport.
to Work?” (April-May ‘06) was                 than on the front page of Tube                 If members of SFBC are aware
somewhat of a setback. Portions               Times.                                     of transit-related problems, I will

                                                                                                                                                 130 Sutter St., Flr 7
were distinctly antagonistic to pub-              Let’s remember that transit does       make myself or my staff available to
lic transportation, including one
                                                                                                                                               San Francisco, CA 94104
                                              work for thousands of San                  try to work out solutions.
passage ending with the words,
                                                                                                                                               (415) 362-6765, ext. 113
                                              Franciscans. Moreover, today’s bike                WILLIAM LIEBERMAN, AICP
“I’m so over Muni. That sort of
                                              rider may become tomorrow’s tran-
rhetoric only sets us up for a win-                                                         DEPUTY DIRECTOR FOR PLANNING
lose, either-or situation. It’s not that      sit rider (and vice-versa) as an indi-                  SAN FRANCISCO MTA
I doubt the veracity of the cyclist’s         vidual’s personal situation changes.
story. As a relative newcomer here,           At MTA, we have attempted to

PAGE   2                                                                                                                                                                   TUBE TIMES
Bay to Beach route:                                                to allow safer crossing), and the                                                   street system moves cars and
                                                                   Duboce/Market eastbound connec-                                                     trucks, without any regard for how
complete, or almost?                                               tion (currently requiring cyclists to                                               that right-of-way serves other users
Bicycle route improvements                                         undertake an awkward two-cross-                                                     like cyclists, pedestrians, and tran-
between the Ferry Building and the

                                                                   walk maneuver to navigate). We’re                                                   sit riders. If a proposed project
Beach Chalet have sprung up like                                   keeping a “punch list” of outstand-                                                 (such as filling in a bike network
benevolent dandelions after the                                    ing items—see what remains to do                                                    gap) is estimated to slow down
winter rains, and the city is enjoy-                               at Join us in                                                motor traffic to the point where
ing a nearly complete “Bay to the                                  the push to truly complete this                                                     LOS “fails,” the environmental
Beach” bike route all the way                                                                                 Network, the state of
                                                                   landmark crosstown bike route!                                                      review process can trigger an
across town. Market Street has                                                                                bicycling in our city
                                                                                                                                                       expensive and time-consuming
brand-new bike lanes spanning the                                                                             right now.
                                                                   SF Rates B-Minus on                                                                 environmental impact report that’s
crucial gap between Van Ness and                                                                              Overall, San
                                                                                                                                                       often enough to derail the environ-
Octavia, Scott Street northbound                                   Bicycling Report Card                      Francisco was given a B-minus
                                                                                                                                                       mentally-beneficial bike network
has a brand-new bike lane and a                                                                               grade as a city for bicycling, which
                                                                                                                                                       (or pedestrian safety or transit effi-
bike box at the intersection of Scott                                                                         is pretty charitable, given the D-
                                                                                                                                                       ciency) improvement.
and Oak, and lots and lots of new                                                                             plus grade given to pavement qual-
                                                                                                                                                           In April the Board of Super-
sharrows (shared-lane stencils)                                                                               ity and the C-minus grade awarded
                                                                                                                                                       visors unanimously passed Sup-
are on the streets, including almost                                                                          to the sense of safety on the streets.
                                                                                                                                                       ervisor Ross Mirkarimi’s resolution
a hundred new sharrows on                                                                                     Bike theft stands out as a wide-
                                                                                                                                                       declaring auto LOS to be an inap-
Market from 8th Street to the                                                                                 spread problem, with a quarter of
                                                                                                                                                       propriate measure of a given pro-
Embarcadero. There are more bike                                                                              respondents telling us they’ve had
                                                                                                                                                       ject’s environmental impact, and
route signs along the way, and                                                                                a bike stolen in the past two years;
                                                                                                                                                       requesting that the Planning Com-
more welcoming signage for the                                                                                likewise collisions are still too
                                                                                                                                                       mission act to replace LOS with a
Wiggle itself. And you may find that                                                                          common and too often result in
                                            PHOTO BY DREW ROGERS

                                                                                                                                                       more meaningful measure, such as
the street surface is a bit less chop-                                                                        cyclist injuries — one in eight
                                                                                                                                                       vehicle trip generation. We look
py as well, with the worst of the                                                                             respondents say they’ve been
                                                                                                                                                       forward to the Planning Commis-
potholes patched and smoothed.                                                                                injured in a collision in the past
                                                                                                                                                       sion taking up this important plan-
That’s your bicycle advocacy move-                                                                            two years.
                                                                                                                                                       ning reform effort toward better
ment at work! Thanks to the staff                                                                                 You can download a copy of the
                                                                                                                                                       aligning the city’s planning prac-
of the DPT and DPW, who made                                          We presented our Report Card to the
                                                                                                              Report Card from the SFBC website
                                                                                                                                                       tices with its Transit First policy
sure all was done in time for Bike                                     Mayor and Board of Supervisors         —see where we stand and what
                                                                                                                                                       and facilitating better, healthier,
to Work Day.                                                             on Bike to Work Day in May.          the next steps should be towards
                                                                                                                                                       more livable streets for everyone.
    So how close have we come to                                   More than 1,100 bicyclists took the        making San Francisco an A+ bicy-
achieving the city’s first complete                                SFBC’s first-ever Survey of Bicycling      cling city.
crosstown route? Close, but not                                    in San Francisco during April, our           2006 Report Card on Bicycling in       Repaving funds
                                                                                                               San Francisco:
quite 100% complete, at least by                                   thanks to everyone who piped up                                                     promise smoother ride
our measure; there are still gaps at                               and sounded off. We’ve rolled up                                                        Every city cyclist knows the mis-
key points, namely the Market/                                     the results in our 2006 Report Card        Environmental Review                     erable and often dangerous condi-
Octavia/freeway intersection                                       on Bicycling in San Francisco, a re-       reform wins at Board                     tion of the pavement on many of
(which needs better signage,                                       vealing and informative scorecard          For years we’ve been telling you         San Francico’s streets, so we’re
enforcement, and, of course, col-                                  of cycling in SF. In addition to pre-      about “automobile LOS” (Level of         happy to report that Supervisor
ored pavement to better mark the                                   senting the “official” numbers, the        Service) and the paradox of envi-        Sean Elsbernd’s proposal for a
bike space), the Masonic/Fell/                                     Report Card tells the story of what        ronmental review for bicycle route       supplemental allocation of $15
Panhandle intersection (which                                      you think about safety, potholes,          improvements. Briefly, auto LOS          million to street resurfacing proj-
needs a bike-specific signal phase                                 enforcement, and the Citywide Bike         measures how efficiently a given         ects was approved by the Board
                                                                                                                                                       and Mayor this spring. The streets
                                                                   people, cyclists and non-cyclists, are
                                                                                                                                                       to receive paving attention will
What else is new?                                                  interested in making a proper place
                                                                                                             north end of Potrero, between 17th
                                                                                                             and Division) . . . At long last, the
                                                                                                                                                       include many essential bicycle
There’s a new look for 14th Street,                                for bicycles on that bike-renting
                                                                                                             rains blew away and the paint shop        routes, such as Arguello, Portola,
and it’s a complete eastbound bike                                 route) . . . Another chunk of Laguna
lane starting at Market, with a slight-
                                                                                                             finished striping big wide lanes on       Page, and Valencia (which is get-
                                                                   Honda will get bike lanes striped
ly smaller island. It’s a six-month trial                          soon, between Portola and
                                                                                                             Alemany Boulevard. The April 22 cel-      ting a full makeover study from
                                                                                                             ebration in Cayuga Park was a grand
that the SFBC has worked hard for,                                 Woodside. Sharrows and a south-
                                                                                                             time, and the victory lap on the new
                                                                                                                                                       MTA’s Traffic Calming team, possi-
so go ride on it and let Supervisor                                bound left-turn lane (for Dewey &                                                   bly resulting in wider sidewalks
                                                                                                             lanes was sweet . . . Illinois Street
Dufty know how great you think it is                               West Portal) will complement the
. . . Howard Street bike lanes will fill                           lanes, but there’ll still be work to do
                                                                                                             and Cargo Way bike lanes were             and an even more pleasant
                                                                                                             approved at the Port Commission on        streetscape).
in at the east end soon, running                                   to fix this big break . . . Also a few
                                                                                                             May 9th, now they go to the Board
unbroken from the Embarcadero to                                   more particles of Potrero Avenue will
                                                                                                             of Supervisors’ Land Use Committee
                                                                                                                                                           Of course, this list of resurfac-
Eleventh Street . . . Look for bike                                be striped with bike lanes, near the
                                                                                                             on June 7th (we’re all looking for-       ing projects is still just a small
lanes on North Point Street this                                   freeway/Cesar Chavez intersection.
summer, providing a key east-west                                  Again, thanks, but a bigger bicycle
                                                                                                             ward to riding with the Mayor on          fraction of the backlog of repaving
                                                                                                             these lanes, the backbone of the Blue
bike network connection (Jefferson                                 route solution is needed for this leg-                                              and maintenance work necessary
                                                                                                             Greenway, on June 24 for the
Street still needs big help, but the                               endarily bad mega-interchange (and
                                                                                                             Imagine the Way celebration) . . .
good news is that more and more                                    keep pushing for a connection at the                                                        CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

JUNE–JULY 2006                                                                                                                                                                    PAGE    3
Biking with                       KIDS                                             from page 1
                                                                                                                                                                                                 10 Rules for Safe Use
                                                                                                                                                                                                 of Bike-Mounted
The Right Stuff One of the con-                                        on their own. (See sidebar                                                                                                Child Seats
siderations every family makes in                                      for tips on child seats.)
deciding to ride is the safety and                                         On recreational rides,                                                                                                1. Follow weight and age
                                                                                                                                                                                                    guidelines; don’t carry kids
ease of use of family biking equip-                                    Peter and Katy let William                                                                                                   less than one year old or
ment. (See ‘Biking with Baby’                                          ride his own bike. When

                                                                                                                                                                  PHOTO BY MICHELLE STEPHENS
                                                                                                                                                                                                    more than 40 pounds in a
below for more on family bike                                          commuting, it’s different.                                                                                                   child seat.
gear.) The main ways of biking                                             “William’s not old                                                                                                    2. Use a crash-tested helmet
with “dependent” kids (kids who                                        enough to commute on his                                                                                                     on your child.
aren’t riding their own bike) are                                      own bike. We tried the trail-                                                                                             3. Belt your child into the seat.
by means of a trailer, “trail-a-                                       a-bike, but found it too                                                                                                  4. Make sure the seat has
                                                                                                                                                                                                    spoke protectors for the
bike,” or a rear rack- or top tube,                                    independent and wobbly.                                                                                                      child’s feet.
center-mounted child seat.                                             The same with the Burley
                                                                                                                                                                                                 5. The backrest should be high
                                                                       [trailer],” Peter says. So                                                                                                   enough to provide adequate
               This young cyclist enjoys                               William sits on an Xtracycle           Josie and James Rozelle commute through the                                           head support for the child.
                 a car-free Sunday in
                       the Park.
                                                                       frame extension on Peter’s              Lower Haight each morning. James says his                                         6. The seat should be profes-
                                                                                                             5-year-old daughter's pedaling helps on the hills.                                     sionally installed at a bike
                                                                       commute bike, fully outfitted
                                                                                                                                                                                                    shop by an experienced
                                                                       with his own handlebars, foot                                                                                                technician.
                                                                       platforms, and horn.                          helmet is a must, for riders of all
                                                                                                                                                                                                 7. Lean the bike against a wall
                                                                           James, Ann and Josie live in the          ages. Other than that, the families                                            for stability when you’re get-
                                                                       Inner Richmond, and at least once             take the same precautions they do                                              ting off.
                                           PHOTO BY CHRIS DIDERSTADT

                                                                       a week, James and                                        when riding solo. “We                                            8. Remember that bikes with
                                                                                                      For more tips on
                                                                       Josie commute to her biking with kids, visit don’t bike in a heavy                                                           child seats require more
                                                                                                                                                                                                    braking distance, are less
                                                                       SOMA preschool by rain, but otherwise, we                                                           maneuverable, and can
                                                                       bike. “Josie started in            Check out:            bike every day,” Peter                                              swerve when the child
                                                                       a Burley [trailer],”         • Teaching Your Child       says.                                                               moves suddenly.
                                                                                                           to Ride                   In addition to the
                                                                       James recalls. “Her                                                                                                       9. Don’t ride while your child
                                                                                                   • Family Biking Bulletin
                                                                       car seat fit in it per-              Board
                                                                                                                                weather, families choose                                            is asleep, as this can strain
                                                                                                                                their routes thoughtfully,                                          their neck.
    Ethan Derner, father of 14-                                        fectly. We used the             • Web Resources
                                                                                                                                often consulting the SF                                          10. Never leave a child unat-
month-old Veronica and Alamo                                           strap in the trailer to        And don’t miss our
                                                                                                                                                                                                     tended in a child seat.
                                                                                                   Kids Ride Sun., July 23!     Bike Map. (Check it out
Square resident, chose the center-                                     secure the seat and           (Details on page 7)
                                                                                                                                at “If                                         COMPILED BY GILLIAN GILLETT
mounted seat, because he liked                                         then we just used the
being able to see his daughter. “I                                     car seat to secure Josie.”                               there’s a bike path, we’ll
saw this seat in Europe and it just                                        Josie now commutes on a trail-            use it; otherwise, we consider the                                        tical and healthy way for families to
made sense. It offers a better cen-                                    a-bike. “It’s a great way to transi-          traffic,” James explains. “If the                                         get around the city. The economic,
ter of gravity than the rear-mount                                     tion Josie to her own bike and to             cars aren’t too fast, we’ll just take                                     environmental, and relational bene-
seats and it allows Veronica to see                                    teach her proper signaling. It’s a            the lane.”                                                                fits just can’t be beat by slow and
where we’re going,” Ethan says.                                        great learning opportunity,” James                                                                                      stuffy car travel. Family biking is as
Whether using a center or rear-                                        says.                                         A Real Alternative Biking in                                              much about the journey as it is the
mounted seat, the child should be                                          Proper safety equipment is                the city isn’t just a great option for                                    destination.
old enough to hold their head up                                       vital. A crash-tested and approved            grown up commuters—it’s a prac-                                                      BY MICHELLE STEPHENS

                                                                                                                 to get it as light as possi-       being too tired to ride aren’t any fun, but having a
 Biking with Baby                                                                                                ble. Don’t buy the next size       child on your bike makes these possibilities extra
                                                                                                                 up so they’ll grow into it.        problematic, so I suggest always have a Plan B in
 W        hile my wife Naomi stopped my plan
          to take my two-day-old daughter
 Isabel home from the hospital by bicycle
                                                                                                                     Trust me, I’m extremely
                                                                                                                 frugal but I wouldn’t hold
                                                                                                                                                    case your ride doesn’t work out as planned. The
                                                                                                                                                    plan may be staying close to home, going out with
 trailer—who wants to start off life in a                                                                        back a cent on this. Isabel        another rider, staying close to bike-friendly public
 car?—I was determined to get the youngin’                                                                       has rarely refused her pink        transit, and/or having an on-road repair kit.
 behind me on a bicycle as soon as possible.                                                                     beauty from Valencia                    To avoid needing a Plan B in the first place,
       While some daring souls advised me                                                                        Cyclery.                           give your kid something to do, drink, eat, hold,
 that as soon as a baby can hold its head up                                                                         As for carrying                anything. Looking at your behind for an extended
 it can ride, our actual first foray was a short                                                                 method, in the city I’m in         period of time isn’t as interesting as you think.
                                                                                      Isabel, age 2 1/2
 ride in suburban Massachusetts when she                                                                         the ‘no child left behind’         Also, make sure your bike is mechanically sound
 was seven months. We borrowed some                                                                              school. I suggest keeping          and with reasonably flat-resistant tires.
 friends’ bicycles and put Isabel on the back in an                                    the kid as close as possible in a bike-mounted                    We’ve had a wonderful time biking with
 ill-fitting styrofoam toddler’s helmet.                                               child seat. A trailer seems too far back for the kind        Isabel: to Grandma’s house, to swim class, to
       Through the fifteen minutes of constant                                         of agility you might need in the city. I wouldn’t be         Giants games, to playgrounds and to visit friends.
 screaming I surmised my first lesson: It is all about                                 too concerned on what type of seat you get—plas-             We talk about dogs and trees and people we pass
 the helmet.                                                                           tic is plastic. We’ve never used the lean-back fea-          (if you aren’t a parent you’ll have to trust me that
       Spend as much as you can on your child’s hel-                                   ture on the seat we bought.                                  this is fun). Next step: teaching her how to pedal.
 met. Get every bell and whistle. Spend every dime                                          Any rider knows that mechanical problems or                                                   BY TED TILLES

PAGE   4                                                                                                                                                                                                                  TUBE TIMES
 Member                         Profile

 The Family That Bikes Together
  Do you commute by bike?                 We just need to figure out how to
  Peter: When I moved to San Fran-        ride recreationally, not just for com-
  cisco in 1992, I picked up biking       muting.
  again and realized it was very possi-
  ble. Then I met Katy and when we        Anything else? Peter: I think it’s
  moved in together, we had two cars.     great the Tube Times is doing a

                                                                                    PHOTO BY MICHELLE STEPEHNS
  After a while, we realized we never     family issue. It seems it hasn’t been
  used one of them, so we got rid of      a focus for the Coalition. They’re
  it. Then we got to the point where      more geared toward singles and
  we hardly used the remaining car, so    bike messengers. The infrastructure
  we sold that one, too. For the last     hasn’t been geared toward families,
  three years, we’ve been car-free.       so it’s great that they’re recognizing
  Both Katy and I commute by bike to      this. It’s an opportunity to reorient
  work every day. William goes to pre-    the constituency or at least broaden
                                                                                                                 Names: Peter Cohen, Katy Wilcoxen,    and hope that this kind of internal
  school in Katy’s building, so we take   it so families feel they have an advo-
                                                                                                                  William and Jessica
                                                                                                                                                       commitment we’ve made—about
  him along. William’s first ride was     cate.
                                                                                                                                                       the way we want to experience the
  the 10th Anniversary of Critical            I also think there’s something to                                  Ages: 44, 40, 4 1/2 and 4 months
                                                                                                                                                       city around us, the choices we make
  Mass!                                   be said about becoming “a believ-                                      Occupations: Geographers, pre-        to trade off certain “conveniences”,
      Katy: I have a gym at work, but I   er” as part of overcoming all the
                                                                                                                  schooler and professional daughter   and the values we have about plac-
  don’t need to use it since I com-       real and perceived obstacles to
                                                                                                                 Neighborhood: Duboce Triangle         ing social good above purely per-
  mute every day. And we have             doing anything contrary to the
                                                                                                                                                       sonal interests—will somehow
  secured bike parking in my build-       norm—that can be said about many                                       Members since: 2002
                                                                                                                                                       motivate us to keep figuring it out.
  ing, though I tend to park on the       things in our conformity-minded
                                                                                                                                                       We may not be car-free forever, but
  street as it’s more convenient.         society.                                                               lifestyle choice to find a way to
                                                                                                                                                       I think we’ll figure out how to
                                             We’re not radical biker types by                                    make biking a routine part of our
                                                                                                                                                       remain a biking family no matter
  What bike improvements would            any means, we just do our thing and                                    daily world. And it’s not that hard
                                                                                                                                                       what circumstances in our lives
  you like to see in the city?            don’t typically sound off with right-                                  once you become a believer. As our
                                                                                                                                                       change over the years.
  Katy: I think the Saturday closure to   eous attitude. But Katy and I have                                     kids get older and the logistics                          INTERVIEW BY
  cars in Golden Gate Park is great.      definitely made a philosophical and                                    become more complicated, I expect                    MICHELLE STEPHENS

QUICK RELEASES from p. 3                   want to be a demonstration cyclist             downtown housing while making                                campaign page at
   to bring the city’s streets up to       by contacting                 downtown friendlier to pedestri-                             campaigns/c3.html
   date. San Francisco still desperate-    Downtown parking                               ans, bicyclists, and transit riders.
   ly needs a solid plan for ongoing                                                      This legislation was passed by the                           Bike voice on city’s
                                           reform – good for                              board but vetoed by the Mayor a
   street maintenance, and the SFBC                                                                                                                    transportation board
   will continue to advocate for a         bikes, good for the city few months ago, although the
                                           Supervisor Peskin’s legislation to             mayor has promised to support                                In May, the SFBC’s Executive
   responsible and comprehensive                                                                                                                       Director, Leah Shahum, was
   strategy to fix and maintain the        reform residential parking in the              this amended version. The reintro-
                                           downtown (C-3) districts was rec-              duced version eliminates minimum                             appointed to a seat on the seven-
   city’s streets.                                                                                                                                     person Board of Directors of the
                                           ommended unanimously at the                    parking requirements for down-
                                           Planning Commission’s May 11                   town housing, and establishes a                              Municipal Transportation Agency.
   Bikes on Muni LRVs                      meeting . This legislation is a long-          maximum number of parking                                    This body oversees the overall poli-
   waiting at the station                  overdue reform aimed at increas-               spaces. It requires active uses on                           cy direction and budget of the MTA,
   Being able to bring your bike on a      ing the supply and affordability of                      the ground floor of build-                         which includes Muni and all trans-
   Muni LRV (light rail vehicle) might                                                              ings, limits car parking                           portation modes, including bicy-
   have come in handy during this                                                                   on upper floors, and lim-                          cling. (See for more info.)
   spring’s rainstorming days, but                                                                  its new driveway                                        Leah’s appointment was made
   keep treading water: the Muni and                                                                entrances on important                             by Mayor Newsom and approved
   non-Muni parts of MTA still can’t                                                                bicycle, pedestrian, and                           unanimously by the Board of Super-
   get themselves together to do even                                                               transit streets. This ver-                         visors. This will be an important
   a simple demonstration, let alone a                                                              sion requires that all new                         first, bringing a voice for sustain-
   trial, of the service. By the time                                                               housing citywide, not just                         able transportation to the MTA's
   you read this a demonstration                                                                    downtown, have secure                              highest decision-making body.
   involving a couple of weekends on                                                                bicycle parking and car
   one far-flung stretch of above-                                                                                                                            SFBC IS HIRING!
                                              SFBC Bike Plan Update staffer Amy Panella and         sharing! Now it’s off to the
                                                                                                                                                         Accepting resumes June 15.
   ground K Ingleside may finally be         über-volunteer Ruth Grabowski help celebrate the       Board of Supervisors. For
                                                     newly striped Alemany bike lanes                                                                
   on the calendar; let us know if you                                                              more details, visit TLC’s

 JUNE–JULY 2006                                                                                                                                                                  PAGE      5
Record-Breaking Bike to Work Day!
      ith thousands of cyclists                 goodies and safety information               Newsom with the first ever Report

                                                                                                                                                                                 PHOTOS BY ADAM AUFDENCAMP AND DAVID GARTNER
      rolling through our city’s                were distributed as SFBC members             Card on Bicycling in San Francisco
      streets on May 18, Bike to                spread the word about current                (see p. 3 for complete story)
Work Day was a sight to warm any                campaigns to                                                          Bike to
bicyclist’s heart! Riders young and             make the city                                                     Work Day 2006
old, seasoned and brand new, ped-               better for bik-                                                   was a record
aled happily through the urban                  ing.                                                              breaking SFBC
landscape toward work, buoyed by                    Among the                                                     membership
the support of bike lanes, traffic              commuting                                                         drive! A grand
calmed streets and of course our                masses                                                            welcome goes
vibrant biking community.                       Supervisors                                                       out to close to
    The day’s festivities began in the          Peskin, Daly,                                                     500 SFBC mem-
wee hours and lasted well into the              Elsbernd,                                                         bers (this is       Sup. Gerardo Sandoval rode to City Hall
evening as 150 SFBC members                     Mirkarimi,                                                        more than dou-             from his District 11 home.
cheered on riders at 24 Energizer               McGoldrick,                                                       ble last year’s
Stations around the city. Volunteers            Dufty and San-                                                    membership        city, stuffing give-a-way bags,
handed out tasty treats and cups of             doval, as well as        It was Bike to School Day for some.    numbers!) who       staffing Energizer Stations & organ-
joe to energize bikers-by.                      Mayor Newsom                                                    joined on Bike to   izing the Bike
Collectible tote-bags full of bike              rolled into City Hall. Other notable         Work Day. These members grow           Away from
                                                                    transportation           our coalition to over 5,700 strong!    Work Party.
                                                                    pedalers who             Woo hoo!                                    To view our
                                                                    joined the                   The SFBC staff and Board of        list of amazing
                                                                    crowds were Nat Directors can’t thank our member                volunteers and
                                                                    Ford, MTA                volunteers enough for the stellar      the photo
                                                                    Executive                job in making Bike to Work Day a       gallery of the
                                                                    Director and             smashing success! Three cheers         days events, visit
                                                                    MTA staff. Upon          goes out to the two SFBC interns,
                                                                    arrival at City          Sherry Shannon and Jason Foote,            A warm thank
                                                                                                                                                           Thousands of happy
                                                                    Hall, SFBC staff         and the 150+ members who gave          you to our local      cyclists felt the Bike to
      The Valencia St. Energizer Station was a popular spot.                                                                        supporters who            Work Day love.
                                                                    presented Mayor countless hours to postering the                made this day pos-
                                                                                                                                    sible: MTA, Timbuk2, Kaiser
                                                                                                                                    Permanente, Department of the
GOLDEN WHEEL AWARDS       Exceptional individuals                                                                                   Environment & City Car Share.
                                                                                                                                         Thanks to Flexcar & Timbuk2 for
           transforming our city                                                                                                    providing the Bike Away from Work raf-
     he wet spring weather broke            and fielded questions from the                                                          fle prizes.
T    just in time for a spectacular
city view from the top deck of the
                                                We are grateful to our dedi-
                                                                                                                                       Special thanks to these generous
                                                                                                                                    vendors for their support of Bike to
LGBT Center at the SFBC’s 2006              cated members, volunteers,                                                              Work Day: Arguello Super Market,
Golden Wheel Awards. More than              and VIPs who make our vision                                                            Arizmendi Bakery, Atlas Café, Bi-Rite
200 attendees came out to honor             a reality through your contin-                                                          Market, Canvas Gallery Café, Chevy’s,
                                                                                 SFBC Board members (from right) Amandeep
Clay Mankin and Peter Tannen for            ued support. Thanks for a very                                                          Coffee Adventures, Goat Hill Pizza,
                                                                                 Jawa and Ann Lyons are joined by MTA staff
their many years of oustanding              successful SFBC fundraiser! The       Oliver Gajda, exec. dir. Nat Ford, and MTA
                                                                                                                                    House of Bagels, Katz Bagels, La
contributions to improved bike              Golden Wheel Awards raised more              Board member Mike Kasolas.                 Victoria Bakery, Noah’s Bagels, Park
conditions in San Francisco.                than $20,000 to further the SFBC’s                                                      Bench Café, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Ritual
Keynote speaker, Nat Ford, new              work building a vibrant, livable           For pictures from the soiree,                Coffee Roasters, Safeway, Starbucks
Executive Director of the MTA,              city for all San Franciscans           and a list of the businesses and                 Coffee, Stella Pasticceria, Subway,
shared his vision for how bicycles          through bike lanes, traffic calming,   individuals that supported this                  Trader Joe’s, Velo Rouge Café and
fit into the SF transportation plan         and community building.                event, visit             Veritable Vegetable.

                                                                                                Turn your junk into bike lanes!
                                                                                                      Donate your unwanted goods to Community Thrift
                                                                                                               and help the SFBC. Here's how:
                                                                                                          1) Bring your goods to Community Thrift
                                                                                                           623 Valencia St (btw 17th & 18th Sts)
                                                                                                        Donating hours: 10am-4:45pm, 7-days a week
                                                                                                              2) Select SFBC as the Charity (#181)
                                                                                                                           It is that easy!
                                                                                                      Questions: call (415) 861-4910 or 431-BIKE x305

PAGE   6                                                                                                                                                           TUBE TIMES
                                                                                                                          JUNE–JULY 2006
                                                                                                         The SFBC’s Cultural History Tours and Recreational Rides are free for SFBC mem-
                                                                                                          bers (a $5 donation from non-members is appreciated). Unless otherwise noted,
                                                                                                         call 431-BIKE or email for more information. Or see our full online
                                                                                                                       calendar at Rain cancels rides.

            i                                           for full,       updated calendar of events and action items!
              RIDES AND                                                                       this grove-covered Pacific Heights park.           BIKE ED - DAY ONE
   C U LT U R A L H I S T O R Y T O U R S         TO U R D E FAT                              Bring treats to share, and don’t forget            Sat., Jun. 24 | 10am-2pm, Richmond
                                                  Sat., Jul. 22 | 1-5pm                       your blinkies! For more info: robin@bite-          Police Station, 461 6th Ave (btwn
TEA FOR TWO-WHEELERS                              Speedway Meadow, GG Park                                                    Geary & Anza)
Sat., Jun. 10 | 11am                              Nothing is better than a day of beer,                                                          Sat., Jul. 15 | 2-6pm, West Portal
Meet at Bean There, Steiner & Waller              bikes, bands, costumes, and a day in         O T H E R B I K E - R E L AT E D E V E N T S      Community Center
Bring a travel mug! We’ll ride around             the park! Join the SFBC & New                                                                  These four-
town looking for the best spot for a spot                           Belgium Brewing           VOLUNTEER NIGHT AT THE SFBC                        hour class-
of tea. We’ll do it all: black, white, green,                       Company for a             Wed., Jun. 14, 28 & Jul. 12, 26 | 5-8 pm           room cours-
red, caffeinated, herbal, and boba. (No,                            wacky day out in          SFBC HQ, 995 Market @ 6th, Ste 1550                es teach the
you can’t order coffee. Start you own                               the park celebrating      A great way to spend a summer night!               basics of
java ride for that.) Info: onze@                                    beer and bikes at a       Come snack on tasty treats, talk bikes             safe and                                                      completely green          with fellow cyclists, and help the SFBC            enjoyable
                                                                    event. Kick off the       keep our gears turning. We provide                 cycling,
BLUE GREENWAY - IMAGINE THE WAY*                                    event with a cos-         yummy dinner and the fine conversation             including rid-
Sat., Jun. 24 | 11am                                                tume bike parade,         is FREE. Bring your bike upstairs!                 ing in traffic,
China Basin Park, South Shore of                                    followed by a day of      Questions? Email or              necessary
McCovey Cove @ Third St.                                            silly bikes, three        just show up!                                      equipment,
Join the Mayor and a fun crowd of citi-                             great bands, give-a-                                                         crash avoid-
zens, artists, naturalists, performers, and                         ways and more.            SFBC BOARD MEETING                                 ance, and
fun-lovers for a grand bicycle ride along         This event is a fundraiser for the          Tue., Jun. 20 & Jul. 18 | 6:30pm                   legal rights
the Blue Greenway as we inaugurate and            SFBC and the Bay Area Ridge Trail           SFBC HQ, 995 Market @ 6th, Ste 1550                and responsibilities. Open to adults 14
celebrate this vital new greenway along           Council. Don’t miss it!      Everyone’s invited! Contact Leah at 431-           and over. Bicycle not required. Visit
the city’s southeastern waterfront.                                                           BIKE x306 or for agenda   for more info, and to
Contact Jeff Condit (jcondit@sfneighbor-        side. Bring a lunch, paper, pen, a map,       and details.                                       register. for info or to lend a hand.      and ideas. Info:
                                                                                              SF BICYCLE ADVISORY COMMITTEE*                     TRIPS FOR KIDS BIKE SWAP*
NIGHT RIDE: PRESIDIO                            LABOR HISTORY TOUR*                           Thu., Jun. 22 & Jul. 27 | 6:15pm                   Sat., Jul. 15 | 10am-4pm
Sun., Jun. 25 | 7:30pm                          Sat., Jul. 1 | 12-4pm                         City Hall, Rm. 408 (Polk & Grove)                  Mill Valley Middle School, 425
Meet at Panhandle Statue, Fell & Baker          Meet at CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission            Come and speak your mind about bicycle             Sycamore, Mill Valley
We’ll visit the (relatively) new rest stop in   @ 9th                                         issues in San Francisco. This 11-member            Come out for the 15th Annual bike swap
the Presidio, admiring the sunset as it         CounterPULSE and Shaping San                  committee meets once a months and                  and benefit! New and used bikes and
changes the light over the ocean or of          Francisco director Chris Carlsson con-        advises the Board of Supervisors on all            accessories, swappers’ area, grand raf-
the fog. Come equipped with blinky lights       ducts this four-hour historical tour of San   matters bicycle. Contact Bert Hill, chair          fle, all for sale to help fund Trips for Kids
and bring snacks and drinks to share. For       Francisco by bicycle. Bring snacks and        of the BAC, to place an issue on the               and the Re-Cyclery. Rock-bottom prices,
more info:               water, and reserve your spot now! Call        agenda or to request notice of meetings:           great food and drink, and more. $5
                                                (415) 626-2060. $15-50 sliding scale.                                admission, children 15 and under free
CRITICAL MASS*                                                                                                                                   with adult. Visit for
Fri., Jun. 30 & Jul. 28 | 6pm                   BIGGEST PARKS IN SF TOUR                       KIDS RIDE: NO MORE                                more info.
Justin “Pee Wee” Herman Plaza,                  Sat., Jul. 29 | 10am                           TRAINING WHEELS!
Market @ Embarcadero                            Meet at McLaren Lodge, GG Park                 Sun., Jul. 23 | 10:30-11:30am                     BICYCLE POLO*
The world famous coincidence organized          (Stanyan & Fell)                               Meet at McLaren Lodge, GG Park                    Tuesdays, Summer | 6pm-dark
by you! More info at         Visit the greatest green spaces in SF:         (Stanyan & Fell)                                  Speedway Meadow (west end, next to
                                                McLaren Park, Golden Gate Park and             Join other families with kids learning            the bike path), Golden Gate Park
ESCAPE FROM THE BIG ONE                         Stern’s Grove. 20 miles; fairly difficult      to ride without training wheels in                Easy to learn, fun to play, impossible to
Sat., Jul. 1 | 12pm, Hayes Green                ride. Bring water, snacks, and a helmet.       car-free space in Golden Gate Park                lose. Mallets and balls provided. Bring
When The Big One hits and Muni and              Visit for more info.         for moral and physical support. We                your bike (mountain, hybrid, or durable
Bart are down, bikes will be the way.                                                          won’t actually go anywhere; we’ll                 fixie) and your refreshments. More info:
Let’s strategize: which neighborhoods           NIGHT RIDE: LAFAYETTE PARK                     just find some open space and cheer     
will need help coping? What can we do?          Sun., Jul. 30 | 7:30pm                         each other on. Contact Jean Fraser
What will we need? Meet at the tables in        Meet at Panhandle Statue (Fell & Baker)        at 751-6619 for more information.              *Events not sponsored or endorsed by the SFBC
the middle of Octavia Blvd., Hayes St.          Enjoy a summer’s eve ride to the shade of

JUNE–JULY 2006                                                                                                                                                                  PAGE      7
                                                   SAN FRANCISCO BICYCLE COALITION                                                                                                                                      NONPROFIT
                                                   995 Market St., Ste. 1550
                                                   San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                   (415) 431-BIKE                                                                                                                                                       US POSTAGE
                                                   ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                                                                                                PAID
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     SAN FRANCISCO, CA
                                                                                                                                                                                               PERMIT # 3819

                                                                                                  SEE YOUR NAME HERE!
                                                                                         Get the TUBE TIMES delivered to your door
                                                                                               by becoming an SFBC member.
                                                                                               (MEMBERSHIP FORM BELOW)

                                                                                                                                                             TUBE TIMES INDEX
                                                                                                                                        1. Percentage decline of trips made                                6. Miles per year traveled by resi-
                                                                                                                                         by children in the U.S. by foot or                              dents (including children) on bicycles
  Liam Roman                                                                                                                              bicycle from 1977 to 1995: 37                                         in the Netherlands: 633
Williams (age 3)                                                                                                                         2. Percentage decrease in risk of                                  7. Miles per year traveled by resi-
   lives in the                                                                                                                       death from any cause for adults who                                  dents on bicycles in Denmark: 595
  Marina and                                                                                                                          bicycle to work on a regular basis: 40
 commutes to                                                                                                                                                                                                8. Miles per year traveled by resi-
                                                                                                                                       3. Number of hours per day that the                                 dents on bicycles in Germany: 186
                                                                                                          PHOTO BY JENNIFER DOIDGE

preschool each
                                                                                                                                       average U.S. child spends in a car: 1
  morning on                                                                                                                                                                                                 9. Miles per year traveled by resi-
   his sister's                                                                                                                          4. Percentage increase in odds of                                     dents on bicycles in Italy: 65
  beater trike.                                                                                                                         being obese for every hour per day
                                                                                                                                                 spent in a car: 6                                        10. Percentage increase in the num-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ber of children’s bikes imported into
                                                                                                                                          5. Billions of dollars added to                                    the U.S. between January and
                                                                                                                                      American health expenditures in one                                         November 2005: 38
                                                                                                                                      year because of sedentary lifestyles as
                                                                                                                                         a result of car dependence: 76                                            COMPILED BY ELMER TOSA
                                                    MEMBERSHIP PAYS FOR ITSELF
   SFBC Discounts                                Join today and get discounts all over town!
                                                                                                                                           Sources: 1, 2: Tudor-Locke, C., B.E. Ainsworth, and B.M. Popkin, Active Commuting to School: An Overlooked Source of
  A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED PLACE          FRESH AIR BICYCLES •         BICYCLES • ROARING MOUSE                                               Childrens’ Physical Activity? Sports Medicine, 2001. 3: America Bikes. TEA-21 Reauthorization Priorities from the Bicycle
                                                                                                                                        Community. 2003 [cited 2006 29 April];
     FOR BOOKS • AMERICAN           HEAVY METAL BIKE SHOP •        CYCLES • SACRED GROUNDS                                               4: Frank, L.D., et al., Many Pathways from Land Use to Health: Associations between Neighborhood Walkabilityand Active
 CYCLERY • ARIZMENDI BAKERY        HOLE IN THE WALL SALOON •        • SALON DES BICICLETTES •                                            Transportation, Body Mass Index, and Air Quality. Journal of the American Planning Association, 2006. 5: Cervero, R. and
  • AVENUE CYCLERY • BAY CITY     MIKE’S BIKES • MISSING LINK         SAN FRANCISCO CYCLERY                                              M. Duncan, Walking, Bicycling, and Urban Landscapes: Evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area. American Journal of
                                                                                                                                             Public Health, 2003. 6, 7, 8, 9: European Commission, Cycling: the Way Ahead for Towns and Cities. 1999, European
  BIKE RENTALS • BIG SWINGIN’        • NOE VALLEY CYCLERY •        • SAUSALITO CYCLERY • SEE                                              Communities: Brussels. 10: National Sporting Goods Association. Outdoor Recreation in America: U.S. Bicyle Imports up
    CYCLES • BIKE HUT • BIKE        NOMAD CYCLERY • OCEAN           JANE RUN • SPORTS BASE-                                                                        10% through November 2005. 2006;
                                                                                                                                     CORRECTION... The percentage of all trips made by bicycle in San Francisco in 2000
  • DD CYCLES • FREEWHEEL •       DANCE STUDIO • ROAD RAGE           for addresses and policy details.                               was 2.1 percent, not 1.8 percent, as reported in the Feb-Mar 2006 issue. Thanks to
                                                                                                                                     Dave Snyder for the clarification.

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