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                                                                                             September 2011

                              Trinity Trumpet
       Trinity’s Mission: To follow Christ through the ministries of worship, education, and service.

Devotionals from Ann’s Garden
By Ann Ragsdale
(Ann has given us permission to reprint portions of her gardening journal which was originally pub-
lished a number of years ago.)

I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses... And, He
walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own.
The wonderful lyrics sung so beautifully by Anne Murray describe the feel-
ings I have as I go into my Herb Garden daily to meditate and pray.
Most of you are aware of my passion for gardening, and know how five
years ago, armed with a strong back, a weak mind, and several bags of store-
bought dirt, I began to carve out a piece of God’s good earth and transform it
into a sacred place for praying and growing.
                                      I have learned much. Gardening allows me to participate in a miracle. Garden-
                                      ing provides a vehicle for spiritual and emotional connection with the earth. I
                                      kneel, dig a bit, drop in a seed, add water, and wait. In time, the miracle un-
                                      veils itself, beginning with a tentative shoot of green. LIFE! Not as dramatic as
                                      being witness to the creation of the universe, but for me - a miracle. This very
                                      simple event is the very heart of gardening, and so demonstrates why it is more
                                      than just a hobby to me. and why the garden is so much more than just another
                                      room to be decorated. Gardening lets me participate in the process that is life,
                                      from the greening of a shoot, to the dying off of the flowers.
Creating sacred space moves me and other sowers of seed beyond the mere tasks of planting food to feed
our family – into gardening for the soul. We soul gardeners use the experiences in the garden to tend our
inner landscapes and foster the growth of spirit.
So, I invite you to come, take a walk with me through my spiritual garden as we give God thanks and praise
for all living things.
                                As we begin our walk of faith, let’s remember ~
                             Rosemary for remembrance… Take thyme for friends…
                               Take thyme for family… Take thyme for prayer…

Father, we thank you for giving us gardens and for the lessons we learn from tending them. I know I can
plant it, I can water it, but only YOU can make it grow. And when we harvest, Lord, let us give away more
of what we grow and keep less for ourselves. We thank you, Lord, for this food we will receive today, and
we pray for all who are hungry. We thank you for love and friendships shared here today. We pray for the
lonely and friendless. Be with us today and every day that we might love and serve you through Jesus Christ
our Lord. Amen.
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                                            From the Rector
                                             By Reverend David Sugeno

I remember in my younger days, I used to hear peo-        other otherwise ordi-
ple from my parent’s generation talk about how they       nary citizens demon-
remember exactly where they were when they                strated heroism in the
learned of the assassination of President John F.         face of terrible fear.
Kennedy. So traumatic was this event upon the indi-       On the 10th anniversary
vidual and national consciousness, that the memory        of that day, Sunday
of it was forever etched in their minds with a vivid-     September the 11th, we
ness far beyond other everyday memories.                  will read the names of
I don’t guess I ever quite got what they were talking     each of the victims who
about until my generation had its own JFK moment;         lost their lives in those
September 11, 2001, a day that no one who was             attacks. Parishioners
more than 10 at the time will ever forget. I remember     will have the opportu-
exactly where I was when I saw the images on the          nity to sign up for a 10
television, I remember all the little details of what I   minute slot to read names, and it is our expectation
did that day. There is something about crisis situa-      that we will be able to read all of the names during
tions that accentuates minor details. It is a day that    and between our Sunday services. Even in our wor-
none of us will ever forget.                              ship, we will be able to hear those names being read
                                                          in the background, as a reminder of the terrible
Nor should we. We must never forget the many inno-
                                                          losses of that day. I hope you will plan to join us in
cent lives that were lost that day. Nor the heroic ac-
                                                          worship on September 11 as we remember those lost,
tions of so many, and the ultimate sacrifice made by
                                                          and pray for peace and reconciliation among all peo-
many first responders. Tragedy, very frequently,
                                                          ple, and look in hope to a glorious day when God’s
brings out the very worst or the very best in people.
                                                          Kingdom is ushered in in its fullness, a day in which
We saw both on that day, but what most of us con-
tinue to remember and be inspired by was the very         all such violence will come to an end.
best in human nature that was revealed, as first re- Blessings,
sponders, airline crews and passengers, and many

Ask Dave
In an effort to improve communication between myself and the congregation, and in conversation with the
head of the Education Commission I am going to try a new adult forum offering. Once a month, normally
on the first Sunday of each month, we will have an open forum, designed to give parishioners the opportu-
nity to ask me any questions that may be on their mind. It might be something related to our church life,
questions such as “What is the status on the repair of the beam in the church?” or “Why did you pick this
particular hymn this morning?” Or it might be something you saw in the newspaper, or heard someone talk-
ing about, some question you have about scripture.
 My idea is that I don’t have as much opportunity for conversation with parishioners as I would like, since I
normally get only a few seconds to say hello each Sunday, and I rarely have the opportunity to visit with
people during the week. The purpose is to facilitate conversation; we will (hopefully) create a safe environ-
ment which will make it easier for parishioners to discuss questions or concerns they may have. I cannot
guarantee that I will be able to answer your questions, but I will certainly do my very best. The current
working title for this forum is “Ask Dave Sunday”, and our first session will be on September 4. Hope to
see you there!
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The Apollo Program—Journey to the Moon
By John Gurley
[Parishioner John Gurley had a very interesting career as part of the NASA program that led to the
landing on the moon.]

Earth orbit space flight began with the Russian’s Sputnik 1 on Oct. 4, 1957.
I was a senior at North Carolina State College majoring in Aeronautical En-
gineering (now it’s Aerospace Engineering). After graduation, I accepted an
appointment with the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
(NACA) at Langley Field, Virginia. My career began there on July 8, 1958,
as a wind tunnel research engineer. NACA became the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration (NASA) on Oct. 1, 1958, close to a year after
Sputnik 1. The United States had some catching up to do.
                                                           A week later on Oct. 7, 1958,
                                                           NASA announced its first human space program desig-
                                                           nated “Project Mercury.” In Nov. 1958, the Space Task
                                                           Group was organized to implement Project Mercury. The
                                                           space race was on, but the US fell behind again. The Rus-
                                                           sians placed Yuri Gagarian in earth orbit on Apr.12, 1961.
                                                           It was a month later that Alan Shepard rode a Mercury
                                                           capsule in a 15 minute suborbital flight. The first manned
                                                           orbital flight for the US was not to be until Feb. 20, 1962.
                                                           Even before this first orbital mission, President Kennedy
                                                           challenged this nation to an unbelievable goal on May 25,
                                                           1961: “I believe this nation should commit itself to achiev-
                                                           ing the goal that before this decade is out, of landing a
                                                           man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.” Pro-
                                                           ject Apollo was born!
While at Langley, I experienced three significant “life
changes”: Lucia and I were married on Jan. 2, 1960; I
joined the Space Task Group in July, 1961; and we moved
to Texas in Feb., 1962. We drove to Houston with many
stops, due to a pregnant Lucia, a dog and a cat.
While Projects Mercury and Gemini demonstrated human,
hardware, software and operational capabilities for space
flight, I worked totally on Project Apollo. I was privileged
to be a part of this “once in a lifetime adventure.” You
don’t get to the moon first but once. Everything to make it
successful had to be discovered, tested and retested.
Rocket boosters, spacecraft, communication networks,
computers, crews, mission control all had to work and
                                                                                In the beginning God…
work together as a team.
                                                                                John has a complete sheet of these 8 cent
I was part of flight operations and performed mission plan-                     stamps that commemorate the first
ning for all the Apollo flights. Four of these stand out as                     manned flight to the moon.
representatives of the ingenuity of the American “can do”
                                Trinity Trumpet                               September 2011 – Page 4

spirit. Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to the moon. Who can forget the reading from Genesis on
Christmas Eve?
Apollo 11 was the first landing and proved that the crew and operations teams were prepared for critical
anomalies. The target landing site was missed by 3 miles and Neil Armstrong had to manually steer the
Lunar Module (LM) past a boulder field. He had only 45 seconds of fuel remaining. For the next mis-
sion, Apollo 12, the mission team improved the navigation updates that allowed the LM to land only 600
feet from a previously landed unmanned Surveyor spacecraft. The remaining LMs all hit their targets.
Apollo 13 was an amazing test for all. Even though we know how it turned out, just watching the movie
is spellbinding. Today’s smart phones have more computer power than the Apollo spacecrafts!
After Flight 17 completed the Apollo program, I worked on mission planning for the Space Shuttle. I was
at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) to witness the first launch in April, 1981. Later a new assignment was to
the Flight Simulation Division which was responsible for the astronaut training simulations. During an
off duty period I was able to pilot the Shuttle to a landing. It got on the runway, but veered off and ran
through a fire truck. The end of my flying career!
I retired from NASA in Oct., 1983. I was employed with IBM for the next 15 years, working on various
space, government, and commercial projects. One interesting project was a point of sale system (POS1)
that is currently in use at the Marble Falls Post Office.

  Left: Apollo 12 did much better at landing near its intended target than Apollo 11. Right: John’s
  “Thank You” for the USPS POS1 project - The thing that counts is not what we could do. But what we
  actually do.

Gluten-Free Wafers
By Reverend David Sugeno

One thing that many of us are becoming more and more aware of is how common gluten intolerance is.
Gluten intolerance takes different forms and has different symptoms and degrees of severity, but it is known
to afflict many people, including several parishioners here at Trinity. Are you gluten intolerant? If you are,
please be aware that we provide gluten-free communion wafers for those whose health would be adversely
affected by traditional wafers. If you would like to receive a gluten-free wafer on Sunday mornings, please
contact Rev. Dave at the church office to make arrangements.
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                          Rural Electrication Of The Texas Hill Country
                                  By Deanna Bradshaw

―Let There Be Light And There Was Light‖                    ble Falls. Water
Genesis 1:3                                                 forced into the
                                                            sluiceway turned the
Last month’s Trinity Trumpet featured an article
                                                            wheel, which turned
about the widespread drought in Texas and the severe
                                                            the generator, which
toll it is taking on Texas’s farmers and ranchers.
Thinking about this lack of rain brought to mind the        produced electricity.
fact that the Colorado River runs from west to east in      The area just below
our wonderful state and with the forethought of many        the wheelhouse was
of our ancestors, they captured this wonderful river        a popular gathering place when the water flow would
resource for all Texans by building dams along the          be shut off in order to do maintenance. When the flow
river to preserve water and provide electricity for the     stopped, there was revealed a wide, deep hole that
residents and businesses of the Texas Hill Country.         retained water…and lots of fish! Maintenance was
Starting with the most western dam, the construction        typically done on Sunday afternoon and the town
of Buchanan Dam completed in 1938 followed by the           would turn out for some “fishing” and a fish fry.
construction of Inks, Alvin Wirtz, Max Starcke,             A bit later, Texas ranchers and Business owners cre-
Mansville, and Tom Miller Dam.                              ated the Pedernales Electric Cooperative which pro-
I am sure that many in Trinity’s parish do not know         vides electricity services to the Texas Hill Country. E.
the important role that our own parishioner Judge           Babe Smith was instrumental in the founding of the
Guilford L. Jones’ family had in bringing rural elec-       PEC in the late 1930’s. His vision, along with that of
trification to the local area. Gil’s grandparents were      Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson and others, brought
Guilford L. and Jeannette Jones. His grandfather was        electric power to the farms and ranches of the Texas
known as a true entrepreneur. His grandmother was,          Hill Country. With reliable and economical electric
among many other titles, a teacher. In 1921, GL as he       service came modern agriculture, industry, residential
was known, purchased the power plant here in Marble         housing, commerce and recreation facilities for thou-
Falls. All of us are familiar with the little green build-  sands of Texans and visitors from around the world.
ing below Chili’s Restaurant. The power plant along The Pedernales Electric Cooperative, the largest non-
with the concrete sluiceway were the means by which profit electric cooperative in the United States, pur-
electricity was generated early on for the City of Mar- chases its electricity from wholesale providers, pri-
                                                           marily the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA),
                                                           and transmits and distributes it to about 234,000 cus-
                                                           tomers. Pedernales Electric Cooperative regularly in-
                                                           spects and maintains the 290,000 utility poles in the
                                                           service area. The member-owned cooperative serves a
                                                           customer base spread across 8,100 square miles of
                                                           Central Texas (an area larger than the state of Massa-
                                                            The residents of The Texas Highland Lakes are so
                                                            very fortunate that our forefathers had the foresight to
                                                            dam the mighty Colorado River. Our lives are so
                                                            blessed with the Highland Lakes.
Above: 1907 photograph of the MF power house below
the falls. [Picture courtesy of the Falls on the Colorado
Museum.] Top right: the power house today.
                                Trinity Trumpet                                September 2011 – Page 6

                     Changes in the Ministry and Outreach Commission
                                               By Mitzi Reneau

The Ministry & Outreach Commission has a new              helped a flood victim on Commerce Street to get her
leader, Madeleine Manigold. She has been involved         business back up and running.
with the group since its creation and is ready to hit     They most recently began a support group for those
the ground running. Currently, the group is planning      who are taking care of older adults. For this initia-
to host a business/job fair in February. They are also    tive, they brought in a host of experts and knowl-
discussing the possibility of providing more direct
                                                          edgeable speakers to assist.
services to those in need and involving other inter-
ested parishioners. Madeleine says, “Through minis-       The members of Ministry & Outreach believe it is
tering to others, we are living our commitment to         important not to duplicate services already available
follow in Christ's footsteps, a powerful form of out-     in the community, so they have used a small group
reach.”                                                   of people to support ministries and non-profits al-
                                                          ready in existence and to help give them wings.
Kathy Kasparek stepped down as chair, a job she has
held since the year 2000. During their August meet-       The commission supports drives for the Helping
ing, the commission celebrated thanksgiving for her       Center, the school nurses and the Crisis Center, to
ministry and voiced their appreciation for her leader-    name a few and they also make donations to various
ship. Among the many qualities praised were her           groups, from a limited budget.
ability to enlist so many people to help accomplish       We are thankful for the members of the Ministry &
goals, her leadership, her inspiration, and her calling   Outreach Commission and join them in their appre-
the group to add transformation from dependence to        ciation of these two incredible ladies.
independence as an outcome for their work.
According to Madeleine, “Kathy was able to take a
concept from a workshop and a book and lead our
church into a new way of ministering to others. Our
goal became not only to provide fish for those in
need, but also to teach them how to fish. The Cata-
lyst Project was our first effort to empower people to
transform their lives. We hope to continue this ap-
proach to ministry with the Catalyst Project, as well
as with other opportunities.”
What was once the Parish Life Committee became
the Ministry & Outreach Commission in 2000. One
of the first events established by the new commission
was The Blessing of the Animals. They also began a
Reading Initiative in which volunteers went into the
public schools to read with students and Virginia
Shepperd even offered counseling. They acquired
$25,000 per year funding for Seton Care-A-Van for
the 1st five years through St. Luke’s Episcopal Fund        Kathy Kasparek turns over leadership of the Min-
and supplied volunteers for the van.                        istry and Outreach Commission to Madeleine
 In 2005 the commission was instrumental in estab-
lishing the Texas Mission of Mercy, which devel-
oped into the current Dental Clinic. In 2007, they
                                 Trinity Trumpet                                     September 2011 – Page 7

Rambling Revelations                                       such a gateway. As
By Ashley Harper~Oberle                                    Dave said in his
                                                           sermon a few
This month is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I wish        weeks ago, fear is
we had a more respectful or honorable name for this        the devil. Indeed it
day. We all remember where we were at that exact           is. So we blame,
moment, the lives lost, the fear, the sorrow. Ponder-      accuse, attack, and
ing my feelings ten years later, many thoughts and         slur what we fear.
emotions began to surface. Tragedies happen all            It's so easy to
around us every day. They define who we are as             do...and so not
people, as Americans, as a world community, but            what Jesus calls us
mostly as Christians.                                      to do.
It's been almost six years since Hurricane Katrina         Think about it for
brought her rage to the Big Easy. Last Sunday I at-        just a moment. Find
tended a presentation produced by those transplanted       a quiet spot, clear your mind of burdens and worry.
here in the wake of her fury. It was moving and            Cross your legs, rest your arms, breathe. Ask God
heartfelt and those affected by her are still struggling   what He expects from us. Listen for his response.
to make sense of it all. They hold steadfastly to the      Your answers may vary on the theme, but the key is
belief that God had a plan for them and that kept          this: "To love one another as I have loved you." Are
them alive.                                                we doing this?
Genocide in Darfur and Rwanda, Nazi Germany, the           You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. Ghandi
tsunami in Japan, Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima, the             said that. Let us begin to repair when tragedy befalls
earthquake in Haiti, the Watts riots, the economy,         us, with open arms and hearts. Let us show the world
the Chilean miners, little baby Jessica, the fall of       why we call ourselves Christians. Let us leave His
Saddam Hussein... I'm certain we all have memories         fragile world a better place than when we joined it. I
of these events. But what is the context of said re-       know it's not easy and I know we will not always
membrances? I hope to let them help define who I           prevail. I also happen to know that Paul's letter to the
am and hope to be, as I tend to be introspective. I        Romans is very fitting:
never watch the news, but definitely not when disas-
ter strikes. I'm more interested in the response, so I     "Do not repay anyone evil for evil, but take thought
watch about a week later to see what the world is          for what is noble in the sight of all. If it is possible,
doing. It usually renews my faith in humanity.             so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.
                                                           Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave room
When we as a collective consciousness deal with            for the wrath of God; for it is written, -Vengeance is
tragedy, hurt, horror or sorrow, we don't define, we       mine, I will repay, says the Lord. No, -if your ene-
just do. I don't ever recall anyone selectively pray-      mies are hungry, feed them; if they are thirsty, give
ing. We pray for everyone. But when we are moti-           them something to drink; for by doing this you will
vated after such things, we look to blame. We look         heap burning coals on their heads. Do not be over-
to judge, to define, to separate those who would hurt      come by evil, but overcome evil with good.
us because that, my dear ones, is so much easier than
admitting that we are all capable of such atrocity. Funny how timely our lessons are…Almost like He
The absence of the Lord in any of us can provide planned it that way.

Fellowship Sunday
On September 18, we will have our annual Fellowship Sunday, sponsored by the Parish Life Commis-
sion. On that day we will combine our early and late services into a single 10:00 service, which will be
followed by a potluck luncheon. This is intended to be simply an occasion to celebrate our community
and the love which binds us together as Christ’s body here at Trinity. We hope you will plan to be a part
of this wonderful celebration!
                                    Trinity Trumpet                            September 2011 – Page 8

             Trinity Episcopal Church To Host Annual Blessing Of The Animals
Ready, Get Set, Go. October 2, 2011 is the big day at Trinity Episcopal Church, Marble Falls. The annual
Blessing of the Animals is set for that Sunday and all of the community of the Highland Lakes is invited
to participate. Reverend Dave will be prepared to bless all the live and stuffed animals that the commu-
nity brings to our church campus. Tell your family and friends. It is a fun day for all. Please bring bags of
dog/cat food, blankets, clean old towels, and toys for animals who are in shelters across the Highland
Lakes. These items will be distributed to the local shelters. It is a fun day. Bring your camera and come
casual for fun and fellowship.
If you have questions, please call the church office at 830 693-2822. The service begins at 10:30 a.m. See
you there.

By Carl Ragsdale

(1)   My husband and I have been called the most famous cou-
      ple in the Christian Bible. We are mentioned seven times,
      always as a couple and never individually.
(2)   We were Jewish Christians living in Rome, but had to leave
      when Emperor Claudius ordered all the Jews out of Rome
      in 49 CE. We left our home and made our way to Corinth.
      (Acts 18:2)
(3)   While we were in Corinth, Paul came to see us. Because
      we, like Paul, were tentmakers, he stayed with us and we
      worked together at our trade and in preaching the Gospel.
      (Acts 18:3)
                                                                                          Carl Ragsdale
(4)   My husband and I left Corinth and travelled with Paul to
      Ephesus. Aquila and I established a church in our home
      there while Paul continued on to Syria. (Acts 18:18-21)
(5)   While in Ephesus, we met Apollos who was speaking boldly in the Synagogues.
      When we heard him, we took him aside and explained the Way of the Lord to him
      more accurately. (Acts 18:26)
(6)   The Apostle Paul praised us as his “co-workers in Christ”. He spoke of us highly,
      admonishing all the Churches to greet us warmly in Christ the Lord. (Rom 16:3-4)
      (1 Cor 16:19) (2 Tim 4:19)
(7)   My husband, Aquila, and I are regarded as saints in most Christian churches
      that canonize saints. The Orthodox Church commemorates us together on Febru-
      ary 13. The Lutheran Church commemorates us on the same day along with

      WHO AM I ? (Check the birthday list for the answer.)
        Trinity Trumpet                          September 2011 – Page 9

The Trumpeteer

          Back to School Sunday
          August 21 included the Blessing of the Backpacks and a healthy
          lunch food reception in honor of Trinity’s children. Top left: Rever-
          end Sugeno blessing the backpacks. Top right and left: Lucia Gurley,
          Mardi Cockerham and Mitzi Reneau helped prepare the “school
          lunch” reception. (My mom never fixed a school lunch like this for
          me.) Below left: Trinity children get ready for the reception. Below
          right: Madeleine Manigold greets Marble Falls Elementary School
          nurse, Jan Tomison, one of the area school nurses who received a do-
          nation at Back to School Sunday.
                              Trinity Trumpet                               September 2011 – Page 10

                 Trinity’s Floral Program Suspended For The Present Time
At the present time, Reverend David Sugeno and Trinity’s Floral Committee are researching the best
way to give parishioners the opportunity to honor their loved ones or a special event by donating
flowers on a particular Sunday. More information will be coming as decisions are made.
You will see more information regarding Trinity’s Floral Program in the upcoming issues of the Trin-
ity Trumpet. Thank you for your patience.
Deanna Bradshaw
Floral Committee Chairman

By Charles Swindoll

[While in a doctor’s office recently Bill Bradshaw noticed this article on the wall and wanted to
share it.]
The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important
than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than
failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appear-
ance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company…a church…a home.
 The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that
day. We cannot change the past. We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We
cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is
our attitude…. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And
so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes. Think on this as you go through your daily life.
                                     Trinity Trumpet                                     September 2011 – Page 11

September Birthdays                            Clergy And Staff
1       Bill Bradshaw                          The Rev. David Sugeno Rector                 Beryl Kenney seminarian
5       Joyce Fisher                           Polly Lewis Bookkeeper                       Penny Miller Webminister
                                               Janie Cunningham Parish Secretary            Mary Ashcroft Membership Secretary
8       Sara Te                                Phil Kuhne Organist/Choirmaster              Gale Laubach Administrative Asst.
8       Elizabeth Issack                       Billie Melancon/Judy Speers Altar Guild      Herb Lewis Treasurer
12      Ben Hawley                             Vestry
13      Pam Link                               Penny Miller Senior Warden, Ed Manigold Junior Warden, Lee Dernehl Vestry Clerk
                                               Ashley Harper-Oberle Herb Lewis             Bob Link        Rod Miller
14      Ellen Miller
                                               Mitzi Reneau          Pam Rodgers           Ken Walker
14      Virgil Musselwhite
16      Carolyn Derrington                     Website:
18      Jim Marquess                           Email:
19      Janie Cunningham                       Phone:          830-693-2822 Fax 830-798-9172
20      Mardi Cockerham
22      Hunter Lashbrook
22      Barbara Chitwood                       The Order of the Daughters of the King
22      Herb Lewis                             We will pray for these families the week of:
22      John Gurley
23      Allen Hamilton                         Sep 4: Jane Morrey; Virgil and Charmaine
25      Ken Walker                                     Musselwhite; Sally Nelson; Allen,
27      Spencer Platt                                  Agnessa and Angelica Nobles
28      Paul McInnis                           Sep 11: Terry and Barbara Nuss; Louise
28      Marge Lathrop                                  Oxley; Spencer and Suzy Platt; Buck
Wedding Anniversaries                                  and Gloria Pollard
  1     John & Kathy Garland                   Sep 18: Carl and Ann Ragsdale; Tom and Mitzi Reneau; Conrad and
14      Thomas & Florence                              Pam Rodgers; Lee Roose; Helen Rose
        Edwards                                Sep 25: Jerry and Barbara Rounsborg; Marilyn Rushing; George
19      Pat & Micki Hudson                             Sladczyk; Terry and Peggy Smith; Pete and Dianne Smith
New Members
Trinity welcomes new members:
Cheryl Guerry, and Anita and
Mike Delamore
Births                                                            Links to Internet Sites of Interest…
                                                 Trinity Episcopal Church Marble Falls        Episcopal Diocese of Texas
Congratulations to Matthew and                   Bishop Andy Doyle’s Blog                     Episcopal Church of the US
Courtney Spence on the birth of                  Book of Common Prayer                        Episcorific
their daughter Madison on April 19               Bible (NRSV)
Who Am I?

                                                              Financial Highlights
                                                              By Herb Lewis
                                                                                                July 2011         2011 YTD
The Reverend David Sugeno, Editor-in-Chief                    Total Revenue                       $27,632          $184,714
Mitzi Reneau and Perry Cockerham, Co-Editors
                                                              Total Expense                       $26,277          $176,256
CONTRIBUTING WRITERS                                          Change in Net Assets
Mary Ashcroft, Janie Cunningham, Deanna Bradshaw,
                                                               Before Depreciation                 $1,355             $8,459
Bill Bradshaw, Reverend David Sugeno, Ashley Harper-
Oberle, John Gurley, Ann Ragsdale, and Carl Ragsdale.         Depreciation                         $5,000            $35,000
The Trinity Trumpet is a publication of the Trinity           Change in Net Assets
Communications Commission.                                     After Depreciation                 $-3,645           $-26,542
                               Trinity Trumpet                         September 2011 – Page 12

                           Upcoming Events (Trinity Calendar on the web)
9/4       Adult Forum - Ask Dave Sunday
9/11      9/11 Commemoration during and between both services
9/18      Fellowship Sunday
9/18      Food Pantry Sunday
9/25      Beryl Kenney presentation on summer in Alaska at Adult Forum

Save the date...
10/2      Blessing of the Animals
10/16     Stewardship In-Gathering - Pledge Drive
10/30     Youth Sunday
11/6      All Saints Sunday
12/4      A Giving Fair - give the gift of giving to others

Adult Forum
Adult Forum resumes in September with Ask Dave Sunday on September 4, and a presentation on
her summer in Alaska by seminarian Beryl Kenney on September 25.

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