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					                                                                              CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                         JUNE 2011

                                        UNCONFIRMED MINUTES
                                        JUNE 20 - 23, 2011
                                        HOTEL GRAND CONNUOUGHT

                                             LONDON, ENGLAND

These minutes are not final until confirmed by the Task Group in writing or by vote at a subsequent
meeting. Information herein does not constitute a communication or recommendation from the
Task Group and shall not be considered as such by any agency.

MONDAY, June 20, 2011

Call to Order / Quorum Check
Code of Conduct, Ethics/Conflict of Interest and Export Control Presentations were reviewed.

        The Chemical Processing Task Group (CP) was called to order at 9.00am., June 20, 2011.

        It was verified that only SUBSCRIBER MEMBERS were in attendance during the closed portion of
        the meeting.

        A quorum was established with the following representatives in attendance:

        Subscriber Members/Participants Present (* Indicates Voting Member)

        Subscriber Members/Participants Present (* Indicates Voting Member)

       NAME                                       COMPANY NAME

   *   Hal                 Abel                   Raytheon
       Jeb                 Barnes                 The Boeing Company
       Craig               Bowden                 BAE Systems Limited
   *   David               Burke                  BAE Systems Inc
       Mark                Cathey                 Spirit Aero Systems
   *   Bob                 Cashman                Parker Aerospace
       Michael             Coleman                Boeing
   *   Terry               Curtland               Ball Aerospace & Technologies
       Ron                 DeJesus                Goodrich
   *   Karyn               Deming                 Goodrich                           Vice Chairperson
       Malcolm             Diplock                GE Aviation
       Celine              Dorey                  Eurocopter
   *   Peter               Droste                 Airbus Anerucas
   *   Aleck               Featherston            Bell Helicopter
   *   Gerald              Harvey                 Triumph Group
       Mark                Jackson                Triumph Aerostructures -
   *   Ian                 Kitson                 Vought
   *   John                Koenig                 BAE Systems
   *   Bob                 Koukol                 Boeing
   *   Serge               Labbe                  Honeywell Aerospace
   *   Ni                  Luu                    Heroux-Devtek, Inc
       Mihaela             Lupu                   Cessna Aircraft Company
       Nick                Magnapera              Messier-Dowty Suzhou
   *   Veronique           Marcel                 BAE Systems
   *   Angelina            Mendoza                Messier-Bugatti
   *   Tom                 Moreland               Goodrich Corp – Aerostructures
   *   Ramalingam          Muralikrishnan         Bombardier Aerospace - Belfast
       Heather             Meyer                  GE
                                                                     CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                JUNE 2011

*   Hongli           Niu                  Cessna Aircraft
*   Robert           Nixon                Goodrich
    Jerker           Nord                 Triumph Aerostructures –
    Chad             Odell                Vought
    Giuseppe         Paudice              Volvo Aero
*   Garry            Pickett              Hill Air Force Base
    Mark             Rechtsteiner         Alenia Aeronautic SpA
*   Chris            Reilly               UTC
*   Jerry            Satchwell            GE Aviation                      Chairperson
*   Roger            Sellers              Hamilton Sundstrand
    Edmound          Self                 Rolls-Royce PLC
*   Paul             Slater               Spirit AeroSystems
    Laurie           Strom                M7 Aerospace LP
*   Stefania         Sorrentino           Rockwell Collins
    Zia              Usmani               Honeywell
    Gerald           Narvor               Alenia Aeronautica SpA
    P. John          Walsh                BAE Systems (MAI)
    Kevin            Ward                 Safran Group
*   Grzegorz         Wryk                 Pritt & Whitney
                                          Goodrich Corp
                                          Goodrich – Aero Engine

    Other Members/Participants Present (* Indicates Voting Member)

    NAME                                  COMPANY NAME

*   Daniel           Backus               Har-Conn Chrome Co
    Kevin            Baker                South West Metal Finishing
*   Stephane         Chaumeil             GALION – UITS
    Simge            Colpan               Mikron Engineering
    David            Curry                Tewkesbury Plating
*   Robert           Custer               AAA Plating & Inspection Inc
    Jorge            Della Costa          Chrome Plus International
    Alex             French               Aerofin Laboratories Ltd
    Paul             French               Aerofin Laboratories Ltd
    Florian          Gehrig               RUAG Technology
    Duncan           Hardie               CAV Aerospace Limited
    Jonathan         Hebben               Ducommun AeroStructures
    Kevin            Lang                 South West Metal Finishing
*   David            Michaud              Fountain Plating Co.
    Simone           Murphy-Fickenworth   Chrome Plus International
    Steve            Nicks                Armoloy UK
*   Michael          Noetti               Magnetic Inspection Laboratory
*   Patrick          O’Leary              Nu-Pro Limited
    Steve            Payne                Praxair Surface Technologies
    George           Petrescu             Ultraspec Inc
    Mark             Pritty               Firth Rixson Forgings Ltd
*   Dave             Serbousek            Olympic Scientific
    Greg             Smotherman Sr        Ozark Mountain Technologies
    Greg             Smotherman Jr        Ozark Mountain Technologies
*   Jerry            Wahlin               AAA Plating & Inspection
*   Toshiyuki        Serizawa             IHI Corp
    Mark             Singer               Kessington Machine
    Samantha         Soden                SRS Technologies
    Wilfried         Weber                PFW Aerospace AG

                                                                              CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                         JUNE 2011

        PRI Staff

        William Calvert
        Nigel Cook
        Michael Graham
        Jim Lewis


       Bob Koukol presented the status of AC 7108 amendments that addressed the Checklist Vision
       requirements. The Subteam has identified sixty nine checklist paragraphs that they felt infringed
       the vision requirements and of them sixty seven have been addressed in Rev. E. There was
       positive feedback from the NMC checklist Vision Subteam to the changes that were presented. The
       NMC checklist Subteam recommended that the changes were covered during auditor training and
       that the presentation was included in the NMC checklist ballot. The Task Group Subteam also
       presented other paragraphs of AC 7108 that may require modification.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to ensure that the auditor conference includes the changes to the checklist
(DUE DATE: 16-Sep-11).

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to ensure that NMC ballot includes the checklist Vision presentation (DUE
DATE: 31-Aug-11).


       Delegation oversight was reviewed for all delegated Chemical Processing Staff Engineers with data
       from audits closed between February 1, 2011 and May 31, 2011. All currently delegated Chemical
       Processing Staff Engineers continue to meet the requirements defined in NOP-003. No change
       was made to delegation status.

       The delegation spreadsheets of non-delegated Staff Engineers were also reviewed and were on
       track to achieve delegation.


       Nigel Cook reviewed the compliance to voting requirements spreadsheet and concerns were raised
       about the correctness of the data, some primes believing they had responded to some of the
       ballots. Additional concerns were raised because some primes believed they had not received the
       ballot emails.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to follow up on the issues identified and amend the spreadsheet accordingly.
Where a voting member still does not meet the requirements their voting rights are to be removed. (DUE
DATE: 31-Jul-11).

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to maintain copy of the delegation spreadsheet on the prime section of
eAuditNet (DUE DATE: 31-Jul-11).


       Team 1 Auditor Data Review – Bob Koukol (Lead), Aleck Featherston, Robert Nixon, Nigel

       Bob Koukol gave a presentation on the review of auditor data and this identified issues with
       auditors regarding zero NCRs per audit, low NCR count per audit, high NCR count per audit,

                                                                                 CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                            JUNE 2011

       voided NCRs per audit, and inconsistency to previous audits. The data was passed to team 2 for

       Team 2 On-Site Observation Audits – Mike Graham (Lead), Craig Bowden, Michaela Lupu,
       John Koenig, Susan Lewis.

       Team 2 data was reviewed and auditors that required either observation or desktop review were
       identified. A list of primes who were prepared to carry out the observation audits was identified.
       (Bob Koukol, Peter Droste, Veronique Marcel, Roger Sellers, Hal Abel, Zia Usmani, Ramalingam
       Muralikrishnan, Paul Slater, Iris Niu, Robert Nixon, Aleck Featherston, John Koenig, Ni Luu).

ACTION ITEM: Subteam to create and deliver training to observers on how to carry out observation audits.
(DUE DATE: 30-Sep-11).

ACTION ITEM: Subteam to identify schedule of observation audits. (DUE DATE: 30-Sep-11).

       Team 3 Remote (Desktop) Review – Mike Stolze (Lead), Chona Santos, Jim Chan, William
       Calvert, Karen Deming.

       Team Lead was not available to give presentation.

ACTION ITEM: Mike Stolze to work with Team 2 to identify the best methods for review of identified
auditors. (DUE DATE: 30-Sep-11).

       Auditor Consistency Subteam

ACTION ITEM: Mike Stolze to arrange meeting of the three Subteams to review the best way forward.
(DUE DATE: 31-Jul-2011).


       Flowdown (2 hours) – Jerry Satchwell (Lead), Jim Cummings, David Jones
       The presentation is to be based on the Supplier Symposium that was delivered In the February and
       June Task Group meeting.

       Vacuum IVD (1.5 hours) – Tim Hitchcock (Lead), John Koenig
       Presentation to have four sections: General description of plant and process, review of AC 7108/7,
       review of areas of concern and questions and answers.

       Painting (1.5 hours) – Karyn Deming (Lead), Mike Noettl, Robert Nixon
       To include review of AC7108/1 Rev B

       Etching (2 hours) – Jim Chan (Lead), Mike Noettl, Nigel Cook
       Presentation to cover pre-penetrant etch (PPE), nital etch and local etch. The training is to be
       delivered to both Chemical Process and NDT auditors.

       AC7108 Rev E (2 hours) – Nigel Cook
       Review to include all changes sections, e.g. buy-off, process control testing etc.

       Job Audit Tracker (30 minutes) – Nigel Cook

       Chemical Milling (2 hours) – Gerald Harvey (Lead), Ian Kitson, Jim Ringer, William Calvert
       Presentation based on last October’s auditor conference presentation

ACTION ITEM: The Task Group is to identify any common issues and escapes to William Calvert so that
they may be included in the presentation. (DUE DATE: 18-Jul-11).

                                                                            CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                       JUNE 2011

       Tricks of the Trade (30 minutes) – Jose Morales will provide information on scheduling and
       auditing methods and techniques.

       Logical Grouping of Steps (1 hour) – Bob Koukol, Nigel Cook
       Consider incorporation into the AC 7108 Rev, E presentation.

       NTGOP-001 App VIII (30 minutes) – Mike Graham
       Review changes to NTGOP App VIII,

       Question and Answer Session (1 hour + 1hour)
       Opportunity for questions at the end of each day.

ACTION ITEM: Team leads to provide draft presentations to Mike Graham (DUE DATE: 16-Sep-11).

ACTION ITEM: Mike Graham to post draft presentation onto eAuditNet so they can be reviewed and
commented on by the Task Group Subscriber Members. Subscriber Members to provide comments to
Team Leads (DUE DATE: 30-Sep-11).


       Deviation No.00027 – Karyn Deming gave a presentation on proposed amendments to AC 7108/5
       with regards to cleanliness verification prior to Chemical Milling. The Task Group agreed the
       proposed check list changes.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to incorporate proposed amendments into AC 7108/5 draft. (DUE DATE: 31-

ACTION ITEM: Subteam, Karyn Deming (Lead), Jim Ringer, Roger Sellers, Gerald Harvey, Nigel Cook, to
review AC 7108/5 for compliance with checklist Vision requirements and incorporate required amendments
into the draft checklist. (DUE DATE: 31-Jul-11).

       Deviation No.00034 – The deviation was reviewed and approved by the TG, it was a duplication of
       a previous deviation but applies to a different business unit.

 ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to complete NUCAP form and return to John Barrett (DUE DATE: 15-Jul-11)


       The process expert list was updated:

       Electroplating: Serge Labbe, Roger Sellers, Hal Abel
       Anodize: Robert Nixon, Roger Sellers
       Conversion Coating: Robert Nixon, Roger Sellers, Hal Abel
       Etch: Jerry Satchwell
       Chemical Milling: Karen Deming
       Paint/Dry Film: Veronique Marcel
       Electroless Plating: Jim Chan
       Titanium: Ramalingam Muralikrishnan
       Brush Plating: Bob Koukol
       Surface Prep For Metal Bond: Mike Stolze, Aleck Featherston
       Electropolish: Jim Chan
       Passivation: Bob Koukol

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to send out amended list to audit reviewers. (DUE DATE: 15-Jul-11)

                                                                              CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                         JUNE 2011


       Anodize and etch exam questions were reviewed by the Task Group. Those question requiring
       amendments were identified and correct answers were agreed upon.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to provide Karyn Deming a summary of the required amendments for the etch
exam. (DUE DATE: 30-Jun-11).

       Etch exams could include question on blue etch anodize, but these will only be administered to the
       Chemical Process Auditors.

       Etch training presentations for the October auditor conference should include content to address
       the exam questions.

       The time line was reviewed and the Task Group were on track. Five NDT, five Chemical
       Processing, and five Primes with some experience with etch/anodize, made up from different
       regions will be used to pilot the exams. Primes that helped develop the exam should not be
       involved. The exams should be administered under closed book conditions so that they test the
       intrinsic knowledge of the people being examined.

ACTION ITEM: Bob Koukol, Veronique Marcel, Robert Nixon, Jerry Satchwell, Zia Usmani to review the
amended etch exam and have them available for use (DUE DATE:30-Aug-11).

ACTION ITEM: Subteams to amend the exams and have them available for use. (DUE DATE: 30-Aug-11)

ACTION ITEM: Mike Graham to talk to the eQualiFied team to see if this would be possible for us to use
their system to administer the exams. (DUE DATE: 30-Aug-11)


       This has now been incorporated into item 9.


       John Koenig presented the issue of customer notification. Concerns were raised about the impact
       and workload that would be required to work to the proposal and a Subteam was appointed to
       review the impact. Subteam consist of: John Koenig (Lead), Jerry Satchwell, Zia Usmani, Peter
       Droste, Mike Graham.

ACTION ITEM: John Koenig to review impact and report back at the October Task Group Meeting (DUE
DATE: 17-Oct-11)


       NMC Merit Proposal: Task Group reviewed the Merit proposal and identified some preferences
       and concerns:
            4.8% of CP suppliers would lose merit under new system.
            Auditor’s inconsistency in writing NCRs can lead to an inconsistency in Merit.
            This new requirements represents a positive change as they do not want to see a supplier
              receive merit that barely escaped the failure requirements.
            There will be increased pressure on the Auditors and Staff Engineers to re-categorize and
              regroup NCRs.
            Confusing the suppliers
            Increased number of appeals
            Rather than number of NCRs factor in the supplier’s performance history
            Merit criteria should be objective and not subjective.

                                                                               CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                          JUNE 2011

              This appears to have been an NDT initiative but they appear have one of the lowest effects
               due to this amended criteria - is there some other issue that they have to address.
              There is presently the facility to override standard merit that can be used to increase or
               decrease the merit period.

       After discussion the Task Group voted unanimously to reject the merit proposal as written.

       AUDIT # 141597 was failed due to excessive number of cycles. Review of the supplier’s appeal
       identified a number of complex issues and it was agreed to allow one further cycle.

       Laboratory Water: A concern was raised that this violates the specification requirements for FED
       STD 141 for wet tape adhesion testing. This issue is part of the AC 7108 Rev. E ballot and will be
       addressed during resolution of comments.

       AC 7108/2: An issue was raised regarding an inconsistency between AC 7108 paragraph 3.3.1.J
       and AC 7108/2 Paragraph 3.1.1.J. The paragraphs are meant to be identical but the NA and the
       guidance to allow NA in the AC 7108/2 has been omitted in error. The Task Group agreed that this
       was an editorial error.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to amend AC 7108/2 to make it compliant with AC 7108. (DUE DATE: 30-Jul-

       Ian Kitson: The Task Group agreed to waive the auditor exam and interview requirements.

       Audits Exceeding NOP-011 Failure Criteria: Due to changes in the supplier advisory process it is
       no longer possible to use this system to provide suppliers with an opportunity to provide information
       on incorrect NCRs. NOP-001 paragraph 11.2.3 requires the supplier to notify the audit report
       reviewer within 3 days of any corrections to NCRs. It was agreed to amend the audit handbook to
       make reference to this requirement.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to amend the Audit Handbook. (DUE DATE: 17-Oct-11)

       Audit #137021: Task Group reviewed the supplier’s appeal for award of 24 month merit. Task
       Group agreed that major NCRs were valid and the appeal was denied. This also applies to the
       satellite audits.

       Immersion/ Humidity Testing: Immersion testing per QQ-P-35 requires the use of distilled water
       and does not identify any purity requirements. To satisfy AC 7108 paragraph B6.5 the supplier
       should define how the water is to be controlled to maintain purity. Since there is no purity
       requirements it is acceptable to use distilled water that is controlled to prevent contamination.
       There is no requirement to carry out the periodic analysis of the water.

ACTION ITEM: William Calvert and Mike Graham to send out an auditor advisory. (DUE DATE: 15-Jul-11)

       3M 250 Tape: Task Group was made aware of a potential problem where a tape distributor may
       have been modifying batch # and expiry date.

       New Technology Survey: The Task Group reviewed and completed the new technology survey.

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to send the completed survey to Keith Purnell (DUE DATE: 30-Jun-11)

       Audit #143005: It was agreed that there were no temperature or humidity requirements for the
       coating in question and therefore AC 7108/1 section 3.21 was not applicable. The relevant NCR is
       to be voided and amendment to be made to AC 7108/1.

ACTION ITEM: Mike Graham to void NCR (DUE DATE: 30-Jun-11)

                                                                             CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                        JUNE 2011

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to include the section NA and compliance guidance in for paragraph 3.21 into
the AC 7108/1 ballot. (DUE DATE: 15-Jul-11)

       A concern was expressed from a Prime regarding the sampling process used for selecting job
       audits because a supplier who had received a number of Nadcap audits had been applying an
       incorrect coating to their specification. A Subteam of John Koenig (Lead), Karyn Deming, Bob
       Koukol, Aleck Featherston, Craig Bowden and Nigel Cook was appointed to review and feedback
       at the October meeting.

ACTION ITEM: John Koenig (Lead). Subteam to evaluate the situation and report back recommendations
at the next meeting (DUE DATE: 17-Oct-11)

       Concerns were raised regarding an apparent increase in requests for VCA audits. A Subteam of
       Jerry Satchwell (lead), Mike Graham, Robert Nixon and Zia Usmani was appointed to review and
       come back with recommended guidance on when to conduct a VCA audit for the next meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry Satchwell (lead). Subteam to present proposed guidance at the next Task Group
meeting. (DUE DATE: 17-Oct-11)


The meeting was called to order by Jerry Satchwell and Quorum established. Introductions were
performed. The Meeting Agenda, “Code of Conduct, Ethics/Conflict of Interest and Export Control
Presentations were reviewed.

13.1   Approval of February 2011 Meeting Minutes

       The October 2010 Chemical Processing Task Group Meeting Minutes were approved unanimously
       as written.

13.2   New Members

       The Task Group voted to approve the following:

       Pat Mihalik                     Rolls Royce Corp                ALT UVM
       Simone Murphy-Fickenworth       Chrome Plus                     SVM
       Jorge Della Costa               Chrome Plus                     ALT SVM
       Craig Bowden                    BAE Systems – UK                UVM (replaces Ian Kitson)
       Jonathan Hebben                 Ducommun Aero                   SVM
       Nick Magnapera                  BAE Systems – USA               ALT UVM

13.3   Approval of French Translations of Checklists

       AC7108 Rev D has been translated and is presently being reviewed for approval by Eurocopter.
       AC7108/3 Rev A has been translated and is presently being reviewed for approval by Eurocopter.
       AC7108/2 Rev B is in translation and should be completed for the end of July
       The Audit Handbook has been translated and approved.

13.4   Review NMC metric and RAIL

       The NMC metrics were reviewed, no additional actions were required.

       The RAIL was reviewed and updated.


       AC7108 Rev E ballot comments were reviewed and resolved with some technical changes,
       affirmation ballot to Task Group required.
                                                                              CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                                         JUNE 2011

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to ballot changes to the Task Group (DUE DATE: 31-Jul-11)


       Due to the resolution of ballot comments this will be added to the agenda for the October meeting.


       There were no updates to the Audit Handbook.

17.0   REPORT OUTS – NMC, SSC, P&O, STEERING, CP-SAT, Closed Meeting
       Report outs were presented by each of the committee representatives.


       AC7108 Rev E ballot comments were reviewed and resolved with some technical changes,
       affirmation ballot to Task Group required.

ACTION ITEM: Karyn Deming and Subteam to review the AC7108/1 checklist against the checklist vision
requirements for compliance and incorporate into the ballot. (DUE DATE: 31-Ju-11)

ACTION ITEM: Nigel Cook to ballot changes to the Task Group (DUE DATE: 31-Jul-11)


       Jerry Satchwell gave a presentation on the strategic plan for updating the audit checklists.
       Concerns were expressed due to the impact this change may have on the scheduling process
       since the scopes of all chemical process audits will need to be amended.

ACTION ITEM: Jerry Satchwell to report back at the October Task Group Meeting (DUE DATE: 17-Oct-11)


       The agenda for the October meeting was developed.

       Form not completed due to time limitations.

        Faciliation Feedback
          - Feb 2011.doc

ADJOURNMENT – 23-Jun-11 – Meeting was adjourned at 1:00p.m. The Supplier Symposium was
conducted from 2pm-5pm.

Minutes Prepared by: William Calvert & Nigel Cook

                                                              CHEMICAL PROCESSING
                                                                         JUNE 2011

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