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									                                                                                                           February 2003                751 AERO MECHANIC                         Page

                                                                                                                         VOL. 57 NO. 1           FEBRUARY 2003

Spokane Members Say YES!
   Relief characterized the mood as 75         the buyer in late November, the Union           selling the Spokane
percent of the members in Spokane voted        surveyed the members and began an accel-        plant. With the soft
to accept the first contract with Triumph      erated negotiation pace to ensure the pur-      economy and the al-
Group Inc. on January 6.                       chase went through. The high percentage         ternative that Boeing
   For over a year, members in Spokane         approving the contract confirmed mem-           would close the
have lived with uncertainty over whether       bers were eager to finalize the deal and go     doors, I was im-
or not the plant would remain open. Our        to work for a company that plans to expand      pressed with the
members made the decision to keep this         and grow.                                       contract the Union
plant open by overwhelmingly ratifying            Spokane member Doug Parker, echoed           negotiating team
the first contract.                            the sentiments many members expressed,          brought to us. They
   Immediately after learning Triumph was      and stated, “I was not happy with Boeing        did a fantastic job.”
                                                                                                   As District Presi-
                                                                                               dent Mark Blondin,
                                                                                               surer         Bruce
                                                                                               Spalding and Busi-
                                                                                               ness Rep Craig Dave Saugen marks his ballot, while Ken Winn drops his
                                                                                                                      vote into the ballot box. 75 percent of the Spokane
                                                                                               McClure walked
                                                                                                                      members voted to accept the offer.
                                                                                               through the factory
                                                                                               on the day the sale was finalized, one         Ron McGaha, and Steward Coordinator
                                                                                               member made a point of stopping them to        Ed Lutgen. Together they hammered out
                                                                                               say, “I was never a big fan of the Union, but  an agreement that delivered strong job
                                                                                               I want to say thank you. It was reassuring     security and seniority provisions, a greatly
                                                                                               to know we had someone                                          improved pension, wages
                                                                                               watching out for our in-                                        between $21 and $25 an
                                                                                               terests. You did a great        For details on Spokane hour, and the establish-
                                                                                               job and turned me into a            Triumph contract,           ment of a profit-sharing
                                                                                               Union supporter.”                       see page 3              plan (see page three for
                                                                                                   The Union Negotiat-                                         details of the contract).
                                                                                               ing Team consisted of                                               “It was a difficult vote
                                                                                               District President Mark Blondin, Secre-        for our members,” said 751 President Mark
                                                                                               tary-Treasurer Bruce Spalding, Business        Blondin when he announced results of the
Spokane members listen intently as Union leaders explain details of the                        Reps Craig McClure, Larry Monger and           vote. “When we began negotiating with
contract proposal with Triumph on Sunday, January 5. Members appreciated                       Tommy Wilson, Administrative Assistant                            Continued on page 3
the extensive question and answer session with Union negotiators.

  Members to Maintain Executive Cars
      When 751 Union Steward Jason Bailey learned              approximately 60 Puget Sound executives.
  work from his shop was being considered for sub-                Jason’s shop is responsible for maintaining and
  contracting, he jumped into action to ensure the work        repairing all motor vehicles for Seattle, Plant II and
  remained in the automotive shop at Plant II. Thanks          Kent, yet their work scope goes beyond the normal
  to his efforts, the shop will continue to service, repair    Boeing-owned vehicles. The shop also has tradition-
  and maintain Boeing-owned automobiles driven by              ally performed all the maintenance and repair work
                                                               on Boeing executives’ automobiles. This covers ap-
                                                                                                                                 L to R: Sec-Treas. Bruce Spalding and President
                                                               proximately 60 vehicles driven by executives in the
                                                                                                                                 Mark Blondin listen from Kevin Nyhuis and Joe
                                                               Puget Sound region. Jason and his co-workers have                 Scheperle in recent focus group meetings.
                                                               taken great pride in working on the vehicles and
                                                               delivering top quality service with a quick turn-
                                                                  In December when an executive’s vehicle was
                                                                                                                                Focusing on Members’
                                                               brought in, Jason realized it had been serviced some-
                                                               where else and immediately began inquiring about
                                                                                                                                Issues Face-to-Face
                                                               the situation. He learned that Boeing was planning to                As we start a new year, the Union also stepped up
                                                               outsource the work and take the vehicles directly to              efforts to improve communication with shop floor
                                                               the individual automobile dealers, which would have               members. The Union began holding member focus
                                                               reduced the work load in his shop and possibly                    groups as part of an ongoing communication plan.
                                                               resulted in layoffs. Jason brought the matter to the                 These informal small group meetings provide mem-
                                                               attention of his supervisor, Dale Broughton, empha-               bers an opportunity to meet face-to-face with Union
                                                               sizing the importance of keeping this work in-house               leaders and voice their concerns, discuss issues, get
                                                               to preserve jobs and outlining the excellent vehicle              answers to questions or offer suggestions on how the
                                                               maintenance of the past.                                          Union can better service the members. The main objec-
  Tom Frazier (l) and Jason Bailey (r) report to
  Business Rep Paul Knebel (center) how their                     Apparently, Jason’s argument was very persua-                  tive is to hear what you - the members - have to say. A
  shop will continue to perform maintenance on                 sive, as Broughton met with executive car manage-                 computer program randomly selects members for the
  60 executive vehicles.                                                                       Continued on page 2               groups by their work location.
                                                                                                                                                                  Continued on page 8
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Page 2            751 AERO MECHANIC               February 2003

                                        REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT
Unity in Tough Times Will See Us Through                                                     Union Leadership. I was proud to meet
                                                          751 recently attended the                                                        munity.
by Mark Blondin,
                                                          Martin Luther King Rally and       with Spokane members and families at our         This will once again be a very busy
District President                                                                           informational meetings and very proud of
                                                          March. Our members logged                                                        year. We have big issues in Olympia –
                                                          in thousands of volunteer          the way they handled all the pressures        issues that can help or hurt working
    As we enter this new year,                            hours in our communities –         associated with this deal. We all look for    families. Our lobbyist is there for the
I am sure that we all have                                from Tri-Cities to Everett.        growth in the Spokane area and return to      entire session, and we will need your
hopes for a better outlook for                            These are just a few of the        work for our laid off Spokane Members.        help to contact your legislators to make
our industry and for our mem-                             positive examples that even in        We are currently raising funds for the     sure they are on the right side of our
bers. This has certainly been                             the toughest of times, we stick    Guide Dogs of America. This IAM-Spon-         issues. Jobs are, and always will be, our
the toughest couple of years                              together and we help each          sored charity has given guide dog assis-      top priority. We are committed to do
that most of us have ever had to             other.                                          tance to blind citizens for more than 50      whatever it takes to get our members
endure. Thousands of our brothers and sis-       Thanks to all the members in Spokane        years. Last year we raised enough money       back to work. Whether you work at
ters are on layoff. We experienced very      who supported the Union during the Boeing       to fully train three guide dogs and blind     Hanford, Alcoa, GKN, Boeing, or any of
bitter negotiations with our biggest em-     negotiations last summer - all the while        recipients. To take away the darkness for     our shops, EVERYONE’S job is impor-
ployer – Boeing. Layoffs are imminent at     knowing that their plant was up for sale.       a blind person is something we can all be     tant. Check out the legislative insert in
Hanford and there is uncertainty at Alcoa    Thanks to all the members who supported         proud of. Our Union Stewards are cur-         this edition to get your legislator’s num-
in Wenatchee.                                the Spokane Membership while we nego-           rently circulating payroll deduction cards,   ber and email address. By being vocal
    But even in these tumultuous times, I    tiated a new contract with the buyer –          and you can help by donating just $1 per      on our issues, we will hold elected offi-
still see the unity and support across the   Triumph. Considering the circumstances,         month. I sure hope you will consider help-    cials accountable to the workers of this
state from our membership that has always    negotiate or close the plant – I believe that   ing.                                          state.
defined our Union. While attending the       we got a deal we can live with. Besides            We will also be helping the Employ-
50th anniversary of our Union at Alcoa, I    maintaining nearly 300 jobs, our members        ees Community Fund this year. With all                District Lodge 751,
sensed and saw first hand, the deep pride    will enjoy a better retirement, better se-      the layoffs in our industry and others,              International Assn. of
our members in Local 1123 have in our        niority protection, and many of the same        there are many more needy people and
Union. We had retirees from the past five    benefits they had under the Boeing agree-       families than in the past. Our commu-
                                                                                                                                                     Machinists and
decades attend this event and exchange       ment. First and foremost, they now have         nity needs us. If you are interested in               Aerospace Workers
stories from our Union’s past. Working at    an employer who is committed to the area        becoming a booster for this year’s drive
Hanford we see Union members from Local      and focused on growing the business.            – we need your help. I know many of our                Mark Blondin
1951 training fellow Union members at the    While the process was very tense for our        members are already giving, and that is                 President, Directing
Volpentest/Hammer Training Facility. In      brothers and sisters in Spokane, they were      great. If not, consider joining. It’s Union           Business Representative
Seattle, over 80 members from District       very supportive and appreciative of the         members helping people and our com-                  Gloria Millsaps
                                                                                                                                                         Vice President

Officers Installed in Locals 751-A & 751-C                                                                                                         Bruce Spalding
L to R: Business Rep
Zack Zaratkiewicz
                                                                                                                                                      Kim Leufroy
administers the oath of
office to Local A                                                                                                                                  Craig McClure
Officers Clifton Wyatt
(President), Gloria                                                                                                                                  Larry Brown
Millsaps (Recording                                                                                                                                  Paul Knebel
Secretary), Rick
Wenger (Vice
                                                                                                                                                   Tommy Wilson
President) Heather                                                                                                                               Ray Baumgardner
Barstow (Secretary-                                                                                                                               Tom Wroblewski
Treasurer), Pam Black
(Trustee), Jason Redrup                                                                                                                           Ernest McCarthy
(Trustee), Linda Naden                                                                                                                             Jackie Boschok
(Trustee), Cheryl                                                                                                                                Emerson Hamilton
Peterson (Local Audit),
Richard Jackson (Local                                                                                                                              Stan Johnson
Audit), Scott Campbell                                                                                                                               Jerry Shreve
(Local Audit), Sam                                                                                                                                  Larry Monger
Hargrove (Conductor-
Sentinel).                                                                                                                                          Susan Palmer
                                                                                                                                                 Zack Zaratkiewicz
                                                                                                            L to R: Past Local C                   Carl Ritcheson
                                                                                                            President Dick Fahlgren             Union Business Representatives
                                                                                                            swears in the newly
                                                                                                            elected Local C Officers:                     Union Offices:
                                                                                                            Auditor Jim Rice,               • 9125 15th Pl S, Seattle; 206-763-1300
                                                                                                            President Mark                  • 201 A St. SW, Auburn; 253-833-5590
                                                                                                            Johnson, Vice President         • 233 Burnett N., Renton; 425-235-3777
                                                                                                            James Darrah,                   • 8729 Airport Rd, Everett;
                                                                                                            Recording Secretary              425-355-8821
                                                                                                            Gary E. Wagner,                 • 4226 E. Mission, Spokane
                                                                                                            Secretary-Treasurer              (509) 534-9690 or 1-800-763-1305
                                                                                                                                                Toll-free to Seattle from:
                                                                                                            Curt Thorfinson,                      Nationwide 1-800-763-1301
                                                                                                            Trustee David Henry,                      Tacoma 253-627-0822
                                                                                                            Trustee Bob                            Hotline: 1-800-763-1310
                                                                                                            Stonecipher, Auditor                    Web site: www.iam751.org
                                                                                                            Rod Sigvartson, Auditor
                                                                                                            Gary Boulch and
                                                                                                            Trustee Tony Johnson.
                                                                                                                                               751 AERO MECHANIC
Automotive Work Remains In-House                                                              Changes to VIP                                    Connie Kelliher, Editor
                                                                                                                                                 Member of The Newspaper Guild,
                                                                                                  Effective January 2, 2003, hourly                      CWA #37082
Continued from page 1                        ing the full story. Once management                                                            District 751 AERO MECHANIC ( ISSN 0894-7864,
                                                                                               employees can contribute up to 20            USPS 008-660) is published Monthly except Bi-
                                             understood the importance of keeping
                                                                                               percent of their base salary in the          monthly in December/January by Aerospace In-
ment and convinced them to continue          the work in-house, along with our excel-                                                       dustrial District Lodge 751, 9125 15th Pl. S.,
                                                                                               Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP).
servicing the vehicles at Plant II.          lent service record and the convenience                                                        SeattleWA 98108. $3.50 of the annual dues goes
                                                                                               Previously, the limit was 15 percent.        toward a one-year subscription to the Aero Me-
   Jason noted, “As soon as I learned        it provides, they met with the executive                                                       chanic. $4 per year for non-members by District
                                                                                               You can make such a change by ac-
they were going to take the vehicles         car management and convinced them to                                                           Lodge 751, International Association of Machin-
                                                                                               cessing your personal account info by        ists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, 9125 15th
elsewhere, I began voicing my concern        continuing bringing the vehicles here. I
                                                                                               calling the VIP service center at 1-         Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108. Periodicals postage
and highlighting our strengths. Many         hope Stewards in other areas are as vocal                                                      paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send ad-
                                                                                               800-553-9809 or on the Boeing
times these decisions are made without       and speak up to preserve our jobs and                                                          dress changes to District 751 Aero Mechanic,
                                                                                               website (www.csplans.com).                   9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108
weighing all the consequences and know-      challenge decisions to offload our work.”
                                                                                                             February 2003                751 AERO MECHANIC                     Page 3

Issues in Olympia Require Member Action
    The over $2 billion revenue                          with the Union recommendation            posed last year. “Simpler and clearer” is        to keep companies such as Boeing in this
shortfall facing our state highlights                    (and the corresponding bill num-         one way to describe the difference from          region, must be a crucial part of any trans-
why members need to be vocal in                          ber, if available). As the paper went    last year’s bill. However, the powerful          portation solution.
the 2003 legislative session. Save                       to print, many issues had still not      pharmaceutical lobby continues to oppose             TAX EQUITY/UNEMPLOYMENT INSUR-
the insert in this Aero Mechanic                         been assigned bill numbers.              these bills, which is why we need our            ANCE - Proposed legislation to maintain
which lists phone number and e-                             PRESCRIPTION DRUGS - SUPPORT          members to register their vocal support.         unemployment insurance benefits and as-
mail addresses of legislators and                        SHB1214 and HB1091 - These bills            ERGONOMICS - OPPOSE SB5191, which             sist companies in getting fairly taxed by
use it to voice your concerns. Members           would establish a purchasing pool for pre-       would repeal the ergonomics rule. The            the Employment Security Trust Fund.
can also leave messages for legislators          scription drugs designed to lower costs to       Union continues efforts to preserve the              BUSINESS & OCCUPATION TAX - Proposed
by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-         Washington residents, including retirees.        ergonomics rule to ensure workplace safety.      tax credits for companies that maintain
800-562-6000. Union priorities focus on          SHB1214 is Governor Locke’s version                 TRANSPORTATION - Legislature is con-          stable employment.
worker issues and bills to encourage busi-       and provides more extensive coverage for         sidering a small gas tax or sales tax, which         Check the website (www.iam751.org)
nesses such as Boeing to remain in this          retirees. These bills appear to be moving        would be gradually implemented over time.        and Union Bulletin Boards for updates
state. Following are issues of concern along     and have more support than the ones pro-         Freight mobility, which is of great concern      throughout the session.

Spokane Members Vote to Accept
                                                     While not all employees were happy
Continued from page 1                            with the agreement, most agreed it was
Triumph, our top priority was keeping this       acceptable and were eager to work for a
plant open and preserving jobs for our           Company that wants to expand. Dave
members. This agreement accomplished             Saugen noted, “While we went backward
that and is one we intend to build on for the    in some areas, I feel this could be a new
future.”                                         beginning for us. Unlike Boeing, Triumph
   While Triumph was adamant they                wants to build the plant. We will show
would only pay top Spokane wages, which          Triumph what type of workforce we can
translated into wage concessions, the Union      be.”
worked to increase compensation in other             Adjusting to a new company will have
areas such as pension, job security, and         its trials and tribulations, but the Union
creating a new profit-sharing plan that will     will be there every step of the way to
be developed in the next 180 days. Boeing        address member concerns, answer ques-
had warned if the contract was rejected,         tions and hold Triumph accountable for           Counting the ballots for the Spokane Triumph contract were L to R: Wendy
Triumph would walk away from the pur-            what was agreed to at the bargaining table.      Pardun, Mike Blashill, Jerry Womble, Erin Blashill and Steve Warren.
chase and Boeing would shut down the
Spokane factory.
   “Some of the members wanted me to
call their bluff, but there is no way I could
take that kind of risk with the livelihoods of
300 families,” Blondin said.
   District 751 focused on saving as many
jobs as possible and brokered an agree-
ment that hired 90 percent of the Spokane            The Spokane contract with Triumph was ratified by 75 percent of the members and is a very good first contract – one we
employees. SPEEA, on the other hand,                 intend to build on for the future. Our top priority was keeping the plant open and preserving jobs, which was accomplished.
focused on maintaining market-based pay              Below are highlights from the 4-1/2 year contract, which expires May 31, 2007.
and saw only 70 percent of their members
hired at Triumph.                                    WAGES
   While the question of whether the plant           Wages for current Triumph employees range from $21.16 to $25.78 per hour. General Wage Increases of 2% on 1/1/05
remains open is settled, working for a new           and 2% on 1/1/06. The Company and Union will meet within 180 days of ratification to agree upon a profit-sharing program
employer automatically causes some anxi-             that could equal two-times weekly pay to bolster the economic package.
ety as people adjust to the new company
and work through their questions.
                                                     JOB SECURITY
   Erin Blashill, whose husband is also a            Language that the employer will not subcontract work customarily and currently performed by our members during a
member at the plant, noted, “People really           reduction in force or if it would directly result in a reduction in force. Just as important - Triumph intends to expand and
wanted these jobs and appreciate the                 diversify the work with the hope of recalling those on layoff (as opposed to the current layoff situation with Boeing).
Union’s work to keep the plant open. Now             RETIREMENT
that the sale is done, there is apprehension         Established IAM National Pension Plan with immediate vest-
about how the new company will work, but             ing for all employees. Company contribution and benefit rates
                                                                                                                             Pension Contribution and Benefit Rates
overall people are relieved to know it will          outlined at right. IAM Plan includes 30 years and out with no             Date      Company contribution      Monthly benefit
remain open. We want to know how Tri-                reduction rate. In addition, 401K plan with Company match-                2/1/03    80¢ per hour              $66.57
umph will bring work in and go forward               ing 50% of first 6% of employee contribution.                             1/1/04    80¢ per hour              $66.57
from today. We expected cuts in the con-                                                                                       6/2/05    90¢ per hour              $72.44
tract, but were pleased that our benefits            Pension benefits from Boeing are frozen at the rate of $58 per            6/6/06    $1.00 per hour            $78.30
remain intact and are better in some re-             month per year of credited service.
gards - particularly with getting the IAM            SENIORITY
pension.”                                            Seniority will include Boeing bargaining unit seniority plus time on the active payroll of Triumph for purposes of vacation,
   “In 4-1/2 years, I believe we will be in          promotions and surplus. ALL PROMOTIONS will be based on seniority, subject to a 90-day probationary period. No
a better bargaining position at that time and        retentions. Seniority will continue to accrue for time on layoff equal to length of employment not to exceed three years.
ask to get that back,” Erin added.
   Member Ken Winn stated, “I am still               PREFERENTIAL HIRING LIST
working and that is the best alternative we          Triumph will maintain a list by seniority and by job classification of employees who are currently laid-off from Boeing
could get. Triumph is talking of the growth          Spokane. Those employees shall be given preferential hiring rights over all other job applicants for a period of three years.
potential we will have in the future. I hope         LIFE INSURANCE/ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT
that the future has more jobs.”                      Benefit is two times your annual salary (base rate plus shift differential excluding overtime) up to a maximum of $150,000
   Another important contract provision              (Boeing benefit is currently $32,000).
dictates that current laid-off Boeing Spo-
kane employees are on a three-year prefer-           VACATION, SICK LEAVE, HOLIDAYS AND BEREAVEMENT
ential hiring list, which is good news for           Basically same as current Boeing contract. Current Boeing vacation accrued and earned will transfer to Triumph.
Wendy Pardun who was laid-off in 2001.               EDUCATION BENEFITS
Wendy helped count the ballots and was
                                                     Secured QTTP Education Assistance and Advising
pleased it was accepted. She noted, “I hope                                                                             PPO Monthly Costs
                                                     Benefits for three years same as offered to laid-off
this contract gives me a second chance - if
                                                     Boeing employees.
Triumph grows and expands like they say.”                                                                               Employee only            Employee + one          Family
   Even after formal negotiations con-               MEDICAL COVERAGE
cluded, the Union continued pushing for              Includes a PPO (preferred) plan, as well as HMO plan.                   $30                    $60                     $90
additional benefits. On January 17, the              Employees will pay 15% of medical premium costs (which
Union got agreement that 751 members                 is still less than Boeing employees will pay for equivalent
                                                                                                                        HMO Monthly Costs
who are now working at Triumph are                   coverage in 2004). Employees will not have to pay                  Employee only            Employee + one          Family
entitled to three years of QTTP Education            taxes on their portion of the health care premiums,
Assistance benefits – in essence, the same           if they so choose. Employees can also choose to have                    $27                    $54                     $81
package that laid-off Boeing employees               child care expenses deferred to a pre-tax account.
Page 4            751 AERO MECHANIC              February 2003

Marching To Remember King’s Message
    On Monday, January 20th, thousands    MLK Committee, chaired
gathered at Seattle’s Garfield High       the event. The 751 Human
School to pay tribute to one of the great-Rights Committee hosted
est civil/human rights leaders this coun- a workshop in the morn-
try has ever known - Dr. Martin Luther    ing. Local F Steward Lem
King Jr.                                  Charleston, who is an or-
    District 751 had a definite presence  dained minister, took part
at this moving event. Local 751-A Presi-  in the ceremony, and Union
dent Clifton Wyatt, who serves on the     leaders presented $751 to
                                                      help offset the
                                                      costs of the
                                                      thanks to the
                                                      members and
                                                      their families
                                                      who partici-
                                                      pated: Abdul-
                                                      áleem Ahmed,
                                                      Lucille Ander-
                                                      son & daugh-
                                                      ters Angelique
                                                      & Shawna,
                                                      Zon Anderson, The 751 Human Rights Committee banner led the way for 751 members to proudly
                                                      Bruce Backus, march in the festive parade that began at Garfield High School and ended at the Henry
                                                                       M. Jackson Federal Building.
                                                      H e a t h e r
L to R: Local 751-A President Clifton Wyatt
                                                      Barstow, Ray Baumgardner,    Caldwell, Gary Caya, Lem Charleston,     McLeod and sons Dylan and Dalton,
hosted the MLK event. Business Rep Emerson
Hamilton, who chairs our Human Rights                 Jim Bearden, Ronnie          Mitchell Christian, Howard Churchill,    Dan Meddaugh, Kevin Mims, Larry
Committee, 751 President Mark Blondin, an             Behnke, Mark Blondin,        Sally Cunningham, Connie Dang,           Monger, Don Morris, Robert Oglesby,
MLK organizer and 751 Steward Lem Charleston          Jackie Boschok, Carol        George Darby, Jim Darrah, Bryan          Ted Ogston, Perry Osgood, Sue Palmer,
present a check for $751 to help offset expenses      Brown, Larry Brown, Tom      DuPaul, Emerson Hamilton, Mathew         Sam Perry, Jimmy Pippin, Greg Powell,
of the event.                                         Buchanan, Art Busier, Rocky  Hardy, Sam Hargrove, John Harwell,       Jason Redrup, Jim Roberts, Duane
                                                                                   Victor Hébert and his wife Rhonda and    Roope, Mike Ryan, John Scofield, Don
                                                                                   son Caleb, Jon Holden, Lois Holton,      Shove, Kenny Smith, Tracy Smith, Bruce
                                                                                   Cheryl Hughes, Rick Humiston, Jim        Spalding, Leroy Sperry, Linda Sperry,
                                                                                   Hutchison, Richard Jackson & daugh-      David Swan & sons Jake & Josh, Curt
                                                                                   ters Emelia & Olivia, Bill Johnson, John Thorfinson,     Ron Watson, Roy
                                                                                   Johnson, Tony Johnson, Connie Kelliher,  Wilkinson, Tommy Wilson, Tom
                                                                                   Armand Kepler, Jr., Pat Kinsella, Paul   Wroblewski, Clifton Wyatt, Tony
                                                                                   Knebel, Kim Leufroy, Jim Levitt, Mark    Young, and Zack Zaratkiewicz.
                                                                                   Little, Phoeur Long, Carlos Lopez, Garth
                                                                                   Luark, Ed Lutgen, Joe Maddux, Ron
                                                                                   McGaha, Rick McKinney, Donovan

Donovan McLeod was joined by                 751 Steward Victor Hébert brought           Duy Tran, who served on the Human         751 Union Steward Lucille Anderson
sons Dalton and Dylan on the                 a scooter to ensure his son Caleb           Rights Committee before getting laid-     marched with daughters Shawna
January 20th March.                          would make the long march.                  off, marched beside Connie Dang.          (seated) and Angelique.

  McGinnis Retires After Years of Service                                                                           New Quit Tobacco
       In 1963, John I. McGinnis Jr. came to
   work at the Boeing Company and im-
                                                                       Article 22 was written and interpreted
                                                                       by John.
                                                                                                                    Program Offered
   mediately joined the Machinists Union                                   Yet his commitment to the labor             District 751 members at Boeing are eligible to take
   District 751. Little did he know, that                              movement and workers extended be-            part in a new Quit Tobacco Program. The Free & Clear
   would be a career decision.                                         yond the membership of 751. Since 1981,      Quit Tobacco Program is offered at no charge to Boeing
       Throughout his years as a member,                               John has served on the Executive Board       employees. Boeing spouses and dependents over the
   John actively served the membership                                 of the Pierce County Central Labor Coun-     age of 18 may use the program at cost.
   and the labor movement. In January,                                 cil (PCCLC) - in addition to holding the        Members can begin the process by calling 1-800-
   John retired from his most recent Union                             position as President of the Council from    292-2336 to enroll in the program. After verifying your
   position, IAM/Boeing Joint Programs                                 1986 through 2001. He also served many       eligibility, you will be sent a complete Quit Kit with
   Co-Director - a position he held for the                            years as Vice President of the Washing-      materials to help you through the different phases of
   past five years. Yet his full-time service John I. McGinnis, Jr.    ton State Labor Council, has been active     tobacco-quitting process. Within seven to ten days of
   to this Union began long before that. In                            in the Pierce County Democrats, and          enrollment – after you’ve had time to get familiar with
   1981, John was first elected Business Rep and served   played a leadership role throughout Pierce County.        your Quit Kit – your personal quit-smoking specialist
   the membership in that capacity at various plants      From 1990 to 1995, John expanded his commitment           will make the first call.
   until he moved to the Joint Programs’ position in      to the education field by serving as a trustee on Bates      If you’re ready to quit, start Free & Clear to change
   1997. From 1983 through 2002, John played a role in    Technical College.                                        your life in a healthier direction. With Free & Clear on
   negotiating every Boeing contract during that time.        His expertise and commitment to workers will be       your side, you can be part of the more 25,000 people
   Much of the workforce administration language in       greatly missed!                                           who’ve picked up the phone and put down the ciga-
                                                                                                February 2003              751 AERO MECHANIC                   Page 5

                                      IAM/BOEING JOINT PROGRAMS

Hands-On Training at Auburn Center
   Members at the Auburn facility now    need to offer hands-on training in the
have a place in the plant to receive hands-
                                         workplace to sharpen existing jobs skills.
on training on the various machines used    Yet the Center does much more than
in their jobs. This unique opportunity   sharpen existing skills. If you haven’t
housed in the 17-10 building is the new  worked on a particular machine or need
IAM/Boeing Quality Through Training      to refresh your skills, the Center is the
Program (QTTP) Skills Center. It is an-  place to turn. The Skills Center is also
other in a long line of successful Skillsavailable to help employees who are
Centers that are giving our members a    new to an area and want additional train-                                                                  Above: Bob
voice in the training they need to do their
                                         ing or need time to become more profi-                                                                     McGlenn, one of the
everyday job.                                                                                                                                       Subject Matter
                                         cient with unfamiliar machines.
   What makes this Center unique is the     Careful planning ensured that all four                                                                  demonstrates use of
variety of complex machines that are     Manufacturing Business Units (MBU’s)                                                                       the universal cutter
available for hands-on training. The Skills
                                         from the Auburn plant are represented in                                                                   grinder at the
Center was born from the vision and      the Skills Center so all MBU’s will get                                                                    Auburn center.
foresight of members serving on Advi-    the necessary training. MBU’s repre-                                                                       Photo left: Subject
sory Skills Teams, who recognized the    sented include:                                                                                            Matter Expert
                                                           •     Developmental                                                                      Damon Allen (r)
                                                           Manufacturing-Ma-                                                                        shows QTTP Co-
                                                           chine Shop Equipment                                                                     Director Gary
                                                           Services;                                                                                Jackson work that
                                                                                                                                                    can be performed on
                                                           • Emergent Tooling
                                                                                                                                                    the drill press.
                                                           • Developmental &
                                                           Manufacturing Prod-
                                                           • Quality Assurance.
                                                              By locating the Cen-
                                                           ter in the 17-10 build-     machines in the Center en-
                                                           ing, members have           hances the skills training avail-
                                                           convenient access to        able. Machines at the Center
                                                           the training and can        include:
                                                           obtain the assistance       • Wilton Drill Press
                                                           without alerting other      • Standard Lathe
                                                           co-workers or their su-     • CNC Track Milling Machine
                                                           pervisor. What makes        • Universal Cutter Grinder
                                                           the Center even more        • Revolution Conventional Mill
                                                           inviting is the fact that   • 3 types of grinders - 1 pedes- David Henry reviews wiring for an electrical
                                                           the Subject Matter Ex-        tal and 2 disk grinders (1 for panel and will serve as one of the subject
                                                           perts, who assist on the      aluminum and 1 for hard matter experts from facilities.
                                                           machines, are 751             steel)
                                                           members from the shop       • Optical comparator                       chines, such as a 5-axis milling machine,
Dennis Newton (l) demonstrates a milling machine
                                                           floor.                      • Granite & Steel Table                    will occur on the shop floor as machines
featured in the Auburn Skills Center to QTTP
Program Manager Jimmy Pippin (r). Jimmy was a                 The Center offers        • Precision Measurement Equipment in-      are available between work packages.
driving force in making the Auburn Center a reality.       both on and off-hour          cluding micrometers, calipers, etc.      The Center will continue to develop and
                                                           training. The variety of        Training on the more complex ma-       evolve as additional needs surface.

777 Signs on to Safety Partnership                                                                                   QTTP Retirement
   In December, the 777 line stepped up efforts to make   However, to form an effective partnership, a true
the workplace safer by creating the “777 Safety Part- commitment is required at the highest level - hence the
nership.” The idea to form this partnership originated at
                                                      new partnership brings together the Director of 777            Workshops Offered
the IAM/Boeing Health and Safety Institute (HSI). As  Manufacturing Mark Johnstone with 751 Union Busi-
layoffs occur and members are transferred to new work ness Rep Stan Johnson. By setting an example and                   The IAM/Boeing Quality Through Training
                                                      working together at the top, it is hoped the same com-
areas, there is an increased need to remind workers that                                                              Program (QTTP) is offering workshops to help
safety remains the top priority - even before work    mitment will carry through to the shop floor - with             members prepare for retirement. The personal
schedules.                                            Stewards and first-line managers partnering for a safer         money management seminar offers an educational
                                                                              workplace. Stewards, manag-             discussion specific to IAM-represented Boeing
                                                                              ers and safety monitors attended        employees who want a comfortable retirement or
                                                                              the kickoff for this new pro-           have other financial goals. This workshop is also
                                                                              gram.                                   helpful for those facing layoff.
                                                                                 “The idea is to get all em-             Individuals learn to take advantage of the op-
                                                                              ployees looking out for one an-         portunities available to you as a Boeing employee
                                                                              other with an increased aware-          that can help you get where you want to be. If you
                                                                              ness of safe practices in the           are serious about financial goals, this workshop is
                                                                              workplace,” stated Business             a must. Participants learn:
                                                                              Rep Stan Johnson. “We want to              • Your VIP options, and potential taxes and
                                                                              see the same commitment to              penalties associated with 401K plans and IRA’s.
                                                                              safety on the shop floor that we           • How to maximize your Boeing pension op-
                                                                              have at top management/union            tions.
                                                                              level. Safety is everyone’s job.”          • Tax favored investing and proper asset alloca-
                                                                                 HSI Union Administrator              tion.
                                                                              Roy Moore is also a driving                • Examine health and life insurance options.
                                                                              force behind this program and              • Calculate your real post-Boeing income.
                                                                              hopes it will spread to other              • Examine creative budgeting techniques and
                                                                              areas. Roy noted, “This part-           dealing with debt.
                                                                              nership is about removing road-            Workshops are held at QTTP’s Everett Site
                                                                              blocks that get in the way of us        (7710 Evergreen Way), QTTP Central Site in
                                                                              working together to mitigate            Tukwila (6840 Fort Dent Way) and QTTP’s Au-
                                                                              workplace hazards. Perhaps this         burn site (1102 15th St. SW).
                                                                              safety partnership can be used             Call 1-800-235-3453 for class schedules and to
751 Business Rep Stan Johnson (l) and Director of 777 Manufacturing           as the model for how the Com-           reserve your seat today!
Mark Johnstone (r) pledge their support to the new 777 Safety                 pany and Union can work to-
Partnership, which features working together on safety from the top           gether on all issues.”
Page 6          751 AERO MECHANIC               February 2003

                                                                                   Volunteers Sort Through
                                                                                       In what has become a 751 holiday
                                                                                   tradition, several dozen volunteers de-
                                                                                   scended on the Northwest Harvest Ware-
                                                                                   house to help this very worthwhile orga-
                                                                                   nization. Yet more than just members
                                                                                   take part in the annual event. Many mem-
                                                                                   bers bring children and spouses during
                                                                                   this important family time, as a way to
                                                                                   give back to the community.
                                                                                       On Friday, December 27, volunteers
                                                                                   filled the warehouse early in the morning.
                                                                                   The volunteers sorted, categorized and
                                                                                   boxed literally thousands of pounds of
                                                                                   food. One group took on the task of
L to R: Linda Kirkland, Eric Edwards, Gus Gustaveson, and Ron Bresher              putting together boxes; another group
deliver service with a smile in January at the Everett Gospel Mission.             began emptying big bins of food; dozens
                                                                                   of others sorted and boxed the food, while
                                                                                   remaining volunteers transported the

Volunteers Serve Meals                                                             sorted boxes and shrink wrapped them on
                                                                                   huge pallets. By lunchtime, nearly the
                                                                                   entire warehouse of food had been sorted

with a ‘Mission’ Monthly                                                           and boxed for distribution. An impres-
                                                                                   sive 939 boxes had been sorted and filled
                                                                                   with appropriate food.
                                                                                       The volunteers worked like a well-
    751 members continued their service     Don Grinde, Gus Gustaveson, Jon        oiled machine and appeared to be com-
at the Everett Gospel Mission in both       Holden, Lee Huntzberger & son          peting against an unseen opponent. Each
December and January. The third Sun-        Bryan, Linda Kirkland, Gerry Miller,   year our volunteers work feverishly to
day of each month, volunteers gather at     Noel Naranjo, Judy Neumann &                                                          751 members turned out in force to sort, box and pac
                                                                                   increase the boxes processed from the
6 a.m. to prepare and serve breakfast to    granddaughter Felicia Neumann, Ja-     previous year. The amounts boxed by            and daughter Kaitlin, stated, “It’s amaz-
patrons of the mission. In addition, to     son Redrup, Don Shove, Kenny Smith     other groups decorate the warehouse            ing how much work gets done in a short
preparing and serving the food, volun-      and Stosh Tomala.                      beams overhead. Ed Lutgen proudly wrote        period of time. Everyone works together
teers greet individuals with a smile, bring                                        - IAM 751 volunteers processed 939 boxes       as a team. It shows kids the importance of
them drinks and per-                                                               12/27/02 - leaving a permanent reminder        working for such a worthwhile organiza-
form clean-up duties                                                               of the work done that day.                     tion that helps so many and reminds them
once they are fin-                                                                     Tom Lux, who brings his children           of the true spirit of Christmas.”
ished eating.                                                                      each year, stated, “I always ask my kids if        Special thanks to the following mem-
    In January, Stosh                                                              they want to help, and they usually do. I      bers and their families, who turned out
Tomala got more                                                                    think it is good they want to help people      for the Northwest Harvest work party:
than he bargained for                                                              in the community who may not have it as        Zon Anderson, Alex Bailey, Gayl
- a speeding ticket,                                                               good as they do, especially in times like      Bailey, Kaitlin Bailey, Heather
as he raced from Fed-                                                              these when so many people are out of           Barstow, Mark Blondin, George Braun,
eral Way to Everett                                                                work. I also think it is good for them and     Larry Brown, Howard Churchill, Floyd
in the early morning                                                               their friends to see Union people in a         Cruz, James Darrah, Gus Gustaveson,
hours.                                                                             positive light to counter the anti-union       Casey Hafer, Larry Hasting, Jon
    Special thanks to                                                              propaganda that they hear elsewhere.”          Holden, Bill Johnson, Cheryl Joyce,
the following mem-                                                                     His daughter Katie added, “I like go-      Connie Kelliher, Patrick Kinsella, Kim
bers who have vol-                                                                 ing to Northwest Harvest every year be-        Leufroy, Garth Luark, Ed Lutgen, John
unteered at the                                                                    cause it makes me feel like I am helping       Lux, Katie Lux, Tom Lux, Scot
Everett Mission:                                                                   people. It is fun working with other people    McKenzie, Al Meyers, Gerry Miller,
Bruce Backus, Ron                                                                  to make a difference in the community.         Kevin Mims, Robert Mims, Larry Mon-
Bresher, Connie                                                                    You don’t feel like you are just doing it by   ger, David Muellenbach, Ted Ogston,
                         Connie Dang and Bryan Huntzberger enjoy
Dang, Eric Edwards,                                                                yourself.”                                     Tracy Smith, William J. Smith, Zack
                         volunteering at the Everett Gospel Mission.
                                                                                       Gayl Bailey, also brought his son Alex     Smith, and James Trimble.

751 volunteers at the Everett Mission in December included L to R: Gus
Gustaveson, Ron Bresher, Felicia Neumann, Jason Redrup, Bruce Burns,
Gerry Miller, Noel Naranjo, Judy Neumann and Don Grinde. Volunteer
Don Shove took the photo.

    Volunteer Recognition Program
  Potluck Banquet & Awards Ceremony
         Saturday, March 29th - 5 p.m.- Seattle Union Hall
 Bring family and friends for this fun -filled evening that
                                                                                    Jason Redrup and Gus Gustaveson move food from the large bins                      Steward Gerry Miller
 recognizes the members who so willingly volunteer their time.                      to the tables so volunteers can package the food for distribution.                 and packed hundreds
                                                                                                     February 2003                    751 AERO MECHANIC                    Page        7

gh Holiday Harvest                                                               Awards Acknowledge 751’s
                                                                                 Community Contributions
                                                                                    District 751 members continued to stand             helping at area women’s and men’s shelters and
                                                                                 out for their efforts to serve the community           building playgrounds. Many of the projects
                                                                                 and improve life for others, which was evident         have benefitted area children. Keep in mind,
                                                                                 when 751 members received half of the 2002             these volunteer activities are in addition to the
                                                                                 Community Service Awards at the Snohomish              various offices he holds in the Union, which
                                                                                 County Labor Council Awards Banquet held               include Local F Vice President, Union Stew-
                                                                                 in late December. District 751 earned the
                                                                                 Union of the Year Award; 751-F Member Jon
                                                                                 Holden was presented the Seth Dawson Award;
                                                                                 751-A Member Bob Neumann received the
                                                                                 Jack Pursell Award; and 751 retiree Al Schultz
                                                                                 was awarded the Jo Marie Schultz Award.
                                                                                 Each award provided distinct recognition for
                                                                                 community service.
                                                                                    751 Recognized: District 751 has actively
                                                                                 been involved in community service for many
                                                                                 years, but stepped up the pace in 1997 by
                                                                                 creating our Volunteer Recognition Program
                                                                                 (VRP). Since then over 159 community events
                                                                                 have helped improve life throughout our re-
                                                                                 gion. Everything from serving food at area             751-A Member Bob Neumann (l)
                                                                                 missions, to building wheelchair ramps, to             proudly accepts the Jack Pursell Award
                                                                                 constructing playgrounds, cleaning up roads,           for outstanding lifetime achievement to
                                                                                 sorting food at Northwest Harvest, supporting          the community at the Snohomish
                                                                                 Guide Dogs, and even painting a health center.         County Labor Council Awards banquet.
                                                                                 Yet participation was not just limited to com-
ckage food at the Northwest Harvest Warehouse on December 27th.                  munity service. Union members also turned              ard, legislative volunteer, and fundraiser.
                                                                                 out to support members of other unions in their            Schultz Honored: A new award was created
                                                                                 efforts to obtain and preserve living wage             this year in honor of QTTP Administrator
                                                           L to R: Zack          jobs. This constant presence in the community          JoMarie Schultz, who recently passed away
                                                           Smith, Kim
                                                                                 earned 751 the Union of the Year Award.                following a battle with cancer. The JoMarie
                                                           Leufroy, Dave
                                                           Muellenbach and          Neumann Honored: With nearly 30 years               Schultz Award goes to an outstanding labor
                                                           Zon Anderson          as a 751 member, Bob Neumann dedicated                 leader in service to the community. How appro-
                                                           sort and              his life to helping others. This commitment            priate that the first year the award was presented
                                                           categorize food at    has not gone unnoticed and earned him the              to her widower - Al Schultz, who is a retired
                                                           Northwest             Jack Pursell Award for outstanding lifetime            IAM Grand Lodge rep. Both Al and JoMarie
                                                           Harvest to assist     achievement to the community. His union                devoted years to the community and labor
                                                           in the distribution   activity has included various positions in-            unions. Al has served on the Board of United
                                                           process. All          cluding Union Steward, Local A Trustee,                Way in both King and Snohomish Counties, as
                                                           contributions         Local A Auditor, and Local A Conductor.
                                                           must be packed        Bob also avidly promoted safety through-
                                                           into boxes and
                                                                                 out his years at Boeing and helped establish
                                                           labeled according
                                                           to the various        the Everett Site Health & Safety Committee
                                                           categories before     following the 1989 negotiations and served
                                                           it is disbursed to    on the committee for many years. He re-
                                                           needy families.       mains active in the Snohomish County La-
                                                                                 bor Council and has been a delegate for
                                                                                 many years, as well as currently serving as
                                                                                 Sergeant-at-Arms. Yet Bob has been equally
                                                                                 dedicated to community service - construct-
                                                                                 ing playgrounds, building wheelchair ramps,
                                                                                 serving meals, volunteering at his
                                                                                 granddaughter’s school, assisting with stop
                                                                                 smoking classes, and volunteering at Provi-            Appropriately, the first JoMarie Schultz
                                                                                 dence Hospital’s Pulmonary Rehab Center                award for outstanding labor leadership
                                                                                                                                        in the community was presented to her
                                                                                 4 days a week.
                                                                                                                                        widower, 751-Retiree Al Schultz (l).
                                                                                    Holden Awarded: The Seth Dawson Award,
                                                                                 which was presented to Jon Holden, is awarded          well as serving on the American Red Cross
                                                                                 each year to an individual who has shown               Board in both King and Snohomish Counties.
                                                                                 outstanding volunteer leadership in our com-           He has been a faithful supporter of Operation
                                                                                 munity on behalf of youth. Jon has chaired             Shortfall, which provides food to the needy in
                                                                                 751’s Volunteer Recognition Program (VRP)              Snohomish County. In addition, he retired after
                                                                                 for the past three years, actively promoted            37 years of service in the IAM, which included
                                                                                 community service in the Union and partici-            holding multiple leadership positions, negoti-
                                                                                 pated in over 120 community service projects.          ating various contracts, and working as a strong
                                                                                 His projects have included wheelchair ramps,           labor advocate in the legislative and public
                                                                                 painting, fence building, food drives, toy drives,     policy fields.
                                                                                                                                                                 751-F Member Jon
                                                                                                                                                                 Holden (center)
                                                                                                                                                                 accepts the Seth
                                                                                                                                                                 Dawson Award for
                                                                                                                                                                 his volunteer efforts
                                                                                                                                                                 on behalf of youth.
                                                                                                                                                                 Congratulating him
                                                                                                                                                                 were District
                                                                                                                                                                 President Mark
                                                                                                                                                                 Blondin (l) and
                                                                                                                                                                 Local A member
                                                                                                                                                                 Bob Neumann, who
                                                                                                                                                                 received an award
                                                                                                                                                                 for his lifetime
 and Retired Steward George Braun were among the many volunteers that sorted                                                                                     commitment to the
 of boxes of donated food at the Northwest Harvest Warehouse.                                                                                                    community.
Page 8            751 AERO MECHANIC                 February 2003

Holton Honored for Commitment                                                                                                                     Job Shadow
   For nearly 25 years, 751-A                                                                                     Photo left: Lois
                                                                                                                                                  Hosts Needed
member Lois Holton has steadfastly                                                                                Holton (second                      Boeing is partnering with Junior
                                                                                                                  from left) proudly              Achievement and local school dis-
served her Union family in a vari-
                                                                                                                  holds her                       tricts in the Puget Sound area to par-
ety of capacities. Time and time                                                                                  recognition award
again she has helped other mem-                                                                                                                   ticipate in National Groundhog Job
                                                                                                                  honoring her years              Shadow Day on March 13th. Volun-
bers, as well as those in the sur-                                                                                of service as
rounding community.                                                                                                                               teers are needed to host high school
                                                                                                                  Recording Secretary
   Lois was honored at the January                                                                                                                students participating in Junior
                                                                                                                  of Local 751-A.
Local A meeting for her service as                                                                                Congratulating her              Achievement by providing the oppor-
Local A Recording Secretary from                                                                                  are L to R: Clifton             tunity for students to observe what
1995 through 2002. To allow oth-                                                                                  Wyatt, Gloria                   professionals and skilled workers do
ers to get more involved, Lois chose                                                                              Millsaps and Bruce              on the job. Students in grades 9 through
not to run for re-election, but will                                                                              Spalding.                       12 (ages 14 to 18) who have com-
continue representing Local A on                                                                                                                  pleted a pre-visit assignment are eli-
the District Council and serving as                                                                                                               gible to participate. Eligible children
Union Steward.                                                                                                                                    of Boeing employees also can take
   Her tremendous contribution                                                                                                                    part by “shadowing” their parents.
was rewarded as Local A officers                                                                                                                  The limit to the number of job shad-
presented Lois with a plaque which                                                                                                                ows and parent hosts will vary by site.
read, “In appreciation of your dedi-                                                                                                                  Each student will spend about four
cation and service to the members of Local A as Recording                                                                                         hours observing and asking questions
Secretary from 1995-2002 and in recognition of the count-                                                                                         during the job shadow. The event is
less times you went above and beyond the call of duty to help                                                                                     designed to help students with career
members, co-workers and the community. You have truly                                                                                             planning by providing a real-world
made a difference in so many lives. Thank you!”                                                                                                   experience in the work environment.
   As she slowly pulls back from duties to her Union family,                                                                                      Employees in all skill codes are in-
Lois plans to spend more time with her real family. She                                                                                           vited to volunteer and students will be
beams with pride as she tells of attending a family reunion                                                                                       matched to hosts by sites. In addition,
this past summer in North Dakota that included five genera-                                                                                       Information Technology volunteers
tions. Relatives from across the country came together to                                                                                         will be matched with students taking
celebrate her father’s 90th birthday. Her great grandson                                                                                          computer science courses whenever
Dallas is especially blessed to have five generations on his                                                                                      possible.
mother’s side of the family, as well.                                                                                                                 Those who would like to host a
                                                                     Lois Holton (front left) poses proudly with five generations
   One thing is certain: family will continue to be a top                                                                                         Junior Achievement student or their
                                                                     of her family. Lois holds her great grandson Dallas, her
priority to Lois - whether it is her Union brothers and sisters      parents Henry & Elva Torstenson. Standing L to R:                            own child should visit: http://
or her parents, children, grandchildren or great grandchil-          Daugher-in-law Cindy, Son Mike Holton, and                                   community.web.boeing.com/
dren.                                                                granddaughter Amanda.                                                        jobshadow. The deadline is Feb. 20.

  Boeing to Take  Focus Groups Promote Two-Way Communication
  Dues Adjustment Continued from page 1
                                                  District President Mark Blondin
      The Boeing Company was un-               noted, “We have learned that the best
  able to deduct the full amount of            way to communicate with members is
  $54.10 on January 9, 2003 to cover           through face-to-face meetings. The
  your January, 2003 Union dues —              Union hears from Stewards and Officers
  only $49.70 was taken. Due to                on a regular basis, but we believe it is just
  the holiday schedule, the timing             as important to hear what shop floor
  of the new dues information and              members are thinking. These groups pro-
  the early date of the first pay pe-          vide members an opportunity to partici-
  riod cutoff, the change could not            pate and offer input. The intent is for the
  be implemented on this first check.          Union to hear first-hand your concerns
      Therefore, to rectify this mat-          and thoughts.”
  ter, on February 6, 2003, a one-                Education is always one of the stron-
  time deduction of $58.50 will be             gest tools and arms members with knowl-
  taken to cover February dues                 edge to better recognize contract viola-
                                               tions and understand their rights. Just as      L to R: Dan Wege, District President Mark Blondin, Joe Custode and Sylvia
  ($54.10) plus $4.40 (shorted for                                                             Taylor discuss Union issues in a recent membership focus group in Seattle.
  January).                                    important, membership participation en-
      March dues deductions will re-           sures that Union leadership maintains a
  vert to the correct rate of $54.10.          shop-floor perspective and has that two-        bership and improved two-way commu-              grams offered by the Union.”
      Your Union is sorry for this             way communication with members to               nication will make us stronger at the               The hope is that as word spreads about
  inconvenience, but this action is            more effectively address your issues in         bargaining table in 2005. This will be an        these meetings, more members will re-
  required as the Grand Lodge Con-             dealing with Boeing and elected offi-           ongoing program, in which we incorpo-            spond to the invitation and provide sug-
  stitution clearly states dues are to         cials.                                          rate as many suggestions as possible into        gestions and ideas to strengthen our
  be uniform and consistent.                      Blondin added, “An informed mem-             the everyday services, activities and pro-       Union.

Local C Golf Tournament July 20th                                                                 2003 Golf Tournament Entry Form
                                                                                                 Group Contact:____________________Phone:___________________
    The eleventh annual Local C Golf          other prizes will be raffled off at the end.       Address:__________________________________________________
Tournament will be a one-day tourna-          NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED
                                                                                                 Players wishing to golf together, submit just one form. 4 players max per team.
ment held Sunday, July 20th at Elk Run        UNTIL FULL PAYMENT IS RE-
Golf Course in Maple Valley. The cost         CEIVED FOR ALL PARTICI-                           Name:___________________________ Phone:__________________
of this year’s tournament will be $100        PANTS. FINAL CUTOFF TO RE-
                                                                                                        Shirt Size (circle one) S           M     L     XL       2X      3X
per person, which covers green fees, cart     TURN ENTRIES IS JUNE 20TH.
rental, tournament t-shirt, prizes and a         As this event is a benefit, prize dona-        Name:___________________________                      Phone:__________________
buffet at the end of play.                    tions are greatly appreciated. If you would             Shirt Size (circle one) S M                     L   XL    2X   3X
    Proceeds from the tournament will go      like to donate prizes, please contact Jim         Name:___________________________                      Phone:__________________
to the Guide Dogs of America.                 Rice on 253-891-3752 or Mark Johnson                    Shirt Size (circle one) S M                     L   XL    2X   3X
    The tournament will be a “scramble”       on 253-862-3074.
                                                                                                Name:___________________________                      Phone:__________________
format with a shotgun start at 7:30 a.m.         If you have any questions or would
                                                                                                      Shirt Size (circle one) S M                     L   XL    2X   3X
for all golfers. Prizes will be awarded to    like to volunteer, contact one of the fol-
the first, second and third place teams.      lowing tournament co-chairs: Spencer                  Entry forms will not be accepted unless full payment is received by
Individual prizes will be given for long-     Graham on 206-251-9021; Hole spon-                  JUNE 20th. Return checks for $100 per player payable to: Spencer Graham.
est drive, KP and 50/50 honey pot. All        sorship Tony Curran on 206-280-7536.                      Local C Golf Tournament, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, WA 98108
                                                                                                        February 2003         751 AERO MECHANIC                 Page 9

                                                                  RETIREMENT NEWS
January Retired Club Minutes                                                                                                                   Retirees
                                                                                                                                      Congratulations to the following
                                                                                                                                    members who retired from Boeing:
by Mary Wood,
                                                                                                                                      Richard V. Bell .............. T-6900
Retired Club Secretary
                                                                                                                                      Kimring R. Bergstrom ... A-1891
                                                                                                                                      Leonce Bienville ........... R-1891
   At the January 13th business meet-                                                                                                 Hector Blanco ................ A-7100
ing, Al Wydick called the meeting to                                                                                                  Leslie J. Cochran .......... M-2200
order at 11 a.m. The Lord’s Prayer was                                                                                                Johnnie M. Cox ............. 6-599A.
said followed by the flag salute and the                                                                                              Linda F. Crawford ........ M-2200
singing of “God Bless America.”                                                                                                       David L. Crowe ............. T-E777
   Roll Call of Officers: All officers                                                                                                Darold A. Davidson ...... A-3490
were present except Bill Baker, who was                                                                                               Robert L. Davis ............. T-4420
excused. Minutes were accepted as                                                                                                     Helma Denecke ............. A-3250
printed. No communications.                                                                                                           Michael D. Earhart ........ T-4900.
   Financial Report: The Financial Re-                                                                                                Nancy A. Engelhart ....... A-8700
port was accepted as read.                                                                                                            Cheryl Estep .................. A-3430
   New Members: The Club welcomed                                                                                                     C.M. Fernandez ............. G-8900
Mike and Kathy Waldo as new mem-                   At least once a month, the Monday retired club meeting features bingo as           Rose M. Gosch .............. T-E767
bers.                                              entertainment. Check the monthly calendar for bingo dates in February.
                                                                                                                                      Linda L. Fisher .............. T-4410
   District President: District President                                                                                             Linda O. Fitterer ............. 9-150F.
Mark Blondin reported details on the        he met with Congressman Rick Larsen        E. Wheaton. Sympathy cards were sent           Wayne A. Frasier .......... G-FJ00
Triumph negotiations in Spokane and         and discussed legislation that would al-   to the families.                               M. Patricia Frost ........... T-N892
presented highlights of the first contract  low Unions to negotiate on behalf of           Travel: Mary King gave a short re-         Edward A. Glen ............. A-3250
(see details on page 3).                    their retirees. Currently, this is not a   port on upcoming trips (see below).            Mary H. Hallstrom ........ T-4410
   Blondin also reported in December,       mandatory subject of bargaining and the        Calendar of Events:                        Max A. Hansen ............. G-FV00
                                                            Union can bring it up, but     Feb. 3 Bingo                               Floyd O. Harding .......... A-6850
                                                            cannot force Boeing to         Feb. 10 Business Meeting                   Patricia G. Harris ........... G-8900
                                                            negotiate for current re-      Feb. 17 Video                              George S. Hawkins ........ T-4230
                                                            tirees. Larsen agreed to       Feb. 24 Bingo                              John R. Hoelzel ............. T-4410
                                                            support such an idea and       Good and Welfare: Everyone gave a          Leslie D. Honeywell ...... R-3408
                                                            work to make it a reality. standing ovation to Business Rep Paul          Kenneth E. Hunker ........ T-6800
                                                                Health & Welfare: A    Knebel for his part in saving the life of      Raymond A. Jester ........ 9-189T.
                                                            moment of silence for the  one of our members as reported in the          Freeman L. Johnson ...... E-53T0
                                                            following members who      last issue of the Aero Mechanic newspa-        Les A. Kohles ................ T-4410
                                                            have passed away:          per.                                           Ronald F. Kovach ......... M-2200
                                                            Carolyn J. Andrews,            An editorial printed in the Post-          Charlotte A. Kunkle ...... A-7100
District 751 President Mark Blondin (r) and                 Donald E. Black, Will-     Intelligencer concerning the U.S.              Richard H. Kunkle ........ A-7100
Congressman Rick Larsen discuss legislation that            iam E. Bolam, James P.     Senate’s failure to fix the Medicare pay-      John M. Latimer .......... A-W400
would allow Unions to negotiate for existing                Convey, Perry Delo,        ment schedule - thereby hurting seniors        Stuart Lawson ................ T-3150
retirees. Currently, Unions can propose changes,            Barrett L. Denniston, Fred was read to the Club.                          Adriana A. Laycock ...... T-E670
but companies have no obligation to discuss or              Gibson, William P.             Unfinished Business: None.                 D. J. Livingston ............. R-2350
even negotiate benefits for existing retirees.              Hlebichuk, Chauncey E.         New Business: None.                        Mary L. London ............ T-E530
                                                            Johnson,      Don       H.     Birthdays & Anniversaries: The             David K. Marshall ......... A-3250
                                                            Kimberlin, George J.       Club celebrated the following January          William O. Martin ....... G-FM00
           RETIRED CLUB OFFICERS                         Kirk, Earl K. McGee, Lloyd    birthdays: John Blankenship, Mel King,         Harold F. Martinell ........ T-6800
  President       Al Wydick        253-815-9601          R. Pickle, Leslie A. Reidt,   Jerry Kelley. January anniversaries in-        John I. McGinnis, Jr. ..... A-1892
  Vice President Bill Baker        253-845-6366          Whtiney R. Ruosch, George     cluded: James & Donna Evanson (44              Ismael R. Medina .......... A-3900
  Secretary       Mary Wood        206-243-7428          P. Salyer, Truman Schilling,  years), Tom and Mary Allen (53 years),         Elizabeth J. Menzel ....... R-5004
  Treasurer       Betty Ness       206-762-0725          Mary Skochilich, Dolce A.     Jerry & Sherrie Balken (43 years).             Dan E. Mustell .............. T-1892
  Srgnt-at-Arms Alvin Menke        206-772-1482          Stroud, Angela Ward, Clark        Adjournment: Adjourned at 11:55 a.m.       Carolyn H. Nelson ......... R-1891
                  Merle Bogstie 206-725-3831
                                                                                                                                      Michael F. Osborne ....... A-3250
                  Louise Burns     206-242-5878
                  Cherie Menke 206-772-1482                       Upcoming Travel Opportunities                                       Arlie E. Pennington ....... A-7100
                                                                                                                                      Duong X. Pham ............. G-1892
  Union Office (1-800-763-1301) or 206-763-1300            March 28 - Free transportation from
                                                                                                                                      Joseph S. Pollard ........... A-3250
                                                                              Seattle Union hall to Lucky
                                                                              Eagle Casino in Rochester,     MARCH                    Richard E. Rewolinski .. R-3450
                                                                                                                                      Marvin K. Richter ........ A-N892
Senior Politics                                                               Washington.
                                                                                                                                      Larry J. Rockey ........... A-W310
                                                                  May 14 -    7 day trip to Branson,                                  Lyle M. Sample ............. A-6880
by Cy Nobile, 751 Retired Club                                                                                          28            Paul R. Schlimgen ......... A-1892
Legislative Chair                                                                                                                     Sharon E. Scott .............. A-7100
                                                                  For additional details, please call                                 Dwaine L. Thompson .... 6-597A.
   Who didn’t have idols when we were teenagers? Mine             Mary King on 206-363-5915
were Elvis Presley and the Beatles. As a senior citizen, my
idols have changed to people with a little more substance.
Now a days, I admire George J. Kourpias (the President of
the Alliance for Retired Americans). He could have cho-
sen to simply retire without any concern for others. Instead,
                                                                    Retired Members                                      Attach Mailing Label Here
he chose to care and aid in our struggle for adequate and
                         affordable health care and medica-
                                                                    Check-In Form
                         tion when we need it most!
                            Political parties are drafting           Cut out the mailing label bearing your name and address attached to this
                         agendas which will undoubtedly              issue's front page. Paste, tape or staple the label in the space above. Place the
                         affect our lives. It is our duty to be      coupon in an envelope and mail to Bruce Spalding, Secretary-Treasurer, IAM
                         proactive and keep our “eyes on the         District 751, 9125 15th Place S., Seattle, WA 98108. The Union requests this
                         prize” to ensure the legislators do         information each year to ensure we have your current address. Please mail this
                         not vote in favor of weaker health          coupon as soon as possible or call the information into the Dues Office at 206-
                         and economic benefits for seniors!          763-1300 or 1-800-763-1301.
                         Remember the saying: We will only
support those who support us! This is the difference                 NAME: _____________________________________________________________
between merely existing or living with dignity while
receiving those benefits which we deserve!                           SS# __________________________ PHONE #:_____________________________
   Social Security was increased by 1.4%, which amounts
to $1.40 for every $100. Medicare Part B will increase               NEW ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________
from $54 to $58.70 per month. What have we gained? A
big fat nothing!                                                     CITY __________________________ STATE ________ ZIP __________________
   We need to be ever watchful. Remember that each one
of us counts, and we can make a difference!
Page 10            751 AERO MECHANIC                  February 2003

                                          WANT ADS         ATTENTION TO
                                                                                                  ELECTRIC DIGITAL ENSEMBLE by
                                                                                                  Technics. Never played 2001 model piano.
                                                                                                                                                   HOOVER STEAMVAC LS 3000- 5 rotating
                                                                                                                                                   brushes, powered hand and scrub tool. Like
                                                                                                  Has all the sound effects. Asking $3500.         new. Will throw in cleaning supplies $75.
                                                             AD RULES                             253-841-8548                                     206-295-6747 and leave message.
PERSIANS – CFA registered chinchilla and
shaded silvers (Fancy Feast Kitties). Pet,         Each single ad must be 25 words or
                                                   less. More than 25 words will not be           TWO (2) HITACHI stereo speakers, 12”             WOOD BAR “L” shape with three (3) stools.
breeder, and show-quality. Starting at $400.       printed. Use a separate piece of               woofer, 2” tweeter- good sound; just too         Has inside drawers and shelves for extra
360- 691-7364                                      paper or ad blank for each ad, as              large $50. Hardly-used M105 Palm Pilot           bottle storage. 40” W X 52” L $50. 253-529-
                                                   they are pre-classified physically.            $75. Leave message at 206-295-6747               0754
AKC ENGLISH BULLDOGS – female                      Ads are free only to members -
$1299; male $1100. Black/tan/white, fawn/
white 45 champions in pedigree. Cash. Spo-
                                                   active, laid-off, or retired. For best
                                                   response, include phone number
                                                                                                     FURNITURE AND                                    HOUSING
kane 509-448-2483. Shipping available.             instead of addresses in ad copy.
                                                   Members' "cottage industries" will be
                                                                                                     APPLIANCES                                    KONA, HAWAII beachfront condo, large 2
                                                                                                                                                   BDRM/2 bath, spectacular view. Sleeps 6.
LOST: Rotweiller- black with white chin,           OK in ads, but no commercial ads.              COMPUTER DESK & HUTCH. Cherry
                                                   When using own paper for ads,                                                                   $700-$750 a week + tax, 10% discount to
breast, and paws. 4429 Rainier. 206-725-                                                          color, Sauder model #2746. Six adjustable        Boeing employees, pays taxes. 206-938-
1225                                               include information required on
                                                                                                  shelves; 2 glass doors on hutch, 2 solid doors   9214 or www.bayantreecondo.com.
                                                   regular ad blank.
                                                                                                  on desk with/pullout keyboard and printer
  AUTO PARTS &                                      Deadline For Next Issue                       shelves. Both pieces measure 71 _ H x 65 _       CABIN FOR RENT. Copalis Beach, WA.
  ACCESSORIES                                           February 12th                             L x 20 _ D. See photo at www.sauder.com.         Sleeps 5. 5 miles north of Ocean Shores – 2
                                                                                                  Asking $175. 425-432-6134 (9 AM – 8 PM)          blocks from ocean. For reservations or infor-
                                                 NEW CAREER? LEARN HYPNOSIS at                                                                     mation, call 253-529-5444. $75/night.
CAR ALARM + keyless entry, new in box!           Skagit Community College. Help others
2 remotes, siren, impact sensor, etc. Flash                                                       COUCH & LOVESEAT, floral pattern with
                                                 heal and earn a good living. QTTP pays for       beige, ivory, green & rose colors. Stan-         1999 28’ X 66’ MANUFACTURED HOME,
lights, disable starter, keyless entry & more.   classes. Classes start January 6. 360-387-
Lifetime warranty. Manuals included. In-                                                          dard classic shape with Scotchguarding-          Redman by Wynnwood. In park. Tacoma
                                                 1197 Ron                                         good condition. Paid $1700 at Levitz-            72nd and Portland Avenue area. 425-255-
stallation available $50. 253-826-4378 or
206-755-7782                                                                                      asking $700 for both. 425-432-6134 (9            1473 (after 6 PM)
                                                 RX DRUGS from Canada- 50% less than              AM – 8 PM)
                                                 U.S. prices. 425-251-8168                                                                         1991 MODULAR HOME DRASTICALLY
and bus parts. Most used; some new includ-                                                        BRAND NEW GAS STOVE TOP and match-               REDUCED, 3 BDRM, 2 bath, one with walk-
                                                 FRESH BROWN EGGS for sale on the East            ing hood, cream colored – never installed        in shower. New heat pump, air conditioner,
ing 18 king pin front beams and many axels.      Hill of Kent. These eggs are laid by free-
360-829-0504                                                                                      $350 for both; kitchen table and two chairs      new carpet, very and well kept $76,000.
                                                 range chickens and are absolutely yummy!         $45. 206-772-1752                                253-529-7838
                                                 Only $1.75 per dozen! Give us a call on 253-
TWO (2) SOLAR TRAX HERCULES                      630-8520. We’re easy to find.
SNOW TIRES 215/75R15. For Dodge Da-                                                               17 CU FT REFRIGERATOR $200; chande-              LATE 1979 24’ X 56’ MOBILE HOME in
kota 6-4.5” spacing on steel wheels- near                                                         lier hanging light $25; new CHILD’S BED          family park. 2 BDRM, 2 bath, fireplace, appli-
                                                 NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT AFTER THE                    and mattress – age 2-7 – paid $100 but selling   ances stay. Close to Everett Boeing plant.
new (used two times) $150. 360-412-5931          HOLIDAYS? I have proven and money-               for $60. Excellent condition. High chair         $37,500, $555 space rent. 425-353-0564
                                                 back guaranteed products that will melt the      $20; dresser $50. 206-772-1752
FOUR (4) CHROME-SPOKED wheels                    pounds off quickly. Brandi 253-833-2227 or
15x7” with tires from Dodge Dakota 6-4.5”                                                                                                          FOR RENT: 3 BDRM, 2 1/2 bath, 2-car
                                                 253-653-0876                                     GLASS COFFEE TABLE $50; child’s                  garage, gas fireplace, vaulted ceilings, moun-
spacing $600. LPAT 955307 @aol.com for
photos. 360-412-5931                                                                              dresser- white & gold $50; aerobatic arm &       tain view, large fenced yard, extra parking,
                                                 I AM AN EXPERIENCED TAX                          leg exerciser $75. 206-772-1752                  nice neighborhood. Bonney Lake $1200.
                                                 PREPARER. My service starts at $35- this                                                          253-862-1941
TRUCK RACKS for animals- adjustable to           will cover most returns. Turn around time is
fit Ford, Chevy, etc. $250. One pair of new                                                       DREXEL BRAND SOLID WALNUT
                                                 less than a week. Brandi 253-833-2227 or         CABINET, 7 drawers with bronze handles           FOR SALE: 1990 ARDMORE MOBILE 24’
studded snow tires on rims 175/70R13 $50         253-653-0876
OBO. 206-244-5810                                                                                 $40; solid walnut end table $20; lamp $10-       X 64’. 4 BDRM, 2 bath in family park in
                                                                                                  all items look brand new. 503-614-0261
                                                   ELECTRONICS &                                                                                   Spanaway. $5000 down and take over pay-
                                                                                                                                                   ments of $640; space rent $380. 253-875-9601
that unsafe, loose, tilt or telescopic column      ENTERTAINMENT                                  ASPEN 6-PIECE COMPUTER DESK set
                                                                                                  from Old Cannery Furniture, light oak: (1)       12’ x 44’ FOUR SEASONS SINGLEWIDE.
today! Columns repaired or modified. Col-
umns and parts for sale. 425-228-3326            COMPUTER DESK & HUTCH. Cherry                    corner hutch, (1) corner computer desk, (2)      2 BDRM, 1 bath, 2 storage sheds in Ashford,
                                                 color, Sauder model #2746. Six adjustable        side hutches and (2) desks. Must see. Paid       Pierce County on one acre. 360-569-2209
TWO (2) STUDDED SNOW TIRES P195/                 shelves; 2 glass doors on hutch, 2 solid doors   $1250- asking $600. 253-845-7092 (9 AM
75R14 mounted on Doge rims $50 OBO.                                                               to 9 PM)                                         130’ WATERFRONT on Covington Creek
                                                 on desk with/pullout keyboard and printer
425-255-1473 after 6 PM                                                                                                                            Canal. Access to Lake Sawyer, 3000 SF
                                                 shelves. Both pieces measure 71 _ H x 65 _       KIRBY VACUUM, many attachments- very             home, 500 SF self-sufficient cabana, in-
                                                 L x 20 _ D. See photo at www.sauder.com.         good condition; Frigidaire 4-burner gas
TWO (2) STUDDED SNOW TIRES P205/                                                                                                                   ground pool, boathouse $619,900. 360-886-
                                                 Asking $175. 425-432-6134 (9 AM – 8 PM)          cooktop, very clean. New white porcelain
70R15 like new $40 OBO. Two studded                                                                                                                1230
snow tires 175/70SR13 mounted $50 OBO.           NEW & USED POOL TABLES for home.                 cast-iron bath sink. 425-255-1804
425-255-1473 after 6 PM                                                                                                                            FACING LAYOFF? Want to significantly
                                                 Pool balls, sticks, lights, cover for tables.    THOMASVILLE DINING SET- one (1)                  lower your monthly mortgage payment?
                                                 Will recover pool tables, set-up and level.      table, two (2) leaves, six (6) chairs, table
91 HONDA CRX 199,573 miles with dam-                                                                                                               Refinance your home with an OPTIONS
                                                 253-638-0008                                     pads, lighted hutch. E-mail for pictures at
aged front end- sell for $1200 or part out.                                                                                                        loan. Some credit problems okay. Call for
Nitto NT450 16” tires with Koenig 16”            LOWREY DEBUT ORGAN with many of                  damnitred@yahoo.com; $1800 or trade for          details 206-227-7182
wheels. 253-848-4305 or 425-234-5913             rhythm controls and upper/lower keyboard         pool table or Honda car. 253-631-1646
                                                                                                                                                   FOR SALE BY OWNER- 3 bd/2 bath. 1-
                                                 sound effects $1000. 360-796-4798
   BOATS                                         CAR ALARM + keyless entry, new in box!
                                                                                                  CHERRY-RED COLONIAL QUEEN SIZE
                                                                                                  head and footboard with posts, two (2) dress-
                                                                                                                                                   1/2 acres on Meridian in Graham, WA. 253-
2001 PONTOON BOAT, 15’11”, deck 14’              2 remotes, siren, impact sensor, etc. Flash      ers with vanity mirror and new 27” Sony TV
X 8’, steering console, 8’ umbrella, 9.9 HP                                                       & JVC VCR $850. 206-938-2866                     FOR RENT in Tacoma: 2 BDRM duplex
                                                 lights, disable starter, keyless entry & more.
Nissan 4-Stroke trailer with wench. See at                                                                                                         with 2 baths, includes yard maintenance,
                                                 Lifetime warranty. Manuals included. In-         ORNATE ANTIQUE PARLOR STOVE,
55 Juniper, Soap Lake $4250. 509-246-1738                                                                                                          part utilities and garage. 253-896-5115
                                                 stallation available $50. 253-826-4378 or        cast-iron and some nickel plating. Round
                                                 206-755-7782                                     front with isinglass to view fire. Manufac-      CONDOMINUM TIME SHARE ownership
very low miles, like-new condition covered                                                        tured by Buttorff Co. Nashville. Photos on       in the Philippines, 1 to 4 weeks annually
                                                 DELL COMPUTER 233 WIN98, 56K mo-
moorage. Available at Everett Marina                                                              www.picturetrail.com/judyo99. $1200 OBO.         (lifetime ownership) from $64 a month for 3
                                                 dem, CD, floppy, mouse, keyboard, speak-
$17,000 with trailer. Many extras! 425-238-                                                       206-501-7111                                     years. $500 down payment, secured 44 unit
                                                 ers, 50 games, WORD97 $110. 17” monitor
9370                                                                                                                                               complex.      San      Miguel,    Tel/Fax
                                                 $60 extra. 425-335-4667
270 VOLVO OUTDRIVE, 130 Volvo parts.
Jet pump for 140 Johnson. Lower unit for              Circle One:    ANIMALS       ELECTRONICS & ENTERTAINMENT                              PROPERTY
140 Johnson NEVER USED. 425-432-9741                                 BOATS         FURNITURE & APPLIANCES                                   RECREATIONAL MEMBERSHIP
                                                                     TOOLS         RECREATIONAL VEHICLES                                    SPORTING GOODS
LARGE CANOPY TOP, boat loader hand                                   HOUSING       MISCELLANEOUS                                            VEHICLES
crank. 6’4” x 10’ long $25. 206-323-6829                             AUTO PARTS & ACCESSORIES                                               COTTAGE INDUSTRIES

9 FT FIBERGLASS HARDBOTTOM in-                     Ad (25 word limit. Please
flatable “Eagle” with 6 HP Evinrude Out-           print)._____________________________________________________________________________________
board motor. Both only $1500. Call Tom
360-895-8453 or 360-471-2846 or email              ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 COTTAGE                                           ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 INDUSTRIES                                        ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LET ME HELP YOU DESIGN YOUR NEW                    Phone (or Address)
YEAR’S RESOLUTION- quit smoking, lose              ______________________________________________________________________________________________
weight, exercise more through HYPNOSIS.
Call Ron at 360-387-1197                           The following information must be filled in for your ad to appear:

TIRED OF HIGH INTERNET PRICES?                     Name __________________________________________________________ Clock Number _________________________________
First ISP that pays YOU! Better Business
Bureau certified $12.95 a month Internet           Address _______________________________________________________ Shop Number __________________________________
access. Go to www.ISPVIP.com/cdjj for
more info. 253-435-4543                            Mail Coupon to AERO MECHANIC NEWSPAPER, 9125 15th Pl. S., Seattle, 98108 Deadline is February 12th!
                                                                                                             February 2003                   751 AERO MECHANIC                       Page 11
                                                  ARE YOU MAKING CABINETS? Have                   TWO HONDA 110’s – 1980 & 1981- both in             1992 LEXUS SC 400- 86,000 miles. V-8, all
   MISCELLANEOUS                                  finished drawers, doors, etc. Mahogany closet   excellent condition, automatic, great for trails   power, always garaged. $11,500 OBO. 360-
LAS VEGAS GETAWAY on Alaska Air-                  doors with passage and hinges. 425-255-1804     or hunting. They run very well and are             886-1230
lines. Stay at the Plaza Hotel. $300 per per-                                                     dependable $2,500 for both. 253-862-6759
son. Leave April 25, Return April 28. For         PUSH YARD VACUUM, 2-cycle mini-tiller,                                                             YANMAR F16D COMPACT TRACTORS,
more info, call 253-630-3394                      older rototiller, runs 66 Chev, LWB canopy-     WANTED: RV 18’ – 22’ trailer- must be in           under 750 hours, 20 HP diesel, 4-wheel drive,
                                                  free. 425-255-1804                              good condition and fairly priced. 360-568-         tiller, PTO, new 4’ Koyker loader and 3 point
WANTED: HANDICAPPED VET needs                                                                     8818                                               hitch- runs well $7,900 OBO. 206-255-6563
used Rascal or other motor scooter for trans-     ALFALFA AND ORCHARD GRASS HAY-
portation. 360-897-9991                           quality Eastern Washington hay fast deliv-      2000 HONDA 400 EX- way too much to list.           1994 TOYOTA PASEO, 2-door, white T,
                                                  ery. Call anytime- small orders welcome.        Great condition, extra sand tires. Email for       AM/FM CD, new battery, new timing belt.
TWO 4-FT Mott mowers for sale. $600               253-334-1426                                    pictures damnitred@yahoo.com. $4800                150,000 miles- runs great. $3500 OBO.
each. 360-829-0504                                                                                OBO. 253-631-1646                                  253-232-8885
                                                  WILDLIFE CONTROL MOLES giving you
LAUREL HEDGE PLANTS for sale. 360-                trouble? Call A Nuisance Trapper at 206-        1986 GOLDWING Limited Edition 1200GL.              VOLKSWAGEN CABRIO 1999- excellent
829-0504                                          920-4612                                        Excellent condition. $4300 OBO. 253-223-           condition, new black top- leather. Heated
                                                                                                  2776                                               seats, tinted windows, new tires. Oil change
WET BAR 10’ oak and brass $1200; large            STEERING COLUMNS REPAIRED, fix                                                                     every 3000 miles. 58,000 miles. MUST
wood playset $850 OBO. 77 CHEVY 3/4               that unsafe, loose, tilt or telescopic column   WANTED: looking to rent a storage space            SELL ASAP! $11,900 OBO. 253-301-3118
ton truck- rebuilt motor 10,000 miles $3000.      today! Columns repaired or modified. Col-       near Seattle for a small RV. Have your
Cash only. 253-875-8745                           umns and parts for sale. 425-228-3326           property earn money for you each month.            2001 GMC JIMMY TOPO/495 month. Email
                                                                                                  206-781-3686                                       for pictures damintred@yahoo.com or you
NEW CAREER? LEARN HYPNOSIS at                        PROPERTY                                                                                        refinance for cheaper monthly payments.
Skagit Community College. Help others
                                                  FLORAL HILLS EVERGREEN GAR-
                                                                                                     TOOLS                                           Will sell wheels separate $1000. 253-631-
heal and earn a good living. QTTP pays for                                                                                                           1646
                                                  DENS, 3 side-by-side lots valued at $1750       RIDING MOWER MTD $700; Troybuilde
classes. Classes start January 6. 360-387-
                                                  each. Will sell for $3000. 425-788-4692 or      tiller $200; push mower $25. 253-332-6031          1986 CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE- sil-
1197 Ron
                                                  weeder35@aol.com                                                                                   ver gray, leather and paint, perfect body,
                                                                                                  CRAFTSMAN 10” table saw with stand.
CABIN FOR RENT. Copalis Beach, WA.                                                                                                                   129K miles $895; 1986 Pontiac station wagon
                                                  PARK-LIKE ACREAGE 1.25 acres. Lots of           Works great- need space $175 OBO. 206-
Sleeps 5. 5 miles north of Ocean Shores – 2                                                                                                          with snow tires, 126K miles $850. 206-232-
                                                  trees & ferns. Gradual slope. Perfect lot for   243-6723
blocks from ocean. For reservations or infor-                                                                                                        2669
                                                  daylight basement. $19,900. Phone: 360-
mation, call 253-529-5444. $75/night.                                                             PRO-JET POWER WASHER 3000 PSI 11
                                                  275-2868. Attn: Barbara Huson-Reid Real                                                            1986 BLAZER 4X4, 1987 JIMMY 4X4,
                                                  Estate                                          HP Honda with Cat pump. Like new. Extras.
MAKE 2003 THE YEAR OF HEALTH-                                                                                                                        1983 NISSAN 4X4. Not running. Must sell
                                                                                                  $675 OBO. 425-271-9267
mentally and physically. Call Ron NOW at                                                                                                             cheap. Trade for Chev 350 V-8. 425-879-
                                                  HAVE 3 LOTS AT ROSEHILLS in the rose
360-387-1197.                                                                                     KELLER 24’ EXTRA HEAVY DUTY lad-                   6591
                                                  garden- will sell one or three at $700 each.
                                                  Lots are in Lynnwood, WA. 909-925-4361          der, industrial type 1A 300 lb duty rating.
FREE PIECES OF CONCRETE from broken                                                                                                                  1996 CAVALIER, LS 150 HP, 4-cylinder,
                                                  (California #)                                  $175 OBO. 425-271-9267
walk. Good for riverbanks to prevent soil                                                                                                            AT, AC, ABS, 28K miles. Equipped for
erosion. 1-1/2’ to 2’ long x 3” thick. Easy to                                                    MAXIMAT COMPACT LATHE Milling                      motorhome dinghy. Very nice condition.
                                                  VIEW LOT in Shelton area. Shorecrest
hand carry. Truck load. 206-766-8657                                                              Machine, includes various cutting tools, mi-       $4800. 253-735-7929
                                                  subdivision. Clubhouse, pool, boat launches,
                                                  water to property. Partially cleared. $7000     crometers, all accessories. 253-857-4312
NEW AQUARIUM “JEBO R-Style” electron                                                                                                                 1999 V6 TAURUS SE, 49K miles, 100K
                                                  firm. For home or recreation. 425-337-6492      home; 253-858-8444 days
switch R9128B, submersible pump; 50” long,                                                                                                           warranty, PW PDL, AT, AC, loaded, 48K
oval one end & square on other end; cover with                                                    CRAFTSMAN 6.75 HP EAGER 1 weed                     mile tune-up, brakes, job, transmission flush,
                                                  TWO (2) ACRES on Whidbey Island at
lights; light oak cabinet w/4 doors and shelves                                                   trimmer 22”. Like new. Extras. $175 OBO.           coolant flush, beautiful $7650 OBO. 425-
                                                  Lagoona Point Road. Asking $25,000. 253-
29 1/2” high $700 OBO. 206-244-5810                                                               425-271-9267                                       334-8790
WANTED TO BUY up to $150 for small
lake boat, 12’ or less or a canoe- any size.
                                                  FOR RENT: 4 BDRM, 1 1/2 bath, double-             VEHICLES                                         1977 CELICA GT, new paint 2002 T-Bird
                                                                                                                                                     blue, mag wheels, new interior, runs great,
                                                  car garage, family room, new carpets & paint
Also looking for Schwinn Stingray bikes-                                                          1994 NISSAN PICKUP- great condition,               possible partial trade for older pickup $6500.
                                                  throughout. In Renton Highlands. Liberty
any condition. 425-271-8789                                                                       clean inside and out. 56,000 miles. 5-speed        360-493-1344 after 4 PM
                                                  school. $1350. 206-772-1752
                                                                                                  manual transmission, 4 cylinder, 27 MPG.
TREADMILL- Weslo Cadence 925 Over                                                                 360-653-0202                                       1993 FORD F150 PICKUP, 4X4, 144K, but
                                                  FOR SALE: HOOD CANAL, 2 side-by-
$600 new- works great. Will sell for $250                                                                                                            runs like new. X-cab, canopy, 4.9 L, 6-
                                                  side lots 50 X 100 each. Water and light in
OBO. 360-652-0711                                                                                 2000 LINCOLN- 12,000 miles; selling for            cylinder, 4-speed OD. Good mileage- solid
                                                  and paid for. Good fishing and hunting; boat
                                                  ramp. Walk to water. $24,000. 206-772-          $33,000 – paid $45K. It has everything w/          riding truck. $4995. 253-265-0982
SUGARMAN UNLIMITED ANTIQUES/                                                                      built-in phone; silver and LS model. 206-
AUCTION is now open Monday – Sunday 9             1752                                                                                               1971 1/2 ton FORD PICKUP. Body excel-
AM – 4 PM. Consignment welcome. 712                                                                                                                  lent condition. Runs well- good rubber 15,000
                                                  130’ WATERFRONT on Covington Creek
Main Street- Buckley, WA. Large estate sale                                                       VW AFRICAN SAFARI BUS (double-slid-                miles. $1200. 360-825-3977
                                                  Canal. Access to Lake Sawyer, 3000 SF
full of glass and much more being sold now!                                                       ing doors) $2000. 360-829-0504
                                                  home, 500 SF self-sufficient cabana, in-                                                           1989 JEEP CHEROKEE LAREDO- blue, 2-
                                                  ground pool, boathouse $619,900. 360-886-                                                          door, new engine with warranty. Newer
                                                                                                  1977 CHEVY 3/4 ton truck- rebuilt motor
TONY LITTLE’S GAZELLE GLIDER, low                 1230                                                                                               front brakes, new battery, oversized tires,
                                                                                                  10,000 miles $3000 OBO. 253-875-8745
usage with instruction video $100. 360-413-                                                                                                          CD player, new seals. Excellent condition
                                                  NEED TO SELL MY HOUSE BEFORE
0058                                                                                              1975 DODGE POWER WAGON- 4-wheel                    $5,500 OBO. 425-271-4847
                                                  THE BANK TAKES IT! Laid off in March
                                                                                                  drive, 1/2 ton. Approx 10,000 miles on new
LARGE CANOPY TOP, boat loader hand                and have been selling everything to make the                                                       1996 CHRYSLER CIRRUS- red, V-6, AT,
                                                                                                  engine. Mechanic sound; body fair. I can no
crank. 6’4” x 10’ long $25. 206-323-6829          mortgage. 3 BDRM, 1 bath. 1,960 square                                                             AC, PW, PL, PM (heated), AM/FM cassette,
                                                                                                  longer drive. 91,048 miles. $1500 OBO.
                                                  feet on two (2) lots. House is appraised at                                                        tinted windows. 87K miles- original owner.
SEEDLESS GRAPE PLANTS, filbert, ha-               $170K, will sell without agents for $165K.                                                         Excellent condition; always garaged. $5700
zelnut, pussywillow, lavender, crocosmia,         206-244-1104                                    2000 CHEV EXPRESS CONVERSION                       OBO. 425-432-5321 or 206-551-9744
flame fennel, anise. 425-255-1804                                                                 VAN, hi-top, heavy duty tow package. One
                                                     RECREATIONAL                                 (1) owner always garaged. Looks new.               1992 GMC VALUE VAN- new tires, runs
WANTED: TWO 3’ DIA, lightweight
wheels, lightweight aluminum scaffold with           VEHICLES                                     Captain chairs TV/VCR, etc. Very well
                                                                                                  maintained. Can no longer drive. 38,493
                                                                                                                                                     and drives excellent, low miles, 1 ton. $10K
                                                                                                                                                     OBO; 1979 GRUMMAN 1 ton van, new
wheels, Metzler flashbar for removable sink-      1996 KOMFORT 24’ 5th wheel trailer, rear        miles. $25,000 OBO. 425-432-7515 or 425-           tires, nice body $2500 OBO. 1990 CATER-
ers. 425-255-1804                                 kitchen, queen bed, free standing table, very   432-4523                                           PILLAR BACKHOE, $12K OBO. 360-
                                                  nice $8,900. See at www.picturetrail.com/                                                          652-5941 or email softtop63@aol.com
GARDEN HOSE REEL, wheeled push cul-                                                               1981 EAGLE STATION WAGON. Newer
tivator, small bike w/new tires & tubes, wood     judyo99. Truck w/hitch also available. 206-
                                                  501-7111                                        engine, runs well. $850 or trade for old           1998 GMC YUKON SLT, automatic, CD,
fruit boxes, 5th wheel lock, 2 wood swing                                                         tractor. Also, Allis-Chalmers Model C trac-        tan leather power heated seats, tow pkg, rear
seats. 425-255-1804                               WANTED: WILL pay cash for a 22’ – 24’           tor with loader; PTO, runs well. $3200. 360-       air, P/S, P/W, P/L, cruise, locking differen-
                                                  Argosy or roundtop travel trailer in usable     458-7784                                           tial, ABS, metallic green. 253-858-0799
253-520-4031 in Kent                              condition. 253-845-0119 or 253-677-7325

Applications Available                                                                                    REQUEST FOR IAM 2003 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PACKET

                                                                                                         Please send me an Application Packet for the 2003 IAM Scholarship Competition. If the
                                                                                                     proper packet is not received within 30 days, advise the Scholarship Department immediately.
for 2003 IAM Scholarship                                                                             I understand that this request is not an application, and that the Application Packet must be
                                                                                                     completed and postmarked no later than February 21, 2003.
                                                                                                         REMINDER: Please check the appropriate box listed below and the requested application
   The IAM Scholarship Competition is             maximum of four years, whichever occurs            will be mailed to you. Child of IAM member must currently be in senior year of high school
                                                                                                     (graduating 2003). As an IAM member who will have 2 years’ continuous membership in the
open each year to members of the IAM and          first. Vocational/Technical School – $2,000        IAM as of February 21, 2003, I am requesting an Application Form for:
their children throughout the United States       per year until certification is reached for a
                                                                                                                    Child of a Member requesting a College Scholarship
and Canada.                                                  maximum of two years, which-                           Child of a Member requesting a Vocational/Technical Scholarship
   Awards to members are                                     ever occurs first.                                     IAM Member requesting a College scholarship
$2,000 per academic year. They                                   For information on rules of                        IAM member requesting a Vocational/Technical Scholarship.
are granted for a specific period,                           eligibility or to obtain an appli-      Print your name and address clearly:
from one to four years, leading to                           cation, complete and return the
a Bachelor’s degree or a two-                                form at right.
year vocational/technical certifi-                               No application forms post-
cation.                                                      marked later than February 21,
   Awards to children of members are              2003, will be acknowledged or consid-
$1,000 per academic year for college. All         ered. No exceptions whatsoever will be                 IMPORTANT: Complete this coupon              Mail to: IAM Scholarship Program
                                                                                                         and attach a SELF-ADDRESSED                           9000 Machinists Place
awards are renewed each year, until a             permitted even if a third party is respon-             LABEL for reply.                                      Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-2687
Bachelor’s degree is obtained or for a            sible for the delay.
Page 12            751 AERO MECHANIC                  February 2003

        f you’re interested in reading    vacationers back to the
        about old ghost towns, million-   Old West in his
        dollar mining camps, or learning  “Premier Guided
        more about historical sites in    Ghost Town Tours.”
        Northeastern Washington, you      On these riveting day
need look no further than 751 member      trips, guests experience
Jerry Smith. While Jerry has logged in    first-hand the ghost
nearly 34 years working for The Boeing    towns and historical
Company, he also has put in countless     sites in beautiful
hours over those years pursuing his       Okanogan Country,
hobby - exploring ghost towns and         including Night Hawk,
discovering relics in Northeastern        Ruby City, Molson
Washington.                               and Four Metals Mine.
    Jerry has become a resident expert on Tours cover historic
the subject – exploring the remains of    buildings, ghost towns,
the pioneer days and conducting           mining camps, gold
extensive research into various historicaland silver mines, and
sites. This passion for the prospector    much more.
days has really panned out for this           His interest in the
Boeing employee. Jerry published a        Old West started when
book last April entitled “Boom Towns &    he was a child. Jerry
Relic Hunters of Northeastern Washing-    recalled, “When I was
ton.” Critics have hailed it as the most  young, my dad took
informative book on the topic. Judging    me hunting and fishing
by how quickly it has been selling,       in Northeastern             751 Steward and member Jerry Smith shared his expertise on Northeastern Washington ghost
readers agree with the assessment. The    Washington. On those towns in his published book and on his guided tours. Above in Old Molson ghost town.
book is available at most libraries and   trips, we would
sells at many bookstores, including       explore ghost towns from the pioneer        together into one comprehensive book        towns and mines in Northeastern
Barnes and Noble, Borders, and even       days. The interest carried over as an adult everyone could enjoy. For nearly two        Washington State. Jerry also included
Amazon.com.                               and has been something I have avidly        years, Jerry worked on the manuscript.      a chapter on metal detecting and relic
    Yet Jerry does more than just share   pursued. My wife, Laurie, and son,          Once the writing was complete, he           hunting, which offers advice on how to
his expertise in this book. During the    Cody, share my enthusiasm and are           experienced the                                             search out and locate
summer months, he spends many             equally involved in the tours and           tedious process of                                          those long-lost valuable
weekends serving as an experienced        research.”                                  getting it published                                        treasurers from the past
adventure guide - taking tourists and         As a long-time member of the            and distributed.                                            with just a little
                                                                    Okanogan             The time was                                             knowledge about
                                                                    County            well-spent and                                              research and how to use
                                                                    Historical        resulted in a top-                                          a metal detector.
                                                                    Society, Jerry    notch product. In                                               Much of the informa-
                                                                    has documented    his book, Jerry                                             tion from his book is
                                                                    the history of    takes you back in                                           shared on his website
                                                                    Northeastern      time to the boom                                            www.ghosttownsusa.com.
                                                                    Washington        town days of                                                Since posting the site, he
                                                                    State for various yesteryear and                                              receives over 4,000 hits
                                                                    magazines and     brings to life the                                          per month, as well as
                                                                    newsletters, as   ageless Old West                                            enticing many to take his
                                                                    well as assisting mining-era days of                                          guided tours.
                                                                    with TV           boom towns,                                                     His book and tours
                                                                                                               Jerry's book can be found at
                                                                    documentaries     miners, prospec-         most libraries, Barnes &           were recently featured
                                                                    and radio talk    tors, and pioneers.      Noble, or Amazon.com               on the television show
                                                                    shows. With       Yet the book goes                                           “Northwest Backroads
                                                                    such a vast       far beyond providing simply a histori-      Great Escapes” and most certainly will
Jerry’s family and friends explore the famous Four Metals
Mine. Jerry escorted the Northwest Backroads television             wealth of         cal account and includes rare historic      keep the spirit of the Old West alive
crew on a tour of the mine, as well.                                knowledge, he     maps, 98 outstanding photos and exact       and well for many years to come.
                                                                    decided to put it locations of long-lost famous ghost

Stroke Victim Returns to Shop To Visit Friends
by Tom Sweeney, Union Steward                                                                                Myron             reporting may benefit you in more ways than you realize.
                                                                                                             Cochran had          • If you live alone, make sure you have people touch
    Myron Cochran returned to his electronics shop to visit                                                  enough            base with you frequently – maybe even give your emer-
his friends and coworkers, who were instrumental in                                                          strength to       gency contacts a key to your house.
                                                                                                             wrestle co-
saving his life when he suffered a stroke in his home last                                                                        • Your Union not only preserves jobs through negotiat-
September, where he lives alone. Myron, a former steward,                                                    Danny             ing and enforcing contracts and work rules but sometimes
was transported for the visit from the convalescent facility,                                                Pham down         might save your life through the determination of compas-
where he has been recovering, by retiree Larry Lamb who                                                      for a hug.        sionate members, Union reps and staff.
was Myron’s former steward, lead and Local E officer.                                                        Also pictured        • Finally, educate yourself about the symptoms of stoke
    Myron looked amazingly healthy and was obviously                                                         Union Rep         (or brain attack). The quicker medical intervention is
pleased to see his coworkers. He has lost considerable                                                       Paul Knebel       applied, the less damage will occur.
                                                                                                             (l) and Doug
weight and is sticking to a disciplined, healthy diet. He is
now able to formulate sentences and to lift his right leg. He                                                (standing)         Common Stroke Symptoms:
had enough strength in his left arm to wrestle his coworker,                                                                       • Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially
Danny Pham, down for a hug (see photo). He has boldly           Union involved, which resulted in several visits to his              on one side of the body
predicted that, with the Lord’s help, he will be fully          home. Concerned individuals convinced the King County              • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.
recovered and back to work in 3 months.                         Sheriff’s department to break down the door, where they            • Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes.
    The concern, diligence and hard work of a number of         found Myron, who had suffered a stroke that left him               • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or
people all came together to rescue him from imminent            paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak. He was               coordination.
death had he been left undiscovered much longer (as             transported to the hospital.                                       • Sudden severe headache with no known cause
reported in the last issue of the Aero Mechanic). To recap         Myron, who is actively involved with several churches,       Less Common Stroke Symptoms include:
the events - Myron has tremendous work ethic and an             had many friends visit and minister to him, as well as             • Sudden nausea, fever and vomiting distinguished from a viral
impeccable reputation for being dependable. When he             helping oversee his affairs during his period of incapacity.          illness by the speed of onset (minutes or hours vs. several
failed to report in on a Monday morning, his two co-            Supervisor Pat Beireis and second shift Steward Sandra                days)
workers, Danny Pham and Doug Gould immediately be-              Desimone repaired his door and secured his home. A few             • Brief loss of consciousness or period of decreased
came suspicious and asked management to investigate.            conclusions can be drawn from this series of events:                  consciousness (fainting, confusion, convulsions or coma)
Danny and Doug persisted until management got the                  • A consistent attendance record and prompt absence

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