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					                             International Business and Marketing

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Course Title: International Business and Marketing                       WVEIS Code 1437

Course Description: This course is for students with a career interest in the field of
international trade or for students who intend to pursue a business/marketing degree.
This course provides students with an understanding of the various careers in
international trade, finance and marketing. Fundamental concepts, principles, and
theories of marketing in an international setting are considered.

Level of Competence:

        1 – No mastery
        2 – Limited mastery; constant supervision needed
        3 – Average or good mastery; some supervision needed
        4 – Almost complete mastery; little supervision needed
        5 – Complete mastery; no supervision needed

                                                        Level of
      Content Standards and Objectives                Competence       Date       Comments
                                                  1    2   3   4   5
Role of International Business
Identify examples of international trade in the
local and state community.
Describe the impact of international business
activities on the local, regional and national
Analyze the impact of a domestic company
involving itself in international trade
Describe the resources (e.g., ports, trade
routes, transportation centers, foreign trade
zones and natural, financial, and human
resources) of major cities around the world.
Identify business opportunities in countries in
various levels of economic development.
Communication Strategies
Compose effective business
Analyze international business blunders
resulting from ineffective or incorrect
communication patterns.
Identify international cultural differences in
food, dress, social behaviors and language.
Compare business protocol of various
State examples of non-verbal communication
affecting international businesses.
                                                   Level of
     Content Standards and Objectives                              Date   Comments
                                             1    2   3    4   5

Social, Cultural, Political, Legal, and Economic Factors
Identify distinctive social and cultural factors
affecting business activities (e.g. time,
workday, workweek, schedules, holidays).
Describe how trade barriers, tariffs, quotas
and taxation policies affect choice of location
for companies operating internationally.
Recognize legal differences that exist
between and among countries in areas such
as consumer protection, product guidelines,
labor laws, contract formulation, liability and
Define terms such as GDP (GNP), balance of
trade, foreign debt and cost of living.
Analyze the availability of resources and
economic potential in various countries.
Identify the economic systems used to
decide what to produce, how it is produced,
and for whom it is produced in a country.
Evaluate the competitive strengths and
weaknesses faced by a company involved in
international business.
International Finance and Risk Management
Explain how currency exchange rates affect
Identify risks associated with international
Operations and Management of Human Resources
Describe the production processes used to
create goods and services in different
Discuss factors that influence the type of
merchandise/inventory control systems used
by companies operating internationally.
Identify the factors that influence the
application of managerial styles in different
Describe how compensation and employee
benefits differ in various cultures.
Identify how differences in occupational
health and safety standards impact the
conduct of business internationally.
Marketing Concepts
Describe how a company markets a
product/service in other countries.
Illustrate how social, cultural, technological
and geographic factors influence consumer
buying behavior in different countries.
Evaluate market potential for a good or
service in a foreign market.
                                                Level of
     Content Standards and Objectives                          Date   Comments
                                          1    2   3   4   5

Describe how the marketing mix elements
need to be adapted for international
marketing efforts.
Analyze buying patterns of consumers in a
foreign market.
Explain how the marketing research process,
including data collection, differs in an
international application.
Give examples of countries that have
absolute and comparative advantage.
Explain how brands and packages are
affected by culture.
Explain how the business environment
affects prices charged in foreign markets.
Select distribution channels for a company
involved in international business.
Discuss media used in different foreign
Analyze the influence of social and cultural
factors affecting promotions used in foreign
Trade Concepts in the Import/Export Process
Identify goods and services imported to or
exported from a country.
Analyze the import or export potential for a
good or service.
Describe the role that U.S. Customs and the
customs agencies of other countries play in
international trade activities.
Define why trade barriers are imposed by
governments (such as quotas, tariffs,
licensing requirements, exchange rate
Describe international trade agreements
(e.g., GATT, NAFTA).
Business Ownership and Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Analyze various forms of business ownership
(e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation,
partnership) for different international
business situations.
Determine social and cultural influences on
the form of business ownership used or
required in different countries.
Identify potential new international business
ventures for locally based companies.
Distinguish between licensing and
franchising for international business
Technology in International Business
                                                   Level of
     Content Standards and Objectives                             Date   Comments
                                             1    2   3   4   5

Describe how the use of technology impacts
the global market.
Identify global e-commerce legal issues.

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