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					                          THE PULSE
                                     PAR Newsletter                                                                     Winter 2011, Issue 1

                                               President’s              ence attendees, but connected possibili-
                                                                        ties of combining resources together.
                                              Report From
                                             Bethany Schultz            As a result of getting connected, I am
                                                                        excited to share the 2011 Conference
                                               We’re All in This        “We’re All in This Together” will be
                                                  Together              the first ever conference between
                              On behalf of the PAR Board we would like  OSDA (Ohio Self Determination Asso-
                              to thank everyone—conference atten-       ciation) and PAR. This collaborative
  The Mission of PAR          dee’s, sponsors, vendors, for another     effort will attract a larger audience, in-
                              successful convention. We kicked off      creased networking opportunities, and
PAR offers quality train-     the three day convention with guest       increased awareness of self-
ing, professional develop-    speakers, Karen Vadino and Shari          determination. Each board will con-
ment and networking op-                                                 tinue to function independently, pre-
                              Peace. In the spirit of Karen, I have to
portunities to enhance ser-                                             serving the identities of both boards.
vices to individuals with     ask “are you wearing your cranky pants
                              or happy slacks today?” I use this ques-  This will provide all of our stake-
developmental disabilities.
                              tion frequently not only as a quick atti- holders with an opportunity to attend
                              tude check but also within my personal    an annual conference of both boards at
                              and work environments. It is a great      one time!
     Inside this Issue:
                              way to facilitate immediate attitude ad-
Convention News           2   justments.                                 Mark your calendars now, October 5-7,
                                                                         2011, as you will not want to miss this
New PAR Board                                                            exclusive event! Peter Leidy will be
                              Did you know we
Members                   3
                              brought Hollywood to                       kicking off the conference; Nick Scott,
Community                     PAR? We were hon-                          Professional Body Builder will be on
Connections               4   ored to have guest                         aboard to share his story and will be
                              speaker Robin Trocki                       attending Thursday night event. You
Other News                5   (Glee, cast member)                        will not want to miss this conference,
                              and     her       sister,                  an event that will bring the best of two
Wish List                 6
                              (Sharon) join us!                          outstanding non-profit boards’ missions
                                                         Sharon Miller & and values together in one location.
Thoughts & Challenges     6   Robin shared their per-     Robin Trocki
                              sonal story, which                         Check us out at and
PAR Board &                   brought laughter, tears and empower- After all, We’re All
Staff Members             7
                              ment to everyone who heard her story. in This Together!
Contact Information       7   The 2010 theme “Get Connected”
                              proved to be true not only for confer-
                            2011 PAR & OSDA Conference
                                           October 5-7, 2011
                             “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”

                                         Wednesday, October 5, 2011
                                              Keynote Speaker
                                             Peter Leidy
                            Speaker, Author & Song Writer
Peter Leidy has been learning from people with disabilities since 1983. For almost 20 years he worked for
Options in Community Living, a supported living agency in Madison, Wisconsin. His roles included direct
support, service coordination, recruiting and supporting direct service staff, community building and
administrative responsibilities. Peter consults with individuals, families, organizations, counties and states in
areas such as:
        • supported living                                • positive behavior support
        • self-determination                              • building community relationships
        • organizational development                      • supporting and valuing direct support staff

Peter also writes and sings humorous and thought-provoking songs about life in the human service system
and is an award-winning singing commentator on Wisconsin Public Television. He lives with his wife Betsy in
Madison, Wisconsin.

                           Thursday, October 6, 2011
                               Keynote Speaker

                                                Nick Scott
                        With dance partner Aubree Marchione
At age 16, Nick was a promising football athlete when a near fatal traffic accident changed his life. Nick was
diagnosed as paraplegic and he was told that it would be physically impossible for him to ever walk again.
That day a part of him died; yet, at the same time, another part was born. Overweight and disparaging, Nick
was determined to turn his life from a debilitating tragedy into a personal triumph.

 Twelve years later, as a professional bodybuilder, wheelchair ballroom dancer, personal trainer, motivational
speaker and entertainer, Nick has the enthusiasm, vision, convictions, abilities and life experience to reach
out to inspire and give hope to others, especially those who are unaware of the personal strength they can tap
into if only they will believe and try. “I inspire others to break through to new levels of peak performance and

                     For More Information Visit Our Websites
       New PAR Board Members                              and in 1995, an Individual Options Provider. I was
                Dawn Joiner                               an independent provider providing in home service
                Midwest Health Services, Inc.             to families while also working for a private sup-
                Knox County                               ported living agency. I continued working for
                I joined Midwest Health Services,         the agency and maintained my private provider
                Inc. in July 2005. I oversee programs     status for 6 years. In 2001, I decided to make the
                serving individuals in Knox, Licking,     big leap to go on my own. I started Turning Point
                and Muskingum counties and serve          residential providing home maker personal care ser-
on the Citizens Advisory Council for the Mt.              vices. In 2005 I opened up our first day habilitation
Vernon Developmental Center. I also serve on the          center called No Limits Alternative Center. Now 9
Knox County Dual Diagnosis Intensive Treatment            years later we are serving over 150 Individuals
(DDIT) team. I have had the pleasure of working           through residential services and level one services
with a wide variety of folks and with several county      in Mahoning and Columbiana County. Over the
boards. In 2007, Midwest opened up its first adult        past year we added Foster Care Services. We oper-
day habilitation center under the name of Midwest         ate 3 day habilitation centers providing services
Innovations, and I had the privilege of being in-         such as community supported employment, recrea-
volved with this endeavor. Since beginning my ca-         tional and vocational habilitation services. Our
reer with Midwest, I have found that relationships        company is a team that believes we can make a
and friends have been developed that will last a          positive difference in lives of people with disabili-
lifetime. I am very proud of the work that is being       ties and that all goals are obtainable when we all
done here at Midwest Health. I am a strong advo-          work together.
cate of rights for the folks I work with in this field.
                                                                        Ann Weisent
I am currently studying to complete my BA in Hu-                        Ohio Department of DD
man Services Management from the University of                          My name is Ann Weisent. I am a re-
Phoenix. I am a certified Therapeutic Assault Pre-                      view manager for the Ohio Depart-
vention (TAPS) instructor. My ongoing CEU and                           ment of Developmental Disabilities,
MUI training includes adult day services, voca-                         Office of Provider Standards and Re-
tional habilitation and working with offenders with                     view. I have been with DODD since
developmental disabilities.                               May of 2003. I am a graduate of River View High
                                                          School and Ohio University. Upon graduation, I
              Kathy Phillips                              took my first job in the DD field working as a direct
              Turning Point Residential, Inc.             support professional for a private provider in Knox
               Mahoning County                            County. In 1994, I was hired by the Licking
              My name is Kathy Phillips. I am mar-        County Board of DD and worked as a Case Man-
              ried and have 2 wonderful chil-             ager and the Director of Community Resources. My
              dren. The field of special education        husband Mark and I live in Mt. Vernon and enjoy
was part of our family growing up as one of my            riding our motorcycles and spending time with our
older brothers has Attention Deficits & Learning          families including our two grandsons.
Disabilities. My first job in this field was in 1991
with Easter Seals where I worked for 3 years pro-
viding and organizing respite care services to fami-
lies. During that time I also became involved with
Mahoning County Board of DD working as a work-
shop specialist for 2 years. I was made aware of so
many opportunities working for the Masco Board
that in 1994 I became an Ohio Medicaid Provider

                               Outgoing PAR Board Members
We would like to bid farewell to the following PAR Board Members who left the board. The entire PAR
board would like to thank them for their many years of devoted service to the PAR organization. We will
miss you.
Jennifer Rousculp - Secretary/Treasurer of the PAR Board, Developmental Disabilities of Clark County
Todd Dickman - Ohio Association of County Boards of DD
John Roberts - Retired - Lucas County Board of DD

                                   PAR 2010 Award Winners
The YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD is awarded to Robin Trocki, from the cast of “Glee”.
                 Robin never resists a good conversation. At the time of her birth, the physician recom-
                 mended that she be institutionalized due to the condition of her disabilities. Her mother
                 chose not to take that route and raised her with her siblings. She fought for her own space
                 and consistently rose to the occasion. Robin remembers the challenges of school and her
                 first job at Burger King. She has worked at the Deli Department at Kings Market and liked
                 her job. She has a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity and makes friends quickly. She was in-
                 volved with LA GOAL and became involved in the hand bell choir and also was in a book
                 entitled “Disabled Fables” which Sean Penn was involved in. She continued to demon-
strate her independence and for 18 years while still working at Ralph’s market. She received the Voices
Award in LA and won the part in the television show “Glee”. Robin knew she had the part in her mind as
soon as she auditioned. She also fought to get more lines on the show and was able to convince the execs
to do so. Robin believes that people who say individuals with a disability can’t do anything……better
think again.
                The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given to an individual who has dedi-
                cated their life to the field of developmental disabilities. This year’s winner is Gary
                Tonks, Executive Director of the ARC of Ohio. Gary has been a teacher, direct care staff
                person, advocate, friend, case manager, QMRP, director and an Executive Director. He is
                good at recruiting volunteers and is known around Ohio.
                 Gary worked in California Alabama and Pennsylvania. He is one of the authors of the
                 Ohio’s Medicaid Redesign, HB 94 and represented individuals and their families on the
creation of Ohio’s current Medicaid Waiver System. Gary continues to fight for what he believes is right
in the services for people with disabilities. He does not always take the popular route but at the end of the
day knowing he has accomplished something good for people and their families.
                  The PAR INDIVIDUAL OF THE YEAR AWARD winner is Christine Brown.
                  Christine has a passion for creating services and organizational supports for people with
                  disabilities. She was fundamental in getting a transit system started, started a book club,
                  and then got her own business established with another individual. Christine advocated
                  for an active chapter for People First. She embodies the concept of Self Determination
                  and is relentless in working towards her goals. She is knowledgeable about the service
                  system and has an excellent understanding of Medicaid waivers. Christine is very driven
                  in everything she does. One of her greatest assets is networking and has relationships
                  with local, state and national officials.
                                                                                        Continued on Page 5

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                 “PAR FOR EXCELLENCE” is given to a manager, supervisor or direct care staff that
                 has devoted their life to serving individuals in the DD field, played a role in training of
                 staff and has been involved with PAR during their career. This year’s winner is Nancy
                 Richards, Executive Director for Clearwater COG.
                 She has worked for several different counties, the state department and now works up by
                 the lakes. She has trained many individuals and county boards to become better agencies
                 and to think differently. She is always smiling and has faith in the people that we serve.
                 She has helped push Self Determination Concepts and Individual Budgets when she
                 worked at the state level and also through the Ohio Self Determination Association.

              The PAR’TNERING AWARD is given to an individual or organization that provides a
              positive collaboration to PAR and supports PAR’s mission. This year’s winner is Leeda
              North East Inc. Leeda NE continues to give and support PAR in many ways. They have
              allowed staff to be hosts and attend the convention and regional trainings and have been a
              vendor at the convention. They have paid for ads in the brochure as well as a sponsor for
              the convention. Their staff designed the PAR brochure cover and their Executive Director,
              Winnie Hosking is on PAR Board. They continue to give in so many ways including table
              decorations for the networking events, paying for meals and just going above and beyond.

                       There were two PAR                              The second $200 scholarship win-
                       MEMBERS OF THE                                  ner is Wendy Gorrell who is pur-
                       YEAR and they went to                           suing a master’s degree and she is
                       Anna Markley and Lynn                           the Adult Services Director at
                       Franklin, both from the Lu-                     Morgan County Board of DD.
                       cas County Board of DD.
                       They have attended the PAR
conference for years as well as many regional train-
ings and one of them is a PAR lifetime member.
They have presented different sessions at PAR with
good reviews and have been encore presenters.
They purchase items in the silent auction every year
and continue to support the mission of PAR.                   Winners of the 2010 Convention
                                                                  Evaluation Drawing
                 The PAR MEMORIAL                          The winners each won $10 for turning in their
                 SCHOLARSHIP is sponsored by                       convention evaluation form.
                 Champaign Residential Services,
                 INC. There are 2 award winners          Loretta Artrip - Richland County Board of DD
                 for 2010. The first one is Dol-
                 Brumage who is a workshop spe-          Janice Koralewski - Lucas County Board of DD
                 cialist at the Morgan County
                 Board of DD and she received a          Misty Carpenter - Morgan County Board of DD
                 $200 scholarship.

                                     Community Connection

                           Cultivating a                                         Three Paths, One
                           Garden Club                                           Destination
                          Michael Blessinger has                                 For the past few months a
                          loved gardening for as                                 group of folks have found
                          long as he can remem-                                  themselves together at
                          ber. When he was young,
                          he would help his mother                               the Finneytown Panera in
                          water her gardens and                                  Finneytown, Ohio. The
                          was amazed how plants                                  chance to share thoughts,
                          would grow and bloom.                                  creative ideas and do co-
     Michael Blessinger   After high school he at-           Emily and Eva      operative writing seemed
                          tended the horticulture      to be the “point” of meeting monthly.
program at Diamond Oaks Vocational School.
These days he is very busy working at Children’s
Hospital, but still makes time for gardening. He        Emily Strole was thrilled. Along with her love of
loves growing his own vegetables and being able to     writing, she has a never ending list of activities and
incorporate another passion of his - math; calculat-   interests that she enjoys pursuing which focuses on
ing things like how much fertilizer to use.            her neighborhood of Lockland. Singing in her
                                                       church choir, making trips to see a friend in a nurs-
One of the ways that he shares his passion for gar-    ing home and volunteering at the high school have
dening is through his gardening club. This started
as an idea he had with a friend, to share informa-     all been part of Emily’s life. Inspired by the recent
tion, ideas, events and “secrets” of gardening.        birth of her nephew, Emily talks about becoming
Members were initially friends and family from the     certified as a childcare provider.
Westside of Cincinnati, Ohio sharing letters with
one another.                                            Emily eagerly agreed to be a part of the writer’
                                                       group where she was able to meet Finneytown resi-
Now Mike delivers a seasonal newsletter to all dent Eva Grippa. Eva first became interested in
members. The holiday edition contained informa-
tion on how to create a centerpiece from an oak writing at McCauley High School and followed her
tree branch. A previous edition contained informa- dream to Ohio University, earning a BA in journal-
tion on lilies: how to break apart bulbs and care for ism. Eva loves to laugh and provides the expertise
them. The club has sprouted to 14 members and on guiding the writing process that takes place be-
has branched out to neighborhoods across the city. tween the chit chat of what people have been doing
                                                       lately and the sharing of the large and small things
Sharing the secrets of gardening that gardeners ac- going on in one’s life.
cumulate over the years was at the root of Mike’s
passion for creating this club. It is an opportunity
for everyone to give and receive information and to That may be a large reason why Katie Watt finds
cultivate their skills to acquire the “dirt” that they herself at this same location. Katie recently moved
may not otherwise be able to access. It also keeps to Cincinnati from Winchester, Kentucky and felt
them in contact with one another. Mike is envision- the desire to explore her surroundings and become
ing that the group will expand and also do more part of something. As she commented recently, “I
things together such as seeing a movie or a play.
                                                       really don’t consider myself a writer but I just love
                                                       hanging out with everyone”.

                                                        Her statement reminds us that while writing may
                                                       have served as the “reason” to gather at a specific
                                                       time and place, it is the connecting with others and
                                                       enjoyment of being together that keeps us coming
                                                Other News
                                The ARC of Ohio                             Recreation Unlimited
                             PAR       -     Ohio                           2011 Camps
                             (Professionals, Advo-                           Recreation Unlimited continues to
                             cates, Resources) sur-                          be Ohio’s largest provider of
                             prised Gary Tonks,             “I love camp!” sports, recreation and education
                             Executive Director of                          programs for individuals with dis-
                             The ARC of Ohio,           abilities and health concerns. By the time 2010 con-
with its 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award at their       cludes, it is anticipated that over 1,520 individuals
42nd annual convention, held October 6-8th at the       with disabilities and health concerns will have at-
Embassy Suites Hotel in Dublin, Ohio.                   tended a Recreation Unlimited camp including Sum-
                                                        mer Residential, Summer Day, Year Round Respite
 Gary has been the Executive Director of The ARC Weekends, and Specialty Weeklong and Weekend
of Ohio since 1997 and has also served The Arc as Camps. This increase of 5% over 2009 and a 17%
an Executive Director in Pennsylvania, Alabama and increase over 2008.
California. He has been a Volunteer, Direct Support
Professional, Case Manager, Teacher and QMRP, “In 2010, the number of campers with disabilities
but he is best known for his Advocacy efforts on be- and health concerns on our wait list wishing to attend
half of individuals with developmental disabilities a Recreation Unlimited camp continues to grow,”
and their families.                                     said Paul Huttlin, Recreation Unlimited’s Executive
                                                        Director and CEO. “Only through community sup-
"I have been blessed," said Gary in a recent inter- port, we will be able to continue to meet their needs
view. "I have the honor of working and living with and develop new camp and program offerings
people who make a difference everyday and think throughout the year.”
nothing of it. It's part of who they are and they could
not imagine life any other way.”                                             It is important for campers to reg-
                                                                             ister early for a Recreation
“I want to thank PAR for this honor and also thank                           Unlimited camp in order to re-
those children, adults, dedicated professionals,                             serve their spot. The complete
moms, dads and fellow advocates who speak up                                 2011 camp schedule posted on the
when others around them are silent or cannot speak;        “My counselor is Recreation Unlimited website at
roll up their sleeves and do what needs done; and,           my buddy!”
will not rest until the job is completed."

             Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is a flower.
                                                         -John Lennon

                                Thoughts                                         PAR’s Wish List
                                    &                                          PAR needs supplies,
                               Challenges                                    PAR needs equipment,
                                                                          PAR needs people & PAR needs
                                  From                                               YOU!
                              Margie Munson
                                                                        As many of you know, PAR operates on a
                                                                        shoestring budget. The majority of income
One year, a husband decided to buy his mother-in-law a cemetery         comes from member dues and profits made
plot as a Christmas gift.                                               from the training we conduct. From this
The next year, he didn’t buy her a gift.                                money we support our mission and philoso-
When she asked him why, he replied, “Well, you still haven’t used       phy and of course, pay the bills! There is not
the gift I bought you last year!”                                       much left for extras. The Board strives to be
And that’s how the fight started…
                                                                        responsible stewards of PAR money and we
 My wife walked into the den & asked “What’s on the TV?”                are asking you to help us out.
I replied “Dust.”
And that’s how the fight started…
                                                                        In each newsletter, we will publish a “wish
 A woman is standing nude, looking in the bedroom mirror. She is
not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, “I feel hor-      list”. These are things that we have identi-
rible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a com-     fied, but always keep your eye open for any-
pliment.”                                                               thing we might be able to use. One member
The husband replies, “Your eyesight’s darn near perfect.”               found a company that was purchasing new
And that’s how the fight started…                                       LCD projectors and asked the company to
 My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming             donate their old ones to PAR. Another
anniversary. She said, “I wanted something shiny that goes from 0       member found reams of color paper being
to 200 in about 3 seconds.”
I bought her a scale.
                                                                        given away which we use for announce-
And that’s how the fight started…                                       ments and certificates.
 I asked my wife, “Where do you want to go for our anniversary?”
It warmed my heart to see her face melt in sweet appreciation.          Remember that PAR is a 501(c)3 organiza-
“Somewhere I haven’t been in a long time!” She said.                    tion your donation may be tax deductible. If
So I suggested, “How about the kitchen?”                                you can assist with any of these or think of
And that’s when the fight started…                                      other donations, contact Emma at the PAR
 When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her           office (419-522-6207) or
someplace expensive.
So, I took her to a gas station.
And that’s when the fight started…
                                                                                     Wish List Items
                                                                          Computer programs—Adobe Illustrator
 I tried to talk to my wife into buying a case of Miller Light for
$14.95. Instead, she bought a jar of cold cream for $7.95. I told her
                                                                          Information/Articles for the Newsletter
the beer would make her look better at night than the cold cream.                    Parchment Paper
And that’s when the fight started…                                                 Silent Auction Items
 My wife and I were sitting at a table at my high school reunion                      LCD Projectors
and I kept staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sat                Cordless Microphone
alone at a nearby table. My wife asked, “Do you know her?”                 Vendors/Advertisers for Convention
“Yes,” I sighed, “she’s my old girlfriend. I understand she took to                   Office Supplies
drinking right after we split up those many years ago and I hear
she hasn’t been sober since.”
“My World!” says my wife.
“Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?”
And THAT’S when the fight started…

    2011 Board of Trustees                                  PAR Staff

Officers                                          Steve Oster, Executive Director
Bethany Schultz, President                        Knox County Board of DD & Coshoc-
Developmental Disabilities of Clark County        ton County Board of DD
Chanda Busse, Vice President                      Emma Cornell, Association Manager
Licking County Board of DD                        Email:
Winnie Hosking, Secretary/Treasurer               Administrative Office
Leeda Northeast, Inc.—Trumbull County             PAR Office
                                                  One Marion Avenue, Suite 306
Members-at-Large                                  Mansfield, OH 44903
Mayla Ates                                        Tel: 419-522-6207
Hamilton County DDS                               Fax: 419-522-6257
Erick Berquist                          
Franklin County Board of DD
Julia Carpenter
McElvain Home—Richland County                          The Pulse Newsletter
Dawn Joiner                                                     is
Midwest Services—Knox County                            Edited & Designed
Willie Jones                                                   by
Ohio Association of County Boards of DD                    Mayla Ates
Donna Maloney
                                                     We Welcome Your Feedback!
Retired—Ohio Department of DD
                                                     We appreciate your support and
Mary Mendoza                                           encourage suggestions for
Summit DD                                            improving future newsletters.
Marjorie Munson
Lucas County Board of DD                                 If you like to submit an
                                                        article for the newsletter
Kathy Phillips                                               please send it to:
Turning Point Residential, Inc.—Mahoning County
Kimberly Snapp-Howard                                        Mayla Ates
Highland County Board of DD                             Hamilton County DDS
                                                         4210 Dane Avenue
Ann Weisent                                             Cincinnati, OH 45223
Ohio Department of DD                         
Dee Zeffiro-Krenisky, Ed.D.,
Superintendent Appointee
Superintendent of Huron County Board of DD


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