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									Steven M. Kershaw__________________________________________________
Personal Profile
Address:                           Day Time Phone:           Cell Phone        Email
9672 Pepperidge Dr                 317-895-9135              317-409-6553
Indianapolis, Indiana 46235

Positioning Statement
Over 20 years experience in information technology and information systems leading software development, software quality, and
software configuration management efforts. Proven record of successful software deployments, software quality assurance programs
and software configuration management programs. Strong leadership skills coupled with technical talent.

Professional Objective
Senior Software Manager
Lead a software project(s) requiring utilization software development, software quality and software configuration management.

Preferred Job Functions
Manager of Software Development
Director of Software Development
Director of Configuration Management
Director of Quality

Ensure timely delivery of current product mix

Management & Leadership
Lead development of current product mix
Establish/Maintain Software Quality Assurance Plans and processes
Establish/Maintain Software Quality Standards
Establish/Maintain Software Development Plans and processes
Establish/Maintain Software Configuration Plans and processes
Establish/Maintain Schedules, Policies, Reports

Tools & Best Practices
Configuration Management Tools
Software Development Tools
Workflow Automation tools
Auditing and Metric analysis
CMM & ISO 9000
Military, DOD and IEEE Standards

Staff Relationships

Proven Software Manager adept at blending technical needs with sound business principles, customer requirements, and generally
accepted software development methodologies. Outstanding record involving configuration needs and the needs of other IT related
groups – meeting demands and deployment schedules. Acted as a change agent with expertise in organizational development,
strategic planning and creative team building. Gained a reputation for innovative cost cutting through workflow analysis and
automation. Holds M.S. in Management, B.S. in Computer Programming Technology, A.S. in Data Processing Technology.

                                                Steven M. Kershaw
                                                 9672 Pepperidge Dr
                                           Indianapolis, Indiana 46235
                            h) 317-895-9135 / c) 317-409-6553 /
                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
Senior Information Specialist - Deployable Disbursing System (DDS)
February 2003 – October 2003
EDS – Indianapolis, Indiana

       Software Configuration Manager supported 60 developers and functional staff.
       Supported Client Server, Oracle, Unix, SQL, and NT environment.
       Responsible for Analyzing and automating software configuration processes.
       Reduced check-in time of configured items from 40 minutes to 5 minutes each.
       Developed processes and tools and tool interfaces to establish a multi-release environment for project.
       Performed monthly status reports, audits and simplified the software build process.
       Automated the software update procedures to reduce human error.
       Was proponent for creating and deploying an intelligent tool called “Evolver” which allowed updates to be deployed from
        CD ROM at the click of an icon.
       Maintained test lab configuration.

Senior Information Specialist - Defense Joint Accounting System (DJAS)
July 2002 – January 2003
EDS – Indianapolis, Indiana

       Software Configuration Manager supported 60 developers and functional staff.
       Supported Client Server, Oracle, Unix, SQL, HP-UX, NT Environment
       Maintained processes, methods and tools.
       Configured code and documentation for the life cycle of each release of the products.
       Maintained PVCS VM and DBC Tracker.
       Prepared builds and deployed them.

Senior Information Engineer - Defense Joint Accounting System (DJAS)
September 1999 – June 2002
GSI – Indianapolis, Indiana

       Software Configuration Manager initially supported 240 developers and functional staff, leading a CM group of 4 persons.
       Supported Client Server, Oracle, Unix, SQL, HP-UX, NT Environment
       Increased trace ability of configured items by tightening controls and auditing capabilities of existing tools.
       Played critical roll in project’s effort to achieve CMM Level 2 followed by Level 3.
       Developed and maintained Software Configuration Management Plan and Desk Procedures.
       Advocate for the development of a Software Quality Assurance Plan and Software Development Plan.
       Participated in CMM interviews.
       Configured code and documentation in Client Server Oracle Unix environment for the life cycle of each release of the
       Coordinated database and release activities.
       Performed long term planning.
       Acquired and implemented PVCS VM.
       Assisted in the Project’s migration from an NCR 5100 to an HP 9000 and established MS Project schedules and tasks for that
       Developed a database change workflow tool called DBC Tracker (written in MS Access), which was responsible for
        improving the throughput time of requests from several days to a few minutes.
       Automated metric gathering via DBC Tracker.
       Trained DJAS Project personnel in basic SCM operation and in the use of tools.
       Prepared builds and deployed them.
       Provided monthly SCM metric reports to project management.
Configuration Analyst Supervisor - ES-3A/EP-3E/SSIP/HBP, and Special Navy Aircraft
December 1992 – September 1999
Veridian Engineering (General Dynamics) – Indianapolis, Indiana

      Software Configuration Manager supporting 180 programmers at multiple sites with staff of 10 persons.
      Supporting and environment of multiple products and languages into one deliverable: RTOS, CDU, AYK, MPD,
       Navigation, and others.
      Organized the SCM Group.
      Developed procedure and plans for the department. Performed analysis on methods of control.
      Establishing baseline requirements for various software products.
      Used Oracle and CCC/DM to provide information to the client.
      Served as DBA for configuration tools.
      Configured all documentation, software, trouble reports, changes and controlled the process.
      Tracked Year 2000 compliance issues.
      Maintained inventory of all data for long-term archive.
      Defined document library requirements and established objectives.
      Performed builds for 11 products onto one deliverable and deployed it to both the test lab and the field.

Data Flex Programmer, Michigan Mortgage Automation
October 1992 – November 1992
K&K Software – Indianapolis, Indiana

      Contract Programmer supporting Michigan Mortgage’s effort to automate electronic data transfer of mortgage information.
      Supported Novell LAN and MS Windows 3.1 environment.
      Provided programming also for an inventory system for Xerox.

Senior Systems Engineer - Reserve Component Input System (RCIS), Payroll System Reverse Engineering, FASDM
July 1989 – September 1992
Computer Data Systems, Inc – Indianapolis, Indiana

      Supervised employees performing maintenance of a documentation database for the Army in FASDM.
      Supported the Military Pay Application Directorate at DFAS IN using Unisys, IBM Mainframe, Ethernet, and AMDAHL
       equipment along with a variety of PCs.
      Created data flow diagrams using reverse engineering techniques and Excelerator – a Case Tool.
      Presented data flow diagrams of JUMPS-AA, JUMPS-RC and JUMPS-AF to Mr. Bob Burke, head of MPAD.
      Taught employees in the use of the various case tools and other software.
      Trained and orientated new employees.
      Completed lesson plans for RCIS.
      Wrote test instructions from Engineering Change Requests.
      Presented progress reports to clients.

Senior Programmer/Analyst & Director - FundWriter, PIMS, Purdue Event Management System
January 1988 – June 1989
Disciple Data, Inc – Indianapolis, Indiana

      Senior Programmer/Analyst responsible for the full Software Life Cycle Development for the Purdue Event Management
       System consisting of 1000 programs written in Data Flex in three months and subsequently deployed it.
      Interim Director of Micro Computer Department Director responsible for all client services, internal LAN Administration,
       Software Development, and Software Quality Assurance and Testing. Supported Novell LAN, Data Flex, MS Windows 3.1
      Assisted Client Services Department with problem solving.
      Taught programming staff Data Flex, a 4GL database language.
      Performed conversions and upgrades on existing products.
      Supervised Micro Programming Staff, Client Services Department, and LAN Administration. Implemented Quality
       Assurance Program.
      Designed, wrote, tested, and deployed registration system in Data Flex, coordinating with Purdue University.
      Developed automated routines to perform conversion of code from Pascal to C.
      Taught programming team how to test the software effectively. This repeatable testing methodology cut the calls to customer
       service in half.
      Responsible for staffing.

Planner 4 – V22, B-1B, KC-135
October 1986 – January 1988
Boeing Military Airplane Company – Wichita, Kansas

      Software Quality Assurance Inspector for the V-22, B-1B, KC-135.
      Used HP3000 to do software complexity metric research.
      Wrote programs in Pascal 3000 to parse FORTRAN code gathering metric data for use in Transact 3000 Database.
      Performed Multiple Correlation Analysis on Metric data.
      Used GenRad equipment to test B-1B circuit cards.
      Performed software quality audits to assure compliance with all standards and procedures.

Database Program Analyst – Collection Agency Office Automation & MPM
February 1984 – September 1986
Software Architects – Wichita, Kansas

      Project Leader for Medical Professional Management (MPM), a system of Data Flex programs for the handling of super bills,
       insurance filings, and responsible party data.
      Database Program Analyst for Kansas Counselors, Inc automation project.
      Supported Novell LAN w/ PCs, Arc net, and Star Net.
      Interfaced with clients.
      Assisted group efforts to create, design, code, test, and implement customized software for the various financial and medical
       database applications written in Data Flex.
      Responsible for the reliability of files and programs.
      Acquired and tested hardware for backup and power needs.
      Maintained and installed several Novell networks.
      Evaluated the initial use of Data Flex in a Novell environment.

Database Programmer – APSARA Medical Software
October 1983 – January 1984
DataChem, Inc – Carmel, Indiana

      Assisted in the design and implementation of the APSARA Medical Package using BASIC09 on a GIMIX network.
      Developed and completed Physician’s Drug Reference Database for APSARA Package.
      Marketed completed APSARA package (hardware, software, and desktop blood analyzer) to Medical Offices.

Additional Qualifications
Professional Development
       Webinar: Assigning Business Value to Software by Carol Dekker, 3/25/2003
       Webinar: Project Schedule Risk Analysis by David Hulett, 12/5/2002
       Webinar: Radical IS/IT Project Management, Rob Thomsett, 10/24/2002
       Webinar: Critical Chain, by E. Goldrat, 9/19/2002
       Webinar: IT Leadership Alchemy: 10 Proven Competencies, by Lou Russell, 8/8/2002
       Webinar: Extreme Project Management, Ed Yourdon, 4/25/2002
       Webinar: 10 Myths of Rapid Development, Steve McConnell, CEO/CSE Construx, 3/2002
       Webinar: Estimating Techniques for IS/IT Projects, Joan Knutson, President of PPM, 2/2002
       PMI’s Estimating Techniques for IS/IT Projects
       Introduction to CMM 10/99
       Timesheet System Training 10/99
       Heiman & Sanchez’s “The New Conceptual Selling”, a seminar on tape 8/1999
       Project Mentor’s Project Management Training, Estimating and Risk Management, 8/1999
       Project Mentor’s Project Management Training Tools and Techniques, 7/1999
       Project Mentor’s Project Management Training Fundamentals, 6/1999
       Introduction to ORACLE SQL and SQL Plus 10/97
       Introduction to UNIX, IUPUI, 5/95
       Atria’s ClearCase Introduction, 4/95
       Atria’s ClearCase Administration, 4/95
       Intro to ISO 9000, 6/94
       Success Seminar, 7/93
       Softool’s CCC/DM, 6/93

M.S. Management, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana, 1991
B.S. Computer Programming Technology, Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1982
A.S. Data Processing Technology, DeKalb Community College, Clarkston, Georgia, 1980

Computer Skills

Mainframes:                      HP 9000, NCR 5100, VAX 4000 Series, VAX 6420, UNISYS 1100-84, IBM 3083, AMDAHL
                                 5890 (Academic: IBM 4361, DEC 10, Honeywell 66/10, Honeywell 200, Burroughs 1700, IBM

Mini Computers:                  HP 3000, Data General Nova 3 (Academic: Honeywell 6/43)

Micro Computers:                 Dell Pentium, Gateway Pentium, Pionex 400 MHz, Micron 486, DX4-100, UNISYS 386,
                                 Emerson PC, Zenith PC, IBM PC/XT/AT, Datalex, Standard 286, Televideo, Challenger, RS 12,
                                 RS 16, TI 99/4A, Osborne

Case Tools:                      Excelerator, FASDM

Operating Systems:               HP-UX, MS Windows 2K/95/98/NT/2000, MS Windows v3.11, VM/CMS, MPE, OS 09, PC DOS
                                 1.0-6.2, MS DOS 1.0-6.2 (Academic: IBM OS, Honeywell GCOS)

LANs:                            NOVELL, GIMIX

LAN Architectures:               Ethernet, ArcNet, G-Net, Novell Netware

Other Hardware:                  HP Laserjet 4L, HP Laserjet 4si, Philips CDD-522 Compact Disk Recorder, Cipher 9 Track Tape
                                 Unit, Alloy 4 Track Tape Unit, ADIC Tape Unit, BigDisk Converter, SAFT Power Unit, IBM 29.

Other Software:                  SQL Impact v3.2, CMIS, PVCS VM v6.5, PROB, Simpli CD v2.4, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint,
                                 CCC/DM, ClearCase, Norton Utilities, MS Word for Windows, XEDIT, WindoWord, Harvard
                                 Graphics, Enable, Office Writer, Personal Editor, TIP Software, Top View, Sidekick, DesqView,
                                 WordStar, Carbon Copy, DFLOW, DoubleDos
Documentation Tools:    Docutext, Autodoc

Languages:              Oracle, DataFlex 1.0-3.0, Pascal 3000, Basic09, RS COBOL, Clipper, dBase III Plus, SEM
                        (Academic: PL-1, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, BAL, RPG II, ASLAN)

Applications Written:   Fund Accounting, Loans, Church Membership, Event Management, Registrations, Medical
                        Centralized Billing, Collections, Conversion Tools, Metric Research, Business Office Software,
                        Energy Tracking System, APSARA Medical Office Software

Military Standards:     MIL-STD-480 (Configuration Control),
                        MIL-STD-794 (Procedures for Packaging of Parts and Equipment),
                        MIL-STD-S-52779 (Software Quality Assurance Program Requirements),
                        MIL-STD-973 (Software Configuration Management)
                        MIL-STD 498 (Software Development Standard)

DoD Standards:          DoD-STD-2167A (Defense System Software Development)
                        DoD-STD-2168 (Software Quality Evaluation Program)
                        DoD-STD-7935A (Automated Information Systems Documentation Standard)

Clearances:             Confidential, GSI, 9/1999 to Present
                        Top Secret, Veridian Engineering. 1/96 to 9/1999
                        Secret, Veridian Engineering. 1/1993 to 1/1996
                        Confidential, CDSI, 7/1989 - 9/1992
                        Secret, Boeing Military Airplane Co., 10/1986 - 12/1987


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