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Corazon - Santana Tribute Band Songlist


									    Corazon – Santana Tribute Band

      (Originals by Carlos Santana)

Black Magic Woman       Guajira
Evil Ways               Gitano
She’s Not There         Afrian Bamba
Smooth                  Esperando
Oye Como Va             Adouma
Soul Sacrifice          Da Le Yaleo
Jingo                   Foo Foo
Europa                  Batuka
Maria, Maria            Corazon Espinado
Flor D’Luna             Everybodys Everything
Samba Pa Ti             Toussaint L’Overture
Well Allright
Game of Love            & more added weekly
Dance Sister Dance
Let The Children Play
Love of my Life
            Corazon – Santana Tribute Band

The members of Corazon all share the same passion for recreating
the exciting sounds of Carlos Santana. Audiences, without
exception, will be awed by the authentic Santana sound that
Corazon delivers during their stunning shows.

From the fiery Latin beat, to the electrifying lead guitar, the
members of the Band merge their amazing skills and years of
experience into one sensational sound. As individual musicians
they are remarkable but combined they are spectacular.

This Show is not only a journey through the music of the legendary
"Carlos Santana" but a showcase of true talent, inspiration, energy
                             and soul.

Playing many of Santana's classics like: Black Magic Woman,
Europa, Jingo, Dance Sister Dance, Evil Ways & Smooth,
audiences will love the rich LIVE Latino sound.

The background of the Band members is wide and varied. Hailing
from Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand and
Australia, their musical backgrounds include performances on
Television, at Festivals, Studio Session work, Clubs and many
major events internationally. Some have had the pleasure to work
with renowned performers such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Barnes, The
Detonators, Kenny Kirkland (Sting), Herbs (N.Z) and other equally
well-known Latino artists world wide. This combined experience
brings a unique, artistic professionalism that is hard to better.
Close enough is not good enough for these committed musicians,
it must be exact and their audience are the beneficiaries of this
exceptional dedication.

There are Tribute Shows and then there is Corazon
                     in the
         "Santana Tribute Show"
 This is not just any tribute show, this is as close to the original
                           as you can get.

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