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					                                   Dacula High School
                                         Sports and Event Marketing
                                                  Fall 2009
Name:           Danyeil Reese
Room #:         1.330

Course Title and Description:
Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business; it is a discipline required to understand customers’ needs and
the benefits they seek. This course provides an overview of the total Marketing Education program and its components,
presents employment opportunities in marketing, prepares students for job interviews, incorporates human relations and
communication in business, and explores the role of marketing in our economy. Topics covered throughout the Marketing
Education program are: the marketing functions, marketing concept, marketing mix, market segmentation, channels of
distribution, special market and current trends in marketing. A study of retail operations, career opportunities, store
location and layout, organizational structure, and merchandising policies are also covered. Students are expected to
complete a career portfolio.

Textbook:              Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Glencoe 2005)
Supplemental Material: Fantasy Sports Simulation, Teacher Resources
Replacement Cost:      $ 54.48

Course Goals (AKS):
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
   Objectives: The student will be able to:
   1. define and explain the role of sport/event marketing (MKSE_A2006-1)
   2. apply elements of the marketing mix to the sport/event marketing industry (MKSE_A2006-2)
   3. discuss and explain the role of key marketing functions in the sport/event marketing industry (MKSE_A2006-3)
   4. describe legal issues and the role of government in the sport/event marketing industry(MKSE_A2006-4)
   5. identify, prepare and present different methods of sales promotion within the sport/event marketing industry
   6. apply appropriate customer service skills throughout the sales process (MKSE_A2006-6)
   7. describe and discuss the impact of economics on the sport/event marketing industry (MKSE_A2006-7)
   8. compare and contrast the types of advertising media used in the sport/event marketing industry (MKSE_A2006-8)
   9. explain the use of sport/event branding, licensing, endorsements, naming rights and the role of agents (MKSE_A2006-9)
   10. design and implement a sport/event marketing advertising campaign including the marketing of related sports
       products and memorabilia (MKSE_A2006-10)
   11. explain the role of publicity and public relations in the sport/event marketing industry (MKSE_A2006-11)
   12. construct and implement essential elements of a publicity/public relations campaign (MKSE_A2006-12)
   13. develop and implement a sport/event contingency plan (MKSE_A2006-13)
   14. plan and coordinate a sport/event marketing activity by developing a project plan with timelines, venue feasibility,
       ticket distributions (individual and corporations), seating arrangements, event highlights, schedule of
       events/tournaments and an assignment of duties (MKSE_A2006-14)
   15. determine the methods of using marketing information by identifying how marketing trends, demographics, competition,
       customer preferences and target audiences influence marketing decision-making (MKSE_A2006-15)
   16. discuss international trade considerations for sport/event industries (e.g., customs, exchange rates, use of financial
       institutions, trade regulations, foreign distributors, government regulation, cultural/value differences
   17. (MKSE_A2006-16)
   18. describe distribution systems for sport/event industries including ticket distribution and selection of vending locations
   19. explain how factors such as lead time, market demand, market segmentation, strategies to smooth demand and
       response to competitors affects the pricing of sport/event products(MKSE_A2006-18)
   20. compare and contrast various methods used in advertising media in sport/event industries (MKSE_A2006-19)
   21. design and create a media blitz using various methods for reaching targeted groups (MKSE_A2006-20)
   22. evaluate effectiveness of different advertising methods (MKSE_A2006-21)
   23. construct a press release (MKSE_A2006-22)
   24. apply elements of sports/event sales promotion to an advertising campaign (MKSE_A2006-23)
   25. create a program, script, logo, venue signage and ticket design for an event (MKSE_A2006-24)
    26. discuss how a celebrity appearance can be maximized for game-day promotions (MKSE_A2006-25)
    27. identify risk by conducting a risk assessment, considering event insurance and developing an emergency
        contingency plan (MKSE_A2006-26)

Classroom Policies:
        Adhere to all Gwinnett County Public School rules. **See Agenda Book.
        Respect teachers, students, and school property.
        Disruptions of instruction and learning of any kind will not be tolerated.
        NO CELL PHONES OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES. All electronic devices should be turned off during school hours.
        NO GROOMING during class. Grooming includes, but is not limited to, brushing hair and applying makeup.
        NO FOOD, DRINKS, GUM, or CANDY ALLOWED in Computer Lab.
        Students serving detention must report to designated area at said time. Detentions, unless otherwise stated, will
         be held from 2:15 to 3:00 and will last 45 minutes. Failure to serve the entire detention results in an automatic
         administrative referral.

DHS Procedures and Policies:
    1.   DHS Make-up Work Policy: Students have five days to make arrangements with the teacher to make up work.

    2. DHS Tardy Policy: See Dacula On Time Policy (handout).

    3. DHS Late Work Policy: A student can earn 100% if a major assignment is turned in on time.
                             A student can earn 90% if a major assignment is one day late.
                             A student can earn 80% if a major assignment is two days late.
                             A student can earn 50% if a major assignment is three days late.

    4. DHS Cheating Policy: Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating on an exam, daily work, or a major assignment will
       result in a discipline referral to the appropriate grade level administrator.

    5.   Teacher Grading Policy: If a student does not turn in a daily assignment when due, it will be entered into the
         gradebook as NTI (not turned in.) NTI has a value of zero. Missed daily assignments must be turned in prior to
         the next progress report distribution in order to receive credit.

    6. Teacher Make-up Work Policy: When a student is absent for a daily assignment or test, he/she will receive an
       ABS in the gradebook. ABS has a value of zero. If the student completes this work in the allotted time, the grade
       will be changed to reflect the work completed. If the student does not complete this work, an NTI will be entered.

    7.   Lab Policy: All students are expected to act appropriately in class and in lab. If a student’s behavior compromises
         the integrity or safety of the class, the teacher reserves the right to assign alternate assignments in the place of lab
         privileges. Lab usage is a privilege.

Notebook Requirements:
Students are expected to keep an organized 3-ring notebook (1.5 inch) with a set of 5 dividers. This notebook will
be stored in the classroom for use each day. All papers are to remain in your notebook in order until permission is given by
the teacher to discard them.

Academic Study:
Dacula High School recommends that students requiring assistance attend teacher-led, academic tutoring. The Business
and Technical Education department holds study hall every Tuesday from 2:15 – 3:00. If you cannot attend on Tuesdays,
please contact me to make alternate arrangements.

Grading Scale:
                          A= 90-100        B= 80-89         C=74-79          D= 70-73          F= 69-0
Grading Procedure:
Written Assessments/Training Plan………....……………...............30% of total grade
Performance-based Assessments.…………………..……………………30% of total grade
Daily Practice………………………………..…………………………….…….20% of total grade
Comprehensive Final Exam……………………..…………….…………..10% of total grade
Performance Final Exam ………….…………………………….………….10% of total grade

Progress Report Dates:
Weekly progress reports for Computer Applications I will be sent via email on Friday of each week.
Six week progress report dates: September 24 November 5 February 25 April 15.

Student Organization – FBLA:
Students are encouraged to join FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). FBLA is a national educational student
organization that plays a vital role in the student’s high school education. FBLA is an excellent source of information for
students planning careers in business.

Students in FBLA are given the opportunity to develop strong leadership qualities and civic responsibilities through
participation in competitive events and projects. Members of FBLA may apply for the many scholarships that are
available. FBLA conferences allow members to meet some of the more than 250,000 members nationally.

Requirements to join FBLA are:
       1) Payment of local, state and international dues -$15.00.
       2) Participation in a minimum of four chapter activities is expected.

THEME 2009 - 2010: FBLA… Leadership Unleashed

Important FBLA Dates:
October 15, 2009                Fall Motivation Rally                     Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry
December 4-5, 2009              Fall Leadership Conference                Classic Center, Athens
January 19 – February 5         Region Leadership Conference              TBA
March 26-27, 2009               State Leadership Conference               Hyatt Regency, Atlanta

***The teacher reserves the right to change or adjust any section of the course syllabus during the semester to more
adequately meet the needs, abilities and interests of the students.
                                               Dacula High School
                                                 123 Broad Street
                                               Dacula, Georgia 30019
                                               Phone: 770-963-6664

August 10, 2000

Dear Parents / Guardians:

Your signature and initials below indicate that you have read the syllabus and policies for Marketing Principles. If you
have any questions, please contact me at Dacula High School or by email.

I look forward to working with your student.


Danyeil Reese
Danyeil Reese

Parents, please initial each line, sign below, and return.

_____ My son or daughter has permission to view media committee approved instructional videos.

_____ I understand that FBLA participation aspect of the Marketing course. Student T-shirt size ______

_____ I authorize Ms. Reese to email me at the address provided below with grade, attendance, or conduct concerns
       about my son or daughter.

_____ Open House is held in September for Fall Semester and January for Spring Semester.

_____ Progress reports will be issued on September 24 November 5 February 25 April 15.

Student's signature__________________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian's signature___________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian: Please provide an accurate telephone number where you can be reached between the hours of 7:00
AM and 4:00 PM ___________________________________________.

Please provide an e-mail address if one is available (Please print clearly!)
***Please initial above if you give teacher permission to mail grades to this address.

This form is to be returned to the teacher no later than Friday, August 14th.

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