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                                                                                                                                                                       May 2011
                                                                                                                                                                  Issue 9 Vol. 49

Lakeview High School
300 Hillman Drive
Cortland, OH 44410

                                                       LHS football field to be renovated

 Class of 2011’s college
 destinations vary from
 NE Ohio to Florida

 Newspaper’s Senior
 Spotlights include
 editors Mary Kate
 Browning and
 Melaina Lewis
                                                            Featured above is LHS’s current football field, set to be renovated over the summer of 2011.

                            By Alex Dieter                             “The vast majority of                     At the beginning of the               the school for the water used to
  Entertainment               Reporter                           this project has been donated              renovation, the field will be
                                                                                                            graded and drained of water.
                                                                                                                                                       tend the field and not for sewage
                                                                                                                                                       or other functions.
 Bruno Mars does                                                 by Miller/Yount Excavating,
 American Idol and               O    ne of Lakeview High        Gilmore Landscaping, Grass                 Renovators will tear up the
                                                                                                            old field and install a new
                                                                                                                                                            DeToro said, “It has been
                                                                                                                                                       absolutely awesome to see the
                            School’s crown jewels, the           Guardian, and Tamer Win
 Kent, Ohio - on the        football team, will not be playing   Golf Course,” said DeToro.                 underground irrigation and                 outpouring of support from
 same night!                on its old, muddy field for much     In addition, Lynn, Kittinger,              drainage system. After a final             community organizations. We
                            longer. In fact, according to        and Noble, Inc., are acting as             grading, sprinklers will be bed            will go from one of the worst
                            LHS athletic director, Micheal       surveyors over the project. Due            into the new field underneath a            playing surfaces in the county
      Features              DeToro, the school is expecting
                            a brand new field, long jump,
                                                                 to inclement weather conditions
                                                                 this month, the project has
                                                                                                            layer of sod to grow new grass.
                                                                                                                 “We’re going to need a
                                                                                                                                                       to one of the nicest—all from
                                                                                                                                                       outside sources.”
   Prom statistics          and pole vault runway by the         been on a brief hiatus. Despite            lot of water,” said Wilson. In                  According to Wilson, in
   show a variety of        first home varsity football game     this, Lakeview superintendent,             order to pay for the bill, the city        the future, plans to revamp the
                            against Madison.                     Robert Wilson, assures that it             of Cortland donated a garden               soccer, softball, and baseball
   adventures                                                                                               meter, which will only charge              fields will also be enacted.
                                                                 has been a good team project.

                                              Bin Laden meets his demise:
      Sports                                  U.S. Navy SEALs do the deed
 Indians have best record   By StephAnie CorBin                  11, 2001, and that is cause for            located in a
                              Opinion Editor                     declaration of war as was done             compound in
 in baseball, contrary to
                                                                 when Pearl Harbor was attacked             Abbottabad,
 ‘experts’ predictions           M    ay 1, 2011, President      and war was declared on Japan.             0Pakistan.
                            Obama announced one of the           With 9/11, because no specific             The        U.S.
                            most memorable moments in            country was responsible, war               military
                            history: the United States Navy      was declared on terrorism.                 waited       for
                            SEALs killed Saudi Arabian,          Bin Laden was a terrorist. He              the       right
                                                                                                            time      then
       Opinion              Al Qaeda terrorist Osama
                            bin Laden. President Obama
                                                                 suffered the consequences of
                                                                 his choice to declare war on               President
                            called this the “most significant    America. A sad end to a sad                O b a m a
 Abby Dunn makes her        achievement to date.”                person.”                                   aut horiz e d
                                 Lakeview High School                 After the death President             t      h      e
 debut as 2011-2012                                              Obama called former President              operation.
                            Assistant Principal Lawrence
 Backpage Columnist         Herrholtz said, “This was a          George W. Bush to announce                       T h e Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. navy SEALs May
                                                                 the news.                                  team         of      1, 2011, in Pakistan. (2003 photo
                            combination of many years
                            of work done by both former               Former President Bush                 SEALs that
                            President Bush and President         said, “I congratulated him                 brought                               his wives was used as a shield
                            Obama. This is a very                and the men and women of                   Bin Laden down was called in front of Bin Laden and was
                            monumental moment, but it            our military and intelligence              “SEAL Team 6” consisting of shot. Clarification revealed
  F. D.R. was afraid of     doesn’t mean the war is over .”      communities who devoted their              12 members. The United States that she started fighting off the
   the number 13 and             LHS      English     teacher    lives to this mission. The have            government is concerned that SEALs and was shot because of
 would not travel on the    Catherine Howard said about          our everlasting gratitude. The             they and their families could be her hostile actions. Bin Laden
                            Bin Laden’s demise, “Though the      fight against terror goes on,              at risk for revenge attacks.          was said to show no sign of
   13th. of any month.                                           but tonight America has sent                     When       reaching       the surrendering which is why he
                            death of anyone is unfortunate
                            and nothing to celebrate, I heard    an unmistakable message: No                compound that the United States was not captured alive. Bin
                            President Obama say on npr that      matter how long it takes, justice          believe housed Bin Laden, one Laden was first shot in the
                            anyone who thinks Bin Laden          will be done.”                             of the helicopters experienced head then in the chest after he
                            did not get what he deserved              Before the attack, the                problems and crashed; however, retreated to his room. President
                            needs his/her head examined.         U.S. government had reason                 no SEALs were killed. It was Obama has refused to release
                            America was attacked on Sept.        to believe that Bin Laden was              initially reported that one of photos of the body.
         2                                                                                              The Bulldog BulleTin

                              Heidelberg         Cleveland State             Matthew Bogard Jessica Moorehead         Youngstown
                              University            University             Andrew Cappuzzello Dana Libert                 State
Courtney Kendall Haylee Mink                      Angela Farone
                             Alaina Jackson                         Case Delyte Chester Marcus Orahood                 University
  Alexis Miller Max Steveson                       Kelly Musick                                                      Ethan Ainsley
                                                                  Western Taylor Davis         Keith Stirling
The Ohio State University Desmond Vaughn                                                                            Cameron Beebe
                                                   Riana Stanko   Reserve Marla Ferradino Kaitlyn Tonkovich
                  Ohio Northern                                  University Zach Haines        Allison Yanci       Darrell Brammer
Miami University University     Bowling Green State              Corey Bruner Jim Jastatt Kent State                Kaitlynn Budnik
Nicholas Facciolo  Kay Bahrey        University                                           University                   Matt Davis
                                                     Ashland                                          Kent State
                                     Taylor Lody                                                                     Courtney Fani
                                                   University                                           Trumbull
                                    Craig Rowley                                                                   Meranda Guancola
                                                                                                     Laura DelPiero
                                      Don Witt Stephanie Corbin                                                        Clint Hess
                                                                                                    Brynden Morrow
                                                                                                                      Darrin Hiller
                                                                                                          Walsh    Clinton Honkonen
                                                                                                       University Whitney Koper
                                                                                                      Kelsey Dickey Elliott Metheny
                                                                                                      Erica Runyan Aaron Mostoller
                                                                                                                     Alisha Nichols
                                                                                                                     Taylor Opritza
                                                                                                     University of Michael Prindle
                                                                                                         Akron         Brent Prox
                                                                                                     Taylor Bates Patricia Scarano
                                                                                                     Andrew Boldt Shelby Woodward
                                            University of Pittsburgh                               Brittany Bowers
                                                  Maria Gardner Clarion University                  Rebecca Calvin Fortis College
                                                    Ali Krafft       Emilee Gysegem                  Aaron Huston Samantha Ford
                                                 Lydia Popichack     Slippery Rock                  Erin Konitsney      Hocking
                                              Edinboro University Darren Hamilton                    Desiree Nuss        College
                                                  Toma Leveto        Washington &                  Shane O’Connor Shelby Lucas
                                                    Nick Tripi     Jefferson College                  Dave Soles
                                                   Grove City         Justin Misterka                              Daniel Marhulik
                                                  Sarah Benich                                      University of
                                                                                                                   Nicole Moldovan
                                                                                                    Mount Union
                                                                                                                    Shawna Hunter

                           , the
                                                                                             Ohio       Katie Derr
                                                                                           University Lindsey Jerina

                                                                                                      Melaina Lewis
                                                                                                      Laurel Monroe

                        pla  ces                                                      Out of state:
                                                                           Trevecca Nazarene       Full Sail University (FL)

                                                                             University (TN)          Matthew Lennington

                                                                               Meleah Bellay            Sunyvister (NY)
 University                                                                   Hillsborough               Heather Patchin
of Cincinnati

                                                                         Community College (FL)      Trine University (IN)
 Aaron Jesse                                                                   Anna Chinchic

                                                                                                          Joshua Pryor
Andrew Smith                                                                Indiana Wesleyan       West Virginia University
 Liz Woofter                                     CompileD with love By          University                Brea Rodgers
Cedarville University                            mAry KAte Browning            Audrey Evans      University of South Carolina
 Colleen Browning
                            Military:                                     Purdue University (IN)        Chris Schattinger
Mary Kate Browning U.S. Marine Corps Army                                       Evan Hyde     Appalachian State University (NC)
                    Brandon Rowland Cody Miller
                                                                                                        Mitchell Wolanin

                                                                   The Bulldog Bulletin Staff 2010-2011

                                                                             Catherine Howard, Adviser
                                                                   Mary Kate Browning      Melaina Lewis

                                                                  Layout Editors Dana Libert
                                                                                 Desiree Nuss
                                                                    News Editor Sarah Benich
                                                                 Features Editor Lydia Popichak
                                                                   Sports Editor Patrick Finan
                                                             Advertising Editors Sarah Benich
                                                                                 Celeste Marshall
                                                           Art & Graphics Editor Dana Libert          Reporters
                                                                  Opinion Editor Stephanie Corbin    Kyle Ames
                                                          Fundraising Managers Jenelle Bayus          Chloe Bell
                                                                                 Taylor Lody      Matthew Bickerton
                                                                Managing Editor Erica Runyan       Sara Chuirazzi
                                                           Back page Columnist Erica Runyan          Alex Dieter
                                                            Photography Editor Ali Krafft            Abby Dunn
                                                                                                             Austin Haines
                                                                                                             Erin Kelligher
                                                                                                             Paige Vosmik
       May 2011
                                                       Senior Spotlight
Melaina                                         haven’t recovered.
                                                What is your favorite place to go for Which Disney Character would you                What was your favorite                     In

 Elisabeth                                                                                                                            childhood toy? My red Fisher             the
                                                open lunch?                               be and why? Belle, she’s smart and                                                future

                                                The Konitsney Cafe                        determined.                                 Biggest regret? Not               if you
                                                What is your dream job?                   In the future if you have any children      being out going                have any
                                                Working for the travel channel            what would you want their names to be? during my freshman               children what
                                                visiting the most desirable beaches        If I have a “whoops” babies their names and sophomore              would you want
                                                and resorts.                              will be Kherington and Kent.                year.                their names to be?
                                                What T.V. show would you most like What is your most prized possession?                                Lina & Gideon
                                                to see taken off air?                     My Modern World Cup from Italia Prix                      Where is your lanyard from?
                                                Survivor, it’s been on too long.          World Dance Championships                              The New York Times
                                                Who are your favorite                     What is your favortie bumper sticker?              What is your most prized
                                               underclassmen?                             It is on the back of my aunt’s car and I        possession? My family
                                              All of my JDC girls, what would I do        cannot repeat it.                             If you could change one thing about
What are your nicknames?                      without you, and Lizzy Konistney.           What is the first physical feature            our high school what would it be? The
Mel, Laina, and “Momma” Melaina               If you were a board game, which             you see in the opposite sex?                  mascot; bulldogs are funny looking and
Who are your best friends?                    would you be? Trouble                       Smile                                         not very intimidating…
Desiree, Erin, Craig, Mary Kate, and          What is your favorite article of            Favorite DQ                                   What type of car do you drive? A VERY
Colleen.                                      clothing/why? Sweatpants, obviously. Blizzard? Oreo                                       DURABLE red PT Cruiser
Who is your favorite teacher?                 Do you have or would you get a              Cheesequake...                                What was the last movie you saw in
                                                                                                                   What is your
Mr. Shanower and Mrs. Howard                  tattoo?                                     yum!                                         theatres? Fast Five & Thor
                                                                                                                best high school
What quote do you live by? “Don’t let         Yes, I have dance written in Italian on                                                  What is the first physical feature you see
                                                                                                            memory? Being part of
success go to your head, and never let        my foot.                                                                                 in the opposite sex? Hair color
                                                                                                       Les Miserables (Beauty & the
failures go to your heart.”                   If you could make anything legal what                                                    Do you collect anything as a hobby?
                                                                                                    Beast is a close second!)
What is your favorite TV show? I’m a          would it be?                                                                             Playbills and programs from every show
                                                                                                 What was your funniest high
reality TV. junky.                            Speeding, I have a serious lead foot                                                     I’ve gone to.
                                                                                            school moment? Anytime I was
Who is your favorite actor/actress?           problem.                                                                                 What’s your favorite quote? “But that
                                                                                          ever called on in Mr. Herrholtz’s class
Reese Witherspoon                             If you had a time machine,                                                               is not for them to decide. All we have to
                                                                                    What freshman year…and all late night visits
What is your favorite sport? Dance,           where would you go?                                                                      decide is what to do with the time that is
                                                                                  are     to Perkins or Stake n Shake ;)
and, yes, it’s a sport.                       The 1920’s, the dresses!                                                                given to us.” -Gandalf
                                                                               your       What is the craziest thing you have
What is your favorite color? Blue :)          A person you would
                                                                           nicknames? done? Participate in a 15 hour Star Wars What was your favorite childhood toy?
Who is your dream date?                       change lives with?                                                                      My Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal
                                                                        MK, Cereal, Jill, movie marathon…15 hours of my life,
Elliott Metheny ;)                            Kate Middleton,                                                                         Biggest regret? Being such an introvert
                                                                    Mary Beth, Meerkat, gone forever…
What is your best high school                 luckiest girl                                                                           and being so concerned about what others
                                                                 Emkay, Colleen, Sister If you could have any super power,
memory?                                       on the                                                                                  thought about me.
                                                              Mary Katherine, Cheese      what would it be? The ability to read
All of the car rides going to and from        planet.                                                                                 If you had a time machine, where would
                                                          & Crackers, “n”, Mary Mary, and control people’s minds
open lunch
                                                       and M. K. Rowling                  Dream job? Getting paid to do nothing you go and why? 1800s London, where
What was your funniest high school                                                                                                    my paleness would be appreciated!
                                                   Academic achievements: The Bulldog but wear pretty dresses all day
                                               Bulletin winning 1st place for “Best       Who are your favorite underclassman?
“FBA 9909”, or anytime Erin

                                                                                                                                 ary K       Browning
                                            Writing” and 2nd place for “Best Overall      All the underclassmen in Drama Club
Konitsney opens her mouth.
What is the craziest
thing you have done?
                                        Newspaper” at the YSU Press Day!
                                     Extra-curricular activities: Newspaper, Drama
                                                                                          and CSF!...and Kyle Ames...jk!
                                                                                          What is your favorite article of M
                                 Club, Christian Student Fellowship, Exec Committee, clothing/why? My black Alaska hoodie
Particpating in the
                              NHS, English Festival, Beta Club, etc…                      because I bought it in Anchorage during
2011 Polar Plunge
                           Who is your favorite teacher? Mrs. Howard                      my mission trip in Alaska.
at Mosquito
                        What quote do you live by? “Don’t worry about anything,           What is your favorite DQ Blizzard?
Lake. My
                    instead pray about everything; ask God what you need and thank Chocolate M&M!!!
toes still
                Him for all He has done.” Philippians 4:6                                 Which Disney Character would you
            What is your favorite song? Outcast by Kerrie Roberts                         be and why? Tinkerbelle, because
        Who is your favorite actor/actress? Darrin Criss and Bernadette Peters            fairies are so small they only have room
    What is your favorite color? Any shade of pink                                        for one feeling at a time.

                          Your total outdoor service provider:
                                          Keeping your lawn and
                                       landscaping looking perfect!
                                                                                                Certified Landscape Lighting
      Landscape Design

  Ian Proverbs                   P.O. Box 881
 (330)-630-0379                Canfield, OH 44406
             4                                                                                                                                     The Bulldog BulleTin

           4            Senior Spotlight
   What quote do you live by? “We like each other for our qualities but love each other for our defects.”
        What is your favorite song? “Awakening” by Switchfoot
            Who is your favorite band/singer? I prefer Original Cast Soundtracks… Broadway is my first love.
               What is your favorite t.v. show? Jersey Shore- DON’T JUDGE ME! I love watching people make idiots of
October 26
                   themselves. But in all actuality, I love to watch Say Yes to the Dress with my mother.
                       Who is your favorite actor/actress? Darren Criss and Selma Blair
                            What is your favorite color? Dark Purple: the color of royalty.
[newer] Beastie Boys or
                               What is your best high school memory? Drama Club was an experience, to say the least…
Stephanie Smith
                                   I love my little subjects, and they love their Drama Queen! (I hope.)
What was your favorite toy as
                                       What will you miss most about high school? Dramaclub dramaclubdramaclub!
a child? My miniature Polly Pocket
                                           If you were any animal, what would you be and why? I would be a flamingo, they
                                               are so cuddly and I like croquet. (Alice in Wonderland, anyone?)
What is your favorite t.v. show?
                                                    What is your dream job? As a leading actress on Broadway
Everybody Hates Chris
                                                        If you could invite any five people to a party, who would you invite?
Who is your favorite actor? Jerry Trainor
                                                             Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Liza Minelli, Kristin Chenoweth, and
As a child, what was one of your biggest fears?
                                                                 Barbara Streissand.
Tornadoes—I quit soccer when I was six years old
                                                                     Who are your favorite underclassmen?
because I thought a tornado would suck me up on the field.
                                                                         *Amber and Abby* and far too many others to name
Who is your dream date? My future husband
                                                                             without insulting someone…
Funniest high school moment? Discovering the “two Chinas”
                                                                                 What is your dream pet? A narwhal or a niffler!.
                                                                                                                                      Taylor Diane Lody
Sarah Elizabeth Benich                                                               What color converse would you be?
                                                                                         I would be those awesome sequined ones. What are your nicknames? Jane, Drama
                                                                                              So shiny!                                Queen, Tay-la
                                                 What will you least most about high                                                    When is your birthday? 16 November, 1992
                                                                                                   Who is your favorite teacher?
                                                 school? Getting up early and physics                                                   Who are your best friends? Craig and Anna
                                                 projects (Sorry, Miss Bucko!)
                                                                                             Would         If your life was a board Besides books, what has been in your locker
                                                 If the police arrest a mime, do they
                                                                                             you                game, which would the longest? Those Minnie Mouse ears from
                                                 tell him he has the right to remain                                                    last month’s edition of the Bulldog Bulletin,
                                                                                             rather be             it be? Apples to
                                                 silent? Mr. Pav would say yes                                                          and a reusable metal waterbottle that’s been
                                                                                             Mario or Luigi?           Apples.
                                                 because of Miranda v. Arizona (1966)                                                   sitting there, unused, since the first semester.
                                                                                             Luigi because I’d
                                                 If you were any animal, what would                                                     What is your favorite chick flick?
                                                                                             finally be tall!
                                                 you be? The Hawaiian Monk Seal                                                         A Guy Thing
                                                                                             In the future if you have
                                                 because I could live in Hawaii.                                                         What does your favorite bumper sticker
                                                                                             any children what would
                                                 If you could have any super power,                                                        say? ‘Will brake for squirrels!’
                                                                                             you want their names to be? Elise
                                                 what would it be? Invisibility                                                                 What was your favorite t.v. show as a
                                                                                             Catherine , Jack, Reece Oliver
                                                 What is your dream job? Pediatrician                                                               child? Pokemon
                                                                                             What is the dumbest piece of trivial
                                                 What is your favorite food?                                                                            Funniest High School
                                                                                             information that you know? Watching Jersey
                                                 Chocolate...and cheese :)                                                                                  Memory? Mitchell
                                                                                             Shore results in a loss of 415 brain neurons an hour.
                                                 If you were a chess piece, which                                                                              Wolanin’s Dragon paper
                                                                                             This is scientific.
                                                 would you be? The knight, because                                                                                 for AP English,
                                                                                             What is your favorite chick flick? A Walk to Remember
                                                 I’d get to ride a cool horse.                                                                                         Junior year.
                                                                                             What was your favorite t.v. show as a child? Arthur
                                                 What is something interesting about                                                                                        Smut!!
                                                                                             What is your favorite board game? Settlers of Catan
                                                 yourself no one knows about? I still
                                                                                             Which candy bar are you? “Whatchamacallit” because of my sporadic
                                                 remember the Greek alphabet from
                                                                                             memory loss
                                                 5th grade :)

    Desiree Alena Nuss                                            Who are your favorite underclassmen? Gabby C, Shelby R,
                                                                  Casey B, Peachy Rae Rae, and Emily Law, I’ll miss you guys!
                                                                                                                                       would it be? The ugly colors of our walls
                                                                                                                                       and flooring, I’m really sick of living in
                                                                  If you were a board game, which would you be?                        the 70’s!!!
                                                                   Sorry, one of the few I can actually win…without cheating ;-) What was your favorite childhood                   What
                                                                  What is your favorite article of clothing and why?                   toy? My Pocahontas Barbie Doll            is
                                                                  My soccer sweatpants from freshman year.                             What celebrity would you              your most
                                                                  Do you have or would you get a tattoo? If so, of what?               switch lives with for a day        prized
                                                                  I want a running horse with my mom’s name, date of birth,            and why? Christina            possession? My
                                                                  and death on it.                                                     Aguilera because           necklace from Vince
                                                                  What is something interesting about yourself no one knows she can can sing,                  or my stuffed cat from
                                                                  about? I was born in Michigan…don’t hate!                            dance, and           when I was a baby
                                                                  Which Disney Character would you be and why? Pocahontas act!                          How many run-ins with the
                                                                  because she has beautiful hair!                                                    law have you had? Well I got a
                                                                  In the future if you have any children what would you want                     warning for speeding once and had a
                                                                  their names to be? Dianna and Derek                                 met       few wrecks…
                                                                  What is the dumbest piece of trivial information that             him!!       What is your ideal college that
                                                                  you know? There are roughly 20,000 other people                What is        you would like to attend? Ashland
What are your nicknames? Dez, Dandeirae, and #3                                                                                                University
When is your birthday? January 14, 1993                           with the same birthday as you.                             your best
                                                                  How many run-ins with the law have you                 high school           What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
Who are your best friends? Melaina, Erin, Craig, and                                                                                           I LOVE ice cream so anything is good
Mary Kate                                                         had? Personally? Or my whole family?                memory? Disney
                                                                                                                  World with the band!         with me
Who are your favorite teachers? Mr. Shanower, Holtz, and Really, just too many to count.                                                       What is the first physical feature you
Mrs. Howard                                                       What is your favorite flavor ice            If you were any animal,
                                                                                                          what would you be and why?           see in the opposite sex? Smile
What quote do you live by? “Work like you don’t need the cream? Mint chocolate chip or
money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like no            the raspberry cheesecake            A penguin, mainly because I have
body is watching.”                                                from Katie’s Korner             an odd obsession with penguins
What is your favorite TV show? Grey’s Anatomy, Modern
Family, and Make it or Break it.
                                                                  If you could change
                                                                  one thing about
                                                                                                Who is your favorite
                                                                                                underclassman? Joe
                                                                                                                           Stephanie Kay Corbin
What is your favorite sport? Soccer and Football                  our high             1993 Nidel, Julian Carioti, Josh
Who is your dream date? Cam Gigandet from Burlesque               school             Best       Chordas, Matthew Bickerton
What is your proudest high school memory?                         what           friends:       If you were a board game, which
 Getting the PIEF Scholarship all on my own.                                 Meleah Bellay would you be? Candyland, it
If you were any animal, what would you be and why?                       aka Melurh, Vince involves candy so that’s a no brainer
I would be a moose because they are so cute!!                        Mazzocco, Craig            What is your favorite article of
What is your favorite place to go for open lunch?                Rowley, Anna Chinchic,         clothing/why? Vince’s clothes because
The Konitsney Café                                           Joe Nidel aka Joey Boy, and        they’re comfy
If you could have any super power, what                 Julian Carioti aka Juju                 Who would you be off of Jersey
would it be? To never die                           Academic achievements: National             Shore why? No one. I enjoy my brain,
What is the first physical feature             Honors Society, Honor Roll                       thank you very much.
you see in the opposite sex?                   Extra-curricular activities: Senior Beta,        Which Disney Character would
Height…he’s gotta be taller           What Newspaper                                            you be and why? Ariel because she’s
than me.                           is your     Who is your favorite teacher? Holtz,             awesome and got to live in the sea.
What is your dream             full name? Miss. Bucko                                           What is you favorite candy bar? Can
job? To be a taste          Stephanie Kay      What quote do you live by? “Live as if           I change that to sour gummy worms
tester at an            Corbin                 you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if            instead?
ice cream           What are your              you were to live forever.”                       What is the dumbest piece of trivial
factory.        nicknames? Jellybean,          Favorite TV show: Criminal Minds                 information that you know? On
             Steph, Stacy, Steph-on-me!        Favorite actor/actress: JOHNNY DEPP!!! average, 100 people choke to death on
         When is your birthday? June 30, Who is your dream date? I’ve already                   ball-point pens every year.
    May 2011                                                                                                                                                                     5
                                                       Senior Spotlight
                                                                                               make it.                                      person, but usually their eyes.
Erica Marie Runyan                           Favorite sport: Soccer, duh.
                                                                                               Which Disney Character would you
                                                                                               be and why? Kiara… Have you SEEN
                                                                                                                                             Do you collect anything as a
                                                                                                                                             hobby? Empty Arnold Palmer            What
                                                                                               Kovu? :P                                      cans.                              is you
                                             Dream date: It’s a toss up between Eli
                                                                                               What is you favorite candy bar? I don’t       Who’s your favorite            favorite
                                             Brantingham and Tony Matteoti ;)
                                                                                               like candy in the shape of a “bar.” Don’t     rapper?                    candy bar?
                                             Best high school memory? winning
                                                                                               ask why, because I don’t know.                Rap is stupid.         I don’t discriminate
                                             Districts my junior year soccer season.
                                                                                               In the future if you have any children                          In the future if you
                                             Most embarassing moment? Mooning
                                                                                               what would you want their names to                          have any children what
                                             the entire gym class and being caught on
                                                                                               be? Tristan & Adeline                                    would you want their names
                                             tape doing so during gym dance freshman
                                                                                               What is your most prized possession?                to be?
                                             year... Move, Shake, DROP.
                                                                                               My baby brudder, Jerbear.                       Boys: Aiden, August, Ryan
                                             If you could have any super power, what
                                                                                               Biggest pet peeve: Sweaty sports              What is your ideal college that you
                                             would it be? Power of Persuasion
                                                                                               bras... gross.                                would like to attend?
                                             Favorite underclassman: Lainey & Beanie                                           Roberts
                                                                                               What is the first physical                    Kent State! Mission accomplished
                                             Baby. <3                                                                        where I
                                                                                               feature you see in the                        What type of car do you drive?
                                             What cafeteria lunch would you miss open                                     may or may
                                                                                               opposite sex? Well                            Purple Pontiac G3! I <3 my car
                                             lunch for? Bulldog bowl. It’s better than the                           not have fallen
                                                                                               it     depends                                What was the last movie you saw in
                                             one they make at KFC, hands down.                                    and flashed my
                                                                                               on       the                                  theaters?
                                             If you could make anything legal what                            underwear :)                   Arthur!!!! And a little free advertising.
                                             would it be? Speeding. Not a fan of slow                     If you were any animal,            Go see it!
                                             people…                                                 what would you be and why?              What is the first physical feature you
Nicknames: Er-bear, Urka, Urka-Durka,        Who would you be off of Jersey Shore                Gnu... duh                                  see in the opposite sex?
Eureka, Erkman, Urkel, Urkshire.             why? None, they are terrible human              What is your dream job?                         Different smiles. I like unique smiles!
Birthday: October 13, 1992                   beings.                                         Starving artist, minus the starving ;)
                                                                                   What                                                      If you had to go to the moon, what
Best friends: Lyd, Nicole, KK, Ian, Trip     Something interesting about                     Who is your favorite underclassman?
                                                                                quote                                                        three items would you bring?
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Howard fo sho         yourself no one knows?                          Probably the thing that lives at my
                                                                            do you live                                                      A scale, a rubber ball, and oxygen ;)
What quote do you live by? “Be the           Umm, I was supposed                             house…
                                                                        by?                                                                  What was your favorite childhood toy?
change you want to see in the world.”        to be a twin but                                If you were a board game, which
                                                                    “Rivers know                                                             My dump truck <3 Thanks Daddy
–Mahatma Gandhi                              the other baby                                  would you be?
Favorite TV show: Modern Fam.                didn’t            this; we shall get there
                                                                                             Risk! If you want to win me, you need
Favorite song: If I have to pick just                     someday…”Winnie the
                                                                                             intelligence and patience
One, probably Hallelujah by Rufus                     Pooh
                                                                                             What is your favorite article of
Wainwright.                                       Favorite t.v. show?
Favorite actor/actress: Owen Wilson           Big Bang Theory
                                                                                             My rocket dogs, they’re loved to
<3                                            Favorite song?
                                                                                             pieces... literally
Favorite color? Lime Green.         Best      Just the Way You Look Tonight
                                                                                             Who would you be off Jersey Shore
Same color as my future         friends?      Favorite sport?
Kawasaki Ninja.             Nick, Lydia,      SOCCER!!!!!! Even despite this year…
                                                                                             Did any of the characters ever get
                       Taylor, Craig, the     Dream date?
                                                                                             punched? I want to be the person
                   guys                       Robert Downey, Jr.
                                                                                             that did that ;)
               Favorite teachers?             What was your funniest high school
          Mr. Handrych, Mr. DeToro,           moment?
      Mr. Ruane, Mr. Piper                    The concert at Saint    Dana Kathleen Libert
        Alexandra Marie Krafft
           What do you go by? Ali,
                                                                                           If you were a Disney character, which
                                                                                           would you be and why? I would be Belle
                                                                                           from Beauty and the Beast because I love to
                                            Favorite underclassmen: Jillian Hickey,
Nicknames: Alley Kat, Goob, Littol                                                         read and she has her own gigantic library
                                            Kylie Holmes, Tessa Rowlands, Alex
Bam, Liddie      Best friends: Katie,                                                      full of books.
                                            Mellott, Joey Wilson, Sammy Rodgers, &
Poo, Dirty Pop,      Jerm, Shelb,                                                          Favorite teachers: Miss HuskY, Mrs.
                                            Michael Krafft
Poppy, Lil’ Pop, Big     Deedge, Linds,                                                    Graeser, Mr. Handrych, Mrs. Howard,
                                            Dream dates: Austin Haines, Joey
Lyd                         Em, Maria,                                                     Mr. Piper, Miss Bucko, Senor Swinning,
                                            Wilson, and Mr. Piper
Birthday: August 22, 1993       Tay, &                                                     Mr. Ruane, Mr. Wadja, & Mr. Anderson.
                                            What is something interesting no one
Best friends: Court, Erica,        Lexis                                                   Although they are not my teachers, I also
                                            knows about you? I’m afraid of the
Kels, Dana, Jess, the guys                                                                 am thankful to have wonderful people like
                                            dark…and sometimes I have to sleep
Academic achievements: Honor                                                               Mr. Ramey, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Herrholtz,
                                            with the hall light on :-(
Roll, NHS, Honors Graduate                                                                 Mr. Wilson, and Mrs. Margala to help me         couple of months or in a year, so don’t
                                               What is a weird habit you possess?
Extra-curricular activities: Girl Scouts,                                                  along the way.                                  waste time worrying about it. And
                                                    I only like to use white Dove bar
4-H, DQ, Beta                                                                              Favorite candy bar: Ah, it’s a tie between      always be kind to people. I know it
                                                         soap when showering…with
Favorite teachers: Mr. Ruane, Holtz,                                                       Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups & Take 5.            sounds corny, but it is honestly so
                                              World          anything else I don’t feel as
Ms. Bucko                                                                                  What are your plans after graduating            important.
                                              and                clean!
What quote do you live by? “In three                                                       high school? I will attend the University      If you could have any superpower what
                                              senior prom            What is something
words I can sum up everything I’ve                                                         of Pittsburgh with a major in Biological       would it be? The ability to read minds
                                              Funniest high             that annoys
learned about life: it goes on.” –Robert                                                   Sciences and an art-related minor              What will you miss most about LHS?
                                              school moment:               you? Gossipy
Frost                                                                                      (possibly photography) in the fall. Next       I will most miss all of the teachers that
                                              Sarah Benich falling             moms
Favorite TV show: It’s Always Sunny in                                                     May, I will participate in my first study      have helped me through my high school
                                              down the steps and                           abroad experience and I hope to continue
Philadelphia                                                                                                                              journey and who have become such a big
                                              scooting herself across the                  studying abroad throughout college.
Favorite song: “Slow Dancing in a                                                                                                         part of my life. Thanks for everything!
                                              floor. Kels and I laughed for a              What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Burning Room” –John Mayer                                                                                                                 What will you miss least about LHS?
                                              good 20 minutes.                                 Chubby Hubby from Ben & Jerry’s…
Favorite color: Turquoise                                                                                                                 Waking up at the crack of dawn!
                                              Craziest thing you have done: Well, at               yum!
Dream date: Daniel Tosh <3                                                                                                                What is your favorite article of clothing
                                              YSU there was a cone…                                    Advice to underclassmen:
What type of car do you drive? ’93                                                                                                        and why? Yoga pants because they are
                                              If you were any animal, what would               would      Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Jeep Wrangler                                                                                                                             sooo comf
                                              you be and why? Cat, so I could sleep            you be         Something that you
Best high school memory: Disney                                                                                                           What quality do you look for in the
                                              alllllllll day long                              and why?           think is a big deal     opposite sex? Sense of humor is really
                                                                 Favorite Place for open       Tinkerbell             now probably        important to me; I love to laugh. :)
  Lydia Christine Popichak                                       lunch: La casa de Kelsey
                                                                                               because she flies out
                                                                                               of the Magic Kingdom
                                                                                                                           won’t matter
                                                                                                                               in a
                                                                                                                                          What is your favorite movie? Life
                                                                                                                                          Is Beautiful (It’s a foreign film, but is
                                                                 underclassman: Mellos         castle
                                                                                                                                          definitely worth seeing!) and Fight Club
                                                                kids and Alexa Pop             In the future if you have any
                                                                                                                                          What is your dream job? World traveling
                                                                If you were a board            children what would you want
                                                                                                                                           model photographer food-tester.
                                                                game, which would you          their names to be? Layla Grace and
                                                                be? Dirty Minds!               Levi Thomas
                                                                                                                                                   Favorite sports team: Penn State!
                                                               If you could make               What is the dumbest piece of                  Do
                                                                                                                                                       What is the most useless
                                                               anything legal what             information that you know? 1 in 5,000         you
                                                                                                                                                             piece of information
                                                               would it be? Stealing           north Atlantic lobsters are born bright       collect
                                                                                                                                                                 you know? Sloths
                                                               cones                           blue                                          anything?
                                                                                                                                                                    take two weeks
                                                              Something interesting            How many run-ins with the law have            Old cameras
                                                                                                                                                                        to digest their
                                                              about yourself that no one       you had? 1.5                                  Favorite
                                                                                                                                                                            food. How
                                                              knows about: I drive stick       Ideal College: University of Pittsburgh       childhood toy: My
                                                              shift                            What was the last movie you saw in            Barbie Jeep
                                                              Which Disney Character           theatres? Hall Pass                           Favorite band: Maroon 5
            6                                                                                                                                       The Bulldog BulleTin

                           Lakeview alumnus brings sport stacking to YSU
By mAtthew BiCKerton                    “[The meet] was frightening        a separate sport. “It’s addictive.
 Reporter                            at first,” Palmer said. Young         Once you get a time on yourself,
                                     kids who attended were “really        you want to beat that time.
  A    ndy Innocenzi, a student      fast,” Palmer said, but “we were      It’s a sport anybody can do,”
at Youngstown State University       still really competitive.”            Innocenzi said.
and Lakeview graduate from the          Innocenzi formed a four-              Innocenzi would also like
class of 2010, has begun trying to   person team at YSU, the first         scholarships to be offered for
bring sport stacking to colleges     college to offer sport stacking       sport stacking. Despite the fact
around the country. Innocenzi        as a sport, and took them to          the he held state records for the
has been sport stacking for four     the state championship. The           sport, Innocenzi was unable to
years and his ultimate goal is       championship consisted of             receive any scholarships when
to start a college sport stacking    individual competitions and           he applied for college. “After
league.                              a team relay. Innocenzi’s team        I graduate college, I’d like to
  Innocenzi began his attempt        won first place in their age          be able to promote the sport,”
to start a college sport stacking    group, and they are “the fastest      Innocenzi said, “and work
league when he was contacted         college in Ohio,” Innocenzi           within the company.”
by Bob Fox, the founder of           said.     Innocenzi    personally        Sport stacking became an
the World Sport Stacking             holds eleven state records in         official sport in 2005. It’s not
Association, the governing body      sport stacking and went to            any less a sport than baseball or
of sport stacking. “He’s giving      Dallas, Texas, with “Team USA”        basketball, Innocenzi said.
me all the supplies to start a       to compete in the World Sport            “If you want to be serious
[college] program,” Innocenzi        Stacking Championship against         about      [sport      stacking],”
said. “My goal is to get sport       fifteen other countries. Their        Palmer said, “you can’t do it
stacking into every college I can    team came in second place             halfheartedly. It’s more time
get it into,” Innocenzi said.        in their age group. Innocenzi         consuming than you’d think.”
  Innocenzi held a sport             hopes to work with Team USA           Palmer has only been sport
stacking meet at Youngstown          to spread sport stacking to other     stacking two months, but said
and two YSU teams, a Lakeview        colleges.                             that learning how to sport stack
team, and a team consisting of          Innocenzi had to create interest   is “really the same as learning
members of Innocenzi’s family        in sport stacking in order to form    anything else. As long as you
attended. “I was supposed to         a team. “I went into the cafetaria    keep with it, you see results.”
show I could host a meet before      and started stacking as fast as I        Innocenzi believes in the full
I could start bringing in other      could,” Innocenzi said.               potential of the sport. “It’s not a
schools,” Innocenzi said. One of        Sport stacking is the act of       waste of time. There is a future
the YSU teams consisted of four      stacking cups in specific patterns    in this sport because of what
previous Lakeview students:                                                                                                                                                         Ames
                                     as fast as possible. There are        I’m going to do. The sky is the
Innocenzi, Chris Palmer, John        three predetermined patterns,         limit.”                                Innocenzi will likely be going to the Olympics when sport stacking is
Patterson, and Nick Popovich.        and each pattern is considered                                                                               added.

                                            Holowach destined to teach science
                                     knew she would pursue a               of teaching, such as listening achieve all the knowledge she Shetland sheep dog, Chase, who
By Kyle AmeS                         science career. In the eight          and observing the students.” needs is difficult simply because follows commands and is very
 Photography Editor                  grade, Holowach participated          Holowach has taught at she doesn’t have enough time to intelligent. Holowach said she
                                     in the school science fair and        Bloomfield, Niles McKinley, and communicate in the short class often relies on Chase to grade
  L   akeview      High    School    placed first with her project on
                                     a flatworm called the planarian.
                                                                           was even a stay at home mom periods.
                                                                           for a period of time. Currently,    Holowach        enjoys
                                                                                                                                                 labs and quizzes whenever she
                                                                                                                                           both needs some help. Something
chemistry       teacher    Norma
Holowach is one of eleven            Holowach’s first place title          Holowach teaches both biology running and biking. When she’s most people don’t know about
children in her family. Holowach     granted her admittance into           and chemistry at Lakeview not out running, she’s probably Holowach is that her husband is
grew up with seven sisters and       the state-wide contest which          High School. As for a preference with her grandchildren, who an Orthodox priest. Holowach’s
three little brothers. Growing up    further sparked her enthusiasm        of teaching biology or chemistry, play a large role in her life. Due favorite food is anything with
in a large family really impacted    for science.                          Holowach said “I                                                                dark chocolate in it,
her character and the morals           Holowach’s high school career       get into whatever                                                               and wishes she had
she has to this day. Holowach        occured before Title IX of 1972,      I’m teaching and                                                                the superpower of
said “I never knew that other        which meant there was still sex       embrace      each                                                               being able to speak in
families were any different and      discrimination in academics           topic”, student                                                                 any foreign language
growing up in a large family         and      athletics.    Therefore,     response        to                                                              at any time. Although
taught me special abilities of       Holowach could only take part         her      teaching                                                               she doesn’t watch
communication.”         Holowach     in recreational tennis which she      strategies,                                                                     much television, she
also acquired other skills           thoroughly enjoyed and still          Holowach feels                                                                  said she enjoys the
such as listening during her         follows to this day. Following        she is received                                                                 food network and will
childhood. Infinitesimal fights      her senior year, Holowach             in    an    entire                                                              watch the original
took place between brothers and      moved on to her undergraduate         spectrum        of                                                              AuntieMame anytime
sisters which is why Holowach        studies at Youngstown State           different ways.                                                                 it’s on. As for music,
learned to “fade away into the       University.     Following    her      The          most                                                               Holowach        listens
background, to let the others        undergrad at YSU, Holowach            frustrating part                                                                to    whatever      her
earn the trouble.” The special       received her degree at Ashland        of teaching for                                                      Ames       children recommend
abilities Holowach obtained in       University.                           Holowach        is       Holowach lecturing her seventh period class over       which includes Adele
her childhood led her towards          Holowach’s career began at          being unable to                        thermochemistry.                         and Tracy Chapman.
the path of teaching, she said.      Niles-McKinley high school,           communicate                                                                     Holowach is a very
  Holowach received her high         which played a vital role in her      knowledge       to                                                              active individual who
school education at Chaney,          teaching today. Holowach said         individual students or not being  to her love for working outside, has three kids, grandchildren,
where in the eight grade she         “it was a learning experience         able to make a connection with her favorite place to shop is a and still maintains enough time
                                     and taught me many values             students. Holowach said to hardware store. Holowach has a to teach the student body.
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   11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.                                         Dental Exam, cleaning, and x-rays.
                                                                                                                       Warren, OH 44484
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   2193 St. Rt. 305
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                                                                    277 South High - (330) 638-7796                     Akron, OH 44303
  May 2011                                                                                                                                                                 7
              atio es!
           tul ire
        gra Ret Compiled by: Jenelle Bayus IMrs. Addicott
    Con S                                                                                                  “ ’ll miss the laughter and the good times I’ve had over

                                                                                                         the years with my colleagues and students as well as several

                                                                                                         of my awesome students,” said Alexis Addicott, Lakeview

             Mr. Ciferno
                                                                                                         High School teacher of 25 years.
                                                                                                           Addicott attended Penn State University and Youngstown
                                                                                                         State University to receive a major in mathematics and
                                                                                                         a minor in physics. One of                 A d d i c o t t ’s
                                         A   s a teacher at Lakeview High School for the past 36         favorite memories is receiving
                                       years, Larry Ciferno said one of his favorite memories is the     letters from former students
                                       possibility of learning something new. Ciferno attended           telling her how much they
                                       John Carroll University and majored in English.                   appreciate her and of her
                                         Ciferno said, “A word of advice to new teachers is to pace      influence on them to become
                                       yourself, and, remember, when you’re working with the             a math teacher.
                                       general public, you get all kinds.”                                 Addicott     said,   “After
                                                Ciferno believes one of the greatest changes in          I retire, I plan on doing
                                        education, is the amount of pressure students are under to       whatever suits me best at
                                         receive decent grades.                                          the time. There are many
                                            Ciferno said, “I will miss the staff, my colleagues,         adventures out there in
                                           my students, the energy of this place, and, most of all,      the world with my name
                                           watching students mature.                                     on them.”

                          Mr. Snowberger
              A   s an educator for 39 years, Don Snowberger, was an English teacher for 17
            years and the technology coordinator at L.H.S. for the past 22 years. He began
                                                                                                                Miss Rumancik
            his career as a substitute teacher, in almost every                                               F  or the past 33 years, Pamela Rumancik has been a
            school district in Trumbull County before obtaining a                                           teacher at Lakeview High School. She received her bachelor’s
            permanent job in the Lakeview Local School District.                                            degree in English from Kent State University and attended
            Snowberger attended Kent State University to major in                                           additional classes at Youngstown State University. After
            English and History.                                                                            retiring, she plans on taking cooking classes and publishing
              Snowberger said, “In my last two decades as a                                                 her own online cook book. In addition to taking Slovak,
            technology coordinator, there are a couple things I’ve                                          yoga, pilates, and zumba classes, she intends to work for
            learned: Schools are about only one good thing--good                                            her attorney and to mentor Kent State University students
            teachers. I have never seen technology make a bad                                               who want to become English teachers. Rumancik also looks
            teacher into a good one. I have never heard a student                                           forward to attending Trumbull Town Hall and Warren Civic
            say that this computer changed my life. Sometimes we                                            Music events as well as theatre performances at Playhouse
            put too much faith in technology. The only real value of                                        Square, Cleveland. She also wants to be more involved in
            technology in education is if it transforms what happens                                        church activities. Finally, Rumancik plans to travel and
            in the classroom and how things are learned.”                                                   provide professional development to teachers using the
              Included in Snowberger’s list of advice to new                                                Ohio Resource Center (ORC) website.
            teachers is to: plan relentlessly, never base lessons on                                          Over the years, Rumancik believes the incorporation of
            what is easy or makes life simple, but rather on what                                           technology into education has changed education drastically.
            makes students think the most. Take care of yourself physically and spiritually,                Of her career, Rumancik said, “I don’t have a favorite memory;
            love learning, kids, and hard work, and, finally, work closely with counselors,                 overall my teaching career has been splendiferous.”
            administrators and media specialists.

                     ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ teaches LHS band
                             a thing or two about music
By tAylor loDy                      to back-stage Magic Kingdom          animation from the movie.          17 years), was also at back-stage   was “a great experience about
 Fundraising Manager                to practice sight-reading with         The Concert Band went            Epcot, where they participated      careers in performing.” Fellow
                                    a Disney composer and local          to back-stage Epcot for the        in mock auditions to become a       majorette and LHS Sophomore
  T  he      Bulldog     Marching                                                                           Disney cast member.                 Hunter Woodley agreed, “the
Band traveled to Walt Disney                                                                                   Hatch spoke to the girls about   best part [of the workshop],
World for Disney’s Magic Music                                                                              proper resumes for auditions        though, was when Goofy came
Days on May 4, and returned                                                                                 and asked them questions            into the room and danced with
May 8. Although they spent                                                                                  that would be addressed             us!”
every day in one of the several                                                                             in the auditions                      Although the band’s trip to
Disney parks (including Magic                                                                               themselves, such                    Disney was “a dream come true,”
Kingdom, Animal Kingdom,                                                                                    as “Do you have                     the band members consider it to
Hollywood Studios, and Epcot),                                                                              experience on                       have been very educational.
the trip was far from an easy                                                                               roller skates?”
time.                                                                                                       and      “Are
  As every band student is                                                                                  you afraid
aware, Marching Band is a                                                                                   of heights?”                               Band members head
performance-based class. How                                                                                The girls                              towards Cinderella’s Castle
better to learn about performance                                                                           were also                                 (below). Seniors pose at
than marching in Disney’s most                                                                              “called                                                 Epcot (left).
prestigious parade right down                                                                               b a c k ”
Main Street, Disney, in front of                                                                            randomly,
the hundreds of Disney park          band director, “Adam.” They         same style workshop, playing,      or chosen to
tourists and employees (called      warmed up with several classic       instead, “Stampede” from Lion      continue in
“cast members”)? The band           Disney songs, including “Poor,       King. Lakeview High School         the audition,
marched in a one-third of a mile    Unfortunate Souls,” from The         Freshman Chris Shafer said of      to        teach
parade in 95 degree weather on      Little Mermaid, and “This is         the Concert Band’s workshop:       them       about
May 5.                              Halloween,” from Nightmare           “It was a lot of fun, and it was   disappointment
  Two days following, May 7,        Before Christmas. For their          very informational. I enjoyed      and              the
both bands and the majorettes       final task, they recorded a sight-   working with one of Disney’s       competitive job field
split into three groups to          reading of The Firebird Suite        professional directors.”           for performers. LHS
experience Disney workshops.        from Disney’s Fantasia 2000            The Majorettes’ workshop, led    Junior Kaitlyn Braunegg
The Symphonic Band travelled        and set their recording to the       by Gina Hatch (a cast member of    believed that the workshop                              Submitted
            8                                                                                                                                     The Bulldog BulleTin

                                Tanning attracts teens seeking sun
By pAige voSmiK                      understatement.                                       Setner said she        and increases “the risk of skin in entertainment. Many actors,
 Reporter                            From pageant-                                          goes       tanning    cancer.” She is not wrong -- reality        show     personalities,
                                     b o u n d                                               “before          a   - WebMD reports that regular and musical artists add to this,
  A     century and more ago,        children to
                                                           Of surveyed fresh-
                                                           men, 81% said they                  school dance,      use of tanning beds can triple                      their    own
flawless, snowy-pale skin was        teens      and                                            [a]       dance    or quadruple risk of
regarded as a defining trait         older people,
                                                           believe tanning can                  competition,      melanoma, which is
of beauty, along with facial         increasing               affect their health.              or       before   the most dangerous
symmetry and other qualities.        numbers of            Of the same students,               vacation.”         form of skin cancer        Of surveyed sophomores,
It was desperately sought for        hours and             69% of surveyed                     Her reasons        and      the     most      86% said they believed it
through constant shielding           dollars are           boys and 62% of                     are similar to     common         among        could affect their health.
from the sun’s rays with hats,       spent toward          girls said they don’t              many        other   young women. In            79% of the same boys and
parasols, and other tricks. To say   achieving a                   go tanning.                teens who tan.      addition to skin           51% of the girls said they
“things have changed” would          just-walked-                                            Tanning today        cancer,       tanning             don’t go tanning.
be    a    major                     off-the-beach                                          is similar to         often     leads     to
                                     glow.         Spray                                   finding the right      ultraviolet exposure
                                     tans, tanning beds, home hairstyle or perfect accessory                      complications      such
                                      use tanning lotions, and --- a part of an appearance                        as immune system
                                        tanning oils all supplant this maintenance routine. Setner                suppression,       photokeratitis affections for tanning added
                                         current movement, offering suspects its popularity is because            – a sunburn of the cornea also into the many ways they
                                           alternates to falling asleep in “it is relaxing” and “people feel      known as “snow blindness,” influence youth today, though
                                           the backyard or                                 prettier” which is     increase in cataracts --- a many, realizing the dangers, use
                                           at the poolside,                                       likely true     clouding of the                            fake tanning products.
                                           c o ve r e d
                                                                Of surveyed juniors, in a variety                 lens of the eye,                                  They, possibly
                                           in     sticky
                                                                85% believed tan- ofHowever,         cases.       premature                                          inadvertently,
                                                                                                                                                                      add on to
                                                                                                                  a g i n g ,
                                           and hoping
                                                                ning could affect their there still               sunburn,
                                                                                                                                      Of surveyed seniors,             the     peer
                                           for a tan            health. 34% of the exist those                    and     suntan
                                                                                                                                      84% said they be-                influences
                                           to turn out          same girls and 94% who prefer                     –- which is         lieved it could affect            and led to
                                           even.                   of boys don’t tan.              avoiding       a sign of           their health. 87% of              more     use
                                             T e e n s                                             the entire     damage (fda.        the same boys and                 of tanning
                                           add to the                                              franchise      gov).               30% of girls said they            products
                                          estimated more                                         of tanning,        Ta n n i n g               don’t tan.               and   year-
                                          than 30 million                                       such         as   makes up one                                         r o u n d -
                                          Americans who go tanning               Hannah Butler, a junior at       of the ever                                          u s a b l e
                                         every year ( They LHS, who said she stays away                growing parts                                       locations
                                         go for a variety of reasons; from it because she “[believes]             of a changing society,                     within younger people.
                                       for example, LHS junior Jamie tanning damages your skin”                   bolstered by the tan-spotlighting

                                                         Prom 2011                                                                   240 total prom tickets were sold
                                                            by the numbers
                                                         Out of the 90 LHS students surveyed                              Combined prom costs for 90 people surveyed

                                                         about prom (53 Seniors & 37 Juniors)...                          totals over $22,000

                                                                   Purple =             the most popular                 In comparison, a person making Ohio

                                                                   solid color for 11th graders                          minimum wage ($7.40 per hour) and work-

                                                                                                                         ing the typical 40-hour workweek makes
                                                                  17% of responding seniors
                                                                                                                         $15,392 a year
                                                                  went to prom stag
                                                                                                                         Most popular activity overall the day after

                                                                  Least popular dress colors?                            prom: going to an Amusement
         Seniors Kaitlyn Tonkovich and Matthew                    Brown and gold                                         Park
         Lennington were voted Prom Queen and
                                                                                                                         47 % of responding seniors planned on go-
        King. Juniors elected as Princess and Prince
         were Rachel Rubadiri and Austin Haines.                81%            of responding 11th grad-
                                                                                                                         ing to an amusement park
                                                                ers participated in prom preview
         Compiled by: Sarah Benich

                                                                          Where Style Meets Cake
                                                                               Specialty Cake
    Authentic                                                                 and Dessert Shop
      Mexican                                                              Kotsatos-
                                                                            Angelo Designer
      Cuisine                                                                Owner/                                       Youth Group on            2878 Warren-Meadville Road
                                                                            Designer                                    Wednesday nights               Cortland, OH, 44410
 105 S. High Street                                                             By Appointment Only                    at Calvary Bible Church         For more information:
                                                                               4248 North River Rd., Suite 2         from 6:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.          Call (330) 847-6021
     Cortland                                                                      Warren, Ohio 44484
  330-638-1100                                                                    330.395.CAKE (2253)                        Free food! Hang out with friends!
    May 2011                                                                                                                                          9
                                                             Finally, the 2010-2011 school year has come to an end!
  Looking forward;                                          Huzzah! As many students eagerly look forward to the
                                                            summer and the freedom it brings, most seniors find

    looking back
CompileD with love By
                                                            themselves looking backwards, knowing that the most
                                                            recent chapter of their lives has come to an end. But it’s
                                                            not over yet; here’s a quick look back on the journey of the
mAry KAte Browning
                                                            Class of 2011.

                   CLASS OF 2011’s
                    FIRST & LAST:
Last…fourth grade class to graduate from Bazetta Elementary
in 2003 (the following year Cortland & Bazetta combined
                                    elementary schools.)
                                                                    First…class         to
                                                                    be the youngest
                                                                    grade in a building
                                                                    two consecutive
                                                                    years (as 5th and
                                                                    6th graders during
                                                                       middle school.)
                                                                    Last...5th     grade
                                                                    class to have Mrs.
                                                                    Burkey and the
                                                                    imfamous ringing
 The last fourth grade class to
 come from Baxetta Elementary
 in 2003.               have the unpredicatble art
                                 teacher, Mr. Trimbur, our 6th grade
Last…class privileged to have Mr. Herrholtz as a teacher our
freshman year. World History remains the most frightening
                                                                                                     The classes from Bazetta and Cortland
                                     but educational class of our high school career.                Elementary met for the first time in 5th
                                                        First…class to have Cody Chappell,           grade. Above is a photo from Lakeview
                                                                                                     Middle School’s 2004 year book; weren’t
                                                   who student taught our freshman year.             we cute in 5th grade?
                               Last…class to have Mr. Wajda; his advice before geometry midterms
                                     freshman year: “If you’re going to cry, please do it softly.”
                                Mr. Wajda, below, in front of First...senior class actually required
                                ‘Ed Wajda Field’, named in his to study for midterms and
                                honor in 2008.
                                                                     Last…sophomore class to be
                                                                     equipped by Mrs. Ormerod
                                                                     for the OGT. (Don’t forget
                                                                     to “goo-goo-googly eyes”
                                                                              your notes!)
                                                        First…to start our own
                                                        school spirit facebook page.
                                                            Thanks, Blue Crew!                                            Memebers of Lakeview’s first “Blue
                                                                                                                          Crew” preparing for a pregame
                                                        Last…class to experience the talents of Mr.                       tailgate this past fall.
                                                          Hitmar (drama) and Mr. Young (band).
                                                          First…class to participate in two
                                                        full-scale musicals, a feat not
                                                           achieved by previous classes.
                                                        Last...class to remember past electives,
                                                              such as home ec and foods.
                                                        First…class of the always cheerful
                                                        English teacher, Miss Milliron
                                                        and fearless choir director, Mrs.
                                                        A page from Lakeview Middle
                                                        School’s 2005 year book (left)
                                                        featuring the current seniors in
                                                        7th grade.                         Kari Milliron, 12th grade
                                                                                           English teacher, was a new
                                                                                           addition to the LHS staff in
           10                                                                                                                                                     The Bulldog BulleTin

     Bruno Mars & Flash Fest: Perfect ‘Just the Way They Are’
                                                    Plan B and his entourage immediately                    U.S. classic, “Stand by Me,” and called         with genuine talent and sincerity.
 By Chloe Bell                                      grabbed the audience’s attention. A single              the beat-boxer back on stage. Together,           Following Kings’ stellar performance,
                                                    performer came onstage and began to                     incorporating new beats along with their        speculation permeated the crowd as they
                                                    incorporate ‘screamo-esque’ rapping with                own distinct voices, the two created a          received texts from worried friends who
                                                    beat-boxing to produce a surprisingly                   hip-hop and rock hybrid of an oldies            had just watched Bruno Mars perform on
  T   he Kent State University MAC                  outstanding musical product. However,                   stand-by.                                       American Idol; if Idol had been live, there
Center sponsored Flash Fest, a springtime           these unique devices were not of Plan B,                   Next to take the stage were the pop-         was no way the headliner could be at the
celebration for students, on                                                                                                       rock boys of We the      MAC just minutes later. Yet, to the crowds’
Apr. 28. The event featured                                                                                                        Kings, a band full       pleasure, Idol had been prerecorded, and
the bubblegum ballads of pop                                                                                                       of lively personality    Mars was in the building. Finally, Mars
sensation Bruno Mars as well                                                                                                       and hilarious antics,    found his way onto center stage. A fury
the mainstream punk hits of                                                                                                        especially       from    of strobe lights and doo-wops made for
We the Kings. In addition to                                                                                                       lead-singer Travis       a fabulous entrance, and once on stage,
the megastars, British rapper,                                                                                                     Clark. The red-          the 5’5 Latin heartthrob didn’t waste any
Plan B performed, putting                                                                                                          headed front man         time.
a unique spin on popular                                                                                                           cajoled, flirted with,     Mars crooned his big-time hits to a
American songs like “Stand by                                                                                                      and serenaded the        crowd of adoring fans; surprisingly
Me,” while still entertaining                                                                                                      audience in between      enough,      that       too-good-to-be-true
with their own songs. The                                                                                                          sets, causing some       angelic voice, was very true and even
band, Another Kind of Buffalo,                                                                                                     to blush and many        more cherubic in the flesh. New mixes
opened for the performers after                                                                                                    more to giggle. His      of popular songs kept his performance
winning a Battle of the Bands                                                                                                      fast-paced,      high    unpredictable, for example, a flawless
type competition. Tickets were                                                                                                     energy presentation      new intro to “Nothing on You.” Mars
five dollars for Kent students,                                                                                                    kept the audience        made sure to perform everything his
who were granted first come,                                                                                                       on their toes waiting    audience requested, leaving no stone
first served floor seats; tickets                                                                                                  for more, and more       unturned and no fan unhappy.
were thirty-five dollars for                                                                                                       was provided.                Mars sealed the deal by singing to
nonstudents                                                                                                                          Kings performed        one lucky girl in particular, warming her
   Buffalo offered up original                                                                                               Katie love struck hits like    heart and, likely, many others. His most
tracks; however, they were                                                                                                   Young “Check Yes Juliet,”      entertaining performances included,
reminiscent of typical teen-                                                                                                       and          “Skyway     “Just the Way You Are,” a beautiful ballad
                                   Mars serenades fans with chart-topping singles and a beautiful, sea-foam electric guitar.
angst rock stand-bys. The                                                                                                          Avenue,”        while    for a beautiful girl, and, “Grenade,” a
band was hard to hear and                                                                                                          enticing the audience    saucy au revoir to an ungrateful lover.
blatantly ignored due to their lack of but just part of his opening act.                                    with several newer tracks from their C.D.         Kent’s Flash Fest, action-packed with
stage presence; the boys performed in              Plan B took the stage in a gray button awaiting release.                                                 diverse pop powerhouses and sprinkles
a corner of the stage amidst the chatter down and silk black tie, commanding                                   Clark brought the intensity down to          of up and coming talent, pleased an
and excitement of the assembling crowd. the stage with his style uncommon with perform a stunning acoustic version of                                       impressive gathering of teens & adults
Perhaps if Buffalo had been headlining most rappers. He performed a few of his their single “We’ll be a Dream,” inciting                                    alike. The talented group of performers
among similar bands, their performance own numbers, each rich with his strong various pledges of undying love from                                          left concert attendants with a night of
would have been more engaging.                 singing voice as well as less-aggressive the crowd. Kings provided concert-                                  musical memories and next year’s lineup
   After a so-so performance from Buffalo, style of rap. Later on, he performed the attendants with just enough wild mingled                                with big shoes to fill.

                                            This Summer’s...
        CD                                                                                   Movies                                                     Concerts
      Releases                                                                                                                            Glee Live @ Cleveland, OH
                                                                            Green Lantern,                                                June 14
                                                                         June 17, starring Ryan Reynolds
 Theory of a Dead                                                       A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring
                                                                       that bestows him with otherworldly powers, Panic At the Disco @ Lifestyl
 Man                                                                  as well as membership into an intergalactic     Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
 The Truth Is...                                                     squadron tasked with keeping peace within        June 9
 Jul 12, 2011                                                       the universe.
                                                                                                                                          Wiz Khalifa @ Lifestyle
 Lil’ Wayne                                                                                                                               Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
                                                                    Transformers: Dark of the
 The Carter IV                                                                                                                            June 14
                                                                     Moon, July 1
 June 21, 2011                                                           The Autobots learn of a
                                                                          Cybertronian spacecraft hidden                                  Owl City @ LC Pavilion Columbus, OH
                                                                           on the Moon, and race against                                  July 1
                                                                            the Decepticons to reach it
 Planet Pit                                                                  and learn its secrets, which                                 R. Kelly @ Schottenstein Center
 June 21, 2011                                                                could turn the tide in the                                  Columbus, OH
                                                                               Transformers’ final battle.
                                                                                                                                          July 8
 Taking Back
                                                                                                               ath         ly             Miranda Cosgrove @ Lifestyle
 June 28, 2011                                                                                         t he De                            Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH
                                                                                  er &
 David Cook
                                                                            y Pott 2, July 15 Hermione
                                                                      Harr Part
                                                                                                                                          July 15

                                                                                              , and
 This Loud                                                               lowsns as Harry, Ron d destroy lde-
                                                                      Hal d begi            an
                                                                                                                                          We the Kings @ Newport
                                                                                                                                          Music Hall Columbus, OH
 Morning                                                                            to find       en Vo
 June 28, 2011                                                      The en o Hogwarts uxes, but w e ultimate                              Jusy 30
                                                                            k t        rcr           th          e
                                                                    go bac t’s final ho eir mission, ill never b
                                                                             or        t h          it w
                                                                    Voldem s out about they know
                                                                                                                                          The Goo Goo Dolls : Michelle
Compiled by                                                               i nd          as                                                Branch @ Lifestyle Communities
                                                                   mort f ins and life
Desiree Nuss                                                             beg
                                                                   battle again.
                                                                                                                                          Pavilion Columbus, OH
                                                                                                                                          August 2
                                                                  the sa
      May 2011

  StumbleUpon! a world of new things
                                              in order to display materials specific to     and thumbs down the user allots, the             ing of knowledge and ideas in a topic of
By erin Kelligher                             each user and also creates virtual com-       more StumbleUpon grows to fit specific           personal interest.
 Reporter                                     munities of web surfers based on their        interests, increasing the quality of the us-        Because the users have so much control
                                              similar opinions ( As      er’s experience. This discovery approach         over the content displayed, a stumble can
  S  tumbleUpon is redefining the way         users rate websites, their personal profile   to internet content expedites the referral       find information more quickly and even
millions of people navigate the internet      is updated in a blog-style record of rated    of peer-approved websites and simpli-            different information that may not be
one stumble at a time. The StumbleUpon!       sites, which link users by common in-         fies navigation.                                 available in popular mainstream media.
toolbar is a discovery search engine that     terest. These social ties coordinate what        Stumblers also have the ability to rate       With all the advanced features specific to
recommends web content to its users           web content is distributed so that                 and review each others’ blogs and           each user, stumbling can easily become
based on a survey of their interests sub-     users “stumble upon” pages                               join interest groups, which           an addicting way to spend a vast amount
mitted to the website. It boasts features     explicitly recommended                                       are community forums for          of time because the user never really
that allow users to discover and rate         by friends and peers.                                            specific topics. Users        knows what he or she may stumble into.
websites, photos, and videos specifically     The more users                                                     can post comments in        Stumblers also utilize the website to
personalized to their tastes that they may    stumble, the more                                                    a discussion board        bring attention to their personal blogs
not have encountered in a normal Google       fresh material                                                        in these groups          or websites that have little traffic, with a
search. Mainly, StumbleUpon has come to       is entered into                                                        and post links to       quick thumbs up allowing for the entire
be a cure for even the worst case of bore-    the database,                                                           websites that cor-     stumble community to latch onto an up-
dom and actually can be an educational        providing for                                                            relate with the       and-coming website.
means of browsing the internet in a rath-     a higher qual-                                                            specific topic at       StumbleUpon has also branched out into
er unconventional way.                        ity of finds.                                                             hand. This com-      websites such as StumbleVideo and Stum-
   With compatibility with nearly any            Users rate                                                             munity experi-       bleThru which show similar methods of
browser, such as, but not exclusive to        a      website                                                            ence also allows     acquiring information. StumbleVideo al-
Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and         by giving it                                                             users to find         lows users to stumble through any vid-
Firefox, StumbleUpon has virtually no         a thumbs up                                                              other interesting     eos that the toolbar users have submitted
faults. According to, it    or a thumbs                                                             people to follow       and rate them, with the majority of their
was created in November of 2001 by Gar-       down on the                                                            since they can see      videos from Google, Youtube, or Funnyor-
ret Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance        StumbleUpon!                                                          who first submitted      Die. StumbleThru permits its users of the
and Eric Boyd who knew they wanted to         toolbar and can                                                      the post and chose it     toolbar to stumble within websites such
create a company before knowing what          optionally     leave                                               as a favorite. A quick      as Youtube, The Onion, Wikipedia, and
purpose it would serve. After selecting       additional commen-                                               visit to their profile can    many others.
StumbleUpon, the innovative search en-        tary on the site’s review                                     potentially provide a “so-          With a whole new way of navigation in
gine quickly took off, celebrating mil-       page, also appearing on                                    cial-networking by ideas”           tow, StumbleUpon proves it is a fun way
lions of stumbles over time.                  the user’s blog. Rating a website                    experience as users share personal        to search the internet and is a change
   Similar to Digg and Reddit, Stumble-       with a thumbs up results in the site being    opinions on similar topics in which they         from the few favorite websites web surf-
Upon’s best asset is that it uses a collab-   placed under the user’s favorites, with       are interested. The user can then “follow”       ers routinely visit. Its entertainment
orative filtering mechanism in which it       users then having the ability to stumble      or subscribe to another’s feed in order to       purposes are as limitless as its stumbles,
combines human opinions with an au-           through their personal interests such as      find new websites on the matter that they        and it seems StumbleUpon would easily
tomated learning of personal preference       history or games. The more thumbs up          may submit, allowing for a vast broaden-         receive a thumbs up.

          TCESC show exhibits Lakeview talent

                                                                           Libert                                             Libert
                                                                                                          Riana Stanko
        Whitney Miller                                 Brooke Honkonen                                                                                    Ratko Sinanovic
                Erin                                       Bob Dylan                     The Girl with the Pearl Earing
                                                “Everyone has their own type of art in      “Throughout my years with Mr. Piper
                                                                                                                                                         Nick Jorgenson
“Created entirely out of finger prints,
this is a portrait of Erin McCann. We           their life. I love that my art can be       I have learned that mixed media is my
                                                                                                                                                The Dancers- Whitney Miller (not
were studying Chuck Close’s work and            displayed for other people to enjoy.”       forte.”
                                                                                                                                                shown) “Created from tissue paper, I
how he only painted friends and family,                                                                                                         chose to do a scene of dancers because
which is why I chose Erin.”                                                                                                                     I am a dancer myself.”

                      James Metheny                                                                                                         James Metheny
                The Last Planning                                             Ratko Sinanovic
“I made this piece after reading an article about the twin                          Untitled
tower attack. I found it intriguing to be able to read about Seven Lakeview Students participated in the
their thought process and how they could commit such a       TCESC Art Show, exhibiting one or more
                                                                                                                                        Compiled by:
horrendous act in the name of religion.”                     works. Above are a few of the items they dis-
                                                             played and their insights.
                                                                                                                                        Dana Libert
         12                                                                                                                                         The Bulldog BulleTin

      Indians shock the world atop the American League
By pAtriCK FinAn                        Experts thought the 2011           have outperformed him. For          decided to let him develop            for the last few years, but this
 Sports Editor                       season would be a rebuilding          example, if pitchers Justin         some more with the Cleveland          year has come alive with a
                                     year with such a young team,          Masterson and Josh Tomlin were      affiliate Columbus Clippers,          career high batting average and
  N  inety-three losses will         and that the 2012 season looked       to continue the pace they have      where he has continued to feast       even hit a walk-off home run on
generate some pessimism, and         very promising. The Tribe has         started out with, they would        on lesser opponents. Expect           May 13, the signature moment
plenty of that existed before        jumped the gun and made               be considered one of the best       to see Chisenhall with a Chief        of this young season. However,
the 2011 Cleveland Indians           this season the promising one,        duos of pitchers ever to play the   Wahoo hat by season’s end.            clean-up hitter Carlos Santana
season began. It didn’t help that    which can be attributed to the        game.                                 Until then, stopgap 3B Jack         looks like he should be batting
in the fifth inning of Opening       outstanding pitching.                    Starting pitching is useless     Hannahan has done surprisingly        last right now, and outfielder
Day, the Tribe was down 14-0.           Fausto Carmona was the             without a good bullpen,             well at third, posting a career       Shin-Soo Choo might be able
However, after an 0-2 start came     “ace” of the rotation going into      and Cleveland’s has not
an eight-game winning streak,        the season, but he has actually       disappointed. Closer Chris
and Cleveland has been first in      ended up being one of the weak        Perez is second in the league in
the American League Central          links. Although Carmona has           saves, and his setup men Tony
Division ever since.                 still been solid, his teammates       Sipp, Rafael Perez, and Vinnie
                                                                           Pestano all have excellent
 Although Chisenhall was acquired in the MLB draft, the bulk of            earned run averages. The lone
 promising Indians has come from trades. When Cleveland traded fan         underperformer of the bullpen
 favorites Victor Martinez, Cliff Lee, and C.C. Sabathia, the public was   is free agent Chad Durbin,
 irate that no star was received in return, just a bunch of no names at    who, ironically, was the most
 that time. Now those no names are shaping up to be the core of the team   anticipated pick-up of the
 for years to come.                                                        offseason.
                                                                              Even if this season had not
                                                                           gotten off to such a great start,
 C.C. Sabathia      -Michael Brantley, current LF & leadoff hitter         fans would still have the future
 -Traded 2008       -Matt LaPorta, current 1B & #8 hitter                                                             Justin Masterson has been the ace of the rotaion in 2011,
                                                                           to look forward to. The Indians’
                                                                                                                              with a 6-2 record and a sub 3.00 ERA
                                                                           minor league system is touted as
                                                                           one of the league’s best, loaded
                    -Lou Marson, backup catcher
                                                                           with young studs that could         high batting average. Add him         to blame a recent DUI for his
 Cliff Lee          -Carlos Carrasco, current starting pitcher
                                                                           easily be playing in the big        to the list of surprising Indians.    abysmal season.
 -Traded 2009       -Jason Knapp, 20 year old that throws 100 MPH
                                                                           leagues. In spring training, the    Outfielder Grady Sizemore has           Cleveland ranks last in the
                                                                           prodigious 3B Lonnie Chisenhall     come back with a bang from a          MLB in attendance, averaging
                 -Justin Masterson, starting RHP and the best              hit a whopping .500 against         career threatening injury, hitting    less than 18,000 per game
 Victor Martinez pitcher on the roster in 2011                             major league pitching (espn),       a home run in his first game back     ( Should the success
 -Traded 2009    -Bryan Price, minor league RHP                            stirring debate on whether he       after almost a year, and has since    continue, fans will have no
                 -Nick Hagadone, Minor league relief pitcher               should be “called up” to the        continued to perform well. DH         excuse but to get out there and
                 with 0.00 ERA, 29 K’s, and 6 walks                        official team. Management           Travis Hafner has been dormant        support this promising team.

         Rain ruins Lady Bulldog’s softball season
By CeleSte mArShAll                                            winning streak ended when the team played Struthers
 Reporter                                                      in the beginning of May. They then lost a double
                                                               headed to Champion and their tournament
  T  he 2011 LHS Varsity softball season, coached by game in the single elimination round. Only
Carl Eaton and Vicki Lawrence, has been somewhat of the conference games that were rained-out in
a letdown, not from the team record, but from almost the beginning and middle of the season were
half of the games being cancelled due to rain. The team rescheduled for the second week in May to
remained undefeated for 10 straight games until their finish their season. At the present time, the
                                                               varsity team is ranked first in their conference.
                                                                                 After beginning conditioning
                                                                              for the new season in the end of
                                                                              February, the players underwent
                                                                              tryouts for the team. Eleven players
                                                                              made the varsity team: 5 returning
                                                                              juniors, 2 sophomores, and 5 freshmen,
                                                                              and then the team began practicing
                                                                              everyday since March. “The freshmen
                                                                              were really good this year,” said junior
                                                                              first base and left field softball player,
                                                                              Jamie Senter. Freshman players include
                                                                              Taylor Waid, Lauren Casassa, Caitlin
                                                                              McDivett, Hannah Petrosky, and Laura
                                                                              Innocenzi. Returning players are Haley
                                                                              Ball and Alyssa Nicholas, sophomores,
                                                                              and Alexis Neumeister, Shelby Rog,
                                                                              Jamie Sentner, Alexis George, and Kimmy
                                                                              Lane, juniors.
                                                                                 “This season was a great way to end
                                                                              my softball career,” said Kimmy Lane,
                                                                              center fielder and three year letterman.
                                                                              “It was a lot of fun and created great
                                                                              memories. Every player was determined
                                                                              to win the conference title. And always
                                                                              remember ladies, only your parent can
                                                                              sign you out.”
                                                                                   Senter said, “This year was a really
                                                                              good season even with all of the rain. We                                 
                                                                              had a ten game undeafeated streak and
              Pitcher forLHS, junior Alexis Neumeister, bats for              improved a lot from last year.”                       Freshman shortstop Laura Innocenzi scores
                                 Lakeview.                                                                                               for Lakeview against Edgewood.
     May 2011                                                                                                                                                                    13

           Tennis players volley                                                        Pole vault takes track to new heights
                                                                                        By ABBy Dunn                                      that due to a lack of competitors from other

            their way to districts                                                        Reporter

                                                                                                                                          Trumbull and Mahoning schools, Lakeview
                                                                                                                                          has a numerical scoring advantage.” While
                                                                                            t’s pole vault: one of track and field’s it may seem like a benefit, he said it “leaves
By Ali KrAFFt                                freshman,                                  most misunderstood events. Up until recent our vaulters with little competition going
 Photography Editor                          and Zach                                   years, many area schools had not seen pole into districts and regionals.”
                                             McDivitt,                                  vault at any meets, and, even now, pole             The boys’ track and field team benefits from
  A   lthough this season has been           junior,                                    vault participants are hard to come by. the extra event. “It helps at invitationals for
the rainiest to date, Lakeview’s boys        qualified                                  Fortunately,                                                                   scoring, and with
tennis team has not let that stop them       f     o    r                               Lakeview                                                                       more experience
from having a fantastic season. Their        districts                                  High School                                                                    under their belt,
record of 10-4 is not yet final since they   to be held                                 is home to                                                                     [the vaulters] can
must still play a second match against       on May 18                                  four      pole                                                                 help send more
Salem, and, if they win, they will be        in Canton.                                 vaulters,                                                                      guys to regionals
the co-champions of their conference.        T h i s                                    three        of                                                                and state,” said
On May 11, seven members of the              will      be                               whom have                                                                      Coach       Mark
varsity team attended sectionals at          McDivitt’s                                 competed at                                                                    Swinning. Beebe
Mill Creek Park and Boardman High            third year                                 the regional                                                                  boasts a personal
School. Six out of seven of the players      attending Submitted                        meet: Senior                                                                  best of 12 ft. 6
made it past the first round. “Even          districts.                                 Cameron                                                                       in., reached at
though our season was cut short due          “ T h e                                    Beebe      and                                                                Austintown
to poor weather, we still enjoyed the        sectional and district tournament is       juniors Louie                                                                 Fitch’s Optimist
sense of camaraderie that we would           one of my favorite times of the year,”     Novakovich                                                                    Meet on May 7,
                                have had                                                                                        Submitted
                                             McDivitt said. “The competitive            and      Abby                                                                while Novakovich
                                during a     atmosphere challenges me to play my        Dunn.                                                                        has cleared a
                                regular      hardest. I was very close to going to        Many meets do not host a pole vault height of 12 ft. Sophomore A.J. Miller has
                                f u l l      state last year, so hopefully the hard     competition. The majority of schools high expectations for the 2012 season where
                                season,”     work I put in this year will pay off.”     lack a certified coach, a pole vault pit, the he hopes to surpass his current best of 10 ft.
                                s a i d      Paczak said he is excited to play in the   equipment necessary to vault safely, and and vault at least 13 ft. at the regional level.
                                senior       district tournament and is proud that      willing athletes. Lakeview’s certified coach,        “I love to vault; it’s a lot of hard work,
                                player       his first year playing in the sectional    Tom Preisse, entered the track program in though. Practicing after regular practice
                                Andrew       tournament went so well.                   the 2009 season. “I was enthusiastic about every day in the rain, cold, snow, early
                                Smith.         Alex Mellott, junior, played on          having the opportunity to include the pole morning,” said Beebe. “In the end, when
                                  Senior     May 12, making it to the Top 8, the        vault as a regular track and field program. I you reach new heights you never knew you
                                tennis       fourth round. Juniors Kyle Ames,           knew it was an opportunity to increase our could before, it all pays off.” Within 6 in.
                                captain      Austin Haines, and Joey Wilson             team’s scores and add value to our student of the school record, set in 1977, he hopes
                    Submitted E r i c        also participated in the sectional         athlete’s participation,” said Preisse.           to reach 13 ft. in the upcoming district and
                                B u g o s    tournament. Haines said, “Although           Many argue that pole vaulting is an regional meets.
made it to the “Sweet 16,” or the third      Ames and I had a tough draw playing        unfair advantage at meets since it’s often          The girls’ track team gets a leg up on the
round of sectionals. Of the season has       the number one seed in the second          against no competition; if vaulters get over competition with the help of Dunn, vaulting
a whole, Bugos said, “Senior year has        round of sectionals, we made the best      the starting height, they automatically score 7 ft. 6 in., and the promising efforts of
been my best year of tennis yet. I am        of it and had a fun time.”                 points. Some consider those “free points;” sophomore Megan Goedeker.
proud of my teams’ accomplishments             Overall, the tennis team had a           however, any pole vaulter will say, “If you         Beebe, Novakovich, and Dunn will
and I hope to see them succeed in the        successful season and Coach Stefanie       put in the hard work to prepare for it, you compete in the district meet May 19 and
years to come.”                              Hickey said she is “extremely proud        deserve the points.”                              21 at Lakeview High School in hopes of
  Doubles team Aaron Paczak,                 of their accomplishments.”                   “The unfortunate truth,” said Preisse, “is continuing on to the regional meet in
                                                                                                                                          Ravenna May 26 and 28.

                             Bulldogs moving on
                           Swimming:           C   B p F   &                                                                            ompileD      y       AtriCK   inAn
                                               l o B m K B
                          Emilee Gysegem,
                                                                                                                                       AyeD     ut       y     Ary    Ate    rowning

               Running:   Clarion University
                                        Girls’ Soccer:
              Kelsey Dickey,              Shawna Hunter,
             Walsh University               Mount Union
                Nick Tripi,              Nicole Moldovan,
            Edinboro University             Mount Union
              D.J. Marhulik,               Erica Runyan,
               Mount Union               Walsh University

       Football:                                                                                                     Baseball:
      Justin Misterka,                                                                                              Darren Hamilton,
   Washington & Jefferson                                                                                            Slippery Rock
       Toma Leveto,                                                                                                   Josh Pryor,
    Edinboro University                                                                                             Trine University
           14                                                                                                                                               The Bulldog BulleTin

                                                 Who wears short shorts?
                                                               Don’t wear short shorts
                                                     around.                                        has a different situation. Some girls got       right ahead. My point exactly: the guys
By lyDiA popiChAK
                                                        The reason we don’t have the fingertip      a badonkadonk and some are flat                 are distracted.
  Features Editor                                    length rule anymore is because the             as a board; some are giants and others             Girls, on the other hand, are not so
                                                     principals believe that high school                                                            fond of the skimpy shorts. One student
  W     hat is the deal with all the short           students are more responsible and
                                                                                                    are barely pushing five feet tall; some
                                                                                                    are curvy and others are pin thin; some         believes that girls should wear what they
shorts in this school? I understand                  mature so they should be able to decide        have long arms others have arms like a T-       want but should have self respect not to
if you wear them outside of school                   for themselves the appropriateness of          rex. So with all the different body types,      wear tiny, little shorts. Another girl said
because, personally, I like to wear them             their shorts. However, some students           it makes no sense for all girls to have         shorts of that length are disgusting and
occasionally, but do you really need to              must not be equipped with this sense of        their shorts reach their fingertips. As         demeaning. The last girl I asked didn’t
show your teachers your goods? I sure                what is trashy and what is not. When girls     long as you look somewhat respectable           have a problem with length of shorts as
don’t.                                               come to school wearing small amounts           you should be okay. The same pair of            long as the backside isn’t out; her main
   Whether you have some junk in your trunk          of fabric over their pelvic region, what       shorts in the same size and style can look      peeve is low riders in the back, because
or you don’t, there is still no excuse to be         is that showing principals? Is it showing      completely different on two girls. So if        that “ruins her ability to enjoy lunch.”
showing it to everybody. These shorts                that we do not respect ourselves and the       we had the fingertip rule, it would make           The staff at LHS is not too happy
are probably extremely distracting to all            people interacting with us? Is it showing      it nearly impossible for some girls to          about short shorts either. English teacher,
of the younger boys in the school going              we like to push the limits as far as we can,   find shorts that reach their fingertips         Kari Milliron, said she is not a fan of
through puberty, and we don’t want them              barely sliding by the rules given to us?       and that are somewhat cute. Oftentimes          short shorts. She said, “It draws to much
not paying attention in class, do we? If                I cannot lie, when I was younger, I,        shorts that are not fingertip length look       attention, for boys and girls alike. For
you answered yes to that question, you               too, wore really short shorts to school In     awkward on people; kudos to you if you          boys, it is a sexual attention, and, for girls
just might be an attention getter.                   the middle school we are forced to wear        can rock this look. I definitely can’t.         it is competitive attention. Short shorts
   I realize that clothing companies do not          fingertip length shorts, so by the time           I do not understand how some people          take the focus away from schoolwork
really make many “appropriate” length                you get to high school, everyone wants         walk out of the house wearing what they         and put it on body image and sexuality.”
shorts, but there are shorts out there               to take advantage of the new, less strict      do. It is likely they did not look in the          Biology teacher, Sean Craigo also
that will cover your butt. Save the booty            rule. When you reach the high school           mirrors to see their butt is hanging out.       believes that short shorts are a distraction,
shorts for the summer when there is no               level, you think you are invincible and                                                        although he understands the difficulty in
                                                                                                    Can you say gross! Shorts should cover
dress code and no one cares.                         can do whatever you want. Over time                                                            buying fashionable, appropriate shorts.
                                                                                                    more than underwear so, and I have seen
   When it comes to the dress code,                  you begin to realize that’s not how life                                                       He said, “Some outfits I see girls here
                                                                                                    some shorts that would probably qualify
everyone knows that it sucks, but we still           works. But back to my younger years, I                                                         wear, I would not allow my daughter to
                                                                                                    as underwear.
have to follow it (well, soon the seniors            pushed the dress code just as many other                                                       wear to school.”
                                                                                                       When asked about this dilemma,
don’t have to ;)) The day we got shorts and          girls do. As I matured and reached my                                                             “Inappropriate,” is all teacher,
                                                                                                    guys tended to have a positive response
flip flops taken away was ridiculous.                senior year, my idea of appropriate in                                                         John Terbovich, had to say about the
                                                                                                    toward girls and their shorts. One guy
People let it hang out that much? It wasn’t          school improved, and I learned what is                                                         topic.
                                                                                                    said he “loves big butts and he cannot
even that hot outside. It’s not like we live         okay for school and what is not. Summer                                                           So to wrap this all up, save the short
                                                                                                    lie.” Another said SHORT SHORTS ARE
in Florida or somewhere that actually                is near, so don’t worry girls, you can                                                         shorts for the summer. I do not want to
                                                                                                    AWESOME! One last guy said he feels
has nice weather. We live in Ohio, the state         start wearing your short, booty shorts all                                                     see your junk at school and neither do
                                                                                                    it’s important that the female student
of constantly changing weather and                   the time without getting in trouble.                                                           your teachers. But I guess when it comes
                                                                                                    should be able to express herself through
so far we’ve had like a week’s worth of                 Another reason for the “appropriate”                                                        down to it, you don’t have to listen to me
                                                                                                    physical dress preference up to a certain
“hot” temperatures. So there shouldn’t               length rule is because everybody has a                                                         because I’m going to college next year
                                                                                                    level....and if that means they want to
have been so many hoochie shorts going               different body. There is no set definition                                                     and can wear whatever I want.
                                                                                                    wear short shorts.... then they should go
                                                     of what is appropriate because each girl

                   Here’s a little advice, underclassman
                                                                           Do you ever get any sleep?
   Compiled by:
   Melaina Lewis                                                              Answered by a junior:                                                How
                                                                      “No, unless you take daily naps in your                                              do yo
                                                                                                                                                                    u bal
                                                                                minimal spare time.”                                                                        a
                                                                                                                                                                  life w nce your
                                                                                                                                   Answ                                   ith yo           socia
                                                                                                                                          ered                     acad          ur                l
                                                                     Does high school really go by fast? And                      throug          by                       emic
                    is the                                                                                                                hout h a junior:                       ?
                             hard                                                                                                secon            igh sc            “My n
                                                                      is it really the best time of your life?                          d.               h                 u
                                  est c
                                         lass?                                                                                  fun nig I get what ool has bee mber one
                   by a                                                                                                                  ht wit           I need           n wor          rule
                          junio                                        Answered by a senior: “High school goes                 night             h my                done        k fi
                                r: “Pr                                                                                        later.
                                                                                                                                                               s,           before rst, play
                                      e-C   alculu                     by faster than you’d expect- so try and en-                    There worrying a that way I                   I go
                                                                       joy every minute! Don’t worry though if               have             will be         bout w            can h have a
                                                                                                                                     a                 s                h              ave
                                                              an?      you feel out of place in high school; it just         priorit social life a ome nights at I have to a great
                                                 fr     eshm                                                                         ies; h
                                                                                                                                            igh sc
                                                                                                                                                     nd oth             when            cram
                                            hate                       means you’re ready for life outside of high          out to
                                                                                                                                    o muc           hool is er nights w you don’t               in
                                                                                                                                                            all abo          here y         get to
                              en re                                    school. It may seem like these are the best                         h. No                      ut bala      ou
                       ssm                                                                                                                         thing                      nce. D have no
                 ercla                       or:       gly             years of your life now, but hey, things can                                        here is
       Do u
              pp                         seni we stron                                                                                                              the en            on’t s
                                 by a       o u;                                                                                                                            d of th          tress
                            ered       ate y                                         only get better!”                                                                              e wor
                    Answ e don’t h                                                                                                                                                         ld.”
                    “No,           j.k.”                                 Is there any class you suggest for
                     d islike                                                   taking/ not taking?                                                                      about b
      If yo                                                                                                                                                     ld give
                                                                                                                                                    you cou
             u co                                                                                                                        t advice lassman?
                   uld,                                                          Answered by a senior:                           the bes            rc
                        wha                                                                                               What’s          an uppe                                dvice
                                                                                                                                                                        e best a
            wou               t ye                                     “Challenge yourself by taking the most dif-
                                                                                                                                                               ior: “Th ou have in
                  ld y             ar o
                       ou c
                                                                       ficult classes you can handle, especially                                       a sen              y
                                                                                                                                              red by
     Answ                                f hig
                             hoo               h sc                                                                                   Answe                     the time now it, it’s
            ered                                                                                                                                      njoy all
                                 se t
     my s
          opho by a se
                                       o re           hoo              in math and science. Taking A.P. English                                e is e               re you k the big-
    grea        more         nior
                                                                       classes will really help you write not only                    I can giv l because befo that is
                                                                                                                                               oo                   ut               ar.”
              s.”      year.      : “I w
                                                                       better, but also faster. And don’t be afraid                    high sch ric, I know, b              enior ye
                             It wa       ou
                                   s a y ld relive                                                                                     over. Gene           alized  in my s
                                        ear f                          to try some fun fine arts classes like choir                               g I’ve re
                                              ull o
                                                    f                                                                                   gest thin
                                                                                       or ceramics.”

       SunsatioNail                                       Pizza Joe’s
                                               Student Lunch Specials   11-3 p.m.
        Look Salon                            Monday - Friday         Tuesday
                                                 All slices         $1              Pepperoni roll                                      Klingemier’s Sparkle Markets
                                                                                      w/ sauce $3
    211 West Main Street
     Cortland OH, 44410
                                                        Monday                                                                   Cortland Sparkle                    Champion Sparkle
                                               8-cut cheese            $5            4-cut cheese                            169 South High Street               5634 Mahoning Avenue
                                                     Call Ahead                          pizza     $3                        Cortland, OH 44410                  Warren, OH 44483
    234-244-4537                                                                                                             Phone: (330) 637-3016               Phone: (330) 847-9542
                                              222 W. Main St.                          330-638-1222
    May 2011                                                                                                                                                        15
 Point:                                                                                   CounterPoint:
   B-Dub’s is the place to be
                                                                                                                           The Lube all the way;
 By SArA ChuirAzzi
   Reporter                                                                                                                               it’s worth it
  B  uffalo Wild Wings, most commonly         The huckleberry lemonade. I’ll admit
referred to as “b-dub’s,” is a happening      I was initially a little skeptical, not
place. Walking in at eight o’clock on a       knowing what huckleberry really                                                       Other deals include 50 cent boneless
Tuesday night, it’s clear the majority of     is, but the refreshing drink did not      By AuStin hAineS                            wings every Thursday night as well as
people filling the booths and tables have     disappoint. It’s also an added bonus       Reporter                                   free Lube chips, fries, bourbon baked
come to enjoy some early week relaxing.       when we find out that it’s a “wing                                                    beans, cinnamon apples, fresh steamed
The grill and bar is located in Great         Tuesday,” which means that wings are
                                              45 cents. Other promotional offerings
                                                                                          W    hen exploring what exactly           broccoli or coleslaw with all sandwiches.
                                                                                                                                       With all these wings being sold in
East Plaza in Niles, much closer than                                                   makes a solid wing restaurant, the
Quaker Steak and Lube’s closest location      include “boneless Thursdays” (60 cent     following options are considered:           large quantities, The Lube does not
in Sharon, PA, and radiates an overall        boneless wings) and a limited time        atmosphere, service, cost, and, of          mess around by putting their wings in
friendly, neighborhood feel.                  co-offer with Red Barron for six free     course, taste. Quaker Steak and Lube        small trays like Buffalo Wild Wings, but
   Before being seated, we see fellow         wings with the purchase of pizza.         satisfies all the above.                    rather serves them in large buckets to
classmates, not only those there to enjoy        The much anticipated food arrives         With a family-friendly raceway           accommodate for the large helpings each
the evening as customers, but also some       in a cloud of mouthwatering aromas,       themed setting, “The Lube” provides         customer buys. The buckets over trays
employed at the establishment. After          proving visually appealing as well.       for a fun experience and great service,     decision increases speed and efficiency
taking our seats at a spacious booth,         Although similar sauces and levels        as well as finger lickin’ good wings and    in service. How else would they serve
Abby and I scour the extensive menu not       of “heat” are offered at both Buffalo     affordable prices.                          their 70 million wings that they serve
because we can’t find something to satisfy    Wild Wings and Quaker Steak and              According to,     every year?
our hunger, but because everything            Lube, these wings seem to be less dry     the motorway atmosphere is credited            Also, Quaker Steak and Lube is home
sounds so good!                               and more flavorful, given the amount      to The Lube’s founders, George Warren       to award-winning bottled sauces, sold all
   Buffalo Wild Wings has a wide variety      of personally selected sauce in which     III and Gary Meszaros, who felt in 1974     over the world. Flavors include ranch,
of wings, wraps, ribs, burgers, salads,       they are immersed, and the wrap is        that as gas prices began to increase,       BBQ, Asian sesame, Louisiana lickers,
sandwiches, and other sides, in which         a package deal with cool lettuce and      muscle cars and old gas stations began      hot, Buckeye BBQ, and their hottest
chicken can be made according to the          tomato to perfectly compliment the        dying out. In order to preserve these       concoction, the Triple Atomic. Each
customer’s preference in sauce or dry         barbequed chicken.                        cars and gas stations, Warren and           flavor of wing contains it own special
seasoning. Besides the large variety of          The atmosphere is worry-free and       Meszaros founded Quaker Steak and           taste and holds an important position on
food accessible, most prices range from       fun, with roughly 30 TV’s in sight,       Lube to create a home for old muscle        The Lube’s spice scale, and each o these
$6-$10, making it a reasonably delicious      displaying various sporting events        cars such as the very first featured        flavors have helped The Lube win “Best
dining experience. Entrees such as the        and an interactive trivia game for        muscle car, a 1936 Chevrolet. Today,        Wings USA.”
wings and ribs ($13.49) are cheaper than      interested customers to respond with      the old fashioned gas station feeling          Although Quaker Steak and Lube is
those existing at Quaker Steak and Lube       a remote clicker. The music is at a       is instilled in customers to The Lube       renowned for its delicious wings, they
($14.95), as are most other combos.           comfortably audible level, allowing       nationwide, in its over 30 locations.       also serve other common foods such as
   When finally ready to feast, Abby          for conversation but also maintaining        Not only does the atmosphere attract     cheeseburgers, salads, potatoes, fries,
orders six parmesan garlic wings and six      the energetic atmosphere, and the         customers, but also the efficient service   vegetables, and, of course, steak. With
sweet barbecue with an order of potatoes      lights aren’t too dim or bright.          and great deals each Quaker Steak           the dominant combination of speedy
wedges (which she insists can only be            Buffalo Wild Wings combines            and Lube offers. Every Tuesday is           service, a unique atmosphere, and mouth-
eaten when dipped in southwestern             key elements of atmosphere, taste,        “ten dollar Tuesday,” when they serve       watering wing flavors, Quaker Steak and
ranch), and I order a grilled sweet           value, and convenience to provide an      unlimited wings to customers for only       Lube serves as a precedent to great wing
barbeque chicken wrap with fries.             enjoyable dining experience for local     ten dollars! The deals don’t stop there.    restaurants around the world.
Another little hidden secret of this place?   food, sports, and fun fanatics.

                                                                      Association wishes
                                                                       LHS students a
                                                                      wonderful summer!
                                                                                    ef all!
                                                                              in th
                                               ee y ou
          16                                                                                                                                       The Bulldog BulleTin

 It’s the Final Countdown: 4 days
By eriCA runyAn                               even thought we were pretty hot stuff           personalities that I will never forget. Zach
 Back Page Columnist                          considering now we had permits to
                                              drive, when in reality, we weren’t.
                                                                                              Haines will forever be the outspoken,
                                                                                              silly kid who sleeps through class, Katie
                                                                                                                                                  Do Ya Feel
  F  or years, people have been telling          By the time we started our junior year,
                                              we were no longer afraid of high school in
                                                                                              Derr will always be the British wannabe
                                                                                              that’s best friends with Ms. Milliron,                  Me?
me that time will fly by and that the end
                                              the least bit, even though this year would      Cameron Beebe will always be the kid
of senior year “will be here before you
know it.” For the longest time, I refused     be taken over by chemistry, Spanish 3,
                                              Pre-Calculus, and court cases… lots and
                                                                                              who wears pajamas and swimsuits to
                                                                                              school because he woke up late or went
to believe them, but now it kills me to say                                                                                                     To Underclassmen:
they were right.                              lots of court cases. We knew we were hot        swimming during open lunch, and Evan
  My years of schooling did go by slowly      stuff with our licenses and cars, yet again,    Hyde will always be the quiet braniac.            Let the seniors be the
with endless days that seemed to drag         we weren’t. Anyways, most of us made               Everyone is different, but I can’t say
                                              it through junior year, even though the         that there is one person who is a complete        seniors. Everyone will
by staring out the window, wishing to
be anywhere but in a desk at school, but      classes were rough and on several nights        waste of space. Soon we will be going our         have his/her turn be-
                                              that we cried ourselves to sleep because        separate ways. It is exciting and a little
now, with literally only a few days left
                                              we had failed another chemistry test.           bit scary at the same time because, for so
                                                                                                                                                ing a senior and all the
in my senior year, I wonder where all
the time has gone. Four years the seniors        Then senior year rolled around. We still     long, these same faces have comforted us          perks that go with it.
                                              looked goofy with our Snookie poofs, let        every day.
have spent in this same building, going
                                              immature underclassmen get the best of             However, soon, we will all be back to
                                                                                                                                                Juniors, have a little
to the same classes day after day, eating
the same nasty lunches all the while, and     us, and were 100 percent sure, without a        our kindergarten ways of trying to make           humility and respect.
                                              doubt, confident that we were hot stuff.        new friends. But while we are each out
seeing so many of the same faces every
                                                                                              in the real world doing our own thing,
                                                                                                                                                Your time will come,
time we entered the building.                    We were the Big Dogs on campus,
  With the exception of maybe security        and, as that first day of senior year           there will always be a part of us that we         too.
cameras being added to the hallways, this     approached, we prepared ourselves               share in common. There will always be a
building has stayed relatively the same,      (by doing absolutely nothing) for the           part of us that keeps us together and that
                                              easiest year of schooling we may ever           no one else will have.                            On A Side Note:
just as it will for probably many years to
come. However, I cannot say the same          face… or so we thought. Turns out                  The day after prom is when it hit me.          I wish the newspaper
for the people inside. Whether we’ve          there is a reason why senior year flies         That night as we began to leave prom I
                                              by. Actually, there are about 50 reasons,       couldn’t understand why some seniors              kids for next year the
changed for the better or worse isn’t up
for anyone to decide but ourselves. But       and they all begin to pile on right around      were getting emotional. But then, the             best of luck.
none of us can deny that we have changed      Thanksgiving: scholarships, midterms,           next day, I really stopped to think about
the most throughout high school.              college applications, sports, and senior        what prom meant: prom was really the
  Think back to your freshman self on         obligations. Senior year is definitely not      last time all of us would be together. Oh,     the classes and individuals that make
your very first day of high school. We        a breeze. But I’m sure the underclassmen        now I get it. For so long the ONLY thing I     the building come to life that we will
were all so shaky and nervous. Many           will know exactly what I’m talking about        looked forward to was getting out of this      all surely miss. So how do we end our
of us had braces and a poor choice in         soon enough.                                    place, but now it’s sort of a scary thing to   senior year?
hairstyles. We were immature, and the            So what happened during all those            think about.                                      Like every other class I guess. Every
most important thing that was happening       years that has made us who we are? How             Granted, I’m still excited to get on        year it seems like the seniors will be
in our lives usually revolved around the      did the shaky little high school freshman       with the next part of my life, but I’m         here forever until that first day after
boy or girl we liked that week.               grow up to be much more mature and              sure there will be times when I miss high      graduation when the whole school is
  Sophomore year, we were still a little      responsible soon to be college freshman?        school… never thought I’d say that. But        here except for them. And every year it is
nervous but felt much more comfortable        I don’t know the answer for sure, but           I don’t necessarily mean that I will miss      just as shocking as the year before. I don’t
now knowing we weren’t at the very            when I look at the people in the Class          the building with the stinky hallways.         expect this year to be any different, even
bottom of the totem pole anymore. We          of 2011, I see so much diversity and            A building is only a building, but it’s        if this year I am the one missing.

                          Here Goes Nothin’...
                                              By ABBy Dunn                                    any given month, I can’t even promise          Calc though), and the memories. As the
                                               Future Back Page Columnist                     rainbows and butterflies. This month?          legendary Tupac said: life goes on.
 In case you were                               O    k, so I’m sitting here at Buffalo
                                                                                              All I can tell you is that my motivation          You’ll find another cute freshman to

                                                                                              is surely lacking. With anticipation           awkwardly gawk at, you’ll have me to
                                              Wild Wings (wedges with southwest               growing for summer, and, better yet, my        be your senior eye candy (contain your
                                              ranch is the way to go, FYI) and it hits        senior year, it’s pretty tough to get me to    excitement), and you’ll find a class to
 * 65,893 = the estimated accumulative        me: I’m the back page columnist. Once           do anything. Am I alone here? Absolutely       keep you sane. It won’t be so bad. For
 number of times Sara and I threatened        I inadvertently put my pencil in BBQ            not. We’re all itching for vacation, some      now? Play it like me. Do what you need
 each other during send out week.             sauce, I realized I should probably             sunshine, and a good book. (Ok, maybe          to and attempt to finish the year with
                                              expose my back page intentions early,           not a book.                                    good grades and your sanity intact. And
 * If I got a cupcake for every time I        since, let’s face it, I can’t win everyone         Once again, that’s probably just me,        if you’re ever in doubt, just ask Sara
 mentioned cupcakes throughout the            over with my sarcastic humor and wit.           but, hey, whatever floats your boat.)          Chuirazzi…cupcakes cure everything.
 day, I could supply you all. So if you       I’m also realizing I should’ve brought my       Now, change of venue: my comfy couch.          XO
 anticipate that happening, you might         beloved blue pen because, as my security        I could spend a solid four days straight
 want to befriend me now.                     blanket, it makes everything better.            in this very spot and remain entirely
                                                The way things go around here? My             content, but, unfortunately, I have to
 * 57 = the number of times I said “I         way. As I was once wisely told, “It’s my        work later. (Lesson #1: job = bad, ca$h
 wish I could put that on back page” in
 the past two days. I really need to start
                                              way or the highway,” and, quite frankly,
                                              that stands true when it comes to the back
                                              page of the coveted Bulldog Bulletin. If
                                                                                              money = good. But, we’ll save that for
                                                                                              later.) Meh, that’s irrelevant.                                       peace
 censoring myself...                                                                             Back to what I was saying – what I
                                              you don’t wanna read it, don’t. You’ll          know for certain is that with a new school
 * My random fear of the month:               only hurt my feelings a little, promise. I’ll   year comes change, new experiences, and
 I hate walking past the boys bathroom        say what I want to say, I’ll include what I     new outlooks. We’ll all miss that adorable
 because I always have this lingering
 feeling that someone will push me in
                                              want to include, and I’ll (kind of) attempt
                                              to appeal to all audiences, because, let’s
                                              face it, half of you take this home and
                                                                                              freshman we can’t walk past without
                                                                                              mumbling “aw” once he or she advances              LOVE
 and I’ll forever be haunted by the im-                                                       to the sophomore hallways; we’ll all miss
 age of a male underclassman taking a         show it to your mother anyway. (Unless          that senior, or perhaps, the handful of
 whiz. I just know it’ll be branded into      that’s just me, in which case, I feel really    them, that yell our names in between
 my memory for the rest of my life.           dumb.)                                          classes, provide a little eye candy, or are

 * For future reference, I promise my
                                                Regardless, I may or may not have an
                                              overall monthly message, and during
                                                                                              just truly great friends; we’ll all miss the
                                                                                              teachers, the classes (not so much Pre-
 back page articles will improve. First is-
 sue jitters?

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