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                Fname             Lname                             Title                   Company or Department
1 Dr.     Chuck          Anderson         Vice President, Air-to-Air Missiles    Raytheon Company
1 Dr.      Jim           Apperson         President & CEO                        Arizona Chamber of Commerce
1 Ms.     Liz            Archuleta        Coconino County Board of Supervisors
1 Ms.     Patty          Ashbrook         Controller
1 Dr.     Paul           Babbitt          Coconino County Board of Supervisors
1 Mr.     Art            Babbott                                                 City Council
1 Ms.     Louise         Benson           Chairperson                            Hualapai Tribe
1 Mr.     Eldon          Bills            President                              Raymond Educational Foundation
1 Dr.     Kerry          Blume            Executive Director                     United Way
1 Mr.     Carmen         Bradley          Chairperson                            Kaibab-Paiute Tribe
1 Ms.     Andrea         Bravo            Director                               Haualapai Tribe
1 Dr.     Tom            Browning         President/Executive Director           Greater Phoenix Leadership
1 Mr.     Bill           Calloway         Plant Manager                          Nestle Purina Company
1 Dr.     Pat            Carlin
1 Dr.     Steve          Carlson          CEO                                    Flagstaff Medical Center
1 Ms.     Agnes          Chamberlain      Chairman                               Havasupai Tribe
1 Dr.     David          Chambers         President                              Grand Canyon Railway
1 Dr.     Joe            Coyle                                                   Raytheon
1 Dr.     Nancy          Davis            Soroptimists International             c/o Citizens Arizona Gas
1 Ms.     Linda          DeClay           Director                               White Mountain Apache Tribe
1 Mr.     John           Dille                                                   Federated Media
1 Mayor   Joseph         Donaldson                                               City Council
1 Mr.     Jim            Dykes                                                   W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.
1 Mr.     Robert         Early            Editor                                 Arizona Highways
1 Mr.     Terry          Enos             Chairperson                            Ak-Chin Indian Community
1 Mr.     Booker         Evans                                                   Quarles and Brady, Streich, Lang LLP
1 Mr.     Fred           Ferriera         San Carlos Apache Tribe                PO Box 0
1 Ms.     Catherine      Foley                                                   Salt River Project
1 Ms.     Tammy          Fuller           Banking Manager                        Bank of America
1 Ms.     Loretta        Goklish          White Mountain Apache Tribe            PO Box 700

1 Dr.     James          Golden           Forest Supervisor                      U.S. Forest Service, Coconino National Forest
1 Mr.     Jack           Grehan           General Manager                        Forest Highlands Golf Club
1 Dr.     Jerry          Halladay         Engineering and Technology             W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.
1 Ms.     Julianne       Hartzell                                                Flagstaff Kiwanis Club
1 Mr.              Joe         Haughey                                                            City Council
1 Dr.               Cristine   Henry                                                               FMC Foundation
1 Regent           Chris       Herstam                                                            Lewis & Roca
1 Ms.              JoAnne      Hilde                                                              Partners in Leadership Development
1 Mr.              Win         Holden            Publisher                                        Arizona Highways Magazine
1 Mr.              Waylon      Honga             Chief Executive Officer                          Hualapai Tribe
1 Mr.              Jack        Jackson           District 3 Senate Representative                 Arizona State Senate
1 Dr.              Don         Keuth             President                                         Phoenix Community Alliance, Inc.
1 Mr.              David       Kill              Supervisor                                       Flagstaff Visitor Center
1 Dr.              Karl        Koenig            Flagstaff Lions Club
1 Ms.              Sylvia      Laughter          District 3 Senate Representative                 House of Representatives
1 Ms.              Amy         Lawless
1 Ms.              Monica      Lucero            Branch Manager                                   Compass Bank
1 Dr.              Marietta    Martin            Tohono O'Odham Nation                            PO Box 1989
1 Mr.              Dallas      Massey            Sr., Chairman                                    White Mountain Apache
1 Dr.              David       Mauer             President/CEO                                    Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
1 Ms.              Marjorie    McClanahan                                                         Nordstrom & Associates
1 Mr.              LaVelle     McCoy                                                              McCoy Motors, Inc.
1 Mr.              Bill        McGrath                                                            JC Penney
1 Ms.              Stephanie   McKinney          President/CEO                                    Greater Flagstaff Economic Council
1 Mr.              Rick        Meyers                                                             Southern Arizona Leadership Council
1 Representative   Tom         O'Halleran
1 Mr.              Paul        Olson             Managing Officer                                 Wells Fargo Bank, Arizona
1 Dr.              Doug        Parker            Chairman, President & CEO                        America West Airlines
1 Mr.              Clinton     Pattea            President                                        Fort McDowell-Yavapai Nation
1 Dr.              Gerald      Richards II       Director, Legal Support Division                 City of Phoenix Police Department
1 Dr.              Anthony     Rojas             Manager, Engineering and Construction Services   Salt River Project
1 Dr.              John        Russell           President                                        Coconino Federal Credit Union
  Mr.              Brad        Ryan                                                               Arizona Public Service, Northeastern Division
1 Mr.              Greg        Sampson                                                            Bank of America
1 Ms.              Vivian      Sanders           Vice President                                   Institutional Research & Development
1 Dr.              Carol       Geary Schneider   President                                        AAC & U
1 Mr.              James       Schroeder
1 Mr.              Libby       Silva                                                              City Council
1 Mr.              Dave        Snyder            Manager                                          Arizona Central Credit Union
1 Ms.              Joy         Staveley                                                           Canyoneers, Inc.
1 Dr.              Robert      Sucharski         Director                                         United States Geological Survey
1 Agent            Charlene       Thorton               Special Agent in Charge                      FBI-Phoenix
1 Mr.              Christopher    Todd                  Principal Systems Engineer                   Raytheon Company
1 Mr.              Gary           Tooker
1 Mr.              Robert         Valencia              Chairperson                                  Pascua Yaqui Tribe
1 Ms.              Ora Lee        Valisto               Director                                     Fort Yuma -Quechan Tribe
1 Mr.              Al             White                                                              City Council
1 Dr.              David          Wilcox                City Manager
1 Dr.              Louise         Yellowman             County County Board of Supervisors
1 Mr.              Robert         Zierk
1 Ms.              Binnie         Zink


                      Fname                 Lname                                 Title                        Company or Department

1 Dr.              Ken            Atwater               President                                    South Mountain Community College
1 Dr.              Larry          Bramblett             Superintendent                               Flagstaff Unified School District
1 Dr.              Gregory        Castle                General Education Committee                  Arizona State University
1 Dr.              Arthur         DeCabooter            President                                    Scottsdale Community College
1 Dr.              Jonathan       Fink                                                               ASU Office of Vice Provost for Research
1 Mr.              Terry          Forthun               President                                    Arizona Federation of Teachers
1 Dr.              Corina         Gardea                President                                    Phoenix College
1 Dr.              Eugene         Gilbert               President                                    GateWay Community College
1 Dr.              David          Harris                Assistant Executive Director                 ABOR
1 Dr.              Thomas         Horne                 State Superintendent of Public Instruction
1 Ms.              Carolyn        Hughes                Teacher                                      Sechrist Elementary School
1 Ms.              Beverly        Hurley                Principal                                    Flagstaff High School
1 Dr.              Ruth           Jones                 Vice Provost                                 Arizona State University
1 Dr.              Thomas         Jordan                President                                    Coconino Community College
1 Ms.              Penny          Kotterman             President                                    Arizona Education Association
1 Dr.              Gina           Kranitz               President                                    Paradise Valley Community College
1 Dr.              Mark           Luprecht              Faculty Associate, Undergraduate Education   University of Arizona
1 Dr.              Cassandra      Manuelito-Kerkvliet   President                                    Dine College
1 Student Regent   Matthew        Meaker                                                             The University of Arizona
1 Dr.              Karen          Nicodemus             President                                    Cochise College
1 Dr.              Harold         Porter                President                                    Arizona School Administrators
1 Dr.      Dick    Powell                                                           University of Arizona
1 Dr.      Phil    Randolph      President                                          Glendale Community College
1 Dr.      Randy   Richardson    Asst. Vice President for Undergraduate Education   University of Arizona
1 Mrs.     Ute     Salisbury     Principal                                          Sinagua High School
1 Dr.      Pam     Santesteban   Asst. Superintendent for Instruction               Madison School District

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