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Label                        Title                           Artist                         Price
1-5 South Records (UK)       Heroes Just the Same            Prince Lincoln and The Royal   £12.00
2 Hard (US)                  Tresspass                       Sean Paul                      £6.00
2M Ltd (US)                  In This World                   Junior Soul                    £15.00
2M Ltd (US)                  Chokin Kind                     Junior Soul                    £15.00
2M LTD (US)                  Penny For Your Song             Junior Soul                    £15.00
2M Records Ltd (US)          Forgot To Be Your Lover         Junior Soul                    £10.00
3 in 1 (UK)                  Tribulation / Can You Feel It   Dennis Brown and Jah Bop /     £75.00
                                                             Junior Byles
3rd Eye (UK)                 Light of Freedom / DUB          Sheena Spirit and The Third    £2.00
                                                             Eye and The Soul Syndicate
56 Hope Road (JA)            Bandulu Man / Come Now          Freddie McGregor and Mr        £50.00
                             Sister                          Pang
56 Hope Road (JA)            Hands and Heart                 Nadine Sutherland              £8.00
5th Avenue South (UK)        Come Back Fresh                 Commander Shad                 £6.00
5th Avenue South (UK)        Ruff this Year                  Chaka Demus/Pliers             £6.00
7 Sound (UK)                 Where in this World             Silver and Joy Mack            £12.00
9 Lives (UK)                 God a Who                       Tad Hunter and Prento Youth    £6.00
A 1 Records (Can)            Solomon / Jah Yard Land         Prince Heron                   £30.00
A&B Records (US)             Crime/Lets Go a Yard            Zarro                          £6.00
A&M (UK)                     Melting Pot                     Dillinger                      £8.00
A&M Records (UK)             Halfway Up Halfway Down /       Dennis Brown                   £25.00
                             Weep and Moan
Abengg (JA)                  Stay                            Beres Hammond                  £8.00
Abisissa (JA)                Troubles and Worries/Leave      Hugh Griffiths/Danny Dread     £15.00
                             The Water Pumpee                and Yellowman
Ade J (UK)                   Never Before / This Will Be     Jean Adebambo                  £15.00
Adelphi Records (UK)         Buttercup/Butterdub             Legato                         £20.00
Advanced Reggae Music (UK)   Live Good                       Raw Deal                       £12.00
African Museum (JA)          Front Door                      Gregory Isaacs                 £20.00
African Museum (JA)          Mi Come Again                   Gregory Isaacs                 £12.00
African Museum (JA)          Cream Of The Crop               Gregory Isaacs                 £6.00
African Museum (JA)          Poor and Clean                  Gregory Isaacs                 £30.00
African Museum (JA)          Love Feeling                    Gregory Isaacs                 £10.00
African Museum (JA)          Wailing Rudy                    Gregory Isaacs                 £20.00
African Museum (JA)          Next to You                     Gregory Isaacs                 £15.00
African Museum (JA)          Addicted To You                 Gregory Isaacs                 £20.00
African Museum (JA)          Dream My Life Over              Gregory Issacs                 £12.00
African Star (JA)            Pressure Them                   Capleton                       £8.00
African Star (JA)            Cut out That                    Louie Culture                  £8.00
African Vibes (UK)           Just Call Sluggy                Sluggy Ranks                   £15.00
Afrik (JA)                   Since We Dont Have no Love /    Heckle and Jeckle              £30.00
                             How You Baggy Wet
Afrik (UK)                   Live My Life                    Frankie Spence and The         £8.00
                                                             Chosen Few
Afrik International (UK)     A Promise is a Comfort/Wide     Barry Biggs                    £10.00
                             Awake in a Dream
All Nation (Can)             Beautiful Lady / Pass The       Tony Murray / Ranking Devon    £95.00
                             Chalice in a Circle
All Tone (UK)                Genesis to Revelation           Noel Ellis                     £50.00
All Tone (UK)                In My Time                      Alton Ellis                    £12.00
Anchor (JA)                  Champion Lover                  Deborah Glasgow                £12.00
Anchor (JA)                  Mr Lover Man                    Deborah and Shabba Ranks       £15.00
Anchor (JA)                  A Man Is A Man                  Ken Boothe                     £8.00
Arawak (UK)                  Africa Shall Be Free / Sex      General Echo / Rupert Reid     £30.00
                             Educational Class
Arawak (UK)                  Island Music                    Fill Calender                  £15.00
Arawak (UK)                  Silly Games                     Janet Kay                      £20.00
Ariwa (UK)                  Im a Rastaman                   U Roy and Yabby U              £20.00
Ariwa (UK)                  I Am The One Who Loves You      Trevor Hartley                 £12.00
Ariwa (UK)                  Conscious Love                  Royal Blood                    £8.00
Ariwa (UK)                  Truly Bowled Over               John Mclean                    £8.00
Ariwa (UK)                  Mystic Loving                   Robin and The Mad Professor    £20.00
Ariwa (UK)                  Dread a Who She Love/Run        Maka B And Kofi                £10.00
                            Rushide Run
Arrow (UK)                  Sitting and Watching            Paulette Walker                £20.00
Arrows Music (US)           Gi Mi No Bun / Old Time         Chicken Chest / Latty          £12.00
Art & Craft (UK)            Mr Walker/Love In The           Hugh Griffiths                 £20.00
Art and Craft (UK)          You Better Try                  Johnny Clarke                  £50.00
Art and Craft (UK)          Guide Us Jah                    Johnny Clarke                  £40.00
Art and Craft (UK)          Disco EP Showcase               Ranking Dread                  £40.00
Art and Craft (UK)          Hold on to Love                 Al Campbell and Lui Lepke      £12.00
Art and Craft (UK)          Cant Get Enough                 Johnny Clarke                  £12.00
Art and Craft (UK)          This Old Heart of Mine          John Holt                      £12.00
Artistic Records (JA)       Gun Talk                        Cobra                          £6.00
Artistic Records (US)       Cant Let You Go                 Dennis Brown                   £20.00
Ashantites (US)             Slave Mobile                    Satta Blue                     £12.00
Asher Music Inc (US)        In Danger                       Ken Bob                        £15.00
Assignment Ravin (UK)       Full Of Love/Nobody Wins        Georgia Henry and Yellowman    £15.00
Assingment Ravin (US)       Melody Life/Bye Bye Love        Pam Hall                       £15.00
Attack (UK)                 Kingston Twelve Tuffie /        The Morwells / Prince Jammys   £40.00
                            Jammin for Survival             at The Controls
Attack (UK)                 Mr CID / King Tubbys Rockers    Barry Brown                    £95.00
Axum (UK)                   When we're Gone/Rasta Safari    Zabandis                       £15.00
Ayeola (UK)                 Im Still Waiting on your        Tetrack                        £12.00
                            Love/She Boom
B Sett Music (US)           Non Stop/Marcus Garvey          Bunny Brissett/Ashanti Roy     £15.00
B&B (US)                    Long Time I Dont Smoke No       Blue Boy/Spliff Group          £75.00
                            Herb/I Am a Rasta Man
Bad Gong (JA)               Proverbs/Man in the Hat/Pass    The Mighty Diamonds/U          £12.00
                            the Drums                       Brown/Bongo Herman
Bad Gong (JA)               Man In The Hat / Pass The       U Brown / Bongo Herman         £20.00
Bad Gong (JA)               Kinarky/Wicked and              The Mighty Diamonds and        £25.00
                            WIld/Hustler                    Three Finger Jack
Bad Gong (JA)               Wicked Man / One Love           The Mighty Diamonds            £12.00
Ball O Fire (JA)            Loving Arms                     Frankie Jones                  £8.00
Ballistic (UK)              Old Time Friends / San          The Royal Rasses               £8.00
Ballistic (UK)              Cool Rasta                      Delroy Washington              £30.00
Ballistic (UK)              Consious Man/DUB                The Jolly Brothers             £20.00
Ballistic (UK)              You Gotta Have Love (Jah        The Rasses                     £30.00
                            Love) / Humanity (Love the
                            Way it Should Be) / They Know
                            Not Jah
Ballistic (UK)              No Man Is An Island / Levis     Motion / Jamdown Players       £30.00
Bam Bam (CAN)               Puchie Lue / Money Man          Half Pint                      £20.00
Bankylous (US)              Ta Ta                           Tanya Stephens                 £6.00
Barrister Recordings (UK)   Its Crying Time                 Trevor Hartley                 £6.00
Barry U (US)                Gimmi Pass                      Apache Scratchie               £6.00
Basket Records (UK)         A Little Bit More/Deep          Junior Brown and Derrick       £15.00
                            Meditation                      Lenroy/Derrick Lenroy and
BB Records (UK)             Rough Road                      Sister Rose                    £10.00
Beardie (US)                Sun Set                         Trevor African                 £8.00
Beardie (US)                For the Longest Time            General Jah Mikey              £10.00
Bebo (US)                   Ribit/Lonely Man                Yellowman/Carlton Livingston   £12.00
Bebos (US)                  Take Long Fi Done               Peter Metro and Yellowman      £12.00
Bebos (US)                  I Lie to You                    Gregory Isaacs                 £10.00
Bebos (US)                  Lonely Man/Ribit                Carlton Livingston/Yellowman   £12.00
                                                            and Fathead
Bebos (US)                  Tell Me Why/Them Send For       Horace Andy/Super Fred         £15.00
Bebos (US)                   Bake The Cake/Here We Go         Chicken Chest/Zu-Zu            £25.00
Bebos (US)                   Travelling Man/Respect Your      Al Campbell/Donavon            £10.00
Bebos Music (US)             Uptown Girl/What The Girl        Sugar Minott/Yellowman         £12.00
                             Them Like
Bee Cat (US)                 Bad Bwoy Tek Whe Me Boops        Fish Clarke                    £6.00
Bee Cat (US)                 Journeyman                       Rula Brown                     £4.00
Beezee Sound (Can)           Hammer / I Who Have Nothing      Ital Groove                    £75.00
Beverley (CAN)               Lost Change/What You Gonna       The Webber Sisters             £20.00
                             Do About It
Big Head (Can)               Solomon / Mount Zion             Roots Wanda                    £125.00
Big Ship (UK)                Lets Work it Out                 Mikey Spice and Luciano        £6.00
Big Spanner Disco (JA)       Garden of Life/Jah Far I on a    Leroy Sibbles                  £75.00
Black and White (JA)         Im in Love                       Delroy Wilson                  £12.00
Black and White (JA)         Bring Your Loving                Al Campbell                    £12.00
Black and White (JA)         Pure Rankin/Ive Been Around      Horace Andy                    £25.00
Black Drogan (JA)            Heathen Cry                      Twingey                        £10.00
Black Eagle (US)             United Immigrants                Dada Simeon and The Black      £20.00
Black Heat (JA)              Dying in the Ghetto              Jimmy London                   £15.00
Black Heat (JA)              Caught in a Trap/Let Me Tell     Nora Dean                      £30.00
                             You Boy
Black Jack (UK)              You Really Got a Hold of         Paulette Miller                £12.00
                             Me/Ghost Rider
Black Joy (UK)               Hooligan/Have Mercy              Leroy Smart                    £15.00
Black Joy (UK)               Specialize in Good Girls         The Pioneers                   £8.00
Black Joy (UK)               Rose Marie/You Made Your         Lone Ranger/Carlton            £20.00
                             Mistake/Collie DUB               Livingston
Black Joy (UK)               Ive Got to find You              Dennis Brown                   £12.00
Black Joy (UK)               Purify Your Heart/Politician     Johnny Osbourne                £40.00
Black Joy (UK)               Never Fall In Love Again/Kiss    The Tecniques/Tyron Evans      £15.00
                             And Run
Black Joy (UK)               Conscious Lover / Speak No       Cornel Campbell and Papa       £15.00
                             Evil                             Tullo
Black Joy (UK)               Gone West / West Side            Des All Stars                  £40.00
Black Liberation (US)        Rasta Ira                        The Congos                     £40.00
Black Lion (UK)              In God We Trust / What a         The Morwells / Edmund Brooks   £75.00
                             Wonderful World
Black Music (UK)             One Two/Transport Connection     Sister Nancy                   £25.00
Black Music (UK)             First Aid                        Barry Issachar                 £30.00
Black Ovation (US)           DJ Connection/East Plainfield    Ranking Joe                    £15.00
Black Ovation (US)           Let me into Your World/Master    Prince Junior/Roots Radics     £12.00
Black Ovation Records (US)   Hold On / Sometime Lover         Sugar Minott / Triston Palma   £75.00
Black Ovation Records (US)   Battle of Lion                   Hugh Brown and Ranking Joe     £50.00
Black Roots (UK)             Things and Time                  Barry Brown                    £40.00
Black Roots (UK)             The More We Are Together /       Sugar Minott                   £50.00
                             Together DUB / King of Kings /
                             King of Dubs
Black Roots (UK)             These Eyes / Wall Street /       Jackie Mittoo                  £75.00
                             Killer Thriller
Black Roots (UK)             New Love                         Sugar Minott                   £15.00
Black Roots (UK)             Trod Along                       Ranking Toyan                  £15.00
Black Roots (UK)             Loving Man                       Gregory Isaacs                 £8.00
Black Roots (UK)             Love is a Hurting thing          The Gaylads/Ranking Dread      £25.00
Black Roots (UK)             Nutten No Change                 Sugar Minott and Chaka         £8.00
Black Roots (US)             Thanks to Jah / Work to Do       Don Carlos / Little John       £75.00
Black Scorpio (JA)           See Dem A Come Deh / Love        General Trees / Daddy          £20.00
                             of Jamaica                       Scorpion
Black Scorpio (JA)           Mama Nah Beat Me / Rainy         Commander Shad / Troy          £20.00
                             Day                              Wonder
Black Scorpio (JA)           Lazy Body / Ting A Ling          Echo Minott                    £12.00
Black Scorpio (JA)           After The Wars / Gun Hawk        Cocoa Tea / Commander Shad     £10.00
Black Scorpio (JA)           War War / Love Takes Time        Bunny Rugs / Spanner Banner    £8.00
Black Scorpio (JA)           Dont Bun It Down                 King Yellowman                  £12.00
Black Scorpio (UK)           Only Time                        Leroy Smart                     £8.00
Black Scorpio (UK)           Missing You                      Dennis Brown and Snagga         £6.00
Black Scorpio (UK)           Turn Your Heart Around           Gregory Isaacs                  £8.00
Black Scorpio (UK)           Kingstonian Man                  General Trees                   £8.00
Black Scorpio (US)           When Mi Done                     Admiral Bailey                  £6.00
Black Scorpio (US)           One Rub a Dub/Skanking on        Johnny Osbourne/Michael         £12.00
                             Broadway                         Levy
Black Scorpio (US)           Who Is Going to Pay the          Gregory Isaacs                  £6.00
Black Scorpio (US)           Hey Girl / Whey Dem A Go Do      Singing Melody / Mikey Melody   £6.00
                                                              and Beenie Don
Black Scorpio (US)           Nah Tek it Weh/Got To Get        Frankie Paul/Trevor Levy        £10.00
                             Your Loving
Black Scorpio (US)           Mr Want All / I See I Saw        Leroy Smart and Mega Banton     £6.00
                                                              / Admiral Tibet
Black Scorpio (US)           Fan Down The Bus / Sunshine      Pinchers                        £6.00
                             of My Life
Black Spartan (UK)           Gun Talk / Im Still Waiting      General Trees / Mikey Melody    £8.00
Black Starline JA)           Oh Marcus                        Freddie McGregor                £20.00
Black Swan (US)              All The Love Ive Got/So Fine     George Faith                    £25.00
Blacker Dread (UK)           Another Youth Get Shot           Michael Palmer                  £20.00
Blacker Dread (UK)           Fire De a Mus Mus Tail           Frankie Paul                    £15.00
Blacker Dread (UK)           No Touch Me Stylee/Livestock     Frankie Paul/Earl Sixteen       £8.00
Blacker Dread (UK)           Time is the Master/Reggae        Luciano/Shaka Shamba            £8.00
Blank                        Children of the Ghetto           ?                               £30.00
Blank (UK)                   Dollar Remix (Soca)              Lee                             £8.00
Blank (UK)                   Wah Do Har/Race                  Dillinger                       £12.00
Blank (UK)                   Redemption Song                  One Tree                        £12.00
Blank (UK) 12IS133A          Party in Session                 Black Uhuru                     £8.00
Blank (UK) AF 02 01          Promise is a Comfort to a Fool   Johnny Clarke                   £10.00
Blank (UK) ARI 100A          Slipping Away                    Royal Blood                     £6.00
Blank (UK) BL 16 A1          Lost Without You/Light Your      Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Blank (UK) BMD 26            Lovely Feeling                   Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Blank (UK) BTM1              Satta Amassagana                 Beshara                         £75.00
Blank (UK) CDBS 24           Where did the Love Go            Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Blank (UK) D Roy             Mavis                            Johnny Ringo                    £10.00
Blank (UK) DG41985A          No Work on Sunday                Tenor Saw                       £20.00
Blank (UK) GUA 5A            Stir it Up                       Vivian Jones                    £8.00
Blank (UK) HA 0007A          Time to Unite                    Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Blank (UK) HD77              Life Time Affair                 Gregory Isaacs                  £6.00
Blank (UK) Left 14A          Who is the Terroist              Pablo Gad                       £20.00
Blank (UK) LLD 004           Struggle                         The Mighty Diamonds             £20.00
Blank (UK) MEL008A1          Jah is Coming                    B Atkins                        £20.00
Blank (UK) MIN 001A          In the Ghetto                    One Love                        £8.00
Blank (UK) NLD 019A          Woman U Turn me On               Top Cat                         £6.00
Blank (UK) Pc8694            Tell Me Why/System Trap          Dub Central                     £15.00
Blank (UK) Sanity Records    After the Dance is               Prediction                      £10.00
Blank (UK) Sanity Records    Feel Your Love                   Andrea Lynn                     £10.00
Blank (UK) SG104             New Bogle                        DC Ninjan                       £6.00
Blank (UK) SMJD 008 A        Never Love this Way              Tracy King                      £6.00
Blank (UK) Test              Heart don_t leap/Everybody       Blackstones/Melodians           £8.00
Blank (UK) Test Pressing     Fools Fighting                   Frankie Paul                    £8.00
Blank (UK) Vista 02A1        Number One Song (Rub a           Tinga Stewart                   £8.00
Blank (UK) WRD 024           Overflow                         Deborah Glasgow                 £6.00
Blank (US)                   Sign Your Name (Lee Perry        Terence Trent Darby             £20.00
Blank (US) Stamped Wackies   Reggae Music                     Tony Jackson and Mikey          £75.00
House of Music                                                Jarrett
Blue Beat (UK)               Madness / This is a Hold Up /    Prince Buster                   £50.00
                             Ten Commandments
Blue Mountain (UK)           Young Free&Single                Barrington Levy                 £8.00
Blue Mountain (UK)              Yes She Gone                    Singie Singie                   £6.00
Blue Mountain (UK)              Come Falla Me/Pt2/Wrong         Clement Irie/Admiral Tibet      £15.00
Blue Mountain (US)              See Boops Yah                   Jah Thomas                      £6.00
Blue Trac (UK)                  Foreign Mind / Running Around   Moja / Philip Fraser            £6.00
Blue Trac (UK)                  Shockout/Glad say Me Come       Chaka Demus/Ninjaman            £6.00
Blue Trac (UK)                  Trouble Time/Memories by the    Michael Campbell/Hugh           £20.00
                                Score                           Griffiths
Blue Trac (UK)                  Trouble and Problems            T Brown/Pinchers                £8.00
Blue Trac (UK)                  We Run Things                   Nitty Gritty                    £20.00
Blue Trac (UK)                  When my Little Girls Smiling    Echo Minott/Jah Mikes           £8.00
Blue Trac (US)                  Style and Fashion/Dont Go       Al Campbell                     £20.00
Blue Trac (US)                  Chatte Chatte/She Is My Girl    Frankie Paul                    £15.00
Bluesville International (UK)   Settle Fe Me                    Frankie Jones                   £8.00
Body Music (UK)                 Love is a Dangerous Game        Sylvia Tella                    £6.00
Bomb (US)                       Rude Girl / Give Me Reggae      Clarence Aird / Errol Dunkley   £6.00
Book of Psalms (UK)             Really Together/Let Him Try     Jackie Paris and Big Youth      £15.00
Boombastik (UK)                 Cry Blood fe Yuh                Terigan                         £6.00
BP (JA)                         Duggu Duggu/Pussywatchman       Ashman/Daddy Blue               £8.00
BP (UK)                         What a Disaster / After the     Gregory Isaacs and Josey        £25.00
                                Storm                           Wales / Sugar Minott Feat
                                                                Fuzzy Jones
Brand X (JA)                    Youre As Light As Rain          Sammy Levi                      £8.00
Bridget International (US)      Bun Them                        Jah Pops                        £8.00
Brixton Promotion (UK)          Cupid                           Sanchez                         £6.00
Brown (UK)                      Rice and Peas/Marian            The Serenaders                  £20.00
Browns Sound (US)               Christian Soldiers              Louie Rankin                    £20.00
Browns Sound (US)               Sweet Jamaica                   Brimstone                       £20.00
Browns Sounds Inc (US)          Telephone Man/Tonight           Sammy Dread and Mellow          £20.00
                                                                Yellow/Robert Minott
BTR (US)                        Sonia                           Triston Palma                   £6.00
Bubbles (UK)                    Go with The Flow                Fred Locks                      £18.00
Bubbles (US)                    Stand Up Strong/DUB             The Visioneers/Imperial Band    £10.00
Buffalo (US)                    Reggae Jump                     Mr Pants                        £12.00
Bum Rock (US)                   Para Fanatic                    Anthony Red Rose                £20.00
Bum Rock Ltd (US)               Immigration                     Ranking Toyan                   £10.00
Bun Gem Records (Can)           Who Have Eyes                   Gregory Isaacs                  £8.00
Bun Gem Records (Can)           Dont Distress                   Gregory Isaacs                  £8.00
Bunny Sterling (UK)             Help Me Jah Jah/78 Reward       Zebulah Face/Danite Tribe       £15.00
Burning Rockers (UK)            Key to Your Heart/Time          The Chanters                    £50.00
Burning Rockers (UK)            Shine Eye Gal                   Barrington Levy                 £20.00
Burning Rockers (UK)            Visions of Pablo / Tru I De a   Pablo Gad                       £75.00
Burning Rockers (UK)            Hard Times / Lighter Shade of   Pablo Gad                       £30.00
Burning Sounds (UK)             Rasta Roots / Memories         Everand Thompson and             £25.00
                                                               Superstar / Delroy Washington
                                                               and Jah Son
Burning Sounds (UK)             Bound To Surrender             Linval Thompson                  £15.00
Burning Sounds (UK)             Swept for you Baby/Let Love In The Heptones/Dennis Brown        £30.00
Burning Sounds (UK)             Freedom Fighter/Jah is Alive   Tekla Miriam                     £40.00
Burning Vibrations (UK)         Roots Man Party / Healing The Trinity and Mystic Emp Group      £25.00
Bus Stop (JA)                   Stay a Little Bit Longer       Linval Thompson and Trinity      £20.00
Bushays (UK)                    Love Not to Boast              Tony Tuff and Nicka              £20.00
Bushays (UK)                    Six Six Street                 Louisa Marks and Trinity         £30.00
Bushman (UK)                    Cant Take No More / If You     Jah Warriors                     £75.00
                                Only Knew
Buss Out (UK)                   Ten Commitments / Mr Bigman Sandeeno                            £6.00
Bust Out (US)                   Go Baby Go/Dont Break My       Singing Melody/Junior English    £6.00
C and S (CAN)                   Strength And Power             The Uplifter                     £150.00
C&E (UK)                        Lover Like Me/Passing          Crucial Vibes                    £12.00
Calabash (US)                   Betrayed                       Calabash                         £8.00
Calabash (US)                   I Feel the Music/Dub the Music Tinga Stewart&John Steel         £25.00
Calabash (US)                   Mini Bus/Red Eye               Barrington Levy                  £25.00
Cancerian (US)         Crazy Woman                        The Scunna Jays                 £12.00
Capo (JA)              To All The Girls Ive Loved         Dobby Dobson                    £2.00
Capo (US)              Stop that Fussing& Fighting        Glen Adams                      £30.00
Capri (US)             Entertainment/Strictly Rub a       Triston Palma/Ranking Toyan     £15.00
                       Dub                                and Jah Thomas
Carib Gems (UK)        Love Is Not A Gamble / Its You     The Techniques                  £15.00
                       I Love
Carib Gems (UK)        Guiding Star                       Horace Andy and Tapper Zukie £75.00
Carls Records (US)     Take Five / Stranger on the        Ossie Scott                  £30.00
Carron (US)            Dancing Time / London Posse        The Stewart Bros / Toyan        £10.00
Carron (US)            Live and Learn/My Love             Roman Stewart                   £8.00
Carron (US)            Gulity Feeling                     Oniel Clarke                    £6.00
Carron (US)            If I Had You                       Biby James                      £6.00
Carron (US)            My Girl/Girl a Modeler             O Neil Clarke                   £6.00
Carron (US)            I Need A Girl Friend / Some        K Lee                           £8.00
Carron (US)            Simply And Amazing                 Little Pinch                    £8.00
Carron Records (US)    Hand Gun/Money                     Sammy Levi/Michael Jarret       £10.00
Cartridge (UK)         More Love                          David Isaacs                    £8.00
Cash Bound (US)        Run Off Mouth                      George Wright                   £10.00
Cash Bound (US)        Chalwa                             Icho Candy                      £30.00
Cavalis Records (UK)   Leave Me Alone                     The Government with Victor      £12.00
                                                          Romero Evans
CBS (UK)               African Children Pt2               Aswad                           £8.00
Century (UK)           The Power                          Bim Sherman                     £20.00
CF (UK)                Loving Thoughts/Crisis             Byron Otis/U Brown              £15.00
Cha Cha (UK)           Fools are Dangerous                The Jays                        £15.00
Cha Cha (UK)           Queen of the Minstrels / If It     Pat Kelly                       £15.00
                       Dont Work Out
Cha Cha (UK)           Mashing Up Her Brain / I Dont      Freddie McGregor / Angela       £40.00
                       Want to Feel Ashamed               Prince
Cha Cha (UK)           Sweet Africa / Dance With Me       Earth and Stone                 £50.00
Chanan Jah (JA)        Detour / Consider Yourself         The Inturns                     £95.00
Chanan Jah (UK)        Another Scorcher / A Little        Jackie Bernard and The          £15.00
                       Love                               Kingstonians / Jimmy London
Chanan Jah (UK)        Dont Divide the People / Me        Al Campbell and Jah Walton      £30.00
                       Black and Me Comley / Soul
                       Shakedown Party
Channel One (JA)       All I Have is Love / Sea of Love   The Jayes and Ranking Trevor    £20.00
Channel One (JA)       A Little Way Different             Errol Dunkley                   £95.00
Channel One (JA)       Know Your Culture / I Dont         The Mighty Diamonds             £20.00
                       Mind What You Are Saying
Channel One (JA)       Perilous Time / A House is not     Sugar Minott / Hortense Ellis   £20.00
                       a Home
Channel One (JA)       Skylarking / Moving Away           Creole                          £50.00
Channel One (JA)       Breaking Up / Let Them Try         Hugh Griffiths                  £15.00
Channel One (JA)       Backbiter / Fire Mus Mus Tail      Wailing Soul                    £25.00
Channel One (JA)       Love Me With All Your Heart        The Tamlins and Welton Irie     £15.00
Channel One (JA)       Queen Majesty/Melody Life          The Jayes/Ranking Trevor        £15.00
Channel One (JA)       Plastic World                      The Mighty Diamonds             £20.00
Channel One (JA)       Im Just a Guy                      Hugh Griffiths                  £12.00
Channel One (JA)       If I Were a Carpenter/I Cant       The Tamlins                     £15.00
                       Get Over Losing You
Charm (UK)             Black Roses / God Is My Light      Nicky Dread / Sandeeno          £8.00
Charm (UK)             Dont Let Me Go                     Johny Mice                      £6.00
Charm (UK)             Shes Got the Love                  Jesse Jendau and Cocoa Tea      £8.00
Charm (UK)             Give me the Right                  Richie Davis                    £6.00
Charm (UK)             Wasnt Ready for This               Junior Tucker and Dennis        £10.00
Charm (UK)             Lonely Tear Drops                  Gregory Isaacs                  £6.00
Charm (UK)             Hot Stick                          Michael Rose                    £6.00
Charm (UK)             Tribute to Pan Head                Pan Head                        £15.00
Charm (UK)             Sugar Yu Want                      Beres Hammond                   £6.00
Charm (UK)             World Will be a Better             Little Hero                     £12.00
                       Place/Whats Up/Revolution
Charm (UK)             We Need Love                       Bunny Rugs                      £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Give Mi Sweet Loving           Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Geenie Lady/Life Hard          Dennis Brown/Junior Cat         £8.00
Charm (UK)                  Rougher Yet                    Jimmy Riley                     £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Love like This                 Errol Dunkley                   £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Lonely Tear Drops              Gregory Isaacs                  £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Id Love Me Some Her            Mike Anthony                    £5.00
Charm (UK)                  Whos Loving Who                Beres Hammond                   £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Coldest Days                   Kashief Lindo                   £6.00
Charm (UK)                  End of the World               Luciano                         £8.00
Charm (UK)                  Touch Mi Heart                 Chukki Star                     £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Private Call                   Jennifer Lara and Captain       £6.00
Charm (UK)                  Hello Africa/Africa DUB        Garnet Silk                     £10.00
Charm (UK)                  Blood in a Eyes                Chaka Demus                     £6.00
Charm (UK)                  100% of Love                   Beres Hammond                   £6.00
Charmers (UK)               Pick A Dub                     Chariots Dub Children           £25.00
Charmers (UK)               King Majesty                   Jah Larry and Ken Parker        £8.00
Charmers (UK)               Armagedon Time                 Winston McAnuff                 £95.00
Chart Sounds (UK)           Madonna                        Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Chart Sounds (US)           This Old Lady                  John Holt                       £8.00
Chartbound (UK)             Dont Stop                      Sonie                           £6.00
Chartbound (UK)             Aint You had Enough            Sister Sonia                    £8.00
                            Love/Reggae Sensation
Chief of Staff (US)         I Am Dangerous                 Leroy Smart                     £12.00
Chief of Staff (US)         Your Love/Love me have to      Patrick Andy/Bammy Man          £8.00
Child of God (Can)          Mr Collie Man / Going Away     Errol Dunkley                   £25.00
Chopper (US)                Ghetto Ting                    Pinchers                        £8.00
Chopper (US)                Kiss And Say Goodby            Alton Black                     £6.00
Choppers (US)               Child Molester                 Tommy Culture                   £6.00
Chrysalis (UK)              Hiding and Seeking (No         Pam Nestor                      £30.00
                            More)/Man on the Run
Cimarak Pre (UK)            Cimarak                        Cimarak and TJ                  £25.00
City Beat (UK)              Living in a World              Rama Gee                        £12.00
Clair Music (UK)            Sugar and Spice                Fenton Smith                    £15.00
Classic Records (US)        Love to Share                  John Holt and Alton Ellis       £20.00
Classic Roots (UK)          Live Up / Woman a Grumble      Undivided Roots                 £25.00
Clinch (UK)                 Tenastillin/Mandella           The Abyssinians/Tommy           £30.00
Clocktower (US)             Time And Place                 Dennis Brown                    £30.00
Clouds (UK)                 Sweet Time/Changing for You    NE Posse/Vincent Taylor         £10.00
Columbia (UK)               Rise Up                        Danny Red and Top Cat           £20.00
Columbia (UK)               Rise Up                        Danny Red (Mad Professor        £20.00
Columbia (UK)               Rolling Stone                  Danny Red                       £8.00
Concrete Records (US)       Hot Rock                       House of Assembly               £8.00
Conflict (UK)               Idi Amin Disco / Blood Up /    Militant Barry                  £75.00
                            Free Black People
Conqueror (UK)              Digital rock/Ticling my Bone   Ricky Ranking/George Wright     £8.00
Cool and Deadly Authentic   Blessed are the Ones           Ras Tekla Irie                  £20.00
Rockers (UK)
Cool Rockers (UK)           Every Bit of My Heart          Sister Love                     £15.00
Cool Rockers (UK)           Goodbye Little Man / Walk      Sister Love / Company X         £20.00
                            Away Man
Cool Rockers (UK)           Its Over                       Sister Love                     £8.00
Cord (JA)                   Jah Give Us Life to Live/War   The Wailing Souls/The Wailing   £40.00
                                                           Souls and Ranking Trevor
Corn Tree (UK)              Gun Shot Fe Cease/Serious      Rebellious&Horace Corn          £15.00
Cousin (UK)                 Thank thee O Father            Leroy Mafia                     £5.00
Cousin (UK)                 Sweet like Honey               Sylvia Tella                    £5.00
Crat (US)                   Gwen                           Chuck Turner                    £8.00
Crat (US)                   Nuh Run Down Man               Major Mackerel                  £12.00
Crat (US)                   No Competition                 White Mice                      £30.00
Creole (UK)                 School Girl/Walk Foot Man      Delroy Melody/Tony Zebra        £40.00
Creole (UK)                 Ghetto Queen                   John Holt                       £15.00
Crispy (UK)                 History/Revolution/Ice Cream   The Dub Specialist feat King    £30.00
                              Man                             General
Crown (JA)                    Four Wheel Wheely               Charlie Chaplin & Sugar Minott   £20.00
Cruise Records (UK)           Have You Ever Been to           Madoo/Tony Tuff/Ray I            £20.00
                              Heaven/Groovy Situation/That
Crystal (JA)                  Sesame Street/Bells of Death    Scotty/Augustus Pablo            £50.00
Crystal (JA)                  Mary Long Tongue/Testify        Horace Martin/Jah Walton         £10.00
Crystal (JA)                  Im Your Puppet/Birthday Song    Derrick Harriott                 £15.00
Crystal (JA)                  Slave/Solomon                   Derrick Harriott                 £8.00
Crystal (JA)                  Homely Girl                     Derrick Harriot                  £4.00
CSA (UK)                      Rich Man Poor Man / Never       Michael Prophet                  £20.00
                              Fall in Love
Culture One (US)              Not Out                         Gregory Isaacs                   £75.00
Culture Roots Up Front (UK)   Reality                         Cultural Roots                   £25.00
D Music (Can)                 To The Foundation               Dennis Brown and Hugh Brown      £20.00
D Music (Can)                 Dont You Know that I Love You   Johnny Osbourne                  £6.00
D Music (JA)                  Bed Time Story/Not Guilty       Johnny Osbourne/Danny            £10.00
D Roy (UK)                    She is Mad with Me / Stop       Linval Thompson                  £75.00
                              Your War
D Roy (UK)                    Mosquitos / Three Kicks         Errol Scorcher / Ansel Collins   £8.00
                                                              and Kick
Daddy Kool (UK)               Peace and Love                  Barry Brown and Ranking          £50.00
Daddy Spud (US)               Serious Thing                   Bingie Man                       £6.00
Daddy Spud (US)               Cocaine                         Dillinger                        £8.00
Daddy Spud (US)               Sixpence                        Stinger Man                      £20.00
Daddy Spud (US)               Mud Up                          Yellowman                        £8.00
Dance Beat (UK)               Bone Man Skank/Dub              Errol Scorcher                   £25.00
Dand Label (US)               Hustling and Scuffling          The Stewart Brothers             £10.00
Darace Records (Can)          Let Him Go / Babylon            Michael Rose / John Sawden       £40.00
DEB (UK)                      Dry Up Your Tears / Rat Trap    Ruddy Thomas / Little Roy        £50.00
DEB (UK)                      Troubled World/What about the Dennis Brown                       £25.00
DEB (UK)                      Armed Robbery / Tonight         Junior Delgado and Field         £40.00
                                                              Marshall Buckers
DEB (UK)                      Mr Know It All / War of the     Gregory Isaacs                   £25.00
DEB (UK)                      Girls Imagination / Only        15 16 17                         £30.00
DEB (UK)                      Dont Let it Go to Your Head     Black Harmony                    £25.00
Deep Groove Sounds (US)       Lavender Blue                   KC White                         £12.00
Deep Groove Sounds (US)       I Wonder Why Jah / Love         Barrington Spence                £40.00
DEP (UK)                      Reggae Hit Shot / Pave The      Mikey Dread                      £6.00
DEP (UK)                      Knock Knock/Ammunition          Mikey Dread                      £20.00
DEP International (UK)        Dont Let it Pass You By         UB 40                            £8.00
Destiny Outernational (UK)    Spread My Wings                 Sugar Minott                     £8.00
Diamond International (UK)    Settle Nuh                      Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Diamonds (UK)                 Praise                          Admiral Tibet                    £8.00
Different (UK)                Truly/Ya Ho                     The Jays                         £15.00
Digikal (UK)                  Identify Me                     King Kong                        £15.00
Digital B (JA)                Poochie Lou                     Half Pint                        £8.00
Digital B (UK)                The Time is Serious             Admiral Tibet                    £10.00
Digital B (UK)                Get Ready/We Nuh Fool           Sanchez/Culture Knox             £8.00
Digital B (UK)                Too Much Gun Lyrics             Cocoa Tea and Buccaneer          £6.00
Digital B (UK)                Ive Got the Vibes               Frankie Paul                     £6.00
Digital B (UK)                Tell You how I Feel             Sanchez/Terror Fabulous          £6.00
Digital B (US)                Splashing Dashing               Garnet Silk                      £10.00
Digital B (US)                Africa is Calling / Gunman      Frankie Paul and Edi Fitzroy /   £10.00
                                                              Chukki Star
Digital B (US)                Brutality/Jah will never let us Admiral Tibet/Tony Rebel         £8.00
Digital B (US)                Cold Hearted Fool/Trickster     Dennis Brown/Edi Fitzroy         £8.00
Digital B (US)                Strong like a Lion              Junior Tucker                    £6.00
Digital B (US)                Conversation                    Cornel Campbell                  £8.00
Digital B (US)               Live Up                          Morgan Heritage                 £8.00
Digital B (US)               Reggae Bring Back Love/Fight     Morgan Heritage/Lukie D         £10.00
                             The Strain
Digital B (US)               Think Me A Fool                  Admiral Tibett                  £12.00
Digital B (US)               Time Is Serious                  Admiral Tibet Shabba Ranks      £10.00
                                                              and Ninjaman
Digital B (US)               Pick Up The Pieces / Dis Black   Jimmy Riley / Josey Wales       £6.00
Digital Eclipse (US)         Rasta Trodding/Watch the         Terry Ganzie/Josey Wales        £12.00
                             Wicked Run
DigitalB (UK)                You got me Waiting               Gregory Isaacs                  £6.00
DigitalB (UK)                Someone to Love                  Frankie Paul                    £5.00
DigitalB (UK)                New Sign New Times/Live Up       Morgan Heritage                 £8.00
Direction Discs (UK)         51 Storm / Step In A Western     Errol Scorcher                  £15.00
Direction Discs (UK)         Mark Of The Beast / Jogging      Freddie McGregor                £40.00
Disciples (US)               Cocaine                          King Scocsha                    £10.00
Disco 45 (UK) CLSD 002       Cant Say Bye                     Rockie Campbell                 £8.00
Disco Dub (JA)               Headache/Bellyache/Toothach      The Revolutionaries             £40.00
Disco Mix (JA)               Ya Ho/Truly                      The Jayes                       £12.00
Discotex Records (UK)        Teach The Children               Dawna Lee                       £10.00
DJ Records (JA)              Mail Box Lover                   Gregory Isaacs                  £8.00
Don (UK)                     If You Treat me Right/Very       Brenda Lawson                   £15.00
Double D (US)                Running From Jamaica             The Meditations                 £25.00
Dove (JA)                    Movie Star / Diet Rock           Junior Reid / Charlie Chaplin   £25.00
Down Beat (UK)               Cant Keep a Good Man Down        Linval Thompson                 £15.00
Dragon (JA)                  Bust Blank                       Red Dragon                      £15.00
Dread at the Controls (UK)   Bad Man Posse                    Junior Murvin                   £25.00
Dread at the Controls (UK)   Give Thanks and Praise / Shy     The Ovations                    £75.00
Dread at the Controls (UK)   The Gun                          Edi Fitzroy                     £25.00
Dread at the Controls (UK)   Sun Moon And Stars               Rod Taylor                      £20.00
Dread At The Controls (UK)   Forever Love/The Girl I LOve     Ovations/SunShine               £15.00
Dread at the Controls (UK)   Rocky Road                       Mikey Dread                     £25.00
Dread Hot (UK)               Gambling / If You Should Take    Leroy Smart and Clint           £75.00
                             Me                               Eastwood
Dread&Dread (UK)             Our Homeland/Take it or leave    Naggo Morris                    £50.00
Drum and Bass (US)           Children of Today/Move Up        The Maytones                    £8.00
                             Move Up
Drunken Master (US)          Who Said Jah Dead                Drunken Master                  £125.00
Dub Irator (US)              Moonlight Lover                  Barrington Levy                 £12.00
Dub Irator (US)              Saturday Night Jamboree          Wayne Jarrett                   £25.00
Dub Irator (US)              How You Love Me                  Dean Stone / Rankin Melon       £15.00
Dub Plate (UK)               Rainbow Country / Come Long      Dennis Struggle Hamilton        £50.00
Dub Syndicate (UK)           Bam By Aur / Got To Come         Izard                           £30.00
Dub Tone Muzik (JA)          Special Lady                     Junior Delgado                  £6.00
Dub Tone Muzik (US)          Watch This Sound                 Talent                          £15.00
Dub Tone Muzik (US)          Sweet Darling                    Junior Delgado                  £10.00
Dub Tone Muzik (US)          From the Ghetto                  Bobby Culture                   £20.00
Dynamite (JA)                Johnny Make You Bad So           The Lone Ranger                 £6.00
EAD (Can)                    Si Mi Yah                        Earl 16                         £20.00
EAD (Can)                    Heroes Dead and Gone /           Eek a Mouse / George Faith      £25.00
                             Follow Jah
EAD (CAN)                    Loving You                       Sugar Minott                    £6.00
EAD Productions (US)         Rent Man/Im Still Dancing        Earl Sixteen/Michael Palmer     £40.00
Earthquake (JA)              Migrate / Jump The Fence         Earth and Stone                 £30.00
Earthquake (US)              You Walking / In a Good Mood     Cornel Campbell                 £20.00
Earthquake (US)              Sitting On The Hillside/Sea      Horace Andy                     £25.00
Earthquake (US)              Sit and Cry/Afghan               Errol Dunkley/Douglas Guthrie   £25.00
Earthquake (US)              Its a Good Day                   Pat Kelly                       £20.00
Eclipse Records (US)         Proud to be Black                Cocoa Tea and Major Danger      £10.00
Eclipse Records (US)         Dollars Fi Spend/Thats Life       Nicodemus/Sammy Levi and       £12.00
                                                               Beverley Lawrence
Eglinton&Oakwood (Can)       Shining Star / Time will Tell     Mr Reality                     £40.00
EMI (UK)                     Buk In Ham Palace/DUB/The         Peter Tosh                     £20.00
                             Day the Dollar Die
EMI (UK)                     Dont Look Back (DUB Version)      Peter Tosh                     £15.00
Emperor Love (US)            Look how she Fat                  Lily Melody                    £15.00
Empire (UK)                  Easy Loving/Book of Rules         Raymondo and Samantha          £8.00
Empire (UK)                  Kiss You All Over/Hello I Love    Samantha Rose                  £20.00
Empire (UK)                  Tease Me/Im Going Home            Sil Bell/Lord Jones            £20.00
Energetic (US)               G I Joe                           Early B                        £20.00
English International (US)   Stop Your Fussing/Enegtic         N.Nelson/F.Chambers            £10.00
Enterprise (US)              Unforgetable                      Gregory Isaacs                 £10.00
Errol T (JA)                 Send Some Rain                    Culture and Clint Eastwood     £20.00
Errol T (JA)                 Two Timer                         Cormel Campbell                £25.00
Errol T (JA)                 Loving Pauper/Judgement           Ruddy Thomas And Trinity       £20.00
Errol T (JA)                 Zion Gate/Forty Leg Dread         Culture and Prince Mohammed    £15.00
Errol T (JA)                 Feeling Soul                      Ruddy Thomas and Trinity       £25.00
Eruption (US)                Get Stoned                        Teddy Brown                    £15.00
Ethnic (UK)                  Come A Me Girl / Gully            Devon Russell                  £95.00
Ethnic Music (US)            Once a Man / No Competition       Freddie McGregor               £20.00
Ethnic Music (US)            Dreadlocks Girl/She Never         Sammy Dread/Tappa Zukie        £15.00
                             Love Me So
Exclusive (UK)               Glad You Are Around               Paulette Tajah                 £10.00
Exclusive (UK)               Just my Imagination/Till I Kiss   Al Campbell                    £8.00
Exile (UK)                   Losing You                        Junior Roots                   £15.00
Exile (UK)                   Wake Up/Talk it Over              Little John/Sammy Dread        £12.00
Exodus (UK)                  Experience v Common Sense         Gregory Isaacs                 £8.00
Extinguish Records (UK)      Shes So Fine / Running            Riot Squad                     £15.00
Fari Records (US)            Do You Know                       Theresa Hepburn                £4.00
Fashion (UK)                 Dedicated to His Majesty          Vivian Jones and Nico Junior   £12.00
Fashion (UK)                 Africa                            Axeman                         £6.00
Fashion (UK)                 Hypocrites                        Horace Andy                    £8.00
Fashion (UK)                 Cool Down Amina                   Keith Douglas                  £15.00
Fashion (UK) Red/White       Mood For Love                     Carlton and His Shoes          £15.00
Fatman (JA)                  Stuck On You                      Fatman Riddim Section          £4.00
Ferocious (UK)               This is your Life                 Crucial Robbie                 £6.00
Fid Dee (UK)                 Starting Over                     Helena Orville                 £15.00
Fidel (UK)                   Disrespectful Woman               Gregory Isaacs                 £12.00
Fig Tree (US)                One Love                          Ayinde                         £25.00
Fingers (Can)                Fuss and Fight/Hungry a Go        Chester Miller/Collie Minott   £15.00
Firehouse (JA)               Tempo                             Anthony Red Rose               £20.00
Firehouse (JA)               Worries Again / Afraid Of Them    Anthony Red Rose / King        £40.00
Firehouse (JA)               Hard Core / Baddest Dance         Gregory Isaacs and Johnny      £25.00
                             Singer                            Osbourne / Little John
Firehouse (JA)               Murderer / Cool Profile           Trevor Levy / Wayne Palmer     £30.00
Firehouse (JA)               Big Fat Melinda/Ready Fi Di       Pan Bird/Joe Mannix            £25.00
Firehouse (UK)               Embrace                           Family Love                    £8.00
Firehouse (US)               Invest Your Money / Fat In A      Lecturer / Jah Son             £15.00
Firehouse (US)               Pum Pum / Bum U Saddle            Red Rose / Sassafrass          £15.00
First Time (UK)              Thanks and Praise                 Vincent Nap                    £8.00
First World (JA)             Girls                             Tamlins                        £12.00
First World (JA)             This Little Woman                 Gregory Issacs                 £12.00
First World (JA)             Never Run Away                    Moses Livingston               £6.00
First World (US)             Give Me                           Junior Murvin                  £20.00
Five Star (US)               Serious Time                      Carl Malcolm                   £10.00
FJ (JA)                      Know Yu Self                      Wadada                         £8.00
Flag (UK)                    The Fall of the Devil/One Way     Macka B/Rupie Dan              £6.00
Flames (UK)                   The Anwser is No/One Night     Family Love                      £8.00
Flames (US)                   Riding West                    Tommy McCook                     £20.00
Flash International (UK)      The Greatest love/Right time   Sanchez/Mikey Melody             £8.00
Flat Out (US)                 Evil Money/First Cut is the    Color Ranx/Maxine Miller         £10.00
Flynn And Flynn (US)          Long Time Ago                    Mikey Jarrett                  £8.00
Flynn and Flynn (US)          Jus Say So                       Shaggy Wonder                  £6.00
Fontonfon (UK)                Fight Life                       Tony Mahoney and the Mission   £12.00
Force (UK)                   Righteous Work / Come Away Brent Dowe / Prince Allah and         £75.00
                                                               Philip Fraser
Force Enterprises (US)       What a Lovely Way                 Al Campbell                    £6.00
Forward (JA)                 Love is a Treasure / Young at     Freddie McKay and The Soul     £75.00
                             Heart                             Defenders / The Silvertones
Forward (JA)                 Rainbow / Wont You Come           Wentworth Vernal / Delroy      £50.00
                             Home                              Wilson
Foulie (US)                  Amazing Love                      Frankie Paul                   £8.00
France (US)                  All Of Me/Talk Too Much           Robert French/Copper Ranks     £10.00
Fred Nelson (CAN)            Im Not A Slave                    Fred Nelson                    £75.00
Freedom Sounds (UK)          A New Civilisation                Clifton Campbell And Trinity   £75.00
Freedom Sounds (UK)          Pressure                          Cygnus                         £20.00
Freedom Sounds (UK)          Its Not Hard                      Jackie Dale                    £8.00
Freedom Sounds (UK)          Dont Let it Go to Your Head       True Harmony                   £20.00
French (US)                  The Gun                           Johnny P                       £15.00
French (US)                  Yardie                            Lecturer                       £7.00
French (US)                  Badminded People                  Wicker Man                     £6.00
Fulan (UK)                   Little Girl                       Mighty Faith                   £8.00
Fun Promotie (UK)            Carry Feelings                    Vivian Jones/President Sass    £6.00
Future Wind Inc (JA)         Roots Man                         Mikey Dread Meets Future       £75.00
G Clef (JA)                  Funny Feeling                     OC Roberts                     £40.00
Gamble (UK)                  I Really Love You/Touch up the Linval Thompson                   £15.00
Gan Jam (UK)                 Check You Once Girl               Edi Fitzroy                    £10.00
Ganja Farm (JA)              Disappointed Lover                Triston Palma                  £20.00
Garand (US)                  This Song/Why Did You That        Hopeton Lewis                  £20.00
GCLEF (Can)                  Stand By Your Man                 Nana McClean                   £8.00
Gemini (US)                  How Could This Ever Be            Ludwick Smith                  £8.00
Gemini Records (JA)          Let Me be Your Lover              Hugh Griffiths                 £12.00
Gems (JA)                    Settle With Me/Professionals      Anthony Johnson/Ringo and      £15.00
                                                               Welton Irie
Germain (UK)                 Smile                             Audrey Hall                    £4.00
Germain (US)                 Live Good                         Flourgan                       £8.00
Germain (US)                 One in a Million                  Sanchez                        £15.00
Germain (US)                 Deep In My Heart                  Marcia Griffiths               £4.00
Germain Revolutionary Sounds Bogus Badge                       Michael Rose                   £8.00
Germain Revolutionary Sounds Rock a Dub                        Johnny Osbourne                £8.00
Germain Revolutionary Sounds Why War in the City/Dub           The Mighty Diamonds            £20.00
Germain Revolutionary Sounds Wisdom                            Cultural Roots/Trinity         £20.00
German Revolutionary Sounds A Slice of the Cake                Sugar Minott                   £25.00
GG (JA)                      Wicked A Wonder / Ital Bath       Enos McLeod / U Brown          £20.00
GG (JA)                      I Will Never Love Again/Shake Gregory Isaacs and Ranking         £25.00
                             Your Dread                        Barnabus
GG (UK)                      Stop the Loafing/The World is     Ronnie Davis and Clint         £50.00
                             a Stage                           Eastwood/Ronnie Davis
GG (UK)                      The Border                        Gregory Isaacs and U Brown     £8.00
Giah (CAN)                   We Have Seen Jah Glory            Dennis Walton                  £40.00
Gibbons (US)                 Ten To One/Change Your Plan George Allison/Jah Black             £15.00
Gibbous (US)                 Sister Love                       George Allison                 £20.00
Gibbous (US)                 Oh What a Feeling                 Carl Balliston                 £20.00
Gibbous (US)                 Children of the Ghetto / Darlin I Carl Balliston                 £8.00
                             Love You
Glady Wax (UK)               Love Revolution                   Paul Plummer                     £6.00
Glamma (UK)                  Spread Love                       Mike Anthony                     £6.00
Glory Gold (JA)              Should I                          Colin Sampson                    £6.00
Glory Gold (US)              Storm them Again                  Colin Sampson and Frankie        £15.00
Glory Gold (US)              Only You                          Colin Sampson                    £6.00
Glory Gold (US)              Who They Gonna Fight              Dennis Brown                     £8.00
GOG (UK)                     All Rounder/Gone a                Dennis Reid/Buru/John Steel      £25.00
                             MarketMeat Man Connection
Gold Disc (JA)               Vanity / Let Me Be                Sugar Minott / Sluggy            £8.00
Gold Disc (JA)               Let The Reason Be Love /          Singing Melody / Ruddy Irie      £6.00
Gold Disc (UK)               I Wanna Love You Girl             Cocoa Tea                        £6.00
Gold Disc (US)               Release Me                        Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Gold Disc (US)               Mello                             Capleton                         £8.00
Gold Disc (US)               Chant Down Babylon/I'll be        Mikey Spice                      £8.00
Gold Disc (US)               Africa We Are Going Home          Frankie Paul                     £25.00
Gold Disc (US)               Give Me Jah Jah / Oh Lord         Sugar Minott / Pinchers          £8.00
                             Remember Me
Goldfinger (US)              Im Still In Love With You         Linval Thompson                  £6.00
Gong Sounds (US)             Teach Them                        Screwdriver                      £20.00
Good Vibrations Music (UK)   Repression                        Zebra                            £20.00
Gorgon (JA)                  Woman a Grumble / Archangel       Derrick Morgan and I Roy         £20.00
Gorgon (JA)                  The First Commandment / Put       I Roy / Dill and Collie          £20.00
                             It On
Gorgon (JA)                  I Love Jah                        Winston McNuff                   £75.00
Gorgon (JA)                  Disco Showcase                    Cornel Campbell                  £50.00
Gorgon (JA)                  Stay a Little Bit Longer / Have   Linval Thompson / Trinity        £20.00
                             a Little Faith
Gorgon Records (JA)          Roseybell                         Sugar Minott                     £25.00
Grapevine (US)               Lied/Bad Boys                     Carlton Livingston               £6.00
Grapevine (US)               No Surrender/Again Tonight        Gregory Isaacs                   £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Keep On Dancing                   Frankie Paul                     £18.00
Greensleeves (UK)            War/Jah Give As Life              The Wailing Souls                £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Sheperd Be Careful                Cocoa Tea And Dennis Brown       £15.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Money/How Them Fi Stop You        Michael Rose/General Tk          £25.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Ruling Cowboy                     Cocoa Tea                        £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Slow Down Woman/The Lord          Dennis Brown                     £20.00
                             is My Shepherd
Greensleeves (UK)            Diamonds and Pearls/Sister        The Wailing Souls/Papa Tullo     £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            New Clothes                       Viceroys                         £15.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Slow Down Woman / The Lord        Dennis Brown                     £20.00
                             Is My Shepherd
Greensleeves (UK)            Whom Shall I Fear /               Mickey Melody / Little Hero      £15.00
                             Dangerous World
Greensleeves (UK)            Mixed Feelings                    Dennis Brown and Fabiana         £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            True True Loving / Me Go Deh      Clint Eastwood                   £15.00
Greensleeves (UK)            The Hotter Claps Clap Them /      Ranking Joe and The Steppers     £25.00
                             Panic Dub
Greensleeves (UK)            How Could I Leave My Wife         I Jarzif                         £10.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Rude Girl Sandra / Give Us the    Carl Meeks / Admiral Tibet       £15.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Love Wont Come Easy / Keep        The Heptones / Jacob Miller      £50.00
                             on Knocking                       and The Rockers All Stars
Greensleeves (UK)            Dancehall Style / Fight I Down    Al Campbell                      £50.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Police in Helicopter / Youths     John Holt                        £30.00
                             Pon the Corner
Greensleeves (UK)            Sitting in the Park               Doctor Alimantado and The        £8.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Lady Ann Youre Sweet / Ball a     Lady Anne / Sister Nancy         £15.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Retreat Wicked Man /              Garnett Silk / Jessie Jender /   £20.00
                             Oppressors / Low Profile          Mark Wonder
Greensleeves (UK)            Wreck a Pum Pum/Nobody            Yellowman                        £15.00
                             Move Nobody Get Hurt
Greensleeves (UK)            Joker Smoker / Loafter Smoker    Tristan Palma / Papa Bruce    £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Matty Gunga Walk/Disco           Clint Eastwood and General    £15.00
                             Queen                            Saint
Greensleeves (UK)            Shall Up                         The Wailing Souls             £30.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Here Comes the Bride/Bring       Michael Prophet/Mystic Eyes   £30.00
                             the Kouchie Come
Greensleeves (UK)            Trouble Maker                    Johnny Osbourne               £20.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Augustus Pablo Presents El       Augustus Pablo                £50.00
                             Rockers Ch 1 to 4
Greensleeves (UK)            Love and Devotion                Beres Hammond                 £8.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Bounce Back/Sweetie (Come        The Wailing Souls             £25.00
                             Brush Me)
Greensleeves (UK)            Happy Merry                      Michael Palmer                £8.00
                             Christmas/Different Love
Greensleeves (UK)            After the Party                  Cocoa Tea and Judy Mowatt     £6.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Shepherd Be Careful              Cocoa Tea and Dennis Brown    £12.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Pass the Tu Shung Peng/War       Frankie Paul                  £20.00
                             is in the Dance
Greensleeves (UK)            We Still Survive/Youll Never     Reggae George                 £30.00
Greensleeves (UK)            What Do You Say                  Garnet Silk                   £10.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Pressure                         Jimmy Cliff                   £10.00
Greensleeves (UK)            Grow Your Locks/Nazarine         Cocoa Tea/Tony Rebel          £12.00
Greensleeves (UK) GRED 123   Joe Grine Last Night/I want to   Winston Hussey                £12.00
                             go Home
Greensleeves (UK) GRED85     Johnny Make You Bad So           Lone Ranger                   £20.00
Greensleeves (UK) Test       Looking Trouble                  The Mighty Diamonds           £15.00
Greensleeves (US)            Get Out Of My Life               Frankie Paul                  £8.00
Grimm Ben (JA)               Pants and Blouses                Ranking Toyan                 £20.00
Grimm Ben (JA)               Hard Road to Calvary             Cork Screw                    £30.00
Grimm Benn (JA)              Endless Love                     Leon Hyatt and Doreen         £20.00
Groove and a Quarter (UK)    This is Reggae Music             The Administrators            £8.00
Groove and a Quarter (UK)    Its a Love Thing                 Lloyd Brown                   £6.00
Groove&1/4 (UK)              Lonely Girl                      Lloyd Brown                   £5.00
Groove&1/4 (UK)              Sugar Love                       Vivian Jones                  £5.00
Grove (UK)                   They That Hate Us                King Sounds                   £30.00
Grove (UK)                   Praise You Jah Jah/Turn me       Michael Prophet               £75.00
Grove Music (UK)             Kill Them Dead/Look into         King Sounds                   £30.00
Guiding Music (UK)           Style Walking/Steppers DUB       Tyrone Simeon                 £15.00
Gussie P (UK)                Cool Off / Watch Yourself        Junior Delgado / Banana Man   £12.00
Gussie Roots (JA)            Worth your Weight in Gold        Delroy Wilson                 £12.00
Gussie Roots (JA)            Only The Strong Survive /        The Mighty Diamonds           £15.00
                             Aware Of Love
Gussie Roots Sounds (JA)     Pride and Ambition / Aint That   Leroy Smart                   £50.00
                             Loving You
Gyasi (US)                   Let Them Say / Real              Donna V / Verde Green and     £12.00
                             Tribulation                      Donna V
Gyasi (US)                   Must Haffi Get You/Cant Hurry    Donna V/Tasha Lee             £15.00
Gyasi (US)                   Original Ghetto Girl             Papa Biggy                    £20.00
Gyasi (US)                   Bad Minded People                Super Classic                 £8.00
Gyasi (US)                   Must Hafi Get You/Cant Hurry     Dona V/Tasha Lee              £8.00
Hamma (US)                   Take it Easy Crowd a             Sugar Minott/Jah Batta        £25.00
                             People/Yu Think Mi Gone
Harmony House (US)           Groovy Little Thing              Beres Hammond                 £12.00
Harry J (JA)                 Boops Fi Dem / See Boops         Cocoa Tea / Bobby Boom        £30.00
Harry J (US)                 Trouble Town                     Ras Midas and I Roy           £40.00
Hawk Records (UK)            Miss Goose/Dub                   Ram and Tam                   £8.00
Hawkeye (UK)                 Blackie Blackie/Only Jah Know    Cultural Roots                £40.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Go Back Home                    Half Pint                         £12.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Rasta Live                      Mikey Spice                       £6.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Rub a Dub Partner               Yellowman                         £8.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Whip Them Jah / Pretty Looks    Dennis Brown / The Jays           £30.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Ready to Learn/Undying Love     The Emotionals/Rod Taylor         £20.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Ting a Ling                     The Tamlins                       £8.00
Hawkeye (UK)          Key To The World                Ruddy Thomas                      £20.00
Headphone (UK)        Weeping and Wailing             The Mighty Diamonds               £12.00
Heart and Soul (UK)   Crying in the Ghetto/Time       The Terrors                       £50.00
Heart Beat (US)       Girl I Love You                 Philip Frazer and Lee Van Cliff   £10.00
HeartBeat (US)        Running Around                  Sammy Dread                       £20.00
Heartbeat (US)        Drug Kulcha/Slip                Mutabaruka/Sister Breeze          £6.00
Heavy Beat (US)       Chant Fire                      Anthony Cruz and Ras Mega         £8.00
Heavy Beat (US)       Rougher Yet                     Jimmy Riley                       £6.00
Heavy Man (US)        Mellow Mood                     Shelene                           £6.00
Heights (UK)          Unity Rock/Dub                  The Agitators                     £12.00
Hep Hep (UK)          Saturday Nite                   The Blackstones                   £8.00
Herb Tree (UK)        Farmer Man                      Jah Palm                          £20.00
HET (US)              Live Good/Radication            Leroy Smart/Professor Nuts        £12.00
High Note (JA)        Love And Unity                  Ras Miller                        £6.00
High Note (JA)        You Dont Care / Im In The       The Techniques                    £25.00
                      Mood For Love
High Note (JA)        Touch Me Tomato                 Phyllis Dillon                    £20.00
High Note (JA)        Baby I Love/You Make Me         Alton Ellis                       £40.00
High Note (JA)        Ring Ding Dance                 The Revolutionaries               £6.00
High Note (JA)        Trod On                         Culture                           £15.00
High Note (JA)        Dog A Go Nyam Dog / Pyaaka      Culture                           £25.00
High Power (UK)       Apple Of My Eye                 Johnny Clarke                     £25.00
High Power (UK)       Call Me/Nicotine a Don          Richie Davis                      £6.00
High Power (UK)       Original Midnight Cowboy        Rod Taylor                        £8.00
High Power (UK)       I want to be your Lover         Singing Melody                    £5.00
His Majesty (UK)      Sweet Reggae Music              Barrington Levy and Jah           £25.00
Hit (JA)              Tumbling Tears / How Can I      Gregory Isaacs and Ranking        £20.00
                      Change My Mind                  Barnabus
Hit (JA)              All Who Gone/DUBPt2             Little John                       £20.00
Hit (JA)              Young Lover                     Barbara Jones and Trinity         £20.00
Hit (JA)              I Love You/Mad Dog              Linval Thompson                   £6.00
Hit (JA)              Jah Control the Collie/Too      The Maytones and U Brown          £50.00
                      Much Pollution
Hit (JA)              I Man Thirst                    Gregory Isaacs and Trinity        £50.00
Hit (JA)              Once a Year                     Barrington Levy                   £6.00
Hit (JA)              Load Shedding                   Junior Murvin                     £40.00
Hit (JA)              Nanny Rebel                     Larry and Alvin with Trinity      £15.00
Hit (UK)              Double Bubble/Road To Zion      Clint Eastwood                    £20.00
Hit Bound (JA)        How Can I Leave / Every Day     The Heptones                      £20.00
                      Every Night
Hit Bound (JA)        Truly/Ya Ho                     The Jayes                         £8.00
Hit Bound (JA)        My Girl/This Magic Moment       Pat Kelly                         £15.00
Hit Bound (JA)        Give Me The Right / Im The      The Jays                          £40.00
                      One Who Loves You
Hit Bound (JA)        Dont Fret Yourself              Half Pint                         £40.00
Hit Bound (JA)        Jah Give Us Life Dont Feel No   The Wailing Souls and Ranking     £30.00
                      Way/War                         Trevor
Hit Bound (US)        People Are Crying               The Mighty Diamonds               £6.00
Hit Bound (US)        Cant Promise You a Diamond      Hugh Griffiths                    £12.00
                      Ring/Mad Mad
Hit Bound (US)        You Wrong to Send Come Call     Yellow Man                        £8.00
                      Me/Come Scratch Me Back
Hit Bound (US)        Them Nuh Know it Like Me      Sugar Minott and Cedric             £20.00
Hit Bound JA)         Thats Life/Sweat For You Baby The Tamlins                         £15.00
Hit Disco (JA)        Some Kind of Wonderful        Freddie McKay                       £20.00
Hit Run (UK)          Ten Thousand Lions            Prince Hammer                       £95.00
Hit Sound (JA)        You Never Get Away / Baby I   Delroy Wilson and U Brown           £30.00
                      Need You
Ho Ma Ka (JA)                Mi Mother Strict / We Want      Screw Driver / Rupie Culture      £15.00
Home Spun Music (UK)         Secret Affair                   Jacko                             £30.00
Hot Disc (Can)               President Sadat                 I Roy                             £25.00
Hot Disc (Can)               Money Trouble                   Delroy Wilson                     £15.00
Hot Disc (Can)               Under the Silvery Moon/The      Derrick Morgan                    £4.00
                             Zacharias Movement in
Hot Rod (UK)                 Please Dont Make Me             Christine Joy White/Pat           £20.00
                             Cry/Keep On Trying              Rhoden
Hotel (JA)                   Mr Boss Man/Dont Push Me        Linval Thompson/Trevor            £75.00
                             Around                          Ranking
Howlers (US)                 Bun                             Little John&Admiral Bailey        £8.00
Hud (US)                     Jah Help                        BB Seaton                         £30.00
Huelty Records (US)          Bandit                          Iwer George                       £8.00
I Anka (UK)                  Sun Shines for Me/Touch Me      Bob Andy                          £8.00
I Foward (US)                Militance                       Culture Brown And Beres           £15.00
I Mortal (US)                Son/Laser In Dub                I Mortal Band                     £15.00
Illegal Records (UK)         Shes Having My Baby             Don Ricardo                       £8.00
Immortal (US)                Love Dub                        Sister Rose                       £50.00
Impact Records (UK)          Jane                            Michael Prophet                   £6.00
Imperial House (UK)          Love is for Lovers              Vivian Jones                      £6.00
Imperial House (UK)          Nu Chat to Me/Sometimes         Vivian Jones/Sylvia Tella         £8.00
                             Love/Jah Bless Love
Imperial House (UK)          Sometimes Love                  Vivian Jones and Sylvia Tella     £6.00
Imperial Records (Can)       White Christmas                 Ossie Scott/Jackie Edwards        £8.00
Incredible Jux (UK)          Trouble / Pt2                   Junior Delgado                    £75.00
Indeka English (UK)          I will Give you Love            Andrew Pinnock                    £6.00
Indelible Culture (US)       Leaders of the Future           Patrick Alley                     £8.00
Indian (US)                  Vengeance                       Errol Edwards                     £30.00
Injah (JA)                   Irie Dread / These Eyes         Errol Blackwood                   £6.00
Inner City (UK)              Where is Your Love              Black Stallion                    £8.00
Inner Light (UK)             Border Line/JAH Light           Winston Reedy                     £20.00
Inner Light (UK)             Baby Love / Instant Buzz        Winston Reedy / Jackie Mittoo     £25.00
Intel Diplo (JA)             Peace Treaty/Glass House        Peter Tosh                        £12.00
Intelitec (US)               Have Fi Tan Ya So               Johnny Osbourne                   £12.00
Intense (UK)                 Untrue Love/Come Inna Dis       Marcia Griffiths/Nigger Kojak     £12.00
International English (UK)   Never Too Late                  Junior English                    £6.00
Iration (JA)                 Lonely Walk / Napthali          Albert Malawi / Relative and      £250.00
Island (Fr)                  Punky reggae Party/Jamming      Bob Marley&The Wailers            £10.00
Island (UK)                  Waiting in Vain/Special 4 Track Bob Marley                        £20.00
Island (UK)                  Need your                       Aswad                             £20.00
Island (UK)                  Dancing Shoes/Walk the Proud Bunny Wailer                         £20.00
Island (UK)                  Goro City                       Many Dibango                      £10.00
Island (UK)                  Jamming/Punky Reggae Party Bob Marley and the Wailers             £15.00
Island (UK)                  Party Next Door                 Black Uhuru                       £12.00
Island (UK)                  Only a Smile/You Mean the       The Paragons                      £8.00
                             World to Me
Island (UK)                  Police and Thieves / Soldier    Junior Murvin / Jah Lion / Glen   £25.00
                             and Police War / Magic Touch / Dacosta and The Upsetters
                             Grumblin DUB
Island (UK)                  Dial Africa / Africa DUB        Rico                              £40.00
Island (UK)                  Closer Together/Dreadlocks In Junior Murvin/Lee Perry             £30.00
                             the Moonlight
Island (UK) Grove Music      Brand new Child                 King Sounds and The Israelites    £12.00
Island (UK) Taxi             Sweet Sugar Plum/Drunken        The Wailing Souls/General         £20.00
                             Master/Round the World          Echo
Island (UK) Taxi             Sweet Sugar Plum/Drunken        The Wailing Souls/General         £20.00
                             Master                          Echo
Island (UK) Taxi             Devils Pickney/Conquer          Sugar Minott/Sly&Robbie           £12.00
                             Me/Swing Easy
Island (UK) Taxi             Trouble You A Trouble Me /      Ini Kamoze                        £40.00
Island (US)                   The Beds Too Big Without        Shelia Hylton                    £20.00
                              You/Give Me Your Love
Island in the Sun (US)        Mama Dont Fight/Sun is          Prince Alla                      £15.00
Island in the Sun (US)        Dont Stop/Billy Boy             Horace Andy/Love Roy and         £15.00
                                                              Jah Richie
Island Jamaica (UK)          Your World And Mine/Its Me       Luciano                          £12.00
                             Again Jah
Ital (UK)                    I Lost My Girl                   Fenton Smith                     £8.00
Ital International (UK)      Roll River Jordan                Cocoa Tea                        £8.00
ITS (UK)                     Women in Love                    Sweet N Bitter                   £10.00
Ivanhoe (JA)                 Unknow                           Unknow                           £10.00
J and J (US)                 Stand Firm / So Jah Say          Barry Brown                      £40.00
J&F (US)                     Tribal War                       Gregory Isaacs                   £15.00
J&J (US)                     Muriel/So Much Love              Hugh Griffiths                   £10.00
J&J (US)                     Do That To Me One More Time      Delroy Wilson                    £6.00
J&L (JA)                     Jah the Creator/Love Can         Leroy Smart                      £30.00
J&L Records (US)             Problem Get You Down/Wish It     Barry Brown                      £15.00
                             Could Last
J&M (JA)                     Circle Jamaica / My Friends      Early B / Malibu                 £50.00
J&P (US)                     Changes / Dont Get Weary         Ansel Cridland / Michael Black   £6.00
J&W (US)                     As If I Dont Know                Cynthia Schloss                  £6.00
J&W (US)                     Make This Love Be True           Leroy Smart                      £15.00
J&W (US)                     Ease Up                          Wayne Wade                       £6.00
J&W Records (US)             Stop Fighting So Early in the    Dennis Brown                     £8.00
J&W Records (US)             She Loves Me Now                 Beres Hammond                    £8.00
JA Test Press Blank. DSR5138 Street Fighting                  Third World                      £20.00
Jabba Roots (JA)             People In The Ghetto Suffering   Ashanti Waugh and Captain        £95.00
                             / You Dont Know                  Sinbad / Tristan Palma
Jackal (UK)                  If You Wanna Be Happy            Danny Ray                        £10.00
Jah Child (UK)               World of Sorrow                  Sugar Minott and Stepping        £25.00
Jah Child (UK)                Africa                          Trevor Hartley                   £75.00
Jah Guidance (JA)             Black Man Tribulation / Love    Michael Prophet / Tony Tuff      £95.00
                              No to Boast
Jah Guidance (JA)             Give A Little Love / Backra     Johnny Osbourne                  £75.00
Jah Guidance (JA)             Here Comes the Bride            Michael Prophet                  £6.00
Jah Guidance (JA)             I Am Ready/Trod Along           Tristan Palma/Lone Ranger        £25.00
Jah Guidance (JA)             Shine Eye Gal                   Barrington Levy                  £25.00
Jah Guidance (US)             Sit Down and Reason/Jam It      The Meditations/Lee Van Cleef    £20.00
Jah Guidance (US)             You Are My Lady/Come We         Cornel Campbell/Tony Tuff        £25.00
                              Come Fe Mash It
Jah Guidance (US)             Boom The Pope Now/Trouble       Michael Prophet                  £40.00
Jah Guidance (US)             What Type Of World/All Of My    Michigan and Smiley/Leroy        £50.00
                              Love                            Smart
Jah Guidance (US)             How Could I Let You Get Away    Sugar Minott                     £8.00
Jah Guidance (US)             Baby Come Back/Rub a Dub        The Wailing Souls                £25.00
                              Style Now
Jah Guidance (US)             You Just Talking/I Certify      Michael Prophet                  £50.00
Jah Guidance (US)             Nobody Move Nobody Get          Yellowman/Barry Brown            £20.00
                              Hurt/I Cant Hide
Jah Guidance (US)             Stray Away Girl/Hammer          Barrington Levy                  £75.00
Jah Guidance (US)             New Love                        Sugar Minott                     £20.00
Jah Guidance (US)             Diseases                        Michigan and Smiley              £15.00
Jah Guidance (US)             All Who Gone/Chalice to         Little John/Lee Van Cleef        £12.00
Jah Guidance (US)             Loving You Girl is Always on    Junior Delgado / Lee Van Cleef £30.00
                              My Mind / Bam Salute
Jah Jah (US)                  Oh Na Na/What Is Love           Leroy Gibbon/Icho Candy          £12.00
Jah Life (JA)                 Cant leave Jah alone            Scion Sashay Success             £15.00
Jah Life (JA)                 Woman Who I Love                Michael Prophet                  £20.00
Jah Life (US)                 Under Mi Fat Thing/Reggae       Mikey Melody/Jah Malla           £12.00
Jah Life (US)           You Got It All Over Her           Sluggy                           £8.00
Jah Life (US)           Make It Up To You / Nuff A We     Scion Sashay Success             £8.00
                        A Rude Boy
Jah Life (US)           Dance Hall Queen                  Scion Sashay Success             £10.00
Jah Life (US)           Legal We Legal/Watch The Girl     Scion Success                    £10.00
                        Girl Them Want
Jah Life (US)           I Wont Cry                        KC White                         £10.00
Jah Life (US)           Super Star Mix / One For The      Carlton Livingston Leroy Smart   £8.00
                        Money                             Sammy Dread / Leroy Smart
Jah Life (US)           Get It Straight Africans / Ram    Sister Carol                     £15.00
                        The Party
Jah Life (US)           Screw Face/Them Vex               Judy Mowatt/Sister Carol         £8.00
Jah Life (US)           Jah Love / Love is the Answer /   Al Campbell and Hugh Brown       £75.00
                        Jah Love DUB
Jah Life (US)           Ive Got To Tune In            Leroy Smart                          £6.00
Jah Life (US)           Nuff a We a Rudeboy           Scion Sashay Success                 £15.00
Jah Life (US)           We All Got To Be There/Lost   Pat Kelly/Locksley                   £40.00
                        Love/9 Year Old               Castell/Junior Pumpkin
Jah Life (US)           I Want To Go Home             Linval Thompson and Peter            £40.00
Jah Life (US)           Time is the Master/Master DUB Leroy Smart and Ranking              £15.00
Jah Life (US)           My Children                   Sister Carol                         £6.00
Jah Life Time (JA)      Give Me Your Love/Touch The Satta Blue and Junior                  £15.00
                        Dread                         Biggs/Pablo and Fox
Jah Light (JA)          Grown Man                     Jah Light                            £10.00
Jah Lion (UK)           Whip Down the Wicked          Prince Heron and Jah Brokie          £50.00
                        Man/Kingston Rock
Jah Lion (UK)           Sweet Feeling/Riding High     The Blackstones                      £25.00
Jah Records (UK)        Militancy                     Papa Levi                            £20.00
Jah Shaka (UK)          African Man                   Earl Cunningham                      £20.00
Jah Shaka (UK)          Warriors                      Junior Brown                         £20.00
Jah Shaka (UK)          Babylon / Got To Be Strong    Johnny Clarke                        £20.00
Jah Tubbys (UK)         Love Is A Thing               Dixie Peach And The Offbeat          £6.00
JahMan (JA)             Secret Weapon                 Anthony Haughton                     £10.00
Jahmani (UK)            Mellow Music/Its Easier       Clive Brown/Bobby Melody             £12.00
Jahmani (UK)            Let Him Go / Morning Train    Black Uhuru / Alric Forbes           £75.00
Jahmars (US)            Here And Now / Real Reggae    Frankie Paul / Shorter Ranking       £10.00
                        Music                         and General Jah Mikey
Jahs Records (US)       Money                         Ras Enoch                            £6.00
Jam Cam (Can)           Long Long Time/Girl Next Door Tristan Palma/Echo Minott            £20.00
Jam Can (Can)           She Is My Woman/The Girl Is   Noel Ellis                           £4.00
Jam Can (Can)           Buy out the Bar               Sugar Minott                         £6.00
Jam Can (Can)           Accept My Love/Horse a        Chester Miller/Brigadier Jerry       £8.00
Jam Can (US)            Dancing Partner               Noel Ellis                           £8.00
Jamaazima (JA)          Freedom For South Africa      Mumba Lewis                          £4.00
Jamaazima (JA)          What A Ting                   Bassy                                £8.00
Jamaica Sound (UK)      Dread Call Fred / Lambs Bread Dillinger / Dillinger and Sugar      £30.00
                        (Let Go the Dread)            Minott
Jamaica Sound (UK)      If Youre Rich (Help the Poor) Dennis Brown                         £25.00
Jamaica Sound (UK)      My Only Girl                  Little John                          £8.00
Jamaica Vices (UK)      True True Love                Anthony Johnson                      £6.00
Jamfrika Records (US)   Love Natty Dread              Winston Clarke                       £25.00
Jammys (JA)             Possie Run Come               Frankie Paul                         £8.00
Jammys (JA)             Kill them With It             Admiral Bailey                       £10.00
Jammys (JA)             Up Park Camp / Middle Foot    John Holt / Pad Anthony              £12.00
Jammys (JA)             Peddal Pusher / New Gun       Bunny General / Tennor Senior        £10.00
Jammys (JA)             Wake Up / Informer            Sugar Minott / Gregory Peck          £8.00
Jammys (JA)             This Magic Moment             Leroy Gibbons                        £10.00
Jammys (JA)             Crying Time                   Cocoa Tea                            £15.00
Jammys (JA)             Pumpkin Belly / Original Fat  Tenor Saw / Echo Minott              £15.00
Jammys (JA)             Tiger in the Dance            Tiger                                £20.00
Jammys (JA)             Budy Bye/Eagles Feather       Johnny Osbourne/Nicodemus            £20.00
Jammys (JA)             Come Again/Politician         Cocoa Tea/Admiral Bailey             £10.00
Jammys (JA)                 Feel the Pressure              Courtney Melody                   £15.00
Jammys (JA)                 On The Right Track             Johnny Osbourne                   £10.00
Jammys (JA)                 Bible Fi Dem / Punany          Ruddy Irie                        £8.00
Jammys (JA)                 Look How You Maaga / Rude      Major Mackrell / Aurdie Culture   £6.00
                            Boy Company
Jammys (JA)                 Every Thursday Night           Gregory Isaacs                    £8.00
Jammys (UK)                 I Would Never Be Untrue to     Anthony Malvo                     £15.00
                            You / Midnight Cowboy
Jammys (UK)                 Hold Your Corner/Jammys        Al Campbell/Tonto Irie            £15.00
Jammys (UK)                 Talk About Gun                 Flourgan and Fuzzy Jones          £8.00
Jammys (UK)                 You Who Can Make the Dance     Super Black/General Trees         £20.00
                            Ram/Give Me Love
Jammys (UK)                 Fill Us Up with Your           Garnet Silk/Junior Tucker         £10.00
                            Mercy/Queen Majesty
Jammys (UK)                 Ah Nuh Nothing                 Linval Thompson                   £10.00
Jammys (UK)                 Here I Am                      Sanchez                           £6.00
Jammys (UK)                 Red Eye/Tell Lie for Fun       Admiral Bailey/Queen Paula        £8.00
Jammys (UK)                 Kill no Man/Berlin Wall        Cocoa Tea                         £20.00
Jammys (UK)                 The Game Never Colt            Max Romeo                         £15.00
Jammys (UK)                 Heavy Like Lead/Stone Fi       Capleton/Derrick Irie             £8.00
Jammys (UK)                 Ghetto Celebrity               Gregory Isaacs                    £8.00
Jammys (US)                 No Tek no Liberty/5 Guns       Risto Benji                       £8.00
Jammys (US)                 Boom Back Dat/Aint Too Proud   Frankie Paul/Lloyd Parks          £6.00
                            To Beg
Jammys (US)                 Buckle Up/Negative Cant        Lecturer/Chicken Chest            £15.00
Jammys (US)                 You Keep on Telling Me         Admiral Tibet                     £10.00
Jammys (US)                 Too Much Jealousy              Admiral Tibet                     £6.00
Jammys (US)                 Drugs Man Type of Living       Dominic                           £12.00
Jammys (US)                 Come Follow Me                 Junior Delgado                    £20.00
Jammys (US)                 Righteousness / Sharing The    Dennis Brown                      £12.00
Jammys (US)                 Jah Love                        Yami Bolo                        £15.00
Jammys (US)                 Boom Bastic                     Tiger                            £15.00
Jammys (US)                 Divine Bed/You a The Owner      Black Mice/Gringo Ranks          £6.00
Jammys (US)                 Im the Water/Private Call       Admiral Bailey/Jennifer Lara     £6.00
                                                            and Captain Barkey
Jammys (US)                 Love in the Morning             Cocoa Tea                        £15.00
Java (UK)                   Set It                          Leroy Smart                      £8.00
Java (UK)                   Hot Like We                     King Everal with Boss and Joe    £15.00
Jaws (UK)                   Them a Wine/Gimme No Break Penny Irie/Youthman and               £6.00
Jay Dee (UK)                Virtuous Woman                  Tad Hunter                       £20.00
Jays (JA)                   Look at Me Im in Love / Free    The Jays                         £40.00
JB (UK)                     Late Night Blues / Shower Me    Al Campbell                      £25.00
                            with Blessing
JB (UK)                     Jealous Lover                   Barry Brown and Jah Thomas       £12.00
JB (UK)                     Like You Girl/Hit me with Music Al Campbell and Clint            £20.00
JB (UK)                     Aint Gonna Fight / Lately I     Carlton Livingston               £15.00
                            Found Out
JB (UK)                     I Love and I Lost               Pat Kelly and Trinity            £15.00
JB (UK)                     Cinderella/Big Girl Now         Johnny Osboune and Lee Van       £25.00
                                                            Cleef/The Tamlins
JB (UK)                     Zion a Love                     Philip Parkinson and Illy P      £25.00
JB (UK)                     If You Knew                     Hortense Ellis                   £15.00
JB (UK)                     Miss Brown                      Duce                             £12.00
Jedi (US)                   Me Nah Left Me Yardie           Mikey Jarrett                    £12.00
Jedi (US)                   Romeo And Juliet / Butter       Half Pint / General Three        £12.00
Jet Star (UK) Colin Fat     How Could I/Gangsters Dont      Ghost/Cobra                      £6.00
Jet Star (UK) Xterminator   Babylon Cake/End of Time        Mikey General                    £10.00
JetStar (UK) Joe Frasier       Love will go On                 Pam Hall                        £5.00
Jhuggenaut (US)                Tribal War                      Gregory Isaacs                  £15.00
Jhuggenaut US)                 Walk and Wine                   Apache Scratchy                 £6.00
JL Records (US)                Bald Headed Rasta               James Lloyd                     £25.00
Joe Frasier (JA)               Walking Through The Park        Pat Kelly                       £4.00
Joe Frasier (JA)               Got To Come Back                Tyrone Taylor                   £8.00
Joe Frasier (UK)               Cant you Understand             Larry Marshall                  £8.00
Joe Frasier (US)               Hypocrites                      Freddie McGregor                £6.00
Joe Frasier (US)               I shall be Released             Leroy Sibbles                   £6.00
Joe Frasier (US)               I Admire You/Have Mercy         Larry Marshall/The Mighty       £8.00
Joe Frasier (US)               Kindness for Weakness           Glen Washington                 £6.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Cock Fight                      Max Romeo                       £4.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Hello Carol                     Enos McLeod                     £8.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Money in my Pocket              Dennis Brown and Prince         £15.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Someone Love You Honey          JC Lodge                        £12.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Party Time                      The Mighty Diamonds             £12.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Officially / One x One          Lloyd Parks and Ray I           £25.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Quick Divorce/Mek You Lie       Barrington Levy and Lui Lepke   £12.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Say What You Say/Honey          Dennis Brown/U Brown            £10.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Rope In/Love in a Jamdown       Cornel Campbell and Lui         £15.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Disco Train                     Culture and Nicodemus           £15.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Keep on Knocking/This Old       Jacob Miller and U Brown        £20.00
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Just Like a River               The Mighty Diamonds and         £25.00
                                                               Ranking Joe
Joe Gibbs (JA)                 Riding For a Fall               George Nooks/Welton Irie        £20.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Someone Loves You               JC Lodge/Prince Mohammed        £15.00
                               Honey/One Time Daughter
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Mine Yuh Mouth                  Barrington Levy                 £12.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Take Heed                       Johnny Clarke                   £15.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Zion Gate/40 Leg Dread          Culture and Prince Mohammed     £12.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Natty Dread Taking Over         Culture and I Roy               £25.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Open The Door to Your Heart     Junior Delgado                  £20.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Peace and Love                  Cultural Youth                  £50.00
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Boxing Around / Look How She    Cornel Campbell and Lee Van     £20.00
                               Fat                             Cleef
Joe Gibbs (US)                 Let the Power Fall/Give I       Carl Brown&Prince               £20.00
                               Power                           Mohammed
Joe Gs (UK)                    Aint Got no Love                Peter Hunnigale                 £6.00
Joe Gs (UK)                    Good Loving/We are HIS          Tad Hunter                      £6.00
Joe Gs (UK)                    Silhouette                      Private Collection              £6.00
John Dread (UK)                Telephone Line                  Junior Brammer AKA Trinity      £15.00
John Dread (UK)                Riot                            Al Campbell                     £8.00
John John (UK)                 Spend a Grand/Look Good         Daddy Screw/Black Mice          £6.00
                               from Far
John John (US)                 Hands of Babylon                Sanchez                         £6.00
JR (US)                        How I Wish It Was You           Pat Kelly                       £4.00
JR Productions (JA)            What A Bam Bam Pon Jah          Junior Reid                     £12.00
JR Productions (UK)            Stop the Fuss and Fight         Junior Reid and Bounty Killer   £6.00
Judah (UK)                     Love in Time                    Errol Dunkley                   £40.00
Juggling (UK)                  I'll be There                   Mikey Spice                     £6.00
Juney Star (JA)                Perdemident                     Papa San                        £20.00
Jusic Inc (US)                 Gunman Around Town              Frankie Paul                    £25.00
Jusic International Inc (US)   Uptown Girl                     Tristan Palma                   £15.00
Justice (UK)                   What is Catty                   Little John                     £8.00
Justice (UK)                   Follow Jah                      George Faith                    £15.00
Justice (UK)                   Girl in my Dreams               Jessie Jendau/Cocoa Tea         £6.00
Justice (UK)                   Get to Love in Time/Dont Look   Don Angelo                      £6.00
Justice (UK)                   Take it Easy/The Train is       Delroy Wilson                   £10.00
Justice (US)                   Meaning Of Life/Come            Leroy Smart                     £20.00
Justice (US)               Tune In                         Gregory Isaacs                    £8.00
Justice (US)               Leave People Business           Admiral Tibet                     £12.00
Justice (US)               Time of Trouble                 Papa Biggy                        £12.00
Justice (US)               1 -2 / Mad Over Jah             Princess Goldie / Bigga Haitian   £15.00
Justice (US)               Mini Bus Driver                 Papa Biggie                       £6.00
Justice (US)               Set It                          Leroy Smart                       £12.00
Justice (US)               Talking In My Sleep / Run For   Ernest Wilson / Little John       £10.00
Justice (US)               Old Bruck                      Red Rose and Daddy Lizard          £15.00
Justice (US)               Boops / Cry for the Youth      Super Cat                          £15.00
K&K Records (UK)           I Love You Always              Maria Taylor and The Albians       £20.00
Karn Na (UK                Dammit (Passionate Affair)     Paul Dawkins                       £12.00
Kaya (UK)                  The Don/Stronger Me Stronger   Leroy Smart                        £8.00
Kaya (US)                  Those Walls                    Dooley Culture                     £12.00
Kaya (US)                  Billie Jean                    Wayne Jarrett                      £12.00
Kaya (US)                  Oh Jah/Jah is my Light         The Living Truth                   £30.00
Kensal Rise (UK)           Cry Tough/Lets Dance           Deigo                              £25.00
Kesta (JA)                 Swear                          Little Meeky                       £10.00
Key Music (US)             Mind how you Walk              The Roys                           £20.00
Keyman (UK)                Judgement Day                  Doctor Alimantado                  £25.00
KG Imperial (UK)           Have a Little Love             Al Campbell and Ranking            £20.00
KG Imperial (UK)           New Cross Fire / Brixton       Raymond Napthali and Roy           £75.00
                           Incident                       Rankin
KIM (UK)                   Jah Rockers Train              Milton Hamilton                    £20.00
KIM (UK)                   Mystery Woman                  Neville Mitchell&Ranking Black     £12.00
King and the I (UK)        Book of Rules                  King Sounds and The Israelites     £10.00
King City (UK)             Waiting                        Simplicity                         £20.00
King Culture (JA)          Wise Son                       The Mighty Diamonds                £12.00
King Culture (JA)          Hail Up / Every Little Thing   Trevor Sinclair                    £40.00
King Jam (UK)              Africans Must Be Free          Neville Mitchell                   £25.00
King Jam (UK)              Love Like This/In the Meantime Errol Dunkley/Jackie Mittoo        £20.00
King Pin (JA)              Put On Your Dancing Shoes      Johnny Osbourne                    £8.00
Kingdom (UK)               Forward to Africa/Africa Dub   Culture                            £30.00
Kingdom (UK)               Show the Youth the Way         Junior Brown&The Sound             £20.00
                                                          Power Band
Kingjam (UK)               Ethiopians                     Owen Gray                          £8.00
Kings Crown (JA)           Remember Hon Robert Nesta      Freddie Chambers                   £20.00
Kings International (US)   Babylon Come                   Admiral Tibbet                     £25.00
Klap (US)                  Talk Of The Town               Leroy Smart                        £4.00
Klassique (US)             Freedom Is a Mus               Klassique                          £6.00
KoJack (US)                Who You Gonna Love             Barry B                            £25.00
Kojack (US)                Just Call Me                   Anthony Johnson                    £40.00
Kongo (UK)                 Jah is Coming/Hail the         Burning Bush                       £75.00
Kool Ken (US)              Hearts Arent Made to Break     Richie Mack                        £12.00
                           (Theyre Made to Love)
Kristal Beach (UK)         Thinking of You                Sister Rasheeda                    £8.00
La Rue (UK)                Earth Needs Love/Earthly Dub Alton Ellis                          £30.00
Lambada (US)               Bring In The Guns              Flourgon                           £6.00
LC Records (UK)            Working For Your Love / Catch L Jays and Movement / Rankin        £30.00
                           A Bus                          Ivan
Lees Records (JA)          Looking For Someone/Over       Johnny Clarke                      £25.00
                           and Over
Legal Light (UK)           True Love / Good Looking       Conrad Crystal / Triston Palma     £25.00
Legal Light (UK)           Seven Times Rise and Fall      Sugar Minott                       £15.00
Legal Light (UK)           Ram Dance Master               Little John                        £15.00
Level Music (UK)           I just Want to Love You        Leroy Simmonds                     £6.00
Level Vibes (JA)           Should I (Put My Trust In You) Caution and Maxi Priest            £6.00
Level Vibes (UK)           Smile                          Barry Boom                         £8.00
Libra (US)                 Iron Curtain / Artical         Badoo and Sluggy Ranks /           £20.00
                                                          Johnny Ringo
Libra Records (US)         Chant Jah Words/Winter         Neville Valentine/Danny Dread      £50.00
Lightning (UK)             Equal Rights/Pt2               Dennis Brown and Big Youth         £15.00
Lightning (US)        Bobo Dread                      Josey Wales                      £15.00
Lion of Judah (UK)    One Drop/Judgement in a         Lee Perry                        £50.00
Lionvibes (JA)        War is not the Answer/Crucify   Robert Lee/Anthony Red Rose      £12.00
                      a Sound/No Do What Dem Do
Little Luke (UK)      If Jah Should Come Now /        Rod Taylor and Style Scott /     £95.00
                      Africa Just Free / Maccabee     Prince Hammer
Live and Learn (UK)   Marcus We Miss You              The Mighty Diamonds              £12.00
Live and Learn (UK)   If you're looking for Trouble   The Mighty Diamonds              £8.00
Live and Learn (US)   Cease Fire                      Michael Prophet                  £15.00
Live and Learn (US)   Struggling/Reggae Lution        The Mighty Diamonds              £25.00
Live and Learn (US)   Life Is So Funny                Patrick Andy                     £12.00
Live and Learn (US)   Loving You / Sweet Talking      Linval Thompson /                £15.00
                                                      Shadowman and Toyan
Live and Learn (US)   Forward Natty                   Al Campbell                      £15.00
Live And Love (UK)    Naw Left Ya                     Jose Wales                       £10.00
Live And Love (UK)    Agony                           Pinchers                         £25.00
Live And Love (UK)    Greatest Lover / Lovers Rock    Johnny Osbourne / Hugo           £12.00
                      Is Back                         Barrington
Live and Love (UK)    Follow Me to the Session /      Leslie Thunder / Junior Tamlin   £20.00
                      Behind the Wall
Live and Love (UK)    Take a Look                     Gregory Isaacs                   £25.00
Live and Love (UK)    No Wey No Better Than Yard      Admiral Bailey                   £25.00
Live And Love (UK)    Girls Greatest Lover / One      Anthony Malvo and Daddy          £10.00
                      More Try                        Lizzard / Jimmy Riley
Live and Love (UK)    Call Me/Nuff Niceness           School Boys/The Jays             £10.00
Live and Love (UK)    Punanny/Healthy Body            Admiral Bailey                   £8.00
Live and Love (UK)    Casanova                        Frankie Paul                     £6.00
Live and Love (UK)    Glad Me Release                 Ninjaman                         £8.00
Live and Love (UK)    Reggae Christmas                Colin Roach and Anthony          £8.00
Live and Love (UK)    Crystal Blue Persuasion         The Jays                         £8.00
Live and Love (UK)    Think Again/Just Come Back      Little John/Ninja Man            £6.00
Live and Love (UK)    Aint too Proud to Beg/Reality   Al Campbell/Ninjaman             £10.00
Live and Love (UK)    Bad Bad Chaka                   Chaka Demus                      £6.00
Live and Love (UK)    Come on Girl/Done Now           Frankie Paul/Major Worries       £10.00
Live and Love (UK)    Cover Your Mouth                Frankie Paul                     £8.00
Live and Love (US)    Just Cant Get Enough/Discuss    Home T 4/Little John             £10.00
                      Them Man
Live and Love (US)    Wait on Love                    Leroy Smart/Cutty Ranks          £6.00
Live and Love (US)    Unfair Game                     Cornel Campbell                  £15.00
Live and Love (US)    Nuttin Nah Gwaan                Johnny Osbourne                  £8.00
Live And Love (US)    Jamaican Girls A Don            Bunny General                    £10.00
Live and Love (US)    One the Hard Way/Lovers         Chuck Turner/Hugo Barrington     £20.00
                      Rock is Back
Live and Love (US)    Are You Sure/Nothing Like No    Wickerman/Little John            £8.00
Live And Love (US)    Crucial Lover/Cream Of The      Leroy Smart                      £12.00
Live and Love (US)    Come Again                      Cocoa Tea                        £6.00
Live And Love (US)    Over Cover Lover / Come Dub     King Kong / I Roy                £15.00
                      Me Now
Live and Love (US)    Part Time Lover / Wheel O       Derrick Irie                     £20.00
                      Wheel O
Live and Love (US)    Cool Now King Jammys            Frankie Paul                     £20.00
Live and Love (US)    Run Around Girl                 Chuck Turner                     £30.00
Live and Love (US)    Eat Out The Boops / If A No     Wayne Smith / Sister Maureen     £15.00
                      Boops A Toots
Live and Love (US)    The Juggling Steep / Tonight    Johnny Osbourne / Althea &       £20.00
                      Youre Mine                      Donna
Live And Love (US)    Crazy For Me / Police In        Leroy Smart / Peter Metro        £15.00
Live And Love (US)    Dont Put The Blame On Me /      Delroy Wilson                    £25.00
                      Stop Acting Strange
Live And Love (US)    Boom Youth / Crystal Blue       Admiral Bailey / The Joys        £15.00
Live And Love (US)    No Way No Better Than Yard      Admiral Bailey                   £15.00
Live And Love (US)         Water Come Ah Mi Eye             Josey Wales                      £6.00
Live And Love (US)         Out Of My Mind                   Home T 4                         £12.00
Live And Love (US)         Casanova                         Frankie Paul                     £15.00
Live And Love (US)         I Need You                       Chuck Turner                     £20.00
Live And Love (US)         Break You Down / Cant Hurry      Home T and Cocoa T / Shirley     £15.00
                           Love                             McLean
Live And Love (US)         You Lick Me First/Insect         Sugar Minott/Lt Stitchie         £15.00
Live and Love (US)         Bounce                           Flourgon                         £12.00
Live and Love (US)         Come Home                        Cocoa Tea                        £8.00
Live and Love (US)         The More We are Together         Courtney Melody                  £20.00
Live And Love (US)         Rock Dis Yah One                 Johnny Clarke                    £12.00
Live Wire (UK)             First Lover / Give Me Your       Anthony Johnson / Little John    £15.00
Living Room (US)           Holding Back the Years           Shela                            £6.00
LKJ Records (UK)           Solitude / Introducing Abu       The Session Men / Abu Baka /     £40.00
                           Baka / Mi Cyaan Believe It /     Michael Smith
Local Records UK)          Eternally Grateful               Janet Kay                        £15.00
Londisc (UK)               Girl Watcher                     Tony Tuff                        £8.00
Londisc (UK)               Its not what You Say/Come in     Richie McDonald/Triston          £20.00
                           a de Dance                       Palma
Londisc (UK)               Lonley Man / Too Late            Gregory Isaacs                   £25.00
London Gemi (UK)           Oh Scented Rose                  Richie McDonald                  £8.00
Look to Africa (UK)        Country Man / Give the Youth     Hopeton Junior / Bumper          £20.00
                           a Chance                         Roots
Lord Koos (UK)             Chain Gang / Know Your Roots     Cornel Campbell                  £20.00
Lost Moment Records (UK)   Gimme Good Lovin/Children of     Ranking Jacko                    £8.00
                           Israel (Beware)
Love (JA)                  Conversation                     Gregory Isaacs                   £15.00
Love (JA)                  Dub It on Deh / Created by the   I Roy                            £75.00
Love and Inity (UK)        Life Could Be a Dream            Ashanties                        £20.00
Love Child (US)            What Can I Do/Lovers Style       Grace and Janet/Militant Barry   £25.00
Love Linch (UK)            Dreadlocks Reggae / Mr           Sammy Dread / Donavan            £25.00
                           Walker                           Smith
Love Lite (UK)             Africa                           Sammy Dread&Jah Red              £25.00
Love Lorn (US)             Jah Love His People              Sugar Minott                     £12.00
Love Music (UK)            Dread Locks (Stand               Still Cool                       £40.00
                           Up)/Insane Love
Love People (US)           Long Cold Winter                 Carlton Livingston               £8.00
Love People Records (JA)   Lean On Me                       Delroy Wilson                    £6.00
Lovelinch Music (UK)       The Woman I Love / Babylon A     Michael Prophet / Errol Mais     £75.00
                           Fight Down Youth
Lovers Rock (UK)           We Shall Overcome/Rivers of      Winston Groovy                   £6.00
Low Notes (US)             Rulers of Babylon                Leroy Brown and The Turbans      £75.00
Lucky 13 Records (UK)      Love is Here to Stay             SUS Band                         £10.00
M&M (US)                   One Beer Bad Boy/Love Mi         Al Campbell/Reggae Reggae        £20.00
                           Entertainer                      Muffin
M-Pire Records (US)        Dog Art                          Sluggy Ranks                     £15.00
Mac Dada (JA)              Necessity                        Garnett Silk                     £10.00
Maccabees (JA)             Mr Bojangles                     Dennis Brown                     £12.00
Maccabees (UK)             You and I/Frequency/DUB          Lennox Cameron                   £8.00
Mad House (UK)             Stampede                         Capleton                         £6.00
Mad House (UK)             Seek God                         Gary Minott                      £5.00
Mad House (UK)             Wifey                            Dugsy Ranks                      £6.00
Mad House (UK)             No Gal                           Louie Culture                    £8.00
Mad House (US)             Excellence                       Louie Culture                    £6.00
Madhouse (UK)              Gal Yu Body Good                 Daddy Screw                      £6.00
Madhouse (UK)              Broke Wine Butterfly             Terror Fabulous and Daddy        £6.00
Mafia and Fluxy (UK)       Dont Go                          Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Mafia and Fluxy (UK)       Lady on the Frontline            Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Mafia&Fluxy (UK)           Groove Me                        Frankie Paul                     £6.00
Mafia&Fluxy (UK)           Full Control                     Sugar Minott                     £6.00
Mafia&Fluxy (UK)           Time will Tell                   Sylvia Tella                     £5.00
Magnum (UK)                Duppyman Skank                   James Bond                       £15.00
Magnum (UK)                  If You Want My Love             Winston Gordon                  £15.00
Main St (JA)                 Gal wid Your Husband            Papa San and Buccaneer          £6.00
Makalprin (US)               One Day Conscious               Ron Lacks                       £6.00
Makdon (US)                  This Love Inside/Ready For      Carl McDonald                   £20.00
Makka (US)                   Zion Arise                      Wareika                         £95.00
Malaco (UK)                  Late at Nights                  Pam Hall                        £6.00
Mandela (UK)                 Eternal Light                   Joy Mack                        £10.00
Mandingo Hot Steppers (UK)   Leave Bad Company/Oh Love       Nathan Skyers                   £30.00
Mandingo Hot Steppers (UK)   I Am Your Girl / City Bus       Marcia Aitken / Ranking Joe     £25.00
Mango (UK)                   Call the Police//Maxi Taxi      Ini Kamoze                      £10.00
Mango (UK)                   Distant Lover/Dubology          Cultural Roots/A Class Crew     £12.00
Mango (UK)                   Long Lost Lover/Twighlight      Ruddy Thomas/Nambo and          £8.00
                             Zone/Peter Gunn                 The Taxi Gang
Mango (US)                   Cocaine in my                   Dillinger                       £20.00
Mango (US)                   Congo Man/Congo Man Chant       The Congoes                     £100.00
Mango (US)                   Too Experienced                 Barrington Levy                 £20.00
Mango (US)                   Bye Bye Stembi                  Bhundu Boys                     £1.00
Mango (US)                   Rude Boy                        Identity                        £8.00
Mango (US)                   Love And Happiness              Toots                           £2.00
Mango (US)                   Electric Boogie                 Marcia Griffiths                £6.00
Mango (US)                   Beverley Hills                  Foundation                      £8.00
Mango (US)                   Working Girl                    Shelly Thunder                  £4.00
Manzie (JA)                  Hold On                         Gregory Isaacs                  £10.00
Marks Man Productions (US)   Heavy Weight/Spoil Up The       Jonathan Wolf/Marks Man         £25.00
Marlon Ranks (UK)            Shoulder Move/She Have Fe       Peter Metro/Triston Palma/Jah   £15.00
                             Get It                          Thomas/Toyan
Massive B (JA)               Ride Ina Town                   Nicodemus                       £12.00
Massive B (US)               Hot                             Major Mackeral                  £6.00
Master Blaster (UK)          Blood and Fire                  Cornel Campbell                 £40.00
Mastermind (US)              Not Gonna                       Lavonya/Bashie/Prento           £6.00
                             cry/Anything/Think&Check/Sla    Kid/Waynie Ranks
Max Music (US)               So Much Pain/Cheating on Me     Ambelique                       £15.00
MCM (JA)                     Selassie I / Jah Guide / Slip   Trevor Hartley and U Brown      £150.00
                             Away / Away to Jah
MCM Records (US)             Disrespectful Woman             Gregory Isaacs                  £25.00
MCS (UK)                     Time to Make a Change           Lesley Lyrics                   £6.00
Mega Revolutionary (UK)      Wolf and Sheep/Heroes           Beavi and Hippy Dread           £8.00
Mello Sounds (JA)            Mr Bojangles                    Dennis Brown                    £15.00
Mellow Motion (UK)           Are You Leaving                 CS Lewis                        £10.00
Melody (UK)                  Sharing The Night/Full of       Keith and Sonia/Mr Palmer       £15.00
Melody (UK)                  Feelings of Love                Steve Roots                     £8.00
MI Music (UK)                Poor Me Natty Dread             Country Man                     £20.00
Michigan (US)                Reality Must Rule/Spin Things   Michigan                        £12.00
Micron (Can)                 You Got to Beware             Leroy Sibbles                     £15.00
Micron (Can)                 Saturday Evening/Another One  Chester Miller/Stamma Ranks       £12.00
Micron (Can)                 Commandment 1/Put it On       I Roy/Dill and Collie             £25.00
Micron (Can)                 Baby I Need Your Loving       Leroy Sibbles                     £8.00
Micron (Can)                 Throw Me Corn / Version of    KC White and Dennis               £8.00
                             Love                          Alcapone
Micron (Can)                 Rock and Come On              Leroy Sibbles                     £8.00
Micron (Can)                 Modeling Queen                Leroy Sibbles & Stamma            £6.00
Midnight Rock                Dancing Mood/A Different Love Michael Palmer                    £8.00
Midnight Rock (JA)           Them a Gun Man/Entertainer    Philip Fraser/Jah Thomas          £12.00
Midnight Rock (JA)           Sensi Man                     Bobby Melody                      £15.00
Midnight Rock (UK)           Gun Shot                      Anthony Johnson                   £15.00
Midnight Rock (UK)           Reggae Taking Over/Feeding    Triston Palma and Jah Thomas      £25.00
                             of the 5000
Midnight Rock (UK)           Keep on Dancing/Style and     Bunny Lie Lie/Jah Thomas          £20.00
Midnight Rock (UK)           Feel Like Dancing             Anthony Johnson/Ranking           £20.00
Midnight Rock (UK)           London Scank                     Jah Thomas                       £12.00
Midnight Rock (UK)           Hail Lyrics for sale/Haul and    Jah Thomas/Radics                £12.00
                             Pull Up
Midnight Rock (UK)           Liar And Cheater/Love Letters    Alvin Dread/Jah Thomas           £8.00
Midnight Rock (US)           Take Me to the Show              Anthony Johnson                  £8.00
Midnight Rock (US)           Hard and Stout                   Wayne Fire                       £12.00
Midnight Rock (US)           Say What You Are                 Little John/Elfrigo              £15.00
                             Saying/Dedicated To You
Midnight Rock (US)           Every Time I Hear The Music      Anthony Johnson                  £20.00
Mighty Buster (JA)           This Train                       Lincoln Grant                    £25.00
Mikey Boops (UK)             Precious Love                    Roger Robin                      £5.00
Mini Bus (JA)                Come a Little Closer / Victory   Delroy Wilson                    £8.00
Minkah Records (UK)          Turning On Pt 1 / Pt2            Seyoum Netfa                     £15.00
Mister Tipsy (JA)            Ring Craft Rock                  Trinity and Sugar Minott         £15.00
Mistic (JA)                  Going Back to Africa/Lord        Alton Ellis                      £50.00
                             Deliver Us
Mixing Lab (JA)              Pump It Up / Just Say Who        Frankie Paul / Hopeton James     £6.00
Mixing Lab (UK)              Every Little Thing               Sugar Minott and Freddie         £8.00
Mixing Lab (UK)              Rudeboy No Cry                   Crimestoppa                      £15.00
Mixing Lab (US)              Eternal Love/Thief               Horace Andy/Yellowman            £12.00
Moa Anbessa and Lion Roots   Jah                              Dan I/Sister 40/Prince David     £6.00
(It)                         Command/Highway/Babylon to
Mobiliser (UK)               Special Girl                     Errol Dunkley                    £10.00
Mobiliser (UK)               Message to Every                 Lady Ann/Ringcraft Posse         £12.00
                             Husband/Drive a Taxi
Mobiliser (UK)               Give Me Love/Hold You            Al Campbell/Josey Wales          £12.00
Mobiliser (UK)               Morgan The Pirate                The Mighty Diamonds              £30.00
Modsquad Disco (Can)         World Against Me / Give and      Lloyd Young                      £20.00
Mogul Records (UK)           Life(Is what you make it)        Frighty and Colonel Mite         £8.00
Money Disc (UK)              Rambo Calypso/Everybody          Willie Williams/Keith McCarthy   £8.00
Monica (Can)                 Rough Rider/If You Should        Hortense Ellis/Johnny Clarke     £25.00
                             Love Me
Moodie Records (US)          How I Feel                       Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Moodies (JA)                 How I Feel                       Gregory Isaacs                   £8.00
Moodies (US)                 She Is A Freak                   Horace Andy                      £8.00
Moodies Records (US)         Death Wish                       Danny D                          £6.00
Moodies Records (US)         Freedom Blues                    Frankie Paul                     £6.00
Moodies Records (US)         You and I                        Mary Isaacs                      £6.00
Morwell (US)                 You Are My Lover/Going Home      Alton Ellis                      £15.00
Morwell Esq (JA)             Love Is Real                     Ken Boothe                       £6.00
Mr Doo (JA)                  Kissing Game / Game of           Trevor Sparks                    £8.00
Mr Doo (JA)                  Badness No Pay / Scrape Up       Trevor Sparks / Obeah Man        £6.00
Mr Doo (UK)                  Badness/No Competition           Red Rose/Terry Ganzie            £8.00
Mr Doo (UK)                  Uncomparable Lover               Gregory Isaacs                   £8.00
Mr Doo (UK)                  I need Love                      Jack Radics                      £6.00
Mr Doo (US)                  I need Love                      Jack Radics                      £6.00
Mr Doo (US)                  One of a kind love Affair        George Nooks                     £8.00
Mr Doo (US)                  Train to Zion                    Linval Thompson                  £15.00
Mr Doo (US)                  Rikers Island                    Cocoa Tea                        £20.00
Mr Doo (US)                  Wailing Rudy / Second Hand       Gregory Isaacs                   £20.00
                             Bad Man
Mr Doo (US)                  Artical Don                      Gregory Isaacs                   £12.00
Mr Ho (US)                   Alton A Boopsie                  Alton Irie                       £8.00
Mr O (US)                    Lyric Have Fe New                Alton Irie & Roman Stewart       £15.00
Mr O (US)                    Down By The Boardwalk            Cocoa Tea                        £15.00
Mr O (US)                    Missing You/Dance in Africa      Christie Love/Squiddley          £10.00
Mr O (US)                    Give a Helping Hand              Danny Mangaroo                   £6.00
Mr Tipsy (JA)                Trouble In The Dance             Al Campbell                      £20.00
Mr.Doo (US)                  Uncomparable Lover               Gregory Isaacs                   £8.00
MSR (UK)                     I Man Feel It / DUB Feelings     Prince Lincoln and The Soul      £50.00
                                                              Rebels / Tommy McCook
Mummy (JA)                   Pretty Looks                     Bunny Lie Lie and The            £40.00
Mummy (JA)                     Love Is a Game/Run For Your     The Techniques/Jackie Paris      £15.00
Mummy (JA)                     This Train                      Lincoln Grant                    £15.00
Mun Rock (JA)                  Hey Good Looking                Hugh Mundell                     £25.00
Mushroom (JA)                  Soul Shakedown Party            Home T4                          £20.00
Music Cave (UK)                Hush not a word to Mary         David Isaacs                     £15.00
Music Force (UK)               Crying in the Ghetto            Jimmy London                     £8.00
Music Ism (JA)                 Way Down in Babylon /           Little Roy and Ian Rock          £20.00
Music Ism (JA)                 Long Time Rocksteady /          Little Roy Ian Rock and Anicia   £50.00
                               Eglington Style                 Banks / Unknown Tuffness !!
Music Lovers (UK)              Tears in my Eyes/Rucumbine      Fanna and Jah Thomas             £6.00
Music Maker (UK)               Ive Got To Get Your             Al Campbell                      £30.00
                               Loving/Jah Jah Guide Us
Music Parade (UK)              Once You Found the Love         Sister Sonie                     £10.00
Music Works (JA)               Telephone Love                  JC Lodge                         £20.00
Music Works (JA)               Love Was all I Had / Electric   Marcia Aitken and Papa Kojak     £8.00
Music Works (JA)               Declaration of Rights           The Mighty Diamonds              £40.00
Music Works (JA)               Pass The Kouchie                The Mighty Diamonds              £20.00
Music Works (JA)               Its Now Or Never                Cocoa Tea and Nadine             £6.00
Music Works (JA)               Rock this Rock                  Derrick Harriott                 £15.00
Music Works (UK)               Jah Love His People             Sugar Minott                     £8.00
Music Works (UK)               Late at Nights                  Pam Hall                         £6.00
Musical Ambassador (UK)        Oh No / Girl Like Mary          Bobby Floyd / Santana            £15.00
Mystic Disco (JA)              Twelth of Never                 Pat Kelly                        £12.00
Naki Saki (US)                 Shot A Lick Up                  Rallin Lamb                      £15.00
Nakia (US)                     Thank You Mother Africa /       Cornel Silvera                   £150.00
                               African Earthquake
Narrows (US)                   Same Thing aka Yo Yo / The      Johnny Osbourne                  £20.00
                               Emperors Ball
Narrows (US)                   Her Eyes / Never Gonna Let      The Enforcer / Eleta Homer       £40.00
                               you Go
Narrows (US)                   Justice                         The Viceroys                     £40.00
Narrows (US)                   Wise Bird                       Alton Ellis                      £25.00
Natami Music (UK)              Three Little Mice               Owen Issac and F Davis           £12.00
National Bird (JA)             Everybody Bawling/National      Cornel Campbell/Yabby U          £10.00
Nationwide (UK)                Natty Rock Reggae               Bobby Melody                     £20.00
Nationwide (UK)                Stepping out of Babylon         Linval Thompson                  £60.00
Nationwide (UK)                Love You Madly                  Byron Otis                       £10.00
Nationwide (UK)                Breaking Up / Natty Dread She   Ronnie Davis / Ranking           £20.00
                               Want                            Spanner
Nationwide (UK)                Meaning of Life                 Leroy Smart                      £50.00
Natty Congo (UK)               Breaking Down the Barriers      Dennis Brown                     £75.00
Natural Vibes (Can)            Slave Man / DUB                 Samuel Mickle                    £95.00
Natural Vibes International    Back Fire / Bubbling            Time Unlimited / Samuel          £50.00
(Can)                                                          Mickle
Nature (UK)                    3 am Wondering Where You        Panchita Latouche                £20.00
Nature Sounds (US)             News Flash                      Larry White                      £6.00
Nefertiti (US)                 Ayatollah / Mash Down           Jackie Mittoo                    £150.00
Negative One (UK)              My Sweet Girl                   Natural Mystics                  £12.00
Negus Roots (UK)               Youre my Doctor Girl            Neville Lindo                    £15.00
Negus Roots (UK)               African Queen                   Locksley Castell                 £20.00
Negus Roots (UK)               Speak Softly Money A The        Locksley Castell and Papa        £50.00
                               Remedy / Take This Message      Tullo
                               To My Woman
Negus Roots (UK)               Gimme Gimme Your Love /         Don Carlos and Papa Tullo        £75.00
                               Gimme More Love
Negus Roots (UK)               Magic Man                       Don Carlos                       £40.00
Negus Roots (UK)               Rub a Dub Commander/I Cant      Neville Lindo/Horace Martin      £10.00
                               Believe It
Negusa Nagast/Nichola Delita   Peace At Last/Royal Line Of     Big Youth/The Ark Angels         £20.00
(JA)                           David
Nejeri Records (US)           Jah is Ruling                      Maxine Foster                     £12.00
Neville King (UK)             Come On / Love Sweet Love          Love and Emotion                  £25.00
New Jerusalem (UK)            Love Revolution                    Paul Plummer                      £4.00
New Name (UK)                 Show you how to love/Key to        Luciano                           £6.00
                              my Heart
New Sound (UK)                Slaughter House                    Jigsy King                        £6.00
New Sound (UK)                You Own the Man                    Major Mackeral                    £6.00
New Sound (UK)                Give me Jah Jah                    Sugar Minott                      £8.00
New Sound (UK)                Lead Me                            Gregory Isaacs                    £6.00
New Talents Music (UK)        Love Affair/Cus Cus                Annette/Wild Starkey              £12.00
Niagara (UK)                  Sha Ba Sha Ba Ya/War All           K.C.White                         £15.00
Nice and Kool (UK)            Baby Hang up the Phone             Lloyd Robinson                    £10.00
Nice n Nasty (US)             Two Lovers/Special Dedication      Horace Martin/Jah Walton          £15.00
Nicole (JA)                   With You                           Carlene Davis                     £2.00
Nicole (US)                   With You                           Carlene Davis                     £4.00
Nigger Kojak (UK)             Ive Got a Letter/Pick It Up Liza   Delton Screechie/Kojak and        £15.00
Nighthawk (US)                Arab Oil Weapon / Life Line        Bunny Wailer                      £25.00
NK (UK)                       Lady Lady                          One Blood                         £20.00
NK Records (UK)               Hold Me Tight                      Natural Touch                     £6.00
NK Records (UK)               Something About You                Charisma                          £12.00
NK Records (UK)               Only You                           Leroy Green                       £8.00
NK Records (UK)               House is not a Home/All in the     One Blood                         £15.00
No More Babylon (Fr)          Enjoy the Ride/DUB/Dracula         No More Babylon                   £8.00
Nots (JA)                     Dry up your Tears                  The Bold One and Clint            £25.00
Now Generation (UK)           Sunday Morning                     The Chosen Few                    £6.00
Now Generation (UK)           No Men No Guy No Boy               Anthony Johnson                   £20.00
Now Generation (UK)           Night and Day / Changing           Earl Sixteen                      £25.00
Nubian Records (UK)           Start A Fresh/Reality DUB          Black Roots                       £15.00
NY Jammys (US)                Come Here                          Powerman                          £6.00
Oak Sound (UK)                Too Much / How You Keep A          Anthony Johnson / Welton Irie     £15.00
Oak Sound (UK)                Your Loving/Dedicated to           Earl Sixteen and Little Culture   £20.00
                              David Rodigan
Oak Sound (UK)                Time Is Getting Hot                Junior Brown and Captain          £20.00
Observer (JA)                 Jah Is My Light/Yatta / Jah I      Leroy Smart/I Roy / The           £60.00
Observer (UK)                 Tenement Yard / Them Never         Dennis Brown / Horace Andy        £75.00
                              Tell I
Observer (UK)                 Black is the Highest Culture /     The Jewells                       £75.00
                              One Little Lick
Observer (UK)                 Jah is my Light/Wicked eat dirt    Leroy Smart/I Roy                 £50.00
Off Beat (UK)                 Give Thanks/Rock Down The          The Roots Rebels                  £30.00
Omega (UK)                    See Me Yah                         Sugar Minott                      £12.00
On U Sound (UK)               Know Your Enemy EP                 Revolutionary Dub Warriors        £12.00
One Love (US)                 Africa is Burning and the          Messenger                         £12.00
                              Blackman is doing the Freak
Orbit (UK)                    Everyday You Fight                 Sugar Minott/Trinity              £40.00
                              Rasta/Children go to School
Orbitone (UK)                 Oh What a Smile Can                Tim Chandell                      £8.00
                              Do/Missing You
Original International (UK)   Happy Home                         Earl Sixteen                      £8.00
Original Promotion (UK)       Brothers Together                  Sugar Minott and Dennis           £8.00
Original Records (JA)         In The Ghetto / Uno Fi Know        Colin Roach and Simpleton /       £10.00
                                                                 Tenor Senior
Orpheus Music (US)            No No No / Have no Fear            KC White                          £30.00
Ossie (US)                    Cross The Line                     Gregory Isaacs                    £15.00
Ossie Magnum (UK)             Dont Leave Me To Cry               Courtney Melody                   £12.00
Ossie Sounds (JA)             Fancy Make Up / Swinging my        Ronnie Davis                      £20.00
Oswald Music (CAN)            Prophets/Who You Are               Earl Sixteen/Casseyman            £40.00
Otteys Promotion (UK)       Conscious Lover / Side Winer       Errol English Brisco, Michael   £12.00
                                                               Prophet & Tony Tuff / Satta
Otteys Promotion (UK)       Dance Caan Nice Wid Out            Frankie Paul/Joe Lick Shot      £8.00
Ozone Friendly (UK)         Love That You Want                 Al Campbell                     £8.00
Pablo (UK)                  Sitting and Watching / Chuck       Paulette Walker                 £20.00
                            Hes in Love
Palm (UK)                   Police and Thieves                 Luciano                         £12.00
Paradise (JA)               Irie Feelings                      Ras Nisha                       £10.00
Paradise (UK)               Empty Chair / Cant Go On           Johnny Clarke and Dillinger     £20.00
                            Without You
Paradise (UK)               Jah Give Us this World             The Travellers and U Black      £150.00
Paradise (UK)               What To Do/Mr Music Man            George Faith                    £15.00
Parish (JA)                 Bad Boy                            King Everald                    £20.00
Parish (UK)                 Forever My Lady                    Singing Melody                  £6.00
Park Heights (US)           Lately I Found Out                 Don Evans                       £20.00
Park Heights (US)           Freedom Walk/Not so Lucky          Marcus/Tiger and Barry Brown    £15.00
Parks (JA)                  Reservation For two                Lloyd Parks                     £12.00
Parks (US)                  Youve Got The Love                 Sugar Minott                    £8.00
Parks (US)                  Rope In Annie                      Frankie Paul                    £10.00
PC Music (UK)               Hanging Around                     Trevor Heartley                 £10.00
PC Records (UK)             Lets Make a Baby                   Pete Campbell                   £8.00
PCRL Records (UK)           The One I Adore                    Skibu                           £5.00
Peach (UK)                  Why/DUB                            Peaches                         £20.00
Penthouse (JA)              Leave The Spechie                  Michael Rose                    £6.00
Penthouse (JA)              Lonely Feelings                    Cobra and Beres Hammond         £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              Fire Burning                       Marcia Griffiths                £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              After the Fight                    Beres Hammond                   £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              Stepping out of                    Marcia Griffiths/Buju           £8.00
                            Babylon/Stepping to Mount          Banton/Tony Rebel
Penthouse (UK)              Natty Dread                        Sweet C                         £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              Tell Me Whats Wrong/Rightous       The Mighty Diamonds/Chalice     £15.00
Penthouse (UK)              Discovery                          Marcia Griffiths/Tony           £6.00
                                                               Rebel/Cutty Ranks/Buju
Penthouse (UK)              Envy                               Lt Stitchie                     £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              No More Pain                       Beres Hammond                   £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              My Wish                            Beres Hammond                   £8.00
Penthouse (UK)              Flash It                           Tony Tuff                       £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              Its a Sign                         Beres Hammond                   £8.00
Penthouse (UK)              Somebody to Love                   Marcia Griffiths                £6.00
Penthouse (UK)              Id Die Without You                 Wayne Wonder                    £8.00
Penthouse (UK)              Movie Star                         Wayne Wonder                    £20.00
Penthouse (UK)              Love Me Browning/Love Me           Buju Banton                     £12.00
                            Black Woman
Penthouse (US)              Righteous People / Tell Me         The Mighty Diamonds             £8.00
                            Whats Wrong
Penthouse (US)              Dont Take it Personal              Sanchez                         £6.00
Penthouse (US)              Workie Workie                      Chaka Demus                     £6.00
Penthouse (US)              I Shall Sing (As Long As I Live)   Marcia Griffiths                £8.00
Penthouse (US)              War And Crime                      Tony Rebel                      £6.00
People Unite (UK)           Wandering Wanderer/Cry out         Misty in Roots                  £20.00
                            for Peace
Peter Pan Industries (UK)   Rainbow Country                    Bob Marley                      £250.00
Phase 1 (JA)                Fly Away / Trial Days              Lopez Walker                    £30.00
Phase 1 (JA)                Children Of Jah / Desperate        The Chantells                   £30.00
Phase 1 (JA)                Waiting in the Park                The Chantells with Jah Berry    £20.00
Phase 1 (JA)                Them Want I / It Takes a           The Crucials / Tabby            £25.00
                            Miracle                            Diamonds
Phase One (UK)              Waiting in the Park                Royal Blood                     £6.00
Phil Pratt (UK)             Teach Me (Words of                 Earl Geroge                     £25.00
Phil Pratt (UK)             Ram Dance Master                   Horace Andy                     £10.00
Phil Pratt (UK)             Black Magic Woman / Sweat          Dennis Brown / Leroy Sibbles    £40.00
                                For You Baby
Phil Pratt (UK)                 Dont Break Your Promise          June Powell And Black Steel     £6.00
Pickout (UK)                    Cover Me/Table a Go Turn         Tinga Stewart and               £8.00
                                                                 Ninjaman/Super Black
Pickout (UK)                    I Remember                       Courtney Melody                 £15.00
Pickout (UK)                    Young Gal Hot/Special Prayer     Little John/Barrington Turner   £6.00
Pickout (UK)                    Storm                            Gregory Isaacs and Ninjaman     £8.00
Pickout (UK)                    Table a Go Turn/Cover Me         Super Black/Ninja Man and       £12.00
                                                                 Tinga Stewart
Pickout (UK)                    Baby Dont You Go                 Tinga Stewart and Ninja Man     £6.00
Pickout (US)                    Mosquito                         Dillinger                       £8.00
Pickout (US)                    Ungrateful Woman                 Gregory Isaacs                  £8.00
Pioneer (Can)                   When I Call Your Name/Right      Johnny Osbourne And Cristyne    £8.00
                                Time Of Night                    Davis
Pioneer (Can)                   Spit In The Skys/French Town     Delroy Wilson And Jackie        £8.00
                                Girl                             Robinson/Eddy Grant
Pioneer (JA)                    Dance Crashers                   The Slickers                    £40.00
Pioneer (US)                    Children of Israel               Marcia Griffiths                £6.00
Pioneer Muzik (JA)              Girl You Turn Me On              Courtney Melody                 £40.00
Pioneer Muzik (UK)              Let me love you Now              LukieD                          £5.00
Pisces (JA)                     Sandy Bed                        Forest Man and Ranking Foot     £15.00
Pisces (UK)                     Last Thing on my Mind/Sweet      Ken Parker                      £8.00
Pisces (US)                     Bed Bug / Dont Leave The         Duffy G                         £15.00
                                Lights On
Plus X (US)                     Boops Land/Every Girl Should     Oniel Clarke                    £8.00
                                Have a Boops
Pops (UK)                       Tell Them to Wait                Prince Hammer                   £75.00
Port Music (UK)                 Give Me Love                     JAH Napthali                    £10.00
Positive Vibes (JA)             Crisis / Crisis in DUB           Israel Vibration / Augustus     £125.00
Pouyatt (US)                    Rape / Ghetto Life               Top Cat / Obeah Man             £12.00
Pouyatt (US)                    Unity                            Danny Dread                     £8.00
Power House (JA)                You Face Look Good/Talk          Winston Hussey/Al Campbell      £20.00
                                About Love
Powerhouse (JA)                 Talk About Love                  Al Campbell                     £20.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Care We Body                     Jackie Statement                £10.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Hot Bubble Gum                   Toyan                           £25.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Undercover Lover / Nuffy Nuffy   Josey Wales                     £15.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Care We Body                     Jackie Statement                £15.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Lick Shot                        Michael Palmer                  £12.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Dont Hurt My Feelings            Freddie McGregor                £6.00
Powerhouse (JA)                 Hail Me                          Jose Wales                      £10.00
Powerhouse (UK)                 Hold on to What Youve Got        Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Powerhouse (US)                 Go Before Us                     Al Campbell                     £20.00
Pre (UK)                        Permanent Lover                  Gregory Isaacs                  £20.00
Preacher Cleavie Jeffrey (UK)   Time to Change                   Willie Stepper                  £30.00
Prestige (UK)                   If this World Were Mine          Junior Delgado                  £15.00
Pro (UK)                        Being With You                   Winston Reedy                   £12.00
Profile (UK)                    Why                              Suzanne Couch And Captain       £8.00
Profit (US)                     Praise You Jah Jah               Michael Prophet and Trinity     £40.00
Progressive (UK)                My Baby/Lovers Corner            Peter Negus/Waterhouse          £12.00
Progressive Sound (UK)          Love Songs                       Richie Davis                    £5.00
PRT (UK)                        Mighty Long Time / Our Love      The Blackstones                 £20.00
Quality Music (US)              Step Up In Life                  Barrington Levy and Sassa       £10.00
Quatro World Music (UK)         No Way/Selassie I Live           Creation Roots                  £40.00
R&B (UK)                        Fillery                          Frankie Paul and Country Don    £8.00
R&H Records (UK)                You Want I to Beelieve a Lie     Gene Rondo                      £6.00
Rads (UK)                       You Took Your Love Away          Christine McNab                 £20.00
Ragin Lion (UK)                 Dont Stop                        Horace Andy                     £12.00
Rain Tree (UK)                  Peacemaker/DUB                   D McKalla                       £20.00
Ranking (UK)                    Fight For Power / Kick Him Out   Ranking D                       £6.00
Ranking Joe (JA)                Have Some Mercy                  Mikey Jarrett and Carlton       £6.00
RAS (US)                        Jamaica Jamaica / Three Blind    Brigadier Jerry                 £15.00
RAS (US)                    Victory                            Half Pint                        £15.00
RAS (US)                    Down Here In Babylon/Fancy         Brent Dowe                       £15.00
Rasta Connection (US)       Skylab/Militant Style              Militant Barry                   £20.00
RCA (UK)                    Good Thing Going                   Sugar Minott                     £8.00
Real Wax (UK)               Fight it Out There                 The Mighty Diamonds              £15.00
Real Wax Records (UK)       Jah Bring I Joy / Heavy Waist      Bobby Melody / Tyrone Taylor     £20.00
                            Line                               and Trinity
Realistics (UK)             Hang on Baby                       Tinga Stewart and Peter          £6.00
Reality Records (US)        Wallah Up/Woman Woman              The Meditations                  £10.00
Record Corner (Can)         Train To Skaville/Jump The         The Ethiopians/Winston           £25.00
                            Fence/We Will Meet                 Wright/Stranger Cole
Red Sea Victory (UK)        Vanity                             David Shepherd                   £8.00
Redman (UK)                 Screw Face                         Admiral Tibet                    £6.00
Redman (US)                 Dont Carry No Ganja                Clement Irie                     £12.00
Redman International (US)   Johnny/We Run Things               Carl Meeks/Flourgan              £25.00
Reggae (JA)                 Danger Light/Too Late              Cultural Roots                   £30.00
Reggae City (UK)            Problems/See Me Ya                 Earl Sixteen                     £30.00
Reggae Rock (US)            Jah Picture / When Last You        Rev Badoo                        £25.00
Reggae Sound (US)           Angels Around                      Barbara Jones                    £6.00
Reggae Sound (US)           Want to be Loved                   Ronnie Davis                     £15.00
Reggae Test                 Reggae Test                        Reggae Test                      £9.99
Reggae Times (JA)           Gimme Back De Music Style          K C White                        £4.00
Revelations (JA)            Love and Harmony                   Fred Locks and Brigadier Jerry   £30.00
Revolutionary Sounds (JA)   Im Standing In His Way             Owen Gray                        £6.00
Revolutionary Sounds (UK(   Make It Up To You                  JC Lodge                         £8.00
Revolutionary Sounds (UK)   Answer                             Tony Tuff                        £8.00
Revolutionary Sounds (US)   Mr Counselor                       Screwdriver                      £6.00
Revolutionary Sounds (US)   Answer                             Tony Tuff                        £4.00
Revolutionary Sounds (US)   Pretty Woman                       The Mighty Diamonds              £15.00
Red vinyl
Revue (JA)                  Its late/Island Music              Fil Callendar                    £20.00
Revue (UK)                  Medley                             Carole Brown                     £12.00
Revue (UK)                  Shoot up the Town                  In Crowd                         £15.00
Revue (UK)                  Tishen / Jah Jah Say               Junior Delgado                   £25.00
Revue (UK)                  Suspicion                          Delroy Wilson                    £6.00
RFO International (US)      Be My Girl                         Tony Campbell                    £10.00
Rhythm Force (UK)           Born Again/Combination Two         Kevin Henry and Kate             £15.00
Rhythm Force Inc (US)       Songs of Freedom / Perfidia        Mojah / Junior Clair             £40.00
Rhythm Track (UK)           Let Your Love Flow                 Garnet Silk                      £8.00
Ricky Ticky Music (UK)      Ready to Give Loving               Leroy Smart                      £8.00
Ricky Tuffy Music (US)      Take the Slug                      Sluggy Ranks                     £8.00
Riff Raff (UK)              Hypocrite                          The Blackstones                  £25.00
Riff Raff (UK)              Write To Me/Never Gonna Let        Survival                         £20.00
                            you Get Away
Right Vibes (UK)            How Could I Live                   Stevie Roots                     £6.00
Rita Marley Music (JA)      Buffalo Soldier                    Bob Marley and The Wailers       £20.00
Rita Marley Music (JA)      What a Plot                        Melody Makers                    £6.00
River Bank (UK)             Love Doctor                        Vivian Jones                     £6.00
River Bank (UK)             Wont you come Home                 Leroy Mafia                      £5.00
RMB (UK)                    Midnight Hour                      Steve Roberts                    £6.00
Roadblock (UK)              Im Gonna Make You Love Me          Sanchez                          £6.00
Rob John (US)               Remember the Time                  Sanchez                          £6.00
Rock Fort (UK)              Ghetto People / Johnny Too         Captain Sinbad                   £20.00
Rock Jam (JA)               New Song/Aint No Love              Leroy Sibbles                    £15.00
Rock N Groove (UK)          Jazzy Lady                         Paula                            £8.00
Rockers (JA)                Israel in Harmony / Feeling        Augustus Pablo / Hugh            £175.00
                            Alright                            Mundell
Rockers (JA)                That Little Short Man / Selassie   Hugh Mundell and The             £195.00
                            I DUB / False Rumour /             Rockers All Stars
                            Zambian Style
Rockers (US)                Understand Me Now Man /            Tetrack                          £30.00
                            Pure Worries
Rockers Forever (US)           Slice Of Cake                  Little John                    £40.00
Rockers Forever (US)           If Jah Didnt Love You/Who Fa   Johnny Osbourne/The Wailing    £12.00
                               Say a The Best                 Souls
Rockers Plantation (UK)        Rambo                          Junior Wilson                  £8.00
Rockers Plantation (UK)        Bangarang/Rock and Roll        Horace Andy/Tonto Irie/Chaka   £8.00
Rockers Plantation (UK)        Lovers take Over/Yellowman     Yellowman                      £12.00
                               Well Colourful
Rockers Plantation (UK)        Make Up Break Up               Delroy Wilson                  £8.00
Rockfort (UK)                  Dont Get Crazy                 Sister Carol                   £8.00
Rockfort Records (UK)          100% Loving/Permanent Lover    Bunny Lie Lie                  £6.00
Rockstone (JA)                 Jah Rastaman                   Ras Karbi                      £15.00
Rohit International (US)       Sharron Sharron/Revelation     Mark Jah Jah Bryan             £20.00
Rookie (UK)                    Showdown                       Terry Ganzie                   £6.00
Roots Man (Ch)                 Slackness Bite the Dust/Oh     Sister Carol and Brigadier     £12.00
                               Jah                            Jerry/Teddy Dan
Roots Operator (CH)            Roots Operator EP..High        Livewire&Earl St               £20.00
                               Seat/Dub/Hot Sand/Dub          Michael/Daddy Ital/Roots
Roots Records (US)             Fattie Fattie/Dub it Fattie    Universal Ites and The         £20.00
                                                              Monyacka Band/Prince
                                                              Charming/Lloydie Slim and
Roots Rockers (UK)             Experience Lover               Diane                          £12.00
Roots Tradition (JA)           Never Take A Woman Like        Sammy Dread / Sister           £95.00
                               You / The Vibes                Jahzebeth and Ranking Toyan
Rosie Records (UK)             My Baby Dont Care              Vivian Jones and Pisces        £8.00
Rough Neck (US)                Bombshell                      Louie Ranking                  £15.00
Roughneck International (US)   Book Of Revelation             Gung U Can and Jr Paul         £8.00
Royal Life (JA)                Win Your Love/Informer         Prince Junior/Barry Morgan     £12.00
RTC (UK)                       Wicked Man/Wicked Babylon      James Singer and The           £40.00
                                                              Defenders/Culture Mark
Rub a Dub (JA)                 Heads of Government            The Mighty Diamonds            £15.00
Rub A Dub (US)                 Sandy                          Sugar Minott                   £12.00
Rubble Music (UK)              Never Found a Love             Winsome                        £8.00
Rubun Records (US)             If You Want My Loving          Little John                    £6.00
Ruddys Music (US)              Beam Up Scottie                Johnny Ringo                   £20.00
Ruddys Music (US)              Ray Of Light                   John Holt                      £4.00
Rude Boy Kelly (US)            Batty Rider                    Buju Banton                    £8.00
Ruff Cutt (UK)                 Party Night                    Gregory Isaacs                 £12.00
Ruff Cutt (UK)                 Tears of a Clown               Junior English                 £20.00
Ruff Cutt (UK)                 Three Inna One                 Ruff Cutt Band                 £6.00
Ruff Cutt (UK)                 Young Love                     Robert Levi                    £6.00
Rusty International (UK)       Isabel / One Morning /         Don Carlos and Billy Boyo /    £40.00
                               Radication Deh Bout            Captain Sinbad
Rusty International (UK)       Dreadlocks Fight / Baby Loving Anthony Johnson and Ranking    £50.00
                               / Joycey Gone                  Toyan
Rusty Internatonal (UK)        Blessing From Above/Poor       Barrington Levy/Jah Thomas     £20.00
                               Man Skanking                   and Nicodemus
Rythem Track (UK)              Grow Your Natty Dreadlocks     Tony Roots                     £15.00
Rythm Gits (UK)                Come love Me                   Carole Brown                   £8.00
S&D Records (UK)               Never Gonna Give You Up        Trevor Wiggan and The          £15.00
                                                              Drummer Jackson Band
S&G Records (UK)               Never Met a Woman              Leslie Caesar                  £10.00
S&W Soul King (Can)            Tribute to Bob Marley/Dance    Prince Heron                   £6.00
                               Hall Style
Sammy Dread International      Society                        Sammy Dread                    £6.00
Sammy Dread International      Dreadlocks No Want             Sammy Dread                    £8.00
(US)                           Bangarang
Sammy Dread International      Confusion                      Sammy Dread                    £20.00
Sanity (UK)                    What More can I Say            Leonard Chin                   £8.00
Sanity Records (UK)            Love Wont Let Me Wait          Carrol Thompson and Trevor     £8.00
Sanity Records (UK)            Arms Race/Chun Pon Nannie      Claudius Linton                £15.00
Sanity Records (UK)            Breakfast in Bed               Them 2                         £15.00
Santic (UK)                Im So Sorry                       Carol Thompson                  £25.00
Santic (UK)                Paradise                          Jean Adebambo                   £30.00
Santic Records (UK)        Its True                          Donna Rhoden                    £15.00
Sapphire (UK)              Green Grass Of Jamaica            Owen Grey                       £8.00
Satta Rock (JA)            Lone Ranger / Marcia              Lone Ranger                     £6.00
Satta Rock (JA)            Im Your Entertainer               Sammy Dread                     £6.00
Satta Rock (JA)            I'm a musician/Insure me Lip      Sammy Dread/Badoo               £12.00
Saturn (UK)                Natty Unite / Tribal Vibes / So   Jah I and Sons of Jah           £25.00
                           Jah Say / Satasha
Saxon (UK)                 Keep It Burnin                    Dennis Brown and Roger          £10.00
Saxon (UK)                 Show me the Way                   Roger Robin                     £6.00
Saxon (UK)                 Keep it Up                        Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Saxon (UK)                 Your Choice                       Roger Robin                     £6.00
Saxon (UK)                 Ready for Love                    Tony Curtis                     £5.00
Saxon (UK)                 More Love                         Roger Robin                     £8.00
Saxon (UK)                 Woman/Dem a Gwaan                 Peter Hunnigale                 £6.00
Saxon Studio (UK)          Mr Wicked Man                     Phillip Frazer                  £50.00
Scanking Dub (JA)          Jungle Skank/Tivoli Skank         Revoutionaries                  £40.00
Scar Face (JA)             Ghettoman Skank / Bad Boy         Frankie Paul / Little Kirk      £40.00
                           Fe Dem
Schema (UK)                Jah Set Me Free                   Dave Barker and Dan I           £12.00
Scope (UK)                 Its My House                      Storm                           £15.00
Scorcher Music (US)        Grandmas Hand / It Pays           BB Seaton / Shakas              £25.00
Scorpio (Can)              One Draw / Instrumental           Jay McGee / The Skatalites      £15.00
Scorpio (JA)               Sheron She Love Me                Owen Gray                       £3.00
Scorpio (UK)               Look into Yourself                Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Scorpio (UK)               Somebody                          Capleton                        £6.00
Sea Breeze (US)            Ah No Me One Say So/Gun           Private P./Rude Boy Irie        £12.00
Sea View (UK)              Between Me and You                Carol Campbell and Les Cliff    £20.00
Sea View (UK)              If I Told You a Lie Im Sorry /    Leslie A Davis / Puppa Lyric    £25.00
                           Me Nah Tun No Informer
Selection (UK)             If You Love Rub a Dub Say         Johnny Osbourne/U Brown         £15.00
                           Forward/Chanting Till Morning
Selection Exclusive (US)   Way Down In Babylon               Little Roy and Ian Rock         £25.00
Selectors Choice (US)      No worry You Mind                 Scion Sashay Success            £8.00
Selekta (JA)               Shocking Out                      Ini Kamoze                      £25.00
Selekta (US)               Me And My Gun/Me And My           Ini Kamoze                      £15.00
Serious Gold (US)          Blue Woman                        Augustus Thomas                 £1.00
Seven Leaves (UK)          Rock Me                           Vivian Jones                    £20.00
SG Records (UK)            Babylon                           Errol Bellot                    £75.00
Shamari (US)               Bye Bye                           George Nooks                    £25.00
Shanachie (US)             Reggae Crazy                      The Meditations                 £6.00
Shashamane (UK)            I cant give you my Love           Gregory Isaacs                  £12.00
Shashamane Ethiopia (UK)   The Pope and His                  The Survivors                   £30.00
                           Followers/Fire to the Pope
Shellys (US)               Officially//Pt2                   Ansel Cridland/I Roy            £6.00
Shellys (US)               Baltimore / Freddy Couger         Penny / Louie Rankin            £15.00
Shellys (US)               Nuf Lef Yuh Gun                   Mikey Merican                   £10.00
Shellys (US)               Boombastic/Protect My             Louie Ranking/Rev. Badoo        £8.00
Shellys Records (US)       Sharon                            Pat Kelly                       £6.00
Shocking Vibes (JA)        Father God/African Princess       Beenie Man/Pan Head             £10.00
Shocking Vibes (JA)        Natural Mystic                    Dennis Brown                    £20.00
Shocking Vibes (UK)        I Swear                           Little Kirk                     £8.00
Shocking Vibes (US)        Rumours/Borrow People             Little Lenny/Tony Rebel         £8.00
Shocking Vibes (US)        Gun In A Baggy / Healthy Body     Little Lenny                    £8.00
Shooting Star (UK)         Missing You                       Leroy Gibbons                   £6.00
Shuttle (UK)               Your Love/Time Ago Tell           The Instigators/Rougettes/The   £25.00
Shuttle (UK)               Do The Butterfly / Cool and       Cornel Campbell / Trevor        £15.00
                           Deadly                            Castell
Shuttle Records (UK)       Rock Dis Ya Music / Rasta         Don Carlos and Purpleman /      £50.00
                           Vibration                         Don Carlos and Liza
Shuttle Records (UK)       Check for You                     Johnny Osbourne                 £8.00
Shuttle Records (UK)      Instigators Five O               The Instigators                 £15.00
Shy High (JA)             Racial War                       John Cool                       £15.00
Silver Bullet (US)        Four Season Lover/Dont Give      Lone Ranger                     £15.00
                          Your Man Bun
Silvertown (UK)           Move On / Wha Them a Do          Black Roots                     £50.00
Sir Coxsone (UK)          Boasey Boy/After Effect          General Trees                   £6.00
Sir George (UK)           Endlessly/I Love You             Sandra Edwards/Anthony          £6.00
Sir George (UK)           On and Off                       Sharon Edwards                  £6.00
Sir George (UK)           Africa is Paradise               Pure Silk feat Winsome          £20.00
SJS (UK)                  More Dogs Than Bones / It        Tony Tuff                       £25.00
                          Goes There Too
Skengdon (JA)             Love Without Intermission        Gregory Isaacs                  £12.00
Skengdon (US)             Love Terroist                    Ranking Trevor                  £8.00
Skengdon (US)             See Boops Deh                    U Brown                         £10.00
Skengdon (US)             Mud Up                           Super Cat                       £20.00
Skengdon (US)             Danger Zone                      Sugar Minott                    £20.00
Skiba (US)                On The Phone/Sweet Rosie         Robert French/Rappa Roberts     £15.00
Sky High (JA)             Your Man/I Was Blind             Mau Mau feat Ansel and Junior   £4.00
Sky Note (UK)             Tonight/Youve Caught Me          Brent Dowe/The Melodians        £20.00
Sky Note (UK)             Girl Ive Got a Date/In Medley  Brent Dowe/Jah Walton             £25.00
Small Axe (US)            I Do Love You                  Johnny Osbourne                   £25.00
Smilegan (US)             Foreign Bubbling               Michigan                          £6.00
SMJ (UK)                  Set Me Free                    The Mighty Diamonds               £6.00
SOC Production (US)       Feeling Down a Yard/Revival    Sons of Creation                  £50.00
Soferno B (UK)            Born to be Lonely / Cobra Rock Merlene Webber / The              £15.00
Soferno B (UK) blank      You Wont Cry                   Hazel Sowell                      £10.00
Soho Records (UK)         Fight Life                     Janet Kay                         £10.00
Solar Sounds (Can)        Deputy Essential/Niah Man      Glenroy Sledge                    £50.00
Soljie (UK)               Night and Day                  Wayne Wonder and The Golds        £20.00
Soljie (UK)               Reggae Dance                   Cutty Ranks/Glen Ricks            £6.00
Solomonic (JA)            Bright Soul                    Bunny Wailer                      £20.00
Solomonic (UK)            Rise and Shine                 Bunny Wailer                      £95.00
Solomonic (UK)            Boderation                     Bunny Wailer                      £10.00
Solomonic (UK)            My Only Love                   Paulette                          £15.00
Solomonic (UK)            Conqueror                      Bunny Wailer                      £25.00
Sonic (JA)                Stealing Love On The Side      Carlene Davis                     £10.00
Sons Of Rasta (US)        Oh Jah                         Jah Hammed and Herman             £40.00
Sons of Rasta (US)        Those Guys/Sleep Tight         Jah Hamed&The Dark                £25.00
                                                         Roots/Debra Robinson&The
                                                         Dark Roots
Sons Sebastien (US)       Mi Dear Child                  Rev Badoo                         £15.00
Soul Beat (UK)            Wicked Babylon                 Enos Mcleod                       £30.00
Soul Beat (UK)            Show Me Baby                   Larry Marshall                    £15.00
Soul Comb Records (US)    Cool and Deadly                Mark Anthony                      £8.00
Soul Survivor (Can)       My Toot Toot                   Jennifer Lara                     £6.00
Soul Survivor (JA)        Wheel My Selector              Johnny Osbourne                   £15.00
Sound City (UK)           Treasure / Say ( That You Love One Destiny                       £15.00
Sound City (UK)           Living in a Dream / My Love    Winston Groovy                    £8.00
                          will Never Fade
Sound City (UK)           Please Dont Make Me Cry        Winston Groovy                    £8.00
Sound City (UK)           Tonite Im Staying Here with    Dennis Gregory                    £12.00
                          You/After Party
Sound City (UK)           Get in Touch(With Me)/No       One Blood                         £20.00
                          Tears Woman
Sound Force (UK)          Struggle On                    Cecil Smith                       £75.00
Soundoff (UK)             Kissing And Cuddling           Storm                             £25.00
Soundoff (UK)             Sacrifice/The Lamb             Equation and Jah Dwight           £20.00
Soundoff (UK)             You really Dont love Me        Junior Delgado&Ranking            £15.00
Soundoff (UK)             At the Station                 Sister Love                       £20.00
Sovreign Syndicate (UK)   I like it/erase the days       Frankie Paul                      £8.00
Spar Music (US)           Reaping Time/Confusion         Roy Smith                         £15.00
Spider Ranks (UK)         Take a Trip                     Roger Robin                     £8.00
Spy (UK)                  Broken Heart / Quick Marriage   Tony Rebel and Bimbo / Sandy    £25.00
                                                          Culture and Spy
SRI Records (UK)          Wah do yuh So                   The Mighty Diamonds             £12.00
SS Music (UK)             Magic/Sweet Baby                D Duberry&LPJ Band              £12.00
Star (UK)                 If I Follow my Heart            Linval Thompson                 £20.00
Star (UK)                 Treat Me Mean/Movie Star        Frankie Jones                   £20.00
Star Light (UK)           Everybodys Dancing/Dancing      Natural Mystic                  £12.00
Star Light (UK)           Sweet Roots Music / Sweet       Don Carlos and Lord Sassafras £50.00
Star Trail (JA)           Fly The Gate                    Bionic Steve                    £6.00
Star Trail (JA)           Wait Deh Gal                    Johnny P.                       £6.00
Star Trail (US)           Fire Pon Rome / Raid Di Barn    Anthony B                       £15.00
Starlight (JA)            Its true                        I Society                       £20.00
Starlight (UK)            My Little Lover / Round the     Johnny Osbourne / Wayne         £30.00
                          World                           Wade
Starlight (UK)            Spend Some Time Together        The Heptics                     £8.00
Starlight (US)            Do It Again/Rub a Dub Feeling   Johnny Osbourne/Carrol          £15.00
Stars (JA)                Daniel / Black Man              Prince Alla / Tappa Zukie       £40.00
Stars (JA)                Proud To Be Black               Frankie Jones                   £20.00
Stars (JA)                Natty Dread a Weh She Want      Horace Andy and Tappa Zukie     £25.00
Stars (JA)                Brutality/No More Ship to Row   Horace Andy and Massive         £20.00
Stars (UK)                I Shot the Cop/Loverman Style   Tappa Zukie                     £8.00
Startone Music (US)       Jah a Mi Saviour                James Bond                      £50.00
Steelie and Clevie (US)   Just My Imagination             Red Rose and Daddy Lizard       £6.00
Steely & Clevie (JA)      Retreat                         Cutty Ranks                     £6.00
Steely (JA)               Cassandra                       Frankie Paul                    £10.00
Steely and Clevie (JA)    Retreat / Gum Pan               Cutty Ranks / Derrick Irie      £6.00
Steely and Clevie (JA)    John Public                     Gregory Isaacs                  £6.00
Steely and Clevie (UK)    Last Date                       Gregory Isaacs and Lady Patra   £6.00
Steely and Clevie (US)    Double Trouble                  Beres Hammond                   £6.00
Steely and Clevie (US)    Loving Pauper                   Freddie McGregor                £8.00
Steely and Clevie (US)    Skylarking                      Garnet Silk                     £20.00
Steely And Clevie (US)    Prophecy                        Freddie McGregor                £12.00
Steppa Prooduction (US)   Money Money Money               Junior Moore                    £15.00
Stereo One Records (US)   Early One Morning/I Want to     Jah Love and The Survivors      £25.00
                          Meet You (Jah Love)
Stereo Pride (US)         Ringo a No Boops                Johnny Ringo                    £12.00
Stereo Records (US)       New Name                        Ras Levi                        £8.00
Stereo Records (US)       Star Bright                     Ras Levi                        £8.00
Stine Jac (US)            Rocking Universally             Willie Williams/Jackie Mittoo   £20.00
                                                          and Marshall Cousins
Stinejac (Can)            Rocking Universally             Willie Williams and Papa        £20.00
Stingray (UK)             This feeling of Love            Freddie McGregor                £6.00
Stingray (UK)             Open your eyes                  Glen Washington                 £6.00
Stingray (UK)             Hurry on Back                   Frankie Paul                    £5.00
Stingray (UK)             Get in Touch                    Benny Cruise                    £5.00
Stingray (UK)             Mr Brown                        Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Stingray (UK)             People of the World             Sylvia Tella                    £6.00
Stingray (UK)             Never Burn Your Bridges         Don Campbell                    £6.00
Stingray (UK)             War and Crime                   Admiral Tibet                   £6.00
Stone Love (UK)           If I Ever Fall in Love          Stone Love Feat Sanchez         £8.00
Stone Love (UK)           Mega Mix                        Sab/Ninja/General/Fodon         £6.00
                                                          Irie/Power Man
Stone Love (UK)           Reminise/Ill Always Love You    Stone Love Feat                 £10.00
                                                          Winsome/Wendy Walker
Stone Love (UK)           Stone Love Mega Mix             Saba Tooth/Ninja Kid/Fodon      £12.00
                                                          Irie/Power Man
Stone Love (US)           Cease all War                   Jah Cure                        £20.00
Stone Love (US)           Ganga Lee/What Will I Do        Louie Culture/Major Christie    £12.00
Stone Rock (US)           What a Problem                  Horace Andy                     £8.00
Strata Records (US)       Dancing Mood/Aint No            Abeng                           £10.00
Striker Lee (UK)          Live Up Roots Children          Leroy Smart                     £10.00
Striker Lee (UK)              Glamour Boy in My Life/Come      King Kong                        £20.00
                              Right In
Striker Lee (UK)              We are Boobling                  Cornel Campbell                  £12.00
Striker Lee (UK)              I Know Them Love It              Sugar Minott                     £6.00
Striker Lee (US)              My Conversation/Cool Off         Dave Barker                      £8.00
Striker Lee (US)              Memories                         Sugar Minott                     £4.00
Striker Lee (US)              Im Lost Without You/Light Your   Dennis Brown                     £20.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Im a Dreadlocks / Rainy Days     Sammy Dreadlocks and Papa        £50.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Half of Love / Jah Shine on Me   Sugar Minott / Al Campbell       £50.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Six Babylon / Lambsbread         Linval Thompson and Trevor       £30.00
                                                               Ranking / Ranking Barnabus
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Positive Vibration               Dave Robinson and Jah            £30.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Gonna be Sorry/Sometime I        Freddie McKay                    £25.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      She Rob and Gone                 Barrington :Levy/Papa Tullo      £25.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Wedding Ring/General             Barrington Levy/Jah Thomas       £10.00
Strong Like Sampson (UK)      Wedding Ring Aside/General       Barrington Levy/Jah Thomas       £20.00
Strong like Sampson (UK)      Why did You                      Linval Thompson                  £12.00
Strugglers (US)               For The Money                    Negus                            £8.00
Student (UK)                  The Way We Were                  Prediction                       £15.00
Student (UK)                  Light of my Life                 Donna Carr                       £20.00
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Rainbow / Young in Heart         Wentworth Vernal / The           £40.00
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Soul and Inspiration / Purple    Freddie McGregor and The         £50.00
                              Lights                           Brentford All Stars / The
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Equal Rights / Death in the      The Heptones and Jah Buzz /      £75.00
                              Arena                            Roland Alphonso and The
                                                               Brentford Disco Set
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Water More Than Flour / Flood    Johnny Osbourne / Windel         £50.00
                              Victim                           Haye
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Let Him Try / Wont You Bring     Alton Ellis / The Soul Two       £75.00
                              Your Love
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Moonlight Lover / Tripe Girl     Patsy Wallace / The Heptones     £50.00
                                                               and The Sound Dimension
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Conversation / Haunted House     Cornel Campbell / Windel Haye    £75.00
                                                               and The Brentford Disco Set
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             My Satisfaction / Blue Moon      The Paragons / Brentford All     £40.00
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Crab Walking / Come Now          Prince Jazzbo / Freddie          £50.00
                              Sister                           McGregor
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             The Moongazer / Anywhere         Roland Alphonso and The Soul     £50.00
                                                               Vendors / John Holt
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             After the Rain / Desperate       Johnny Osbourne and The          £75.00
                              Lover                            Brentford All Stars / Bob Andy
Studio 1 (JA) B&W             Thelma/Take a Little Love        Larry Marshall/The Silvertones   £50.00
Studio 1 (JA) Blue            Under the Boardwalk/We can       Dobby Dobson                     £20.00
                              Work it Out
Studio 1 (JA) Blue / Black    Hurting Me / Get Ready to Do     Alton Ellis / Reuben Alexander   £125.00
                              the Rocksteady
Studio 1 (JA) Green Red       Ive Got To Go Back Home /        Bob Andy / Doreen Schaffer       £75.00
Cream                         Try A Little Smile
Studio 1 (JA) Red / Green /   Sweet Talking / Mr Fix It        Leroy Sibbles / Winston          £75.00
Cream                                                          Francis
Studio 1 (JA) Red / White     Rainy Night in Georgia / Stop    Lord Tanamo / The Silvertones    £40.00
Studio 1 (JA) Red/Black       Come Now Sister /                Freddie McGregor / Prince        £50.00
                              Crabwalking                      Jazzbo and The Sound
Studio 1 (JA)                 Tumbling Tears/Losing You        Alton Ellis/The Madlads          £50.00
Studio 1 (JA)                 Mr Fixit/Sweet Talking           Winston Francis/The Heptones     £15.00
Studio 1 (JA) Red/White      Rub a Dub with Feelings Pt2/I   Frankie Paul/Jennifer Lara       £20.00
                             Cant Take it Anymore
Studio 1 (JA) Rosette        No Say So/Go Go Girl            Little John/Little Callers       £15.00
Studio 1 (US) Y&R            Conversation / Haunted House    Cornel Campbell / Windel Haye    £50.00
Studio 1 (US) Yellow / Red   Heavenless / Let Me Love You    Don Drummond / Carlton and       £50.00
                                                             The Shoes
Studio 16 (UK)               All That Glitters is not Gold   Glen Sloley                      £20.00
Studio One (JA)              Water More Than Flour/Flood     Johnny Osbourne/Windew           £30.00
                             Victim                          Haye
Studio One (JA) Rosette      Arena Special / Jam it Up       Roland Alphonso and The Soul     £50.00
                                                             Vendors / Carlton Livingston
Studio Worx (JA)             Pink Panther / Every Posse      Paul Blake and The Blood Fire    £25.00
                             Get Flat                        Posse
Style Records (UK)           Intentions are Big              Fenton Smith                     £6.00
Success (UK)                 Lonely Man/Too Late             Gregory Isaacs                   £20.00
Success Records (JA)         Unknow/Do You Love Me           Rupie Edwards                    £20.00
Sun and Groove (US)          By The River                    Earth and Sound                  £15.00
Sunbird (US)                 Sweet Music Man                 Jackie Brown                     £6.00
Sunjam Records (UK)          I Love This Ya Sound            Picka Pow                        £8.00
Sunny Island (Can)           I Love You                      Jah P                            £25.00
Sunset (JA)                  Roots and Culture / Mama Let    Little John                      £15.00
                             me Go
Sunset (JA)                  Dont Drop Your Pants / I        Yellowman Ashman and             £30.00
                             Remember                        Welton Irie / Hugh Griffiths
Sunshine (US)                Take it Easy/Swing and Dine     Little Roy/Anicia Banks          £25.00
Super Power (UK)             Magic Moment / Shes My Baby     Leroy Gibbons                    £8.00
Super Power (UK)             Shes my Baby/Magic Moment       Leroy Gibbons                    £6.00
Super Power (US)             Put Down The Gun/Willow         Bunny General/Colin Roach        £15.00
Super Power (US)             Girl Look Sweet                 Shabba Ranking                   £8.00
Super Power (US)             Idle Jubee                      Frankie Paul                     £8.00
Super Power (US)             Cupid                           Leroy Gibbons                    £6.00
Super Power (US)             Lawman and Gunman               Junior Murvin                    £15.00
Super Power (US)             Wherever You Go / You Cant      Echo Minott / Ernest Wilson      £15.00
                             Be Happy
Super Sonic (JA)             If I Were a Carpenter/What      John Holt                        £25.00
                             Love Can Do
Super Supreme (UK)           My Imagination                  Brigadier Jerry                  £10.00
Superpower (UK)              If You Want Good/Tonight Your   King Everal                      £15.00
Superpower (UK)              Cupid                           Leroy Gibbons                    £6.00
Superpower (UK)              Moving Forward/Cooler           Pad Anthony                      £15.00
Superpower (UK)              Give It a Try / Dean in         Gregory Isaacs / Dean Fraser     £25.00
Superpower (UK)              In The Ghetto / We a Say One    Higgs and Twins                  £25.00
Superpower (US)              Dance With Me / Gun Smith       Scissor / Wicker Man             £6.00
Superpower (US)              You Must Can Forgive Me         Ernest Wilson                    £6.00
Superpower (US)              Woke Fowl/Mega Mix              Little Meekie and Daddy          £10.00
                                                             Mouse/Lady Patra
Superpower (US)              Xmas Medley                     Coco Tea                         £8.00
Superpower (US)              Drop it Cool                    Terror Fabulous                  £6.00
Superpower (US)              If You Want Good / Tonight      King Everal                      £15.00
                             Your Mine
Superpower (US)              Frankie / Broad Hips            Jennifer Lara / Lt Stitchie      £10.00
Superpower (US)              Champion Sound                  Colin Roach                      £12.00
Superpower (US)              Run Down Your Shadow /          Colin Roach / Lenny Culture      £15.00
                             Back Way Talking
Superpower (US)              Bulls Eye / The Champion        Brian And Tony Gold / Magic      £25.00
Superpower (US)              Rattler                         Derrick Irie                     £15.00
Superpower (US)              In My Heart / We Ah Say One     Crystal Dean / Higgs And         £12.00
Superpower (US)              Get Up And Dance / Sixpence     Sugar Minott / Papa San          £15.00
Superpower (US)              Right Number/One Wish           Chris Wayne/Tuffest/Pad          £20.00
Superpower (US)              True Experience                 Barrington Levy                  £12.00
Superpower (US)              Dem free Mandela/Beat down      Papa Biggy/Ernest wilson/Tiger   £10.00
Supertone (US)           Love Vibration/Acting Shy         Don Evans/Jah Batta              £30.00
Supertone Records (UK)   Come a Me                         Winston Jarrett                  £12.00
Supertone Records (UK)   Every Lover is a Star/Sweet       H Grossett/Eastwood and          £20.00
                         Reggae Music/Unemployment         Cummings
                         on the Land
Supertone Records (UK)   Sea Of Love/Loving You Alright    The Heptones                     £25.00
Supreme (JA)             Invasion SA / My Imagination      Brigadier Jerry                  £6.00
Supreme (JA)             Get Ready                         Frankie Paul                     £20.00
Supreme (JA)             One Dance Story                   Brigadier Jerry                  £15.00
Supreme (JA)             My Imagination / Invasion SA      Brigadier Jerry                  £8.00
Supreme (US)             Insecure                          Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Supreme Roots (US)       Wrote Me A Letter                 Cocoa Tea                        £10.00
Supreme Roots (US)       Must Have To Bubble/Wa Si Mi      Little John/Burton D             £12.00
Supremus Roots (US)      Rolling Stone                     Little John                      £8.00
Supremus Roots (US)      Silver and Gold                   Philip Fraser                    £8.00
Supremus Roots (US)      Theres a Voice                    Cocoa Tea                        £15.00
Sweet Musik (UK)         Special Guest/Closer to Me        Anthony Ritch                    £6.00
Sweetest (UK)            Miracle Of Love / Jah Love Us     Devon Russell / Prince Lincoln   £6.00
                         All                               and Devon Russell
Sydcal (US)              Non Stop To River Jordon          Carl Dawkins                     £8.00
T.O.C. (US)              Ten Pound Weight Of Scency        Caption Archer                   £15.00
Tabot Bet (US)           Gaan Een                          Mahitema Selassie                £20.00
Tad (UK)                 Tenement Yard/Ill Be On My        Gregory Isaacs                   £20.00
Tads (JA)                Happy Mothers Day                 Gregory Isaacs                   £6.00
Tads (UK)                Baby I Love You                   Ken Boothe and The Love Joys     £8.00
Tads (UK)                All This Love                     Ruddy Thomas                     £6.00
Tads (UK)                Baby Love                         Johnny Osbourne                  £12.00
Tads (UK)                You are My Sunshine/Spring        Don Carlos and Gold              £20.00
                         Heel Skanking
Tads (US)                Buriel                            Delroy Smith and Jah Thomas      £50.00
Tads (US)                Musical Revenge                   Gregory Isaacs                   £15.00
Tads (US)                Cool and Deadly                   Horace Andy                      £10.00
Tafari (US)              Rat Trap                          Little Roy                       £40.00
Tan Yah (US)             Need a Friend                     Scion Sashay Success             £10.00
Tan Yah (US)             Singing for the People            Garnet Silk                      £15.00
Tan-Yah(JA)              Ganja Smoker/In De Jungle         Screechie Dan/Mikey Screw        £15.00
Tani (US)                Love in the House/Betcha By       Errol Dunkley                    £25.00
                         Golly Wow
Tanka (US)               Lonely Heartache/Utica Ave in     Junior Moore                     £15.00
Tanka (US)               Im Still Here/President Street    Junior Moore/Sly and The         £20.00
                         Rock                              Revolutionaries
Tanka (US)               Remember That Sunday              Hugh Griffiths/Angela Stewart    £15.00
Tanka (US)               Leaving to Zion / Fever           Black Uhuru                      £95.00
Tanka (US)               Have a Little Love / Ive Got to   Al Campbell / George Nooks       £15.00
Tanka (US)               Vanity/Roving                     Tony Tuff                        £15.00
Tanka (US)               Look Pon You / Steal Away Girl    Carlton Livingston / Sugar       £30.00
Tappa (JA)               One Man Against The World         Gregory Isaacs                   £15.00
Tappa (JA)               House of Leo                      Gregory Isaacs                   £12.00
Tappa (UK)               Teach the Youths Right            Johnny Osbourne                  £10.00
Tappa (UK)               Bangarang                         Brigadier Jerry                  £10.00
Tappa (UK)               Old Cotton Field / Slide And      Tappa Zukie                      £6.00
Tappa (UK)               Tickle Me                         Horace Andy                      £12.00
Tappa (UK)               Baby Come Back                    U Roy                            £6.00
Tappa (US)               Tickle Me                         Gregory Isaacs                   £8.00
Tappa (US)               Resistance                        Beres Hammond and U Roy          £15.00
Tappa (US)               African Soldier                   U Roy                            £8.00
Tappa (US)               Hard Drugs                        Gregory Isaacs                   £12.00
Taurus Records (UK)      Them A Wolf / Music Murderer      Trevor Levy / Fancy Black        £20.00
Taxi (JA)                Have You Ever Been In Love        Dennis Brown                     £15.00
Taxi (JA)                Those Tricks                      Carlton Livingston               £8.00
Taxi (JA)                  Curly Locks                       Yami Bolo                      £12.00
Taxi (UK)                  Rocky Music/Taxi Connection       Struggle/Sly&Robbie            £8.00
Taxi (US)                  Sitting and Watching              Dennis Brown                   £20.00
Taxi (US)                  Skin Teeth                        Gospel Fish                    £10.00
Taxi (US)                  Rent a Car                        Dean Fraser and The Taxi       £4.00
Taxi (US)                  Amazing/You See Me                Leroy Smart/Lui Lepke          £20.00
Taxi (US)                  Herbman Hustling                  Sugar Minott                   £20.00
Taxi (US)                  Mr Mention                        Chaka Demus/Pliers             £6.00
Taxi (US)                  Groove Me                         Ambelique                      £6.00
Taxi (US)                  The Good The Bad & The Ugly       Taxi Gang                      £10.00
Taxi (US)                  Dancehall Don/Scream Out          Frankie Paul/Fargo Vice        £6.00
Taxi (US)                  Little Crook/Move With the        Papa San/Baby Wayne            £6.00
Taxi (US)                  Devil Pickney/Waterbed            Sugar Minott                   £10.00
Taxi (US)                  My Baby                           Struggle                       £8.00
Taxi (US)                  Rocking Dolly                     Jimmy Riley                    £10.00
Taxi (US)                  Come See About Me/Egyptian        Marcia Griffiths/Taxi Gang     £12.00
Taxi/Island (UK)           Sexual Healing/Search and         Jimmy Riley/Sly&Robbie         £12.00
TCD (UK)                   Now Youre Gone/If you never       Marjorie Douglas               £15.00
                           ever Fall in Love
Techniques (JA)            Sweat Fi Sweat/Cross my           Galaxy P/Daddy Screw           £6.00
Techniques (JA)            Baby I Love You                   Carl Dawkins                   £20.00
Techniques (JA)            Up The Road                       Pliers                         £12.00
Techniques (JA)            Winery                            Daddy Lizzard                  £6.00
Techniques (JA)            Addicted To Your Love             Frankie Paul                   £8.00
Techniques (JA)            Play Girl/Mr Walker               The Techniques/Super Cat and   £15.00
Techniques (JA)            Born to Love You / Midnight       The Sensations and Prince      £25.00
                           Hour                              Mohammed / The Silvertones
Techniques (JA)            Money cant buy Love/Two the       Sister Nancy/Michigan Jr/Jr    £12.00
                           hard Way                          Ranks
Techniques (JA)            Ive Got to Find You/Let me        Dennis Brown                   £20.00
                           Remind you
Techniques (JA)            My Sistren/Could a Deal           Simpleton/Spragga Benz         £6.00
Techniques (JA)            Trap Called Love                  Cornel Campbell                £8.00
Techniques (JA)            You Are So Good To                Frankie Paul/Little Kirk       £20.00
                           Me/Baldhead Treat Your
                           Woman Good
Techniques (JA)            Ring The Alarm / Sindie           Tenor Saw / Frankie Paul       £25.00
Techniques (JA)            Bad Boys                          Courtney Melody                £30.00
Techniques (JA)            What a Fire                       Johnny Osbourne                £50.00
Techniques (UK)            Yu Breath a Badda Mi              Johnny P                       £6.00
Techniques (UK)            Boops/Things and Time Riddim      Admiral Tibet/Super            £8.00
                           Mega Mix                          Cat/Johnny P etc etc
Techniques (UK)            Loneliness Keep Lingering On      Gregory Isaacs                 £6.00
Techniques (US)            Hole A Fresh / Now A Days         Red Dragon / Super Black       £10.00
Tele Tech (US)             Give Jah Praise                   Earl Sixteen                   £125.00
Tempus (UK)                I A Suffer / National Front       Sufferer Sound                 £30.00
Tempus (UK)                Picadilly Hop                     Chalawa                        £30.00
Tenant Intl (US)           He Dont Love You                  Don Angelo                     £6.00
Terminal (UK)              Moderation                        Barbara Rush/Cecilia Huston    £8.00
                                                             and Natural Mystic
The Frontline (JA)         Keep on Running/Ranking Joe       Delroy Wison and Ranking       £8.00
                           Steel/Up the Big Hill             Joe/Ranking Joe
The Mighty Mystics (CAN)   Time Has Come / Africa            The Mighty Mystics             £95.00
The Thing (JA)             Mr Know It All/War of the Stars   Gregory Isaacs                 £50.00
Third Kind (UK)            Down Pressor                      Ron Anthony                    £95.00
Third World (Can)          Riding West                       Tommy McCook                   £15.00
Third World (UK)           Poorest People                    Carlton Patterson              £30.00
Third World (UK)           Reaching for a Goal/I want to     Jean Adembambo                 £20.00
                           Make it with You
Third World (UK)           Blue Moon/South of the Border     Ossie Scott                    £6.00
Third World (UK)           Nobody Else                       Errol Dunkley                  £15.00
Third World (UK)         Shining Star/Dont Turn Your      The Fourth Harmonic              £30.00
                         Back (Beatitude)
Third World (UK)         Pure Sorrows / My Baby Is        Errol Holt                       £40.00
Third World (UK)         Ranking Jack / Skanking Jack     Jackie Mittoo                    £25.00
Third World (UK)         Stop in the Name of Love /       Delroy Wilson and Dillinger      £20.00
                         Rocking Chair
Third World (UK)         Whats It all About / L Is For    Black Harmony                    £30.00
Third World (US)         The Village / Just Having Fun    Gregory Isaacs                   £10.00
Third World (US)         Babylon System / Black History   Ansel Cridland / Delroy Towers   £20.00
Third World (US)         Too Proud To Beg / Watch         Slim Smith                       £8.00
                         This Sound
Thompson and Koos (UK)   Natty Youth Man/What You         Bunny Lie Lie                    £30.00
                         Gonna Do When Jah Jah
Thompson Sound (JA)      Stop Bugging Me / Dont Say       Hell and Fire / Horace Andy      £20.00
Thompson Sound (US)      No Abortion                      Linval Thompson                  £8.00
Thompson Sound (US)      Pretty Woman/Stand Up and        Freddie McGregor                 £25.00
Thompson Sounds (JA)     I hold the Handle                Roots&Soul                       £40.00
Thompson Sounds (JA)     If I Follow My Heart             Linval Thompson                  £12.00
Thunder Bolt (JA)        Palavin Spree                    Sugar Minott                     £15.00
Thunder Bolt (JA)        Let the Dollar Circulate         The Mighty Diamonds and          £10.00
Thunderbird (UK)         Jah Up High                      Ernetta Watt                     £50.00
Ticka Music (US)         Guide and Protect Us             Oswin Powell                     £10.00
Tiff (JA)                Get Some Money                   Fire Ranks                       £8.00
Timbuktu Records (UK)    Victims                          Lucky Dube                       £8.00
Time (UK)                Under Me Sensi                   Barrington Levy                  £15.00
Time (US)                Ready For Dem/Left With A        Linval Thompson                  £15.00
                         Broken Heart
Time 1 (UK)              No Money No Run                  General Trees                    £8.00
Time One (UK)            Shes Mine                        Barrington Levy                  £20.00
Time Records (UK)        Real Thing                       Barrington Levy                  £10.00
Time Records (UK)        Your Loving/84                   Carlton Livingston/Mikey         £10.00
TIT Records (UK)         Yearning for your Love           SUS                              £10.00
TnT (US)                 Isms and Schisms                 Ras J Tesfa                      £8.00
Tom Tom (JA)             Love Light/Home Home             Junior Moore aka The Tamlins     £25.00
Top Kick (JA)            In Things                        General Trees                    £15.00
Top Rank (JA)            Rock Me Rock Me/Get Ready        Johnny Osbourne/Tony Tuff        £6.00
Top Rank (JA)            Kiss an Angel Good Morning       Delroy Wilson                    £8.00
Top Rank (JA)            Give them Rub a Dub              Al Campbell                      £12.00
Top Rank (JA)            Jail House No Nice               Frankie Jones                    £8.00
Top Rank (JA)            Ting a Ling                      Johnny Osbourne                  £8.00
Top Rank (JA)            Happy Birthday                   Delroy Wilson                    £4.00
Top Rank (JA)            One Rub A Dub For The Road       Johnny Osbourne                  £3.00
Top Rank (JA)            Shine Eyes Baby                  Jimmy Riley                      £6.00
Top Rank (JA)            Love Them Slim/She Never         Little John/Elfrego Barker       £6.00
                         Wah Come
Top Rank (JA)            That Love                        Sugar Minott                     £6.00
Top Rank (JA)            Roots Daughter                   Jennifer Lara                    £6.00
Top Rank (JA)            Say You Say Me                   George Faith                     £4.00
Top Rank (JA)            Let The Good Time Roll / The     Jennifer Lara & Candy Man /      £10.00
                         Dallar Nah Run                   Tony Tuff
Top Rank (UK)            Satisfaction Guaranteed/Bad      Robert French                    £6.00
Top Rank (UK)            Sweet Sensation/Only a Fool      Johnny Clarke                    £8.00
Top Rank (US)            Love Me Baby/Sound Clash         Garnet Silk/Johnny Osbourne      £15.00
                                                          and Mr Pants
Top Rank (US)            Talk dem a Talk                  Everton Blender                  £8.00
Top Rank (US)            Miss Fire Side                   Johnny Osbourne                  £6.00
Top Rank (US)            Kimba Yu Mouth/Do The Bogle      Grindsman/Johnny P.              £6.00
Top Rank (US)            Hang Down Your Head/Move         Simple Simon/Ninja Ford          £20.00
Top Ranking (JA)         Mr Walker                        Madoo and Ringo                  £15.00
Top Ranking (JA)                 Round The World With Me /       Cessnah Hill                     £8.00
                                 Water Jelly
Top Ranking (JA)                 Love and Harmony                Fred Locks and Brigadier Jerry   £45.00
Top Ranking (JA)                 Jammin(Master Blaster)          Roots Uprising                   £25.00
Top Ranking International (US)   Girls I Like                    Barrington Levy and U Brown      £20.00
Top Ranking International (US)   Sweet Love of Mine              Dean Stone and Nigger Kojak      £15.00
Top Ranking International (US)   Bad Man Wagon                   T Brown                          £30.00
Top Ranking International (US)   Upful Ites                      Augustus Pablo                   £30.00
Toughest (UK)                    Fraid A Prison/Josephine        Anthony Redrose/Puddy Roots      £15.00
                                                                 and Dirty Harry
Tourtown (US)                    Jah Will Shine                  Theo Stoddart                    £50.00
Tourtown (US)                    Sad Mood                        George Faith                     £4.00
Tower (US)                       Give Love a Try/Youth Of        Geroge Nooks/Toyan               £15.00
Town and Country (UK)            Ive Tried my Best               Trevor Hartley                   £8.00
TP&PF (UK)                       Lovely Lady/Just a Dream        Gregory Isaacs/Philip Fraser     £8.00
TPD Records (US)                 Lets Live and Love              Universal Ites and The Trebles   £30.00
TR International (JA)            Babylon River / Rivers of       U Roy / Brent Dowe               £25.00
Trans Universal (UK)             Truth And Rights / Time         Dennis Alcapone / Gene           £95.00
Trans Universal Records (UK)     For the Children                Nina Wallace                     £10.00
Tranza (UK)                      Never Let Her Slip              Eugene Paul                      £15.00
                                 Away/Reggae Star
Treasure Isle (UK)               Shank I Shek/The Whip/Cool it   Bobby Ellis/The Ethiopians       £15.00
Treco (UK)                       Ram Jam Capitolism/You Love     Papa Levi                        £15.00
Tree of Life (US)                Never Get Weary Yet          Ras Messenger                 £50.00
Tribesman (UK)                   Stormy Night                 Creation Steppers and Ranking £40.00
Tribesman (UK)                   What You Are Not Supposed to Creation Steppers             £30.00
Tribesman (UK)                   Easy / Prophecy              Jimmy Lindsay / Fabian        £50.00
Trojan (UK)                      Skinhead                     Symarip                       £20.00
                                 Jamboree/Fung Shu
Trojan (UK) Blue                 Merry Christmas,Happy New    Lee Perry                     £15.00
Trojan (UK) Blue                 Me Chat you Rock             U Brown                       £8.00
Trojan Special (UK)              The Iron Lady/Mr Reagan      Ranking Trevor                £10.00
                                 President of the USA
Tronic (US)                      Drug System                  Johnny Bull                   £4.00
Tronic (US)                      Love Is More Than Gold       King Benji - I                £4.00
Tronic (US)                      Changes                      Sir Neil                      £6.00
Trump Jack (US)                  Sorry                        Chuck Turner                  £6.00
Trump Jack (US)                  Your Divine/Victory Song     Gregory Isaacs                £10.00
Truth and Right (UK)             Praise HIM High              Arena                         £30.00
Truth&Right (UK)                 Rub Up On Natty / Fools and  Ken Fyffe                     £15.00
TSOJ (JA)                        Panty Size                   Lovindeer                     £6.00
TSOJ (JA)                        Babylon Boops                Lovindeer                     £15.00
TSOJ (US)                        Dont Bend Down/Lickshot Man Lovindeer                      £6.00
TSOJ (US)                        Hands on Lover               Dennis Brown and Lovindeer    £6.00
Tubbis Hi Fidelity (Can)         The Book                     Osbourne Tafe                 £8.00
Tuff Gong (JA)                   I Know                       Bob Marley                    £15.00
Tuff Gong (JA)                   Jah is the Healing/Nah Leggo The Melody Makers             £20.00
Tuff Rank (UK)                   Yesterday/On Blythe St       Carol Thompson                £25.00
Tuff Rock (JA)                   Crazy Woman                  Earl Sixteen                  £20.00
Turning Point (UK)               Dont Cry/Turning Point       Turning Point                 £25.00
Twin Explosion (UK)              Take You to the Dance/She    Tinga Stewart/Ginger Tea      £6.00
                                 Pan Mi Mind
Twin Explosion (US)              Reggae Vibration             Rod Taylor                    £25.00
Twin Explosion (US)              Hell Burst Loose/Corruption  Leroy Delany/General Cool     £20.00
                                                              and Ranking Fever
Twinkle (UK)                     Robot / Dont Turn Your Back  The Twinkle Brothers          £50.00
                                 On Us Jah
Twinkle (UK)                     Deeper Love/African People   ET Webster/Colour Red         £8.00
Twinkle (UK)              Mount Zion/Dread Nyabingi       ET Webster                      £20.00
Twinkle (UK)              Breaking Down the               The Twinkle Brothers            £25.00
Two Friends (US)          Shepherds be Careful            Cocoa Tea and Dennis Brown      £12.00
Two Friends (US)          Gun Ting                        Hopeton Lindo                   £15.00
Two Friends (US)          Young Gal Slaughter             Brian and Tony Gold with Papa   £8.00
Two Friends (US)          Sherry Baby                     Dennis Brown / Brian and Tony   £6.00
Two Friends (US)          Ruling Cowboy                   Cocoa Tea                       £20.00
Two Friends (US)          The Going Is Rough              Home T Cocoa Tea and Cutty      £25.00
Two Friends (US)          Oil Ting                        Coco Tea                        £12.00
Ugly Man (UK)             Bless the Children              Ambelique                       £8.00
Ugly Man (UK)             Run Run/Wonder Why              Dennis Brown/Ken Bob            £6.00
Ujama (JA)                Got to be Sorry/I Love You      Freddie McKay                   £20.00
Ujama (JA)                Mising You                      Frankie Paul                    £8.00
Undertaker Records (US)   Fast Talking                    Alton Irie                      £10.00
Undivided Roots (UK)      Telling Me Lies                 Undivided Roots                 £8.00
Union (UK)                Baby Ive Been Missing           The Family Choice               £30.00
                          You/The Time Have Come
United Artists (UK)       Natural Wild                    Lincoln Thompson and The        £8.00
                                                          Rasses Band
Unity (UK)                She Lovely / Dont Bax Your      D C Ninja                       £8.00
Unity (UK)                Carry Me Go Married/Divorce     Joseph Cotton                   £8.00
Unity (UK)                Rude Boy Skank / Real Real      Johnny Osbourne / Thriller U    £20.00
                                                          and Johhny P
Unity (UK)                Flash Backs                     Richie Davis                    £15.00
Unity House (US)          My Brethren / Man To Man        Prince Mohammed                 £10.00
Universal (UK)            Welcome to Jamrock / Jr Gong    Damian Jr Gong Marley           £20.00
                          The Dreadful
Unlimited Sounds (US)     Jah Can Do It                   Terence Smith and Ugly Man      £12.00
Up Front (Can)            Dance with Me                   Howie Smart                     £6.00
Up Tempo (UK)             Three Big Champion/Bad Boy      Simeon Ranks                    £10.00
Upfront (UK)              Take We Back / Yard Oh          The Wailing Souls / Ranking     £30.00
Uptempo (UK)              Mary Ann / Head on Straight     Tony Tuff / Naggo Morris        £15.00
Uptempo (UK)              Golden Hen                      Tenor Saw                       £12.00
Uptempo (UK)              We Can Make it Work/Too         Jennifer Lara                   £6.00
                          Long will be Too Late
V Rocket (UK)             Lord Deliver Us / Dont Leave    Cornel Campbell                 £40.00
                          Me This Way
VBC Inc (US)              What is Mine is Mine/DUB/Jah    Bill Hutchinson                 £50.00
                          Know Who You Are/Revelation
                          of DUB
Veirman (US)              Run Him                         Johnny P                        £6.00
Vena (UK)                 Life is Just a Dream/Anywhere   Leroy Mafia/Naggo Morris and    £10.00
                          you Go                          Lloyd Hemmings
Venture (UK)              Moving / Corduroy               The Improvers and Natty         £95.00
Venture (UK)              Take It Cool / Dennis The       Dennis Pinnock                  £30.00
Venture (UK)              This is Lovers Rock/Name That   Eargasm/P Pop and The           £30.00
                          Tune                            Beagle
Venture Records (UK)      This is Lovers Rock             Eargasm                         £20.00
Vibes (JA)                Type of Loving                  Horace Martin                   £12.00
Vibes (US)                Gimme Punash/Don Ban            Major Mackeral                  £12.00
Vibes (US)                Me Lover Me Lover               Tiger                           £20.00
Vibes and Vibes (UK)      She Have Fe Get It / Let Him    Michael Palmer / Anthony        £30.00
                          Go                              Johnson
Vibes and Vibes (UK)      Baby I Love You/Gwaan like a    Johnny Osbourne                 £8.00
                          Hot Number
Vintage Production (US)   Promoter Call / Seventeen       Admiral Tibett / The Bionic One £6.00
VIP (UK)                  Nice Things Said Worth More     TJ Thomas                       £10.00
                          than Money
VIP Records (UK)          Who Killed the Prophets         Dan I and Big Youth             £15.00
Virgin (UK)             It dread inna Inglan/Man Free     Poet&The Roots                    £20.00
Virgin (UK)             King of the Dancehall             Beenie Man                        £12.00
Virgin (UK)             Give all the Praise to Jah        Delroy Washington                 £25.00
Virgin (UK)             Strangest Love Affair             Carol Thompson                    £12.00
Virgin (UK)             Slavery Let I Go / Find the One   Doctor Alimantado                 £40.00
Virgin Frontline (UK)   Soon Forward/Uncle Joe/Come       Gregory Isaacs/Prince Fari        £40.00
                        Off Mi Toe
Virgo (UK)              Gypsy Woman                       George Faith                      £6.00
Virgonian (JA)          Confusion / The Eight Masters     Cornel Campbell / Tommy           £75.00
Vision Records (UK)     My Life/Live DUB                  Gubal                             £30.00
Vital Roots (US)        Wrestler                          Screechy Dan                      £8.00
Viza Records (UK)       Nah Stop                          Natty                             £8.00
Voice Sonic (US)        Halfway Tree Square               Danny Roots                       £12.00
Volcano (JA)            Two Big Sounds                    I Roy                             £30.00
Volcano (JA)            Hoola Hoop                        Josey Wales                       £10.00
Volcano (JA)            Im Getting Married/Night Flight   Yellowman                         £8.00
Volcano (JA)            Sweetie Come Brush Me/Two         John Holt/U Roy                   £20.00
                        Big Sounds
Volcano (JA)            Red Ash / Watch The Detective     Joe Simon                         £50.00
Volcano (JA)            Ghetto Queen                      John Holt/Captain Senbal          £25.00
Volcano (JA)            No Mama                           Screwdriver                       £10.00
Volcano (JA)            For Hire and Removal              Eek a Mouse                       £20.00
Volcano (US)            Girls Nowadays                    Leroy Smart                       £30.00
Volcano (US)            Stealing Stealing                 John Holt                         £10.00
Volcano (US)            Worries In The Dance              Frankie Paul                      £25.00
Volcano (US)            Dont Worry Your Foreign Mind      John Holt                         £50.00
                        and Body
Volcano (US)            Mash It Already                   Al Campbell and Little John       £15.00
Volcano (US)            Hoola Hoop/Three Blind Mice       Josey Wales                       £15.00
Volcano (US)            Shes Gone Away / Stylee           Cocoa Tea / Ranking Toyan         £20.00
Volcano (US)            Please Jah Jah                    Barrington Levy                   £20.00
VP (US)                 Mt Zion Medley / Liberation       Capleton, Jah Cure, Morgan        £40.00
                                                          Heritage, Ras Shiloh and
                                                          Bushman / Morgan Heritage
VP (US)                 Can You Play Some More /          Beres Hammond                     £6.00
                        What About Joy
VP (US)                 Time Is Slipping                  Jeff Redd                         £8.00
VP (US)                 Fire Chant/Hunt You/Bun Dung      Capleton                          £12.00
VP (US)                 I wish there was a Way            Freddie McGregor                  £6.00
VP (US)                 Gospel Time                       Beenie Man                        £6.00
VP (US)                 Good in her Clothes/More          Capleton                          £12.00
VP (US)                 Over You                          Beres Hammond                     £8.00
W And B Records (UK)    So Near Yet So Far                Paula Clark                       £75.00
W&B (US)                Jail House / Plastic Loving       Michael Palmer/Robert French      £20.00
Wackies (US)            Hi Hello / Saxman Special         Sugar Minott / Jerry Johnson      £15.00
Wackies (US)            Youthman / Melodica DUB           Wayne Jarrett and Augustus        £50.00
Wackies (US)            Wicked A Go Feel It / Musical     Sugar Minott / Horace Andy        £50.00
Wackies (US)            The Time is Now / Revolution      Stranger Cole / Leroy             £150.00
                        /Take Time                        Heptones / Bullwackie All Stars
Wackies (US)            I Remember / Always and           Teddy Brown                       £15.00
Wackies (US)            Jehovah                           Sugar Minott                      £25.00
Wackies (US)            Sometime Girl                     Sugar Minott/Jah Batta and        £20.00
                                                          The Bullwackies All Stars
Wackies (US)            Sometime Girl                     Sugar Minott and Jah Batta        £6.00
Wackies (US)            They Came and Took                Michael Livingston and Major      £6.00
Wackies (US)            Keep On Moving / Keep On          Max Romeo and Lee Scratch         £40.00
                        Running                           Perry / Major Irie
Wackies (US)            This World/Pretty Looks           Leroy Sibbles and The             £75.00
                                                          Bullwackie All Stars/Noel
                                                          Delahaye and Jah Scully
Wackies (US)            Just My Imagination               Horace Andy                       £6.00
Wackies (US)          Zion Land/I Hear the Angels       Calabash/Franklin Isaac         £50.00
Wackies (US)          Black Girl/Boy I Love You         Joy Card and The Wackies        £95.00
                                                        Rhythm Force
Wackies (US)          Movie Show                        Junior Delahaye                 £30.00
Wackies (US)          Just My Imagination               Horace Andy                     £12.00
Wackies (US)          Second that Emotion/Arent we      Sugar Minott                    £20.00
Wackies (US)          It Aint Easy/Gimme Back Pt1/2     The Love Joys                   £50.00
Wambesi (UK)          Go Find Yourself a Fool/          Winston Francis                 £10.00
                      Holding You Back
Wambesi (UK)          Piece of the Action / Slice of    Copie Copewell                  £15.00
Wambesi (UK)          Stranger in Love / Unity          The Royals / The Meditations    £20.00
Warrior (UK)          Rastafari / Forward with Love /   Leroy Sibbles / Mystic Eyes /   £195.00
                      Tafari DUB                        Black Ark Players
Warrior (UK)          Wise Man / Ishen Galore           Winston Jarrett                 £75.00
Warrior (UK)          Natty Dread Mek Me Want /         Marrie Matty / Max Asher        £15.00
                      Corner Shot
Warrior (UK)          Hey Little Girl/Never Too         Don Carlos/Sugar Minott         £20.00
Warrior (UK)          Unconventional People             The Royal Rasses                £25.00
Water Mount (UK)      Pusher Man                        Carlton Anthony                 £15.00
Water Mount (UK)      Night Work                        Carlton Anthony                 £10.00
WE Records (UK)       Ranking African / African Look    Jah Tony                        £50.00
                      into Yourself
WEA (UK)              Reggae on Broadway/Gonna          Bob Marley                      £25.00
                      Get You
Webley Records (UK)   Stronger than Steel               Ossie Gad                       £8.00
Weed Beat (JA)        Trouble World / The Half          Dennis Brown                    £40.00
Weedbeat (JA)         Man Shortage / Girls In Jeans     Lovindeer                       £20.00
Weedbeat (JA)         Burn Fire/Hotter Fire             Big Youth/High Frequence        £50.00
Whiplash (UK)         Mama Africa/Feelings Of Love      The Magnets                     £8.00
Wild Apache (UK)      Boom Wha Dis / The Veteran        Burro Banton                    £20.00
Wild Apache (UK)      A Wa Do Deh                       Super Cat and Tiger             £8.00
Wild Apache (US)      Nuf Reward/Answer Them            Terry Ganzie/Selvin Wonder      £8.00
Wild Apache (US)      Look Good Posse / Easy            Nardo Ranks / Apache            £20.00
                      Squeeze / Johnny Dollar           Scratchy / Roland Burelll
Wild Flower (JA)      Memories / Rasta Roots            Delroy Washington and Jah       £25.00
                                                        Son / Everald Thompson and
Williams (US)         Cant Get Enough                   Stevie Jackson                  £1.00
Winner (US)           Runnings Well Dread               Sophia George                   £8.00
Wisdom (UK)           When Old Flames Burn              Wisdom                          £6.00
Witty (UK)            Rhythm Blues                      Nitty Gritty                    £15.00
Witty (US)            Jamaican Girl/I Woulda Battle     Lloydie Stiff                   £12.00
Witty (US)            Sticky Wicket/Its Happening       Tony Tuff                       £12.00
Witty (US)            Black Man Struggle / The          Earl Sixteen / Colour Man       £25.00
Witty (US)            Wheel N Tun Me                    Sugar Minott                    £15.00
Witty (US)            Its Magic                         Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Witty (US)            Boops                             Peter Metro                     £40.00
Witty (US)            Lovely Lady                       Gregory Isaacs                  £10.00
Witty (US)            Love Me                           Sugar Minott                    £9.00
Witty (US)            Original Foreign Mind             Junior Reid                     £20.00
Witty (US)            Green Card / West Bound           Peter Metro                     £6.00
Witty (US)            Particular Man                    TC Rocker                       £4.00
Witty (US)            Zion First / All This Time        Errol Strength                  £20.00
Witty (US)            Teach the Youth                   Barrington Levy                 £15.00
Witty (US)            No Chatta Box                     Peter Metro                     £6.00
Witty (US)            Jah Be Good to Me                 Sugar Minott                    £15.00
Witty (US)            President/Vote Fe Me              The Black Survivors/Papa        £20.00
Witty (US)            Lovers Rock / Down By The         Trevor Sparks and Daddy         £8.00
                      Boardwalk                         Pecka / Trevor Sparks
Witty (US)            Serious Time                      Admiral Tibet                   £15.00
Witty (US)            Boys                              Marcia Aitkens                  £8.00
Witty (US)                  Its a Shame                        Sammy Levi                       £10.00
Witty (US)                  Kill Them With It                  Papa Toyan                       £15.00
Witty (US)                  Stand by Me                        Mystic Man                       £6.00
WKS (JA)                    One More Time                      Cynthia Schloss                  £1.00
WKS (US)                    The First Word In Memory Is        Carlene Davis                    £3.00
WKS (US)                    This Old House                     Boris Gardiner                   £6.00
WLN (UK)                    Shining Star/Time will Tell        Junior Harrigan                  £20.00
Wooligan (UK)               Hold On                            Mikey Spice                      £6.00
Word Sound and Power (UK)   Be no Slave/The Poor               Rod Taylor                       £20.00
World a Music (JA)          Tan Guard                          Cutty Ranks                      £6.00
World Beat (US)             Night Doctor                       Richard Ace and Sons Of Ace      £2.00
World Enterprise (UK)       Just the Blues                     George Faith                     £8.00
World Enterprise (UK)       Cheating                           Ansel Cridland                   £12.00
World Enterprise (UK)       Respect due to Everyone            Mike Brooks                      £8.00
World Enterprise (UK)       Kill Them With It / Jamaican       Papa Trojan / Lloydie Stiff      £15.00
World Enterprise (UK)       Old Pan Sound / Loose A            Shaka Ranks / Super Classic      £15.00
                            Good Thing
World Enterprise (US)       Easy Squeezing                     Eric Donaldson                   £6.00
World Enterprise (US)       Put the People First               Jimmy Riley                      £12.00
World Enterprise (US)       Sorry to Say Mi Do It/Show off     Double Ugly and                  £8.00
                            Yourself                           Peaches/Double Ugly
World Enterprise (US)       Take Your Time                     Tyrone Taylor                    £4.00
World Enterprise (US)       Look Like I Fooled Myself          Barbara Jones                    £4.00
World Enterprise (US)       Moving On The African Border       King Kong                        £20.00
World Enterprise (US)       Keep Trying                        Jimmy Riley                      £15.00
World Enterprise (US)       Then Have To Come a                Sugar Minott and Gregory         £25.00
                            We/Burning In The Ghetto           Isaacs/Cornel Campbell
World Enterprise (US)       Call On Me                         Leroy Smart                      £12.00
World Enterprise (US)       Happy Go Lucky Girl                Horace Andy                      £4.00
World Enterprise (US)       Rock Me Tonight                    Pat Kelly                        £4.00
World Enterprise (US)       Have To Work On Sunday /           King Kong / Charlie Chaplin      £15.00
                            Come Out A The Way
World Enterprise (US)       Stone Wall                         Sly And Robbie                   £6.00
World Enterprise (US)       Could It Be Im Falling In Love /   Home T Four                      £6.00
                            Love Is Where You Find It
World Enterprise (US)       Mento Medley                       Super Classic                    £15.00
World Enterprise (US)       De Bee De Bee Sound                Horace Andy                      £15.00
World Records (UK)          The Mind is Willing                Deborah Glasgow                  £8.00
World Records (UK)          Cheris Amour/Beautiful World       Dennis Brown                     £6.00
World Records (UK)          Have a Heart                       Dennis Brown                     £6.00
Xamayca (UK)                Day Dreaming of Africa             L Jones                          £20.00
Xtererminator (US)          The Way Life Goes/Wake Up          Luciano/Frankie Wilmont          £15.00
Xterminator (JA)            Hot Stepper                        Ini Kamoze                       £20.00
Xterminator (JA)            Kibba Yuh Mouth/Send For           Josey Wales/Singer Man           £10.00
Xterminator (UK)            How Much I Love You                Marcia Griffiths and Sanchez     £6.00
Xterminator (UK)            Hurry up and Come/Celebrate        Cocoa Tea                        £10.00
Xterminator (UK)            Simmer Down                        Dirtsman                         £8.00
Xterminator (UK)            Sitting                            Brian&Tony Gold                  £5.00
Xterminator (UK)            God a Come                         Sanchez and Macka B              £6.00
Xterminator (UK)            Bus Dem Shut (Dem a                Marcia Griffiths/Baaba Tundeh    £8.00
                            Pyaka)/A Come Deh
Xterminator (UK)            Arms House (Remix)                 Capleton                         £6.00
Xterminator (US)            Good Life                          Cocoa Tea                        £6.00
Xterminator (US)            One Way Ticket                     Luciano                          £10.00
Xterminator (US)            Guilty of Loving You               Gregory Isaacs                   £8.00
Xterminator (US)            Nothing No Go So/Original          Beres Hammond/Louie Culture      £8.00
Xterminator (US)            Love Problem                       Johnny P and Michael Palmer      £10.00
Y & D (UK)                  West Indian / Dont Sniff The       Crucial Robbie and The           £15.00
                            Coke                               Offbeat Posse
Y & D (UK)                  Bubble To Roots Rock Reggae        Sugar Dee and The Offbeat        £50.00
                            / Nice Up The Dance                Posse
Y&D (UK)                    Proud to be Black Pt 2             Crucial robbie and The Offbeat   £10.00
Yammie Music (US)      Gal a Yu Shape                  Admiral Bailey                  £6.00
Yammie Music (US)      Man a Preps                     Ninjaman/Sandy Star             £6.00
Yammie Music (US)      Carry Money                     Captain Thunder and             £6.00
Yard Beat (UK)         Tek Heed                        Blacka Don                      £6.00
Yard Lovers (UK)       No Other Man / Loving is a      Sister B / Jah Woosh            £20.00
                       Must / Pt 2
Yard Lovers (UK)       Lovers Medley                   Viceroys and Jah Woosh          £12.00
Yes (JA)               Complain / Give Me Some         Jimmy Riley                     £75.00
Yes (US)               Nyah Bingi/What am I to Do      Jimmy Riley/The Melodians       £75.00
Yes (US)               Nice People/Money Maker         Jimmy Riley/Clive Hunt          £30.00
Young Tubbys (US)      Love You Only / Rhythm Free     Lloyd Ruddock / Stagga          £75.00
Youth Promotion (UK)   Love Been Taken                 Frankie Paul                    £6.00
Youth Talent (JA)      Cry On My Shoulder              Ansel Meditation                £6.00
Yvonnes Special        Wild Fire                       John Holt/Dennis Brown          £10.00
Yvonnes Special (UK)   Lovelight                       Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Yvonnes Special (UK)   Wont Give Up / Its A Dream      Orville Smith / Gaylads         £50.00
Yvonnes Special (UK)   Praise Without Raise / Pt 2     Dennis Brown / Hugh Brown       £50.00
Yvonnes Special (UK)   I Like it Like That             Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Yvonnes Special (UK)   Loving Feeling                  Dennis Brown                    £6.00
Yvonnes Special (UK)   Your Love is a Blessing         Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Yvonnes Special (US)   Lovelight                       Dennis Brown                    £8.00
Ziggy (UK)             Rocking Universally/Universal   Willie Williams/Jackie Mittoo   £50.00
Zion Gate (Fr)         From Afar/Mother of the Earth   Lorenzo and Elimane/Ifari       £12.00
Zion Lion (US)         Burnin Fire/Leave It at Home    Zion Initation                  £30.00
Zodiac (JA)            Hard Times                      Derrick Lara                    £40.00

Total Records: 2217

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