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									#title                                year   genre1
Saturn 3                              1980   Adventure
'Breaker' Morant                      1980   Drama
Nine to Five                          1980   Comedy
Airplane!                             1980   Comedy
Altered States                        1980   Drama
American Gigolo                       1980   Drama
Any Which Way You Can                 1980   Comedy
Atlantic City                         1980   Crime
Battle Beyond the Stars               1980   Sci-Fi
Big Red One, The                      1980   Action
Black Marble, The                     1980   Crime
Blue Lagoon, The                      1980   Adventure
Blues Brothers, The                   1980   Action
Boogeyman, The                        1980   Horror
Bronco Billy                          1980   Adventure
Brubaker                              1980   Drama
Caboblanco                            1980   Action
Caddyshack                            1980   Comedy
Change of Seasons, A                  1980   Drama
Changeling, The                       1980   Horror
Cheech & Chong's Next Movie           1980   Comedy
Coal Miner's Daughter                 1980   Drama
Day After Trinity, The                1980   Documentary
Dogs of War, The                      1981   Adventure
Don't Answer the Phone!               1980   Horror
Elephant Man, The                     1980   Drama
Eruption of Mount St. Helens!, The    1980   Documentary
Exterminator, The                     1980   Action
Fade to Black                         1980   Comedy
Falling in Love Again                 1980   Comedy
Fame                                  1980   Drama
Final Countdown, The                  1980   Drama
First Deadly Sin, The                 1980   Thriller
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death          1980   Action
Flash Gordon                          1980   Fantasy
Fog, The                              1980   Horror
Foxes                                 1980   Drama
Friday the 13th                       1980   Mystery
Galaxina                              1980   Comedy
Gloria                                1980   Drama
Gods Must Be Crazy, The               1980   Action
Harlequin                             1980   Drama
Hearse, The                           1980   Horror
Heaven's Gate                         1980   Western
Hollywood Knights, The                1980   Comedy
Hopscotch                             1980   Comedy
How to Beat the High Co$t of Living   1980   Comedy
Humanoids from the Deep               1980   Horror
Hunter, The                                                    1980   Action
Idolmaker, The                                                 1980   Drama
Inferno                                                        1980   Drama
Jazz Singer, The                                               1980   Music
Kidnapping of the President, The                               1980   Thriller
Lightning Over Water                                           1980   Documentary
Lion of the Desert                                             1980   War
Long Good Friday, The                                          1980   Drama
Long Riders, The                                               1980   Western
Maniac                                                         1980   Drama
Melvin and Howard                                              1980   Comedy
Midnight Madness                                               1980   Family
Mirror Crack'd, The                                            1980   Crime
Monster Club, The                                              1980   Comedy
Mountain Men, The                                              1980   Adventure
My Bodyguard                                                   1980   Comedy
Octagon, The                                                   1980   Action
Ordinary People                                                1980   Drama
Popeye                                                         1980   Adventure
Private Benjamin                                               1980   Comedy
Prom Night                                                     1980   Drama
Raging Bull                                                    1980   Drama
Raise the Titanic                                              1980   Action
Return of the Secaucus 7                                       1980   Drama
Roadie                                                         1980   Comedy
Scanners                                                       1981   Horror
Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse, The   1980   Action
Seems Like Old Times                                           1980   Comedy
Shining, The                                                   1980   Horror
Sitting Ducks                                                  1980   Comedy
Somewhere in Time                                              1980   Drama
Stardust Memories                                              1980   Comedy
Stir Crazy                                                     1980   Comedy
Stunt Man, The                                                 1980   Action
Superman II                                                    1980   Adventure
Time Bandits                                                   1981   Fantasy
Times Square                                                   1980   Drama
Union City                                                     1980   Drama
Used Cars                                                      1980   Comedy
Where the Buffalo Roam                                         1980   Comedy
Xanadu                                                         1980   Fantasy
North Sea Hijack                                               1980   Adventure
'Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, The'                        1981   Comedy
Absence of Malice                                              1981   Drama
American Pop                                                   1981   Animation
American Werewolf in London, An                                1981   Comedy
Americana                                                      1981   Drama
Arthur                                                         1981   Comedy
Body Heat                                                      1981   Crime
Boot, Das                        1981   Drama
Bustin' Loose                    1981   Comedy
Cannonball Run, The              1981   Action
Carbon Copy                      1981   Comedy
Caveman                          1981   Comedy
Chariots of Fire                 1981   Drama
Choices                          1981   Drama
Chosen, The                      1981   Drama
Clash of the Titans              1981   Action
Comin' at Ya!                    1981   Western
Conan the Barbarian              1982   Action
Condorman                        1981   Family
Continental Divide               1981   Comedy
Coup de torchon                  1981   Crime
Strange Behavior                 1981   Thriller
Death Wish II                    1982   Action
Devil and Max Devlin, The        1981   Family
Diva                             1981   Action
Doctor Dracula                   1981   Horror
Entity, The                      1981   Horror
Escape from New York             1981   Action
Excalibur                        1981   Adventure
Eye of the Needle                1981   Thriller
Fan, The                         1981   Drama
Fear No Evil                     1981   Horror
Final Conflict, The              1981   Horror
For Your Eyes Only               1981   Action
Fort Apache the Bronx            1981   Action
Fox and the Hound, The           1981   Family
French Lieutenant's Woman, The   1981   Drama
Friday the 13th Part 2           1981   Horror
Fruits de la passion, Les        1981   Drama
Funhouse, The                    1981   Horror
F‰lschung, Die                   1981   Drama
Gallipoli                        1981   Drama
Ghost Story                      1981   Drama
Halloween II                     1981   Horror
Heavy Metal                      1981   Action
Hell Night                       1981   Horror
History of the World: Part I     1981   Comedy
Howling, The                     1981   Horror
Kill and Kill Again              1981   Action
Knightriders                     1981   Action
Lady Chatterley's Lover          1981   Drama
Liar's Moon                      1981   Drama
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior      1981   Action
Madman                           1982   Horror
Montenegro                       1981   Drama
Ms. 45                           1981   Crime
My Bloody Valentine                    1981   Horror
My Dinner with Andre                   1981   Drama
Night Crossing                         1981   Family
Nighthawks                             1981   Action
On Golden Pond                         1981   Drama
Outland                                1981   Crime
Piranha Part Two: The Spawning         1981   Horror
Postman Always Rings Twice, The        1981   Crime
Prowler, The                           1981   Horror
Raiders of the Lost Ark                1981   Action
S.O.B.                                 1981   Comedy
Sharky's Machine                       1981   Crime
Southern Comfort                       1981   Drama
Stripes                                1981   Comedy
Take This Job and Shove It             1981   Comedy
Taps                                   1981   Drama
Tarzan, the Ape Man                    1981   Action
Thief                                  1981   Action
Ticket to Heaven                       1981   Drama
Victory                                1981   Drama
'Brideshead Revisited'                 1981   Drama
Missionary, The                        1982   Comedy
48 Hrs.                                1982   Action
Airplane II: The Sequel                1982   Comedy
Annie                                  1982   Family
Atomic Cafe, The                       1982   Documentary
Barbarosa                              1982   Western
Basket Case                            1982   Comedy
Beach Girls, The                       1982   Comedy
Best Friends                           1982   Comedy
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The   1982   Comedy
Black Wax                              1982   Documentary
Blade Runner                           1982   Sci-Fi
Border, The                            1982   Drama
BrainWaves                             1983   Sci-Fi
Brimstone & Treacle                    1982   Drama
Cat People                             1982   Drama
Creepshow                              1982   Comedy
Dark Crystal, The                      1982   Family
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid              1982   Comedy
Deathtrap                              1982   Comedy
Diner                                  1982   Comedy
Draughtsman's Contract, The            1982   Comedy
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial             1982   Family
Eating Raoul                           1982   Comedy
Enigma                                 1983
Eureka                                 1984   Drama
Evil Dead, The                         1981   Horror
Evil Under the Sun                     1982   Crime
Fast Times at Ridgemont High                                        1982 Comedy
Firefox                                                             1982 Action
First Blood                                                         1982 Drama
Fitzcarraldo                                                        1982 Adventure
Frances                                                             1982 Drama
Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D                                          1982 Horror
Hanky Panky                                                         1982 Comedy
Heat and Dust                                                       1983 Drama
Honkytonk Man                                                       1982 Comedy
Horror Planet                                                       1981 Horror
Incubus, The                                                        1981 Horror
Junkman, The                                                        1982 Action
Last American Virgin, The                                           1982 Comedy
Last Unicorn, The                                                   1982 Family
Little Sex, A                                                       1982 Comedy
Man from Snowy River, The                                           1982 Drama
My Favorite Year                                                    1982 Comedy
Class Reunion                                                       1982 Comedy
Officer and a Gentleman, An                                         1982 Drama
One from the Heart                                                  1982 Drama
Parasite                                                            1982 Horror
Penitentiary II                                                     1982 Drama
Pink Floyd The Wall                                                 1982 Drama
Poltergeist                                                         1982 Horror
Porky's                                                             1982 Comedy
Privates on Parade                                                  1982 Comedy
Q                                                                   1982 Horror
Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip                              1982 Comedy
Rocky III                                                           1982 Action
S.A.S. ‡ San Salvador                                               1983
Secret of NIMH, The                                                 1982 Animation
Sophie's Choice                                                     1982 Drama
Spring Fever                                                        1982 Comedy
Stacy's Knights                                                     1982 Drama
Stand der Dinge, Der                                                1982 Drama
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan                                        1982 Action
Summer Lovers                                                       1982 Comedy
Swamp Thing                                                         1982 Horror
Sword and the Sorcerer, The                                         1982 Action
Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 1982 Adventure
Tenebre                                                             1982 Crime
Tex                                                                 1982 Drama
That Championship Season                                            1982 Drama
Thing, The                                                          1982 Action
Tootsie                                                             1982 Comedy
Toy, The                                                            1982 Comedy
Tron                                                                1982 Action
Verdict, The                                                        1982 Drama
Victor/Victoria                                                     1982 Comedy
Vigilante                            1983   Crime
World According to Garp, The         1982   Comedy
'Woman of Substance, A'              1983   Drama
10 to Midnight                       1983   Action
All the Right Moves                  1983   Drama
Amityville 3-D                       1983   Horror
Bad Boys                             1983   Drama
Big Chill, The                       1983   Comedy
Blue Thunder                         1983   Action
Boogeyman II                         1983   Horror
Brainstorm                           1983   Sci-Fi
Breathless                           1983   Action
Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?           1983   Comedy
Christine                            1983   Thriller
Christmas Story, A                   1983   Comedy
Class                                1983   Comedy
Cujo                                 1983   Horror
Dead Zone, The                       1983   Drama
Deep in the Heart                    1983   Action
Devonsville Terror, The              1983   Horror
Dresser, The                         1983   Drama
Easy Money                           1983   Comedy
Educating Rita                       1983   Drama
Flashdance                           1983   Drama
Gorky Park                           1983   Drama
Halloween III: Season of the Witch   1982   Horror
House on Sorority Row, The           1983   Horror
Jaws 3-D                             1983   Horror
King of Comedy, The                  1983   Comedy
Koyaanisqatsi                        1983   Documentary
Krull                                1983   Fantasy
Lianna                               1983   Drama
Liquid Sky                           1982   Sci-Fi
Local Hero                           1983   Comedy
Lone Wolf McQuade                    1983   Action
Losin' It                            1983   Comedy
Love Letters                         1984   Thriller
Lovesick                             1983   Comedy
Man with Two Brains, The             1983   Comedy
Marlene                              1984   Documentary
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence        1983   Drama
Meaning of Life, The                 1983   Comedy
Mr. Mom                              1983   Comedy
My Breakfast with Blassie            1983   Comedy
My Tutor                             1983   Comedy
Vacation                             1983   Comedy
Never Cry Wolf                       1983   Drama
Never Say Never Again                1983   Action
Octopussy                            1983   Action
Of Unknown Origin                                           1983   Horror
One Down, Two to Go                                         1982   Action
Osterman Weekend, The                                       1983   Thriller
Outsiders, The                                              1983   Crime
Porky's II: The Next Day                                    1983   Comedy
Psycho II                                                   1983   Horror
Revenge of the Ninja                                        1983   Action
Right Stuff, The                                            1983   Adventure
Risky Business                                              1983   Comedy
Rumble Fish                                                 1983   Action
Say Amen, Somebody                                          1982   Documentary
Scarface                                                    1983   Crime
Silkwood                                                    1983   Thriller
Sleepaway Camp                                              1983   Horror
Something Wicked This Way Comes                             1983   Horror
Star 80                                                     1983   Drama
Staying Alive                                               1983   Drama
Still Smokin'                                               1983   Comedy
Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew, The        1983   Comedy
Stroker Ace                                                 1983   Comedy
Sudden Impact                                               1983   Action
Superman III                                                1983   Adventure
Storie di ordinaria follia                                  1981   Drama
Tender Mercies                                              1983   Drama
Terms of Endearment                                         1983   Romance
Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann                      1982   Sci-Fi
Trading Places                                              1983   Comedy
Two of a Kind                                               1983   Comedy
UTU                                                         1983   Drama
Uncommon Valor                                              1983   Action
Under Fire                                                  1983   Drama
Valley Girl                                                 1983   Comedy
Videodrome                                                  1983   Fantasy
Walking the Edge                                            1983   Crime
WarGames                                                    1983   Sci-Fi
Suburbia                                                    1984   Thriller
Year of Living Dangerously, The                             1982   Romance
'Far Pavilions, The'                                        1984   Drama
'V: The Final Battle'                                       1984   Sci-Fi
                                                       2010 1984   Action
Against All Odds                                            1984   Adventure
All of Me                                                   1984   Fantasy
Amadeus                                                     1984   Drama
Beat Street                                                 1984   Drama
Best Defense                                                1984   Comedy
Beverly Hills Cop                                           1984   Action
Birdy                                                       1984   Drama
Blame It on Rio                                             1984   Comedy
Blind Date                                                  1984   Horror
Blood Simple.                          1984   Drama
Body Double                            1984   Mystery
Bostonians, The                        1984   Drama
Bounty, The                            1984   Drama
Breakin'                               1984   Musical
Brother from Another Planet, The       1984   Comedy
C.H.U.D.                               1984   Horror
Cannonball Run II                      1984   Action
Children of the Corn                   1984   Horror
Company of Wolves, The                 1984   Horror
Conan the Destroyer                    1984   Action
Cotton Club, The                       1984   Crime
Crimes of Passion                      1984   Drama
Dreamscape                             1984   Adventure
Dune                                   1984   Action
Falcon and the Snowman, The            1985   Drama
Falling in Love                        1984   Drama
Fear City                              1984   Thriller
Firestarter                            1984   Thriller
Flamingo Kid, The                      1984   Comedy
Fleshburn                              1984   Drama
Footloose                              1984   Drama
Forbrydelsens element                  1984   Thriller
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter     1984   Horror
Ghost Busters                          1984   Sci-Fi
Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets       1984   Documentary
Gremlins                               1984   Comedy
Hard to Hold                           1984   Music
Hit, The                               1984   Comedy
Hot Dog... The Movie                   1984   Comedy
Hotel New Hampshire, The               1984   Drama
Impulse                                1984   Mystery
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom   1984   Action
Initiation, The                        1984   Horror
Johnny Dangerously                     1984   Comedy
Karate Kid, The                        1984   Family
Killing Fields, The                    1984   Drama
Clairvoyant, The                       1982   Mystery
Kwai tsan tseh                         1984   Action
Last Horror Film, The                  1982   Horror
Last Starfighter, The                  1984   Comedy
Lonely Guy, The                        1984   Comedy
Micki + Maude                          1984   Comedy
Missing in Action                      1984   Action
Moscow on the Hudson                   1984   Comedy
Muppets Take Manhattan, The            1984   Comedy
Natural, The                           1984   Drama
Night Shadows                          1984   Horror
Nightmare On Elm Street, A             1984   Horror
Nineteen Eighty-Four                     1984   Drama
Not for Publication                      1984   Comedy
Once Upon a Time in America              1984   Crime
Paris, Texas                             1984   Drama
Phenomena                                1985   Drama
Philadelphia Experiment, The             1984   Sci-Fi
Police Academy                           1984   Comedy
Pope of Greenwich Village, The           1984   Action
Princess and the Call Girl, The          1984   Drama
Protocol                                 1984   Comedy
Purple Rain                              1984   Drama
Red Dawn                                 1984   Action
Repo Man                                 1984   Comedy
Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn   1983   Sci-Fi
River, The                               1984   Drama
Roadhouse 66                             1984   Action
Romancing the Stone                      1984   Action
Runaway                                  1984   Sci-Fi
Sixteen Candles                          1984   Comedy
Slagsk‰mpen                              1984   Mystery
Soldier's Story, A                       1984   Drama
Special Effects                          1984   Thriller
Splash                                   1984   Fantasy
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock      1984   Action
Starman                                  1984   Adventure
Stranger Than Paradise                   1983   Comedy
Streets of Fire                          1984   Action
Supergirl                                1984   Sci-Fi
Tank                                     1984   Action
Terminator, The                          1984   Sci-Fi
Thief of Hearts                          1984   Drama
This Is Spinal Tap                       1984   Comedy
Tightrope                                1984   Thriller
Top Secret!                              1984   Comedy
Un amour de Swann                        1984   Drama
Unendliche Geschichte, Die               1984   Fantasy
Warrior and the Sorceress, The           1984   Fantasy
Woman in Red, The                        1984   Comedy
Agnes of God                             1985   Drama
Always                                   1985   Drama
American Flyers                          1985   Drama
Back to the Future                       1985   Adventure
Better Off Dead...                       1985   Comedy
Black Cauldron, The                      1985   Fantasy
Boomtown                                 1985   Animation
Brazil                                   1985   Comedy
Breakfast Club, The                      1985   Comedy
Brewster's Millions                      1985   Comedy
Care Bears Movie, The                    1985   Family
Cat's Eye                               1985   Comedy
Chorus Line, A                          1985   Musical
Clue                                    1985   Comedy
Coca-Cola Kid, The                      1985   Comedy
Cocoon                                  1985   Adventure
Code of Silence                         1985   Action
Color Purple, The                       1985   Drama
Commando                                1985   Action
Cosmic Eye, The                         1986   Animation
Dance with a Stranger                   1985   Crime
Day of the Dead                         1985   Horror
Defence of the Realm                    1985   Thriller
Desert Hearts                           1985   Drama
Desperately Seeking Susan               1985   Comedy
Emerald Forest, The                     1985   Action
Enemy Mine                              1985   Sci-Fi
F/X                                     1986   Action
Fair Game                               1985   Action
Fantasy Film World of George Pal, The   1985   Documentary
Flesh & Blood                           1985   Action
Fletch                                  1985   Comedy
Fool for Love                           1985   Drama
Fright Night                            1985   Comedy
Girls Just Want to Have Fun             1985   Comedy
Goonies, The                            1985   Adventure
Gotcha!                                 1985   Action
Holcroft Covenant, The                  1985   Thriller
Hold-Up                                 1985   Comedy
Inferno in diretta                      1985   Action
Insignificance                          1985   Drama
Into the Night                          1985   Action
Jagged Edge                             1985   Crime
Jewel of the Nile, The                  1985   Action
Journey of Natty Gann, The              1985   Family
Krush Groove                            1985   Drama
Ladyhawke                               1985   Fantasy
Legend                                  1985   Fantasy
Lifeforce                               1985   Horror
Lost in America                         1985   Comedy
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome              1985   Action
Mask                                    1985   Drama
Mean Season, The                        1985   Crime
Murphy's Romance                        1985   Comedy
One Magic Christmas                     1985   Fantasy
Out of Africa                           1985   Drama
Pale Rider                              1985   Western
Pee-wee's Big Adventure                 1985   Adventure
Plenty                                  1985   Drama
Private Function, A                     1984   Comedy
Prizzi's Honor                        1985   Comedy
Purple Rose of Cairo, The             1985   Fantasy
Rambo: First Blood Part II            1985   Action
Re-Animator                           1985   Comedy
Real Genius                           1985   Comedy
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins   1985   Action
Return of the Living Dead, The        1985   Sci-Fi
Return to Oz                          1985   Fantasy
Rocky IV                              1985   Action
Runaway Train                         1985   Action
Rustlers' Rhapsody                    1985   Comedy
Secret Admirer                        1985   Comedy
Shoah                                 1985   Documentary
Silver Bullet                         1985   Adventure
Silverado                             1985   Action
Spies Like Us                         1985   Comedy
St. Elmo's Fire                       1985   Drama
Stryker's War                         1985   Action
Stuff, The                            1985   Horror
Summer Rental                         1985   Comedy
Sure Thing, The                       1985   Comedy
Sweet Dreams                          1985   Drama
Sylvester                             1985   Drama
That Was Then... This Is Now          1985   Drama
To Live and Die in L.A.               1985   Action
Tokyo-Ga                              1985   Documentary
Toxic Avenger, The                    1985   Comedy
Trancers                              1985   Action
Trouble in Mind                       1985   Crime
Tuff Turf                             1985   Action
View to a Kill, A                     1985   Action
Vision Quest                          1985   Drama
Volunteers                            1985   Comedy
Weird Science                         1985   Sci-Fi
Witness                               1985   Drama
Young Sherlock Holmes                 1985   Adventure
Zed & Two Noughts, A                  1985   Drama
Crocodile Dundee                      1986   Adventure
'Round Midnight                       1986   Drama
84 Charing Cross Road                 1987   Drama
About Last Night...                   1986   Comedy
Absolute Beginners                    1986   Musical
Aliens                                1986   Sci-Fi
April Fool's Day                      1986   Horror
Armed and Dangerous                   1986   Comedy
At Close Range                        1986   Crime
Back to School                        1986   Comedy
Band of the Hand                      1986   Action
Belizaire the Cajun                   1986   Drama
Best of Times, The                   1986   Comedy
Big Trouble                          1986   Comedy
Big Trouble in Little China          1986   Action
Black Moon Rising                    1986   Action
Blue Velvet                          1986   Crime
Boy Who Could Fly, The               1986   Family
Boys Next Door, The                  1986   Crime
Brighton Beach Memoirs               1986   Comedy
Clan of the Cave Bear, The           1986   Drama
Color of Money, The                  1986   Drama
Combat Shock                         1986   Drama
Crimes of the Heart                  1986   Comedy
Critters                             1986   Comedy
Delta Force, The                     1986   Action
Demoni 2                             1986   Horror
Desert Bloom                         1986   Drama
Down and Out in Beverly Hills        1986   Comedy
Down by Law                          1986   Comedy
Ferris Bueller's Day Off             1986   Comedy
Flight of the Navigator              1986   Family
Fly, The                             1986   Horror
Golden Child, The                    1986   Action
Gothic                               1986   Drama
Great Mouse Detective, The           1986   Family
Gung Ho                              1986   Comedy
Half Moon Street                     1986   Thriller
Heartbreak Ridge                     1986   Action
Highlander                           1986   Action
Hitcher, The                         1986   Action
Hoosiers                             1986   Drama
Invaders from Mars                   1986   Sci-Fi
Iron Eagle                           1986   Action
Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling   1986   Drama
Just Between Friends                 1986   Drama
Born American                        1986   Action
Labyrinth                            1986   Family
Lady Jane                            1986   Drama
Legal Eagles                         1986   Comedy
Link                                 1986   Horror
Little Shop of Horrors               1986   Comedy
Lucas                                1986   Drama
Manhunter                            1986   Drama
Mission, The                         1986   Drama
Momo                                 1986   Family
Mona Lisa                            1986   Comedy
Mosquito Coast, The                  1986   Adventure
Murphy's Law                         1986   Action
My Beautiful Laundrette              1985   Drama
My Chauffeur                         1986   Comedy
Name der Rose, Der                   1986   Drama
Niagara: Miracles, Myths and Magic   1986   Documentary
Nine 1/2 Weeks                       1986   Drama
No Mercy                             1986   Action
Nomads                               1986   Horror
Not Quite Paradise                   1986   Drama
Offret - Sacrificatio                1986   Drama
One Crazy Summer                     1986   Comedy
Parting Glances                      1986   Drama
Peggy Sue Got Married                1986   Comedy
Platoon                              1986   Action
Poltergeist II: The Other Side       1986   Horror
Pretty in Pink                       1986   Comedy
Psycho III                           1986   Crime
Quicksilver                          1986   Drama
Raw Deal                             1986   Action
Reform School Girls                  1986   Action
River's Edge                         1986   Crime
Room with a View, A                  1985   Comedy
Running Scared                       1986   Action
Ruthless People                      1986   Comedy
Salvador                             1986   Drama
Sherman's March                      1986   Documentary
Short Circuit                        1986   Comedy
Sid and Nancy                        1986   Drama
Something Wild                       1986   Comedy
Stand by Me                          1986   Adventure
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home        1986   Adventure
Statue of Liberty, The               1985   Documentary
Tai-Pan                              1986   Adventure
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The       1986   Horror
That's Life!                         1986   Comedy
Thrashin'                            1986   Action
°Three Amigos!                       1986   Comedy
Top Gun                              1986   Action
Transformers: The Movie, The         1986   Action
Trick or Treat                       1986   Horror
Whistle Blower, The                  1986   Thriller
Yuan Zhen-Xia yu Wei Si-Li           1986   Action
*batteries not included              1987   Family
Adventures in Babysitting            1987   Adventure
Amazon Women on the Moon             1987   Comedy
Angel Heart                          1987   Horror
Anna                                 1987   Drama
Baby Boom                            1987   Comedy
Back to the Beach                    1987   Comedy
Barfly                               1987   Comedy
Believers, The                       1987   Horror
Belly of an Architect, The           1987   Drama
Best Seller                                    1987   Thriller
Beverly Hills Cop II                           1987   Action
Big Easy, The                                  1987   Crime
Blind Date                                     1987   Comedy
Bloodsport                                     1988   Action
Born in East L.A.                              1987   Comedy
Broadcast News                                 1987   Comedy
Can't Buy Me Love                              1987   Comedy
Cherry 2000                                    1987   Action
Creepshow 2                                    1987   Horror
Cry Freedom                                    1987   Drama
Dirty Dancing                                  1987   Romance
Dragnet                                        1987   Comedy
Evil Dead II                                   1987   Action
Fatal Attraction                               1987   Drama
Films of the Brothers Quay, The                1987   Animation
Five Corners                                   1987   Drama
Full Metal Jacket                              1987   Drama
Gardens of Stone                               1987   Drama
Good Morning, Vietnam                          1987   Comedy
Good Wife, The                                 1987   Drama
Hamburger Hill                                 1987   Drama
Heaven                                         1987   Documentary
Hellraiser                                     1987   Horror
Hidden, The                                    1987   Action
Himmel ¸ber Berlin, Der                        1987   Fantasy
Hope and Glory                                 1987   Comedy
House of Games                                 1987   Crime
I've Heard the Mermaids Singing                1987   Comedy
Innerspace                                     1987   Action
Kenny                                          1988
La Bamba                                       1987   Drama
Last Emperor, The                              1987   Drama
Less Than Zero                                 1987   Drama
Lethal Weapon                                  1987   Action
Like Father, Like Son                          1987   Comedy
Living Daylights, The                          1987   Action
Lost Boys, The                                 1987   Comedy
Maid to Order                                  1987   Fantasy
Making Mr. Right                               1987   Comedy
Maurice                                        1987   Drama
Moonstruck                                     1987   Comedy
Near Dark                                      1987   Horror
Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A   1987   Fantasy
No Man's Land                                  1987   Crime
No Way Out                                     1987   Drama
Nuts                                           1987   Drama
Outrageous Fortune                             1987   Comedy
Overboard                                      1987   Comedy
Pick-up Artist, The                1987   Comedy
Planes, Trains & Automobiles       1987   Comedy
Positive I.D.                      1987   Crime
Prayer for the Dying, A            1987   Action
Predator                           1987   Action
Prince of Darkness                 1987   Horror
Princess Bride, The                1987   Fantasy
Principal, The                     1987   Drama
Raising Arizona                    1987   Comedy
Real Men                           1987   Comedy
Red Riding Hood                    1989   Fantasy
RoboCop                            1987   Sci-Fi
Roxanne                            1987   Comedy
Running Man, The                   1987   Action
Secret of My Succe$s, The          1987   Comedy
September                          1987   Drama
Sicilian, The                      1987   Crime
Sister, Sister                     1987   Horror
Slaughterhouse                     1987   Comedy
Sleeping Beauty                    1987   Family
Some Kind of Wonderful             1987   Drama
Someone to Watch Over Me           1987   Action
Spaceballs                         1987   Comedy
Square Dance                       1987   Drama
Stakeout                           1987   Comedy
Stand and Deliver                  1988   Drama
Street Smart                       1987   Crime
Summer School                      1987   Comedy
Suspect                            1987   Crime
Three Men and a Baby               1987   Comedy
Three O'Clock High                 1987   Comedy
Throw Momma from the Train         1987   Crime
Tough Guys Don't Dance             1987   Drama
Untouchables, The                  1987   Crime
Wall Street                        1987   Crime
Whales of August, The              1987   Drama
White Mischief                     1987   Crime
Wish You Were Here                 1987   Comedy
Witches of Eastwick, The           1987   Comedy
Year My Voice Broke, The           1987   Drama
Your Face                          1987   Animation
                               101 1989   Documentary
Accidental Tourist, The            1988   Drama
Accused, The                       1988   Drama
Alien Nation                       1988   Crime
Another Woman                      1988   Drama
Bat*21                             1988   Drama
Beavers                            1988   Documentary
Beetle Juice                       1988   Comedy
Betrayed                                          1988   Drama
Big                                               1988   Comedy
Big Business                                      1988   Comedy
Bird                                              1988   Drama
Blob, The                                         1988   Horror
Boost, The                                        1988   Drama
Brain Damage                                      1988   Comedy
Bull Durham                                       1988   Comedy
Child's Play                                      1988   Horror
Clean and Sober                                   1988   Drama
Colors                                            1988   Crime
Comic Book Confidential                           1988   Documentary
Coming to America                                 1988   Comedy
Cry in the Dark, A                                1988   Drama
D.O.A.                                            1988   Mystery
Dangerous Liaisons                                1988   Drama
Dead Pool, The                                    1988   Action
Dead Ringers                                      1988   Drama
Die Hard                                          1988   Action
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels                           1988   Comedy
Eight Men Out                                     1988   Drama
Everybody's All-American                          1988   Romance
Fish Called Wanda, A                              1988   Comedy
Frantic                                           1988   Crime
Frog Prince, The                                  1988   Family
Good Mother, The                                  1988   Drama
Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey    1988   Drama
Grand bleu, Le                                    1988   Drama
Great Outdoors, The                               1988   Comedy
Hairspray                                         1988   Comedy
Hellbound: Hellraiser II                          1988   Horror
High Season                                       1987   Comedy
House on Carroll Street, The                      1988   Drama
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka                           1988   Comedy
Imagine: John Lennon                              1988   Documentary
Judgment in Berlin                                1988   Drama
Lady in White                                     1988   Horror
Lair of the White Worm, The                       1988   Horror
Land Before Time, The                             1988   Adventure
Last Temptation of Christ, The                    1988   Drama
Little Nikita                                     1988   Drama
Married to the Mob                                1988   Comedy
Midnight Run                                      1988   Action
Mississippi Burning                               1988   Crime
Moderns, The                                      1988   Drama
Monkey Shines                                     1988   Horror
Mr. North                                         1988   Comedy
Mystic Pizza                                      1988   Comedy
Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The   1988   Comedy
Neco z Alenky                            1988   Animation
Nuovo cinema Paradiso                    1989   Drama
Oliver & Company                         1988   Family
One of Those Days                        1988   Animation
Ours, L'                                 1988   Adventure
Out of Rosenheim                         1987   Comedy
Permanent Record                         1988   Drama
Powaqqatsi                               1988   Documentary
Presidio, The                            1988   Action
Punchline                                1988   Comedy
Rain Man                                 1988   Drama
Regi Andrej Tarkovskij                   1988   Documentary
Return to Snowy River                    1988   Adventure
Running on Empty                         1988   Drama
Salaam Bombay!                           1988   Drama
Salome's Last Dance                      1988   Comedy
Scrooged                                 1988   Drama
Serpent and the Rainbow, The             1988   Horror
Seventh Sign, The                        1988   Thriller
She's Having a Baby                      1988   Comedy
Shoot to Kill                            1988   Action
Soldier's Tale, A                        1988   Drama
Spoorloos                                1988   Horror
Stealing Home                            1988   Drama
Stormy Monday                            1988   Crime
Sunset                                   1988   Crime
Tales from the Gimli Hospital            1988
Talk Radio                               1988   Drama
Tapeheads                                1988   Comedy
Tequila Sunrise                          1988   Action
They Live                                1988   Sci-Fi
Things Change                            1988   Comedy
Tin Toy                                  1988   Animation
Tucker: The Man and His Dream            1988   Drama
Twins                                    1988   Comedy
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The       1988   Drama
Who Framed Roger Rabbit                  1988   Action
Willow                                   1988   Action
Without a Clue                           1988   Comedy
Working Girl                             1988   Comedy
Young Guns                               1988   Action
'Around the World in 80 Days'            1989   Adventure
'burbs, The                              1989   Family
25 Ways to Quit Smoking                  1989   Animation
Abyss, The                               1989   Action
Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The      1988   Adventure
All Dogs Go to Heaven                    1989   Family
Always                                   1989   Fantasy
Aufzeichnungen zu Kleidern und St‰dten   1989   Documentary
BFG, The                                   1989   Animation
Back to the Future Part II                 1989   Adventure
Batman                                     1989   Action
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure           1989   Adventure
Black Rain                                 1989   Action
Blind Fury                                 1989   Action
Born on the Fourth of July                 1989   Drama
Breaking In                                1989   Adventure
Casualties of War                          1989   Drama
Chances Are                                1989   Comedy
Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The   1989   Drama
Crimes and Misdemeanors                    1989   Comedy
Dead Calm                                  1989   Horror
Dead Poets Society                         1989   Drama
Do the Right Thing                         1989   Comedy
Dream Team, The                            1989   Comedy
Driving Miss Daisy                         1989   Drama
Drugstore Cowboy                           1989   Crime
Eat a Bowl of Tea                          1989   Romance
Enemies: A Love Story                      1989   Drama
Fabulous Baker Boys, The                   1989   Drama
Fat Man and Little Boy                     1989   Drama
Field of Dreams                            1989   Fantasy
First Emperor of China, The                1989   Documentary
For All Mankind                            1989   Documentary
For Queen and Country                      1988   Drama
Ghostbusters II                            1989   Sci-Fi
Glory                                      1989   Drama
Gods Must Be Crazy II, The                 1989   Comedy
Gross Anatomy                              1989   Drama
Heathers                                   1989   Comedy
Henry V                                    1989   Action
How I Got Into College                     1989   Comedy
How to Get Ahead in Advertising            1989   Comedy
How to Kiss                                1989   Animation
I, Madman                                  1989   Horror
Immediate Family                           1989   Drama
In Country                                 1989   Drama
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade         1989   Action
Innocent Man, An                           1989   Crime
Johnny Handsome                            1989   Crime
Kill Me Again                              1989   Thriller
Last Exit to Brooklyn                      1989   Drama
Lean on Me                                 1989   Drama
Lethal Weapon 2                            1989   Comedy
Licence to Kill                            1989   Action
Little Mermaid, The                        1989   Family
'Mahabharata, The'                         1989   Drama
Major League                               1989   Comedy
Meet the Feebles                       1989   Comedy
Mighty Quinn, The                      1989   Crime
Miss Firecracker                       1989   Comedy
My Left Foot                           1989   Drama
Mystery Train                          1989   Comedy
Christmas Vacation                     1989   Comedy
New York Stories                       1989   Comedy
Package, The                           1989   Thriller
Parenthood                             1989   Comedy
Parents                                1989   Horror
Pet Sematary                           1989   Horror
Rachel Papers, The                     1989   Drama
Roger & Me                             1989   Comedy
Say Anything...                        1989   Drama
Scandal                                1989   Drama
Sea of Love                            1989   Crime
See No Evil, Hear No Evil              1989   Comedy
Shag                                   1989   Comedy
Society                                1989   Horror
Steel Magnolias                        1989   Drama
Strapless                              1989   Drama
Tall Guy, The                          1989   Comedy
Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser   1989   Documentary
True Believer                          1989   Drama
True Love                              1989   Comedy
UHF                                    1989   Comedy
Uncle Buck                             1989   Comedy
Valmont                                1989   Drama
War of the Roses, The                  1989   Comedy
Warlock                                1989   Action
Weekend at Bernie's                    1989   Adventure
When Harry Met Sally...                1989   Comedy
Winter People                          1989   Romance
Sex, Lies, and Videotape               1989   Drama
Black Rainbow                          1989   Thriller
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer     1986   Crime
Music Box                              1989   Drama
Tummy Trouble                          1989   Animation
Unbelievable Truth, The                1989   Comedy
Berlin-Yerushalaim                     1989   Drama
Prince's Trust Rock Gala, The          1982   Documentary
Andy Warhol                            1987   Documentary
Gospel According to Al Green           1984   Documentary
'Ten Thousand Day War, The'            1980   War
Style Wars                             1983
Family Reunion                         1989   Horror
Haircut, The                           1982   Short
Sex and the Other Woman                1980   Comedy
genre2      genre3     genre4     genre5     genre6   genre7
Sci-Fi      Thriller

Horror      Sci-Fi
Crime       Romance    Thriller

Drama       Romance

Drama       War
Romance     Comedy     Drama
Drama       Romance
Comedy      Musical

Drama       Romance    Comedy



War         Action

Thriller    Crime
Thriller    Horror

Adventure   Sci-Fi     War

Action      Sci-Fi
Mystery     Thriller

Horror      Thriller
Fantasy     Mystery    Sci-Fi     Thriller


Horror      Mystery

Action      Drama


Mystery     Thriller

Comedy      Musical

Horror      Mystery    Romance

Drama       Thriller   Adventure

Sci-Fi      Thriller
Romance     Fantasy

Romance     Comedy     Thriller
Fantasy     Sci-Fi     Action
Adventure   Comedy
Mystery     Romance

Musical     Romance
Drama       Music
Horror      Romance    Thriller



Adventure   Fantasy    Family     Romance

Fantasy     Adventure
Action      Adventure Comedy

Horror      Mystery
Drama       Mystery    Romance    Thriller   Music

Adventure   Sci-Fi     Thriller



Action      Thriller

Adventure   Animation Horror      Sci-Fi     Fantasy Musical

Adventure   Drama

Sci-Fi      Thriller



Action      Thriller   Sci-Fi
Romance     Sci-Fi
Drama       Thriller   Romance


Thriller    War

Crime       Drama      Thriller

Action      War

Comedy      Thriller   Crime      Drama


Drama       Romance


Horror      Fantasy
Horror      Fantasy   Sci-Fi
Fantasy     Adventure
Crime       Thriller
Mystery     Crime
Sci-Fi      Adventure Fantasy

Action       Thriller

Drama        Music

Animation    Fantasy
Romance      Western    Family



Drama       Thriller

Family       Drama

Adventure    Sci-Fi
Drama        Romance
Fantasy      Adventure
Comedy       Fantasy   Romance
Horror       Mystery   Thriller

Horror       Sci-Fi     Thriller

Fantasy      Adventure Sci-Fi

Romance      Musical
Drama       Action
Drama       Romance


Crime       Drama

Drama       Romance    Thriller


Horror      Thriller

Romance     Music
Thriller    Crime
Action      Thriller
Drama       Crime

Action      Adventure Sci-Fi


Fantasy     Romance

Musical     Fantasy


Adventure   Thriller

Mystery    Thriller
Family     Fantasy    Mystery


Crime      Drama      Thriller
Fantasy    Action     Sci-Fi

Comedy     Drama
Western    Action

Romance    Fantasy


Sci-Fi     Horror     Thriller
Action     Drama
Thriller   Drama


Mystery    Sci-Fi     Thriller
Romance    Drama      Thriller

Drama       Sci-Fi

Fantasy     Adventure
Romance     Thriller
Sci-Fi      Thriller    Horror
Adventure   Sci-Fi      Fantasy


Family      Music

Fantasy     Comedy
Fantasy     Horror      Action

Drama       Crime

Sci-Fi      Thriller


Family      Action      Adventure Sci-Fi

Family      Musical

Sci-Fi      Thriller


Horror      Mystery     Fantasy     Sci-Fi
Adventure   Drama


Adventure   Family      Comedy      Romance
Thriller    Crime

Action      Thriller
Family      Comedy      Romance
Adventure   Sci-Fi
Drama       Romance     Sci-Fi
Romance     Musical     Adventure
Adventure   Fantasy     Action
Drama       Comedy
Thriller    Action

Adventure   Family
Action      Adventure

Comedy      Sci-Fi
Animation   Family
Sci-Fi      Fantasy
Drama       Romance

Animation   Fantasy
Horror      Thriller
Comedy      Sci-Fi     Drama

Drama       Thriller
Drama       Sci-Fi     Thriller

Adventure   Drama
Crime       Thriller

Adventure   Drama      War
Mystery     Crime


Family      Comedy     Thriller

Drama       Comedy     Thriller
Thriller    Mystery    Romance
Adventure   Comedy     Romance
Adventure   Romance
Adventure   Romance
Sci-Fi      Thriller

Sci-Fi      Thriller



Family      Comedy
Drama       Romance    Crime
Comedy      Romance
Horror      Sci-Fi

Comedy      Crime     Thriller
Comedy      Horror
Family      Adventure Sci-Fi
Adventure   Drama      Thriller
Horror      Mystery

Thriller    Adventure War         Horror
Comedy      Sci-Fi    Mystery


Crime       Drama      Thriller


Adventure   Thriller

Comedy      Fantasy
Romance     Thriller

Drama       Romance

Action      Thriller

Romance     Drama


Fantasy     Adventure Comedy
Sci-Fi      Thriller
Drama       Mystery   Thriller

Adventure   Fantasy    Romance




Adventure   Sci-Fi
Sci-Fi      Drama
Adventure   Comedy     Mystery
Comedy      War        Drama
Horror      Thriller


Drama       Thriller
Fantasy     Adventure Musical

Crime       Romance
Sci-Fi      Horror     Musical
Thriller    Horror

Comedy      Mystery    Fantasy   Sci-Fi
Thriller    Drama

Mystery    Thriller   Crime

Crime      Thriller


Drama      War
Drama      Romance
Horror     Mystery    Thriller

Drama      Romance
Comedy     Crime

Thriller   War

Family     Sci-Fi
Romance    Music
Drama      Crime

Drama      Romance
Family     Animation Sci-Fi

Fantasy    Sci-Fi     Comedy
Mystery    Thriller

Drama      Romance
Action        Drama      Mystery   Romance

Drama         Romance
Comedy        Fantasy

Drama         Music
Crime         Drama
Comedy        Fantasy    Horror
Horror        Thriller

War           Romance
Drama         War

War           Action

Horror        Sci-Fi
Drama         Romance
Drama         War
Mystery       Thriller
Adventure     Comedy     Sci-Fi


Thriller      Comedy     Crime


Horror        Thriller
Thriller      Mystery


Drama       Thriller
Horror      Sci-Fi     Thriller

Family      Adventure Comedy      Romance

Adventure   Family     Romance
Action      Crime
Adventure   Sci-Fi

Fantasy     Musical
Crime       Thriller   Drama

Crime       Romance    Thriller
Drama       Thriller
Comedy      Mystery    Thriller


Drama       Romance    Thriller
Fantasy     Horror

Comedy      Short
Drama       Sci-Fi


Fantasy     Horror
Family      Fantasy


Drama       Romance

Action      Drama


Thriller    Crime      Drama
Thriller    Horror

Mystery     Thriller
Drama       Musical


Drama       Music



Mystery     Thriller

Family      Drama      Animation

Adventure   Comedy     Thriller
Drama       Thriller

Drama       Romance

Animation   Adventure Comedy      Musical
Comedy      Short

Crime       Thriller   Mystery

Drama       Western

Fantasy     Comedy

Drama       Fantasy

Mystery     Thriller

Action      Comedy     Thriller   Western

Romance     Thriller   Drama
Thriller    Action
Comedy      Short      Family

Animation   Comedy    Family      Fantasy
Fantasy     Adventure Comedy
Mystery     Crime
Western     Drama

Comedy      Horror
Comedy      Short
Adventure   Sci-Fi     Thriller   Drama
Fantasy     Comedy     Family
Romance     Drama
Family      Comedy     Horror
Comedy      Sci-Fi
Thriller    Crime      Fantasy
Comedy      Sci-Fi
Crime       Drama


Drama       Crime


Romance     Music


Comedy      Action     Adventure
War         Action

Crime       Drama      Romance
Drama       War

Comedy      Romance    Short

Crime       Drama

Action      Thriller
Animation   Comedy     Musical     Romance
Musical       Animation

Crime         Drama




Thriller      Drama




Thriller      Horror
Family        Comedy      Short


Some*thing* is wrong on Saturn 3.
When they speak of heroes - of villains - of men who look for action, who choose between honor and revenge -
The power behind the throne
What's slower than a speeding bullet, and able to hit tall buildings at a single bound?
In the basement of a university medical school Dr . Jessup floats naked in total darkness. The most terrifying e
He's the highest paid lover in Beverly Hills. He leaves women feeling more alive than they've ever felt before. E
Faster, funnier and wilder. It'll knock you out.
Where dreamers can be winners.
A battle beyond time, beyond space.
The real glory of war is surviving.
A WILD, WICKED DETECTIVE STORY as only Joseph Wambaugh could tell it!
A sensuous story of natural love.
They'll never get caught. They're on a mission from God.
The most terrifying nightmare of childhood is about to return!

The most wanted man in Wakefield prison is the warden!

At last, a comedy that bites!

Just what we all need! A really good hit!

Cry 'Havoc!' And Let Slip The Dogs Of War
RUN - if you must. HIDE - if you can. SCREAM but ... ... He'll Know You're Alone!
I am not an animal! I am a human being! man!

In war you have to kill to stay alive ... on the streets of New York, it's often the same.
Eric Bindford lives for the movies...Sometimes he kills for them too!

Remember my name...
'...This is the USS Nimitz. Where The Hell Are We...?' - Trapped inside the boundaries of time and space... 102
He's searching for a killer. She's searching for a miracle .... And time is running out.

Pathetic Earthlings... Who Can Save You Now?
What you can't see won't hurt you... it'll kill you!

You'll wish it were only a nightmare...
In the 31st Century Man finally created a machine... with feelings !

There is a door between life and death and now, that door is open!
What one loves about life are the things that fade.
The days are wild and the nights are rockin'!
The most dangerous man in the world. He's about to expose the CIA, the FBI, the KGB...and himself.
A hilarious new comedy for everyone who ever wanted to give the oil companies gas pains, turn off the power
From The Caverns Of The Deep... It Strikes!
He's not as fast as he used to be... That's what makes him human. He's a bounty hunter... And that's what m

Terror that's hotter than hell!
Sometimes you have to risk it all...

A giant of a man against a general seeking glory...a spectacular adventure of arch enemies in battle.

'All the world likes an outlaw. For some damn reason they remember 'em.' - Jesse James
I warned you not to go out tonight

The most fun you'll ever the dark
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the murderer among them all?

The Ninja, unholy masters of terror. No one will admit they still exist
some films you watch, others you feel.
The sailor man with the spinach can!
The army was no laughing matter until Judy Benjamin joined it.
If you're not back by midnight... you won't be coming home.

They've found the Titanic. There's just one thing left to do...

Bands make it rock, but roadies make it roll.
There are 4 billion people on earth. 237 are Scanners. They have the most terrifying powers ever created... an
The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse

The tide of terror that swept America IS HERE[UK Poster]

Beyond fantasy. Beyond obsession. Beyond time itself... he will find her.

Two jailbirds who just want out of the cage.

The three outlaws from Krypton descend to Earth to confront the Man of Steel in a cosmic battle for world supr
All the dreams you've ever had - and not just the good ones...
In the heart of Times Square, a poor girl becomes famous, a rich girl becomes courageous, and both become f

Estimated Laugh Count: 287 City, 410 Highway. Use these numbers only for comparison. Your actual laughs m
I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone... but they've always worked for me
A Fantasy, A Musical, A Place Where Dreams Come True.
Roger Moore is 'ffolkes' the man who loved cats, ignored women and is about to save the world.
Don't panic!
Suppose you picked up this morning's newspaper and your life was a front page headline... And everything the
All those years, all those dreams, all those men... one of them is going to be a star.
From the director of Animal House -- a different kind of animal

The most fun money can buy
She taught him everything she knew - about passion and murder.
Eine Reise ans Ende des Verstandes
He's mad, he's bad, and he's Bustin' Loose!
You'll root for them all...but you'll never guess who wins.
Any resemblance between Father and Son is purely hysterical.
Back when you had to beat it before you could eat it...
Two men chasing dreams of glory!

An Epic Entertainment Spectacular!
3-D! It's Back! It's Better! And it's... Comin' At Ya!
Thief Warrior Gladiator King
An action adventure romantic comedy spy story.
When they met they heard bells. And that was just round one.

Cuts up parts other movies just dislocate
Bronson's loose again in Death Wish II
A new high in being lowdown.

Something evil is after Carla Moran, and it will stop at nothing to get her.
1997. New York city is now a maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane.
No mortal could possess it! No kingdom could command it!
To love a stranger is easy... To kill a lover is not.
The final act is murder.
Meet Andrew. The Road to Hell is paved with his victims
The power of evil is no longer in the hands of a child.
No one comes close to JAMES BOND 007
No Cowboys, No Indians, No Cavalry To The Rescue, Only A Cop.
Two friends that didn't know they were supposed to be enemies.
She was lost from the moment she saw him.
The body count continues...

Pay to get in. PRAY to get out.

From a place you've never heard of, comes a story you'll never forget [internatinal]
The time has come to tell the tale.
The Nightmare Isn't Over
A Step Beyond Science Fiction
Pray for day!
a little something to offend everyone...
Imagine your worst fear a reality
He's Not One Of The Best. He Is The Best!
The Games...The Romance...The Spirit...Camelot is a state of mind.

Ruthless... Savage... Spectacular
They thought they were alone.

It will never happen again!
There's more than one way to lose your heart...

The Easter German border: 836 miles of barbed-wire walls, automated machine guns, armed guards, and dead
One man can bring the world to its knees and only one man can stop him.

Even in space, the ultimate enemy is man.
It all started just as a vacation
You Will Feel The Heat.
It will freeze your blood.
The creators of JAWS and STAR WARS now bring you the ultimate hero in the ultimate adventure.
Once upon a time in Hollywood...
Burt is Sharky. Nobody leans on Sharky's Machine!
It's the land of hospitality... unless you don't belong.
The story of a man who wanted to keep the world safe for democracy...and meet girls

This school is our home, we think it's worth defending.
Unlike any other 'Tarzan' you've ever seen!

Now is the time for heroes.

When you have a fiancÈe, a lover and you have to lead 25 women on the night down the path of righteousness
The boys are back in town. Nick Nolte is a cop. Eddie Murphy is a convict. They couldn't have liked each other
For the ride of your life... All you need for Christmas are your two front seats!
The movie of 'Tomorrow'

The tenant in room 7 is very small, very twisted and very mad.
They're the Hottest Things to Hit the Sand... Since the Sun!

With Burt and Dolly this much fun just couldn't be legal!

Man Has Made His Match... Now It's His Problem
It divided the land. It divided the man.

They Are Something More Than Lovers Who Are About To Become Something Less Than Human.
The most fun you'll ever have being scared!
Another World, Another Time... In the Age of Wonder.
Laugh... or I'll blow your lips off!
The trap is set... for a wickedly funny who'll-do-it.
Suddenly, life was more than french fries, gravy and girls.

His Adventure On Earth
Meet the Blands! They're square...They're in LOVE...AND they kill people.

Can They Be Stopped?
Holidays can be murder.
It's Awesome! Totally Awesome!
His job...Steal it.
This time he's fighting for his life.

Her story is shocking, disturbing, compelling... and true.
A New Dimension In Terror...
When you're wanted for a murder you didn't commit, chased for secrets you didn't steal, and running from peo

The boy is on his way to becoming a man. The man is on his way to becoming a legend.
A far from human birth
The ultimate power of evil
The Chase Thriller Of The 80s
There's only one thing left to lose.

The story of a boy suddenly alone in the world. The men who challenge him. And the girl who helps him beco

No Class Has Less Class Than This Class

When Francis Ford Coppola Makes A Love Story... Don't Expect Hearts And Flowers.
The first futuristic monster movie in 3-D.

The Memories. The Madness. The Music... The Movie.
They're here.
One Fun Place, One Hip Movie!

You'll just have time to scream... before it tears you apart!

A Fighter. A Lover. A Legend. The Greatest Challenge.

Right before your eyes and beyond your wildest dreams.

At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.

Science transformed him into a monster. Love changed him even more!
A kingdom ruled by evil. A princess enslaved by passion. A warrior driven by justice.

Terror Beyond Belief

Man is The Warmest Place to Hide.
Desperate, he took a female role and became a star. If only he could tell the woman he loves.
When Jackie Gleason told his son he could have any present he wanted, he picked the most outrageous gift of
A world inside the computer where man has never been. Never before now.

The disguise surprise comedy of the year!
You're not safe anymore...
Robin Williams is Garp. He's got a funny way of looking at life.

Forget what's legal ........... do what's right!
He has everything at stake. He can't afford to lose. He's got to make all the right moves.
Enter the gateway to your peril!
There's Only One Person Left Who Believes Mick O'Brien Can Make It... Mick O'Brien.
How much love, sex, fun and friendship can a person take?
He's Out There...

The door to the mind is open!
He's the last man on earth any woman needs - but every woman wants...

Hell hath no Christine.
A Tribute to the Original, Traditional, One-Hundred-Percent, Red-Blooded, Two-Fisted, All-American Christmas
The good news is, Jonathan's having his first affair. The bad news is, she's his roommate's mother!
Now there is a new name for terror.
In his mind, he has the power to see the future. In his hands, he has the power to change it.
She said no ... and she meant it !

We're taking all the fun out of life - and putting it into a movie!
Sometimes students end up being the best teachers.
What a feeling.
Doing Business In Moscow Can Be Murder.
The Night Nobody Came Home.
Nothing can prepare you for what happens when she fights back.
The third dimension is terror.
It's no laughing matter.
Life out of balance
A world light-years beyond your imagination.

The 'Mad Dog' Criminal...The 'Lone Wolf' Lawman...The Ultimate Showdown.
The last word about the first time.

A comedy for the incurably romantic.
Steve Martin Is A World Famous Surgeon. He Invented Screw Top, Zip Lock Brain Surgery. Trust Him.

Java, 1942 - A clash of cultures, a test of the human spirit.
It took God six days to create the earth, and Monty Python just 90 minutes to screw it up.
When mom goes to work, dad goes berserk!

School's out...But Bobby's education has just begun
Every summer Chevy Chase takes his family on a little trip. This year he went too far.
They Thought He Couldn't Do the Job. That's Why They Chose Him.

James Bond's all time high.
If it can't scare them to death, it will find another way.
They pack, 4 times the punch!..The Fury!..The Excitement!
It will be a weekend to remember...if they survive it!
They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong.
If you thought the night before was funny, wait till you see the next day.
It's 22 years later, and Norman Bates is finally coming home
400 years of training in the art of sudden death... unleashed on 20th century America.
How the future began.
Meet the model son who's been good too long.
Rusty James can't live up to his brother's reputation. His brother can't live it down.

He loved the American Dream. With a Vengeance.
On November 13, 1974, Karen Silkwood, an employee of a nuclear facility, left to meet with a reporter from th won't be coming home!
What would you give a man who could make your deepest dreams come true?

It's five years later for Tony Manero. The fever still burns!
You can always smell the excitement in the air.
The McKenzie brothers beer up under misfortune.
He's hot on the track... and off!
Dirty Harry is at it again.
The world's super hero in his toughest adventure yet!

Come to Laugh, Come to Cry, Come to Care, Come to Terms.
Lyle Swann is a champion off-road racer. But to the people of 1877, he's something very, very different...
They're not just getting rich... they're getting even.

Seven men with one thing in common...
Dateline: Central America. The First Casualty of War is the Truth.
She's cool. He's hot. She's from the Valley. He's not.
First it controlled her mind, then it destroyed her body... Long live the new flesh!

Is it a game, or is it real?

We are not alone.
She was a beautiful fugitive. Fleeing from corruption. From power. He was a professional athlete past his prime
The comedy that proves that one's a crowd.
The Man... The Music... The Madness... The Murder... The Motion Picture...
The music and break dance explosion of the summer!
Unfortunately, they're both on our side.
The Heat Is On!

She's the hottest thing on the beach. She's also his best friend's daughter!
Breaking up is hard
You can't believe everything you see.

They were friends through hell. They became enemies in Paradise.
For the break of your life! Push it to pop it! Rock it to lock it! Break it to make it!
Welcome to a world of crude beauty... of danger and excitement... of wonders, legend, and imagination... Wel
Ugly. Slobbering. Ferocious. Carnivorous.
Fasten your seatbelts. Those crazy Cannonballers are at it again!
An adult nightmare.
The desire... the fantasy... the nightmare

Where crime lords rub elbows with the rich and famous!
Her name is China Blue. She is watched. She is worshipped. And, she must remain a mystery.
Alex Gardner has an extraordinary gift. To keep it may cost him his life...
A world beyond your experience, beyond your imagination.

No showgirl is safe on the streets of... Fear City
Will she have the power... to survive?

The music is on his side

Three Times Before You Have Felt The Terror, Known The Madness, Lived The Horror. But This Is The One You
They're Here To Save The World.

Cute. Clever. Mischievous. Intelligent. Dangerous. [Crossed Out] We're Here!

Willie Parker grassed... ten years later they came for their revenge.
There's more to do in the snow than ski.

Imagine what would happen if every desire, every urge, every passion, locked deep inside all of us ...suddenly
If adventure has a name... it must be Indiana Jones.
. . the night new blood is pledged.
Organized crime has never been so disorganized!
Only the 'Old One' could teach him the secrets of the masters.
Every so often, there is a film that is destined to be talked about and remembered for years to come.
Beyond the five senses lies a sixth. To possess it is to see the unseen. If she sees're dead.
Not since Don Quixote has Spain had so much fun!
A Deadly Game of Hide and Seek.
He didn't find his dreams... his dreams found him.
Meet Larry Hubbard... Lonely guy.
Micki was the only woman he ever wanted to marry. Until he met Maude. So, he did what any honorable man
The war's not over until the last man comes home.

Boyhood dreams, a bat made from a tree struck by lightning and most importantly, a never-ending passion for
Mankind's Deadliest Threat Will Not Come From The Skies.
If Nancy Doesn't Wake Up Screaming She Won't Wake Up At All...
George Orwell's Terrifying Vision Comes To The Screen.

As boys, they said they would die for each other. As men, they did.
It brings magic back to the cinema...
Jennifer Has A Few Million Close Friends. She's Going To Need Them _All_.
An adventure beyond time. The experiment that should never have happened 50 years ago is still going on.
The new police recruits. Call them slobs. Call them jerks. Call them gross. - Just don't call them when you're in

There's something funny going on in Washington. Goldie's about to become a diplomat.

In our time, no foreign army has ever occupied American soil. Until now.
...It's 4 A.M., do you know where your car is?
Mankind vs. the ultimate eating machine
An epic love story of today

She's a girl from the big city. He's a reckless soldier of fortune. For a fabulous treasure, they share an adventu
It Is The Future. He fought the horror of robots programmed to kill.
It's the time of your life that may last a lifetime.

Alone, far from home, and far from justice, he has three days to learn the truth about a murder...and the truth

Two days ago, this girl showed up naked at the Statue of Liberty. For Alan Bauer, it was love at first sight. Now
Join the search
In 1977 Voyager II was launched into space, inviting all lifeforms in the universe to visit our planet. Get ready

A Rock & Roll Fable.
Her first great adventure.
James Garner's at war -- and driving a Sherman Tank
In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Futu

Does for rock and roll what 'The Sound of Music' did for hills
A cop on the edge...
Movie? What movie?

A boy who needs a friend finds a world that needs a hero in a land beyond imagination!
An age of mystery and magic... Of swords and sorcery.
Shy, quiet Teddy Pierce wanted a little adventure. And one day it walked into his life in a red silk dress. Now h
What unspeakable crime took place behind the third floor window? Only Agnes knows. And Dr. Martha Livingst
A one-of-a-kind American film about love, marriage and divorce.

17 year old Marty McFly got home early last night. 30 years early.
Teenage life has never been darker...or funnier...
Hidden by darkness. Guarded by witches. Discovered by a boy. Stolen by a king. Whoever owns it will rule the

It's only a state of mind.
They only met once, but it changed their lives forever.
You don't have to be crazy to blow 30 million dollars in 30 days. But it helps.
What happens when the world stops caring?
Follow the newest cat-and-creature game as played through

It's Not Just A Game Anymore.
A movie felt never so refreshing!
It is everything you've dreamed of. It is nothing you expect.
Eddie Cusack's a good cop having a very bad day.
It's about life. It's about love. It's about us.
Somewhere... somehow... someone's going to pay!

First there was 'NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD' then 'DAWN of the DEAD' and now the darkest day of horror the w
Just how far will a government go to hide the truth?

Roberta is desperate to be Susan. Susan is wanted by the mob. The mob finds Roberta instead...

Enemies because they were taught to be. Allies because they had to be. Brothers because they dared to be.
Murder! Special effects? This time it's for real!

A timeless adventure, a passion for wealth and power. Only the strongest will survive
Meet the only guy who changes his identity more often than his underwear.

If you love being scared, it'll be the night of your life.
Getting into trouble is easy but getting out of it is all the fun!
They call themselves 'The Goonies.' The secret caves. The old lighthouse. The lost map. The treacherous traps.
Jonathan started out trying to score. And ended up being the target.

Assignment : Survival

A dangerous romance
When a murder case is this shocking, which do you trust... your emotions or the evidence?
When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

It's chillin
A Magical Mystical Adventure
'No Good without Evil. No Love without Hate. No Innocence without Lust. I am Darkness.'
In the blink of an eye, the terror begins.

Two men enter. One man leaves.
Sometimes the most unlikely people become heroes.
For reporter Malcolm Anderson, it's the story of a lifetime. But getting it could cost him his career ...And her li
Just when you think you've found the right guy, someone even worse comes along.
Miracles do happen!
Based on a true story.
... and hell followed with him.
The story of a rebel and his bike.
She wants it all. She takes it all. She pays the price.
Hired killers by day. Devoted lovers by night. Until they found their next assignment was each other.

They sent him on a mission and set him up to fail. But they made one mistake. They forgot they were dealing
Death Is Just The Beginning...
When he gets mad, he doesn't get even... he gets creative.
Look Out! He's Unarmed and Dangerous!
They're back...They're Hungry...And they're NOT vegetarian.
It's an all-new live-action fantasy - filled with Disney adventure and magic.
When East Meets West, the Champion remains standing
Once it starts, nothing can stop it!
He brought the west law, and order..............and good clothes!
He never knew what hit him

Whenever the moon is full... it comes back!
Get ready for the ride of your life.
With spies like these who needs enemies?
The heat this summer is at Saint Elmo's Fire.
...When Violence Demands Revenge.
Are you eating it ...or is it eating you?
Life's A Beach
A Romantic Comedy From Rob Reiner

The director of 'The French Connection' is on the streets again!

'Melvin was a 90lb. weakling until nuclear waste transformed him into...' [The Toxic Avenger]
Jack Deth is back... and he's never even been here before!

Where enemies are made, reputations are earned and love is the most risky affair of all.
Has James Bond finally met his match?

Ready or not, here they come
It's all in the name of science. Weird Science.
Harrison Ford is John Book - A big city cop who knows too much. His only evidence: a small boy who's seen to
Before a lifetime of adventure, they had the adventure of a lifetime.

He's survived the most hostile and primitive land known to man. Now all he's got to do is make it through a we
The music and the magic come together...

It's about men, women, choices, friendship, love, last night...
Welcome to the world of your dreams!
This time it's war
April Foooool's...
Undercover. Overdressed. And keeping you safe from the scum of the earth
Like father. Like son. Like hell.
Haven't you ever done something in your life you wish you could do over again... and this time do it right! Afte

Some people pick the darnedest places to start a fight!
From the mind of John Carpenter comes the towering adventure that thunders across Los Angeles and explode
It's a strange world.
Wish hard enough... love long enough... and anything's possible.
The anger. THe destructiveness. The urge to kill in cold blood. They weren't born with it...

The hustler isn't what he used to be, but he has the next best thing: a kid who is
Fighting, killing, maiming. Agent orange and the torture cages were the easy part!...

When you've got Critters... you need all the help you can get.
They don't negotiate with terrorists... they blow them away!
The Nightmare Returns

See what happens when a dirty bum meets the filthy rich.
It's not where you start - It's where you start again.
One Man's Struggle To Take It Easy
Take off on the ultimate fantasy adventure!
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Eddie Murphy Is The Chosen One

All new! All fun!
When East meets West, the laughs shift into high gear!
Dr. Lauren Slaughter, professor, emissary, hooker, target.

He fought his first battle on the Scottish Highlands in 1536. He will fight his greatest battle on the streets of N
Never Pick Up A Stranger.
They needed a second chance to finish first.
There's No Place On Earth To Hide!

They loved. They laughed. They lied. All in the name of friendship.

Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems.
Under the shadow of the axe...

An Experiment In Terror!
A Singing Plant. A Daring Hero. A Sweet Girl. A Demented Dentist.
There's nothing wrong with being different.
Hannibal Lecter's legacy of evil begins here.

Sometimes love is a strange and wicked game.
Allie Fox followed his dream to the Mosquito Coast. He planned a paradise. He created a Hell.
Who, in the name of God, is getting away with murder?

They Broke Every Rule
When passion and hatred know no limits, expect no mercy.
A Chilling Tale Of Supernatural Evil.

They're out of school, out on Nantucket, and out of their minds. With this crowd, anything can happen!

Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?
The first casualty of war is innocence.
They're back.
Blane's a pretty cool guy. Andie's pretty in pink. And Ducky's pretty crazy.
Unlock the Terror. Unlock the Fear. And enter into the All New Nightmare of...
Winning is a feeling you never lose.
The government gave him a raw deal. Nobody gives him a raw deal.
Some Get Tough. Some Go Insane. Some Will Die...

Two of Chicago's Finest
Sam Stone's wife has just been kidnapped... And he doesn't want her back!
Based on a true story.

Something wonderful has happened... Number Five is alive!
Love kills

They travelled back to where 23rd century man had never gone before. To a mad, crazy, outrageous time. 19

After a decade of silence... The buzzz is back!

Reckless! Totally Insane!
They're Down On Their Luck And Up To Their Necks In Senoritas, Margaritas, Banditos And Bullets!
Up there with the best of the best.
Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination.
What are you afraid of? It's only rock and roll...

Five ordinary people needed a miracle. Then one night, Faye Riley left the window open.
She thought babysitting was easy money - until she started hanging out with the Andersons.

It will scare you to your very soul.
Lately, she's been contemplating love, exile, murder, and acting.
An unexpected comedy.
Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a totally NEW WAVE motion picture experience.
Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.
They exist. Fear them.
A hired assassin. A cop turned author. Together they're rewriting the rulebook on the Mob.
The Heat's Back On!

The secret contest where the world's greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death.
This time Cheech is not just on the wrong side of the law. He's on the wrong side of the line.
It's the story of their lives.
Ronald is making an investment in his senior year. He's hiring the prettiest cheerleader in school to be his girl
She's Blond, Beautiful and Forever Young.
When the curtain goes up the terror begins. Good to the last gasp.
The true story of the friendship that shook South Africa and awakened the world
Have The Time Of Your Life
They're so bad at being bad... but so much worse at being good!
Kiss Your Nerves Good-Bye!

In Vietnam The Wind Doesn't Blow It Sucks
It was a dangerous time to be young. An impossible time to be a hero.
The wrong man. In the wrong place. At the right time.

War at its worst. Men at their Best.

Demon to some. Angel to others.
A new breed of criminal.
There are angels on the streets of Berlin.
The epic story of a world at war. And a boy at play.
Where the game is never over.

An Adventure of Incredible Proportions

Born to poverty. Destined for stardom. He Lived the American Dream.
He was the Lord of Ten Thousand Years, the absolute monarch of China. He was born to rule a world of ancien
It only looks like the good life.
Two Cops. Glover carries a weapon..... Gibson is one. He's the only L.A cop registered as a Lethal Weapon
Chris and his dad have accidentally changed bodies - but no big deal. Chris gets the Jag and the Gold Card. D
The new James Bond... living on the edge.
Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.

Killing you would be easy, they'd rather terrify you...forever.
If you think you'll get out alive, You must be dreaming.
Once you get a taste of the good life, it's hard to let go. Even if your life depends on it.
Is it a crime of passion, or an act of treason?
Mad As In Angry. Or Just Plain... NUTS
The CIA is trailing them. The KGB is tracking them. The phone company is tracing them. The police are chas
The Pick-Up Artist... has finally met his match.
What he really wanted was to spend Thanksgiving with his family. What he got was three days with the turkey

Nothing like it has ever been on earth before.
Before man walked the slept for centuries. It is evil. It is real. It is awakening.
Scaling the Cliffs of Insanity, Battling Rodents of Unusual Size, Facing torture in the Pit of Despair. - True love
He's teaching the students at Brandel High two words... NO MORE.
A comedy beyond belief.
The fate of the world is in their hands. God help us all.
CANNON MOVIE TALES: Lavish, feature-length new versions of the world's best-loved storybook classics!
Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement.
Roxanne dreamed of a handsome, intelligent, romantic man. C.D. Bales is two out of three... but looks aren't e
A game nobody survives. But Schwarzenegger has yet to play.
There's no such thing as an overnight success. Brantley Foster took two weeks.

Buddy Has An Axe To Grind. A Big Axe
A classical family treat!
Before they could stand together, They had to stand alone.

May the schwartz be with you.

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!
A true story about a modern miracle.
To get even he must get STREET SMART
At Ocean Front High, what do they call a guy who cuts classes, hates homework, and lives for summer vacatio

They changed her diapers. She changed their lives.
Jerry Mitchell just bumped into Buddy Revell. Now Jerry isn't thinking about math or english. Because at three
Owen asked his friend, Larry, for a small favor...

AL CAPONE. He ruled Chicago with absolute power. No one could touch him. No one could stop him. - Until Elio
Every dream has a price.

Something wicked this way comes.

The first scream was for help. The second is for justice.
Prepare Yourself.

Trapped behind enemy lines. A whole army after him... And only one man can save him.
The biggest dam movie you ever saw.
In This House... If You've Seen One Ghost... You Haven't Seen Them All.
Have you ever had a really big secret?
Mixed up at birth, two sets of twins finally meet their match.
'There are no second acts in American lives.' - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Scream now, while there's still room to breathe.
Imagine having all the power, passion and pleasure money can buy. Now imagine losing them.
It's A Headache From Hell!
It's all about sex and sport. What else is there?
You'll wish it was only make-believe.

70,000 gang members. One million guns. Two cops.

This summer, Prince Akeem discovers America.
A family torn apart. A public filled with outrage. A woman accused of murder.
Someone poisoned Dexter Cornell. He's got to find out who. He's got to find out why. He's got to find out now
Lust. Seduction. Revenge. The Game As You've Never Seen It Played Before.

Two bodies. Two minds. One soul. Separation can be a terrifying thing.
40 Stories Of Sheer Adventure!
Nice guys finish last. Meet the winners.
The Scandal That Rocked A Nation
Their life story is a love story
A tale of murder, lust, greed, revenge, and seafood.
They've taken his wife. Now he's taking action.
Cannon Movie Tales:Lavish, Feature length new versions of the world's best loved storybook classics.
Can a court determine how we should live, how we should love, how we should raise our children? Now Anna
In a land of beauty, wonder and danger, she would follow a dream, fall in love and risk her life to save the mou
Between what you know and what you wish, lies the secret of... [The Big Blue]
This holiday's no picnic.
Get Back To Your Roots!
It will tear your soul apart... again.

It's tough to be a black hero.
Discover John...the angry youth, the musician, the radical, the husband, the father, the lover, the idealist...thr

The year is 1962. The place is Willowpoint Falls. Nobody talks about what happened in the school cloakroom 1

A new adventure is born.

It's the Godfather on laughing gas.
Robert De Niro has to get the FBI off his case, the mob off his trail, and Charles Grodin off his back!
1964. When America was at war with itself.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...
Meet a hero with powerful connections.
A romantic comedy with the works.
You've read the ad, now see the movie!
A celebration of youth, friendship, and the everlasting magic of the movies.
The first Disney movie with attitude.

Stuck between a rock and a hot plate.
High school. Senior year. His suicide shattered their world. Their courage drove them to pick up the pieces.
Life in Transformation
He didn't want to share the murder investigation. There's no way he's going to share his daughter.
Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.

Ett f‰ngslande dokument om m‰starens regikonst

In 1971, Arthur and Annie Pope blew up a napalm lab to protest the war... Ever since then they have been on

Bill Murray is back among the ghosts. Only this time, it's three against one.
Don't bury me...I'm not dead!
The seals have been broken. The prophecies have begun. Now only one woman can halt the end of our world.
A comedy about the labours of love

Stealing hearts, stealing laughs, stealing memories
The Most Dangerous Choices Are Made With The Heart
They broke every rule, loved every woman, took every risk and solved the most shocking murder in the history

The last neighborhood in America.
'Let's get into trouble, baby!'
A dangerous mix
Who are they? And what do they want?
Dealing with the mob is always a gamble.

Only their mother can tell them apart.
A Lovers Story.
It's the story of a man, a woman, and a rabbit in a triangle of trouble.
Adventure doesn't come any bigger than this.
The outrageous comedy about the world's greatest detective and his bumbling partner...Sherlock Holmes.
For anyone who's ever won. For anyone who's ever lost. And for everyone who's still in there trying.
Six reasons why the west was wild.

A comedy about one nice guy who gets pushed too far.

A place on earth more awesome than anywhere in space.
Remarkable. Unbelievable. Impossible. And true.

They couldn't hear him. They couldn't see him. But he was there when they needed him... Even after he was g
Getting back was only the beginning.

History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell...
An American Cop in Japan. Their country. Their laws. Their game. His rules.
He's Lucky He Can't See What He's Up Against!
A story of innocence lost and courage found.

Even in war... murder is murder.

Lust...Murder...Dessert. Bon Appetit!
A film about humanity.
A Voyage Into Fear.
He was their inspiration. He made their lives extraordinary.
It's the hottest day of the summer. You can do nothing, you can do something, or you can...
This morning they were playing ping-pong in the hospital rec room. Now they're lost in New York and framed f
The comedy that won a Pulitzer Prize

For 31 years it's been just the Fabulous Baker Boys... but times change.
The story of the extraordinary people who changed our world.
All his life, Ray Kinsella was searching for his dreams. Then one day, his dreams came looking for him.

A Film by Al Reinert

Be ready to believe us.
Their innocence. Their heritage. Their lives. Nothing would be spared in the fight for their freedom.
This time, everybody's going crazier.

The Career Where Two Heads Are Better Than One

is it fact, fiction, or your worst nightmare escaping from between the pages of a...
The toughest choices are made with the heart.
The story of an American family.
Have the adventure of your life keeping up with the Joneses
Two cops on the take just made the biggest mistake of their lives. They framed An Innocent Man
They changed his looks, his life and his future... but they couldn't change his past.

A true story about a real hero.
The magic is back!
His bad side is a dangerous place to be.
Somewhere under the sea and beyond your imagination is an adventure in fantasy.
Hell hath no fury like a hippo with a machine gun.

An explosive comedy!

Yule crack up!
One City. Three Stories Tall.

It could happen to you.
There's A New Name For Terror...
Sometimes dead is better.

The story of a rebel and his mike.
To know Lloyd Dobler is to love him. Diane Court is about to know Lloyd Dobler.
The Story That Seduced The World Is Now The Most Controversial Film Of The Year.
In search of a killer, he found someone who's either the love of his life... or the end of it.
MURDER! The blind guy couldn't see it. The deaf guy couldn't hear it. Now they're both wanted for it.
On a summer weekend in 1963, four girlfriends made memories that would last a lifetime.
It's all about fitting in.
The funniest movie ever to make you cry.
Two sisters are about to meet the man of every woman's dreams. He's wealthy, sexy and incredibly romantic.

TV as it was meant to be seen. In a movie theater.
He's crude. He's crass. He's family.

Once in a lifetime comes a motion picture that makes you feel like falling in love all over again. This is not that
Satan also has one son.
Bernie may be dead, but he's still the life of the party!
Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?
A passion so strong it kills.

She can see the killer's face. She knows the victim's name. The only thing she doesn't know ... is when the mu
Yeah, I killed my Mama...
As a lawyer all she wanted was the truth. As a daughter all she wanted was his innocence. How well do you rea
Two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid fields of Saturn are intruded upon by a retentive...
Three Australian lieutenants are court martialed for executing prisoners as a way of deflecting attention from w
Three female employees of a 'sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot' find a way to turn the tables on him.
An airplane crew takes ill. Surely the only person capable of landing the plane is an ex-pilot afraid to fly. But d
A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that m
Julian makes a lucrative living as an escort to older women in the Los Angeles area. He begins a relationship w
Philo takes part in a bare knuckle fight - as he does - to make some more money than he can earn from his ca
Dreams. Becoming an Atlantic City croupier will help Sally realize her dream of going to Monte Carlo...
Seven futuristic mercenaries are assembled to defend a helpless farm colony from an evil overlord.
The story of a sergeant and the inner core members of his unit as they try to serve in and survive World War I
A romantic comedy which explores the pressures on police officers.
Richard and Em are children when shipwrecked and marooned alone on a lush tropical island. By the time they
Jake Blues, just out from prison, puts together his old band to save the Catholic home where he and brother E
Through the reflection in the mirror, a girl witnesses her mother's boyfriends murder.
An idealistic, modern-day cowboy struggles to keep his Wild West show afloat in the face of hard luck and wan
When the new Warden comes in disguised as an inmate, he sees first hand all the corruption and scams the gu
Offshore near Caboblanco, Peru, an explorer of sea wrecks is murdered. However, local authorities decide...
An exclusive golf course has to deal with a brash new member.
A self-centred university lecturer thinks it quite all right that he has taken one of his students as a lover...
A man whose family is killed in a road accident retires to a lonely mansion and begins to experience...
The two stoners and their friends go through another series of crazy, drug-influenced misadventures.
Biography of Loretta Lynn, a country and western singer that came from poverty to fame.
Scientists and witnesses involved in the creation and testing of the first ever atomic bomb reflect...
Mercenary Paul Shannon (Christopher Walken), on a reconaissance job to the African nation of Zangora...
A deeply disturbed photographer and Vietnam veteran, named Kirk Smith, terrorizes Los Angeles by going...
A Victorian doctor comes to care for a man catastrophically deformed with Proteous Syndrome.

A man's best friend is killed on the streets of New York. The man (Robert Ginty) then transforms into a violent
Eric Binford watches a lot of movies. He is the truest definition of a film geek. One day, his sanity...

At the New York City High School for the Performing Arts, students get specialized training that often leads to
A modern aircraft carrier is thrown back in time to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on
A police inspector, nearing retirement, tracks a serial killer who is terrorizing New York.
A reporter interviews fighters and promoters about Bruce Lee, intercut with footage from old Bruce Lee films a
A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ming the M
The Centenary of the small sea town, Antonio Bay, is approaching. While the townsfolk prepare to celebrate...
A group of four teenage girls in the San Fernando Valley, and the usual problems teenagers has to cope with...
A young boy named Jason drowns in a camp lake. Eleven years later, counselors at the camp are systematicall
Main Plot: Crew of interstellar police ship is sent to recover a mysterious crystal, the blue star....
Jack Dawn and his family are eliminated by the mob, because he was their accountant and was feeding inform
A Sho in the Kalahari desert encounters technology for the first time--in the shape of a Coke bottle...
A modern-day politician is faced with an incomprehensible in this mystical-fantasy. Senator Rast is a very pow
Jane Hardy decides to stay the summer in the house her aunt left her when she died, to try and recoup from a
Michael Cimino's bleak anti-western based on events in 1890s Wyoming. Sheriff James Averill attempts...
Led by their comedic and pranking leader, Newbomb Turk, the Hollywood Knights car gang raise hell througho
A CIA agent tired of his incompetent colleagues retires and dares them to stop him from publishing an embarra
Oregon, 1980: Jane, Elaine and Louise are all feeling the effects of inflation and cannot afford, as the title state
Scientific experiments backfire and produce horrific mutations: halfman, halffish which terrorize a...
The story of professional bounty hunter Ralph 'Papa' Thorson.
Based on the life of rock promoter/producer Bob Marucci, who discovered, among others, Frankie Avalon and F
Young poetess Rose Elliot buys a book from a local antique dealer, a diary in Latin of an architect...
The son of a Jewish Cantor must defy his father in order to pursue his dream of being a pop singer.
A South American quasi-revolutionary/guerilla/terrorist and a misled, admiring girl compatriot manage to kidn
This movie is about Omar Mukhtar, a Muslim and Arabian rebellion who fought against the Italian conquering o
Harold, a prosperous English gangster, is about to close a lucrative new deal when bombs start showing up in
The origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the Jesse James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal...
Frank misses his mother, who was killed in a car accident years before. She was abusive to him, and made mo
The story of hard-luck Melvin Dummar, who claimed to have received a will naming him an heir to the fortune
Leon planned 'The Great Allnighter' by picking college students to participate in his night long scavenger hunt.
Jane Marple solves the mystery when a local woman is poisoned and a visiting movie star seems to have been
A writer of horror stories is invited to a 'monster club' by a mysterious old gentleman. There, three...
A pair of grizzled frontiersmen fight indians, guzzle liquor, and steal squaws in their search for a...
When a boy comes to a new school and gets harassed by a bully, he acquires the services of the school's most
A martial artist must defeat a plan by ninjas to create a worldwide training camp for terrorists.
The accidental death of the older son of an affluent family deeply strains the relationships among the bitter mo
The sailor man travels to Sweethaven, falls in love with Olive Oyl, adopts Sweetpea and makes an enemy with
A sheltered young high society woman joins the army on a whim and finds herself in a more difficult situation
A little girl is accidently killed playing a game with other kids in an old deserted schoolhouse. The kids swear to
A biographical film about the middleweight champ, the physically tough, but emotionally self-destructive Jake
To obtain a supply of a rare mineral, a ship raising operation is conducted for the only known source, the Titan
The 'Secaucus 7' of the film's title are seven friends who, during their college days, were arrested...

Darryl Revok is the most powerful of all the scanners, and is the head of the underground scanner movement f
A true WW2 story: the British must attack a German ship but it's safe in neutral Goa. So they send civilians, ex
Writer Nick Gardenia is kidnapped from his California cliffhouse and forced to rob a bank. Now a fugitive...
A young boy and his parents become caretakers of an isolated and haunted hotel over the winter.

A Chicago playwright uses self-hypnosis to find the actress whose vintage portrait hangs in a grand hotel.
Sandy Bates, a successful filmmaker, attends a festival conducted to honor his work. During the course...
Skip and Harry are framed for a bank robery and end up in a western prison. The two eastern boys are...
A fugitive stumbles on a movie set just when they need a new stunt man, takes the job as a way to hide out, a
Superman agrees to sacrifice his powers to marry Lois, unaware that three Kryptonian criminals he inadverten
A young boy accidently joins a band of dwarves as they jump from time-period to time-period looking for treas
Two ill-matched teenage girls form a punk band and soon have New York by its ears.
A man is so obsessed with finding the person responsible for stealing his milk bottles that he ignores his beaut
Used car salesman Rudy Russo needs money to run for State Senate, so he approaches his boss Luke. Luke ag
Semi-biographical film based on the experiences of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.
The Greek muses incarnate themselves on Earth to inspire men to achieve. One of them, incarnated as a girl n
When terrorists take over two oil rigs and threaten to explode them if their demands are not met, a unique com
An Earth man and his alien friend escape Earth's destruction and go on a truly strange adventure as space hitc
Paul Newman plays the son of a long dead Mafia boss who is a simple liquor warehouse owner. Frustrated...
The story of four generations of a Russian Jewish family of musicians parallels the history of American popular
Two American tourists in England are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.
In a small town in rural Kansas, a troubled veteran attempts to restore an old merry-go-round ride.
Arthur is a happy drunk with no pretensions at any ambition. He is also the heir to a vast fortune which...
In the midst of a searing Florida heat wave, a woman convinces her lover, a small-town lawyer, to murder her
The claustrophobic world of a WWII German U-boat; boredom, filth, and sheer terror.
Joe Braxton is an ex-con who has been given a second chance to freedom after violating his probation...
A wide variety of eccentric competitors participate in a wild and illegal cross-country car race.
A white corporate executive is supprised to discover that he has a black teen-age son who can't wait to be ado
A caveman seeks revenge on a much larger competitor for the hand of a beautiful cavewoman.
The story of two British track athletes, one a determined Jew, and the other a devout Christian who compete in

Two Jewish teenagers in 1940s New York meet as playground rivals. After accidentally injuring Reuven...
A film adaption of the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster to save th

The epic tale of child sold into slavery who grows into a man who seeks revenge against the warlord who mass
Cartoonist Woody becomes the superhero he draws. Using his gadgets he helps a Soviet spy defect to the Wes
A hard-nosed Chicago journalist has an unlikely love affair with an eagle researcher.
1938, in a French african colony. Lucien Cordier is the cop of this village, populated with blacks and a few whit
A scientist is experimenting with teenagers and turning them into murders.
Paul Kersey, the vigilante, now lives in LA with his daughter, who is still recovering from her attack...
When Max dies in an accident, he goes straight to hell. But the devil Barney makes him an offer: if...
The accidental switch of a surveillance tape with a bootleg opera tape leads to suspense and complications wit
An evil hypnotist puts a beautiful woman under his spell.
Supposedly based partially on a true story, a woman is tormented and sexually molested by an invisible demo
In 1997, when the US President crashes into Manhattan, now a giant max. security prison, a convicted bank ro
Another retelling of the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
A ruthless German spy, trying to get out of Britain with vital information about D-Day, must spend time with a
A record salesman is an obsessed fan of an actress of stage and screen (Lauren Bacall). However when his lett
High school student turns out to be personification of Lucifer. Two arch angels in human form (as women) take
The now adult Antichrist plots to eliminate his future divine opponent while a cabal of monks plot to stop him.
Agent 007 is assigned to hunt for a lost British encryption device and prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
From the sight of a police officer this movie depicts the life in New York's infamous South Bronx. In the center
Two childhood animal friends find themselves forced to become enemies.
A film is being made of a story, set in 19th century England, about Charles, a biologist who's engaged to be m
Mrs. Voorhees is dead, and Camp Crystal Lake is shut down, but a camp next to the imfamous place is stalked
A girl loves an older man. He demands that she goes in a bothel, as evidence that she loves him.
Four teenage friends spent the night in a carnival funhouse and are stalked by a deformed man in a frankenste
Laschen, a German journalist, travels to the city of Beirut during the fights between Christians and...
Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in
Four successful elderly gentlemen, members of the Chowder Society, share a gruesome, 50-year old secret...
Laurie Strode is rushed to the hospital, while Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt the streets for Michael Myer
A glowing orb terrorizes a young girl with a collection of stories of dark fantasy, eroticism and horror.
Before being able to join Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity and its sister sorority, four pledges must spend the night
From the dawn of man to the distant future, mankind's evolution (or lack thereof) is traced. Often ridiculous bu
Eye-popping special effects highlight an updated werewolf story. TV newswoman, Karen White, goes on...
Dr. Horatio Kane has been kidnapped, and is being forced to create an army of martial artists who will help tak
A travelling troupe of jousters and performers are slowly cracking under the pressure of hick cops,...
A film adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's novel. After a crippling injury leaves her husband impotent, Lady...
A poor kid elopes with a banker's daughter.
In the post-apocolyptic Australian wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community
At a summer camp for youths, cockey pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer 'Madman Marz'...
Marilyn Jordan is a bored housewife in Sweden who is liberated (sexually and otherwise) by her relationship w
A mute woman gets raped twice coming home from work and decides to take matters into her own hands....
There's a big valentine-party planned in the little miningtown Valentine's Bluff. It is the first valentine party in
Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory, apparently playing themselves, share their lives over the course of an even
Two men want to escape from East Germany (under Communist rule) but they will only go if they can take the
A German terrorist goes on a killing trip to New York to prove he still is competent.
The loons are back again on Golden Pond and so are Norman Thayer, a retired professor, and Ethel who...
A marshal in outer space assigned to a remote mining colony refuses to look the other way when miners...
A sunken US supply ship off a Caribbean island resort is the focus for a series of mysterious piranha attacks...
This remake of the 1946 movie of the same name accounts an affair between a seedy drifter and a seductive w
The film begins with the return home of a wwII veteran who was the recipient of a 'Dear John Letter'...
Archeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones, is hired by the US government to find the Ark of the Covenant, be
A film-within-a-film: a fading movie director has a plan for a successful movie: get a actress famous...
Sharky is a narcotics cop in Atlanta who, while chasing a dealer, gets involved in a shootout that doesn't pleas
A squad of National Guards on an isolated weekend exercise in the Louisiana swamp must fight for their...
Two friends who are dissatisfied with their jobs decide to join the army for a bit of fun.
The 'Alison Group' has bought four beer breweries in difficulties. The young but rising top manager...
Military cadets take extreme measures to insure the future of their academy when its existence is threatened b
The Tarzan story from Jane's point of view. Jane Parker visits her father in Africa where she joins him on an ex
Frank is an expert professional safecracker, specializing in high-profile diamond jobs. After having spent many
After his girlfriend of many years leaves him, David participates at a summer camp in the country. He...
As allied POWs prepare for a soccer game against the German National Team to be played in Nazi-occupied Pa
Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons play two young men who meet at Oxford. Irons though of no family or...
In 1905, after 10 years of missionary work in Africa, the Rev. Charles Fortesque is recalled to England...
A hard-nosed cop reluctantly teams up with a wise-cracking criminal temporarily paroled to him, in order to tra
A faulty computer causes a passenger space shuttle to head straight for the Sun. Can Ted Striker save the day
Broadway musical based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strip. A young orphan girls adventures in finding a f
Disturbing collection of 1960s United States government issued propaganda films designed to reassure Americ
A young cowboy hooks up with a legendary outlaw, and before long both are on the run from the law.
A young man carrying a big basket, containing his deformed Siamese brother is seeking revenge on the doctor
School is out, and three girls head to the beach for vacation. Two of the girls are world-wise party-goers who a
When a professional couple who have lived & worked together for many years finally decide to marry,...
Town Sherif and regular patron, fights to keep a historical whorehouse open when a TV preacher targets it as t

Deckard, a blade runner, has to track down and terminate 5 replicants who hijacked a ship in space and have
A border agent involved in drug smuggling decides to clean up his act when an impoverished woman's baby is
After a traffic accident Kaylie is in coma for months. Her doctors want to try a new procedure on her: to regain
A strange young man has a sinister effect on the family of a middle-aged writer.
The Cat People originated way back in time, when humans sacrificed their women to Leopards, who mated wit
Based on the E.C. comics of the 1950s, George A.Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the scr
Another planet, another time. 1000 years ago the Dark Crystal was damaged by one of the Urskeks and an age
Film noir parody with a detective uncovering a sinister plot. Characters from real noirs appear as scenes from v
A Broadway playwright puts murder in his plan to take credit for a student's script.
A group of college-age buddies struggle with their imminent passage into adulthood in 1959 Baltimore.
An English noblewoman employs a haughty artist to paint portraits of her husband's estate in exchange for sex
A group of Earth children help a stranded alien botanist return home.
A relatively boring Los Angeles couple discover a bizarre, if not murderous way to get funding for opening a re

Arctic prospector Jack McCann, after fifteen years of solitary searching, becomes one of the world's...
Five friends travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons.
Trying to find how a millionaire wound up with a phony diamond brings Hercule Poirot to an exclusive island re
A story of a group of California teenagers who enjoy malls, sex and rock n' roll.
A pilot is sent into the Soviet Union on a mission to steal a prototype jet fighter that can be partially controlled
A mentally unstable Vietnam war vet, when abused with a small town's police force, begins a one man war wit
Kinski plays the title role of an obsessed opera lover who wants to build an opera in the jungle. To...

Having escaped in the last episode, Jason is back, hockey mask and all, to continue his murderous rampage ac
The complete innocent, Michael Jordan, is drawn into a web of secrecy and government secrets when the...
Anne is investigating the life of her grand-aunt Olivia, whose destiny has always been shrouded with scandal..
As the film opens on an Oklahoma farm during the depression, two simultaneous visitors literally hit...
A female vampire stalks a crew of interplanetary archeologists.
In the small New England town of Galen, a young teenage boy claims he has dreams of young women being br
Junkman and movie-maker Harlan Hollis struggles to stay alive when a jealous partner in his company hires go
The friendship of a group of young friends struggling with teen sex, drugs, and work is jeopardized...
A brave unicorn and a magician fight an evil king who is obsessed with attempting to exterminate all unicorns.

Jim Craig has lived his first 18 years in the mountains of Australia on his father's farm. The death...
A dissolute matinee idol is slated to appear on a live TV variety show.
Lizzie Borden High's class of '72 are going through the motions at their tenth-year reunion, until deranged alum
Zack Mayo is a young man who has signed up for Navy Flight School. He is a Navy brat who has a bad attitude
Hank and Frannie don't seem to be able to live together anymore. After a five-year relationship, lustful...
Paul Dean has creted a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion...
An ex-con on parole and trying to straighten his life out winds up back in prison when one of his prison enemie
A troubled rock star descends into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone.
A family's home is haunted by a host of ghosts.
A group of Florida high schoolers seek revenge on a nightclub owner and his sheriff brother.
The members of SADUSEA (Song And Dance Unit South East Asia) fall in and out of love while trying to dodge
New York police are bemused by a spate of reports of a giant flying lizard which has been spotted around the r
One of comedian Richard Pryor's live performances (at the Sunset Strip, obviously) caught on film. Pryor talks
When Rocky is defeated by a brutal challenger, Apollo Creed offers to retrain him in order to regain his fighting

To save her invalid son, a field mouse must seek the aid of a colony of super-intelligent rats, in whom she has
Sophie is the survivor of Nazi concentration camps, who has found a reason to live in Nathan, a sparkling...

On location in Portugal, a film crew runs out of film while making their own version of Roger Corman's _Day th
Admiral Kirk's midlife crisis is interrupted by the return of an old enemy looking for revenge and a potentially d
A young American couple go to the Greek islands for the summer and are dazzled by the beauty and the uninh
After a violent incident with a special chemical, a research scientist is turned into a swamp plant monster.
A mercenary with a three-bladed sword rediscovers his royal heritage dangerous future when he is recruited...
Gawain was a squire in King Arthur's court when the Green Knight burst in and offered to play a game with a b
With Argento's trademark visual style, linked with one of his more coherent plots, Tenebrae follows...
Coming-of-age adventure about two teenage brothers and their struggles to grow up, on their own, after their
It started as a friendly meeting between 4 old buddies with their basketball coach and ended up in revealing th
Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people
An unemployed actor with a reputation for being difficult disguises himself as a woman to get a role in a soap
An underemployed reporter finds himself literally purchased as a toy for a rich spoiled brat.
A hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games wher
A lawyer sees the chance to salvage his career and self-respect by taking a medical malpractice case to trial ra
A struggling female soprano finds work playing a male female impersonator, but it complicates her personal lif
Eddie Marino is a factory worker in New York City. He has a wife named Vickie and a son named Scott...
Based on the John Irving novel, this film chronicles the life of T S Garp, and his mother, Jenny. Whilst Garp se
A Woman of Substance charts the life of Emma Harte, from kitchen maid at the beginning of the 20th Century.
In his traditional style, Charles Bronson attempts to stop a serial killer that's terrorizing a collage dormatory...
A high school footballer desperate for a scholarship and his headstrong coach clash in a dying Pennsylvania ste
A man who is separated from his wife moves into the infamous Amityville House. Their daughter dies in...
Chicago crime kid Mick O'Brien is sent to reform school after accidentally killing Paco Moreno's kid brother.
A group of college friends reunite at the funeral of one of their friends.
The cop test pilot for an experimental police helicopter learns the sinister implications of the new vehicle.
After recapping her experiences with the killer-mirror-shard, the survivor of the original Boogeyman...
Brilliant researchers Lillian Reynolds and Michael Brace have developed a system of recording and playing back
Jesse has to get out of Las Vegas quickly, and steals a car to drive to L.A. On the way he shoots a police man..

A nerdish boy buys a strange car with a evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it.
Ralphie has to convince his parents, teachers, and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect gift for t
Jonathan, a naive country boy, gets a scholarship to a classy prep school, where he rooms with suave...
A friendly St. Bernard named 'Cujo' contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town.
A man awakens from a coma to discover he has a psychic detective ability.
Shortly after moving to Dallas, a young woman is raped at gunpoint. Her intense anger drives her to seek reve
Dr. Worley investigates a 300-year-old witch's curse in the New England town of Devonsville. Three liberated..
An effeminate personal assistant of a deteriorating veteran actor struggles to get him through a difficult perfor
To inherit his mother-in-law's colossal fortune, a hard living, gambling addict must change his unhealthy ways
A young wife decides to complete her education and take her exams. She meets a professor who teaches...
A Pittsburgh woman with two jobs as a welder and an exotic dancer wants to get into ballet school.
An investigator on the Moscow police force relentlessly pursues the solution to a triple homicide which occurred
An evil toymaker plans to kill all the kids out for Halloween in this non-sequel to the other Halloween movies.
A group of girls staying at a sorority house clash with the house's owner, who wants them out. They decide to
Michael Brody and Sean Brody, the sons of former Amity police chief Martin Brody, work at Florida's Sea World
Aspiring comic Rupert Pupkin wants to achieve success in showbiz, by resorting to stalking his idol, a late nigh
A movie with no conventional plot: merely a collection of expertly photographed scenes. Subject matter has a
The indescribable monster and its army the Slayers attack the planet Krull. To be able to stop the invaders...
Lianna and her husband Dick has been married for a few years but the mariage isn't a happy one, since Dick tr
Invisible aliens in a tiny flying saucer come to Earth looking for heroin. They land on top of a New...
An American oil company sends a man to Scotland to buy up an entire village where they want to build a refin
The archetypical renegade Texas Ranger wages war against a drug kingpin with automatic weapons, his...
Teen sex comedy set in 1965 which follows four Los Angeles school friends, Woody, Dave, Spider, Wendell...
A story of love and obsession. A young radio personality who, after her mother dies, discovers she had been ha
A psychiatrist who falls in love with a patient is visited by the spirit of Sigmund Freud, who gives him advice on
Steve Martin comedy about brain transplantation.

In 1942 British soldier Jack Celliers comes to a japanese prison camp. The camp is run by Yonoi, who has a firm
The comedy team takes a look at life in all its stages in their own uniquely silly way.
Jack and Caroline are a couple struggling to make ends meet. When Jack loses his job, they agree that...
Comedian Andy Kaufman & professional wrestler Classy Freddie Blassie eat breakfast & discuss life.
A rich father hires a tutor for his son. The son is a horny teenager and the tutor is a gorgeous blonde. Complica
The Griswold family's cross-country drive to the WallyWorld theme park proves to be much more arduous than
A government researcher, sent to research the 'menace' of wolves in the north, learns about the true beneficia
A SPECTRE agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before th
A Faberge Egg found with a murdered British agent puts Bond on the trail that leads to a plot to kill thousands
A man who recently completed rebuilding a townhouse becomes obsessed with a rat infestation until it become
A pair of tough cops go after the mob who jinxed the martial arts tournament and injured their buddy.
The host of an investigative news show is convinced by the CIA that the friends he has invited to a...
Based on S.E. Hinton's popular novel, this is a simplistic movie about kids from the wrong side of the tracks.
The high schoolers now seek revenge on a group of religious fanatics and politicians who want to shut down th
Norman Bates returns home to be greeted by who else but his mother!
After his family is killed in Japan by ninjas, Cho and his son Kane come to America to start a new life...
The original US Mercury 7 astronauts and their macho, seat-of-the-pants approach to the space program.
A Chicago teenager is looking for fun at home while his parents are away, but the situation quickly gets out of
Rusty James is the leader of a small, dying gang in an industrial town. He lives in the shadow of the memory o

In 1980 Miami, a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug empire while succumbing to greed.
The story of Karen Silkwood, a nuclear reactor worker who might have been murdered to prevent her expose o
After a horrible boating accident kills her family, Angela, a shy and sullen young girl, moves in with her eccent
In a small American town, a diabolical circus and its demonic proprietor prey on the townsfolk.
Based on the story of Dorothy Stratten, 1980 Playmate of the Year, Star 80 explores a brief and tragic...
It's five years later and Tony Manero's Saturday Night Fever is still burning. Now he's strutting toward his bigg
Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party/festival in Amsterdam. When they get there, however...
Canada's most famous hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that som
The title character, a popular NASCAR driver, clashes with the fried-chicken mogul that sponsors his racing tea
A rape victim is exacting revenge on her agressors in a small town outside San Francisco. Dirty Harry, on susp
Synthetic kryptonite laced with tobacco tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.

Alchoholic former country singer Mac Sledge makes friends with a young widow and her son. The friendship...
Aurora and Emma are mother and daughter who march to different drummers. Beginning with Emma's marriag
Lyle, a motorcycle champion is traveling the Mexican desert, when he find himself in the action radius of a tim
A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous mill
God has had just about enough of the human's attitude so he will destroy the planet very soon. It is up to a st
In New Zealand in the 1860s the native Maori people fought the British colonials to keep the land guaranteed t
A group of Vietnam War veterans re-unite to rescue one of their own left behind and taken prisoner by the Vie
Nicaragua 1979: Star photographer Russel Price covers the civil war against president Somoza. Facing...
Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love...
Max runs a TV channel, and is looking for new material to show...he discovers - Videodrome. His girlfriend...
Cabbie helps woman avenge deaths of her husband & son.
A young man finds a back door into a military central computer in which reality is confused with game-playing
When household tensions and a sense of worthlessness overcome Evan, he finds escape when he clings with th
Guy Hamilton is a journalist on his first job as a foreign correspondent. His apparently humdrum assignment...
Story of forbidden love in 1800's India set against the revolution for India's freedom from England.
A small group of human resistance fighters fight a desperate guerilla war against the genocidal extra-terrestria
A joint American-Soviet space expedition is sent to Jupiter to learn what happen to the Discovery.
A gangster hires an ex-football player to find his girlfriend. When he finds her, they fall in love, and the twists
A dying millionnaire has her soul transferred into a younger, willing woman. But something goes wrong, and sh
The incredible story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told in flashback mode by Antonio Salieri - now confined to
An aspiring DJ, from the South Bronx, and his best friend, a promoter, try to get into show business by exposin
Wylie is a lazy engineer. Landry is a Sergeant specialising in Armour. They have never met but their...
A freewheeling Detroit cop pursuing a murder investigation finds himself dealing with the very different culture
Two friends arrive back from Vietnam, scarred in different ways. One has physical injuries, the other...
Best friends and their daughters holiday in Rio only for one to fall for the other's daughter.
A man goes blind when remembering his lost girlfriend, but the doctors can't find anything wrong with his eyes
A rich but jealous man hires a private investigator to kill his cheating wife and her new man. But, when blood
Jake comes home to find his girlfriend with another man and has to find a new place. In between his acting wo
19th-century Boston woman dedicated to the suffrage movement, meets a faith healer's daughter, a Mississipp
The familiar story of Captain Bligh, whose cruelty leads to a mutiny on his ship. This version follows...
Girl is a waitress by day, a breakdancer by night.
The Brother is an alien who has crash-landed on Earth, in New York City. While mute, strongly empathic...
A rash of bizarre murders in New York City seems to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living
The original characters from the first Cannonball movie race across the country once more in various cars and
A boy preacher named Isaac goes to a town in Nebraska called Gatlin and gets all the children to murder every
This movie is in fact a magical bag full of symbolic folklore about werewolves, or, rather, their sexual connotat
Conan leads a ragtag group of adventurers on a quest for a princess.
The Cotton Club was a famous night club in Harlem. The story follows the people that visited the club...
An architect leads a double life as a hooker named China Blue. One of her clients, a divorced man, decides he
A government funded project looks into using psychics to enter people's dreams, with some mechanical help...
In the distant future, a man appears who may be the prophet that a long-suffering galaxy has been waiting for
The true story of a disillusioned CIA employee and his drug pusher childhood friend who became walk-in spies
During shopping for Christmas, Frank and Molly run into each other. This fleeting short moment will start to ch
Strippers in Manhattan are being stalked and murdered by a psycho. A police detective and a private eye hired
A couple who participated in a potent medical experiment gain telekinetic ability and then have a child who is
Jeffrey feels boxed in; in his home, in his life, in his dreams. At the Flamingo beach club his eyes...
A soldier who deserted because of spiritual beliefs was tried and evaluated by four psychiatrists, and...
A city boy comes to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned.
Fischer, an ex-cop, returns to his old beat somewhere in northern Europe after a thirteen-year hiatus in Cairo..
Having been revived at the hospital, Jason returns to Crystal Lake to meet more victims. However, this time ha
Three unemployed parapsychology professors set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.

A boy inadvertantly breaks 3 important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently m
Details the efforts of a pop-rock star (James Roberts / Rick Springfield) to win the love of a woman he meets in
Ex-gangster Willie Parker has betrayed his former 'colleagues' and now lives in Spain where he thinks he can h
Naive corn-pone skiing wunderkind picks up beautiful hitchhiking bimbo on way to ski competition. Once...
The film talks about a family that weathers all sorts of disasters and keeps going in spite of it all...
After a small earthquake in a small and quiet town, local citizens start to have a bizarre, violent and self-destru
In India, Indiana Jones agrees to look for a village's lost magic stone and in doing so, stumbles on to a secret
Kelly Fairchild has become a college student and a member of the Delta Ro Kai sorority. During all her life...
Set in the 1930's, an honest, goodhearted man is forced to turn to a life of crime to finance his neurotic mothe
A handyman/martial arts master agrees to teach a bullied boy karate and shows him that there is more to the
An American citizen is trapped in Cambodia during tyrant Pol Pot's bloody 'Year Zero' ethnic cleansing campaig
Two uneasy friends, a police officer and a TV talk show host, each pursue the mysterious 'handcuff killer' with
Cousins Jackie and David, owners of a mobile restaurant, team up with their friend Moby, a bumbling private d
Vinny is obsessed with famous actress Jana Bates and is determined to have her star in his movie. He...
A videogaming boy, seemingly doomed to stay at his trailer park home all his life, finds himself recruited as a
A writer for a greating card company learns the true meaning of loneliness when he comes home to find his gir
A bigamist must keep his wives from meeting each other, which becomes tricky when they're both pregnant.
Colonel Braddock, who escaped from a POW camp after 10 years, returns to Vietnam. He attempts to track...
When a Russian musician defects in Bloomingdale's department store in New York, he finds adjusting to Ameri
Kermit and his friends go to New York to get their musical on Broadway only to find it's a more difficult task th
An overage baseball player comes out of seemingly nowhere to become a legendary player with almost divine
When 2 brothers go to a small southern town for a vacation, 1 goes missing and the other must try to...
In the dreams of his victims, a specteral child murderer stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob th
George Orwell's novel of a totalitarian future society in which a man whose daily work is rewriting history tries
Lois Thornedyke, the daughter of a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, writes a scandal column for a New York ci
A former Prohibition-era Jewish gangster returns to Brooklyn over 30 years later, where he once again must co
A man wanders out of the desert not knowing who he is. His brother finds him, and helps to pull his...
A young girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boardin
Based on an actual event that took place in 1943, about a naval battleship that disappeared from Philadelphia
A group of good-hearted but incompotent misfits enter the police academy, but the instructors there are not go
Charlie and his troublesome cousin Paulie decide to steal $150000 in order to back a 'sure thing' race horse th

A naive cocktail waitress saves the life of a visiting dignitary when he chokes in a bar. She is then given a job
A young man with a talent for music has begun a career with much promise. He meets an aspiring singer...
It is the dawn of World War III. In mid-western America, a group of teenagers bands together to defend their t
Young punk Otto becomes a repo man after helping to steal a car, and stumbles into a world of wackiness as a
Aliens invade a small town and a group of teenagers try and escape from them.
Farming family battles severe storms, a bank threatening to reposses their farm, and other hard times in a bat
Beckman driving a '55 Thunderbird on Route 66 hooks up with Johnny after hoodlum Hoot and his gang shoot
A romance writer sets off to Colombia to ransom her kidnapped sister, and soon finds herself in the middle of a
A tough cop is assigned the dangerous task of discovering who is responsible for a rash of killings perpetrated
A young girl's 'sweet sixteenth' birthday becomes anything but special as she suffers from every embarrassme
'The Inside Man' is based on a real-life incident during the days of the Cold War when a Soviet submarine was
An African American officer investigates a murder in a racially charged situation in World War II.
A director makes a movie based on a murder he committed.
A man is reunited with a mermaid who saves him from drowning as a boy and falls in love not knowing who/w
Admiral Kirk and his bridge crew risk their careers stealing the decommissioned Enterprise to return to the res
An alien takes the form of a young widow's husband and asks her to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona. The
This is about a self-styled New York hipster (John Lurie of the Lounge Lizards) who is paid a suprise...
A mercenary goes after his ex-girlfriend, a singer who has been kidnapped by a gang.
Supergirl heads to earth to recover the Omegaheadron, which is the power source for her home world....
Zack is a Master Sargent assigned to his last post before leaving the service. He is a colorful character...
A human-looking, apparently unstoppable cyborg is sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor; Kyle Reese is se
A woman trapped in a boring marriage begins an affair with a handsome man who seems able to read her min
Spinal Tap, the world's loudest band, is chronicled by hack documentarian Marti DeBergi on what proves to be
Wes Block (Eastwood) is a detective who's put on the case of a serial killer. His victims are young and pretty w
This time Zucker and Abrams are spoofing, most notably, Elvis films and WWII spy movies. Val Kilmer stars as
Elegant and educated bachelor, Charles Swann, moves in the most powerful and fashionable circles of Paris in
A troubled boy dives into a wonderous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.
The mighty warrior, Kain, crosses the barren wastelands of the planet Ura, where two arch enemies, Zeg and t
On his way to work, Teddy spots Charlotte - an incredibly beautiful Woman in Red. He really wants to meet he
When a naive novice nun is discovered with a dead newborn in her convent quarters, a court appointed psychi

Sports physician Marcus persuades his unstable brother David to come with him and train for a bicycle race ac
Eccentric Doc Brown invents time travel; young Marty McFly goes back in time, stops his parents from meeting
A teenager has to deal with his girlfriend dumping him among family crises, homicidal paper boys, and a rival
A young boy and a bunch of misfit friends embark on a quest to find a dark magic item of ultimate power befo
The Android Sisters sing about the alarming increase in U.S. defense spending during the cold war and...
A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of t
Forced to spend a Saturday detention in school, five disparate high school kids find that they have more in com
A minor league baseball player has to waste $30m in 30 days in order to inherit $300m; however he's not allo
The Care Bears live in a country high in the clouds, where they have a lot of fun together. But they also do car
A stray cat is the linking element of three tales of suspense and horror.
Hopefuls try out before a demanding director for a part in a new musical.
Six guests are invited to a strange house and must cooperate with the staff to solve a murder mystery.
An eccentric marketing guru visits a Coca-Cola subsidiary in Australia to try and increase market penetration..
When a group of trespassing seniors swim in a pool containing alien cocoons, they find themselves energized w
A Chicago cop is caught in a middle of a gang war while his own comrades shun him because he wants to take
The life and trials of a young African American Woman.
A retired elite commando has only a few hours to find and rescue his daughter from an exiled dictator.
Earth is visited by a race of aliens, who issue an ultimatum: either peace or complete destruction.
Ruth Ellis lives with her 10-year old son Andy next to a night club. One night she meets David Blakely...
A small group of military officers and scientists dwell in an underground bunker as the world above is overrun
After a newspaper reporter helps expose a Member of Parliament as a possible spy, he finds that there's much
It is 1950s Nevada, and Professor Vivian Bell arrives to get a divorce. She's unsatisfied with her marriage...
Bored Roberta spots a regular personal ad in the paper titled 'Desperately Seeking Susan'. She heads off to Ne
Based on a true story, Powers Boothe plays an American dam engineer in Brazil. Boothe's son (played...
A soldier from Earth crashlands on an alien world after sustaining battle damage. Eventually he encounters ano
A movie special effects man is hired to fake a real-life mob killing for a witness protection plan, but finds his ow

Five decades of film making are presented via interesting interviews and dynamic movie scenes.
A band of medieval mercenaries take revenge on a noble lord who decides not to pay them by kidnapping the
Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher, Los Angeles journalist, really lives for his profession. As Jane Doe, he publishes...
May is waiting for her boyfriend in a run-down American motel, when an old flame turns up and threatens...
When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him.
Janey is new in town, and soon meets Lynne, who shares her passion for dancing in general, and 'Dance TV' in
A group of kids embark on a wild adventure after finding a pirate treasure map.
Jonathan plays a game called Gotcha in which he hunts and is hunted by other students with paint guns...
The son of a German General becomes part of a mysterious conspiracy to gain hidden Nazi funds.
Dressed as a clown, the clever rascal Grimm holds up the most secure bank of Montreal and takes 30 hostages
A cameraman and a reporter head into the jungle searching for the missing son of a TV producer hoping to find
Four 1950's icons meet in the same hotel room and two of them discover more in common between them than
Ed Okin's life is somewhat out of control. He can't sleep, his wife betrays him and his job is dull...
San Francisco heiress Page Forrester is brutally murdered in her remote beach house. Her husband Jack...
This is the sequel to 'Romancing the Stone' where Jack and Joan have their yacht and easy life, but...
In the 1930s, a tomboyish girl runs away from her guardian to join her single father who is 2,000 miles away,
In this movie based on the life of Russel Simmons, hot young record producer/manager Russel Walker has...
Philipe Gastone, a thief, escapes from the dungeon at Aquila, sparking a manhunt. He is nearly captured when
A young man must stop the Lord of Darkness from both destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves
A space shuttle mission investigating Halley's Comet brings back a malevolent race of space vampires...
A husband and wife in their 30s decide to quit their jobs, live as free spirits and cruise America in a Winnebago
Mad Max becomes a pawn in a decadent oasis of technological society, and when exiled, becomes the deliverer
A boy with a massive facial skull deformity and biker gang mother attempts to live as normal a life as possible
Malcolm Anderson is a reporter for a Miami newspaper. He's had enough of reporting the local murders...
Emma is a divorced woman with a teen aged boy who moves into a small town and tries to make a go of a hor
An angel must show a mother the true meaning of Christmas. It's not just presents and materialistic things, bu
Follows the life of Karen Blixen, who establishes a plantation in Africa. Her life is Complicated by a husband of
A small mining town is terrorized by a local gangster, and salvation arrives in the form of a gun-toting preache
The weirdo man-child goes on a cross-country trek in pursuit of his stolen beloved bike.
Susan Traherne has been irreparably changed by her wartime experiences as a Resistance fighter. She...
1947 in a small town in England. The war has been won two years ago, but there's still rationing of meat...
A professional hit man and hit woman fall in love, only to discover that they have each been hired to kill the ot
In 1930s New Jersey, a movie character walks off the screen and into the real world.
John Rambo is removed from prison by his former superior, Colonel Samuel Troutman, for a top-secret...
A medical student and his girlfriend become involved in a bizarre experiment into reanimating the dead...
Teenage geniuses deal with their abilities while developing a laser.
An officially 'dead' cop is trained to become an extraordinarily unique assassin in service of the US president.
When a bumbling pair of employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the a
Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, is somehow called back to Oz when a vain
When Apollo Creed is killed in a match against a powerful Soviet boxer, Rocky decides to challenge him himsel
Two escaped convicts and a female railway worker find themselves trapped on a train with no brakes and nobo
While the audience watches a black and white horse opera, a narrator's voice wonders what such a movie wou
On the last day before summer vacations Michael receives a glowing, but anonymous, love-letter. He suspects.
Claude Lanzmann directed this 9 1/2 hour documentary of the Holocaust without using a single frame of archiv
Werewolf terrorizes small city where lives Marty Coslaw, - a paralytic boy - his uncle and his sister - the narrat
A misfit bunch of friends come together to right the injustices which exist in a small town.
Two bumbling government employees think they are U.S. spies, only to discover that they are actually decoys.
A Group of friends, just out of college, struggle with adulthood. Their main problem is that they're all self-cent
Jack Stryker took two bullets in the leg in Vietnam and was carried back by one of his men. When he...
Weird yummy goo erupts from the earth and is discovered by a couple of miners. They taste it and decide to m
Jack Chester, an overworked air traffic controller, takes his family on vacation to the beach. Things immediate
A college student plans a cross-country trip to get laid, but ends up traveling with a young woman. They hate
Lange stunningly portrays Patsy Cline, the velvet-voiced country singer who died in a tragic plane crash.
Charlie is a 16-year-old orphan struggling to raise her two younger brothers when she endeavors to train a wil
A delinquent teenager's only link to society is the attachment he feels towards an older brother-figure...
A fearless Secret Service agent will stop at nothing to bring down the counterfeiter who killed his partner.
Moved by the work of director
This is the story of Melvin, the resident geek at the local health club. One day, Slug and Bozo (some...
Jack Deth is a kind of cop/bounty hunter in the bleak Los Angeles of the future. He's become obssessed...

A street rebel and his gang have trouble understanding themselves and their world.
James Bond is faced up against a mad industrialist who plans to destroy Silicon Valley. It is up to 007 to stop h
Madonna's first appearance in a major motion picture has her playing the part of a lead singer in a...
Tom Hanks stars as Lawrence, a rich kid with a bad accent and a large debt. After his father refuses to help him
Two nerdish boys attempt to create the perfect woman, but she turns out to be more than that.
A young Amish boy is sole witness to a murder; policeman John Book goes into hiding in Amish country to pro
When assorted people start having inexplicable delusions that lead to their deaths, a teenage Sherlock Holmes
Oliver Deuce, a successful doctor, is shattered when his wife is killed in a freak car accident involving...
An American reporter goes to the Australian outback to meet an eccentric crocodile poacher and invites him to
Paris, 1959. The tenor sax player who has just been booked at the Blue Note was once known as one of the gr
True story of a transatlantic business correspondence about used books that developed into a close friendship.
A man and woman meet and try to have a romantic affair, despite their personal problems and the interferenc
A musical adaptation of Colin MacInnes' novel about life in late 1950s London. Nineteen-year-old photographer
The planet from
Teenagers in a deserted mansion are being killed off one by one.
A fired cop and useless lawyer sign up as security guards and find they've joined a corrupt union.
A boy and his friends seek to join a mid-atlantic gang led by the boy's estranged father, unaware that...
To help his discouraged son get through college, a funloving and obnoxious rich businessman decides to enter
In an attempt of resocialisation, five hopeless juvenile criminals are sent away from prison into the...
A small-town loser determines to have one more shot at the big time by winning a football game.
Insurance agent plots with client to kill her nutty husband.
An All-American trucker gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in Chinatown.
A professional thief is hired by the FBI to steal a data tape from a company under investigation. The analysis o
An innocent young man discovers that a dark underworld exists beneath the surface of his seemingly quiet hom
Milly and Lewis, and their recently-widowed mom, Charlene, move to a new neighborhood. Once there, they al
Ray and Bo leave their small town the weekend after graduation for a short road trip to LA. Soon, they...
Eugene, a young teenage Jewish boy, recalls his memoirs of his time as an adolescent youth. He lives with his
A young Cro-Magnon woman is raised by Neanderthals.
A former pool player returns to the game and takes on a young protege.
Frankie is a war vet whose life sucks. He has no money, a nagging wife, junkie friends, and a deformed baby..
Three sisters with quite different personalities and lives reunite when the youngest of them, Babe, has just sho
A massive ball of furry creatures from another world eat their way through a small mid-western town...
An American jetliner, on an Athens-Rome-New York flight, is hijacked by two palestinian terrorists, diverting th
A documentary is shown on TV of group of teens who investigate the legendary forbidden zone, in which...
The story involves Rose Chismore's youth. She flashes back and remembers her coming-of-age. Her recollectio
Beverly Hills couple Barbara and Dave Whiteman are very rich but not happy Dave is a hard working business
The story of three different men in a Louisiana prison and their eventual journey.
A high school wise guy is determined to have a day off from school, despite of what the principal thinks of that
In 1978, a boy is moved 8 years into the future and has an adventure with the alien ship that is responsible fo
In David Cronenberg's remake of the 1958 classic, Jeff Goldblum plays Seth Brundle, a young scientist...
A private detective specializing in missing children is charged with the task of finding a special child that dark
Story of the night that Mary Shelley gave birth to the horror classic 'Frankenstein.' Disturbed drug...
Basil, the rodent Sherlock Holmes, investigates the kidnapping of a toy-maker and uncovers its link to his arch
When a Japanese car company buys an American plant, the American liason must mediate the clash of work a
Dr. Lauren Slaughter, a research fellow at the Arab-Anglo Institute in London is utterly frustrated by her job...
Sergeant Tom Highway, a hardened, tough veteran of Korea and Vietnam returns to the United States for his l
An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barba
A young man transporting a car to another state is stalked along the road by a cunning and relentless...
A coach with a checkered past and a local drunk train a small town high school basketball team to become a to
In this remake of the classic 50s SF tale, a boy tries to stop an invasion of his town by aliens who take over th
When Doug's father, an Air Force Pilot, is shot down by MiGs belonging to a radical Middle Eastern state...
After severely burning himself in a drug incident, a comedian has a near death experience in which he reviews
Holly and Sandy strike up an instant friendship; they don't know however that they have more in common tha
Three American students vacationing in Finland, cross the border into Russia for fun of it. When they...
A young girl must solve a giant labyrinth to rescue her baby brother from the Goblin King.
The death of King Henry VIII throws his kingdom into chaos because of succession disputes. His weak son Edw
District Attorney Tom Logan is set for higher office, at least until he becomes involved with defence...
Student Jane jobs as an assistant for the animal researcher Phillip in a lonesome old house. They life...
A nerdish florist finds his chance for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant who dema
A young nerdy boy hopes to gain acceptance in a high school by not backing down against the school bullies...
An FBI specialist tracks a serial killer who appears to select his victims at random.
18th century Spanish Jesuits try to protect a remote South American Indian tribe in danger of falling under the
In the village of Momo the pace of time goes very slowly. Nobody is bothering about stress but everyone...
George, after getting out of prison, begins looking for a job, but his time in prison has reduced his stature in th
An eccentric and dogmatic inventor sells his house and takes his family to Central America to build an ice facto
An action-packed thriller starring Charles Bronson as Jack Murphy, a cop who is running to stay alive long enou
An ambitious Asian Briton and his white lover strive for success and hope, when they open up a glamorous lau
A free-spirited young woman (Deborah Foreman) upsets the status quo at a stuffy Brentwood limousine servic
An intellectually nonconformist monk investigates a series of mysterious deaths in an isolated abbey.

An erotic story about a woman, the assistant of an art gallery, who gets into an impersonal affaire with a man.
Maverick Chicago cop Eddie Jillette poses as a hit man to meet with someone in from New Orleans looking to h
A French anthropologist gets murdered in Los Angeles after he discovers the existence of some unknown demo

Alexander, a journalist and former actor and philosopher, tells his little son how worried he is about the lack of
An aspiring teenage cartoonist and his friends come to the aid of a singer trying to save her family property fro
As Michael and Robert, a gay couple in New York, prepare for Robert's departure for a two-year work assignme
Peggy Sue faints at a Highschool reunion. When she wakes up she finds herself in her own past, just before sh
A young recruit in Vietnam faces a moral crisis when confronted with the horrors of war and the duality of man
The Freeling family have a new house, but their troubles with supernatural forces don't seem to be over.
A girl from the wrong side of the tracks, a geeky new-waver who worships her, a rich High School Hunk who h
Norman Bates is still running his little motel, and he has kept the dressed skeleton he calls mother...
Jack Casey used to be a hot-shot stock market whizkid. After a disasterous professional decision, his life in the
Mark Kaminsky is kicked out of the FBI for his rough treatment of a suspect. He winds up as the sheriff of a sm
Jenny is sent to a women's reform school. It is run by evil warden Sutter and her henchwoman Edna. Jenny...
A high school slacker kills his girlfriend and shows off her dead body to their friends. However, the friends' reac
When Lucy Honeychurch and chaperone Charlotte Bartlett find themselves in Florence with rooms without view
Danny and Ray are two street wise cops in Chicago. When they are almost killed on a case, they are forced to
A couple, cheated by a vile businessman, kidnap his wife in retalitation, without knowing that their enemy is d
A journalist, down on his luck in the US, drives to El Salvador to chronicle the events of the 1980 military dicta
Ross McElwee sets out to make a documentary about the lingering effects of General Sherman's march of...
Number 5 of a group of experimental robots in a lab is electrocuted, suddenly becomes intelligent, and escape
Morbid biographical story of Sid Vicious, bassist with British punk group the Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nanc
A free-spirited woman 'kidnaps' a yuppie for a weekend of adventure. But the fun quickly takes a dangerous tu
After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find a body of a missing boy
To save Earth from an alien probe, Kirk and his crew go back in time to retrieve the only beings who can comm
Documentary showing the history of the world-famous Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.
Tai-Pan is chinese for 'supreme leader'. This is the man with real power to his hands. And such a Tai-Pan...
A radio host (Caroline Williams) is victimized by the cannibal family as a former Texas Marshall (Dennis Hoppe
Harvey and Gillian Fairchild face a very difficult weekend. Harvey, celebrating his 60th birthday, is stressed an
Two skateboarding gangs battle each other for supremacy, and a member of one gang falls in love with the sis
Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware
The macho students of an elite US Flying school for advanced fighter pilots compete to be best in the class, an
The Autobots must stop a colossal planet consuming robot who is after the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.
Sammi Curr was a famous, devil-worshiping rock star who died under mysterious circumstances. Now he want

A young heroic cop in the jungle of Thailand attempts to rescue a beautiful girl from being sacrificed to the 'Wo
Apartment block tenants seek the aid of alien mechanical life-forms to save their building from demolition.
Chris has a big night out planned when her boyfriend cancels on her. She agrees to babysit for a pre-teen girl
A spoof 1950's sci-fi movie, interspersed with various comedy sketches.
Harry Angel has a new case, to find a man called Johnny Favourite. Except things aren't quite that simple...
Anna is a middle-aged actress looking for work in New York City, with the help of her sometime lover...
The life of super-yuppie J.C. is thrown into turmoil when she inherits a baby from a distant relative.
Frankie and Annette grow up and have kids in the midwest. They return to LA to visit their daughter...
Mickey Rourke plays Henry Chinaski, a poet and alcoholic. He spends his life in bars in Los Angeles...
A New York psychiatrist finds that a voodoo cult, which believes in child sacrifice, has a keen interest in his ow
An American architect arrives in Italy, supervising an expedition for a French architect, BoullÈe, who is famous
Hit man Cleve approaches writer/cop Dennis about a story for his next book: How Cleve made a living...
Axel Foley returns to Beverly Hills to solve more crimes.
Set in New Orleans. Remy McSwain, lieutenant in Homicide finds that he has two problems, the first of a series
Walter Davis is a workaholic. His attention is all to his work and very little to his personal life or appearance...
Frank Dux has entered the 'kumite', an illegal underground martial-arts competition where serious injury and e
Rudy is an American of Mexican descent who is caught up in an immigration raid on a factory. Deported to Mex
Take two rival TV reporters: one handsome, one talented, both male. Add one producer, female. Mix well and w
Ronald Miller is tired of being a nerd, and makes a deal with one of the most popular girls in school to help him
In the future, a man travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose...
George Romero and Stephen King return to this sequel to bring three stories that include a vengeful wooden In
South African journalist Donald Woods is forced to flee the country after attempting to investigate the death in
Spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family, Frances ('Baby') falls in love with the camp's dancing
The equally-straight-laced and 'by the book' nephew of Joe Friday must work with his more laid-back partner t
A man is trapped in a cabin with a group of strangers, while being attacked by flesh-possessing demons.
A married man's one night stand comes back to haunt him when that lover begins to stalk him and his family.

Young psychotic man returns to neighborhood after release from prison. He seeks young lady he previously trie
A group of soldiers develop dehumanized personalities in their training and it shows in their tour of duty in Vie
A touching, insightful look at stateside military life during the Vietnam War at Ft. Meyer and Arlington National
An unorthodox and irreverent DJ begins to shake up things when he is assigned to the US Armed Services Rad
In pre-WWII Australia, a love triangle develops between a man, his wife and the man's brother.
A very realistic interpretation of one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War.
A series of interviews are conducted concerning people's beliefs towards the possibility of an afterlife...
A man finds he is given more than he bargains for when he solves the puzzle of the Lamont Configuration - a d
An alien is on the run in America. To get his kicks, it kills anything that gets in its way, and uses the body as a
An angel tires of overseeing human activity and wishes to become human when he falls in love with a mortal.
A semiautobiographical project by John Boorman about a nine year old boy called Bill as he grows up in Londo
A psychiatrist's patient is in desperate need of money, so she agrees to help him. But...
Scatterbrained Polly gets a job as a secretary in Gabrielle's art gallery. Gabrielle has a romantic relationship wi
A hapless store clerk must foil criminals to save the life of the man who, miniaturized in a secret experiment, w

Biographical story of the rise from nowhere of singer Ritchie Valens whose life was cut short by a plane crash.
The story of the final Emperor of China.
Clay, an eighteen-year-old freshman, comes back from his first term at a college in New Hampshire to...
A veteran detective is partnered with a young detective with a suicidal death wish.
A mysterious potion switches the personalities of a buttoned up doctor and his laid back son.
James Bond is living on the edge to stop an evil arms dealer from starting another world war. Bond crosses all
After moving to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by vampires.
Spoiled Jessie Montgomery, whose wild behavior and spending excesses cause her well-meaning but exaspera
A reclusive scientist builds a robot that looks exactly like him to go on a long term space mission...
Two male English school chums find themselves falling in love at Cambridge. To regain his place in society...
A widowed Brooklyn book-keeper is torn between her fiancÈ and his brother.
A mid-western farm boy reluctantly becomes a member of the undead when a girl he meets turns out to...
As Freddy Krueger continues his murdering, the kids, led by Freddie's main opponent in the first film, prepare
A rookie cop goes undercover and infultrates a car thief ring.
A coverup and witchhunt occur after a politician accidentally kills his mistress.
A high-class call girl accused of murder fights for the right to stand trial rather than be declared mentally incom
Lauren and Sandy are total opposites who end up in the same acting class and who don't know they are sharin
Rich bitch Joanna hires country carpenter Dean to build a closet on her yacht. When the two don't see eye-to-e
A womanizer meets his match when he falls for the daughter of a mobster.
A man must struggle to travel home for Thanksgiving, with an obnoxious slob of a shower ring salesman his on
A plain suburban housewife, the past victim of a brutal assault, is still having trouble coping with the incident a
Martin Fallon is an IRA bomber who tries to blow up a troop truck but instead kills a bus load of school children
A team of commandos, on a mission in a Central American jungle, find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestr
A research team finds a mysterious cylinder in a deserted church. If opened, it could mean the end of the worl
A classic fairy tale, with swordplay, giants, an evil king, a beautiful princess, and yes, some kissing (as read by
A teacher is assigned to be the principal of a violence and crime ridden high school.
When a childless couple of an ex-con and an ex-cop decide to help themselves to one of another family's quint
Jim Belushi plays a super-competent secret agent on the trail of Russian thugs. John Ritter plays a milquetoas
The faithful little girl must brave the forest and the big, bad wolf to bring her grandmother a basket of goodies
In a dystopic & crime ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg with s
Based on the play 'Cyrano de Bergerac', large nosed C.D. Bales falls for the beautiful Roxanne while she falls fo
A wrongly-convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a TV game show.
A talented young man can't get an executive position without rising through the ranks, so he comes up with a
Everyone is gathering at Lane's place for the weekend, and everyone's in love. Unfortunately, each beloved lov

Two sisters turn their family mansion in Louisiana into a guest house. One of their guests is an aide to a congr
Owner of a closed down slaughterhouse sets his retarded psychopathic son on the people who want to take...
Princess Rosebud (Tahnee Welch) is cursed with an evil spell that will bring her to her fate. Luckily...
A young tomboy, Watts, finds her feelings for her best friend, Keith, run deeper than just friendship...
Claire Gregory has accidentally witnessed a murderer commiting his crime. Unfortunately she manages...
Planet Spaceball's President Scroob sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal Planet Druidia's abundant supply of air to
Gemma is 13 years old lives with her grandpa in the country, she has for many years. One day her mother sho
Two Cops have to observe a woman. One of them falls in love with her.
A dedicated teacher inspires his dropout prone students to learn calculus to build up their self-esteem and do s
A New York journalist lies when his fake story about a pimp describes a real pimp up for murder.
A high-school gym teacher has big plans for the summer, but is forced to cancel them to teach a 'bonehead' En
A judge commits suicide, and his secretary is found murdered. A homeless deaf-mute man, Carl Anderson is a
Three bachelors find themselves forced to take care of a baby left by one of the guy's girlfriends.
Jerry Mitchell, high school nerd, is assigned to write a piece in the school paper about new boy Buddy Revell...
A bitter ex-husband. A put upon Momma's boy. Both want their respective spouse and mother dead, but who w

Federal Agent Elliot Ness sets out to take out Al Capone; because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small
A young and impatient stockbroker is willing to do anything to get to the top.
Summer people in Maine: things are changing. Whales no longer pass close to the shore as they did during...
A millionaire past his prime and his young wife arrive in Kenya circa 1940 to find that the other affluent...
In a staid English seaside town after the Second World War, young Lynda grows up with her widowed father an
Three single women in a picturesque village have their wishes granted - at a cost - when a mysterious and flam
Danny and Freya are two teenagers, living in an Australian rural town in 1962. They have known each other al
A man's head transforms and contorts bizarrely as he sings 'Your Face,' an original song.
Rock group Depeche Mode are preparing for the final, 101st concert of their massive world tour at Rose Bowl S
After the death of his son, Macon Leary, a travel writer, seems to be sleep walking through life. Macon's wife...
A rape victim, enraged at the light sentence her attackers received on account that she was of 'questionable ch
A few years from now, Earth will have the first contact with an alien civilisation. These aliens, known as Newco
Marion is a woman who has learned to shield herself from her emotions. She hires an apartment to work undis
During the Vietnam war, a U.S. observation plane is hit by a V.C. missile. The only survivor of the crew is the L
A story about several beaver families in their wild surroundings. The interesting process of building...
A couple of recently deceased ghosts contract the services of a 'bio-exorcist' in order to remove the obnoxious
          A woman starts work on a farm, and gets to know the owner. They get on well, and she also gets on with his c
          When a boy wishes to be big at a magic wish machine, he wakes up the next morning and finds himself in an a
          In the 1940s in the small town of Jupiter Hollow, two sets of identical twins are born in the same hospital on th
          The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie 'Bird' Parker.
          A strange lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows.
          Lenny Brown moves to California to find his fortune in tax shelter investments. When the federal government c
          A normal, average guy who lives in New York City becomes dependent on an evil, disembodied brain. The...
          A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher an
          Young Andy Barclay gets the doll he wanted. However, he did not know it was alive!
          Michael Keaton plays Daryl Poynter, a hot shot real estate agent who just happens to have a cocaine and drink
          An experienced cop and his rookie partner patrol the streets of East Los Angeles while trying to keep the gang
          A survey of the artistic history of the comic book medium and some of the major talents associated with it.
          An African prince goes to Queens, New York City to find a wife whom he can respect for her intelligence and wi
          The story of a mother whose child was killed in an animal attack, only to have herself accused of the infant's m
          Dexter Cornell, an English Professor becomes embroiled in a series of murders involving people around him...
          Rich and bored aristocrats in Baroque France play high-stakes games of passion and betrayal.
          Dirty Harry Callahan must stop a sick secret contest to murder local celebrities, which includes himself as a tar
          The Mantle brothers are both doctors - both gynecologists - and identical twins. Mentally however, one of them
          New York cop John McClane gives terrorists a dose of their own medicine as they hold hostages in an LA office
          Lawrence and Freddie are con-men; big-time and small time respectively. They unsuccessfully attempt...
          A dramatization of the Black Sox scandal when the underpaid Chicago White Sox accepted bribes to deliberate
          A Louisiana football legend struggles to deal with life's complexities after his college career is over.
          In London, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for
          A doctor and his wife go to Paris for a medical conference. While showering, his wife disappears. His lack of lan
          Children's musical based on Grimm's fairy tale of The Frog-King. A young girl learns how to be a good...
children? Now Anna must prove that she is the Good Mother.
          The story of Dian Fossey, a scientist who came to Africa to study the vanishing mountain gorillas, and later fou
          Enzo and Jacques have known each other for a long time. Their friendship started in their childhood days in th
          A Chicago man's hope for a peaceful family vacation in the woods is shattered when the annoying in-laws drop
          A 'pleasantly plump' teenager teaches 1962 Baltimore a thing or two about integration after landing a spot on
          Doctor Channard is sent a new patient, a girl warning of the terrible creatures that have destroyed her family..
          On the isle of Rhodes, Katherine, an expatriate English photographer, lives with her daughter. A young local w
          Emily Crane is fired after refusing to give names to a 1951 House Un-American Activities Committee,...
          In this parody of blaxploitation movies, a black hero wannabe reunites former black heroes from the 70s to he
          A biography of the rock music star.
          American judge in Germany must decide if the hijacking of an East German plane into West Berlin was justified
          Locked in a school closet during Halloween 1962, young Frank witnesses the ghost of a young girl and the man
          Scottish archaelogist Angus Flint discovers an odd skull amid the ruins of a convent which he is excavating...
          An orphaned brontosaurus named Littlefoot sets off in search of the legendary Great Valley. A land of...
          At his execution, Jesus is tempted by an alluring image of a peaceful and pleasant life with Mary Magdelene to
          Roy Parmenter is an FBI agent in San Diego; 20 years ago his partner was killed by a Soviet spy, nicknamed S
          Angela deMarco is unhappily married to high Mafia member Frank deMarco. When Frank is killed, Angela...
          An accountant is chased by bounty hunters, the FBI, and the Mafia after jumping bail.
          Two FBI agents with wildly different styles arrive in Mississippi to investigate the disappearance of some civil r
          Nick Hart (Keith Carradine) is a struggling American artist who lives amongst the expatriate community in 192
          An experiment is performed on monkeys to increase their intelligence, but unfortunately the results are not ex
          Mr. North, a stranger to a small, but wealthy, Rhode Island town, quickly has rumors started about him that he
          Three teenage girls come of age while working at a pizza parlor in Mystic Connecticut.
          Incompetent cop Frank Drebbin has to foil an attempt to assasinate Queen Elizabeth II.
A memorably bizarre screen version of Lewis Carroll's novel 'Alice in Wonderland', mixing one live actor...
A filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village's theater and formed a de
A lost and alone kitten joins a gang of dogs engaged in petty larceny in New York.
One man's day in suburbia goes from bad to worse to the absolute pits.
An orphan bear cub hooks up with an adult male as they try to dodge human hunters.
Out of Rosenheim (Bagdad CafÈ) is a look into the minds and lives of some people most of us have met but few
When David Sinclair, a popular and talented high school student commits suicide, his best friend Chris...
An exploration of the efforts of developing nations and the effect the transition to moderernization has had on
Jay Austin is now a civilian police detective. Colonel Caldwell was his commanding officer years before...
Steven Gold is a stand-up comedian who is flat broke and has recently dropped out of medical school...
Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt's father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond and a pittance to Charlie; t
Documentary on the making of 'The Sacrifice.'
Young Jim Craig returns to his home in the Australian high country. He finds that things are not as he left them
The eldest son of a fugitive family comes of age and wants to live a life of his own.
The story of Krishna, Manju, Chillum and the other children on the streets of Bombay. Sometimes they can get
Late on Guy Fawkes Day, 1892, Oscar Wilde arrives at a high-class brothel where a surprise awaits: a...
A cynically selfish TV executive gets haunted by three spirits bearing lessons on Christmas Eve.
Dennis Allan is an scientist who visits Haiti on the strength of a rumour of a drug which renders the recepient t
Around the world, the signs of the apocalypse--as outlined in the Book of Revelations--seem to be coming to p
Jake and Kristy Briggs are newlyweds. Being young, they are perhaps a bit unprepared for the full reality...
A man is discovered breaking into his own jewelery shop in the dead of night. Questioned closely, it...

Rex and Saskia are on holiday, a young couple in love. They stop at a busy service station and Saskia disappea
Mark Harmon is a washed-up baseball player who is call back home to handle the ashes of his childhood sweet
Brendan takes a job as janitor for Finney, who runs a jazz nightclub in the Northern English city of Newcastle..
Tom Mix and Wyatt Earp team up to solve a murder at the Academy Awards in 1929 Hollywood.

An abrasive radio talk show host, the night before he goes national, finds himself getting death threats from n
A couple of creative losers accidently become big shots in the video music industry.
Mac Mckussic is an unlikely drug dealer who wants to go straight. His old and best friend Nick Frescia...
Nada, a down-on-his-luck construction worker, discovers a pair of special sunglasses. Wearing them,...
Gino, an Italian-American shoe-shiner with a remarkable similarity to a certain mafia don, is paid to take the r
A tin one-man-band toy tries to escape a destructive baby.
The story of Preston Tucker, the maverick car designer and his ill fated challenge to the auto industry with his
A physically perfect, but innocent, man goes in search of his twin brother, who is a short small-time crook.
In 1968, a Czech doctor with an active sex life meets a woman who wants monogamy, and then the Soviet inv
A toon hating detective is a cartoon rabbit's only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder.
A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.
A drunken Sherlock Holmes is really just a cover for the real detective - Dr Watson.
When a secretary's idea is stolen by her boss, she seizes an opportunity to steal it back by pretending she has
1878 in New Mexico: John Tunstall picks up young gun men from the road to have them work on his ranch...
A Victorian Age English gentleman takes a wager that he can circle the globe in the unprecedented time of just
An overstressed suburbanite and his paramilitaric neighbor struggle to prove their paranoid theory that the ne
The perilous road to kicking the habit is explored in twenty-six vignettes that include various professionals and
A civilian diving team are enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine and face danger while encountering a
An account of Baron Munchausen's supposed travels and fantastical experiences with his band of misfits.
A dog returns from the dead looking for revenge on his killer using an orphan girl who can talk to animals.
A romantic adventure about a legendary pilot's passion for dare-devil firefighting and his girl.
Wim Wenders talks with Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto about the creative process and ponders th
Sophie is snatched from her orphanage early one morning by the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), whom she witnesse
After visiting 2015, Marty must repeat his visit to 1955 to prevent disastrous changes to 1985... without interf
The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homic
Two seemingly dumb teens struggle to prepare a historical presentation with the help of a time machine.
Two New York cops get involved in a gang war between members of the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. They...
A blind Vietnam vet, trained as a swordfighter, comes to America and helps to rescue the son of a fellow soldie
The biography of Ron Kovic. Paralyzed in the Vietnam war, he becomes an anti-war and pro-human rights poli
Professional thief Ernie takes Mike on as an apprentice, but while Mike clearly has 'larceny in his heart'...
During the Vietnam War, a soldier finds himself the outsider of his own squad when they unnecessarily kidnap
Louie Jeffries is happily married to Corinne. On their first anniversary, Louie is killed crossing the road...
The wife of an oafish restaurant owner becomes bored with her husband and considers an affair with a regular
Opthalmologist Judah Rosenthal has had an affair with Dolores for several years, and now she threatens to rui
A mass-murderer kidnaps and rapes a young woman after leaving her husband to die on the vessle whose crew
English professor John Keating inspires his students to a love of poetry and to seize the day.
On a hot day on a New York City street, everyone's hate and bigotry smoulders and builds until it explodes into
Dr. Weitzman works with patients in a sanitarium. Convinced that all that his 'group' needs is a some fresh air
An old jewish woman and her african-american chauffer in the American South have a relationship that grows
A realistic road movie about a drug addict, his 'family', and their inevitable decline into crime.
A study in culture bridging, including ... a new US-born husband, trying to work within the traditional ways...
Herman Broder is a man with too many wives. It's enough trouble for a bigamist to juggle two spouses, but He
Frank and Jack Baker are professional musicians who play small clubs. They play smaltzy music and have neve
This film reenacts the Manhattan Project, the secret wartime project in New Mexico where the first atomic bom
An Iowa corn farmer, hearing voices, interprets them as a command to build a baseball diamond in his fields;

This movie documents the Apollo missions perhaps the most definitively of any movie under two hours...
A retired British soldier struggles to adjust to everyday life, with increasing difficulty.
The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and a resurgence of specteral activity allows the staff of Ghostbu
Robert Shaw leads the US Civil War's first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices of both his own Uni
Xixo is back again. This time, his children accidentally stow away on a fast-moving poachers' truck...
A smart first-year med student takes nothing seriously, except the pursuit of his Gross Anatomy (human disse
A girl who half-heartedly tries to be part of the 'in crowd' of her school meets a rebel who teaches her a more d
The gritty adaption of William Shakespeare's play about the English King's bloody conquest of France.
The simple story of two young Michigan high school students, Jennifer, Class President, Local Smart Girl...
Dennis Dimbleby Bagley is a brilliant young advertising executive who can't come up with a slogan to sell a rev
As a brave couple demonstrates, the narrator uses quotes, examples and advice to help us all reach the highes
Virginia works at a used book store. She's really into horror novels and discovers a really good book...
Linda and Michael, married for ten years, desperately want a baby and turn to an adoption agency which introd
Samantha Hughes, a teenaged Kentucky girl, never knew her father, who died in Vietnam before her birth...
The daring archaeologist and his father search for the Holy Grail and fight the Nazis.
Jimmie Rainwood was minding his own business when two corrupt police officers (getting an address wrong) b
A career criminal who has been deformed deformed since birth is given a new face by a kindly doctor and paro
A young detective becomes involved with a beautiful woman on the run from the mob and her psychopath boy
Set in Brooklyn during the 1950s against a backdrop of union corruption and violence. A prostitute falls in love
The dedicated, but tyrannical, Joe Clark is appointed as principal of a decaying inner city school and he is dete
Riggs and Murtaugh are on the trail of South African diplomats who are using their immunity to engage in crim
James Bond leaves Her Majesty's Secret Service to stop an evil drug lord and avenge his best friend, Felix Leite
A mermaid princess makes a faustian bargain with an unscrupulous seahag in order to meet a human prince o

An exotic dancer marries the owner of a baseball club. He does not survive the honeymoon and she is in contro
            Heidi The Hippo, the star of the Meet The Feebles Variety Hour discovers her husband Bletch, The Walrus...
            When police officer Xavier Quinn's childhood friend, Maubee, becomes associated with murder and a briefcase
            Carnelle isn't happy with her life, so in order to improve herself she enters a local beauty contest...
            The story of Christy Brown, who was born with cerebral palsy. He learned to paint and write with his only contr
            A Japanese couple with an obsession with 50's America go to Memphis because the boyfriend's life is Carl Perk
            The Griswold family's plans for a big family Christmas predictably turn into a big disaster.
            Three stories happening in New York. The first, by Scorsese, is about a painter who creates his works...
            Gene Hackman, A sergeant is sent with a prisoner from Germany. The prisoner escapes in the men's room...
            The Buckman family is a midwestern family all dealing with their lives: estranged relatives, raising children, pr
            Michael Laemie (played by Brian Madorsky) is a young boy living in a typical 1950's suburbanite home...
            The Creeds have just moved to a new house in the countryside. Their house is perfect, except for two...
            Charles is in control of his life, he is about to finish 6th form college and start at Oxford. He is 19 and wants an
            Director Micheal Moore pursues GM CEO Roger Smith to confront him about the harm he did to Flint, Michigan
            A noble underachiever and a beautiful valedictorian fall in love the summer before she goes off to college.
            An English bon-vivant osteopath is enchanted with a young exotic dancer and invites her to live with him...
            Frank Keller is a New York detective investigating a case of a serial killer who finds the victims through the lon
            Dave is deaf, and Wally is blind. They witness a murder, but it was Dave that was looking at her, and Wally th
            Summer of 1963. Carson is getting married to her boyfriend so her friends Melaina, Pudge and Luanne...
            Bill is worried that he is 'different' to his sister and parents. They mix with other 'upper class' people while Bill
            Revolving around Truvy's Beauty Parlor in a small parish in modern-day Louisiana, STEEL MAGNOLIAS is...
d incredibly romantic. Something's got to be wrong.
            Dexter King plays straight man to unpleasant comedian Ron Anderson. He falls in love with Kate, a pretty...
            A documentary film about the life of pianist and jazz great Thelonious Monk. Features live performances by Mo
            Eddie Dodd is a burnt out former civil rights lawyer who now specializes in defending drug dealers. Roger Baro

            Weird Al brings his talent of musical parodies to the movies. A local public station gets a new owner played by
            Bachelor and all round slob, Buck, babysits his brother's rebellious teenage daughter and her cute younger bro
            Set in Baroque France, a scheming widow and her lover a bet regarding the corruption of a recently married w
            A married couple try everything to get each other to leave the house in a vicious divorce battle.
            A warlock flees from the 16th to the 20th century, with a witch-hunter in hot pursuit.
            A pair of losers try to pretend that their murdered employer is really alive, but the murderer is out to 'finish him
            Harry and Sally have known each other for years, and are very good friends, but they fear sex would ruin the f
            A young widower (Kurt Russell) moves with his daughter into a North Carolina mountain town in 1934....
            A sexually repressed woman's husband is having an affair with her sister. The arrival of a visitor with a rather
            Martha Travis is a medium who makes contact with spirits 'on the other side' and connects them with their lov
            Based on the true life serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas.
            A lawyer defends her father accused of war crimes, but there is more to the case than she suspects.
            Baby Herman swallows his rattle, and Roger has to take him to the hospital to get it out.
            After serving time for murder, Josh Hutton returns to his home town where me meets Audry Hugo. No one can

            The first major profile of the American Pop Art cult leader after his death in 1987 covers the whole of his life an
            The story of R&B singer Al Green, who gave up a successful singing career to become a gospel minister.
            A comprehensive history of the American stage of the Vietnam War.
stars   cast1                cast2                   cast3
  4.4   Farrah Fawcett       Kirk Douglas            Harvey Keitel
  7.9   Edward Woodward      Jack Thompson           John Waters
  6.3   Jane Fonda           Lily Tomlin             Dolly Parton
  7.7   Robert Hays          Julie Hagerty           Lloyd Bridges
  6.5   William Hurt         Blair Brown             Bob Balaban
  5.7   Richard Gere         Lauren Hutton           Hector Elizondo
  5.3   Clint Eastwood       Sondra Locke            Geoffrey Lewis
  7.6   Burt Lancaster       Susan Sarandon          Michel Piccoli
  4.9   Richard Thomas       Robert Vaughn           John Saxon
  7.1   Lee Marvin           Mark Hamill             Robert Carradine
  5.4   Robert Foxworth      Paula Prentiss          Harry Dean Stanton
  4.6   Brooke Shields       Christopher Atkins      Leo McKern
  7.7   John Belushi         Dan Aykroyd             James Brown
  4.7   Suzanna Love         Ron James               John Carradine
  5.8   Clint Eastwood       Sondra Locke            Geoffrey Lewis
  6.7   Robert Redford       Yaphet Kotto            Jane Alexander
  4.6   Charles Bronson      Jason Robards           Dominique Sanda
  7.1   Chevy Chase          Rodney Dangerfield      Ted Knight
  4.9   Shirley MacLaine     Anthony Hopkins         Bo Derek
    7   George C. Scott      Trish Van Devere        Melvyn Douglas
  5.2   Cheech Marin         Tommy Chong             Evelyn Guerrero
  7.3   Sissy Spacek         Tommy Lee Jones         Levon Helm
  6.8   Paul Frees           J. Robert Oppenheimer
    6   Christopher Walken   Tom Berenger            Colin Blakely
  3.4   Rad Fulton           Ben Frank               Flo Gerrish
  8.1   Anthony Hopkins      John Hurt               Anne Bancroft
  6.4   Robert Foxworth
  4.6   Samantha Eggar       Christopher George      Robert Ginty
  5.1   Dennis Christopher   Tim Thomerson           Gwynne Gilford
  4.5   Kaye Ballard         John Diehl              Elliott Gould
  6.3   Irene Cara           Lee Curreri             Laura Dean
  6.6   Kirk Douglas         Martin Sheen            Katharine Ross
  5.8   Frank Sinatra        Faye Dunaway            David Dukes
  1.8   Aaron Banks          Richard Barathy         Dean Brockway
  5.7   Sam J. Jones         Melody Anderson         Max von Sydow
  6.4   Adrienne Barbeau     Jamie Lee Curtis        Janet Leigh
  5.7   Jodie Foster         Cherie Currie           Marilyn Kagan
  5.8   Betsy Palmer         Adrienne King           Harry Crosby
    3   Stephen Macht        Avery Schreiber         J.D. Hinton
  6.8   Julie Carmen         Gena Rowlands           John Adames
  6.8   Marius Weyers        Sandra Prinsloo         N!xau
  5.7   Robert Powell        David Hemmings          Carmen Duncan
    4   Trish Van Devere     Joseph Cotten           David Gautreaux
  6.2   Kris Kristofferson   Christopher Walken      John Hurt
  5.5   Robert Wuhl          Tony Danza              Fran Drescher
  6.8   Walter Matthau       Glenda Jackson          Sam Waterston
  5.2   Susan Saint James    Jane Curtin             Jessica Lange
  4.5   Doug McClure         Ann Turkel              Vic Morrow
5.7   Steve McQueen        Eli Wallach          Kathryn Harrold
5.8   Ray Sharkey          Tovah Feldshuh       Peter Gallagher
6.4   Leigh McCloskey      Irene Miracle        Eleonora Giorgi
4.5   Neil Diamond         Laurence Olivier     Lucie Arnaz
4.9   William Shatner      Hal Holbrook         Van Johnson
6.4   Gerry Bamman         Ronee Blakley        Pierre Cottrell
7.1   Anthony Quinn        Oliver Reed          Rod Steiger
7.5   Bob Hoskins          Helen Mirren         Dave King
  7   David Carradine      Keith Carradine      Robert Carradine
5.1   Joe Spinell          Caroline Munro       Gail Lawrence
7.2   Jason Robards        Paul Le Mat          Elizabeth Cheshire
6.1   David Naughton       Debra Clinger        David Damas
5.9   Angela Lansbury      Geraldine Chaplin    Tony Curtis
4.6   Vincent Price        John Carradine       Anthony Steel
5.7   Charlton Heston      Brian Keith          David Ackroyd
6.6   Chris Makepeace      Adam Baldwin         Matt Dillon
4.6   Chuck Norris         Karen Carlson        Lee Van Cleef
7.8   Donald Sutherland    Mary Tyler Moore     Judd Hirsch
4.8   Robin Williams       Shelley Duvall       Ray Walston
  6   Goldie Hawn          Eileen Brennan       Armand Assante
4.6   Leslie Nielsen       Jamie Lee Curtis     Casey Stevens
8.4   Robert De Niro       Cathy Moriarty       Joe Pesci
4.4   Jason Robards        Richard Jordan       David Selby
7.1   Bruce MacDonald      Maggie Renzi         Adam LeFevre
3.7   Meat Loaf            Kaki Hunter          Art Carney
6.5   Jennifer O'Neill     Stephen Lack         Patrick McGoohan
5.9   Gregory Peck         Roger Moore          David Niven
6.3   Goldie Hawn          Chevy Chase          Charles Grodin
8.2   Jack Nicholson       Shelley Duvall       Danny Lloyd
5.7   Michael Emil         Irene Forrest        Henry Jaglom
6.8   Christopher Reeve    Jane Seymour         Christopher Plummer
6.8   Woody Allen          Charlotte Rampling   Jessica Harper
6.3   Gene Wilder          Richard Pryor        Georg Stanford Brown
7.4   Peter O'Toole        Steve Railsback      Barbara Hershey
6.4   Gene Hackman         Christopher Reeve    Ned Beatty
6.9   John Cleese          Sean Connery         Shelley Duvall
4.8   Tim Curry            Trini Alvarado       Robin Johnson
5.6   Sam McMurray         Dennis Lipscomb      Terry Walsh
6.5   Kurt Russell         Jack Warden          Gerrit Graham
5.7   Peter Boyle          Bill Murray          Bruno Kirby
4.3   Olivia Newton-John   Gene Kelly           Michael Beck
6.1   Roger Moore          James Mason          Anthony Perkins
8.1   Peter Jones          Simon Jones          David Dixon
6.8   Paul Newman          Sally Field          Bob Balaban
5.9   Hilary Beane         Robert Beecher       Gene Borkan
7.2   David Naughton       Jenny Agutter        Griffin Dunne
5.8   David Carradine      Barbara Hershey      Michael Greene
6.6   Dudley Moore         Liza Minnelli        John Gielgud
7.4   William Hurt         Kathleen Turner      Richard Crenna
8.5   J¸rgen Prochnow         Herbert Grˆnemeyer   Klaus Wennemann
5.6   Richard Pryor           Cicely Tyson         ¡ngel RamÌrez
5.4   Burt Reynolds           Roger Moore          Farrah Fawcett
4.4   George Segal            Susan Saint James    Jack Warden
5.2   Ringo Starr             Dennis Quaid         Shelley Long
7.2   Nicholas Farrell        Nigel Havers         Ian Charleson
  5   Val Avery               George Barrows       Christopher Blande
6.7   Maximilian Schell       Rod Steiger          Robby Benson
6.2   Harry Hamlin            Judi Bowker          Burgess Meredith
1.8   Tony Anthony            Victoria Abril       Gene Quintano
6.4   Arnold Schwarzenegger   James Earl Jones     Max von Sydow
4.5   Michael Crawford        Oliver Reed          Barbara Carrera
5.7   John Belushi            Blair Brown          Allen Garfield
7.4   Philippe Noiret         Isabelle Huppert     Jean-Pierre Marielle
4.6   Michael Murphy          Louise Fletcher      Dan Shor
4.6   Charles Bronson         Jill Ireland         Vincent Gardenia
4.4   Elliott Gould           Bill Cosby           Susan Anspach
7.3   FrÈdÈric AndrÈi         Roland Bertin        Richard Bohringer
1.7   John Carradine          Don 'Red' Barry      Larry Hankin
  6   Barbara Hershey         Ron Silver           David Labiosa
6.8   Kurt Russell            Lee Van Cleef        Ernest Borgnine
7.4   Nigel Terry             Helen Mirren         Nicholas Clay
7.1   Donald Sutherland       Stephen MacKenna     Philip Martin Brown
5.1   Lauren Bacall           James Garner         Maureen Stapleton
3.7   Stefan Arngrim          Frank Birney         Barry Cooper
5.1   Sam Neill               Rossano Brazzi       Don Gordon
6.7   Roger Moore             Carole Bouquet       Topol
6.4   Paul Newman             Edward Asner         Ken Wahl
6.7   Mickey Rooney           Kurt Russell         Pearl Bailey
6.7   Meryl Streep            Jeremy Irons         Hilton McRae
4.7   Amy Steel               John Furey           Adrienne King
5.7   Isabelle Illiers        Klaus Kinski         Peter
5.2   Elizabeth Berridge      Cooper Huckabee      Largo Woodruff
6.9   Bruno Ganz              Hanna Schygulla      Jean Carmet
7.6   Mark Lee                Bill Kerr            Harold Hopkins
5.9   Fred Astaire            Melvyn Douglas       Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
5.5   Jamie Lee Curtis        Donald Pleasence     Charles Cyphers
6.2   Harvey Atkin            Thor Bishopric       Rodger Bumpass
4.5   Linda Blair             Vincent Van Patten   Peter Barton
6.3   Mel Brooks              Dom DeLuise          Madeline Kahn
6.3   Dee Wallace-Stone       Patrick Macnee       Dennis Dugan
4.2   James Ryan              Anneline Kriel       Michael Mayer
5.8   Ed Harris               Gary Lahti           Tom Savini
4.6   Sylvia Kristel          Shane Briant         Nicholas Clay
5.5   Matt Dillon             Cindy Fisher         Hoyt Axton
7.4   Mel Gibson              Bruce Spence         Michael Preston
3.9   Gaylen Ross             Tony Fish            Jan Claire
6.5   Susan Anspach           Erland Josephson     Marianna Jacobi
6.2   ZoÎ Lund                Albert Sinkys        Darlene Stuto
4.6   Paul Kelman            Lori Hallier          Neil Affleck
7.2   Wallace Shawn          Andre Gregory         Jean Lenauer
6.3   John Hurt              Jane Alexander        Doug McKeon
6.3   Sylvester Stallone     Billy Dee Williams    Lindsay Wagner
7.3   Katharine Hepburn      Henry Fonda           Jane Fonda
6.3   Sean Connery           Peter Boyle           Frances Sternhagen
2.9   Tricia O'Neil          Steve Marachuk        Lance Henriksen
6.3   Jack Nicholson         Jessica Lange         John Colicos
4.4   Vicky Dawson           Christopher Goutman   Lawrence Tierney
8.7   Harrison Ford          Karen Allen           Paul Freeman
  6   Julie Andrews          William Holden        Marisa Berenson
5.7   Burt Reynolds          Vittorio Gassman      Brian Keith
6.9   Keith Carradine        Powers Boothe         Fred Ward
6.8   Bill Murray            Harold Ramis          Warren Oates
4.5   Robert Hays            Art Carney            Barbara Hershey
6.4   George C. Scott        Timothy Hutton        Ronny Cox
2.9   Bo Derek               Richard Harris        John Phillip Law
7.2   James Caan             Tuesday Weld          Willie Nelson
6.1   Nick Mancuso           Saul Rubinek          Meg Foster
5.9   Michael Caine          Sylvester Stallone    Max von Sydow
8.6   Jeremy Irons           Anthony Andrews       Phoebe Nicholls
  6   Michael Palin          Maggie Smith          Trevor Howard
6.7   Nick Nolte             Eddie Murphy          Annette O'Toole
5.7   Robert Hays            Julie Hagerty         Lloyd Bridges
5.6   Albert Finney          Carol Burnett         Ann Reinking
7.5   Lloyd Bentsen          W.H.P. Blandy         Owen Brewster
6.3   Willie Nelson          Gary Busey            Isela Vega
5.6   Kevin Van Hentenryck   Terri Susan Smith     Beverly Bonner
3.6   Debra Blee             Val Kline             Jeana Tomasina
5.1   Burt Reynolds          Goldie Hawn           Jessica Tandy
4.9   Burt Reynolds          Dolly Parton          Dom DeLuise
4.5   Gil Scott-Heron        Ed Brady              Robert Gordon
8.2   Harrison Ford          Rutger Hauer          Sean Young
5.9   Jack Nicholson         Harvey Keitel         Valerie Perrine
4.2   Keir Dullea            Suzanna Love          Vera Miles
6.2   Sting                  Denholm Elliott       Joan Plowright
5.8   Nastassja Kinski       Malcolm McDowell      John Heard
  6   Hal Holbrook           Adrienne Barbeau      Fritz Weaver
6.9   John Baddeley          Stephen Garlick       David Buck
6.5   Steve Martin           Rachel Ward           Reni Santoni
6.8   Michael Caine          Christopher Reeve     Dyan Cannon
7.2   Steve Guttenberg       Daniel Stern          Mickey Rourke
6.9   Anthony Higgins        Janet Suzman          Anne-Louise Lambert
7.8   Henry Thomas           Dee Wallace-Stone     Robert MacNaughton
6.4   Mary Woronov           Paul Bartel           Robert Beltran

5.4 Gene Hackman             Theresa Russell       Rutger Hauer
7.3 Bruce Campbell           Ellen Sandweiss       Hal Delrich
6.5 Peter Ustinov            Jane Birkin           Colin Blakely
7.1   Sean Penn              Jennifer Jason Leigh   Judge Reinhold
5.5   Clint Eastwood         Freddie Jones          David Huffman
6.8   Sylvester Stallone     Richard Crenna         Brian Dennehy
7.6   Klaus Kinski           JosÈ Lewgoy            Miguel ¡ngel Fuentes
7.1   Jessica Lange          Kim Stanley            Sam Shepard
4.2   Dana Kimmell           Paul Kratka            Richard Brooker
4.9   Gene Wilder            Gilda Radner           Kathleen Quinlan
  6   Christopher Cazenove   Greta Scacchi          Julian Glover
  6   Clint Eastwood         Kyle Eastwood          John McIntire
2.9   Robin Clarke           Jennifer Ashley        Stephanie Beacham
3.9   John Cassavetes        John Ireland           Kerrie Keane
4.6   H.B. Halicki           Christopher Stone      Susan Shaw
4.9   Lawrence Monoson       Diane Franklin         Steve Antin
6.8   Alan Arkin             Jeff Bridges           Mia Farrow
4.2   Tim Matheson           Kate Capshaw           Edward Herrmann
6.8   Tom Burlinson          Terence Donovan        Kirk Douglas
7.4   Peter O'Toole          Mark Linn-Baker        Jessica Harper
3.9   Gerrit Graham          Michael Lerner         Misty Rowe
6.8   Richard Gere           Debra Winger           David Keith
5.8   Frederic Forrest       Teri Garr              Raul Julia
3.1   Robert Glaudini        Demi Moore             Luca Bercovici
3.3   Leon Isaac Kennedy     Gerald Berns           Peggy Blowe
7.4   Bob Geldof             Christine Hargreaves   James Laurenson
7.2   JoBeth Williams        Craig T. Nelson        Beatrice Straight
5.4   Dan Monahan            Mark Herrier           Wyatt Knight
4.6   Patrick Pearson        Michael Elphick        Joe Melia
5.9   Michael Moriarty       Candy Clark            David Carradine
  7   Richard Pryor          Jesse Jackson
5.6   Sylvester Stallone     Talia Shire            Burt Young

7.2   Derek Jacobi           Elizabeth Hartman      Arthur Malet
7.5   Meryl Streep           Kevin Kline            Peter MacNicol
4.3   Susan Anton            Frank Converse         Jessica Walter
  5   Kevin Costner          Andra Millian          Eve Lilith
7.1   Isabelle Weingarten    Rebecca Pauly          Jeffrey Kime
7.5   William Shatner        Leonard Nimoy          DeForest Kelley
4.8   Peter Gallagher        Daryl Hannah           ValÈrie Quennessen
5.2   Louis Jourdan          Adrienne Barbeau       Ray Wise
5.1   Lee Horsley            Kathleen Beller        Simon MacCorkindale
  4   Thomas Heathcote       Miles O'Keeffe         Leigh Lawson
6.9   Anthony Franciosa      Christian Borromeo     Mirella D'Angelo
6.3   Matt Dillon            Jim Metzler            Meg Tilly
5.5   Bruce Dern             Stacy Keach            Robert Mitchum
7.8   Kurt Russell           Wilford Brimley        T.K. Carter
7.5   Dustin Hoffman         Jessica Lange          Teri Garr
  5   Richard Pryor          Jackie Gleason         Ned Beatty
6.4   Jeff Bridges           Bruce Boxleitner       David Warner
7.6   Paul Newman            Charlotte Rampling     Jack Warden
7.2   Julie Andrews          James Garner           Robert Preston
5.3   Robert Forster         Fred Williamson         Richard Bright
  7   Robin Williams         Mary Beth Hurt          Glenn Close
7.8   Jenny Seagrove         Barry Bostwick          Deborah Kerr
5.4   Charles Bronson        Lisa Eilbacher          Andrew Stevens
5.7   Tom Cruise             Craig T. Nelson         Lea Thompson
3.1   Tony Roberts           Tess Harper             Robert Joy
6.7   Sean Penn              Reni Santoni            Jim Moody
7.1   Tom Berenger           Glenn Close             Jeff Goldblum
5.9   Roy Scheider           Warren Oates            Candy Clark
1.5   Suzanna Love           Ulli Lommel             Shannah Hall
6.2   Christopher Walken     Natalie Wood            Louise Fletcher
5.2   Richard Gere           ValÈrie Kaprisky        Art Metrano
  5   Karen Black            Larry David             Michael Emil
5.9   Keith Gordon           John Stockwell          Alexandra Paul
8.1   Melinda Dillon         Darren McGavin          Peter Billingsley
5.2   Jacqueline Bisset      Rob Lowe                Andrew McCarthy
5.4   Dee Wallace-Stone      Danny Pintauro          Daniel Hugh Kelly
7.2   Christopher Walken     Brooke Adams            Tom Skerritt
5.9   Karen Young            Clayton Day             Suzie Humphreys
3.8   Suzanna Love           Robert Walker Jr.       Donald Pleasence
7.4   Albert Finney          Tom Courtenay           Edward Fox
5.7   Rodney Dangerfield     Joe Pesci               Geraldine Fitzgerald
6.9   Michael Caine          Julie Walters           Michael Williams
5.5   Jennifer Beals         Michael Nouri           Lilia Skala
6.6   William Hurt           Lee Marvin              Brian Dennehy
3.6   Tom Atkins             Stacy Nelkin            Dan O'Herlihy
5.1   Kate McNeil            Eileen Davidson         Janis Zido
3.1   Dennis Quaid           Bess Armstrong          Louis Gossett Jr.
7.5   Robert De Niro         Jerry Lewis             Diahnne Abbott
5.4   Ken Marshall           Lysette Anthony         Freddie Jones
6.6   Linda Griffiths        Jane Hallaren           Jon DeVries
5.6   Anne Carlisle          Paula E. Sheppard       Susan Doukas
7.6   Burt Lancaster         Peter Riegert           Fulton Mackay
5.3   Chuck Norris           David Carradine         Barbara Carrera
4.4   Tom Cruise             Jackie Earle Haley      John Stockwell
  6   Jamie Lee Curtis       Bonnie Bartlett         Matt Clark
4.3   Dudley Moore           Elizabeth McGovern      Alec Guinness
6.1   Steve Martin           Kathleen Turner         David Warner
7.4   Annie Albers           Marlene Dietrich        Bernard Hall
6.9   David Bowie            Tom Conti               Ryuichi Sakamoto
7.3   Graham Chapman         John Cleese             Terry Gilliam
6.1   Michael Keaton         Teri Garr               Frederick Koehler
6.6   Andy Kaufman           Fred Blassie            Laurie Burton
4.5   Caren Kaye             Matt Lattanzi           Kevin McCarthy
7.1   Chevy Chase            Beverly D'Angelo        Imogene Coca
7.2   Charles Martin Smith   Brian Dennehy           Zachary Ittimangnaq
6.1   Sean Connery           Klaus Maria Brandauer   Max von Sydow
6.3   Roger Moore            Maud Adams              Louis Jourdan
5.3   Peter Weller             Jennifer Dale        Lawrence Dane
3.1   Fred Williamson          Jim Brown            Jim Kelly
5.6   Rutger Hauer             John Hurt            Craig T. Nelson
6.8   C. Thomas Howell         Matt Dillon          Ralph Macchio
3.9   Dan Monahan              Wyatt Knight         Mark Herrier
5.6   Anthony Perkins          Vera Miles           Meg Tilly
4.5   ShÙ Kosugi               Keith Vitali         Virgil Frye
7.9   Sam Shepard              Scott Glenn          Ed Harris
6.6   Tom Cruise               Rebecca De Mornay    Joe Pantoliano
6.7   Matt Dillon              Mickey Rourke        Diane Lane
6.2   DeLois Barrett Cambell   Thomas A. Dorsey     Billie Barrett Greenbey
7.8   Al Pacino                Steven Bauer         Michelle Pfeiffer
  7   Meryl Streep             Kurt Russell         Cher
5.1   Felissa Rose             Jonathan Tiersten    Karen Fields
6.5   Jason Robards            Jonathan Pryce       Diane Ladd
6.3   Mariel Hemingway         Eric Roberts         Cliff Robertson
3.8   John Travolta            Cynthia Rhodes       Finola Hughes
4.6   Cheech Marin             Tommy Chong          Hans van in't Veld
6.5   Dave Thomas              Rick Moranis         Max von Sydow
3.9   Burt Reynolds            Ned Beatty           Jim Nabors
6.1   Clint Eastwood           Sondra Locke         Pat Hingle
4.5   Christopher Reeve        Richard Pryor        Jackie Cooper
  6   Ben Gazzara              Ornella Muti         Susan Tyrrell
7.4   Robert Duvall            Tess Harper          Betty Buckley
7.3   Shirley MacLaine         Debra Winger         Jack Nicholson
5.3   Fred Ward                Belinda Bauer        Peter Coyote
7.3   Dan Aykroyd              Eddie Murphy         Ralph Bellamy
3.7   John Travolta            Olivia Newton-John   Charles Durning
6.3   Anzac Wallace            Bruno Lawrence       Tim Elliott
  6   Gene Hackman             Robert Stack         Fred Ward
6.9   Nick Nolte               Ed Harris            Gene Hackman
5.8   Nicolas Cage             Deborah Foreman      Elizabeth Daily
6.8   James Woods              Sonja Smits          Deborah Harry
5.3   Robert Forster           Nancy Kwan           Joe Spinell
6.9   Matthew Broderick        Dabney Coleman       John Wood
6.2   Chris Pedersen           Bill Coyne           Jennifer Clay
7.1   Linda Hunt               Mel Gibson           Bembol Roco
6.3   Ben Cross                Amy Irving           Christopher Lee
7.4   Jane Badler              Michael Durrell      Robert Englund
6.4   Roy Scheider             John Lithgow         Helen Mirren
5.6   Rachel Ward              Jeff Bridges         James Woods
6.7   Steve Martin             Lily Tomlin          Victoria Tennant
8.3   F. Murray Abraham        Tom Hulce            Elizabeth Berridge
4.9   Rae Dawn Chong           Guy Davis            Jon Chardiet
3.3   Dudley Moore             Eddie Murphy         Kate Capshaw
7.1   Eddie Murphy             Judge Reinhold       John Ashton
7.2   Matthew Modine           Nicolas Cage         John Harkins
5.2   Michael Caine            Joseph Bologna       Valerie Harper
5.1   Joseph Bottoms           Kirstie Alley        James Daughton
7.7   John Getz               Frances McDormand       Dan Hedaya
6.3   Craig Wasson            Melanie Griffith        Gregg Henry
5.6   Christopher Reeve       Vanessa Redgrave        Jessica Tandy
6.8   Mel Gibson              Anthony Hopkins         Laurence Olivier
4.2   Lucinda Dickey          Adolfo Quinones         Michael Chambers
6.7   Joe Morton              Daryl Edwards           Steve James
4.2   John Heard              Daniel Stern            Christopher Curry
3.8   Burt Reynolds           Dom DeLuise             Dean Martin
4.8   Peter Horton            Linda Hamilton          R.G. Armstrong
6.4   Sarah Patterson         Angela Lansbury         David Warner
5.2   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Grace Jones             Wilt Chamberlain
6.2   Richard Gere            Diane Lane              Gregory Hines
5.9   Kathleen Turner         Bruce Davison           Gordon Hunt
6.3   Dennis Quaid            Max von Sydow           Christopher Plummer
6.3   Francesca Annis         Leonardo Cimino         Brad Dourif
6.5   Timothy Hutton          Sean Penn               Pat Hingle
5.9   Robert De Niro          Meryl Streep            Harvey Keitel
4.6   Tom Berenger            Billy Dee Williams      Jack Scalia
5.5   David Keith             Drew Barrymore          Freddie Jones
6.1   Matt Dillon             Hector Elizondo         Molly McCarthy
3.7   Sonny Landham           Steve Kanaly            Karen Carlson
5.8   Kevin Bacon             Lori Singer             John Lithgow
6.3   Michael Elphick         Esmond Knight           Me Me Lai
4.4   Kimberly Beck           Erich Anderson          Corey Feldman
7.4   Bill Murray             Dan Aykroyd             Sigourney Weaver
  7   Daniel T. Majetich      Coby Jordan             Bruce Simballa
6.8   Zach Galligan           Phoebe Cates            Hoyt Axton
3.5   Rick Springfield        Janet Eilber            Patti Hansen
6.7   John Hurt               Terence Stamp           Tim Roth
3.4   David Naughton          Patrick Houser          Tracy Smith
5.8   Rob Lowe                Jodie Foster            Paul McCrane
4.8   Tim Matheson            Meg Tilly               Hume Cronyn
7.2   Harrison Ford           Kate Capshaw            Jonathan Ke Quan
5.4   Vera Miles              Clu Gulager             Daphne Zuniga
5.6   Michael Keaton          Joe Piscopo             Marilu Henner
6.6   Ralph Macchio           Pat Morita              Elisabeth Shue
7.9   Sam Waterston           Haing S. Ngor           John Malkovich
5.2   Perry King              Norman Parker           Elizabeth Kemp
6.8   Jackie Chan             Sammo Hung Kam-Bo       Biao Yuen
3.7   Caroline Munro          Joe Spinell             Judd Hamilton
6.1   Kay E. Kuter            Dan Mason               Lance Guest
5.9   Steve Martin            Charles Grodin          Judith Ivey
5.7   Dudley Moore            Amy Irving              Ann Reinking
4.5   Chuck Norris            M. Emmet Walsh          David Tress
6.1   Robin Williams          Maria Conchita Alonso   Cleavant Derricks
6.4   Jim Henson              Frank Oz                Dave Goelz
7.4   Robert Redford          Robert Duvall           Glenn Close
3.7   Wings Hauser            Bo Hopkins              Jody Medford
  7   John Saxon              Ronee Blakley           Heather Langenkamp
6.8   John Hurt               Richard Burton         Suzanna Hamilton
4.4   Nancy Allen             Don Peoples            Catherine Schultz
8.2   Robert De Niro          James Woods            Elizabeth McGovern
7.5   Harry Dean Stanton      Nastassja Kinski       Dean Stockwell
6.5   Jennifer Connelly       Daria Nicolodi         Dalila Di Lazzaro
5.9   Michael ParÈ            Nancy Allen            Eric Christmas
5.7   Steve Guttenberg        Kim Cattrall           G.W. Bailey
6.1   Eric Roberts            Mickey Rourke          Daryl Hannah
3.3   Carol Levy              Victor Bevine          Shannah Hall
5.2   Goldie Hawn             Chris Sarandon         Richard Romanus
5.4   Prince                  Apollonia Kotero       Morris Day
5.7   Patrick Swayze          C. Thomas Howell       Lea Thompson
6.7   Harry Dean Stanton      Emilio Estevez         Tracey Walter
4.5   James Brewster          Elissa Neil            John Schmerling
6.2   Mel Gibson              Sissy Spacek           Shane Bailey
4.3   Willem Dafoe            Judge Reinhold         Kaaren Lee
6.8   Michael Douglas         Kathleen Turner        Danny DeVito
5.6   Tom Selleck             Cynthia Rhodes         Gene Simmons
6.9   Molly Ringwald          Justin Henry           Michael Schoeffling
3.9   Dennis Hopper           Hardy Kr¸ger           Gˆsta Ekman
7.2   Howard E. Rollins Jr.   Adolph Caesar          Art Evans
5.2   ZoÎ Lund                Eric Bogosian          Brad Rijn
6.3   Tom Hanks               Daryl Hannah           Eugene Levy
6.2   William Shatner         Leonard Nimoy          DeForest Kelley
6.8   Jeff Bridges            Karen Allen            Charles Martin Smith
7.4   John Lurie              Eszter Balint          Richard Edson
6.2   Michael ParÈ            Diane Lane             Rick Moranis
3.8   Faye Dunaway            Helen Slater           Peter O'Toole
4.8   James Garner            Shirley Jones          C. Thomas Howell
7.9   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Michael Biehn          Linda Hamilton
4.9   Steven Bauer            Barbara Williams       John Getz
7.9   Rob Reiner              Kimberly Stringer      Chazz Dominguez
6.2   Clint Eastwood          GeneviËve Bujold       Dan Hedaya
6.7   Val Kilmer              Lucy Gutteridge        Jeremy Kemp
5.4   Jeremy Irons            Ornella Muti           Alain Delon
7.2   Barret Oliver           Gerald McRaney         Drum Garrett
3.9   David Carradine         Luke Askew             Maria Socas
5.4   Gene Wilder             Charles Grodin         Joseph Bologna
6.3   Jane Fonda              Anne Bancroft          Meg Tilly
6.4   Patrice Townsend        Henry Jaglom           Joanna Frank
6.1   Kevin Costner           David Marshall Grant   Rae Dawn Chong
  8   Michael J. Fox          Christopher Lloyd      Lea Thompson
7.1   John Cusack             David Ogden Stiers     Kim Darby
6.1   Grant Bardsley          Susan Sheridan         Freddie Jones
5.7   Ruth Maleczech          Valeria Vasilevski
  8   Jonathan Pryce          Robert De Niro         Katherine Helmond
7.6   Emilio Estevez          Anthony Michael Hall   Judd Nelson
5.7   Richard Pryor           John Candy             Lonette McKee
4.7   Georgia Engel           Jackie Burroughs       Mickey Rooney
5.7   Drew Barrymore          James Woods            Alan King
5.6   Michael Blevins         Yamil Borges           Jan Gan Boyd
6.5   Eileen Brennan          Tim Curry              Madeline Kahn
  6   Eric Roberts            Greta Scacchi          Bill Kerr
6.6   Don Ameche              Wilford Brimley        Hume Cronyn
5.4   Chuck Norris            Henry Silva            Bert Remsen
7.6   Danny Glover            Whoopi Goldberg        Margaret Avery
5.6   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Rae Dawn Chong         Dan Hedaya
  6   Dizzy Gillespie         Linda Atkinson         Sam Hubley
6.4   Miranda Richardson      Rupert Everett         Ian Holm
6.5   Lori Cardille           Terry Alexander        Joseph Pilato
6.6   Gabriel Byrne           Greta Scacchi          Denholm Elliott
6.4   Helen Shaver            Patricia Charbonneau   Audra Lindley
5.6   Rosanna Arquette        Madonna                Aidan Quinn
6.6   Powers Boothe           Meg Foster             Yara Vaneau
6.3   Dennis Quaid            Louis Gossett Jr.      Brion James
6.5   Bryan Brown             Brian Dennehy          Diane Venora
4.8   Cassandra Delaney       Peter Ford             David Sandford
  8   Robert Bloch            Chesley Bonestell      Ray Bradbury
6.4   Rutger Hauer            Jennifer Jason Leigh   Tom Burlinson
6.6   Chevy Chase             Joe Don Baker          Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
5.2   Sam Shepard             Kim Basinger           Harry Dean Stanton
6.5   Chris Sarandon          William Ragsdale       Amanda Bearse
5.4   Sarah Jessica Parker    Lee Montgomery         Helen Hunt
7.1   Sean Astin              Josh Brolin            Jeff Cohen
5.6   Anthony Edwards         Linda Fiorentino       Jsu Garcia
5.1   Michael Caine           Anthony Andrews        Victoria Tennant
6.3   Jean-Paul Belmondo      Kim Cattrall           Guy Marchand
5.3   Lisa Blount             Leonard Mann           Willie Aames
6.4   Michael Emil            Theresa Russell        Tony Curtis
6.3   Jeff Goldblum           Michelle Pfeiffer      Stacey Pickren
6.5   Glenn Close             Maria Mayenzet         Jeff Bridges
5.7   Michael Douglas         Kathleen Turner        Danny DeVito
6.8   Meredith Salenger       John Cusack            Jed
5.5   Sheila E.               Joseph Simmons         Darryl McDaniels
6.8   Matthew Broderick       Rutger Hauer           Michelle Pfeiffer
  6   Tom Cruise              Mia Sara               Tim Curry
5.5   Steve Railsback         Peter Firth            Frank Finlay
6.8   Albert Brooks           Julie Hagerty          Sylvia Farrel
5.8   Mel Gibson              Tina Turner            Bruce Spence
6.8   Cher                    Sam Elliott            Eric Stoltz
  6   Kurt Russell            Mariel Hemingway       Richard Jordan
6.6   Sally Field             James Garner           Brian Kerwin
5.9   Harry Dean Stanton      Mary Steenburgen       Gary Basaraba
6.8   Meryl Streep            Robert Redford         Klaus Maria Brandauer
6.9   Clint Eastwood          Michael Moriarty       Carrie Snodgress
6.7   Paul Reubens            Elizabeth Daily        Mark Holton
5.5   Meryl Streep            Charles Dance          Tracey Ullman
6.2   Michael Palin           Maggie Smith           Denholm Elliott
6.9   Jack Nicholson         Kathleen Turner       Robert Loggia
7.5   Mia Farrow             Jeff Daniels          Danny Aiello
  5   Sylvester Stallone     Richard Crenna        Charles Napier
6.9   Jeffrey Combs          Bruce Abbott          Barbara Crampton
6.7   Val Kilmer             Gabriel Jarret        Michelle Meyrink
5.8   Fred Ward              Joel Grey             Wilford Brimley
6.6   Clu Gulager            James Karen           Don Calfa
6.3   Fairuza Balk           Nicol Williamson      Jean Marsh
5.1   Sylvester Stallone     Talia Shire           Burt Young
  7   Jon Voight             Eric Roberts          Rebecca De Mornay
5.4   Patrick Wayne          Tom Berenger          G.W. Bailey
5.6   C. Thomas Howell       Lori Loughlin         Kelly Preston
6.9   Simon Srebnik          Michael Podchlebnik   Motke Zaidl
5.6   Gary Busey             Everett McGill        Corey Haim
  7   Kevin Kline            Scott Glenn           Kevin Costner
5.7   Chevy Chase            Dan Aykroyd           Steve Forrest
5.8   Emilio Estevez         Rob Lowe              Andrew McCarthy
5.6   Brian Schulz           Robert Rickman        John Manfredi
4.8   Michael Moriarty       Andrea Marcovicci     Garrett Morris
5.5   John Candy             Karen Austin          Kerri Green
6.8   John Cusack            Daphne Zuniga         Anthony Edwards
6.8   Jessica Lange          Ed Harris             Ann Wedgeworth
5.2   Richard Farnsworth     Melissa Gilbert       Michael Schoeffling
5.5   Emilio Estevez         Craig Sheffer         Larry B. Scott
6.8   William L. Petersen    Willem Dafoe          John Pankow
7.3   Chishu Ryu             Werner Herzog         Yuuharu Atsuta
5.2   Andree Maranda         Mitch Cohen           Jennifer Prichard
  6   Tim Thomerson          Helen Hunt            Michael Stefani
  6   Kris Kristofferson     Keith Carradine       Lori Singer
5.1   James Spader           Kim Richards          Paul Mones
5.9   Roger Moore            Christopher Walken    Tanya Roberts
5.7   Matthew Modine         Linda Fiorentino      Michael Schoeffling
4.8   Tom Hanks              John Candy            Rita Wilson
6.1   Anthony Michael Hall   Kelly LeBrock         Ilan Mitchell-Smith
7.6   Harrison Ford          Kelly McGillis        Josef Sommer
6.4   Nicholas Rowe          Alan Cox              Sophie Ward
  7   AndrÈa FerrÈol         Brian Deacon          Eric Deacon
6.4   Paul Hogan             Linda Kozlowski       John Meillon
7.4   Dexter Gordon          FranÁois Cluzet       Gabrielle Haker
7.2   Anne Bancroft          Anthony Hopkins       Judi Dench
5.9   Rob Lowe               Demi Moore            James Belushi
5.1   Patsy Kensit           Eddie O'Connell       David Bowie
8.2   Sigourney Weaver       Carrie Henn           Michael Biehn
5.3   Deborah Foreman        Ken Olandt            Amy Steel
4.7   John Candy             Eugene Levy           Robert Loggia
6.6   Sean Penn              Christopher Walken    Mary Stuart Masterson
5.9   Rodney Dangerfield     Sally Kellerman       Burt Young
4.6   Stephen Lang           Michael Carmine       Lauren Holly
6.1   Armand Assante         Gail Youngs           Michael Schoeffling
5.5   Robin Williams         Kurt Russell         Pamela Reed
4.6   Peter Falk             Alan Arkin           Beverly D'Angelo
6.6   Kurt Russell           Kim Cattrall         Dennis Dun
4.9   Tommy Lee Jones        Linda Hamilton       Robert Vaughn
7.7   Isabella Rossellini    Kyle MacLachlan      Dennis Hopper
  6   Lucy Deakins           Jay Underwood        Bonnie Bedelia
5.9   Maxwell Caulfield      Charlie Sheen        Patti D'Arbanville
6.4   Richard Bright         Jonathan Silverman   Blythe Danner
  5   Daryl Hannah           Pamela Reed          James Remar
6.8   Paul Newman            Tom Cruise           Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
5.3   Rick Giovinazzo        Veronica Stork       Mitch Maglio
6.3   Diane Keaton           Jessica Lange        Sissy Spacek
5.2   Dee Wallace-Stone      M. Emmet Walsh       Billy Green Bush
5.1   Chuck Norris           Lee Marvin           Martin Balsam
4.6   David Edwin Knight     Nancy Brilli         Coralina Cataldi Tassoni
6.3   Annabeth Gish          Jon Voight           JoBeth Williams
5.9   Nick Nolte             Bette Midler         Richard Dreyfuss
7.6   Tom Waits              John Lurie           Roberto Benigni
7.7   Matthew Broderick      Alan Ruck            Mia Sara
6.4   Joey Cramer            Paul Reubens         Veronica Cartwright
  7   Jeff Goldblum          Geena Davis          John Getz
5.3   J.L. Reate             Eddie Murphy         Charles Dance
5.1   Gabriel Byrne          Julian Sands         Natasha Richardson
6.9   Vincent Price          Barrie Ingham        Val Bettin
5.8   Michael Keaton         Gedde Watanabe       George Wendt
4.8   Sigourney Weaver       Michael Caine        Patrick Kavanagh
6.2   Clint Eastwood         Marsha Mason         Everett McGill
7.1   Christopher Lambert    Roxanne Hart         Clancy Brown
6.8   C. Thomas Howell       Rutger Hauer         Jennifer Jason Leigh
7.4   Gene Hackman           Barbara Hershey      Dennis Hopper
4.6   Karen Black            Hunter Carson        Timothy Bottoms
4.8   Louis Gossett Jr.      Jason Gedrick        David Suchet
4.8   Richard Pryor          Debbie Allen         Art Evans
5.8   Mary Tyler Moore       Julie Payne          Beverly Sanders
4.5   Markku Blomqvist       David Coburn         Steve Durham
6.9   David Bowie            Jennifer Connelly    Toby Froud
  7   Helena Bonham Carter   Cary Elwes           John Wood
5.6   Robert Redford         Debra Winger         Daryl Hannah
4.6   Elisabeth Shue         Terence Stamp        Steven Pinner
6.4   Rick Moranis           Ellen Greene         Vincent Gardenia
6.5   Corey Haim             Kerri Green          Charlie Sheen
7.2   William L. Petersen    Kim Greist           Joan Allen
7.3   Robert De Niro         Jeremy Irons         Ray McAnally
6.8   Radost Bokel           Mario Adorf          Armin Mueller-Stahl
7.1   Bob Hoskins            Cathy Tyson          Michael Caine
6.4   Harrison Ford          Helen Mirren         River Phoenix
5.1   Charles Bronson        Kathleen Wilhoite    Carrie Snodgress
6.9   Saeed Jaffrey          Roshan Seth          Daniel Day-Lewis
4.8   Deborah Foreman        Sam J. Jones         Sean McClory
7.7   Sean Connery            F. Murray Abraham      Christian Slater
5.2   Mickey Rourke           Kim Basinger           Margaret Whitton
5.4   Richard Gere            Kim Basinger           Jeroen KrabbÈ
5.3   Adam Ant                Paul Anselmo           Alan Autry
  5   Joanna Pacula           Sam Robards            Todd Graff
7.4   Erland Josephson        Susan Fleetwood        Allan Edwall
  6   John Cusack             Demi Moore             Curtis Armstrong
7.1   Richard Ganoung         John Bolger            Steve Buscemi
6.3   Kathleen Turner         Nicolas Cage           Barry Miller
  8   Tom Berenger            Willem Dafoe           Charlie Sheen
4.9   JoBeth Williams         Craig T. Nelson        Heather O'Rourke
6.3   Molly Ringwald          Harry Dean Stanton     Jon Cryer
4.5   Anthony Perkins         Diana Scarwid          Jeff Fahey
4.7   Kevin Bacon             Jami Gertz             Paul Rodriguez
4.7   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Kathryn Harrold        Darren McGavin
4.7   Linda Carol             Wendy O. Williams      Pat Ast
7.1   Crispin Glover          Keanu Reeves           Ione Skye
7.4   Maggie Smith            Helena Bonham Carter   Denholm Elliott
6.1   Gregory Hines           Billy Crystal          Steven Bauer
6.7   Danny DeVito            Bette Midler           Judge Reinhold
7.3   James Woods             James Belushi          Michael Murphy
7.4   Ross McElwee            Burt Reynolds          Charleen Swansea
5.8   Ally Sheedy             Steve Guttenberg       Fisher Stevens
  7   Gary Oldman             Chloe Webb             David Hayman
6.6   Jeff Daniels            Melanie Griffith       George 'Red' Schwartz
7.9   Wil Wheaton             River Phoenix          Corey Feldman
7.1   William Shatner         Leonard Nimoy          DeForest Kelley
8.6   James Baldwin           Mario Cuomo            Milos Forman
4.4   Bryan Brown             Joan Chen              John Stanton
4.5   Dennis Hopper           Caroline Williams      Jim Siedow
5.6   Jack Lemmon             Julie Andrews          Sally Kellerman
4.6   Josh Brolin             Robert Rusler          Pamela Gidley
5.7   Chevy Chase             Steve Martin           Martin Short
6.5   Tom Cruise              Kelly McGillis         Val Kilmer
6.5   Norman Alden            Jack Angel             Michael Bell
4.7   Marc Price              Tony Fields            Lisa Orgolini
6.1   Michael Caine           James Fox              Nigel Havers
5.8   Ken Boyle               Maggie Cheung          Siu-hou Chin
5.7   Hume Cronyn             Jessica Tandy          Frank McRae
6.3   Elisabeth Shue          Maia Brewton           Keith Coogan
5.5   Arsenio Hall            Donald F. Muhich       Monique Gabrielle
  7   Mickey Rourke           Robert De Niro         Lisa Bonet
  6   Sally Kirkland          Robert Fields          Paulina Porizkova
5.7   Diane Keaton            Sam Shepard            Harold Ramis
4.7   Frankie Avalon          Annette Funicello      Lori Loughlin
6.6   Mickey Rourke           Faye Dunaway           Alice Krige
5.5   Martin Sheen            Helen Shaver           Harley Cross
6.3   Brian Dennehy           Chloe Webb             Lambert Wilson
6.2   James Woods              Brian Dennehy       Victoria Tennant
5.7   Eddie Murphy             Judge Reinhold      John Ashton
6.6   Dennis Quaid             Ellen Barkin        Ned Beatty
5.3   Kim Basinger             Bruce Willis        John Larroquette
5.7   Jean-Claude Van Damme    Donald Gibb         Leah Ayres
5.4   Cheech Marin             Paul Rodriguez      Daniel Stern
  7   William Hurt             Albert Brooks       Holly Hunter
6.1   Patrick Dempsey          Amanda Peterson     Courtney Gains
4.6   David Andrews            Jennifer Balgobin   Marshall Bell
4.8   Domenick John            Tom Savini          George Kennedy
7.1   Josette Simon            Wabei Siyolwe       John Matshikiza
5.9   Jennifer Grey            Patrick Swayze      Jerry Orbach
5.5   Dan Aykroyd              Tom Hanks           Christopher Plummer
7.6   Bruce Campbell           Sarah Berry         Dan Hicks
6.7   Michael Douglas          Glenn Close         Anne Archer
6.3   Jodie Foster             Tim Robbins         Todd Graff
8.2   Matthew Modine           Adam Baldwin        Vincent D'Onofrio
6.4   James Caan               Anjelica Huston     James Earl Jones
7.1   Robin Williams           Forest Whitaker     Tung Thanh Tran
5.6   Rachel Ward              Bryan Brown         Steven Vidler
6.4   Anthony Barrile          Michael Boatman     Don Cheadle
5.7   Michael Agbabian         Lawrence Goldblum   Mary Hall
6.4   Andrew Robinson          Clare Higgins       Ashley Laurence
6.9   Kyle MacLachlan          Michael Nouri       Claudia Christian
7.9   Bruno Ganz               Solveig Dommartin   Otto Sander
7.5   Sebastian Rice-Edwards   Geraldine Muir      Sarah Miles
7.5   Lindsay Crouse           Joe Mantegna        Mike Nussbaum
6.8   Sheila McCarthy          Paule Baillargeon   Ann-Marie MacDonald
6.4   Dennis Quaid             Martin Short        Meg Ryan

6.4   Lou Diamond Phillips     Esai Morales        Rosanna DeSoto
7.7   John Lone                Joan Chen           Peter O'Toole
5.5   Andrew McCarthy          Jami Gertz          Robert Downey Jr.
7.5   Mel Gibson               Danny Glover        Gary Busey
4.5   Dudley Moore             Kirk Cameron        Margaret Colin
6.4   Timothy Dalton           Maryam d'Abo        Jeroen KrabbÈ
6.7   Jason Patric             Corey Haim          Dianne Wiest
  5   Ally Sheedy              Beverly D'Angelo    Michael Ontkean
5.1   John Malkovich           Ann Magnuson        Glenne Headly
7.3   James Wilby              Hugh Grant          Rupert Graves
7.1   Cher                     Nicolas Cage        Vincent Gardenia
  7   Adrian Pasdar            Jenny Wright        Lance Henriksen
5.8   Heather Langenkamp       Craig Wasson        Patricia Arquette
5.2   D.B. Sweeney             Charlie Sheen       Lara Harris
  7   Kevin Costner            Gene Hackman        Sean Young
6.5   Barbra Streisand         Richard Dreyfuss    Maureen Stapleton
5.8   Shelley Long             Bette Midler        Peter Coyote
6.1   Goldie Hawn              Kurt Russell        Edward Herrmann
4.8   Molly Ringwald          Robert Downey Jr.       Dennis Hopper
7.2   Steve Martin            John Candy              Laila Robins
5.4   Stephanie Rascoe        John Davies             Steve Fromholz
  6   Mickey Rourke           Bob Hoskins             Alan Bates
7.3   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Carl Weathers           Elpidia Carrillo
6.1   Donald Pleasence        Jameson Parker          Victor Wong
8.2   Cary Elwes              Mandy Patinkin          Chris Sarandon
5.7   James Belushi           Louis Gossett Jr.       Rae Dawn Chong
7.6   Nicolas Cage            Holly Hunter            Trey Wilson
5.5   James Belushi           John Ritter             Barbara Barrie
5.5   Amelia Shankley         Isabella Rossellini     Craig T. Nelson
7.1   Peter Weller            Nancy Allen             Dan O'Herlihy
6.8   Steve Martin            Daryl Hannah            Rick Rossovich
6.2   Arnold Schwarzenegger   Maria Conchita Alonso   Yaphet Kotto
6.1   Michael J. Fox          Helen Slater            Richard Jordan
6.2   Denholm Elliott         Dianne Wiest            Mia Farrow
4.8   Christopher Lambert     Terence Stamp           Joss Ackland
5.1   Eric Stoltz             Jennifer Jason Leigh    Judith Ivey
4.5   Joe B. Barton           Don Barrett             Sherry Leigh
5.3   Morgan Fairchild        David Holliday          Tahnee Welch
6.6   Eric Stoltz             Mary Stuart Masterson   Lea Thompson
6.1   Tom Berenger            Mimi Rogers             Lorraine Bracco
6.6   Mel Brooks              Rick Moranis            Bill Pullman
5.2   Jason Robards           Jane Alexander          Winona Ryder
6.4   Richard Dreyfuss        Emilio Estevez          Madeleine Stowe
7.1   Edward James Olmos      Estelle Harris          Mark Phelan
5.9   Christopher Reeve       Kathy Baker             Mimi Rogers
  6   Mark Harmon             Kirstie Alley           Robin Thomas
6.5   Cher                    Dennis Quaid            Liam Neeson
5.7   Tom Selleck             Steve Guttenberg        Ted Danson
6.6   Casey Siemaszko         Anne Ryan               Richard Tyson
5.9   Danny DeVito            Billy Crystal           Kim Greist
4.7   Ryan O'Neal             Isabella Rossellini     Debra Sandlund
7.8   Kevin Costner           Sean Connery            Charles Martin Smith
7.2   Charlie Sheen           Tamara Tunie            Franklin Cover
7.2   Bette Davis             Lillian Gish            Vincent Price
5.9   Greta Scacchi           Charles Dance           Joss Ackland
6.5   Emily Lloyd             Tom Bell                Jesse Birdsall
6.3   Jack Nicholson          Cher                    Susan Sarandon
7.1   Noah Taylor             Loene Carmen            Ben Mendelsohn
7.6   Maureen McElheron
7.5   Martin Gore             David Gahan             Andrew Fletcher
6.7   William Hurt            Kathleen Turner         Geena Davis
7.1   Kelly McGillis          Jodie Foster            Bernie Coulson
  6   James Caan              Mandy Patinkin          Terence Stamp
7.2   Gena Rowlands           Mia Farrow              Ian Holm
6.3   Gene Hackman            Danny Glover            Jerry Reed
  7   Alec Baldwin            Geena Davis             Annie McEnroe
  6   Debra Winger          Tom Berenger        John Heard
7.2   Tom Hanks             Elizabeth Perkins   Robert Loggia
5.7   Bette Midler          Lily Tomlin         Fred Ward
7.2   Forest Whitaker       Diane Venora        Michael Zelniker
5.4   Kevin Dillon          Shawnee Smith       Donovan Leitch
5.5   James Woods           Sean Young          John Kapelos
5.7   Rick Hearst           Gordon MacDonald    Jennifer Lowry
7.2   Kevin Costner         Susan Sarandon      Tim Robbins
5.8   Catherine Hicks       Chris Sarandon      Alex Vincent
6.6   Michael Keaton        Kathy Baker         Morgan Freeman
6.4   Sean Penn             Robert Duvall       Maria Conchita Alonso
6.5   Lynda Barry           Charles Burns       Sue Coe
6.6   Eddie Murphy          Arsenio Hall        James Earl Jones
6.8   Meryl Streep          Sam Neill           Dale Reeves
  6   Dennis Quaid          Meg Ryan            Charlotte Rampling
7.6   Glenn Close           John Malkovich      Michelle Pfeiffer
5.7   Clint Eastwood        Patricia Clarkson   Liam Neeson
  7   Jeremy Irons          GeneviËve Bujold    Heidi von Palleske
  8   Bruce Willis          Alan Rickman        Bonnie Bedelia
6.8   Steve Martin          Michael Caine       Glenne Headly
7.3   Jace Alexander        John Cusack         Gordon Clapp
6.2   Jessica Lange         Dennis Quaid        Timothy Hutton
7.7   John Cleese           Jamie Lee Curtis    Kevin Kline
6.6   Harrison Ford         Betty Buckley       Emmanuelle Seigner
6.4   Aileen Quinn          Helen Hunt          John Paragon
5.6   Diane Keaton          Liam Neeson         Jason Robards
6.8   Sigourney Weaver      Bryan Brown         Julie Harris
7.3   Rosanna Arquette      Jean-Marc Barr      Jean Reno
5.7   Dan Aykroyd           John Candy          Stephanie Faracy
6.6   Sonny Bono            Ruth Brown          Divine
5.6   Clare Higgins         Ashley Laurence     Kenneth Cranham
5.1   Jacqueline Bisset     James Fox           Irene Papas
5.9   Kelly McGillis        Jeff Daniels        Mandy Patinkin
6.2   Keenen Ivory Wayans   Bernie Casey        Antonio Fargas
7.3   John Lennon           Yoko Ono            Paul McCartney
5.4   Martin Sheen          Heinz Hoenig        Jutta Speidel
6.7   Lukas Haas            Len Cariou          Alex Rocco
5.5   Amanda Donohoe        Hugh Grant          Catherine Oxenberg
6.3   Gabriel Damon         Candace Hutson      Judith Barsi
7.4   Willem Dafoe          Harvey Keitel       Paul Greco
5.7   Sidney Poitier        River Phoenix       Richard Jenkins
6.1   Paul Lazar            Alec Baldwin        Captain Haggerty
7.5   Robert De Niro        Charles Grodin      Yaphet Kotto
7.5   Gene Hackman          Willem Dafoe        Frances McDormand
6.3   Keith Carradine       Linda Fiorentino    John Lone
5.8   Jason Beghe           John Pankow         Kate McNeil
5.5   Anthony Edwards       Robert Mitchum      Lauren Bacall
6.1   Annabeth Gish         Julia Roberts       Lili Taylor
7.4   Leslie Nielsen        Priscilla Presley   Ricardo Montalban
7.6   Kristyna Kohoutov·
8.3   Antonella Attili           Enzo Cannavale                Isa Danieli
6.2   Joseph Lawrence            Billy Joel                    Cheech Marin
7.3   Bart the Bear              Youk the Bear                 TchÈky Karyo
7.4   Marianne S‰gebrecht        CCH Pounder                   Jack Palance
6.1   Keanu Reeves               Alan Boyce                    Michelle Meyrink
7.1   David Brinkley             Cheryl Tiegs
5.7   Sean Connery               Mark Harmon                   Meg Ryan
5.6   Sally Field                Tom Hanks                     John Goodman
7.9   Dustin Hoffman             Tom Cruise                    Valeria Golino
7.4   Brian Cox                  Erland Josephson              Andrei Tarkovsky
5.5   Tom Burlinson              Sigrid Thornton               Brian Dennehy
7.3   Christine Lahti            River Phoenix                 Judd Hirsch
7.7   Shafiq Syed                Hansa Vithal                  Chanda Sharma
6.1   Glenda Jackson             Stratford Johns               Nickolas Grace
6.5   Bill Murray                Karen Allen                   John Forsythe
5.9   Bill Pullman               Cathy Tyson                   Zakes Mokae
5.8   Demi Moore                 Michael Biehn                 J¸rgen Prochnow
5.6   Kevin Bacon                Elizabeth McGovern            Alec Baldwin
6.3   Sidney Poitier             Tom Berenger                  Kirstie Alley
  6   Gabriel Byrne              Marianne Basler               Paul Wyett
7.8   Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu   Gene Bervoets                 Johanna ter Steege
6.8   Mark Harmon                Blair Brown                   Jonathan Silverman
6.2   Melanie Griffith           Tommy Lee Jones               Sting
5.3   Bruce Willis               James Garner                  Malcolm McDowell

6.8   Eric Bogosian              Ellen Greene                  Leslie Hope
5.7   John Cusack                Tim Robbins                   Mary Crosby
5.7   Mel Gibson                 Michelle Pfeiffer             Kurt Russell
6.4   Roddy Piper                Keith David                   Meg Foster
6.6   Don Ameche                 Joe Mantegna                  Robert Prosky
6.8   Jeff Bridges               Joan Allen                    Martin Landau
5.9   Arnold Schwarzenegger      Danny DeVito                  Kelly Preston
7.4   Daniel Day-Lewis           Juliette Binoche              Lena Olin
7.4   Bob Hoskins                Christopher Lloyd             Joanna Cassidy
6.8   Val Kilmer                 Joanne Whalley                Warwick Davis
6.5   Michael Caine              Ben Kingsley                  Jeffrey Jones
6.5   Harrison Ford              Sigourney Weaver              Melanie Griffith
6.4   Emilio Estevez             Kiefer Sutherland             Lou Diamond Phillips
6.4   Pierce Brosnan             Eric Idle                     Julia Nickson-Soul
5.9   Tom Hanks                  Bruce Dern                    Carrie Fisher
7.4   Ed Harris                  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   Michael Biehn
6.7   John Neville               Eric Idle                     Sarah Polley
5.5   Burt Reynolds              Dom DeLuise                   Judith Barsi
6.2   Richard Dreyfuss           Holly Hunter                  Brad Johnson
5.9   Wim Wenders                Yohji Yamamoto
  6   David Jason         Amanda Root                 Angela Thorne
6.9   Michael J. Fox      Christopher Lloyd           Lea Thompson
7.3   Michael Keaton      Jack Nicholson              Kim Basinger
6.6   Keanu Reeves        Alex Winter                 George Carlin
6.2   Michael Douglas     Andy Garcia                 Ken Takakura
5.6   Rutger Hauer        Terry O'Quinn               Brandon Call
  7   Tom Cruise          Bryan Larkin                Raymond J. Barry
  6   Burt Reynolds       Casey Siemaszko             Sheila Kelley
6.8   Michael J. Fox      Sean Penn                   Don Harvey
6.1   Cybill Shepherd     Robert Downey Jr.           Ryan O'Neal
  7   Richard Bohringer   Michael Gambon              Helen Mirren
7.9   Bill Bernstein      Martin Landau               Claire Bloom
6.8   Nicole Kidman       Sam Neill                   Billy Zane
7.7   Robin Williams      Robert Sean Leonard         Ethan Hawke
7.7   Danny Aiello        Ossie Davis                 Ruby Dee
6.1   Michael Keaton      Christopher Lloyd           Peter Boyle
7.3   Morgan Freeman      Jessica Tandy               Dan Aykroyd
7.4   Matt Dillon         Kelly Lynch                 James LeGros
6.2   Cora Miao           Russell Wong                Victor Wong
6.4   Ron Silver          Anjelica Huston             Lena Olin
6.6   Jeff Bridges        Michelle Pfeiffer           Beau Bridges
6.2   Paul Newman         Dwight Schultz              Bonnie Bedelia
7.7   Kevin Costner       Amy Madigan                 Gaby Hoffmann
5.7   Robert A. Duncan    Bo Guan Jun                 Christopher Plummer
7.7   Jim Lovell          Russell Schweickart         Eugene Cernan
6.6   Denzel Washington   Dorian Healy                Sean Chapman
5.6   Bill Murray         Dan Aykroyd                 Sigourney Weaver
8.1   Matthew Broderick   Denzel Washington           Cary Elwes
5.8   N!xau               Lena Farugia                Hans Strydom
5.9   Matthew Modine      Daphne Zuniga               Christine Lahti
7.4   Winona Ryder        Christian Slater            Shannen Doherty
7.9   Derek Jacobi        Kenneth Branagh             Simon Shepherd
5.6   Anthony Edwards     Corey Parker                Lara Flynn Boyle
6.6   Richard E. Grant    Rachel Ward                 Richard Wilson
6.5   Chris Hoffman
5.9   Jenny Wright        Clayton Rohner              Randall William Cook
5.8   Glenn Close         James Woods                 Mary Stuart Masterson
5.6   Bruce Willis        Emily Lloyd                 Joan Allen
  8   Harrison Ford       Sean Connery                Denholm Elliott
6.1   Tom Selleck         F. Murray Abraham           Laila Robins
5.6   Mickey Rourke       Ellen Barkin                Elizabeth McGovern
6.1   Pat Mulligan        Nick Dimitri                Michael Madsen
6.6   Stephen Lang        Jennifer Jason Leigh        Burt Young
6.9   Morgan Freeman      Beverly Todd                Robert Guillaume
6.9   Mel Gibson          Danny Glover                Joe Pesci
6.2   Timothy Dalton      Carey Lowell                Robert Davi
7.3   Jodi Benson         Christopher Daniel Barnes   Pat Carroll
7.6   Erika Alexander     Maurice BÈnichou            Amba Bihler
6.7   Tom Berenger        Charlie Sheen               Corbin Bernsen
6.5   Donna Akersten        Stuart Devenie        Mark Hadlow
5.9   Denzel Washington     James Fox             Mimi Rogers
  6   Holly Hunter          Mary Steenburgen      Tim Robbins
7.5   Daniel Day-Lewis      Brenda Fricker        Alison Whelan
7.2   Masatoshi Nagase      YÙki KudÙ             Screamin' Jay Hawkins
6.8   Chevy Chase           Beverly D'Angelo      Juliette Lewis
6.2   Woody Allen           Marvin Chatinover     Mae Questel
6.1   Gene Hackman          Joanna Cassidy        Tommy Lee Jones
  7   Steve Martin          Dianne Wiest          Dennis Dugan
5.9   Randy Quaid           Mary Beth Hurt        Sandy Dennis
5.7   Dale Midkiff          Fred Gwynne           Denise Crosby
5.8   Dexter Fletcher       Ione Skye             Jonathan Pryce
7.7   Michael Moore         James Blanchard       James Bond
7.6   John Cusack           Ione Skye             John Mahoney
6.3   John Hurt             Joanne Whalley        Bridget Fonda
6.7   Al Pacino             Ellen Barkin          John Goodman
5.8   Richard Pryor         Gene Wilder           Joan Severance
5.8   Phoebe Cates          Scott Coffey          Bridget Fonda
5.9   Billy Warlock         Connie Danese         Ben Slack
6.8   Sally Field           Dolly Parton          Shirley MacLaine
  6   Blair Brown           Bruno Ganz            Bridget Fonda
6.2   Jeff Goldblum         Rowan Atkinson        Emma Thompson
7.4   Jimmy Cleveland       Harry Colomby         John Coltrane
6.5   James Woods           Robert Downey Jr.     Margaret Colin
5.7   Annabella Sciorra     Ron Eldard            Aida Turturro
6.6   'Weird Al' Yankovic   Victoria Jackson      Kevin McCarthy
6.3   John Candy            Jean Louisa Kelly     Gaby Hoffmann
6.7   Colin Firth           Annette Bening        Meg Tilly
6.5   Michael Douglas       Kathleen Turner       Danny DeVito
5.6   Julian Sands          Lori Singer           Richard E. Grant
5.5   Andrew McCarthy       Jonathan Silverman    Catherine Mary Stewart
7.7   Billy Crystal         Meg Ryan              Carrie Fisher
5.6   Lloyd Bridges         Gary Bullock          Amelia Burnette
7.1   James Spader          Andie MacDowell       Peter Gallagher
5.7   Rosanna Arquette      Jason Robards         Tom Hulce
7.1   Mary Demas            Michael Rooker        Anne Bartoletti
7.1   Jessica Lange         Armin Mueller-Stahl   Frederic Forrest
7.1   Charles Fleischer     April Winchell        Lou Hirsch
7.2   Adrienne Shelly       Robert John Burke     Chris Cooke
6.5   Lisa Kreuzer          Rivka Neuman          Markus Stockhausen
8.1   Ian Anderson          Joan Armatrading      Gary Brooker
5.8   Andy Warhol           Paul Morrissey        Viva
8.4   Al Green              Willie Mitchell       Ken Tucker
8.3   Richard Basehart      Ellsworth Bunker      Clark Clifford

7.8 Mel Novak               Pam Phillips          John Andes
6.7 John Cassavetes         Joyce Bulifant        Nicholas Colasanto
  5 Bartlett Mullins        Peggy Ann Clifford    Maggie Wright
cast4                cast5                    cast6
Ed Bishop            Roy Dotrice              Douglas Lambert
Bryan Brown          Charles 'Bud' Tingwell   Terence Donovan
Dabney Coleman       Sterling Hayden          Elizabeth Wilson
Leslie Nielsen       Robert Stack             Peter Graves
Charles Haid         Thaao Penghlis           Miguel Godreau
Nina Van Pallandt    Bill Duke                Brian Davies
William Smith        Harry Guardino           Ruth Gordon
Hollis McLaren       Robert Joy               Moses Znaimer
George Peppard       Darlanne Fluegel         Sybil Danning
Bobby Di Cicco       Kelly Ward               StÈphane Audran
Barbara Babcock      John Hancock             Raleigh Bond
William Daniels      Elva Josephson           Glenn Kohan
Cab Calloway         Ray Charles              Aretha Franklin
Nicholas Love        Raymond Boyden           Felicite Morgan
Scatman Crothers     Bill McKinney            Sam Bottoms
Murray Hamilton      David Keith              Morgan Freeman
Fernando Rey         Simon MacCorkindale      Camilla Sparv
Michael O'Keefe      Bill Murray              Sarah Holcomb
Michael Brandon      Mary Beth Hurt           Edward Winter
Jean Marsh           John Colicos             Barry Morse
Betty Kennedy        Sy Kramer                Rikki Marin
Phyllis Boyens       Bill Anderson Jr.        Foister Dickerson

Hugh Millais         Paul Freeman             Jean-FranÁois StÈvenin
Nicholas Worth       Denise Galik-Furey       Stan Haze
John Gielgud         Wendy Hiller             Freddie Jones

Steve James          Tony DiBenedetto         Dick Boccelli
Norman Burton        Linda Kerridge           Morgan Paull
Robert Hackman       Todd Hepler              Iren Koster
Antonia Franceschi   Boyd Gaines              Albert Hague
James Farentino      Ron O'Neal               Charles Durning
George Coe           Brenda Vaccaro           Martin Gabel
Annette Bronson      Hollywood Browde         Adolph Caesar
Topol                Ornella Muti             Timothy Dalton
John Houseman        Tom Atkins               James Canning
Kandice Stroh        Scott Baio               Sally Kellerman
Laurie Bartram       Jeannine Taylor          Kevin Bacon
Dorothy Stratten     Lionel Mark Smith        Tad Horino
Tony Knesich         Gregory Cleghorne        Buck Henry
Louw Verwey          Michael Thys             Nic De Jager
Broderick Crawford   Gus Mercurio             Alan Cassell
Donald Hotton        Med Flory                Donald Petrie
Sam Waterston        Brad Dourif              Isabelle Huppert
Leigh French         Randy Gornel             Gary Graham
Ned Beatty           Herbert Lom              David Matthau
Richard Benjamin     Fred Willard             Eddie Albert
Cindy Weintraub      Anthony Penya            Denise Galik-Furey
LeVar Burton               Ben Johnson            Richard Venture
John Aprea                 Richard Bright         Olympia Dukakis
Daria Nicolodi             Sacha PitoÎff          Alida Valli
Catlin Adams               Franklyn Ajaye         Paul Nicholas
Ava Gardner                Miguel Fernandes       Cindy Girling
Stefan Czapsky             Mitch Dubin            Tom Farrell
Irene Papas                John Gielgud           Raf Vallone
Bryan Marshall             Derek Thompson         Eddie Constantine
James Keach                Stacy Keach            Dennis Quaid
Kelly Piper                Rita Montone           Tom Savini
Mary Steenburgen           Chip Taylor            Melvin E. Dummar
Michael J. Fox             Stephen Furst          Patricia Alice Albrecht
Edward Fox                 Rock Hudson            Kim Novak
Roger Sloman               Fran Fullenwider       B.A. Robertson
Don 'D.G.' Banning         Cal Bellini            Seymour Cassel
Paul Quandt                Hank Salas             Joan Cusack
Art Hindle                 Carol Bagdasarian      Tadashi Yamashita
Timothy Hutton             M. Emmet Walsh         Elizabeth McGovern
Paul Dooley                Paul L. Smith          Richard Libertini
Robert Webber              Sam Wanamaker          Barbara Barrie
Anne-Marie Martin          Antoinette Bower       Michael Tough
Frank Vincent              Nicholas Colasanto     Theresa Saldana
Anne Archer                Alec Guinness          Bo Brundin
Maggie Cousineau           Gordon Clapp           Jean Passanante
Gailard Sartain            Rhonda Bates           Joe Spano
Lawrence Dane              Michael Ironside       Robert A. Silverman
Trevor Howard              Barbara Kellerman      Patrick Macnee
Robert Guillaume           Harold Gould           George Grizzard
Scatman Crothers           Barry Nelson           Philip Stone
Zack Norman                Richard Romanus        Patrice Townsend
Teresa Wright              Bill Erwin             George Voskovec
Marie-Christine Barrault   Tony Roberts           Daniel Stern
JoBeth Williams            Miguel ¡ngel Su·rez    Craig T. Nelson
Allen Garfield             Alex Rocco             Sharon Farrell
Jackie Cooper              Sarah Douglas          Margot Kidder
Katherine Helmond          Ian Holm               Michael Palin
Peter Coffield             Herbert Berghof        David Margulies
Cynthia Crisp              Taylor Mead            Charles Rydell
Frank McRae                Deborah Harmon         Joe Flaherty
Rene Auberjonois           R.G. Armstrong         Danny Goldman
James Sloyan               Dimitra Arliss         Katie Hanley
Michael Parks              David Hedison          Jack Watson
Sandra Dickinson           Mark Wing-Davey        Geoffrey Beevers
Melinda Dillon             Luther Adler           Barry Primus
Beatrice Colen             Frank DeKova           Ben Frommer
John Woodvine              Lila Kaye              Joe Belcher
Arnold Herzstein           John Blyth Barrymore   Greg Walker
Geraldine Fitzgerald       Jill Eikenberry        Stephen Elliott
Ted Danson                 J.A. Preston           Mickey Rourke
Hubertus Bengsch             Martin Semmelrogge       Bernd Tauber
Jimmy Hughes                 Edwin DeLeon             Edwin Kinter
Dom DeLuise                  Dean Martin              Sammy Davis Jr.
Dick Martin                  Denzel Washington        Paul Winfield
Jack Gilford                 Cork Hubbert             Mark King
Ben Cross                    Daniel Gerroll           Ian Holm
Pat Buttram                  Paul Carafotes           Victor French
Barry Miller                 Hildy Brooks             Kaethe Fine
Maggie Smith                 Ursula Andress           Claire Bloom
Ricardo Palacios             JoaquÌn GÛmez S·inz      Lewis Gordon
Sandahl Bergman              Ben Davidson             Cassandra Gava
James Hampton                Jean-Pierre Kalfon       Dana Elcar
Carlin Glynn                 Tony Ganios              Val Avery
StÈphane Audran              Eddy Mitchell            Guy Marchand
Fiona Lewis                  Arthur Dignam            Dey Young
J.D. Cannon                  Anthony Franciosa        Ben Frank
Adam Rich                    Julie Budd               Sonny Shroyer
GÈrard Darmon                Chantal Deruaz           Jacques Fabbri
Geoffrey Land                Susan McIver             Regina Carrol
George Coe                   Margaret Blye            Jacqueline Brookes
Donald Pleasence             Isaac Hayes              Season Hubley
Cherie Lunghi                Paul Geoffrey            Nicol Williamson
Kate Nelligan                Christopher Cazenove     George Belbin
Hector Elizondo              Michael Biehn            Anna Maria Horsford
Daniel Eden                  Roslyn Gugino            Paul Haber
Lisa Harrow                  Barnaby Holm             Mason Adams
Lynn-Holly Johnson           Julian Glover            Cassandra Harris
Danny Aiello                 Rachel Ticotin           Pam Grier
Jack Albertson               Sandy Duncan             Jeanette Nolan
Emily Morgan                 Charlotte Mitchell       Lynsey Baxter
Kirsten Baker                Stuart Charno            Warrington Gillette
Sayoko Yamaguchi             Hitomi Takahashi         Arielle Dombasle
Miles Chapin                 Sylvia Miles             William Finley
Jerzy Skolimowski            Gila von Weitershausen   Peter Martin Urtel
Charles Lathalu Yunipingli   Heath Harris             Ron Graham
John Houseman                Craig Wasson             Patricia Neal
Lance Guest                  Hunter von Leer          Nancy Stephens
Jackie Burroughs             John Candy               Ned Conlon
Kevin Brophy                 Jenny Neumann            Suki Goodwin
Harvey Korman                Cloris Leachman          Ron Carey
Christopher Stone            Belinda Balaski          Kevin McCarthy
Marloe Scott Wilson          Bill Flynn               Ken Gampu
Amy Ingersoll                Patricia Tallman         Christine Forrest
Ann Mitchell                 Elizabeth Spriggs        Pascale Rivault
Margaret Blye                Broderick Crawford       Christopher Connelly
Max Phipps                   Vernon Wells             Kjell Nilsson
Harriet Bass                 Seth Jones               Alexander Murphy Jr.
James Marsh                  John Zacharias           Per Oscarsson
Helen McGara                 Nike Zachmanoglou        Abel Ferrara
Keith Knight          Alf Humphreys       Cynthia Dale
Roy Butler
Keith McKeon          Beau Bridges        Glynnis O'Connor
Persis Khambatta      Nigel Davenport     Rutger Hauer
Doug McKeon           Dabney Coleman      William Lanteau
James Sikking         Kika Markham        Clarke Peters
Ricky Paull Goldin    Ted Richert         Leslie Graves
Michael Lerner        John P. Ryan        Anjelica Huston
Farley Granger        Cindy Weintraub     Lisa Dunsheath
Ronald Lacey          John Rhys-Davies    Denholm Elliott
Larry Hagman          Robert Loggia       Stuart Margolin
Charles Durning       Earl Holliman       Bernie Casey
Franklyn Seales       T.K. Carter         Lewis Smith
P.J. Soles            Sean Young          John Candy
David Keith           Tim Thomerson       Martin Mull
Sean Penn             Tom Cruise          Brendan Ward
Miles O'Keeffe        Akushula Selayah    Steve Strong
James Belushi         Robert Prosky       Tom Signorelli
Kim Cattrall          R.H. Thomson        Jennifer Dale
Daniel Massey         Tim Pigott-Smith    Julian Curry
Diana Quick           Jane Asher          Simon Jones
Denholm Elliott       Michael Hordern     Phoebe Nicholls
Frank McRae           James Remar         David Patrick Kelly
Chad Everett          Peter Graves        Chuck Connors
Tim Curry             Bernadette Peters   Aileen Quinn
Frank Gallop          Lyndon Johnson      Maurice Joyce
Gilbert Roland        Danny De La Paz     Alma MartÌnez
Robert Vogel          Diana Browne        Lloyd Pace
James Daughton        Adam Roarke         Dan Barrows
Barnard Hughes        Audra Lindley       Keenan Wynn
Charles Durning       Jim Nabors          Robert Mandan
Glen 'Astro' Turner   Larry MacDonald     Carl Cornwell
Edward James Olmos    M. Emmet Walsh      Daryl Hannah
Warren Oates          Elpidia Carrillo    Shannon Wilcox
Ryan Seitz            Percy Rodriguez     Paul Willson
Suzanna Hamilton      Benjamin Whitrow    Dudley Sutton
Annette O'Toole       Ruby Dee            Ed Begley Jr.
Leslie Nielsen        Carrie Nye          E.G. Marshall
Barry Dennen          Percy Edwards       Michael Kilgarriff
Carl Reiner           George Gaynes       Francis X. McCarthy
Irene Worth           Henry Jones         Joe Silver
Kevin Bacon           Timothy Daly        Ellen Barkin
Hugh Fraser           Neil Cunningham     Dave Hill
Drew Barrymore        Peter Coyote        K.C. Martel
Susan Saiger          Lynn Hobart         Richard Paul

Jane Lapotaire        Mickey Rourke       Ed Lauter
Betsy Baker           Theresa Tilly       Philip A. Gillis
Nicholas Clay         James Mason         Roddy McDowall
Robert Romanus      Brian Backer                  Phoebe Cates
Warren Clarke       Ronald Lacey                  Kenneth Colley
Bill McKinney       Jack Starrett                 Michael Talbott
Paul Hittscher      Huerequeque Enrique Bohorquez Grande Otelo
Bart Burns          Jonathan Banks                Bonnie Bartlett
Nick Savage         Rachel Howard                 David Katims
Richard Widmark     Robert Prosky                 Josef Sommer
Susan Fleetwood     Patrick Godfrey               Jennifer Kendal
Alexa Kenin         Verna Bloom                   Matt Clark
Steven Grives       Barry Houghton                Rosalind Lloyd
Helen Hughes        Erin Flannery                 Duncan McIntosh
Lang Jeffries       Bruce Cameron                 Jack Vacek
Joe Rubbo           Louisa Moritz                 Brian Peck
Tammy Grimes        Robert Klein                  Angela Lansbury
John Glover         Joan Copeland                 Susanna Dalton
Tommy Dysart        Bruce Kerr                    David Bradshaw
Joseph Bologna      Bill Macy                     Lainie Kazan
Blackie Dammett     Fred McCarren                 Miriam Flynn
Robert Loggia       Lisa Blount                   Lisa Eilbacher
Nastassja Kinski    Lainie Kazan                  Harry Dean Stanton
James Davidson      Al Fann                       Tom Villard
Malik Carter        Tony Cox                      Ernie Hudson
Eleanor David       Kevin McKeon                  Bob Hoskins
Dominique Dunne     Oliver Robins                 Heather O'Rourke
Roger Wilson        Cyril O'Reilly                Tony Ganios
John Standing       Nicola Pagett                 Simon Jones
Richard Roundtree   James Dixon                   Malachy McCourt

Carl Weathers       Burgess Meredith              Tony Burton

Dom DeLuise         Hermione Baddeley             Shannen Doherty
Rita Karin          Stephen D. Newman             Greta Turken
Stephen Young       Carling Bassett               David Main
Mike Reynolds       Ed Semenza                    Don Hackstaff
Geoffrey Carey      Camilla More                  Alexandra Auder
James Doohan        Walter Koenig                 George Takei
Barbara Rush        Carole Cook                   Hans van Tongeren
David Hess          Nicholas Worth                Don Knight
George Maharis      Richard Lynch                 Richard Moll
Trevor Howard       Sean Connery                  Emma Sutton
Veronica Lario      Ania Pieroni                  Eva Robins
Bill McKinney       Frances Lee McCain            Ben Johnson
Martin Sheen        Paul Sorvino                  Arthur Franz
David Clennon       Keith David                   Richard A. Dysart
Dabney Coleman      Charles Durning               Bill Murray
Scott Schwartz      Teresa Ganzel                 Wilfrid Hyde-White
Cindy Morgan        Barnard Hughes                Dan Shor
James Mason         Milo O'Shea                   Lindsay Crouse
Lesley Ann Warren   Alex Karras                   John Rhys-Davies
Rutanya Alda          Don Blakely               Joseph Carberry
John Lithgow          Hume Cronyn               Jessica Tandy
Diane Baker           George Baker              Peter Chelsom
Gene Davis            Geoffrey Lewis            Wilford Brimley
Charles Cioffi        Gary Graham               Paul Carafotes
Candy Clark           John Beal                 Leora Dana
Eric Gurry            Esai Morales              Ally Sheedy
William Hurt          Kevin Kline               Mary Kay Place
Daniel Stern          Paul Roebling             David Sheiner
Shoto von Douglas     Bob Rosenfarb             Rhonda Aldrich
Cliff Robertson       Jordan Christopher        Donald Hotton
John P. Ryan          William Tepper            Robert Dunn
Frances Fisher        Martin Harvey Friedberg   Robert Hallak
Robert Prosky         Harry Dean Stanton        Christine Belford
Ian Petrella          Scott Schwartz            R.D. Robb
Cliff Robertson       Stuart Margolin           John Cusack
Christopher Stone     Ed Lauter                 Kaiulani Lee
Herbert Lom           Anthony Zerbe             Colleen Dewhurst
Helena Humann         Ben Jones                 Jane Abbott
Paul Willson          Mary Walden               Deanna Haas
Zena Walker           Eileen Atkins             Michael Gough
Candy Azzara          Val Avery                 Tom Noonan
Maureen Lipman        Jeananne Crowley          Malcolm Douglas
Sunny Johnson         Kyle T. Heffner           Lee Ving
Ian Bannen            Joanna Pacula             Michael Elphick
Michael Currie        Ralph Strait              Jadeen Barbor
Robin Meloy           Harley Jane Kozak         Jodi Draigie
Simon MacCorkindale   John Putch                Lea Thompson
Sandra Bernhard       Shelley Hack              Ed Herlihy

Francesca Annis       Alun Armstrong            David Battley
Jo Henderson          Jessica Wight MacDonald   Jesse Solomon
Otto von Wernherr     Bob Brady                 Elaine C. Grove
Denis Lawson          Norman Chancer            Peter Capaldi
Leon Isaac Kennedy    Robert Beltran            L.Q. Jones
John P. Navin Jr.     Shelley Long              Henry Darrow
James Keach           Bud Cort                  Amy Madigan
Christine Baranski    Gene Saks                 RenÈe Taylor
Paul Benedict         Richard Brestoff          James Cromwell
Maximilian Schell     Marta Rakosnik            Patricia Schell
Takeshi Kitano        Jack Thompson             Johnny Okura
Eric Idle             Terry Jones               Michael Palin
Taliesin Jaffe        Courtney White            Brittany White
Linda Hirsch          Linda Lautrec             Lynne Margulies
Clark Brandon         Bruce Bauer               Arlene Golonka
Randy Quaid           Anthony Michael Hall      Dana Barron
Samson Jorah          Hugh Webster              Martha Ittimangnaq
Barbara Carrera       Kim Basinger              Bernie Casey
Kristina Wayborn      Kabir Bedi                Steven Berkoff
Kenneth Welsh                 Louis Del Grande     Shannon Tweed
Richard Roundtree             Paula Sills          Laura Loftus
Dennis Hopper                 Chris Sarandon       Meg Foster
Patrick Swayze                Rob Lowe             Emilio Estevez
Roger Wilson                  Cyril O'Reilly       Tony Ganios
Robert Loggia                 Dennis Franz         Hugh Gillin
Arthur Roberts                Mario Gallo          Grace Oshita
Dennis Quaid                  Fred Ward            Barbara Hershey
Richard Masur                 Bronson Pinchot      Curtis Armstrong
Dennis Hopper                 Diana Scarwid        Vincent Spano
Sallie Martin                 Edward O'Neal        Rhodessa Barrett Porter
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   Robert Loggia        Miriam Colon
Craig T. Nelson               Diana Scarwid        Fred Ward
Christopher Collet            Mike Kellin          Katherine Kamhi
Royal Dano                    Vidal Peterson       Shawn Carson
Carroll Baker                 Roger Rees           David Clennon
Steve Inwood                  Julie Bovasso        Charles Ward
Carol van Herwijnen           Shireen Strooker     Susan Hahn
Paul Dooley                   Lynne Griffin        Angus MacInnes
Parker Stevenson              Loni Anderson        John Byner
Bradford Dillman              Paul Drake           Audrie J. Neenan
Marc McClure                  Annette O'Toole      Annie Ross
Tanya Lopert                  Roy Brocksmith       Katya Berger
Wilford Brimley               Ellen Barkin         Allan Hubbard
Danny DeVito                  Jeff Daniels         John Lithgow
Richard Masur                 Tracey Walter        Ed Lauter
Don Ameche                    Denholm Elliott      Jamie Lee Curtis
Beatrice Straight             Scatman Crothers     Castulo Guerra
Kelly Johnson                 Wi Kuki Kaa          Tania Bristowe
Reb Brown                     Randall 'Tex' Cobb   Patrick Swayze
Joanna Cassidy                Alma MartÌnez        Holly Palance
Michael Bowen                 Cameron Dye          Heidi Holicker
Peter Dvorsky                 Leslie Carlson       Jack Creley
A Martinez                    James McIntire       Wayne Woodson
Ally Sheedy                   Barry Corbin         Juanin Clay
Timothy O'Brien               Wade Walston         Flea
Domingo Landicho              Hermino De Guzman    Michael Murphy
Benedict Taylor               Rossano Brazzi       Saeed Jaffrey
Faye Grant                    Richard Herd         Thomas Hill
Bob Balaban                   Keir Dullea          Douglas Rain
Alex Karras                   Jane Greer           Richard Widmark
Madolyn Smith-Osborne         Richard Libertini    Dana Elcar
Simon Callow                  Roy Dotrice          Christine Ebersole
Leon W. Grant                 Saundra Santiago     Lee Chamberlin
George Dzundza                Helen Shaver         Mark Arnott
Lisa Eilbacher                Ronny Cox            Steven Berkoff
Sandy Baron                   Karen Young          Bruno Kirby
Michelle Johnson              Demi Moore           JosÈ Lewgoy
Lana Clarkson                 Keir Dullea          Charles Nicklin
M. Emmet Walsh       Samm-Art Williams        Deborah Neumann
Deborah Shelton      Guy Boyd                 Dennis Franz
Madeleine Potter     Nancy Marchand           Wesley Addy
Edward Fox           Daniel Day-Lewis         Bernard Hill
Ben Lokey            Christopher McDonald     Phineas Newborn III
Leonard Jackson      Maggie Renzi             Rosetta LeNoire
Kim Greist           Laure Mattos             Brenda Currin
Sammy Davis Jr.      Jamie Farr               Telly Savalas
John Franklin        Courtney Gains           Robby Kiger
Tusse Silberg        Micha Bergese            Brian Glover
Mako                 Tracey Walter            Sarah Douglas
Lonette McKee        Bob Hoskins              James Remar
Dan Gerrity          Anthony Perkins          Terry Hoyos
Eddie Albert         Kate Capshaw             David Patrick Kelly
JosÈ Ferrer          Linda Hunt               Freddie Jones
Joyce Van Patten     Rob Reed                 Rob Newell
Jane Kaczmarek       George Martin            David Clennon
Melanie Griffith     Rossano Brazzi           Rae Dawn Chong
Heather Locklear     Martin Sheen             George C. Scott
Martha Gehman        Richard Crenna           Jessica Walter
Macon McCalman       Robert Alan Browne       Robert Chimento
Dianne Wiest         Chris Penn               Sarah Jessica Parker
Jerold Wells         Ahmed El Shenawi         Astrid Henning-Jensen
Barbara Howard       Peter Barton             Lawrence Monoson
Harold Ramis         Rick Moranis             Annie Potts
Stuart Reeder        Barney Drake             Kenton Grua
Frances Lee McCain   Polly Holliday           Glynn Turman
Albert Salmi         Gregory Itzin            Peter Van Norden
Laura del Sol        Bill Hunter              Fernando Rey
John Patrick Reger   Frank Koppala            James Saito
Beau Bridges         Lisa Banes               Jennifer Dundas
John Karlen          Bill Paxton              Amy Stryker
Amrish Puri          Roshan Seth              Philip Stone
James Read           Marilyn Kagan            Robert Dowdell
Maureen Stapleton    Peter Boyle              Griffin Dunne
Martin Kove          Randee Heller            William Zabka
Julian Sands         Craig T. Nelson          Spalding Gray
Kenneth McMillan     Jon Polito               Joe Morton
Benny Urquidez       Lola Forner              Susana SentÌs
Devin Goldenberg     David Winters            Susanne Benton
Dan O'Herlihy        Catherine Mary Stewart   Barbara Bosson
Steve Lawrence       Robyn Douglass           Merv Griffin
Richard Mulligan     George Gaynes            Wallace Shawn
Lenore Kasdorf       James Hong               Ernie Ortega
Alejandro Rey        Saveli Kramarov          Elya Baskin
Jerry Nelson         Steve Whitmire           Richard Hunt
Kim Basinger         Wilford Brimley          Barbara Hershey
Lee Montgomery       Marc Clement             Cary Guffey
Amanda Wyss          Jsu Garcia               Johnny Depp
Cyril Cusack           Gregor Fisher              James Walker
Richard Blackburn      Sonia Petrovna             Cork Hubbert
Treat Williams         Tuesday Weld               Joe Pesci
Aurore ClÈment         Hunter Carson              Socorro Valdez
Patrick Bauchau        Donald Pleasence           Fiore Argento
Bobby Di Cicco         Louise Latham              Kene Holliday
Bubba Smith            Donovan Scott              George Gaynes
Geraldine Page         Kenneth McMillan           Tony Musante
Chris Beach            Noel Cohen                 Christina Swing
Andre Gregory          Gail Strickland            Cliff De Young
Olga Karlatos          Clarence Williams III      Jerome Benton
Charlie Sheen          Darren Dalton              Jennifer Grey
Olivia Barash          Sy Richardson              Susan Barnes
Ethel Michelson        Judith Mayes               Andrew Michaels
Becky Jo Lynch         Scott Glenn                Don Hood
Kate Vernon            Stephen Elliott            Alan Autry
Zack Norman            Alfonso Arau               Manuel Ojeda
Kirstie Alley          Stan Shaw                  G.W. Bailey
Haviland Morris        Gedde Watanabe             Anthony Michael Hall
KÂre Mˆlder            David Wilson               Celia Gregory
David Alan Grier       David Harris               Dennis Lipscomb
Kevin O'Connor         Bill Oland                 Steven Pudenz
John Candy             Dody Goodman               Shecky Greene
James Doohan           George Takei               Walter Koenig
Richard Jaeckel        Robert Phalen              Tony Edwards
Cecillia Stark         Danny Rosen                Rammellzee
Amy Madigan            Willem Dafoe               Deborah Van Valkenburgh
Mia Farrow             Brenda Vaccaro             Peter Cook
Mark Herrier           Sandy Ward                 Jenilee Harrison
Paul Winfield          Lance Henriksen            Bess Motta
David Caruso           Christine Ebersole         George Wendt
Shari Hall             R.J. Parnell               David Kaff
Alison Eastwood        Jenny Beck                 Marco St. John
Warren Clarke          Omar Sharif                Peter Cushing
Fanny Ardant           Marie-Christine Barrault   Anne Bennent
Darryl Cooksey         Nicholas Gilbert           Thomas Hill
Anthony De Longis      Harry Townes               William Marin
Judith Ivey            Michael Huddleston         Kelly LeBrock
Anne Pitoniak          Winston Rekert             Gratien GÈlinas
Alan Rachins           Melissa Leo                Jonathan Kaufer
Alexandra Paul         Janice Rule                Luca Bercovici
Crispin Glover         Thomas F. Wilson           Claudia Wells
Demian Slade           Scooter Stevens            Diane Franklin
Nigel Hawthorne        Arthur Malet               John Byner

Ian Holm               Bob Hoskins                Michael Palin
Molly Ringwald         Paul Gleason               Ally Sheedy
Stephen Collins        Jerry Orbach               Pat Hingle
Sunny Besen Thrasher   Eva Almos                  Patricia Black
Kenneth McMillan       Robert Hays         Candy Clark
Sharon Brown           Gregg Burge         Michael Douglas
Christopher Lloyd      Michael McKean      Martin Mull
Chris Haywood          Kris McQuade        Max Gillies
Brian Dennehy          Jack Gilford        Steve Guttenberg
Mike Genovese          Nathan Davis        Ralph Foody
Oprah Winfrey          Willard E. Pugh     Akosua Busia
Vernon Wells           James Olson         David Patrick Kelly
Maureen Stapleton      Jack Warden
Stratford Johns        Joanne Whalley      Tom Chadbon
Jarlath Conroy         Anthony Dileo Jr.   Richard Liberty
Ian Bannen             Fulton Mackay       Bill Paterson
Andra Akers            Dean Butler         Gwen Welles
Mark Blum              Robert Joy          Laurie Metcalf
William Rodriguez      Estee Chandler      Charley Boorman
Richard Marcus         Carolyn McCormick   Bumper Robinson
Cliff De Young         Mason Adams         Jerry Orbach
Garry Who              Don Barker          Carmel Young
Wah Chang              Tony Curtis         Jim Danforth
Jack Thompson          Fernando Hilbeck    Susan Tyrrell
Richard Libertini      Tim Matheson        M. Emmet Walsh
Randy Quaid            Martha Crawford     Louise Egolf
Roddy McDowall         Stephen Geoffreys   Jonathan Stark
Morgan Woodward        Ed Lauter           Jonathan Silverman
Corey Feldman          Kerri Green         Martha Plimpton
Alex Rocco             Marla Adams         Klaus Lˆwitsch
Lilli Palmer           Mario Adorf         Michael Lonsdale
Jean-Pierre Marielle   Jacques Villeret    Jean-Claude de Goros
Richard Lynch          Richard Bright      Michael Berryman
Gary Busey             Will Sampson        Patrick Kilpatrick
Carmen Argenziano      Andrew Marton       Sue Dugan
Peter Coyote           Dave Austin         David Partlow
Spiros Foc·s           Avner Eisenberg     Paul David Magid
Ray Wise               Lainie Kazan        Scatman Crothers
Jason Mizell           Mark Morales        Damon Wimbley
Leo McKern             John Wood           Ken Hutchison
David Bennent          Alice Playten       Billy Barty
Mathilda May           Patrick Stewart     Michael Gothard
Tina Kincaid           Candy Ann Brown     Maggie Roswell
Adam Cockburn          Frank Thring        Angelo Rossitto
Estelle Getty          Richard A. Dysart   Laura Dern
Richard Masur          Richard Bradford    Joe Pantoliano
Corey Haim             Dennis Burkley      Georgann Johnson
Elisabeth Harnois      Arthur Hill         Wayne Robson
Michael Kitchen        Malick Bowens       Joseph Thiaka
Chris Penn             Richard A. Dysart   Sydney Penny
Diane Salinger         Judd Omen           Irving Hellman
John Gielgud           Sting               Ian McKellen
Richard Griffiths      Tony Haygarth       John Normington
John Randolph            William Hickey       Lee Richardson
Irving Metzman           Stephanie Farrow     David Kieserman
Steven Berkoff           Julia Nickson-Soul   Martin Kove
David Gale               Robert Sampson       Gerry Black
William Atherton         Jon Gries            Patti D'Arbanville
J.A. Preston             George Coe           Charles Cioffi
Thom Mathews             Beverly Randolph     John Philbin
Piper Laurie             Matt Clark           Michael Sundin
Carl Weathers            Brigitte Nielsen     Tony Burton
Kyle T. Heffner          John P. Ryan         T.K. Carter
Marilu Henner            Andy Griffith        Fernando Rey
Dee Wallace-Stone        Cliff De Young       Leigh Taylor-Young
Hanna Zaidl              Jan Piwonski         Itzhak Dugin
Megan Follows            Robin Groves         Leon Russom
Danny Glover             Marvin J. McIntyre   Brad Williams
Donna Dixon              Bruce Davison        Bernie Casey
Demi Moore               Judd Nelson          Ally Sheedy
Timothy Patrick Quill    Sam Raimi            Cheryl Hausen
Paul Sorvino             Scott Bloom          Danny Aiello
Joseph Lawrence          Aubrey Jene          Richard Crenna
Boyd Gaines              Tim Robbins          Lisa Jane Persky
David Clennon            James Staley         Gary Basaraba
Constance Towers         Peter Kowanko        Yankton Hatten
Matthew Dudley           Jill Schoelen        Kim Delaney
Debra Feuer              John Turturro        Darlanne Fluegel
Chris Marker
Cindy Manion             Robert Prichard      Gary Schneider
Art LaFleur              Telma Hopkins        Richard Herd
GeneviËve Bujold         Joe Morton           Divine
Matt Clark               Claudette Nevins     Robert Downey Jr.
Grace Jones              Patrick Macnee       Patrick Bauchau
Ronny Cox                Harold Sylvester     Charles Hallahan
Tim Thomerson            Gedde Watanabe       George Plimpton
Bill Paxton              Suzanne Snyder       Judie Aronson
Lukas Haas               Jan Rubes            Alexander Godunov
Anthony Higgins          Susan Fleetwood      Freddie Jones
Frances Barber           Joss Ackland         Jim Davidson
David Gulpilil           Ritchie Singer       Maggie Blinco
Sandra Reaves-Phillips   Lonette McKee        Christine Pascal
Jean De Baer             Maurice Denham       Eleanor David
Elizabeth Perkins        George DiCenzo       Michael Alldredge
James Fox                Ray Davies           Mandy Rice-Davies
Lance Henriksen          Paul Reiser          Bill Paxton
Jay Baker                Deborah Goodrich     Griffin O'Neal
Kenneth McMillan         Meg Ryan             Brion James
Chris Penn               Millie Perkins       Eileen Ryan
Keith Gordon             Robert Downey Jr.    Paxton Whitehead
John Cameron Mitchell    Danny Quinn          Leon
Stephen McHattie         Will Patton          Nancy Barrett
Holly Palance           Donald Moffat          Margaret Whitton
Charles Durning         Robert Stack           Paul Dooley
James Hong              Victor Wong            Kate Burton
Richard Jaeckel         Lee Ving               Bubba Smith
Laura Dern              Hope Lange             Dean Stockwell
Fred Savage             Colleen Dewhurst       Fred Gwynne
Christopher McDonald    Hank Garrett           Paul C. Dancer
James Handy             Bette Henritze         Judith Ivey
Thomas G. Waites        John Doolittle         Curtis Armstrong
Helen Shaver            John Turturro          Bill Cobbs
Asaph Livni             Nick Nasta             Michael Tierno
Sam Shepard             Tess Harper            David Carpenter
Scott Grimes            Nadine Van der Velde   Don Keith Opper
Joey Bishop             Robert Forster         Lainie Kazan
Bobby Rhodes            Asia Argento           Virginia Bryant
Ellen Barkin            Jay Underwood          Desiree Joseph
Little Richard          Tracy Nelson           Elizabeth PeÒa
Nicoletta Braschi       Ellen Barkin           Billie Neal
Jeffrey Jones           Jennifer Grey          Cindy Pickett
Cliff De Young          Sarah Jessica Parker   Matt Adler
Joy Boushel             Leslie Carlson         George Chuvalo
Charlotte Lewis         Victor Wong            Randall 'Tex' Cobb
Myriam Cyr              Timothy Spall          Alec Mango
Susanne Pollatschek     Candy Candido          Diana Chesney
Mimi Rogers             John Turturro          SÙ Yamamura
Faith Kent              Ram John Holder        Keith Buckley
Moses Gunn              Eileen Heckart         Bo Svenson
Sean Connery            Beatie Edney           Alan North
Jeffrey DeMunn          John M. Jackson        Billy Green Bush
Sheb Wooley             Fern Persons           Chelcie Ross
Laraine Newman          James Karen            Bud Cort
Tim Thomerson           Larry B. Scott         Caroline Lagerfelt
Fay Hauser              Barbara Williams       Carmen McRae
Salome Jens             Ted Danson             Read Morgan
Renny Harlin            Sari Havas             Laura Heimo
Shelley Thompson        Christopher Malcolm    Natalie Finland
Michael Hordern         Jill Bennett           Jane Lapotaire
Brian Dennehy           Terence Stamp          Steven Hill
Richard Garnett         David O'Hara           Kevin Lloyd
Steve Martin            Tichina Arnold         Michelle Weeks
Courtney Thorne-Smith   Winona Ryder           Tom Hodges
Brian Cox               Dennis Farina          Tom Noonan
Aidan Quinn             Cherie Lunghi          Ronald Pickup
Leopoldo Trieste        Ninetto Davoli         Bruno Stori
Robbie Coltrane         Clarke Peters          Kate Hardie
Conrad Roberts          Andre Gregory          Martha Plimpton
Robert F. Lyons         Richard Romanus        Angel Tompkins
Gordon Warnecke         Derrick Branche        Rita Wolf
Howard Hesseman         E.G. Marshall          Penn Jillette
Elya Baskin          Michael Lonsdale        Volker Prechtel

David Margulies      Christine Baranski      Karen Young
George Dzundza       Gary Basaraba           William Atherton
Frances Bay          Josee Beaudry           Pierce Brosnan
Kevin McNally        Selina Cadell           Bernard Strother
Gu�r˙n GÌsladÛttir   Sven Wollter            ValÈrie Mairesse
William Hickey       Joe Flaherty            Tom Villard
Adam Nathan          Kathy Kinney            Patrick Tull
Catherine Hicks      Joan Allen              Kevin J. O'Connor
Forest Whitaker      Francesco Quinn         John C. McGinley
Oliver Robins        Zelda Rubinstein        Will Sampson
Annie Potts          James Spader            Andrew McCarthy
Roberta Maxwell      Hugh Gillin             Lee Garlington
Rudy Ramos           Andrew Smith            Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Sam Wanamaker        Paul Shenar             Steven Hill
Sybil Danning        Charlotte McGinnis      Sherri Stoner
Daniel Roebuck       Dennis Hopper           Joshua John Miller
Julian Sands         Simon Callow            Patrick Godfrey
Darlanne Fluegel     Joe Pantoliano          Dan Hedaya
Helen Slater         Anita Morris            Bill Pullman
John Savage          Elpidia Carrillo        Tony Plana

Austin Pendleton     G.W. Bailey             Brian McNamara
Debby Bishop         Andrew Schofield        Xander Berkeley
Leib Lensky          Tracey Walter           Patricia Falkenhain
Jerry O'Connell      Kiefer Sutherland       Casey Siemaszko
James Doohan         George Takei            Walter Koenig
Jeremy Irons         Derek Jacobi            Barbara Jordan
Tim Guinee           Bill Leadbitter         Russell Wong
Bill Moseley         Bill Johnson            Ken Evert
Robert Loggia        Jennifer Edwards        Robert Knepper
Brooke McCarter      Josh Richman            Brett Marx
Philip Gordon        Michael Wren            Fred Asparagus
Anthony Edwards      Tom Skerritt            Michael Ironside
Gregg Berger         Susan Blu               Arthur Burghardt
Doug Savant          Elaine Joyce            Glen Morgan
John Gielgud         Felicity Dean           Barry Foster
Yuen Chor            Yun-Fat Chow            Joyce Godenzi
Elizabeth PeÒa       Michael Carmine         Dennis Boutsikaris
Anthony Rapp         Calvin Levels           Vincent D'Onofrio
Lou Jacobi           Erica Yohn              Debbie Davison
Charlotte Rampling   Stocker Fontelieu       Brownie McGhee
Gibby Brand          John Robert Tillotson   Julianne Gilliam
Kristina Kennedy     Michelle Kennedy        Sam Wanamaker
Tommy Hinkley        Demian Slade            Connie Stevens
Jack Nance           J.C. Quinn              Frank Stallone
Robert Loggia        Elizabeth Wilson        Harris Yulin
Sergio Fantoni       Vanni Corbellini        Alfredo Varelli
Allison Balson          Paul Shenar            George Coe
J¸rgen Prochnow         Ronny Cox              Brigitte Nielsen
John Goodman            Lisa Jane Persky       Ebbe Roe Smith
William Daniels         George Coe             Mark Blum
Norman Burton           Forest Whitaker        Roy Chiao
Kamala Lopez-Dawson     Jan-Michael Vincent    Lupe Ontiveros
Robert Prosky           Lois Chiles            Joan Cusack
Tina Caspary            Seth Green             Sharon Farrell
Harry Carey Jr.         Laurence Fishburne     Pamela Gidley
Philip Dore             Kaltey Napoleon        Tyrone Tonto
Juanita Waterman        Evelyn Sithole         Xoliswa Sithole
Cynthia Rhodes          Jack Weston            Jane Brucker
Harry Morgan            Alexandra Paul         Jack O'Halloran
Kassie DePaiva          Ted Raimi              Denise Bixler
Ellen Hamilton Latzen   Stuart Pankin          Ellen Foley

John Turturro           Michael R. Howard      Pierre Epstein
R. Lee Ermey            Dorian Harewood        Kevyn Major Howard
D.B. Sweeney            Dean Stockwell         Mary Stuart Masterson
Chintara Sukapatana     Bruno Kirby            Robert Wuhl
Sam Neill               Jennifer Claire        Bruce Barry
Michael Dolan           Don James              Dylan McDermott
Victoria Sellers        Don King
Sean Chapman            Oliver Smith           Robert Hines
Clarence Felder         Clu Gulager            Ed O'Ross
Curt Bois               Peter Falk             Hans Martin Stier
David Hayman            Sammi Davis            Derrick O'Connor
Lilia Skala             J.T. Walsh             Willo Hausman
Richard Monette         John Evans             Brenda Kamino
Kevin McCarthy          Fiona Lewis            Vernon Wells

Elizabeth PeÒa          Danielle von Zerneck   Joe Pantoliano
Ruocheng Ying           Victor Wong            Dennis Dun
James Spader            Tony Bill              Nicholas Pryor
Mitch Ryan              Tom Atkins             Darlene Love
Catherine Hicks         Patrick O'Neal         Sean Astin
Joe Don Baker           John Rhys-Davies       Art Malik
Barnard Hughes          Edward Herrmann        Kiefer Sutherland
Valerie Perrine         Dick Shawn             Tom Skerritt
Ben Masters             Laurie Metcalf         Polly Bergen
Denholm Elliott         Simon Callow           Billie Whitelaw
Olympia Dukakis         Danny Aiello           Julie Bovasso
Bill Paxton             Jenette Goldstein      Tim Thomerson
Robert Englund          Ken Sagoes             Rodney Eastman
Randy Quaid             Bill Duke              R.D. Call
Will Patton             Howard Duff            George Dzundza
Karl Malden             Eli Wallach            Robert Webber
Robert Prosky           John Schuck            George Carlin
Katherine Helmond       Michael G. Hagerty     Roddy McDowall
Danny Aiello           Mildred Dunnock         Harvey Keitel
Michael McKean         Kevin Bacon             Dylan Baker
Lauren Lane            Gail Cronauer           Matthew Sacks
Sammi Davis            Christopher Fulford     Liam Neeson
Bill Duke              Jesse Ventura           Sonny Landham
Lisa Blount            Dennis Dun              Susan Blanchard
Christopher Guest      Wallace Shawn           AndrÈ the Giant
Michael Wright         J.J. Cohen              Kelly Jo Minter
John Goodman           William Forsythe        Sam McMurray
Bill Morey             Isa Jank                Gail Barle
Rocco Sisto            Helen Glazary           Linda Kaye
Ronny Cox              Kurtwood Smith          Miguel Ferrer
Shelley Duvall         John Kapelos            Fred Willard
Jim Brown              Jesse Ventura           Erland van Lidth
Margaret Whitton       John Pankow             Christopher Murney
Elaine Stritch         Sam Waterston           Jack Warden
John Turturro          Richard Bauer           Barbara Sukowa
Dennis Lipscomb        Anne Pitoniak           Benjamin Mouton
Bill Brinsfield        Jason Collier           Dave Fogel
Nicholas Clay          Sylvia Miles            Kenny Baker
Craig Sheffer          John Ashton             Elias Koteas
Jerry Orbach           John Rubinstein         Andreas Katsulas
John Candy             Daphne Zuniga           George Wyner
Rob Lowe               Deborah Richter         Guich Koock
Aidan Quinn            Dan Lauria              Forest Whitaker
Virginia Paris         Mark Eliot              Adelaida ¡lvarez
Jay Patterson          Andre Gregory           Morgan Freeman
Patrick Labyorteaux    Courtney Thorne-Smith   Dean Cameron
John Mahoney           Joe Mantegna            Philip Bosco
Nancy Travis           Margaret Colin          Alexandra Amini
Stacey Glick           Jonathan Wise           Jeffrey Tambor
Anne Ramsey            Kate Mulgrew            Branford Marsalis
Wings Hauser           John Bedford Lloyd      Lawrence Tierney
Andy Garcia            Robert De Niro          Richard Bradford
Chuck Pfeiffer         John C. McGinley        Hal Holbrook
Ann Sothern            Harry Carey Jr.         Frank Grimes
Sarah Miles            Geraldine Chaplin       Ray McAnally
Clare Clifford         Barbara Durkin          Geoffrey Hutchings
Michelle Pfeiffer      Veronica Cartwright     Richard Jenkins
Graeme Blundell        Lynette Curran          Malcolm Robertson

Alan Wilder            Oliver Chesler          Mia Decaro
Amy Wright             David Ogden Stiers      Ed Begley Jr.
Leo Rossi              Ann Hearn               Carmen Argenziano
Kevyn Major Howard     Leslie Bevis            Peter Jason
Blythe Danner          Gene Hackman            Betty Buckley
David Marshall Grant   Clayton Rohner          Erich Anderson

Maurice Page           Hugo Stanger            Michael Keaton
Betsy Blair           John Mahoney          Ted Levine
John Heard            Jared Rushton         David Moscow
Edward Herrmann       Michele Placido       Daniel Gerroll
Samuel E. Wright      Keith David           Michael McGuire
Jeffrey DeMunn        Candy Clark           Joe Seneca
Steven Hill           Kelle Kerr            John Rothman
Theo Barnes           Lucille Saint-Peter   Vicki Darnell
Trey Wilson           Robert Wuhl           William O'Leary
Brad Dourif           Dinah Manoff          Tommy Swerdlow
Tate Donovan          Henry Judd Baker      Claudia Christian
Randy Brooks          Grand L. Bush         Don Cheadle
Robert Crumb          Will Eisner           Al Feldstein
John Amos             Madge Sinclair        Shari Headley
David Hoflin          Jason Reason          Michael Wetter
Daniel Stern          Jane Kaczmarek        Christopher Neame
Swoosie Kurtz         Keanu Reeves          Mildred Natwick
Evan C. Kim           David Hunt            Michael Currie
Barbara Gordon        Shirley Douglas       Stephen Lack
Reginald VelJohnson   Alexander Godunov     Paul Gleason
Anton Rodgers         Barbara Harris        Ian McDiarmid
Don Harvey            Bill Irwin            Perry Lang
John Goodman          Carl Lumbly           Ray Baker
Michael Palin         Maria Aitken          Tom Georgeson
Djiby Soumare         Dominique Virton      GÈrard Klein
Clive Revill          Seagull Cohen         Shmuel Atzmon
Ralph Bellamy         Teresa Wright         James Naughton
John Omirah Miluwi    Iain Cuthbertson      Constantin Alexandrov
Paul Shenar           Sergio Castellitto    Jean Bouise
Annette Bening        Chris Young           Ian Giatti
Colleen Fitzpatrick   Deborah Harry         Joann Havrilla
Imogen Boorman        Sean Chapman          William Hope
Sebastian Shaw        Kenneth Branagh       Lesley Manville
Jessica Tandy         Jonathan Hogan        Remak Ramsay
Steve James           Isaac Hayes           Jim Brown
George Harrison       Ringo Starr           David Bowie
Sam Wanamaker         Max Gail              Joshua Sinclair
Katherine Helmond     Jason Presson         Renata Vanni
Peter Capaldi         Sammi Davis           Stratford Johns
Will Ryan             Pat Hingle            Helen Shaver
Steve Shill           Verna Bloom           Barbara Hershey
Caroline Kava         Richard Bradford      Richard Lynch
Marlene Willoughby    Frank Acquilino       Charles Napier
John Ashton           Dennis Farina         Joe Pantoliano
Brad Dourif           R. Lee Ermey          Gailard Sartain
Wallace Shawn         GeneviËve Bujold      Geraldine Chaplin
Joyce Van Patten      Christine Forrest     Stephen Root
Harry Dean Stanton    Anjelica Huston       Mary Stuart Masterson
Vincent D'Onofrio     William R. Moses      Adam Storke
George Kennedy        O.J. Simpson          Susan Beaubian
Leo Gullotta           Marco Leonardi         Pupella Maggio
Richard Mulligan       Roscoe Lee Browne      Sheryl Lee Ralph

Jack Wallace           AndrÈ Lacombe
Christine Kaufmann     Monica Calhoun         Darron Flagg
Jennifer Rubin         Barry Corbin           Kathy Baker

Jack Warden            Mark Blum              Dana Gladstone
Mark Rydell            Kim Greist             Paul Mazursky
Gerald R. Molen        Jack Murdock           Michael D. Roberts

Nicholas Eadie         Mark Hembrow           Bryan Marshall
Jonas Abry             Martha Plimpton        Ed Crowley
Raghuvir Yadav         Aneeta Kanwar          Nana Patekar
Douglas Hodge          Imogen Millais-Scott   Denis Lill
John Glover            Bob Goldthwait         David Johansen
Paul Winfield          Brent Jennings         Conrad Roberts
Peter Friedman         Manny Jacobs           John Taylor
William Windom         Paul Gleason           Holland Taylor
Clancy Brown           Richard Masur          Andrew Robinson
Judge Reinhold         BenoÓt RÈgent          Maurice Garrel
Gwen Eckhaus           Bernadette Le SachÈ    Tania Latarjet
Harold Ramis           William McNamara       Richard Jenkins
Sean Bean              James Cosmo            Mark Long
Mariel Hemingway       Kathleen Quinlan       Jennifer Edwards

John C. McGinley       Alec Baldwin           John Pankow
Clu Gulager            Katy Boyer             Jessica Walter
Raul Julia             J.T. Walsh             Arliss Howard
George 'Buck' Flower   Peter Jason            Raymond St. Jacques
J.J. Johnston          Ricky Jay              Mike Nussbaum

Frederic Forrest       Mako                   Elias Koteas
Chloe Webb             Bonnie Bartlett        Trey Wilson
Derek de Lint          Erland Josephson       Pavel Landovsk˜
Charles Fleischer      Stubby Kaye            Alan Tilvern
Jean Marsh             Patricia Hayes         Billy Barty
Lysette Anthony        Paul Freeman           Nigel Davenport
Alec Baldwin           Joan Cusack            Philip Bosco
Charlie Sheen          Dermot Mulroney        Casey Siemaszko
Peter Ustinov          Jack Klugman           Roddy McDowall
Rick Ducommun          Corey Feldman          Wendy Schaal

Leo Burmester          Todd Graff             John Bedford Lloyd
Oliver Reed            Charles McKeown        Winston Dennis
Melba Moore            Daryl Gilley           Candy Devine
John Goodman           Audrey Hepburn         Roberts Blossom
Ballard Berkeley        Michael Knowles        Don Henderson
Thomas F. Wilson        Elisabeth Shue         James Tolkan
Robert Wuhl             Pat Hingle             Billy Dee Williams
Terry Camilleri         Dan Shor               Tony Steedman
Kate Capshaw            Yusaku Matsuda         Shigeru KÙyama
Noble Willingham        Lisa Blount            Nick Cassavetes
Caroline Kava           Josh Evans             Seth Allen
Lorraine Toussaint      Albert Salmi           Harry Carey Jr.
John C. Reilly          John Leguizamo         Thuy Thu Le
Mary Stuart Masterson   Christopher McDonald   Josef Sommer
Alan Howard             Tim Roth               Ciar·n Hinds
Stephanie Roth          Gregg Edelman          George J. Manos
Rod Mullinar            Joshua Tilden          George Shevtsov
Josh Charles            Gale Hansen            Dylan Kussman
Richard Edson           Giancarlo Esposito     Spike Lee
Stephen Furst           Dennis Boutsikaris     Lorraine Bracco
Patti LuPone            Esther Rolle           Joann Havrilla
Heather Graham          Eric Hull              Max Perlich
Siu-Ming Lau            Eric Tsang             Lee Sau Kee
Margaret Sophie Stein   Alan King              Judith Malina
Ellie Raab              Xander Berkeley        Dakin Matthews
John Cusack             Laura Dern             Ron Frazier
Ray Liotta              Timothy Busfield       James Earl Jones
Sun Wei
Michael Collins         Charles Conrad         Richard Gordon
Graham McTavish         Geff Francis           Frank Harper
Harold Ramis            Rick Moranis           Ernie Hudson
Morgan Freeman          Jihmi Kennedy          Andre Braugher
Nadies                  Eiros                  Richard Loring
Todd Field              John Scott Clough      Alice Carter
Lisanne Falk            Kim Walker             Penelope Milford
James Larkin            Brian Blessed          James Simmons
Finn Carter             Charles Rocket         Christopher Rydell
Jacqueline Tong         John Shrapnel          Susan Wooldridge

Stephanie Hodge         Michelle Jordan        Vance Valencia
Kevin Dillon            Linda Darlow           Mimi Kennedy
Kevin Anderson          John Terry             Peggy Rea
Alison Doody            John Rhys-Davies       Julian Glover
David Rasche            Richard Young          Badja Djola
Morgan Freeman          Forest Whitaker        Lance Henriksen
Joanne Whalley          Robert Schuch          Duane Tucker
Peter Dobson            Jerry Orbach           Stephen Baldwin
Alan North              Lynne Thigpen          Robin Bartlett
Joss Ackland            Derrick O'Connor       Patsy Kensit
Talisa Soto             Anthony Zerbe          Frank McRae
Jason Marin             Samuel E. Wright       Kenneth Mars
Lou Bihler              Urs Bihler             Ryszard Cieslak
Margaret Whitton        James Gammon           Rene Russo
Ross Jolly            Brian Sergent           Peter Vere-Jones
M. Emmet Walsh        Sheryl Lee Ralph        Art Evans
Alfre Woodard         Scott Glenn             Veanne Cox
Kirsten Sheridan      Declan Croghan          Eanna MacLiam
CinquÈ Lee            Rufus Thomas            Jodie Markell
Johnny Galecki        John Randolph           Diane Ladd
Mia Farrow            Molly Regan             Ira Wheeler
John Heard            Dennis Franz            Pam Grier
Mary Steenburgen      Paul Linke              Jason Robards
Bryan Madorsky        Juno Mills Cockell      Kathryn Grody
Brad Greenquist       Michael Lombard         Miko Hughes
James Spader          Bill Paterson           Michael Gambon
Pat Boone             Rhonda Britton          Anita Bryant
Lili Taylor           Amy Brooks              Pamela Segall
Ian McKellen          Leslie Phillips         Britt Ekland
Michael Rooker        William Hickey          Richard Jenkins
Kevin Spacey          Alan North              Anthony Zerbe
Annabeth Gish         Page Hannah             Robert Rusler
Evan Richards         Patrice Jennings        Tim Bartell
Daryl Hannah          Olympia Dukakis         Julia Roberts
Alan Howard           Michael Gough           Hugh Laurie
Geraldine James       Anna Massey             Kim Thomson
Ray Copeland          Nica De Koenigswarter   Tommy Flanagan
Yuji Okumoto          Kurtwood Smith          Tom Bower
Roger Rignack         Star Jasper             Michael James Wolfe
Michael Richards      David Bowe              Stanley Brock
Macaulay Culkin       Amy Madigan             Elaine Bromka
Fairuza Balk          Si‚n Phillips           Jeffrey Jones
Marianne S‰gebrecht   Sean Astin              Heather Fairfield
Mary Woronov          Kevin O'Brien           Richard Kuss
Terry Kiser           Don Calfa               Catherine Parks
Bruno Kirby           Steven Ford             Lisa Jane Persky
Dashiell Coleman      David Dwyer             James Eric
Laura San Giacomo     Ron Vawter              Steven Brill
Mark Joy              Ron Rosenthal           John Bennes
Elizabeth Kaden       Ted Kaden               Denise Sullivan
Donald Moffat         Lukas Haas              Cheryl Lynn Bruce
Corey Burton          Richard Williams        Kathleen Turner
Julia McNeal          Katherine Mayfield      Gary Sauer
Benjamin Levi         Vernon Dobtcheff        Veronica Lazare
Kate Bush             Phil Collins            Kid Jensen
John Giorno           Brigid Berlin           Victor Bockris

William Colby         David Dellinger         John Ehrlichman

A.J. Woods            Kaylin Cool             Brad Kelly
Meshach Taylor        Susanna Hoffs           Debbi Peterson
Anthony Bailey        Margaret Burton         Kay Adrian
cast7                  cast8               cast9
Christopher Muncke
Vincent Ball           Ray Meagher         Chris Haywood
Henry Jones            Lawrence Pressman   Marian Mercer
Lorna Patterson        Stephen Stucker     Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Dori Brenner           Peter Brandon       Charles White-Eagle
K Callan               Tom Stewart         Patricia Carr
Michael Cavanaugh      Barry Corbin        Roy Jenson
Robert Goulet          Al Waxman           Kate Reid
Sam Jaffe              Jeff Corey          Morgan Woodward
Siegfried Rauch        Serge Marquand      Charles Macaulay
Judy Landers           Pat Corley          Paul Henry Itkin
Alan Hopgood           Gus Mercurio        Jeffrey Kleiser
Steve Cropper          Donald Dunn         Murphy Dunne
Bill Rayburn           Llewelyn Thomas     Jay Wright
Dan Vadis              Sierra Pecheur      Walter Barnes
Matt Clark             Tim McIntire        Richard Ward
Gilbert Roland         Denny Miller        James Booth
Scott Colomby          Cindy Morgan        Dan Resin
Paul Regina            K Callan            Rod Colbin
Madeleine Sherwood     Helen Burns         Frances Hyland
Bob McClurg            Edie McClurg        Paul Reubens
Malla McCown           Pamela McCown       Kevin Salvilla

JoBeth Williams        Robert Urquhart     Winston Ntshona
Gary Allen             Michael D. Castle   Pamela Jean Bryant
Michael Elphick        Hannah Gordon       Helen Ryan

Patrick Farrelly       Michele Harrell     David Lipman
James Luisi            Eve Brent           John Steadman
Marian McCargo         Bonnie Paul         Steven Paul
Tresa Hughes           Steve Inwood        Paul McCrane
Victor Mohica          James C. Lawrence   Soon-Tek Oh
Anthony Zerbe          James Whitmore      Joe Spinell
Richard Cruz           John Flood          Ron Harvey
Brian Blessed          Peter Wyngarde      Mariangela Melato
Charles Cyphers        Nancy Kyes          Ty Mitchell
Randy Quaid            Lois Smith          Adam Faith
Mark Nelson            Robbi Morgan        Peter Brouwer
Ronald Knight          Percy Rodriguez     Herb Kaplowitz
Lupe Garnica           Jessica Castillo    Tom Noonan
Fanyana H. Sidumo      Joe Seakatsie       Brian O'Shaughnessy
Mark Spain             Alyson Best         Sean Myers
Christopher McDonald   Perry Lang          Olive Dunbar
Joseph Cotten          Jeff Bridges        Ronnie Hawkins
Sandy Helberg          James Jeter         Stuart Pankin
George Baker           Ivor Roberts        Lucy Saroyan
Dabney Coleman         Art Metrano         Ronnie Schell
Lynn Theel             Meegan King         Breck Costin
Tracey Walter         Thomas Rosales Jr.   Teddy Wilson
Leonard Gaines        Howard Gordon        Charles Guardino
Veronica Lazar        Gabriele Lavia       Feodor Chaliapin Jr.
Sully Boyar           Mike Kellin          James Booth
Michael J. Reynolds   Elizabeth Shepherd   Gary Reineke
Becky Johnston        Tom Kaufman          Pat Kirck
Gastone Moschin       Andrew Keir          Sky Dumont
Paul Freeman          Leo Dolan            Kevin McNally
Randy Quaid           Kevin Brophy         Harry Carey Jr.
Hyla Marrow           James Brewster       Linda Lee Walter
Michael J. Pollard    Denise Galik-Furey   Gene Borkan
Andy Tennant          Brian Frishman       Sal Lopez
Elizabeth Taylor      Wendy Morgan         Margaret Courtenay
Night                 Suzanna Willis       Barbara Kellerman
Steven Chambers       Bennie E. Dobbins    John Glover
Dean R. Miller        Tim Reyna            Richard Bradley
Kim Lankford          Larry D. Mann        Kurt Grayson
Dinah Manoff          Fredric Lehne        James Sikking
Donald Moffat         MacIntyre Dixon      Roberta Maxwell
Mary Kay Place        Harry Dean Stanton   Albert Brooks
Robert A. Silverman   Pita Oliver          David Mucci
Mario Gallo           Frank Adonis         Joseph Bono
M. Emmet Walsh        J.D. Cannon          Norman Bartold
Karen Trott           Mark Arnott          David Strathairn
Richard Marion        Sonny Carl Davis     Hamilton Camp
Lee Broker            Mavor Moore          Adam Ludwig
Kenneth Griffith      Patrick Allen        Wolf Kahler
Yvonne Wilder         T.K. Carter          Judd Omen
Joe Turkel            Anne Jackson         Tony Burton

Susan French          John Alvin           Eddra Gale
Amy Wright            Helen Hanft          John Rothman
Barry Corbin          Charles Weldon       Nicolas Coster
Adam Roarke           Philip Bruns         Charles Bail
Jack O'Halloran       Valerie Perrine      Susannah York
Ralph Richardson      Peter Vaughan        David Warner
Anna Maria Horsford   Michael Margotta     J.C. Quinn
Deborah Harry         Sally MacLeod        Irina Maleeva
David L. Lander       Michael McKean       Michael Talbott
Rafael Campos         Leonard Frey         Leonard Gaines
Fred McCarren         Ren Woods            Sandahl Bergman
George Baker          Jeremy Clyde         David Wood
Colin Bennett         Martin Benson        Rayner Bourton
Josef Sommer          John Harkins         Don Hood
Jerry Holland         Roz Kelly            Amy Levitt
David Schofield       Brian Glover         Rik Mayall
Bruce Carradine       Glenna Walters       David Kern
Ted Ross              Barney Martin        Thomas Barbour
Kim Zimmer            Jane Hallaren        Lanna Saunders
Erwin Leder          Martin May           Heinz Hoenig
Tami Luchow          Janet Wong           Alphonso Alexander
Jack Elam            Adrienne Barbeau     Terry Bradshaw
Macon McCalman       Vicky Dawson         Parley Baer
Paco Morayta         Evan C. Kim          Ed Greenberg
John Gielgud         Lindsay Anderson     Nigel Davenport
Lelia Goldoni        Sonny Gordon         Art Kimbro
Ron Rifkin           Robert John Burke    Lonny Price
Si‚n Phillips        Flora Robson         Laurence Olivier
Luis Barboo          Charly Bravo         Buxx Banner
Gerry Lopez          Mako                 ValÈrie Quennessen
Vernon Dobtcheff     Robert Arden         David Pontremoli
Liam Russell         Everett Smith        Bill Henderson
IrËne Skobline       Michel Beaune        Jean Champion
Marc McClure         Scott Brady          Charles Lane
Robin Sherwood       Silvana Gallardo     Robert F. Lyons
David Knell          Chuck Shamata        Deborah Baltzell
Patrick Floersheim   Thuy An Luu          Jean-Jacques Moreau
Jane Brunel-Cohen    Norman Pierce        Paul Thomas
Richard Brestoff     Michael Alldredge    Raymond Singer
Harry Dean Stanton   Adrienne Barbeau     Tom Atkins
Robert Addie         Gabriel Byrne        Keith Buckley
Faith Brook          Barbara Graley       George Lee
Kurt Johnson         Feiga Martinez       Reed Jones
Elizabeth Hoffman    Jack Holland         Kathleen Rowe McAllen
Robert Arden         Leueen Willoughby    Marc Boyle
Jill Bennett         Michael Gothard      John Wyman
Kathleen Beller      Tito Goya            Miguel Pinero
Pat Buttram          John Fiedler         John McIntire
Jean Faulds          Peter Vaughan        Colin Jeavons
Walt Gorney          Marta Kober          Tom McBride
Keiko Niitaka        Miyuki Ono           Kenichi Nakamura
Wayne Doba           Kevin Conway         Shawn Carson
John Munro           Fouad Naim           Josette Khalil
Gerda Nicolson       Mel Gibson           Robert Grubb
Alice Krige          Jacqueline Brookes   Miguel Fernandes
Tawny Moyer          Ana Alicia           Pamela Susan Shoop
Len Doncheff         Patty Dworkin        Joe Flaherty
Jimmy Sturtevant     Hal Ralston          Carey Fox
Gregory Hines        Pamela Stephenson    Shecky Greene
John Carradine       Slim Pickens         Elisabeth Brooks
Stan Schmidt         Norman Robinson      John Ramsbottom
Warner Shook         Brother Blue         Cynthia Adler
Peter Bennett        Anthony Head         Frank Moorey
Molly McCarthy       Tiffany Stettner     Yvonne De Carlo
Emil Minty           Virginia Hey         William Zappa
Jimmy Steele         Carl Fredericks      Paul Ehlers
Marina Lindahl       Bora Todorovic       Lisbeth Zachrisson
Peter Yellen         Editta Sherman       Vincent Gruppi
Helene Udy           Rob Stein             Tom Kovacs

Geoffrey Liesik      Michael Liesik        Ian Bannen
Hilary Thompson      Joe Spinell           Walter Mathews
Christopher Rydell   Troy Garity
Steven Berkoff       John Ratzenberger     Nicholas Barnes
Carole Davis         Connie Lynn Hadden    Arnie Ross
William Traylor      Thomas Hill           Jon Van Ness
David Sederholm      Bill Nunnery          Thom Bray
Alfred Molina        Wolf Kahler           Anthony Higgins
Richard Mulligan     Robert Preston        Craig Stevens
Henry Silva          Richard Libertini     Darryl Hickman
Les Lannom           Peter Coyote          Alan Autry
John Larroquette     John Voldstad         John Diehl
Eddie Albert         Penelope Milford      David Allan Coe
Evan Handler         John P. Navin Jr.     Billy Van Zandt
Maxime Philoe        Leonard Bailey        Wilfrid Hyde-White
Dennis Farina        Nick Nickeas          W.R. Brown
Guy Boyd             Dixie Seatle          Paul Soles
Clive Merrison       Maurice RoÎves        PelÈ
StÈphane Audran      Sally Bazely          Michael Bilton
Graham Crowden       David Suchet          Tricia George
Sonny Landham        Brion James           Kerry Sherman
William Shatner      Raymond Burr          John Vernon
Geoffrey Holder      Roger Minami          Toni Ann Gisondi
Nikita Khrushchev    Brian McMahon         Seymour Melman
George Voskovec      Sharon Compton        Howland Chamberlain
Bill Freeman         Joe Clarke            Ruth Neuman
Herbie Braha         Mary Jo Catlett       Fern Fitzgerald
Ron Silver           Carol Locatell        Richard Libertini
Lois Nettleton       Theresa Merritt       Noah Beery Jr.
Vernon James         Ron Holloway          Kenny Sheffield
William Sanderson    Brion James           Joe Turkel
Manuel Viescas       Jeff Morris           Mike Gomez
Tony Curtis          Eve Brent             Nicholas Love
Mary MacLeod         Tim Preece            Elizabeth Bradley
Scott Paulin         Frankie Faison        Ron Diamond
Viveca Lindfors      Ed Harris             Ted Danson
Lisa Maxwell         Brian Muehl           Jerry Nelson
Adrian Ricard        Charlie Picerni       Gene LeBell
Tony DiBenedetto     Al LeBreton           Francis B. Creamer Jr.
Paul Reiser          Kathryn Dowling       Michael Tucker
David Gant           David Meyer           Tony Meyer
Sean Frye            C. Thomas Howell      David M. O'Dell
Mark Woods           John Shearin          Darcy Pulliam

Joe Pesci            Helena Kallianiotes   Cavan Kendall
Dorothy Tapert       Cheryl Guttridge      Barbara Carey
Sylvia Miles         Denis Quilley         Diana Rigg
Ray Walston         Scott Thomson          Vincent Schiavelli
Klaus Lˆwitsch      Nigel Hawthorne        Stefan Schnabel
Chris Mulkey        John McLiam            Alf Humphreys
Peter Berling       David PÈrez Espinosa   Milton Nascimento
James Brodhead      Jane Jenkins           Jordan Charney
Larry Zerner        Tracie Savage          Jeffrey Rogers
Johnny Sekka        Jay O. Sanders         Sam Gray
Shashi Kapoor       Madhur Jaffrey         Nickolas Grace
Barry Corbin        Jerry Hardin           Tim Thomerson
Victoria Tennant    Trevor Thomas          Heather Wright
Harvey Atkin        Harry Ditson           Mitch Martin
Dan Grimaldi        Kelly Busia            Richard L. Muse
Kimmy Robertson     Tessa Richarde         Winifred Freedman
Christopher Lee     Keenan Wynn            Paul Frees
Wendie Malick       Wallace Shawn          Betsy Aidem
Sigrid Thornton     Jack Thompson          Tony Bonner
Anne De Salvo       Basil Hoffman          Lou Jacobi
Stephen Furst       Mews Small             Shelley Smith
Louis Gossett Jr.   Tony Plana             Harold Sylvester
Allen Garfield      Jeff Hamlin            Italia Coppola
Scott Thomson       Cherie Currie          Vivian Blaine
Hawthorne James     Cepheus Jaxon          Marvin Jones
David Bingham       Jenny Wright           Alex McAvoy
Michael McManus     Virginia Kiser         Martin Casella
Kaki Hunter         Kim Cattrall           Nancy Parsons
David Bamber        Bruce Payne            Robin Langford
Fred J. Scollay     Peter Hock             Ron Cey

Mr. T               Hulk Hogan             Ian Fried

Wil Wheaton         Jodi Hicks             Ian Fried
Josh Mostel         Marcell Rosenblatt     Moishe Rosenfeld
Lisa Brady          Maria Hontzas          Alan Fawcett
Garth Howard        Cheryl Ferris          Gary Tilles
Patrick Bauchau     Paul Getty Jr.         Viva
Nichelle Nichols    Bibi Besch             Merritt Butrick
Lydia Lenossi       Vladimiros Kiriakos    Carlos RodrÌguez Ramos
Al Ruban            Dick Durock            Ben Bates
Anthony De Longis   Robert Tessier         Nina Van Pallandt
Douglas Wilmer      Cyrielle Claire        Lila Kedrova
Carola Stagnaro     John Steiner           Lara Wendel
Phil Brock          Emilio Estevez         Jack Thibeau
Michael Bernosky    Joseph Kelly           James M. Langan
Charles Hallahan    Peter Maloney          Richard Masur
Sydney Pollack      George Gaynes          Geena Davis
Annazette Chase     Tony King              Don Hood
Peter Jurasik       Tony Stephano          Craig Chudy
Ed Binns            Julie Bovasso          Roxanne Hart
Graham Stark        Peter Arne             Herb Tanney
Willie Colon         Joe Spinell           Carol Lynley
Swoosie Kurtz        James McCall          Peter Michael Goetz
John Duttine         Peter Egan            Mick Ford
Robert F. Lyons      Bert Williams         Ola Ray
Chris Penn           Sandy Faison          James A. Baffico
John Harkins         Lori Loughlin         Meg Ryan
Clancy Brown         Robert Lee Rush       John Zenda
Meg Tilly            JoBeth Williams       Don Galloway
Joe Santos           Malcolm McDowell      Ed Bernard
Sarah Jean Watkins   Rock Mackenzie        Raf Nazario
Alan Fudge           Joe Dorsey            Bill Morey
Garry Goodrow        Lisa Jane Persky      James Hong
Carol Kane           Michael Margotta      Arnon Milchan
Roberts Blossom      William Ostrander     David Spielberg
Tedde Moore          Yano Anaya            Zack Ward
Alan Ruck            Rodney Pearson        Remak Ramsay
Billy Jayne          Mills Watson          Sandy Ward
Martin Sheen         Nicholas Campbell     Sean Sullivan
Jane Simoneau        Peggy Akin            Joe Bowman
Wally Flaherty       Michael Accardo       Bill Dexter
Cathryn Harrison     Betty Marsden         Sheila Reid
Taylor Negron        Lili Haydn            Jeffrey Jones
Godfrey Quigley      Dearbhla Molloy       Patrick Daly
Ron Karabatsos       Belinda Bauer         Malcolm Danare
Richard Griffiths    Rikki Fulton          Alexander Knox
Brad Schacter        Garn Stephens         Nancy Kyes
Ellen Dorsher        Lois Kelso Hunt       Christopher Lawrence
P.H. Moriarty        Dan Blasko            Liz Morris
Lou Brown            Loretta Tupper        Peter Potulski

Bernard Bresslaw     Liam Neeson           John Welsh
John Sayles          Stephen Mendillo      Betsy Julia Robinson
Stanley Knapp        Jack Adalist          Lloyd Ziff
Rikki Fulton         Alex Norton           Jenny Seagrove
Dana Kimmell         R.G. Armstrong        Jorge Cervera Jr.
Hector Elias         Daniel Faraldo        Mario Marcelino
Brian Wood           Phil Coccioletti      Larry Cedar
Kent Broadhurst      Suzanne Barrie        Anna Berger
George Furth         Peter Hobbs           Earl Boen
Ivana Spinell        William von Stranz
Alistair Browning    James Malcolm         Chris Broun
Carol Cleveland      Simon Jones           Patricia Quinn
Martin Mull          Ann Jillian           Jeffrey Tambor
Bob Zmuda            Edith Massey
Crispin Glover       Amber Denyse Austin   John Vargas
Eddie Bracken        Brian Doyle-Murray    Miriam Flynn
Tom Dahlgren         Walker Stuart
Alec McCowen         Edward Fox            Pamela Salem
David Meyer          Tony Meyer            Desmond Llewelyn
Keith Knight            Maury Chaykin         Leif Anderson
Joe Spinell             Tom Signorelli        John Guitz
Helen Shaver            Cassie Yates          Sandy McPeak
Tom Cruise              Glenn Withrow         Diane Lane
Kaki Hunter             Scott Colomby         Nancy Parsons
Claudia Bryar           Robert Alan Browne    Ben Hartigan
Ashley Ferrare          Kane Kosugi           John LaMotta
Kim Stanley             Veronica Cartwright   Pamela Reed
Nicholas Pryor          Janet Carroll         Shera Danese
Nicolas Cage            Chris Penn            Laurence Fishburne
Zella Jackson Price     Bertha Smith          Michael Keith Smith
F. Murray Abraham       Paul Shenar           Harris Yulin
Ron Silver              Charles Hallahan      Josef Sommer
Paul DeAngelo           Tom Van Dell          Loris Sallahian
Mary Grace Canfield     Richard Davalos       Jake Dengel
Josh Mostel             Lisa Gordon           Sidney Miller
Steve Bickford          Patrick Brady         Norma Donaldson
Arjan Ederveen          Kees Prins            Mariette Bout
Tom Harvey              Douglas Campbell      Brian McConnachie
Frank O. Hill           Cassandra Peterson    Bubba Smith
Jack Thibeau            Michael Currie        Albert Popwell
Pamela Stephenson       Robert Vaughn         Margot Kidder
Hope Cameron            Judith Drake          Patrick Hughes
Lenny von Dohlen        Paul Gleason          Michael Crabtree
Lisa Hart Carroll       Betty King            Huckleberry Fox
L.Q. Jones              Chris Mulkey          Macon McCalman
Kristin Holby           Paul Gleason          Alfred Drake
Oliver Reed             Richard Bright        Vincent Bufano
Ilona Rodgers           Merata Mita           Faenza Reuben
Harold Sylvester        Tim Thomerson         Lau Nga Lai
Ella Laboriel           Samuel Zarzosa        Jonathan Zarzosa
Michelle Meyrink        Tina Theberge         Lee Purcell
Lynne Gorman            Julie Khaner          Reiner Schwartz
Doug Toby               Phil H. Fravel        Luis Contreras
Kent Williams           Dennis Lipscomb       Joe Dorsey
Maggie Ehrig            Grant Miner           Christina Beck
Noel Ferrier            Paul Sonkkila         Ali Nur
Robert Hardy            Sneh Gupta            Omar Sharif
Michael Ironside        Peter Nelson          David Packer
Madolyn Smith-Osborne   Dana Elcar            Taliesin Jaffe
Dorian Harewood         Swoosie Kurtz         Saul Rubinek
Jason Bernard           Selma Diamond         Eric Christmas
Jeffrey Jones           Charles Kay           Kenneth McMillan
Mary Alice              Shawn Elliott         Jim Borrelli
Peter Michael Goetz     Tom Noonan            David Rasche
James Russo             Jonathan Banks        Stephen Elliott
Nancy Fish              George Buck           Dolores Sage
Lupe Gigliotti          Michael Menaugh       Tessy Callado
Michael Howe            Gerard Kelly          Gerry Sundquist
Raquel Gavia          Van Brooks             SeÒor Marco
David Haskell         Rebecca Stanley        Al Israel
Barbara Bryne         Linda Hunt             Charles McCaughan
Philip Davis          Liam Neeson            Wi Kuki Kaa
Bruno Falcon          Timothy Solomon        Ana S·nchez
David Strathairn      Bill Cobbs             Caroline Aaron
Justin Hall           Michael O'Hare         Cordis Heard
Marilu Henner         Shirley MacLaine       Susan Anton
Anne Marie McEvoy     Julie Maddalena        Jonas Marlowe
Graham Crowden        Kathryn Pogson         Stephen Rea
Olivia d'Abo          Pat Roach              Jeff Corey
Nicolas Cage          Allen Garfield         Fred Gwynne
Annie Potts           Vince McKewin          Deanna Oliver
George Wendt          Larry Gelman           Cory 'Bumper' Yothers
Richard Jordan        Kyle MacLachlan        Virginia Madsen
Karen West            Arturo Comacho         Annie Kozuch
Dianne Wiest          Victor Argo            Wiley Earl
Joe Santos            Michael V. Gazzo       Jan Murray
Art Carney            Louise Fletcher        Moses Gunn
Carole Davis          Janet Jones            Brian McNamara
Newton John Skinner   Duke Stroud            Larry Vigus
John Laughlin         Elizabeth Gorcey       Frances Lee McCain
J·nos HerskÛ          Stig Larsson           Harry Harper
Joan Freeman          Crispin Glover         Alan Hayes
William Atherton      Ernie Hudson           David Margulies
Peter Dale            Doug Lawrence          Lars Niemi
Dick Miller           Keye Luke              Scott Brady
Tracy Brooks Swope    Heather Devore-Haase   Carole Tru Foster
Freddie Stuart        Ralph Brown            A.J. Clarke
Shannon Tweed         George Theobald        Mark Vance
Seth Green            Wally Aspell           Nastassja Kinski
Claude Earl Jones     Robert Wightman        Lorinne Vozoff
Roy Chiao             David Yip              Ric Young
Patti Heider          Frances Peterson       Hunter Tylo
Glynnis O'Connor      Dom DeLuise            Richard Dimitri
Ron Thomas            Rob Garrison           Chad McQueen
Bill Paterson         Athol Fugard           Graham Kennedy
Antone Pagan          Barbara Quinn          Thomas DeCarlo
Keith Vitali          Herb Edelman           Mercedes Albert
Filomena Spagnuolo    Glenn Jacobson         J'Len Winters
Norman Snow           Robert Preston         Chris Hebert
Dr. Joyce Brothers    Candi Brough           Randi Brough
John Pleshette        H.B. Haggerty          Lu Leonard
Pierrino Mascarino    Erich Anderson         Joseph Carberry
Oleg Rudnik           Aleksandr Beniaminov   Lyudmila Kramarevskaya
Juliana Donald        Lonny Price            Louis Zorich
Robert Prosky         Richard Farnsworth     Joe Don Baker
Jennifer Warren       Danny Nelson           Mary Nell Santacroce
Charles Fleischer     Joseph Whipp           Robert Englund
Andrew Wilde           David Trevena          David Cann
Richard Paul           Warrington Winters     Jeanne Evans
Burt Young             Danny Aiello           William Forsythe
Bernhard Wicki         Sam Berry              Tom Farrell
Federica Mastroianni   Fiorenza Tessari       Mario Donatone
Joe Dorsey             Michael Currie         Stephen Tobolowsky
Andrew Rubin           David Graf             Leslie Easterbrook
M. Emmet Walsh         Burt Young             Jack Kehoe
Scott Plank            Steve Gadler           Dan Shott
Keith Szarabajka       Ed Begley Jr.          James Staley
Billy Sparks           Jill Jones             Charles Huntsberry
Brad Savage            Doug Toby              Ben Johnson
Fox Harris             Tom Finnegan           Del Zamora
John Arndt             Diane Stevens          Darlene Kenley
Billy Green Bush       James Tolkan           Bob W. Douglas
Kevyn Major Howard     Peter Van Norden       Erica Yohn
Holland Taylor         Mary Ellen Trainor     Eve Smith
Joey Cramer            Chris Mulkey           Anne-Marie Martin
Paul Dooley            Carlin Glynn           Blanche Baker
Lena Endre             Per Mattsson           Torsten Wahlund
Larry Riley            Robert Townsend        Denzel Washington
Heidi Bassett          John Woerhle           Kitty Summerall
Richard B. Shull       Bobby Di Cicco         Howard Morris
Nichelle Nichols       Merritt Butrick        Phil Morris
John Walter Davis      Ted White              Dirk Blocker
Tom DiCillo            Richard Boes           Rockets Redglare
Richard Lawson         Rick Rossovich         Bill Paxton
Simon Ward             Marc McClure           Hart Bochner
James Cromwell         Dorian Harewood        G.D. Spradlin
Earl Boen              Rick Rossovich         Dick Miller
Alan North             Romy Windsor           Joe Nesnow
Tony Hendra            Michael McKean         Christopher Guest
Rebecca Perle          Regina Richardson      Randi Brooks
Tristram Jellinek      Christopher Villiers   Billy J. Mitchell
Nathalie Juvet         Charlotte Kerr         Catherine Lachens
Deep Roy               Tilo Pr¸ckner          Moses Gunn
Arthur Clark           Daniel March           John Overby
Gilda Radner           Kyle T. Heffner        Michael Zorek
Guy Hoffman            Gabriel Arcand         FranÁoise Faucher
Amnon Meskin           Bud Townsend           Bob Rafelson
Robert Townsend        John Amos              Doi Johnson
Marc McClure           Wendie Jo Sperber      George DiCenzo
Laura Waterbury        Dan Schneider          Yuji Okumoto
Lindsay Rich           Brandon Call           Gregory Levinson

Ian Richardson         Peter Vaughan          Kim Greist
John Kapelos           Ron Dean               Tim Gamble
Tovah Feldshuh         Hume Cronyn            Joe Grifasi
Melleny Brown          Bob Dermer             Jayne Eastwood
James Naughton         Tony Munafo            Court Miller
Cameron English        Tony Fields            Nicole Fosse
Lesley Ann Warren      Colleen Camp           Lee Ving
Tony Barry             Paul Chubb             David Slingsby
Maureen Stapleton      Jessica Tandy          Gwen Verdon
Allen Hamilton         Ron Henriquez          Joe Guzaldo
Desreta Jackson        Adolph Caesar          Rae Dawn Chong
Alyssa Milano          Bill Duke              Drew Snyder

Jane Bertish           David Troughton        Matthew Carroll
Sherman Howard         Gary Howard Klar       Ralph Marrero
David Calder           Frederick Treves       Robbie Coltrane
James Staley           Katie La Bourdette     Alex McArthur
Anna Levine            Will Patton            Peter Maloney
Dira Paes              Eduardo Conde          Ariel Coelho
Jim Mapp               Lance Kerwin           Scott Kraft
Joe Grifasi            Martha Gehman          Roscoe Orman
Adrian Shirley         Wayne Anthony
Joe Dante              Roy Edward Disney      Barbara Eden
Ronald Lacey           Brion James            John Dennis Johnston
George Wendt           Kenneth Mars           Geena Davis
Sura Cox               Jonathan Skinner       April Russell
Dorothy Fielding       Art Evans              Stewart Stern
Holly Gagnier          Margaret Howell        Terence McGovern
Jonathan Ke Quan       John Matuszak          Robert Davi
Christopher Rydell     Christie Claridge      Brad Cowgill
Bernard Hepton         Richard M¸nch          Carl Rigg
Tex Konig              Raymond Aquilon        Georges CarrËre
Eriq La Salle          Gabriele Tinti         Valentina Forte
Ian O'Connell          George Holmes          Richard Davidson
Elizabeth Solorzano    Dan Aykroyd            Robert Paynter
Lance Henriksen        William Allen Young    Ben Hammer
Howard Jay Patterson   Randall Edwin Nelson   Samuel Ross Williams
Barry Miller           Verna Bloom            Bruce M. Fischer
Darren Robinson        Kurtis Blow            Blair Underwood
Alfred Molina          Giancarlo Prete        Loris Loddi
Cork Hubbert           Peter O'Farrell        Kiran Shah
Nicholas Ball          Aubrey Morris          Nancy Paul
Hans Wagner            Brandy Rubin           Michael Greene
Paul Larsson           Angry Anderson         Robert Grubb
Micole Mercurio        Harry Carey Jr.        Dennis Burkley
Andy Garcia            Rose Portillo          William Smith
Dortha Duckworth       Michael Prokopuk       Billy Ray Sharkey
Damir Andrei           GeneviËve Appleton     Julie Beaulieu
Stephen Kinyanjui      Michael Gough          Suzanna Hamilton
Richard Kiel           Doug McGrath           John Russell
Monte Landis           Damon Martin           David Glasser
Sam Neill              Burt Kwouk             AndrÈ Maranne
Bill Paterson          Liz Smith              Alison Steadman
Michael Lombard        Anjelica Huston          George Santopietro
Elaine Grollman        Victoria Zussin          Mark Hammond
George Cheung          Andy Wood                William Ghent
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon   Peter Kent               Barbara Pieters
Stacy Peralta          Daniel Ades              Andres Aybar
Kate Mulgrew           Patrick Kilpatrick       Michael Pataki
Jewel Shepard          Miguel A. N˙Òez Jr.      Brian Peck
Timothy M. Rose        Sean Barrett             Mak Wilson
Michael Pataki         Dolph Lundgren           Stu Nahan
Kenneth McMillan       Stacey Pickren           Walter Wyatt
Sela Ward              Brant von Hoffman        Christopher Malcolm
Fred Ward              Casey Siemaszko          Geoffrey Blake
Richard Glazer         Paula Biren              Pana Pietyra
Terry O'Quinn          Bill Smitrovich          Joe Wright
Sheb Wooley            Jon Kasdan               John Cleese
William Prince         Tom Hatten               Frank Oz
Mare Winningham        Martin Balsam            Andie MacDowell
Perry Mallette         Dandy                    Rick Hudson
Patrick O'Neal         James Dixon              Alexander Scourby
Rip Torn               John Larroquette         Richard Herd
Viveca Lindfors        Nicolette Sheridan       Marcia Christie
John Goodman           P.J. Soles               Terri Gardner
Shane Serwin           Chris Pedersen           ¡ngel Salazar
Barbara Babcock        Frank Howard             Morgan Freeman
Dean Stockwell         Steve James              Robert Downey Sr.

Pat Ryan               Mark Torgl               Dick Martinsen
Anne Seymour           Miguel Fern·ndez         Biff Manard
George Kirby           John Considine           Dirk Blocker
Olivia Barash          Panchito GÛmez           Michael Wyle
David Yip              Fiona Fullerton          Manning Redwood
J.C. Quinn             Daphne Zuniga            R.H. Thomson
Ernest Harada          Allan Arbus              Xander Berkeley
Robert Downey Jr.      Robert Rusler            Vernon Wells
Danny Glover           Brent Jennings           Patti LuPone
Nigel Stock            Roger Ashton-Griffiths   Earl Rhodes
AgnËs Brulet           Guusje van Tilborgh      Gerard Thoolen
Steve Rackman          Gerry Skilton            Terry Gill
Herbie Hancock         Bobby Hutcherson         Pierre Trabaud
Mercedes Ruehl         Daniel Gerroll           Wendy Morgan
Robin Thomas           Donna Gibbons            Megan Mullally
Eve Ferret             Tony Hippolyte           Graham Fletcher-Cook
William Hope           Jenette Goldstein        Al Matthews
Leah Pinsent           Clayton Rohner           Thomas F. Wilson
Jonathan Banks         Don Stroud               Larry Hankin
Tracey Walter          R.D. Call                David Strathairn
Terry Farrell          M. Emmet Walsh           Adrienne Barbeau
Al Shannon             Danton Stone             Paul Calderon
Loulan Pitre           Andre Delaunay           Jim Levert
M. Emmet Walsh       Donovan Scott       R.G. Armstrong
Valerie Curtin       Richard Libertini   Steve Alterman
Donald Li            Carter Wong         Peter Kwong
Dan Shor             William Sanderson   Keenan Wynn
George Dickerson     Priscilla Pointer   Frances Bay
Mindy Cohn           Janet MacLachlan    Jennifer Michas
Richard Pachorek     Lesa Lee            Kenneth Cortland
Bob Dishy            Steven Hill         David Margulies
Martin Doyle         Tony Montanaro      Mike Muscat
Robert Agins         Alvin Anastasia     Randall Arney
Arthur Saunders      Lori Labar          Jim Cooney
Hurd Hatfield        Beeson Carroll      Jean Willard
Billy Zane           Ethan Phillips      Terrence Mann
George Kennedy       Hanna Schygulla     Susan Strasberg
Anita Bartolucci     Antonio Cantafora   Luisa Passega
Dusty Balcerzak      Allen Garfield      Tressi Loria
Evan Richards        Donald F. Muhich    Paul Mazursky
Rockets Redglare     Vernel Bagneris     Timothea
Lyman Ward           Edie McClurg        Charlie Sheen
Howard Hesseman      Robert Small        Albie Whitaker
Michael Copeman      David Cronenberg    Carol Lazare
James Hong           Shakti              Tau Logo
Andreas Wisniewski   Dexter Fletcher     Pascal King
Eve Brenner          Alan Young          Basil Rathbone
Sab Shimono          Rick Overton        Clint Howard
Ann Hanson           Patrick Newman      Niall O'Brien
Boyd Gaines          Mario Van Peebles   Arlen Dean Snyder
Jon Polito           Sheila Gish         Hugh Quarshie
Jack Thibeau         Armin Shimerman     Gene Davis
Robert Swan          Michael O'Guinne    Wil Dewitt
Louise Fletcher      Eric Pierpoint      Christopher Allport
Jerry Levine         Robbie Rist         Michael Bowen
Paula Kelly          Diahnne Abbott      Scoey Mitchell
Christine Lahti      Sam Waterston       Susan Rinell
Mats Helge           Antti Horko         Ismo Kallio
Shari Weiser         Brian Henson        Ron Mueck
Sara Kestelman       Patrick Stewart     Warren Saire
David Clennon        John McMartin       Jennifer Dundas
Joe Belcher          Daisy Beevers       Geoffrey Beevers
Tisha Campbell       Levi Stubbs         James Belushi
Ciro Poppiti         Guy Boyd            Jeremy Piven
Stephen Lang         David Seaman        Benjamin Hendrickson
Chuck Low            Liam Neeson         Bercelio Moya
Elide Melli          Francesco De Rosa   Sylvester Groth
ZoÎ Nathenson        Sammi Davis         Rod Bedall
Dick O'Neill         Jadrien Steele      Michael Rogers
Bill Henderson       James Luisi         Clifford A. Pellow
Souad Faress         Richard Graham      Shirley Anne Field
Teller               John O'Leary        Julius Harris
Feodor Chaliapin Jr.   William Hickey         Michael Habeck

William De Acutis      Dwight Weist           Roderick Cook
Terry Kinney           Bruce McGill           Ray Sharkey
Dana Chelette          Josie Cotton           Frank Doubleday
Ewan Stewart           Kate Ingram            Libby Morris
Filippa FranzÈn        Tommy Kjellqvist       Per K‰llman
Billie Bird            John Matuszak          Mark Metcalf
Yolande Bavan          AndrÈ E. Morgan        Richard Wall
Jim Carrey             Lisa Jane Persky       Lucinda Jenney
Richard Edson          Kevin Dillon           Reggie Johnson
Julian Beck            Geraldine Fitzgerald   John P. Whitecloud
Jim Haynie             Alexa Kenin            Kate Vernon
Robert Alan Browne     Gary Bayer             Patience Cleveland
Laurence Fishburne     Louie Anderson         Charles McCaughan
Joe Regalbuto          Robert Davi            Ed Lauter
Denise Gordy           Laurie Schwartz        Tiffany Helm
Roxana Zal             Josh Richman           Phil Brock
Judi Dench             Fabia Drake            Joan Henley
Jon Gries              Tracy Reed             Jimmy Smits
William G. Schilling   Art Evans              Clarence Felder
Colby Chester          Cynthia Gibb           Will MacMillan

Tim Blaney             Marvin J. McIntyre     John Garber
Perry Benson           Tony London            Sandy Baron
Sandy McLeod           Robert Ridgely         Buzz Kilman
Gary Riley             Bradley Gregg          Jason Oliver
Nichelle Nichols       Jane Wyatt             Catherine Hicks
Jerzy Kosinski         David McCullough       Arthur Miller
Katy Behean            Kyra Sedgwick          Janine Turner
Harlan Jordan          Kirk Sisco             James N. Harrell
Matt Lattanzi          Chris Lemmon           Cynthia Sikes
David Wagner           Chuck McCann           Tony Alva
Gene Hartline          William B. Kaplan      Sophia Lamour
John Stockwell         Barry Tubb             Rick Rossovich
Corey Burton           Roger C. Carmel        Victor Caroli
Gene Simmons           Ozzy Osbourne          Elise Richards
Gordon Jackson         Kenneth Colley         David Langton
Kara Hui               Sibelle Hu             Yasuaki Kurata
Tom Aldredge           Jane Hoffman           John DiSanti
Penelope Ann Miller    George Newbern         John Ford Noonan
Rob Krausz             Phil Hartman           Corey Burton
Michael Higgins        Elizabeth Whitcraft    Eliott Keener
Joe Aufiery            Lance Davis            Deirdre O'Connell
James Spader           Pat Hingle             Britt Leach
Joe Holland            John Calvin            David Bowe
Sandy Martin           Roberta Bassin         Gloria LeRoy
Lee Richardson         Richard Masur          Carla Pinza
Geoffrey Copleston     Francesco Carnelutti   Marino MasÈ
Anne Pitoniak           Mary Carver           Sully Boyar
Allen Garfield          Dean Stockwell        Paul Reiser
Tom O'Brien             Charles Ludlam        Grace Zabriskie
Phil Hartman            Stephanie Faracy      Alice Hirson
Philip Chan             Pierre Rafini         Bolo Yeung
Urbanie Lucero          Chastity Ayala        David Perez
Peter Hackes            Christian Clemenson   Jack Nicholson
Darcy DeMoss            Dennis Dugan          Cloyce Morrow
Melanie Griffith        Michael C. Gwynne     Brion James
Dorothy Lamour          Frank Salsedo         Holt McCallany
James Coine             Kevin Kline           Kevin McNally
Kelly Bishop            Lonny Price           Max Cantor
Elizabeth Ashley        Dabney Coleman        Kathleen Freeman
Richard Domeier         John Peaks            Lou Hancock
Fred Gwynne             Meg Mundy             Tom Brennan

Jery Hewitt             Rodney Harvey         Daniel Jenkins
Arliss Howard           Ed O'Ross             John Terry
Dick Anthony Williams   Lonette McKee         Sam Bottoms
J.T. Walsh              Noble Willingham      Richard Edson
Peter Cummins           Carole Skinner        Clarissa Kaye-Mason
Michael A. Nickles      Harry O'Reilly        Daniel O'Shea

Antony Allen            Leon Davis            Michael Cassidy
William Boyett          Richard Brooks        Larry Cedar
Elmar Wilms             Sigurd Rachman        Beatrice Manowski
Susan Wooldridge        Jean-Marc Barr        Ian Bannen
Karen Kohlhaas          Steven Goldstein      Jack Wallace

Robert Picardo          Wendy Schaal          Harold Sylvester

Rick Dees               Marshall Crenshaw     Howard Huntsberry
Ryuichi Sakamoto        Maggie Han            Ric Young
Donna Mitchell          Michael Bowen         Sarah Buxton
Traci Wolfe             Jackie Swanson        Damon Hines
Camille Cooper          Micah Grant           Bill Morrison
Andreas Wisniewski      Thomas Wheatley       Desmond Llewelyn
Jami Gertz              Corey Feldman         Jamison Newlander
Merry Clayton           Begonia Plaza         Rain Phoenix
Harsh Nayyar            Hart Bochner          Susan Berman
Barry Foster            Judy Parfitt          Phoebe Nicholls
John Mahoney            Louis Guss            Feodor Chaliapin Jr.
Joshua John Miller      Marcie Leeds          Kenny Call
Jennifer Rubin          Bradley Gregg         Ira Heiden
Arlen Dean Snyder       M. Emmet Walsh        Al Shannon
Jason Bernard           Iman                  Fred Dalton Thompson
James Whitmore          Leslie Nielsen        William Prince
Anthony Heald           Ji-Tu Cumbuka         Florence Stanley
Jared Rushton           Jeffrey Wiseman       Brian Price
Brian Hamill          Tamara Bruno           Vanessa L. Williams
Carol Bruce           Olivia Burnette        Diana Douglas
Audeen Casey          Steven Jay Hoey        Erin White
Leonard Termo         Camille Coduri         Maurice O'Connell
Richard Chaves        R.G. Armstrong         Shane Black
Anne Marie Howard     Ann Yen                Ken Wright
Fred Savage           Robin Wright Penn      Peter Falk
Esai Morales          Troy Winbush           Jacob Vargas
Frances McDormand     Randall 'Tex' Cobb     T.J. Kuhn
Mark Herrier          Matthew Brooks         Mariah Dobson
Amnon Meskin          Julian Chagrin         Haim Zehavy
Robert DoQui          Ray Wise               Felton Perry
Max Alexander         Michael J. Pollard     Steve Mittleman
Marvin J. McIntyre    Gus Rethwisch          Professor Toru Tanaka
Gerry Bamman          Fred Gwynne            Carol Ann Susi
Ira Wheeler           Jane Cecil             Rosemary Murphy
Giulia Boschi         Ray McAnally           Barry Miller
Natalia Nogulich      Richard Minchenberg    Bobby Pickett
Jeff Grossi           Hank Gum               Linda Harris
Shaike Ophir          Jane Wiedlin           Julian Chagrin
Molly Hagan           Maddie Corman          Jane Elliot
Tony DiBenedetto      James E. Moriarty      Mark Moses
Joan Rivers           Dick Van Patten        Michael Winslow
Elbert Lewis          Charlotte Stanton      J. David Moeller
Ian Tracey            Earl Billings          Jackson Davies
Will Gotay            Patrick Baca           Ingrid Oliu
Anna Maria Horsford   Frederick Rolf         Erik King
Gary Riley            Kelly Jo Minter        Ken Olandt
Fred Melamed          Michael Beach          Bill Cobbs
Francine Beers        Lisa Blair             Michelle Blair
Philip Baker Hall     John P. Ryan           Liza Morrow
Rob Reiner            Bruce Kirby            Joey DePinto
Penn Jillette         Frances Fisher         R. Patrick Sullivan
Jack Kehoe            Brad Sullivan          Billy Drago
James Karen           Leslie Lyles           Michael Douglas
Margaret Ladd         Tisha Sterling         Mary Steenburgen
Murray Head           John Hurt              Trevor Howard
Charlotte Barker      Chloe Leland           Charlotte Ball
Keith Jochim          Carel Struycken        Helen Lloyd Breed
Judi Farr             Tim Robertson          Bruce Spence

Sandra Fergus         Christopher Hardwick   Jay Serken
Bill Pullman          Robert Hy Gorman       Bradley Mott
Steve Antin           Tom O'Brien            Peter Van Norden
Conrad Dunn           Jeff Kober             Roger Aaron Brown
Martha Plimpton       John Houseman          Sandy Dennis
Joe Dorsey            Reverend Michael Ng    Theodore Chan Woei-Shyong

Rachel Mittelman      Catherine O'Hara       J. Jay Saunders
Jeffrey DeMunn           Albert Hall            David Clennon
Jon Lovitz               Mercedes Ruehl         Josh Clark
Barry Primus             Michael Gross          Deborah Rush
James Handy              Damon Whitaker         Morgan Nagler
Del Close                Paul McCrane           Sharon Spelman
Amanda Blake             Grace Zabriskie        Marc Poppel
Joseph Gonzalez          Bradlee Rhodes         Michael Bishop
David Neidorf            Danny Gans             Tom Silardi
Jack Colvin              Neil Giuntoli          Juan RamÌrez
J. David Krassner        Dakin Matthews         Mary Catherine Martin
Gerardo MejÌa            Glenn Plummer          Rudy Ramos
Shary Flenniken          William M. Gaines      Bill Griffith
Paul Bates               Eriq La Salle          Frankie Faison
Kane Barton              Trent Roberts          Lauren Shepherd
Robin Johnson            Robert Knepper         Jay Patterson
Uma Thurman              Peter Capaldi          Joe Sheridan
Michael Goodwin          Darwin Gillett         Anthony Charnota
Nick Nichols             Lynne Cormack          Damir Andrei
De'voreaux White         William Atherton       Hart Bochner
Dana Ivey                Meagen Fay             Frances Conroy
John Mahoney             James Read             Michael Rooker
Savannah Smith Boucher   Patricia Clarkson      Joseph Meyer
Patricia Hayes           Geoffrey Palmer        Cynthia Cleese
StÈphane D'Audeville     Laurent Spielvogel     Alain Doutey
Eli Gorenstein           Jeff Gurner            Yasha Einstein
Asia Vieira              Joe Morton             Katey Sagal
Waigwa Wachira           Iain Glen              David Lansbury
Marc Duret               Griffin Dunne          AndrÈas Voutsinas
Hilary Gordon            Rebecca Gordon         Robert Prosky
Ricki Lake               Ric Ocasek             Leslie Ann Powers
Doug Bradley             Barbie Wilde           Simon Bamford
Robert Stephens          Geoffrey Rose          Paris Tselios
Kenneth Welsh            Christopher Buchholz   Charles McCaughan
Ja'net DuBois            Dawnn Lewis            John Vernon
Phil Spector             Cynthia Lennon         Julian Lennon
Carl Lumbly              Cristine Rose          Sean Penn
Angelo Bertolini         Joelle Jacobi          Jared Rushton
Paul Brooke              Imogen Claire          Chris Pitt
Burke Byrnes             Bill Erwin
Roberts Blossom          Barry Miller           Gary Basaraba
Loretta Devine           Lucy Deakins           Jerry Hardin
Michelle Pfeiffer        Joan Cusack            Ellen Foley
Richard Foronjy          Robert Miranda         Jack Kehoe
Stephen Tobolowsky       Michael Rooker         Pruitt Taylor Vince
Kevin J. O'Connor        Flora Balzano          VÈronique Bellegarde
Stanley Tucci            Boo                    Janine Turner
Virginia Madsen          Tammy Grimes           David Warner
Conchata Ferrell         Joanna Merlin          Porscha Radcliffe
Nancy Marchand           Raye Birk              Jeannette Charles
Agnese Nano             Leopoldo Trieste       Salvatore Cascio
Dom DeLuise             Taurean Blacque        Carl Weintraub

George Aguilar          G. Smokey Campbell     Hans Stadlbauer
Pamela Gidley           Michael Elgart         Dakin Matthews

Jenette Goldstein       Marvin J. McIntyre     Don Calfa
Pam Matteson            George McGrath         Taylor Negron
Ralph Seymour           Lucinda Jenney         Bonnie Hunt

Rhys McConnochie        Peter Cummins          Cornelia Frances
L.M. Kit Carson         Steven Hill            Augusta Dabney
Raju Barnad             Chandrashekhar Naidu   Sarfuddin Quarrassi
Russell Lee Nash        Ken Russell            David Doyle
Carol Kane              Robert Mitchum         Nicholas Phillips
Badja Djola             Theresa Merritt        Michael Gough
Lee Garlington          Akosua Busia           Harry Basil
Cathryn Damon           John Ashton            James Ray
Kevin Scannell          Frederick Coffin       Michael MacRae
Jacques Mathou          Bernard Farcy          Roch Leibovici
Lucille Glenn           Roger Souza            Caroline AppÈrÈ
John Shea               Jodie Foster           Christine Jones
Brian Lewis             Ying Tong John         Mick Hamer
Patricia Hodge          Richard Bradford       M. Emmet Walsh

Michael Wincott         Linda Atkinson         Robert Trebor
Sam Moore               Junior Walker          Susan Tyrrell
Arye Gross              Gabriel Damon          Garret Pearson
Jason Robards III       John Lawrence          Susan Barnes
Jack Wallace            Dan Conway             Willo Hausman

Christian Slater        Nina Siemaszko         Anders Johnson
Marshall Bell           David Caruso           Hugh O'Brian
Donald Moffat           Tomek Bork             Daniel Olbrychski
Richard LeParmentier    Lou Hirsch             Betsy Brantley
Pat Roach               Gavan O'Herlihy        David Steinberg
Pat Keen                Peter Cook             Tim Killick
Nora Dunn               Oliver Platt           James Lally
Terence Stamp           Jack Palance           Terry O'Quinn
Darren McGavin          Robert Morley          Stephen Nichols
Henry Gibson            Brother Theodore       Courtney Gains

J.C. Quinn              Kimberly Scott         Captain Kidd Brewer Jr.
Jack Purvis             Valentina Cortese      Jonathan Pryce
Charles Nelson Reilly   Vic Tayback            Rob Fuller
Keith David             Ed Van Nuys            Marg Helgenberger
Mollie Sugden       Frank Thornton       Myfanwy Talog
Jeffrey Weissman    Casey Siemaszko      Billy Zane
Michael Gough       Jack Palance         Jerry Hall
Rod Loomis          Al Leong             Jane Wiedlin
John Spencer        Guts Ishimatsu       Yuya Uchida
Rick Overton        Randall 'Tex' Cobb   Charles Cooper
Jamie Talisman      Sean Stone           Anne Bobby
Maury Chaykin       Stephen Tobolowsky   Richard Key Jones
Erik King           Jack Gwaltney        Ving Rhames
Joe Grifasi         Henderson Forsythe   Susan Ruttan
Gary Olsen          Ewan Stewart         Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Anjelica Huston     Woody Allen          Jenny Nichols
Michael Long        Lisa Collins         Paula Hudson-Brinkley
Allelon Ruggiero    James Waterston      Norman Lloyd
Bill Nunn           John Turturro        Paul Benjamin
Milo O'Shea         Philip Bosco         James Remar
William Hall Jr.    Alvin M. Sugarman    Clarice F. Geigerman
James Remar         John Kelly           Grace Zabriskie
Yuen Fat Fai        Hui Fun              Lan Law
Rita Karin          Phil Leeds           Elya Baskin
Ken Lerner          Albert Hall          Terri Treas
John C. McGinley    Natasha Richardson   Ron Vawter
Burt Lancaster      Frank Whaley         Dwier Brown

Alan Bean           Jack Swigert         Stuart Roosa
Craig Fairbrass     Michael Bray         George Baker
Annie Potts         Peter MacNicol       Harris Yulin
John Finn           Donovan Leitch       JD Cullum
Paddy O'Byrne       Erick Bowen          Andrew Dibb
Robert Desiderio    Zakes Mokae          Clyde Kusatsu
Glenn Shadix        Lance Fenton         Patrick Labyorteaux
Charles Kay         Alec McCowen         Fabian Cartwright
Gary Owens          Brian Doyle-Murray   Tichina Arnold
Hugh Armstrong      Mick Ford            Jacqueline Pearce

Mary Baldwin        Raf Nazario          Bob Frank
Charles Levin       Alma Beltran         Jessica James
Judith Ivey         Dan Jenkins          Stephen Tobolowsky
River Phoenix       Michael Byrne        Kevork Malikyan
Todd Graff          M.C. Gainey          Peter Van Norden
Scott Wilson        David Schramm        Yvonne Bryceland
Val Kilmer          Molly Flanegin       Dominic Dinino
Jason Andrews       James Lorinz         Sam Rockwell
Michael Beach       Ethan Phillips       Sandra Reaves-Phillips
Darlene Love        Traci Wolfe          Steve Kahan
David Hedison       Wayne Newton         Benicio Del Toro
Buddy Hackett       Charles Adler        Jack Angel
Georges Corraface   Jean-Paul Denizon    Mamadou DioumÈ
Wesley Snipes       Charles Cyphers      Chelcie Ross
Mark Wright           Danny Mulheron         Doug Wren
Esther Rolle          Norman Beaton          Alex Colon
Ann Wedgeworth        Trey Wilson            Amy Wright
Marie Conmee          Cyril Cusack           Phelim Drew
William Hoch          Pat Hoch               Joshua Elvis Hoch
E.G. Marshall         Doris Roberts          Randy Quaid
Joan Bud              Jessie Keosian         Michael Rizzo
Kevin Crowley         Ron Dean               Nathan Davis
Rick Moranis          Tom Hulce              Martha Plimpton
Deborah Rush          Graham Jarvis          Helen Carscallen
Blaze Berdahl         Susan Blommaert        Mara Clark
Lesley Sharp          Jared Harris           Aubrey Morris
Karen Edgely          Bob Eubanks            Ben Hamper
Jason Gould           Loren Dean             Glenn Walker Harris Jr.
Daniel Massey         Roland Gift            Jean Alexander
Paul Calderon         Gene Canfield          Larry Joshua
Louis Giambalvo       Kirsten Childs         Hardy Rawls
Tyrone Power Jr.      Jeff Yagher            Paul Lieber
Charles Lucia         Heidi Kozak            Brian Bremer
Tom Skerritt          Sam Shepard            Dylan McDermott
Suzanne Burden        Rohan McCullough       Billie Roche
Hugh Thomas           Emil Wolk              Harold Innocent
Larry Gales           Johnny Griffin         Barry Harris
Miguel Fernandes      Charles Hallahan       Sully Diaz
Kelly Cinnante        Rick Shapiro           Suzanne Costollos
Anthony Geary         Trinidad Silva         Gedde Watanabe
Garrett M. Brown      Laurie Metcalf         Jay Underwood
Henry Thomas          Fabia Drake            T.P. McKenna
G.D. Spradlin         Peter Donat            Dan Castellaneta
Allan Miller          Anna Levine            David Carpenter
Eloise Broady         Gregory Salata         Louis Giambalvo
Michelle Nicastro     Gretchen Palmer        Robert Alan Beuth
Lanny Flaherty        Ivan Green             Bill Gribble
Alexandra Root        Earl T. Taylor         David Foil
Linda Pierce          Olek Krupa             Marty Terry
Anita Ores            Megan Ores             Cheri Jones
Mari Tˆrıcsik         J.S. Block             Sol Frieder
Sol Pavlovsky         Charles Noland         William Bronder
David Healy           Matt Malloy            Edie Falco
Bernard Eisenschitz   Raoul Guylad           Juliano Mer
Mick Karn             Mike Barson            Mark Bedford
Bob Colacello         Ivan Karp              Gerard Malanga

Daniel Ellsberg       J. William Fulbright   Doris Kearns Goodwin

Ken Corey             Victoria Hirsch        Summer Packer
Victoria Peterson     Marji Mize             Robert Silvestro
Jeremy Nicholas       Barbara Wendy          Gordon Gale
cast10                 cast11               cast12

Russell Kiefel         Lewis Fitz-Gerald    Rod Mullinar
Ren Woods              Norma Donaldson      Roxanna Bonilla-Giannini
Otto                   Jim Abrahams         Frank Ashmore
Drew Barrymore         Megan Jeffers        Jack Murdock
David Cryer            Carole Cook          Carol Bruce
Bill McKinney          William O'Connell    John Quade
Angus MacInnes         Sean Sullivan        Wallace Shawn
Marta Kristen          Earl Boen            Larry Broyles
Alain Doutey           Maurice Marsac       Colin Gilbert
Richard Dix            Jorge Cervera Jr.    Marilyn Chris
Bradley Pryce          Chad Timmerman       Gert Jacoby
Willie Hall            Tom Malone           Lou Marini
Natasha Schiano        Gillian Gordon       Howard Grant
Woodrow Parfrey        Beverlee McKinsey    Doug McGrath
Jon Van Ness           M. Emmet Walsh       Albert Salmi
Jorge Russek           Clifton James        Ernest Esparza III
Henry Wilcoxon         Elaine Aiken         Albert Salmi
Steve Eastin           Christopher Coffey   Albert CarriËre
Ruth Springford        Eric Christmas       Roberta Maxwell
Don Bovingloh          Missy Cleveland      Phil Hartman
William Sanderson      Sissy Lucas          Pat Patterson

Pedro Armend·riz Jr.   Harlan Cary Poe      Ed O'Neill
Ted Chapman            Chris Wallace        Dale Kalberg
John Standing          Dexter Fletcher      Lesley Dunlop

Cindy Wilks            Dennis Boutsikaris   Roger Grimsby
Marcie Barkin          Mickey Rourke        Peter Horton
Stuart Paul            Michelle Pfeiffer    Herbert Rudley
Anne Meara             Joanna Merlin        Barry Miller
Joe Lowry              Alvin Ing            Mark Thomas
Anna Navarro           Jeffrey DeMunn       John Devaney
Alphonse Hewitt        Teruyuki Higa        Frankie Italo
John Osborne           Richard O'Brien      John Hallam
Hal Holbrook           John F. Goff         George 'Buck' Flower
Sloan Roberts          Jill Barrie Bogart   Wayne Storm
Rex Everhart           Ronn Carroll         Ron Millkie
Stephen Morrell        Angelo Rossitto      Nancy McCauley
Ronald Maccone         George Yudzevich     Gary Howard Klar
Vera Blacker           Ken Gampu            Paddy O'Byrne
Mary Simpson           Bevan Lee            Neville Teedy
Al Hansen              Dominic Barto        Nicholas Shields
Paul Koslo             Geoffrey Lewis       Richard Masur
P.R. Paul              Michelle Pfeiffer    Gailard Sartain
Severn Darden          George Pravda        Jacquelyn Hyde
Garrett Morris         Cathryn Damon        Sybil Danning
Hoke Howell            Don Maxwell          David Strassman
Ray Bickel              Bobby Bass                Karl Schueneman
Paul Land               Anthony Marciona          Maureen McCormick
Leopoldo Mastelloni     Ania Pieroni              James Fleetwood
Janet Brandt            Hank Garrett              Judy Gibson
Maury Chaykin           Murray Westgate           Michael Kane
Edward Lachman          Martin M¸ller             Craig Nelson
Robert Brown            Takis Emmanuel            Stefano Patrizi
Patti Love              P.H. Moriarty             Ruby Head
Christopher Guest       Nicholas Guest            Shelby Leverington
Tracie Evans            Sharon Mitchell           Carol Henry
Lesley Margret Burton   Wendy Lee Couch           Marguerite Baierski
Maggie Roswell          Robyn Petty               Betsy Lynn Thompson
Charles Gray            Marella Oppenheim         Maureen Bennett
Simon Ward              James Laurenson           Geoffrey Bayldon
Victor Jory             Terry Leonard             William Lucking
Denise Baske            Vicky Nelson              Tom Rielly
Richard Norton          Yuki Shimoda              Redmond Gleeson
Basil Hoffman           Scott Doebler             Quinn K. Redeker
Donovan Scott           Allan F. Nicholls         Wesley Ivan Hurt
Alan Oppenheimer        Estelle Marlov            Everett Covin
Jeff Wincott            Mary Beth Rubens          George Touliatos
Frank Topham            Lori Anne Flax            Charles Scorsese
Elya Baskin             Dirk Blocker              Robert Broyles
John Sayles             Marisa Smith              Amy Schewel
Don Cornelius           Alice Cooper              Alvin Crow
Murray Cruchley         Fred Doederlein           GÈza Kov·cs
Robert Hoffmann         Dan van Husen             George Mikell
Marc Alaimo             Bill Zuckert              Jerry Houser
Lia Beldam              Billie Gibson             Barry Dennen

Audrey Bennett          William H. Macy           Laurence Coven
Anne De Salvo           Joan Neuman               Ken Chapin
Joel Brooks             Jonathan Banks            Erland van Lidth
John Garwood            Jim Hess                  John Pearce
Clifton James           E.G. Marshall             Marc McClure
David Rappaport         Kenny Baker               Malcolm Dixon
Miguel Pinero           Ronald 'Smokey' Stevens   Billy Mernit
Terina Lewis            Everett McGill            Wolfgang Zilzer
Harry Northup           Alfonso Arau              Al Lewis
DeWayne Jessie          Mark Metcalf              Jon Shear
Lynn Latham             Melinda Phelps            Cherise Bates
Faith Brook             Lea Brodie                Anthony Pullen Shaw
Antony Carrick          Steve Conway              Michael Cule
Wilford Brimley         Arnie Ross                Anna Marie Napoles
Jeffrey Lippa           Richard Moll              Lisa Jane Persky
Sean Baker              Paddy Ryan                Anne-Marie Davies
Claire Townsend         Fran Ryan                 Rick Van Ness
Anne De Salvo           Marjorie Barnes           Dillon Evans
Carola McGuinness       Michael Ryan              Larry Marko
Uwe Ochsenknecht     Claude-Oliver Rudolph     Jan Fedder
Kia Cooper           Robert Christian          George Coe
Jackie Chan          Bert Convy                Jamie Farr
Vernon Weddle        Edward Marshall           Ed Call
Carl Lumbly          Jack Scalici              Erica Carlson
Cheryl Campbell      Alice Krige               Dennis Christopher
Demi Moore           William R. Moses          Bryon Murrow
Evan Handler         Douglas Warhit            Jeff Marcus
Tim Pigott-Smith     Neil McCarthy             Susan Fleetwood

William Smith        Luis Barboo               Franco Columbu

Bruce Jarchow        Eddie Schwartz            Harold Holmes
Victor Garrivier     GÈrard Hernandez          Abdoulaye Diop
Elizabeth Cheshire   Beryl Te Wiata            Jim Boelsen
Michael Prince       Drew Snyder               Paul Lambert
Ronnie Schell        Jeannie Wilson            Stanley Brock
Dominique Pinon      Anny Romand               Wilhelmenia Fernandez
Tweed Morris         Emily Smith               Vic Kirk
Allan Rich           Natasha Ryan              Melanie Gaffin
Charles Cyphers      Joe Unger                 Frank Doubleday
Katrine Boorman      Liam Neeson               Corin Redgrave
Arthur Lovegrove     Colin Rix                 Barbara Ewing
Kaiulani Lee         Charles Blackwell         Dwight Schultz
Alice Sachs          Richard Jay Silverthorn   Kirsten Ashley
Milos Kirek          Tommy Duggan              Louis Mahoney
Jack Hedley          Lois Maxwell              Desmond Llewelyn
Jaime Tirelli        Lance Guecia              Ronnie Clanton
Richard Bakalyan     Paul Winchell             Keith Coogan
Liz Smith            Patience Collier          John Barrett
Bill Randolph        Lauren-Marie Taylor       Russell Todd
Renji Ishibashi      Toshiya Fujita            Yukio Ninagawa
Jeanne Austin        Jack McDermott            David Carson
Khaled El Sayed      Sarah Salem               Tafic Najem
Tim McKenzie         David Argue               Brian Anderson
Lance Holcomb        Mark Chamberlin           Tim Choate
Dick Warlock         Gloria Gifford            Ford Rainey
Don Francks          Joseph Golland            Glenis Wootton Gross
Ronald Gans          Gloria Heilman
Sid Caesar           Mary-Margaret Humes       Orson Welles
Robert Picardo       Margie Impert             Noble Willingham
Ivor Kissin          Eddie Dorie               Michelle Feher
John Amplas          Don Berry                 Amanda Davies
Bessie Love          John Tynan                Michael Huston
Susan Tyrrell        Jim Greenleaf             Mark Atkins
Arkie Whiteley       Steve J. Spears           Syd Heylen
Michael Sullivan     Michael Sullivan
Svetozar Cvetkovic   Patricia GÈlin            Dragan Ilic
S. Edward Singer     Stanley Timms             Faith Peters
Terry Waterland       Carl Marotte            Jim Murchison

Anne Stallybrass      Matthew Taylor          Klaus Lˆwitsch
E. Brian Dean         Caesar Cordova          Charles Duval

Manning Redwood       Pat Starr               Hal Galili
Tracey Berg           Albert Sanders          Anne Pollack
Brian Farrell         Raleigh Bond            William Newman
Diane Rode            Bryan Englund           Donna Davis
Vic Tablian           Don Fellows             William Hootkins
Loretta Swit          Robert Vaughn           Robert Webber
Rachel Ward           Joseph Mascolo          Carol Locatell
Brion James           Sonny Landham           Allan Graf
Lance LeGault         Roberta Leighton        Conrad Dunn
Lacy J. Dalton        Royal Dano              Wally Engelhardt
Giancarlo Esposito    Donald Kimmel           Tim Wahrer
Laurie Main           Harold Ayer
Norm Tobin            John Santucci           Gavin MacFadyen
Harvey Atkin          Robert Joy              Stephen Markle
Bobby Moore           John Wark               Co Prins
Claire Bloom          Joseph Brady            Paul Clayton
Valerie Whittington   Roland Culver           Rosamund Greenwood
Jonathan Banks        James Keane             Tara King
Stephen Stucker       Kent McCord             James A. Watson Jr.
Rosanne Sorrentino    Lara Berk               April Lerman
George Molan          Val Peterson            George Portell
Harry Caesar          Wolf Muser              Kai Wulff
Richard Pierce        Sean McCabe             Dorothy Strongin
Tessa Richarde        Judson Vaughn           George Cheung
Peggy Walton-Walker   Noah Hathaway           Mikey Martin
Barry Corbin          Ken Magee               Mary Jo Catlett
Gia Scott-Heron
Joanna Cassidy        James Hong              Morgan Paull
Dirk Blocker          Lonny Chapman           Stacey Pickren
Corinne Wahl          Phillipe Carr           Roger Burgraff
Hugh Walters          Christopher Fairbanks
Lynn Lowry            John Larroquette        Tessa Richarde
Stephen King          Warner Shook            Robert Harper
Joseph O'Conor        Billie Whitelaw         Steve Whitmire
George Sawaya         Britt Nilsson           Jean Beaudine
Stewart Klein         Jeffrey Lyons           Joel Siegel
Jessica James         Colette Blonigan        Kelle Kipp
Nicolas Amer          Suzan Crowley           Lynda La Plante
Richard Swingler      Frank Toth              Robert Barton
Ben Haller            Roberta Spero           Vernon Demetrius

Corin Redgrave        Joe Spinell             Frank Pesce
David Horton          Wendall Thomas          Don Long
Maggie Smith          Emily Hone              John Alderson
Amanda Wyss           D.W. Brown                Forest Whitaker
Thomas Hill           Clive Merrison            Kai Wulff
David Caruso          David L. Crowley          Don MacKay
Ruy Polanah           Salvador GodÌnez          Dieter Milz
Rod Colbin            Daniel Chodos             Donald Craig
Catherine Parks       Kevin O'Brien             Gloria Charles
Larry Bryggman        Pat Corley                Johnny Brown
Barry Foster          Julie Christie            Zakir Hussain
Macon McCalman        Joe Regalbuto             Gary Grubbs
David Baxt            Dominic Jephcott          John Segal
Matt Birman           Beverly Cooper            Brian Young
Freddy Canon          Sharon McCreedy           Lynda Day George
Gerri Idol            Sandy Sprung              Paul Keith
Rene Auberjonois      Brother Theodore          Jack Lester
Sharon Bamber         Tanya Berezin             Michael Bias
June Jago             Chris Haywood             Kristopher Steele
Adolph Green          Tony DiBenedetto          George Wyner
Zane Buzby            Jacklyn Zeman             Barry Diamond
David Caruso          Victor French             Grace Zabriskie
Carmine Coppola       Edward Blackoff           James Dean
James Cavan           Joannelle Nadine Romero   Freddie Moore
Stan Kamber           Dennis Lipscomb           Sephton Moody
Ellis Dale            James Hazeldine           Ray Mort
Richard Lawson        Zelda Rubinstein          Lou Perry
Scott Colomby         Boyd Gaines               Doug McGrath
Denis Quilley         Neil Pearson              Steve Dixon
Mary Louise Weller    Bruce Carradine           John Capodice

Al Silvani            Wally Taylor              Jim Hill

John Carradine        Peter Strauss             Paul Shenar
Robin Bartlett        Eugene Lipinski           John Rothman
Derrick Jones         Lisa Foster               Brian Crabb
Roge Roush            John Brevick              Robin Landis
Samuel Fuller         Artur Semedo              Francisco Bai„o
Paul Winfield         Kirstie Alley             Ricardo Montalban
Rika Dialina          Andreas Filippides        Peter Pye
Nannette Brown        Reggie Batts              Mimi Craven
Anna Bjorn            Jeff Corey                Joseph Ruskin
John Serret           Brian Coburn              Mike Edmonds
John Saxon            Daria Nicolodi            Giuliano Gemma
Zeljko Ivanek         Tom Virtue                Pamela Ludwig
Tony Santaniello      William G. McAndrew       Barry Weiner
Donald Moffat         Joel Polis                Thomas G. Waites
Doris Belack          Ellen Foley               Peter Gatto
Karen Leslie-Lyttle   Virginia Capers           B.J. Hopper
Vince Deadrick Jr.    Sam Schatz                Jackson Bostwick
James Handy           Wesley Addy               Joe Seneca
Michael Robbins       Norman Chancer            David Gant
Woody Strode          Vincent Beck           Bo Rucker
George Ede            Mark Soper             Nathan Babcock
Christopher Gable     Christopher Guard      Dominic Guard
Kelly Preston         Cosie Costa            Paul McCallum
Mel Winkler           Walter Briggs          George Betor
Neill Barry           Peter Kowanko          Rikke Borge
Alan Ruck             Tony Mockus Jr.        Erik Barefield
James Gillis          Ken Place              Jon Kasdan
Jason Bernard         Mario Machado          James Murtaugh
Leslie Smith          Mina Kolb              Ann Wilkinson
Jason Lively          Darrell Larson         Lou Walker
Waldemar Kalinowski   Jack Leustig           EugËne LouriÈ
Ariela Nicole         Anna Raviv             Robert Schwimmer
Malcolm Danare        Steven Tash            Stuart Charno
Jeff Gillen           Colin Fox              Paul Hubbard
Virginia Madsen       Deborah Thalberg       Fern Persons
Jerry Hardin          Merritt Olsen          Arthur Rosenberg
Jackie Burroughs      GÈza Kov·cs            Roberta Weiss
John Tufts Jr.        Kitty Harlen           Jim Harlen
Priscilla Lowe        Angelica Rebane        Paul Bentzen
Lockwood West         Donald Eccles          Llewellyn Rees
Tom Ewell             Jennifer Jason Leigh   Jeff Altman
Kim Fortune           Philip Hurdwood        Hilary Reynolds
Philip Bruns          Micole Mercurio        Lucy Lee Flippin
Alexei Sayle          Ian McDiarmid          Niall O'Brien
Jonathan Terry        Al Berry               Wendy Wessberg
Michael Kuhn          Michael Sergio         Ruth Walsh
Lisa Maurer           Harry Grant            Andy Hansen
Vinnie Gonzales       Whitey Ryan            Doc Lawless

Graham McGrath        Tony Church            Bernard Archard
Nancy Mette           Maggie Renzi           Madelyn Coleman
Harry Lum             Roy MacArthur          Sara Carlisle
Jennifer Black        Christopher Rozycki    Gyearbuor Asante
Sharon Farrell        Daniel Frishman        William Sanderson
Rick Rossovich        James Victor           Kale Browne
Michael Villella      Jeff Doucette          Sally Kirkland
Otto Bettmann         Mark Blum              Amalie Collier
Bernie Hern           Francis X. McCarthy    William Traylor

Yuya Uchida           Ryunosuke Kaneda       Takashi NaitÙ
Judy Loe              Andrew MacLachlan      Mark Holmes
Christopher Lloyd     Tom Leopold            Graham Jarvis

Maria Melendez        Graem McGavin          Rex Ryon
James Keach           Eugene Levy            Frank McRae

Rowan Atkinson        Valerie Leon           Milos Kirek
Robert Brown          Lois Maxwell           Michaela Clavell
Jimmy Tapp              Gayle Garfinkle        Earl Pennington
Richard Noyce           Peter Dane             Victoria Hale
Christopher Starr       Burt Lancaster         Cheryl Carter
Leif Garrett            Darren Dalton          Michelle Meyrink
Joseph Runningfox       Eric Christmas         Bill Wiley
Lee Garlington          Tim Maier              Jill Carroll
Melvin C. Hampton       Oscar Rowland          Professor Toru Tanaka
Scott Paulin            Charles Frank          Lance Henriksen
Raphael Sbarge          Bruce A. Young         Kevin Anderson
William Smith           Michael Higgins        Glenn Withrow
Willie May Ford Smith
¡ngel Salazar           Arnaldo Santana        Pepe Serna
Sudie Bond              Henderson Forsythe     E. Katherine Kerr
John E. Dunn            Willy Kuskin           Desiree Gould
Jack Dodson             Bruce M. Fischer       Ellen Geer
Keith Hefner            Tina Willson           Shelly Ingram
Jesse Doran             Joyce Hyser            Deborah Jenssen
Fabiola                 Carla van Amstel       Linnea Quigley
Len Doncheff            Jill Frappier          David Beard
Warren Stevens          Alfie Wise             James C. Lewis
Mark Keyloun            Kevyn Major Howard     Bette Ford
Gavan O'Herlihy         Nancy Roberts          Graham Stark
Wendy Welles            Stratton Leopold       Anthony Pitillo
Norman Bennett          Andrew Scott Hollon    Rick Murray
Troy Bishop             Shane Serwin           Megan Morris
Jonathan Barnes         Laurie O'Brien         Susan Dear
Bo Diddley              Frank Oz               James Belushi
Toni Kalem              James Stephens         Jack Kehoe
Tom Poata               Martyn Sanderson       John Bach
Kwan Hi Lim             Kelly Junkerman        Todd Allen
Raul Picasso            Oswaldo Doria          Fernando Elizondo
Richard Sanders         Colleen Camp           Frederic Forrest
David Bolt              Lally Cadeau           Henry Gomez
Terrence Beasor         Bernard Erhard         Jim Fitzpatrick
Irving Metzman          Michael Ensign         William Bogert
Andrew Pece             Donald V. Allen        Lee Frederick
Dominador Robridillo    Joel Agona             Mike Emperio
John Gielgud            Jennifer Kendal        Felicity Dean
Neva Patterson          Andrew Prine           Sandy Simpson
James McEachin          Mary Jo Deschanel      Elya Baskin
Pat Corley              Bill McKinney          Allen Williams
Gailard Sartain         Neva Patterson         Michael Ensign
Kenny Baker             Lisabeth Bartlett      Barbara Bryne
Dean Elliott            Franc. Reyes           Andy B. Bad
Paul Comi               Darryl Henriques       Joel Polis
Gilbert R. Hill         Art Kimbro             Joel Bailey
Robert L. Ryan          James Santini          Maud Winchester
Ana LucÌa Lima          Maria Helena Velasco   Zeni Pereira
Marina Sirtis           Kathy Hill             Louis Sheldon
William Creamer         Loren Bivens          Bob McAdams
Douglas Warhit          B.J. Jones            Russ Marin
Nancy New               Jon Van Ness          Wallace Shawn
Tevaite Vernette        Philip Martin Brown   Simon Chandler
Ice-T                   Peter Bromilow        Eleanor Zee
Alvin Alexis            David Babcock         Edward Baran
Vic Polizos             Eddie Jones           Sam McMurray
Catherine Bach          Foster Brooks         Sid Caesar
John Philbin            Dan Snook             David Cowen
Georgia Slowe           Susan Porrett         Shane Johnstone
Sven-Ole Thorsen        Bruce Fleischer       Ferdy Mayne
Gwen Verdon             Lisa Jane Persky      Maurice Hines
Patricia Stevens        John Laughlin         John G. Scanlon
Redmond Gleeson         Peter Jason           Chris Mulkey
Silvana Mangano         Everett McGill        Kenneth McMillan
Richard A. Dysart       Priscilla Pointer     Chris Makepeace
Jesse Bradford          Chevi Colton          Richard Giza
Janet Julian            Daniel Faraldo        Maria Conchita Alonso
Antonio Fargas          Drew Snyder           Curtis Credel
Fisher Stevens          Leon                  Bronson Pinchot

Jim Youngs              Douglas Dirkson       Lynne Marta
Roman Moszkowicz        Lars von Trier        Frederik Casby
Judie Aronson           Camilla More          Carey More
Steven Tash             Jennifer Runyon       Slavitza Jovan
Armando Leon Diaz       Ricardo Merino        Paul Rius
John Louie              Judge Reinhold        Jackie Joseph
Garry Goodrow           Frank Ronzio          Charles Sweigart
Lennie Peters           Bernie Searle         Brian Royal
Erik Watson             Lynn Wieland          Sandy Hackett
Joely Richardson        Wallace Shawn         Jobst Oriwal
Peter Jason             Adam Baumgarten       Abigail Booraem
Chua Kah Joo            Rex Ngui              Philip Tan
Paula Knowles           Trey Stroud           Peter Malof
Danny DeVito            Ron Carey             Ray Walston
Tony O'Dell             Israel Juarbe         William Bassett
Katherine Krapum Chey   Oliver Pierpaoli      Edward Entero Chey
Lou Bedford             David Ramsey          Tom Stechschulte
Miguel Aniles           Josep L. Dallester    MarilÛ DomÌnguez
Sharon Hughes           Sean Casey            Don Talley
John O'Leary            George McDaniel       Charlene Nelson
Julie Payne             Madison Arnold        Roger Robinson
Priscilla Pointer       Robert Symonds        George Coe
Avi Kleinberger         Willie Williams       Ric Segreto
Ivo Vrzal-Wiegand       Natalya Ivanova       Tiger Haynes
Art Carney              James Coco            Dabney Coleman
John Finnegan           Alan Fudge            Paul Sullivan Jr.
Stuart Culpepper        Johnny Popwell Sr.    Ralph Redpath
Lin Shaye               Joe Unger             Mimi Craven
Anthony Benson        Peter Frye               Roger Lloyd-Pack
J. David Moeller      Desmond Dhooge           Alan Rosenberg
James Hayden          Darlanne Fluegel         Larry Rapp
Justin Hogg           John Lurie               Claresie Mobley
Francesca Ottaviani   Michele Soavi            Franco Trevisi
Gary Brockette        Debra Troyer             Miles McNamara
Michael Winslow       Debralee Scott           Bruce Mahler
Philip Bosco          Val Avery                Joe Grifasi
Rodelle Valadi        Don Fisher               Jon Polito
Kenneth Mars          Jean Smart               Maria O'Brien
Dez Dickerson         Brenda Bennett           Susan Moonsie
Harry Dean Stanton    Ron O'Neal               William Smith
Eddie Velez           Zander Schloss           Jennifer Balgobin
Madeline Charanis     Jack Piccuro             Ted A. Bohus
Andy Stahl            Lisa Sloan               Larry D. Ferrell
James Intveld         Katie Graves
Joe Nesnow            JosÈ Ch·vez              Evita MuÒoz 'Chachita'
Michael Paul Chan     Elizabeth Norment        Carol Teasdale
Edward Andrews        Billie Bird              Carole Cook
J·nos HerskÛ          Leif Ahrle               Lillemor 'Lill' Lindfors
William Allen Young   Patti LaBelle            Wings Hauser
Kris Evans            Mike Alpert              Richard Greene
Tony DiBenedetto      Patrick Cronin           Charles Walker
Scott McGinnis        Robin Curtis             Robert Hooks
M.C. Gainey           Sean Stanek              George 'Buck' Flower
Harvey Perr           Brian J. Burchill        Sara Driver
Lee Ving              Stoney Jackson           Grand L. Bush
Maureen Teefy         David Healy              Sandra Dickinson
John Hancock          Guy Boyd                 Dan Albright
Shawn Schepps         Bruce M. Kerner          Franco Columbu
Gordon Pulliam        David McElhatton         Annette Sinclair
Harry Shearer         Bruno Kirby              Jean Cromie
Jamie Rose            Margaret Howell          Rebecca Clemons
Major Wiley           Gertan Klauber           Richard Mayes
Philippine Pascal     Charlotte de Turckheim   Nicolas Baby
Noah Hathaway         Alan Oppenheimer         Sydney Bromley
Richard Paley         Mark Welles              Cecilia North
Billy Beck            Kyra Stempel             Robin Ignico
Jacques Tourangeau    Janine Fluet             Deborah Grover
Michael Emil          Andre Gregory            Martina Finch
John Garber           Jennifer Grey            James Terry
Frances Lee McCain    James Tolkan             J.J. Cohen
Brian Imada           Chuck Mitchell           Amanda Wyss
Eda Reiss Merin       Adele Malis-Morey        Billie Hayes

Jim Broadbent         Barbara Hicks            Charles McKeown
Mercedes Hall         Mary Christian           Perry Crawford
Peter Jason           David White              Jerome Dempsey
Anni Evans            Gloria Figura            Cree Summer
Russell Horton         Patricia Benson         Mary D'Arcy
Vicki Frederick        Michelle Johnston       Janet Jones
Bill Henderson         Jane Wiedlin            Jeffrey Kramer
Tim Finn               Colleen Clifford        Rebecca Smart
Herta Ware             Tahnee Welch            Barret Oliver
Molly Hagan            Ron Dean                Wilbert Bradley
Dana Ivey              Leonard Jackson         Bennet Guillory
Sharon Wyatt           Michael Delano          Bob Minor

David Beale            Charon Bourke           Charles Cork
John Amplas            Phillip G. Kellams      Taso N. Stavrakis
Annabel Leventon       Graham Fletcher-Cook    Steven Woodcock
Tyler Tyhurst          Denise Crosby           Antony Ponzini
Steven Wright          John Turturro           Anne Carlisle
Peter Marinker         Mario Borges            ¡tila IÛrio
Lou Michaels           Andy Geer               Henry Stolow
Trey Wilson            Tom Noonan              Paul D'Amato

Paul Frees             Duke Goldstone          Gae Griffith
SimÛn Andreu           Bruno Kirby             Kitty Courbois
Bill Henderson         William Traylor         George Wyner
Deborah McNaughton     Lon Hill
Nick Savage            Ernie Holmes            Heidi Sorenson
Shannen Doherty        Biff Yeager             Kristi Somers
Joe Pantoliano         Anne Ramsey             Lupe Ontiveros
Kari Lizer             David Wohl              Irene Olga LÛpez
AndrÈ Penvern          Andy Bradford           Shane Rimmer
Yvan Ponton            Guy Provost             Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge
John Steiner           Karen Black             Barbara Magnolfi
Mitchell Greenberg     Reiner Schˆne           Jude Ciccolella
David Cronenberg       Robert Moberly          John Hostetter
James Karen            Sanford Jensen          Woody Eney
Timothy Daniel Furst   Hamid Fillali           Holland Taylor
John Finnegan          Jack Rader              Matthew Faison
Ricky Bell             Michael Lamone Bivins   Bobby Brown
Alessandro Serra       Charles Borromel        Massimo Sarchielli
Annabelle Lanyon       Robert Picardo          Tina Martin
John Hallam            John Keegan             Chris Jagger
Tom Tarpey             Robert C. Hughes        Raynold Gideon
George Spartels        Edwin Hodgeman          Bob Hornery
Lawrence Monoson       Ben Piazza              L. Craig King
John Palmer            Lee Sandman             Dan Fitzgerald
Michael Crabtree       Anna Levine             Charles Lane
Garrett Bennett        Geremy Dingle           John Friesen
Rachel Kempson         Graham Crowden          Leslie Phillips
Charles Hallahan       Marvin J. McIntyre      Fran Ryan
Gregory Brown          Mark Everett            Daryl Roach
Pik Sen Lim            Ian Wallace             Tristram Jellinek
Jim Carter             Pete Postlethwaite      Eileen O'Brien
Lawrence Tierney          CCH Pounder           Ann Selepegno
Wade Barnes               Joseph G. Graham      Don Quigley
Voyo Goric                Dana Lee              Bagan Coleman
Ian Patrick Williams      Bunny Summers         Al Berry
Louis Giambalvo           Ed Lauter             Charles Shull
Davenia McFadden          Cosie Costa           J.P. Romano
Linnea Quigley            Mark Venturini        Jonathan Terry
Denise Bryer              Brian Henson          Stewart Larange
R.J. Adams                Al Bandiero           Dominic Barto
Edward Bunker             Reid Cruickshanks     Dan Wray
Jim Carter                Paul Maxwell          Manuel Pereiro
Rodney Pearson            Courtney Gains        J.J. Cohen
Pan Filipowicz            Pan Falborski         Abraham Bomba
Kent Broadhurst           Heather Simmons       James A. Baffico
Todd Allen                Kenny Call            Bill Thurman
Charles McKeown           James Daughton        Jim Staahl
Joyce Van Patten          Jenny Wright          Blake Clark
Pam Lewis                 Jim Griffen           Theo Kruszewski
Russell Nype              Gene O'Neill          Catherine Schultz
Santos Morales            Lois Hamilton         Carmine Caridi
Robert Anthony Marcucci   Sarah Buxton          Lorrie Lightle
Caitlin Kelch             Robert L. Dasch       Courtney Parker
Arliss Howard             Shizuko Hoshi         Richard Jamison
Francis X. McCarthy       Diane Dorsey          Ramon Estevez
Michael Greene            Christopher Allport   Jack Hoar

Chris Liano               David N. Weiss        Dan Snow
Peter Schrum              Barbara Perry         Brad Logan
Albert Hall               Gailard Sartain       Robert Gould
Catya Sassoon             Francis X. McCarthy   Art Evans
Alison Doody              Willoughby Gray       Desmond Llewelyn
Gary Kasper               Raphael Sbarge        Forest Whitaker
Ji-Tu Cumbuka             Guillermo RÌo         Jacqueline Evans
Britt Leach               Barbara Lang          Michael Berryman
Angus MacInnes            Frederick Rolf        Viggo Mortensen
Brian Oulton              Patrick Newell        Donald Eccles
Ken Campbell              Wolf Kahler           Geoffrey Palmer
Peter Turnbull            Christine Totos       Graham 'Grace' Walker
FrÈdÈrique Meininger      Hart Leroy Bibbs      Liliane RovËre
Ian McNeice               J. Smith-Cameron      Tom Isbell
Patricia Duff             Rosanna DeSoto        Sachi Parker
Joe McKenna               Steven Berkoff        Sade
Mark Rolston              Ricco Ross            Colette Hiller
Tom Heaton                Mike Nomad            Lloyd Berry
Steve Railsback           Robert Burgos         Tony Burton
J.C. Quinn                Candy Clark           Jake Dengel
William Zabka             Ned Beatty            Severn Darden
Laurence Fishburne        James Remar           Tony Bolano
Ernie Vincent             Paul Landry           Allan Durand
Dub Taylor             Carl Ballantine      Kathleen Freeman
Jerry Pavlon           Paul La Greca        John Finnegan
James Pax              Suzee Pai            Chao Li Chi
Nick Cassavetes        Richard Angarola     Don Keith Opper
Jack Harvey            Ken Stovitz          Brad Dourif
Michelle Bardeaux      Aura Pithart         Cameron Bancroft
Moon Unit Zappa        Dawn Schneider       Kurt Christian
Fyvush Finkel          Kathleen Doyle       Alan Weeks
John Wardlow           Keith Wardlow        Karen Austin
Elizabeth Bracco       Vito D'Ambrosio      Ron Dean
Ray Pinero             Leo Lunney           Eddie Pepitone
Tom Mason              Annie McKnight       Gregory Eugene Travis
Jeremy Lawrence        Lin Shaye            Michael Lee Gogin
Bo Svenson             Robert Vaughn        Shelley Winters
Davide Marotta         Marco Vivio          Michele Mirabella
Laura Rasmussen        William Lang         Jim McCarthy
Valerie Curtin         Jack Bruskoff        Geraldine Dreyfuss
L.C. Drane             Joy N. Houck Jr.     Carrie Lindsoe
Ben Stein              Del Close            Virginia Capers
Jonathan Sanger        Iris Acker           Richard Liberty
Shawn Hewitt
Tiger Chung Lee        Pons Maar            Peter Kwong
Tom Hickey             Linda Coggin         Kristine Landon-Smith
Laurie Main            Shani Wallis         Ellen Fitzhugh
Jihmi Kennedy          Michelle Johnson     Rodney Kageyama
Nadim Sawalha          Vincent Lindon       Muriel Villiers
Vincent Irizarry       RamÛn Franco         Tom Villard
Christopher Malcolm    Peter Diamond        Billy Hartman
Jon Van Ness           Henry Darrow         Tony Epper
John Robert Thompson   Michael Sassone      Gloria Dorson
Donald Hotton          Kenneth Kimmins      Charlie Dell
Robert Jayne           Melora Hardin        David Greenlee
Billy Eckstine         Tanya Boyd           Wings Hauser
Timothy Gibbs          Diane Stilwell       Jim McKrell
Inkeri Luoma-Aho       Mike Norris          Thalmus Rasulala
Rob Mills              Dave Goelz           David Alan Barclay
Joss Ackland           Ian Hogg             Lee Montague
Roscoe Lee Browne      Christine Baranski   Sara Botsford
Caroline John          Linus Roache
John Candy             Christopher Guest    Bill Murray
Kevin Wixted           Emily Seltzer        Erika Leigh
Michael Talbott        Dan Butler           Michele Shay
Sigifredo Ismare       Asuncion Ontiveros   Alejandrino Moya
Concetta Russino       Isabel Russinova     Pietro Tordi
Joe Brown              Pauline Melville     Hossein Karimbeik
Hilary Gordon          Rebecca Gordon       Jason Alexander
Janet MacLachlan       Lawrence Tierney     Jerome Thor
Winston Graham         Charu Bala Chokshi   Dudley Thomas
Laurie Main            Stanley Brock        Jack Stryker
Urs Althaus         Valentina Vargas       Ron Perlman

Victor Truro        Justine Johnston       Cintia Cruz
Marita Geraghty     Aleta Mitchell         Fred Gratton
Lesley-Anne Down    Freddie Duke           Jeannie Elias
Gary Cady           Sawally Srinonton      Naomi Rosenberg
Tommy Nordahl
Kimberly Foster     Joel Murray            Matt Mulhern
Jim Selfe           Kristin Moneagle       John Siemens
Wil Shriner         Barbara Harris         Don Murray
Keith David         Johnny Depp            David Neidorf
Noble Craig         Susan Peretz           Helen Boll
Andrew Dice Clay    Emily Longstreth       Margaret Colin
Juliette Cummins    Steve Guevara          Kay Heberle
David Harris        Whitney Kershaw        Joshua Shelley
Mordecai Lawner     Blanche Baker          Louise Robey
Darcy DeMoss        Andrea Darnell         Robin Watkins
Tom Bower           Constance Forslund     Leo Rossi
Amanda Walker       Daniel Day-Lewis       Maria Britneva
John DiSanti        Larry Hankin           Don Calfa
J.E. Freeman        Gary Riley             Phyllis Applegate
Valerie Wildman     JosÈ Carlos Ruiz       Jorge Luke

Penny Santon        Vernon Weddle          Barbara Tarbuck
Sy Richardson       Edward Tudor-Pole      Biff Yeager
Kenneth Utt         Adelle Lutz            Charles Napier
Marshall Bell       Frances Lee McCain     Bruce Kirby
Mark Lenard         Robin Curtis           Robert Ellenstein

Norman Rodway       John Bennett           Derrick Branche
Lou Perry           Barry Kinyon           Chris Douridas
Dana Sparks         Emma Walton            Felicia Farr
Mark Munski         Sherilyn Fenn          Zachary
Santos Morales      Joe Mantegna           Jon Lovitz
Tim Robbins         Clarence Gilyard Jr.   Whip Hubley
Regis Cordic        Scatman Crothers       Peter Cullen
Richard Pachorek    Clare Nono             Alice Nunn
Dinah Stabb         James Simmons          Katherine Reeve
Elvis Tsui          Sau-Lai Tsui           Lung Wei Wang
John Pankow         MacIntyre Dixon        Michael Greene
Bradley Whitford    Ron Canada             John Davis Chandler
Michelle Pfeiffer   Peter Horton           Griffin Dunne
Charles Gordone     Dann Florek            Kathleen Wilhoite
Ruth Maleczech      Holly Villaire         Shirl Bernheim
Linda Ellerbee      Kim Sebastian          Mary Gross
Laura Urstein       Linda Carol            Marjorie Gross
Joe Unger           Harry Cohn             Pruitt Taylor Vince
Jimmy Smits         Ra˙l D·vila            Malick Bowens
Marne Maitland      Claudio Spadaro        Enrica Maria Scrivano
Kathleen Lloyd          Charles Tyner          E. Brian Dean
Gilbert R. Hill         Paul Guilfoyle         Robert Ridgely
Marc Lawrence           Solomon Burke          Gailard Sartain
Graham Stark            Joyce Van Patten       Jeannie Elias
Ken Siu                 Kimo Lai Kwok Ki       Bernard Mariano
Neith Hunter            Larry Blackmon         Tito Larriva
Robert Katims           Ed Wheeler             Stephen Mendillo
Devin DeVasquez         Cort McCown            Eric Bruskotter
Ben Johnson             Jeff Levine            Jennifer Mayo
David Holbrook          Don Harvey             Daniel Kamin
Albert Ndinda           Andrew Whaley          Shelley Borkum
Charles 'Honi' Coles    Neal Jones             'Cousin Brucie' Morrow
Bruce Gray              Lenka Peterson         Julia Jennings
Snowy Winters           Sid Abrams             Josh Becker
Lois Smith              Mike Nussbaum          J.J. Johnston

Elizabeth Berridge      Cathryn de Prume       Carl Capotorto
Kieron Jecchinis        Kirk Taylor            Tim Colceri
Elias Koteas            Laurence Fishburne     Casey Siemaszko
Juney Smith             Richard Portnow        Floyd Vivino
Barry Hill              Susan Lyons            Helen Jones
Timothy Patrick Quill   Tommy Swerdlow         Courtney B. Vance

Frank Baker             Kenneth Nelson         Gay Baynes
Katherine Cannon        John McCann            Chris Mulkey
Lajos Kov·cs            Bruno Rosaz            Laurent Petitgand
Annie Leon              Jill Baker             Amelda Brown
Ricky Jay               G. Roy Levin           Bob Lumbra

William Schallert       Henry Gibson           John Hora

Brian Setzer            Daniel Valdez          Felipe Cant˙
Vivian Wu               Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa   Jade Go
Lisanne Falk            Michael Greene         Neith Hunter
Ebonie Smith            Bill Kalmenson         Lycia Naff
Skeeter Vaughan         Larry Sellers          Tami David
Robert Brown            Geoffrey Keen          Walter Gotell
Brooke McCarter         Billy Wirth            Alex Winter
Leland Crooke           Teddy Wilson           Perla Walter
Polly Draper            Christian Clemenson    Merwin Goldsmith
Patrick Godfrey         Mark Tandy             Ben Kingsley
Anita Gillette          Leonardo Cimino        Paula Trueman
Ed Corbett              Troy Evans             Bill Cross
Laurence Fishburne      Penelope Sudrow        John Saxon
Bernie Pock             Kenny Endoso           James F. Kelly
Leon Russom             Dennis Burkley         Marshall Bell
Dakin Matthews          Paul Benjamin          Warren Manzi
Jerry Zaks              John DiSanti           Diana Bellamy
Jamie Wild              Frank Campanella       Henry Alan Miller
Angie Kempf            Polly Draper               Frederick Koehler
Martin Ferrero         Larry Hankin               Richard Herd
Terry Leeser           Steve Garrett              Dottie Mandel
Alison Doody           Karl Johnson               Ian Bartholomew
Kevin Peter Hall       Steve Boyum                William H. Burton
Dirk Blocker           Jessie Lawrence Ferguson   Peter Jason
Peter Cook             Mel Smith                  Carol Kane
Thomas Ryan            Reggie Johnson             Terry Coleman
Lynne Dumin Kitei      Peter Benedek              Charles 'Lew' Smith
Stephen Corvin         Charles Walker             Dyanne Thorne
Stuart Kingston        Danny Segev                Arie Moscuna
Paul McCrane           Jesse D. Goins             Del Zamora
Damon Wayans           Matt Lattanzi              Shandra Beri
Mick Fleetwood         Dweezil Zappa              Richard Dawson
Elizabeth Franz        Drew Snyder                Susan Kellerman

Andreas Katsulas       Michael Wincott            Derrick Branche
Jason Saucier          Jerry Leggio               Fay Cohn
Jane Higginson         Joel Hoffman               William Houck
Orna Porat
Candace Cameron Bure   Chynna Phillips            Scott Coffey
Daniel Hugh Kelly      Harley Cross               Joanne Baron
Lorene Yarnell         John Hurt                  Sal Viscuso
Dixie Taylor           Irma P. Hall               Barbara Britt
J.J. Makaro            Scott Andersen             Tony Pantages
Carmen Argenziano      Richard Martinez           Mark Everett
Michael J. Reynolds    Shari Hilton               Donna Bailey
Shawnee Smith          Richard Steven Horvitz     Fabiana Udenio
Jack Jessop            Sandi Ross                 Tony Craig
Philip Bosco           Barbara Budd               Michael Burgess
Scott Tiler            Guy Massey                 Theron Read
Annie Ross             Raye Birk                  Oprah Winfrey
Stephan Morrow         John Snyder                Clarence Williams III
Patricia Clarkson      Vito D'Ambrosio            Steven Goldstein
Faith Geer             Frank Adonis               John Capodice
Frank Pitkin           Mike Bush
Susan Fleetwood        Catherine Neilson          Hugh Grant
Pat Heywood            Abigail Leland             Susan Skipper
Caroline Struzik       Michele Sincavage          Nicol Sincavage
Harold Hopkins         Nick Tate                  Vincent Ball

Elizabeth Lazlo        Chris Parziale             Margaret Mouzakitis
Seth Granger           Amanda Houck               Caroline Houck
Terry David Mulligan   Woody Brown                Scott Paulin
Tony Simotes           Michael David Simms        Ed Krieger
David Ogden Stiers     Philip Bosco               Harris Yulin
Don Ruffin             Scott Howell               Michael Raden

Mark Ettlinger         Jeffrey Jones              Winona Ryder
Robert Swan             Richard Libertini    Maria Valdez
Kimberlee M. Davis      Oliver Block         Erika Katz
Nicolas Coster          Patricia Gaul        J.C. Quinn
Arlen Dean Snyder       Sam Robards          Penelope Windust
Beau Billingslea        Art LaFleur          Ricky Paull Goldin
Fred McCarren           Suzanne Kent         Libby Boone
Beverly Bonner          Ari M. Roussimoff    Kevin Van Hentenryck
Lloyd T. Williams       Rick Marzan          George Buck
Alan Wilder             Richard Baird        Raymond Oliver
Patricia Quinn          Terri Hanauer        David A. Kimball
Sy Richardson           Trinidad Silva       Charles Walker
Jaime Hern·ndez         Jack Kirby           Harvey Kurtzman
Vanessa Bell Calloway   Louie Anderson       Allison Dean
Bethany Ann Prickett    Alison O'Connell     Aliza Dason
Brion James             Jack Kehoe           Elizabeth Arlen
Valerie Gogan           Laura Benson         Joanna Pavlis
Christopher P. Beale    John Allen Vick      Jeff Richmond
Miriam Newhouse         David Hughes         Richard W. Farrell
James Shigeta           Robert Davi          Grand L. Bush
Nicole Calfan           AÔna Walle           Cheryl Pay
Charlie Sheen           David Strathairn     D.B. Sweeney
J. Kevin Brune          Wayne Knight         Roy B. Stewart Sr.
Mark Elwes              Neville Phillips     Peter Jonfield
Jacques Ciron           Roch Leibovici       Louise Vincent
Amanda Pays             Ya'akov Alperin      Aaron Kaplan
Margaret Bard           Nancy Beatty         Barry Belchamber
Maggie O'Neill          Konga Mbandu         Michael J. Reynolds
Valentina Vargas        Kimberly Beck        Patrick Fontana
Zoaunne LeRoy           Lucy Deakins         Nancy Lenehan
Clayton Prince          Michael St. Gerard   Jerry Stiller
Nicholas Vince          Oliver Smith         Angus MacInnes
Ruby Baker              Mark Williams        Shelly Laurenti
Randle Mell             Michael Flanagan     Paul Sparer
Clu Gulager             Kadeem Hardison      Damon Wayans
Sean Lennon             Al Capp              May Pang
Max Volkert Martens     J¸rgen Heinrich      Marie Louise Sinclair
Gregory Levinson        Lucy Lee Flippin     Tom Bower
Gina McKee              Christopher Gable    Lloyd Peters

Irvin Kershner          Victor Argo          Michael Been
Albert Fortell          Robert Madrid        Ronald Guttman
O-Lan Jones             Mercedes Ruehl       Jason Allen
Wendy Phillips          Danielle DuClos      Philip Baker Hall
Badja Djola             Kevin Dunn           Frankie Faison
Charlie Biddle          Stephanie Biddle     Daniel Bloch
William Newman          Tudi Wiggins         Tom Quinn
Hunter Carson           Christopher Durang   Mark Metcalf
Arthur Walsh            John Fiore           Gene Amoroso
Ed Williams             Tiny Ron             'Weird Al' Yankovic
Tano Cimarosa        Nicola Di Pinto      Roberta Lena
Robert Loggia        Natalie Gregory      William Glover

Alan S. Craig        Apesanahkwat         Ronald Lee Jarvis
Richard Bradford     Phil Diskin          Lou Reed

John DiSanti         Robert Lesser        James Hooks Reynolds
Barry Neikrug        ¡ngel Salazar        Damon Wayans
Kim Robillard        Beth Grant           Dolan Dougherty

Tony Barry           Wyn Roberts          Alec Wilson
David Margulies      Lynne Thigpen        Marcia Jean Kurtz
Mohanraj Babu        Anjaan               Amrit Patel
Warren Saire         Kenny Ireland        Michael Van Wijk
Michael J. Pollard   Alfre Woodard        Mabel King
Paul Guilfoyle       Dey Young            Aleta Mitchell
Arnold Johnson       John Walcutt         Michael Laskin
Dennis Dugan         Edie McClurg         Larry Hankin
Robert Lesser        Milton Selzer        Les Lannom
Claude Mann          Mathew Byam Shaw     David Duffy
Pierre Forget        Didier Rousset       Raphaeline
Beth Broderick       Jane Brucker         Ted Ross
Ian Hinchcliffe      Andrzej Borkowski    Caroline Hutchinson
Joe Dallesandro      Andreas Katsulas     Dann Florek

Zach Grenier         Tony Frank           Harlan Jordan
Doug McClure         Connie Stevens       King Cotton
Eric Thiele          Tom Nolan            Dawn Martel
Sy Richardson        Wendy Brainard       Lucille Meredith
Gail Silver          Len Hodera           Josh Conescu

Corin Nemec          Marshall Bell        Jay O. Sanders
Nehemiah Persoff     Maury Chaykin        Tony Jay
Stellan SkarsgÂrd    Bruce Myers          Pavel Slaby
Joel Silver          Paul Springer        Richard Ridings
Phil Fondacaro       Tony Cox             Robert Gillibrand
Matthew Savage       John Warner          Matthew Sim
Kevin Spacey         Robert Easton        Olympia Dukakis
Sharon Thomas        Geoffrey Blake       Alice Carter
Lee Remick           Jill St. John        Robert Wagner
Gale Gordon          Dick Miller          Robert Picardo

George Robert Klek   Christopher Murphy   Adam Nelson
Bill Paterson        Peter Jeffrey        Uma Thurman
Earleen Carey        Anna Manahan         Nigel Pegram
Dale Dye             Brian Haley          James Lashly
Jimmy Hibbert
J.J. Cohen            Charles Fleischer          E. Casanova Evans
Tracey Walter         Lee Wallace                William Hootkins
Robert V. Barron      Clifford David             Hal Landon Jr.
Tomisaburo Wakayama   Miyuki Ono                 Luis Guzm·n
Meg Foster            ShÙ Kosugi                 Paul James Vasquez
Jenna von Oˇ          Samantha Larkin            Erika Geminder
Tom Lasswell          Walter Shane               Frank A. Damiani
Dan Martin            Dale Dye                   Steve Larson
Lester Lanin          Richard DeAngelis          Franchelle Stewart Dorn
Ron Cook              Liz Smith                  Emer Gillespie
Joanna Gleason        Alan Alda                  Sam Waterston
Sharon Cook           Malinda Rutter             Benji
Kurtwood Smith        Carla Belver               Leon Pownall
Frankie Faison        Robin Harris               Joie Lee
Jack Gilpin           MacIntyre Dixon            Michael Lembeck
Muriel Moore          Sylvia Kaler               Carolyn Gold
George Catalano       Janet Baumhover            Ted D'Arms
Ng Yuen Yee           Wu Ming Yu                 Lui Tat
Paul Mazursky         L.J. Dollinger             Zypora Spaisman
Gregory Itzin         Bradford English           David Coburn
Michael Brockman      Del Close                  John Considine
James Andelin         Mary Anne Kean             Fern Persons

James Irwin           Kenneth Mattingly          Charles Duke
Bruce Payne           Stella Gonet               Colin Thomas
David Margulies       Kurt Fuller                Janet Margolin
Alan North            Bob Gunton                 Cliff De Young
Lesley Fox            Ken Marshall               Shimane Mpepela
John Petlock          J. Patrick McNamara        Jan Munroe
Jeremy Applegate      Jon Shear                  Carrie Lynn
Stephen Simms         Jay Villiers               Edward Jewesbury
Bill Raymond          Philip Baker Hall          Nicolas Coster
Christopher Simon     Gino Melvazzi              Victor Lucas

Bruce Wagner          Kevin Best                 Steven Memel
Ken Lerner            Jane Greer                 Harrison Mohr
Jim Beaver            Richard Hamilton           Heidi Swedberg
Robert Eddison        Richard Young              Alexei Sayle
Bruce A. Young        James T. Morris            Terry Golden
Peter Jason           J.W. Smith                 Jeffrey Meek
Daniel Dorse          Bibi Besch                 Jim Boeke
Maia Danziger         Camille Saviola            Ricki Lake
Sloane Shelton        Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins   Karen Malina White
Mark Rolston          Jenette Goldstein          Dean Norris
Anthony Starke        Everett McGill             Desmond Llewelyn
Rene Auberjonois      Hamilton Camp              Nancy Cartwright
Miriam Goldschmidt    Hapsari Hardjito           Nolan Hemmings
Dennis Haysbert       Andy Romano                Bob Uecker
Robert Townsend        Tyra Ferrell             Carl Bradshaw
Kathleen Chalfant      Robert Fieldsteel        Greg Germann
Ruth McCabe            Fiona Shaw               Ray McAnally
Reginald Freeman       Beverly Prye             Nicoletta Braschi
Miriam Flynn           Cody Burger              Ellen Hamilton Latzen
George Schindler       Bridgit Ryan             Larry David
Chelcie Ross           Joe Greco                Ike Pappas
Keanu Reeves           Harley Jane Kozak        Joaquin Phoenix
Warren Van Evera       Wayne Robson             Uriel Byfield
Kavi Raz               Mary Louise Wilson       Andrew Hubatsek
Claire Skinner         Nicola Kimber            Shirley Anne Field
Dinona Jackson         Timothy Jackson          Tom Kay
Charles Walker         Russel Lunday            Polly Platt
Alex Norton            Ronald Fraser            Paul Brooke
John Spencer           Christine Estabrook      Barbara Baxley
Audrie J. Neenan       Lauren Tom               John Capodice
Leilani Sarelle        Shirley Anne Field       Donald Craig
Ben Meyerson           Devin DeVasquez          Maria Claire
Kevin J. O'Connor      Bill McCutcheon          Ann Wedgeworth
Camille Coduri         Gary O'Brien             Spencer Leigh
Joanna Kanska          B.J. Rambo               Jan Lloyd
Bob Jones              Teo Macero               Thelonious Monk Jr.
Misan Kim              John Snyder              Luis Guzm·n
Vincent Pastore        Marianne Leone           Marie Michaels
Billy Barty            John Paragon             Fran Drescher
Brian Tarantina        Mike Starr               Suzanne Shepherd
Isla Blair             Ian McNeice              Aleta Mitchell
Gloria Cromwell        Harlan Arnold            Mary Fogarty
Kay E. Kuter           Ian Abercrombie          Kenneth Danziger
Ted Kotcheff           Margaret Hall            Timothy Perez
David Burdick          Joe Viviani              Harley Jane Kozak
Rebecca Koon           Kelly McGillis           Lucile McIntyre

Ed Grady               Jon Thompson             Helen Baldwin
Monica Anne O'Malley   Bruce Quist              Erzsebet Sziky
Michael Rooker         Elzbieta Czyzewska       Magda Szekely Marburg

Jeff Howard            Kelly Reichardt          Ross Turner
Yossi Graber           Mark Ivanir              Ori Levy
Chris Foreman          Graham 'Suggs' McPherson Carl Smyth
Billy Name             Ondine                   Edie Sedgwick

Alexander Haig         David Harris             Brian Jenkins

Jessie Watts           Ed                       Richard L. Hawkins
Bob Russo              Michael Barsimanto       Daniel Selby
Jane Cardew            Gillian Brown            Anthony Howard
cast13                cast14                  cast15

Alan Cassell          Rob Steele              Chris Smith
Peggy Pope            Richard Stahl           Ray Vitte
Jonathan Banks        Craig Berenson          Barbara Billingsley
Francis X. McCarthy   Deborah Baltzell        Evan Richards
Frances Bergen        Macdonald Carey         William Dozier
Al Ruscio             Dan Vadis               Camila Ashland
Harvey Atkin          Norma Dell'Agnese       Louis Del Grande
Ansley Carlin         Daniel Carlin           Lynn Carlin
Joseph Clark          Ken Campbell            Doug Werner
Doris Belack          Dallas Alinder          Elizabeth Farley
Alex Hamilton         Richard Evanson
Matt Murphy           Alan Rubin              Carrie Fisher
Jane Pratt            Lucinda Ziesing         David Swim
Hank Worden           William Prince          Pam Abas
Linda Haynes          Everett McGill          Val Avery
JosÈ Ch·vez           Carlos Romano           Martin LaSalle
Ann Ryerson           Brian Doyle-Murray      Hamilton Mitchell
Billy Beck            Blake Harris            Karen Philipp
Bernard Behrens       James B. Douglas        J. Kenneth Campbell
Kim Hopkins           Susan Mechsner          Cassandra Peterson
Brian Warf            Elizabeth Watson        Beverly D'Angelo

Ernest Graves         Kelvin Thomas           Shane Rimmer
Deborah Leah Land     Tom Lasswell            Mike Levine
Phoebe Nicholls       Pat Gorman              Claire Davenport

Judy Licht            Stan Getz               George Cheung
Hennen Chambers       Melinda O. Fee          Anita Converse
Alan Solomon          Cathy Tolbert           Susannah York
Jim Moody             Gene Anthony Ray        Maureen Teefy
Harold Bergman        Dan Fitzgerald          Peter Douglas
Robert Weil           Hugh Hurd               Jon DeVries
Cydra Karlyn          Bruce Lee               Raymond Loperfido
Philip Stone          Suzanne Danielle        William Hootkins
Regina Waldon         Jim Haynie              Darrow Igus
Mary Margaret Lewis   Grant Wilson            Fredric Lehne
Walt Gorney           Willie Adams            Debra S. Hayes
Fred D. Scott         David A. Cox            Peter Schrum
William E. Rice       Frank Belgiorno         J.C. Quinn
Jamie Uys
Mary Mackay           John Frawley            Nita Pannell
Chuck Mitchell        Allison Balson          Jim Gatherum
Rosie Vela            Mary Catherine Wright   Nicholas Woodeson
Julius Averitt        Richard Schaal          Steve Ballard
Mike Gwilym           Terry Beaver            Ray Charleson
Al Checco             Carmen Zapata           Dru Wagner
Greg Travis           Linda Shayne            Lisa Glaser
Margaret Mary O'Hara       James Spinks         Frank Delfino
Michael Mislove            Kenneth O'Brien      Joe Pantoliano
Rosario Rigutini           Ryan Hilliard        Paolo Paoloni
Rod Gist                   Ernie Hudson         Walter Janovitz
Ken Anderson               Sully Boyar          Patrick Brymer
Nicholas Ray               Susan Ray            Timothy Ray
Franco Fantasia            George Sweeney       Luciano Catenacci
Charles Cork               Olivier Pierre       Pierce Brosnan
Felice Orlandi             Pamela Reed          James Remar
Nelia Bacmeister           Louis Jawitz         Denise Spagnuolo
Janice King                Deborah Ann Klein    Theodora Thomas
Carol Gwynn Thompson       Eddie Deezen         Marvin Katzoff
Carolyn Pickles            Eric Dodson          Charles Lloyd Pack
Donald Pleasence           Richard Johnson      Britt Ekland
Stephen Macht              Victoria Racimo      Ken Ruta
Paul Charbonneau           Laura Salenger       Bert Hoddinott
Alan Chappuis              Brian Libby          Ken Gibbel
Mariclare Costello         Meg Mundy            Elizabeth Hubbard
Bill Irwin                 Robert Fortier       David McCharen
Robert Hanley              Lee Wallace          James Dybas
Melanie Morse MacQuarrie   David Gardner        Joy Thompson
Don Dunphy                 Bill Hanrahan        James V. Christy
Paul Carr                  Michael C. Gwynne    Harvey Lewis
Carolyn Brooks             Eric Forsythe        Nancy Mette
Rick Crow                  Smoothie             D.H. Little
Sony Forbes                JÈrÙme Tiberghien    Denis Lacroix
J¸rgen Andersen            Bernard Archard      Martin Benson
David Haskell              Chris Lemmon         Ed Griffith
David Baxt                 Manning Redwood      Lisa Burns

Susan Bugg                 Christy Michaels     Ali Matheson
Leonardo Cimino            Eli Mintz            Bob Maroff
Lewis Van Bergen           Karmin Murcelo       Franklyn Ajaye
Michael Railsback          George Wallace       Dee Carroll
Terence Stamp              Leueen Willoughby    Robin Pappas
Mike Edmonds               Jack Purvis          Tiny Ross
Paul Bass                  Artie Weinstein      Tim Choate
Arthur McFarland           CCH Pounder          Asha Robinson
Woodrow Parfrey            Andrew Duncan        Dub Taylor
Joe Ragno                  Quinn K. Redeker     Lisa Taylor
Juliette Marshall          Marilyn Tokuda       Yvette Van Voorhees
Philip O'Brien             John Westbrook       Jennifer Hilary
Timothy Davies             Peter Davison        Valentine Dyall
Shelley Spurlock           Shawn McAllister     Joe Petrullo
Elsa Raven                 Vincent Schiavelli   Richard Singer
Frank Oz                   Don McKillop         Paul Kember
Buz Storch                 Dan Haggerty         Masagwa
Maurice Copeland           Justine Johnston     Paul Vincent
Deborah Lucchesi           Lynn Hallowell       Thom Sharp
Ralf Richter        Joachim Bernhard       Oliver Stritzel
Bill Quinn          Roy Jenson             Fred Carney
Peter Fonda         George Furth           Michael Hui
Angelina Estrada    Carmen Filpi           Warren Munson
Gigi Vorgan         Sara LÛpez Sierra      Esteban Valdez
Brad Davis          Patrick Magee          Peter Egan
Stephen Nichols     Dennis Patrick         Don Stark
Stuart Charno       Richard Lifschutz      Clement Fowler
Anna Manahan        Freda Jackson          Jack Gwillim

Leslie Foldvary     Gary Herman            Erik Holmey

Elizabeth Young     Ron Dean               Frankie Hill
Daniel Langlet      FranÁois Perrot        Raymond Hermantier
Billy Al Bengston   Nicole Anderson        Bill Condon
Thomas F. Duffy     Kevyn Major Howard     Stuart K. Robinson
Ted Zeigler         Vic Dunlop             Reggie Nalder
Raymond Aquilon     EugËne Berthier        GÈrard Chaillou
Robert W. Carr      Michael Renner         Noel Welch
Alex Rocco          Sully Boyar            Tom Stern
John Strobel        John Cothran Jr.       Garrett Bergfeld
Niall O'Brien       Patrick Stewart        Clive Swift
Chris Jenkinson     William Merrow         Patrick Connor
Dana Delany         Terence Marinan        Lesley Rogers

Richard Oldfield    Tony Vogel             Arwen Holm
Geoffrey Keen       Walter Gotell          James Villiers
Clifford David      Sully Boyar            Michael Higgins
Corey Feldman
Leo McKern          Arabella Weir          Ben Forster
Betsy Palmer        Cliff Cudney           Jack Marks
Takeshi Wakamatsu   Georges Wilson
Sonia Zomina        Ralph Morino           Herb Robins
Magnia Fakhoury     Jack Diagilaitis       Ghassan Mattar
Reg Evans           Jack Giddy             Dane Peterson
Kurt Johnson        Ken Olin               Brad Sullivan
Leo Rossi           Cliff 'Fatty' Emmich   John Zenda
Charles Jolliffe    Douglas Kenney         Martin Lavut

Rudy De Luca        Leigh French           Richard Karron
James Murtaugh      Jim McKrell            Kenneth Tobey
Malcolm Dorfman     Mervyn John            Dennis Folbigge
Martin Ferrero      Ken Foree              Ken Hixon
Fran Hunter         Ryan Michael           Mark Colleano
Tonja Walker        Richard Moll           David Underwood
Moira Claux         David Downer           David Slingsby

Nikola Janic        Mile Petrovic          John Parkinson
Lawrence Zavaglia   Alex Jachino           Jack Thibeau
Gina Dick             Peter Cowper        Don Francks

G¸nter Meisner        Sky Dumont          Jan Niklas
Tony Munafo           Howard Stein        Tawn Christian

Angus MacInnes        Stuart Milligan     Eugene Lipinski
Hildy Magnasun        Phil Colby          Lee Krug
Albert Henderson      Ken Magee           Eugene Peterson
Carleton Carpenter    Joy Glaccum         Timothy Wahrer
Bill Reimbold         Fred Sorenson       Patrick Durkin
Shelley Winters       Jennifer Edwards    Rosanna Arquette
Hari Rhodes           John Fiedler        James O'Connell
Ned Dowd              Rob Ryder           Greg Guirard
Judge Reinhold        Antone Pagan        Glenn-Michael Jones
Sharon Ernster        Bruce M. Fischer    Virgil Frye
Tim Riley             Jeff Rochlin        Rusty Jacobs

Chuck Adamson         Sam Cirone          Spero Anast
Timothy Webber        Patrick Brymer      Marcia Diamond
Mike Summerbee        Laurie Sivell       Robin Turner
Jonathan Coy          Kenneth Cranham     Ronald Fraser
Timothy Spall         Neil Innes          John Barrett
Greta Blackburn       Margot Rose         Denise Crosby
John Dehner           Rip Torn            Sonny Bono
Robin Ignico          Lucie Stewart       Edward Herrmann
George Putnam         Ethel Rosenberg     Julius Rosenberg
Roberto Contreras     Luis Contreras      Itasco Wilson
Ilze Balodis          Kerry Buff          Tom Robinson
Channing Clarkson     Paul Richards       Bert Rosario
Helen Page Camp       Joan Pringle        Vincent J. Isaac
Mary Louise Wilson    Howard K. Smith     Gail Benedict

Kevin Thompson        John Edward Allen   Hy Pyke
Floyd Levine          James Jeter         Alan Fudge
Michael DeFrancisco   Jason Fong          Diane Doucette

Patricia Perkins      Berry Berenson      Fausto Barajas
Elizabeth Regan       Gaylen Ross         Jon Lormer
Thick Wilson          Jim Henson          Frank Oz
John Easton Stuart    Ronald Spivey       Bob Hevelone
Jenny Lumet           Jayne Heller        George Peck
John Aquino           Richard Pierson     Claudia Cron
Michael Feast         Alastair Cummings   Steve Ubels
Michael Durrell       David Berkson       Susan Cameron
Arlene Harris         Buster Wilson       Marta Fergusson

Michael Scott Addis   Norman Beaton       Emrys James
Stu Smith             Kurt Rauf           Ted Raimi
Paul Antrim           Cyril Conway        Barbara Hicks
Zoe Kelli Simon        Tom Nolan               Blair Ashleigh
Dimitra Arliss         Austin Willis           Michael Currie
Charles A. Tamburro    David Petersen          Craig Huston
William L. Rose        Leoncio Bueno           Claudia Cardinale
Sarah Cunningham       Lee de Broux            Jeffrey DeMunn
Cheri Maugans          Steve Susskind          David Wiley
Bill Beutel            Nat Habib               James Tolkan
Ratna Pathak           Tarla Mehta             Charles McCaughan
Rebecca Clemons        Johnny Gimble           Linda Hopkins
Robert Pugh            Judy Geeson             Nick Maley
Barbara Franklin       Was Lee                 Neil Dainard
Dennis Stouffer        Judi Gibbs              Brian LaBonge
Phil Rubenstein        Roberto Rodriquez       Blanche Rubin
Ed Peck                Don Messick             Nellie Bellflower
Kim von Brandenstein   Barbara Bratt           Christy Brown
Gus Mercurio           Howard Eynon            Lorraine Bayly
Selma Diamond          Cameron Mitchell        Jenny Neumann
Art Evans              Marla Pennington        Randy Powell
Tommy Petersen         Mara Scott-Wood         David Greenfield
Rebecca De Mornay      Javier Grajeda          Cynthia Kania
Natalie May            Cheryl Smith            Joel Miller
Rudy Ray Moore         Mr. T                   Ramon Sanchez
Marjorie Mason         Robert Bridges          Michael Ensign
Clair E. Leucart       James Karen             Dirk Blocker
Susan Clark            Art Hindle              Wayne Maunder
Jasper Jacob           Leonard Preston         Peter Hutchinson
Tony Page              Larkin Ford             Larry Pine

Don Sherman            Dennis James            Jim Healy

Tom Hatten             Lucille Bliss           Aldo Ray
Joseph Leon            David Wohl              Nina Polan
Stephen Shellen        Shawn Foltz             Martin Schecter
Shashawnee Hall        Bob Conder              Frederick Hughes
Robert Kramer          Allen Garfield          Roger Corman
Ike Eisenmann          John Vargas             John Winston
Janis Benjamin         Victor T. Salant        Brigitte Perbandt
Karen Price            Bill Erickson           Dov Gottesfeld
Joe Regalbuto          Russ Marin              Earl Maynard
David Rappaport        Ronald Lacey            Peter Cushing
Isabella Amadeo        Mirella Banti           Ennio Girolami
Jeff Fleury            Suzanne Costollos       Marilyn Redfield
Edward Cunningham      Robert E. Schlesinger   George Lowry
Norbert Weisser        Larry J. Franco         Nate Irwin
Lynne Thigpen          Ronald L. Schwary       Debra Mooney
Linda McCann           Ray Spruell             Stocker Fontelieu
David S. Cass Sr.      Gerald Berns            Bob Neill
Lewis J. Stadlen       Kent Broadhurst         Colin Stinton
Maria Charles          Malcolm Jamieson        John Cassady
Frank Pesce           Steve James             Randy Jurgensen
Ian MacGregor         Warren Berlinger        Susan Browning
Del Henney            Amanda Hillwood         Gayle Hunnicutt
Jeana Tomasina        June Gilbert            Arthur Hansel
Leon                  Jonas Chaka             Keith Diamond
Carlos Romano         Jorge Zepeda            Raquel Pankowsky
Dean Fortunato        Jorge Noa               Lawrence Mah
Ira Stiltner          Jake Kasdan             Muriel Moore
Pat McNamara          Jack Murdock            Clifford A. Pellow
David D'Arnal         Ashley DuBay            John Carradine
Stacey Kuhne-Adams    John Hugh               Ira David Wood III
Georg Olden           Miguel Pinero           Henry G. Sanders
Madeline Silver       Paul Williams
Kelly Preston         Marc Poppel             Robert Darnell
Leslie Carlson        Jim Hunter              Patty Johnson
Casey Siemaszko       Aaron Douglas           Anna Maria Horsford
Terry Donovan-Smith   Robert Elross           Robert Behling
Simon Craig           Peter Dvorsky           Julie-Ann Heathwood
Barbara Woodard       Larry Corwin            Kenneth Garner
Morrigan Hurt         Barbara Cihlar          Leslie Smith
Guy Manning           Anne Mannion            Kevin Stoney
David Vasquez         Kimberly McArthur       Frank Simpson
Jack Walsh            Christopher Casson      Rosamund Burton
Don Brockett          Cynthia Rhodes          Durga McBroom
Henry Woolf           Tusse Silberg           Patrick Field
Essex Smith           Maidie Norman           John MacBride
Ed Heath              Jean Schertler          Larry Singer
P.T. Horn             John Edson              Kaye Stevens
Marta Heflin          Katherine Wallach       Charles Kaleina

Belinda Mayne         Dicken Ashworth         Todd Carty
Robyn Reeves          Chris Elliott           Marta Renzi
Nina V. Kerova        Alan Preston            Christine Hatfull
John M. Jackson       Dan Ammerman            Tam Dean Burn
John Anderson         Robert Arenas           Tommy Ballard
Enrique Castillo      Cornelio Hernandez      Hector Morales
Betsy Toll            Lyman Ward              Shelby Leverington
Anne De Salvo         Selma Diamond           Sol Frieder
Randi Brooks          Bernard Behrens         Russell Orozco

Tamio Ishikura        Rokko Toura             Kan Mikami
Valerie Whittington   Jennifer Franks         Imogen Bickford-Smith
Carolyn Seymour       Michael Alaimo          Valri Bromfield

Brioni Farrell        Shelley Taylor Morgan   Kitten Natividad
John Candy            Christie Brinkley       Jane Krakowski

Pat Roach             Anthony Sharp           Prunella Gee
Walter Gotell         Vijay Amritraj          Albert Moses
Bronwen Mantel       Jacklin Webb             Monik Nantel
Warrington Winters   Louis Neglia             Aaron Banks
John Bryson          Anne Haney               Kristen Peckinpah
Tom Waits            Gailard Sartain          William Smith
Edward Winter        Cisse Cameron            Ilse Earl
Chris Hendrie        Tom Holland              Michael Lomazow
Don Shanks           Joe Pagliuso             Ladd Anderson
Donald Moffat        Levon Helm               Mary Jo Deschanel
Sarah Partridge      Nathan Davis             Scott Harlan
Tom Waits            Herb Rice                Maybelle Wallace

Michael P. Moran     Al Israel                Dennis Holahan
Bruce McGill         David Strathairn         J.C. Quinn
Owen Hughes          Robert Earl Jones        Susan Glaze
Pam Grier            Brendan Klinger          James Stacy
Sheila Anderson      Cis Rundle               Kathryn Witt
Robert Martini       Sarah M. Miles           Tony Munafo

Thick Wilson         Robert Windsor           Sid Lynas
Neil Bonnett         Dale Earnhardt           Harry P. Gant
Nancy Parsons        Joe Bellan               Wendell Wellman
Henry Woolf          Gordon Rollings          Peter Wear
Jay Julien           Peter Jarvis             Ted Rusoff
Stephen Funchess     Glen Fleming             James Aaron
Tara Yeakey          Norman Bennett           Jennifer Josey
Bruce Gordon         Ben Zeller               William Dear
Al Franken           Tom Davis                Maurice Woods
Ernie Hudson         Warren Robertson         Deborah Dalton
Dick Puanaki         Sean Duffy               Ian Watkin
Gail Strickland      Jane Kaczmarek           Gloria Stroock
Hamilton Camp        Jean-Louis Trintignant   Richard Masur
David Ensor          Joanne Baron             Tony Plana
Harvey Chao          David Tsubouchi          Kay Hawtrey
Ivy Bethune          Jackie Giroux            Aarika Wells
Susan Davis          James Tolkan             David Clover
Jeff Prettyman       Dorlinda Griffin         Robert Griffin
Bernardo Nacilla     Bill Kerr                Sigourney Weaver
Peter Arne           Adam Bareham             Caterina Boratto
Marc Singer          Blair Tefkin             Michael Wright
Saveli Kramarov      Oleg Rudnik              Natasha Shneider
Sam Scarber          Jon St. Elwood           Tamara Stafford
Peggy Feury          Nan Martin               Basil Hoffman
Martin Cavina        Roderick Cook            Milan Demjanenko
Afrika Bambaataa     Gina Belafonte           Fast Break
John A. Zee          Matthew Laurance         Christopher Maher
Bronson Pinchot      Paul Reiser              Michael Champion
Marshall Bell        Elizabeth Whitcraft      Sandra Beall
Eduardo Conde        Betty von Wien           Nelson Dantas
Danos Lygizos        Spyros Papafrantzis      Antigone Amanitis
Shannon Sedwick       Nancy Finger            William Preston Robertson
Lane Davies           Barbara Crampton        Larry Flash Jenkins
Peter Bogyo           Martha Farrar           Dusty Maxwell
Malcolm Terris        Simon Adams             John Sessions
Scott Cooper          Ed Lottimer             Teresa Kelly
Dee Dee Bridgewater   Reggie Rock Bythewood   Rosanna Carter
Frank Adu             Ruth Maleczech          J.C. Quinn
Jackie Chan           Tim Conway              Tony Danza
Suzy Southam          Eric Freeman            D.G. Johnson
Dawn Archibald        Richard Morant          Danielle Dax
AndrÈ the Giant       Angel Ashley            Matt Conner
Julian Beck           Novella Nelson          Laurence Fishburne
Janice Renney         Stephen Lee             Pat McNamara
Jana Taylor           Madison Mason           Kendall Carly Browne
Jack Nance            Si‚n Phillips           J¸rgen Prochnow
Dorian Harewood       Mady Kaplan             Macon McCalman
Frances Conroy        James Ryan              Sonny Abagnale
Ola Ray               Cihangir Gaffari        Emilia Crow
Keith Colbert         Dick Warlock            Jeff Ramsey
Frank Campanella      Richard Stahl           Joe Grifasi

Arthur Rosenberg      Timothy Scott           Alan Haufrect
Duke Addabayo         Jon Bang Carlsen        Leif Magnusson
Bruce Mahler          Lisa Freeman            Wayne Grace
Michael Ensign        Alice Drummond          Jordan Charney
Mauricio Harmsen      Randy Gleave            Frank Kanig
Harry Carey Jr.       Corey Feldman           Don Steele
Selma Archerd         Paul Jenkins            Warren Miller
Albie Woodington      Willoughby Gray         Jim Broadbent
Crystal Smith         Peter Vogt              Robert Fuhrmann
Linda Clark           Nicholas Podbrey        Norris Domingue
Leonard Burns         Mary Celio              Jack T. Collis
Dan Aykroyd           Dr. Akio Mitamura       Michael Yama
Christopher Bradley   Joy Jones               Mary Davis Duncan
Dick Butkus           Byron Thames            Alan Hale Jr.
Larry B. Scott        Juli Fields             Dana Andersen
Tom Bird              Monirak Sisowath        Lambool Dtangpaibool
Louisa Flaningam      Olivia Negron           Steve Beauchamp
Josep LluÌs Fonoll    Montserrat JuliÛ        Luis Monte
John Kelly            Simone Overman          Malgosia Casey
John Maio             Robert Starr            Al Berry
Dan Hannafin          Joan Suveny             Nicholas Mele
Gustav Vintas         Ken Olfson              Philippe Denham
Bella Flores          Gil Arceo               Roger Dantes
Eyde Byrde            Robert MacBeth          Donna Ingram-Young
Gregory Hines         Linda Lavin             Joan Rivers
Rachel Hall           Robert Rich III         Michael Madsen
Larry Quackenbush     Ralph Pace              Wallace Wilkinson
Jack Shea             Ed Call                 Sandy Lipton
Rupert Baderman          Corinna Seddon           Martha Parsey
Leslie Lyon              Laurence Luckinbill      Randy Moore
Dutch Miller             Robert Harper            Richard Bright
Sally Norvell            Sam Shepard              Brandy Tipton
Fausta Avelli            Marta Biuso              Sophie Bourchier
Ralph Manza              James Edgcomb            Glenn Morshower
Ted Ross                 Scott Thomson            Brant von Hoffman
Tony DiBenedetto         Ronald Maccone           Betty Miller
Martine Gobern
Joel Brooks              Grainger Hines           Kenneth McMillan
Sandra Claire Gershman   Kim Upsher               Alan Leeds
Vladek Sheybal           Powers Boothe            Frank McRae
Dick Rude                Miguel Sandoval          Vonetta McGee
Robert Bohus             William Sorgi            Tim Hildebrandt
Susie Toomey             Kelly Toomey             Frank Hoyt Taylor

Camillo GarcÌa           Rodrigo Puebla           Paco Morayta
Jackson Davies           Paul Batten              Babs Chula
Max Showalter            Liane Alexandra Curtis   John Cusack
Charlie ElvegÂrd         Jan Hermfelt             Carl-Ivar Nilsson
Scott Paulin             John Hancock             Trey Wilson

David Knell              Jeff Doucette            Royce D. Applegate
Carl Steven              Vadia Potenza            Stephen Manley
Russ Benning             Ralph Cosham             David Wells
Paul Sloane
Robert Townsend          Elizabeth Daily          Mykelti Williamson
Robyn Mandell            Jennifer Landor          Diana Ricardo
Gerald A. Atkins         Ron Baskin               Keith Jerome Brown
Bill Paxton              Brad Rearden             Brian Thompson
Aleana Downs             Jane Marla Robbins       Ray Hassett
Patrick Maher            Ed Begley Jr.            Danny Kortchmar
Janet MacLachlan         Graham Paul              Bill Holliday
Vyvyan Lorrayne          Nancy Abrahams           Ian McNeice
Jean-FranÁois Balmer     Jacques Boudet           Jean-Pierre Coffe
Patricia Hayes           Tami Stronach            Silvia Seidel
Dylan Willias            Joe Cass                 Michael Zane
Viola Kates Stimpson     Danny Wells              Buddy Silberman
Michele George           Samantha Langevin        Jacqueline Blais
Michael Kaye             Peter Rafelson           Thatcher Keats
Jessica Nelson           Tom Lawrence             Brian Drebber
Casey Siemaszko          Billy Zane               Harry Waters Jr.
Curtis Armstrong         Aaron Dozier             Frank Burt Avalon
Phil Fondacaro           Pete Renaday             James Almanzar

Derrick O'Connor         Kathryn Pogson           Bryan Pringle
Fran Gargano             John Hughes
David Wohl               Ji-Tu Cumbuka            Milt Kogan
Brian George             Janet-Laine Green        Luba Goy
James Rebhorn            Jack Dillon           Susan Hawes
Pam Klinger              Audrey Landers        Terrence Mann
Kellye Nakahara          Will Nye              Rick Goldman
Esben Storm              Steve Dodd            Ian Gilmour
Linda Harrison           Tyrone Power Jr.      Clint Howard
Dennis Farina            Gene Barge            Mario Nieves
John Patton Jr.          Carl Anderson         Susan Beaubian
Michael Adams            Carlos Cervantes      Lenny Juliano

Patrick Field            Sallie Anne Field     Ian Hurley
Gregory Nicotero         Don Brockett          William Cameron
Alexei Jawdokimov        Daniel Webb           Prentis Hancock
Brenda Beck              Sam Minsky            Patricia Frazier
JosÈ Santana             Giancarlo Esposito    Richard Hell
Gabriel Archanjo         Gracindo J˙nior       Arthur Muhlenberg
Herb Andress             Danmar                Mandy Hausenberger
Jossie DeGuzman          Jean De Baer          M'el Dowd

Ray Harryhausen          Charlton Heston       Walter Lantz
Marina Saura             Hans Veerman          Jake Wood
Tony Longo               Larry Flash Jenkins   Ralph Seymour

Irina Irvine             Bob Corff             Pamela Brown
Ian Giatti               Richard Blade         Lee Arnone
Mary Ellen Trainor       Keith Walker          Curtis Hanson
Bernard Spiegel          Muriel Dubrule        Tiina Maria
Alexander Kerst          Michael Wolf          Hugo Bower
Richard Niquette         Yves Jacques          Sophie Stanke
Luca Barbareschi         Penny Brown           Carlos De Carvalho
Lou Hirsch               Ray Charleson         Joel Cutrara
Dick Balduzzi            Richard Franklin      Cal Worthington
Al Ruscio                Sharon Hanlan         Sarah Cunningham
Guy Cuevas               Peter DePalma         Mark Daly Richards
Jordan Pratt             Zachary Ansley        Campbell Lane
Ronald De Voe            Ralph E. Tresvant     Lisa Gay Hamilton
Nicolina Papetti         Russell Kase          Don Hudson
Ian Longmur              Mike Crane            Liz Gilbert
Bill Malin               Jerome Willis         Derek Benfield
John Di Fusco            Michael Cornelison    Radu Gavor
Andrew Oh                Ollie Hall            Lee Rice
Alexandra Powers         Kelly Jo Minter       Joe Unger
Cynthia Caquelin         Fred Ornstein         Fritz Bronner
Bruce French             John C. Becher        Henry Slate
Amah Harris              Graham Jarvis         Elias Koteas
Mike Bugara              Shane Rimmer          Job Seda
Richard Hamilton         Graham Paul           Chuck Lafont
Bill Cable               Peter Looney          Starletta DuPois
Peter Forbes-Robertson   Hugo De Vernier       James Taylor
Rachel Davies            Reece Dinsdale        Philip Whileman
Vic Polizos              Dick O'Neill            Sully Boyar
Maurice Brenner          Paul Herman             Rick Petrucelli
Steven Williams          Don Collins             Christopher Grant
Derek Pendleton          Gene Scherer            James Ellis
Beau Billingslea         Charles Parks           Sean Frye
Joel Kramer              Frank Ferrara           Marv Albert
Cathleen Cordell         Drew Deighan            James Dalesandro
Lyle Conway              Stephen Norrington      Justin Case
Danial Brown             James Brown             Rose Mary Campos
Michael Lee Gogin        John Bloom              John Otrin
Margarita Calahorra      Billy J. Mitchell       John Orchard
Scott McGinnis           Corey Haim              Michael Menzies
Czeslaw Borowi           Henrik Gawkowski        Rudolf Vrba
Rebecca Fleming          Lawrence Tierney        William Newman
Meg Kasdan               Dick Durock             Gene Hartline
Vanessa Angel            Svetlana Plotnikova     Bjarne Thomsen
Jon Cutler               Matthew Laurance        Gina Hecht
Connie Craig             Ivitch Fraser           Terry-Lynn Brumfield
James Dukas              Peter Hock              Colette Blonigan
Francis X. McCarthy      Pierrino Mascarino      Harry Yorku
Joshua Cadman            Krystal Richards        John Putch
Coulton Edwards          Holly Filler            Bruce Kirby
James Gammon             Ariane de Vogue         Norman Bennett
David Miller             Steven Pringle          Robert Swan
Valentin de Vargas       Dwier Brown             Michael Chong

Doug Isbecque            Charles Lee Jr.         Xavier Barquet
Minnie Summers Lindsey   Richard Erdman          Wiley Harker
Antonia Dauphin          Billy Silva             Caitlin Ferguson
Herb Mitchell            Ceil Cabot              Donald Fullilove
Robert Brown             Lois Maxwell            Walter Gotell
Frank Jasper             Roberts Blossom         James Gammon
Pamela Gual              Philip Guilmant         Chick Hearn
Ivor Barry               Anne Bernadette Coyle   Suzy J. Kellems
John Garson              Beverly May             Ed Crowley
Matthew Ryan             Matthew Blakstad        Jonathan Lacey
David Attenborough
David Bracks             Brett Hogan             Mark Blum
Ged Marlon               BenoÓt RÈgent           Victoria Gabrielle Platt
Anne Dyson               Connie Booth            Ronn Carroll
Robert Neches            Joe Greco               Ada Maris
Edward Tudor-Pole        Bruce Payne             Alan Freeman
Daniel Kash              Cynthia Dale Scott      Tip Tipping
Pat Barlow
Robert Gray              Larry Flash Jenkins     Stacy Keach Sr.
Kiefer Sutherland        Stephen Geoffreys       Crispin Glover
Sam Kinison              Robert Picardo          Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Frank Gilbert            Erla Julmiste           Deborah King
Robert Duvall            Bob Edmundson           Charlie Goulas
Tony Plana          Kirk Cameron          Robyn Lively
Karl Lukas          Maryedith Burrell     Edith Fields
Jeff Imada          Rummel Mor            Craig Ng
William Marquez     David Pressman        Stanley DeSantis
Jack Nance          J. Michael Hunter     Dick Green
Jason Priestley     Chris Arnold          Sean Kelso
Don Draper          Blackie Dammett       Phil Rubenstein
Marilyn Cooper      Jason Alexander       Christian Baskous
Barbara Duncan      Gloria Lee            Janne Mortil
Lisa Dodson         Donald A. Feeney      Paul Geier
Martin Blank        Bob Mireau            Tom Desantis
Eleanor Eagle       Jessica Ezzell        Natalie Anderson
Art Frankel         Douglas Koth          Montrose Hagins
William Wallace     Charles Grant         Steve James
Lorenzo Gioielli    Lino Salemme          Maria Chiara Sasso
Ann Risley          Rick Scheiffer        Irene Goodnight
Barry Primus        Irene Tsu             Michael Yama
Ralph Joseph        Richard Boes          Dave Petitjean
Richard Edson       Larry Flash Jenkins   Kristy Swanson
Raymond Forchion    Cynthia Caquelin      Ted Bartsch

Wally Taylor        Eric Douglas          Charles Levin
Chris Chappel       Mark Pickard          Kiran Shah
Walker Edmiston     Wayne Allwine         Tony Anselmo
Rance Howard        Patti Yasutake        Jerry Tondo
Michael Elwyn       Ninka Scott           Jasper Jacob
Mike Gomez          Rodney Hill           Peter Koch
James Cosmo         Celia Imrie           Alistair Findlay
Tom Spratley        Colin Campbell        Brittania
Mike Dalzell        Skip Welker           Eric Gilliom
Jimmy Hunt          William Bassett       Virginya Keehne
Michael Alldredge   Tom Fridley           Rob Garrison
E'Lon Cox           Michael Ironside      J.J. Barry
Chet Collins        Castulo Guerra        Mark Blum
Albert Salmi        Jone Takam‰ki         Vesa Vierikko
David Shaughnessy   Karen Prell           Timothy Bateson
Richard Vernon      David Waller          Richard Johnson
David Hart          James Hurdle          Gary Howard Klar

Stan Jones          Bertice Reading       Ed Wiley
Anne Ryan           Jason Alderman        Tom Mackie
Robin Moseley       Paul Perri            Patricia Charbonneau
Daniel Berrigan     Rolf Gray             ¡lvaro Guerrero
John Huston         Sergio Di Pinto       Hartmut Kollakowsky
John Darling        Bryan Coleman         Robert Dorning
Alice Sneed         Tiger Haynes          William Newman
Mischa Hausserman   Cal Haynes            Hans Howes
Garry Cooper        Neil Cunningham       Persis Maravala
Vance Colvig Jr.    Ben Slack             Elaine Wilkes
Leopoldo Trieste     Franco Valobra          Vernon Dobtcheff

Kim Chan             Lee Lai Sing            Rudolph Willrich
Dionisio             Ray Brown               Kim Chan
Nina Foch            Junero Jennings         Anita Jesse
Schuli Rosenberg     Zafrir Kochanovsky      Poly Reshef

Rich Little          Bob Goldthwait          Kristen Goelz
Bob Koherr           Theodore Ganger         Nada
Sofia Coppola        Maureen O'Sullivan      Leon Ames
Mark Moses           Chris Pedersen          Tony Todd
Kelly Jean Peters    Jaclyn Bernstein        Robert Lesser
Jamie Anders         Gina Gershon            Bader Howar
Donovan Scott        Karen Hensel            Jack Murdock
Georgann Johnson     Nelson Vails            Lou Dinos
Victor Argo          George P. Wilbur        Denver Mattson
Winifred Freedman    Jim Staskel             Fred D. Scott
Jim Metzler          Tammy Smith             Danyi Deats
Rosemary Leach       Rupert Graves           Peter Cellier
Robert Lesser        Betty Carvalho          Louis Perez
Jeannine Bisignano   J.P. Bumstead           Jon Cutler
Juan Fern·ndez       Salvador S·nchez        Rosario Z˙Òiga

Tom Lawrence         Fred Slyter             Billy Ray Sharkey
Courtney Love        Rusty Blitz             John Spaceley
Jim Roche            John Sayles             John Waters
William Bronder      Scott Beach             Richard Dreyfuss
John Schuck          Brock Peters            Michael Snyder

Vic Armstrong        Dickey Beer             Chuang Cheng
Judy Kelly           John Martin Ivey        Kinky Friedman
Teddy Wilson         Nicky Blair             Jordan Christopher
Rocky Giordani       Steve Whittaker         Per Welinder
Phil Hartman         Tino Insana             Craig Berenson
James Tolkan         Meg Ryan                Adrian Pasdar
BJ Davis             Paul Eiding             Walker Edmiston
Larry Sprinkle       Charles Martin Smith    Claudia Templeton
Bill Wallis          Trevor Cooper           Peter Miles
Dick Wei             Jing Wong               Tung-Shing Yee
Doris Belack         Wendy Schaal            JosÈ Santana
Dan Ziskie           Allan Aarons            Marcia Bennett
Brian Ann Zoccola    Joe Pantoliano          Stanley Brock
George Buck          Judith Drake            Gerald Orange
RenÈe Coleman        Gabriela Farrar         Jordana Levine
Patricia Estrin      Elizabeth Bennett       Peter Elbling
Hartley Silver       Alan Barry              Thomas David Parker
Joe Rice             Julie 'Sunny' Pearson   Donald L. Norden
Janet-Laine Green    Larry Ramos             Philip Corey
Julian Jenkins       Ricardo Ussani          Stefano Gragnani
Jeffrey Josephson        Edward Blackoff           Branscombe Richmond
Brian O'Connor           Alice Adair               Eugene Butler
Jim Chimento             Edward St. Pe             Robert Lesser
Herb Tanney              Georgann Johnson          Sab Shimono
Bill Yuen Ping Kuen      Lily Leung                Joshua Schroder
Geoffrey Rivas           Eddie Barth               Miguel M. Delgado
Kimber Shoop             Dwayne Markee             Gennie James
Gerardo MejÌa            Ami Dolenz                Max Perlich
Cameron Milzer           Howard Swain              Jack Thibeau
Dean Smith               Shirley Sonderegger       Paul Satterfield
Denzel Washington        Penelope Wilton           Kate Hardie
Wayne Knight             Paula Trueman             Alvin Myerovich
Lisa Aliff               Joe Altmark               Nina Arvesen
Scott Spiegel            Thomas Kidd               Mitch Cantor
Michael Arkin            Sam Coppola               Eunice Prewitt

Jose Soto Jr.            Kathleen Chalfant         John Seitz
Jon Stafford             Bruce Boa                 Ian Tyler
Peter Masterson          Carlin Glynn              Erik Holland
Cu Ba Nguyen             Dan Stanton               Don Stanton
Lisa Hensley             May Howlett               Maureen Green
Steven Weber             Tegan West                Kieu Chinh

Niall Buggy              Dave Atkins               Oliver Parker
Lin Shaye                James Luisi               Frank Renzulli
Chick Ortega             Otto Kuhnle               Christoph Merg
Katrine Boorman          Colin Higgins             Shelagh Fraser
Andy Potok               Allen Soule               Ben Blakeman

Mark L. Taylor           Orson Bean                Kevin Hooks

Eddie Frias              Mike Moroff               Geoffrey Rivas
Fumihiko Ikeda           Richard Vuu               Tsou Tijger
Afton Smith              Brian Wimmer              Kelly Wolf
Patrick Cameron          Don Gordon                Jimmie F. Skaggs
Maxine Stuart            David Wohl                Michael Horton
Caroline Bliss           John Terry                Virginia Hey
Chance Michael Corbitt   Alexander Bacon Chapman   Nori Morgan
Rita Gomez               Jason Beghe               Kimberly Beck
Sid Raymond              Sidney Armus              Robert Trebor
Kitty Aldridge           Helena Michell            Catherine Rabett
Nada Despotovich         Joe Grifasi               Gina DeAngeles
Roger Aaron Brown        Thomas Wagner             Robert Winley
Priscilla Pointer        Clayton Landey            Brooke Bundy
Lori Butler              Clare Wren                Philip Benichou
Chris D.                 Michael Shillo            Nicholas Worth
Elizabeth Hoffman        Castulo Guerra            Stacy Bergman
Gary Morgan              Christopher McDonald      J.W. Smith
Frank Buxton             Carol Williard            Doris Hess
Robert Towne          Victoria Jackson    Lorraine Bracco
Susan Kellerman       Matthew Lawrence    Edie McClurg
James Buchanan        William Spurlock    Tim Hatcher
Peggy Aitchison       Cliff Burnett       Anthony Head
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Robert Grasmere       Thom Bray           Joanna Merlin
Billy Crystal         Anne Dyson          Margery Mason
Peter Fitzsimmons     Joe Flood           Rick Hamilton
Warren Keith          Henry Kendrick      Sidney Dawson
Don Dolan             Mary E. Thompson    Suzee Slater
Igor Borisov
Calvin Jung           Rick Lieberman      Lee de Broux
Blanche Rubin         Jane Campbell       Jean Sincere
Karen Leigh Hopkins   Sven-Ole Thorsen    Edward Bunker
Barton Heyman         Mercedes Ruehl      Ira Wheeler

Richard Venture       Ramon Bieri         Stanko Molnar
Ashley McMurry        Ben Cook            Casey Levron
Courtney Lercara      Tom Normand         Lee Robinson

Carmine Caridi        Lee Garlington      Laura Leigh Hughes
Anthony Bishop        David Berman        Sharon K. Brecke
Ronny Graham          JM J. Bullock       Leslie Bevis
Brad Leland           Dee Pyland          Gwen Little
Beatrice Boepple      Kyle Wodia          Jan Speck
Tyde Kierney          Rosanna DeSoto      Bodie Olmos
Ed Van Nuys           Daniel Nalbach      Rick Aviles
Francis X. McCarthy   Tom Troupe          Lucy Lee Flippin
Richard Gant          Gene Mack           Sam Gray
Claire Cellucci       Eugene Clark        Derek de Lint
Mike Jolly            Charles Macaulay    Mitch Pileggi
Olivia Brown          Philip Perlman      Stu Silver
Kathryn Sanders       Ira Lewis           Ed Setrakian
Peter Aylward         Don Harvey          Robert Swan
Martin Sheen          Suzen Murakoshi     Dani Klein

Alan Dobie            Gregor Fisher       Jacqueline Pearce
Geoffrey Durham       Sheila Kelley       Neville Smith
Heather Coleman       Carolyn Ditmars     Cynthia Ditmars
Anja Coleby           Kylie Ostara        Kelly Dingwall

Tamsin Lee            Marcello Romero     Dave Charest
London Nelson         Gregory Gouyer      William Brown
Kim Kondrashoff       Stephen E. Miller   Tom Heaton
Tony Perez            Brian Thompson      Francis X. McCarthy
Frances Conroy        Fred Melamed        Kenneth Welsh
Timothy Fitzgerald    Stuart B. Hagen     Jeff Baxter

Glenn Shadix          Patrice Martinez    Cynthia Daly
Brian Bosak            Alan Wilder                Clifford A. Pellow
Allan Wasserman        Mark Ballou                Gary Howard Klar
Norma MacMillan        Joe Grifasi                John Vickery
Glenn Wright           George Orrison             Bill Cobbs
Robert Axelrod         Bill Moseley               Frank Collison
Greg Deason            David N. Preston           June Chandler
Michael Rubenstein     Angel Figueroa             John Reichert
Jenny Robertson        Gregory Avellone           Garland Bunting
Aaron Osborne          Tyler Hard                 Ted Liss
Veronica Redd          Sharon Medearis            Nick Savage
Damon Wayans           Fred Asparagus             Sherman Augustus
Stan Lee               Paul Mavrides              Frank Miller
Sheila Johnson         Jake Steinfeld             Calvin Lockhart
Jane Coker             Rae-Leigh Henson           Nicolette Minster
Karen Radcliffe        William Forward            Lee Gideon
Nicholas Hawtrey       Paulo Abel Do Nascimento   FranÁois Lalande
Patrick Van Horn       Sigrid Wurschmidt          Jim Carrey
Warren Davis           Jonathan Haley             Nicholas Haley
Clarence Gilyard Jr.   Bruno Doyon                Andreas Wisniewski
Nathalie Auffret       Lolly Susi                 Rupert Holliday-Evans
James Desmond          John Sayles                Studs Terkel
Pat Pierre Perkins     Aaron Neville              Shawn Burks
Ken Campbell           Al Ashton                  Roger Hume
Patrice Melennec       Ella Jaroszewicz           JoÎlle Lagneau
Hahman Leor            Yoram Loewenstein          Moshe Ish-Kassit
Mairon Bennett         Zachary Bennett            Scott Brunt
Gordon Masten          Peter Nduati               Helen Fraser
Alessandra Vazzoler    Geoffrey Carey             Bruce Guerre-Berthelot
John Bloom             Lewis Arquette             Britt Leach
Mink Stole             Shawn Thompson             Alan J. Wendl
Deborah Joel           James Tillitt              Bradley Lavelle
George Diakoyorgio     Father Bassili             Captain Stelios
Brian Davies           Mary Diveny                Bill Moor
George James           Marc Figueroa              Robert Colbert

Harris Yulin
Jack Andreozzi         Sydney Lassick             Rita Zohar
Miranda Coe            Linzi Drew                 Caron Anne Kelly

Paul Herman            John Lurie                 Leo Burmester
Jacob Vargas           Roberto JimÈnez            Chez Lister
Diane Puccerella       Suzanne Puccerella         Anthony J. Nici
Tom McCleister         Mary Gillis                John Toles-Bey
Tom Mason              Geoffrey Nauffts           Rick Zieff
Reynald Bouchard       Glenn Bradley              Normand Brathwaite
Chuck Baker            Patricia Tallman           David Early
Katharine Houghton     Thomas H. Needham          Richard Woods
Sheila Ferrini         Janet Zarish               Louis Turenne
Leslie Maier           Winifred Freedman          Joe Grifasi
Nino Terzo            Jacques Perrin        Philippe Noiret
Bette Midler          Huey Lewis            Jonathan Brandis

Mark Daneri           Ray Young             Gary Lee Davis
Garrett Lambert       Carolyn Tomei         Ronald John Eckert

Curtis W. Sims        Rick Zumwalt          Rosalyn Marshall
Joycee Katz           Mac Robbins           Max Alexander
Marshall Dougherty    Patrick Dougherty     John-Michael Dougherty

Peter Browne          Alan Hopgood          Mark Pennell
Sloane Shelton        Justine Johnston      Herb Lovelle
Murari Sharma         Ram Moorti            Irshad Hashmi
Paul Clayton          Imogen Claire         Tim Potter
John Murray           Jamie Farr            Robert Goulet
William Newman        Jaime Pina Gautier    Evencio Mosquera Slaco
Hugo Stanger          Patricia Allison      Ian Buchanan
Nancy Lenehan         Isabel GarcÌa Lorca   Reba McKinney
Walter Marsh          Frank C. Turner       Sam Hiona
Nicolas Tronc         VÈronique M¸ller      Claudine Berg
Robert Lucibello      David Bayle           Doumee
Thacher Goodwin       Yvette Croskey        Ollie Davidson
Les Wilde             Desmond Gill          Benny Graham
Bill Marcus           Michael C. Gwynne     Dermot Mulroney

Bill Johnson          Kevin Howard          Anna Levine
Don Cornelius         Ebbe Roe Smith        Keith Joe Dick
Lala Sloatman         Budd Boetticher       Ann Magnuson
Susan Blanchard       Norman Alden          Dana Bratton
Adam Bitterman        Jack Merrill          William Novelli

Peter Donat           Dean Goodman          John X. Heart
Tom McCleister        David Efron           Peter Dvorsky
Pascale Kalensky      Jacques Ciron         Anne Lonnberg
Edwin Craig           Lindsay Holiday       Mike Edmonds
Mark Northover        Kevin Pollak          Rick Overton
Harold Innocent       George Sweeney        Murray Ewan
Amy Aquino            Jeffrey Nordling      Elizabeth Whitcraft
Brian Keith           Thomas Callaway       Patrick Wayne
Arielle Dombasle      Gabriele Ferzetti     Henry Gibson
Cory Danziger         Franklyn Ajaye        Rance Howard

Dick Warlock          Jimmie Ray Weeks      J. Kenneth Campbell
Alison Steadman       Ray Cooper            Don Henderson
Loni Anderson         Ken Page              Godfrey Quigley
Michael Steve Jones   Kim Robillard         Jim Sparkman
Jay Koch               Charles Gherardi           Ricky Dean Logan
Richard Strange        Carl Chase                 Mac McDonald
Bernie Casey           Amy Stock-Poynton          J. Patrick McNamara
John Costelloe         Stephen Root               Richard Riehle
Julia Gonz·lez         Woody Watson               Alex Morris
Amanda Davis           Kevin Harvey Morse         Kyra Sedgwick
David Frishberg        John Baldwin               Eddie Driscoll
John Linton            Vyto Ruginis               Al Shannon
Jacquelyn Drake        Don Richards               June Thorne
Janet Henfrey          Arnie Breeveld             Tony Alleff
Zina Jasper            Dolores Sutton             Joel Fogel

George Martin          Joe Aufiery                Matt Carey
Miguel Sandoval        Rick Aiello                John Savage
Bill Goffi             Jack Duffy                 Brad Sullivan
Crystal R. Fox         Bob Hannah                 Ray McKinnon
Neal Thomas            Stephen Rutledge           Beah Richards
Wai Wong               Philip Chan                Tang Shun Nin
Arthur Grosser         Burney Lieberman           Nathaniel Katzman
Todd Jeffries          Jeffrey J. Nowinski        Nancy Fish
Allan Corduner         Joe D'Angerio              Jon DeVries
Kelly Coffield         Michael Milhoan            Steve Eastin

Harrison Schmitt       Buzz Aldrin                Bill Anders
Tatiana Strauss        ValÈrie Chassigneux        Brian McDermott
Wilhelm von Homburg    William T. Deutschendorf   Henry J. Deutschendorf II
Christian Baskous      RonReaco Lee               Jay O. Sanders
Simon Sabela           Lourens Swanepoel          Treasure Tshabalala
Kay E. Kuter           Michael Flanagan           Don Perry
Phill Lewis            RenÈe Estevez              John Zarchen
Ian Holm               Daniel Webb                Jimmy Yuill
Micole Mercurio        Robert Ridgely             Richard Jenkins
Dawn Keeler            Kerry Ann White            Vivienne McKone

Vincent Lucchesi       Murray Rubin               Tom Badal
Matthew Moore          Kristin Sanderson          Merrilyn Gann
Ken Jenkins            Jonathan Hogan             Patricia Richardson
Alex Hyde-White        Paul Maxwell               Isla Blair
Dennis Burkley         Thomas B. Kackert          Vito Peterson
Allan Graf             Ed Zang                    John P. Fertitta
Jon Gries              Michael Sharrett           Debby Lynn Ross
Cameron Johann         John Costelloe             Christopher Murney
Karina Arroyave        Ivonne Coll                Regina Taylor
Juney Smith            Nestor Serrano             Philip Suriano
Pedro Armend·riz Jr.   Robert Brown               Priscilla Barnes
Violette Chauveau      Jim Cummings               Tim Curry
Ken Higelin            Ciar·n Hinds               GisËle Hogard
Steve Yeager           Peter Vuckovich            Stacy Carroll
Maria McDonald        Fitz Weir                Baldwin Howe
Avril Gentles         Bert Remsen              Angela Turner
Patrick Laffan        Derry Power              Hugh O'Conor
Elizabeth Bracco      Sy Richardson            Tom Noonan
William Hickey        Mae Questel              Sam McMurray
Paul Herman           Herschel Rosen           Lola AndrÈ
Marco St. John        Reni Santoni             Michael Skewes
Eileen Ryan           Helen Shaw               Jasen Fisher
Mariah Balaban        Larry Palef
Liz Davies            Kara Dalke               Matthew August Ferrell
Pat Keen              Amanda De Cadenet        Gina McKee
Kaye Lani Rae Rafko   Ronald Reagan            Fred Ross
Gloria Cromwell       Jeremy Piven             Patrick O'Neill
Jeroen KrabbÈ         Keith Allen              Ralph Brown
Patricia Barry        Mark Phelan              Michael O'Neill
George Bartenieff     Alexandra Neil           Tonya Pinkins
Carrie Hamilton       Jay Baker                Joe Seely
Conan Yuzna           Jason Williams           Pamela Matheson
Knowl Johnson         Jonathan Ward            Bibi Besch
Julie Foy             Jacqui Gordon-Lawrence   Cyril Nri
Peter Kelly           Tim Barlow               Charles Lamb
Nellie Monk           Thelonious Monk          Ben Riley
Graham Beckel         Tony Haney               Joel Polis
Anna Vergani          John Nacco               Ann Tucker
Sue Ane Langdon       David Proval             Grant James
William Windom        Dennis Cockrum           Joel Robinson
Ronald Lacey          Vincent Schiavelli       Sandrine Dumas
Rika Hofmann          Patricia Allison         Peter Brocco
Art Smith             Robert Breeze            Frank Renzulli
Mark Kenneth Smaltz   Anthony Mannino          Polly Segal
Joseph Hunt           Kevin Rooney             Franc Luz
Jeffrey Meek          Wallace Merck            Don Michael Paul

Darla N. Warner       Christopher L. Gray      Lucy Williams
Tracy Arnold          Tom Towles               David Katz
Felix Shuman          Michael Shillo           George Pusep

Paul Schulze          Mike Brady               Bill Sage
Keren Mor             Gadi Poor                Bilha Rosenfeld
Lee Thompson          Dan Woodgate             Robert Plant
Jamie Warhola

Robert Komer          Melvin Laird             Henry Cabot Lodge

Janet Lee Orcutt      Lyle Kanouse             Cliff Burson

Stacy Davies          Olive Mercer             Felicity Devonshire
cast16                 cast17                cast18

Bruno Knez             John Pfitzner         Frank Wilson
Edward Marshall        Alan Haufrect         Earl Boen
Lee Bryant             Joyce Bulifant        Mae E. Campbell
Hap Lawrence           John Walter Davis     Cynthia Burr
Peter Turgeon          Robert Wightman       Richard Derr
Dan Barrows            Michael Brockman      Julie Brown
John McCurry           Eleanor Beecroft      Cec Linder
Dick Carlos            Doug Carlsson         Dallas Clarke
Perry Lang             Howard Delman         Marthe Villalonga
Michael Dudikoff       Lou Cutell            Anne Ramsey

Henry Gibson           John Candy            Kathleen Freeman
Catherine Tambini
Eyde Byrde             Douglas Copsey        John Wesley Elliott Jr.
Ron Frazier            David Harris          Joe Spinell
Alan Conrad            Stephen Peck          Manuel MartÌn
Peter Berkrot          John F. Barmon Jr.    Lois Kibbee
Paul Bryan             Anita Jodelsohn       Tim Haldeman
C.M. Campel            Voldi Way             Michelle Martin
Ben Powers             Rick Sawaya           John Steadman
Robert Elkins          Bob Hannah            Ernest Tubb

Bruce McLane           George Harris         David Schofield
Chuck Mitchell         Victor Mohica         Susanne Severeid
Orla Pederson          Patsy Smart           Frederick Treves

Phil Chong             Bill Saito            Kenny Endoso
Bob Drew               Teddi Siddall         Sharon Schlarth
John William Young     David Caruso
Debbie Allen           Richard Belzer        Frank Bongiorno
Lloyd Kaufman          Ted Richert           George Warren
Eddie Jones            Victor Arnold         Frank Bongiorno
George Lopez           Bill Louie            Raymond F. Martineau
Bobbie Brown           Ted Carroll           Adrienne Kronenberg
John Vick              Jim Jacobus           Fred Franklyn
Robert Romanus         Roger Bowen           Buddy Foster
Dorothy Kobs           Sally Anne Golden     Mary Rocco
Susan Kiger            Marilyn Joi           Rhonda Shear
Alex Stevens           Sonny Landham         Harry Madsen

David Hough            Klaus Schultz         Peter West
Tanya Bowers           Victoria Eubank       Fred Franklyn
Stefan Shcherby        Waldemar Kalinowski   Terry O'Quinn
Phil Berle             Herbert Bress         Denyse Diane
Christopher Driscoll   Michael Cronin        Ray Sampson
James Aday             Wesley Baldwin        Scott Barkhurst
Bruce Monette          Shawn Erler           Frank Arnold
Zora Margolis           Poppy Lagos              Dea St. La Mount
Stephen Apostle Pec     Michael Perotta          Jeffrey Tanner
Fulvio Mingozzi         Luigi Lodoli             Rodolfo Lodi
Jill Jaress             James Karen              Michael Pasternak
Jackie Burroughs        David Cadiente           Mack Dolgy
Martin Sch‰fer          Chris Sievernich         Wim Wenders
Eleonora Stathopoulou   Mario Adorf              Massimiliano Baratta
Daragh O'Malley         Karl Howman              Brian Hall
Fran Ryan               Savannah Smith Boucher   Amy Stryker
Billy Spagnuolo         Frank Pesce              Candace Clements
Gloria Grahame          Elise Hudson             Robert Ridgely
Christopher Sands       Michael Gitomer          Brad Wilkin
Richard Pearson         Thick Wilson             Pat Nye
Warren Saire            Anthony Valentine        Neil McCarthy
Stewart East            James Ecoffey            Michael Greene
Cindy Russ              Laurie McEathron         Lori Mandell
Cheyenne Rivera         Ted Duncan               Alan Marcus
Adam Baldwin            Richard Whiting          Carl DiTomasso
Sharon Kinney           Peter Bray               Linda Hunt
Gretchen Wyler          Maxine Stuart            Lillian Adams
Sheldon Rybowski        Rob Garrison             David Bolt
Bernie Allen            Floyd Anderson           Gene LeBell
Charles Macaulay        Stewart Moss             Michael Pataki
Betsy Julia Robinson    Cora Bennett             John Mendillo
Pete Finney             Tiny McFarland           Roger Crabtree
Elizabeth Mudry         Victor DÈsy              Louis Del Grande
Faith Brook             Allan Cuthbertson        Edward Dentith
Joseph Runningfox       Ray Tracey               Fay Hauser
Louise Burns            Robin Pappas             Alison Coleridge

George Wendt            Steve Boomer             Pat Billingsley
Gabrielle Strasun       David Lipman             Robert Munk
Estelle Omens           Peter Looney             Cedrick Hardman
Leslie Winograde        Don Kennedy              Whitey Hughes
Roger Kemp              Roger Brierley           Anthony Milner
Craig Warnock           David Daker              Sheila Fearn
Elizabeth PeÒa          Kathy Lojac              Susan Merson
Todd Rolle              Rachel Raymon            Rene Raymon
Claude Earl Jones       Dan Barrows              Cheryl Rixon
Danny Tucker            Jon Acevedo              Phillip L. Allan
Teri Beckerman          Marty Davis              Bebe Drake
John Lee                Brook Williams           Tim Bentinck
Jon Glover              Colin Jeavons            David Learner
Rooney Kerwin           Oswaldo Calvo            Clardy Malugen
Mews Small              Leonard Stone            Eric Taslitz
Colin Fernandes         Albert Moses             Michele Brisigotti
Mary Alan Hokanson      Paul Gleason             Phyllis Somerville
Ruth Thom               Diane Lewis              Robert Traynor
Konrad Becker          Lutz Schnell          Martin Hemme
Peggy McCay            Luke Andreas          Earl Billings
Bianca Jagger          Molly Picon           Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder
Kenneth White          Tom Poston            Greg Finley
Juan Ancona Figueroa   Juan Omar Ortiz       AnaÌs de Melo
Struan Rodger          David Yelland         Yves Beneyton

John Pankow            Richard Ziman         Bruce MacVittie
Pat Roach              Donald Houston        Vida Taylor

Dr. Akio Mitamura      Nadiuska              Jorge Sanz

Mike Bacarella         Marji Bank            Christopher Lowell
Mamadou DioumÈ         Samba ManÈ            IrÈnÈe Martin
B. Courtenay Leigh     William Hayward       Jack Haines
Laurence Fishburne     E. Lamont Johnson     Paul Comi
Lillian M¸ller         Julie Parrish         Sally Marr
AndrÈe Champeaux       Nathalie Dalyan       Laurence Darpy
Susan Catherine        Kathy Spencer         Laurie Gross
Curt Lowens            Paula Victor          Lee Wilkof
Richard Cosentino      Robert John Metcalf   Joel Bennett
Ciar·n Hinds           Liam O'Callaghan      Michael Muldoon
David Hayman           Ian Bannen            Rupert Frazer
Parker McCormick       Robert Weil           Ed Crowley

Hugh Moxey             William Fox           John Baskcomb
John Moreno            Charles Dance         Paul Angelis
Rik Colitti            Irving Metzman        Frank Adu

Catherine Willmer      Anthony Langdon       Edward Duke
Jerry Wallace          David Brand           China Chen

Mona Agar              Susie Malnik          Sid Raymond
Hakmeh Abou Ali        Roger Assaf           Mohamed Chouly
Paul Linkson           Jenny Lovell          Steve Dodd
Guy Boyd               Michael O'Neill       Robert Burr
Jeffrey Kramer         Catherine Bergstrom   Alan Haufrect
Eugene Levy            Marilyn Lightstone    Mavor Moore

Susette Carroll        Sammy Shore           J.J. Barry
Don McLeod             Dick Miller           Steve Nevil
Ralph Draper           Nobby Baird Clarke    Alan Granville
John Hostetter         Harold Wayne Jones    Randy Kovitz
Peter Jaques
Clint Hughes           Pat Perkins           Ed Holmes
Kristoffer Greaves     Max Fairchild         Tyler Coppin

Jan Nygren             Lasse ≈berg           Kaarina Harvistola
Jayne Kennedy          Wayne Caro            Mariana Tripaldi
Patricia Hamilton      Larry Reynolds           Jack Van Evera

Kay Walsh              Carola Hˆhn              Irene Prador
Luke Reilly            Jamie Gillis             Yvette Hawkins

Norman Chancer         Ron Travis               Anni Domingo
Sally Ricca            Ward White               Ancile Gloudon
Don Calfa              Louis Turenne            Charles B. Jenkins
John Seitz             Bill Hugh Collins        Dan Lounsbery
Matthew Scurfield      Malcolm Weaver           Sonny Caldinez
John Pleshette         John Lawlor              Ken Swofford
Val Avery              Suzee Pai                Aarika Wells
June Borel             Jeanne-Louise Bulliard   Orel Borel
William Lucking        Fran Ryan                Joe Flaherty
Mike Genovese          Mary Pat Hennagir        James Karen
Wayne Tippet           Jess Osuna               Earl Hindman

Walter Scott           Sam T. Louis             William LaValley
Michael Zelniker       Denise Naples            Angelo Rizacos
Osvaldo Ardiles        Kazimierz Deyna          Paul Van Himst
John Gielgud           Christopher Good         Michael Gough
Dawn Archibald         Frances Barber           Debby Bishop
Olivia Brown           Todd Allen               Bill Dearth
Lee Purcell            Al White                 Craig Berenson
Lois De Banzie         Peter Marshall           Loni Ackerman
Mario Salvadori        Lewis Strauss            Paul Tibbets
Bruce Smith            Sonia de LeÛn            Joanelle Romera
Chris Babson           Maria T. Newland         Florence Shultz
Tom Logan              Jordan Welch             Jim Kester
Jeffrey Bannister      Alfred Mariorenzi        David Cullinane
Valerie Leigh Bixler   Leslie Cook              Carol Culver

Kimiko Hiroshige       Bob Okazaki              Carolyn DeMirjian
William Russ           Gary Grubbs              Gary Sexton
Jessie Gordon

John H. Fields         Emery Hollier            Stephen Marshal
Don Keefer             Bingo O'Malley           John Amplas
Kiran Shah             Jean-Pierre Amiel        Robbie Barnett
Dieter Curt            Peter Kearns             Kent Deigaard
Perry Rosen
Tait Ruppert           Tom Tammi                Pam Gail
Ben Kirby              Sylvia Rotter            Kate Doherty
David Carlberg         Erika Eleniak            Will Fowler Jr.
Garry Goodrow          Richard Blackburn        Hamilton Camp

James Faulkner         Ann Thornton             Emma Relph
Ivan Raimi             Bill Vincent             Mary Beth Tapert
Richard Vernon         Robert Dorning           Dimitri Andreas
Eric Stoltz                  Stanley Davis Jr.      James Russo
James Staley                 Ward Costello          Alan Tilvern
Patrick Stack                Stephen E. Miller      Raimund Stamm
Isabel Jimines de Cisneros   Jean-Claude Dreyfus    Jes˙s Goiri
Jack Fitzgerald              Nancy Foy              Anne Haney
Perla Walter                 Charles Messenger      Terry Ballard
James Greene                 Jay Garner             Stephen D. Newman
Sajid Khan                   Amanda Walker          Praveen Paul
Bette Ford                   Jim Boelsen            Tracey Walter

Jennifer Leak                Denise Fergusson       Jack Van Evera
Hoyt Axton                   George Barris          Phil Boroff
Michael Chieffo              Leslie Simms           Harry Bugin
Kenneth Jennings
Robert Burr                  Leigh Curran           Lisa Dunsheath
John Nash                    Jack Lovick            Charlie Lovick
Corinne Bohrer               George Marshall Ruge   Barbara Horan
Anne Ramsey                  Chuck Berry            Jim Staahl
Dennis Rucker                Jane Wilbur            Buck Welcher
Monica Scattini              Luana Anders           Douglas Brian Martin

Marci Thomas                 Glynn Turman           Donovan Womack
Marie Passarelli             Winston Rose           Joanne Whalley
Allan Graf                   Joseph Walsh           Helen Baron
Alex Karras                  Chuck Mitchell         Eric Christmas
Neil Phillips                John Cleese            Vincent Wong
Eddie Jones                  Shelly Desai           Lee Louis

Ray Gedeon                   Gene Crane             Stu Nahan

Norbert Auerbach             Dick Kleiner           Charles Champlin
Alexander Sirotin            Armand Dahan           Joseph Tobin
Sheldon Rybowski             Sean Ryerson           Tina Basle
Steve Noonan                 David Brevick          Steve Kopanke
Martine Getty                Monty Bane             Janet Rasak
Paul Kent                    Nicholas Guest         Russell Takaki
Henri Behar                  Steven Fazekas         Jane Moder
Tommy Madden                 Richard Jennings
George Murdock               John Davis Chandler    Emily Yancy
John Pierce Jones            James Windsor          Ric Morgan
Monica Maisani               Marino MasÈ            Fulvio Mingozzi
Mark Arnott                  Jill Clark             Sheryl Briedel
Jim Sparkman
William Zeman                Anthony Cecere         Kent Hays
Amy Lawrence                 Kenny Sinclair         Susan Merson
Stuart Baker-Bergen          Robert Adams           Mark Bennett
Ted White                    Mark Stewart           Michael Sax
Burtt Harris                 Scott Rhyne            Susan Benenson
Mike Tezcan                  Christopher Good       Matyelok Gibbs
Henry Judd Baker    Dante Joseph          Vincent Russo
Brandon Maggart     Jenny Wright          Brenda Currin
Megs Jenkins        Harry Landis          John Mills
Sam Chew Jr.        Katrina Parish        Shawn Schepps
Paige Lyn Price     Debra Varnado         Donald A. Yannessa

Ray Caballero       Marta de la Cruz      Ray Ramirez
Meg Kasdan          Patricia Gaul
Paul Lambert        Phil Feldman          John Garber
Ron James           Nicholas Love         Felicite Morgan
Keith Colbert       Jerry Bennett         Mary Fran Lyman
Bruce Vilanch       Robert Mark Quesada   Nora Gaye

Richard Collier     Bruce French          Douglas Warhit
Drew Hocevar        David Svoboda         Dwayne McLean
Hal Frank           Dick Cusack           William Visteen
Clare Nono          Daniel N. Blatt
Barry Flatman       Raffi Tchalikian      Ken Pogue
Bob Rankin          Ray Brantley          Edwin Avedissian
Jerri Bloechl       Whitney Tower Jr.     Joanna Andruss
Ann Way             John Sharp            Kathy Staff
Arch Johnson        Dennis Blair          Steve Szucs
Marcus O'Higgins    Mark Drew             Gabrielle Reidy
Stacey Pickren      Liz Sagal             Norman Scott
Jukka Hirvikangas   Marjatta Nissinen     Heikki Lepp‰nen
Loyd Catlett        Paddi Edwards         Norman Merrill
Carlos SÈrio        4 Out of 5 Doctors    Peter McClung
Rich Valliere       Alonzo Ward           Cathy Cervenka
Richard Baratz      Catherine Scorsese    Cathy Scorsese

Robbie Coltrane     Clare McIntyre        Bronco McLoughlin
D. David Porter     Rochelle Oliver       Nancy Elizabeth Kammer
Deborah Jacobs      Inansi                Tom CotÈ
Luke Coulter        Karen Douglas         Kenny Ireland
Jeffrey Bannister   Anthony E. Caglia     Eli Cummins
Santos Morales      John Valby            Laura James
Emma Chapman        Scott Henderson       Robin Thomas
Ann Gillespie       Merwin Goldsmith      John Huston
Natividad VacÌo     David Byrd            Adrian Ricard

Yuji Honma          Daisuke Iijima        Hideo Murota
Angela Mann         Peter Lovstrom        George Silver
Charles Woolf       Miriam Flynn          Derek McGrath

Jewel Shepard       Michael Yama          Robin Harlene Honeywell
John P. Navin Jr.   Nathan Cook           Christopher Jackson

Gavan O'Herlihy     Ronald Pickup         Robert Rietty
Geoffrey Keen       Douglas Wilmer        Andy Bradford
Mark Bruno              John Dorish              Dennis Singletary
Marshall Ho'o           Jan Triska               Hansford Rowe
Tom Hillmann            Hugh Walkinshaw          Sofia Coppola
Art Hindle              Anthony Penya            Rod Ball
Bob Hilgenberg          Oz Perkins               Ben Frommer
Cyrus Theibeault        Steve Ketcher            DonrÈ Sampson
Scott Wilson            Kathy Baker              Mickey Crocker
Sheila Keenan           Lucy Harrington          Jerry Tullos
Nona Manning            Sofia Coppola            Gian-Carlo Coppola

Mark Margolis           Michael Alldredge        Ted Beniades
Kent Broadhurst         Richard Hamilton         Les Lannom
Frank Trent Saladino    Rick Edrich              Fred Greene
Angelo Rossitto         Peter Risch              Tim T. Clark
Jordan Christopher      James Luisi              Neva Patterson
Susan Olar              Cindy Perlman            Ross St. Phillip

Ron James               Dora Dainton             David Clement
Terry Labonte           Benny Parsons            Kyle Petty
Mara Corday             Russ McCubbin            Robert Sutton
Justin Case             Bob Todd                 Terry Camilleri

Jerry Biggs             Sheila Bird              Robert E. Blackburn III
Kate Charleson          Tom Wees                 Paul Menzel
Tommy Leyba             Ernie Quintana           Miguel Sandoval
Richard D. Fisher Jr.   Jim Gallagher            Anthony DiSabatino
Tony Crupi              Robert Costanzo          Kurek Ashley
John Malcolm            Connie Gilbert           George Waaka
Constance Forslund      Charles Aidman           Debi Parker
Jorge Santoyo           Lucina Rojas             Ra˙l GarcÌa
Tony Markes             Christopher Murphy       Robby Romero
Sam Malkin              Bob Church               Jayne Eastwood
Howard Honig            Frankie Hill             Russ Courtney
Drew Snyder             John Garber              Duncan Wilmore
Donna Lamana            Anna Schoeller           AndrÈ Boutilier
Coco Marantha           Kuh Ledesma              Norma Uatuhan
Michael Cochrane        Rupert Everett           John Forbes-Robertson
Denise Galik-Furey      Camila Ashland           Frank Ashmore
Vladimir Skomarovsky    Victor Steinbach         Jan Triska
Jonathan Terry          Paul Valentine           Ted White
Hedley Mattingly        Harvey Vernon            Stu Black
Peter DiGesu            Richard Frank            Patrick Hines
Tina B.                 Hope Clarke              Wanda Dee
Lorry Goldman           Charles David Richards   Tyler Tyhurst
Frank Pesce             Gene Borkan              Michael Gregory
Victoria Nekko          Crystal Field            John Brumfield
Thomas Lee Mahon        Victor HaÔm              Jane Duboc
Ankie Grelson           Noelle Simpson           Agatha Vishliki
Holly Hunter          Barry Sonnenfeld
Monte Landis          Linda Shaw               Mindi Miller
J. Lee Morgan         De French                Maura Moynihan
Andrew Wilde          Neil Morrissey           Richard Graham
Ric Mancino           Lyla Grahm               Bea Silvern
Copper Cunningham     Liane Alexandra Curtis   Herb Downer
Patricia Richardson   Ray Baker                Beverly Bentley
Jack Elam             Michael V. Gazzo         Richard Kiel
Patrick Boylan        Elmer Soderstrom         Teresa Toigo
Vincent McClaren      Ruby Buchanan            Jimmy Gardner

John P. Ryan          Tom Waits                Ron Karabatsos
Christina Lange       Seth Wagerman            Joseph Chapman
Kate Charleson        Eric Gold                Virginia Kiser
Paul L. Smith         Patrick Stewart          Sting
Jerry Hardin          Nicholas Pryor           Betty Lou Henson
George Barry          L.P. McGlynn             J.S. Klinetob
Nina Jones            Frank Ronzio             Juan Fern·ndez
Jack Magner           Lisa Anne Barnes         Larry Sprinkle
Ron McLarty           Seth Allen               Irving Metzman

Linda MacEwen         Kim Jensen               Michael Telmont
Preben Lerdorff Rye   Camilla Overbye Roos     Maria Behrendt
Antony Ponzini        Frankie Hill             Paul Lukather
Timothy Carhart       John Rothman             Tom McDermott
Percy Devine          Robert Charley           Thomas Yazzie
Susan Burgess         Arnie Moore              Donald Elson
Lew Gallo             John Blyth Barrymore     Laura Summer
Manuel De Benito      Juan Calot               Enrique San Francisco
Marc Costello         Deborah Dutton           Anders Stenstadt
Matthew Modine        Wilford Brimley          Cali Timmins
Christian Crane       Dan Danforth             Chuck Dorsett
D.R. Nanayakkara      Dharmadasa Kuruppu       Stany De Silva
Rusty Meyers          Christi Michelle Allen   Cheryl Foster
Scott Thomson         Sudie Bond               Mark Jantzen
Frank Burt Avalon     Jeff Fishman             Ken Daly
Ira Wheeler           David Henry              Patrick Malahide
Helena Carroll        Tom Erawley              Estelle Evans
Amparo Moreno         Richard Ng               Luis Palenzuela
Patty Salier          Chip Hamilton            George Valismis
Scott Dunlop          Vernon Washington        Peter Nelson
Leon Jones            Richard Delmonte         Leslie Wing
Emma Walton           Ruth Silveira            AndrÈ the Giant
Sabatini Fernandez    Renato Morado            James Crumrine
Olga Talyn            Aleksandr Narodetsky     Pierre Orcel
Elliott Gould         Liza Minnelli            Brooke Shields
Jon Van Ness          Mickey Treanor           George Wilkosz
Charles Franzen       Lit Connah               Jerry Rushing
David Andrews         Jeff Levine              Donna Woodrum
Merelina Kendall      P.J. Nicholas         Lynne Radford
Frances Galvan        Christopher Wycliff   Bill Engvall
Gerard Murphy         Amy Ryder             Olga Karlatos
Paola Gropper         Ninke Hielkema        Mitzy Orsini
Vivian Brown          Ed Bakey              Vaughn Armstrong
Marion Ramsey         Georgina Spelvin      Doug Lennox
Thomas A. Carlin      Leonard Termo         Marty Brill

Richard Hamilton      Mary Carver           Jack Ross Obney
Israel Gordon         Gil Jacobson          Joseph A. Ferraro
Roy Jenson            Pepe Serna            Lane Smith
Richard Foronjy       Bruce White           Biff Yeager
Rita Hildebrandt      Diane Bohus           Ted Bohus Sr.
Ivan Green            Desmond Couch         Charles G. Riddle

Jorge Zamora          Kymberly Herrin       William H. Burton
Marilyn Schreffler    Cec Verrell           Natino Bellantoni
Darren Harris         Deborah Pollack       Ross Berkson
Wallis Grahn          Ulf Hasseltorp        Gustaf Elander
Patricia Brandkamp    Carl Dreher           Vaughn Reeves

Tony Longo            Nora Denney           Charles Macaulay
Joe W. Davis          Paul Sorenson         Cathie Shirriff
Anthony Grumbach      James Deeth           Alex Daniels

Lynne Thigpen         Marine Jahan          Ed Begley Jr.
Nancy Lippold         Sonya Leite           Linsey Beauchamp
Robert Henry Bryant   Fredrick R. Clark     Alan G. Cornett
William Wisher Jr.    Ken Fritz             Tom Oberhaus
Marcia I. Wolf        Brenda Currin         Cindy Lambert
Fran Drescher         Patrick Macnee        Memo Vera
John Wilmot           Margie O'Dair         Joy N. Houck Jr.
John Sharp            Michael Burlington    Marcus Powell
Jean-Louis Richard    Bruno Thost           Geoffroy Tory

Herman Cass           Arthur Neal           Herman Gere
Monica Parker         Ernest Harada         Julann Griffin
FranÁoise Berd        Mimi D'EstÈe          Rita Tuckett
Sheila Ochs           Arlene Lorre
Judy Jordan           Katherine Kriss       Jan Speck
Donald Fullilove      Lisa Freeman          Cristen Kauffman
J. Warren David       Peter Ellenstein      Vincent Schiavelli
Wayne Allwine         Steve Hale            Phil Nibbelink

Sheila Reid           John Flanagan         Ray Cooper

Carmine Caridi        Yakov Smirnoff        Rick Moranis
Terri Hawkes          Dan Hennessey         Jim Henshaw
Shelly Burch            Sal Richards              Jesse Doran
Charles McGowan         Alyson Reed               Justin Ross
Don Camp                Howard Hesseman
David Argue             Linda Nagle               Julie Nihill
Charles Lampkin         Mike Nomad                Jorge Gil
Miguel Nino             Ronnie Barron             Joseph F. Kosala
James Tillis            Phillip Strong            Laurence Fishburne
Charles Meshack         Chelsea Field             Julie Hayek

Miki Iveria             Michael Jenn              Susan Kyd
Deborah Carter          Winnie Flynn              Debra Gordon
Michael Johnson         Mark Tandy                Nicholas Coppin
Sheila Balter           Tom Martin                Joan Mankin
Rockets Redglare        Steve Bosh                Daisy Bradford
Chico Terto             Ruy Polanah               Maria Helena Velasco
Emily Woods             Barry Stokes              Colin Gilder
Tim Gallin              Patrick Stack             John Doumanian

Janet Leigh             Albert Nozaki             David Pal
HÈctor Alterio          Blanca Marsillach         Nancy Cartwright
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar     James Avery               Reid Cruickshanks

Chris Hendrie           Prince Hughes             Joy Michelle Ferro
Shaun Bryant            Charene Cathleen          Mark Caso
Steve Antin             Paul Tuerpe               George Robotham
Francis Lemaire         Marie Carlman             Ayshea Leigh
Michael Balfour         Tharita Olivera De Sera   Guntbert Warns
Karen Racicot           Marguerite Corriveau      Michel Daigle
Edward Farrelly         Ottaviano Dell'Acqua      Roffredo Gaetani
Raymond J. Barry        John Stamford             DesirÈe Erasmus
Wes Dawn                Christopher George        Ali Madani
Ann Walker              James Winkler             Bruce French
Sadeke Colobanane       Hyacinthe N'Iaye          Daniel Peacock
Max Trumpower           Doug MacLeod              Gary Chalk
Daniel Simmons          Russell Simmons           Charles Stettler
Gregory Snegoff         Gaetano Russo             Rod Dana
Eddie Powell            Mike Edmonds
John Woodnutt           James Forbes-Robertson    Peter Porteous
John Reade              Pat Garrison              Garry Marshall
Max Worrall             Susan Leonard             Robert Simper
Todd Allen              Howard Hirdler            Jeannie Dimter Barton
Mike DeRienzo           Michael Clay              Fred Buch
Tom Rankin              Peggy McCay               Carole King
Robbie Magwood          Sam Malkin                Debra McGrath
Mohammed Umar           Donal McCann              Kenneth Mason
Jeffrey Weissman        Allen Keller              Randy Oglesby
Professor Toru Tanaka   Ed Herlihy                Ralph Seymour
Andy de la Tour         Hugh Laurie               Mitch Davies
Charles McKeown         Susan Porrett             Donald Eccles
Antonia Vasquez          Tomasino Baratta     John Calvani
Peter Castellotti        Milton Seaman        Mimi Weddell
John Sterlini            Alain Hocquenghem    William Rothlein
James Earl Cathay        Annyce Holzman       Velvet Debois
JoAnn Willette           Ina Gould            Nadine Vix
Ray Woodfork             Phil Neilson         Webster Whinery
John Durbin              David Bond           Bob Libman
John Alexander           Deep Roy             Susan Dacre
Jack Carpenter           Mark De Alessandro   Marty Denkin
Norman Alexander Gibbs   Dennis Ott           Don Pugsley
Emilio Linder            Alan Larson          Thomas Abbott
Michael Moore            John Terlesky        Keith Mills
Inge Deutschhkron        Franz Suchmoel       Joseph Oberhauser
Sam Stoneburner          Lonnie Moore         Rick Pasotto
Autry Ward               Jake Kasdan          Rosanna Arquette
Sergei Rousakov          Garrick Dombrovski   Terry Gilliam
Anna Maria Horsford      Patrick Winningham   Andy Scott
Ted Raimi                Kirk Haas            Al Johnston
Frank Telfer             Brian Bloom          Harry Bellaver
Dick Anthony Williams    Bob Wells            Scot Samis
Steve Pink               Tracy Reiner         Martin J. Layton
Jerry Haynes             Kenneth White        Stoney Jackson
Sam Laws                 Victoria Gallegos    Nigel Casserley
John O'Brien             Paul M. Lane         Brooks Gardner
Jackie Giroux            Michael Zand         Bobby Bass

Patrick Kilpatrick       Larry Sulton         Michael Russo
Alyson Croft             Michael McGrady      Ed McClarty
Allan F. Nicholls        Debra Dusay          Elizabeth Kaye
Vivian Brown             Bill Beyers          Jered Barclay
Geoffrey Keen            Jean Rougerie        Daniel Benzali
Judith Hansen            Fred Miles           Sean Morgan
Virginia Kiser           Clyde Kusatsu        Jude Mussetter
John Kapelos             Fred D. Scott        Vince Townsend Jr.
Timothy Carhart          Sylvia Kauders       Marian Swan
Walter Sparrow           Nadim Sawalha        Roger Brierley

Michael Lombard          Irving Metzman       Reginald VelJohnson
Arthur French            John Berry           Martin Scorsese
Sam Stoneburner          Charles Lewsen       Bernie Passeltiner
Rebeca Arthur            Tim Kazurinsky       Kevin Bourland
Anita Morris             Paul Rhys            Julian Firth
Trevor Steedman          Paul Maxwell         Valerie Colgan

Bruce Kirby              Saveli Kramarov      Judy Landers
Noelle Parker            Alan Autry           Paul Herman
Edie McClurg             Sarah Abrell         Dana Allison
Jim Ruccolo              Bill Smitrovich      Luis Valderrama
Robert Earl Willis       Robin Wood           Harold Broussard
Eloy Casados                  Jeff Doucette       Anne Haney
Warren Munson                 Rosemarie Stack     Barbara Tarbuck
June Kyoto Lu                 Noel Toy            Jade Go
Edward Parone                 Al White            Bill Moody
Fred Pickler                  Philip Markert      Leonard Watkins
Meredith Bain Woodward        Raimund Stamm       Dan Zale
James Carrington              Grant Heslov        Michael Lewis
Brian Evers                   Ed Deacy            Wanda Bimson
Lycia Naff                    Linda Quibell       Bernadette Sabath
Carey Goldenberg              Joe Guastaferro     Paul Herman
Nancy Zawada                  Brendan Tesoriero   Mary Cristadoro
Connie Adams                  Robert J. Maxwell
Roger Hampton                 Chuck Lindsley      David Stenstrom
Kim Delaney                   Jerry Weinstock     Marvin Freedman
Dario Casalini                Andrea Garinei      Luca De Nardo
Eugenia Mor·n                 Danica Remy         S. Bruce Wineinger
Felton Perry                  Eloy Casados        Michael Greene
Adam Cohen                    Alan Kleinberg      Archie Sampier
Lisa Bellard                  Max Perlich         Scott Coffey
Gizelle Elliott               Brigid Cleary       Michael Strano

Kenneth 'Fruitty' Frith Jr.   Bennett Ohta        Kinko Tsubouchi
Christine Newby               Kim Tillesly        Ken Russell

Dennis Sakamoto               Stan Egi            Martin Ferrero
Donald Pickering              Maria Aitken        Hossein Karimbeik
Richard Venture               Peter Jason         J.C. Quinn
Edward Wiley                  James McKenna       John Cassady
Garth Shaw
Robert Boyle                  Jerry D. Petro      Sam Smiley
Chris Hebert                  Mason Nupuf         William Frankfather
Chino 'Fats' Williams         Jay Footlik         Jacque Lynn Colton
Mike Genovese                 Marlene Warfield    Virginia Capers
Terri Hanauer                 Helene Winston      Gary Riley
Pauli Virtanen                Marjo Vuollo        Piita Vuosalmi
Frank Oz                      Michael Hordern     Denise Bryer
Pip Torrens                   Matthew Guinness    Guy Henry
Christian Clemenson           Bart Burns          Bruce French

Alan Tilvern                  John Scott Martin   Vincent Wong
Garrett M. Brown              Donald Harrigan     Judy Leavitt-Wells
Bill Cwikowski                Alex Neil           Norman Snow
Tony Lawn                     Joe Daly            Carlos Duflat
Enzo Marcelli                 Francesco Scali     Annabella Schiavone
Raad Rawi                     David Halliwell     Stephen Persaud
Melanie Boland                Raymond Clare       Emory King
Joseph Roman                  Chris DeRose        Frank Annese
Walter Donohue                Nisha Kapur         Stephen Marcus
Diana Bellamy                 Leland Crooke       Robin Antin
Donald O'Brien       Andrew Birkin             Helmut Qualtinger

Helen Hanft          Michael P. Moran          Reiner Schˆne
George Dickerson     Reiner Schˆne             Carl Gordon
Athan Karras         HÈctor Mercado            Anna Maria Monticelli
Ya'ackov Ben-Sira    Shlomo Tarshish           Esti Katz

Donald Li            Jeremy Piven              Bruce Wagner
Patrick Ragland      Cam Brainard              Daniel Haughey
Randy Bourne         Helen Hunt                Don Stark
Corkey Ford          Ivan Kane                 Paul Sanchez
Jamie Abbott         Ann Louise Bardach        Syd Beard
Christian Jacobs     Audre Johnston            Melanie Manos
Katt Shea            Hugo Stanger              Lisa Ives
Michael Kaye         Joel Weiss                Leila Kane
John Malloy          Lorenzo Clemons           Dick Durock
Lorrie Marlow        Daniel Arthur Wray        Alicia Shonte
Yuzo Nishihara       Taylor Negron             Chris Peters
Mia Fothergill       Kitty Aldridge            Brigid Erin Bates
Ron Cummins          Natividad RÌos Kearsley   John LaMotta
Susan Marie Snyder   Jim Doughan               Christopher J. Keene
MartÌn Fuentes       Gary Farr                 Gilles Millinaire

Robert Krantz        Jan Speck                 Marguerite Happy
Coati Mundi          Ed Pansullo               Vincent J. Isaac
The Texas Kid        Byron D. Hutcherson       Eleana Hutcherson
John Cusack          Madeleine Swift           Popeye
Michael Berryman     Mike Brislane             Grace Lee Whitney

Robert Easton        Pat Gorman                Billy Horrigan
Wirt Cain            Dan Jenkins               John Bloom
Biff Elliot          Hal Riddle                Harold Harris
Mondo Beck           Christian Hosoi           Jesse Martinez
Kai Wulff            Joshua Gallegos           Norbert Weisser
Randall Brady        Duke Stroud               Brian Sheehan
Ed Gilbert           Dan Gilvezan              Eric Idle
Denney Pierce        Ray Shaffer               Brad Thomas
Susan Porrett        Gregory Floy              Joe Dunlop
Nina Li Chi
James LeGros         Ronald L. Schwary         Susan Shoffner
Rummy Bishop         David Blacker             Lolita Davidovich
Steve Forrest        Robert Colbert            Joey Travolta
Peggy Severe         Pruitt Taylor Vince       Dave Petitjean
Rosalie Traina       Maggie Wagner             Charles Randall
Shera Danese         Beverly Todd              Angel David
Todd Bryant          Floyd Foster Jr.          Emil McKown
Wil Albert           Hal Shafer                Zeke Manners
Jennifer Lee         Nonnie Griffin            Bob Clout
Andrea Prodan        Fabio Sartor              Stefania Casini
J.P. Bumstead         William Bronder             Jenny Gago
Glenn Withrow         Stephen Liska               Gilbert Gottfried
Cheryl Starbuck       Margie O'Dair               Arden Lo
Momo Yashima          Armin Shimerman             Brian George
Keith Davey           Sean Ward                   Johnny Lai
David Yanez           Bret Chafe                  McKeiver Jones III
Leo Burmester         Amy Brooks                  Jane Welch
David Schermerhorn    Steve Franken               Phil Simms
Tim Thomerson         Robert Z'Dar                Jenny Lester-McKeon
Jeremy Green          Daniel Beer                 Page Hannah
Graeme Taylor         Adam Stuart Walker          Hamish Stuart Walker
Miranda Garrison      Garry Goodrow               Antone Pagan
Fred Asparagus        Peter Aykroyd               Larry Bilzarian
Jenny Griffith        William Preston Robertson   Sam Raimi
Jane Krakowski        Justine Johnston            Mary Joy

Anthony Powers        Jack McGee                  Gregory Rozakis
Sal Lopez             Gary Landon Mills           Papillon Soo
Bill Graham           Terrence Currier            Terry Hinz
Danny Aiello III      John Marshall Jones         James McIntire
Garry Cook            Harold Kissin               Oliver Hall
Doug Goodman          J.C. Palmore                J.D. Van Sickle

Pamela Sholto         Doug Bradley                Nicholas Vince
Duane Davis           Kristen Clayton             Whitney Reis
Peter Werner          Susanne Vierkˆtter          Paul Busch
Gerald James          Barbara Pierson             Nicky Taylor
Scott Zigler          William H. Macy             John Pritchett

Kathleen Freeman      Archie Hahn                 Dick Miller

Sam Anderson          Maggie Gwinn                Jeffrey Alan Chandler
Tao Wu                Guang Fan                   Henry Kyi
David Colby           Anthony Kiedis              Flea
Jason Ronard          Blackie Dammett             Gail Bowman
Randy Lowell          Art Frankel                 Christine Healy
John Bowe             Julie T. Wallace            Kell Tyler
Todd Feder            Christopher Peters          Keith Butterfield
Theresa Randle        Robert Jaffe                Keith Joe Dick
John Hambrick         Susan Lichtman              Steve Rondinaro
Peter Eyre            Michael Jenn                Mark Payton
Robin Bartlett        Helen Hanft                 David S. Howard
James LeGros          Jan King                    Danny Kopel
Kristen Clayton       Sally Piper                 Rozlyn Sorrell
Linda Carol           Danitza Kingsley            Peggy McCay
Leo Geter             Matthew Barry               John D'Aquino
Hayley Taylor-Block   Matt Riivald                John Wesley
Robert Pastorelli     Tony Epper                  Bill Hart
Ed Cree               Mona Lyden                  Lucinda Crosby
Bob Gunton           Clem Caserta         John Butera
George Petrie        Gary Riley           Charles Tyner
Raul Flores          Robert J. Castaldo   Pat Dwyer
Mark Lambert         David Lumsden        Stanley Beard

Alice Cooper         Betty Ramey          Jessie Ferguson
Malcolm Storry       Willoughby Gray      Betsy Brantley
Danny Kovacs         Yuri Lane            Delores Mitchell
Richard Blake        Troy Nabors          Mary Seibel
James LeGros         Richard Brestoff     Travis McKenna

Mark Carlton         Edward Edwards       Michael Gregory
Claire Caplan        Thom Curley          Ritch Shydner
Bryan Kestner        Anthony Penya        Kurt Fuller
Ashley J. Laurence   Rex Robbins          Christopher Durang

Oliver Cotton        Joe Regalbuto        Tom Signorelli
Bill Condon          Laura Dern
Jeanette Saylor      Erich Schwarz        Donna Stevens

Laura Tubelle        Amy Lynne            Michael Bergman
Peter Carew          Christopher Cass     Jim Paul Eilers
Jim Jackman          Mike Pniewski        Sandy Helberg
Jim Bynum            Linda Nye            Newt Davis
Kim Kondrashoff      Gary Hetherington    Don MacKay
Karla Montana        Vanessa Marquez      Daniel Villarreal
Leslie Carlson       Bill Torre           Richard Mullally
Amy Stock-Poynton    Beau Starr           Laura Waterbury
Bernie McInerney     Thomas Barbour       Paul D'Amato
Michelle Duquet      David Ferry          Dave Foley
E. Katherine Kerr    Caitlin O'Heaney     Vivian Brown
J. Alan Thomas       Randall Miller       Andre Rosey Brown
Jodi Faith Cahn      Edward Bonetti       Joel Meyerowitz
John J. Walsh        Del Close            Colleen Bade
FranÁois Giroday     Josh Mostel          Ann Talman

Tristram Jellinek    Tim Myers            Sean Mathias
Lee Whitlock         Heathcote Williams   Frederick Hall
Christine Ditmars    Craig Burket         Abraham Mishkind
Dorothy St. Heaps    Colleen Clifford     Kevin Manser

Vivian               J.D. Fanger          Harald Bullerjahn
Donald Neal          Peggy Converse       Maureen Kerrigan
Andrew Kavadas       Tom McBeath          Rose Weaver
Keone Young          Don Hood             Earl Boen
Bruce Jay Friedman   Bernie Leighton      Jack Gelber
Alan King            Bonnie Yong          Willie Lai

Douglas Turner       Carmen Filpi         Simmy Bow
Ralph Foody           Stephen E. Miller     Suzie Payne
Alec Von Sommer       Chris Dowden          Rockets Redglare
John Hancock          Mary Gross            Seth Green
Hamilton Camp         Chris Bosley          George T. Bruce
Michael Kenworthy     Jack Rader            Billy Beck
Edith Fields          Barry Jenner          David Tress
Don Henenlotter       Kenneth Packard       Artemis Pizarro
Robert Dickman        Timothy Kirk          Don S. Davis
Roslyn Alexander      Robert Kane           Leila Lee Olsen
Sandra Foster         M. Emmet Walsh        Luca Bercovici
Bruce Beatty          Paula Bellamy         Brandon Bluhm
Victor Moscoso        FranÁoise Mouly       Dan O'Neill
Samuel L. Jackson     Feather               Stephanie Simon
Brian James           Dorothy Alison        Maurie Fields
Bill Bolender         Hillary Hoffman       John Hawkes
FranÁois Montagut     Harry Jones           Christian Erickson
Deborah A. Bryan      Nicholas Love         Maureen McVerry
Marsha Moreau         Dennis Akayama        Dee McCafferty
Joey Plewa            Lorenzo Caccialanza   GÈrard Bonn
Hepburn Graham        Xavier Maly           AndrÈ Penvern
Richard Edson         Michael Lerner        Christopher Lloyd
David Sheltraw        A.J. Duhe             Michael J. Fisher
Roger Brierley        Llewellyn Rees        Michael Percival
Jean-Pierre Delage    Marc Dudicourt        Artus de Penguern
Ya'acov Booch         Rony Blitz
Eugene Clark          Elizabeth Clarke      Beverly Cooper
John Alexander        Peter Elliott         Denise Cheshire
Gregory Forstner      Claude Besson         Marika Gevaudan
Cliff Bemis           Paul Hansen           Debra Lee Ortega
Pia Zadora            Josh Charles          Jason Downs
Edwin Craig           Ron Travis            Oliver Parker

Patricia Falkenhain   Frederick Rolf        Anna Berger
Marilyn Coleman       Jester Hairston       Hawthorne James

Hal Bokar             Rose Weaver           Henry Harris
Fiona O'Connor        Caroline Pope         Elisha Scott

Andre Gregory         Peggy Gormley         Randy Danson
Bill Stevenson        Thomas R. Zak         Newell Alexander
Tara Duckworth        Matthew Modine        Oliver Platt
Thomas J. Hageboeck   Stanley White         Scott McAfee
Christopher White     Gladys Greer          Jake Gipson
Paul Buissonneau      Julien Carletti       Pierre Chagnon
Michael Naft          Tina Romero           Mitchell Baseman
Harriet Rogers        Layla Sommers         Lucas Hall
Lauren O'Brien        John Cunningham       Ann Flood
Tony Brafa            Lorali Hart           Nicholas Worth
Brigitte Fossey            Nellina Lagana        Turi Giuffrida

Robert Hooven              Nicholas Kosovich     Sean Patrick McNerney

Jessie Lawrence Ferguson   Larry Flash Jenkins   Jesse D. Goins
Paul Kozlowski             Barry Sobel           Marty Pollio
Peter Dougherty            Andrew Dougherty      Loretta Wendt Jolivette

Charlie Lovick             Wayne Lovick          Greg Stroud
Bobo Lewis                 Ronnie Gilbert        Leila Danette
Kishan Tarpa               Chaukat Azmu          Haneef Zahoor
Matthew Taylor             Linzi Drew            Tina Shaw
Buddy Hackett              John Houseman         Lee Majors
Kimberleigh Burroughs      Philogen Thomas       Ana Rosa Smith Avila
Glynn Edwards              Robin Groth           Dick Spangler
Bill Erwin                 Anthony Mockus Sr.    Steve Tannen
Michael Chapman            Janet Rotblatt        Ken Camroux
Philippe Le Mercier        Eric Galliano         Father Andrew Herman
Eric Jacquet               Aziz Djahnit          Linda Wise
Judith Kahan               Sam Chew Jr.          Miriam Flynn
Derek Hoxby                Catherine Chevalier   Brendan P. Healy
Miranda Garrison           Liz Torres            Castulo Guerra

Bruno Rubeo                Pirie MacDonald       Allan Corduner
Lee Arenberg               Lyle Alzado           Rocky Giordani
Kenny Moore                Jason Randal          Bob Swain
John F. Goff               Norm Wilson           Thelma Lee
Kenny Lilliebridge         Charles Stransky      William H. Macy

Don Novello                Patti Austin          Sandy Bull
Robert Harper              Rosemary Dunsmore     Lora Milligan
L·szlÛ SzabÛ               VladimÌr Valenta      Clovis Cornillac
Morgan Deare               Danny Capri           Christopher Hollosy
Maria Holvoe               Julie Peters          Mark Vande Brake
Stephen Tiller             Michael O'Hagan       Ivor Roberts
Maggie Wagner              Lou DiMaggio          David Duchovny
Lisa Banes                 Sam Gauny             Cody Palance
John Hillerman             Rick Jason            Christopher Lee
Heather Haase              Nicky Katt            Bill Stevenson

Ken Jenkins                Chris Elliott         Peter Ratray
Robin Williams             Sting                 Andrew MacLachlan
Jay Stevens                Kelly Briley          Cyndi Cozzo
Doug McGrath               Shereil L. Bowens     Acencion Fuentes
Darlene Vogel          Jason Scott Lee        Elijah Wood
George Lane Cooper     Terence Plummer        Philip Tan
Frazier Bain           Diane Franklin         Kimberley Kates
Bruce Katzman          Edmund Ikeda           Tomo Nagasue
Mark Fickert           Weasel Forshaw         Roy Morgan
Jessica Prunell        Frank Whaley           Jason Klein
Melanie Mosely         Galen Schrick          K. Gordon Scott
Wendell Pierce         Sam Robards            Maris Valainis
Nat Benchley           Cliff McMullen         Carey Hauser
Paul Russell           Alex Kingston          Ian Sears
Donna Castellano       Thomas Crowe           Mia Farrow

Kevin Cooney           Jane Moore             Lara Flynn Boyle
Samuel L. Jackson      Rosie Perez            Roger Guenveur Smith
Larry Pine             Harold Surratt         Kenneth Raybourne
Ashley Josey           Jack Rousso            Fred Faser
William S. Burroughs   Robert Lee Pitchlynn   Roger Hancock
Michael Lee            Z. Greenstreet Kam     Woo Wang Tat
Gayle Garfinkle        Shelley Goldstein      Henry Bronchtein
Beege Barkette         Del Zamora             Howard Matthew Johnson
James Eckhouse         Todd Field             Mary Pat Gleason
Charles Hoyes          Art LaFleur            Lee Garlington

Neil Armstrong         Steve Bales            Frank Borman
Lisa O'Connor          Anselm Peters          Amanda Redman
Michael P. Moran       Olivia Ward            Mordecai Lawner
Richard Riehle         Daniel Jenkins         Michael Smith Guess
Peter Tunstall         Pierre Van Pletzen
J.C. Quinn             Rutanya Alda           Brandis Kemp
Sherrie Wills          Curtiss Marlowe        Andy David
John Sessions          Shaun Prendergast      Patrick Doyle
Bill Henderson         Helen Lloyd Breed      Nora Dunn
Donald Hoath           John Levitt            Gordon Gostelow

Roger La Page          Nelson Welch           James Quincey Hendrick
Wendy Van Riesen       Ashlee MacMillam       Nora Kletter
Kimberly Faith Jones   Don Young              Joe Ross
Vernon Dobtcheff       J.J. Hardy             Bradley Gregg
Charle Landry          Tobin Bell             Scott Jaeck
Reiner Schˆne          Edward Walsh           Jim Burk
Stanley Brown          Dan Sturdivant         Jeff Morrell
Frank Acciarto         Lisa Passero           Mike Cichetti
Michael P. Moran       John Ring              Tyrone Jackson
Grand L. Bush          Tony Carreiro          Damon Hines
Don Stroud             Caroline Bliss         Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
J.D. Daniels           Jennifer Darling       Paddi Edwards
Corinne Jaber          Lutfi Jakfar           Akram Khan
Michael Hart           Richard Pickren        Kevin Crowley
David McFarlane        Bernie McInerney      Keye Luke
Lori Hayes             Barbara Welch         Billy Nichols
Darren McHugh          Owen Sharp            Eileen Colgan
Stephen Jones          Lowell Roberts        Sara Driver
Nicholas Guest         Julia Louis-Dreyfus   Nicolette Scorsese
Martin Rosenblatt      Helen Hanft           Annie Joe Edwards
Johnny Lee Davenport   Juan RamÌrez          Miguel Nino
Alisan Porter          Zachary La Voy        Ivyann Schwan

Lisa Stathoplos        Stephen King          Elizabeth Ureneck
Daniel John            Shirley King          Siri Neal
Robert Schuller        George Sells          Roger B. Smith
Gregory Sporleder      John Green Jr.        Bebe Neuwirth
Ken Campbell           Iain Cuthbertson      Susannah Doyle
Michael Fischetti      Luis Ramos            Rafael B·ez
Bernie McInerney       Keith Langsdale       Jamie De Roy
Pearl Jones            Bonnie Johnson        Janelle Cochrane
Chris Claridge         Michael Schipper      Amy Obrand
Janine Turner          James Wlcek           Ronald Young
Julian Bunster         Gedren Heller         Imogen Annesley
Declan Mulholland      Neil Hamilton         John Inman
Charlie Rouse          Phil Woods            Samuel E. Wright
Will Marchetti         Maureen McVerry       Abigail Van Alyn
Nanette Werness        George Russo          Jennifer Occhino
Emo Philips            Lou B. Washington     Vance Colvig Jr.
Colin Baumgartner      Erik Whipple          Mark Rosenthal
SÈbastien Floche       Antony Carrick        Murray Gronwall
Philip Perlman         Susan Isaacs          Trenton Teigen
Brandon Call           Nancy Fox             Harry Johnson
Robert L. Horen        Bruce Paul Barbour    Jason Woliner
Tracy Reiner           Kyle T. Heffner       Kimberley LaMarque
Kurt Russell           Eileen Ryan           Mitch Ryan

Peter Townes           Dan Cox               William Brown
John Scafidi           Benjamen Passman      Flo Spink
Mitchell Litrofsky     Albert Hall           Ned Schmidtke

Tom Thon               Mary Sue Flynn
Danny Roth             Ohad Shahar           Christian Van Aken
Pete Townshend         Midge Ure             Prince Charles

Eugene McCarthy        Jack McCloskey        Tom McClure

Daniel H. Friedman     Lucy Michelle

Raymond Young          Louise Rush           Mary Barclay
cast19                   cast20                     cast21

Michael Procanin         Ray Ball                   Wayne Bell
Jeffrey Douglas Thomas   Tom Tarpey                 Michael Delano
Ted Chapman              Jesse Emmett               Norman Alexander Gibbs
Susan Bredhoff           John Larroquette           George Gaynes
Jessica Potter           Gordon Haight              Carlo Alonso
Glen Campbell            Dick Christie              Rebecca Clemons
Sean McCann              Vincent Glorioso           AdËle Chatfield-Taylor
Lara Cody                Brian Coventry             Rick Davidson
Giovanna Galletti        Gregori Buimistre          Shimon Barr
Ion Teodorescu           Michael D. Gainsborough    Lidia Kristen

Steve Lawrence           Twiggy                     Frank Oz

Chuck Hicks              Robert F. Hoy              Jefferson Jewell
James Keane              Konrad Sheehan             Roy Poole
Aldo Sambrell            Carlos Bravo y Fern·ndez   JosÈ Carlos Ruiz
Brian McConnachie        Tony Santini               Ann Crilley
Paul Young               James Jeter                Stan Wright
Janne Mortil             Terence Kelly              Robert Monroe
Scott Thompson           Natividad VacÌo            Victoria Wells
Jennifer Beasley         Jessica Beasley            Susan Kingsley

Terence Rigby            Tony Mathews               John Quentin
Paula Warner             Hugh Corcoran              Gail Jensen
Stromboli                Richard Hunter             James Cormack

John Halik               Kirk Dangler               Clay Wright
Joseph Daniels           Marilyn Staley             Al Tafoya

Bill Britten             Eric Brockington           Nicholas Bunin
Gary Morgan              Phil Philbin               Robert Goodman
Reuben Green             Tom Signorelli             Richard Backus
Mark Messina             Jose Miranda               Louis Neglia
Stanley Lebor            John Morton                Burnell Tucker
Ric Moreno               Lee Socks                  Tommy Lee Wallace
Lamont Johnson           Mary Ellen O'Neill         Ben Frank
Ken L. Parker            Ari Lehman                 Noel Cunningham
Bartine Burkett          Heather O'Connell          Michael D. Castle
Shanton Granger          John Pavelko               Ray Baker

Maurie Ogden             Jack Ferrari               Jeremy Sims

John Conley              Margaret Benczak           Jim Knobeloch
Virginia Petto           Charles Stewart            Val Zeller
Douglas Dirkson          Anne Haney                 Randal Patrick
Michael Bell             Stan Boyd                  Robert Canada
Amy Barrett              Rob Bottin                 Lyle Isom
Lillian Adams        Thor Nielsen        Stan Wojno
Deney Terrio
Dario Argento
Victor Paul          Dale Robinette      Luther Waters
Larry Duran          Chapelle Jaffe      Aubert Pallascio

Victor Baring        Gianfranco Barra    Loris Bazzocchi
Alan Ford            Dave Ould           Paul Kember
James Whitmore Jr.   John Bottoms        West Buchanan
Diane Spagnuolo      Kim Hudson          Terry Gagnon
Susan Peretz         Robert Wentz        Hal Marshall
Dirk Blocker         Curt Ayers          Trevor Hemley
Peter Woodthorpe     Anthony Steel       Dinah Sheridan
Stuart Whitman       Lesley Dunlop       Patrick Magee
Tim Haldeman         Daniel Knapp        Buckley Norris
Dean Devlin          Ruth Gordon         Martin Mull
Gerald Okamura       Jo McDonnell        Jack Carter
Tim Clarke           Ken Dishner         Lisa Smyth
Geoff Hoyle          Wayne Robson        Larry Pisoni
Sandy Weintraub      Tim Haldeman        Kopi Sotiropulos
Beth Amos            Sonia Zimmer        Sylvia Martin
Harold Valan         Victor Magnotta     Johnny Barnes
Marvin Silbersher    Mark L. Taylor      Maurice Kowaleski
Steven Zaitz         Brian Johnson       Ernie Bashaw
Chris O'Connell      Bobby Black         Pat Ryan
Anthony Sherwood     Ken Umland          Anne Anglin
Clifford Earl        Rusi Gandhi         Percy Herbert
Carolyn Fromson      Sandy Lipton        Herb Armstrong
Burnell Tucker       Jana Sheldon        Kate Phelps

Ted Liss             Francis X. Keefe    Taylor Williams
J.E. Beaucaire       Sharon Stone        Andy Albeck
Doug Johnson         Henry Kingi         Joe Massengale
Walter Robles        A.J. Bakunas        Roberto Caruso
Richard Griffiths    Melissa Wiltsie     Alain Dehay
Jim Broadbent        John Young          Myrtle Devenish
George Morfogen      Charles Blackwell   Jay Acovone
Granada Stephens     Rahsaan Curry       Isha Gaddy
Wendie Jo Sperber    Marc McClure        Susan Donovan
Juli Andelman        Janit Baldwin       Bruce Paul Barbour
Mickey McMeel        Aharon IpalÈ        Lise Lang
Sabu Kimura          Eiji Kusuhara       David Landbury
David Leland         Jack May            Charles McKeown
Sharon Anderson      Jody Wilson         Ilse Earl
Ron Thompson         Lynda Wiesmeier     D.A. Young
Mark Fisher          Gordon Sterne       Paula Jacobs

Irving Metzman       Joe Doolan          John Doolan
Meg Kasdan           Ruth P. Strahan     Filomena Triscari
Rita Cadillac             Otto Sander            G¸nter Lamprecht
Mathew Clark              Nick Dimitri           Les Engel
Mel Tillis                Rick Aviles            Warren Berlinger
Jim Greenleaf             Helen Baron            Patrick M. Wright
John Matuszak             Barbara Bach           Avery Schreiber
Jeremy Sinden             Gordon Hammersley      Andrew Hawkins

E.D. Miller               Jack Hollander         Elaine Goren
Harry Jones

Jack Taylor               Sven-Ole Thorsen       Kiyoshi Yamasaki

Frank Noel Jr.            Zaid Farid             Rai Rogers

Cindy Arnold              Howard Crothall        Richard Moore
Frank Campanella          Hugh Warden            Jim Begg
Stu Gilliam               Denise DuBarry         Helene Winston
Michel Debrane            Etienne Draber         Laure Duthilleul
Nike Zachmanoglou         Morgan Upton           Zandor Vorkov
Deborah Stevenson         Mark Weiner            Lisa Gurley
Vic Bullock               Clem Fox               Tobar Mayo
Charley Boorman           Gerard Mannix Flynn    Garrett Keogh
Jonathan Nicholas Haley   Alex McCrindle         John Bennett
Gail Benedict             D. David Lewis         Griffin Dunne

Norman Bird               Marc Smith             Arnold Diamond
Toby Robins               Jack Klaff             Alkis Kritikos
John Aquino               John Ring              Tony DiBenedetto

Richard Griffiths         Graham Fletcher-Cook   Richard Hope
Carolyn Louden            Jaime Perry            Tom Shea

Larry Ross                Frank Grimes           Frank Schuller
Nich Dobree               Ghassan Fadallah       Hans H‰ckermann
Harold Baigent            Robyn Galwey           Don Quin
Helena Carroll            Robin Curtis           Breon Gorman
Lucille Benson            Howard Culver          Dana Carvey
Warren Munson             Alice Playten          Harold Ramis

Earl Finn                 Suzanne Kent           Michael Champion
Herbie Braha              Joe Bratcher           Bill Sorrells
Rex Sevenoaks             Michael Fisher         Gordon Richardson
Michael P. Moran          Scott H. Reiniger      Maureen Sadusk

Lou Hancock               Tony Frank             Annie Belle
Jimmy Brown               Tony Deary             Kathleen McKay

Ewa Gisslen               Elsie Hohn             Paul Smith
Scott Covert              Karen O'Shea           Cindy Green
Jeff Banks          Pat Hemingway        Graham Whitehead

Jan Biczycki        Osman Ragheb         Ursula Ludwig
Einar Perry Scott   Erle Bjornstad       Jacques Roux

Bill Bailey         Chris Williams       Marc Boyle
Paul Drummond       Dorothy Cunningham   Aston S. Young
Dick Balduzzi       John Furlong         Sam Edwards
Douglas Stevenson   Susan Monts          Peter Giuliano
Anthony Chinn       Pat Roach            Christopher Frederick
Hamilton Camp       Paul Stewart         Mimi Davis
Tony King           Dan Inosanto         Weaver Levy
Jeannie Spector     Marc Savoy           Frank Savoy
Nick Toth           Dave Thomas          Robin Klein
Suzanne Kent        Brenda King          Len Lesser
James Handy         Steven Ryan          Jay Gregory

Lora Staley         Hal Frank            Del Close
Cindy Girling       Gina Dick            Christopher Britton
S¯ren Lindsted      Russell Osman        Kevin O'Callaghan
Nickolas Grace      John Grillo          Richard Hope
Ceri Jackson        Janine Lesley        Sasha Mitchell
Ned Dowd            Jim Haynie           Jack Thibeau
Laurene Landon      Wendy Phillips       Jack Jones
Murphy Cross        Nancy Sinclair       I.M. Hobson
Harry S. Truman     James E. Van Zandt   Hugh Beaumont
Michael O'Rourke    Bentley H. Garrett   Allison Wittliff
Mary Ellen Shultz   Constantine Scopas   Charles Stanley
Michael Mazes       Jeanette Linne       Corinne Bohrer
Rodney Kageyama     Terrence Currier     Nannette Rickert
Lorraine Fields     Trish Garland        Sandy Johnson

Leo Gorcey Jr.      Sharon Hesky         Kelly Hine
Billy Silva         Bill McLaughlin      David Beecroft

Robert Pavlovich    Julie Denney         Arione De Winter
David Early         Nann Mogg            Iva Jean Saraceni
Sean Barrett        Peter Burroughs      Charles Collingwood
Eugene Brezany      Brad Baird

Lauren Zaganas      Sharon Ziman         Mark Margolis
Joss Buckley        Michael Carter       Vivienne Chandler
Barbara Hartnett    Milt Kogan           Alexander Lampone
Pamela Carter       Buck Henry           Anna Mathias

John Vine           Tim Van Rellim       Ellis Dale
Scott Spiegel       John Cameron         Joanne Kruse
James Bolt              Nicolas Cage           Reginald Farmer
Oliver Cotton           Bernard Behrens        Richard Derr
Robert Metcalfe         Stephen Dimopoulos     Bruce Greenwood
Veriano Luchetti        Lourdes Magalhaes      Christian Mantilla
Richard L. Hawkins      James Karen            Darrell Larson
Terence McCorry         Gianni Standaart       Anne Gaybis
Bill Moor               Peter Boyden           Doris Belack
Jayant Kripalani        Sudha Chopra           Daniel Chatto
Susan Peretz            John Russell           Charles Cyphers

Helene Udy              Lisa Bunting           Michelle Davros
Chip Giannettino        John Halicki           Warner E. Leighton
Julianna McCarthy       Mel Welles             Sylvia Lawler

Frankie Faison          Sarah Felcher          Sharon Foote
John Lovick             Frank Hearn            Jack Purcell
John Welsh              Richard Brestoff       Jed Mills
Diane Black             Yvonne De Carlo        Robin Eurich
Vern Taylor             Elizabeth Rogers       David R. Marshall
Tom Waits

Ren Woods               Ebony Wright           Eugenia Wright
Nell Campbell           Emma Longfellow        Lorna Barton
Noel Conlon             Robert Broyles         Sonny Landham
Bill Hindman            John Henry Redwood     Jack Mulcahy
Philip Tan              Ishaq Bux              Brigitte Kahn
Fred Morsell            Ed Kovens              Richard Duggan

Bill Baldwin Sr.        Jimmy Lennon Sr.       Marty Denkin

Edie McClurg            Joshua Lawrence
Cortez Nance            G¸nther Maria Halmer   Karlheinz Hackl
Heidi Bassett           Danielle Bollettieri   Ray Bouchard
Jim Kosub               Ray Whittey            Roy Reeves
Judy Mooradian
Kevin Rodney Sullivan   Joel Marstan           Teresa E. Victor
Hilary Shepard          Nadia Fahmi            Richard Montgomery

Christopher Cary        Peter Breck            Alan Caillou
Peter Mackriel          Jerold Wells           Harry Jones
Gianpaolo Saccarola     Ippolita Santarelli    Francesca Viscardi
Lisa Mirkin             Roderick Jones         Richard Krause

Larry Holt              Melvin Jones           Eric Mansker
Michael Ryan            Robert D. Wilson       James Carruthers
John Ralph Wilson       Robert Costley         Robert Earle
Tony Brubaker           Charlie Picerni        Pierre Vuilleumier
Evelyn Moore            Juanita Fleming        Jack Collard
Jay Benedict            Olivier Pierre         Martin Rayner
Donna Patti                Peter Savage        Mike Miller
Jillian Ross               Laurie Robyn        Victor Magnotta
Barry Morse                Liam Neeson         Meg Wynn Owen
Barbara Pilavin            Beau Billingslea    James Keane
Kyle Scott Jackson         Terry O'Quinn       Victor Arnold

Eugene J. Anthony          Andrew Gorman       Marco A. David

Anthony James              Robin Braxton       Anna Forrest
Bill Rayburn               Llewelyn Thomas     Jane Pratt
Jack Harmon                Nina Axelrod        Kelly W. Brown
Andres Aybar               Isabel Cooley       L. Jerry Greenberg

Keri Montgomery            Jan Burrell         Charles Steak
Helen E. Kaider            John Wong           Johan Sebastian Wong
James D. O'Reilly          Caitlin Hart        Virginia Morris

Gordon Jocelyn             Bill Copeland       Jack Messinger
Ray Cobb

Roger Avon                 Christopher Irvin   Stuart Richman
Jennifer Dana Giangrasso   Mary Pat Gleason    Angela Pietropinto
Des Nealon                 Marie Conmee        Oliver Maguire
Marc Lemberger             Wayne Frost         Kenneth Gabbert
Lauri Tˆrhˆnen             Elsa Salamas        Anatoli Davydov
Patrick Pankhurst          Dick Warlock        Martin Cassidy
Brian T. Small             Alan Treadwell      Kenny Myers
Jane Horner                Kathy Jenkins       Steve Mellor
Chuck Low                  Liza Minnelli       Leslie Levinson

Andy Bradford              Gerard Naprous      Bill Weston
Jean Passanante            Maggie Task         Marisa Smith
Michael Drechsler          Jose Preval         David Ilku
Harlan Jordan              Charles Kearney     Betty Macey
Jesus 'Chuy' De La O       Oscar Hidalgo       Robert Jordan
Victoria Wells             Rita Rogers         Irma GarcÌa
Michelle Cundey            Rance Howard        Daniel Will-Harris
Peggy Johnson              Fred Kareman        Mohindra Nath Kawlra
Sparky Marcus              Perla Walter        M. Stark

Barry Dorking              Geoff Clendon       Grant Bridger
Chris Grant                Sydney Arnold       Guy Bertrand
Michael Ensign             Ken Olfson          Frank Birney

Mora Gray                  Jim Kester          Derek Partridge
Mickey Jones               John Diehl          Jeannie Dimter Barton

Guido Adorni               Vincent Marzello    Christopher Reich
Philip Voss                Bruce Boa           Richard LeParmentier
Arthur Haggerty         Addison Greene        Frank Ferrara
Merete Van Kamp         Bruce A. Block        Buddy Joe Hooker
Teresa Wilkerson Hunt   Linda Nystedt         S.E. Hinton
Russell Bates           Peter Conrad          Jack Mulcahy
Gene Whittington        Robert Traynor        George Dickerson
Steven Lambert          Jogi Hollands         Al Lai
Susan Kase              Mittie Smith          Royal Dano
Jerome Landfield        Ron Dean              Bruno Alexander
S.E. Hinton             Emmett Brown          Tracey Walter

Richard Belzer          Paul Espel            John Brandon
M. Emmet Walsh          Graham Jarvis         James Rebhorn
Allen Breton            Mike Mahon            John Churchill
Jill Carroll            Tony Christopher      Sharan Lea
Robert Fields           Keenen Ivory Wayans   Sandy Wolshin
Kurtwood Smith          Frank Stallone        Nell Alano

Paddy Sampson           Roger Dunn            Diane Douglass
Tim Richmond            Ricky Rudd            Cale Yarborough
Nancy Fish              Carmen Argenziano     Lisa Britt
Stefan Kalipha          Helen Horton          Lou Hirsch

Eli Cummins             Tony Frank            Berkley Garrett
F. William Parker       Amanda Watkins        Buddy Gilbert
Reginald Johnson        Manny Smith           Ray Valdez
Bonnie Behrend          Sunnie Merrill        James Newell
Jill Andre              Ann Travolta          John Hudkins
Stephen Tozer           Rawiri                Desmoine Swan
Jan Triska              Jeremy Kemp           Emmett Dennis III
Eric F. Valdez          Andaluz Russell       E. Villavicencio
Camille Calvert         Lisa Antille          Theresa Hayes
Franciszka Hedland
Jerry Jones             Leonard D'John        Peter Pan
Billy Ray Sharkey       John Spencer          Michael Madsen
Nicky Beat              Steve Bidrowski       Julie Winchester
Cecily Polson           David Oyang           Mark Egerton
Clive Francis           Rupert Frazer         William Gaunt
Jenny Beck              Jason Bernard         Diane Civita
Larry Carroll           Herta Ware            Cheryl Carter
Stone Bower             Mel Scott-Thomas      Barnetta McCarthy
Marilyn Tokuda          David Byrd            Nicholas Shields
Nicholas Kepros         Philip Lenkowsky      Herman Meckler
Flip Rock               Buck Four             Bernard Fowler
Eduardo Ricard          William Marquez       Deborah Fallender
Alice Cadogan           Philip Levien         Karen Mayo-Chandler
Joe Lerer               Alice Truscott        Ed Taylor
RÙmulo Arantes          Giovanna Soore        Grupo Benzala
Agatha Vishviki         Chris Paps            V. Kloufetos
Denise Loveday             Gela Nash             Ray Hassett
June Mitchell              Lee H. Doyle          Janet Cicchese
Dexter Fletcher            Pete Lee-Wilson       Jon Gadsby
Gweldolyn Brown            Andre Landzaat        Dalton Cathey
Randy Frazier              Minnie Gentry         Carl Gordon
Graham Beckel              Gene O'Neill          Rocco Siclari
Don Knotts                 Ricardo Montalban     Jim Nabors
Mitch Carter
Roy Evans                  Edward Marsen         Jimmy Brown

Glenn Withrow              Jennifer Grey         Wynonna Smith
Norman Burton              Thomas Murphy         Roxanne Mayweather
Carl Strano                Brian Libby           Bob Terhune
Dean Stockwell             Max von Sydow         Alicia Witt
Stanley Grover             Bob Arbogast          David Suchet
Paul Herman                Kenneth Welsh         John H. Reese
Jim Boeke                  Vinny Argiro          Carl Strano
Cassandra Ward-Freeman     Scott R. Davis        Nina Jones
Adam Klugman               Ray Roderick          Googy Gress

Leo Geter                  Ken Kemp              Russ McGinn
Mogens Rukov               Gotha Andersen
Bonnie Hellman             Arnie Moore           Robert Perault
Roger Grimsby              Larry King            Joe Franklin
Raye Girouard              Gary Kalpakoff        Gary Robert
Belinda Balaski            Daniel Llewelyn       Edward Andrews
Tiffany Helm               Al Hansen             Jack Stryker
JoaquÌn Alonso             JosÈ Luis Fern·ndez   Camilo Vilanova
Daniel K. Moore            Michael Moore         Linda Briggs McCulloch
Dorsey Wright              Richard Jutras        Johnny O'Neil
Holgie Forrester           Chris Giannini        Allan Graf
Ruby De Miel               D.M. Denawake         I. Serasinghe
Diane Page                 Traci Odom            Melissa Toomin
Gary Watkins               Mike Bacarella        Hank Garrett
Tom Fridley                Pat E. Johnson        Bruce Malmuth
Nell Campbell              Joan Harris           Joanna Merlin
Robert Fairbairn           Donald Gantry         Reuben Green
Pepe Sancho                John Sham             Ma Wu
Peter D'Arcy               Mai Britt Finseth     Valerie
Peggy Pope                 Meg Wyllie            Ellen Blake
Helen Verbit               Kenneth O'Brien       Erin Hiller
Jack 'Wildman' Armstrong   Big John Studd        Chief Jay Strongbow
Jeff Mason                 Stephen Barbers       Kim Marriner
Stephanie Cotsirilos       Frederick Strother    Anthony Cortino
Frances Bergen             Edward I. Koch        John Landis
Anthony J. Ferrara         Philip Mankowski      Danny Aiello III
Chester Clark              Joshua Lee Patton     Pat Moss
Shashawnee Hall            Carol Pritikin        Brian Reise
Shirley Stelfox          Janet Key              Hugh Walters
David Naughton           Lynne Ritchie          Alice Ghostley
Mario Brega              Ray Dittrich           Frank Gio

Geraldine Thomas         Tanga                  Dario Argento
Lawrence Lott            Clayton Wilcox         Pamela Brull
George R. Robertson      Don Lake               Bill Lynn
John Bentley             Ed Setrakian           Rik Colitti

Kathleen York            Georganne LaPiere      Pamela Myers
Joseph E. Ferraro        James French           Wendy Melvoin
Judd Omen                Michael D'Agosta       Johelen Carleton
Ed Pansullo              Steve Mattson          Thomas R. Boyd
Michael Robert Coleman   Tom DeFranco           Charles George Hildebrandt
Jim Antonio              Samuel Scott Osborne   Amy Rydell

Ted White                Manuel E. Santiago     Michael Cassidy
Judith Johns             Betty Phillips         Andrew Rhodes
Jonathan Chapin          Joan Cusack            Brian Doyle-Murray
Sten Johan Hedman        Bjˆrn Wallmark         Kurt Diop
Robert Tyler             Pat Grabe              Terry Dodd

Ronald F. Hoiseck        Lou Tiano              Joe Grifasi
Christopher Lloyd        Stephen Liska          John Larroquette
Carol Rosenthal          Mickey Jones           Lu Leonard

John Dennis Johnston     Harry Beer             Olivia Brown
Michelle Taylor          Nancy Wood             Virginia Greig
Bill Crabb               T. Renee Crutcher      David J. Dominick
Ed Dogans                Joe Farago             Hettie Lynne Hurtes
Richard Holley
Julie Payne              Dana Carvey            Sandy Helberg
Stuart Baker-Bergen      Donald Barber          Robert Harvey
Louise Yaffe             Charlotte Zucker       Susan Breslau
Roland Topor             Vincent Martin         Marc Arian

Gus Parker               Ned Ivers              Lillian Cameron
Sandra Wilder            Tammy Brewer           Noni White
Lillian Graham           Norma Dell'Agnese      Muguette Moureau

Greg Walker              Sig Frohlich           John J. Caraccioli
Elsa Raven               Will Hare              Ivy Bethune
Edward Mehler            Thomas Rollerson       Toby Iland
Jack Laing               John Hurt              Rosemary Anne Sisson

Brian Miller             Simon Nash             Prudence Oliver

Gloria Charles           Yana Nirvana           Grand L. Bush
Hadley Kay               Marla Lukofsky         Pauline Rennie
Patricia Kalember       Mike Starr                  Charles Dutton
Blane Savage            Matt West                   Pat McNamara

Fiona Hallett           Ricky Fataar                Mark Moffatt
James Ritz              Charles Rainsbury           Wendy J. Cooke
Lou Damiani             Nydia Rodriguez Terracina   Andre Marquis
Peto Kinsaka            Lelo Masamba                Margaret Freeman
Hank Calia              Walter Scott                Greg Wayne Elam

Lesley Manville         Tony Mathews                Nicholas McArdle
Jeff Hogan              Barbara Holmes              David Kindlon
Veronica Duffy          David Hatton                Laurance Rudic
Frank Murtha            Dave Roberts                Bob Blankman
Annie Golden            Richard Edson               Ann Magnuson
Tetchie Agbayani        Paulo Vinicius              Aloisio Flores
Ulrich G¸nther          Frank Henson                Jazzer Jeyes
Ray Iannicelli          Ed Crowley                  Gibby Brand

Zsoka Pal               Tony Randall                Ann Robinson
Jorge Bosso             Mario De Barros             Ida Bons
Bruce French            Burton Gilliam              David W. Harper

Deanna Shapiro          Candice Daly                Olive Dunbar
Charles McDaniel        Elaine Cohen McMahon        Michael Paul Chan
Danny Tolkan            Maximilian R¸thlein         Ronald Nitschke
Paul Humpoletz          Tom Deininger               Keith Edwards
Marie-Chantal Labelle   Francis Reddy               Claude Sandoz
Ruggero Deodato
David Lambert           Cassie Stuart               Meachell Dunsmoor
Michael Zand            Hadi Sadjadi                Beruce Gramian
Brandon Call            Christina Hutter            John Furlong
Benyahim Ahed           Alaoui Hassen               Makoula Ahmed
Dwight McFee            Peter Anderson              Corliss M. Smith Jr.
Rick Rubin              Sal Abbatiello              Adam Horovitz
Stefano Horowitzo       Paul Tuerpe                 Venantino Venantini

Katherine Schofield     Owen Holder                 Jamie Roberts
Byron Tong              Gayle Lanza                 Donald Gibb
Virginia Wark           Geeling Ng                  Ray Turnbull
Steve James             Cathy Arden                 Andrew Robinson
Bruce McLaughlin        Robert Apte                 Marshall D. Gage
Ted Gehring             Joshua Ravetch              C. Ray Cook
Michelle Meyrink        Sarah Polley                Jan Rubes
Tristram Jellinek       Stephen B. Grimes           Annabel Maule
Herman Poppe            Kathleen Wygle              Terrence Evans
Lou Cutell              Raymond Martino             Erica Yohn
Christopher Fairbank    Lindsay Ingram              Richard Hope
Denys Hawthorne         Don Estelle                 Eli Woods
Murray Staff            Joseph Ruskin              Raymond Serra
Tom Degidon             Mary Hedahl                Edward Herrmann
Tony Munafo             Tom Gehrke
Lawrence Lowe           Robert Holcomb             Mike Filloon
Paul Tulley             Joanne Baron               Chip Johnson
Frank Simpson           Dodi Kenan                 Reginald VelJohnson
John Stuart West        Michael Crabtree           Ed Krieger
Geoff Felix             David Greenaway            Swee Lim
Lou Fillipo             James 'Cannonball' Green   Dean Hammond
John Fountain           Wally Rose                 Danny Trejo
Elmer Modling           Juan Miguel Manrique       Dennis Vaughan
Ken Lerner              Dermott Downs              Doug Savant
Anton Spiess            Raul Hilberg               Franz Schaliing
Cassidy Eckert          Wendy Walker               Michael Lague
Rusty Meyers            Zeke Davidson              Lois Geary
Costa-Gavras            Seva Novgorodtsev          Stephen Hoye
Christian Iraberen      Daniele Iraberen           Bennet Bowman
Chuck Morris            Scott Mitchell             Glenn Barr
Beth Tegarden           Ann Dane                   Rutanya Alda
Tom Blackwell           Saundra Dunson-Franks      Tanzia Franks
Amy Resnick             Robert Bauer               Frantz Turner
Jake T. Robinson        Boxcar Willie              Tony Frank
Barbara Brumley         Dabney Garrett Munson      Helmut Graetz
Sharon Thomas           Tom Walsh                  Tony Shuster
Dar Robinson            Anne Betancourt            Katherine M. Louie

Norma Pratt             Andrew Craig               Ryan Sexton
Don Ross                Michael Heldebrant         Kymberly Sheppard
Rick Tutor              Joanne Klein               Jill C. Klein
Lou Fant                Gene Pietragallo           Donna Fuller
Bogdan Kominowski       Papillon Soo               Mary Stavin
Cash Stone              Ken Pelo                   Kevin Kahl Lease
Carlos Romano           Duncan Ross                Shakti
Chino 'Fats' Williams   Jill Whitlow               Theodocia Goodrich
Maria Bradley           Rozwill Young              Paul S. Nuss
Vivienne Chandler       Lockwood West              John Scott Martin

Rik Colitti             John Snyder                J.J. Cole
Philippe Noiret         Alain Sarde                Eddy Mitchell
Michael John McGann     Gwen Nelson                Roger Ostime
Dean Bastounes          Charlotte Maier            Marjorie Bransfield
Chris Pitt              Lionel Blair               Gary Beadle
Alan Polonsky           Alibe Parsons              Blain Fairman

Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.   James Tolkan               K.C. Winkler
Gary Gober              Marshall Fallwell Jr.      Doug Anderson
Boris Aplon             Nora Boland                Kimberlin Brown
Roy Datz                James Eros                 Kenny Calman
Merlyn Foret            Marcus Delahoussaye        Ken Maux
Bill Overton        Peter Van Norden          Patrick Brennan
Al White            Teddy Wilson              Gloria Gifford
Jerry Hardin        James Lew                 Jim Lau
Townsend Coleman    Dalton Cathey             Frank Dent
Moses Gibson        Selden Smith              Peter Carew
Dwight Koss         Jim McLarty               Betty Phillips
Leonard O. Turner   Vance Colvig Jr.          Jeff Prettyman
Brian Drillinger    Stacey Glick              Lisa Waltz
Penny A. Mesa       Penny Smith               Joey Cramer
Mark Jarvis         Lawrence Linn             Keith McCready
Dean Mercil         Colette Geraci            Janet Ramage

Adele Malis-Morey   Corey Burton
Bob Levit           Chelli Goldberg           Chris Ellia
Angela Frondaroli   Caroline Christina Lund   Karen Gennaro
Armen Dirtadian     Molly Fontaine            Al Petito
Ken Koch            Dorothy Tristan           Raymond Lee
David Dahlgren      Alex Miller               Eliott Keener
Eric Saiet          Jason Alderman            Joey Garfield
Parris Buckner      Robyn Peterson            Tony Tracy

Govind Chipalu      Chantara Nop              Phok Ok

James Ritz          Dock P. Ellis Jr.         Richard M. McNally
Anita Edwards       Angus MacInnes            John Gordon Sinclair
Begonia Plaza       John Eames                Thom Sharp
Ian Reddington      Sion Tudor Owen           Damien Leake

Tom McConnell       Dennis Farkas             Tim Fogarty
Joseph Brutsman     Eric Norris               Debra Berger
Shawnee Smith       Heather Haase             Kathy Wagner
Dennis Farina       Frederick Coffin          Dr. Richard Grossman
Leda Siskind        Joshua Harris             Robert Kino

Steve Whitmire      Kevin Clash               Anthony Asbury
Andrew Bicknell     Clyde Pollitt             William Morgan Sheppard
Lynn Hamilton       Paul Jabara               Chevi Colton

Mak Wilson          Danny Cunningham          Danny John-Jules
Christina Baglivi   Shirley Madlock           Rosanne E. Krevitt
Jim Zubiena         Frankie Faison            Garcelle Beauvais
Rafael Camerano     Monirak Sisowath          Silvestre Chiripua
Andrea Coppola      Michael Ende              Pietro Martellanza
Maggie O'Neill      Gary Cady                 Donna Cannon
Tony Vega Sr.       Aurora Clavel             Butterfly McQueen
Paul McCallum       Dennis Hayden             Tony Montero
Badi Uzzaman        Ayub Khan-Din             Gurdial Sira
Cindy Beal          Sue Jackson               Darian Mathias
Lucien Bodard        Peter Berling          Pete Lancaster

Olek Krupa           Michael Margotta       Julian Beck
Victoria Edwards     Annalee Jefferies      Ed Nakamoto
Read Morgan          Kario Salem            Tim Wallace
Aharon Greener       Peter Friestadt        Sara Aman

Laura Waterbury      Rich Hall              Taylor Negron
Sylwia Hartowicz     Hanna Hartowicz        Nicholas Hill
Marshall Crenshaw    Chris Donato           Robert Crenshaw
J. Adam Glover       Corey Glover           Bob Orwig
David Beaman         Hayley Taylor-Block    Pamela Gordon
Maggie Roswell       Dweezil Zappa          Jimmie Podrasky
Angele Ritter        Diane Rodriguez        Virginia Gregg
Dan Leegant          John Walter Davis      Gregory Wagrowski
Frank Ferrara        Thomas Rosales Jr.     Jack Hallett
Jon H. Epstein       Terri Lynn             Sylvia Dohi
Richard Richcreek    Maeve Odum             Francis De L'Etanche du Bois
Isabella Celani      Luigi Di Fiore         Matyelok Gibbs
Richard Kuss         Jeff Silverman         Dax Brooks
Henry Noguchi        Frank Sivero           Arnold F. Turner
RamÛn MenÈndez       John Doe               Leticia Valenzuela

Howard Krick         Marjorie Card Hughes   Herb Smith
J. Steven Markus     Anne Lambton           Sallie Anne Field
Thomas Cavano        Dorothy Demme          Emma Byrne
Geanette Bobst       Art Burke              Matt Williams
Jane Wiedlin         Vijay Amritraj         Majel Barrett

Denise Kellogg       Lisa Lu                Bronco McLoughlin

Sherry P. Sievert    Joe Lopes              James Umphlett
Masao Miyashiro      Steve Olson            Johnny Ray
Brian Thompson       Hector Elias           Hector Morales
Ron Clark            Frank Pesce            Pete Pettigrew
Buster Jones         Stan Jones             Casey Kasem
Terry Loughlin       Graham Smith           Kevin Yagher
Arturo Venegas       Peter Mackriel         Doyle Richmond

Shelly Kurtz         Joe Hamer              H. Clay Dear
John Dee             Monica Devereux        Clarke Devereux
Forrest J Ackerman   Sybil Danning          Lana Clarkson
Rick Washburn        Neil Newlon            Oakley Dalton
Mimi Weddell         Larry Pine             Lola Pashalinski
Nicholas Cascone     William Frankfather    Annie O'Donnell
Jon Paul Jones       Eddie Vail             Drew Steele
Pearl Shear          Rik Colitti            Michael Collins
Harvey Chao          Christine Pak          Joan Kaye
Michael Crabtree       Clare Fields                Claudia Stenke
Tom Bower              Valerie Wildman             Hugh M. Hefner
Rickey Pierre          Nick Krieger                Gary Sturgis
Ernest Harada          Emma Walton                 Elaine Wilkes
Henry Ho               Henry Kot                   Thomas Lam
Terrence Evans         Tony Plana                  Eloy Casados
Jonathan Benya         Frank Doubleday             Sally Knight
Tudor Sherrard         George Gray                 Jimmie Lee Mitchell
Katie Greene           Joan Riddell                John Tarnoff
Lois Chiles            David Beecroft              Tom Wright
Spring Stuart Walker   Sophie Mgcina               Jim Findley
Thomas Cannold         M.R. Fletcher               Jesus Fuentes
Jim Boeke              Sandra Canning              William Chalmers

Christine Farrell      Marc McQue                  James Eckhouse

Rose Gregorio          Mike Starr                  Kit Le Fever
Peter Edmund           Ngoc Le                     Leanne Hong
Lisa-Marie Felter      William Williamson          Joseph A. Ross Jr.
Peter Mackenzie        No Tran                     Hoa Nguyen
Sue Ingleton           Robert Barrett              Maurice Hughes

Simon Bamford          Grace Kirby                 Sharon Bower
Joe Sagal              Jeff Levine                 Mark Edward Morante
Karin Busch            Irene Moessinger            Franky
Jodie Andrews          Nicholas Askew              Jamie Bowman
Meshach Taylor         Johnny 'Sugarbear' Willis   Josh Conescu

Kenneth Tobey          Joe Flaherty                Andrea Martin

Stephen Lee            John Quade                  Lettie Ibarra
Alvin Riley III        Lisa Lu                     Hideo Takamatsu
Brittain Frye          Jack Irons                  Afrika Islam
Robert Fol             Selma Archerd               Richard B. Whitaker
Mary Jane Courier      Debbie Zipp                 Teresa Bowman
Catherine Rabett       Dulice Liecier              Nadim Sawalha
Gerald Younggren       Eric Graves                 J. Dinan Myrtetus
Khandi Alexander       Henry Woolf                 Rigg Kennedy
Sherry Diamont         Ruthe Geier                 Mike Hanly
Orlando Wells          Maria Britneva              John Elmes
Robert Weil            Amy Aquino                  Tony Azito
Billy Beck             S.A. Griffin                Bob Terhune
Nan Martin             Stacey Alden                Dick Cavett
Linda Shayne           Robert Pierce               Claude Earl Jones
Peter Bell             Tony Webster                Matthew Evans
Sarina C. Grant        Tyra Ferrell                Nicole Burdette
Sally R. Brown         Carol Ann Susi              R. Gilbert Clayton
Bing Russell           Richard Stahl               Ray Combs
Phoebe Ungerer         Victor Argo           Fred Melamed
Susan Isaacs           Lulie Newcomb         John Randolph Jones
Susan Sterling         Susan Paine           Tamara Johnson Bolm
James Saxon            Ken Sharrock          George Shane

Paul Badger            Sallie McLaughlin
Martin Pistone         Sharon Thomas         Elliott S. Valderrama
John O'Donnal          Keith Jandacek        Warren Forsythe
Drew Blake Gordon      Hugh Gordon           Bruce M. Fischer

Freddie Hice           Neil Summers          Gene Wolande
Kevin Nealon           Brian George          Maureen Murphy
Ken Lerner             Dey Young             Rodger Bumpass
MacIntyre Dixon        Bill Fagerbakke       Jack Davidson

Aldo Ray               Nicholas Kepros       Justin Clark

Jeff Wright            Herb Pender

Megan Daniels          Dale L. Evans         Peter Elbling
Suzi Gilder            Mary Gillis           Billy Kane
Stephen Tobolowsky     Jeff MacGregor        Henry Kaiser
Harlan Jordan          Dennis Letts          Annabelle Weenick
Don S. Davis           Roger Dean            David Brass
Lou Diamond Phillips   Michael Goldfinger    Michael Yama
Marie Barrientos       Eddie Earl Hatch      Dorian Joe Clark
Robin Kaufman          Dottie Archibald      Patricia Conklin
Carl Jackson           Paul De La Rosa       Gregory McKinney
Paul Guilfoyle         Cynthia Harris        Earl Hindman
John Rothman           Sterling E. Gardner   Shirley Stoler
Tony Ciccone           William Ray Watson    Larry McCormick
Gregory Hodal          Katrina Marshall      Sally Moffet
Greg Noonan            Sean Grennan          Larry Viverito Sr.
Lisa Zebro             Rocco Anacarola       Martin Sherman

Ron Donachie           Douglas Chege         Wensley Pithey
William Lawford        Pamela Duncan         Bob Flag
Christopher Verrette   Becca Lish            Ruth Maynard
Mary Regan             Queenie Ashton        Helen Lomas

Andy Franks            Daryl Bamonte         Jane Spiers
Jake Kasdan            Paul Williamson       Walter Sparrow
Linda Darlow           Veena Sood            Allan Lysell
William E. Dearth      Robert Starr          Bobby Sargent
Paul Sills             John Schenck          Noel Behn
Martin Yong            Jim Aman              Freddie Chin

Sylvia Sidney          Robert Goulet         Dick Cavett
Christopher Kubasik    Timothy Jerome           Howard Siegel
Jaime Tirelli          Paul Herman              Nancy Giles
Leo Burmester          Lucy Webb                Roy Brocksmith
Joey Green             John Witherspoon         Tony Todd
Wade Mayer             Douglas Emerson          Jack Nance
David Bantly           Bill Gratton             Parker Whitman
Slam Wedgehouse        John Zacherle
Stephen Ware           Tobi Eshelman            C.K. Bibby
Ed Gale                Lena Sack                Tommy Gerard
Pamela Dunlop          Leslie Neale             Brian Benben
Mark Booker            Ron Boyd                 Verda Bridges
Harvey Pekar           Gilbert Shelton          Art Spiegelman
Garcelle Beauvais      Vondie Curtis-Hall       Elaine Kagan
Peter Hosking          Matthew Barker           Bruce Kilpatrick
Michael Costello       Bill Johnson             Brent Anderson
Catherine Cauwet
John X. Heart          Victoria Bastel          Kathleen Turco-Lyon
Susan Markle           Murray Cruchley          Jane Luk
Dennis Hayden          Al Leong                 Gary Roberts
Louis Zorich           Georges Gerrard Baffos   Valerie Beaufils
Michael Mantell        Kevin Tighe              Eliot Asinof
Jeff Wickersham        J.C. Sealy               Neva Gage
Kate Lansbury          Robert Ian Mackenzie     Andrew MacLachlan
Dominique Pinon        Richard Dieux            Yves RÈnier

Philip Eckman          Greg Ellwand             Sheila Ferrini
Antonio Hoyos          Jody St. Michael
Jan Rouiller           Pierre Semmler           Jacques LÈvy
Sierra Somerville      Christine Spiotta        Chris Bass
Holter Graham          Dan Griffith             Regina Hammond
Catherine Chevalier

Cliff Cudney           Alexis Yulin             Trey Wilson
Anne-Marie Johnson     Gary Owens               Eve Plumb

Bruce Kirby            Emily Tracy              Karen Powell
Tina Shaw              Paul Easom               James Hicks

Robert Spafford        Doris von Thury          Tomas Arana
Ingrid M. Rhoades      Lisa McCullough          Richard Holden
Frank Ferrara          Frank Gio                Gary Howard Klar
Linda Margules         Lois Smith               Fran Brill
Dianne Lancaster       Stanley W. Collins       Daniel Winford
CharlÈlie Couture      Antonia Dauphin          Jean-Jacques Desjardins
Lia Savini             Tom Dileo                Melanie Verlin
Thomas-Laurence Hand   Linda Peterson           Cleveland Amory
Suzanne Shepherd       Matt Damon               Jack Ringstad
Ronald G. Joseph       Doris Hess               Charlotte Zucker
Mariella Lo Giudice   Giorgio Libassi            Beatrice Palme

Mark Springer         Michelle Kathleen Beck     Evan Knapp

Kim Robillard         Michael Strasser           Chuckie Davis
Katie Rich            Charles David Richard      Casey Sander
Donald E. Jones       Bryon P. Caunar            Donna J. Dickson

Nick Waters           Johnny Raaen               Bruce Clarkson
Michael Boatman       Jenny Lumet                William Foeller
Jamila                Ramesh Rai                 Shaukatil Inamdar
Caron Anne Kelly      Mike Edmonds               Willie Coppen
Pat McCormick         Brian Doyle-Murray         Mary Lou Retton
Francis Guinan        Sally-Anne Munn            Jean-Baptiste Rosvelt
Darwyn Carson         Harry Bartron              Dale Butcher
Neal Bacon            Laure Aronica              Valerie Breiman
Howard Storey         Fred Henderson             Robin Masumi Gildemeester

Ian Magilton          Mieke De Groote            Jean Grandeau
Dani Janssen          Allison Hedges             James Talbot
Clive Curtis          Heathcote Williams         Fiona Sloman
Dakin Matthews        Vernon Wells               Dennis Rucker

Mimi Cochran          Teresa Bell                Rockets Redglare
John Marshall Jones   John Durbin                Milton Selzer
Jim Bentley           Eric Waterhouse            Geno Silva
Stratton Leopold      Rezza Shan                 Norman Howell
J.T. Walsh            Jordan Lage                Steven Goldstein

Joe Miksak            Scott Beach                Roland Scrivner
Richard deFaut        Richard Portnow            S.A. Griffin
Leon Lissek           Consuelo De Haviland       Jacqueline Abraham-Vernier
John-Paul Sipla       Laura Frances              Joel Cutrara
Dawn Downing          Michael Cotterill          Zulema Dene
Martin Pallot         Gregor Fisher              Caroline Milmoe
Georgienne Millen     Caroline Aaron             Nancy Giles
Gadeek                Victor Izay                Allen Keller
Patrick Macnee        John Mills                 Pernell Roberts
Gary Hays             Kevin Gage                 Dana Olsen

Michael Beach         Brad Sullivan              Frank Lloyd
Mohamed Badrsalem     Kiran Shah                 Franco Adducci
Thomas Durkin         Dana Rifkin                John K. Carr
Todd Jacobson         DeMarious T. Morganfield   Mike O'Neal
John Thornton            Theo Schwartz         Lindsey Barry
John Sterland            Edwin Craig           Vincent Wong
William Robbins          Steve Shepherd        Anne Machette
Clem Caserta             Tim Kelleher          George Kyle
Tim Mateer               C.K. McFarland        T.J. McFarland
Jerry Levine             Lane R. Davis         Richard Panebianco
Clifford Nelson          Roy McGillivray       Kim Singer
Darren E. Burrows        Sherman Howard        John Marshall Jones
Laura Lee Stetzel        Max Trumpower         Dennis Mancini
Willie Ross              Ian Dury              Diane Langton
Martin S. Bergmann       Caroline Aaron        Kenny Vance

Colin Irving             Alexandra Powers      Melora Walters
Steve White              Martin Lawrence       Leonard L. Thomas
Alphonsus E. Platt       Robert Weil           Janet Feindel
Indra A. Thomas          Dean DuBois           D. Taylor Loeb
Michael Parker           Ray Monge             Tom Peterson
Stephen Fong             Paul Carr             Tony Souza
Howard Ryshpan           Doris Gramovot        Vera Miller
Stuart Nisbet            Robert Henry          Martina Finch
Clark Gregg              PÈter Hal·sz          Gerald Hiken
Mike Nussbaum            Larry Brandenburg     Mary McDonald Gershon

Walter Cunningham        Ron Evans             Fred Haise
Carlton Dixon            Mike Smart            Peter McNamara
Susan Boehm              Mary Ellen Trainor    Christopher VillaseÒor
Abdul Salaam El Razzac   Peter Michael Goetz   Pete Munro

Ryan Cash                Angus MacInnes        Lisa Zane
Kevin Hardesty           Josh Richman          Bess Meyer
Michael Williams         Richard Briers        Geoffrey Hutchings
Phil Hartman             Bob Eubanks           Susan Krebs
Pip Torrens              Tony Slattery         Rachel Fielding

Jeff Yesko               Mary Pat Gleason      David P. Lewis
Alisha Bell              Tony Dakota           Jennifer Sedman
Mark Sawyer-Dailey       Linda Kinard          W.G. Harvey
Jeff O'Haco              Vince Deadrick Sr.    Marc Miles
Holly Fulger             Philip Baker Hall     J. Kenneth Campbell
Ken Medlock              Gieg Duncombe         Richard E. Butler
Jeff LeBeau              Michael Greene        James Henriksen
Nicholas J. Giangiulio   Alexis Arquette       Zette
Alex Romaguera           Tony Todd             Mike Starr
Ebonie Smith             Allan Dean Moore      Jack McGee
Grand L. Bush            Alejandro Bracho      Guy De Saint Cyr
Gail Farrell             Ed Gilbert            Gerrit Graham
Jeffery Kissoon          Sotigui KouyatÈ       Joseph Kurian
Mary Seibel              Bill Leff             Mike Bacarella
Ron Taylor              Oliver Samuels            David R. Ellis
Mitch Saxton            John Burgess              Christine Lahti
Keith O'Conor           Tom Hickey                Julie Hale
Richard Boes            Darryl Daniel             Calvin Brown
Keith MacKechnie        Brian Doyle-Murray        Natalia Nogulich
Ernst Muller            Adele French              Selma Hirsch
Mik Scriba              Thalmus Rasulala          Joe Guzaldo
Alex Burrall            Lowell Ganz               Rance Howard

Chuck Courtney          Peter Stader              Richard Collier
Di Langford             Hepburn Graham            Amanda Dickinson
Steve Wilson            Richard Earl Sawdon
Eric Stoltz             Kim Walker                Chynna Phillips
Joanna Dunham           Trevor Eve                Oliver Ford Davies
Damien Leake            Zachary Michael Simmons   John Thaddeus
Mary Kay Adams          Alan Pottinger            Bill Luhrs
Barry Thigpen           Walker Owens              William Edward Roberts
David Wiley             David Wells               Mike Diamant
Nancy Parsons           Robert Ginnaven           Tom Hodges
Constantin Alexandrov   Dana Gillespie            Edward Lyon
John Waldon             Angela Meredith           Bob Appleby

Deborah Offner          Thomas Wagner             Richard Fancy
Bernard Jaffe           Frankie Pisacano          Steven Randazzo
Nik Hagler              Robert K. Weiss           Eldon G. Hallum
Doug von Nessen         Wayne Kneeland            Gigi Casler
Alain FrÈrot            Daniel Laloux             Christian Bouillette
Bethany McKinney        Shirley Mitchell          Ellen Crawford
Juli Burkhart           Rob Paulsen               Peter Sherayko
Dan Cox                 Steve Howard              Lorri Lindberg
Stacey Katzin           Estelle Reiner            John Arceri
Judy Simpson Cook

Rick Warner             Dandy Stevenson           Rebecca Hogan
Kurt Naebig             Kristin Finger            Lily Monkus
Joe Guzaldo             Tibor Kenderesi           Christiana Nicola

Van Thieu Nguyen        Tim O'Brien               Jerry Rubin

Barbara Meale           Louise Pajo               Max Mason
cast22               cast23                  cast24

Halifa Cisse         Norman Currer           Bridget Cornish
Barbara Chase        David Price             Gavin Mooney
Amy Gibson           Marcy Goldman           Bob Gorman
Ora Rubinstein       Paul Larsson            Eric Forst
Michael Goyak        Frank Pesce             Judith Randell
Reid Cruickshanks    Michael Currie          Gary Lee Davis
Tony Angelo          Sis Clark               Gennaro Consalvo
Steve Davis          Julia Duffy             Kerry Frank
Matteo Zoffoli       Abraham Ronai           Galit Rotman
Tenaya               Art Kassul              Robin Raymond

Jeff Morris          Charles Napier          Steven Williams

Dawneen Lee          Don Mummert             Lloyd Nelson
Nathan George        Don Blakely             Lee Richardson
Ana De Sade          Pedro Dami·n            Gerardo Zepeda
Cordis Heard         Scott Sudden            Jackie Davis
Percy Davis          Steve Myers             John O'Connor
Hagan Beggs          Anna Hagan              Antonia Rey
Rita Wilson          Michael Winslow
Michael Baish        David Gray              Royce Clark

Jean-Pierre Kalfon   Christopher Malcolm     Jack Lenoir
Joyce Ann Jodan      Corinne Cook            Ellen Kay Karsten
Robert Lewis Bush    Roy Evans               Joan Rhodes

Paul G. Hensler      John L. Fitzgerald      Frank Ferrara
Clyde Primm          Gilbert Lawrence Kaan   Sharon McCreedy

Cindy Canuelas       Nora Catrone            Mbewe Escobar
Richard Liberty      Jack McDermott          Neil Ronco
Frederick Rolf       Carol Gustafson         Michael Ingram
Charles Odwin        David Pedernera         Glen Perry
Peter Duncan         Ken Sicklen             Tessa Hewitt
Bill Taylor          Rob Bottin              Charles Nicklin
Kay Tornborg         Scott Garrett           Laura Dern
Irwin Keyes
George E. Mather     Hugh Warden             Frank Ferro
Ross Charap          Irvin Graham            Michael Proscia

Toby Amor            Sebastian Hunsley       Julia Moody

Erika Petersen       Tom Noonan              Marat Yusin
Mike Binder          Joey Camen              Daniel Davies
Joe Dorsey           Candice Howard          Susan McShayne
Michael Daly         Jon Dickman             Ralph Garrett
Jonathan Lehan       Raine Lightner          Vincent Prentice
Jodi Moon                  Kathy Cunningham       Kelly K. Learman

Oren Waters                John Witherspoon       Lev Liberman
Virginia Podesser          Gershon Resnik         John Romaine

Rodolfo Bigotti            Pietro Brambilla       Lino Capolicchio
Bill Moody                 Alan Devlin            Stephen Davies
Edward Bunker              Martina Deignan        Allan Graf
Joan Baldwin               Jeni Paz               Janelle Winston
Naida Reynolds             Herbie Faye            Charles Napier
Keny Long                  Irene Tedrow           Alan Solomon
Oriane Grieve              Kenneth Fortescue      Hildegarde Neil
Sean Barry-Weske           Prentis Hancock        Phil May
Melissa Sylvia             Suzanna Trujillo       Danny Zapien
John Houseman              Craig Richard Nelson   Kathryn Grody
Ernie Hudson               Robert B. Loring       Fenton Jones
Ann Eggert                 Randall Robbins        Cynthia Baker
Carlo Pellegrini           Susan Kingsley         Michael Christiansen
Stu Nahan                  J.P. Bumstead          Hal Williams
Liz Stalker-Mason          Pam Henry              Ardon Bess
John Thomas                Kenny Davis            Paul Carmello
Nancy Nevinson             Trent Dolan            Paul Tuerpe
Jack LaValle               Jessica MacDonald      Benjamin Zaitz
Daniel Levin               John Nicholas          Francis Christina
Jock Brandis               Jack Messinger         Victor Knight
Patrick Holt               Donald Houston         Glyn Houston
Natividad RÌos Kearsley    Dolores Aguirre        Rosanna Huffman
Norman Gay                 Vivian Kubrick

Noreen Walker              Evans Ghiselli         Barbara Giovannini
Robert Friedman            Douglas Ireland        Jack Rollins
Herman Poppe               Luis Avalos            Esther Sutherland
Frank Avila                Stafford Morgan        John Alderman
Marc Boyle                 Alan Stuart            John Ratzenberger
Leon Lissek                Terence Bayler         Preston Lockwood
Rodi Alexander             Calvin Ander           Louis Belero
Tony Azito                 Pat Benatar            Marie McGee
Don Ruskin                 Jan Sandwich           Tracy Lee Rowe
Marsha Bissler             Jack Caddin            David Castle
Melvin Jones               Matt Lattanzi          Ira Newborn
Alastair Llewellyn         Sean Arnold            Eric Mason
Joe Melia                  Stephen Moore          Aubrey Morris
Alfredo ¡lvarez CalderÛn   Pat Sullivan           Bill Hindman

Claudine Bowyer            Johanna Crayden        Nina Carter

Melissa Ballan             Florence Tarlow        Lou Jacobi
Bruce A. Lee               Ramiro Velasco         Tomas Choy
Thomas Boxhammer       Roger Barth             G¸nther Franke
Michael A. Esler       Paul Gardner            Ben Gerard
Tara Buckman           John Fiedler            Norman Grabowski
Ned Monell             Jeremy Smith            Lee Garlington
Miguel ¡ngel Fuentes   Tere ¡lvarez            Ana De Sade
Richard Griffiths      John Young              Benny Young

Kathryn Conners        Iva March               Val Avery

Pilar AlcÛn            Ron Cobb                Dragon Dronet

Jack Decker            Ben Rawnsley            Dave Adams

Andrew Glover          John Clark              Susan Van Ravenswaay
Melody Santangello     Robert Snively          Steffen Zacharias
Susan Tolsky           Vernon Weddle           Ernest Harada
Nane Germon            Gabriel Gobin           Jim Adhi Limas

Chris Howell           John Branagan           Daniel Furie
Nancy Stephens         Steven M. Gagnon        Steven Ford
Emmet Bergin           Barbara Bryne           Brid Brennan
Sam Kydd               John Paul               Stephen Phillips
Themi Sapountzakis     Jean De Baer            Liz Smith

Eric Richard           Dick Anthony Williams   Stephen Turner
Stag Theodore          Stefan Kalipha          Graham Crowden
Terence Brady          Marvin Cohen            Paul Gleason

Michael Elwyn          Toni Palmer             Cecily Hobbs
Jill Voight            Rex Everhart

Peter Conrad           Mildred Hughes          Glen Lawrence
Dina Haidar            Imad Hammoudi           Hassan Husseiny
Phyllis Burford        Marjorie Irving         John Murphy
James Greene           Cagle D. Green          Kyra Carleton
Billy Warlock          Jonathan Prince         Leigh French
Susan Roman            Richard Romanus         August Schellenberg

Howard Morris          Charlie Callas          Dena Dietrich
Meshach Taylor         Ivan Saric              Sarina C. Grant
Derek Geyer            Annalynne Bradley       Aubrey Ellis
Albert Amerson         Ronald Carrier          Tom Dileo

John Watkins           Barbara Jones           Gene Rader
Guy Norris             Anne Jones              James McCardell

Bo Ivan Peterson
Nancy Ulrich           Eddie Sanchez           Larry Chua
Fred Watters         Jeff Fulton            Pat Walsh

Jenny Thelen         Katharina Seyferth     James W. Gavin
Clebert Ford         Eivind Harum           Obaka Adedunyo

Richard Hammatt      James Berwick          Gary Olsen
Paul Issa            Gaetano Del Grande     Myra Weisler
Betty Cole           Joni Palmer            Ron Flagge

Tutte Lemkow         Ishaq Bux              Kiran Shah
Benson Fong          Bert Rosario           Larry Storch
May Keller           Sheryl Kilby           James Lewis
Dewey Balfa          John Stelly
Robert J. Wilke      Lois Hamilton          Samuel Briggs
George Lindsey       Carole Mallory         Stephan Meyers
Karen Braga          Ralph Drischell        Jane Cecil

Bruce A. Young       John Kapelos           Mike Genovese
Candace O'Connor     Michael Wincott        Paul Booth
Amidou               Arthur Brauss          Anton Diffring
Charles Keating      John Le Mesurier       Mary MacLeod
Francine Morgan      Sophie Thompson        Sally Watkins
Jon St. Elwood       Clare Nono             Sandy Martin
Art Fleming          Frank Ashmore          Richard Jaeckel
Lu Leonard           Mavis Ray              Pamela Blair
Albert Einstein      Dwight D. Eisenhower   J. Edgar Hoover
Juan JosÈ MartÌnez   Rene Luna              Christopher GarcÌa
Sydney Best          Johnny Ray Williams    Yousef Abuhamdeh
Gordon Haight        Harry Hart-Brown       Michael Milhoan
Jim Scopelitis       Elaine Dunstan         Cal Kirby
Lee Lund             Paula Lynn             Lily Mariye

Tom Hutchinson       Charles Knapp          Rose Mascari
Esther Sylvey        Luis MejÌa             Roberto Rivera

Francine Segal       Don Hood               David Showacre
Joe King             Christine Forrest      Chuck Aber
Sadie Corre          Mike Cotterill         Malcolm Dixon

Ralph Tabakin        Frank Stoegerer        Nat Benchley
Geoffrey Larder      Harry Van Engel        George Miller
Diane Lampone        Rhoda Makoff           Robert Murphy
Hanns Manship        Dan Barrows            Allan Rich

Lloyd Berry          Tom Heaton             Timothy Scott
Gwen Cochanski       Debie Jarczewski       Bob Dorian
Anthony Edwards     Pamela Springsteen     Stuart Cornfeld
Woody Eney          Bernard Erhard         Hugh Fraser
Earl Klein          Danny Wozna            Peter Lonstrup
Costante Moret      Dimiter Petkov         Mietta Sighele
Patricia Larson     Albert Lord            Vincent Lucchesi
Amy Steel           John Furey             Betsy Palmer
Don Plumley         Anthony McKay          David Snell
Geoff Heinrich      Ishak Khan             Bobby Bedi
Marty Robbins       Ray Price              Shelly West

Jefferson Mappin    James Bearden          Alan Bridle
Tony Ostermeier     Rita Rickard           Jewel Shepard
Nancy Brock         Lyla Graham            Mordo Dana

Donna Fowler        Jennine Marie Gourin   Sam Gray
Gerald Egan         Ken Connley            Mick Hulse
Ted Grossman        Teresa Ganzel          Philip Bruns
Anyavel Glynn       Wendy Goldman          Terry Green
Gary C. Stillwell   Tee Dennard            Norbert M. Murray

Rod Bedall          Peter Jonfield         Philip Davis
William Vail        Jeffrey Bannister      Phil Stone
Rod Ball            Julian Byrd            Bill Fuller
Julian Sands        John Quayle            Mark Dewry
Jennifer Howard     David Snell            Larry Silvestri

John David Morris   Lou Fillipo            Jeff Temkin

Ulli Fessl          Melanie Pianka         Eugeniusz Priwieziencew
Bill Ciaccia        Cayce Connell          Michael Doby
Tena Knox           Joanne Lisosky         Theresa Thompson

Dianne Harper       David Ruprecht         Marcy Vosburgh
Ann Coleman         FranÁois Manceaux      Marilyn Giardino

Michael Evans       Jay Robinson           Simmy Bow
John Rhys-Davies    John J. Carney         Bruce Lidington
Dario Argento       Lamberto Bava          Michele Soavi
Don Harral          Janine Burns           Mark Huebner

Denver Mattson      Clint Rowe             Ken Strain
Estelle Getty       Christine Ebersole     Bernie Pollack
Pauline Barcelona   Juan Coleman           Valerian Smith
Erik Cord           Loyd Catlett           Michael Dudikoff
Ralph Douglas       Gregor Roy             John Blood
George Silver       Joanna Dickens         Terence Skelton
Hyla Marrow         Frank Gio               Raymond Serra
Dominic A. Cecere   John Irving             Dan Goldman
Nicola Pagett       Saskia Reeves           Miranda Richardson
Jerome Thor         Breck Costin            Carmen Filpi
Dick Miller         Clayton S. Beaujon      William L. Stibich

Donald James        Jane Alderman           Rick Rosenthal

Ricky Slyter        Reid Cruickshanks       Billy Ray Sharkey
Natasha Schiano     Raymond Boyden          Jay Wright
Desiree Ayres       Debby Porter            Alan G. Butler
Javier Grajeda      Robert Snively          John Wyler

Mohhib Jivan        John Richard Petersen   Barry Tubb
Fred Lee            Dan Ma                  Rocco Bellusci
Stewart Figa        Paula Clarendon         Joan Cusack

Chapelle Jaffe      Cindy Hinds             Helene Udy

Sandra Gough        Joe Belcher             Paul Luty
Carmen Bonifant     Pedro E. Ocampo Sr.     Taylor Reed
Derry Power         Alan Stanford           Gerry Sullivan
Crazy Legs          Robert Wuhl             Steve Price
Lasse Lindberg      Jussi Parviainen
Michelle Walker     Joshua John Miller      Jeffrey D. Henry
Ruth Moss           Hilary Crowson          Nanna Ingvarsson
Ray Meunnich        Les Alford              Gary Anstaett
Alan Potashnick     Michael Kolba           Robert Colston

Lindsay Crouse      Dinny Powell            Nosher Powell
Amanda Carlin       Madeline Lee            Deborah Taylor
Neke Carson         Jenifer                 Chang
David Mowat         John Poland             Brian Rowan
Joe Kaufenberg      Susan Kaufenberg        Velma Nieto
Sosimo Hernandez    Jesse Aragon            Margarita GarcÌa

E. Katherine Kerr   Anne Kerry              Alan King
Don McLeod          Peter Elbling           Diane Peterson

Richard Adams       Geoff Allen             Michael Baxter-Law
Andrew Bicknell     Ross Davidson           Myrtle Devenish
Hilary Beane        Edie McClurg            Patti Deutsch

Gene Patton         Eric Lantis             Lyle Kanouse
Randy Lowell        Virgil Wyaco II         Gerry Black

Billy J. Mitchell   Manning Redwood         Anthony Van Laast
Paul Hardwick       Suzanne Jerome          Cherry Gillespie
Harry Madsen     Irwin Litvack          Patty O'Brien
Tim Thomerson    Deborah Chiaramonte    Walter Kelley
Brent Beesley    John Meier             Ed Jackson
Chuck Wahl       Ted Richert            Tom Tully
Thaddeus Smith   Sheila K. Adams        Victoria Brown
Alan Amiel       David Barth            George Sullivan
David Clennon    Jim Haynie             Jeff Goldblum
Robert Kurcz     Jonathan Chapin        Jimmy Baron
Lance Guecia     Bob Maras              J.T. Turner

Tony Perez       Garnett Smith          Loren Almaguer
Ray Baker        Michael Bond           Bill Cobbs
Dan Tursi        James Paradise         Paul Poland
Scott De Roy     Sharon Ashe            Arthur Hill
Robert Perault   James Blendick         Jacqueline Coleman
Randy Allaire    Audrey K. Baranishyn   Paula Beyers

Eric House       J. Winston Carroll     James Conroy
Bill Connell     Bill Dollar            Chris Economaki
Bill Reddick     Lois De Banzie         Matthew Child
Bill Reimbold    Shane Rimmer           Al Matthews

Helena Humann    Suzanne Jacobs         Barbara Jones
David Wohl       Shelley K. Nielsen     Bette Croissant
Sam Chadwyck     Rusty Dillen           Joseph V. DiPrima
Mary St. John    Bonnie Tremena         David Schwartz
Sheila Frazier   Michael Melon          Ellen Whyte
Tiny             Betty MacKay           Awatea Mita
Charles Faust    David Austin           Le Tuan
Enrique Lucero   Enrique Beraza         Jenny Gago
Andrew Winner    Betsy Bond             Laura Jacoby

Stan Kamber
Erik Stern       Gary Bisig             Gary Sexton
John McCormack   Robert Lund            Rip Murray
Joonee Gamboa    Pudji Waseso           Joel Lamangan
Tanveer Ghani    Constantine Gregory    Art Malik
Hansford Rowe    Viveka Davis           Eric Johnston
Ron Recasner     Robert Lesser          Candice Bergen
Ginger LaBrie    David Dayan            Tom Kelly
Bill Saito       Neil Elliot            Jillian Scott
Jonathan Moore   Cynthia Nixon          Brian Pettifer
Wilfred Fowler   David M. Frank         Doug E. Fresh
Raye Birk        Ellen Crawford         Gene Dynarski
Gerald Berns     William Wallace        Israel Juarbe
Irving Selbst    Steve Lippe            William Clark
Angelo DeMatos
Brian Walker     Mirella Vardi          Carol Shideler
Rick Gunderson         Jerry Brutsche         Michael Kearns
Scott Kradolfer        Jane Manners           James Huston
Brendan Conroy         Barry Dransfield       Steve Fletcher
Larry Newberg          Lisa Freeman           Michel Qissi
Leon W. Grant          John Griesemer         Ishmael Houston-Jones
Bill Raymond           Peter Michael Goetz    Shana Lee Farrell
Louis Nye              Molly Picon            Charles Nelson Reilly

Terence Stamp

Thelma Carpenter       Charles 'Honi' Coles   Larry Marshall
Donald J. Westerdale   John Rose              Louise Sorel
Fred M. Waugh          Timothy Blake          Carey Fox
Sean Young             Danny Corkill          Honorato Magaloni
Boris Leskin           George C. Grant        Anatoli Davydov
Clem Caserta           Yanni Sfinias          Donald R. Goodness
Ben Kronen             Madison Mason          Bill Henderson
William Alspaugh       Laurens Moore          Anne Fitzgibbon
Sharon Thomas          Mel Allen              David Berry

Sam Dalton             H.E.D. Redford         Jay Bernard

John Walsh             Gene Ross              Abigail Shelton
Casey Kasem            John Ring              Norman Matlock
J. Neal Wheeler        Chris Anderson         Roger Crandall
Lois Foraker           Chuck Jones            Kenny Davis
Brass Adams            Gino Ardito            Don Hepner
Carlos Lucena          Miguel Garmendia       Carlos Zabala
Ami Julius             M. Lisa Cooper         Lauri Price
Colin Irving           Anthony Ulc            Nick Nardi
Anne Haney             Gary Kirk              Bernard Kuby
Dharshana Panangala    Raj Singh              Frank Olegario
Jennifer Suttles       Dan Dickerson          Ronald M. Hubner
Leonard Termo          Troy W. Slaten         Alexander Hertzberg
Darryl Vidal           Frances Bay            Christopher Kriesa
Jay Barney             Mark Long              Sayo Inaba
Jamie Haskins          Carol Ostrow           Brooke Palance

Robert Paget           Katia Malmio           Dennis Beasnard
Britt Leach            Bunny Summers          Owen Bush
Karyn Harrison         Hunt Block             Alan Leach
John J. Flynn Jr.      Gene LeBell            Wiley Harker
Deanna Crowe           Jessie Cuneta          Juliet Lee
Betsy Mazursky         Kaity Tong             Royce Rich
Vincent Sardi          Kathryn Mullen         Karen Prell
Joe Castellano         Eddie Cipot            Ken Grassano
Tina Kincaid           Dale Echols            Lavon Lacey
Jason Adams            Don Hannah             Leslie Hoffman
Robert Putt              Christine Hargreaves   Garry Cooper
Barry Dennen             Marsha McClelland      Sarah McCracken
Karen Shallo             Angelo Florio          Scott Tiler

Franca Berdini           Kaspar Capparoni       Alberto Cracco
Pamela Doucette          Deborah E. Dixon       Rick Schrand
Michael J. Reynolds      Joyce Gordon           Don Payne
John Finn                Kevin Breslin          Gerard Murphy

Joe George               Tom Spratley           Dortha Duckworth
Lisa Coleman             Bobby Z.               Matt Fink
George Ganchev           Waldemar Kalinowski    Sam Slovick
Charles Hopkins          Helen Martin           Jon St. Elwood
Michael Mastrobaltista   Richard Lee Porter     Jean Tafler
David Hart               Barry Primus           Mark Erickson

Vince Deadrick Sr.       Richard Drown          Joe Finnegan
Louise Johan             Stephen Thorne         Steve Wright
Bekka Eaton              Pamela Elser           Steven Farber
Sven Melander            Inga-Lill ≈hstrˆm      Annmari Kastrup
Warren Clements          James W. Bryant        John Valentine

Rance Howard             Corki Grazer           Fred Lerner
David Cadiente           Branscombe Richmond    Phillip R. Allen
Charlie Hughes           Byron Walls            Betty Bunch

Kip Waldo                Peter Jason            Matthew Laurance
Julia Lewis              Matt Frewer            Bill McAllister
Raymond D. Eckel         J. Don Ferguson        Bill Fleet
Tony Mirelez             Philip Gordon          Anthony Trujillo

Robin Menken             Zane Buzby             Billy Crystal
Ron Gural                Layton Martens         Richard Charles Boyle
Helen Kahan              Burton Zucker          Richard Pescud
Pierre Celeyron          Romain BrÈmond         VÈronique Dietschy

Eve Adams                NoÎlle Balfour
John McKinney            Barbara Schweke        Larry Gilman
Janice Bryan             Agnes Middleton        France Arbour

Barbara Barron           Bobby Anderson         Peter Boyles
Jason Marin              Katherine Britton      Jason Hervey
Jonathan Charles Fox     Darren Harris          Randy Stoklos
Roy Edward Disney        John Huston            Tomas Krantz

Simon Jones              Derek Deadman          Nigel Planer

Conrad Janis             Rosetta LeNoire        Joseph Leon
Billie Mae Richards      Brent Titcomb          Susan Roman
Frank Welker
Sammy Smith              Timothy Scott           Bambi Jordan

Paul Hester              Rex Goh                 Jane Markey
Pamela Prescott          Dinah Sue Rowley        Gabriella Sinclair
John Mahoney             Dennis Cockrum          Zaid Farid
Howard Starr             Daphaine Oliver         Jadili Johnson
George Fisher            Phil Adams              Ava Cadell

Lizzie McKenzie          Paul Mooney             Martin Murphy
Bruce Kirkpatrick        William Andrew Laczko   Susan Martinelli
Philip Whitchurch        Beverly Anderson        David Lyon
Ron Fisher               Gene Skaug              Donna Deitch
John Lurie               Mary Joy                Rosemary Hochschild
Joao Mauricio Carvalho   Isabel Bicudo           Patricia Prisco
Doug Robinson            Mark McBride            Tony L. Moore
Jim Elliott              Christopher Curry       Jim Lovelett

Gene Roddenberry         Russ Tamblyn            Rod Taylor
Jaime Segura             Bettina Brenner         Siobhan Hayes
Chick Hearn              Alison La Placa         Joe Praml

Stuart Fratkin           Larry Gelman            Valerie Grear
Nick McLean              Bill Bradley            Jeb Stuart Adams
Dan van Husen            Traudel Haas            Manfred T¸mmler
Andrea Browne            Shelley Thompson        Eve Polycarpou
Liliane Clune            Louis-Georges Girard    Richard Alary

Daniel Benzali           R.J. Bell               Shinobu Kanai
John Landis              Hope Clarke             Eric Lee
Karen Wonnell            Sharon Madden           Guy Boyd
Akasby Mohamed           Zaouia Abdelmajid       Ted Buffington
Hagan Beggs              Ian Black               Ray Michal
Adam Yauch               Mike D                  Donnie Simpson
Marcus Beresford         Valerie O'Brian         Nan‡ Cecchi

Russell Sommers          Patrick Connor          Sidney Kean
Charles Boswell          Zeke Manners            Bea Manners
Brian Ellison            Gerard Armstrong        Helen Buday
Ivan J. Rado             Anna Hamilton Phelan    Wayne Grace
Rodney Barretto          Jill Beach              Peter Lundquist
Eugene Cochran           Gene Blakely            Sherry Lynn Amorosi
Jane Schoettle           Joy Thompson            Rita Tuckett
Benny Young              Sbish Trzebinski        Allaudin Qureshi
Jim Hitson               Loren Adkins            Thomas H. Friedkin
Bill W. Richmond         Alice Nunn              Ed Griffith
Terry Lightfoot          Roddy Maude-Roxby       Andrew Seear
Amanda Gregan            Paula Tilbrook          Bernard Wrigley
Seth Allen              Dominic Barto           Teddi Siddall
John Wood               Deborah Rush            Van Johnson

Greg Reid               Jack Draheim            Robert Pitzele
Monte Landis            Sandy Martin            Severn Darden
Jon Polito              Michael Ryan            Jeff Allin
Robert Craighead        Paul Cloud              Derrick Brice
Emma Ridley             Sophie Ward             Fiona Victory
Rocky Krakoff           Sergei Levin            Tony Maffatone
Big Yank                Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.   Dana Belgarde
Charly Bravo            Hugh Wilson
Leslie Allan            Gypsi DeYoung           Janet Carroll
Martha Michelsohn       Claude Lanzmann         Moshe Mordo
Myra Mailloux           William Brown           Herb Harton
James Gammon            Troy Ward               Roy McAdams
Ray Harryhausen         Mark Stewart            Sean Daniel
James Carrington        Kaaren Lee              Nora Meerbaum
Marek Pacholec          Danny Merritt           Scott Spiegel
David Snell             Edward Power            Nick Taylor
Walter Franks           Roger Perkovich         Lisa Anthony
Garry Goodrow           Robert Snively          Carmen Filpi
Charlie Walker          Frank Knapp Jr.         Ric Kidney
Earl John McElroy       Brian T. O'Connor       Stuart Silbar

Edward Harrell          Gilbert Espinoza        John Petievich

Sarabel Levinson        Al Pia                  Reuben Guss
Steve Jensen            Nicky Beat              Tony Malone
William Hall            David Kline             Andrea Stein
Evonne Kezios           Cheryl Ann Clark        Matt Gavin
Dominique Risbourg      Carole Ashby            Anthony Chinn
Tony Christianson       Jay Bonnett             Ted Collins
Professor Toru Tanaka   Lonnie Wun              Harry Yorku
Wallace Langham         Johnny Timko            Mikul Robins
Emily Mary Haas         Fred Steinharter        John D. King
George Malpas           Willoughby Goddard      Michael Cule

Gwyllum Evans           Clarie Hague            Jan Saint
Billy Higgins           Eric Lelann             John McLaughlin
John Bardon             Betty Low               James Eckhouse
Kimberley Pistone       Lindy Huddleson         Raffi Di Blasio
Robbie Coltrane         Jess Conrad             Smiley Culture
Barbara Coles           Carl Toop               John Lees

Glenn Withrow           David Wohl              Melanie Gaffin
Nancy Sherburne         Terry Baker             Michael Edwards
Lisa Denton             Bob Drew                Holly Hayes
Carl Jay Cofield        T.R. Durphy             Eddie Edenfield
Craig Soileau           Steve Broussard         Dave Petitjean
Jeff Severson          Hap Lawrence           Nicholas Shields
Herb Armstrong         Jaime S·nchez          Gaetano Lisi
Kenny Endoso           Stuart Quan            Gary Toy
Steve Fifield          Dave Adams             Lana Lancaster
Jon Jon Snipes         Angelo Badalamenti     Jean Pierre Viale
Terry David Mulligan   Tannis Rae             Tom Heaton
Claudia Templeton      Ron Ross               Carlos Guitarlos

Rory L. Crowley        Nicole Eggert          Emma Floria
Jimmy Mataya           Grady Mathews          Carol Messing
Melissa Tait           Stacey Tait            Ginny Cattano

Jerry Lazarus          Natalie Roth           Jerry Hyman
Marina Loi             Silvia Rosa            Monica Umena
Randy Harris           Chris Corr             Fred C. Smith
Carolyn Allport        Sue Kiel               Reza Bashar
Jay Hilliard           Pruitt Taylor Vince
Kristin Graziano       Bridgett Baron         Anne Ryan
Philip Hoelcher        Julio Oscar Mechoso    Butch Raymond

Bob Tzudiker           Cliffy Magee           Jeff Soo Hoo

Jean Speegle Howard    Thomas Ikeda           Noboru Kataoka
Eiji Kusuhara          Togo Igawa             Rupert Vansittart
John Gallagher         John Hostetter         Holly Shelton-Foy
Gordon Sterne          Ron Berglas            Louis Guss

Spyridon Stratigos     Ken Strunk             Jerry D. Larrison
Eddy Donno             Mark Giardino          Daryl Bartley
Kevin King             Will Jeffries          David Ward
Ken Foree              Gloria Charles         Mary Bond Davis
Lisle Wilson           John Terry Bell        Jane Greer

Anthony Jackson        Douglas Blackwell      David Healy
Zelah Clarke           Laura Clipsham         Janet Henfrey
Annie Abbott           Kristine Sutherland    Everett Quinton

Gary Palmer            Paul Swaby             Mildred Shay
Gregg Potter           Polly Augusta Noonan   James Krag
Joanne Camp            David Allen Brooks     Elisabeth Ryall
Luis Carlos Gonzalez   Maria Teresa Ripoll    Alberto Borja

Perry Fenwick          Dawn Archibald         Richard Strange
Michael Opoku          Adolpho Salguero       Rafael Cho
David Hayman           Lisa Vice              Janet Rotblatt
Chris Pitt             Dawn Archibald         Kerryann White
Mark Holton            Carlton Miller         Stan Foster
Dwight Weist         Franco Adducci         Fabio Carfora

John P. Connolly     Cassandra Danz         Beata Jachulski
John Snyder          Caris Corfman          Pearl Jones
Mary Woronov
Irit Frank           Bernard Spear          Juliano Mer

Linda Warren         Grenville Cuyler       Jennifer Yahoodik
Lee Greenstein       Jordan McLean          Lori Tigrath
Tom Teeley           Graham Maby            Ken Grantham
Kevin Eshelman       James Terry McIlvain   Dale Dye
Chelsea Hertford     Whitby Hertford        Rocky Krakoff
Tommy Blatnick       Timothy J.             Terry Wilson

Frank D'Annibale     Jimmy Romano           Patricia Allison
Leon Rippy           Jay Butler             Norman Maxwell
Victoria Fischer     Lila Waters            Linda L. Rand
Mike Hungerford      James Terry            Maryedith Burrell
Mirio Guidelli       Freddy Korner          Patricia Lawrence
Jaime Alba           Meg Register           Debbie Johnson
Bob Tzudiker         Charles A. Vanegas     Louise Yaffe
Roberto Sosa Jr.     Daria Okugawa          Sue Ann McKean

Jack Thompson        William Striglos       Mary Reckley
Kathy Burke          Sara Sugarman          Mark Monero
Dana Preu            Mary Ardella Drew      Joseph Lee Davis
Andy Lindberg        Dick Durock            O.B. Babbs
Nick Ramus           Thaddeus Golas         Martin Pistone

Bert Remsen          Rob Spendlove          Jie Zhang

Frann Bradford       Jesse Henecke          Lisa Kingston
Eddie Reategui       Steve Steadham         Ruben Blue
Abel Franco          Betty Carvalho         Benita
Troy Hunter          Linda Rae Jurgens      Admiral T.J. Cassidy
Chris Latta          David Mendenhall       Don Messick
Amy Bertolette       Leroy Sweet            Barry Bell
Carmel Cryan         Renny Krupinkski       Ralph Nossek

Howard Renensland    Judy Grafe             Alice Beardsley
Rick Goldman         Deryck Hazel           John Hemphill
David Alan Grier     B.B. King              William Bryant
Yvonne Bywaters      Loys T. Bergeron       Joshua Frank
Stefan Schnabel      Steven Gilborn         Rand Stone
George Petrie        Patti Johns            Annie Golden
Lola Rose Thompson   Honey Lea              Nicholas Hales
Ronald G. Joseph     Damon Hines            Lahmard J. Tate
Eddie Jones          John Bendel            Joe Pentangelo
David Byrd           Loyda Ramos          Obaka Adedunyo
Carrie Leigh         Frank Pesce          Vic Manni
Byron Nora           Archie Sampier       Joy N. Houck Jr.
Susan Lentini        Barry Sobel          Arlene Lorre
Simon Lai            A.P. George          Charles Wang
Mike Moroff          Alex Garza           George Garvin
Manny Alvarez        Luis Valderrama      Francisco GarcÌa
Jan Rooney           James Gooden         Erin O'Flaherty
Annabel Brooks       Ray Favaro           Frances McCaffrey
Richard Parks        Stephen King         CherÈ Bryson
Patricia Gumede      Angela Gavaza        Nocebo Mlambo
Heather Lea Gerdes   Karen Getz           Andrew Charles Koch
Donald Craig         Karen Criswell       Josh Cruze

Faith Geer           Carol Schneider      David Bates

Jerome Collamore     Bill Cobbs           Frances Foster
Tan Hung Francione   Marcus D'Amico       Costas Dino Chimona
Robert Frerichs      Grant Lee Douglass   Mark Frazer
Uikey Kuay           Suvit Abakaz         Panas Wiwatpanachat
Margarita Haynes     Bill Bader           Dick May

Raul Newney
Jill Friedman        Rick Lieberman       Joseph Whipp
Teresa Harder        Daniela Nasimcova    Bernard Eisenschitz
Colin Dale           David Parkin         Carlton Taylor
Julie Mendenhall     Rachel Cline         Patricia Wolff

Jason Laskay         Frank Miller         Shawn Nelson

Diane Rodriguez      Katie Valdez         Gloria Balcorta
Hajime Tachibana     Basil Pao            Henry O
Kris Jorgenson       Jeannette Kerner     Lee Kissinger
Mary Ellen Trainor   Steve Kahan          Jack Thibeau
Brian Peck           Carol Swarbrick      Kedric Wolfe
Alan Talbot          Carl Rigg            Tony Cyrus
Kelly Jo Minter      Timmy Cappello       Jim Turner
Alexander Folk       Diana Bellamy        Alyson Croft
Donna Rosea          P.B. Floyd           Trip Hamilton
Alan Foss            Philip Fox           Olwen Griffiths
Frank Gio            Ann McDonough        John Christopher Jones
William T. Lane      Gary Littlejohn      Paul M. Lane
Zsa Zsa Gabor        Michael Rougas       Jack Shea
Jan Burrell          Channing Chase       Jessica Puscas
Gregory Le Noel      Gregory Avellone     Jeremy Glenn
Valentina Quinn      Carlos Cervantes     Ron Cummins
Donald Ambabo        Paul Brooks          Barbara De Kins
Marvin Braverman     Tim Wright           Tom Wright
Patrick Johnson       Kenny Kiernan                          Anne Bobby
Nicholas Wyman        Gaetano Lisi                           Diana Castle
Rod Blaydes           Cheryl Jones                           Cheryl Penland
Alan Talbot           Ian McElhinney                         Mark Monero

Joan Valderrama       John Allen Vick                        Danny Williams
Ruben Young           Dennis Sullivan                        Richard Alexander
Brian Libby           Richard Partlow                        Hardy Rawls

Gregory Poudevigne    Charles Carroll                        Kevin Page
Jeffrey Joseph        Mike Glavas                            Merrilyn Gann
Donna Hardy           Lynne Marie Stewart                    Bill Margolin
John Bowman           Jeff Brooks                            Ascanio Sharpe

Trevor Ray            Barone Giovanni Gagliardo Di Carpinello Guglielmo Inglese

Patricia Gaul         Kenneth Kimmins                        James MacDonald
Helen Lambros         Jack McGee                             Meg Mundy
Denise Gallup         Dian Gallup                            Gail Barle
Liz Williams          Tracy D. Adkins                        E.J. Bodin III
Elizabeth Bracco      Denalda Williams                       Norma Matheson
Lydia Nicole          Graham Galloway                        Betty Carvalho
Grace Garland         Wally Martin                           Robert Morelli
Vivian Bonnell        Judy Heinz                             Michael MacRae
Darryl Palmer         Aaron Schwartz                         Djanet Sears
Celeste Holm          Mario Joyner                           Gary Howard Klar
Alice Nunn            Brooke Stevens                         Helle K. Grimmer
Peter Brocco          Hettie Lynne Hurtes                    Karen J. Westerfield
Carol Stevens
Kevin Michael Doyle   Mike Bacarella                         Michael P. Byrne
Monique van Vooren    Derek Keir                             Andrea Thompson

Steven Chase          Clare Travers-Deacon                   Seipal Ngojine
Val McLane            Kim McDermott                          David Hatton
Lansdale Chatfield    Carole Ita White                       Babbie Green
Emma Lyle             Louise Birgan                          Allan Penney

Teresa Conroy         Baron Jonathan Kessler                 Anton Corbijn
Todd J. Adelman       Meg Kasdan                             David Q. Combs
Antony Holland        Kevin McNulty                          Jerry Wasserman
Bebe Drake            Edgar Small                            Thomas Wagner
Gretchen Dahm         Janet Frank                            Dana Ivey
Dennis Chong          Liow Hui Chun                          Fung Yun Khiong

Susan Kellerman       Adelle Lutz                            Gary Jochimsen
Howard Storey             Bill Dow                Leslie Stolzenberger
Jordan Thaler             Dana Kaminski           Harvey Miller
Lewis Arquette            Eddie Cordell           Ritch Brinkley
Jo De Winter              Richard Zavaglia        Anna Levine
Charlene Fox              Erika Eleniak           Margaret Smith
Michael Strasser          Jim Staskel             Charles David Richards

Henry G. Sanders          Antoinette Forsyth      Shirley Anne Ritter
Michael Chavez            Jamie Gray              Erin Munz
Anne Kerry Ford           Ben Piazza              Michael Francis Clarke
R.D. Call                 Steven Camarillo        Seymour Cassel
Spain Rodriguez
Don Ameche                Ralph Bellamy           Clint Smith
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell    Bruce Myles             Neil Fitzpatrick
Wendye Clarendon          Marco Perella           Joye Swan

Michael Faqir             Ronnie Claire Edwards   Wallace Choy
Tita Trevisan             Jacqueline Hennessy     Jill Hennessy
Hans Buhringer            Wilhelm von Homburg     Bill Marcus
Patricia Davidson
Clyde Bassett             Clifton James           John D. Craig
Chuck Hicks               Frank DeFord            Lyla Hay Owen
Roland MacLeod            Jeremy Child            Pamela Miles
Robert Ground             Bruce Johnson           Michael Morris

Adam Furfaro              Donna Galligan          David Gardner

Eric Do                   AndrÈ Germe             Ronald Teuhi
Shirley Harris            Christopher Kinsman     Andy Prosky
Bridget Kimsey            Frankie Maldon          Brooke Stacy Mills

William Duff-Griffin      George Ede              John Carpenter
Clarence Williams III     Michael Goldfinger      John Witherspoon

Lisa Taylor               Jack Holland            Daniel Rojo
David Kiernan             Matthew King            Ross Murray

Alan Rosenberg            Del Russel              Nehemiah Persoff
Voyo Goric                Kim Strange             Lou Hancock
Dean Stockwell            Gary Goetzman           Carlos Giovanni
Michael D. Gainsborough   John Hammil             Lou Felder
Marc Clement              Larry Shuler            Stephen Bridgewater
Mance Edmond              Ada Fuoco               …ric Gaudry
Dan Fallon                Alice Shure             Leslie Dane Shapiro
Christopher Lawford       Albert A. Conti         Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Jody Raymond              James Andrew O'Connor   Jeri Leer
Larry Pines               Tom Dugan               Burton Zucker
Ignazio Pappalardo     Angela Leontini          Mimmo Mignemi

Paul Ganus             Ron Jaxon                Kevin Michael Brown

Ron Cummins            Patrick Kilpatrick       John Allen Vick
Michael Pollock        Wanda Balay              Tiffany Terry
Earl Roat              William Montgomery Jr.   Elizabeth Lower

Peter Tulloch          Christopher Stevenson    Geoff Beamish
Carol Cavallo          Alice Drummond           Joey Thrower
Irfan Khan             Neil Gettinger           Yunus Parvez
Anthony Georghiou      Leon Herbert             Dougie Howes
Al 'Red Dog' Weber     Jean Speegle Howard      June Chandler
Robert De James        Jackson Delgado          Barbara Guillaume
Dorothy Sinclair       Larry Eisenberg          Lisa Hestrin
Al Leong               Lili Taylor              Sherry Narens
Jerry Wasserman        Gloria Lee               Freda Perry

Faustine Wuensche      Ghislaine Gazaix         M. Martinez
Patrick McDade         Brooke Stacy Mills       Peter Bucossi
Roderic Leigh          Dulice Liecier           Richard Hawley
John Dennis Johnston   Kenny Call               Jack Garner

Angus G. Wynne III     Chip Moody               David Poynter
Zander Schloss         Xander Berkeley          Stiv Bators
Daniel Ades            Efrain Figueroa          Tomas Goros
Larry J. Franco        Tom Searle               Robert Grasmere
Sarah Potok            Robert Bella             Robert Ostrovsky

Dean Stockwell         Bob Safford              Ron Close
Billy D. Lucas         Lew Hopson               Frances Bay
Judith Atwell          Claudine Berg            Jean-Claude Bouillon
Billy J. Mitchell      Eric B. Sindon           Ed Herlihy
Joanna Dickens         Jennifer Guy             Ron Tarr
Steve O'Donnell        James Bree               Sarah Parr-Byrne
Judy Milstein          Nicole Chevance          Kathleen Gray
Craig Erickson         Jeremy Lepard            Daniel Kamin
James Sikking          Simon Ward               John Abineri
Brenda Benner          Patrika Darbo            Carey Scott

Phillip Darlington     Joseph C. Nemec III      Joe Farago
JosÈ Lifante           Ettore Martini           Antonio Pistillo
John Eddings           Jeff Etter               Dan Hofstedt
Larry Landless         Steve Shatnyski          James Pruitt
Judy Ovitz           Stephanie Williams      Marty Levy
Joel Cutrara         John Dair               Christopher Fairbank
Traci Dawn Davis     Duncan McLeod           John Clure
Vondie Curtis-Hall   Joe Perce               Louis Cantarini
Blue Deckert         Glenn Lampert           Red Mitchell
Johnny Pinto         Rob Camilletti          J.R. Nutt
Charles F. Compton   Earle Taylor            Julianne R. Johnson
Holt McCallany       Kady Tran               Scott Gregory
Katie Schwarz        Margi Holland           Andrew Reilly
Prudence Oliver      Roger Lloyd-Pack        Bob Goody
Jerry Orbach         Jerry Zaks              Barry Finkel

Welker White         Steve Mathios           Alan Pottinger
Christa Rivers       Frank Vincent           Luis Ramos
Tico Wells           Barry Flatman           Ted Simonett

Lee Lai Ha           Franklin Yee            Lane Nishikawa
Shimon Aviel         Jacob Greenbaum         Rhona Shekter
Winifred Freedman    Wendy Goldman           Karen Hartman
Arthur Holden        Ed Lauter               Donald MacKechnie
Robert Kurcz         Don John Ross           Beatrice Fredman

Christopher Kraft    Gene Kranz              Jim McDivitt
Chris Pitt           Debbie Killingback      Suzette Llewellyn
Jason Reitman        Aaron Lustig            Page Leong
Benji Wilhoite       Ethan Phillips          Mark A. Levy

Alison Taylor        Michael Stoyanov        Max Perlich
Jennifer Rhodes      William Cort            Larry Cox
Robert Stephens      Robbie Coltrane         Christian Bale
O-Lan Jones          Maya Lebenzon           Annie Oringer
Pauline Melville     Roddy Maude-Roxby       Francesca Longrigg

Christopher Kriesa   Marty Levy              Stan Roth
Chelsea Hooper       Katharine Isabelle      Babs Chula
Rebecca Reynolds     Erin Hendley            Tyler Cote
Ted Grossman         Tim Hiser               Larry Sanders
Jim Ortlieb          Ralph O. Benton         Jim Staskel
Blake Clark          Eugenia Ives            Tulla Cove
Lee Wilkof           Joseph Carberry         Roy Kieffer
Robi Martin          Sarah Rose              Julian Alexon
Michael Best         Stephen Capers Jr.      Anthony Fuller
Paul Tuerpe          Philip Maurice Miller   Sherman Howard
Rafer Johnson        Diana Lee Hsu           Christopher Neame
Mark Hamill          Anne Lockhart           Edie McClurg
Tuncel Kurtiz        Robert Langdon Lloyd    Clement Masdongar
Skip Griparis        Gary Houston            Ward Ohrman
Ronald Goshop           Kenneth Casey            Henry Judd Baker
Wilson Lahti Schlamme   Brent Spiner             Bronwen Sennish
Jacinta Whyte           Sarah Cronin             Jean Doyle
Jim Stark               Elan Yaari               Joe Strummer
Tony Epper              Billy Hank Hooker        Alexander Folk
Briz                    Lou Ruggiero             Elana Cooper
Michael Tomlinson       Cody Glenn               Harry J. Lennix
Max Elliott Slade       Clint Howard             Lamont Lofton

Chuck Shaw              Dorothy McCabe           Mary R. Hughes
Joe Wreddon             Amy Fleetwood            Jimmy Buchanan

Allison Roth            Lisanne Falk             Jonathan Chapin
Deborah Grant           Valerie Griffiths        Czeslaw Grocholski
Joshua Nelson           Christofer de Oni        Dwayne McClary
Lisby Larson            Mark Smaltz              Rico Elias
Ezra Sutton             Elliott Phillips         Joey A. McGroaty
Seely Abraham           Chris Anne               Laura Tulaska
Rick Hurst              Robert Harling           C. Houser
Derek Webster           Jeremy Gagan             Clive Shilson
Angus Deayton           Anthony Woodruff         Charles Augins

Kurt Fuller             Ginger Chung             Thelton E. Henderson
Mary Portser            Donald Berman            John Salemmo
Sherry Engstrom         Sara Allen               Bob Hungerford
LaVerne Anderson        Gina Doctor              Rachel Thompson Perrine
John Arnold             Nils Tavernier           Yvette Petit
Michael Adler           Lisa Howard              Jeff Thomas
Gyl Roland              Meta King                Bill Dunnam
Jack Hallett            John Bennes              Augustina Berlings
Peter Day               Kuno Sponholz            Connie Sawyer

Georgia Allen           Brenda Mitchell          Princess Wilson
Ray Atherton            Eric Young               Rick Paul
Kevin C. White          Gyorgy Emod              Ralph Foody

Dean Rusk               Arthur Schlesinger Jr.   Maxwell Taylor

Stella Tanner           Richard Wattis           Paul Greenwood
cast25              cast26                cast27

Judy Dick           Barbara West          Ria Erskine
Peter Hobbs         Terrence E. McNally   Esther Sutherland
Rossie Harris       Maurice Hill          David Hollander
Adriana Shaw        Martin Fiscoe         Olivia Michelle
John Hammerton      Michele Drake         Linda Horn
Dick Durock         Michael Fairman       James Gammon
Lawrence McGuire    Ann Burns             Marie Burns
John Gowan          Ron Henschel          Tom Henschel

Billy Beck          Adele Malis-Morey     Herta Ware

Armand Cerami       Tom Erhart            Gerald Walling S.J.

George Orrison      Michael Reinbold      Tessa Richarde
John McMartin       Alex Brown            John Chappell
Daniel Ades         Ian Zimmerman
Thomas A. Carlin    Minerva Scelza        Kenneth Burritt

Sammy Smith         Paul Rothery          Bruce MacLeod

Gary Parker         Billy Strange         Bruce Newman

AndrÈ Penvern       Lawrence Davidson     Maggie Scott
Havoc Oliver        David Osterhout       Peter Fain
Nula Conwell        Tony London           Alfie Curtis

Tony Munafo         Ned Eisenberg         Irwin Keyes
Bill Stack          Gregory Sage          J.K. Wiley

Gennadi Filimonov   Victor Fischbarg      Penny Frank
Bill Couch          Masayuki Yamazuki     George H. Strohsahl Jr.
Bill Couch          Larry Loonin          Denise Lute
Danny Reilly        Angelo Spergo         Gail Turner
Venetia Spicer      Francis Mughan        Oliver MacGreevy
Darwin Joston       Laurie Arent          Lindsey Arent
Michael Taylor      Gino Baffa            Charles Shull

T.S. Rosenbaum      Santos Morales        Meta Shaw

Leslie Wright       Adele Cohen           Ramsay McLean

Aivars Smits        Gordana Rashovich     Jarlath Conroy
Duane LaDage        Rhonda Black          Wes Black
Yolanda King        Antony Carrick        Roland Froehlich
Tom Gressler        Linda Hall            Craig Jackson
Henry T. Williams   Jo Williams
Michael D. Roberts   Kevin Hagen         Luis Avalos

John Stocker         Elias Zarou         George 'Stompy' Kuhr

Claudio Cassinelli   Mark Colleano       Filippo Degaras
Bruce Alexander      Nigel Humphreys     Brian Hayes
Chris Mulkey         Thomas Myers        Marlise Pierrat
Randy Jurgensen      Jimmy Aurichio      Andrew W. Garroni
Jack Kehoe           Pamela Reed         Sonny Carl Davis
Deborah Richter      Kirsten Baker       John Fiedler
Allan Cuthbertson    George Silver       John Bennett
Liz Smith            Dick Taylor

Dick Cusack          Dorothy Scott       Angelo Anthony Buscaglia Jr.
Crane Jackson        Clarke Gordon       Ben Freedman
John Stimpson        Liz Kinney          Rudy Hornish
Ray Cooper           Noel Parenti        Karen McCormick
Toni Kalem           Damita Jo Freeman   Alston Ahern
Lee Wildgen          Brock Simpson       Leslie Scott
Jimmy Lennon Sr.     Bobby Rings         Kevin Mahon
Sander Vanocur       Ken Place           Michael Ensign
Jeffrey Nelson
Dean DeMerritt       Deborah Harry       Chris Stein
Karen Fullerton      Margaret Gadbois    Terrance P. Coady
Victor Langley       Terence Longdon     Michael Medwin
Edmund Stoiber       Alice Sachs         Ann Cooper

Don Franklin         David Hull          Paul Cook
Howard Kissel        Max Leavitt         RenÈe Lippin
Pamela Poitier       James Oscar Lee     Rod McCary
Jack Palinkas        Cecil Brittain      Garrett McPherson
Shane Rimmer         John Morton         Jim Dowdall
Charles McKeown      David Leland        John Hughman
Cammi Lynn Buttner   Roger Camacho       Mandy Cameron
Katya Colman         Richard McGonagle   Bobby Fields
Kurtis Sanders       Clint Lilley        Patrick McMorrow
Linden Chiles        Suzanne Coltrin     Caesar Cordova
Jo Ann Harris        Cindy Leake         Patty Keene
Thane Bettany        George Leach        Richard Graydon
Gil Morris           Andrew Mussell      David Neville
John Archie          Timothy Hawkins     Ricardo M·rquez

Geoffrey Burridge    Brenda Cavendish    Christopher Scoular

Gordon Press         Bob Maroff          Marcella Lowery
Servio T. Moreno
Christian Bendomir   Norbert Gronwald    Albert Kraml
Gary Goetzman        Joe Jacobs          Paul Mooney
Joe Klecko           Grayce Spence       Robert Tessier

Gerardo Zepeda       Hector Moreno       Pamela Gual
Yvonne Gilan         Jack Smethurst      Gerry Slevin

Danton Stone         Mark Nelson         Stephen Hanan

Donald Gibb          John Milius

Dallas Alinder       Ronald W. McLeish   Chuck Bailey

Joe Harner           Mary Ruth Harner    Susanna Moore
Don Moss             Charles Cyphers     Peter Pan
Bill Saito           Gustaf Unger        Bertil Unger
Louise Malapert      Dimo Mally          Vaneta Mally

Amy Kirkpatrick      Todd Kutches        Pauline Lomas
Michael Taylor       Lonnie Wun          Dale E. House
Kay McLaren          Eamon A. Kelly      Telsche Boorman
Richard Graydon      Michael Mellinger   Allan Surtees
Haru Aki             Robin Albert        Rene Ceballos

Al Matthews          Larry Martyn        Frank Coda
Noel Johnson         William Hoyland     Paul Brooke
Reynaldo Medina      Daryl Edwards       Donald Petrie

Doreen Mantle        David Warner        Alun Armstrong

Shawn McAllister     Sandy Mielke        Mike Montalvo
Isaaf Husseiny       Mohamed Kalach      Peter Kamph
Bill Hunter          Diane Chamberlain   Peter Ford
Ruth Hunt            Deborah Offner      Virginia Bingham
Ty Mitchell          Nancy Kyes          Pamela McMyler
Caroline Semple      Cedric Smith        George Touliatos

Paul Mazursky        Ron Clark           Jack Riley
Chico MartÌnez       Daniel N˙Òez        Michael O'Dwyer
Deon Stewardson      Arnelle Kendel      Belinda Kukaro
David Early          John Harrison       Marty Schiff

Paul Berlin          Bud S. Smith        Amelia Parker
Harold Baigent

Omar Patino          Robert Allen        Daniel Gooding
Marguerite McNeil     Sandy Leim               John MacDonald

Corine Lorain         Jean-Pierre Stewart      Thomas Rosales Jr.

Isabelle Lucas        Sharon Duce              P.H. Moriarty
Johnny Ralston        Jim Pair                 Captain Kidd Brewer Jr.
Lionel Mark Smith     Brion James              Frank Arno

Souad Messaoudi       Terry Richards           Steve Hanson
David Young           Byron Kane               Virginia Gregg
Scott Newell          Glynn Rubin              Bennie Moore

Hershel B. Harlson    Timothy Busfield         Solomon Schmidt
Maire O'Brien         Johnny PayCheck          Joan Prather
Thomas Medearis       Amelia Romano            Sheila Marra

Joan Lazzerini        Beverly Somerman         Enrico R. Cannataro
Margot Dionne         Josh Freed               Sandra Giles
BenoÓt Ferreux        Carole Laure             George Mikell
Roger Milner          Stephen Moore            John Nettleton
Derrick O'Connor      Tony Fawcett             Jason Barr
Matt Landers          Peter Jason              Bill Cross
Lee Bryant            John Larch               John Hancock
Colleen Zenk-Pinter   Victor Griffin           Jerome Collamore
Douglas MacArthur     Joseph McCarthy          Richard Nixon
Philip Pena           Jake Busey               Reid Wittliff
Lubi Kirsch           Catherine Russell        Mitchell Huval
Patrick Cochran       Roger Callard            Laura Engle
Walter Davy           Catherine A. Frederico   James D. Griffin
Andrea Pike           Terri Robinson           Jennifer Nairn-Smith

Jiro Okazaki          Steve Pope               Robert Reiter
Jay Thurman           Craig Terry              Juan RamÌrez

Neva Gage             Marisa Folse             Danelle Hand
Cletus Anderson       Katie Karlovitz          Peter Messer
Mike Edmonds          Lisa Esson               John Ghavan

Frank Hennessy        Marvin Hunter            Steve Smith

Richard Pesavento     Tom Sherry               Mary Stein
Ed Begley Jr.         Billy Curtis             Ralph Brannen

Geri Dewson           Annie Kidder             Ian Tracey
Sam Raimi             Robert G. Tapert
Sonny Carl Davis         Michael Wyle           David Price
David Gant               John Grillo            Czeslaw Grocholski
Mike Winlaw              Donald Adams           David Menzies
Liborio Simonella
Jack Manning             Gerald S. O'Loughlin   Woodrow Parfrey
Steve Miner
Floyd Ennis              Donald Symington       John Wylie
Baba Ghaus               Leelabai
David Frizzell           Porter Wagoner         Bob Ferrera

Jude Beny                Jeremy Hole            Brian Montague
Kopi Sotiropulos         Butch Stockton         Ronald Halicki
Robert Doran             Noel Scott             Peter Ellenstein

James Greene             Delphi Harrington      Frances Helm
Max Scanlon              Peter McElroy          Dick Forrest
Archie Hahn              Karen Haber            Priscilla Kovary
Gary Hibbard             Chris Hubbell          Timothy Phillips
Daniel Tyler             William S. Graves      Brian D. Ford

Gary Olsen               Eddie Tagoe            Dennis Fletcher
Craig Simmons
Will Knickerbocker       Bill Wohrman           Roger Womack
Tim Barlow               Mark Elliot            Tim Sinclair
Perry Genovese           Gabriel Wohl           Nancy Stafford

Mario Machado            Tony Hern·ndez         Frank Stallone

Krystyna Karkowska       Katharina Thalbach     Nedim Prohic
Don Fontana              Diana Goad             Gaston Gorest
Mark Conrad              Pete Borsz             Dennis Pflederer

Laura Banks              Tim Culbertson         James Horner
Stavros Kaplandis

Reb Brown                Erik Cord              JoJo D'Amore
Wilfrid Brambell

Ron Thulin               Mary Simons            Francine Ringold

Rock A. Walker           Jerry Wills            Adrienne Barbeau
Sam Stoneburner          Marjorie Lovett        Willy Switkes
Elbert Andre Patrick     Orwin C. Harvey        Jim Clancy
Richard Bruce Friedman   Rick Feck              John Kenworthy
Dick McGoldrick          Edward Mason           Patty O'Brien
Ina Skriver              Stuart Turton          Geoffrey Beevers
Sal Carollo           Sandy Alexander      Geri Martin
Al DePippo            Christopher Farr     Brett Littman
Joris Stuyck
Deran Sarafian        Jeane Manson        Lynette Harrison
Mercy L. Rigby        Emma Floria Chapman Mary Mihaljevic

Fran Stone            Omar S. Saunders     Kevin Springs

Fred Slyter           John Gladstein       Ross Reynolds
David Swim            Lucinda Ziesing      Gillian Gordon
Robert Bloodworth     Georgianne Walken    Jimmy Boyd
Jeni Vici             Carl Munoz           Christopher White

Tommy Wallace         Jean Shepherd        Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio
John Kapelos          George Womack        Christopher Brake

Ramon Estevez         Joseph Domenchini    Roger Dunn

Alan Starkey          Johnny Waxfield      Lori Wells
Peter Laurelli        Fiddle Viracola      John Scoletti
Patricia Jeffares     Maeve Germaine       Liam Stack
Matt Landers          Darren Roy           Frank Pesce

Michael W. Green      Tommy Lee Wallace
Arthur Crockett       Tom Bothwell         Van Saantvord
Scott Christoffel     Debbie Connoyer      Mary Davis Duncan
RamÛn RodrÌguez       Chuck Coop           Sel Vitella

Jeffrey Nelson
Vincent Pandoliano    Benjamin Liu         Angelo
Ann Scott-Jones       Ian Stewart          Tanya Tkatin
Aaron Norris          Don Pike             Gary Pike
Joe Spinell           Susan Saldivar       Bell Hernandez

Fred Melamed          Jeff Natter          Isabell O'Connor
Kate Sarchet          Wendy Sherman        Warwick Sims

Mark Berg             Marcus Campbell      Colin Francis
Tim Douglas           Eric Francis         Matt Frewer
Estelle Omens         Patty Dworkin        Bernadette Birkett

Marilyn Tokuda        Jacqueline Jacobs    Katt Shea
James Staley          Adelaide Wilder      Tessa Richarde

Saskia Cohen Tanugi   Sylvia Marriott      Dan Meaden
Dermot Crowley        Peter Porteous       Eva Reuber-Staier
Robert Pastner
Brick Tilley          Eddy Donno           Den Surles
Daniel R. Suhart      Heather Langenkamp
William Fuller        Will Knickerbocker   Mal Jones
Virginia Gregg
Tim Eisenhart         Danny Rogers         Jerry North
Harry Shearer         Scott Beach          Jane Dornacker
Harry Teinowitz       Francine Locke       Ann Cole
Keeva Clayton         Kirsten Hayden       Karen Parker

Gil Barreto           Heather Benna        Dawnell Bowers
Norman Colvin         Haskell Craver       Kathie Dean
Alyson Mord           Carol Robinson       Bram Hand
Phil Fondacaro        Jerry Maren
Don Granberry         Stuart Damon         Ernest Thompson
Melita Brock-Warner   Karen Bryson         Bill Burns

Glenn Beck            Desh Bandhu          Ilija Ilijevski
David Hobbs           Ken Squier           Harold Kinder
Mike Johnson          Nick Dimitri         Michael Maurer
Barry Dennen          Enid Saunders        Kevin Harrison Cork

Jerry Jones           Harlan Jordan        Robert P. Kelley
Charles Beall         Lelise Folse         Sharisse Baker-Bernard
Audie Edmondson       Buddy Edmondson      Raleigh Gardenhire
Tom Degidon           William Magerman     Alan Dellay
Kitty Muldoon         Michael Aronin       Tony Munafo
Puni Rangiaho         Robin Ruakere        Tim Shadbolt
James Edgcomb         Ken Farmer           Tad Horino
Elpidia Carrillo      Martin Palmares      Gerardo Albarr·n
Karl Johnson          Joyce Hyser          Michael Wyle

Jason Bernard         Frankie Hill         Jesse D. Goins
Paul Votara           Gavin Courtney       Robert A. Van Senus
Mario Layco           Jabo Djohansjan      Agus Widjaja
Michael Malnick       Shayur Mehta         Mary Peach
Mickey Jones          Dick Miller          Jenny Sullivan
Delana Michaels       Gene McGarr          Arthur C. Clarke
Kid Creole            Adriana Kaegi        Cheryl Poirier
Judy Nagy             Ronn Wright          Jim Welch
Vincent Schiavelli    Douglas Seale        Miroslav Sekera
Mervyn E. Griffith    Tommy Gunn           Kadeem Hardison
John Hostetter        David Paymer         Dennis Redfield
Randy Vasquez         Damon Wayans         Charles Adamson
James Pruett          Priscilla Alden      Howard Kinsley

Beatrice Vetterly     Jan Geneen           Christy Keenan
Rob Paulsen           Jeremy Lawrence         Rod Loomis
Christopher Childs
Jack May              Mary Kauila             Sharon Bower
Lela Rochon           Kara Vallow             Jean-Claude Van Damme
Dwania Kyles          Michael Mantell         Olga Merediz
John Ramsey           George Martin           John Bedford Lloyd
Alex Rocco            Henry Silva             Frank Sinatra

Joe Dallesandro       Ed O'Ross               Frederick Downs Jr.
Lisa Hayslip          Pamela Anderson         Janice Kent
Marii Mak             Claudia Lowe            Anna Chavez
Judd Omen             Molly Wryn              AngÈlica AragÛn
Lori Singer           Jennifer Runyon         Daniel McDonald
Florence Anglin       Gerald M. Kline         Barry R. Smith
Victor Rivers         Joe Palese              Joe Shea
Steve Boles           Stanley Mann            Robert Miano
George Blumenthal     Blake Brocksmith        Richard Buck

David Valenza         Meghan Broadhead        Mimi Broadhead

Robyn Woods           Thad Geer               Tom Everett
Joe Cirillo           Joe Schmieg             Reginald VelJohnson
William Helvey        Kaele Merrill           Drew Zenger
Nicky Katt            Tracy Wells             John C. Becher
Larry B. Daugherty    Harry Northup           Stuart Charno
Eneko Olazagasti      Patxi Barko             Xavier Aguirre
Robin Rael            Victoria Rae Walker     Gregory Beck
Charles Fournier      Anita Morris            Young Sup Chung
Darren Muir           Richard E. Norlie       Syi Peters
Ahmed El Shenawi      Arthur F. Repola        Nizwar Karanj
Jerry L. Clark        Kathy Lee Kennedy       Lance Funston
Georg Olden           Cynthia Szigeti         Elizabeth Arlen
Bernard Kuby          Joan Lemmo              Helen Siff
Mow Leng              Chinsaure Sar           Hout Ming Tran
Antonia Rey           Syrena Irvin            Jacquelyn Roberts

Richard Marner        Jenny Lipman            Holly De Jong
Marc Alaimo           Cameron Dye             Geoffrey Blake
Ed Beheler            Jerry Grayson           Michael Greer
Tina Theberge         Jim Giggins             Roger Rose
Joonee Gamboa         Augusto Victa           Protacio Dee
Christopher Wynkoop   Lyman Ward              Joe Lynn
Brian Muehl           Bruce Edward Hall       James J. Kroupa
Robert Kalaf          Barry Kivel             Steven Kronovet
Joseph Long           Earl Ramsey
Paul Grenier          John Richard Petersen
Matthew Scurfield      John Golightly         Rolf Saxon
Darcy Pulliam          Michael O'Sullivan     Mary Ann Smith
Rusty Jacobs           Brian Bloom            Adrian Curran

Antonio Maimone        Davide Marotta         Fulvio Mingozzi
Patrick DeSantis       David Allen Michaels   Andrew McCartney
Bruce McFee            Beth Amos              Araby Lockhart
Ed O'Ross              Peter Conti            Tony Lip

Sally Thorner          Jeanne Mori            Elizabeth Anderson
Brown Mark             Garry Johnson          Mark Cardenas
Lois Kimbrell          Harley Christensen     Tacy Norwood
Kelitta Kelly          Varnum Honey           Sue Kiel
Karen Tighe
Jack Starrett          Charles Robinson       Dean Whitworth

Jimmy Medearis         Jeff Ramsey
Stephen E. Miller      Bob Metcalfe           David Longworth
Jami Gertz             Frank Howard           Cinnamon Idles
Daniel Epstein
Ronald E. Greenfield   Anthony C. Sanders     Traftin E. Thompson

David Lloyd Nelson     Al Chesney             Lowell Ganz
Jeanne Mori            Bob K. Cummings        Mario Marcelino
Victor McLemore        Steven Brennan         Pat Lee

Sarah Marten           Tamu Blackwell         Ric Moreno
Sally Cranfield        Martha Parsey          Saskia Ten Batenburg
Jeff Folger            Doneal G. Gersh        Jim Jackson
Stan Yale              Al Kahn                Leslie Morris

Jennifer Child         J.J. Barry             George McDaniel
Becki Davis            Jonathan Sachar        Valerie Thibodeaux
John J. Carney         Russell Sommers        Michael Gough
Ivry Gitlis            Jean Aurenche          Humbert Balsan

Milt Kogan             Bob Balhatchet         Dan Magiera
Laurel Lyle            Victor DÈsy            Charlotte Laurier

K.C. Carr              Martin Chenoweth       Jim Flanagin
Maia Brewton           Courtney Gains         Richard L. Duran
Sam High               David Vaughn           Tina Littlewood

Terence Bayler         Gorden Kaye            Tony Portacio

Robert Ellenstein      Reni Santoni           Alan Autry
Mansoor Najeeullah        Peter Fitzgerald      John Hammil

Mick Conway               Palz Vaughan          Kim Cook
Cyndi Vicino              Russ Wheeler          Harold Bergman
Howard Jackson            Alex Stevens          Don Pike
Lillian Njoki Distefano   Donna Buie            Leon Rippy
Mikul Robins              Branscombe Richmond   Matt Landers

Colin Rix                 Alan Thompson         Tracy-Louise Ward
Kim Maxwell               Barbara Russell       Gene A. Saraceni
Pip Miller                David Halliwell       John Rees
Jeffrey Tambor
Iris ChacÛn               Victor Argo           Shirley Stoler
Silvana de Faria          Claudio Moreno
Kevin Taylor              Sheyenne Jade         MenyhÈrt RenÈ Balog-DutombÈ
George Kodisch            Jim Cordes            Richard Hayes

William Tuttle            Gene Warren           Robert Wise
Susan Beresford           MÚnica Lucchetti
William Sanderson         Penny Santon          Robert Sorrells

Noreen Hennessey          Steve LaChance        Mika
Eric Briant Wells         Gene Ross             Max Segar
Erich Schwarz             Christel Merian       Georg Tryphon
Jˆrg Trees                Tim Condren           Dan van Husen

David Montague
Jake Steinfeld            Sue Bowser            Waldo Salt
Phyllis Applegate         Robert Loggia         Michael Dorn
Flora Alberti             Patricia Davidson     Ziraoui Mustapha
Clint Rowe                Frank C. Turner       Jack Ackroyd
Karen Moss                Andre Harrell         Mr. Hyde
Elettra Baldassarri       Paolo Merosi          Jurgen Morhofer

Paul Cooper               Chris Sullivan        Milton Cadman
Ernie Lively              Art Frankel           Mark Sydney
Mark Spain                Mark Kounnas          Rod Zuanic
Nick Cassavetes           Les Dudek             Rebecca Wood
Connie Hicks              Bill Rutherford       George Rudolph
Patricia Ann Willoughby   Mike Casper           Hugh Burritt
Timothy Webber
Niven Boyd                Iman                  Peter Strong
S.A. Griffin              Jack Radosta          Robert Winley
Simmy Bow                 Jon Harris            Carmen Filpi
Roger Rowland             John Kidd             James Snell
Lee Daley                 Gilly Coman           Maggie Ollerenshaw
Tom Signorelli      Ray Iannicelli         Stanley Tucci
Zoe Caldwell        Eugene J. Anthony      Ebb Miller

Randy Lowell        Robert Prescott        John Shepherd Reid
Will Jeffries       Sebastian Ligarde      Roger Cudney
Leigh Drake         Terrence M. Holliman   Allan Trautman
Pons Maar           Rachel Ashton          Robbie Barnett
Sylvia Meals        Dwayne McGee           LeRoy Neiman
Diane Erickson      Larry John Meyers      Don McLaughlin

Mike Toto           Ron Burke              Arvid Malnaa
Jan Karski          Gertude Schneider      Itzhak Zuckermann
David Hart          Graham Smith           Paul Butler
Brian Dennehy       Linda Hunt             Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Harding        Heidi Sorenson         Margo Random
Don Moss            Whip Hubley            Michele Winding
Saule Jackunas      Dave Grenaey           Robert Rook
Daniel Antonovich   Heidi Miller           Marilyn Staley
Elyn Swofford       Cyndi Vicino           Yvonne Cook
Richard Hamilton    George Memmoli         Rosalind Moreland
Jack Slater         Missy Proulx           Aldea Pope
Maggie Wise Riley   J.P. Robertson         Michael Osborne

Zarko Petievich     Rick Dalton            Richard L. Lane

Kenneth Kessler     Barbara Gurskey        Donna Winter
Lantza Krantz
David McIntyre      Steve Danton           Mara Scott-Wood
Chad McCann         William J. Bergman     John Berry Jr.
Lucien JÈrÙme       Joe Flood              GÈrard Buhr
Paul Spangenberg    Darrell Driggs         David Haugen

Darren Harris       Renee Props            Michael Cramer
Paul Goss           Annemarie Vallerio     Bruce E. Camburn
Ralph Tabakin       Nancy Nevinson         Michael Hordern

Peter Bucossi       Sullivan Walker        Bobby Alto
Pierre Michelot     Wayne Shorter          Ron Carter
David Davenport     Max Harvey             Rupert Holliday-Evans
Sheenika Smith      Heath Wagerman         Brie O'Banion
Ronald Fraser       Slim Gaillard          Irene Handl
Holly De Jong       Jay Benedict           Christopher Henn

Ira Miller          Royce D. Applegate     John Solari
Myke R. Mueller     Bob McDivitt           Bonita Hall
Jason Hervey        Leslie Huntly          James Ingersoll
Dan Fitzgerald      Peter Fournier         Julian Byrd
Hugo Stanger          Wayne Montanio         'Iron Jaws' Wilson
Chester Grimes        Irene Olga LÛpez       Daphne Eckler
George Cheung         Noble Craig            Danny Kwan
E.J. Castillo         Peterson Banks         Rudy Daniels
Donald Moore          A. Michelle Depland    Michelle Sasser
Angela Gann           Scott Irvine           Karen Siegel
Helen Brown           Hettie Lynne Hurtes    Sarah Lilly

Pierre Lamielle       Mary Reid              Samantha Ostry
Steve Mizerak         Rick Mohr              Lloyd Moss
Doo Kim               Claire Harnedy         Howie Murphy

Gael Lehrer           Hank Leininger         Howard Jackson
Laurence Flaherty     Fabio Poggiali         Andrea Spera
Steven Mastroieni     Bob Gish               Onna Young
Joseph Makkar         Jason Williams         Darryl Henriques

Eric Edidin           Brendan Baber          Tiffany Chance
Bob Strickland        Michael Brockman       Louis Cutolo

Bindra Joshi          Judy Hudson            Ron Packham

Mariye Inouye         Juhachiro Takada       Linda Carola
Anne Lambton          Judy Liebert           Brian Hawksley
Nicholas Worth        Timothy Fall           Jon Pennell
Peter Banks           Ted Maynard            Anthony Mannino

Thomas W. Marshall    Gary Long              C.W. Mundy
Roy Mansano           Shonda Whipple         Amy Fitzpatrick
Terry Wills           F. William Parker      Albert R. Schara
Cheri Wells           Valerie McIntosh       Bebe Drake
George Wallace        Andra Akers            Robert Rothwell

Robert Beatty         Toby Philpott          Ian Thom
Brian Poyser          Philip Voss            Robert Putt
Peter Boyden          Thomas Barbour         Mary Alison Griffin

Melissa Wiltsie       Kevin Scott            Barbara Rosenblat
R. Gilbert Clayton    Patti Wilkus           Martha Murphy
Chris Elliott         Gary Chavaras          Chris Cianciolo
Jacques Des Grottes   Enrique Lamas          Fred Melamed

Alan Talbot           Geoffrey Larder        Helen Martin
Sofia Coc             Margarita Coc          Wilfred Peters
Greg Finley           Jerry Lazarus          Robert Axelrod
Gerard Horan          Jonathan Moore         Ram John Holder
Regina Hooks          John Benjamin Martin   Leslee Bremmer
Peter Cloes           Mario Diano            Fabrizio Fontana

Peter Pagan           Terri Perri            Charles Malota
John Schluter         Mike Bacarella         Charles Dutton

David Menachem        Rita Shukrun           Menachem Bar'am

Rachel C. Telegen     Paul M. Lane           Don Ruffin
Elaine Swayneson      Markus Lawson          David Lines
Ginger Taylor         Sigrid Wurschmidt      Glenn Withrow
Peter Hicks           Basile Achara          Steve Barredo
Carrie Lorraine       Kathy Wagner           Bill Schroeder
Bruno Coon            Jeffrey Hollie         Kevin Ricard

Abel Fern·ndez        Patricia West-Del Ruth Joe Leahy
Tony DiBenedetto      Tom Hull               Mary Cannon
Don Pugsley           Susan Cheng            Micki Varro

Elizabeth Marangoni   Peter Munt             Luca Rossi
Fred Buch             Ricardo GutiÈrrez      Frankie Davila
Janet Rotblatt        Charlotte Zucker       Arturo Bonilla
Joshua Gallegos       MarÌa Rubell           Ty Granderson Jones

Lisa McLean           Eleanor C. Heutschy
Michele Winstanley    Andy Bradford          Tom Little
Edward Saxon          James Hurd             Joanna Kitchen-Hurd
Charlie Owens         Kenneth Hodges         John Hodges
Scott DeVenney        Viola Kates Stimpson   Phil Rubenstein

Ken Gehrig            Donna McMullen         Scott L. McKenna
Steve Caballero       Tony Hawk              Lester Kasai
Dyana Ortelli         Humberto Ortiz         Jorge Cervera Jr.
Debi Fares            Scott Krambeck
John Moschitta Jr.    Judd Nelson            Leonard Nimoy
Steve Boles           James D. Nelson        Richard Doyle
Andy Bradford         David Shaughnessy      Patrick Holt

Dick Martinsen        Charles Raymond        Riki Colon
Frank Hill            Philip Honey           Clark Johnson
Roxie Roker           Le Tari                Christopher Broughton
Karmen Harris         Nicole Burdette        Kendall Lupe
Geena Goodwin         David R. Ellis         Brian Kohn
Jennifer Balgobin     Victoria Jackson       Marianne Doherty
Rodney Bingenheimer   Dick Dale              Stevie Ray Vaughan
Carlos Cervantes      Peter Conti            Vance Colvig Jr.
Joseph Wilkens        Robert Clohessy        Dick Martinsen
Ted Markland        Phil Hoover             David Blackwood
Sheri Levinsky      Ray Murphy Sr.          Todd Susman
Steve Broussard     Eliott Keener           August Krinke
Timothy Stack       Jack Gwillim            Diana Bellamy
Cihangir Gaffari    John Cheung             Dennis Chiu
Jim Perrine         Alma MartÌnez           Ruben Guevara
Richard Thomsen     Nat Benchley            Marita Geraghty
Ty Gray             Will Hannah             Todd Walsh
Sly Smith           Donny Evins             Claude Earl Jones
Joe Silver          Philip Dorn             Maltby Napoleon
Walter Matemavi     Clement Muchachi        Ruth Chinamando
D.A. Pauley         Dorian Sanchez          Jennifer Stahl
Jennifer Curry      Gray Daniels            Gary Lee Davis

Anna Levine         Alicia Perusse          Christopher Rubin

Eriq La Salle       Ray Aranha              David Brisbin
Gil Kopel           Keith Hodiak            Peter Merrill
Terry Foster        Marshall Sizemore       Steve Barcanic
Lerdcharn Namkiri   Hanh Hi Nguyen          Tuan Lai
Trevor Thomas       Philip Wilton           Craig Fuller

Donald Willis       Beau Gibson             Joe Perce
Didier Flamand      Rolf Henke              Scott Kirby
Sara Langton        Imogen Cawrse           Susan Brown
Paul Walsh          Roberta Maguire         Jacqueline de La Chaume

Christine Avila     Alexandra Borrie        Jenny Gago

Ernesto Hern·ndez   Noble Willingham        Thom Pintello
Kaige Chen          Liangbin Zhang          Wenjie Huang
Moya Kordick        Jayne Modean            Jude Mussetter
Ed O'Ross           Gustav Vintas           Paul Tuerpe
Robert Balderson    Dakin Matthews          Les Lannom
Atik Mohamed        Michael Moor            Sumar Khan
Tony Cain           Melanie Bishop          Sandra E. Garcia
Katey Sagal         Vance Colvig Jr.        Kim Sylver
Jill Mallorie       Eve Mash                Ronnie Rosado
Chris Hunter        Gerald McArthur         Breffni McKenna
Lisa Howard         Cynthia Dale            Anthony Messuri
Eddie Mulder        Don Pugsley             Neith Hunter
Paul Kent           Mary Brown              Melanie Doctors
Molly Carter        Florence Schauffler     Guy Boyd
David Paymer        Charles Walker          Bob Courts
Gerry Okuneff       Conni Marie Brazelton   Roydon Clark
Debra Deliso        Thomas Dillon           Sandra Eng
John McDowell III   Steven Walker           Israel Juarbe
Don Peoples             Sidney Armus        Bea Soong
Julie H. Morgan         Bill Erwin          Ruth de Sosa
Lynn Mills              Patrick Cummings    Jimmy Woodard
Dave Duffy              Robert Hamilton     Margaret Wade

David Williams          Bill Yarbrough
Rusty Lee               James Yeater        Bill Andres
Todd Jeffries           Billy Long          Peter Looney

Yolanda Williams        Tyress Allen        John Davies
Bernadette Sabath       Caroline Barclay    Heidi Sorenson
Tony Brubaker           Billy D. Lucas      George P. Wilbur
Don Amendolia           Judith Malina       Mary Catherine Wright

Don Luciano Cappucino   Anita Laurenzi      Agostino Trupio

J. Patrick McNamara     Jonathan Schmock    James Vallely
Jeff Nielsen            Harlan Cary Poe     Marilyn Rockafellow
Dey Young               Rhonda Shear        Robert Prescott
Steven Grisaffe         Benny Sonnier       Kip Sonnier
Blu Mankuma             Lossen Chambers     Lloyd Berry
Irene Olga LÛpez        James Victor        Yvette Cruise
Shawn Lawrence          Kelly Ricard        David Glen
Carl Reiner             Lillian Adams       Duane Davis
Frederick Strother      Myra Taylor         Robert Walsh
Christine Kossak        Joe Lynn            Edward D. Murphy
Michael Alex            Michael Alvarez     John Amador
Stanley L. Gonsales     Fred Gephart        Don Burns

Kaitlin Montgomery      Aditra Kohl         Charles Keller Watson
Lauren Tom              George Blumenthal   Terence Stamp

Pilip Saitoti           Amanda Parkin       Louis Mahoney
Ben Daniels             Jim Dowdall         Danielle Phelps
Jane A. Johnston        Merrily Horowitz    Harriet Medin
Robert Carlton

Jonathan Kasdan         Thomas Paolucci     Neana N. Collins
Barney O'Sullivan       Christianne Hirt    Frances Flanagan
Abraham Alvarez         Diana James         Frank Collison
Alice Spivak            Mary Laslo          Carol Schultz
Henry Lee               Michael Lee         Jeffrey Liew

Bob Pettersen           Duane Davis         Maree Cheatham
Terry David Mulligan    Fred Keating         Dan Conway
Tracy Reiner            James Eckhouse       Linda Gillen
Tony Mockus Jr.         Carmen Argenziano    Maureen McVerry
Al Pugliese             Hubert Kelly         Billy J. Mitchell
Teddy Vincent           Don Brunner          Clayton Landey
Austin Kelly            Stogie Harrison      Dan Moriarty

Pete Bock               Alan Mejia           Max Patkin
Jana Twomey             Suaundra Black       Michael Patrick Carter
Doug MacHugh            Claudia Robinson     Harley Jane Kozak
Carlos Cervantes        Eugene Collier       Lawrence Cook

Victoria Dillard        Felicia Taylor       Midori
Dennis Miller           Lewis Fitz-Gerald    Brendan Higgins
Charles Beecham         Gabriel Folse        Matt Thompson

Melodie Soe             Kristopher Logan     Scott Vance
David Walden            Liliane Stillwell    Denise McLeod
Rick Ducommun           Matt Landers         Carmine Zozzora

Michael Laskin          Randle Mell          Robert Motz
Sheri Tyrrell Brogdon   Kellee Kennedy       Bethlyn Weidler
Tom Piggot Smith        Katherine John       Sophie Johnstone
Claude Doineau          John Mahoney         Jimmie Ray Weeks

Teal Gennaro            Gloria Gifford       Diane Gordon

Rosario Campese         Franco Diogene       Tredessa Dalton
Brian Healy             Bart the Bear        Jerry Maren
John Orofino            Kim Webb             Debra Wirth

Jamey Sheridan          P.J. Barry           Boris Leskin
Homeselle Joy           Vickilyn Reynolds    Paul Motley

Gregory L. Everage      Frank LaLoggia
Andy Norman             Bob Smith            Jackie Russell

Donald Hodson           Harry Dean Stanton   Peter Berling
David M. Paynter        Biff Wiff            Tasha Stewart
Nancy Travis            Warren Miller        Steve Vignari
Cameron Milzer          Sonia M. Roberts     Sam Sanders
Bob Penny               James F. Moore       Park Overall
Marcel Girard           Ali Giron            Robert Gould
Christina Galesi        Eric Morgan Stuart
Katherine Wiatt         Jason Adams          Arthur Bowen
Robin Joss              Ray Zuppa            Paul Timothy Burke
David Katz              Bob Lujan            Charles Gherardi
Margherita Mignemi       Giuseppe Pellegrino    Turi Killer

Joshua Taylor            Jan Merlin             Jimi Renfro

Michael Fosberg          Joe Hart               Clay Wilcox
Christiane Eden          Renna Bogdanowicz      Susan Michael
Michael C. Hall          Robert W. Heckel       W. Todd Kenner

Gerald Egan              Graeme Stoney          Ken Connley
Donna Hanover            Thomas Fraioli         Burke Pearson
Habib Azmi               Ramesh Gohil           Sanjana Kapoor
Lionel Taylor            Colin Hunt             David Addison
Michael Eidam            Mary Ellen Trainor     Bruce Jarchow
Betty GarcÌa RodrÌguez   Luis Tavare Pesquera   Claudia Pimentel
Christiane Carman        Irene Fernicola        Karen Shaver
Kellye Nakahara          Ellen Dweck            Lisa Niemi
Kevin McNulty            William S. Taylor      Ric Reid

FranÁois Guizerix        Reinier Verhoef
Katie Kampmann           Rich Dauer             Helen Hunt
Elizabeth M. Mason       Tony Bluto             Don Weller
Jerry Tullos             Herb Tanney            Peter Jason

Peter Zapp               Carl Kissin            Park Overall
Jo Harvey Allen          Sy Richardson          Coati Mundi
Austin Hawk              Scott Harms            Sarah Davis
Vince Inneo              Bob Hudson             Jon Paul Jones
Melissa Bruder           Patrick O'Neill        Jonathan Katz

Joe Flood                Leonard Gardner        Bill Bonham
Marvin J. McIntyre       Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa   Wayne Grace
Miroslaw Beuer           Niven Busch            Margot Capelier
James O'Connell          Eugene Guirterrez      April Winchell
Sallyanne Law            Ruth Greenfield        Kate Greenfield
Clive Mantle             Dave Cooper            Richard Henry
Jane B. Harris           Sondra Hollander       Samantha Shane
Richela Renkun           Pat Lee                Gary Kanin
Yves Aubert              Bill Bailey            Peter Birrell

William Wisher Jr.       Marcus K. Mukai        Wendy Gordon
Michael Polley           Tony Smart             Terry Gilliam
Dan Kuenster             Dan Molina             Mark Swan
Joseph McCrossin         J.D. Souther           David Jackson
Flea                 Jim Ishida             Nikki Birdsong
George Roth          Kate Harper            Bruce McGuire
Jim Cody Williams    Dusty O'Dee            Heather Pittman
Doug Yasuda          Toshio Sato            Jun Kunimura
Bonnie Suggs         Harold Suggs           Barbara Gulling-Goff
Stephen Baldwin      Philip Amelio          Michael McTighe
Rod Long             Daryl Olson            George Catalano
Ennalls Berl         Vinh Than              Somsak
Fran Ryan            James Noble            Marc McClure
Peter Rush           Pauline Mayer          Ben Stoneham
Steve Maidment       Nadia Sanford          Chester Malinowski

Pamela Burrell       Allison Hedges         Christine D'Ercole
Richard Habersham    Gwen McGee             Steve Park
Bruce Hunter         John Stocker           Lizbeth MacKay

Lydia Sum            Stephen Horowitz       Nigel Kat
Bobby Pierson        Edward Sebic           Shirley Merovitz
D.D. Howard          Lisa Raggio            Vickilyn Reynolds
Madison Mason        Krzysztof Pieczynski   Don Pugsley
Geoffrey Nauffts     Anne Seymour           C. George Biasi

Edgar D. Mitchell    Bob Overmyer           Buck Owens
Judith Conyers       Paul McKenzie          Jo Martin
Mark Schneider       Valery Pappas          Catherine Reitman
Randell Haynes       Afemo Omilami          Keith Noble

Bruce Beatty         John Short             Steven Culp
Kent Stoddard        John Ingle             Stuart Mabray
Judi Dench           Paul Scofield          Michael Maloney
Dee Booher           Diane Franklin         Bruce Wagner
Tanveer Ghani        Joanna Mays            Sean Bean

John Gundy           John Paul Young
Ben Reeder           Thor Derkson           Jonathan Sedman
Gena Colley          Belinda Coatley        Hazel Elliott
Will Miles           David Murray           Frederick Jaeger
Brian J. Williams    Maggie Baird           Alanniss Allddero
Connie Lemoine       Coco d'Este
Victoria Hirsch      Ralph M. Cardinale     Bruce Claessens
Robert Weil          Mark Boone Junior      Sylvie Spector
Dwayne Jones         Kenneth Kelly          Yvette Hawkins
Bruce Young          Guy Mack               Danny Wynands
Jeannine Bisignano   Claudio Brook          Cynthia Fallon
Mickie McGowan       Rod McKuen             Malachi Pearson
Leela Mayor          Vittorio Mezzogiorno   Bruce Myers
Marge Kotlisky       Tony Mockus Jr.        Deborah Wakeham
Fred Lloyd                Cathi Levy           Renee Menzies McCallum
Gene Caldwell             Jewell N. Guion      Jody Lovett
Britta Smith              Adrian Dunbar        Lucy Vigne Welsh
Rick Aviles               Steve Buscemi        Vondie Curtis-Hall
Jeremy Roberts            Woody Weaver         Michael Kaufman
Andrew MacMillan          Jodi Long            Nancy Giles
Carlos Sanz               Diane Timmerman      Charles Mueller
Erika Rafuls              Jordan Kessler       Billy Cohen

Eleanor Grace Courtemanche Donnie Greene       Lila Duffy
Louise Hodges

Donald Willis             Arlan Feiles         Chris Ziesmer
Leon Herbert              Chris Humphreys      Stefan Kalipha
Jacqueline Brookes        Thom Curley          Fred Sanders
Doug Yasuda               James Pyduck         Michael John McGann
Linda Weatherly Wellman   Lise Lang            Jane Aiken
Mike Coletta              Robb Willoughby      Tom Druzay
Daniel Camp               Norman Fletcher      Lori Tate
Francesca Longrigg        Alexandra Pigg       Helen Lindsay
Fred Bryant               Francis Johnson      Harriet Keevil

Gerry Bamman              Charles Dean         Gustave Johnson
Saverio Guerra            Jack DiGiorgio       Dale Carman
John Cadenhead            Francis M. Carlson   Ivan Green
Ron Payne                 Jane Vickerilla      Kyle Lewis Eastman
Richard De Burnchurch     Jose Licenziato      Ivan Palec
Jacqueline Cassell        Vickilyn Reynolds    Eunice Suarez
Wendy Feiner
Mert Hatfield             Jack Canon           Nello Tare
Charles Dugan             Katherine Squire     Al Christy

Mert Hatfield             Wallace Merck        Mary Ratliff
Peter Van Wagner          Tom McKearn          Frank Coranado
Magda Sass                Owen Rice            Margo Winkler

William C. Westmoreland   Spiro Agnew          Muhammad Ali
cast28                cast29                 cast30

Ian Gray              Sylvia Horseman        Dick Henderson
Helene Heigh          Vicki Belmonte         Jerrold Ziman
James Hong            Howard Honig           Gregory Itzin

Faye Michael Nuell    Eugene Jackson         Roma Alvarez
Weston Gavin          Lance Gordon           Lynn Hallowell
Jean Burns            Connie Collins         John Allmond
Terrence E. McNally   Larry Meyers           Eric Morris

Jane Daly             Rev. F. Wilcock        Valery Klever

Walter Levine         Alonzo Atkins          Chaka Khan

Tanya Russell         Valerie Shanks         Sharon Sherlock
Brent Jennings        Harry Groener          William Newman

Rebecca Burritt       Bobbie Kosstrin        Scott Jackson

Fred Latremouille     David Peevers          Sera Johnstone

Grant Turner          Frank Mitchell         Merle Kilgore

Hugh Quarshie         Olu Jacobs             Gyearbuor Asante
Jon Greene            Robin Oliver           Shirley Handelsman
Bernadette Milnes     Brenda Kempner         Carol Harrison

Antonia French        Tina Fasano            Tina Austin
Peggy Kaye            Mews Small             Robert Stahoviak

Willie Henry Jr.      Steve Hollander        Sang Kim
Ronald R. Stoops      Kenneth J. Jaskolski   Sergei M. Kowalchik
Robert Cenedello      Sherman Jones          Nick Caris
Ron Van Clief         Danny Weatherspoon     Fred Williamson
John Hollis           Paul Bentall           Leon Greene
Shari Jacoby          Christopher Cundey     John Strobel
Tony Termini          Jeff Silverman         Mae Williams

Marilyn Putnam        John Finnegan          Gaetano Lisi

Allen Keller          Caroline Kava          Mady Kaplan
Dennis W. Cothran     Ray O'Bryan            Jerry Brutsche
Jeremy Young          Sally Nesbitt          Susan Engel
Jack Krupnick         Sarah Leonard          Harvey Lewis
Wynn Irwin                Frank Arno           Rick DiAngelo

Mario Feliciani           Scott Fensome        Piero Gerlini
Georgie Phillips          Mary Sheen           Pauline Melville
Glenn Robards             Tim Rossovich        Lin Shaye
William Lustig
Brendan Kelly             Danny Tucker         Shirley Washington
Ceil Gabot                Charlie Brill        Loretta Tupper
Nigel Stock               Pierce Brosnan       Sam Kydd

Kitt York                 Marge Kotlisky       Tim Kazurinsky
Shannon Scott David       Elizabeth Carder     Kitty Beau
Clarissa Downey           Cynthia Burke        Jane Alderman
John E. Bristol           Julie Janney         Patty Katz
P.J. Soles                Craig T. Nelson      James R. Barnett
Tammy Bourne              Dean Bosacki         Debbie Greenfield
Marty Denkin              Shay Duffin          Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
Craig Shreeve             Brendan Burns        Jonathan Moore

Clem Burke                Jimmy Destri         Nigel Harrison
Steve Michaels            Malcolm Nelthorpe    Nicholas Kilbertus
William Morgan Sheppard   John Standing        Graham Stark
Shirley Anthony           Denise Franc         Roberta Storm

Victoria Michaels         William P. O'Hagan   Maud Strand
Sol Lomita                Irving Metzman       Dorothy Leon
Claudia Cron              Bill Bailey          Donna Kei Benz
Nelson Tyler              Louis Gartner        William Joseph Arno
Angus MacInnes            Antony Sher          Elva Mai Hoover
Derrick O'Connor          Neil McCarthy        Declan Mulholland
Riki Colon                Sarah Dougherty      Karen Evans
Mary Blake                Anthony Luizzi       Lenore Luizzi
Joseph Barnaba            Diane Hill           Dick Miller
Michael Cornelison        Brian Cummings       Ron Cummins
Fee Waybill               Stephen Pearlman     Church Ortiz
Mathias Kilroy            Angela Thorne        Martin Matthews
Beth Porter               David Prowse         Cleo Rocos
Patricia Matzdorff        Diane Zolten         Kathy Suergiu

Mary Tempest              Cynthia Powell       Sydney Bromley

Jerome Collamore          Mark Fleischman      Helen Hanft
Jean-Claude Hoffmann     Peter Pathenis        Arno Kral
Lee Noblitt              Ines Pedroza          Morgan Roberts
Alfie Wise               Johnny Yune           Lois Hamilton

Marco Antonio Arzate     Miguel ¡ngel GarcÌa   Vicente Hueso
Peter Cellier            Stephen Mallatratt    Colin Bruce

Naama Potok              Laura Delano          Carol Levy

Yana Nirvana             Joe Wright            Tim Kazurinsky

Summer Ramer             Robert Houston        Lulu Sylbert
David Daniels            Don Dubbins           James Galante
Joseph Burke             Tak Kubota            Army Archerd
Alain Marcel             Isabelle Mergault     Marthe Moudiki-Moreau

Renee Neimark
David R. Patrick         Bob Minor             Wally Taylor
Prudence Wright Holmes
Don Fellows              Stewart Harwood       Rik Mayall
Clif De Raita            Edyie Fleming         Linda Haberman

Harry Littlewood         Hazel Court           Ruby Wax
Eva Reuber-Staier        Fred Bryant           Robbin Young
Thomas A. Carlin         Frederick Allen       Dominic Chianese

GÈrard Falconetti        Penelope Wilton       Joanna Joseph

Allison Caine            Raymond Forchion
Hussein Kaouk            Wolfgang Kaven        Hans-Peter Korff
Ian Govett               Geoff Parry           Clive Bennington
William E. Conway        Russell R. Bletzer    Terrance Mario Carnes
Dennis Holahan           Nichole Drucker       Ken Smolka
John Vernon              Vlasta Vrana          Al Waxman

Art Metrano              Diane Day             Henny Youngman
Wendell Wright           Lon Chaney Jr.        Forrest J Ackerman
Lynn Du Toit             Pat Marsh             Ursula Vermeulen
Robert Williams          Molly McCloskey       Judith Barrett

Dawn Dunlap              Sheila Mayhew         Harold Suggs

Michael R. Chin          Gerri Igarashi        Edward Eisele
John Shamsul Alam     JosÈ Santana          Patrick Fox

Angelique Rockas      Judith Alderson       Rayner Bourton
Jan Eisner Mannon
Virgil Frye           Kenneth Cervi         Chris Rellias

Frank Marshall        Martin Kreidt         George Harris
Herb Tanney           Joe Penny             Erica Yohn
Alveda King Beale     Gayle Davis           Atim Kweli

Gino Gottarelli       Gene Scherer          Dawn Clark
Charlie Rich          Fran Ryan             David Selburg
Gary McCleery         Michael Longfield     Arnold Mazer

Mary Louise Wade      Donna J. Fenton       Thomas Giblin
Charles Gray          Marie Lynn Hammond    Susan Hannon
Werner Roth           David Shawyer         Jean-FranÁois StÈvenin
Laurence Olivier      Bill Owen             Anna Quayle
Edmund Bumstead       David Leland          Anne-Marie Marriott
Chris Mulkey          Marcelino S·nchez     Bennie E. Dobbins
Oliver Robins         Louis Giambalvo       Sam Anderson
Jon Richards          Wayne Cilento         Ken Swofford
William H. Peterson   Ronald Reagan         George A. Smathers
Robert English
Pat Ivers             Emily Armstrong       Noel Hall
Michael D. Castle     Kim North             Tom Eplin
Jennifer Jewison      Wally McMahon         Doug Roberts
Terri Treas           Melanie Winter        Stephen Bray

Adalberto Cortez      ConcepciÛn Palmeres   Juan Salas

John C. Isbell        Roger E. Reid         Charles Joseph Konya Jr.
Marty Schiff          Tom Savini            Tom Atkins
Dave Goelz            Louise Gold           David Greenaway

Lee Case              Clement Fowler        Howard Silverman

Mitchell Suskin       Ted Grossman          Pat Welsh
John Paragon          Don Steele            Rick Waln

Brad Sakiyama         Sandra Friesen        Raimund Stamm
Patrick Brennan         Julie Guilmette       Shelly O'Neill
Barrie Hougton          Neil Hunt             Vincent J. Isaac
Frank Richter           Graham L. Galativik   Ian Hutchinson

Christopher Pennock     Rod Pilloud           Larry Pines

Bradford English        Richard Southern      Donna Fowler

Tracy Shults            R.J. Ganzert          Hugh Warden

Dirk McLean             Bruce Dickinson       Paul Samson
P.J. Webb
Rob Reese               Gina Marie Pitrello

Carolyn Houlihan        Elva Josephson        Wayne Kell
Chester Wallis          Brian Wallis          Peter Wallis
Eleanor C. Heutschy     Peter Eastman         Fox Harris
Roger Hamilton Spotts   Steve Tracy           Isabel West
Michael C. Pavey        Keith J. Haar         Pia Boyer

Jonathan Scott          Joanna Dickens        John Scott Martin

Gary Maas               Ilse Earl             Jill Whitlow
William Parker          David Griffin         Talat Hussain
Bobbi Burns

Rabbi Philmore Berger   Big Yank              FranÁois AndrÈ

Jennifer Lawn           Adrian Kalitka        Peter Wegenbreth
Dale Houlihan           Ron Jackson           Michael Lara
Jay Conder              John Coinman          Loyd Catlett

Judson Earney Scott

Steve Davis             Anthony Farrar        Greg Finley

Darren N. Cates         Robin Winters         Lance Parkhill

John Carpenter
Gregory Camillucci      Barbara Spiegel       Tony Craig
Davis Hotard            Debra Cole            Marilyn Gleason
Jerry Maren
Maggie Task             Joseph Bergmann       Herbert Rubens
Sam Williams            Simon Chandler        Neil Cunningham
Susan Phelps         Gregg Stevens       Burt Pittari
Brandon Roth         Steven Krey         Laura Kaye

Neal Fleming         John Garwood        Shay Duffin
Dana Hoover          Laurel Eatman       Donald B. Irwin

Eric David           John San Juro       Adam Pelty

Karl A. Wickman      James W. Gavin      Thomas H. Friedkin
Howard Grant         Ray Cobb
Charlie Briggs       Ann Lincoln         Robert Terry Young
Brien Varady         Keith Addis         Martin Erlichman

Christine Powrie
Dan Moriarty         Maria Ricossa       Candace Collins

Wally Bondarenko     Claude Rae          John Koensgen

Filomena Spagnuolo   Peter D'Arcy        Polli Magaro

Larry John Meyers    David DiManna       Helen Dexter

Kathryn Davidov      Celeste Poirier     Patti Chambers
Barbara Eden         John Floren         John Gaffey
Margo Winkler        Tony Boschetti      Mick Jones

Lucille              JerÈ Edmunds        Marcel FiÈvÈ
Jonathan Watson      Mark Winchester     Dave Anderson
Gil Reyes            Martha Saldana      Hector Serrano
Ricky Powell         Dean R. Miller      Jack M. Nietzsche Jr.

Lotte Palfi Andor    Kaylan Pickford     Ray Ramirez
Breck Costin         Tom Spratley        Estelle Reiner

Richard Hensby       Richard Hoare       Martin Ibbertson
Billy John           Russell Kilmister   Peter Mantle
James Gallery        Tom Rayhall         Danny Mora

Fritz Ford           Eric Stacey         Scott Perry

Michael Medwin       Lucy Hornak         Derek Deadman
Jeremy Bulloch       Tina Hudson         William Derrick
Janeen Davis            Bob Kensinger        Buckley Norris

Richard Liberty         Fred Buch            Brian Smith

Jack North              Jack Turner          Ken Mckkonnel
Anthony Munoz           John P. Ryan         Darryl Henriques
Candace Collins         Elizabeth Curran     Jill DeVries
Sussannah Darcy         Kristi Somers        Heather Langenkamp

Tina Leigh Cameron      Victor Campos        Robert Hammer Cannerday
Gary Grubbs             Susan McDaniel       Tana Hensley
Brad Frankel            Dee Dee Friedman     Julie Delisio

Budd Friedman           Deborah Geffner      Norman Browning
Gary Chapman            David Chavez         Dennis Daniels

Mary Charlotte Wilcox   Maggie Butterfield   David Rigby
Ernie Moore             Bill Brodrick        Jonathan Williams
Pat DuVal               Christian Phillips   Steven Kravitz
Robert Henderson        Paul Kaethler        R.J. Bell

Ray LePere              Pat Minter           Terry Schoolcraft
Judy Dickerson          Devon O'Brien        Dana Vance
Christopher Garrett     Steven Hartley       Luke Jones
Florence Anglin         Ray D'Amore          Bobra Suiter
Kathy Bates             Tammy Brewer         Deborra Hampton
Geoff Murphy            Al Ford              Bill Juliff
Michael Dudikoff        Bruce Paul Barbour   Steve Solberg
Eloy Casados            Carlos Romano        RenÈ EnrÌquez
Stephen Sayre           Wayne Crawford       The Plimsouls

Alan Blumenfeld         Len Lawson           Maury Chaykin
De Waldron              Frank Gargani        Jon Battenberg
Chris Quivak
Anthony Sharp           Jeremy Sinden        James Snell
Sarah Douglas           Mark L. Taylor       Greta Blackburn

Taryn Hagey             Coati Mundi
Joe Darensbourg         Teddy Edwards        Gus Wright
John Strauss            Karl-Heinz Teuber    Cassie Stuart
Kool Herc               DJ Jazzy Jay         Duane Jones
Jerry Hyman             Hugo Stanger         Tracey Ross
Chip Heller             Rick Overton         Rex Ryon
Robert Diamond          Bud Seese            Ray Pili

Valeria Golino          Ali Spanoghe         Maria Marinelli
Gary F. Griffith      Michael White         Emmett Brown


Chip Mitchell         Josh Mostel           Herbert Newsome
Henry Yuk             Tobert Toupin         Frankie Faison
Joe Theismann         Mel Tillis            Shawn Weatherly

Diane Venora          Tucker Smallwood      Woody Strode
Yvonne McCord         James Crittenden      Ian Petrella
Ben Kronen            John Malone           Betty Kean
Miguel Cane           Humberto Elizondo     Ernesto Laguardia
Marvin J. McIntyre    Sam Ingraffia         Tom Nolan
John Ottavino         Lisa Bansavage        Mike Tremont
Bob Yothers           John Roselius         Tracy Griffith
Leon Rippy            Carole Francisco      Wendie Womble
Bobbie Jo Burke       Christopher Chadman   Marvin Chatinover

Gene Pack             Marcia Reider         John Perryman

William Irby          Kirsten Baker         Richard Brooker
Rhoda Gemignani       Murray Rubin          Larry Dilg

Gwen Willson          Jonathan Banks        Joe Brooks
Johnathan Findlater   Michael V. Murphy     Cindy Perlman
Carlos Tristancho
Mike Marvin           Jim Clark             Ronald Hurley
Inhi Chung            Fred Doederlein       Walter Massey
Thomas J. Sauber      Dawn Eisler Smith     Hugo Stanger
Pat Roach             Moti Makan            Mellan Mitchell
Andrea Vaccarello
Doris Grossman        Richard Warwick       Mike Finneran
Larry Drake           David Abbott          Molly Basler
Thach Suon            Neevy Pal             Charles Bodycomb
Ted Sorel             Mindy Susan           Tom Tammi

Tony McCann           Jane Wellman          Valerie Devereaux
Kimberly Ross         Wil Wheaton           Bob Kenaston
George Saurel         Erik Holland          Hugh Douglas
Tiiu Leek             Jamie Abbott          Christa Denton
Omar Camar            Jack Pereza
Joy Todd              Paul Mazursky         Thomas Ikeda
David Rudman          Melissa Whitmire      Michael Earl Davis
James Meyer           Mike Starr            Sam Green
Ole Oldendorp           Eddie Stacey         Norman Bacon
Tadeusz Mendreck        Robert Ahola         Hart Sprager
Mike Monetti            Noah Moazezi         James Russo

Marisa Simonetti
Robin Krieder           Don Dolan            Tony Farrell
Barry Greene            Gary Farmer          Josef Field
Clem Caserta            Frank Vincent        Claude Vincent

Archie Hahn             George Wallace       Julie Hampton
Gerald E. Hubbard Jr.   Paul Peterson        Jesse Johnson
Fred Rexer              Michael Meisner      Victor Meisner
David Chung             Cynthia Szigeti      Dorothy Bartlett

Charles S. Hanson       Ira M. Quillen II    Matt Bearson

Todd Duckworth          Moira Walley         Albert Eggen
John Kapelos            Marge Kotlisky       Tony Longo

Roy Wells               Tommy G. Liggins     Calvin Franklin

James Ritz              Maurice Rice         Babaloo Mandel
Allan Miller            Sharon Thomas        Conroy Gedeon
Judith Kim              Ron Colby            Robert Stein

Antonie Becker          Elizabeth Jordan     Susan Cheng
Kelly Hunter            Richard Bidwell      Desiree
Bob Hannah              Mickey Yablans       Mark Thomas McGee
Hugh Farrington         Harriet Medin        Loree Frazier

Paul Benedict           Anne Churchill       Howard Hesseman
Lionel Ferbos           Eliott Keener        Cary Wilmot Alden
O.T.                    Sara Montague        Gerry Paris

Catherine Schreiber     Barbara Andrews      Sharon Moore
Peter Langley           Nicole Marie Abbat   Matthew Armstrong

Steven Burch            Kate Sullivan        Gregg Hayden Bilson II
Jeff O'Haco             Johnny Green         Jamie Abbott
Steven Williams         Stuart K. Robinson   Taylor Negron

Bill Wallis             Winston Dennis       Diana Martin

Joseph G. Medalis       Malachy McCourt      Roger Til
Jack Lehnert            Gloria Lynch        Gregg Huffman

Jim Niven               Kim Constable       Angelo D'Angelo
Ivy Thayer              Fred Broderson      Mark Cheresnick
Les Podewell            Trish Schaefer      Martha Oton
John R. Hart            David Thomas        Carrie Murray
Peter DuPont            Tom Simmons         Bill Paxton

John Schwartz           Mark Tierno         Mike Trcic
Ravinder Singh Reyett   Noel Johnson        Hubert Rees

J.B. Waters             Arto Lindsay        Henry Adler

Jack Luceno             Charles M. Huber    Peter Jurasik
Christopher McHale      James Pickens Jr.   Michael Fischetti

Alan Young              Ward Kimball        Yvette Mimieux

Beau Starr              Nico De Silva       Peggy Doyle

Phineas Newborn III     Jim Ruttman         Sharron Shayne
Newt Arnold             Jack O'Leary        Patrick Cameron
Reggie                  Tom Deininger       Dirk Vogeley

Viola Kates Stimpson    Bruce McGill        Jon Stephen Fink
John Clark              Louis Giambalvo     John Dehner
Baji Abdelmajid         Kachela Mohammed    Mohamed Attifi
Grant Heslov            Gary Riley          Scott Andersen
Galaxy                  Chad Elliot         Michael Lewis

Rupert Baker            Gary Hildreth       Edward Evans
David Michael Katz      Raul Flores         Herb Nanas
Justine Clarke          Shane Tickner       Toni Allaylis
Paige Matthews          Patricia Pelham     Gale Ricketts
Robert Small            Nancy Duerr         Mark Fields
Michael Friel           Art Royer           Irving Ravetch

Abdulla Sunado          Amanda Parkin       Muriel Gross
Billy Drago             Jeffrey Josephson   John Dennis Johnston
Jan Hooks               John Moody          John O'Neill
Michael Johnson         Bernard Brown       Rupert Vansittart
Josie Lane              David Morgan
Themi Sapountzakis   Debra Kelly                Scott Campbell
Karen Akers          Annie Joe Edwards          Milo O'Shea

Tommy Swerdlow       Mark Kamiyama              Martin Gundersen
Duane Clark          John Christianson          Phil Culotta
Robert J. Bennett    Jerome 'Daniels' Coleman   Cherry Davis
Ailsa Berk           Peter Elliot               Roger Ennals
George Pipasik       George Rogan               Barry Tompkins
Vladimir Bibic       William Tregoe             Loren Janes

Ernie Lively         Joy Michelle Ferro         Tom Tangen
Simha Rotem
Crystal Field        Julius LeFlore             Roxanne Aalam
Ray Baker            Joe Seneca                 Lynn Whitfield
Douglas Lambert      Christopher Malcolm        Terrance Conder
Jim Turner           Mario Machado              Judy Kain
Bradley Kahn         Kevin Jackunas             Dave Hutzley
Adrienne Sachs       John Newton                Harvey Waldman
Robert Starr         Bill Cordell               Barbara Wells
Sunshine Parker      Fran Ryan                  Teresa Baxter
Carlton Cuse         John E. Davis              John Walter Davis
Linda Snead          Dan W. Lufkin

Jack Cota            Shirley J. White           Gerald H. Brownlee

Mary Ellen David     Dennis Souder              Joe Zarro

Robert Kim           Robert Isaac Lee           Matt Almond
Rick Braun           Mark Campbell              James R. Coile
Dolph Lundgren       Tony Sibbald               Bill Ackridge
Tom Elkins           Ron Silverman              Jana Marie Hupp

Todd Hoffman         D'Mitch Davis              Mary Steelsmith
William Francis      Tom Kennedy                Ardyth Kaiser

Anne Carlisle        Anne Francine              Paige Matthews
Palle Mikkelborg     Mads Vinding               Cheikh Fall
Freda Rogers         Marty Glickman             Tony Todd
Dawn Arnemann        Catherine Keener           Steven Eckholdt
Peter-Hugo Daly      Amanda Jane Powell         Johnny Shannon
Mac McDonald         William Armstrong          Elizabeth Inglis

David Hess           Sharon Wyatt               Joe Seely
Terri Coulter        Anna Levine                Janie Draper
Michael McGrady      Santos Morales             Beth Peters
Joan Murphy          Ally Garrett               Michael Gregory
Brenda Huggins        Michael Rich          William G. Schilling
Carol Reinhard        Conroy Gedeon         Leonard P. Geer
Min Luong             Paul J.Q. Lee         Al Leong
Carl Ciarfalio        Don Pulford           Vincent Pandoliano
Katie Reid            Robert J. Maxwell
John Carpenter        Nick Castle           Tommy Lee Wallace
Jimmy Ford            James Bolt            Joseph Michael Cala

Shane Punt            Christiane Boyce      Catherine Flather
Michael Nash          Mario Nieves          Miguel Nino
Bobby Giovinazzo      Tom Devito            Vincent Petrizzo

Eric Norris           Zipora Peled          Aaron Kaplan
Pascal Persiano       Robert Chilcott       Eliana Miglio
Jesse Sloan           Kiysha Doty           Sherry Allen
Nick Ullett           Michael Blue          Allan Malamud

Jonathan Schmock      Tom Spratley          Dave Silvestri
Debbie Casperson      Chase Randolph        John Archie

Marilyn Schreffler    Frank Welker          Aron Kincaid

Jun Lyle Kamesaki     Tamie Saiki           Charlie Samaha
Dulice Liecier        Judi Maynard          Andy Lucas
Trish Garland         Dutch Mann            Darwyn Swalve
Helena Stevens        Frank Dux             Prince Howell

Jeff Moster           Ralph H. Shively      Rich Komenich
Shawn Campbell        Brett Johnson         Dale Dye
Christopher Bradley   Michael Kehoe         Steve Rabin
Charlie Dell          Teri Hafford          Edy Roberts
Darwyn Carson         Lewis Arquette        Brigitte Desper

Charles Augins        Sherry Amott          Danny John-Jules
Stewart Harwood       Carole Hayman         Richard Moore
Vincent Guastaferro   Burke Byrnes          Ken Kliban

Adeen Fogle           Kelly Huntley         Paul Reynolds
Lucy Butler           Gary Cole             Jerald Edward Cundiff Jr.
Ken Colquit           Ron Fitzgerald        Dennis Quick
Antonio Segovia       Harlan Venner

Kenny Baker           Jack Purvis           Bill Moore
Luis Palacio          Juan Antonio Llanes   Abel Woolrich
John Hawker           Bert Williams         Daniel D. Halleck
Colin Campbell        Bhasker Patel         Dulice Liecier
Jeannine Bisignano    Sheila Lussier        Vickie Benson
Luigi Leone         Armando Marra         Maurizio Merli

Daniel E. Amrich    Salvatore Sciangula   Kim Michel
Harold Evans        Dave Petitjean        Stephen Payne

Ze'ev Shimshoni     Avi Keidar

Gary Littlejohn     Pat McGoarty          Anthony Viveiros
Gardiner Kendall    Victor Rivers         Michael Medeiros
Harry Basil         John Carradine        Sachi Parker
Chris Castillejo    Andrew B. Clark       Bernardo Manalili

David Sutton        Kevin T. Williams     Rock Deadrick

Michael Fox         Dick Warlock          Jacque Lynn Colton
Gary Houston        Greg Noonan           Steve Holt
Leslie Rivers       Dharvi Darrell        Archie Lang

Stefano Serboli     Phillida Sewell       Margaret Ward
Ernest Perry Jr.    Etel Billig           James Noah
Rick DeReyes        Mie Hunt              Ron Tank
Sean Stone          Danna Hansen          Sigridur Gudmunds

Barbara Coles       Pete Lee-Wilson       Graham Fletcher-Cook
Jack Gilpin         Su Tissue             Gary Goetzman
Susan Thorpe        Korey Scott Pollard   Rick Elliott
John Miranda        Joe Knowland          Bob Sarlatte

Charles Schneider   Cora Bryant           Robin Foster
Allen Losi          Tony Magnusson        Mike McGill
Candy Castillo      Jeff O'Haco           Alfonso Arau

Hal Rayle           Clive Revill          Neil Ross

Julian Battersby    John Gill             David Telfer

Jon Imparato        David Vasquez         John Arceri
Maryann Kelman      Kirsten Kieferle      Peter Lavender
Rosanna Arquette    Steve Guttenberg      Henry Silva
Percy Martin        Viola Dunbar          Murray Bandel
Caroline Aaron      Vasek Simek           Paul Leski
John C. Cooke       Carol Gillies         Eugenie Ross-Leming
Angelo Moore        Kendall Jones         Norwood Fisher
Stacey Pickren      Leonard Termo         Gary Cox
Robert Connelly     Tony De Santis        Frank Rivers
David Ursin             Jay Ingram             Daniel Trent
Chris Rock              Susan Lentini          Anthony D'Andrea
John Schluter           Zephirin Hymel IV      Jack Harris
Seth Isler              Paul Carafotes         Bob Ari
Michel Qissi            Nathan Chkueke         Geoff Brown
Sam Allen               Bob McClurg            Diana Bellamy
Nicholas D. Blanchet    Maura Moynihan         Chuck Lippman
Wayne Chandler          Meredith Wagelie       Jennifer Nelson
Scott Edmund Lane

Basil Chidyamathamba    Marcy Mushore          Alton Kumalo
Jonathan Barnes         Dwyght Bryan           Tom Drake
Susan Deemer            Juliana Donald         Sandra Eng

Thomas Saccio           Greg Scott             Chris Manor

Robert Lempert          Keith Reddin           Pepe Douglas
Herbert Norville        Nguyen Hue Phong       Duc Hu Ta
Hajna O. Moss           Penny B. Ernst         Arthur V. Gorman Jr.
Boonchai Jakraworawut   Joe B. Veokeki         Wichien Chaopramong
Peter Ford

Jason Edwards           J.N. Houck             Mary Petrie
Franck Glemin           Jerry Barrish          Jeanette Pollak
Charley Boorman         Peter Hughes           Ann Thornton
Julie Michaels

Robert Gounley          Grainger Hines         Mike Garibaldi

Stephen F. Schmidt      Rosanna Locke          Kim Sebastian
Dong Liang              Zhendong Dong          Jiechen Dong
Jessica Puscas          Jandi Swanson          Eric Walker
Chad Hayes              Chris D. Jardins       Sven-Ole Thorsen
Lorna Hill              John Stinson           Bill Stevenson
Ken Sharrock            Peter Porteous         Antony Carrick
Ian Guindon             Jane Bare              B. Lowenberg
Reina King              Kevin Clayton          Vince Townsend Jr.
Roy Datz                Frank Sangineto        Stephen McFarland
Miles Richardson        Phillida Sewell        Matthew Sim
Martha Collins          John Fanning           Antonia Minella
Theresa Randle          Tony Pierce            Gordon Haight
Donna Durham
Henry G. Sanders        Gary Riley             Jenny Gago
Bruce Dobos             Eugene Robert Glazer   Darryl Henriques
Dana Dru Evenson        Bruce Paul Barbour     Noel L. Walcott III
Roger Engstrom          James Espinoza         Barney Garcia
Robert Goldman          Keith Syphers          Robert Meadows
Christina Sclafani   Alexis Cruz             Brad Frankel
Ben Stein            Kim Genell              Grant Forsberg
Dan Rice             Millie Comitini         Larry Travis
Peter Needham        Norman Warwick          Gunn Sara-Catherine

Carver Barns         Margaret H. McCormack   Bill Rocz
Lawrence Lott        Isabella Hofmann        Joe Oradesky

Laird Stuart         Stephen Berrier         Sage Parker
Hope North
Thomas Rosales Jr.   Sondra Holt             Daniel Celario
Joseph Ragno         Burke Pearson           Ray Ramirez

Massimo Sarchielli   Emanuella Torri         Riccardo De Torrebruna

Lita Stevens         Christine Spiotta       Tom Ashton
Helen Tran           Harvey Vernon           Mark Voland
Jack Riley           Tom Dreesen             Rudy De Luca
Stephanie Binford    Barbara McCauley
Chris J. Clayton
Aixa Clemente        Victor Garron           Michael Adler
Ulla Moreland        Francisco Gonz·les      Lynne Adams
David Wakefield      Conroy Gedeon           Bill Capizzi
E. Katherine Kerr    David Lyle              Diane Marie L. Tomajczyk
Jacqueline Murphy    Colin Quinn             Thomas Quinn
Brian Andrews        Robert Apisa            Stanton Davis
Billy Childs         Ralph Penland           Tony Dumas

Larry Brandenburg    Chelcie Ross            Tim Gamble
George Vlachos       Liliane Montevecchi     Ronald von Klaussen

Ilario Bisi-Pedro    David Quilter           John Rees
Marjorie Sudell
Margot Dionne        James Boyle             John Blood

Roland Riallot       Audrey Rapoport         Aaron Michael Lacey
Marsha Andrews       Mike Winlaw             Pamela Martin
Tom DeFranco         Angela O'Neill          Seth Marten
Dax Munna            Heather Sullivan        Margaret Marx
Fredolin Leong       Benedict Lojingkau      Walter Lojingkau

Tony Cox             Jack Angel              Charles Schneider
Will Zahrn              Kevin C. White              Jefferson Wagner
Mildred R. Vandever     Bert Goldstein              Kevin Meaney
Fred Parnes             Dan Chambers                Lois De Banzie
Karl Vincent            Lou Cutell                  Roger Etienne
Jacquelyn Masche        Julie McCullough            Daryl Sandy Marsh
Scott McGinnis          David Haskell               Fernand Poitras

Sid Aikens              Craig Brown                 Wes Currin
John Franklin           Edan Gross
Rachel Ryan             Al Pugliese                 Stephanie Menuez
Nick Corello            Troy Curvey Jr.             Gregg Dandridge

Raymond D. Turner       Billi Gordon                Cuba Gooding Jr.
Ian Swan                Sandy Gore                  Kevin Miles
Barbara MacDonald       Pat MacDonald               Kirk Hunter

Glenn Wright            Stu Klitsner                Karen Kahn
Bob Bainborough         Nick Rice                   Joe Matheson
Dustyn Taylor           George Christy              Anthony Peck

Bill Raymond            Barbara Garrick             Wendy Makkena
Allen McCarty           Jerri Lauridsen             Clarence Davis
Kim Barclay             Sharon Twomey               Patrick Newman
Alan Ladd               AndrÈ Quiqui                Thomas M. Pollard

Joyce Gordon            Tracy Griffith              Tammy Heaberlin

Constantin Alexandrov   Pierre-Alain de Garrigues   Claude Robin

Dawn Hill               Cyrkle Milbourne            Doug Roberts

Marat Yusin             James Rebhorn               Sherman Howard
Charles Cozart          Brian Maguire               David Alan Grier

David Bowie             Juliette Caton              Mohammed Mabsout
John Spafford           Brooke Theiss               Jonathan McMurtry
James Reno              Daniel Dassin               Trey Wilson
Frank Pesce             Paul Joseph McKenna         Matt Jennings
Georgia F. Wise         Lois Allen                  Barry Davis Jim Sr.
Harry Hill              Didier Hoffmann             RenÈe Lee

Marietta Tree           Richard Kneeland            Alegra Huston
Nikki Bruno             Bill Devany                 Christina Fadala
Prince Hughes           David Lloyd Austin          Ken Minyard
Angelo Tosto           Concetta Borpagano     Franco Catalano

Paul Beach             Carman Orso            David Selburg

Bob Rochelle           Susan Saiger           Ruth de Sosa
Kimberly L. Ryusaki    Consuela Nance         Barbara Collier
Kneeles Reeves         Jack W. Cope           Nick Mazzola

Rusty Connley          Clive Hodges           Kevin Higgins
Elzbieta Czyzewska     Angela Pietropinto     Daniel Dassin
Biswadeep Chatterjee   Ameer Bilai            Ajju Kasam
Robert Goodey          Danny Godfrey          Allison Cella
Sanford Jensen         Jeffrey Joseph         Dick Blasucci
Michael Jackson        Diamanda Galas         Ti-Blanc
Kathryn Miller         Cornelia Whitcomb      Yukiko Ogawa
Trudy Dochterman       Angela Alvarado        Pamela Hedges
Claire Brown           Bill Mankuma           Gary Hetherington

Andrew Cleyndert       Mark Taylor            Nick Pyne
Richard Fancy          Glenn Shadix           Lisa Alpert

Michele Mariana        Earl Hindman           John Seitz
Patrick O'Neill        'Agent' Ava Hubbard    Martha Quinn
John D. Steele         David Rees             Oscar Abadia
Dennis Cosmo Michael   Nancy Gee              Claudia Stanlee
Lionel Mark Smith      Scott Zigler           Felicity Huffman

Abigail Van Alyn       Taylor Gilbert         David Booth
Thomas Wagner          Jay Arlen Jones        Ty Granderson Jones
Victor Chelkoff        Monica Constandache    Jean-Claude Dauphin
Mae Questel            Mel Blanc              Tony Anselmo
Kenny Baker            Peter Burroughs        Gerry Crampton
Lesley Daine           Jennifer Guy           John Tordoff
Julia Silverman        Jim Babchak            Zach Grenier
Forrest Broadley       Alan Tobin             Joey Hanks
John Carlin            Jean-Pierre Castaldi   Lane Cooper

Paula Cross            Thomas F. Duffy        Chris Anastasio

Taylor Swanson         David N. Weiss         Dick Zondag
David Kitay            Gene Strimling         Gene Harrison
Al White               Junior Fann            Shaun Hunter
Richard Durden         Kit Hollerbach         Lachelle Carl
Ruth Pittman           Richard Alexander      James Bowbitch
Roy K. Ogata           ShirÙ Oishi            Professor Toru Tanaka
Dorothy Le May         Sharon Shackelford     Jay Pennison
Cody Beard             Ryan Beadle            Harold Woloschin
Aaron Cooley           John R. Knotts         Russ Fast
Hataya Sarmount        Ba Thuan T. Le         Nootch
Mimi Kennedy           Kathleen Freeman       Dennis Patrick
Andy Wilson            John Mullis            Flavia Brilli
Stanley Reichman       Rebecca Schull         David S. Howard

John Cunningham        Debra Mooney           John Martin Bradley
Ginny Yang             Sherwin Park           Shawn Elliott
Olivia Horton          Richard Fitzpatrick    Jack Jessop

Joe Paulino            Peter Scarlett         Jessica Harper
Robin Bronfman         Tyrone Benskin         Rummy Bishop
Krisie Spear           Carole Ita White       Steve Alterman
Logan Ramsey           Fred Dalton Thompson   Jim True-Frost
Howard Sherf           Joseph R. Ryan         Joe Glasberg

Wally Schirra          Dave Scott             Alan Shepard
Beverley Michaels      Alison Rowley          Linda Henry
Dave Florek            Richard Foronjy        George P. Wilbur
Dan Biggers            Marc Gowan             Raymond Godshall Jr.

Scott Allan Campbell   Elizabeth Gilliam      Gordon Clapp
Betty Ramey            Aaron Mendelsohn       Kirk Scott
Harold Innocent        Richard Clifford       Colin Hurley
Tom Kenny              Taylor Negron          Fran Bennett
Terry Jones

Jeff Stanford          Elinore Then           Walter Marsh
Walter Spann           Terry Draper           Steve Frogue
Jerry Harte            Billy J. Mitchell      Martin Gordon
Bob Maroff             Derek Annunciation     Ben Slack

Darrel Wayne           Sheldon Haun           Jeri Arredondo
Colleen Flynn          Frank Military         David Warshofsky
Nicole Quinn           Elsie Hilario          Michael A. Joseph
Pat Skipper            Robert Fol             Virginia Shannon
Enrique Novi           Osami Kawawo           George Belanger
Kimmy Robertson        Will Ryan              Lee Tockar
Yumi Nara              Tamsir Niane           Yoshi Oida
Neil Flynn             Keith Uchima           Kurt Uchima
Charles Hyatt              Sharon Marley Prendergast   Cedella Marley
Murray L. Cain             Earle Ingram                Joyce Murrah
Daniel Reardon             Conor Lambert               Martin Dunne
Royale Johnson             Winston Hoffman             Rockets Redglare
Doug Llewelyn              Devin Bailey
Edward I. Koch             Mike Starr                  Richard Grund
Wilhelm von Homburg        Anatoli Davydov             William Musyka
Isabel Cooley              Greg Gerard                 Paul Keeley

John David Moore           Beau Berdahl

John Bruner                Bill Stevenson              Jaime Gomez
Tacy Kneale                Tony Mathews                Richard Morant
Larry Mullane              Anthony Calanese            Thomas Wagner
Edward Hyland              Thom Curley                 John Ring
Robert Jacobs              Jim Kelly Killy Jr.         Garry Goins
John Frazer                Allen Eisenhart             Michael 'Tony' Merten
Robert Adams               Carol Sutton                Aja Sansone
Anne Firbank               Joe Hare                    Liam De Staic
Graham 'Suggs' McPherson   Bruce Leader                Ian Lindsay

Cab Covay                  Tony Abatemarco             Ken Grantham
Nicky Sciorra              Nick Medile                 Ralph Adivinola
Adam Maras                 Travis Knight               Joseph Witt
Dana Taylor                Jennifer Kane               Christen Loftis
Alexis Desseaux            Eric Moreau
Julia Elliott              Tony Crane                  Ryan Wickers

Joyce Bowden-Kirby         Stefanos Miltsakakis        Dan Preston
Frances Chaney             Bernie Hern                 Rose Wright

Ed Lillard                 Judy Simpson Cook           Willie Stratford
Lisa Temple                Brian Graham                Sean Ores
Larry Brandenburg          Pauline Kaner               Mark Steggeroa

Joan Baez                  Daniel Berrigan             Stokely Carmichael
cast31               cast32               cast33

Alan Lovett          Trevor Mann          Jon Nicholls
Jessica Badovinac    Eric Mansker         Shirley Anthony
Howard Jarvis        Michael Laurence     David Leisure

Dawn Adams           Bob Jardine          Harry Davis
Peter Hobbs          Art LaFleur          Ken Lerner
John J. Burns
Robert Peace         Rob Reece            Gary D. Robbins

Natasha Plaksin      Christopher Lloyd    James Woods

Stephen Bishop       John Landis          Kristi Oleson

James Simmerman      Roger Dale Simmons   Jenny Sternling
Noble Willingham     Wilford Brimley      Jane Cecil

Ron Frank            Patricia Wilcox      Debi Frank

Adam Earle           Carl Boychuk         Bryan King

Jackie Lynn Wright   Rhonda Rhoton        Vernon Oxford

Thomas Baptiste      Eddie Tagoe          Kenny Ireland
Don Lake             Eileen Castle        Danny Disner
Hugh Manning         Dennis Burgess       Fanny Carby

Santos Morales       Charles McCarthy     Cathy Tolbert

Darrell Kirkman      Judith L'Heureux     Ted Lambert
Edward J. Deats      Robert L. Huffman    James R. Augustus
Bruce McLane         Scott Palmer         David Vaszuez

Graeme Crowther      Tony Scannell        David Neal
John Carpenter       Debra Hill
R. Scott Thomson     Steve Craig          Ron Lombard

Richard M. Kaye      Steve Lefkowitz      George Poidomani

Anna Levine          Pat Hodges           Mickey Rourke
T.K. Carter          Al Chalk             Arnold McCuller
Joanna McCallum      Laura Whyte          Larry Larson
David Lunney         Daniel Maves         Philip Miller
Ralph Thorson              Mathilda Calnan      F. William Parker

Claudio Gora               Adolfo Lastretti     Alec Mango
Trevor Laird               Paul Barber          Dexter Fletcher
Gary Watkins               Peter Jason          Duke Stroud

Cheryl Smith               Jason Ball           Darrell Devlin
Eddie Bloom                Dave Shelley         Marvin Kaplan
Robert Raglan

Bill Koza                  Vivian Smolen        Bruce Jarchow
Aaron Norris               John Barrett         Bill Beau
Paul Preston               Gustave Lachenauer   Marilyn Rockafellow
Diane Shaffer              Nathalie Blossom     Dennis Franz
Ray Oliver                 Robin Hoff           Ed Lewis
Karen Forbes               Joyce Kite           Michele Scarabelli
'Sweet' Dick Whittington   Jack Lotz            Kevin Breslin
George Whiteman            Hilly Hicks          Mike Kulcsar

Frank Infante              Roy Orbison          Hank Williams Jr.
Don Buchsbaum              Roland Nincheri      Kimberly McKeever
Keith Stevenson            Jack Watson          Moray Watson

Bo Clausen                 James P. Dunnigan    Sean Hayden
Roy Brocksmith             Simon Newey          Victoria Zussin
Alvin Ing                  Thomas Moore         Danna Hansen
James Avery                Frank Beetson        Gregg Berger
Hadley Kay                 Todd Woodcroft       John Hollis
Peter Jonfield             Derek Deadman        Jerold Wells
RamÛn Franco               Amy Gabriel          Sandra Lee Goga
Kathy Wahlin               Evan Miranda         Marcus Reichert
Rita Taggart               Dave Herrera         Walter Jackson
Joshua Daniel              Sonny Carl Davis     Susan Elliot
Randy T. Williams          David Tress          Madison Arnold
Lindsay Campbell           Jonathan Nuth        Robert Swan
David Rowlands             Matthew Scurfield    Marc Smith
Jeff Gillen                Ted Bartsch          Sugar Ray Mann

Frank Singuineau           Will Leighton        Michael Carter

Raymond Serra              Peter Evans          Dominic Guastaferro
Christian Seipolt      Helmut Neumeier     Ferdinand Schaal
Vern Taylor            Rick Sawaya         Shila Turna
Simone Burton          Finele Carpenter    Susan McDonald

Nicol·s Jasso          Ra˙l MartÌnez       Gerardo Albarr·n
Alan Polonsky          Edward Wiley        Philip O'Brien

David Ellin            Tony Munafo         Chaim Potok

Robert Biggs           Frank Heinrich      Paul Mathews

Neil McLachlan         Jessica Kenny       Alma Woods
Buck Young             Karsen Lee          Leslie Graves
Ruth Manning           Adam Starr          Chip Courtland
Jean-Luc Porraz        Bernard Robin       Yann Roussel

James O'Hagen          James Emery         Tom Lillard

Rory Edwards           Ellis Dale          Bill Fraser
Sergio LÛpez-Cal       Jamie Patterson     Justin Ross

Graham Hawkes          John Wells          Janet Brown
Mike Cichetti          Apu Guecia          Kim Delgado

Judith Alderson        Cora Kinnaird       Orlando Fraser

Sousso Abdel Mafiz     Toni Maw            Joachim Dietmar Mues
Giles Holland-Martin   Moshe Kedem         John Morris
Alfred Curven          Edward F. Dillon    Alvin W. Fretz
Adam Gunn              Roger Hampton       Robin Coleman
Zal Yanovsky

Hunter von Leer        Fritz Feld          Hugh M. Hefner
Roger Corman           John Sayles         Beverly Warren

Ian Gallacher          Donald Rubinstein   James A. Baffico

Maggie L. Streat       Rose Malone         Lynn Wolverton-Parker

Evelyn Smith           Patrick Loughran    Eileen Trotta
John Cianfrone           Tim Marquart       Tony Maffatone

Doug Robinson            Julia Depyer       Nina Francoise

Theodoros A. Karavidas   Basil J. Fovos     Nick Hasir

Eddie Tagoe              John Rees          Tony Vogel
Katherine MacMurray      Gene Nelson        Paddy Stone
Brenda Bynum             Gus Mann           William Diehl

Juanita Merritt          Susan Mechsner     Sue Bowser
Robert Swan              Brad Waller        James Whittle
Chris Hagan              John Taylor        Lou Milione

Willie Hayes             Conrad Mocarski    Benny Turner
Lynne Kolber             Brian Leonard      David Main
Hallvar Thoresen         Gary Waldhorn      Gunter Wolbert
Robin Sachs              Jeremy Sinden      Niall Toibin
Hugh Fraser              Peter Bourke       Janine Duvitski
Walter Scott             W.T. Zacha         Begonia Plaza
Leon Askin               B.J. Barie         Hilary Beane
Larry Hankin             Irving Metzman     Angela Martin
Joseph Stalin

Bruce Frankel            Russell Fritz      Jerry Butler
Catherine Mary Stewart   Will Jarvis        Brian Kirschnick
Brian Corrigan           Michele O'Brien    Daniel Bushnell
Brian Bullard            Jeff Calhoun       Gary Chapman

Norma Mayo               Paula Ruiz         Carlos Bruno Villaneuva

Marco St. John           Brett Alexander    Gregory Gatto
Darryl Ferrucci          Charles Van Eman   Gwen Verdon
Mike Iveria              Annie Jones        Natasha Knight

Ted Bafaloukos           Barney Cohen       Bruce Kluger

Edie McClurg             Robert V. Barron   Charles B. Griffith

Suzette Collins          Tommy Lane
Stu Nahan           Duane Tucker            Martin Brest
Alexei Jawdokimov   Wolf Kahler             Eugene Lipinski
Amy Alexander       Gary Hetherington       Alex Kliner

John Randolph       Allan Rich              Jack Riley

David Froman        Edmund Genest           Peter Iacangelo

Kelsie Blades       Jim Ahart               Steve Autry

Ann Lange           Sagan Lewis             RenÈe Lippin
Bernie Wallis       Terry Walsh             Geoff Burrowes
Rieneke             Howard George           Bob Windsor
John Hughes
Danna Kiesel        Marvin Goatcher         John Laughlin

Marilyn Thomas      Brenda Cowling          Michael Burrell

Pat Lee             Terry Guthrie           Joanne Marsic

Eddie Smith         Chino 'Fats' Williams   LeRoy Neiman

Vida Jerman         Irena Hampel            Sandra Markota
Katie Lawrence      Doug Manley             John Maschino

George Fisher       Tammi Furness           Hubie Kerns Jr.

Wayne Dorris        Mike Coats              Charles S. Haas

Walter Cline        Suzanne von Schaack     Anne Shropshire
Charles Detraz      Steve Kahan             Paul Tuerpe

J.P. Foley          Leib Lensky             H. Clay Dear
Vivienne Chandler   Bill Monks              Perry Davey
Kim Delgado              James Brewster        John Caparosa
Amanda Plummer           Bette Henritze        Jean De Baer

Daniel Ades              Cynthia Reams         Kyle Edward Cranston
Darlene Dudukovich       Valerie Zabala        John W. Simkovic

Robin Coleman            Marvin Townes         Aaron Holden

James Read               Mickey Gilbert        William T. Lane

Bill Willens             Jim Burk              Jimmy Casino
Peggy Ann Stevens        Raymond Bear          D. Lee Carson

Marty Britton            Bruce Norris          Kevin Swerdlow

Leslie Carlson           James Bearden         Hardee T. Lineham

Rafael Cruz              Alfred De La Fuente   Harsh Nayyar

Mark Anthony Moschello   Debra Gordon          Erika Leslie

Eric Smith               Karl B. Bromwell      Tom Barkanic
Joe Gilbert              Will Knickerbocker    Jackie Kuntarich
Joe Strummer             Paul Simonon          Kosmo Vynil

Mariann Marlowe          Perry Iannaconi       Ben Barenholtz
Alan Clark               Alan Darby            Caroline Guthrie
Deborah Shore            Richard Terschel      Franco Toth
Timothy Brown            Brian Adelman         John Valentino

Lester Rawlins           Benjamin Rayson       Larry Rivers
Art Holliday             Jeffrey Combs         Jenny Gago

Rob Jayne                Richard Mills         Mark Penrose
Len Marten               Peter Merrill         Cameron Miller
Maurice Sneed            Phil Simms            Bruce French

Dennis Freeman           Michael Talbott       John Craigmile

Joanna Dickens           Tony Alleff           Paul Tucker
Stuart Saunders          Patrick Barr          Gabor Vernon
Gregory Joe Parr      Don Shafer        Irene Gorman Wright

Melanie Grefe         Bill Hindman      Bill Wohrman

Jody Asbury           Glen Joe          Regina Romero
Eric Sevareid         William Russ      Drew Letchworth
Debra Dulman          Joyce Hazard      Kerry Hill

Rene Carrasco         Albert Carrier    John Carter
Anthony Fernandez     Betty Harper      Tess Harper
Michael Lerman        Lisa Buckler      Colette Lee Corcoran

Hagan Beggs           Bobby Bass        Gilbert B. Combs
Forrest Gardner       Rhonda Hairston   Nanci L. Hammond

Denis Forest          John Kelly        Dick Grant
Donna Fowler          Hunter Bruce      Cary Guffey
Dennis Royston        Melvin Thompson   Jophery C. Brown
Pamela Mandell        Peter Whitman     Ronnie Brody

Oliver Seale          Denise Simek      Robert Stewart
Alexandra O'Karma     Nancy Mette       Holly Beth Holmberg
Curtis Plagge         Robert Dunbar     Gibbeaun Monkette
Herb Peterson         Sue Dugan         Walt Gorney
Roxanne Byrd          Steven Hirsch     Pamela Bowman

Laurence Neber        Don Mantooth      Jerry Supiran
Jose Campos Jr.       Halim Camp        Antonio Mata Jr.
Peter Case            Josie Cotton

Eddie Deezen          Stephen Lee       Lucinda Crosby
Bob Ozman             Larry Wiley       Marlena Brause

Goga Kapoor           Vinod Nagpal      Parikshat Sahni
Shawn Coulter         Brandy Gold       Marin May

Rita Zohar            Miro Grisa        Helena Cihelnikova
King Louie            Lisa Lee          Melle Mel
Michael Scalera       Rob Wininger      Gary Bayer
Mike Pniewski         Douglas Warhit    Paul Drake
Lawrence J. McKenna   David Kuhn        Kevin P. Kuhn

Yvette Jarvis         Laura Rozos       Alice Amoruzo
H. David Fletcher    Marcia del Mar        Phil Redrow

Ray Ramirez          Yves Rene             Peter Richardson
Ivar Brogger         John Goodman          Jay Thomas
Abe Vigoda           Dale Ishimoto         Arte Johnson

Bill Graham          Dayton Allen          Kim Chan
Randall Brady        Peggy Feury           Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Trent Dolan          Andrew Boyer          George Caldwell
David Lynch          RamÛn MenÈndez        Ana Ofelia MurguÌa
James Hardie         Burke Byrnes          Vic Polizos

Lori Eastside        Sharon Anton          Barbara Andrews
Etan Boritzer        Joan Foley            John Sanderford
Lauren Costa         Linda Costa           Eric Douglas

Mary Ethel Gregory   Oscar Rowland         J. Paul Broadhead

Peter Brouwer        Ronn Carroll          Rex Everhart
Danny Stone          Patty Dworkin         Jean Kasem

Jim McKrell          Frank Welker          Howie Mandel
Eddie Hice           Dale Townsend         Frank Pisani

Robin Haynes
Ada Fuoco            Joan Heney            Robert Thomas
Sherri Stoner        Janet Sassoon         Charlie Holliday
Bhasker Patel        Arjun Pandher         Zia Gelani

Paul B. Brice        Will Seltzer          Dick Balduzzi
Brian Davis          David De Lange        Erik Felix

Al Thomas            Dennis Wolfberg       Dana Zeller-Alexis

Joanne Hicks         William Whittington   John Claude
Ed Berke             Suzanne Snyder        Lee E. Stevens
Sarah Abrell         Ken Hixon             Rance Howard
Robby Kiger          Paul Bright           Robert Nadder

Barbara Montgomery   Dana Lorge            Adalberto Santiago
Glenngo King         Timothy De Haas       Cheryl Bartholow
Martin Grey          Joseph Mosso          Richard Oliveri
John Foss             Carey Wilson             Mitzi McKenzie
Don Wyse              Jack Robinson            Helena Humann
Frankie Caserta       Joey Marzella            Clem Caserta

Rudy Daniels          Steve Sachs              Harry Beer
Gary Colwell          James Bearden            Fred Brigham
Anna Levine           Randall Edwards          Bo Smith

Thom Sharp            Paul Willson             Holly Roberts
Tom Tangen
Raquel Provance       Gene Scherer             Tom Ireland
Jonathon Hugger       Sharon Gregg             Dale Reynolds

Timothy Shadden       Elizabeth Lane           Gary Gershaw

Jon Brydon            Rodney Gage              Murray Ord
Steve Monarque        Bill Orsi                Beth Ringwald

Kevin T. Mosley       Michael Williams         David Ashley

Pierre Epstein        Cheryl Howard            Louisa Marie
James Sikking         Miguel Ferrer            Mark Lenard
Kenny Call            Jeff Ramsey              Jerry Gatlin

Vicki McCarty         John Hateley             Paul Mones
Mike Pearce           Christian J. Fletcher    Kevin Scott
Wallace Merck         Bob Neal                 Russ Spooner
James Ralston         Norman Friedman          Barbara Powers

Paul Shortino         Cherie Darr              Lara Cody
David Valdes          James Borders            Fritz Manes
David Adams           Geoff Wayne              Steve Ubels

Allen Gebhardt        Sheldon Feldner          George Johnson
Chava Mandlsohn       Charles S. Pottie S.J.   Gerry Huckstep

Christine Blackwell   Michael Harshberger      Brad Peterman
Norman Alden          Read Morgan              Sachi Parker
Rima Delane           Elizabeth Daily          Ron Anello

Jack Purvis           Elizabeth Spender        Anthony Brown

Allan Miller          Michael G. Hagerty       Kelly Yaegermann
Eric Aaron           Khandi Alexander           AnneMarie

Gia Carides          David Bracks               Ian Nimmo
Bette Shoor          Mark Simpson               Robert Slacum Jr.
Jack Kandel          James Fierro               Tom Letuli
Juliet Poe           Katie Simon                Ethel Taylor
Richard Royce        John Reyes                 Billy Cardenas

John Vulich          Donald Farmer              Peter Iasillo Jr.
Oliver Ford Davies   George Ellis Jones         James Fleet

Marty Gold           Alvy West                  Michael R. Chin

Angela Bassett       Yolanda Lloyd              Marvin Beck

Rick Garcia          Grace Gaynor               Freeman King

Susan Styles         J.W. Smith                 Michael Higgins
Orwin C. Harvey      Ted Grossman               Richard Donner
Susanna Bonasewicz   Karl Spanner               Dragomir Stanojevic-Bata Kameni

Dedee Pfeiffer       Rick Baker                 Colin Higgins
David Wiley          Leigh Taylor-Young         Jay Crimp
Hilal Abdellatif     Ben Abadi Mohammed Fillali
Ian Tracey           Jennifer Michas            Wally Marsh
B-Fine               Paul Anthony               Sweet G.

Nicholas Donnelly    Peter Lovstrom             Julian Firth
Joey Coleman         John Read                  Rex Reed
James Wingrove       Adam Scougall              Tom Jennings
Stan Ross            Scott Willardsen           Marsha Warfield
Tim Minton           Mary Lou Simo              Tamara Jones
Michael Hungerford   John Higgenbotham          Drasha Meyer

Ann Palmer           Keith Pearson              Maryam d'Abo
Michael Adams        Clay M. Lilley             Gene Hartline
Alex Sharp           Chester Grimes             Luis Contreras
Beth Morris          Geoffrey Larder            Tim Seely
Beth Raines                 Michael Sabin        Michael Tuck
Peter McRobbie              Camille Saviola      Juliana Donald

Brett Miller                Dean Devlin          Yuji Okumoto
Tom McBride                 Andrew MacMillan     Wendy Gazelle
Leslee Bremmer              Dan O'Bannon         William Stout
Michele Hine                Mark Hopkins         Colin Skeaping
Warner Wolf                 Robert Doornick      Richard Blum
Obie Weeks                  John-Clay Scott      Robert M. Klempner

Pearl Jones                 Steven White         Conrad McLaren
Jeff Fahey                  Patricia Gaul        Amanda Wyss
Matt Frewer                 Tony Cyrus           Gusti Bogok
Seth Jaffe                  Jeffrey Lampert      Elizabeth Arlen
Krista Manfredi             Jim Johnson          Steve Benson
Nicolas De Toth             Bobbi Burns          Gretchen Ullman
Dolores Starling            Leonard Altobell     Marion L. Boswell
Larry Hankin                Jimmy Baron          Julie Ow
Toni Sawyer                 Robert Rothwell      Patricia Allison

David M. DuFriend           RubÈn GarcÌa         Joe Duran

William Christopher Weiss   Dan Hogan            Myrna Williams

Tracy Kristofferson         Ron Ben Jarrett      William Earl Ray
Peter Freiberger            Andrew Kastner       Jack Mack
Ron Tarr                    Taylor McAuley       Peter Ensor
Madonna                     Tom Elkins           Andrew Shue

Robin Frohman               Alison Carole Lowe   Kym Malin
Thomas Quinn                Eugene Dooley        Victoria Scott D'Angelo

Paul Greco                  Caitlin Clarke       Nancy Mette
Michel PÈrez                Tony Williams        Freddie Hubbard
Kevin McClarnon             Janet Dale           Zoe Hodges
Robert B. Durkin            Ray Wohl             John Richard Petersen
Sylvia Syms                 Ekow Abban           Robert Austin

Christine Dupree            Richard Blum         Randolph L. Pitkin
Charles 'Tatoo' Jensen      E.R. Davies          James Foley
Phil Rubenstein             Timothy Stack        Steve Sweeney
Sandy Mielke                D.L. Blakely         Jim Zubiena
Hugh Gillin           Jake Dengel        Linda Hart
Melvin Jones          Luis Contreras     John M. Kochian Jr.
Gerald Okamura        Willie Wong        Eric Lee
Lisa London           Doug MacHugh       Eric Trules

Warren Carr           Louise Fletcher
Mary Tiffany          Marilou Conway     Mark Stanton

Amy Cyr               Colin Doyle        Natino Bellantoni
Andy Nolfo            Ernest Perry Jr.   Jerry Piller
Yan Lai               Leif Vetland       Don Loftin

Caroline Langford     Yehuda Efroni      David Menachem
Yvonne Fraschetti     Bruno Bilotta      Furio Bilotta
Todd Barish           Drasha Meyer       Reynaldo Villalobos Jr.
Salvador Espinoza     Michael Voletti    Betsy Mazursky

Debra Montague        Joey D. Vieira     Louie Anderson
Tony Galvino          Rusty Pouch        Robert Goodman

Nann Mogg             Paul C. Nolan      R. Scott Peck
Haluk Bilginer        Dave Duffy         Kevork Malikyan
Christopher Michael   Alex M. Bello      Steve Halsey
Anthony Fusco         Ian Tyler          Corrinne Russell

Scott Miley           Robert Sutton      Ray Crowe
Douglas Simpson       Lonny Low          Scott Leva
Kevin Elders          Tony Becker        Paul O'Brien Richards
Rocco Urbisci         Rod Gist           Elizabeth Robinson
Tiffany Desper        Dorothy Francis    Suzanne Wishner

Cheryl Henson         Kevin Bradshaw     Alistair Fullarton
Michael Goldie        Denyse Alexander   Gabor Vernon
Debra Stricklin       Ron Foster         Rudolph Willrich

Miriam Margolyes      Abbie Dabner       Frank Dux
Paul Grossman         Rachel Wagner
David Meeks           Sherman Michaels   Robin Trapp

Jeremy Hardy          G.B. Zoot Money    Mandy Winch
Jorge Zepeda
Randall Carver        Gerald Berns       Don Brodie
Sheila Chitnis        Persis Khambatta
Daria Martel          David Donham       Daniel Hirsch
Francesco Scali      Maria Tedeschi          Andrea Tilli

Jeff Severson        Dan Lauria              Corey Parker
Leon Rippy           Bill Hart               Thomas Rosales Jr.

Isidore Mankofsky    Al Mohrmann             Sharon Hope
Eric Miller          Al Hughes
Vivien Straus        Morgan Upton            Dr. Lewis Leibovich
Than Rogers          Li Thi Van              Clarisa Ortacio

Karen Laine          Kristy Swanson          Kevin D. Lindsay

Joseph Hieu          Michael Paul Chan       Joe Pecoraro
Cedric Guthrie       Gary Olsen              Brooks Gardner
Justine Lenore       Vance Valencia          Lavelle Roby

Richard Robbins      James Wilby
Bob Zrna             Deanna Dunagan          Joe Guastaferro
Suzan Stadner        Beth R. Johnson         Richard Wilson
Erica Carlson        Kara Glover             Julie Conn

Stuart Fox           Victoria Harwood        Judie Alderson
Margaret Colin       Ray Liotta              Chloe Amateau
Kent Lutrell         Chance Quinn            Jason Naylor
Everett Lee          Richard Harder          Alex Henteloff

Eddie Vail           Deborah Figuly          Ernie Anderson
Billy Ruff           Kevin Staab             Jaks Team
Loyda Ramos          Tony Plana              Carl La Fong

Robert Stack         Lionel Stander          Frank Welker

Sevilla Delofski     Andrew Hawkins          Jan Carey

Kevin Lund           Southside Johnny Lyon   Allan Merovitz
Sarah Lilly          Archie Hahn             Belinda Balaski
Jarrett Narcisse     Ernest Watson           Rickie Monie
Larry Attile         Sofia Coppola
Dori Brenner         Jane Elliot             Ben Diskin
Walter A. Kibby II   Christopher Dowd        Phillip Fisher
Fritz Feld           Albert Henderson        Sandy Rose
Ana Maria Quintana   Ray Paisley             Dick Callahan
Gary Kirk             Dean Abston             David S. Cass Sr.
Robert Pastorelli     Kopi Sotiropulos        Richard Tienken
George Dureau         Patrick Frederic        Lane Trippe
Don Sparks            Bill Marcus             Mike Genovese
David Ho              Eric Neff               Michael Chan
John Villella         Doug Ingold             Mark Istratoff
Nannette Rickert      Tim White               Peggy Pridemore
Corissa Miller        Lisa Givens             Paula Abdul

Lawrence Simbarashe   Timothy West            Carl Chase
John Gotz             Dwayne Malphus          Dr. Clifford Watkins
Ava Fabian            Kimberly Foster         Ruben Garfias

Jonathan Brandis      Joe Chapman             Judi M. Durand

Dann Florek           Alex Kramarevsky        Tom Kudlek
Martin Adams          Kevin Albridge          Del Anderson
Louis Rangel          Daniel R. Suhart        Byron Trackwell
Kien Chufak           Prasert Tangpantarat    Tim O'Hare

Joey Aresco           Judy Kerr               Luce Morgan
Christian Bartels     David Crome             K‰the F˛rstenwerth
Andrew Bicknell       Christine Crowshaw      William Armstrong

Richard McGonagle     Terence McGovern        Robert Neches

Dyana Ortelli         Andy Griggs             Art K. Koustik
Constantine Gregory   Huaikuei Soong          Ruzhen Shao
Scott Warner          John Yurasek            Brad Pitt
Peter DuPont          Gilles Kohler           Cedric Adams
Alexandra Kenworthy   Jamison Selby           Lloyd Nelson
Frederick Warder      Glyn Baker              Derek Hoxby
Captain Colourz       Inez Pandalfi           Cody
Raymond Garcia        Tony Simotes            Carmine Iannaccone
Tom Schwartz          Ruth Mullen             Michael Seidelman
Andrew St. Clair      Harriet Thorpe          Julian Wadham
Nicholas Pasco        Al Therrien             Lou Pitoscia
Leo Geter             Gary Wayne Cunningham

Scott Lincoln         James W. Smith          Jack Yates
John Hostetter        Michael Hungerford      Robert Kerman
Tony Rolon            Pamela Guest            Tina Lifford
JosÈ GarcÌa           Mike Henry              Neil Hunt
Julie Paris           Lisa Hunter             Lisa Beth Ross
Eric Jason             Mary Griffen               Marc Joseph
David Raiport          Andrew J. Hentz            Karen Meisinger
Gary Morphew           Betty Land                 Kurt Kleinmann

Mary F. Glenn          Jeremy Babendure           Bill Dobbins
Kevin Finney           Barry Doe                  Buck Kartalian

Karen Radcliffe        Darryl Cox                 Jerry Haynes

Mario Celario          Sidney Chankin             Kim Pawlik
Gloria Irizarry        Mark Margolis              Rick Aviles

Gaspare Canzoneri      Barone Francesco Agnello   Geoffrey Copleston

Laurence Elliott       Cleo Murray                Andy Tolson
Anthony Caso           Joey Gironda               John Sobestanovich
Tony Griffin           Rick Ducommun              Ken Olfson

B·rbara Vera           Andy Garcia                Rif Hutton
Claudette Roche        Audi Adler                 Melba Archer
Andrea Howard          Dee Dee Rescher            Christopher Kriesa
Jaye Tyrone Stewart    Katie O'Hare               Laura J. Dalton
Jackie Richardson      John Gould Rubin           Camilla Scott
Geoffrey Douglas       Paul Feig                  Anthony Godfrey

Sam Smiley             Pat Billingsley            John Bracci
Michael O'Donoghue     Pirie MacDonald            Thomas Anderson

Olivier Pierre         Anthony Benson             Nigel Le Vaillant

Ron Campbell           Eugene Boles               Corey Carrier

Wally Marsh            Deryl Hayes                E. Andrea Klann
Kendall Conrad         Brian Lando                Tom Morga
Jennifer Lynn McComb   Caroline McGee             Stephen Mailer
Johnny Michael         Clarence Mojikon           Wilod Nuin
Joel Daly                   Bob Herron              Eric Geisreiter
Peter McRobbie              Paul J.Q. Lee           Debra Jo Rupp
Al Mancini                  Nicholas Rutherford     Hunter von Leer
Jason Bernard               Gretchen Oehler         Richard McKenzie
Jamison Newlander           Judith Flanagan         Richard Anthony Crenna
Clement von Franckenstein   Christopher Carroll     Ricardo GutiÈrrez

Butch Davis                 Paul Devlin             Jeff Greene

Michael Leopard             Douglas Roberts         Jean Nash
Brian Davis                 Romeo De Lan            Marianne DÌaz-Parton

Uncle Ray Murphy            Ruben Santiago-Hudson   Paulette Banoza
Edgar Metcalfe              Gary Files              Peter Aanensen

Shawn Elliott               Ren Reynolds            Ed Hodson
Hadley Kay                  Cynthia Eastman         Nora Colpman
Cheryl Baker                Richard Parker          David Ursin

Maggie Renzi                Nancy Travis            Brad Garrett
Tom Mullen                  Thomas Rickman          Claude File
David Simeon                Imogen Bickford-Smith   Tia Lee
Bˆll Boyer                  Tina Sportolaro         David Huddleston

Daniel J. Howard            Howard Jerome           Marvin Karon

Paul Herman                 Nicolas Maltos          Marc Planceon

Toussaint McCall            Lydia Troy              Verna Day

John Randolph Jones         David Hart              Maeve McGuire
Ariana Richards             Ben Ryan Ganger         Carl Craig

Ahmed Nacir                 Mokhtar Salouf          Mahamed Ait Fdil Ahmed
Charles T. Salter Jr.       Rick L. Nahera          Jim Parrott
Colin Quinn                 David Johansen          Maria Karnilova
Rosemarie Murphy            Jack N. Young           Robert Coleman
Dan Desmond                 Darius McCrary          Lou Walker
Hubert Loiselle             Beverly Murray          Meegan Lee Ochs

Barbara Blossom             Mara Clark              Belle McDonald
Keith Jochim                June Sjostrom           John Gary
Robert Arthur               Greg Breslau            Sharon Breslau
Sam Vlahos                Dale Hoover         Michael Horsley

Tracy Tanen               Peter Fitzsimmons   Pete Antico
Darunee Doa Hale          Andrea Adams        Marcy Del Campos
Ralph Tabakin             Ray Baker           Isadore Figler

Graeme Fry                Kelton Garwood      Lloyd Parkes
Christian Daugherty
Double Battery Stafford   Rana Singh          Ali Bhai
Frank Cella               Simon Gilbey        James Harte
Peter Bromilow            Bill Marcus         Cal Gibson
Marie Carmel Noel         Frantz Thomas       Johnny Pephanon
Mariko Tse                Adam Nelson         David King
Ruth F. Ekholm            Mimi Cagnetta       Susan Canestro
Allan Lysell              Michele Goodger     Beatrice Boepple

Nicholas Lumley           Cy Benson           Keith Edwards
Sonia Zimmer              Marina Palmier      Tessa Taylor

Kyle McClaran             Dee Pylano          Daniel Escobar
John Fleck                Bob Forrest         Bob Goldthwait
Jim Ladd                  Tom Schnabel        Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Christine Anne Baur       Eileen Wesson       Gregory J. Barnett
Mary B. McCann            Patricia Wolff      G. Roy Levin

Jessie Nelson             Al Hart             Cab Covay
Elizabeth Kaitan          Tom Platz           Roger Callard
Dominique De Moncutt      Bernard Lepinaux    Josiane LÈvÍque
Mary T. Radford           Joe Alaskey         David L. Lander
Kim Davis                 Samantha Davis      Malcolm Dixon
Alexandra Spencer         Elizabeth Kelly     Sam Davies
Ralph Byers               Leslie Ayvazian     Steve Cody
Loyd Lee Brown            Elena Parres        Tom Cruise
Julian Curry              Ellis Dale          Bruce Troy Davis

Emily Yancy               Michael Chapman     Tom Isbell

Lana Beeson
Ted Grossman              Gerry Rothschild    Loren Smothers
George 'Buck' Flower   Neil Ross                 Tamara Carrera
Del Baker              Jazzer Jeyes              Wayne Michaels
John Karlsen           Jeanne Hermine Herek      Jonathan Bond
Rikiya Yasuoka         Joji Shimaki              Goro Sasa
Tiger Chung Lee        R. Nelson Brown           Lincoln Casey Jr.
Richard Grusin         Tom Berenger              Richard Haus
Eddie Gove             Alan Fudge                Joseph Burke
Kwan                   J. Chalerm                Sigma
Martin Garner          Gianni Russo              Channing Chase
Brenda Edwards         Sophie Goodchild          Alex Fraser
Garrett Simowitz       Frances Conroy            Anna Berger

Charles Lord           Kurt Leitner              Richard Stites
Diva Osorio            Chris Delaney             ¡ngel RamÌrez
Ron James              Dennis Parlato            Freda Foh Shen

Brian Dooley           Kevin Fenlon              Maral Hassib
August Bach            Greg Finley               J.D. Hall
Barry Yourgrau         Marek Alboszta            Steven Baigelman
Mark Danker            Frank Dardis              Jim Doty

Deke Slayton           Thomas P. Stafford        Edward H. White II
Charlie Appleby        Dan Armour                Stewart Harwood
Sharon Kramer          Walter Flanagan           Bobby Brown
Bob Minor              Joan Riordan              Saundra Franks

Jack Murdock           Kimberly Scott            Diane Robin
Mark Bringleson        Chuck Lafont              Christie Mellor
Richard Easton         Christopher Ravenscroft   Emma Thompson
Duane Davis            Adam Silbar               Marlene Warfield

Deryl Fell             John Kirkconnell          Rebecca Toolan
James E. Gaines        Rod Hightower             Greg Smothers
Paul Humpoletz         Tom Branch                Graeme Crowther
J.J. Johnston          Brian Brophy              Ben Rawnsley

Hubert Ergenbright     Jeff Smolek
Daniel O'Shea          Daniel Beer               Rutanya Alda
Richard Grusin         Jim Moody                 Veniece Ross
Dan Ondrejko           Jim Piddock               Kenneth Tigar
Roger Cudney           Honorato Magaloni         Jorge Russek
Robert Weil            Frank Welker              Ben Wright
HÈlËne Patarot         Abbi Patricx              Julie Romanus
William M. Sinacore    Richard Baird             Julia Milaris
Clive Walker         Dallas Anderson        Calvin Mitchell
Michael Netherland   Homer Swayze           Eugene P. Williamson
Charlie Roberts      Jer O'Leary            Mil Fleming
Marvell Thomas       Charles Ponder         D'Army Bailey

Julie Kavner         Heather McComb         Talia Shire
Gary Berkovich       Allen Hamilton         Greg Noonan
Walter von Huene     W. Bruce O'Donoghue    Claudio Jacobells

Judy Prescott        Brooke Holland         Lisa Picotte
Mia Nadasi           Jeff Nuttall           Sarah Prince
Manny Alfaro         Nancy Beatty           Wayne Best
George Buck          Phil Goodbody          George Harris
John Lewis Jr.       Douglas Smith          Lawrence Whitaker
Donamari Tia         Tom Lewis              Blanche Bimstein
Rodney Alan Fulton   Spencer Henderson      Sandra Asbury-Johnson
Kirsty Buckland      Natasha Brice          Andrea Linz
Jonathan Ross        Kate DuchÍne           Kate Lonergan

Ralph Peduto         Margot Rose            Jan Michael Shultz
Mark Cucarese        Eric Lipsanthal        Thomas La Rocca
Tony Frank           Billie Lee Thrash      Barry Friedman
Genae Affrunti       Anna Chlumsky          Betsy Bottando

Shaun Wickers        Catherine Donohue      Mary Donohue

Jean Liles           Lisa Sherrill Gannon   Rachel Lewis
Aldo Rossi           Donna Hardy            Peter Pan

Kay Joiner           Jerry Rushing          Muse Watson
Pamela Fox           Waleed B. Ali          Donna Dunlap
Leonard E. Boswell   Douglas Marcinek       Agnes Gallwitz

Ramsey Clark         Richard J. Daley       Jane Fonda
cast34                    cast35              cast36

Peter Osborn              Ron Peterson        Don Quin
Michael Hehr              Gary Bisig          Brad David
Zachary Lewis             Barbara Mallory     Maureen McGovern

Nanette Tarpey            Maggie Jean Smith   Pamela Fong
John McKinney             Robin Menken        George Murdock

Ron Ross                  Whitney Rydbeck     Steve Says

Gary McLarty              Joe Cuttone         Layne Britton

Chuck Waters              Jerry Wills         Merle Haggard
Ebbe Roe Smith            Young Hwa Han       Vic Polizos

Tony Gulliver             Kim Bordeaux        Lori Lowe

Susan Round               Nicki Steida        Randolph Blankinship

Ron Hensley               Doug Bledsoe        Aubrey Wells

Jim Broadbent             AndrÈ Toffel        Diana Bracho

William Morgan Sheppard   Kathleen Byron      Gerald Case

Tony Farentino            Ralph Monaco        Evelyn Neal

Nancy Lee                 Sarah Malament      James Manis
Sam P. Baldwin            Ronnie J. Ellis     Timothy W. Gersbacher
RamÛn Franco              Leila Danette       Rosalyn Braverman

Bogdan Kominowski         George Harris       Colin Taylor

Steve Jones               Jon M. Benson       Tom Pletts

Lawrence Tierney          Asa Adil Qawee      Vincent Pecorella

Kevin McClarnon           Kai Wulff           Steven Majstorovic
Carl Weaver               Chuck Cooper        Dawn Clark
Seab Worthy               Danny Covington     Richard Moore
Tom Morrison              Byron Morrow        Colleen Murff
Nathaniel Taylor      Tony Burton        Morgan Roberts

Ewen Solon            Pietro Tordi       Ihab Werfali
Billy Cornelius       Ryan Michael       Robert Walker Jr.
Steven Chambers       William Traylor    J. Don Ferguson

Danny Dark            Linda Cardoso      Melissa Prophet
Bert Williams         Arthur Adams       Tom Wright

Andrea Dillon         Leonard Mack       George Wendt
Enrique Lucero        Eric F. Valdez     Carlos Romano
Don Billett           Ronald Solomon     Virginia Long
Alan Autry            Ned Dowd           Hovey Burgess
Carrol Davis Carson   Clay Wright        Danny Wells

Louis Raftis          Frank Shain        Coley Wallace
Alexander Firsow      Mark Hammer        Ron David

Ginger Varney         Al Mays            Cindy Wills
Robert Boyd           Graham Batchelor   Dean Hagopian
Brook Williams        Marc Zuber         Scott Finch

Hal Frank             Hayden Jones       Val Bettin
Frances Pole          Bill Anthony       Filomena Spagnuolo
Gwen Van Dam          Herb Armstrong     Herbert Hirschman
Deanna Dae Coleman    Larry Dunn         Patricia McPherson
Gordon Rollings       Peter Whitman      Bill Bailey
Roger Frost           Martin Carroll     Marcus Powell
Pamela Gotlin         Tiger Haynes       Melanie Henderson

Gene Blakely          Betty Thomas       Russ Fega
Richard M. Dixon      Les Engel          Lou Felder
Wilfrid Hyde-White    Coral Browne       Marla V. Langston
William Abney         Barry Andrews      David Ashford
Eddie Sommer          David Tate         Richard Vernon
Richard O'Feldman     Chuck Lupo         John DiSanti

Elizabeth Bradley     Rufus Deakin       Lesley Ward

Phil Oxnam            Richard Hamilton   George Riddle
Wilhelm Pietsch         Rolf Weber              Dirk Salomon
Gloria Jewel Waggener   Jonelle White           Jewell Williams
Janet Woytak            Ben Rogers              James C. Lewis

Humberto Olivares       Martha Irma Gutierrez   MarÌa Elena Novella
Ralph Lawton            John Rutland            Alan Dudley

Eli Webberman           Ed Herlihy              Frank Maxwell

John Larson             Norm Tobin

Maurice Keene           Brenda Casey            Bob Gentil
Teresa Baxter           Cindy Daly              Susannah Darrow
Rene Lamart             Mark Andrews            Teri Landrum
Brigitte Lahaie         Jean-Louis Vitrac       Tania Zabaloieff

Borah Silver            Tony Papenfuss          John Diehl

Michael Josephs         John Rees               John Grieve
Stephanie Williams      Jim Wolfe               Thomas Saccio

Andy Bradford           Jeremy Bulloch          Clive Curtis
Cleavant Derricks       Dolores Hern·ndez       Santos Morales

Fredrika Morton         Alice Maschler          Harriet Walter

Wally Nachaby           Bamby Nucho             Philip Padfield
Don Barker              Kiwi White              Paul Sonkkila
Gale Grindle            Hugh Hires              Raymond J. Quinn
Jack Verbois            Tony Moran              Kyle Richards

Pat McCormick           Barry Levinson          Sid Gould
Bill Warren

Iva Jean Saraceni       Chris Jessel            Bingo O'Malley

Kristin Harmon

Bobby Weismann          Alvin Moore             Nicholas St. John
Tom Degidon           Rita Tellone         Al Cerullo

Brendan Hughes        Philip Johnston      Norri Morgan

Demetrios Liappas     James O'Connell      William H. McDonald

Ted Grossman          Peter Diamond        Romo Gorrara
Charles Lampkin       Stephen Johnson      Kevin Justrich
Elaine Falone         Wanda Strange        Barbara Stokes

Linda Dupree          Leslie Henderson     Craig Schaefer

Eugene Krumenacker    John McBrearty       David McGinley

William L. Petersen   Steve Randolph       Nancy Santucci
Ron Nigrini           Doris Petrie         Claire PimparÈ
Michael Wolf          J¸rgen Andersen      Eolo Capacci
Robert Urquhart       Mona Washbourne      John Welsh
Tilly Vosburgh        Arthur Howard        Hugh Walters
Loyd Catlett          B.G. Fisher          Reid Cruickshanks
Sandahl Bergman       Burke Byrnes         Ed Call
Kurtis Epper          Liz Marsh            Danielle Miller

Matt Klir             Fritz Turner         Jessica Peterson
Lynn Sue Nitkin       James C. Lewis       William B. Kennedy
John Dolf             David Engel          Ed Forsyth

Ronne Drummond        Richard Watts        Bernice E. Shamaley

Terc Martinez         David Ross McCarty   Harry Hauss

Swim Lee              Hus Levant           Patrick Monckton

Bruce Elliot          Carole Copeland      Aryeh Cooperstock

John Landis
Douglas Brian Martin   Steven M. Martin     Taylor Negron
Phillip Littell        Curt Lowens          Lev Mailer
R.G. Miller            Suzee Pai            John Rigg

David Schroeder        Helen Schustack      Sandra Seacat

Arthur French          John Blood           Beau Starr

Peter Griggs           Julie Hoopman        Rozelle Gayle

Merry Loomis           J. Frank Lucas       Ronald Maccone
Graeme Stoney          Lloyd Parkes         Bill Stacey
Gloria Stuart          Clyde McLeod         Harry Bill Roberts

Jeffrey P. Rondeau     Michael Lee Bolger   Mark L. Graves

Malcolm Rogers         John Broughton       Jon Paul Morgan

Peter Conrad           Butch Raymond        Cash Baron

Bob Minor              Julius LeFlore       Jason Felice

Hrovoje Sostaric       Marko Zec            Ivica Pajer
Ed Montgomery          Briane Nasimok       Al Orzechowski

Leonard P. Geer        Michael Hoit         James Jarnigan

Larry Stallsworth      Adam Hubbard         Scott Smith

Pamela Lincoln         Mary Donnet          Bernie Passeltiner
Jim Beyer              Tom Beyer            Robert M. Stevens

J.J. Clark             Gregory Doucette     Tony La Fortezza
Elizabeth Vaughan      Paddy Ward           Tim Stern
Alex Stevens        Ralph Monaco          Sandy Dell
Ron Frazier         Katherine Borowitz    Isabell O'Connor

Beth Reinglass      Monica Ekblad         Patti Tippo
Bill Slivosky       Greg Jacobs           Thomas R. Boyd

Bill Martin Jr.     Myles O'Donnell       Edward Kearns

Lolly Boroff        Patti Clifton         Ernest Harada

Robert Hippard      John Gladstein        Herbert Hirschman
Tracy McBride       Jesse McBride         Jennifer Leigh Rice

Wayne Kneeland      J. Todd Shaughnessy   Carole Arterbery

William B. Davis    Seirge LeBlanc        Vera Winiauski

Sid Raymond         Jeff Gillen           Eric Van Valkenburg

Jim McCardle        Ernie Tate            Bettina Birnbaum

Barbara Harris      Steve Stec            Bobert Thompson
Edward Laurie       Holly Lisker          M.J. Lloyd
Ellen Foley         Pearl Harbour         Gary Salter

Roger Martencen     Alan Bomser           Pat Brocato
Ray Jeffries        Willie Joss           James Kennedy
William J. Wagner
Brian Davis         Edwin Avedissian      Steve Gonzales

Stefan Schnabel     Reiner Schˆne         Jack Sevier
Elma V. Jackson     Oceana Marr           John Easton Stuart

Arthur Ranford      Steve Smith           Stephen Taylor
Gareth Milne        Larry Noble           Paddy Ryan
Henry Flores        Roger Menache         Dennis Landry

Harold Ramis        Violet Ramis

Brenda Kempner      Jill Meager           John Stephen Hill
Hugo Bower          Ken Norris            Tony Arjuna
Jimmy Williams

Joe Friedman           Blaine Grose         Baby Jane

JosÈ Gonz·les          Arturo Yepes         Azande Aiken
Christopher P. Beale   Richard Dupell       William Hall
Megan Mullally         Lora Staley          Vivian Victor

Richard Caselnova      Gary Cervantes       Carlos Cestero
Anthony Heald          Nancy Hopton         Betty King
Frank Sorrentino       Tim Clark            Mike Tatosian

Terence Kelly          Tabitha Herrington   Dean Hajum
Michael Higgins        Michelle Johnston    Janet Jones

George Stinton         Thom Bell            Christopher Benson
Victor Langdon         Phil Mattingly       Linda Vaughn
William Upton          Lloyd Nelson         Christopher Pray
Sandra Dickinson       Philip Gilbert       Pat Starr

Susan Aston            Vicki Neff           Pamela Putnam
Lear Levin             Albert Brooks        Lanier Whilden
Phil Mead              Oliver Dear          Andrew Hines
B. Constance Barry     P. Jay Sidney        Avon Long
Jacques Foti           Ted Grossman         Rochelle Kravit

Brett Johnson          Barret Oliver        Marcello Krakoff
Julio Cesar Vazquez    Martin LaSalle       Filipe Ytuarte

Stack Pierce           Art LaFleur          Brad David Berwick
Patsy Coyne            Trisha Malin         Elizabeth Ramirez

Ifftikak               Iftekhar             Ravi Behl
Jenny O'Hara           Stack Pierce         George Morfogen

Karel Gult             Zuzana Kadlecova     Magda Celakovska
Kool Moe Dee           Michael Murphy       Paul Pesco
Ronald Salley          Paul Eiding          Stephen Bradley
Tom Everett            Sally Kishbaugh      Barry Shade
Ronald Distefano       Larry Hochman        Guy Jones

Godfrey Holdsworth     Karen Lee            E. Spanos
Slavitza Jovan        Jack Mayhall         Alexandra Day

Andre Robinson Jr.    John Sayles          Sidney Sheriff Jr.
Hallie Foote          Jon Polito           Mark Mikulski
Chris Lemmon          George Lindsey       Doug McClure

Ed Rowan              Leonard Termo        George Cantero
John Gocha            Molly Russell        Victoria Russell
Ernest Harada         Tina Greenberg       Alan Buchdahl
Claudia RamÌrez       Julieta Rosen        Margarita Sanz
Drew Snyder           Michael Ironside     Bob Nelson

James Brewer          ¡lvaro LÛpez         Eddie Ruffalo
Orwin C. Harvey       George P. Wilbur     Carey Fox
Beth Noreen Einhorn   Jack Danny Foster    Freddy Frogs

John Bishop           Carmen Trevino       Melissa Renee Graehl

John Furey            Walt Gorney          Dana Kimmell
Lenny Del Genio       Frances E. Nealy     Sam Moses

Fred Newman           Mark Dodson          Michael Winslow
Monique Gabrielle     Sharon Hughes        Charlene Jones

Gayle Garfinkle       Jonelle Allen        Elie Oren

Debbie Astell         Maureen Bacchus      Corinne Barton

Gordon Zimmerman      Katie La Bourdette   Norman Steinberg
Peter Jason           Todd Lookinland      Clarence McGee Jr.

Robert Kerman         Mike Edwards         Ruby Payne

Noreen Kantala        Corina Burkli        Lavana Hakim

Billy James           JosÈ MartÌnez        Jade D. Bari
Hanna Hertelendy      Billy Beck           Lou Felder

Sam Moses             Yakov Smirnoff       Sam Stoneburner
Steve Burnett         Mary Lou Harris      Gates McFadden
Lawrence Couzens      Duke McGuire         Stephen Poliachik
Phyllis Logan        Pam Gems             Joscik Barbarossa
Susan Bayer          Robert Leinberger    Beverly Renquist
Frank Sisto          Jerry Strivelli      Julie Cohen

Rodney Saulsberry    Stephanie Faulkner   Michael Villani
Marco Bianco         Ted Hanlan           F. Braun McAsh
Jacques Sandulescu   Ed DeLeo             JosÈ Santana

Lyman Ward           Joe Lambie           Daphne Reid

Phil Mead            Sam Dodge            Ben Zeller
Jac McAnelly         Shep Wickham         Gregg Taylor

Daryl Hayes          Keith Gordey         Wayne Thomas Yorke
Zelda Rubinstein     Dennis Vero          Elaine Wilkes

Thomas Howard        Bobby McGee          Rick Ramey

Valerie Wildman      Christopher Thomas   Richard Dano
Katherine Blum       Judith Anderson      Gary Faga
David Daniell        Randy Tutton         John Carpenter

Rock A. Walker       Vince Deadrick Jr.   Paul M. Lane
Karen Hale           James Snell          Beulah Hughes
Danny Nelson         James T. Newton      Kathy Payne
Wayne Stone          David Hyde Pierce    John E. Bristol

Andrew J. Lederer    Russ Kunkel          Diana Duncan
Jonathan Shaw        Don Lutenbacher      George Wood
Chas Bryer           Mac McDonald         Mandy Nunn

Annie Waterman       Steven Kravitz       Dale Kusch
Marc Denis           Herbert Luft         AndrÈ Lacoste

Chris Ziesmer        Emanuel Alongi       Eddy Merckx
Robert Krantz        Gary Riley           Karen Petrasek
Dominick Certo       Jude Cole            Robert Gianette

Myrtle Devenish      Holly Gilliam        John Pierce Jones

Regina Hooks         Allan Graf           Archie Hahn
David Askler          Michele Assaf         Bryant Baldwin

Scott J. Ateah        Bernard Ledger        Chris Hession
Rance Howard          Jean Speegle Howard   Charles Voelker
Jeff Hoke             Gary Pike             Frank Strocchia
Marcus Covington      Marcus Liles          April Myres
Edward Reyes          Vivian Daily          Thomas Rosales Jr.

Daniel Krell          Robert Martin         George A. Romero
Vass Anderson         Lyndon Brook          William Job

Patrick John Hurley   Timothy Carhart       Curt Dempster

John McLoughlin       Jim Babchak           Bernie Friedman

Loraine Shields       Bill Sorrells         Arnold F. Turner

Alison Brown          Kris Adams            Randy Allaire
Jennie Lew Tugend
Berno K¸rten          Bernwald B¸ker        Elke Knittel

Kathryn Harrold       Daniel Petrie         David Sosna
Mike Mitchell         Diane Erickson        Marshall Colt

Kaye Grieve           Hannah Cutrona        Gabrielle Rose
Mr. Magic             LL Cool J             Nayobe

Carl Rigg             Elizabeth Morton      Geoffrey Frederick
Bob Hughes            Larry King
Gerry D'Angelo        Travis Latter         Miguel LÛpez
Allison Roth          David Scott Milton    Creed Bratton
Joan Murphy           Richard Liberty       Paul Nagel
Ron Nix               Johnny Ray Anthony    Paul Pinnt

R.L. Tolbert          Clifford Happy        Ross Loney
Lonnie Parkinson      Howard Hirdler        Cassandra Peterson
Jasper Jacob          Karen Lewis           Nicholas Franken
Michael Fischetti   Kenneth Cervi         Marlene D. Williams
Dianne Wiest        Margaret Thompson     George Hamlin

Lynda Wiesmeier     Penny Baker           Marcia Karr
William Hickey      Suzanne Snyder        Gene LeBell

Ken Stevens         Philip Tan            Robert Thirtle
Gerald Berns        Ray Glanzmann         Julie Inouye
Carmen Filpi        Harris D. Smithe      Phillip Earl

Tovah Feldshuh      James Gammon
Earl Hindman        Thomas Wilson Brown   Jim Haynie
Derek Meddings      Robert Paynter        Bob Hope
Scott Nemes         Bernadette Birkett    Vincent J. Isaac
Dan Nelson          Kirk Nolan            Ray Lacelle
Jery Hewitt         Lisa Crosby           Christine Angelica
Jerry Previch       Colin Male            Christian Chicles
Noelle Williams     Christopher Rydell    Tamara Carrera
William Byrd        John R. Smarr         Fred K. Young

Bufort McClerkins   Gregg Dandridge       Donny Williams

Richard Duggan      Bruce Morton          John Stobaeus

Steven Ross         Patricia Tyler        Toni Cross
John Paruolo        Greg Smith            Dale Gonyea
Seva Novgorodtsev   Sian Adey-Jones       Caroline Hallett

Jennifer Balgobin   Jeff Jensen           Prince Hughes
Richard Chaves      Tim Moyer             Nino Del Buono

Barry Kivel         Tony Holmes           Dan Lounsbery
Cedar Walton        Charles Belonzi       Arno Chevrier
Kate Napier Brown   Rebecca Bradley       Barbara Thorn

Gerry Alexander     Jim Dunk              Johnny Edge

Nicholas Worth      Seth Kaufman          Mark Carlton

Stacey Toten        John Young            Brad Zutaut
Nelson Oramas       Antoni Corone         Joe Petrullo
Marie Cain             Anderson Hilary          Peggy Moyer
Domingo Ambriz         John Bianchini           Nafa Rasho
Yukio G. Collins       Bill M. Ryusaki          Brian Imada

Kevi Kendall           Kip Gilman               Carmen Filpi

Rick Valiquette        Alan Waltman             Paul Carafotes
Iggy Pop               Richard Price            Juan RamÌrez
Jimmy May              Barry McBride            Jeff Mathes

Shaike Ophir           Avi Loziah               Uri Gavriel
Giovanna Pini          Stefano Molinari         Pasquele Valente
Judith Gish            Mike Stein               Ray Le Fre
Donald V. Allen        Neil Brooks Cunningham   Bobby Good

Stephanie Blake        Robert McKibbon          Paul Manzanero
Ryan Murray            Keri Rogers              Peter Lindquist

Joseph Pilato          William S. Bartman       Tommy Lafitte
Philip Whitchurch      Hugo De Vernier          Mac McDonald
John Sasse             Rebecca Perle            Annie O'Donnell
Buckley Norris         Jim Brunzell             Sam Fatu

Ray Craft              Tom Carnegie             Hilliard Gates
Scott Wulff            Frederick Menslage       Michael McGrady
Lance LeGault          Max Thayer               Debbie Bloch
Beau Starr             Ludie Washington         Kiblena Peace
Jeanne Elias           Christina Kokubo         Leslie Ann Rieder

Rollin Krewson         Richard Bodkin           Percy Edwards
Robert Martin Oliver   Nicky Croydon            John Abbott
Robert Benedetti       Grant Heslov             Robert Curtis-Brown

Peter Whitman          Heather Henson           Judith Morse

Lisa Winters           Daniel T. Snow           Cynthia Chvatal

Graham Timbes          David K. Johnston        Paul McCauley

Jim Holmes             Nick DeMauro             Carmen Filpi
Ennio Lollainni         Emil Feist               Francesco Maselli

Joe Maruzzo             Tom Traino               Corvova Choy Lee
Randall Trepagnier      Rogers G. Martin         Murphy Taylor

Alberta Glover          Donna Clements           Pamela Shadduck

Bill Bonham             Joe Lerer                Barbara Oliver
Romy Sevilla            Mathew Westfall          Nick Nickelson

George Moffatt          Robert Cotney            Valerie McIntosh
Pat Miller              Jery Hewitt              James Eric
Mary Brando             Jennifer Sophia          Kristi Hayden

Mike Bacarella           Johnny O'Donnell        Richard Wharton
Twyla Littleton          Mary Elizabeth Thompson Susan Breslau
MarÌa del Carmen S·nchez Arturo Bonilla          Gerardo Zepeda

James Snell             Niven Boyd               Miguel Sandoval
Dung Chau               Steven Scales            John Montgomery

Tony Edwards            Eve Smith                Tom Mustin

Harry Birrell           Chutney Walton           Honey Edwards
Madrid Team             Flea                     D. David Morin
Randy Newman            Rebecca Ferratti         Sam Kinison

Orson Welles

Peter Hutchinson

Sam Moses               Les Nirenberg            Juan RamÌrez
Justin Benham           Erica Gayle              T.K. Carter
Sugar Blue              Pinetop Perkins          Deacon John Moore

Paxton Whitehead        Constance Forslund       John Philbin
Steve Aschoff           Gary Usher Jr.           Ron Eglit
Madalyn Carol           George Marshall Ruge     Debby Lynn Ross
Christopher Brown       Gary Farmer              Ramsey Fadiman
Bill Mitchell             John Howard Swain     Dennis Acree
Teal Roberts              Peggy Sanders         Larry Carroll
Nik Hagler                Don Lutenbacher       Carol Sutton
P. Randall Bowers         John Demy             Jon Smet
Rick Erikson              John Law              Samson Li
Robert Masseria           Ronald G. Joseph      Josh Cruze
Emily Crowley             Gerald Ender          David Long
Brandi Brandt             Anastasia Coon

William Morgan Sheppard   Tichatonga Mazhindu   Zakes Mokae
Emile Ardolino            Karen Kaster
Sharon Gilchrist          Chester Grimes        Bert Hinchman

Lillian Garrett           J.D. Hall             Barbara Harris

Mike Lisenco              Regis Mullavey        Frank Patton
Philip Bailey             Louis Barlotti        John Beddows

John Goyer                Louis Hood            Christopher Mangan

Richard B. Whitaker       Michael Yama          Charlene White
Werner Schˆnrock          Bernd Ramien          Erika Rabau
Arthur Cox                Neville Chamberlain   Vic Flick

Rance Howard              Chuck Jones           Laura Waterbury

Tony Genaro               Allison Robinson      Hunter Payne
Li Yu                     Guangli Li            Xu Chunqing
Tom Verica
Jim J. Poslof             Al Leong              Michael Shaner
John Tokatlian            Mark McCannon         Jan Duncan
Bill Weston               Richard Cubison       Heinz Winter
Folsom                    Peggy Malone          Douglas Mellor
Bennet Guillory           Brett Hadley          Victoria Catlin
James Murtaugh            Ralph Gunderman       Bob Cruz
Richard Warner            Alan Whybrow          Helena Bonham Carter
Gilberto Godoy            Louis Di Bianco       Betti Orsatti

Tom Santo                 Anthony Palmer        Jeff O'Haco
Joan McMurtrey            Jay Arlen Jones       Rob Sullivan
Stephannie Howard         Rocco Karega          Armando DÌaz
Coral Kassel              Tom Lillard           James McIntire
Erin Grant                Liz Stewart           Laura Fabian
Beverly Kaik       Meghan Lahey       Bianca Levin
Gary Palmer        Diane Nieman       Sylvia Vitrungs
Karen Denard       David Wright       Cheryl Foster Corriveau

Ralph Norton       Henry Tank         Frank Outlaw
Stan Kamber        Joy Lazo           Ed Corbett

William Shockley   Donna Keegan       Mike Moroff

Roger Kern         Barbara Lux        Franco Columbu
John Capodice      Sally-Jane Heit    Richard Arthur Gallo

Claudio Collva     Tony Sperandeo     Marino Natranga

Steve Alterman     Pamela Anderson    Cathy Cavadini

Bryan O'Byrne      Wayne Wilson       Ira Miller

Star Frohman       Jessica Seynos     Dominic Lucero
Ian Braton         Victor Bowen       Lois Dellar
Carlos Lacamara    Jeff Silverman     Thomas Ryan
Lloyd White        Michael Emmet      Paul Hjelmervik
Daniele Scott      Sharolyn Sparrow   Louise Vallance
Deanne Gunderson   Byron Jensen       John Kendrick

Jennifer Anglin    Eddie Minasian     Anthony Mockus Sr.
Sean Young         Cecilia Peck       Paul Guilfoyle

Basil Whybray      John Darrell       Bill Moody

Kate Barret        Dan Edson          Anthony Falco

Bryan Johnson      Dana Still         Denalda Williams
Regis Parton       Jessica James      Tom Finnegan
Jacques Levy       Dee Dee Friedman   Josh Hamilton
Harold Sinpang     Paul Yong          Conidon Wong
Ed Johnson            Wayne Lawson         Reid Seibert
Keith Reddin          Lela Ivey            Dolores Messina
Andy Epper            Andi Chapman         Chick Hearn
Tony Cox              Diane Salinger       Johnny Adams
Pons Maar             M. James Arnett      Peter Crombie
Jody Lambert          Jim Jansen           Virginia Morris

Kelly Heath           Mo Johnson           Tim Kirk

Nay K. Dorsey         Fabian Escobedo      Dennis Fanning

Clyde Jones           Patricia Matthews    Mary Bond Davis
Jon Finlayson         David Ravenswood     Roderick Williams

Edward Hocking        Diego Chairs         Patrick Valentino
Rena Polley           Madeleine Atkinson   John Bayliss
Mary Ellen Trainor    Diana James          Shelley Pogoda

Tay Strathairn        Jesse Vincent        Jack George
Tody Bernard          Phillip Carter       Lewis A. Erber Jr.
Robert Putt           Waydon Croft         John Dixon
Alexandra Stewart     Robert Barr          Patrick Floersheim

Robert Keppy          Charles Kimbrough    Tim Lee

Luc Besson            Christian Gazio

Kevin Joseph          Cory Tabachow        Marcy Brodsky

Suzanne Slade         Todd DeFreitas       Gregory Jbara
Nancy Cheryll Davis   Kim Wayans           Robin Harris

Russel Case           Mary Seller          Donna Magnani
Arlin Miller          Julio Medina
Dodie Demme           Gene Borkan          Wilma Dore
William Robbins       Wilfred Netsosie     Sherman L. Robbins
Billie Jean Young     Alisa R. Patrick     Barbara Gibson
Louis Pharand         Elsa Raven           Michael Rudder

Bill L. McDonald      John Heeney McKay    William A. Lynch
Rita M. Herbert       John Klater          Wiley Moore
Reggie Jackson        Michael J. Montes    Charles Fick
Elise Boat

Dean R. Miller            Jophery C. Brown    Justin De Rosa
Candace Cameron Bure      Laura Jacoby        Bianca Rose
Ralph M. Cardinale        Sam Roth            Nanci M. Harvey

Noel Elliott              Tony Lovick         Greg Purcell

Dinshaw Daji              Jayant Joshi        Prashant Jaiswal
Martino Lazzeri           Sinead Lightly      Sheree Murphy
Damon Hines               Tamika McCollum     Koren McCollum
Lucienne Charles          Suzette Cajusle     Rosemary Sylvain
Sonny Santiago            Fredric Arnold      Rabbi Baruch Cohon
Bernadette Pelletier      Ingrid Ferrin       Patrick J. Salisbury
Darcelle Chan             Marynna Danguy      Craig Saunders

Louise Hoskinson          Prunella Gee        Guy Manning
Jon Van Ness              P. Randall Bowers   Maureen Teefy

William De Acutis         Frederica Meister   Lars Barilias
Jello Biafra              Bob McLean          Tiiu Leek
Daisy Alexandra Sylbert   Scott Whyte
Jimmy Nickerson           Kerry Rossall       Cibby Danyla
Andy Potok                ThÈo Cohan          Allen Soule

James Cranna              Bill Reddick        Ed Loerke
Jason Reitman             Catherine Reitman   Dendrie Taylor
Peter Majer               Charles Millot      GÈrard MoulÈvrier
Fred Newman               June Foray          Russi Taylor
Rusty Goffe               Cheryl Howard       Greg Powell
Adam Kotz                 John Surman         Les White
Paige Matthews            Lee Dalton          Barbara Garrick

Edward Dentith            Hugo De Vernier     GÈrard Dimiglio

Mike Cameron

Taleena Ottwell
Tracy Dali             Jennifer Brown            Irina Cashen
Valentino Musetti      Rocky Taylor              Keith Edwards
Jeff S. Goodrich       Lisa Rubin                Marjean Holden
Taro Ibuki             Daisuke Awaji             Keone Young
Gene Skillen           Debora Williams           Kyle Thatcher
Mel Allen              Ed Lauter                 Liz Moore
Gene Dynarski          Ted Bryant                Garcia Phelps
Po Powpi               Shaun Shea                Kristopher Dunn
Laura Caulfield        Maurice Schwartzman
Michael Clark          Gary Logan                Tim Geary
Sol Frieder            Justin Zaremby            Marvin Terban

James J. Christy       Catherine Soles           Hoover Sutton
Sixto Ramos            Nelson Vasquez            Travell Lee Toulson
Donna Hanover          Greg Beresford            Eric Fink

Libby Owen             Sam Sperber               Tommy Canary
Doris Hess             Rosanna Huffman           John Lafayette
Frank Benettieri Jr.   David Brainard            Roger Cubicciotti
Mike Goad              Jay Hemond                Mike Hodge

John Young             Lyndon Johnson            John F. Kennedy
Ken Stott              Peter Spraggon            James Warrior
Christopher Neame      Judy Ovitz                Robert Alan Beuth
Mark A. Jones          Peter Grandfield          Mark Margolis

Rick Goldman           Tom Kurlander             Susanne Goldstein
Mark Carlton           James 'Poorman' Trenton   Adrian Drake
Geraldine McEwan       David Lloyd Meredith      David Parfitt
Edward Mehler          Daniel William Carter     Marisa DeSimone

Donna Peerless         Pamela Ludwig             Deborah Offner
Charlie Lamb           Earl Cole                 Clovis Lovelace Sr.
Luke Hanson            Chris Jenkinson           Nicola Scott
Dean Hill              Gary Matanky              Jack Orend

Al Shannon             Bruce Smolanoff           James McDonald
Ra˙l Gonz·lez          Luz Tolentino             Andre Howell
Jim Birge              Patrick Cameron           Mary Ellen Trainor
Sergio Corona          Stuart Quan               JosÈ Abdala
Matthew Balaban
Bakary SangarÈ         Mallika Sarabhai          Andrzej Seweryn
Roger Unice            Michael Thoma             Patrick Dollymore
Rowan Byfield        Nabbie Natural       Bob Andy
John T. Grantham     Judy Cole            Veronica Cooper
Simon Kelly          Eileen Kohlmann      Margaret Lyons
Tom Waits            Sam Jackson          Karen Longwell

Gia Coppola          Giancarlo Giannini   James Keane
Harry Teinowitz      Don James            Gary Goldman
Hillary Matthews     Sherry Ferguson      Todd Hallowell

Sunshine Lee         Mindy Feldman        Jim Ladd
Ann Queensberry      Raad Rawi            Terence Rigby
John Bourgeois       Miranda de Pencier   Tony De Santis
Zach Grenier         Joe Viviani          Alice Spivak

Thomas C. Rainone    Kristine Kauffman    Lisa Bal
Gale J. Odom         Betsy Widhalm        Oscar J. Bienvenu Jr.
Saira Whisker        Melanie Roe
Kenny Linden         Kim Rosato           Martin Sadler

George Maguire       David Espinoza       Conrad Dunn
Charmaine Castelli   Filomena Dobbins     Joseph Giardino
Kevin Roden          Lisa R. Stefanic     Nancy Johnson
Julia Morgan         Granville Ames       Ramey Ellis

Sue Palka            Morris Jones         Roy Brocksmith

Dan Wargo            Patricia Roseman     David Arey
Jane Chung           Bob Ader             Marilyn Spanier

Herbert Eley         Janelle Cochrane     Joe Inscoe

Zolt·n Gera          Jane MacIver         Megan Sanchez-Warner

Chi Minh Ho          Lyndon Johnson       Robert F. Kennedy
cast37                cast38                  cast39

Maria Reed            Ron Rodger              Nellie Seidel
Terry Jackson House   Raymond O'Keefe         Vanna Salviati
Nora Meerbaum         Mary Mercier            Ethel Merman

Randy Stokey          Harris Weingart         James Currie
Jack Murdock          Ann Nelson              Sunshine Parker

Kimberly Sommer       Galen Thompson          Dan Vincent

Toni Fleming          Judith Belushi-Pisano   Rosie Schuster

Alison Eastwood       Kyle Eastwood           Danny Jensen
Jack O'Leary          James Dukas             J.C. Quinn

Marcus Breece         Mark Chiriboga          Fred Buch

Travis Major          Wayne McLaughlin

Russell Varner        Tommie O'Donnell        Lou Headley

Ilario Bisi-Pedro     Robert Berger           William Cain

David Ryall           Deirdre Costello        Pauline Quirke

Earl Anderson Jr.     Greg Sherry             Louis Edmonds

Carol Massenburg      Isaac Mizrahi           Raquel Mondin
Wayne L. Flesher      William S. Frost        David H. Signor
Ramona Brooks         Sophia Sopher           Billi Vitale

Doretta Dunkley       Sally Nicholson         Deep Roy

Ken Novick            Scott Thomson

Iris Fern·ndez        Jade Bari               David Resnick

Gabriel Walsh         Norton Buffalo          Jack Blessing
Kim Hopkins           Michele Drake           Deborah Kelly
Philip Voss           Debra Hook              Allan Cuthbertson
Bill Ritchie          Joan Schumacher         Jonathan Schwartz
Frederick Sistaine        Taurean Blacque     Alex Ross

Tom Felleghy              Angelo Ragusa
Nick Stringer             Gillian Taylforth   Robert Hamilton
Hugh McGraw               Prentiss Rowe       Stuart Mossman

Garrie Kelly              John Thundercloud   Martine Beswick
Elven Havard              Ernie Fuentes       Pilar Del Rey

Jerome Myers              Freddy Moss         Joseph Cohn
Mario Valdez              John Fujioka        Mike Norris
Paula Segal               Estelle Meyers      Stuart Shiff
Roberto Messina           Pietro Torrisi      Margery Bond
Keone Young               George Roberts      Helen Baron

Fritzie Higgins           George Latka        Fred Dennis
Franchelle Stewart Dorn   Claire Lee          Norvell McDonald

Allan Graf                Merle Kilgore       Jack Elliott
Alex Stevens              Neil Affleck        Sam Stone
Farid Currim              Mohan Agashe        Martin Grace

Bruce Jarchow             Ed Meekin           Erin Tomcheff
Ruth Rugoff               Martha Whitehead    Judith Roberts
Don Circle                Madison Arnold      Gene Earl
Ross Reynolds             Gordon Ross         Marion Wayne
Dinny Powell              Hal Galili          Marcus D'Amico
Winston Dennis            Del Baker           Juliette James
Aaron Hurst               Sean Hurst          Peter Iacangelo

Tiny Wells                Terence Knox        Tony Lucatorto
Randy Glass               Doris Hargrave      Jim Healy
Clyde J. Barrett          Cheryl Baxter       Hilary Beane
Dinny Powell              Greg Powell
Barry Frank Warren        Matt Zimmerman      Douglas Adams
Laurie V. Logan           Jack McDermott      Mark Harris

George Hilsdon            Gerry Lewis         Dennis Fraser

Lawrence Tierney          Bobo Lewis          B. Constance Barry
Lothar Zajicek         Sky Dumont             Maryline Moulard
Sunny Woods
Fred Smith             Roy Tatum              Dudley Remus

Sabina Riba            Xochitl del Rosario    Diana Walther
Tommy Boyle            Kim Clifford           Wallace Campbell

Bob Drew               Abraham Katz           Zvee Scooler

Greg Dower             Jane Dower             Simon Nesbitt
Henry Capps            Joshua Gallegos        Paul McCallum
Tracie Savage          Nancy Bond             Sheila Rogers
Dominique Besnehard    Vladimir Cosma

Carmen Filpi           George 'Buck' Flower   Clay Wright

Bruce White            David Ashton           Bill Nighy
Victoria Vanderkloot   James Ogden            Terri DuHaime

Lalla Dean             Evelyn Drogue          Laoura Hadzivageli
Ruth Last              JosÈ Rabelo            Gilbert Lewis

Vicky Ireland          Janet Rawson           Clare Travers-Deacon

Rich Panzarella        Youssef Raad           Wasim Soubra
Peter Lawless          Saltbush Baldock       Les Dayman
Barbara von Zastrow    Betty Low
Brian Andrews          Anne Bruner            Anne-Marie Martin

Ronny Graham           Jim Steck              John Myhers

Nancy Hopwood          Victor Pappas          Stephen King

Steve Daskawisz        Paul Varni             John Scarangella
Karl A. Wickman    Randy Francklan        Roger Caine

Elsa Raven         Kopi Sotiropulos       Tom Maier

Dennis Muren       Michael Sheard
Pat Colbert        Kimberly Woodward      Scott Arthur Allen
John Greenwell     John Arthur            Terrayne Crawford

Arkady Rakhman     Pamela Bowman          Gerard J. Counts

Frank Chambers     John Faucher           John Newmuis

Nathan Davis       Thomas O. Erhart Jr.   Fredric Stone
Les Rubie          Grant Slater           Craig Stephens
Michael Cochrane   Michel Dhrey           Zolt·n Gera
John Whitehall
Julian Curry       Charles McKeown        Ishaq Bux
R.D. Call          Brenda Venus           Gloria Gifford
Michael Currie     Patty Dworkin          Gary Faga
Lisa Kieldrup      Angela Lee             Tina Caspary

Curtis Gregory     Jacqueline Jacobs
Aulinda Gigena     Dora Baldor            Valerie Curtin
Mark Fotopoulos    Michael Fullington     David Warren Gibson

Kenna Espersen     Glenda Meadows         Joe Zizik

James Deeth        Ray Wise               Jo Ann Dearing

Kathryn Mullen     Bob Payne              Toby Philpott

Brian Costantini   Lorraine D. Glick      Florence Moody
Kenny Lawrence       John Hollander      Ricky Redlich
Fritz Manes          David Meyers        Alfredo Michelson

Charles Seaverns     Lane Smith          Karin Strandjord

Frankie Faison       Larry Pine          Edwin McDonough

Robert V. Barron     DeForest Covan      Lloyd Nelson

P.J. Mann            Winston May         Patricia Mertens
Brendan Purcell      Greg Purcell        Paul Purcell
Ramon Sison          Annette Robyns      Pearl Shear

Meleesa Wyatt        Jo Anna Keane       Ed Begley Jr.

Albert Moses         Vincent Wong        Mark Newman

Cash Spadard         Lisa O'Reilly       Allene Simmons

Tony Brubaker        Rex Pierson         Ray Notaro Jr.

Michaela Karacic     Josef Sommer
David Richardson     Joe Rujas           Stacey Schefflin

Edgy Lee             Charles Messenger   Shelley Taylor Morgan

Eric Beckstrom       S.E. Hinton         Coralie Hunter

Mallory Jones        Patti Cohane        Murray Schisgal
Sally Birdsong       Louis Weinberg      Annie McGuire

Marvin Beck          Herb Peterson       Kevin Fennessy
George Lane Cooper   Peter Diamond       Geoffrey Edwards
Ramona Brooks            Enid Britton            Nick Barbaro
John Corcoran            Tim Gallin              Kate McGregor-Stewart

Iva Lane                 Sydna Scott             Kyle J. Wood
Phillip Zdunczyk

Brenda Joyce Minor       Richard Lee Padget      Peter Kirkpatrick

Frances E. Nealy         Jose Pepe R. Gonzales   Jerry Ziesmer

John Vidor               Bill Couch              Robert Gooden
Bruce Scivally

Nancy Serlin             Bruno Alexander         Molly Landgraf

Joe Kapnaiko             David Rigby

Richard Van Valkenburg   John Delph              Walt Gorney

Deirdre L. Cowden        Colin Hamilton          Tony De Santis

Carl Mazzocone           Ken Olson               Ronnie Parks
Jerry Baxter-Worman      Don Letts               Matt Russo

Lulu Canale              Lisa Carley             Kisten Chalmers
Michele McCarel          Roddy Murray            Buddy Quaid

Yanni Sfinias            Wallace Shawn           Richard B. Shull
Haunani Minn             Mel Gold                Stepfanie Kramer

Richard Zimmerman        Ian Miller              Don Stevens
Leslie Sarony            John Scott Martin       Eric Stovell
Lisa Freeman             Marley Sims             Kay Dingle

Wendy Leech              Roy Bowe                Roy Alon
Gertan Klauber           Brenda Cowling          David Grahame
Joel Goss           Robin Paradise       Roger Swaybill

Minny Minova        Dick Hancock         Phil Guerrero
John X. Heart       Ed Holmes            Jack Bruno Tate
Fern Persons        Cynthia Baker        Wayne Kneeland

Johnny Contardo     Roberto Contreras    Caesar Cordova
Dan Lindsey         John Martin          Will Patton

Dan Zaleski         Paul Ryan            Michael Joel Shapiro
Rochelle G. Jones   Erica Jordan         James Ko

John Stoneham       Mel Blanc            Marshall Perlmuter
Debbie Casperson    Valerie Mitchell     Madonna Christian
James McEachin      Maria Lynch          Ken Lee
Gordon Signer       John Bluthal         George Chisholm

Jerry Abbot         Bobby Hibbitts       Buddie Hrabal
Helen Stauffer      Barbara Balik        Michelle Watkins
Michael Nesmith     Alan Swain
Tom Mardirosian     Charles Brown        Robert Curtis-Brown
Dee Griffin         Robin Adler          Philip Romano

Justin Bayly        Kevin Brando         Angela Lee
Jorge Zepeda        Alfredo GutiÈrrez    Jose Marin

Martha Shaw         Howie Allen          Michael Adams
Ray Lykins          Ed Mertens           Ladd Hitchens

Ravi Valecha        Atul Tandon          Rama Vij

Slavena Drasilova   Eva Senkova          Leos Kratochvil
Dadi Pinero         Antonia Rey          Susan Roffer
Sanford Jensen      Gerald Jann          Jennifer Wallace
Jack Heller         Michael Harrington   David Wells
Erskine Morgan      Ramona Bajema        Maurice Frizzeli Jr.

A. Uslar            David Platt          Andrew Johnson
Cara Lott             Melissa Christian   Patty Lotz

Marisa Smith          Kim Staunton        Fisher Stevens
Lou Leccese           Sandford Clark      James Dudley
Jilly Rizzo           Dub Taylor          Fred Dryer

Brian Tarantina       Bruce MacVittie     James Russo
Rick Wakeman
Larry Cedar

Arthur Taxier         Philip Corey        Martha Campos

Joy Michael           Linda Lee           Peter Mele

Bradley Kane          Mark Kaplan         Kristina Kossi

Monica M. Da Silva    Terri Gay Ulmer     Brian Wimmer

Adrienne King         Marta Kober         Jack Marks
Christopher Wynkoop   Winston May         Tommy Hollis

Peter Cullen          Bob Berger          Michael Sheehan
Mike Baird            John Barons         Lauren Koslow

Roger Blay            Timothy Webber      Janine Manatis

Carol Beddington      Sharon Boone        Elizabeth Burville

Frank Slaten          Dean R. Miller      Neal Israel
William Norren        Sam Scarber         Scott Strader

Marika Laususer       George Alschul      Ronald Dessautels

Gloria Irizarry       Beau Starr          Dominic Barlo
Virginia Kiser        Jerry Martin        Gerry Gibson

Michael Greene        Rosetta LeNoire     Sal Carollo
Joanne Hamlin         Hector Troy         Norman Bush
Kevin Lester          Joseph Charboneau   Robert Rudnick
John Boswall            Bob Flag            John Hughes
Malcolm Wittman         Polly Lou Moore     John William Galt
Marvin Scott            Mike Gendel         Paul Herman

Bill Smillie            Stephan O'Reilly    Pat Dasko
Rob Watson              Roger Dunn          Wally Bondarenko
Samuel G. Laken         Linda Ipanema       Tina Vaughn

Michael Zand            Cece Cole           Roger Til

Dan Sparks              Ben Schick          George Fisher
Jon Fondy               Keith Miley         Michael Bennett

Frank Serio             Lloyd Berry         Dennis Kelli
Andy Hirsch             Stephan Meyers

Lacarnist Hiriams

Clint Howard            Ron Kuhlman         Lori Kessler
Douglas Alan Shanklin   Grace Lee Whitney   Harve Bennett

Bernie Pock             Spiro Razatos       Jeff Smolek
Jane Sumner             Lia                 Bailie Walsh
Don Young               Joan Riordan        Beth Smallwood
Webster Williams        Patrick Pinney      Bill W. Richmond

Gina Marie Pitrello     June Chadwick       Victory Tischler-Blue
Kimberly Georgoulis     Glenda Byers        John Schluter
Lee Sheward             Janos Kurucz        Sydney Arnold

Kelly Andrus            Deborah Dalton      Elissa Leeds
Jennifer Jewison        Carole Chatel       Daniel Tremblay

John Barvik             John Bowen          Scott Christopher
George 'Buck' Flower    Tommy Thomas        Granville 'Danny' Young
Angie Rubin             Yano Anaya          Joey Tushnet

Ann Way                 Don Henderson       Howard Lew Lewis

Jeffrey Mylett          Richard Hochberg    R.D. Call
Buddy Balou         Carol Baxter        Tina Bellis

Peter Armstrong     David Roe           Deborah Conway
Irving Krone        Clarence Thomas     Ted Science
Jack Decker         Sue Kelly           Michael E. Bradley
Maurice Moore       Lechanda Latharp    Drew Bundini Brown
Ronald C. McCarty   Jim Painter         Rick Sawaya

Al Matthews         Daniel Foley        Barbara Coles

Shirley Kaplan      L·zaro PÈrez        John Hoyt

Drummond Erskine    Joe Pentangelo      Gerald Campbell

Roger Ammann        Mary Battilana      Henry 'Hank' Bleeker

Robin Antin         Donna Ausby         Ed Baker

Kristina Vasari     Dante Di Loreto     Erik Holland

Mark L. Levine      William B. Kaplan   Jonathan Kaufer
Walter Brooke       Karen Austin        Bill Gratton

Marie Klingenberg   Stephen E. Miller   Robert Clothier
Michael Kaufman     Elaine Shapiro      John MacKay

David English       Emma Jacobs         Michael John Paliotti

Paul Daniel         Tushka Bergen       Emily Stocker
Charles Taylor      Rummel Mor          Barry Tubb
Morris Zuckerman    Lillian Zuckerman   Ann Browning

Larry Randles       Mike H. McGaughy    Jerry Gatlin
Jason Hervey        Bob McClurg         John Paragon
Clare McIntyre      Ali Refaie          William Hoyland
Joe Kopmar            Eramus 'Charlie' Alfano   Peter D'Arcy
Helen Hanft           Leo Postrel               Helen Miller

Isabelle Walker       Marii Mak                 Cheri Wells

Bruce Boa             Cherie Hawkins            Jon Jacobs
Patrick Pankhurst     Jean Thoreau              Jim Bullock
Tom Keenan            Tony Epper                Jerry Brainum

Richard Jenkins       Jerry Biggs               Sam Gauny
Gurdial Sira          Joel Coen                 Sam Raimi
Dean R. Miller        Jamie Anders              Cindi Dietrich
Ray Ketchledge        Gary O'Conner             Gary Jones
Brooke Adams          Laurene Landon            Tammy Grimes
Peggy Shay            Al Hesse                  Sal Biagini
David Connella        John Richard Petersen
Curtis Young          Michael David Black       Don Warden

Earnest Hart Jr.      Thomas F. Duffy           Gerald Petievich

Joe Supor Jr.         D.J. Calvitto             Cosmo Wilder

Sarah Yvonne Murray   Carl Sander               Judy Lynn Gratton
Randy Lowell          Jon Ewen                  Tom McShane
Nike Clark            Paula Thomas              Gloria Douse

Rick Le Fevour        Rock A. Walker            Joe Gieb
James Frank Clark     Joseph Kelly              Norman Carter

Dolores Messina       Yvonne Erwin              David Trim
Marpessa Djian        Guy Louret                Patrick Massieu
Danielle Burns        Lee Burns                 Nelson Aspen

Carmen Ejogo          Paul Fairminer            Hugo First

Sylvia Kauders        Wilson Camp               Murray Lebowitz

Josh Saylor           William Grauer            Kristen Aldrich
Matt Butler           Martin Ferrero            Jim Fitzpatrick
Norm Schachter       Christopher Mankiewicz   J.P. Bumstead
Roger Ito            Perry Fluker             Lynn Ready
Nathan Jung          Dan Inosanto             Vernon Rieta

Christina Beck       John Davey               Geoff Brewer

Salome Jens          Bart the Bear
Alex Ross            Peter Saxe               Charles Scorsese
Joe Loach            Buddy Giovinazzo         Ralph Cordero

Panos Nicolaou       Elki Jacobs              Menahem Einy
Kim Rhone            Annalie Harrison         Lamberto Bava
Tamara Cooley        Patty Harbor             Johnny L. Watkins
Sandy Ignon          Margrit RammÈ            Pearl Huang

Miranda Whittle      Robert Kim               Dick Sollenberger
Jill Beach           Kenneth Ian Davis        Bruce Lake

James Cash           Kim Chan                 Bill Dalzell
Robert Lee           Andrew Seear             Janet McTeer
Elizabeth Ruscio     Lloyd Nelson             Sgt. Maj. John H. Brewer
Greg Gagne           Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy    Buddy Roberts

Laura Robling        Nancy Harris             Libbey Schenck
Larry Poindexter     J. Acheson               Aaron Scott Bernard
Roger Nolan          Jerry Hyman              David Menachem
Larry Murphy         Linda Hoy                Dennis Hayden

Marc Antona          John Aron                Elfrida Ashworth
Jeannette Fox        Alison Woodgate          Philippa Luce
Brian Doyle-Murray   Shannon Wilcox           Charles Brown

Bob Sherman          Doreen Hermitage         Kerry Shale

King White           Mickey Lloyd             Dawn Carmen

Brooks Wachtel       Richard Hochberg         John P. McCarthy

Robert Q. Lewis      Robin Nolan              Kevin G. Tracey
Renato Nebolini         Antonio Cetta          Franco Covielleo

Ellen Barber            Ethel Ayler            Elisabeth Senn
Alvin D. Bailey Sr.     Nat Elmore             Joan Duvalle

Jerry Winsett           Bill Hoversten         Donald Watson

Martin Scott            Marcus Scott           Carl Lockett
Warren McLean           Li Mai Thao            Ron Barracks

Shirley Walker          Launa Morosan          Vanessa Newman
Ralph Foody             Howard Elfman          John Hately
Katherine Hittleman     Lisa Sanderson         Michelle Bauer

Tony Zurita Jr.         Saralynne Crittenden   Jim Ortlieb
Gil Janklowicz          William Winckler
Nicol·s Jasso           JosÈ Ch·vez            HÈctor TÈllez

Richard W. Barker III   Patti Tippo            John M. Jackson
Kristin Olsen           Heather Shaw           Vic Blair

Greg Karas              Raymond Singer         David Ellenstein

Michael Reardon

Patrice Martinez        Cosmo Mata             Brinke Stevens

Richard Rebiere         Diane Robin            Sandi Ross
Philip Proctor          Ira Newborn            Bryan Cranston
Richard Payne           W. Alonzo Stewart      Lillian Boutte

Richard Humphreys       Hansford Rowe          Billy Beck
Tony Avalon             Frankie Avalon Jr.     Rick Avery
Charles Bukowski
Juan Manuel Aguero      Maria Magdaleno        Shirley Anthony
Mark Venturini               Larry Holt             Jeff Ramsey
Carlos Cervantes             Michael DeMarlo        Dana Gladstone
Peter Gabb                   Jim Garrison           Dave Petitjean
Noele De Saint Gall          Julia Jennings         Dick Durock
Paulo Tocha                  Greg Richardson        Saheed Sahabuddin
Noble Willingham             Randal Patrick         Ernest Harden Jr.
Joshua Billings              Glenn Faigen           Robert Grevemberg Jr.

John Thaw                    Miles Anderson         Neil McPherson

D.D. Howard                  Peter Leeds            Margaret Lenzey

Angelo Bruno Krakoff         Carlo Steven Krakoff   Amy Lyne

James Ryan                   Campbell Scott         Joel Segal
Patrick Benn                 Steve Boucher          Adrian Bush

Kenneth Pitochelli           Jonathan MacLeod       Gregg T. Knight

Mark Siegler                  Jack McGee            Steve Eastin
Silvia Blagojeva Itscherenska Sultan Meral          Olivier Picot
King George VI

Kurt Braunreiter             Robert Gray            Brewster Sears

Joe Miller                   Mary Ann Tanedo        Barb Jittner
Tianmin Zhang                Hongnian Luo           Shihong Yu

Natalie Zimmerman            Deborah Dismukes       Cheryl Baker
Armin Shimerman              Kitty Swink            Lisa Robins
Leslie French                Odette Benatar         Dianna Casale
Mercedes Moseley
Lorne Black                  Steven Ross            Julianna McCarthy
Harry Chase                  Ken Ceresne            Janice Frank

Michael Barbaro              Antonio Pariselli      Corrado Gianna

Mario Roberts                Michael Riley          Denis Hartigan
Edith Fields                 Frederick Allen        Scott Freeman
Alphonse Walter              Joseph Romeo           Ernest-Frank Taylor
Joan McMurtrey               Greg Mace              Tammy Manville
Paul Tinder                  Scott Marshall         Bill Applebaum
Anna Lee                  Michelle Eabray              Isabel GarcÌa Lorca
Joann Taylor              Julie A. Herbert             Jennifer Allswang
Jennifer Lane             Richard Halten               David Fusco

Todd Michael Rodgers      M. Emmet Walsh               Robert Gray
Barbara Bingham           Jophery C. Brown             Allan Graf

Marjorie Rynearson        Jo Livingston                Joan Pirkle

Lin Shaye                 Boyd Kestner                 Wayne Grace
Luis Ramos                Cindy Crawford               R. Emmett Fitzsimmons

Accursio Di Leo           Leonardo Treviglio           Franco Trevisi

Ike Eisenmann             Deborah Fallender            Noelle Harling

Earl Finn                 Mitchell Bock                Tommy Swerdlow

Sonia Fuentes             David Brian Abalos           Irma Barrios
Chiu-Liw Mark             Manon Vallee                 Carole Zeller
Judy Nagy                 Darwyn Swalve                Prince Hughes
Richard Bertone           Rosemary Knower              Sandra Bowe
Jonathon Whittaker        Christine Cossack            Billy Kay
Tracy Lewis               Jeffrey Charles Michaelson   Brooke Montgomery

Will Zahrn                Louie Lanciloti              Vince Viverito
Annie McEnroe             Daryl Hannah                 Jack Pruett

Susannah Harker           Gary Beadle                  Edwin Mahinda

Kevin Goodwin             Tara Halfpenny               David Hazel

Babs Chula                Peter Bibby                  Rebecca Toolan
Doug MacHugh              Lawrence Kopp                Alec Gillis
Kathryn Grody             John Towey                   Michael Kirby
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
Vic Vogt             Frank Harmon         Wally Marsh
Gordon Press         George J. Manos      Vincent Capone
Troy Damien          Ryan Francis         Melanie Doctors
Natalia Silverwood   Duane Matthews       Slim Jim Phantom
Rick Avery           David Weininger      Moss Porter
Jack Sargent         Ron Poniewaz         Zina Bethune

Todd Kopeznski       John Lovingood       Eddie Matthews

Virgil Frye          Courtney Gains       Tomas Goros

Kara Young           Karen Renee Owens    Sharon Owens
Eve Godly            Reg Evans            Douglas Hedge

Calvin Jones         Melissa Martin       Phil Dacey
Graham Evans         Alan Gough           Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio
Selma Archerd        Scot Bennett         Rebecca Broussard

Tom Surber           Tom Ledcke           David Carpenter
Melissa Massey       Sherrod Auxt         Dan Borne
Anthony Pedley       Robert McBain        Clare McIntyre
Marcel Bluwal        Isabelle Noah        Yorgo Voyagis

Nina Linder          Richard LeBranti     Brian Mason

Donald Wheeler       Paul Zimmerman       Jennifer Johns

James Tew            Polly O'Malley       Maureen Moore
Cullen G. Chambers   Terri Bivalacqua     J.W. Alexander

Penny Brown          Gabi Ford            Dale Wyatt

Mr. Spoons           Tracey Walter        Lezli Jae
Dale Beard Jr.       Thomas Nez           Richard Gonzalez
Pat Funderburk       Dawn Boyd            Dwight Boyd
Gailard Sartain      Danielle Schneider   Lenie ScoffiÈ

David Kennett        Richard McElvain     Richard Seguin
Lew Resseguie        Ingrid Sonnichsen    Dennis Paiva
Lawrence Tierney     Hank Robinson        Joe West
Allan Graf          Frank Orsatti         Peter Kwong
Ron Ulstad          Howard Weller         Richard Parker
Kenneth E. Lowden   Jocko Marcellino      John Thorstensen

Rob Purcell         Dick Forrest          John Coombes

Joyce Barneto       Hassan Kutty          D.D. Sharma
Charles Richards
Reina King          Paul Tuerpe           Lester Wilson
Iversose Beuville   Maxo Fercilien        Jacques Achilles
Leonardo Cimino     Richard Devon         Rabbi William Kramer
Gail O'Grady        Dr. Seth Yoser        Kirstie Alley
Carole Henshall     Andrew Rhodes         Bill Croft

Alison Steadman     Peter Marshall        Czeslaw Grocholski
Arnold Johnson      Eric Harrison         Amy Michelson

Vernie Bailey       Martin Raymer         Alan Clark
Scott St. James     'Weird Al' Yankovic   Ted Nugent

Jeff Imada          Michelle Costello     Michael Forino
Burton Zahler       Derek R. Hill         James Donovan

Jay Jacobus         Anne Lawder           Jeanette Lana Sartain
Sven-Ole Thorsen    Gus Rethwisch         Linda Porter
Jan Nemec           Charly Oleg           Sylvie Plantard
Les Perkins         Richard Williams      Wayne Allwine
Nosher Powell       Jack Purvis           David Sibley
Chris Webb          Andy Bradford         Evan Russell
Madolin B. Archer   Etain O'Malley        Ricki Lake

Roy Evans           Don Ferguson          Henry Fong
Angela Greenblatt     Cameron Moore               Justin Mosley Spink
Leon Herbert          Steve Plytas                Anthony Wellington
Claudia Templeton     Carol Gossler               J. Donovan Nelson
Jim Ishida            ShÙtarÙ Hayashi             ToshirÙ Obata
Patricia Mathews      Mitch Hrushowy              Ernest Mack
Sean McGraw           Oliver Stone                Dale Dye
Douglas Mace          Stephan Adam Szymel         Jack Esformes
Donal Gibson          Shane Kerwin                Niran

Saffron Rainey        Hywel Williams-Ellis        Michael Maguire
Hy Anzell             Sylvia Kauders              Victor Argo

James Donnell Quinn   Simon Mein                  Ashton W. Richards
Joel Nagle            David E. Weinberg           Yattee Brown
Wayne Tippet          A. Frank Ruffo              Michael Copeman

Terry Clark           Wally Roberts               Joe Viviani
Tina Lifford          Arlin Miller                Paige Pollack
Franco Cutietta       Robert Peter Gale           Wesley Harrison
Steve Jenkins         Terry Kelleher              Ron Lucas

Joseph P. Kerwin
Jimmi Harkishin       Joginder Singh Lal          Linda Stevenson-Khan
Ralph Monaco          Ron Cummins                 Cheech Marin
Paul Desmond          Tom Barrington              Michael Fowler

Beth Hogan            O. LaRon Clark              Russell Bobbitt
Sylvia Tobias
Nicholas Ferguson     Tom Whitehouse              Nigel Greaves
Gregg Binkley         Larry Spinak                Willie Smith

Lynn Eastman          Janet Judd                  Freda Perry
Michael Mayes         Larry McCullaugh            Ken Sigers
Louis Sheldon         Stefan Kalipha              Peter Pacey
Ernie Lively          David Rhodes Brown          Larry Brothers

Andrew Van Dusen      James Harper                Ray Gill
Nancy Gathers         Corey Ginn                  Marina Durell
David Marciano        Tommy Hinkley               Norm Wilson
Teresa Blake          Samuel Benjamin Lancaster   Juan Pel·ez

Mas Soegeng           Antonin Stahly-Vishwanadan Tapa Sudana
Joe Liss              Gregory Alan Williams      Peter Ruskin
Dennis Titus            Peter Lloyd            Bobby Ghisays
Brenda Fielder          Hoyt Chavers           Ann Wenger
Patricia Higgins        Hilery O'Donovan       Don King
Ralph Wakefield         Bobby Jay              Tom Stocker

Don Novello             Bill Moor              Tom Mardirosian
Katherine Lynch         Mary Seibel            Joe D. Lauck
Maxie Pontius           Richard Kuhlman        Brittany Paige Bouck

Montrose Hagins         Kathryn Fuller         Lenore Woodward
Jennifer Scott Malden   Johnny Shannon         Malcolm Terris
Ferne Downey            Franz Fridal           Arun Greenaway
Shiek Mahmud-Bey        Joel Swetow            Jane Connell

Daniel Heren            Caroline Lomas         C. John Merrill
Teresa Beaudion         Gladys Mallard         Betty J. Dove

Peter Barry             Melvyn Bragg           Michael Fitzgerald

Sean O'Brien            Cully Fredricksen      Taylor Gilbert
Judy Prianti            David Stepkin          Marylin Monaco
Debbie Mathieu          Wilma Jeanne Cummins   Cliff Stephens
Leigh French            Patricia Arquette      Laura Jacoby

Peter Hansen            Robert Harper          Prince Hughes

Ronald C. Ross          George Cheung          Lou Criscuolo

Joyce Bowden-Kirby      George Hart            Ivan Green

Erica Heit M.D.         Tracy Grant            Toni Fleming

Coretta Scott King      Martin Luther King     Henry Kissinger
cast40               cast41               cast42

Laurie Walton        Hank Bernard         Elspeth Radford
Elisabeth Fraser
Len Mooy             Ann Nelson           Laura Nix

Norman Stevans       Betty Canter         Laura Gile
Kent Perkins         Anne Ramsey          Logan Ramsey

Paul Reubens         Ben Piazza           Gwen Banta

Arlis Tranmer
Jerry Mayer          Ivy Featherstone     Kent Broadhurst

Frank Schuller       Mel Pape             Marge McKenna

Ruby Caudill         Charles Kahlenberg   Alice McGeachy

Russell T. Carr      JosÈ Rabelo          Victoria Tennant

Kenny Baker          Chris Greener        Marcus Powell

Sullivan Walker      Lou David            Lloyd Scott

Alba Oms             Frank Oteri          Traci Parnell
Tommy Abel           Andrew Akerson       Edward Andrews
Nan Whitehead        Chico Kasindir       Paul M. Hunt

Michelle Mildwater   Marie Green          Imogen Claire

Thomas J. Buckman    Joe Dabenigno        Bill Wiley

Jerry Sullivan       Jerry McGee          Cleve Dupin
Justine Visone       Moosie Drier         Debra Feuer

Wendy Shawn          Robert W. Talbot     Susan Tolsky
Patti Clifton            Jay Scorpio         Jeff Viola

James Ottaway            Roy Alon            Tony Rohr
Michael Lackey           Mitch Greenhill     Bill Bryson

Charlene Holt            Melissa Williams    Antony Alda
Georgia Schmidt          J. Brennan Smith    Don Maxwell

Pat Billingsley          Barbara Hoddinott   Eddie Gomez
Brian Tochi              Kevin Brando        John Shields
Rose Wool                Douglas Kinney      Constance Addington
Judy Burgess             Saundra MacDonald   Eve Knoller
Paul Marin               Mimi Maynard        Alice Hirson

Robert B. Loring         Johnny Turner       Vern De Paul
Jim Scopelitis           Gabrielle DeCuir    James W. Gavin

Hector Britt             Larry Lindsey       Conrad E. Palmisano

Stephen Peck

J.J. Butler              Chukuma             Michael Woods
Barry Weiss              Robin Ruinsky       Adrian Richards
Mickey Jones             Tracy Lee Rowe      Essex Smith
Leigh Webb
Richard LeParmentier     Don Fellows         Michael Shannon
Ian Muir                 Mark Holmes         Andrew MacLachlan
Steve James              Gerald M. Kline     Peter Lopiccolo

Will McMillan            Josiah Steiner      Douglas O. Tepper
Cork Hubbert             Doreen Jaros        Sunny Johnson
Annie Behringer          Judith Bernett      Teda Bracci

Bill Barnsley            Nicola Critcher     John Dair
Bobbie Ellyne Kosstrin   Lynn Parraga        Lee Sandman

Alan Ford                Peter Ellis         Denise Stephens

Kurt Schlesinger         Judi Passeltiner
Hal Carter          Brock Yates        Kathleen M. Shea

Michelle Wagner     Richard Moll
Patrick Doyle       David John         Tess Dignan

Rod Collison        Terence Donovan    Stephen Jackson
Roberta Collins     Diane Markoff      Cynthia Burr
Robert Barron       Pete Renaday       Albert Able

Al Cerullo          Ox Baker           Lowmoan Spectacular

Sean Barry-Weske    Rita Tobin-Weske
Donna Mitchell      Hector Osorio      Lionel Pina

John Hollis         Michel Julienne    Koko
Lisa Loomer         Sandi Franklin     Eric Mourino

Eric Spitella
Stan Green          Max Wearing        Graham Dow

Lance Warlock

Lee Delano          Robert Goldberg    Alan U. Schwartz

Tabitha King        Jennifer Davis     Hugh Rouse

Aris Sakellaridis   Ben Falk           Michael Minard
Richard Noyce      Dar Robinson           Judee Wales

Glenn Shadix       Tani Guthrie           Carolyn Coates

Corbin Bernsen     Joseph Benti           Rebecca Edwards
Mary Beth Busbee   J. Don Ferguson        Monica Kaufman

Yefim Buntsis      Semyon Veyts           Larry R. Gillette

Declan Weir        Paul Lyons             Ryan Helm

Robert J. Kuper    Joene Hanhardt         Marge Kotlisky

Jack Kendrick      Jack Lenoir

Tony Steedman      Damaris Hayman         David Dixon
Nick Dimitri       John Dennis Johnston   Rock A. Walker
Mary Farrell       Madeleine Fisher       Bruce French
Julie Whitman      Jan Mackie             Shawnee Smith

Joe Hart           Jeffrey Hornaday       Patrick Maguire

Maria Delgado      Lupe Ontiveros         Francisco Farias

The Black Pope     David Blackwell

Jack Purvis        Mike Quinn             Timothy M. Rose

Mary Lou Vukov     Alan Kaplan            Donald Saiontz
Nancy Wilson          David Resnik            Erick Leroy Burdette
Zeno Nahayevsky       George Orrison          Tony Papenfuss

Vern Taylor           Andrew Winner           Biff Yeager

Brian Carney          Richard Russell Ramos   William Sadler

George Orrison        Glenn Wright            Frank Reinhard

Joshua Michaels       Sharron Miller          Carolyn Perry
Rob Purcell           Ron Purcell             Noel Egan
Stanley Brock         Martin Garner           John Medici

Lucita Lijertwood     Betty Whelan            David Fleeshman

Cathy Garpershak      Jon Cecka               Don Daynard

Charles A. Tamburro   Carey Lindley           Jophery C. Brown

Earl Summerline       Craig Thomas            Mikki Allen Willis

Christina Nigra       Buckley Norris          Patrick O'Moore

Greg Gorman           Anne Prager             John Carpenter
Beverly Tagge         Howard George           Helen Howard

Bruce Willis
Chrissy Monk          Nosher Powell
Harry Madsen        Michael Irene          Mark Bruno
Sabrina Lee Moore   Matthew Cowles         Eve Gordon

David Barrett       Peter Kobernik         Dick Sollenberger

Tom Lawrence        John Ashby             Tony Brubaker

Wallace Merck       Glen Lee               Roger Black

Mike Bacarella      Edna Garza             Albert Stevens

Jessica James       B. Constance Barry     Mary Wilshire

Marjean Dennis      Bob Harks              Ann Muffly

Al Pipkin           Barbara Quinn          Irene Schubert
Thelma Lee          Dr. Joyce Brothers     George Kapp

Melissa Dedman      Johnny Dynell          Receplo Fabre
Edith Ruddick       John Gordon Sinclair   Anne Thompson

Ron Silver          Stewart Steinberg      David Strathairn
George Fisher       Merv Griffin           Sissy Spacek

Yoichi Iijima       Satoshi Ito            Masaki Kusakabe
Wally Thomas        Jack Armstrong         Robert Carrick
Robert Lussier      Jacque Lynn Colton     Amanda Ingber

Tony Cyrus          Rocky Taylor
Brian Coburn        Michael Halphie        Mary Stavin
Howard Neu            Daniel Fitzgerald     Tracy Durphy

Frank L. Bare II      Eddie Tse
Edward Anhalt         Mary Apick            Robert Beer
Jade Gold             Dana Balkin           Karen Grossman

Gregory Norman Cruz   Dante D'Andre         Richard Delmonte
Vern Porter           Christopher Saylors   Don Slatton

Fred Pierce           John Horn             David W. Rose
Reggie Leon           Ben Lokey             Lee Anne Loomis

Terri Ann Bantle      B.J. France           Chip Kaye
Morgan Upton          John X. Heart         David Gonzales
David Fielder         Robert Beatty         Christopher Malcolm

Jerry Matheny         Wayne Milligan        Don 'Tex' Clark
John C. Conger        Sandra Newkirk        Elaine McGown

Nicholas Guest        John Bedford Lloyd    Tony Sherer
Richard Adams         Donna Porter          Jeff Lawrence

Juan Fern·ndez        Darwyn Carson         Nancy Linari
J.A. Ferral           E. Baramona           Octavio Cruz

James Ackerman        Jim Harriott          Tom Lawrence
Gil Christner         J. Dinan Myrtetus     Ilene Latter

Bharati Devi          Bhushan Tewari        Praveen Paul

Gino Zeman            Janoslav Mikulin      Ladislav Kretschmer
Pedro Serrano         Richard Sisco         Kimry Smith
Renny Temple          Ziporah Tzabari       Gabi Amrani
Scott Murphy          Dennis Madden         John Achorn
Donald Sims           Richard Mason         Charles A. Tamburro

V. Papadopoulou       K. Bourlessi          E. Kouerini
Barbara Peckinpaugh   David Ursin            Casey Sander

Deborah Taylor        Anthony Thomas         Jaime Tirelli
Carey Eidel           Kelly Nichols          Jan Saint
Frank Welker          Sean Alexander         Marty Allen

Giancarlo Esposito    Bruce Howard           Rony Clanton

Herbie Wallace        Steven Miller          Jeff Seyfried

Robert Miano          Raphael Berko          Antony Ponzini

Michael C. Mahon      Michael Markowitz      Kathleen Marshall

Tom McBride           Betsy Palmer           Jaime Perry
Eda Reiss Merin       Ric Mancini            Kathryn Janssen

Bob Holt              Mushroom               Jerry Goldsmith
Bill Mumy             Tony Fox Sales         Stephen Monaco

Jean-Louis Roux       Amanda Plummer         Sharon Noble

Marisa Campbell       Christine Cartwright   Andrea Chance

Edward C. Short       Shelley Pogoda         Jerome Michaels
Andrew Shue

Marie Jose Welsch     Marty Ollstein         June Chadwick

Charles DeVries       Santos Morales         Jolina Mitchell-Collins
Edith Fields          Arthur Lessac          Edward Call

Filomena Spagnuolo    Annabella Turco        George Kelly
Nancy Kirsch          Alice Spivak           John Bentley
Ken Kamholz           Sibby Sisti            Phillip D. Rosenberg
Pip Donaghy             Annie Lennox
Anne Kimmel             Paul Bartel
Ann Neville             Joey Faye                    Linda Ipanema

Richard Jewkes          Michael Ruud                 Mary Lois Grantham
J. Winston Carroll      David Clement                George E. Zeeman
Paul Herman             Joan Shangold                Henry Yuk

Marcella Saint-Amant    Ellen Tobie                  Alice O'Connor

Zitto Kazann            J.D. Ruybal                  Julius L. Meyer
Brad Jamieson           Jimmy Buffett                Janet Chan

Richard Pittman         Tom Amundsen                 Judi M. Durand

Joe Cirillo             Tom Toner                    Lee Delano
Judi M. Durand          Frank Force                  Teresa E. Victor

William Beard II        Stuart Kimball               Angelo
Elaine Ives-Cameron     Fred Lee Own                 Gay Baynes
Larry Haines            Richard 'Smitty' Lewis Smith Andy Still
Chino 'Fats' Williams   Gregory Robbins              Marianne Muellerleile

Joyce Hyser             Gloria Gifford               Paul Shaffer
Nick Krieger            Lloyd Nelson                 David Dahlgren
Harry Ditson            Jim Carter                   Eddie Tagoe

Stevie Myers            Freddie Dawson               Robert Krantz

Wesley Falker           Lindsay Hankins              Ray Hilliard
David Harold Brown      Lloyd L. Tolbert             Paul Hanson
Sebastian Dungan        Rick Rosenthal               Rich Little

Oscar Quitak            Harold Innocent              John Grillo

Frank Slaten            Lin Shaye                    Wesley Thompson
Ida Broughton            Robin Brown         Anna Bruno

Adam Bowen               Paul Dowsey-Magog
Jim Fitzpatrick          Tracy Roberts
Sally Anne Waranch       Jerry Tullos        Shirley Kelly
Arnold F. Turner         Jeris Poindexter    Hawthorne James

Gary Ray                 Gary Binkow         Michael Bramon

Donald Chaffin           Darren Dublin       Kristine M. Gossman

Raymond Del Barrio       Wayne Bascomb       Thomas Clarke Bennett

Aileen Fitzpatrick       J.P. Bumstead       Skip Jacobson

Paul Mazursky            Saul Kahan          Rory Barish
Joyce Shank              Dean Webber         John X. Heart

Don S. Davis             Alex Diakun         Tom Heaton
Karl Schrˆder            Heidi Smith         Leon Stephenson

Brian Carroll            Richard Oldfield    Christopher Barr

Sandie Lillingston       Adam Willits        Ben Chesterman
Norman Kaplan            Marilyn Hamilton    Anna Thea
Jennifer Browning        Robert Gwaltney     Christine Page

Lloyd Nelson             Jay K. Fishburn     George Orrison
Susan Barnes             Zachary Hoffman     Lynne Marie Stewart
Roger Ashton-Griffiths   Jeffrey Wickham     Alexander John
Thomas Lomonaco       Bill Brecht             Enzo Citarelli
George Martin         Crystal Field           Ken Chapin

Catherine MacNamara   John Vasily             Ed Garrabrandt

Frank D'Annibale      Rose Dursey             Rick Kelley
Duey Thomasick        Charles Messenger       Hank Worden

Ken Farmer            Bill McIntosh           Charles Seybert
Michael Apted         B.B. King               Larry Cohen
David Lain Baker      Daniel Eden             Laurel Page
Debbie Napoleon       David Kelly             Pam Becker
Abe Vigoda            Clara Peller            Eric Bogosian
Tracey May            Robert Stout            Rob Cleveland

Timothy N. Tappen     William Edward Taylor   Lonnie Ray Jones

Mark Gash             Pat McGroarty           Brian Bradley

Brigitte Douglaston   Nancy Compansanto       Andrea Suter

Stuart Manne          B.J. Alexander          Danielle Aubuchon
Wes Moczulski         Jim Carroll             Ray Zimmerman
Lou-Anne Ronchi       Elke Ritschel           Mayako Torigai

Kevin Thompson        Doug MacHugh            Pamela Gordon
Craig Clement         Robert Earl Jones       Michael Levering

Philippe Moreau       Jacques Poitrenaud      Luc Sarot
Jill Powell

Pat Hartley           Astley Harvey           Colin Jeavons

Edith Fields          Lisa Figus              J. Jay Saunders

Becky LeBeau          Tricia Hill             Jill D. Merin
Gerrit Graham         Dan Hanks               Candace Carey
Robert Dickman      Jim Giovanni             Steve Shargo
Steven Lambert      Yukio G. Collins         Howard Clapp
Daniel Wong         Daniel Lee               Lia Chang

Toby Iland          Richard Halpern          John Escobar

Rodrick Selby       Christina Sigel          Harold L. Simonsen
Jerry Giovinazzo

Assi Dayan          Jack Cohen               Adiv Gahshan

Mark Jenkins        Christine Lahti
Yung Sun            Eugene Choy              Mae Koh-Ruden

Bob Parkinson       Richard Rohrbough        Edward Le Beau
Arnie Ross          Fritz Brauner            Tim Blaney

Tak Kubota          Frank Seals Jr.          Maria Barney
Rosemary McHale     Carol Cleveland          Katherine Schofield
Michael Maurer      Tom Ellison
Michael Seitz

Brad Boyle          Steve Hollar             Brad Long
Steven Lambert      Debbie Lee Carrington    Margarita Fern·ndez
Joseph Shiloach     Arnon Zadok              Uri Gavriel
Sam Hennings        Rashon Khan              Charles Knapp

Kenny Baker         Michael Henbury Ballan   Danny Blackner
Eliza Kern          Krzysia Bialeska         Cryss Jean Healey
Kevin Hagan         Jay Thomas               Alex Nevil

Robert Arden        Stephen Hoye             Bob Sessions

David Fitzsimmons   Robert A. Burton         Steve Hogan

Leigh Lombardi      Charlie Brewer           Charles A. Nero

Rick Garia          Jacqueline Jacobs        Jim Cushinery
Daniele Ferretti     Luciano Invidia        Umberto Zuanelli

Gittan Goding        David M. Everard       Luther Rucker
Shelton Magee        Khon Reid              Helen Yu-shin McKay

Lisa Melilli         Deborah Bial           Bob Gage

Tony Saunders        Vincent Lars           Larry E. Vann
H. Gordon Boos       Mark Ebenhoch          Oliver Stone

Michael O'Rourke     Irwin Schier           Martin Aparijo
Joel Kramer          Jeff Ramsey            Bill McIntosh
Leslee Bremmer       Karen James            Sheila Lussier

Julian Pena          Alex Leonard Jenkins   William Lozada

Jorge Reynoso        Jorge Pol              CÈsar Sobrevals

Peter McCarthy       DesirÈe Erasmus        Gloria LeRoy
D. Stanton Miranda   Johnny Marrs           George Henry Wyche Jr.

Judy Levitt          Teresa E. Victor       James Menges

Charlene Shipp       Sandra Shuman          Linda Sorenson
Karen Montgomery     Robert Picardo         Rip Taylor
Joel Adam            Darrell Beasley        Stephen Beasley

Margaret Hussey      Mary O'Sullivan        Katherine Borowitz
Robert Keller        Pat Banta              Bruce C. Magee

Elizabeth Hanna      Micki Moore            Richard Spiegelman
James Winburn           Peter Stader       Samuel V. Baldoni
Richmond Harrison       Darryl Henriques   John Hostetter
Buddy Quaid             Dennis Curren      Rico Wheat
Stanley Jordan          Billy Vera         Peter Bunetta
Rocky Jasminder Singh   Wilson Lee         Mark DiSalle
Vic Trevino             Sal Lopez          Del Zamora
Richard Pehle           James V. Franco    Jimmy Mel Green

Hepburn Graham          Claude Maredza     Carlton Chance

Lori Leonelli           Lisa London        Kent MacLachlan

David McCharen          Larry Moss         Mio Polo

Victor Slezak           Richard Thomsen    Mews Small
Tony Carey              Gary Cheeseman     Wayne Clark

Ralph Tabakin           Sangad Sangkao     Vanlap Sangko

Ted White               Loren Haynes       Rachel Todd
Jochen Gliscinsky       Erich Schupke      Margarete Hafner

Alan Blumenfeld         Jeffrey Boam       Sydne Squire

Brian Russell
Jun Wu                  Lucia Hwong        Jingping Cui

Terri Lynn Doss         Sharon K. Brecke   Donald Gooden
Richard Gilberts        James Lashly       Corki Grazer
Sharon Devlin           Femi Gardiner      Patricia Keefer

Ed Quinlan              Jack Russell       Audie Desbrow
Stanley Kirk            Gerrit Kono        Kevin Williams

Tommy Hollis            Matt Myers         Michael Dunster

Richard Burns           John Gocha         Brad Pitt
Noel Manchan            June Chandler      Lee Shael
Edward Blackoff         Darryl Ponicsan    Billy Kane
Bill Marcus             Phil Mead          J. Clell Miller
Don Thompson            Hector Elizondo    Garry Marshall
Raisen Cain          James Jackson       Randall Jackson
Wendy Lee Avon       Amy Meyers          John Moio
Chris Thomas         Richard K. Lane     Elly Lindsay

Katie Thrasher       Derek Russell       Nicole Russell

Diane Robin          Adrienne Sachs      Maarten Goslins

Charlie Phillips     Greg Lewis          John William James
Elain R. Graham      Bruce McGill

Danilo Mattei        Carlo Pavone        Enrico Stassi

Barbara Harris       David McCharen      Paige Pollack

Tim Russ             Ed Gale             Antonio Hoyos

Henry TorrËs         Richard Moreno      Phillip Elizalde
Danny Brainin        Ernest Deveaux      Walter Allen Bennet Jr.
Courtney Gebhart     Terry Logan         Nels Van Patten
Stefan Graham        Wendy E. Taylor     Edwin M. Adams

Adam Jay Sadowsky    Joel Sahleen        Jamie Shuman

Valentino Cimo       Joe Greco           Clem Caserta
Ronald Yamamoto      James Spader        Yanni Sfinias

Tim Finn

Melanie Hewitt       Matt Kane           Anne Lindgren

Stephen Dimopoulos   Laurie O'Byrne      Freda Perry
Sh˚ko Akune          Stephanie Shroyer   Frank Wagner
Fred Sweda           Jill Whitaker
Leroy R. Horn           W. Wayne Arrants        Mimi Bensinger
Susan Wilder            John Rothman            Judd Trichter
Louis Rukeyser          Kymberly Goldman        Michelle Goldman
Matthew Faison          Peter Crook             Alec Paul Rubinstein
Noble Craig             Opelene Bartley         Portia Griffin
Lucy Butler

Alan Paternoster        Bill Robinson           Dean Robinson

C.E. Grimes             Trysh Jefferson         Vaughn Tyree Jelks

Lisa Gumora             June Boykins            Janette Colon
James Wright            Luciano Catenacci       Bill Johnston

Louis Giambalvo          Peter Anthony Jacobs   Bill Wattenburg
Julian-Peter Marcantonio Greg Van Riel
Kate Finlayson           Shanna Higgins         Kym Malin

Bert Hatch              Jerry Brent             Bruce Schumacher
Jeb Quaid               Barbara Harris          Terrence Beasor
Charu Bala Chokshi      Stephen Fry             John Bird
David Jaul              Jean-Claude Houbart     Raouf Ben Amor

Fred Melamed            Monique Mojica          Paul MacCallum

Brook Yeaton            Jeff Gardner            Jay Hillmer

Alice Drummond          Tony Carreiro           Robert Stanton
Roy Fegan               Howard Allen            Bee-Be Smith

Domenico Fiore          Ted Rusoff              Leo Damian

Alison Gordy            'Sister' Carol East     Buzz Kilman
Bill Fritz              Pete Jensen             Andy Charnoki
Linda Fuller            George Isbell           Ethel L. Mayes
Isabel Serra            Brooke Smith            David Stein

Frank Dolan             Richard Snee            Dick Durock
Robert Vanaria          Marc A. Vitale          Al Hodgkins
Jay Johnstone           Randy Harvey            Brett Bartlett
Bob Delegall            Richard Kwong
Andrew Parker           Randy Fechter           Sam H. Ginsburg
Blanche Salter          Jake Hoffman            Royce D. Applegate

Kevin Stower            Paul Purcell            Keith Nicholson

Mohammed Ali            Dilip Das               Alfred Anthony

Ronald Strang           Kate McGregor-Stewart   Jack McGee
Francesco Chavez        Saveur D'Orlean         Maurice Altenor
Blanche Rubin           John Heard              Joe Mays
Harry Anderson          Dan Aykroyd             Matthew Broderick

Dorota Zienska          Denny Ferguson          Billy Fellowes
James O'Connell         James C. Lewis          Bing Russell

Moby                    John B. Wells           Leigh French
Doug E. Fresh           Michael Nesmith         Ed Pansullo

Robert V. Greene        Al Leong
Ken Koc                 Clark Gregg             Sara Eckhardt

Mary Buffett            Annie Stocking          Michael McShane
Bruce McBroom           Joe Medjuck             Frank Davis
Olga BaÔdar-Poliakoff   Christine Potter        Hana Maria Pravda
Pat Buttram             Jim Cummings            Jim Gallant

Alan Bodenham
Marceline Hugot         Tom Rooney              Peter Duchin

Michael Gable           Maurice Gaudette        Arne Gordon
Lisa Freeman          John Erwin             Harry Waters Jr.
Amir M. Korangy       Hugo Blick             Charles Roskilly
Marcia Darroch        Steven Rotblatt        Ed Solomon
Michiko Tsushima      Linda Gillen           John Gotay
Linwood Walker        Robert Prentiss        Jeffrey J. Dashnaw
Norma Moore           Stacey Moseley         Mike Miller
Charles Bernard
Amy Irving            Jonathan MacLeod

Patric Walters        Sue Maund              Nick Brozovic
Lenore Loveman        Nora Ephron            Sunny Keyser

Robert Gleason        Bill Rowe              Robert J. Zigler III
Mecca Brunson         Shawn Stainback        Soquana Wallace
Victor Ertmanis       Cynthia Belliveau      Stewart Bick

Michael Dunetz        Mick Muldoon           Marie-AdËle Lemieux
David Randolph        Susan Napoli           Jennifer Tilly
Brent Harrison        Tom McFarlane          David C. Parnes
Fred Martin           Curt McWilliams        Jude Milbert

Yvette Cruise         John Hammil            Ray Glanzmann
Richard Wright        Jane Alexander         Carla Brothers

Frank Torres          Bill E. Rogers         Frank Foti Jr.

Julian Gartside       Mark Inman             Chris Armstrong
Phill Lewis           Stella Hall            Morris Wilkes Jr.

Brenda Crichlow       Celine Lockhart        Anita Kam
Mike Smith            Tom Stratton           Mike Swinford
Pat Roach             Suzanne Roquette       Eugene Lipinski
Jeffrey Earl Young    L.T. Mike Budge        David Meligan

Mike Starr            Christopher Curry      Michael O'Hare
Nathalee Fairmon      Hershel Slappy         Todd Alexander
Jeanne McGuire        Catherine Guel         Lionel Douglass
Mark Kelty            Humberto Elizondo      Fidel Garriga

Mahmoud Tabrizi-Zadeh Myriam Tadesse         Velu Vishwananan
James Deuter          Jack McLaughlin-Gray   Tim Bell
Deon Silvera           Erica Aquart         Michael London
Hardy White Jr.        Kelly Collins
Jenny Bryne            Linda Walker         Albert Kavanagh

Jenny Nichols          Gina Scianni         Diane Lin Cosman
Dick Cusack            Boris Leskin         Danny Goldring
Jonathan Bouck         Michael Mickens      Aspen Autrey

Edward A. Wright       Joanna Frank         Jay R. Goldenberg
Joan Turner            Doremy Vernon        James Villiers
Nicolina Greenaway     Bill Haslett         Philip Ho
Pirie MacDonald        Manuel E. Santiago   Harry Madsen

Steven Morgan          Rick Widman          Chanel Ryan
Travis Harrison        James Shapkoff III   Walker May

Mike De Souter         Nadine Shenton       Peter Brewis

Peter Anthony Jacobs   Stu Klitsner         David Booth
Billy Bastiani         Ed Pascal            Tracy Lundell
Jim West               Steve Jay            Jon Schwartz
Devon Odessa           Arnold F. Turner     Garin Bouble

Danitra Vance          David Wohl

Edward Little Dean     Stephen Fischer      Cindy Foster Jones

James G. Martin Jr.    Tate Gardner         Christina Taylor

Edward Blatchford      Andy Avalos          Tim Skilling

Duc Tho Le             John Mitchell        Martha Mitchell
cast43             cast44                 cast45

John O'Leary       Cyril O'Reilly         Bill Porter

Brent Dunsford     Barry Satterfield      Sam L. Nickens
Michael Reinbold   Tessa Richarde         Jeremy Smith

Lari Taylor        Cindy Fisher           Elizabeth Hoy

Hazen Gifford      Elane Rower Richardson John R. Glover

Bruce McLaughlin   Dennis McCormack       Violet Ramis

Ken Riley          Jim Webb               Dave Thornhill

Erica Creer        Sheila Ruskin          Alan Beckwith

Gilda Cohen        Lisa Scoble            Teri Scoble

Tom Everett        Christopher Brenner    Lawrence Yampolsky

Sal Piro           Lesley Quickley        Ray Ramirez
Nick L. Anelli     Frank R. Arko          Emory W. Brown
Dadi Pinero        Riki Colon             Nick DeMarinis

Kay Zimmerman      Frederick Warder       Stephen Brigden

John M. Sefakis    Val Avery              Walter Dukes

Stephen Bruton     Sean Hopper            David Mansfield
Garry Goodrow      Greg Green             Otis Young

Jane Van Boskirk   Allan Warnick          Nanci Westerland
Christopher Keane      Dolores Robinson   Anthony Mannino

George Coulouris       Alan Talbot
Tom Sauber             Jimmy Medearis     Edgar McLeod

James Lyle Strong      Rick Lenz          Gary Goetzman
Paul Reubens           John Voldstad      Jack Griffith

Allison Caine          Jennifer Beals     Gary Houston
Thad Geer              Haven Earl Haley   Benjamin J. Perry
Edwin Bederman         Bobby Coyne        Michael Creadon
Peggy Pisoni           Barbara Zegler     Paul Zegler
Wil Albert             Richard Herd       Sally Kirkland

Chuck Bassett          Ken Richards       Peter Fain
Bert Drake             Nicos Savalas      Roy Evans

Tim Chitwood           Bobby Sargent      Rick Seaman

Jerry Kaufherr         Don Melvoin        Ann K. Irish
Dominick Petrolino     Sharon Brous       Michael Zannella
Kenneth Menard         Billy Beck         Lee Purcell

Tony Sibbald           Tommy Duggan       Pamela Mandell
Chris Grant            Tony Jay           Edwin Finn
Shuna Lydon            Kelly McClory      Paula Naples

Dave Adams             Frank Harmon       Allen Wood
Susan Kellerman        Garry Kelly        Marguerite Lamar
Ellen Cadwallader      Stella Calagias    Lonny Carbajal

Terry Duran            Laurie Goode       David Grahame
Barry Hober            Gary Van Auken

Christine Hargreaves   Linzi Drew         Lucien Morgan
Nancy Austin        Vickie Reigle       Bob Stenner

Ruby Wax            Michael Jeyes       David Kivlin

Wally Parks         Campbell Hegan      Le Roy Sisnett
Michael Tavon       Ezekiel Moss        C. Ransom Walrod
Roger Price         Robert S. Telford   Wally K. Berns

Ronald E. House     Alan Shearman       Joseph A. Perrotti

Miriam Phillips     Jack R. Marks       George Peters

Chai Lee            George Leech        Kim Mills
Jessica Costello    Gloria Irizarry     Manuel E. Santiago

Peter R. House

Jay Burton          Robert Zappy        Ira Miller

Anthony Dileo Jr.   Taso N. Stavrakis   Jennifer Elizabeth Davis

Robert North        Rob Fisch           Harry Maurer
Luke Walter            Zoya Leporska       Brian Osborne

Jim S. Cash            Christopher Lloyd   Morgan Blanchard

Neil Flanagan          Todd Howland        Jill Jaress
Dave Michaels          Wes Sarginson       Forrest Sawyer

Glenn Leigh Marshall   Dale Prince         Larry Odell Lane

Tom Hutchinson         Tom Klunis          Elizabeth Perry

J. Jay Saunders        Susan McCormick     Karen Bercovici

Anton Lesser           Frank Mills         Yussef Shah
Dave Moordigian        J. Wesley Huston    Gary Pettinger
Richard Gilliland      Hugh Gillin         Elisa Goodman
Amanda Peterson        Jamie Flowers       Cherie Michan

Ted Marriot            Jerry Mitchell      Steven Moore

Edmundo Alonzo         Alan Gibbs          James W. Gavin

Deep Roy               Richard Slaughter   Hugh Spirit

Chief Gordon           Beverly Sheehan     Dusty Clare
David Doolittle      Tom B. Bralley       Reeves Nevo
Olivier Pierre       Grisha Plotkin       George Pravda

Keone Young          Alexander Zale       Paul Fleming

Victor Argo          Robert Buka          Craig Vandenburgh

Roy Jenson           Sherry Allurd        Gordon Terry

Nick Petron          Don Phillips         Isabel Price
Basil Egan           Ricky Spottiswood    Bruce McCormack
Robert G. Denison    John Christy Ewing   Vincent Sardi

Joanna Andrews       Diana King           Roger Kemp

Gilbert B. Combs     David Cadiente       Roger Braxton

Thomas Rosales Jr.   Gina Mari            Alvah Stanley

Bob Levine           Richard Whiting      Jim Jansen
Alex Hyde-White      Bill Holliday        J.D. Martin
Christopher Ferris       Jerry Preiser       Dan Dod
David Fields             Ryan Davis          Kaiulani Lee

Jason Gedrick            Rob Wimberly        Roderick Wimberly

Norman Alexander Gibbs   Bill M. Ryusaki     Gary Davis

May Boss                 Clay Boss           Peter Harrell

Gary Houston             Lolita Davidovich   Meg Thalken

Gregor Roy               Milton Seaman       Wade Barnes

Hank Crowell             Frank Tomasello     Evette de Marco

August Schwartz          Sandy Scott         Tony Shepherd
Victor Borge             Ralph Monaco        Rob-Jamere Wess

Christopher Gee          Sonia Berson        William Haney
Sandra Voe               Dale Winchester     Jimmy Yuill

John Tillinger           Ellen Whyte         Wolfgang Zilzer

Kunihide Kuruma          Hiroshi Mikami      Akihiro Masuda
Douglas Cooper           George Daly         Chick Fowles
Ken Hixon                Jane Atkins         Gerry Black

Carolyn Seaward          Carole Ashby        Cheryl Anne
Carlo Fittanto      Francine Joyce          Wendy Becker

Erik Bergmann       James Brady             Katherine Conklin
Brett Baer          Vinny Argiro            Eric Minsk

Wayne Doba          Michel FranÁois         Ben Frommer
Tom Stovall         Jim Beaver

Stanley Kamel       Liz Sheridan            Liis Kailey
Daniel Lorenzo      Viktor Manoel           Anita Morales

Kevin McCorkle      Wallace Merck           Burton Slade
Albert Martinez     David Rivers            Robert Rivers
Larry Lamb          Stan Edmonds            Les Kimber

Mary Kay Place      Cricket

Robert Earl Jones   Robert E. Lee           Peter Hock
Gary Woodward       Joe Cirillo             Christopher Loomis

David Dangler       Joseph Dypwick          William S. Hamilton
Leonor Llaus·s      Juan Carlos Meizueiro   Humberto Vilches

Frances E. Nealy    Charles Akins           Glenn Standifer
Suzann Schott       Ratley                  Drew Bernstein

Jonie Sethi         Ajit Singh              Moti Makan

Karel Fiala         Jan Blazek              Zdenek Jelen
Lorenzo Soto        Brenda Starr            Leon Stephenson
Rozsika Halmos      Diane Carter            Jake Dengel
John Pettis         Nicholas Shields        Carl Weintraub
Richard Holley      Harry Hauss             Mark Simpson

M. Roberts          R. Cunniffe             S. Papageorgiou
Wes Edwards              Chuck Waters           Paul A. Calabria

Ellis Williams           Ren Woods              Tom Wright

Jim Cassett Anderson     Janet Blair            Patricia Bolt

Damien Leake             Bill Cobbs             Joe Lynn

Steve Duffy              Carlos Romano          Valerie Wildman

Frank Sivero             Brent Jennings         William Kennedy

Scott Marshall           Lee Morey              Novella Nelson

Jeffrey Rogers           Nick Savage            Amy Steel
Stanley Grover           Carol Ann Henry        James Hardie

Marvin Miller            Robby the Robot        William Schallert

Lorena Gale              Jade D. Bari           Adrian Aron

Jan Colton               Louise Dalgleish       Lorraine Doyle

Russell Forte            Jack Nance             Joy Michael

Robin Leach              John Austin            Jane Rawlins

Lena Pousette            Charlie Laiken         Steve Hurwitz
Aphasia Peters           Jessica Rubin          Jamie McEnnan

Yury Olshansky           Jacques Sandulescu     Emil Feist
Dorothy Baxter           Stephen Sherrard Hicks Susan Miller-Kovens
Christopher B. Rehbaum   Nicholas Koleff        Jerry Stockman
Tandy Cronyn          Richard Zobel     Baxter Harris

Brent B. Laing        Charles Hall      Raymond Kowalski
Gino Marrocco         Gene Mack         Bob Collins
Felix Pitre           James Bulleit     Paul Austin

Ken Gibbel            Ken Hill          Al Leong

Krzysztof Janczar     Elan Oberon       Radames Pera
Angelique Pettyjohn   Logan Carter      Laura Sorrenson

Deborah Fallender     Terrence Beasor   James E. Carter

Migdia Varela         Jack Denton       Nick Cinardo
Frank Welker          Charles Correll

John Ryder            Dave Alvin        Philip Alvin
Edwin Van Wyk         Orla Pederson     Ron Travis
Roy Tatum             Ben Walburn       Alan Walker
John Durban

Archie Hahn           Charles Levin     Wonderful Smith
Rod Masterson         Glenn Wright      Angela Hill
Dimitri Andreas       Michelle Martin   Nicola Wright

Maureen O'Conner      James Higgins     Elizabeth Norment

Fritz Johnston        Scott Noakes      Brian Searchinger
Lee Brownfield        Robert DeLapp     Christopher Cundey

Ralph Nossek          David Gant        James Coyle

Strawn Bovee          Matt Landers      Kip Waldo
Brian Bullard         Cheryl Burr         Bill Bushnell

Angela Zimm
Sonny Terry           Greg Phillinganes   Roy Gaines

Joyce Griffen         Paul Austin         Richard S. Lowy

Irene Olga LÛpez      Merv Maruyama

Zoe Trilling          Robert S. Brady     Kevin Caesar

Larry Charles White   Steve Eastin        Robin Cooke

Jean Pelton           Jonathan Lynn       Paul Bartel
Brenda Huggins        Richard Marion      Edwina Moore

Harvey M. Miller      Sheelah Megill      Jeff Ramsey
Bennie Reitveld       Haoui Montaug       Julian Jackson

Burnell Tucker        Thom Booker         Michael Fitzpatrick

Liam Nikkinen         Dan Chesterman      Christopher Norton
Louis Waldron         Toni Sawyer         Lou Felder
Joshua Segal          Raymond Forchion    Bobby Harwell

Milton Murrill        Mike Munsey         Keith Dillin
George Sasaki         Richard Brose       Drew Seward
Matthew Guinness      John Rees           Lyndon Brook
John P. Codiglia        Henry Fehren          Alexandra Ivanoff
Robert Trebor           Benjamin Rayson       Jean Shevlin

Isabel Cooley           Robin Stober          Deborah Foreman

Craig Schaefer          Jeff Austin           Leslie Morris
John Richard Petersen   Benjamin Rivera

Jane Beauchamp          Jerry Block           Ben Zeller
Martin Brest            Ricco Ross            Richard Sharpe
Thom Bierdz             J.T. Solomon
Aimee Majdi             Linda Quiroz          Allison Reed
Brad Rijn
Patricia Herd           Carolyn B. Peterson   Tina Burton

Douglas B. Green        Gary W. Pigg          Paul W. Chrisman

Jane Leeves             Alan Baltes           Gary Cole

Matt Klan               Joey Calderone        Sherry Park

Nanci Anton             Barry M. Press        J. Morgan Armstrong
Eric Kiertzner          Mike Lea              Tom Sims
Maud Adams              Tim Condren           Doug Robinson

Phillip Borsos          Steve James
Cara Giallanza          Anthony Dean Rubes    Bernie Styles

Jimmy Slyde             Pascal Tedes          Pascale Vignal

Alfred Maron            G.B. Zoot Money       Sandie Shaw

Lyn Vandegrift          Richard Walsh         Teagan Clive

John William James      Eric Alver            Theresa Lyons
Jose Zequiero
Darryl B. Smith     Wayne Adderson      Raymond W. Clanton
Jeff Howard         Leland Sun          Al Leong
Diana Tanaka        Donna L. Noguschi   Shinko Isobe

Ray Lykins          Judie David         Texacala Jones

Fred Squillo        Brian Sunina        Wanda Christine

Haim Sirafi         Mosko Alkalai       Larry Price

George Sasaki       Leland Sun          Andre Philippe

Polly Noonan        Dee Dee Rescher     Katie Barberi
Tony Urbano

Kris Andersson      Lynette Jenkins     Daniel Krell
Siobhan Redmond     Claude Villers      Robert Guillermet

David Neidorf       Kent Poole          Wade Schenck
Tony Cox            Sal Fondacaro       Matt Bennett
Dominick Brascia
Tracy Morgan        Gary Allen          Jack Andreozzi

Peter Burroughs     Toby Clark          Tessa Crockett
Adele Anderson      Anna Gilbert
Lou Cutell          Olivia Ward         Dutch Helmer

Michael Shannon     Paul Dooley         Pam Ferris

Mickey Pugh         Kin Shriner         John Posey

Wheeler Henderson   Frank Bove          Chris Stanley

Marty Ross          Val McCallum        Bobby J. Tews
Mark Bellinghaus   David Furtwaengler      Patric Kreuzer

Joey Silvera       Petina Cole             Merry Clayton
Beau Holden        Valarie Trapp

Bob Duncan         Herb Mingace            Earl Blank

Lawrence Menkin    Daniel R. Suhart        Leslie Hilsinger

Woody Itson        Franz Krotochvil        William J. Napoli
Ted Grossman       Kent Hays               Greg Walker
Brooke Morales     Julia Parton

Irma O'Quendo      Charles D. Scholvin     Joel Becker

Bruno Rubeo        Bob Morones             Juliana Urquisa

Milton Selzer      Bruce J. Magrane        Stefanie Auerbach
Marilee K. Smith   Jeffrey R. Rioux        Jeff Heriq

Kirk R. Thatcher   Jeff Lester             Joe Lando

Walt Woodson       Albert Collins          Jordan-Patrick Marcantonio
Slappy White       Jackie Vernon           Henny Youngman
Jerome Reddick     Louis Freddie Kohlman   Stephen Kenyatta Simon

Robin Bartlett     Chris Noth              Barry Heins
Geoff Brewer       Dwayne McGee            Jamie R. Brisick

Fernando Queija    Maria Lebb              Khali Keyi
Hank Stone               Brian Gaffikin        Michael White
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr.    Ed Pansullo           Rudy Ramos
Robert Kearney           Joe Catalanotto       Phillip V. Caruso
Ricky Hirsch             Lyle Howry            John F. Kearney
Edward E. Ketterer       Ken Boyle             Mark Wheelhouse
Ted Lin                  Jason Scott Lee       Teo
Raoul N. Rizik           Mike Skehan           Franklyn L. Bullard

Glen Murphy              Russell Keith Grant   Munyaradzi Kanaventi

Christopher Mankiewicz   Maurice Marsac        Marshall Maurice Mitchell

Jan Rabson               Marilyn Schreffler    Vladimir Skomarovsky

Mary Small
Chris Cornibert          Danny Cornibert       John Curtis

Richard Nixon

Buckley Norris           Lenna Robinson        Cate Caplin
Oliver Herder            Margitta Haberland    J¸rgen Heinrich

Paul Barselou            John Miranda          Jordan Benjamin

Hai Wu                   Junguo Gu             Xu Tongrui

Alphonse Philippe Mouzon Shaun Hunter          Lenny Juliano
Nancy Lenehan            Edwin Brecht          Johnathan Brecht
Ruddy RodrÌguez          Mayte Sanchez         Cela Savannah

Mark Kendall             Michael Lardie        Raymond Cruz
Clayton Ludovitch        Alan Minor            Jose Ramirez

Stella Bruno             Mimi Cecchini         Mimi Lizio

Jeffrey Sudzin           Gordon Needham        Austin Kelly
Lavelle Roby             Shirley Jo Finney     Sharon Barr
Lonna Montrose           Bob O'Connell         Steven Rotblatt
Blair Richwood
Melvin Shepherd        Bob Maroff             Reni Santoni
Victoria Vanderkloot   Jeri Ryan              Troy Evans
John Williamson        Chip Joslin

Zachary Sanders        Noell Sanders          Cody Ranger

Angie Bolling          Jason Levine           S.D. Nemeth

Jon Cutler             Kerry Brennan          Paula Brown

Chiara Carrafa         Francesco Plaia        Csidoro Passanante

Bryan Scott            Vernon Scott           Michael Spezzano

Felix Silla            Arturo Gil             Tony Cox

Justin Aguila          Eugene Robert Glazer
Steve Michaels         Margarita Stocker      Eve Napier
Leigh French           Jack Blessing          Gigi Vorgan
Billy Williams         Jim Walton             Lisbeth Bartlett

Yeardley Smith         David Michael Taylor   Tom Taylor

Bob Martana            Joseph Scianablo       George S. Spataro
Grant Shaud            Carol Schneider        Saul Rubinek

Jessica MacDonald      Corinna Minnar         Scott Nickerson

John H. Cox            Jim Bedard             Kirsten Keane
Clarence M. Landry     Van Ling               Mark Murphey
Bill Corsair         Judith C. Jacobs     Joyce Leigh Bowden
Pasquale Pugliese    Tom Coviello         Richard Devia
Traci Goldman        Crystal Field        Everett Quinton
Patricia Herd        Steve Zettler        Ann Weldon
Jennifer Lincoln     Charlie Spradling    Kristen Aldrich

Tom Schultz          Sam Veraldi          El Chico Williams

Annie Joe Edwards    Clark Johnson        Kenia

Vanessa Colon        Monique Mannen       Mindora Mimms
Robin Dene           Geoffrey O'Connell   Michael Croft

Hugh McCann          Suzanne Sterling     Lloyd Nelson

Taylor Fry           Noah Land            Betty Carvalho

Robert Walsh         Matthew Harrington   Richard Lynch
John Erwin           Mitch Carter         Bob Neill

StÈphane Copeau

Butch McClendon      Maureen McRae        Patricia Phillips

Rhea Feikin          Mark Oliver          Coley Sohn

Daniel Mills         Jim Babchak          Melba La Rose
Bobby McGee          Dana Mackey          Ludie Washington

Robert Laconi        Jonathan Zhivago     Illeana Douglas

Chris Isaak          Kenneth Utt          Tony Fitzpatrick
Tracey Walter        Robert Vento         Joe 'Tippy' Zeoli
James Arnold Mayes   George Mason         Charles Franzen
Marthe Turgeon       Timothy Webber       Michael Wilson

Al Ruban             Scott J. Fisher      Ann Brennan
Joe Monaco
Dennis Packer        Dick Vitale          Dick Enberg
Angela Bennett          Cameron Thor          James C. Lewis
June Christopher        Anna Mathias          Archie Hahn

Bruce McCormack         Max Scanlon           Basil Egan

Ramesh Deshavani        Anjan Srivastava      Eric Paymaster

Bill Hart               Kathy Kinney          Ralph Gervais
Miguel Valdez           ElÌas Gastavo         Harold DÈsirÈ
Jane Frances            Bob Herron            J.N. Roberts
John Candy              Dyan Cannon           Belinda Carlisle

Al Matthews             Charlie Hart          Paul Jolly
Bill Applegate          Luis Contreras        Charles Noland

Walter Lynn
Steve McCambridge       Mike Berment          Jennifer Balgobin

Karen Kohlhaas          Vincent Guastaferro   Christopher Kaldor

Hope Alexander-Willis   Taylor Young          Jim Giovanni
John Michael Bolger     Steve Reevis          Jeff Beck
Romano                  AndrÈ Sanfratello     JirÌ Stanislav
Frank Sinatra           Tony Pope             Peter Westy

Maeve McGuire           Timothy Carhart       Lloyd Lindsay Young

Olivier HÈmon           Colin Higgins         Mark Holmes
David Harold Brown     Tommy Thomas            Lloyd L. Tolbert
Philip O'Brien         Michael Balfour         Liza Ross
Chris Matheson         Mark Ogden              Tom Dugan
Matthew Porac          Ken Kensei              Josip Elic
Glenn R. Wilder        David R. Ellis          Michael Adams
Ellen Pasternack       Joy Zapata              Bob Tillotson

Caroline Pagano
Merv Bloch             Nancy Arden             Thomas L. Bolster

Keith Snyder           Nicholas K. Gilhool     Jonas Stiklorius
Erik Dellums           Garry Pastore
James O'Regan          Dick Callahan           Shelley Goldstein

Victoria Barkoff       Harvey Berger           Arthur Corber
Kirsten Ashley
Allen Poirson          David Politzer          Bill Rubenstein
Steve Olberding        Gene Potts              James Rogh

Alex Zimmerman         Brian Doyle-Murray      Louise Troy
Rachel Lea Grundfast   Kevin Hershberger       Kevin Jarre

Pola Del Mar           Jesse Anthony Gonzalez Arlin Miller

Paul Gregory           Callum Yuill
Leon Fan               Emily Munson            Sara Munson

Bill Croft             Veena Sood              Tess Brady
Gil Janklowicz         Aaron Michael Lacey     Terry McIntosh
George Malpas          Julie Eccles            Nina Almond
Dave Florek            Gary Velasco            Robert E. Nichols

Bob Martana            Joseph Carberry         John Michael Bennett
Anthony Figueroa       Delilah Cotto           Frances Sousa
James Oliver           Salim Jaidi             Al Weber Jr.
Edna Bolkan            Eddie Enderfield        Jeff Moldovan

Joe Soto               Ted Noose               Lenny Rubin
Michael Rose            Rita Marley            Sharon Tucker

Joe Swan                Rita Lowe              Gerard Hourigan

Selim Tlili             Robin Wood-Chappelle   Celia Nestell
Gregory Alan Williams   Jack Kandel            Nicholas Kusenko
Lloyd Cleek             Dana Mark              Louisa Marie

Richard Portnow         Stephen Shortridge     Katie Layman
Alison Waters           Arkie Whiteley         Tariq Yunus
Paul Hubbard            James Kidnie           Jackie Laidlaw
Tom Kubiak              Cynthia Lopez

Mark David              Don Storey             Robin Agee
Robert R. Morgan        Roger D. McCann        Debbie McCann

Robin Driscoll          Susan Beresford        Susan Field

Peter Fitzsimmons       Jarrett Sullivan       Mike Stone
Barbara Tuffarelli      Daniel Tuffarelli      Al Juliano
Kim Bullard             Barry Hansen           Bob Maras
Tim Hoskins             Julie Payne            Jack Blessing

Richard W. Boucher      Leslie Sternchak       Tina Diane King

Jeffrey Taylor          Corbin Gurkin          Kathleen Williams

Tom Stienke             Rocky Finlay           Donez Harris

Pat Nixon               Richard Nixon          Van Dong Pham
cast46                   cast47                cast48

Nicholas Pryor           Conrad E. Palmisano   Mallory Sandler

William Valdez           Mary Helen Barro      John H. Lowe
Bill Sorrells            Jim Stafford          Michael Talbott

Tony M. Conde            Eugene J. Anthony     Dean Hill

Bill McNulty             Linda Milligan        Rob Garrison

Judy Arman               Dr. Dow               Paige Coffman

Don Ballinger            Zeke Dawson           Gene Dunlap

Eiji Kusuhara            Robert Day            Patricia Hodge

Victor Johannis          Gerald M. Kline       Paul Farentino

Loris Sallahian          Ilse Sass             Dawn Steinberg
Michael K. Balint        James Bulick          Andris Dambekaln
Henry E. Bradley         Jay Hargrove          Don Jay

Lionel Guyett            Ken Robertson         Andy Bradford

Janet Ruben              Ferruccio Hrvatin     Edward Wilson

T-Bone Burnett           David S. Cass Sr.     Paul D'Amato
Jack Haddock             Ben Truluck           Debi Hampton

James 'Izzy' Whetstine   Larry Woodruff        Jerry Zinnamon
Joella Deffenbaugh   Marilyn Jones        William B. Snider

Luis Contreras       Kalen Keach          R.B. Thrift

John Levin           Kathleen Sullivan    Jack Verbois
Dick Winslow         Emily Greer          Paula Victor

Janette Jiliano      Don Pike             Janell Twomey
Steven Hirsch        Allison Caine        Randy De Troit
Pamela Burrell       David Arkin          Klaus Voormann
Denise Halma         Lilyan Chauvin       David Olivier

Billy Varga          Harvey Parry         Ted Husing
Tom Curnow           Clive Cussler        Garth Inns

Lenore Woodward      Terry Wills          Chuck Bulot

JoBe Cerny           Richard Matheson     Audrie J. Neenan
Doris Dugan Slater   Michael Gorrin       Neil Napolitan
Grand L. Bush        Tony Burton          Jim Henry

Pepper Martin        Eugene Lipinski      Cleon Spencer
Brian Bowes          Frances de la Tour
Steve Pabon          Michael Riney        Scott P. Sanders

John M. Abbott       Sam Ingraffia        Bill Wine
Jerry Maren          Miles McNamara       Inga Neilsen
Hillary Carlip       Lynda Chase          Contessa Cohn

Zoe Hendry           James Muir           Lorraine Paul

Gypsy Dave Cooper    Susan Spencer        Bob Babenia
Ken Squier          Samir Kamoun          John Megna

Eddie Hughson       Gayle Garyson         Linda Wallis

Pete Walker         Mark Hadlow
Gary Boyle          Ava Lazar             Fred Saxon
Mindy Sterling      Richard Lasting       Richard Crystal

Rodger Bumpass      Ron Vernan            Debra Hill

Esther Benson       Eric Van Valkenburg   Ann Pearl Gary

Greg Powell         Lenny Rabin           Robert Rietty
Joaquin La Habana   Fred Strothers        Sylvia Kuumba Williams

Milt Freedman       Johnny Silver         Charles Thomas Murphy

Barry Gutterman     Tom Madden            Joseph Pilato

Beth Ann Lonergan   Gail Wenger           Jana Skidmore
Robert Pugh          Catherine Mary Stewart   Frederick Treves

Alexandra Johnson    Len Lawson               Shelby Leverington
Colonel Beach        Danny Nelson             Lamar Jackson

Joyce D. Helmus      David A. Mullins         Bruce E. Ellis

Brenda Currin        Jeanne Fisher            Robena Rogers

Michael Paul Chan    Tom Howard               Richard Karie

John Fortune
Marquerita Wallace   Angela Robinson          Jack Lightsy
Laurie Hagen         Maurice Hill             Steven Hirsch
Janet Jones          Linda Saputo             Sonja Haney

Douglas Robb         Kevin Ryan               Tim Topper

Ross Reynolds

Gerald Staddon       Sue Wetherby             Simon Williamson

Allison Caine        Herb Levinson            Todd Stockman
Virginia Peters     Laurie Hendricks        Lois Brandt
John Ratzenberger   Alex Rodine             Lance Rosen

M.C. Gainey         Roger Galloway          Matthew Goldsby

Libi Staiger        Mildred Brion           John Greenwood

Tommy Alsup         Merle Travis            Robert D. Carver

Kathleen Purrman    Eric Ratcliff           Mary Ritter
John Coombes        Adrian Daniels          Gerard Comerford
Cady McClain        Norman Steinberg        Richard Warwick

David Smythe        Keith Wray              Alan Bowyer

J.D. Smith          Tom Lupo                Melvin Jones

Mark Steffan        William Watson          Barry Chase

Susan Egbert        Kas Self                Tom Mardirosian
James Roddy         Lucy Campbell Rowland   Bob Cherry
Joseph Winogradoff    Gino Lucci           Paul E. Guskin
Harris Laskaway       Lori Shelle          Kath Reiter

Thomas Rosales Jr.    Larry Randles        Peter Miller

Susan Kampe           Lana Clarkson        Eric Lively

Lance Kinsey          Dean Hill            Suzanne Snyder

James Cahill          Ian Sullivan         Lisa McMillan

Richard Fritz         Mike Berro           Monique Gabrielle

Dolores Starling      Daniel Stewart       Roxie Stice
Kim Chan              Audrey Dummett       June Prud'Homme

John King             Donna Malech         Debby McCarthy

Tokuhisa Masuda       Takeshi Nagasawa     Takashi Odashima
Terry Grant           Robin Hewlett        Tommy Isley
Lisa Blake Richards   Larry Flash Gordon   Leigh Walsh

Jani-Z                Julie Martin         Joni Flynn
Adrienne Hampton       Madeline Kern         Betty Mae Jumper

Maureen Coyne          Tom Dahlgren          John Lion
Mike Genovese          Steven Charous        Laura Bryan Birn

Edward R. Frommer      John Gamble           Troy Isaacs

Robert Picardo         Erica Yohn            Marilyn Madderom
Frances Morgan         Reggie O'Gwin         Polly O'Malley

Bill Crabb            Bill D. Brown          Terry Beaver
Harry Demopoulos M.D. Lisa London            Tom Spratley
Grant Lowe            Mildred Shay           Geoffrey Steele

Clint Smith            Ron Taylor            James D. Turner
Dennis McKenzie        Michael Prince        Rick DiAngelo

Napoleon Hendrix       Chip Lally            Michael P. May
Roberto Dumant         Ahui Camacho          Arturo RodrÌguez Doring

Edward Jahnke          Paul V. Picerni Jr.
Sean Boren             Bobbie Brat           Ed Brown

Tej Sapru              Soltan Lalani         Jay Devi

Milada Cechalova       Hana Brejchov·        Miriam Chytilov·
Prince Ken Swift       Robert Taylor         Richard Thomsen
Billy Ray Sharkey      Burton Collins        Bill Geisslinger
Anthony De Fonte       Darwyn Carson         Mark E. Corry
Clark Taylor           Michael Shaner        Tim Davis

D. Ballos
Janette Caldwell      Darcy DeMoss         Annette Haven

Ginny Yang

Beverly Budinger      Robert B. Chandler   Harry P. Gant

Oscar Barnes          Ed Zang              Sandra Beall

George Belanger       Leopoldo FrancÈs     Abel Franco

Robert Giarratano     Peter Gumeny         Justin De Rosa

David Paul            Peter Paul           Frances Peach

Lauren-Marie Taylor   Russell Todd         Terry Ballard
Frances Turner        Nancy Kelly          Paul Trafas

Steven Spielberg      Kenneth Tobey

Arthur Grosser        Tara O'Donnell       Louis Di Bianco

Vanessa Fieldwright   Brenda Glassman      Elaine Gough

Rick Rosenthal        Carl Gottlieb        Paula Dell

Mark Hutchinson       David Jones          Melissa Carr

Hardy Rauls           Doug Smith           Tom Kubiak
Hailey McAfee         Marc Harris          Avianka Guzman

Vladimir Tukan        Mark Rutenberg       Yuri Belov
John Maguire          Sinead Maguire       Trisha Noel
James Quamo           Joe Strnad           James Mohr
Arnon Milchan         Bruno Iannone            Marty Licata

Anthony R. Nuzzo      Joe Moore                Jeffrey B. Smith
Danny Pawlick         Ruth Sisberg             Peter Cox
William Duell         Nick Vallelonga

Peter Pan             Robert Donovan           Amanda Bearse

George Sawaya         Connie Ponce             Bob Ellis

Billy Hank Hooker     Barbara Harris           Carol King

Fil Formicola         Than Wyenn               Clare Peck

Lee Allen             William Bateman          John Bazz
Joe Cremona           Danique                  April Orlich
Thomas P. Wann        Johnny Watson            Wallace Wilkinson

Anjelica Huston       Chris Romano             Daniel Rodgers
Ted Saari
Lisa Gruenberg        Andrew Hawkins           Richard Bonehill

James Cavan           Roberta J. Smith         Deborah May

Bruce Thompson        Splinter Wrenn           Pat Ahern
Charles L. Campbell   Deborah Harmon           Huey Lewis

Patrick Connor        Roger Ashton-Griffiths   Russell Keith Grant

Shaka Cumbuka         Brad Sanders             Bill McConnell
Sergio Cal           Cole Carpenter     Joe Anthony Cavise

Paulinho Da Costa    Nana Yaw Asiedu    Clarence Avant

Donna Ritchie        Kim Chan           Michael Badalucco

Greg Carrillo        Scott Coffey       Issa Cordovo-Soto

Tim Werner           Ruben Guevara      Peter Pan

Bill Taylor          Jim Bentley        Houshang Touzie
Sue Rihr             Suzanne Lodge      Judith Siegfried

Gary Hendrickson     Wally Beeton       Doug Boyd
Sunshine Wright      Sandra J. Wright   Jeffrey Fludd

Richard Sharpe       John Golightly     William Lindsay

Katharine Cullen     Heilan Robertson   Gabriel Dilworth
Christopher Rydell   Beth McKinley      Jill Whitlow

Buddy Van Horn       Fritz Manes        Glenn Wright
Brett Fellman        Bob Drew           John Gilgreen
Joan Blackham        John Serret
Skip O'Brien        Theodore Theoharous   Jonathan L. Arland
Albert S. Bennett   Martha Sherill        Gretchen MacLane

David Marvit        Michael Crabtree      Charles Sweigart

Bob Giovane         Julio Herzer          George Spaventa

Pepe Serna          Ted White             Ross Loney
Stuart Milligan     Sally Anlauf          John Daveikis

David H. Goodman    Jenny Thompson        Barbra Spiegel

Murphy Dunne        Leigh French          Reni Santoni

Fred LaBour         James Bartley Young   Fred Paul Tenly

Vickie Usher        Barry Shapiro         Andy Stamatin

Frank Gargani       FÈlix Casares         David Quintera
Susanne Mierisch    Cecilie A. Stuart     Robert Alvarez
Suzanne Saunders    Albert Simono

Blossom Terry       Jennifer Mancuso

NoÎl Simsolo        Sophie Marceau        Marc-…douard Nabe

Bruno Tonioli       Corrinne Russell      Eric Sykes

Tina Plackinger     Susie Jaso            Tito Puente

Dallas Winkler      Lisa Montgomery       Kimberlee Carlson
Fred A. Nelson      Vister Hayes          Michelle Guastello
Danny Lew           Michaelani            Dennis Phun
William B. Snider   John Carpenter        Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Pinkie Tessa        Tequila Mockingbird   Maggie Ehrig

Forest Whitaker     Jim Widlowski         Bruce A. Young

Susan Ophir         Jack Messinger        Janet Harshman

Lew Hopson          Carlton Cuse          Bill Cross

Harry Caray         John Hughes           Lockport Township High School Band

Joy Lemoine         Timothy Peters        Frank Henson

Scott Summers       Maris Valainis        John E. Blazier
Phil Fondacaro      Bobbie Paulson

Martin Azarow       Dean Wein             Sig Frohlich

Terry Dane          Warwick Davis         Malcolm Dixon

John Marion         Barbara Pallenberg    Gabrielle DeCuir

Kristin Holby       Greg Kelly            Brian Kelly

Linda Harwood       Nancie Clark
Kim Rossi Stuart    Lars Bodin-Jorgensen        Franco Diogene

Kim Isaacson        Sarah Kernochan             David Tabor

Barry Doe           Scott Richards              Elizabeth Field

Al Nalbandian       Dan Leegant                 Ron Cook

John E. Cappiello   Alan J. Sondag              Jim Henry
Clifford Happy      Michael Adams               Dean Smith

Robert A. Janz      Rick Sawaya

Queta Carrasco      MarÌa de los ¡ngeles Urquiza Tom·s Leal

Jeffrey Kumer       Bradley Lieberman           Tricia Bartholome
Gil Lazier          Anna Levine                 'Sister' Carol East

Newell Tarrant      Mike Timoney                Jeffrey Martin

Andrew Shue
Charlie Callas      Steve Allen                 William Marshall
Curtis Pierre       Kufaru Aaron Mouton         Roselyn Lionheart

Lisa Fuller         Kate O'Connell              Mary Peters
A.J. Nay            Bob Brown                   Mark Orrison

Leroy Radcliffe     Wilhelmena Taylor           Antwanette Abel
Martin West         Wally Burr          Arlin Miller
Ritch Shydner       John Lisbon Wood    Carl Bringas
Jeff Hollis
Darrell Leonard     David Miner         Mike Murphy
Wayne Morris        Darren Humphrey     Tom Tam
Mark L. Taylor      Dyana Ortelli       Humberto Ortiz
Glen Roven          Marc Shaiman        Alex Mathews

George Lovell       Andrew McCulloch    Graham Fletcher-Cook

Stuart Quan         Ingrid M. Rhoades   Casey Sander

Dennis Tufano       Lynnanne Zager      James 'Packy' Dolan

John Davis          Harry Davies        Kevin Day

Joe Gilbride        Deke Anderson       Wren T. Brown
Ralf Strathmann     Walter Ratayszak    Charlotte Oberberg

Roberto Ramirez     Virginia Boyle      Herb Mitchell

Fusheng Li          Shu Chen            Shuyan Cheng

Henry Brown         Brian Strohm        Teresa Kadotani
Steve Plunkett      Randy Rand          Steve Lynch
Karen Seeberg       Waris Walsh         Karen Williams

Luisa Rodriguez     Guy Trusty          Gerald Owens

Tim Koetting        Gerard Flannery     Robert Payson

Charles Middleton   Stephen R. Asinas   Terence Cooper
Annie LaRussa       Babbie Green        Barbara Ann Grimes
Johnny Sanchez      Pat Santino         Ade Small
Geoffrey Nauffts      Edward Rowan           Christine Baranski
Daniel Niswander      Ken Tipton             Lyman Ward

Jeremy Arendt         Ashley Hammon          Crystal Hiller

Bill Farmer           Michael Hunter         Spencer Prokop

Megan Gallivan        Suzie Hardy            Debby Harris

Leonardo Plaia        Matteo Ingrao          Vito Ingoglia

John Kennedy Hayden   Dee Booher             Johnny Silver

Ruth Dahan            Vera Miller            Nadia Rona
Lynne Marie Stewart   John Stark             Susan Elliott
Prudence Barry        Ralph Cosham           Siona Dixon

Howard F. Flynn       Geoff Bennett

Melody Rae            Robert Miranda         James Guthrie
Sean Stone            Astrid De Richemonte   Adelle Lutz

Stephen Oakes         Ann Senechal           James Staunton

David Sheridan        Gary Chalk             Garwin Sanford
Kirsten Graham        George Robotham        Debra Seitz
Rodger Parsons        Mary Sharmat         Timothy Hutton
Teddy Holiavko        Augusto Mariani      Alfredo Monti
Sandy Davis           Natalie Dolishny     Nancy Lazarus
Charley Lang          Tim Russ             Richard Jeni
Lilli Fields          Ann Mills            Verna Lynn Richland

Mark Jeffrey Miller   Rachel Singer

Leon                  Tina Lifford         Mario LÛpez

Cynthia Finkley       David Sosna          Arthur Adams
George Viskich        Merrin Canning       Valma Pratt

Charles Martinet      Taylor Gilbert       George Orrison

Kip Waldo             Mark Goldstein       Tracy Reiner

Gary Williams         Michael Harris       Ken Berry
Jeffrey Atkins        Scott Bailey         Skee Bernhardt

Karl Pruner           Branko Racki         Gary Reidt

Susan Lowe            Rosemary Knower      Colleen Simon

Stephen Gleason       Christopher Cusack   Elizabeth A. Reilly
Bobby Mardis          Wren T. Brown        Nadia Wayans

David Sharp           Khalid Benghrib      Redouane Farhane

Al Lewis              Tim O'Connell        Dee Dee Friedman
James Portolese       Armando Muniz        Dan York
Harry Franklin        Virginia Bennett     James Lloyd

Helen Gustafson       John Mulqueeney      Martin H. Myers

Jim Palmer            Mel Allen            Curt Gowdy
George Novogroder    Suzanne Rains          Susan Avants
Luisa Leschin        Ira Miller             Chris Mulkey

Wayne Anderson       Robert Gough           Barry Stephen

Sulbila Deshpande    Mohan Tantaru          Sheikh Haroon

Alvin Hammer         Tony Steedman          Lisa Mende
Buche                Providenia Alc·ntara   Dikatel Charles
Hank Calia           Gary Epper             John Sherrod
Stewart Copeland     Ted Danson             Bob Fraser

Terry Day            Mel Davis              Ed Deane
Robert Covarrubias   Donalin Patton         Kay Perry

Michael Franco       Slavitza Jovan         Michele Vice

Natalia Nogulich     Val Clemmer            John Cardinale

Joe Lerer            Morgan Upton           Ken Grantham
Terry Bozzio         Tony Hymas             Nicolette Larson
Milos Szoboda        Helenka Vernier        Marrian Walters
Cherry Davis         Amy Irving             Jack Angel

F.X. Vitolo          Lily Froehlich         Michael Haley

George Ip            Subhash Joshi          Abraham Lee
Granville 'Danny' Young   Wesley Mann           Joe Flaherty
Garrick Hagon             Adrian Meyers         David Baxt
Ron Althoff               Clarence Clemons      Martha Davis
Mitchell Bahr             Bruce Locke           Chris Nelson Norris
Dave Bartholomew          Fred Lerner           Mike Shanks
John Getz                 David Warshofsky      Jason Gedrick

Myla Pitt                 Robin Bartlett        Grace Phillips

Craig Johnson             Chris Hull            Jason Woody

Jihmi Kennedy             Marty Waldman         Michelyn Emelle

Carolyn Davine            Norris Domingue       Harry Hill

Ken Strausbaugh           Walter Sullivan       Brian Wandell
Paul Scherrman            Dale Till             Brian Waldvogel

Douglas Seale             Ben Stein             Erik Holland
Bill Nunn                 Larry Peterson        Brian Pohanka

Greg Finley               Paige Pollack         Cathy Cavadini

Richard Steven Horvitz    Vernetta R. Jenkins   James McIntire

Royce Wallace             Daniel Roberds        Benjamin Altschul

Nick Gillard              Ronald Lacey          Michael Sheard
Ron Collins               Clint Howard          John Stillpass

Bill Moody                Frank Vincent         Brent Katz
Lynda La Vergne           Robert Kamlot         Linda M. Salgado
Edward J. Rosen           Jay Della             Marian Collier
Carl Ciarfalio            Gerardo Albarr·n      Tom Bahr

Thomas P. Perdoff         Jeffrey J. Edwards    Alexandra Villa
Earl 'Chinna' Smith    Michael Hewlett         Christopher Meredith

Dawn Kursinczy         Denis O'Leary           Lesley Ann Long

Alexandra Becker       Adrien Brody            Michael Higgins
Tina Gluschenko        John W. Hardy           Henry Godinez
Cyndi Vicino           Steve Zurk              Emil Felski

Tom Lawrence           Annie Waterman          Philip Baker Hall
Toni Shiletto          Colette Dolan           Jackie Harvey
Gerald Lenton          Delaney Moore-Wickham   James O'Regan

Raffaella Commitante   Nicolle Durant          Rohni Lee
Trent Dawson

Tony Forsyth           Wendy Schoeman          Jason Isaacs

Ray Tintori            Angela Walshe           Bobby Guay
George Fisher          Tony Salome             Joe Restivo
Todd Larson            Michael Berkowitz       Ryan Todd

Michelle Vincent       Phillip V. Caruso       Skeet Ulrich

Joe Maggard            Mary Moore              Anna Morris

G·bor Koncz            Nicholas Christianson   Richard D'Angelo

Nelson Rockefeller     Nguyen Giap Vo          Earl Warren
cast49                   cast50             cast51

Michelle Stacy           Robert Starr       Barbara Stuart

Kopi Sotiropulos         Gordon W. Grant    Ron Cummins
Mark L. Taylor           Jack Thibeau       Charles Walker

Gary Houston             Jack Orend         Gene Schuldt

James E. Fraunfelter Jr. Ritch Brinkley     David E. Williams

Donna M. Wiggin          James Hotchkiss    Ted Swanson

Durwood Edwards          Chuck Flynn        Lonnie Godfrey

Tommy Wright             Peter Davidson     John Rapley

Caryn West               Webster Whinery    Zoya Leporska

Jonathan Strasser        Yvette Torres      F.X. Vitolo
John T. Davis            Michael A. Davis   James A. Dennis Jr.
James Hayden             Deborah Howell     Lydea MelÈndez

Bertram Adams            Terry Forestal     Mike Potter

Basilio Franchina        Carl Levy          Warren Selvaggi

Peter Osusky             Ivan Kormanik      Michael Christensen
Doris Hargrave           Joyce Hyser        Roberta Wallach
Chris Richmond      Willie Lee Gaffney      Debbie Miller

Ever Carradine      Ry Cooder

Robert G. Reece     Joseph Ragno            John Glover
Tony Salome         Donna Garrett           Joel Kenney

J. Ross Imler       Tracey Walter

Doug Dillard        Van Dyke Parks          Stan Wilson
Elie Liardet        Allison Caine           Heather Haase

Michael Badalucco   Thomas Beansy Lobasso   Paul Forrest

Helena Hurmann      Marcy Hanson            Carole McClellan

Tim Kazurinsky      Robert Swan
Stanley Ackerman    Noel Behn               Candy Loving
Drasha Meyer        John Richard Petersen   Al Silvani

Carl Parris         Jack Cooper             Jean-Pierre Cassel

Mariena Seda        Larry Silvestri         Donna Sirota

Judy Began          Phillip Greenwood       Alex Herring
Craig T. Nelson     Jessica Nelson          Tom Oberhaus
Derrick Cross       Gary Dion               Marisol GarcÌa

Susie Silvey        Steve Trainer           Steve Trainer

Ken Sicklen         John Salthouse          John Altman
Linda McClure     Laura Lizer Sommers   Richard Losee

Carole Ashby      Doreen Sloane         Paul Howard

Henny Youngman    Ginny Cooper          Lesa Weis
Steve Eastin      James Almanzar        Nick Angotti

Carla Barnett     John Carpenter        David E. Harshbarger

Madeline Moroff   Leo Schaff            James Bryson

Vanya Seager      Bob Simmons           George Sweeney
Patricia Dratel   Thomas Fiorello       Randy Jurgensen

Rod Haase         Cleo Rocos            Eileen Saki

Mary Barto        John Antonio          Joey Monteleone
Susan Vanner      Cliff Cudney          Joe Dabenigno

Gisele Lindley    Dominick Mazzie       Fay McKenzie
El Mongol         Sue Cockrell          Lisa Hall

David D. Platko   Phillip A. Urbansky   William R. Sykes

M. James Arnett   John Rittenhouse      Matthew Kenna

Oscar DiLorenzo   Patti Ross            Margot Charlior

John Hauk         Bob Yanez             Clint Smith
Howard Honig      Dennis Howard         Marcy Lafferty
Kari Baca         Victoria Hartman      Frank Cagno

Marvin Tunney     Randy Val Cupp        Robert Warners

Venice Marrow
Ellen Fenwick       Cherie Effron           Suzanne Marie Fava
Eugene Scherer      Warwick Sims            Mike Spero

Paul Keith          F. William Parker       Charles Shull

Sanford Gibbons     John Richard Petersen   Mike Tremont

Thomas Powels

Janine Robbins      Lauren Sautner          Sara Schedeen
Bill Willoughby     Rocky Black             Heath Harris
Rex Benson          Denver Mattson          George Fisher

Roger Waters

Alex Brown          David R. Ellis          George O'Mara

Corinne Calvet      Corey Burton            Suzy Mandel

Richard Wirth       Gavin Reed              Annie Korzen
Delana Renay Cole   Lewis Baker             LaMonica Matthews
Filomena Spagnuolo
Thomas Peter Daikos    Al Cerullo          Daniel Donaghy

Mike H. McGaughy       Calvin Bronx        Lucinda Crosby

Andrea Coles           Jade Bari           MacKenzie Allen

Laurie Thomas          Carol Tracy         Laura Tracy
Frederick De Cordova   Edgar J. Scherick   Thomas M. Tolan

Eli Mishal             Jeff Most           Trina Parks

Masanori Okada         Shoetsu Sato        Rintaro Shibata
Juba Kennerley         Tony Lang           John Murphy
John O'Leary           Valrie O'Donnell    Jacklyn McQuery

Julie Barth            Kathy Davies        Helene Hunt
Vernon Tiger          Mark Madrid           Robert Berner

Peggy Davis           John Dehner           Robert Elross
Jason Gedrick

Ronald G. Joseph      Mario Machado         Joe Marmo

Lonny Chin            Venus Pinkston        Tracy Vaccaro
Francine O'Neill      Smith Osbourne        Helene Phillips

Carl Hill             Charles E. Brown      Tim Card
Eileen Wiggins        John Nowak            Christine Card
David Winning

Giancarlo Esposito    Steve Hofvendahl      Gwyllum Evans
Jerome Michaels       John Dresden          Charlie Picerni

Tom Randa             Larry Charles White   John Reilly
Bruno Bichir          Ricardo Ramirez       JosÈ Carlos RodrÌguez

Cynthia Coleman       Kathleen Culverwell   Matt Davis

Ojah Maharaj          Kamran                Iqbal Jamal

Karel Effa            Radka Fiedlerov·      Rene Gabzdyl
Joseph Verhauz        Crazy Legs            Tonya Pinkins
Yitzhak Ne'eman       Jim Jansen            Javier Grajeda
Thomas J. Hageboeck   Martin Brest
Dennis Erectus
Holly Johnson         Paul Rutherford      Brinke Stevens

Alan Gibbs            Beth Glenn           Debi Greco

Zane Mark             Tom Signorelli       Paul Herman

Ra˙l MartÌnez         Guillermo RÌos       Jaime Garza

Adrian McKnight       John Barons          Kendall Carly Browne

Tracy Reiner          Lisa Beth Ross       Bo Sabato

Ari Lehman            Ted White
Cheryl Birchenfield   Ruth Oliver          Kymberly Herrin

Jyanna Horey          Michele Scarabelli   Jeffrey Cohen

Sue Hadleigh          Sarah-Jane Hassell   Samantha Hughes

Harvey Parry          Jeffrey Weissman     Richard A. Roth

Judy Duckett          John Hamilton        Luke Walter

Joanne Dalsass        Robina Suwol         Stephanie Segal
Patrick Sean Murphy   Nick Coddington      Doug Donatelli

Igor Panich           Yuri Golovshchikov   Sina Kasper
Ron Foster            Michael Hirsch       Vic Polizos
Ralph Tabakin         Dennis Gould         Joshua Abbey
Marcia Jean Kurtz   Estelle Harris      Richard Foronjy

Andrew Bracken      Jay Bernard         Bo Parham
Danny Lima          Dwayne McLean       Brent Meyers

Marcie Barkin       Deborah Dutch       Lorraine Fields

Quentin Gutierrez   Richard Surukawa    'Earthquake' Hesson

Daamen J. Krall     David McCharen

Eileen Saki         Jodi Long           Victoria Lucas

Eugene Taylor       Steve Berlin
Russell Sommers     Erick Ray Evans     Dulcie Huston
Laura Whyte         Kathleen L. Petro   Jordan Williams

Fred Willard        Fred Asparagus      Rodney Kemerer

Jim Abrahams        Jack Cooper         David Zucker

Matt Barnes         Robert Barnes       Michael Brown
Tom Tangen

Dominic Ffytche     Terry Forestal      Terry Gilliam

Margot Rose         Joel Weiss          Candee Jennings
Linda Cholodenko   Cheryl Clark         Christine Colby

Bayo Martin        Ndugu Chancler       Jeffrey Kwashi

Elie J. Boubli     Adele Bertei         Peter Castellotti

Debbie Dutson      George Escobar       Leslie Ferrara

Kevin Sifuentes    Victor Garron        Greg Karas

Slavka             Erica Sakai          Carl Perkins
Sally Train        Abigail Van Alyn     Terry Wills

Bryan Couture      Al MacIntosh         Lorne LaRiviere
Douglas Hayes      Danny Hayton         Ernest Mobily

David Beckett      Sydney Livingstone   Ken Parry

Hugh Sands         Rebekah Elmaloglou   Marion Sands
Eddie Paul         Michael Adams        Jeff Jensen

Noreen Hennessey   Phil Hartman         Michael Varhol
Rueben Gonz·les      Luis Accinelli          Danielle Frederick
Edwin Bordo          Andrew Murphy           Tom Kubiak

Peter Parros         Ronald Taylor           James Carrington

Rolf Williams        Jim Hodge               Garth Shaw

Walter Scott         Bob Terhune             Mark Kasdan
Laurence Bilzerian   Richard Kruk            Heather Henson

Randy Mann           Nick Snover             Joe Toupin

Jack C. Woods        Paul Cohn               Lary Crews

Odie Palmer          Walter Caton            Dennis Donaldson

Betty Pia            Teddy Copley            Dolly Hall

R. Fox               M. James Clark          Raymond Kemp
Edye Baca            Gerie Berling           Kerry Brennan

Nils Nichols         Martin Charles Warner   Rick Avery

Curtis Stone         Michael Reid            Cactus Moser
Cathy Cheryl Davis      Susan Signorelli    Philipe Gerard
Walter Soo Hoo          Richard Walter      Joseph G. Medalis

Ted Quinn               Maria Michaels

Martin Scorsese         Howard Vickery

Ezra Kafri              Danny Friedman      Richard Salno

Dr. Toni Grant          Alan Austin         Mike the Dog

John Richard Petersen   Steve Stone

Steve W. James          Eddie Powell

Anthony Bruce           Bill Gulde          Hugh Richard Heinsohn

Joanna Lipari           Jo Ann Mann         Richard Daugherty

Margaret Foyer          Anthony Georghiou   Elizabeth A. Gilbert

Liz Sheridan            Michael Anthony     George Coutoupis

Ryan Langhorne          Hannah Caggiano     Lindsey Fonora
Giordano Falzoni       Gina Poli                 Gianni Rizzo

George Coutoupis

Len Lawrence           Barry Karas               John Blood

Mary Leichtling        Mary Mitchel              Cynthia Brian

Reid Steiner           Philip Granger
Alex Ross              Socorro Santiago          Richard McGough

RenÈ Pereyra           Arturo RodrÌguez Doring   Jair De Rubin

Jeanne McCarthy        John Snyder               Ron Moseley Jr.
Gary Bishop            Joanna Daniels

Sgt. Joseph Naradzay   1st Lt. Donald W. Zautcke Joseph Adamson

Tino Insana            Donald Gibb               Mark Bringleson
Marilyn Banks          Lula Elzy                 Francesca J. Ridge

Elizabeth Philbin      Annie Meyers-Shyer        Mary Kay Place
Steve Cooper           Noon Orsatti              Jay C. Currin

Vaune Blalock          Quentin Clark             Denise Hawthorne
Sands Hall           Sydney Urshan        Seymour Cassel
Joe Duquette         Michael Hehr         Sam Sako

Jerry Peterson       Louis Price          Keith Robertson
Claude Heme          Mandy Chan           Susan Sheers
Daniel Valdez        L. David Silva       Steve Jordan
Steve Smith          Martha Smith         Cynthia B. Hayes

Karen Drury          Niven Boyd           Tony Vogel

Billy Ray Sharkey    Jimmie F. Skaggs     John Walton Smith Jr.

Gordon Duncan        Phil Elmer           Colin Elvis

Alan Marcus          Mark Phelan          Danny Trejo
Lubinka Kostic       Gisela Westerboer    Andreas Valentin

John Harwood         Neil Ross            Charles Aidman

Daxing Zhang         Ruigang Zu           Yuan Jin

Frank Reinhard       John O'Neill         Tom Noga
Keni E. Richards     Steve Isham          James Deeth
John Barry           Simon Crane          Michel Julienne

Susan Anton

Catherine Scorsese   Jack K. Tsirakis

Dorothy Parke        Jill Clark           Cindy Keung
Cecilia GarcÌa       Leontine Guilliard   Suzanne Kent
Ebbe Roe Smith       Bunny Summers        Anna Marie Wieder
Daniel Smith       Tony Sirico             Joe Spinell
William Windom

Olivia Hughes      Emily Malin             Melanie Malin

Debra Zach         L.J. King               David Packer

Melissa Hurley     Marlene Lange           Morgan Lawley

Gaspare Mirrione   Carmelo Anello          Marchesa Anna Lanza Di Mazzirino

Brenda Strong      Dom DeLuise             Camille Hagen

Linda Lee Tracey   Terry Haig              Donald Lamoureux
Lora Staley        Laurie Faso             Brian Stevens

Basil Reale        Ernest Capponi          Jack Fitzstephens
Sylvia Miles       Christopher Burge       Richard Feigen

Amy Warner         Kevin Fennessy

Gloria Lee         Stephen Brent Lambert   Matt LaFleur
James De Closs     Douglas Cameron
Jack Ackroyd          Dolores Drake        Ruston Harker
Sergio Mosetti        Armando Penso        Edward Schick
Shirley Mitchell      Charles Middleton    Irving Hellman
Don Starr             Richard Mawe         Jimmy Walker Lane

Lawrence Lowe         Ted Markland         Roberto MartÌn M·rquez

Loni Kaye Harkless    Montrose Hagins      Tonja Rivers
Jim Holt              John Howard          Frankie J. Holden

Marc Alaimo           Justin Whalin        Kris LeFan

Rick Cicetti          Fred Lerner          Bill Margolin

David Rice            Tom Marshall         Jack Merrill
Kenny Bordelon        Clifford Branch      Raymond Brock

Terrence Slater       Heather Smith        Tina Teggart

Kathleen Wallace      Keith Douglas        Al Granick

Skip Rose             Frank Patton         Gaylord C. Mason
Joya Thorner          Yvonne Doggett       Barry Craig

Fabienne Panciatili   Naima Skikes         Souad Rahal

D. Stanton Miranda    Luis GarcÌa          Janet Howard
Rowdy Burdick         Varnoy Lee           Bob Maroff
Jesse Merle Speaks    Simeon Teague        Tonea Stewart

Geraldine LiBrandi    Jack McCullough      Arthur Skip Steloff

Tim McCarver          Dr. Joyce Brothers   Don Woodard
Scott Williams          Carin Badger          Sharon Lyn Borne
Tracy Newman            Julie Payne           Reni Santoni

Curly McCormack         Wayne Pinder          Graig Edwards

Ryan Todd               Rebeca Arthur         Selma Archerd
Ana Ramirez             Rosa Bautista         Juliana JosÈ

Woody Harrelson         Robert Hays           Rosemary Ighel

Davey Payne             Darren Newton
Rod McCary              John Fountain         Irene Olga LÛpez

John Lykes              Jeannine Bisignano    Linda Lee Franklin

Bill Bagwell            Howard Rosenstone     Paul Butler

Mark Anger              Al Nalbandian         Lawrence Menkin
Jill Avery              Dustin Amy            Heather Graham

Nancy Cartwright        Christine Hewitt      Philip O'Brien

Mario T. DeFelice Jr.   Anthony Mancini Jr.   Suzanne Shepherd

Michael Lee             Lily Leung            Joseph Long
Crispin Glover        Freddie                  Marc McClure
Sharon Holm           Clyde Gatell             Jon Soresi
Fee Waybill           Phillip V. Caruso        Tricia Porter
Celia Xavier
Ray Colbert
Michael Compotaro     Paul Abbott              Bill Allen

Randy Aaron Fink      Rabbi Dr. Joel Y. Zion   Major Halley Jr.

Sam Stegeman          Andrew Hill              Barry Godin

Michael Beatty        Jane Luk                 Marilyn Peppiatt

Ilana Linden          James Rae                Daniel Varga

John Williams         Walker Edmiston          Matthew Faison
Brian E. Frankish     Jeffrey Neal Silverman   Kevin Fennessy

Philip Baker Hall     Angelo Dimascio          Tom Dugan
Roger Ragland         Raymond St. Jacques

Steve Alterman        David Randolph           David Coburn

Jim Painter           Tara Vessels             Ashleigh Harris

Nora Heflin           Richard White            Darrell Roberds

Tip Tipping
Dann Florek

Marc Ryan             Rob Kramer               Hubert Selby Jr.
Markus Toure Boddie   Ashon Curvy              Michael Imperioli
Orlando Bonner        Cynthia Burr
Chick Bernhardt       Alex Edlin               Lars Lundgren

Michelle Minyon       Alex Flores              Michael Kuster
Arnold Brackenridge

Coromy Corcoran

Chris Elliott         Thelma Carpenter    Carmine Coppola
Kathryn Joosten       Oksana Fedunyszyn   Ralph Foody
Charmin Talbert       Julie Lander        Janet Moore

Jerry Ziesmer         John Hillner        Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
Kate Charmen          Mark Adelman        John Piper
Bridget O'Sullivan    Brian Paul          Igor Stern

Jerry Manley          Simon Bell          Stacey Haynes

Christopher Shaw
Charles Marsh         Belinda Bauer       Lori Wagner

Dale Wright           Chuck Kinlaw

George Carson         Mimi Bensinger      Bob Jordan
cast52               cast53

Lee Terri            Kenneth Tobey

Jerry Brutsche       Orwin C. Harvey

Charles Mountain     John Lee Hooker

E.J. Pearcy          J.K. Mahle

Anna Upstrom

Bob Hempker          Danny Faircloth

Hugh Spight          Teresa Codling

Rob King             Theodore Kubiak

Stefanie Zimmerman   Tracy Burnett
Frank D. Ramio       Jerry D. Elliott
Iliana Barsann       Pearl Franklin

John Sullivan        Eddie Stacey

Nathan Seril         Vladimir Drazenovic

Anatoli Davydov      Nina Gaidarova
Pat Hemingway        Chris Somma
Robert A. Janz       Dan Frick

Dabney Coleman       Charles Horden

Roberto Dell'acqua   Valerie Velardi

Peter Petrella       Sal Serafino Tomassetti

Rudy Ortiz           Bruce Patron

Denice Danon         Sally Demay
Brien Varady

Richard Donner       Beth Porter

Ben Slack            Alice Spivak

William Shelton      Sanford Gibbons
Dennis O'Flaherty    Nancy Parsons
Miranda Garrison     Sandy Gray

Keith Hodiak         John Owens
Richie Burns Wright   Sr. Dave Mungenast

Steve Ambrose         Michael Lonsdale

Twyla Littleton       Diane Manzo
Jackie Russell        Gary Morgan

Ken Tipton            Barron Winchester

J. Nesbit Clark       Tim Elliott

Victor Tourjansky     Tula

John Hurt             Henry Kaiser

Lisa Monteleone       Mary Reeves
Steve Daskawisz    John Devaney

Bill McLaughlin    Tony Miller
Pam Newman         April Reed

Bill Paxton        J.A. Crawford

Ron L. Cox

Luis Contreras     Suzanne M. Regard
Stanley Lawrence   David Leisure
Melissa Hayden     Martika

Robin Lynn Funk    Larry Kenton
Lana Clarkson      Roy Homer Wallack
Malcolm Storry     Chris Winfield

Teda Bracci        Jan Burrell

Carol Lee Shahid   Bill Smitrovich
Jim James          Joe Jury
Bob Terhune        Nick Dimitri

Clarke Coleman     Billy Hank Hooker

Ibbits Warriner    Lois De Banzie
Bruce Langley      Dawn Smith
George Roy Hill       Garett Maggart

Terry Leonard

William J. Daprato    Lawrence R. Leritz

Patrice Wallace       Doreen Weese
Ray Dittrich          Richard Dioguardi

Richard Ross          Lee Shawah

Masamichi Shibasaki   Kaname Shimura
Terry Rendell         Ronald Shilling
Gaye Kruger           Bruce Barrington

Gillian De Terville   Safira Afzal
Donald Duke         Ralph Allen Chesney

Drew Eschelman      Robert J. Geary

Ray Martel          John McCann

Michele Hill        Kim St. Leon
Carolyn Poppert     Mark Reina

Hal Needham         Richard Petty
Michael V. Gazzo    Camryn Manheim

Eddie Jones         John McCurry
Walter Robles       Gene Hackman

Enrique Hern·ndez   Monica Miguel

Rebecca Dorn        Mike 'Geek' Glass

Shantanu Napgal     Mangal

Karel H·bl          Atka Janouskova
Mailon Rivera       Sha Rock
Patricia Pivaar     Julie Ellis
Sandy Hackett       Suzynn Herzog

Randle Mell         Steve Vignari

Nancy Mott          Christine Greenberg

Leslie S. Sachs     Jillian Scharf

Matteo Cafiso       Paddi Edwards

BenoÓt Laberge      Jon Hutman

Julie Kirk          Deirdre Laird

Chuck Hicks         Bob Eubanks

Tammy Hamilton      Marty Heckleman

George Tyne         Tony Giorgin
Peter Nicholas      Joe Davis

Ken Fitch           Murray Grand
Kenneth MacGregor   Chet Washington
Gayle Vance         George Scheitinger
Gerritt Debeer      Jennifer Connelly

Kerry Lee Maher     Sharon Doss
Carole Alderson     Suzanne Barker

John Achorn         Jonathan Coder

Keith Morris        Greg Hetson

Jeffrey Dreisbach   Amy Ingersoll

G.B. Zoot Money     David Graham
Susie Hudson

Robert Bauer        Paul Korda

Jerry Zucker

Jeff Burrows        Keith Chatfield

John Hasler         Peter Sands

Bennie E. Dobbins   Gary Alexander
Alexander Cole     Anne Connors

Pete Munzhi        Aniijia Rae Schockley

Wende Dasteel      Steve Eidel

Rita GarcÌa        Forrest Gardner

Jess Franco        Gene LeBell

Don Siegel         Peggy Sanders
Biff Yeager

Bob Storms         Nancy-Rae Aaron
Raymond White      Terry Williams

John Edmunds       Haydn Wood

Shari Flood        Kate Tatar
Jack Wright        Jo-El Sonnier

David Rothenberg   Patrick Cranshaw
Matteo Cafiso            Vince Cecere
Alexander Cohen          John Rothman

Michael Backes           Corki Grazer

Brion James
Erin Folsey              Bob Swaim

Matthew Taylor           Matt DeWan

Tracy Roberts

Jimmy Mack Hodge Jr.     Irv Cook

Alisha Riggs             Vicki Juditz

Bob MacDougall           Francis Diamond
Sheri Cecil              Gary Christopher

Christopher Mankiewicz

Brian O'Dougherty        Davey Faragher
Christopher Cory       Jonathan Ames
Michael Santiago

Andy Shulman           Joe Sapel

Larry Fine             Pamela Guest

Kenny Jobe             Kent Kercheval

Alicia Shonte Harvey   Robin Torell

Louise Gold            Moira Grant

Freddie Ganno          Anthony Genovese

Jason Frair            Bryant Arrants
Lothar Schoenbrodt   Vittorio Zarfati

Joan Drott           Jim Cooke

Michael X. Martin

Sharon Rice          R. Pickett Bugg

Claudia Hern·ndez    Humberto Elizondo

Fox Harris           Iggy Pop

Monique DeSart       Stephen Liska

Frank Collison       Victoria Ann Lewis
Hope Clarke          Oscar Best

Selga Sanders        Betsy Lynn Thompson
VÌctor Quintero      Greg Gault

Leona Heyward        Harry Kimbrough
Michael Francis Kelly   William Lamar

Ron Viola
Wong Tak Ming           Tsui Siu Hung
Austin Cortez Tobar     Cesar Dominguez
Dean Nitz               Phil Ugel

Christopher Hurst       Gerald Sim

Dona Speir              Chuck Thornton

Hadrian Follett         Sean Frank

Branscombe Richmond     Charles Edward Smith
Anne Gerstl             Dirk Vogeley

Akira Ikuta             Michael Vermaaten

Grand L. Bush           Allison Caine
Chris Robinson          Jack Starrett
Robert Miranda          Michael Percival

Steve Keung             Lorna Martin
Allison Caine           Jordi Reyes-Montblanc
Eyan Williams           Jonathon Gentry
Philip Campanaro             Tony Cucci

Craig McLaughlin             Adam Savageau

Leeza Gibbons                Mario Machado

Cindy Millican               Andrea Moen

Don Pepito Moncado Di Paterno Donna Laura Moncada Di Paterno

Jerry Maren                  Julie Pitkanen

Carol Ann Francis            Ann Pearl Gary
Gary Imhoff                  Sara-Beth Lima

Clifton James
James Rosenquist             John Galateo

Michele Goodger              Scott Walden
Shawn Schepps
F. Benjamin Stimler        Jonathan Isaac Landau
Judy Armstrong             Tom La Grua

Shawn McLemore             Margaret Medina

Michael Tadross            Steve White
Tim Robertson              Patsy Stephen

Katie Bruce                Harry Demopoulos M.D.

Bob Jennings               Bruce P. Schultz

Josh Thompson              Leigh Harris
Larry Brunson              Clinton Burrell

Rod Wilson                 Cliff Woolner

Robert Di Santo            Mollie Hall

Rabbi Morris S. Friedman   John-Kenneth Hoffman
MarÌa DÌaz                 Tony Cox

Otmane Chbani Idrissi      Jamal Belkhayat

Ralph Corsel               Bill Carter
Tom Irwin                  Jimmie Ray Weeks
Rev. Harry Quick           Cullen Gilliland

Anna Severa                Seth T. Walker

Christopher J. Keene       Mary Norman
Eva Dunlap           Bob Zmuda
Bridget Sienna       Ruth Silveira

Gary Neil            Dennis Vickery

Jay Byron            Harvey Fisher
Josiana Sant Louis   Jean Pierre

Amy Irving           Magic Johnson

Jeris Poindexter     F. William Parker

Karen Price          Debby Lynn Ross

Jerrold Graff        Dick Cusack

Lloyd Bridges        David Kester
Raymond Storti

Kathleen Turner

Kevin Fennessy       Cathy Ladman

Victor Maddern       Anna Massey
Sean Michael Fish     Donald Fullilove
Sam Douglas           Elliott Stein

William Baldwin       Claude Brooks

Walt Levinsky         George Masso

Jamie Kennedy

Myra Fried            J.R. Zimmerman

Joe Cazalet           Helmut Stiebl

Stan Jones            Alan Oppenheimer

Kevin Dunn            Kariim Ratcliff

Vernon Scott          Susan Napoli

Juliet Sorcey         David McCoy

Gloria Reuben         Blu Mankuma

Mario Biazzo          John Hayden
Marcella Lowery       Jennifer McComb

Branscombe Richmond   Jorge ValdÈs GarcÌa

Michael F. Twarog     Ted White
Carole Bouquet     Jo Jo Starbuck
Mike Bacarella     Steve Barbro
Connie Adams       Howie Dorough

Nicholas Kallsen   Thomas A. Payne
Ray Irwin          Patrice Serapiglia
Deborah Taylor     Ty Templeton

Stephen Marchant   Stephen Tye

Patrick O'Brian    Roger Callard

Dan Resin          Elizabeth Owens
cast54            cast55

William Tregoe    Hatsuo Uda

Larry Holt        John Nowak

Walter Horton     Pinetop Perkins

Vivian P. Bass    Greg Martin

Charles Gore      Doug Hauseman

Marion Betzold    Caroline Haigh

Sean O'Rinn       John Ashland

Greg De Jean      Laura Delano
Richard Farrell   James W. Huston
Ellen Weiss       Theta Tucker

John Lees         Roy Scammell

Edward Jacobs     Brad Johnston

Wally McCleskey   Gary Vezane
Ken Hixon         Gene D. Jackson
Ramiro Medina        Bill Hart

Joseph Walker Jr.    Robert S. Holman

Geraldine Smith      Mardik Martin

William Hanna        James Lewis

Tom Dennis           Edward S. Kotkin

Joe Praml            Joe Walsh

Danielle Tiletnick

Mildred Brion        Buxx Banner
Steven Peterman      Cari M. Pike
Jei Guerrero         Cheryl Hangland

Roger Rowland        Vic Armstrong
Hal Needham       Valerie Perrine

Peter Jones       Graham Brooke

Rick Schmidlin
Ted Noose         Jan Jorden

Paul Hummel       Jacob Laufer

Max Vesterhalt    Viva

Zale Kessler      Anthony Messina

Carol Drechsler   Anthony Picciano
Paul Farentino      Edward Fox

Dave Morick         Charles Parks
Susan Williamson    Diana Castle

Michael Flynn       Norman Mont-Eton

Ola Ray             Bjaye Turner
Floyd Levine        Steve Levitt
Meredith Salenger

Mark Thomas McGee   Karen McLain
Ava Lazar          Lori Sutton
John Yates         Alexander Zale

Flo Di Re          Dodds Frank

Kimberly Stern     Melanie Strauss
Peter Maher        Stan McKay
Phil Adams         Richard Butler

Mickey Gilbert     Fred M. Waugh

Stephen Prutting   Carole Holland
Santos Swing       Willie Swing
Lee Strauss             Mike Tremont

Richard Dow             Gwendolyn Shepherd

Jim Wilhelm             Kevin Tyson
Jay Julien              Harry J. Ufland

Sander Shkrell          Susan Slater

Kenzo Shirahama         Hisao Takeda
Albert Welch            Paul Bourke
John Richard Petersen

Louise King             Tina Robinson
James Hurley        Francis Lawrence

Royce Grones        David Gulpilil

Richard Mendez      Victor Millan

Sulinda Watson      Cathy St. George
Michael Rooney      Kathy Shippen

Dennis Matthews

Michelle Mais       Barra Kahn
Charles Hallahan    Ilana Rapp

Luisa S·nchez M.    Carlos Lenin Vazuez

Penny Harris        Larry Kelsey

Rashid Sunny        Sudhir

Marta Jarolimkova   Gabriela Krckova
Mr. Wiggles
Lillian M¸ller      Pamela Stonebrook
Frank O. Hill      Marian Issacks

Susan Mechsner     Gregory Rozakis

Tricia Brown       John Del Rico

Lee Steele         Mark Strait

Deborah Gibson     Joseph Marzano

James V. Mathews   Prudence Emery

Vicki McDonald     Nina McMahon

Claudia Kim        Trisha Long

Thomas F. Denove   Henri Marchal

Eb Lottimer        Dan Moody
Sam Cupae          Steve Ameche

Ann E. Wile        Michael T. Laide
Graham Brown       James Bryson
Peter Poth         Bernie McInerney
Alexander Godfrey   Cliff Cudney

Gilbert Girion
Kimberley Boorman   Jayne Broughton

Wayne Nickel        John Ratzenberger

Chuck Biscuits      Earl Liberty

Daryl Edwards       Jack Hallett

Martin Serene       Keith Edwards

Claudia Sloan       Brinke Stevens

Jeff Cloud          Larry Douture

Joey Banks          Steven Benson
Leslie Cook       Jeffrey Cornell

Michael Kaufman   Ilene Kristen

Richard Gaydos    Jeffrey Gysin

Bob Yerkes        George Fisher

Jim Henson        David Bowie

Rachael Clark
Richard Gant      Sharon Porter-Phillips

Rachael Graham    Pega Williams

Sunshine Parker   Gilles Savard
Tony Devon           Gordon Nail
Raymond Serra        George J. Manos

Jeanne Mori          David Ursin

Edwin Newman         Nancy Gair

Danny Quill          Tom Bruny

Peter Robert Grant   Jim Kipman

Roxanne Maranda      Maxine Hayt

Patti Dobrowolski    Pamela Gray
Bill Cranston        Marco De La Cruz

Cliffie Stone        Danny Elfman
Tracey Gold

Richard Peterson      Eugene Klein

Adolf Hitler          Curly Howard

Darrin Lafferty       Dennis Lafferty

Laura Rae             Ericka Marr

Paul Grant            Derek Hartley

Frank Patton

Christopher Arrants   Melvin Clark
Carlo Bianchino        Eugenio Bonardi

Robert Boardman        John Fiore

Scott Blount           Phil Adams

M·rio ArÈvalo          Gerardo Quiroz

Suchi Asano            Dan Wool

Madge Sinclair

Bill Taylor            Ed Begley Jr.
Sarita Allen           Noel Jones

Carol Gwynn Thompson
Charlie Skeen          Randell Dennis Widner

Lindsey Floyd          Jewel Love
Christopher R. Adams   Danny Nero

Chung Sung Tak         Kung Sung Wan
R.D. Kennedy           Lilyan Chauvin
Lance Wain             Susan Marie Feldman

Peter Cartwright       Gary Whelan

Bill Wittman           Meg Wyllie

David George           Laurie Gomes

Lew Hopson             Doug Collins
Ruth Rischke           Simon Bonney

Matthew Spender        Hongxiang Cai

Mic Rodgers            Joan Severance

Hanno Pˆschl           Paul Weston

Arona McDonald
Sydney Urshan
Tony Conforti                      Andre DeHavenon

Benjamin Savageau                  David Schneider

Don 'Tex' Clark                    Jon Davison

Mary Ann Oedy                      Karen Owens

Donna Olga Gagliardo Di Carpinello Donna Matilda Gagliardo Di Carpinello

Harry Shearer                      Cary Stratton

Emmanuelle LaSalle

Richard A. Dysart                  Marlena Bielinska
Samantha Larkin         Bruce Jarchow
Matthew James Carlson   Brianne Sommers

Micole Mercurio         Nigel Miguel

Helen Hanft             Birdie M. Hale
Ian Gilmour             Peter Sardi

John Frederick Jones    Martin Ganapoler

David Katz              Robert Lesser

Julie Whitney           Dana Roi
Raymond Chester         Chris Cruz

Brian Young             Matt Damon

Dorie Ellwood           Maggie Linton

Jared Seide
Tom Wright              Eugene Robert Glazer

Giovanni Cianfriglia    Leo Marks

Obba BabatundÈ          George 'Red' Schwartz
Martin Brest            Davy Falkyn
Zeke Davidson           Robert F. Colesberry

Helen A. Ksypka

Susan Breslau           Rick Seaman
Mark Eric Charbonneau   John Kirby
Jonathan Stark          Lynne Marie Stewart

Julien Welsh            Tony Larkins

C. Ransom Walrod        James R. Miller
Otilio Nerius           Venat Ruis

Michael Keaton          Joanna Kerns

Grant Heslov            Don Sparks

Cherie Tash             David Anthony Higgins

Dean Regan

Ian McNeice             Ajay Mehta
Annette May           Mary Ellen Trainor
Denis Lill            Paul Birchard

Michael Smith Guess   James LeGros

Charles Miles         Derek Smith

Maxine Miller         Pat Idelette

Robert Grande         Mark Robinson

Ira S. Rosenstein     Chloe Webb

Richard Penn          Charles Fleischer

Hope Marie Carlton    Rebecca Ferratti

Andrew Kavadas        Andrea Mann

Rick McKay            Nick Pernice
Knowl Johnson         Anthony G. Avildsen

Michael G. Wilson

James Barwick         F. Gary Gray
Nick Nolte               Patrick O'Neal
Eddie Bo Smith Jr.       Greg Goossen

Dan Castellaneta         Lois Chiles
Anders Janes             Susie Ann Watkins
Hugh Thompson            Lorraine Bracco

Steve Graf               Thomas Lockyer

Robert Frank             Jeff Maynard

Nicholas J. Giangiulio   John Juback
cast56               cast57                    cast58

Herb Voland          Jimmie Walker             Jill Whelan

Walter Robles        Mike Tillman              Fats Domino

Steven Spielberg     Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith   Luther 'Guitar Jr.' Johnson

Philip E. Combs      Richard L. Denny          Michael Holiday

Mike Noble           Daniel Sarenana           Billy West

Florenzio Morgado    Victor Kravchenko         Beryl Hicks

Joe Duquette         Brendan Elliot            Ryan Hilliard

Michael DeLorenzo    Aaron Dugger              Neisha Folkes-LeMelle
Richard M. Johnson   Ronald Kissel             Michael J. Kubat
David Gideon         Floyd Katske              Vanessa Pesce

Kathy Marquis        Sophie                    Kathy September

Jerry Jaffe          Filomena Spagnuolo

H.P. Evetts          Bruce Morgan              Bobby Faber
Marc Jefferson       Walter Janovitz           Gordon Kimball Johnson
Bill Willens        Corin Rogers      Al Ruscio

Joe Spinell

Maryjane Lauria     Linda Artuso      Peter Savage

Ray Benson          Richard Portnow   Anthony Casertano

Laura Delano        Lisa Friedman     Brent Spiner

Michael Paloma      Leigh Scarritt
Rose Portillo       Ross Reynolds     Morgan Roberts
Yolanda Hernandez   Susan Inouye      Veda Jackson

Simon van Collem    John Landis
Phil Tait         Lorraine Daniels    Roberta Morrell

Madelyn Cates