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					                            Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
July 1 and Sept. 30, 2011. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

        Name                  City           Stage              Amount            Investors            Business Description

                                                                                                       Therapeutics for chronic
Adynxx                   San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $2,000,000 Domain Associates             pain

                         South San                                       Bay City Capital, Canaan      Biopharmaceutical drug
Altheos                  Francisco       Startup/Seed         $6,560,000 Partners, Novo A/S            developer

                                                                         Amgen, CMEA Capital,
                                                                         individuals, New Enterprise   Therapeutics acting in the
Ardelyx                  Fremont         Early Stage         $12,300,000 Associates                    gastrointestinal tract

                                                                         NoventiOak Investment
Aurora Algae             Hayward         Expansion           $17,000,100 Partners, undisclosed firm    Algae-based products

                                                                         InterWest Partners, Kleiner
                                                                         Perkins Caufield & Byers,     Miniaturized implantable
Autonomic Technologies   Redwood City    Early Stage         $32,124,900 Versant Ventures              neurostimulation device

                                                                         Asset Management
                                                                         Company, Emergent Medical Medical device developer for
Biomimedica              Berkeley        Startup/Seed         $2,222,000 Ventures                  cartilage replacement

                                                                         New Leaf Venture Partners,
                                                                         Panorama Capital, SV Life
                                                                         Sciences Advisers, U.S.
                                                                         Venture Partners,          Medical devices for treating
CardioKinetix            Menlo Park      Later Stage         $24,558,000 undisclosed firm           congestive heart failure

                                                                         5AM Ventures, Astellas
                                                                         Venture Management, Clarus
                                                                         Ventures, OrbiMed Advisors,
                                                                         U.S. Venture Partners,      Small molecule therapeutics
Cleave Biosciences*      Burlingame      Startup/Seed        $42,000,200 undisclosed firm            for cancer

                                                                                                       Surgical and medical
CoAlign Innovations      Brisbane        Expansion            $6,286,000 Alloy Ventures                devices

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                             Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                         BioStar Ventures, New
                                                                         Enterprise Associates,
                                                                         Synergy Partners, Western    Drug-eluting balloon platform
CV Ingenuity              Palo Alto      Early Stage         $16,011,100 Technology Investment        technology

                                                                         Canaan Partners, New
Dermira*                  Redwood City   Startup/Seed        $13,726,000 Enterprise Associates        Biopharmaceutical company

                                                                         5AM Ventures, F. Hoffmann-
                                                                         La Roche AG, Mohr Davidow
                                                                         Ventures, Pfizer Venture      Analytical equipment and
DVS Sciences              Sunnyvale      Expansion           $10,600,000 Investments, undisclosed firm reagents

                                                                         St. Paul Venture Capital,    Medical implant devices
EBR Systems               Sunnyvale      Later Stage         $10,000,000 undisclosed firms            developer

                                                                         Scientific Health
EMKinetics*               Campbell       Early Stage          $8,000,000 Development                  Electro medical equipments

                          South San                                      Kodiak Venture Partners,     Microfluidic systems for
Fluxion Biosciences       Francisco      Expansion           $12,000,000 undisclosed firm             single-cell analysis

Halt Medical              Livermore      Expansion            $2,000,000 American Capital             Uterine fibroid device

                                                                         5AM Ventures, Adams Street
                                                                         Partners, Frazier Healthcare
                                                                         and Technology Ventures,
                                                                         Technology Partners,
Incline Therapeutics      Redwood City   Early Stage         $21,500,000 undisclosed firm             Pharmaceuticals

                                                                         Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                         Byers, Medtronic, PTV
                                                                         Sciences, U.S. Venture
Intersect ENT             Palo Alto      Later Stage          $1,019,200 Partners                     Medical device company

                                                                         Accuitive Medical Ventures,
                                                                         Investor Growth Capital,
                                                                         Thomas, McNerney &
                                                                         Partners, U.S. Venture       Therapeutic medical devices
                                                                         Partners, Venrock            to monitor blood glucose
Intuity Medical           Sunnyvale      Later Stage         $12,000,000 Associates, Versant Ventures levels

                                                                         Asset Management, Johnson
                                                                         & Johnson Development,
                                                                         Prism VentureWorks, Three
iScience Interventional   Menlo Park     Later Stage          $3,000,000 Arch Partners             Microcatheter technologies

                                                                                                      Pathway-based drug
                                                                                                      discovery and development
KineMed                   Emeryville     Later Stage          $1,815,000 undisclosed firms            company

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                           Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                       Big Sky Partners, Fisher
                                                                       Capital Partners, GreenhouseMolecular diagnostic
Linkage Biosciences     San Francisco   Expansion           $2,100,000 Capital Partners            products for genetic testing

Mendel Biotechnology    Hayward         Later Stage         $8,387,000 undisclosed firm              Plant genes function

                                                                       Accuitive Medical Ventures, Medical devices for facial
MyoScience              Redwood City    Early Stage         $3,233,300 De Novo Ventures            rejuvenation

                                                                       Domain Associates,
                                                                       InterWest Partners, Johnson
                                                                       & Johnson Development
                                                                       Corporation, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                       Caufield & Byers, New
                                                                       Enterprise Associates,       Medical device products
NeuroPace               Mountain View   Later Stage        $49,126,000 undisclosed firm             manufacturer

                                                                       Aberdare Ventures, Accuitive
                                                                       Medical Ventures, Bay City
                                                                       Capital, Johnson & Johnson
                                                                       Development Corporation,
                                                                       MPM Capital, Three Arch
Nevro                   Menlo Park      Expansion          $58,605,000 Partners, undisclosed firm   Pain treatment solutions

                                                                       Band of Angels, HealthTech
                                                                       Capital, Sand Hill Angels, Tools for patient
Niveus Medical          Palo Alto       Early Stage         $2,000,000 undisclosed firm           interventions

                                                                       Alloy Ventures, Sutter Hill   Proprietary technologies and
NuGEN Technologies      San Carlos      Later Stage         $3,500,000 Ventures                      products for genetic analysis

                                                                       Column Group, individuals,    Drug discovery and
Peloton Therapeutics*   San Francisco   Early Stage        $18,000,000 undisclosed firm              development services

                                                                       Abingworth Management,
                                                                       Lightspeed Venture Partners,
Personalis*             Cupertino       Expansion           $5,007,000 Mohr Davidow Ventures        Biotechnology company

                                                                       Alloy Ventures, Clarus
                                                                       Ventures, InterWest            Robotic technology for
Restoration Robotics    Mountain View   Later Stage        $41,000,000 Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures aesthetic surgeries

                                                                       Alta Partners, Clarus
                                                                       Ventures, Rho Capital        Ophthalmic
SARcode Bioscience      Brisbane        Expansion          $37,358,000 Partners, Sofinnova Ventures biopharmaceutical company

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                          Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                      Advanced Technology
                                                                      Ventures, individuals,
                                                                      Morgenthaler Ventures,
                                                                      Seraph Group, Wavepoint        Analysis of bacterial and
Second Genome          San Francisco   Early Stage         $5,000,000 Ventures                       archaeal taxa in samples

                                                                      Clarus Ventures, undisclosed
SFJ Pharmaceuticals    Pleasanton      Early Stage        $23,000,000 firm                         Pharmaceutical company

                                                                      Montreux Equity Partners,
                                                                      Skyline Ventures,              Spinal medical device
SI-BONE                San Jose        Expansion          $16,000,000 undisclosed firm               company

                                                                      ARCH Venture Partners,
                                                                      Alloy Ventures, Altitude Life
                                                                      Science Management, Kleine
                                                                      Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lux
                                                                      Capital, Presidio STX,        Alternatives for fuels and
Siluria Technologies   San Francisco   Early Stage        $20,001,800 undisclosed firm              chemicals

                                                                      De Novo Ventures, Norwest
                                                                      Venture Partners, U.S.
Simpirica Spine        San Carlos      Expansion          $14,984,000 Venture Partners          Medical device solutions

                                                                      Sanderling Ventures,
TheraVida              Mountain View   Early Stage         $1,300,000 undisclosed firm               Pharmaceutical company

                       South San                                      Domain Associates,
VeraCyte               Francisco       Early Stage         $9,312,000 undisclosed firm               Molecular tests

                                                                      Alloy Ventures, Mohr
                                                                      Davidow Ventures, Sutter Hill Non-invasive tests for fetal
Verinata Health        San Carlos      Later Stage        $46,500,000 Ventures                      chromosomal abnormalities

                                                                      Mohr Davidow Ventures,    DNA that reduce the risk of
VitaPath Genetics      Foster City     Early Stage         $4,153,000 X/Seed Capital Management serious disease
           Name              City          Stage             Amount             Investors            Business Description

                                                                      August Capital Management,
Adchemy                Foster City     Later Stage        $61,000,000 Mayfield Fund, Microsoft   Internet marketing services

                                                                                                     Security information and
                                                                      Adara Venture Partners,        event management (SEIM)
AlienVault             Campbell        Later Stage         $7,265,000 Trident Capital                solutions

                                                                      Allegis Capital, Peninsula
                                                                      Ventures, Scale Venture     On-demand data protection
Axcient                Mountain View   Expansion          $15,500,000 Partners, Thomvest Ventures services

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                           Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                        El Dorado Ventures, Norwest
                                                                        Venture Partners, Trinity
Badgeville*             Menlo Park      Early Stage         $12,000,100 Ventures, undisclosed firm Social loyalty platform

                                                                        New Enterprise Associates,
                                                                        Pelion Venture Partners,      Cloud-based firewall
CloudFlare              San Francisco   Early Stage         $20,000,100 Venrock Associates            solutions

                                                                                                      Automated marketing and
                                                                        Floodgate Fund, Palo Alto     communication Internet
Demandforce             San Francisco   Later Stage         $10,000,000 Venture Partners              services

                                                                        O'Reilly Alpha Tech
DoubleDub*              San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,075,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm    Products and services

Eightfold Logic         San Francisco   Expansion              $373,000 Rho Capital Partners          Inbound marketing platform

Five Apes               Palo Alto       Early Stage          $2,000,000 Tugboat Ventures              Vehicle for entrepreneurship

Handl*                  Menlo Park      Startup/Seed         $1,500,000 Menlo Ventures                Products and/or services

                                                                        Kleiner Perkins Caufield &    Real-estate related financial
Home Value Protection   San Francisco   Early Stage            $472,000 Byers                         services

                                                                                                      Vertical ad network for
                                                                                                      premium shopping and
Longboard Media*        San Francisco   Early Stage          $5,000,000 Level Equity                  commerce publishers

                                                                                                      A mobile advertising network
                                                                        Accel Partners, Harrison      for mobile applications and
MoPub*                  San Francisco   Early Stage          $6,500,000 Metal Capital                 websites

                                                                        DFJ Frontier, Individuals,
                                                                        New Atlantic Ventures,
My Wines Direct         Napa            Expansion            $3,563,900 undisclosed firm              Online wine distributor

                                                                        Menlo Ventures, Split Rock
Nexxo Financial         San Bruno       Later Stage          $3,000,000 Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures Money transfer services

                                                                                                      Infrastructure analytics for
Nodeable*               San Francisco   Early Stage          $2,000,000 True Ventures                 cloud-based systems

                                                                        NEST Managment, ONSET
                                                                        Ventures, Redpoint Ventures,
Obopay                  Redwood City    Expansion            $8,760,000 undisclosed firm             Mobile payment services

                                                                        Institutional Venture Partners Retail investment
Personal Capital        Redwood City    Early Stage         $15,000,000 Venrock Associates             management services

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                         Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                      Khosla Ventures, Kleiner
                                                                      Perkins Caufield & Byers,
                                                                      Sequoia Capital, undisclosed
Square                San Francisco   Expansion            $4,000,000 firm                         Mobile payment services

                                                                      BOLDstart Ventures, Google
                                                                      Ventures, IA Ventures
                                                                      ,Individuals, Metamorphic
                                                                      Ventures, Qualcomm
                                                                      Ventures, Real Ventures,
                                                                      Zelkova Ventures, ff Venture Yield management solution
ThinkNear*            Mountain View   Early Stage          $1,600,200 Capital                      for local businesses

                                                                                                   Marketing technology and
                                                                      Individuals, Kohlberg        database provider for the
Vintners' Alliance*   San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,300,000 Ventures                     wine industry

                                                                      Baseline Ventures, Floodgate
                                                                      Fund, individuals, Lucas
                                                                      Venture Group, Mohr          Online English dictionary
WordNik               San Mateo       Expansion            $1,000,200 Davidow Ventures             services

                                                                      Foundation Capital, Sigma
Zetta                 Sunnyvale       Expansion            $9,000,000 Partners                     Cloud storage solutions

                                                                      Cardinal Venture Capital,
                                                                      Highland Capital Partners,
                                                                      Panorama Capital, Worldview Mobile marketing services
Zoove                 Palo Alto       Expansion           $19,544,000 Technology Partners         provider
         Name               City          Stage              Amount            Investors           Business Description

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz, Digital
                                                                      Sky Technologies Ltd,
                                                                      General Catalyst Partners, Community marketplace that
Airbnb                San Francisco   Expansion          $112,000,100 Greylock Partners            offers rental spaces

                                                                      Foundation Capital, Google
                                                                      Ventures, individuals,       Social learning games for
Airy Labs*            Palo Alto       Startup/Seed         $1,500,000 undisclosed firm             kids

                                                                      J.P. Morgan Chase,           Noise cancellation
AliphCom              San Francisco   Later Stage         $40,000,000 undisclosed firm             technology

Aria Glassworks       Mountain View   Startup/Seed           $100,000 August Capital Management Web-based platform

                                                                      Google Ventures, individuals,
Astrid*               San Francisco   Startup/Seed           $500,100 Nexus Venture Partners        Social media platform

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                                 Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

Beckon*                       Menlo Park      Startup/Seed         $1,500,000 August Capital Management Products and services

                                                                              Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                              Byers, True North
BioMine*                      Palo Alto       Startup/Seed         $1,500,000 Management Partners           Products and services

                                                                              Crosslink Capital, Oak
                                                                              Investment Partners,          Publisher of sports editorial
Bleacher Report               San Francisco   Expansion           $21,999,900 undisclosed firm              content

                                                                              Columbia Capital, Harrison
                                                                              Metal Capital, individuals,
                                                                              InterWest Partners, Menlo
                                                                              Ventures, True Ventures,      Membership website that
Bloomspot                     San Francisco   Early Stage         $34,640,200 undisclosed firm              offers recommendations

                                                                              Andreessen Horowitz,          Mobility solutions for
Capriza*                      Cupertino       Startup/Seed         $1,900,000 Charles River Ventures        corporations and enterprises

                                                                              Benchmark Capital, Omidyar
CouchSurfing International*   San Francisco   Later Stage          $7,600,000 Network                    International network

                                                                              500 Startups, Charles River
                                                                              Ventures, General Catalyst
                                                                              Partners, individuals,      Electronic health records
drchrono*                     Mountain View   Early Stage            $675,000 undisclosed firm            platform

EAT Club                      Sunnyvale       Expansion              $140,000 Siemer Ventures               Food delivery services

                                                                              Azure Capital Partners,       Online video-sharing
EatLime                       Sunnyvale       Expansion            $6,500,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson       company

                                                                              Foundry Group & Mobius        Wellness solution focused
Fitbit                        San Francisco   Early Stage          $7,000,000 Venture Capital               on behavior change

                                                                              Ignition Partners, undisclosed
Fotonauts                     Palo Alto       Early Stage          $2,500,000 firm                           Photo-sharing site

                                                                              Accelerator Ventures,
                                                                              Correlation Ventures, Kapor
                                                                              Capital, Morgenthaler       Online social fundraising
Fundly*                       Palo Alto       Early Stage          $7,534,000 Ventures, Seraph Group      platform

                                                                              InterWest Partners, O'Reilly
                                                                              Alpha Tech Ventures,         Online site for company
Get Satisfaction              San Francisco   Expansion           $10,000,000 undisclosed firm             services

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                            CrunchFund, General
                                                                            Catalyst Partners, individuals
                                                                            Madrona Venture Group,         Peer-to-peer car sharing
Gettaround*                 San Francisco   Early Stage          $3,400,000 Redpoint Ventures              marketplace

                                                                            Draper Fisher Jurvetson,       Information on the impacts
GoodGuide                   San Francisco   Expansion            $2,613,000 New Enterprise Associates      of products

GoPollGo*                   Palo Alto       Startup/Seed           $325,000 Idealab                        Social polling website

                                                                            Individuals, MHS Capital
                                                                            Management, Metamorphic
                                                                            Ventures, undisclosed firm, ff Self-serve open-funding
IndieGoGo*                  San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,500,000 Venture Capital                platform

                                                                            500 Startups, Comcast
                                                                            Ventures, Consigliere, Felicis
                                                                            Ventures, First Round
                                                                            Capital, Mayfield Fund,
Kiwi Crate*                 Los Altos       Startup/Seed         $1,950,400 undisclosed firms              Hands-on activities for kids

                                                                            Bay Partners, Canaan
                                                                            Partners, Foundation Capital,
                                                                            Morgenthaler Ventures,
                                                                            Norwest Venture Partners, Online financial community
Lending Club                San Francisco   Expansion           $25,000,000 Union Square Ventures         operator

                                                                                                        Online marketplace for
                                                                            Band of Angels, undisclosed luxury designers and
ModeWalk*                   San Mateo       Startup/Seed         $1,000,000 firm                        craftsmen

                                                                            Foundation Capital, Ignition
                                                                            Partners, Norwest Venture
Motif Investing             San Mateo       Early Stage         $20,000,000 Partners                       Investment platform

                                                                            Greylock Partners,
                                                                            Institutional Venture Partners
                                                                            Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                            Byers, Tiger Global            Online sales destination for
One Kings Lane              San Francisco   Early Stage         $40,000,000 Management                     home decor products

Ophoenix Capital Management*San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $1,000,000 WI Harper Group                Products and services

Perfect Escapes             San Francisco   Later Stage            $161,000 Trident Capital                Luxury travel

                                                                            JAFCO Ventures, Redpoint
Posterous                   San Francisco   Early Stage          $5,000,000 Ventures                       Web publishing platform

                                                                            Accel Partners, Harrison       Online shopping website for
Project J*                  Palo Alto       Early Stage          $7,899,900 Metal Capital, individuals     women

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                             Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                          August Capital Management,
                                                                          Google Ventures, individuals,
                                                                          Shasta Ventures               Neighbor-to-neighbor
RelayRides                San Francisco   Early Stage          $4,885,900 Management                    carsharing service

                                                                          Amicus Capital, Andreessen
                                                                          Horowitz, Founder Collective,
                                                                          individuals, SV Angel,
Rentcycle*                San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $1,400,000 undisclosed firm              Rental services

                                                                                                       Online auto repair and
RepairPal                 Emeryville      Expansion              $950,000 Tugboat Ventures             maintenance site

                                                                          August Capital Management,
                                                                          Google Ventures, Investor  Online legal services and
Rocket Lawyer             San Francisco   Expansion           $18,500,000 Growth Capital             retail legal software products

                                                                          Globespan Capital Partners, Streaming entertainment
Roku                      Saratoga        Later Stage          $8,000,000 Menlo Ventures              devices for televisions

                                                                          GGV Capital, Mohr Davidow
                                                                          Ventures, Northgate Capital Social network platform for
RootMusic                 San Francisco   Expansion           $15,999,900 Group                       musicians

                                                                          BlueRun Ventures, True       Rewards program for
SaveUp*                   San Francisco   Early Stage          $2,000,000 Ventures                     personal savings

                                                                                                       Health plans, administrative
                                                                          Maverick Capital, Psilos     services and supporting
SeeChange Health*         San Francisco   Expansion           $20,000,000 Group Managers               technologies

                                                                          New Venture Partners, Prolog
ShopWell Solutions        Palo Alto       Early Stage          $2,780,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm Free food information site

                                                                          Zernikegroup Holding BV,
Spreaker*                 San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,100,000 undisclosed firm             Audio platform

                                                                          Individuals, iD Ventures
Striiv*                   Redwood City    Early Stage          $6,000,000 America                      Gaming and fitness devices

                                                                                                       Deal discovery and
Syfto                     San Francisco   Startup/Seed           $650,000 True Ventures                engagement services

                                                                          Quest Venture Partners,      Global community of
Tripping International*   San Francisco   Early Stage            $450,000 undisclosed firm             travelers

                                                                          Novak Biddle Venture
UniversityNOW             San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,000,000 Partners                     Online education services

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                          Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                      Accel Partners, undisclosed Online real estate
VivaReal*              Sebastopol      Early Stage           $750,000 firm                        marketplace

                                                                                                     Online gaming platform
World Golf Tour        San Francisco   Expansion            $1,000,000 Panorama Capital              developer

                                                                       Floodgate Fund, K9            Vanpool, shuttle and Zipcar
Zimride              San Francisco     Early Stage          $6,000,000 Ventures, Mayfield Fund       services
        Name              City             Stage              Amount            Investors            Business Description

                                                                       Accel Partners, Felicis
                                                                       Ventures, individuals, Kapor Software for audio and video
Dropcam*               San Francisco   Early Stage          $5,800,000 Capital                      recording

                                                                       Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                       New Enterprise Associates,
                                                                       Sigma Partners, Walden       Lithium-ion battery
Leyden Energy          Fremont         Expansion           $20,000,100 International                development company

                                                                       Crosslink Capital, Lionhart
                                                                       Investments Scale Venture
                                                                       Partners, VantagePoint        Paper-based multimedia pen
Livescribe             Oakland         Expansion            $4,513,200 Capital Partners              top applications

MoBeam                 Cupertino       Expansion            $2,814,000 Undisclosed firm              Patented technology

                                                                       Accel Partners, Lightspeed
                                                                       Venture Partners, Sequoia     Storage and backup
Nimble Storage         San Jose        Expansion           $25,000,000 Capital, undisclosed firm     solutions

                                                                       Angeleno GroupGreener         Intelligent energy storage
Powergetics*           San Francisco   Early Stage         $10,270,000 Capital Partners              systems

                                                                                                     Technology to improve
Tactus Technology      Fremont         Early Stage          $5,510,000 Thomvest Ventures             touchscreen devices
           Name             City           Stage              Amount            Investors            Business Description

                                                                                                     Text message alerts and
4Info                  San Mateo       Later Stage           $200,000 U.S. Venture Partners          information

                                                                                                     Cloud computing consulting
Cloudscaling*          San Francisco   Expansion            $3,975,000 Trinity Ventures              services

Commlabs               Sunnyvale       Expansion            $6,319,000 Columbia Capital              Wireless solutions

                                                                      U.S. Venture Partners,
KAIAM                  Newark          Early Stage           $332,000 undisclosed firm               Optical components

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                          Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                       CID Group, Motorola Mobility
                                                                       Ventures, Rembrandt
                                                                       Venture Partners, Sierra
Ooyala                 Mountain View   Expansion            $3,686,000 Ventures                     Online video platform

                                                                       CrunchFund, individuals, SV Video intelligence technology
Prism Skylabs*         San Francisco   Early Stage          $1,500,000 Angel, TomorrowVentures     services

                                                                       Asuka DBJ Partners,          Skyrockit mobile
skyrockit*             San Francisco   Later Stage          $2,630,100 individuals, Intel Capital   entertainment services

                                                                       Benchmark Capital,
                                                                       individuals, New Atlantic
                                                                       Ventures, New Enterprise
Stitcher               San Francisco   Expansion           $10,000,100 Associates                   Media service

                                                                                                    Sports media network
Swink*                 San Francisco   Early Stage           $476,000 DFJ Frontier                  operator
         Name                City          Stage              Amount              Investors         Business Description

                                                                       CalCEF Angel Fund,
                                                                       Claremont Creek Ventures,    Waste heat recovery
Alphabet Energy        San Francisco   Early Stage         $12,000,000 TPG Growth                   technology

                                                                      Band of Angels, individuals, Automatic tire inflation
Aperia Technologies*   San Francisco   Early Stage           $600,000 Sierra Angels                devices

                                                                       Austral Capital, Energy
                                                                       Capital Management AS,
                                                                       undisclosed firm, X/Seed
Bio Architecture Lab   Berkeley        Expansion            $3,000,000 Capital Management           Synthetic bio fuels

                                                                       Advanced Technology
                                                                       Ventures, Globespan Capital
                                                                       Partners, Good Energies AG,
                                                                       Hudson Clean Energy
Calisolar              Sunnyvale       Expansion           $11,024,000 Partners                    Solar technologies

                                                                       Angeleno Group, Masdar
eCullet*               Palo Alto       Later Stage         $27,137,000 Capital                      Glass cullet and containers

                                                                       NGEN Partners, G54, Robert Power electronics to
eIQ Energy*            San Jose        Early Stage          $6,000,000 Bosch Venture Capital GmbH optimize solar PV systems

                                                                       Individuals, Oceanshore
EnerVault              Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed         $8,500,000 Ventures                     Energy storage solutions

                                                                       Rockport Capital Partners,
Enki Technology*       San Jose        Early Stage          $4,596,000 undisclosed firm             Products and services

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                              Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                           Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Inte
                                                                           Capital, Kleiner Perkins      Energy solutions for
Enlighted                  Mountain View   Early Stage          $2,799,900 Caufield & Byers              commercial buildings

                                                                           Rustic Canyon Partners, US Facilities for the conversion
Fulcrum BioEnergy          Pleasanton      Expansion           $31,082,000 Renewables Group           of municipal solid waste

                                                                          Firelake Capital Management
                                                                          Monitor Venture
                                                                          Management, Rockport        Irrigation management
HydroPoint Data Systems    Petaluma        Later Stage           $722,100 Capital Partners            solutions

                                                                                                        Materials technology for
                                                                                                        clean energy and water
Innova Dynamics            San Francisco   Expansion             $429,000 Rho Capital Partners          purification

                                                                           Alloy Ventures, I2BF Global Scalable solar-power
Integrated Photovoltaics   San Jose        Early Stage          $2,877,900 Ventures, Peninsula Venturessolutions

                                                                           Arcapita, New Venture        Radio Frequency
                                                                           Partners, Third Point        Identification tracking
Intelleflex                Santa Clara     Later Stage          $9,000,000 Ventures, Woodside Fund      systems

                                                                                                        Energy efficient building
Kinestral Technologies     Menlo Park      Early Stage          $9,000,000 5AM Ventures                 products

                                                                           Infield Capital, Warburg
Mission Motor              San Francisco   Expansion            $9,023,000 Pincus                       Electric motorbikes

                                                                                                        Electric motors and
NovaTorque                 Sunnyvale       Expansion            $1,349,000 New Enterprise Associates    engineering design services

                                                                           Claremont Creek Ventures,
                                                                           GE Energy Financial
                                                                           Services, Greener Capital
                                                                           Partners, Rockport Capital
Project FROG               San Francisco   Expansion           $22,392,000 Partners                     Building technology kits

RoboteX                    Palo Alto       Expansion            $1,925,000 The Founders Fund            Personal safety robots

                                                                           ARCH Venture Partners,
                                                                           ATA Ventures, Skylake
                                                                           Incuvest, undisclosed firms,
Shocking Technologies      San Jose        Expansion           $15,199,800 Vista Ventures               Voltage switchable materials

Skyline Solar              Mountain View   Early Stage          $2,500,000 New Enterprise Associates    High-gain solar silicon cells

                                                                                                        Power flow control
                                                                                                        technology for electric
Smart Wire Grid*           San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $3,000,000 RiverVest Venture Partners   transmission

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                          Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                       DBL Investors, Olympus
                                                                       Capital Partners, Trident
Solexant               San Jose        Early Stage         $23,468,000 Capital                      Solar cells

                                                                       Crosslink Capital, Hudson    Thin-film photovoltaic cells
SoloPower              San Jose        Expansion            $9,664,000 Clean Energy Partners        and modules

                                                                       Clean Pacific Ventures,      Designs and markets
SunLink                San Rafael      Early Stage          $1,873,000 individuals                  engineered products

Tioga Energy           San Francisco   Expansion            $3,000,000 NGEN Partners, Nth Power     Renewable energy services

                                                                       Invus Group, undisclosed
Zero Motorcycles       Scotts Valley   Expansion            $4,500,000 firm                         Electric motorcycles
           Name              City          Stage              Amount             Investors          Business Description

                                                                       ARCH Venture Partners,
                                                                       ATA Ventures, Harris &       Memory technology
Adesto Technologies    Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $17,357,100 Harris Group                 developer

                                                                       Atlas Venture, Balderton
                                                                       Capital Management (U.K.),
                                                                       Cipio Partners GmbH, DFJ
                                                                       Esprit LLP, Duff Ackerman & Networked display
DisplayLink            Palo Alto       Later Stage         $15,000,000 Goodrich                    technology developer

                                                                       Cisco Systems, Crescendo
                                                                       Venture Management, Khosla
eASIC                  Santa Clara     Later Stage         $12,476,100 Ventures                   ASIC devices

                                                                       ITOCHU Technology
                                                                       Ventures, Keynote Ventures,
                                                                       Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                       SunAmerica Ventures,         System-on-chip solutions for
Link_A_Media Devices   Santa Clara     Expansion           $16,000,000 undisclosed firm             the data storage market

                                                                       Greylock Partners, Redpoint
                                                                       Ventures, Samsung Venture
                                                                       Investment Corporation,
                                                                       Sutter Hill Ventures,
Pure Storage           Mountain View   Early Stage          $3,221,000 undisclosed firm            Enterprise storage solutions

                                                                       DoCoMo Capital, Granite
                                                                       VenturesInterWest Partners,
                                                                       Telecommunications          Fabless semiconductor
Quantance              San Mateo       Later Stage         $11,000,000 Development Fund            company

                                                                                                 Products for multi-gigabit
                                                                                                 communication and
Scintera Networks      Sunnyvale       Later Stage            $800,000 August Capital Management networking systems

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                             Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                          Bessemer Venture Partners, Power management
Summit Microelectronics   Sunnyvale       Later Stage              $3,000 Norwest Venture Partners   products

                                                                          Battery Ventures, CID Group,
                                                                          DCM, Motorola Mobility
                                                                          Ventures, Norwest Venture
                                                                          Partners, undisclosed firm, Fabless semiconductor
Zenverge                  Cupertino       Expansion           $20,500,000 Woodside Fund                products developer
         Name                   City          Stage              Amount            Investors           Business Description

                                                                                                       Migrating and managing ipv6
                                                                          Hummer Winblad Venture       services through network
6connect*                 San Jose        Early Stage          $2,000,000 Partners                     automation

                                                                          GrandBanks Capital, JLA
                                                                          Ventures, Laurence Capital Employee rewards and
                                                                          Corp., Ontario Venture       social recognition software
Achievers                 San Francisco   Later Stage         $24,489,000 Capital Fund, Sequoia Capitalservices

                                                                          Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                          OVP Venture Partners,        Internet search software
Aggregate Knowledge       San Mateo       Expansion           $11,300,000 undisclosed firm             based on behavioral patterns

                                                                          Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                          Byers, Opus Capital,         Access controls and security
AlertEnterprise           Fremont         Expansion           $19,080,900 undisclosed firm             technology

                                                                          Burrill & Company,
                                                                          Qualcomm Ventures,           Applications for
AliveCor*                 San Francisco   Early Stage          $3,000,000 undisclosed firm             electrocardiogram monitoring

                                                                          VantagePoint Capital         Capacity utilization software
Allocade                  Menlo Park      Expansion              $144,000 Partners                     solutions

                                                                                                       News reading application on
Alphonso Labs             Palo Alto       Early Stage          $1,110,000 New Enterprise Associates    mobile devices

                                                                          500 Startups, Battery
                                                                          Ventures, DN Capital,
                                                                          individuals, Morado Venture Mobile engagement
                                                                          Management, Seraph Group, management for mobile
Apsalar*                  San Francisco   Early Stage          $5,000,100 Thomvest Ventures           phones

                                                                                                        Digital media software and
ArcSoft                   Fremont         Later Stage         $20,000,000 Intel Capital, Tudor Ventures firmware solutions

Atzip                     Menlo Park      Early Stage            $100,000 Tugboat Ventures             Social networking website

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                         Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                      Accel Partners, Felicis
                                                                      Ventures, The Founders         Biofeedback application
Azumio*               Palo Alto       Early Stage          $2,499,900 Fund                           software developer

                                                                      Crescendo Venture
                                                                      Management, Rising Tide        Data enrichment software
BDNA                  Mountain View   Later Stage          $3,369,900 Fund, vSpring Capital          and services provider

                                                                      CMEA Capital, MLC Private
                                                                      Equity, PivotNorth Capital,
                                                                      U.S. Venture Partners,
Blekko                Redwood City    Early Stage         $29,999,900 Yandex.Factory              Internet search solutions

                                                                      Ignition Partners, undisclosed Android applications to run
BlueStack Systems     Campbell        Early Stage          $7,676,000 firm                           on Windows machines

                                                                      Draper Fisher Jurvetson,
                                                                      Scale Venture Partners, U.S. Online file storage and
Box.net               Palo Alto       Expansion           $18,672,000 Venture Partners             sharing services

                                                                                                     Online events for
                                                                      North Bridge Venture           professionals and their
BrightTALK*           San Francisco   Later Stage         $20,500,000 Partners                       communities

                                                                      JAFCO Ventures, Lightspeed
                                                                      Venture Partners, Trinity
Casual Collective     San Francisco   Expansion           $17,500,000 Ventures                   Social gaming site

                                                                      Accel Partners, Index
                                                                      Ventures, Invesco Private
                                                                      Capital, Mayfield Fund,        Consolidation and privilege
Centrify              Sunnyvale       Expansion           $16,000,200 Sigma Partners                 management solutions

                                                                                                     Electronic design automation
                                                                                                     (EDA) analog design
CiraNova              Santa Clara     Later Stage          $1,250,000 Alloy Ventures,Intel Capital   solutions

                                                                      Claremont Creek Ventures,
                                                                      Clean Pacific Ventures,
                                                                      Google Ventures, Kleiner       Software, services and
                                                                      Perkins Caufield & Byers,      financing solutions to the
Clean Power Finance   San Francisco   Expansion           $25,000,000 Sand Hill Angels               solar industry

                                                                      Felicis Ventures, Greylock     Cloud-based sales
ClearSlide*           San Francisco   Early Stage         $11,000,000 Partners                       communication platform

                                                                      InterWest Partners, Mayfield Performance management
Cloud9 Analytics      Redwood City    Later Stage          $3,289,000 Fund                         applications

                                                                      Rembrandt Venture Partners, Productivity tools for smart
CloudOn               Palo Alto       Early Stage          $7,700,000 undisclosed firm            devices

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                            Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                         Accel Partners, Ignition
                                                                         Partners, Mayfield Fund,
                                                                         North Bridge Venture
Couchbase                Mountain View   Expansion           $15,000,000 Partners                        Nosql database technology

                                                                         Crosslink Capital, Lightspeed
DataStax                 Burlingame      Early Stage         $11,000,000 Venture Partners              Database platform

E la Carte               Palo Alto       Early Stage          $4,000,000 Undisclosed firm                Tableside tablet

                                                                         Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                         New Enterprise Associates,
                                                                         North Bridge Venture
Embrane Software         Santa Clara     Early Stage         $18,000,000 Partners                     Software solution

                                                                         Morgenthaler Ventures,          Information-capturing
Evernote                 Mountain View   Later Stage         $50,000,000 Sequoia Capital                 technologies

                                                                         Reed Elsevier Ventures,         Kids' learning and
Fingerprint Digital*     San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $1,400,000 undisclosed firm                entertainment platform

                                                                         H.I.G. Capital, Nexit
                                                                         Ventures, Walden                Open-source mobile
Funambol                 Foster City     Later Stage          $3,000,000 International                   application servers

                                                                         Oak Investment Partners,
Gazillion                San Mateo       Expansion           $32,351,000 undisclosed firm                Online games

                                                                         Andreessen Horowitz, Fidelity
                                                                         Ventures, General Catalyst
GoodData                 San Francisco   Expansion           $15,000,000 Partners, Windcrest Partners Data management support

                                                                         Artiman Ventures, Intel     Analytics solutions for
Guavus                   Santa Clara     Expansion           $25,000,000 Capital, Sofinnova Ventures decision-making

                                                                         New Enterprise Associates,      Enterprise software-as-a-
Hearsay Labs*            San Francisco   Early Stage         $18,000,000 Sequoia Capital                 service provider

                                                                         Foundation Capital, Leapfrog Information technology
HotLink                  Sunnyvale       Early Stage          $3,000,000 Ventures                     service

                                                                         Allegis Capital, Private Equity
                                                                         Investors, Sid R. Bass          Direct sales and technology
Inertia Beverage Group   Napa            Later Stage         $12,099,900 Associates                      solutions to the wine industry

                                                                         JAFCO Ventures, Sequoia
                                                                         Capital, Tenaya Capital,        Software programming
Inkling Systems          San Francisco   Early Stage         $17,394,000 undisclosed firm                services

                                                                                                         Mobile application for
Jildy*                   Palo Alto       Startup/Seed           $650,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson         filtering news feeds

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                           Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                        Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                        Partners, Presidio STX , U.S.
Karmasphere             Cupertino       Early Stage          $6,000,000 Venture Partners              Data processing software

                                                                        Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                        Byers, undisclosed firm,
                                                                        Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Management built for the
Kenandy*                Redwood City    Early Stage         $10,500,000 Rosati                      cloud

                                                                        Accel Partners, IDG Ventures Technology services to
Krux Digital*           San Francisco   Early Stage         $11,000,000 SF                           protect media data assets

                                                                       Sofinnova Ventures, WI        Integrated suite of Web
Laszlo Systems          San Mateo       Later Stage           $800,000 Harper Group                  applications

                                                                                                     Licensing and royalty
LicenseStream           Sausalito       Later Stage             $16,000 Village Ventures             payment platform provider

                                                                        Accel Partners, Andreessen
                                                                        Horowitz, Index Ventures,  Software to ensure mobile
Lookout                 San Francisco   Expansion           $40,000,000 Khosla Ventures            security

                                                                        Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                        New Enterprise Associates,
MapR Technologies       San Jose        Early Stage         $20,000,000 Redpoint Ventures            Data analytics technology

                                                                        Matrix Partners, Sequoia
MoboTap*                San Francisco   Early Stage         $10,000,000 Capital                      Web browser for mobiles

                                                                                                     Desktop virtualization
Moka5                   Redwood City    Expansion            $3,239,000 undisclosed firm             technology for consumers

                                                                        Foundation Capital, Oak
Moxie Software          Mountain View   Expansion            $6,000,000 Investment Partners          Social software solutions

                                                                        Menlo Ventures, undisclosed Applications for
Mr. Number*             San Francisco   Early Stage          $4,797,000 firm                        smartphones

                                                                        Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                        Floodgate Fund, Greylock     On-demand identity
Okta                    San Francisco   Expansion           $16,499,900 Partners, Khosla Ventures    management service

Palantir Technologies   Palo Alto       Later Stage         $68,000,000 Founders Fund                Data analysis software

                                                                        Foundation Capital, Goldman
Pano Logic              Redwood City    Expansion            $7,500,000 Sachs & Co., Mayfield Fund Virtualization-based software

Phizzle*                San Francisco   Expansion            $3,000,000 Alsop Louie Partners         Mobile marketing software

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                      Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                   Emergence Capital Partners, Business intelligence
                                                                   StarVest Partners, Trident  software and Web-based
PivotLink          San Francisco   Later Stage          $8,085,000 Capital                     analytics

                                                                   Andreessen Horowitz, In-Q- Business intelligent and
Platfora*          San Mateo       Expansion            $5,683,000 Tel                        analytics platform

                                                                                               Data center infrastructure
                                                                                               and energy management
Power Assure       Santa Clara     Early Stage         $13,500,000 In-Q-Tel                    solutions

                                                                   Founders Fund, Glynn
                                                                   Capital Management,
                                                                   individuals, Morgenthaler   Web-based electronic
                                                                   Ventures, SV Angel, Western medical record system to
Practice Fusion    San Francisco   Expansion            $5,999,700 Technology Investment       physicians

                                                                                               Live online speech therapy
PresenceLearning   San Francisco   Early Stage           $350,000 Catamount Ventures           services for K-12 students

                                                                  Triton Management            IP-based video surveillance
Presto Networks*   Fremont         Expansion             $460,000 Corporation                  products

                                                                   Atomico Ventures, Endeavou
                                                                   Vision SA, Founders Fund,
                                                                   individuals, Infocomm
Quid*              San Francisco   Early Stage         $10,000,000 Investments                Data collection software

                                                                   U.S. Venture Partners,
                                                                   undisclosed firm, WI Harper
Quixey*            Palo Alto       Early Stage          $3,800,000 Group                       Search engine operator

                                                                                               Internet search engine
Qwhispr*           Sunnyvale       Early Stage           $150,000 Sierra Ventures              services

                                                                   Baseline Ventures,
                                                                   Foundation Capital, Founder
                                                                   Collective, Google Ventures, Application programming
Read It Later*     San Francisco   Expansion            $2,500,000 undisclosed firm             interface

Red Aril           Foster City     Early Stage           $375,000 Sierra Ventures              Online ad network

                                                                   Benchmark Capital,
                                                                   Individuals, Shasta Ventures
Red Robot Labs*    Palo Alto       Early Stage          $8,499,900 Management                   Software for mobile games

                                                                   Cisco Systems, Duff
                                                                   Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                   Khosla Ventures, Scale
                                                                   Venture Partners, Sequoia
RingCentral        San Mateo       Later Stage         $10,000,200 Capital, undisclosed firm   Enterprise telecom services

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                         Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                                                    Customer experience
Satmetrix Systems     San Mateo       Later Stage         $11,132,000 Undisclosed firm              software

                                                                      Fuse Capital, Horizon
                                                                      Ventures, Siemens Venture
                                                                      Capital GmbH, undisclosed     Wireless traffic and vehicle
Sensys Networks       Berkeley        Later Stage          $8,450,000 firm, Voyager Capital         detection systems

                                                                      Claremont Creek Ventures,
                                                                      ONSET Ventures, SingTel       Demand-side energy
Sentilla              Redwood City    Later Stage         $15,000,000 Innov8 Pte                    management solutions

                                                                                                    Devices used to measure
Solum                 Mountain View   Early Stage          $4,500,000 Khosla Ventures               soil nutrient levels

Steelwedge Software   Pleasanton      Later Stage         $16,000,000 Mainsail Partners             Software applications

                                                                      Draper Fisher Jurvetson,      Mobile video communication
TangoMe               Palo Alto       Expansion           $41,079,000 undisclosed firm              services

                                                                      Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                      Matrix Partners, Trinity
Taulia                San Francisco   Early Stage          $8,500,000 Ventures                      Business solutions

Torbit*               Mountain View   Early Stage           $585,000 K9 Ventures                    Cloud-based solutions

                                                                      Pitango Venture Capital,      Real-time customer usage
Totango*              Mountain View   Startup/Seed         $3,800,000 undisclosed firm              analysis software

                                                                      August Capital Management,
                                                                      Levensohn Venture Partners,
                                                                      Mayfield Fund, Tenaya       Networked central
Ubicom                San Jose        Later Stage          $1,000,000 Capital                     processing unit provider

                                                                      Sequoia Capital,
                                                                      WestSummit Capital         Multi-platform game
Unity Technologies    San Francisco   Later Stage         $12,000,000 Management, iGlobe Partnersdevelopment platform

                                                                      ONSET Ventures, Voyager       Software-based mobile
Vidder                San Jose        Early Stage          $1,284,000 Capital                       services

                                                                      August Capital Management,
                                                                      Canaan Partners, Correlation
                                                                      Ventures, InterWest
                                                                      Partners, Southern Cross
Virsto Software       Sunnyvale       Expansion            $5,000,000 Venture Partners             Virtual storage solutions

                                                                      Carmel Ventures, Greylock     Distributed desktop
Wanova                San Jose        Early Stage          $9,999,900 Partners, Opus Capital        virtualization solutions

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                       Venture Capital Survey, Third Quarter 2011

                                                                                                Website risk-management
WhiteHat Security   Santa Clara     Later Stage          $8,000,000 Investor Growth Capital     solutions

                                                                    Charles River Ventures,
                                                                    Emergence Capital Partners,
                                                                    Social+Capital Partnership,
Yammer              San Francisco   Expansion           $16,999,900 U.S. Venture Partners       Social network

                                                                     Bay Partners, Greylock
                                                                     Partners, Mayfield Fund,
                                                                     Rembrandt Venture Partners,
                                                                     Shasta Ventures
                                                                     Management, undisclosed     Mobile device management
Zenprise            Redwood City    Later Stage          $30,000,000 firms                       software provider

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