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					                                        SAN DIEGO CITY SCHOOLS
                                      DISTRICT ADVISORY COUNCIL
                                    FOR COMPENSATORY EDUCATION



This organization is established to promote and assure the cooperative participation of parents, community
members and staff in the education of eligible children for Compensatory Education Programs. The District
Advisory Council (DAC) will engage in meaningful consultation, under the guidelines provided by
Administrative Procedure 9062, on any program changes that have not originated from the DAC. The DAC will
be an active participant with the Categorical Program Support Office and the community in the planning,
implementation, and evaluation of compensatory education services. It will be a direct means of communication
and training for all compensatory education services. It will be a direct means of communication and training for
all local School Advisory Councils and School Site Councils at schools with Compensatory Education Programs.

                                                ARTICLE I
                                             NAME OF COUNCIL

This council shall be known as the San Diego Unified School District Advisory Council for Compensatory
Education Programs.

                                              ARTICLE II
                                        OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSE

This “council” shall have the following objectives and purposes:

       A.     To devote time and energy to use its talents, influence and means for the welfare of the children.

       B.     To be directly involved in providing the children with educational services to promote a better way
              of life for them by:

              1.      being directly involved in establishing district goals and objectives;

              2.      providing for participation in program planning, implementation and evaluation in
                      programs in support of the education of their children;

              3.      giving reactions to proposals, surveys, evaluations and making recommendations;

              4.      providing inservice opportunities for parents and SSC/SAC members;

              5.      aiding in the identification of human and material resources available from the community;

              6.      providing meaningful consultation in an organized, systematic, ongoing informed, and
                      timely manner to proposed Title I and Title VI program changes.
                                                  ARTICLE III

The council shall consist of:

       A.      One representative and one (1) designated alternate may be elected from current members of each
               School Advisory Council or School Site Council, or from other members of the school community
               of public, non-public, and/or charter schools with Compensatory Education Programs. The
               alternate shall vote in the absence of the representative.

       B.      Parents shall constitute a majority of the members representing Compensatory Education with the
               remainder of the members being either community and/or non-administrative staff members.

                                                ARTICLE IV
                                             ELECTED OFFICERS

The DAC officers will consist of a chairperson and two vice-chairpersons. The officers will be elected to serve
for two (2) years, and may be reelected and must be a DAC Representative or Alternate.

                                               ARTICLE V
                                      DUTIES OF ELECTED OFFICERS

A.     Chairperson:

       1.      Acts on behalf of the DAC.

       2.      Presides over all DAC Meetings

       3.      Will address all DAC member matters and be kept informed of all compensatory education matters

       4.      Appoints special committees and calls caucuses.

       5.      Appoints a parliamentarian and others to positions as necessary

       6.      Sets up monthly agenda in collaboration with the Categorical Program Support staff.

       7.      Reviews and approves minutes before they are mailed out to DAC members.

       8.      Signs applications upon approval of the Council.

       9.      Meets with project staff and other concerned constituents, involved persons, groups and/or

       10.     Delegate’s specific tasks to members as requested or as needed.

       11.     Receives information concerning positions funded by compensatory education programs,
               employment opportunities and inservice activities to provide information regarding these activities
               to members.

       12.     Performs other auxiliary functions as required.

       13.     Designates one vice chair to preside at meetings and perform all duties of the chair in his or her
       14.    Appoints representatives to attend conferences as needed.

B.     Vice Chairpersons

       1.     Vice Chairpersons designated by chair preside at meetings and performs all duties of the
              chairperson in his or her absence.

       2.     Coordinates subcommittee activities as designated by chair.

       3.     Performs other duties as designated by chair.

                                    ARTICLE VI

Section I: Nominations

       A.     The chairperson shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of five members at the October

       B.     The nominating committee shall compile a slate of nominees for each office to be presented to the
              DAC at the November meeting.

              The nominees for chairperson and co-vice chairperson shall be District Advisory Council for
              Compensatory Education Program representatives for a minimum of two years and be members in
              good standing. (A member in good standing demonstrates consistent and complete participation
              at monthly DAC meetings.)

       C.     Nominations from the floor shall be accepted during the November meeting. Nominees must be
              present to accept such nominations.

       D.     The final slate of nominees shall be included in the November minutes.

Section II: Elections

       A.     The chairperson shall appoint an election committee at the November meeting.

       B.     Duties of the election committee shall be to conduct the election, count the ballots and announce
              the election results.

       C.     Elections shall be held during the December meeting.

       D.     Voting shall be by secret ballot.

       E.     The candidate receiving the majority of votes for each office shall be declared elected.

       F.     The newly elected officers shall be installed at the end of the December meeting and shall assume
              responsibility for the January meeting.

       G.     The nominees will provide the chairperson of the Nominating Committee with written biography
              of his/her activities in Title I related areas, to be published and sent to the members prior to the
              December meeting with the December agenda and the minutes from the November meeting.
       H.     There will be no campaigning at the December meting prior to or during the election. This will
              include, but not be limited to, the distribution of any literature (biographies, etc.) or speeches given
              by the candidates.

                                            ARTICLE VII
                                      REPLACEMENT OF OFFICERS

A.     If the chairperson position becomes vacant, one of the vice-chairpersons shall assume the position of the
       chair for the remainder of the term. This will be determined by a vote of the DAC.

B.     In the event a vice-chairperson position becomes vacant, the chair will appoint a nomination committee
       and an election shall be held to fill that position at the next DAC meeting.

C.     Any officer failing to fulfill the duties of the office may be replaced by a 2/3 vote of members in
       attendance at the meeting in which the action took place.

                                              ARTICLE VIII
                                           APPOINTED OFFICERS

Section I: Recording Secretary

A recording secretary shall be appointed to the DAC. The recording secretary’s duties are:

       A.     Record the minutes of each called meeting.

       B.     Keep all records including membership list and calendar meetings.

       C.     Send thank you notes to each guest speaker.

       D.     Maintain an attendance records of all members and provides a report to the chairperson one week
              after each monthly meeting.

Section II: Parliamentarian

The chairperson shall appoint a parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian must be a DAC representative or alternate.
The duties of the parliamentarian shall be:

       1.     advise the chairperson and DAC members regarding Parliamentarian procedures.

       2.     keep on hand current copies of DAC By-laws for all representatives and ascertain that they have a

       3.     assist SAC/SSC Parliamentarians when requested.

Section III Executive Board.

An executive board shall be established by the chairperson from members of the DAC. The executive board
shall consist of no more than 12 members, appointed by the chairperson and ratified by the DAC at a regular
meeting prior to the executive board meeting at which the new member(s) will participate. Three unexcused
absences from executive board meetings shall be cause for termination of appointment. Vacancies shall be filled
at the next regular DAC meeting. The duties of the Executive Board shall be:
       1.     advise the DAC chair on matters under his/her jurisdiction;

       2.     act on behalf of the DAC on matters that are time sensitive. These actions are subject to approval
              by the DAC general membership at the next regular meeting;

       3.     follow up on “Action Items” or issues that are generated in the regular meetings and have to be
              researched, analyzed and/or presented for discussion; and

       4.     other duties as required and assigned by chairperson.

                                                ARTICLE IX

A.     DAC members or designated alternates are to attend each called or regular meeting.

B.     When both members and alternate are unexcused for two consecutive meetings, the chairperson shall
       notify the School Advisory Council chairperson and the Categorical Program Support Services staff, who
       shall notify the principal.

C.     after three unexcused absences, the local School Advisory/Site Council shall be asked to replace the
       member and alternate by the next DAC meeting.

D.     100% attendance is defined to be: the DAC representative or alternate has signed in at every meeting from
       November through May.

E.     All representatives desiring to attend conferences must have established regular attendance, and must be
       present at the meeting for election/selection.

                                                 ARTICLE X

A.     Regular meetings shall normally be held on the third Wednesday of each month during the traditional
       school year. Special meetings may be called as needed.

B.     The agenda shall contain DAC, staff business and ongoing training. Any program such as lectures, guest
       speakers, films, etc., shall not exceed thirty minutes.

                                            ARTICLE XI
                                     PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY

All meetings shall be governed by the District Advisory Council By-laws, District Procedures, applicable State
and Federal regulations and Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised.

                                                ARTICLE XII

A.     These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at any meeting provided
       previous notice has been given.

B.     The By-laws in no way supersede the established State and District guidelines and regulations.
                                             ARTICLE XIII
                                         STANDING COMMITTEES

The committee(s) is/are as followings:

Harold J. Ballard Parent Center Advisory Board

September 29, 1999 lb

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