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   Department/Supervisor          Phone/Email         Location     Available         Hours
   Abbo's Alley/Louis Rice        598-9368/lrice    170 Texas Ave.     5        Monday - Thursday

Academic Technology Center/                         duPont Library              Standard Office,
       Sharon Tomes              598-1362/stomes        G009          25       Weekends and Nights
  Accounts Payable/Connie              598-
           McBee                   1306/cmcbee       Carnegie 117      3         Standard Office

   Admission/Shirley Taylor      598-1584/staylor     Fulford Hall    10         Standard Office

                                                    McGriff Alumni
 Alumni Office/Susan Askew       598-1710/saskew       House           2         Standard Office

Anthropology/Dr. Celeste Ray      598-1829/cray        Guerry 5        2

                                      598-                                       Weekdays and
 Art Gallery/Shelley MacLaren     1223/sjmaclar       Guerry 109      14          Weekends

 Art & Art History/Dr. Mishoe         598-           Carnegie Hall               Weekdays and
          Brennecke               1982/nbrennec          303          12          Weekends
  Asian Studies/Dr. Harold            598-
           Goldberg               1566/hgoldber     Walsh-Ellet 301    2
Athletic Department/Art Hanson    1901/ahanson       Fowler Center    37       Nights and Weekends

   Biology/Kataren Johnson        3305/kjjohnso     Woods Lab 115     12         Standard Office

 Bishop's Common/Barbara                                                       Standard Office AND
           Banks                 598-1201/bbanks Georgia Avenue       18         Nights/Weekends

                                                    Career Services
 Career Services/Lisa Howick     598-3208/lhowick       House          1         Standard Office
                                       598-          Spencer Hall
    Carillon/John Bordley          1801/jbordley          256          1         Standard Office

Cashier's Office/Shawn Gibson 598-1946/swalker       Carnegie 118      3         Standard Office

 Chemistry/Jennifer Bachman      3237/jbachman       Spencer 253      10             Flexible

 Child Care Center/Joy Melton 598-1699/jlmelton Georgia Avenue        10         Standard Office

   Classical Languages/Dr.            598-
   Christopher McDonough         1519/cmcdonou         Gailor 18       1

                                                       3rd Floor
 Communications/Pam Byerly       598-1286/pbyerly     Fulford Hall     3         Standard Office
    Computing & Network               598-           Comp Tel
     Svcs/Peggy Green            1255/peggreen        Center            2          Standard Office

 Dean of Students/Kay Brown     598-1229/kbrown Cleveland A 116         1          Standard Office

Deans of College/Cindy Church     1248/cchurch     Walsh Ellet 122      3          Standard Office

 Domain Management/Nate              598-
         Wilson                  1268/wnwilson      Snowden 105         2

                                                   178 Georgia                   Standard Office,
 duPont Library/Judy Rollins    598-1265/jrollins    Avenue            38       Weekends and Nights
  Economics/Dr. Douglass             598-
          Williams               1805/dwilliam    Walsh-Ellet 211       4
    Emergency Medical
   Services/Dennis Jones         598-1665/sems          xxxxx           1
  English/Dr. Pamela Macfie       1138/pmacfie       Gailor 113         4          Standard Office

Environmental Studies/Costa
       Hadjilambrinos           598-3533/chadjila Walsh-Ellet 215       1              Flexible
 Equestrian Center/Dennis             598-
          Patton                 1839/depatton Brakefield Road         10

 Executive Offices/Sandy Carr    598-1934/slcarr     Walsh-Ellet        2          Standard Office
  Financial Aid Office/Denise                         2nd Floor
             Barry              598-1312/dbarry      Fulford Hall       2          Standard Office
                                                     Basement        Referral
Fire Department/David Green     598-0736/dgreen        Room 8        Required

Forestry Geology/Karen Kuers    598-1421/kkuers     Van Ness 131        4

     French/Kathryn Mills    598-1222/kmills         Gailor 211         4
German/Dr. James Davidheiser 1544/jdavidhe           Gailor 203         1          Standard Office
  German/Dr. Reinhard K.          598-
           Zachau             1291/rzachau           Gailor 214         1           Standard Office
                                                                                Standard Office, could
                                     598-              Guerry                    also involve evening
Guerry Hall/Katherine Lehman     1871/klehman        Auditorium         1                work
                                     592-          Health Services
Health Services/Kim Bradford     1270/kbradfor           103            2
History/Dr.Samuel Williamson     1711/swilliam       Library 320        1
 Housing Sewanee, Inc/Dixon                       Bishops                         Friday afternoons,
              Meyers            598-1156/dmyers Common 117               2          and Saturdays
Interdisciplinary Humanties/Dr.
           Don Huber            598-1868/dhuber  Gailor 22               1
     International Student            598-
  Coordinator/Kay MacKenzie      1884/skmacken Walsh-Ellet 124           2         Standard Office

Intramural Coordinator/Nancy                        Fowler Center                 Nights and some
            Ladd                 592-1320/nladd          407             4           weekends

Landscape Lab/Dr. John Evans 598-1304/jevans        Spencer 176A         2

                                      598-                                       Standard Office AND
Language Lab/Helen Stapleton      1468/hfstaple     Gailor Hall 225     10         Nights/Weekends

                                      598-                                       Standard Office AND
  Lifeguard/Max Obermiller        1546/mobermil     Fowler Center       16         Nights/Weekends

Math & Computer Science/Dr.           598-                            Referral
    Catherine Cavagnaro          1716/ccavagna      Woods Lab 213     Required
   Multi-Cultural Student             598-           Cleveland
    Affairs/Eric Benjamin        1241/ebenjami        Annex 10           3

                                                                                 Standard Office AND
   Music/Dr. Stephen Miller      598-1874/smiller      Guerry 3          9         Nights/Weekends

Observatory/Dr. Douglas Durig    598-1570/ddurig Woods Lab 229           2       Nights and Weekends
                                      598-          Bishop's
Outing Program/John Benson        1214/jbenson    Common 121             4
 Personnel Services/Teresa            598-
           Smith                  1381/tersmith   Carnegie 104           2         Standard Office

 Philosophy/Dr. James Peters     598-1581/jpeters     Guerry 121         3
Physical Plant Services/Nickie         598-          478 Georgia
           Peardon                1264/napeardo        Avenue            9         Standard Office

  Physics/Dr. Douglas Durig      598-1570/ddurig Woods Lab 229           3
  Political Science/Dr. Scott
             Wilson          598-1173/swilson Guerry Hall 2              3         Standard Office
Psychology/Dr. Helen Bateman 1712/hbateman Woods Lab 327                 2
     Registrar/Joel Wells    598-3353/jdwells    Annex                   3         Standard Office

    Religion/Dr. Sid Brown       598-1529/sbrown Walsh-Ellett 215        1         Standard Office
Religion/Trustees/Sandy Carr       598-1934/slcarr Walsh-Ellett 108     2
  Rental Housing/Melissa                598-        107 Alabama
           Burnette                1171/mburnett       Avenue           7      Standard Office
 Residential Life/Jania Collins   598-1208/jcollins Common 111          5
  Russian Studies/Elizabeth             598-
            Skomp                   1254/eskomp     Gailor Hall 220     1

     Sewanee Children's           5928/sccenter@b Otey Memorial
    Center/Maggie Hanson       Parrish            3      Standard Office
   Sewanee Environmental                          735 University
    Institute/Dr. Jon Evans       598-1304/jevans    Avenue             4      Monday - Friday
                                        598-        Sewanee
    Sewanee Elementary            5951/mike.maxon  Elementary
     School/Mike Maxon           School             14     Standard Office

                                       598-                                  Standard Office AND
 Sewanee Inn/Chris Carlson         1686/ccarlson      Inn Main Office   2      Nights/Weekends
Sewanee Union Theatre/Sarah            598-           735 University
          Butler                   1134/sabutler          Avenue        7    Nights and Weekends

  Slide Library/Mary O'Neill      598-1660/moneill    Library G0025     3      Monday - Friday

                                                                               Standard Office,
  Spanish/Dr. Peggy Bonds         598-1174/pbonds   Gailor 229          7    evenings, & Sundays
   St. Andrews-Sewanee            3219/eduncan@s
  School/Elizabeth Duncan      290 Quintard Rd       2      Standard Office

      Stirling's Coffee                598-                                   Standard Office,
   House/Katherine Alvarez         1963/kalvarez  Georgia Avenue        10   Weekends and Nights
Student Accounts/Carol Ingle      598-1347/cingle    Annex 8B           2      Standard Office
Student Post Office/Johnny             598-          Bishop's
          Hughes                   1102/jhughes    Common 005           11     Standard Office
  Teacher Education/Mae                598-         Thompson
          Wallace                 1327/mwallace     Union A102          1      Standard Office

                                      598-             Thompson
Sewanee Tutors/Nancy Daniel        1324/ndaniel        Union 101A       4      Standard Office

Telecommunications/Jeanne                               Comp Tel
        Jansenius                 598-1095/jjanseni      Center         3      Standard Office
Theatre and Speech/Jennifer         598-           Tennessee
          Matthews              1126/jmatthew     Williams Center      8
  Third World Studies/Dr.           598-
      Carmen McEvoy             1491/cmcevoy        Library 216        1
 University Relations/Renee                         Thompson
             Blair              598-1561/rblair        Union           8         Standard Office
 Writing Across Curriculum/       598-9298          Gailor 117      Required

WUTS Radio Station/Andrew                                                       Standard Office,
         Moser                 598-3312/amoser duPont Library          3       Weekends and Nights

Young Writers Conference/Dr.        598-
    Elizabeth Grammer          1541/egrammer         Gailor 14         1
                                                     Central Campus      Supervisor
           Additional Information                       Location      Referral Required
          Outdoor work, manual labor                       Yes

       Knowledgeable in basic computer
            functionality, Mac or PC                      Yes
   General office duties, running errands on
                     campus                               Yes
Attention to detail a priority, some heavy lifting
                may be required                           Yes

Assist in event planning, alumni mailings and
research, data entry, run errands on campus               Yes


 Heavy lifting required for exhibit set-up, must
be available to work at least one weekend shift        Yes
General maintenance of studios. Preparation
    of supplies and materials for classes.
   Distribution of promotional materials for
           exhibitions around campus             Various Locations


  Office work, outdoor work and heavy lifting             Yes
Assist in intro lab program, drive on field trips,
  assist in safety programs, filing, inventory,
faculty research, lab teaching assistants and
                       more                               Yes


 General office duties. Computer experience
                   required.                              Yes
  General office duties, running errands on
                    campus                                Yes
     Help set-up for intro labs, test safety
    equipment, file, run errands, help with
 research prjects, chemisty demonstrations.
  Some science background helpful but not
                    required                              Yes


 Latin and Greek tutor, assignment required
        prior approval from department                    Yes               Yes
 Assist with editorial work, compiling, writing,
 editing, and proofreading. Other duties may
 include running errands, web maintenance,
           filing and scanning photos                     Yes
Must be able to lift and carry weight of at least
 30lbs, have general or advanced computing
skills. General offices duties that include pick
     up and delivery of various computing
equipment or supplies to all areas of campus        Yes

    Clerical duties, run errands on campus          Yes

  General office duties, data entry, running
 errands on campus. Computer skills a plus.         Yes

   Must enjoy working outdoors in rugged
 mountain terrain. Orienteering skills a plus.
Also includes spreadsheet and database work         Yes



Clerical Duties, basic research on-line and in
                   the library                      Yes


  General office duties, running errands on
                   campus                           Yes
  General office duties, running errands on
                   campus                           Yes

  Requires referral from supervisior before
                 placement                          FIRE   Yes


              Language Fluency                      Yes

              Language Fluency                      Yes

              Language Fluency                      Yes

      Set-up and tech support for events            Yes

Assist in research and publishing of Sewanee
                History Project                     Yes
    Experience or strong desire to learn
  carpentry, painting, landscaping, etc. on
  residential housing work for a Habitat for
         Humanity type organization                 Yes


   Clerical duties and web site assistance          Yes

Sport knowledge preferred but not required,
   duties include but not limited to event
 supervision, scheduling, set-up, and take
  down venues, scorekeeping, officiating            Yes


 Language fluency, computer experience a
                   plus                             Yes
 Lifeguard training, CPR/AED and First Aid
certificate required. Light cleaning, the ability
   to lift 50lbs. General Office duties, with
 experience in Microsoft Word and Excel a
    plus. An interest in learning the Team
  Desktop Software and the Hy-Tek Meet
Software for meets and data transfer are also
                     a plus.                        Yes

  Requires referral from supervisior before
                 placement                          Yes   Yes


Accompany ensembles, occasional help with
               concerts                             Yes


  General office duties, running errands on
                   campus                           Yes


                 Manual labor

         General Office duties, some
         research/computational work                Yes

    Acute sense of trustworthiness and
    confidentiality in dealing with records         Yes
 Researching various topics, organizing, run
            errands on campus                       Yes
Researching various topics, organizing, run
           errands on campus                     Yes

                   Clerical                      Yes

 Requires substantial knowledge of campus        Yes


Employees must meet all state requirements
 for childcare workers including background
 checks, fingerprint scans, physical, TB test
             and reference check                 No

     Computer skills, imagery scanning           Yes

Assisting students, secretarial duties such as
   laminating, photocopying, cutouts, etc.       No

Requires substantial knowledge of campus         No
Running concession stand, movie projector,
       cleaning, assisting customers             Yes
 Background in Adobe Photshop, Excel or
Dreamweaver a plus as Art History major or
             studio major in Art                 Yes
  Tutor undergraduates on all aspects of
 Spanish; assist faculty with general tasks
  including workbook corrections and/or
                  research.                      Yes


       Orientation Meeting Required              Yes
  General office duties, running errands on
                   campus                        Yes

  General office duties, running errands on
                   campus                        Yes

Tutoring in Franklin, Grundy and Marion
County elemantary and middle schools.
Will provide tutoring in all subjects. Must
    be able to provide transportation.           No

 Students will gain experience on repairing
phones, installation and repair of voice/data
jacks and cable. Ample opportunity to gain
experience as a console operator and voice
   mail coordinator. No prior experience
    necessary just a willingness to learn        Yes

  General office duties, running errands on
                   campus                         Yes
  Requires referral from supervisior before
                  placement                       Yes

Digitizing CD library, recording public service
 announcements. May be eligible for a Staff
position. These positions cover anything from
   marketing, to computer technical skills.       Yes


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