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									              Ke Kumu ‘Ike
                                                                                                              The Newsletter of the
                                                                                                              Colleges of Arts & Sciences
                                                                                                              University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                                                                                              Spring 2004
                                                                                                              Volume Eight · Number One

Colleges of Arts & Sciences
Welcome Lyon Arboretum
    n the early 1900s the land                                                                             est. It serves as a center for
    in the back of Ma noa val-                                                                             educational activities on
    ley looked nothing as it                                                                               plants, arts, culture, geogra-
does today. Its lower slopes                                                                               phy, and a range of other sci-
were cleared of its native veg-                                                                            ences. Scholars from
etation for agriculture and                                                                                Anthropology, Biology,
heavily overgrazed by cattle.                                                                              Botany, Culinary Arts,
Concerned with the loss of                                                                                 Engineering, Geography,
forests and deteriorating                                                                                  Hawaiian Studies,
watersheds, the Hawaiian                                                                                   Horticulture, and Zoology use
Sugar Planters’ Association                                                                                the arboretum in parts of their
(HSPA) purchased 124 acres                                                                                 research or teaching.
in 1918 to demonstrate the                                                                                 Approximately 34,000 com-
value of watershed restoration,                                                                            munity members and K-12
test tree species for reforesta-                                                                           students each year participate
tion, and collect plants of            Red Ginger (Alpinia purpurata)
                                                                                                           in classes, research projects,
economic value. In 1953,                                                                                   other activities, or simply
HSPA gave the land to the University of Hawai‘i for use as a                wander through the grounds enjoying some of its over 5,000
                                         botanical garden, and an           species of plants.
                                         additional 69.5 acres was             The arboretum boasts
                                         later added to what was to         noteworthy collections,
                                         become known as the                including over 650 species
                                         Lyon Arboretum. Named              of palms (making it among
                                         after its first director,          the larger palm collections
                                         Harold L. Lyon, the                in the world), aroids, helico-
                                         arboretum recently                 nias, gingers, and bromeli-
                                         became a part of the               ads, in addition to its native
                                         College of Natural                 Hawaiian plant and ethnob-
                                         Sciences and thus, the             otanical collections. The
                                         Colleges of Arts &                 internationally-recognized
                                         Sciences proudly welcome           Plant Micropropagation
                                         it under their umbrella.           Laboratory uses state-of-
                                             The Lyon Arboretum is          the-art tissue culture tech-
This flower, from the Could Forests of   the only university arbore-        niques to help propagate and Lobster Claw (Heliconia rostrata)
Podocarpus National Park (Southern       tum in a tropical rainfor-         rescue some of Hawaii’s
Ecuador), is closely related to
Teliopogon equadorensis.                                                               Continued on page 16

 Faculty Feature
A Day in the Life of Arts & Sciences Adviser
Megumi I. Taniguchi
What exactly does                                                                                                         1:30 Student appointment
                                                                                                                          The next student I work with is
an Arts & Sciences                                                                                                        having a difficult semester. We
                                                                                                                          discuss why she’s not doing well,
Adviser do?                                                                                                               examine contributing factors and
Experience a day in                                                                                                       possible strategies. I also refer her
                                                                                                                          to several campus resources.
the life of Megumi                                                                                                        When students are in crises, we
Taniguchi.                                                                                                                help them to consider all their
                                                                                                                          options and make sound decisions.
7:00 a.m. Projects before work
I review the statements of intent                                                                                         2:00 Student appointment
and academic plans for prospec-                                                                                           A student who is returning to
tive second degree candidates and                                                                                         school after 20 years is trying to
make admission recommendations                                                                                            make decisions regarding his
to the dean. I edit a proposal that a                                                                                     choice of major and a career
colleague and I are submitting to a                                                                                       change. I confer with the last
national conference.                                                                                                      adviser who worked with the stu-
                                                                                                                          dent. To provide comprehensive
8:30 Office (officially) opens                                                                                            services to students, we routinely
                                                                                                                          consult and collaborate with our
9:00–11:00 First Year Center                                                                                              colleagues within the department,
(FYC)—student walk-in                                                                                                     as well as major advisers, instruc-
advising                                                                                                                  tional faculty, and other student
Advisers are specialist faculty                                                                                           service office personnel across
who, in addition to providing                                                                                             campus.
direct service to students, develop projects that support academic
advising services. As the coordinator of the FYC, I utilize student                 2:30 Student appointment
                                                                                    A student meets with me to obtain a better understanding of the new
developmental theory not only in my work with walk-in students but
                                                                                    core. Our campus has done an amazing job with faculty governance in
also in my supervision and training of peer mentors (student parapro-
                                                                                    many areas. One result of this is that our General Education—and par-
fessionals who are specifically trained to work with first year students).          ticularly the Arts & Sciences BA core—has been re-envisioned.
                                                                                    Students have much more flexibility and choice and look to us to help
11:00–12:00 JUMP (Junior Matriculation Planning) session                                                                                      a
                                                                                    them make key decisions that shape their experience at M- noa.
Advisers are educators. In appointments with students, in our work with
peer mentors, in JUMP and GRAD sessions, we instruct, guide and                     3:15 Writing Intensive Faculty Board Meeting
teach. I assist one of the other advisers with a JUMP session. After her            All of us in the office are active in various committees on campus—
initial instruction, we work with the students individually to help them            including the Faculty Senate, the Council of Advisers, the General
understand their degree requirements and assist them in planning their              Education committee, and Focus boards—because it enables us to clari-
academic careers.                                                                   fy academic policy, to stay current with academic policy issues, and to
                                                                                    help impact decisions that affect students’ academic lives.
12:00–12:30 Lunch
                                                                                    4:30 Office (officially) closes
12:30–1:00 Lunch, continued                                                         As advisers, our day rarely begins or ends by the clock. I follow up on
I use the rest of my lunch hour to work on minutes for an Arts &                    individual student cases. The end of the day, like the early morning, is
Sciences Faculty Executive Committee meeting. As advisers, our priori-              often a good time to work, uninterrupted.
ties shift constantly, balancing service to students with service to the
University and the community. We balance time spent with students                   5:30 Headed home
with time spent after work for professional development. We realize                 I leave the office after completing a few projects. Another adviser is
that furthering our own educational goals strengthens our interactions              still there and we discuss a decision that was made in our faculty meet-
with students. As a result, many of the advisers in our office continue to          ing.
take classes and work towards advanced degrees.
                                                                                    10:00 Follow up
1:00 Student appointment                                                            After dinner and a nap, I read a chapter for the class I’m taking. Then, I
A transfer student has come in seeking clarification of her educational             plan training curricula for the peer mentors and review a few Writing
goals. She has a list of questions and that makes our session extremely             Intensive proposals. I have three other projects that I had intended to
productive. I’ve worked with her from the time she first transferred                do, but I'll tackle them first thing tomorrow morning.
here. It’s fulfilling to be able to see students until the time they success-
fully graduate.

Ke Kumu ‘Ike
Ke Kumu ‘Ike, or “the basis of
                                          Message from the Deans
knowledge” in Hawaiian, is the
newsletter of the Colleges of Arts
& Sciences at the University of
Hawai‘i at Manoa. It is published
twice a year by the Office of
                                          Dear Alumni and Friends,
Community and Alumni
Relations, 2500 Campus Road,
                                          This issue of Ke Kumu ‘Ike represents the widely varied activities of faculty,
Hawai‘i Hall 311, Honolulu,               students, alumni, and friends of the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and gives
Hawai‘i 96822 and circulated to           insight into the depth and breadth of liberal arts educational opportunities at a
over 50,000 alumni and friends of
the Colleges of Arts & Sciences.
                                          major research university. The term “liberal arts” refers not to a political persua-
Throughout the year, we'd like to         sion, but rather to the “liberating” effects of exposing students to a variety of
hear from you. If you have com-           disciplines, as well as the methods, ways of thinking, and values in those disci-
ments, suggestions, news, even
an address change, please write to
                                          plines. From operating the Lyon Arboretum to conducting archaeological
us, call (808) 956-4051, or e-mail        research in Cambodia, faculty and students participate in exciting activities                      which add to the body of knowledge available throughout the world.
  ARTS & SCIENCES DEANS                   This issue also highlights some of the outreach activities of the Colleges of Arts
      Richard Dubanoski                   & Sciences. Our very active Advisory Council and the Colleges of Arts &
    College of Social Sciences
                                          Sciences Alumni Association (CASAA) bring events and scholars to the larger
        Charles F. Hayes                  community. Everyone is welcome at the downtown speaker series organized by
   College of Natural Sciences
                                          the Advisory Council. Membership in CASAA is a wonderful way to keep in
       Judith R. Hughes                   touch with your alma mater and alumni. For more information about the council
 College of Arts and Humanities
                                          and CASAA, please visit the Colleges of Arts & Sciences website
       Joseph H. O’Mealy        
      College of Languages,
    Linguistics, and Literature           Megumi Taniguchi (featured on page 2) represents the kind of service our stu-
          Senior Editor                   dents have come to expect. She and her colleagues provide caring and profes-
        Karin Mackenzie                   sional advising service to thousands of students every semester.
Office of Community and Alumni            Finally, a special word of thanks to our donors. Your support is very important
                                          to our students and faculty. It provides scholarships, travel, research support,
       Editorial Advisor                  equipment for labs, costumes for the theatre, and so much more. We are grateful
    Dean Joseph H. O’Mealy
                                          to you all and hope others will join you in supporting the Colleges of Arts &
             Layout                       Sciences.
       Tamara Goldbogen
   Public Information Officer
Office of Community and Alumni
            Relations                     Aloha,
        Design Advisor
       Michael Tamaru
     Publications Manager
 External Affairs and University
           Relations                      Richard Dubanoski                         Judith R. Hughes
                                          Dean                                      Dean
   The University of Hawai‘i at Ma ¯noa   College of Social Sciences                College of Arts and Humanities
    is an equal opportunity/affirmative
             action institution.

Our sincere apologies to James            Charles F. Hayes                           Joseph H. O’Mealy
Ka‘upena Wong, Jr. who wrote              Interim Dean                               Interim Dean
Hanohano ‘o Hawai‘i Hall in celebra-      College of Natural Sciences                College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature
tion of the restoration of Hawai‘i
Hall. There were typographical errors
in the Hawaiian version.

 Colleges of Arts & Sciences
The Colleges of Arts & Sciences are pleased to acknowledge gifts from you, friends and alumni, received
January 1, 2003–December 31, 2003. Thank you for so generously contributing to the Colleges through the
University of Hawai‘i Foundation. Your gifts enhance student experiences and academic endeavors.
(Because of the thousands of gifts received during the year, we are not able to publish gifts less than $100,
but recognize their importance.)

Gifts of $1,000,000 and more      Sidney & Aileen Fuke                 Gifts of $1,000 to $1,499            Captain Dave Lyman
Estate of Sidney & Erica K.       Dr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Gainsley       Mr. & Mrs. Richert T. C. Au Hoy      Dr. Bill Chaloupka
    Hsiao                         Gannett Foundation                   Mr. & Mrs. James W. Betts, Jr.       Dr. Florence Chan
                                  Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation        Mr. & Mrs. Samuel B. K. Chang        Dr. Clifford W. J. Chang
                                  Hands of Hope Foundation             Dr. Doris & Mr. Wilbert Ching        Dr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Chiogioji
Gifts of $100,000 to $499,999     Hawaii Association of                Michael & Iris Chow                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Y. T. Chung
Hawaii Community Foundation           Broadcasters, Inc.               Consulate General of Japan           Crew of the S.S. Matsonia
Estate of Dorothy Newman          Hawaiian Organics LLC                Dr. & Mrs. Donald A. Corbin          Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. De Mont
The Bernard Osher Foundation      Mrs. Harold J. Heide                 Foodland Super Market, Ltd.          Dr. Karl Heinz Dovermann
Estate of Sally R. Sheehan        Mr. Takeshi Hoshino                  Mr. Frank K. Hamada                  Ms. Sarah E. Fincke
Viata On-Line                     Mr. & Mrs. F. Douglas Ikegami        Hawaii Times Photo Archives          Mrs. Rhoda Cappy Friedman
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Keala              Foundation                       Mr. Evan K. Fujimoto
                                  Tom & Delmarie Klobe                 Hawaii Youth Symphony                Ms. G. Donna Gedge
Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999       Mr. & Mrs. Dayne O. Kono                 Association                      Mr. Wilfred T. Gibo
Mrs. Joan S. Bellinger            Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Kosaki         Mr. & Mrs. William T. Hiraoka        Mrs. Lynn Marie Glick
Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching     Dr. Sumner J. LaCroix                Mr. Takeo Hokama                     Dr. Genevieve Go
   Foundation                     Dr. Roger A. Long                    Dr. & Mrs. Paul F. Hooper            Mr. & Mrs. Shigeru Goto
Hawaiian Silversword Foundation   Masaki School of Music Inc.          Dr. Kristin Ihrig & Mrs. Russel      Hawaii American String Teachers
The Japan Foundation              Mrs. Margaret D. Maynard                 Hardison                             Association
The Albert Parvin Foundation      Wade & Harue McVay Family            Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Katayama        Hawaii Opera Theatre
John Chin Young Foundation            Foundation                       Mr. H. Riley Jaschke & Ms. Juli      Hawaiian Electric Independant
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Morgan              M. Kimura Walters                    Charitable Foundation
                                  National Writing Project             Mrs. Jane O. Komeiji                 Hawaii USA Federal Credit
Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999       Dr. & Mrs. Deane E. Neubauer         Mr. & Mrs. Don Lichty                    Union
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation    Dr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Ogawa           Mr. Will O. Lichty                   Dr. Emily Ann & Mr. John W.
Ms. Lillian Beckenfeld            Mr. & Mrs. Wesley T. Park            Mr. Peter A. Loeb                        Hawkins
The Infinity Foundation           Mr. Michael T. Pfeffer               Mr. & Mrs. Michael A.                Hewlett-Packard Company
National Geographic Society       The Presser Foundation                   McKenney                         Dr. Kelvin T. Higa
Dr. & Mrs. Seiji Naya             Priority Networks, Inc.              Dr. Katja Michael                    Mrs. Mieko H. Higuchi
Mr. Rodney P. Santos              Rhododendron Species                 Mrs. Shizue Minobe                   Mrs. Lois J. Huxtable
The Arthur & Mae Orvis                Foundation                       Dr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Moriguchi      Dr. Robert F. Huxtable
    Foundation Inc.               Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D.               Mr. Lester Nakamura & Ms.            Dr. & Mrs. Kip R. Irvine
                                      Rodriguez                            Peggy Umetsu                     Mrs. Lenore S. Johnson
                                  Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Sakai           Dr. Harriet H. Natsuyama             Joji's Bando Joji Studio
Gifts of $1,500 to $9,999         Mr. James L. Sarset                  Mr. Phillip Olsen & Ms. Gail         JTB Hawaii, Inc.
1250 Oceanside Partners           Sidney Stern Memorial Trust              Hudson                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Kahle, Jr.
A T & T Foundation                Mr. & Mrs. Myron B. Thompson         Mr. & Mrs. Hajime Sato               Mr. Evan T. Kanbara
ABC Stores                        Dr. Sidney J. Townsley               Mr. & Mrs. Calvin W. Schwabe         Ms. Elizabeth T. Kaneshiro
Dr. & Mrs. R. T. Ames             UH Ceramics Students                 Dr. Arleene D. K. Skillman           Dr. & Mrs. Yoshinori Kato
Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Ando        Mr. Ernest T. Urata                  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Q. K. Stone, Jr.   Mr. David A. Feller & Ms. Janice
Bamboo Harvest LP                 Usui International Corporation       Mr. & Mrs. Matsuo Takabuki               P. Kim
Buddha Dharma Kyokai Society,     Verizon Foundation                   The Toro Foundation                  Dr. & Mrs. Harry H. Kitano
    Inc.                          Dr. & Mrs. Coolidge Wakai            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. T. Young        Mr. & Mrs. Iwao Kumabe
Caliber Promotions, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Gulab Watumull                                                 Mr. Arnold W. Lau
Centennial Committee of Korean    Dr. & Mrs. Frank X. Woolard                                               Mr. & Mrs. John F. Lezak
    Immigration to Hawaii         Dr. Beatrice T. Yamasaki             Gifts of $500 to $999                Mrs. Liu Li Lundin
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cheng        Mrs. Tomoyo Yanagihara               Mr. Lawrence T. Amuro                Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott MacKinnon
Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation       Mr. & Mrs. Grant E. Yoshikami        Dorothy B. Anderson Perpetual        Mr. Michael T. Matsuda
Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Clark, Jr.    Allen & Nobuko Zecha                     Trust                            Ms. Kathleen C. Matsueda
Drs. Richard & Joan Dubanoski         Foundation                       Dr. Jerry H. Bentley                 Dr. Donald M. Matsumori
                                                                       Dr. Roger D. Blair                   Mrs. Carol T. Matsuzaki

Mr. & Mrs. William P. McNally, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ferree              Ms. Paulette V. Maehara             Mr. Clayton I. Yoshida
Mr. & Mrs. Grant W. Merritt          First Hawaiian Bank                    Dr. & Mrs. James Mak                Mrs. Elsie S. Young
Mr. Frank X. Mivelaz                 Dr. & Mrs. Walter S. O. Fo             The Honorable Barbara &             Mr. & Mrs. Noboru Yoza
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin K. Mukai         Friends of the UH Music                    Richard Coons                   Dr. David Alan Ziemann
Mr. Glenn K. Nakasato                    Department                         Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Matoi
Mr. Raymond E. Naylon, Sr.           Friends of UH Choir                    Dr. Floyd W. Matson
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Noland            Friends of UH Jazz Emsemble            Ms. Florence N. Matsui              Gifts of $100 to $249
Ms. Flora L. Olsen                   Mr. & Mrs. Lance T. Fujii              Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Matsumoto         Ms. Miriam Abelaye-Wolff
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Porzio         Mrs. Faith N. Fujimura                 Mr. & Mrs. Jon Mauney               The Honorable & Mrs. Simeon
Dr. Teresita V. Ramos                Mr. Scott A. Fujita                    McCormick & Company, Inc.               Acoba, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Gerard G. Russo           Rev. & Mrs. Yoshiaki Fujitani          Mrs. Leighanne K. Medeiros          Dr. Patricia E. Gaither Adams
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Sato              Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fukeda                 Dr. Sharon A. Minichiello           Mr. & Mrs. Jon C. Addiss
Dr. Michael J. Shapiro               Mr. Frederick Y. Fukunaga              Dr. Kimie Miyazaki                  Mr. Peter M. Adzuara
Mr. Eric K. Shimizu                  Dr. & Mrs. Byron S. Gangnes            Morgan Stanley Matching Gift        Mr. & Mrs. Kazuo Agena
St. Mary's College of Maryland       GE Foundation                              Program                         Ms. Mary Ann E. Akao
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Stanney          GET Travel Group, LLC                  Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Morton         Mr. & Mrs. Mitsuo Akiyama
Mr. & Dr. William D. Steinhoff       Dr. Jonathan C. Goldberg-Hiller        Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Mulholland       Mr. Robert Albanese
Captain & Mrs. Leonard A.            Mr. & Mrs. Donald Goo                  Mr. & Mrs. Yutaka Nakahata          Mr. Anthony A. Aleman
    Stenback                         Dr. Brian S. Goodyear                  Rev. & Mrs. Bruce Y. Nakamura       Mr. & Mrs. William B. Allhouse II
Stryker Weiner & Yokota              Friends of Glen Grant                  Mr. Lloyd C. Nakamura               Ms. Helen L. Altonn
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Takahashi          Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Guanzon           Palolo Chinese Home dba             Mr. Charles H. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Takano          Mr. & Mrs. Erik Douglas Haines         Mr. Jonathan C. Peck                Mr. Paul C. Andes
Mr. Masami Teraoka & Ms.             Dr. Brian T. Hall                      The Piano Studio                    Mr. & Mrs. George Andreas, Jr.
    Lynda Hess                       Han Sheng Music Association            SGM & Mrs. Wallace Roig             Anolani Street Productions
Mr. Daniel Torres                    Mrs. Mitsue Hanabusa                   Mr. George H. Russell               Mrs. Lyn Flanigan Anzai
Ms. Karen Yasukawa                   Mr. & Mrs. Cary S. Hanaoka             Mrs. Ruth Satsuki Sakai             Pastor & Mrs. Ricki S. Aoki
Mr. Wayne K. Yasutomi                Mr. Christopher L. Hart                Mr. & Mrs. Masao Sakamoto           Ms. Sophie A. M. Aoki
Ms. Martha E. Yent                   Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus              Ms. Phyllis M. Sato                 Ms. Rosemary K. Apo
Mr. Ronald H. Yoshida                Mr. Joshua K. Hekekia                  Ms. Jo Ann Schroeder                Mr. & Mrs. Minoru Arakaki
                                     Dr. & Mrs. Mark I. Helbling            Ms. Delphia P. Scully               Mrs. June H. Arakawa
                                     Dr. & Mrs. Manfred Henningsen          Mr. & Mrs. William H. Settle, Jr.   Dr. & Mrs. Ken C. Arakawa
Gifts of $250 to $499                The Honorable & Mrs. Kenneth           Mr. Frank W. Sheriff                Dr. Barbara A. & Mr. Robert
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Abrunzo             Hiraki                             Ms. Donna L. Shigemura                  Arthurs
Mr. Kyle N. Agawa                    Mr. & Mrs. Keith K. Hiraoka            Mr. Stuart E. W. Smith              Mr. Bart Asato
Mr. James L. Anderson                Mr. & Mrs. David K. Hirashiki          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Sullivan       Mr. Goro Asato
Mr. & Mrs. Riichi Aono               Mr. Allen T. Matsunaga & Ms.           Mr. Wenceslas A. Swets              Mrs. Wendy K. Asuega
Mrs. Ruth S. Ballard                     Ruth H. Horie                      Mr. Todd T. Taba                    Mr. Leo R. Asuncion, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Barnes           Dr. & Mrs. Ralph A. Morelli            Taiwanese Association of            Drs. Kelly & Krystyna Aune
Mr. & Mrs. Benton Bejach             Ms. Joan L. Husted                         America                         Mrs. Kathryn S. Austin
Dr. Carl S. Bonham                   Mr. & Mrs. Edward H. Ichiyama          Mr. & Mrs. Bryan I. Tanaka          Mr. & Mrs. Alvin K. Awo
Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Henry K.             Mr. Takuzo Inouye                      Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Blenn           AXA Foundation
    Boshard                          Dr. Karen & Mr. James Jolly                Tatham                          Dr. & Mrs. Harry V. Ball
Ms. Kathy L. Bowers                  Ka Waiola O Na Pukanileo               Ms. Melissa Teodoro                 Mr. & Mrs. Bill Barron
Mrs. Lucille Breneman-Koproske       Dr. Lana S. I. Kaopua                  Mr. & Mrs. Wallace T. Teruya        Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Barry
Mr. & Mrs. M. Burgessporter          Mr. Robert T. Kelley, Jr.              Drs. James E. & Mary E. Tiles       Mr. Allen R. Bauchle, Jr.
Mr. Jay Burreson                     Mr. & Mrs. Don Kelly                   Mr. Francis Tonaki                  Mr. Jan E. Becket
Mr. Kenneth W. Bushnell              Ms. Patricia M. Kelly                  Dr. Jean M. & Mr. Dennis K.         Belt Collins Hawaii, Ltd.
Dr. & Mrs. Alan S. T. Chang          Ms. Sandy M. Kelly                         Toyama                          Mr. Conrad B. Bernisto
Mr. William W. Chang                 Dr. & Mrs. George Kent                 Dr. Ricardo D.Trimillos             Big Island Candies, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Murray T. Chapman         Key Foundation                         Dr. & Mrs. Allen R. Trubitt         Mrs. Doris N. Bitner
Chevron Texaco Matching Gift         Mr. & Mrs. Akimichi Kimura             Mr. Norman T. Tsukazaki             Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell
    Program                          Mrs. Susan O. S. P. Kimura             Dr. Jeffrey Okamoto & Ms.           Colonel Daniel Blum & Ms.
Mr. David Nakashima & Ms.            Drs. Michael P. & Ruby E.                  Alison Uyeda                        Corrine Lahti
    Jade Ching                           Kirkup                             Mr. Kevin Y. Uyehara                Mr. William A. Bonnet
Ms. Sharlene L. F. Chun-Lum          Ms. Kim K. K. Kiyabu                   Dr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Wachi          Mr. Thomas S. Borgioli
Common Ground Publishing             Mr. & Mrs. Hideto Kono                 Mr. Robert S. Wakakuwa              Colonel & Mrs. Francis A. I.
    Party, Ltd.                      Ms. Nira Kurihara                      Mr. & Mrs. Nobuyuki Watanabe            Bowers, Jr.
Dr. James A. Dator & Ms.             Mr. Henry W. N. Lau                    Mr. Kimo R. Watson                  Mr. Wright E. Bowman, Sr.
    Rosemary McShane                 Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. M. Lau            Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Y. F. Wee         Mr. Kreg William Boynton
Deloitte Foundation                  Mrs. Grace C. C. T. Lew                West Coast Clarinet Congress        General & Mrs. David A.
Dr. & Mrs. Tom Dinell                Ms. Bichuan Li                         Ms. Nita L. Williams                    Bramlett
Ms. Wallis A. Doerge                 Mr. & Mrs. David A. Loo                Mr. Jason S. Yamada                 Mrs. Margaret Taylor Branham
Mr. Ernest E. Estes                  Mr. Nelson W. S. Loo                   Mr. & Mrs. Terence S. Yamamoto      Ms. Brandise M-S Brockington
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Evans           Dr. & Mrs. G. Kem Lowry, Jr.           Dr. & Mrs. Eric K. S. Yee           Mrs. Aldine M. C. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas P. Farrell        Dr. Victor H. Li & Ms. Arlene Y.       The Honorable & Mrs. Patrick        Mr. Robert Peter Brown
Ms. A. Sonia Faust                       H. Lum                                 K.S.L. Yim                      Mr. & Mrs. Hayden F. Burgess

Mr. William P. Bye               Dr. Doak C. Cox                        Ms. Margaret K. Furukawa           Mrs. Sylvia Hormann-Alper
Mr. & Mrs. Henri A. Calderon     Mrs. Marjorie L. Cox                   Gannett Foundation, Inc.           Drs. Ahmad Reza & Lisa
Mrs. Caryl J. Campbell           Mrs. Malulani Cross                    Ms. Damasa A. Garot                    Hoshmand
Ms. Ruth Campbell                Mrs. Joy M. Curry                      Dr. Dorothy L. Gates               Dr. & Mrs. Wen-Yuan Huang
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Canarsky         Ms. Faith A. Daegele                   Mr. G. Donald Gedge                Mr. Ryan Carl Hunt
Mrs. Ann E. Canete               Dr. & Mrs. Hiroshi Daifuku             Mr. & Mrs. Frank Akira Gomi, Jr.   Dr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Huster
Mr. Ignacio M. Cariaga           Mrs. Rosalie L. Dang                   Mrs. Sau Moi W. Goo                IBM International Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Carr        Mr. Wah Fai Dang                       Mr. Reginald M. Gooding, Sr.           Matching Grants Program
Mr. George J. Carter             Drs. Franklin Dao & Lynette Tsai       Mr. Robert S. Gordon               Mr. Jordan T. Ige
Mr. James H. Carter              Ms. Rosalind Kehau Davis               Ms. Sadie Y. Gouveia               Ms. Linda K. Iha
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Cassiday      Ms. Pamela J. Davis-Lee                Ms. Lee Claire Graham              Dr. & Mrs. George J. Ikeda
Mr. & Mrs. Romy Castillo         Mr. & Mrs. John Eddy                   Graphic House, Inc.                Dr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Ikeda
Ms. Cathleen E. Chadwick         Mrs. Judith M. Dawson                  Ms. Theresa M. Greaney             Mrs. Sharon N. Ikeda
Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Chagami      Drs. Steven M. & Ruth P.               Mrs. Mary Jane Grinter             Mr. Walter N. Ikehara
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Paul J. Chaine       Dawson                             Dr. & Mrs. Richard Haag            Ms. Jean R. Imamoto
Mr. Ernest Q. C. Chang           Dr. & Mrs. Edward S. Dayoan, Jr.       Mr. Herbert M. Hamada              Dr. & Mrs. Peter In
Mr. Jeffrey L. K. Chang          Ms. Dianne Dehaseth                    Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Hanagami        Rev. Sharon & Mr. Inake
Mrs. Mabel C. H. Chang           Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Delacruz            Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Harada        Dr. & Mrs. Melvin S. Inamasu
Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. M. Chang    Mr. & Mrs. William H. Dendle III       Dr. & Mrs. Frank H. Haramoto       Dr. Jan N. Inao
Ms. Roberta W. S. Chang          Ms. Sandra A. T. DeOliveira            Ms. Margaret E. Harbers            Dr. & Mrs. Seiji Inatsugu
Dr. William R. Chapman           Dr. & Mrs. Donald DeRyke               Dr. Christine & Mr. Scott Harper   Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Ing
Mr. Bhagwan S. Chatlani          Mr. Raymond C. Devenney                Mr. Kevin M. Hasegawa              Mr. & Mrs. Randall M. Iraha
Mr. Frederick K. F. Chau         Dr. & Mrs. David W. Dexter             Mr. Yoshio J. Hashimoto            Mr. Tully J. Isle
Dr. Edith H. Chave               Mr. & Mrs. Nirmal Singh Dhesi          Mr. & Mrs. Riichi Hatada           Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Isonaga
Mr. Brandon K. T. Chee           Mr. Dale Alan Diefenbach               Mr. Bryce H. Hataoka               Mr. & Mrs. Bruce M. Ito
Mr. Cheon Pyau Chee              Mrs. Christine Ann Djalleta            Hawaii Chinese Association, Inc.   Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Iwai
Dr. Yok Chen                     Mrs. Helen H. Doi                      Ms. Elizabeth Lee Hawkins          Mrs. Ursula E. Iwaida
Ms. Irene S. Cheng               Mr. & Mrs. William M. Domingo          Prof. R. Sinikka Hayasaka          Mr. & Mrs. John Y. Iwane
Mr. Simon L. K. Cheng            Dr. Janet & Mr. Charles Dorigan        Ms. Kristine L. Hayashi            Mr. Henry K. Iwasa, Jr.
Chinese Students & Scholars      Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Y. Doue             Mrs. Misae Hayashi                 Dr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Jackson
    Association                  Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. Doyle              Dr. & Mrs. Michihiko Hayashida     Dr. Brooke Greaney Jamieson
Rev. & Mrs. Ronald F. K. Ching   Mr. Patrick G. Dugan                   Dr. & Mrs. Ward A. Hayward         Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Jardine
Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. F. Ching    Mr. & Mrs. Ted S. Durland                  Daoping He                     Mr. & Mrs. Martin Jaskot, Jr.
Mr. Joshua Wallace Ching         Mr. Paul Eblen                         Mr. & Mrs. Herbert M. C. Hee       Ms. Barbara Lee Kunt Jenson
Mr. Jackson Cho                  Dr. Ann Graham Ehringer                Mr. Terrence Hee                   Johnson & Johnson Family of
Mrs. Linda C. Y. Chock           Mrs. Susan K. Eichor                   Mr. & Mrs. Clifton E. K. Heen          Companies
Mr. Michael Chock & Dr. Karen    Mrs. Jewelle K. Emanuel                Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Heltzel      Ms. Cynthia T. L. Johnson
    Chock                        Ms. Nancy S. Engelhardt                Mr. & Mrs. Heath Frederic          Mr. & Mrs. Garland E. Johnson
Ms. Dorothy P. I. Chong          Mr. & Mrs. Arnold S. Enoki                 Hemmings                       Mr. & Mrs. Donald Johnson
Mr. Chung-Siu Chow               Environmental Planning                 Mr. Eric Alejo Hermosura           Mr. & Mrs. William P. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. T. Chow         Solutions, LLC                     Mrs. Kazuko I. Hicks               Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Jones
Dr. Duke Cho Choy                Mrs. Georgene Sue Ericson              Mr. & Mrs. Tom T. Higa             Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Jones, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Choy           Mrs. Diana L. Esias                    Mr. Jon J. Higa                    Mr. & Mrs. Dennis W. Jung
Mr. Ross A. Christensen          Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Evans               Mr. Walter S. Higa                 Mr. Charles M. Kaaiai
Dr. Gaye Christoffersen          Mr. & Mrs. Uson Y. Ewart               Mr. Richard James Higgins          Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth N.
Mr. & Mrs. Todd K. Chun          Mrs. Marjory E. Fairbanks              Mrs. Susan L. Hill                     Kadomoto
Dr. & Mrs. Daven K. Chun         Mr. Tommy P. Falenofoa                 Dr. Ronald S. Himes                Dr. & Mrs. Craig E. Kadooka
Mr. Garry K. M. Chun             Mr. David C. Farmer                    Dr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Hino          Mr. & Mrs. Jay R. Kadowaki
Mr. Warren Kam & Ms. Jeannette   Mr. & Mrs. Mark Felmet                 Ms. C. K. Hirakawa                 Dr. Adrienne Lois Kaeppler
    Chun                         Dr. Kathy E. Ferguson                  Dr. Joy T. Hiramoto                Mr. Ben F. Kaito
Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Chun        Mrs. Kay Ferris                        Mr. Melvin T. Hirano               Mr. Alvin A. Kajiwara
Mr. & Mrs. Tit Kwong Chun        Ms. Dimpna L. Figuracion               Mr. & Mrs. George N. Hirohata      Dr. Terri Kakugawa & Mr. Colin
Mr. Colin P. Chung               Mr. & Mrs. B. Cody Fisher              Mrs. Evelyn Y. Hirose                  Tamashiro
Harold N. Clark, MD              Dr. Maureen M. & Mr. Ronald E.         Mr. & Mrs. Philip T. S. Ho         Ms. L. Popo Kaleikilo
Ms. Katharine E. Clark               Fitch                              Mr. & Mrs. Morris I. G. Ho         Ms. Georgenette L. Kam
Ms. Melissa L. Cleland           Mr. & Mrs. Wesley F. Fong              Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Y. Y. Ho          Kamehameha Schools
Tom Coffman Multimedia, Inc.     Dr. David A. Ford                      Ms. Ivanelle Hoe                   Mr. Kent A. Kamita
Dr. Sheila Conant & Mr. David    Mr. Randall J. Francisco               Mr. Peter Hoffenberg & Ms.         Mr. James Y. Kanada
    McCauley                     Ms. Mary Jo Freshley                       Saundra Schwartz               Mr. Paul K. Kanehiro
Dr. & Mrs. James J. Connors      Mr. & Mrs. Wallace F. Froiseth         Mr. Donald C. Hoffman              Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kaneshige
Mr. Brice Conquest               Ms. Loretta J. Fuddy                   Mr. William Hojnacki               Ms. Aileen A. Kaneshiro
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Corbelli      Ms. Midori Fujimoto                    Friends of Hokule'a & Hawai'iloa   Mr. & Mrs. Dennis S. Kaneshiro
Mrs. Carrie R. Corcoran          Mr. & Mrs. Yasuhiro Fujita             Mr. Robert C. Holcomb              Mr. & Mrs. Herbert T. Kaneshiro
Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Cosgrove      Mrs. Toshiko O. Fukuda                 Dr. Virginia Hollingshead          Mr. Gordon Francis & Ms. Kathy
Mr. Keaka Sloan Cotner           Mr. & Mrs. Stanley K. Fukuhara         Ms. Dora W. C. Hong                    Kaneshiro
Covenant Dance Theater           Mrs. Annette Fukunaga                  Ms. Irmgard C. M. Hormann          Mr. Wayne T. Kaneshiro

Mr. Leitu Karnuth                Ms. Pamela J. Larson                 Mr. & Mrs. John W. McKay        Ms. Kelli Y. Nakamura
Dr. Arun Kashyap                 Ms. Diana G. Laserson                Lt. Scott E. McKellar           Mr. Ross M. Nakamura
Dr. Glenn Y. Kato                Mr. Bruce K. S. Lau                  Mr. & Mrs. Hugh G. McKenzie,    Mr. Russell H. Nakamura
Mr. Stanley K. Kato              Mr. Clement K. H. Lau                III                             Mr. & Mrs. Alvin S. Narimatsu
Mrs. Hazel L. K. Kauahikaua      Mrs. Florence M. Lau                 Mrs. Thelma McLachlan           Ms. Lynn Marie Narveson
Mr. & Mrs. A. Hinano             Ms. Edwina L. Lee                    Mr. Michael W. Meador           Nat'l Assn. of Teachers of Singing
    Kaumeheiwa                   Mr. & Mrs. Guy M. Lee                Mellon Financial Corporation    Mr. Alvin A. Nekoba
Mrs. Amanda T. Kautz             Mr. & Mrs. Herb M. Lee, Jr.              Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. Bryon J. Ng
Mr. Edwin I. Kawahara            Sang Hyop Lee                        Ms. Ramona Mento Moore          Mr. & Mrs. Gerald T. Nichols, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence O.           Ms. Kitt Y. Lee-Sugai                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Merwin       Dr. & Mrs. James S. Niino
    Kawamoto                     Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Lefferts         Mr. & Mrs. William J. Metzger   Dr. Arlene M. Nikaido-Lung
Dr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Kawamoto    Ms. Moana G. Leong                   Ms. Kellie Beth Mickelson       Nippon Golden Network, Inc.
Mr. Kris Kaleokalani Kawamoto    Mr. Anthony Leonida                  Ms. Mariko Miho                 Mr. & Mrs. Melvin T. Nishihara
Mr. Lance T. Kawamoto            Ms. Maile S. Levins                  Dr. Alan D. Miley               Dr. & Mrs. Mark Reid Nishijo
Mr. & Mrs. Walter T. Kawamoto    Mr. Ron R S Lim                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Miller     Ms. Dana E. Nishiyama
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Kawano       Lockheed Martin Corporation          Dr. & Mrs. Neal Milner          Dr. Lawrence & Dr. Kiyoko Nitz
Dr. & Mrs. Henry K. Kawasaki         Foundation                       Ms. Lynn M. Minagawa            Ms. Carolyn J. Nolasco
Ms. Kathy Ann Kawashige          Dr. Sandra A. Loo                    Mr. & Mrs. Shigeto Minami       Northrop Grumman Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Kawatani   Mr. & Mrs. Alson C. H. Look          Dr. & Mrs. Donald Mitchell      Dr. Edmund K. Oasa
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Kawato     Mr. Lloyd L. Loope                   Mrs. Carol A. Mitsuyasu         Ms. Kim M. Oberdorfer
Ms. Joyce Su-Hui Huang           Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Y. Louis       Drs. Willard & Dixie Miyahira   Dr. Alice L. Pong O'Donnell
Col. Richard C. Kemp             Dr. George William Lovelace          Mr. Stanley Shoso Miyake        Dr. Daniel F. O'Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred T. Kenjo       Mr. Lindsey D. Lufkin                Mr. Dennis T. Miyamoto          Mr. Gordon N. Ogasawara
Friends of Kennedy Theatre       Ms. Cindy S. J. Lum                  Mr. & Mrs. Stan R. Miyamoto     Mr. Owen T. Ogawa
Mr. Raymond F. Kennedy           Ms. Lynette S. Lumabao-Tossey        Mr. & Mrs. Fusao Miyashiro      Mr. Yoshiyuki Ogo
Mr. Gary S. Kikuchi              Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Ota                Mr. Grant M. Miyashiro          Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Ohara
Dr. & Mrs. John H. C. Kim        Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Lyddon, Jr.       Mr. Lloyd K. Miyashiro          Ms. Cynthia S. Oi
Mr. Isami Kimoto                 Ms. Jen-L W. Lyman                   Ms. Sharyn L. Miyashiro         Mrs. Nancy C. Oide
Mr. Kevin S. Kimura              Dr. & Mrs. James F. Lyons            Mr. Charles A. Miyata           Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin T. Oishi
Mrs. Lynn K. Kimura              Mr. & Mrs. Dale R. Machado           Drs. Glenn & Ko Miyataki        Mr. & Mrs. Hubert M. Ojiri
Mr. & Mrs. Masuo Kino            Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Maddox           Mr. Kenneth T. Mizuno           Mr. & Mrs. Scott S. Oka
Mr. & Mrs. Tetsumi Kino          Mr. Lloyd M. Maeda                   Ms. Emiko M. Moffitt            Jonathan C. Okabe, D.D.S., Inc.
Mr. Ken Takayama & Ms. Diane     Mr. Wade Y. Maeda                    Dr. & Mrs. James E. T. Moncur   Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. Okabe
    Kishimoto                    Dr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Magliulo       Mr. Byron Moon & Ms. Wendy      Dr. & Mrs. Jon P. Okada
Mr. & Mrs. Bob T. Kita           Mr. Russell K. Makanani                  Chang                       Dr. & Mr. Melvin Y. Okamura
Ms. Elisabeth Knoke              Teresa H. Makuakane-Drechsel,        Ms. Anneliese W. Moore          Ms. Joy Akemi Okano
Dr. John M. Knox & Ms. Mary          EdD & Emanuel J. Drechsel,       Mr. Stanley & Mrs. Marianne     Dr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Okano
    Alice Evans                      PhD                                  Graves                      Mr. & Mrs. Gordon S. Okimoto
Mr. Arthur Y. Kobayashi          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Manabe          Ms. Shirley R. Moriwaki         Dr. Judy T. Okimura
Dr. Gregory K. Kobayashi         Dr. & Mrs. Edmundo R. Mandac         Dr. & Mrs. John F. Morton       Mr. Jeffrey Keahi Omai
Ms. Hanako Kobayashi             Dr. & Ms. Peter T. Manicas           Dr. & Mrs. Dieter Mueller-      Mr. & Mrs. Oren J. Omon
Mr. Dan Koenigsberger            Mr. Gerald A. Marcellino, Jr.            Dombois                     Dr. C. J. Omura
Ms. Laraine K. Koga              Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Martin-        Ms. Jane I. Mulkern             Mr. & Mrs. Clifton T. Onaga
Mr. Reginald M. Kokubun              Doike                            Dr. Leslie Ann & Mr. Warren     Mr. & Mrs. Dean D. Onaga
Dr. Denise E. Konan              Ms. Claire Marumoto                      Munro                       Ms. Jane S. Onigama
Ms. Natalie Kehau Ah-Yin Kong    Mr. Dean K. Masai                    Ms. Kris S. Murakami            Mr. & Mrs. Harold M. Onishi
Mr. & Mrs. Monomita Roy          Mrs. Alice C. Masatsugu              Mr. & Mrs. Lester H. Muramoto   Mr. & Mrs. Roy M. Onishi
    Krishna                      Dr. Andrew W. Mason                  Mr. Philip H. Muramoto          Mr. & Mrs. Herbert M. Onizuka
Mr. Hiroshi Kubota               Mr. Richard G. Mason                 Mr. Harry M. Muranaka           Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Orton
Mr. Franklin T. Kudo             Mr. & Mrs. Alvin S. Masuda           Mr. & Mrs. Toshiki Muranaka     Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Ostermann
Ms. Jean N. Kumamoto             Mr. Brandon T. Masuoka               Mr. Clifford S. Muraoka         Mr. Tamio Otsu
Mr. Dennis H. Kunishima          Dr. & Mrs. Dean W. Matson            Mrs. Shari-Lynn C. Murphy       Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Kuribayashi    Dr. & Mrs. Fujio Matsuda             Jim & Gail Myers                Mr. & Mrs. Mike Owen
Mrs. Luella H. Kurkjian          Mr. Neil S. Matsumori                Mrs. Winifred Loo Nadamoto      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Oyasato
Mr. & Mrs. Akemi Kurokawa        Dr. Darrell Y. Matsumoto             Ms. Pauline R. Nagara           P.J. Hawaii, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon M.             Ms. Ann N. Matsunami                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard K.           Mr. Sang Son Pae
    Kushimaejo                   Mr. Derek T. Mayeshiro                   Nagashima                   Mr. Wilson K. K. Pang
Mr. Lawrence M. Kusumoto         Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. McBride        Mr. Ronald S. Nagy              Mr. David J. Park
Mrs. Aileen T. Kusunoki          Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. McCoy          Mr. & Mrs. Nobel H. Nakagama    Dr. Lucio Pascua & Ms. Atina
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon W. T. Chang    Drs. Hamilton & Marilyn              Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Nakagawa           Trajkoski
Mr. Thomas K. Lalakea                McCubbin                         Mr. & Mrs. Harry M. Nakaji      Mr. Michael Shane Pavao
Dr. Howman Lam                   Drs. James & Elizabeth               Miss Akiko Nakama               Mr. Leo Silvestre Paz
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lambert           McCutcheon                       Mr. & Mrs. Ralph K. Nakama      Ms. Jacolyn M. Peebles
Mrs. Florence K. Lamoureux       Mr. Anthony L. McDevitt              Mr. Wesley K. Nakama            Dr. Kenneth C. Pengelly
Mr. Michael D. Langford          Mr. & Mrs. George S.                 Mr. Aaron Y. Nakamatsu          Mr. Robert R. Perkinson
James R. Langworthy, M.D.            McEldowney                       Mr. Edwin Y. Nakamura           Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Perry

David M. Peters, Inc.             Drs. Jagdish & Miriam Sharma        Mr. Melvin T. Tawara              Ms. Patricia T. Whitney
Mr. Martin C. Petersen            Ms. Katerina Sherstyuk              Dr. Jane B. Taylor                Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord H. Wilcox
Dr. & Mrs. Ted N. Pettit          Ms. Naoko Shibusawa                 Dr. Clayton L. Teem, II           Ms. Evelyn M. Williams
Mr. Paul Pfeiffer                 Mr. Jon M. Shigaki                  Mr. & Mrs. Owen K. Terada         Mrs. Sylvia C. Wilmeth
Ms. Regina Mae Rossi Pfeiffer     Mr. Colin F. K. Shimabukuro         Mrs. Carol H. Thamtrachai         Dr. & Mrs. Jon D. Wilson
Ms. Constance P. Pirtle           Mrs. Jill N. Shimabukuro            Dr. Hoang N. Thanh & Ms. Nhan     Dr. & Mrs. William E. Winn, Jr.
Ms. Tonya Pontes-Dhuyvetter       Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Y. Shimizu           D. T. Than                    Mr. Nicolaas D. M. Winter
Mr. John R. Foster & Ms.          Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Y.                Mr. Michael Alan Thompson         Mr. Andy R. Wisler, Jr.
    Deborah A. Pope                   Shimokawa                       Dr. & Mrs. John B. Thompson       Dr. Mark G. Wolf
Dr. & Mrs. Anton Postl            Mrs. Frances Y. Shinkai             Mr. Abraham M. Tokashiki          Mrs. Tina Yee Wolsborn
Dr. Edison W. Putman              Ms. Emily Y. Shinsato               Mr. Lawrence S. Tokumoto          Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. C. Wong
Queen Emma Dance, Inc.            Ms. Barbara S. Shioi                Mr. Thomas E. Toman, II           Mr. & Mrs. David Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Racine        Dr. & Mrs. Carlton A. Shiraki       Mr. Kazuo Tomasa                  Mr. Ka'upena Wong
Ms. Yoko Radke                    Mr. Jason K. Shiroma                Mr. & Mrs. Steven K. Tome         Mr. & Mrs. Ricky W. H. Wong
Mr. Richard E. Reese              Rep. & Mrs. James T. Shon           Mr. Fujio Tomita                  Dr. & Mrs. Roy K. H. Wong
Mrs. Millynette Remmers-          Ms. Jackie L. Shook                 Mrs. Yoko Tomita                  Ms. Virginia M. Woo
    Matsumoto                     Dr. & Mrs. Edward J. Shultz         Ms. Patricia J. Tompkins          Mr. Charles W. Wood, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Albert D. Rich         Sigma XI Hawaii Chapter             Mr. Lowell K. Tong                Mr. & Mrs. Hulton B. Wood
Dr. David Carter Richard          Mr. Robert Nakatsuji &              Dr. Rowena Y. L. Toomey           Mr. Paul L. Wysard
Mr. Paul M. Riedl                     Ms. Stacia Silva                Mr. Dean K. Toyama                Dr. Fudong Xu
Ms. Kathleen G. Riffenburg        Ms. Lisa Lee Simon                  Toyota Technical Center USA,      Mr. & Mrs. Alan N. Yagi
Drs. Kenneth Robbins & Clarissa   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Singer             Inc.                          Drs. Peter McNally & Donna
    Berkert                       Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. J. Siu       Mr. Bill Tracy                        Yamada
Dr. Alice P. S. & Crichton C.     Mr. & Mrs. Rodney K. L. Siu         Ms. Mabel A. Trafford             Mrs. Harriet F. Yamada
    Roberts                       Mr. & Mrs. Franz Solmssen           Mrs. Eileen T. Tredway            Ms. Harriet Yamahira
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roeder         Sonitrol of Hawaii, Inc.            Mr. & Ms. Carl N. Tribastone      Mr. & Mrs. Gary T. Yamamoto
Mr. Kenneth R. Rohde              Dr. Betty S. M. Soo                 Mr. Stephen S. K. H. Tsai         Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Yamasaki
Mrs. Linda M. Rohner              Mr. Raynard C. Soon                 Mr. Leighton R. Tseu              Mr. Norman Yamasato
Dr. & Mrs. Ira S. Rohter          Mr. Joey Sotomura                   Col. & Mrs. E. James Turse        Dr. Pearl Nobuko Yamashita
Ms. Sandra S. Rose                Dr. Bluebell R. Standal             Mr. James M. Uehara               Mr. Dean D. Yamato
ROSES Systems Solution            Dr. David E. Stannard               Mr. Jeremy Uejio & Ms. Scarlett   Mr. Jared Kazuo Yamauchi
Mr. David Ross                    Mrs. Aleli Agbayani Starosta            Liang                         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Y.
Dr. James A. Roumasset            State Farm Companies                Mr. & Mrs. Senyu Ueunten              Yanagisawa
Ms. Lois R. Russell                   Foundation                      Mr. & Mrs. Douglas K. Ushijima    Mr. & Mrs. Oscar T. Yanger
Mrs. Linda C. Saito               Ms. Tutasi Helen Wilson             Mr. Raymond T. Uyeda              Mr. Emmanuel G. Yango
Mr. & Mrs. Roy T. Sakai               Steinhilber                     Dr. & Mrs. Brent K. Uyeno         Dr. Pearl Yao
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Sakai         Mrs. Doreen K. Naito Stenson        Mr. Hidesuke Uyenoyama            Mr. James Y. S. Yap
Mrs. Judy L. Sakamaki             Ms. Kimiko O. Stever                Miss Lisa H. Uyesato              Mr. Anthony K. J. Yee
Mr. & Mrs. Seiji Sakata           Dr. Darrell R. Stokes               Mr. Dennis S. Uyesugi             Ms. Barbara W. K. Yee
Ms. Wanda T. Sako                 Ms. Louise S. Storm                 Mr. Myron H. Vallier              Ms. Elnora N. Y. Yee
Mrs. Amy R. Sakuma                Dr. Lorraine & Mr. John             Mr. Paul D. Van Voorhees          Mr. & Mrs. Reginald K. T. Yee
Mr. Stewart Chun & Ms. Diane          Stringfellow                    Mr. John Roger Varsik             Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. L. Yee
    Sakumoto                      Mr. Jack L. Stubbs, Jr.             Ms. Joanna F. Vazquez             Mr. & Mrs. Jewett C. Y. Yee
Mr. Mark D. Sakurai               Mr. James H. Sugita                 Mr. & Mrs. Sione Veikoso          Mr. Stanley C. Yee
Mr. & Mrs. Kiyoshi Sasaki         Mr. & Mrs. Dan I. Sugiyama          Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Ventura        Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Yonemoto
Ms. Terry T. Sasamura             Mr. Anthony F. Sukowatey            Mr. & Mrs. Roger R. Vetter        Mr. Jon H. Yoshida
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Sato         Dr. Mildred M. Tahara               Mr. Miles Villanueva              Mr. & Mrs. Karl N. Yoshida
Mr. James T. Sato                 Ms. Linda M. Taira                  The Honorable Betty Vitousek      Ms. Mari Yoshihara
Mr. & Mrs. Kent N. Sato           Ms. Annabelle T. Takahashi          Richard Y. Wada, Attorney at      Mr. Brian M. Yoshii
Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Sato           Mr. Noboru Takamura                     Law                           Ms. Jill H. Yoshimoto
Mr. & Mrs. Takao Sato             Mr. Gregory K. Takeda               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Y. Wada        Mr. & Mrs. Clyde M. Yoshimura
Mr. Stanley M. Sawai              Ms. Jennifer S. Takemoto            Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Wahineokai       Mr. Stefan M. Yoshioka
Dr. Alice E. D. Scheuer           Mr. & Mrs. Dean T. Tamayori         Mr. Michael Walther               Mr. Daniel H. Yotsuda
Mr. Robert A. Schneider           Mr. Maurice Tamura & Ms.            Mr. William C. Wantland           Ms. Beth Ann J. Young
Mr. Samuel Keith Schuyler             Lynette Yamashiro               The Honorable Corinne Watanabe    Ms. Valerie S. Yoza
Mr. Steven R. Scott               Mr. Dean S. Tanabe                      & Mr. Edwin Watanabe          Mr. & Mrs. Jason K. C. Yuen
Ms. Doreen Seaton                 Mr. Daniel Tang                     Ms. Wanda K. Watanabe             Joanna Zane Piano Studio
Mr. Sherman M. Seki               Mr. Clinton T. Tanimura             Ms. Alison Fiona Wattles          Ms. Ting Zhou
Mr. & Mrs. George Y. Serikaku     Dr. Robert Tanimura & Ms.           Dr. Eldon L. Wegner               Mr. & Mrs. Stanley H. Zisk
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Seymour         Cheryl Goya                     Dr. Michael Weinstein & Ms.
Mr. David W. Cox & Ms. Susan      Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Tanji                  Marsha Meckler
    Shaner                        Mr. & Mrs. Howard Y. Tanji          Dr. Lyndon L. Wester
                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gary T. Tashiro

Council                        by Betty Ann Keala, Chair
Corner                         Arts & Sciences Advisory Council

The Colleges of Arts & Sciences have many stimulating, informative, and thought-
inspiring activities going on all the time. Our Advisory Council members are proud of
them and want to share them with the community. Two years ago, we started the
Friends program to introduce these sources of excellence to our own friends, and in
January of this year, we began the Downtown Speakers Program, a long time dream of
Dean Judith Hughes, to reach people in the downtown Honolulu community.
But first, there were several hurdles to get over: identifying the speakers; finding the venue; and informing potential
attendees. The deans prepared a list of stimulating speakers and intriguing topics which the Downtown Speakers
Program Committee reviewed. Five talks were chosen which were thought to be of greatest interest to downtown
The venue for the talks had to be centrally located with convenient parking for those coming from outside the downtown
area; the room had to be large enough to hold up to 100 attendees; and the cost had to be next to nothing. Ultimately, the
Downtown Speakers Program Committee chose the facilities of Hawaiian Electric Industries whose location on Bishop
Square in the center of downtown Honolulu is ideal.
As for “getting the word out,” the Downtown Speakers Program Committee decided that it would use e-mail, starting
with an initial list of contacts and adding additional ones with each program. Before starting the e-mail announcements,
they mailed letters to the top executives of the biggest companies in Honolulu to let them know about the new program
and to ask for their help in informing their employees.
On January 8, the first presentation was held. To the delight of the deans and the Downtown Speakers Program
Committee, nearly 50 people attended a wonderful talk by Dr. Michael Hamnett, The Health of Hawaii's Coral Reefs:
A State-University Partnership. This was followed on February 12 with an intriguing talk by Dr. Ruth Dawson, Princess
Di of the North: Rethinking Catherine the Great, which was attended by 60 people!
In coming months, the series will continue: on March 11, Associate Dean Bion Griffin will talk on Angkor Wat—the
World’s Largest Temple, and UH Adventures in the Kingdom of Cambodia; on April 8, Professor Robert Littman will
speak on Mummy Talks: The Egyptian Mummy Project; and on May 13, Professor John G. Learned will tell about
Neutrino Studies at UH: From Uncovering Secrets of the Universe to Use in National Defense.
Along the way, the program received support from many people and organizations, notably Hawaiian Electric Industries,
which offered their facilities at no cost; Rebecca Goodman and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute; Ron Mobley of
Toastmasters International; members of the Advisory Council; Manoa Forum; University of Hawai‘i/Community
Partnership; and especially the members of the Downtown Speakers Program Committee: Dave Johnson, Charlotte Vick,
Ko Miyataki, Charles Wall, and Karin Mackenzie. The contributions of these supporters are invaluable to the success of
the Downtown Speakers Program and very much appreciated.

Colleges of Arts & Sciences Alumni Association
President’s Message
Dear CASAA Members, and Arts & Sciences Alumni and Friends,
Having just held our annual meeting/breakfast gathering on February 19, CASAA has a new
2004 Board of Directors and is ready for action. Once more, we are looking at a year full of
exciting events, offering numerous opportunities for our members and friends to be involved
with CASAA and the University.
The Scholarship Committee, under the able leadership of Chairman Russell Ando, will be
interviewing applicants and selecting the five students to receive the Rodney P. Santos
Scholarship of $1,000 each. The checks will be presented to the recipients by Rod, a for-
mer CASAA president, at a luncheon to be held at the Campus Center. The CASAA board
and the Arts & Sciences deans will also attend. This is a wonderful opportunity for alumni,
deans, and students to interact while “breaking bread.”
Our most ambitious activity for 2004 is our upcoming CASAA New England Travel Tour:
History, Culture, Flora, Art, Food and Wine which will take place in October. We are so
excited about this inaugural travel opportunity for Arts & Sciences alumni and friends,
and we think you will be, too, when you read the trip description on the next page. The
itinerary is customized with you in mind…travel at a leisurely pace with like-minded
companions. Actually, the itinerary was a collaborative effort with Dean Richard
Dubanoski (college friend of the director of the New England Culinary Institute),
Karin Mackenzie, the East Coast Alumni Association board, and myself; it truly
is a gem! We are limited to only 30 participants so please act immediately if you
would like to join us.
As we approach May 20 and this year’s Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) dinner sponsored by the University of
Hawai‘i Alumni Association, I would like to call attention to a former DAA recipient who continues to distinguish her-
self in our community. Momi Cazimero (BA, ’55), former UH regent and vice-chairwoman in 1996 and former mem-
ber of the UH Foundation Board of Trustees, recently was elected to the American Judicature Society National
Chapter, recognizing her work on the State Judicial Selection Commission. She has just received the Pacific Business
News’ Gladys Kamakakuokalani Ainoa Brandt Kupuna Award for 2004. This award honors her as a strong visionary,
business leader, and community advocate. Momi is a stellar example of a liberally educated person. I was especially
struck by a quote in Pacific Business News by Doris Ching, UH Vice President for Student Affairs, “She’s not satisfied
with OK: she strives for perfection. That has definitely been an inspiration for me.” The amazing thing about our dis-
tinguished alumni—they just keep on giving back to the community and serve as examples of excellence found in UH
I end this message with another quote, one I heard after the CASAA breakfast meeting. A few people at our table were
talking to Dr. Alam about the number of hours he has to devote to his research projects, his teaching load, and his
many speaking presentations. He was then asked what he did in his spare time. His reply was, “That’s when I dream.”


                                                        Susan Beck May
                                                        CASAA President

Colleges of Arts & Sciences Alumni Association
Travel Program
                                                NEW ENGLAND:
                                 History, Culture, Flora, Art, Food & Wine
                                           October 5–17, 2004
                    New York • Rhode Island • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • Vermont
             In concert with its mission to promote awareness and appreciation of, and pride in, the lifetime
            value of a liberal arts education, CASAA is pleased to offer this first-ever educational travel tour.
           DAY 1–3: NEW YORK CITY
           Our tour begins in the “Big Apple” where we will be treated to a special performance and backstage tour at
           Carnegie Hall, a Broadway show, dinner at a Japanese restaurant, special tour and lecture at the Metropolitan
           Museum of Art, and a chance to meet with the East Coast Chapter of the University of Hawai‘i Alumni
           Association. Accommodations: Hotel Edison
           DAY 4: HUDSON VALLEY
           Leaving the city we will board the tour bus and head north stopping for a visit to the Kykuit, the Rockefeller
           estate, the Hudson Valley’s most exceptional house and gardens. Our lunch plans include a hosted lunch at
           Westchester’s Pennybridge Restaurant. Accommodations: Hotel Viking
           We will spend the day sightseeing in the beautiful town of Newport, stopping to tour the most opulent and ornate
           of all the Newport mansions, the Vanderbilt summer cottage known as “The Breakers.” We will have lunch in
           Newport at a restaurant on the waterfront. Then it is on to the state’s capital city of Providence where we will
           attend “WaterFire Providence” —the walk along the riverbanks lighted by sparkling bonfires and torch-lit river-
           boats, with music in the background. Accommodations: Hotel Viking
           On the way to Boston, we will stop in Plymouth to visit the Mayflower II. Next is a guided tour of Plimouth
           Plantation, a living museum representing Plymouth settlement as it was in 1627. Once in Boston we will explore
           the city’s wonderful historic walking tours, museums, art galleries, and period attractions including a tour of the
           House of the Seven Gables and the Peabody Essex Museum. Accommodations: Hotel Radisson
           The next stop is Jackson, New Hampshire. We will check into the Christmas Farm Inn, a true New England
           country inn nestled in the majestic White Mountains on 10 breathtaking acres. After checking in, we will drive
           north into the White Mountains to see the fall foliage at its peak. Accommodations: Christmas Farm Inn
           We will spend the day viewing the fall colors. North Conway is a small resort town in the White Mountain ski
           area that offers wonderful shopping and dining. Accommodations: Christmas Farm Inn
           On our way to Vermont, we will stop for lunch in Hanover, New Hampshire home to Dartmouth College. After
           lunch we will walk around the college commons and visit the college’s excellent art exhibits before continuing
           on our tour. Accommodations: Inn at Montpelier
           We will tour the renowned New England Culinary Institute to see talented chef-instructors teach students culi-
           nary artistry in the kitchens of some of Vermont’s finest restaurants. You will have a rare opportunity to dine at
           the Chef's Table. Accommodations: Inn at Montpelier
           Our drive back to New York City will wind through the capital city of Albany and the Hudson River Valley area.
           Our final evening in New York City is free; enjoy the city on your own! Accommodations: Hotel Edison
                               Attractions may be subject to minor changes due to reservation schedule.
                                Reservations taken on a first come, first served basis. Limit 30 persons.
                                For more information visit or
             contact CASAA President, Susan Beck May, 808.949.0620 (between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Hawai‘i time),
                                             Inquiry deadline is June 30, 2004.

 Colleges of Arts & Sciences Alumni Association

CASAA                                                                          CASAA Breakfast Series
Breakfast                                                                      Features Dr. Maqsudul Alam
Series                                                                         CASAA members and guests enjoyed the February 2004 break-
Features                                                                       fast which highlighted the College of Natural Sciences.
                                                                               Chemistry Professor and former Assistant Vice President for
Chris Lee &                                                                    Academic Affairs Thomas Bopp provided an overview of the
                                                                               College and introduced his colleague and featured guest, Dr.
Glenn Cannon                                                                   Maqsudul Alam.
                                                                               Internationally-renowned researcher, Dr. Maqsudul Alam of the
The two most recent CASAA
                                                                               Department of Microbiology heads the research team that dis-
breakfast gatherings reflect the
                                                                               covered the new class of heme proteins in microorganisms. He
wide array of topics addressed
                                                                               says, “Studying the heme proteins may help to understand how
by the association’s events.
                                                                               sensory systems evolved in higher organisms. Cells must contin-
Last September, Chris Lee and
                                   CASAA board member Bernadette               ually sense their changing environment, interpret the sensation
Glenn Cannon, co-directors of
                                   Baraquio with infant daughter Zoe at        and adapt to new surroundings. In multicellular organisms (such
the then-proposed Cinematic        the Lee and Cannon breakfast.               as humans), sensing is accomplished using specialized sense
and Digital Arts Program, were
                                                                               organs as well as complex mechanisms to communicate this
featured guests. Lee left fame
                                                                               information to
and influence in Hollywood to return home to Hawai‘i to start

                                                                                                                                                       PHOTO: KEN IGE
                                                                               other parts of
this film school. During his tenure as President of Production for
                                                                               the organism.”
TriStar Pictures, he was the executive in charge of movies such
as Jerry McGuire, Philadelphia, and As Good as it Gets. In his                 This major sci-
37th year as Professor of Theatre and his 51st year as a profes-               entific discov-
sional actor and director, Glenn Cannon has had regular roles on               ery has impor-
Hawai‘i 5-0 and Magnum P.I. among many TV and film credits.                    tant implica-
He has directed 110 plays in Hawai‘i since arriving in 1968 and                tions in under-
has received numerous honors.                                                  standing the
                                                                               evolution of
Update: Since that breakfast, the Academy for Creative Media                   life on Earth.
(formerly referred to as Cinematic and Digital Arts Program) has               His applica-
been approved by the Board of Regents and is now part of the                   tions have led
Colleges of Arts & Sciences. The Academy, under the leadership                 to strides in
of Chris Lee, is a system-wide initiative to create a world-class              genome
school of media creation.                                                      research which
                                                                               can tremen-
                                                                               dously impact
                                                                               the delivery of
                                                                               medical care
                                                                                                 Dr. Maqsudul Alam and his team of young scientists.
                                                                               and affect
                                                                               areas such as stem cell research and cloning.
                                                                               His pioneering work has earned him the 2001 Board of Regents’
                                                                               Excellent in Research Award. Dr. Alam was born and raised in
                                                                               Bangladesh, holds a MS and PhD in microbiology from
                                                                               Moscow State University in Russia and a PhD in biochemistry
                                                                               from Max-Planck Institute in Germany. Prior to joining the UH
                                                                               faculty in 1992, he served as a visiting scientist at Washington
                                                                               State University, senior research scientist at Russia’s Academy
                                                                               of Sciences, and Humboldt Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute
l-r Glenn Cannon, Judith Hughes, Susan May, Duane Preble, and Chris Lee        in Germany.

Colleges of Arts & Sciences Alumni Association
2004 Board of Directors
Susan Beck May (‘72, BA Psychology)                                           Karin Mackenzie (‘83, BA Spanish)
Although born in Pennsylvania, Sue grew up on                                 Karin feels very passionate about the University
Ewa Plantation. She spent nine years away from                                which has been a part of her life since she set foot
Hawai‘i when her father’s career as a                                         on campus as a freshman. She fondly remembers
Congregational minister took the family to Oberlin,                           her student days—from classes to her student
Ohio; Caracas, Venezuela; and then to Kingston,                               assistant job in Krauss Hall. She is particularly
Rhode Island. Upon the family returning to                                    grateful to the Colleges of Arts & Sciences which
Hawai‘i in 1956, Sue attended and graduated from                              not only educated her, but also her two sisters.
Punahou School, entering UH Ma     ¯noa in the fall of 1957, where she        Karin is married and has a teenage daughter.
lived on campus in Frear Hall. Sue left college in 1960 when she
married Charles Scott May (UH MBA 1968) and subsequently                      Barbara Marumoto (‘71, BA Sociology)
raised a family of three children. Sue returned to UH Ma   ¯noa in the        Barbara has represented the Kaimuki, Waialae-
fall of 1971 and graduated with a BA in Psychology in 1972. Sue               Kahala area in the Hawai‘i House of
and Scott owned Cardinal Mailing Services until their retirement in           Representatives since 1978. Before beginning her
2002. Sue has served on the Board of Directors of CASAA since                 legislative service, Barbara was elected to the
1996.                                                                         1978 Hawai‘i Constitutional Convention. She was
                                                                              born in San Francisco and was interned during
Russell H. Ando (‘77, BA Psychology)                                          WWII. She is married to retired CPA Richard A.
Russell is an attorney in the litigation department                           Coons, former partner-in-charge-Honolulu and
of the Honolulu law firm of Ashford & Wriston. He                             together they have six children and five grandchildren.
clerked for the Honorary Edward H. Nakamura of
the Hawai‘i Supreme Court and has been in pri-                                Michael McMurdo (‘82, BS Mathematics)
vate practice for over 20 years. He received his BA                           Michael graduated in 1982 from the University of Hawai‘i with a BS
from the University of Hawai‘i at Ma   ¯noa. He is the                        degree in Mathematics. Subsequently he worked as an R&D scientist
founding president of CASAA. He is married and                                in Sunnyvale California, and then returned to UH's Department of
has a daughter.                                                               Physics & Astronomy, working on the DUMAND high energy physics
                                                                              project. He left the University in 1986 and spent 7 years as a vice
Bernadette Baraquio (‘94, BA Journalism)                                      president for Amfac's distribution company. He then spent 1.5 years
Bernadette is a 1996 Arts & Sciences graduate                                 as operations manager of City Mill, running seven retail home
with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and minor in                                improvement stores. In 1994, Mike left City Mill and started a com-
Music. She also received an AA degree in Liberal                              pany, Records Management Hawai‘i and shortly after another com-
Arts at Leeward Community College in 1994.                                    pany, Advanced Networks. He ran those companies until 2001 when
Formerly the co-anchor of the KHON2 Morning                                   they were sold to HonBlue, Inc. Mike is currently a vice president at
News, Bernadette recently became an independent                               HonBlue operating those divisions as well as a new one called
freelance journalist. Currently, she is the writer                            BlackBird. He is married to Theresia. They have two children,
and co-host of the 30-minute show “Hawaiian Classics,” which fea-             Kirsten, 11 and Connor, 5.
tures local musicians from the 1960s to the 1990s on OC16. She is
married to KHVH talk show host and Midweek columnist Rick                     Paulette Stone (‘61, BA History)
Hamada. They have two children, Zachary and Zoe, ages 3 and 8                 Paulette is a 1961 graduate of the Colleges of Arts
months, respectively.                                                         & Sciences with a degree in History. After raising
                                                                              her children she returned to the workforce, work-
Dave B. Erdman (‘79, BBA Travel Industry Management, ‘79,                     ing first in the public relations/events area at
BA Japanese)                                                                  Bishop Museum and then in fundraising at the
                                                                              University of Hawai‘i Foundation. In her retire-
                                                                              ment she continues to follow her passion for
Mike Kirk-Kuwaye (‘74, BA History; ‘80,                                       Hawaiian music, dance, language and culture. Her current activities
MA English; ‘94, PhD Educational Psychology)                                  and projects revolve around her hula halau, garden and investment
Mike is an academic adviser for the Colleges of                               clubs, family, and friends. She continues her enjoyment of lifelong
Arts & Sciences, focusing on advising for new stu-                            learning by taking courses that pique her interest.
dents and the assessment of advising. He has a BA
in History, MA in English, and PhD in Educational
                                                                              Linda Uyechi (‘63, BA Math)
Psychology. He has been involved with CASAA
                                                                              Linda is a 1963 Arts & Sciences graduate who
since 1996, and is currently serving as CASAA
                                                                              majored in math and who values the art, music
Board Treasurer. Mike likes to watch and attempt surfing in his free
                                                                              and social science classes she has taken at UH
time. He is married and has a son and daughter.
                                                                              Ma¯noa. She is a member of the CASAA Board to
                                                                              show her appreciation for the broad campus intel-
                                                                              lectual and social opportunities she was offered
                                                                              way back in the 60s.

                                 ideas and approaches, chal-             worrying about it. She feels
Faculty                          lenged accepted positions and           that a teacher can be a strong     ‘Ohana Award
                                 did not talk down to students.          role model in a student's life.
News                                                                     In her own career, students        for Outstanding
                                                                         look upon her as a successful
                                                                         female scientist who juggles a     Service to
                                                                         busy career with a rich family
                                                                         life. A major project Smith is
                                                                         undertaking is to transition the   The ‘Ohana award recog-
                                                                         organic chemistry laboratories     nizes outstanding service to
                                                                         to safer and less costly           students; leadership in foster-
                                                                         microscale experimentation.        ing a campus community that
                                                                                                            supports intellectual growth,
                                                                                                            personal development and
2003                                                                                                        civic responsibility among
                                                                                                            students; and contribution to
Chancellor’s                                                                                                the professional attitude and
                                 Karen Kennedy is an
Citation for                     assistant professor in the
                                                                                                            morale of student service
Meritorious                      Department of Music. Her
                                 chosen area of expertise is the
Teaching                         study, performance and per-
                                 petuation of choral arts.
                                 Kennedy challenges her stu-
The meritorious teaching
citation recognizes Ma ¯noa      dents with her STRIVE theo-
faculty who have made            ry-Sense the surroundings and
significant contributions        energy in the room, Try to              Sam No‘eau Warner is an
to teaching and student          leave inhibitions at the door,          associate professor in the
learning.                        Receive and open your mind              Department of Hawaiian and
                                 to suggestions, Innovate and            Indo-Pacific Languages and
                                 assimilate suggestions from             Literatures. Warner is a
                                 colleagues, Value your contri-          humanistic educator who
                                 butions and Enjoy and find              makes significant contribu-
                                 joy in the learning process.            tions to Hawaiian education,       Dr. Sharon Minichiello,
                                 Kennedy has been invited to             particularly in the areas of       associate professor of history
                                 conduct in various venues,              language revitalization and        and former director of the
                                 from Stanford University to             immersion schooling. He is         Center for Japanese Studies,
                                 Stockholm.                              deeply committed to promot-        has been awarded the ‘Ohana
                                                                         ing the survival of Hawaiian       Award for Outstanding
                                                                         through improving teaching of      Service to Students.
                                                                         Hawaiian at the university and     Minichiello began teaching in
                                                                         encouraging our finest stu-        1985 and three years later
Michael Graves is a professor                                            dents to become Hawaiian           received the Board of
and chair in the Department of                                           immersion teachers. Warner’s       Regents’ Medal for
Anthropology. Graves has                                                 work and research in the kula      Excellence in Teaching. In her
mentored students in cultural                                            kaiapuni (immersion school)        capacity as director for the
anthropology, physical anthro-                                           indicates that learning experi-    Center for Japanese Studies,
pology, historic preservation,                                           ences are effective when           Minichiello developed good
Hawaiian studies, Pacific                                                learners are given the opportu-    relationships with donors, and
Islands studies and architec-                                            nity to figure out language        found creative ways to raise
ture. Here Graves has an                                                 and interpret meaning from         and distribute funds to go
opportunity to share his ideas                                           meaningful contexts in which       toward program-building, stu-
about humans, contemporary       Janice Smith is a professor in          they actively participate.         dent scholarships and fellow-
and ancient, and the cultural    the Department of Chemistry.                                               ships. In addition, she consis-
processes that have shaped       Smith believes that a gifted                                               tently worked with various
their history and position in    instructor can create a friendly                                           student groups and programs
the world. He models his         environment that allows stu-                                               demonstrating her leadership
teaching style on his best       dents to concentrate on learn-                                             and commitment to student
teachers who were demanding      ing the material rather than                                               service.
and unconventional in their

                                    Martin Regan
 Student                            (Composition)                         High School
                                    Abigail Romanchak
 News                               (Art)
                                    Danel Victoria Verdugo                Students Visit
                                    Undergraduate Students:
                                                                          Recently, more than 400 public
                                    Daniel Akiyama
                                                                          and private high school students
                                    (Theatre)                                           -
                                                                          visited the Manoa campus to cele-
                                    Tracyn Hagos
                                                                          brate French Day with faculty and
                                                                          students of the French Division.
                                    Kristine Ikegami
                                                                          The event was an opportunity for
                                                                          the students, who represented
John Young                          Corinne E. Kamiya
                                                                          over a dozen high schools from
Scholarship in                      Cassandra Locke
                                                                          O‘ahu and Moloka‘i, to visit the
                                                                          campus and learn about language
the Arts                            (Printmaking)
                                    Jeffrey Sanner
                                                                          study at Manoa. “It’s our way of
Each year the prestigious John                                            supporting the French language
Young Scholarship in the Arts                                             teachers in the high schools and    French Day
                                    Tiffany Taira
provides assistance to undergrad-                                         to help their students make a
uate and graduate students pur-                                           smooth transition to college,” says Marie-José Fassiotto, professor
suing a degree in an arts-related                                         of French and one of the event’s organizers. “These students will
field. The scholarship was estab-                                         have a chance to meet UH students, explore the campus, and see
lished by the John Young            Kosaki Student                        what language learning is all about.”
Foundation in memory of the
late artist, John Young.
Congratulations to the 2003–        Awards                        James W. and Eleanor B.
2004 John Young Scholars:
                                    The purpose of the Richard H.
Graduate Students:                  & Mildred D. Kosaki Student
                                                                  Frierson Scholarship
Robert Barclay                      Assistance Awards is to support       The James W. and Eleanor B. Frierson Endowed Scholarships were
(English)                           scholarly activities of undergradu-   awarded to deserving students in the field of English. The scholar-
U‘ilani Bobbitt                     ate students in the Colleges of       ship is intended to assist students who come from a disadvantaged
(Ethnomusicology)                   Arts & Sciences. 2003–2004            background or from a family where English is a second language.
Karen Goins                         awards were presented to the
                                                                          Emelihter Kihleng originally from the island of Pohnpei in the
(Painting)                          following students:
                                                                          Federated States of Micronesia
Michael W. H. “Pili” Pang           Laurette Boulet
(Dance)                                                                   Joe Kalepo Fanua originally from an island-village in American
                                    Lea L. Hollingsworth
                                    Kyle Vanderlugt

                                    STATE WINNERS                         Ho‘ala School
 Values for                         1st place: Maria Robben,              Tyler Werle,
                                                                                                              Ramille Diaz,
                                                                                                              Radford High School
 Life Essay                         Sacred Hearts Academy                 Ho‘ala School                       Steve Hoarn,
                                    2nd place: Kristina Sault,            Kathryn Cole,                       Radford High School
 Contest                            Sacred Hearts Academy                         ¯
                                                                          Kaimukı High School                 Elise McKnight-Kim,
 High school students state-                                              Patricia Hu,                        Sacred Hearts Academy
                                    3rd place: Colton Stewart,
 wide entered the VALUES                                                          ¯
                                                                          Kaimukı High School                 Amy Chun,
                                    Ho‘ala School
 FOR LIFE essay contest, as                                               Jenny Lee,                          Saint Andrew’s Priory
 part of the recent Universal                                                     ¯
                                                                          Kaimukı High School                 Celinda Stanton,
                                    SCHOOL WINNERS
 Values for a Democratic                                                  Allison Ching,                      Saint Andrew’s Priory
                                    Lessa Furusho,
 Society–Nisei Veterans                                                   Kea‘au High School                  Erin Okumoto,
                                    ‘Aiea High School
 Endowed Forum Series.                                                    David Clayton,                          ¯
                                                                                                              Waia kea High School
                                    Nadine Kawabata,
                                                                          Kea‘au High School                  Kelina Smith,
 Each student addressed the         ‘Aiea High School
                                                                          Melissa Oshiro,                         ¯
                                                                                                              Waia kea High School
 forum’s theme Insuring             Shelby Williams,
                                                                          Kea‘au High School                  Collin Dana,
 National Security, Perserving      ‘Aiea High School
                                                                          Mauritiana Matsuda,                 Waimea High School
 Democratic Values.                 Ramel Fulgeras,
                                                                          Punahou School                      Lily Humphrey,
 Congratulations to this year’s     Farrington High School
                                                                          Ryder Onopa,                        Waimea High School
 essay contest finalists.           Leslieann Ponte,
                                                                          Punahou School                      Allison Nada,
                                    Farrington High School
                                                                          Amy Collins,                        Waimea High School
                                    James Bushong,
                                                                          Radford High School

Colleges of Arts & Sciences                                                                                      Maryland for 15 years before coming to the University of
Welcome Lyon Arboretum                                                                                           Hawai‘i in 1994 to become dean of the College of Natural
Continued from page one                                                                                          Sciences. He served in several administrative capacities at
                                                                                                                 the University before
                                                         rarest native plant species                             becoming the director.
                                                         from extinction. In                                     Dr. Teramura plans to
                                                         addition to its staff and                               bring more visitors to the
                                                         students, the arboretum                                 arboretum and extend the
                                                         has a cadre of dedicated                                arboretum’s outreach into
                                                         volunteers who assist in                                the community. Jams and
                                                         virtually every aspect of                               jellies sales, lei-making
                                                         its operations.                                         classes, a kava festival, and
                                                             Alan H. Teramura,                                   of course, the renowned
                                                         Professor of Botany, is the                             plant sales are but a few
                                                         arboretum’s director. He                                of the enticing activities
                                                         received his PhD from                                   taking place.
                                                         Duke University in                                          For more information
                                                         Ecology and was on the                                  about the Lyon Arboretum,
                                                         faculty at the University of                            please call (808) 988-0456.
Burr Daisytree (Fitchia speciosa)                                                                                                                           Dr. Alan H. Teramura, Director of the
                                                                                                                                                            Lyon Arboretum

                                                                         The Colleges of Arts & Sciences
        Arts and Humanities                               Hawaiian & Indo-Pacific Languages &                     Mathematics                                  Public Administration
        American Studies                                   Literatures                                            Microbiology                                 Sociology
        Art & Art History                                 Languages & Literatures of Europe & the                 Physics and Astronomy                        Urban and Regional Planning
        History                                            Americas                                               Zoology                                      Women's Studies
        Music                                             Linguistics
                                                                                                                  Other Programs:                              Other Programs:
        Philosophy                                        Second Language Studies
                                                                                                                  Library and Information Science Program      Public Policy Center
                                                          Other Programs:                                         Lyon Arboretum                               Social Science Research Institute
                                                          Center for Biographical Research                        Marine Option Program
        Theatre & Dance
                                                          Center for Interpretation & Translation Studies                                                      Additional Programs & Services of the
        Other Programs:                                                                                           Social Sciences                                Colleges of Arts and Sciences
                                                          Language Learning Center
        A Semester Almost Abroad                            -                                                     Anthropology                                 Academic Affairs
        Center for World History                          Manoa Writing Program
                                                                                                                  Communications                               Academy for Creative Media
        Historic Preservation                             National Foreign Language Resource Center               Economics                                    Freshman Seminar
                                                                                                                  Ethnic Studies                               Interdisciplinary Studies Program
                                                          Natural Sciences
        Languages, Linguistics, and Literature                                                                    Geography                                    Office of Community and Alumni Relations
        East Asian Languages & Literatures                                                                        Matsunaga Institute for Peace                Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
        English                                                                                                   Political Science                            Rainbow Advantage Program
                                                                                                                  Population Studies                           Student Academic Services
                                                          Information and Computer Sciences

                                                                                                                                                                                              Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                                                               U.S. Postage

              Ke Kumu ‘Ike                                                                                                                                                                         Paid
                                                                                                                                                                                               Honolulu, HI
                                                                                                                                                                                              Permit No. 278

                                      University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                                      Colleges of Arts & Sciences
                                      2500 Campus Road, Hawai‘i Hall 311
                                      Honolulu, HI 96822

The University of Hawai‘i at Ma¯noa is an
equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.


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