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Start Your Own Business


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									Start Your Own Business

The past years have been financially difficult for many couples. Lay-offs, size reduction, reduced
wages, hiring freezes lift, freezes and the general downturn in the economy were all hard to say
the least. Many people have used the economic downturn to re-think about where they stand in
their careers and where they want to look into their future. For some, the answer was to go into
business for themselves.

As you can imagine, may want to talking with your spouse, your own business in this economy
does not begin to be the simplest of conversations. For those of you who are considering this
option and are careful about how your partner will listen to your idea, to be smart about how you
have some others from doing so. Here are some tips on how to increase the chances that such a
conversation will go well:

First Think before you speak. Do not approach your partner with a breathtaking statement like,
"Honey, you know, I'm tired of working for someone else I'm sure I can do better than Joe
Shmow and I'll take the plunge and start my own business. "Instead of dropping a bomb, be
planned and think about your message before you speak. If you're in the mulling-it-over stage,
you tell your partner that you can only play with options and work for yourself one of them. If
you are serious about starting a business, let them know that and be clear that you want to be
involved to be open to the idea and be prepared in this discussion with an open mind.

Second Know your target audience. If your partner is open to new ideas, risk taking, and you
have a good relationship they have with you in the brainstorming of advantages and
disadvantages. If your partner make more worried about risks, then it is in your best interest to
have more information before you to present this idea. If your partner is a planner and has a
critical eye, then you might want to present a fairly detailed proposal. Do not attempt against the
kind of partner you instead have to go with him and use their personality as a map to help you
fight in your approach to guide them.

Third Answer their concerns before they vote. This point goes hand in hand with knowing your
audience. Will your partner about the financial risk to pursue your, the market, your business
concept, your work ethic, your ability to work and home and family life, or (fill in the gap) be
worried? Imagine what your partner is an argument and offer a solution before they even
increase them (and be honest!). For example, if they then fear of Finance, a plan for the
maximum financial risk you take, a social network is available, if it takes longer to take off than
you expected, and a plan to save enough money put, be able to start this business responsibly.
Have a realistic assessment of what are the start-up costs and expected revenue in (hint: it is
better to over-deliver and under-promise, as it is offering under-and over-promise). Keep your
estimates in real terms!

4th Be planned and smart. Have a plan. How will you make it work? How much money do you
need to bring order to pay the bills? How do you want to build the business? How you want to
sell? Who is your audience? The details are endless. If you are serious, you must have a plan.
Gather the resources you need to be networking and smart about how you carry this idea a
Create your own business is hard work. Do not go into this adventure with pink glasses and have
grandiose ideas, just hope you make it work. If you think this way, your partner needs to be
afraid. Working for yourself can be an amazing journey that is filled with freedom, joy and many
struggles along the way. Listen to your partner's concerns, the glory of her voice and partner with
each other about this decision. Do not move in power move-in partnership.

Challenge: If you want to start a business, know this is stressful, even the loose of partners.
Respect her fear and they create more than one card to make a great business plan. Good luck
and enjoy the journey!

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