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As in the 20th Century drew to a close, a lot of people about the Y2K bug and the end of the
world were concerned. I was on the other side, especially about how I wanted my goal to be
achieved millionaire before I was 30 concerned. So I have to work building my first web-based
business. Turns out, it's much harder than you might think was! It took me months to get
everything set up correctly.

Well, those days are long gone. It is the 21 Century now, and while we are not quite at the stage
of easy to say, a computer, "Build me a successful online business," and POOF, there it is, we
are damn close. With an abundance of free tools available, starting an online business is easier
than you might think.

After starting a few online companies themselves, I can testify to its simple. In just a few steps,
you too can be the owner and operator of your own Internet-based business processes. Let's take
a look at the first important steps we are?

A traditional business requires a shop window. The Internet is your virtual shop window and
takes the form of a website. When I started, this was not an easy task. It took a lot of technical
knowledge and to pay much money for high-speed Internet access. These days there are
companies whose sole purpose is to give you a presence on the web. These companies are called
web hosts and you can get very reliable web hosting for only a few dollars per month. Most even
offer free access to the powerful tools you need to adjust your virtual memory completely.

Once you have it set to open with a web host and your website to the World Wide Web, it's time
to pretty it up. You do not know HTML or Photoshop? No problem! A good web host can
automatically install a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to create a
professional looking website with the same ease that provides a word processing program.

Once that's done, it's time to fill your site with content and other media. As a CMS works very
much like a word processor, all you have to do what you tell him what content you want and
where you want it. The CMS is the heavy lifting for you and makes it possible. They are like a
professional web programmer and designer look, even if you never have a single line of program
code into your life!

Want to monetize from here on your site (ie earn money), there are a few ways to do this. Sale of
advertising space is one way to go, or you can use the more traditional way of selling things.
Whether the "stuff" is information, ebooks, or actual physical products is entirely up to you. But
whatever you want to sell, you have to accept a way to make payments from your customers.
Again, a good web host is to come to the rescue with full integration of a variety of payment
systems. In most cases, a few clicks, everything you need to get set up to accept credit cards,
eChecks and more.

If you are selling physical products to a wholesaler, you can use a data feed to search their
inventory supply. By uploading their data feed to your webhost, you can automatically in your
shop the virtual shelves with as many hot items as you want. Just be sure to check with your
webhost to make sure that they have the technology to accept such a data feed. If they do not,
find one that does. A decent web host is.

And that's the end. Wait, what? Yep, it really is that easy! In fact, 60 minutes is really a
conservative estimate. But now you have the customers to your virtual door to get. And that's a
whole other article. In the meantime, enjoy your new business!