The Liver and Pancreas by linzhengnd


									The Liver and Pancreas
                   The liver

• The liver is located at the upper right quadrant
  of the abdomen.
• The liver filters blood either with or without
  harmful substances. Converts glucose to
  glycogen and creates certain amino acids for
• It is reddish brown, with 4 lobes.
• It is 21-22.5 cm wide and 15-17.5 cm long.
               The pancreas
• The pancreas is located in the bottom right
  quadrant of the abdomen.
• The pancreas produces insulin and other
  pancreatic juices to help break down food so it
  can be absorbed by the body.
• The pancreas is about 6 inches long (15 cm)
    What Connects with the Liver
The gall bladder connects with liver. It stocks the
  bile produced by the Liver. If there was no
  liver the body could have no bile or clean
  blood. And it would be harder to digest fats.
What connects with the Panceras
        Can you live without it?
No you can’t live without your liver or pancreas,
 but you can have it transplanted.
              Liver Cholestasis
Cholestasis is reduction or stoppage of bile flow.
• Disorders of the liver, bile duct, or pancreas can
  cause cholestasis.
• The skin whites and the eyes look yellow, the skin
  itches, and urine is dark.
• Laboratory and often imaging tests are needed to
  identify the cause of cholestasis.
• Treatment depends on the cause, but drugs can
  help relieve itching.
• Pancreatitis causes inflammation in the
  pancreas which does not allow the insulin to
  get to the small intestine. Symptoms include
  nausea and vomiting. Having pancreatitis can
  lead to permanent tissue damage.

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