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September 11_ 2009 - Connecticut Community Colleges

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Council of Librarians
Meeting Minutes
September 11 2009

  Asnuntuck: Ravil Veli
  Gateway: Karen Kramer, Clara Ogbaa
  Manchester: Pat Ronalter
  Middlesex: Gayle Esidore, Tamara Ottum, Anne Paluck
  Naugatuck: Liz Frechette, Elaine Milnor
  Northwestern: Jim Patterson
  Norwalk: Curleen Elliott, Todd Hampton, Linda Lerman, Paula Podlaski, Gunnar Sahlin
  Quinebaug: Amy Barlow, Sharon Moore
  Three Rivers: Kumar Appadwedula, Janice DeWolf, Sandy Furr, Mildred Hodge, Rob Walsh
  Tunxis: Rachel Hyland, Lisa Lavoie

I.      Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at Three Rivers Community College at 11 a.m. by
Co-chair Amy Barlow.

II.     Acknowledgement of the 8th anniversary of 9/11
Co-chair Linda Lerman read a 2500-year-old Buddhist prayer – Verses 7 & 8 from
the Metta Sutra - in acknowledgement of the anniversary of 9/11. The Buddha
taught Metta (loving-kindness) meditation to combat fear and to extend
unconditional love to all beings.

III.     Welcome and Introductions
Mildred Hodge welcomed everyone to Three Rivers, and invited everyone to tour the
new library facilities following the meeting.

IV.    Additions to & Approval of the Agenda
There were no additions to the agenda. Agenda was approved.

V.      Approval of May 29 2009 Minutes
There was one revision to the minutes: add Pat Ronalter (MCC) to list of attendees. A
motion to approve the minutes with the change was made and seconded.

VI.     Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Todd Hampton reported on the current balances in the COL accounts.

VII.     Teaching and Learning Team Report
Karen Kramer announced that on November 6, the Teaching and Learning Team will
co-sponsor a system-wide conference for all faculty and staff, “Meeting Your
Students Where They Are: Building Community and Engaging Students Through
Social Networking and Web 2.0.” Sessions will include a “Library 2.0” presentation,
featuring librarians Jaime Hammond (NVCC), Joy Hansen (MXCC), Tamara Ottum
(MXCC), and Rob Walsh (TRCC). She encouraged everyone to attend. Conference
and registration details can be found on the COL website.

VIII.    COL Bylaws Amendment
Rachel Hyland reported that the SysAdmin group has decided to add a Vice-chair
position in order to help smooth the transition between Program Managers, which
occurs every two years. Hyland noted that this does not actually require a bylaw
change, because Article VII of the Bylaws states “Each interest group shall determine
its own structure and form of leadership (one chair, co-chairs, rotating chairs,
recorder, etc.).”

IX.      Clickers in the Classroom with
Gunnar Sahlin gave a demonstration of Clickers
( for use in Information Literacy sessions. He
showed how to set up a PowerPoint within the clicker software; how to create and
enact polls; and how to collect statistics and create reports. In Sahlin‟s experience,
use of clickers provides the right combination of teaching and entertaining in the
classroom; students really „come alive‟ when clickers are utilized. NCC has been
using clickers for about a year and a half; the clickers are available for all NCC
faculty and staff, and are checked out from the library; and the Educational
Technology staff handles all technical issues.

X.      Interest Group Reports

SysAdmin (Rachel Hyland)
      As of June 1st, Rachel Hyland is SysAdmin chair, and Tamara Ottum is vice-
chair. June 4th and 5th was the Voyager upgrade to 7.1.0 – the biggest Voyager
upgrade since 2000. Overall the upgrade was successful, although there were some
issues with the server in Hartford. Good news is that communication between Ex
Libris and SDC has been established; Rachel thanked Tony and Tim at SDC for all of
their time and work. SysAdmin plans on taking a more conservative approach to
upgrades in the future, applying crucial patches only for the time being. SysAdmins
have been working hard to configure the new OPAC, and ask for everyone‟s patience
as they learn the new system. To help the group, Tamara started a wiki to pool
customization tips and tricks, and Alison Wang and Tamara held a hands-on training
session in July.

Circulation (Elaine Milnor)
      The Circulation group has not met since May, and thus had nothing to report.

Reference and Instruction (Gunnar Sahlin)
      This group met twice since May – once virtually through a phone conference,
which worked well, and once face-to-face. Issues discussed included incorporating
Information Literacy standards into the COL strategic plan; roving librarian service;
distance learning library services; new citation guides; and interfiling reference into
circulation. Gunnar mentioned that the Reference meetings are a valuable venue for
sharing ideas and learning from (and being inspired by) each other. Minutes from the
meetings have been posted on the COL website.

Directors (Linda Lerman)
      The directors met in March, and discussed budget issues, copyright policy and
best practices, the hiring freeze, and mandatory external reports. At their May
meeting, the directors viewed a LibQUAL demo, and discussed the library database
survey developed by Linda, reference materials and budgeting, WorldCat Local, and
print management tools being implemented in each library. Minutes from the
meetings have been posted on the COL website.

     The group had no report.

XI.      Old Business
Academic Information Technology Governance Planning Meeting Report (Amy Barlow)
      Ken Spelke called the AITGP meeting, which included the following system
groups: Distance Learning Council, Teaching & Learning Team, Academic Information
Technology Advisory Committee (AITAC), Technology Advisory Committee, IT
Council, Center for Teaching, and COL. The attendees evaluated the governance
structure, identifying problems and what they want to see happen. Amy, Karen
Kramer, Linda Lerman, Michael Lynch, and Tamara Ottum all attended. At the end,
Ken explained that the meeting was actually the kick-off event for a year-long IT
Strategic Planning initiative, partnered between representatives from the colleges
and representatives from the System Office. Attendees were asked to sign up for one
of three working groups, created to address various specialty areas within the
context of IT Strategic Planning. Tamara will put together a list of librarians on
various system councils and working groups, and post on the COL website.

XII.     New Business
Electronic Resources Management (ERM) System (Curleen Elliott)
      Curleen is researching purchasing an ERM. There are issues with budget, so she
is going to gather some research to present. She would also like to see the
acquirement of a better Acquisitions module, as the Voyager module does not meet
current workflow needs.

Future Meetings
     MCC volunteered to host the January meeting, and NCC to host the May
meeting (NVCC will be a back-up location).

Ad-Hoc Bylaws Review Committee (Amy Barlow)
     Amy will be sending out an email to call for volunteers for an ad-hoc bylaws
review committee. Issues to discuss include date for fall meetings, how to form an
ad-hoc committee, IL standards, and dues (see below).

COL Membership Dues (Todd Hampton)
      Todd and Linda explained that COL cannot assess or collect dues as a
professional membership organization does (e.g. CLA, ALA). We are a state agency
not a separate non-profit organization. No Council in the Connecticut Community
College system assesses or collects dues nor raises funds. Thus, we need to
eliminate dues from our bylaws. Until the bylaw committee is formed, Todd
recommended we change the dues from $5 to $0; a motion was made for this and
approved. From now on, people will contribute money on an as-needed basis for
gifts, food, etc.

XIII.   Announcements
There was some discussion of increasing student population and circulation, buying
textbooks for reserve, theft problems, and book inventorying.

XIV.    Motion for Adjournment
Meeting was adjourned at 1:10.

                                                              Respectfully submitted,
                                                         Tamara Ottum, COL Secretary

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