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									Tablet PC
 The term "Tablet PC"
  was coined by Microsoft
  in a Keynote Address by
  Bill Gates at the 2001
  Comdex conference.
 The more general term
  is Pen computer or Pen
 A tablet PC is a wireless,
  portable         personal
  computer with a touch
  screen interface. The
  tablet form factor is
  typically smaller than a
  notebook computer but
  larger than a smart
Tablet PC is equipped with a touchscreen
 or     graphics   tablet/screen     hybrid
 technology which allows the user to
 operate the computer with digital pen, or a
Tablet PCs without a dedicated keyboard.
 Keyboards can usually be attached via a
 wireless or USB connection.
Features Of Tablet PC
           tablet size
           wireless connection to
           Internet and local area
           powered by variety of
           operating systems:
           •Apple iPad
           •windows 7,
           •windows Vista
           • Android systems
 1993
 The IBM releases the ThinkPad, IBM's first
  commercialized portable tablet computer product
  available to the consumer market, as the IBM ThinkPad
  750P and 360P
   AT&T introduced Communicator combining Pen
    Point with wireless communications.
 1999
   Next major step was introduction of special Microsoft
    XP windows OS named Windows XP Tablet PC
    edition in 2001.
   It Provides incorporated support for pen-sensitive
    screen and handwriting.
HISTORY (Contd…..)
 2006
   Windows Vista released for general availability. Vista
    included the functionality of the special Tablet PC
    edition of Windows XP.
 2010
    Comparison of tablet PC computers in 2011 shows
    that iPad has the biggest share and it is expected that
    it will hold it's position till 2011.



 Slates, are tablet PCs without a dedicated
 Keyboards can usually be attached via a
  wireless or USB connection.
 These tablet PCs typically incorporate small
  (8.4-14.1 inches/21–36 cm) LCD screens.
 Slate models are often designed with a focus on
  pure mobility, that is, the less to care, the better.
 base body with an attached keyboard.
 They     more     closely    resemble   modern
 usually heavier and larger than slates.
 swivel hinge or rotating hinge. The joint allows
  the screen to rotate around 180° and fold down
  on top of the keyboard to provide a flat writing
 Using the display mode works well when
  diagrams or handwritten notes are being taken.
Hybrids, share the features of the slate
  and convertible by using a detachable
  keyboard which operates in a similar
  fashion to a convertible when attached.
 The operating system on
  which most tablet PCs
  run is Windows XP Tablet
  PC Edition.
 Tablet PC Edition is a
  superset of Windows XP

 Requirements to install
  Tablet PC Edition include
  a tablet digitizer or
  touchscreen device.
 Apple heavily modified Mac Books called Modbooks, a
 Mac OS X-based tablet computer. It uses Apple's Inkwell
 for handwriting and gesture recognition and bundles
 additional digitization software from Wacom.
 Linux based graphical user environment, was developed
 for the Nokia Internet devices (770, N800, N810 & N900). It
 is currently in generation 5, and has a vast array of
 applications available in both official and user supported . It
 is the first device with this feature to support Linux.
Components of Tablet PC
Benefits of Tablet PC
          Benefit #1
Extend the Way Work with PC
Write directly on the screen in own
Convert notes to typed text for use in
 other applications
The pen can also handle common mouse
 and keyboard tasks
Or simple use a traditional mouse and
        Benefit #2
Work from Anywhere with the
 Most Mobile PC Ever
Grab-and-go removal
Fast resume-from-standby time
Wireless network support
         Benefit #3
Take All Notes Electronically
Microsoft Windows Journal
Capture the text and drawings
Advanced handwriting recognition
           Benefit #4
Collaborate Easily and Effectively
Integrate electronic "ink" into everyday
 business applications
  Microsoft Word version 2002
  Microsoft PowerPoint version 2002
  Microsoft Outlook version 2002
Share these handwritten documents with
 other PC users, regardless of whether they
 have a Tablet PC or not
          Benefit #5
Personalize the Experience
Calibrate the pen.
Optimize for left- or right-handed
Program the hardware buttons to complete
 specific actions, such as opening an
 application or changing screen orientation
 from landscape to portrait.
Tablets vs. Traditional Notebooks

Sketching and handwriting .
Gesture recognition
    Tablets vs. Traditional
Higher cost
Screen size
Input speed
Screen damage risk.
Discover the power of
     Tablet PC

Meeting Room through
   Net-Meeting Internet

     Paperless Office
Handwriting E-mail
Presentation & Education
Presentation   Panel Discussion
Tablet PC owners are bigger online shoppers

                                                                   Advent Vega
    LG Optimus Pad       Lenovo Ideapad K1

 Dell Streak 7
                         HP TouchPad

                                                                    Apple iPad 2
    ExoPC Slate      Samsung Galaxy Tab   Notion Ink Adam Tablet
        Current Survey & Reports
• China Tablet PC Market Survey Report, 2010-2011
• Research Report on Global and Chinese Tablet Computer Markets, 2011-
    2012 by China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd.
    In 2010, Apple’s iPad tablet computers aroused great attention in international
    IT market as well as Chinese tablet computer market without exception.

      Current Survey & Reports
Canada customer survey shows Tablet PCs are top of mind

49 % respondents plans
  on purchasing tablet PCs
  for employee use
64 %- add value to their
  existing PC and desktop
58% - are planning to
  purchase a tablet PC for
  personal use in 2011.
• .
      Research Highlights
 Worldwide Tablet PC sale is expected to reach
  100 Million Units by 2015
 Worldwide Tablet PC market size was nearly
  US$ 9 Billion in 2010.
 US and Western Europe together holds 75% of
  unit sales share in 2010, year.
 Japan Tablet PC market will be over JPY 140
  Billion in 2015.
 It is the biggest step in business science,
  undoubtedly incredible but it wants lot of human
  efforts & money.
 It provides different style of writing for every
  user & provide more user friendly environment
  operated on various operating systems ,with
  touch screen interface.
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   "Ballmer Admits Apple is Beating Microsoft in the Tablet Sector“.
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   Windows 7 is not yet optimized for fingertip events - 2010-09-24
   Windows 7 will not be optimized for slates; that will have to wait
    for Windows 8

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